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tv   BOS Budget and Finance 102115  SFGTV  October 26, 2015 11:05am-12:16pm PDT

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scott cutoffa principle with cmg architecture here and creg leaseen representing san francisco mew nistle transportation agency. >> i have one speaker card, mr. ace washington. >> mr. washington isn't in the room. anybody else who would like to speak on this item? hearing none public comment is closed. any of the commission ers any questions? i have a question. you may know i [inaudible] parking. how many parking spots are removed along folsom? >> if i could i would like to have the representative from
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sfmta answer that. i believe it is around 10 percent but let me-- >> afternoon commissioners. greg nob nab mta praiject manager for folsom street project work wg ocii and public works. the question of how many parking space will remain along folsom street rf affthe project is still something we are working on. we have to work with the fire department. the original plan is sth majority of the parking remains othen street and hopefully that st. the case but the fire department is concerned about the width of sth street available it them and the way it is designed it may notd be parking but curb side loading is i think the more appropriate treatment along the street given the high density. something the team will on
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with the fire department in the coming weeks to figure out the parking along folsom >> parking is a big issue for us. the city mta specifically has been sort of widdling down parking throughout the city. >> it isn't just us. >> you guyerize pushing it >> the design is to keep the parking so we are trying to. >> we hope you can keep the parking because people still dribe drive in the city and-yeah. any other questions? >> [inaudible] for a lot oof san francisco residence a parlt of driving is a way of life. my question was can you tell me about your community engagement on the project and what feedback you heard from community members?
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>> we have been work wg ocii transbay community advisory counser and meet with them periodically and update on the design so once we figure or get more information flaum from the fire department we plan to go back with them. we had a meeting with public works they took over the design phase the project there was a meeting about 2 months ago where we talked about the updates. i understand parking is always a concern- >> especially for parents. i am a parent and third generation from san francisco and driving is part of our lives. it is very difficult when you see parking spaces epreliminated. it also decreases the amount of money invested in the community because you can't park. >> i am a parent and drive as well. the overall supply of
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parking along folsom street resulting from the pauject including-there will be a net increase in the parking in the neighborhood even if on street parking goes down but hopefully thaet won't be the case. >> thank you. >> we have someone before us. can i have something call the question? commissioner sing moves, commissioner [inaudible] >> announce you vote quhia call your name. commissioner penmento, yes. commissioner mand har is appsent, commissioner sing, yes. commissioner busto yes. madam chair rozaul rosales recused herself. i have 3 aye. one absent and one recuseal.
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>> that is g and h, right? >> do you want me to call them separate? >> no we can call them at the same time. >> they were noticed separately. >> i'll call h. this is for 5 h. commissioner pinmento, yes. commissioner mand har is absent. commissioner sing, yes. xhister boousto, yes. madam chair rosales recused herself. 3 aye. one absent and one recuseal. >> thank you please call the
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next item >> next order of business is item 6, public common on non agenda items. madam chair >> do we have speaker cards? >> i do have one from mr. ace washington. >> quhoo who is not here >> those are all the speaker cards i have. >> mr. [inaudible] were you there address the commission during public comment? okay. i know you better. where is that card. no. i know you
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enjoy visiting us but normally you like to say something >> thank you for reminding me. madam chair, commissioners, i am here to bring forward a situation where we have the big meeting concerning contractors with lunar and there there-[inaudible] concerning of the financing of community contractors under dda and they said we have come forth and asked lunar to take money from the community builders program and transfer over to the-to create a lending program
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community contractors to participate in the development and not have to dependent on the [inaudible] it is not a good situation and we learned that over the past. we talked to you guys about that in the meetings we had and that is why we come forward and ask you to be able to transfer fundsing from that program over to create a lending program for community contractors. we had one that was very successful but wasn't enough money put in into be able for all contractors to participate and that is why i come forward and make it a part of your next agenda item. we'll talk to lunar to try to make this possible. thank you so much. >> thank you. okay. please call the next item.
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>> next order oaf business is item 7, report of the chair. madam chair >> i do not have a report >> theordser of business is item 8 report of the executive director. madam director >> just that we have a up coming meeting november 3 and only have a few more meetings left for the year and expect we'll have a full calen deer and do believe madam secretary we have a proposed special meeting time november 3 of 10 a.m., is that correct? >> that is correct. 10 to 2. >> that concludes my report. >> next order of business, item 9, commissioner question and matters. matter chair >> this is a opportunity for commissioner question or matters any commissioner would like to raise.
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>> move to adjourn. >> commissioner sing wants to bring up a [inaudible] i don't think we have any questions or matters so next-we are all most there. >> next order of business is closed session, there is no. next order of business ajournalment adjournment >> we are adjourned at 217 [inaudible]
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>> good afternoon. everybody welcome it the budget & finance committee. wednesday, october 21, 2015, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing this meeting and joined by supervisor tang thank you jim smith all leo from sfgovtv for covering this meeting and mr. victor young mr. clerk any announcements >> completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 27, 2015, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated
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okay. thank you madam clerk call item one. >> mr. chairman would you like to take action on 7. >> yes. happy to do so you. >> the department of public health to amend 360 for approximately 3 o thirty thousand clients and i understand there are technical things we have to work on, on this item i'd like to propose to continue this item for one week i said your bftd and department okay with that i want to take public comment anyone wish to comment on item number seeing none, public comment is closed so if it's okay to have a motion to continue. >> all right. so moved. >> motion by commissioner tang. >> that item passes with supervisor mar being a little bit arrest; correct and mr. clerk item one. >> amending the planning code
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for the firearm dealers to have records of all ammunition sales to the police department. >> thank you mr. clerk this is an item he introduced over the summer we have a significant public safety issue happening in san francisco on our streets over the course of the last year and a half i've held 4 safety tells you i know the community is vulnerable we can't do enough to promote go public safety on the streets here at the board of supervisors and in this brisk we'll finance more and more officers on the streets but doing everything we can from the budget prospective and the, of course, o legislative prospective to make public safety as a top priority in the city in terms of this legislation itself you know individuals not
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only in san francisco but cross the state and country continue it have easy access to guns and ammunition it is a contributing factor to senseless violence across the city unfortunately, we continue to see since introducing this legislation mass shootings the most recent one up in oregon everyday in this country close to one hundred people are killed in our country's because of gun violence and even though our city and state have some of the toughest laws on the books our congress fails us in gun safety and left to jurisdictions like ourselves in order to place laws on the books to make sure we have the safe it cabin laws in our country there are gaps that exist in
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federal, state, and local laws a so in response the legislation the item before you that i authored will require first of all, the videotaping of all gun save and the electronic transition of electronic ammunition on a weekly basis to the san francisco police department we need to do everything in our power as a city to make sure we have the evict i did gun safety laws to have the public safety of our san francisco residents come first so the details of this legislation the first portion is going to require that the videotaping of all gun and ammunition sales in the city and county of san francisco that will be made public to the police department after a search warrant who also apply to other critical areas of business preemptors that sells guns not
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to exceed where all guns and firearms are sold or transferred and including all cabinets and parking lots and so forth currently no federal or california law pose security requirements or action committee for women in prison ethics commission sellers to have videotape simple having all this will help to defer those that seek to purchase guns legally and use them more elicit purposes this is existing everywhere the status of gun violence violence over 75 percent happens with illegal purchased guns 80 percent of the shootings in our country 80 percent have occurred
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with legally purchased guns a vested from interest in san francisco and quite frankly across the country to have regulations with newly purchased firearms and secondly, it is to give our police department additional research tools to be able to investigate crimes to the best of their ability i know and i see people in the audience that have been at the board of supervisors for years frustrated with our inability to prosecute or investigate crimes this hopefully b will provide additional tools for the police department currently the bureaucracy of alcohols and firearms and explosives didn't check the hundred and a 38 dealers across the city i want to give it city all the tools possible
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with the atf they're lucky to do one random check of licensed dealers in. (off the record.) the washington post as a result of inadequate staffing they are disconnected 10 percent of the dealers on average their inspected once a decade dealers and palm brokers with were the biggest traffic of guns and the licensed claelz have access to dealers makes them a public safety violation this legislation will make sure we have evidence when necessary for law enforcement and the section portion of the legislation requires the electronic transition of the sales data with the san francisco police department the goals of this legislation itself are to insure that the dealers in san francisco about
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not be detrimental to our public health and safety and protect illegal public trafficking by the dealers and employees provide the loss and theft and a protective sale to persons that are prohibited from probation officer those items i believe this passage is necessary and simply common sense reform and additional protections here in the city of san francisco since introducing this the legislation has gardened an incredible amount of attention for two reasons won the last remain gun store in 0 it has decided to close down in response to the introduction of this legislation and also, because of the unfortunate number of things that have occurred in recent
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months, in terms of mass shootings if we can't act as a congress and country after what we witness on the streets i believe it is shameful and we will continue as local jurisdictions certainly in san francisco to make sure that in lieu of federal regulations we continue to pursue this this line of regulation as vigorously as possible and sells in terms of the last remaining gun store in san francisco closing down if we want to close down because of legislation so be it and more power to them at the end of the day i'd rather see a preschooler and coffee shop or some other neighborhood serving incite that electricities to the vitality if that's the result of the legislation we will be better
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off colleagues, any questions or comments so i appreciate our indulgence a matter of claurtd but no legislative analyst report if anyone wants to comment i'd like to ask alison to come up there's a number of people involved in this top u topic so i want to thank you for your advocacy by i wanted to thank you for your time to thank katherine and steve i didn't from any staff is involved in the action i see a shirt in the front right now thank you for you'll see groups one of the things we've learned i'll tell you this city is mobilized around sandy hook a lot of people in the city and other incidents that have claimed lives locally but it is amazing what a village around the issue
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and we have a long way to go this is but a step locally but anyways thank you you'll all your commitment and kathy republican on a personal level thank you for being here and i'm alison from the laws center to prevent gun violence this helps law enforcement to solve crimes and keep gun stores employees and purchasers safer and get guns away from people that shouldn't have them we're honored to work with the city and county of san francisco for over two decades to draft a enact sensible gun laws the gun sales will help the law enforcement officers to help identify crime but the purposeers from committing crimes like using false identification or robbing a gun
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store employee 8 other cities including el cerrito and oakland and santa cruz have gun sales despite from the vocal minority of people in recent months, those laws are revery popular a 2007 poll find 91 percent of gun owners said that videotaping be gun sales make no difference to purchase their guns from a gun store or make them likely to pretty much a gun responsible gun owners want to buy from responsible dealers it's a critical tool that law enforcement used to get guns out of the hands of people that you been shouldn't have them a similar ordinance in sacramento
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allowed 56 people that purchased ammunition from having them hundred and 4 had pressure convictions and as a result 4 dozen individuals were convicted of a crime we have assaulted weapons and thousands of round of ammunition la has a similar law and people purchase 10 thousand rounds at least at county keep records if you allow me 10 more seconds those laws are permissible and constitutional they authorize the locals government's to go above and beyond and nor do they violet the second amendment in fact the instrument said the
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commercial sale of firearms is a regulation thank you, again supervisor farrell and the city of san francisco for leading the effort to reduce americans epidemic of gun violence >> thank you. i have a few other speakers (calling names). >> if you guys want to come on up. >> i'm claire i want to thank you very much for introducing this legislation i reside in bruno heights i worked for over 20 years as a nurse practitioner at snflz i felt the human to have gun violence this last december it hit me personally this is any only son his goal to be a san francisco firefighter as a emt in the south bay and went out on
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december 7th to brunn's open 20 and mission to celebrate when he was leaving the club that night a 21-year-old unknown to him crossing fired two shots one killed my son so this not only changed his life but mine completely i think whatever he didn't make the news we see it from the news whatever brakes we can put on pass this gun violation epidemic a health epidemic in the country and if it can save one persons life that's the world who's life was ended along with any son that day thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and anyone else either i called on speakers are welcome please come on up. >> hello this is sandra combrord glad to be here in
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support of gun control and i want to thank you supervisor farrell for being so such an very long for us i'm in support of gun safety for all citizens not only in the city and county but the country so i support the ordinance for videotaping any transaction with firearms or bullet as you said to please continue on this pathway to make it safe for all of you say in the city and county of san francisco and by setting the example to other cities i hope they will do the same thing thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> excuse me. >> never prepared. >> my name is pallet brown i lost any son ab before he 9 years ago august 14, 2018, and i want to thank you supervisor farrell for your leadership and the audience of recording and videotaping all transactions of gun transactions i want to tell you why i support this. >> i like to use the overhead my son a aubrey was murdered august in 2006 a 200 and $50,000 an award but still no justice for my child it gun ordinance about o will monthly help my child but innocent victim he died safeway
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someone else's life he hollered out on his way to work for bruno heights city and county of san francisco i had to walk across the stage as he parents to get his diploma i've been on the battlefield for any son next week next year will you be a decade he carry those signs i need people to see how i feel gun arms with the third leading killers of age 17 my son was 17 when he was ms. short a homicide that happened on in our area and these mothers i stand with i also stand is it with other mothers and farthest that lost their which were to homicide and they don't want to come out i want to let them know that ordinance will help so mothers
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like myself wouldn't hurt i die daily this is my son it left on a journey this is what gun violence do to all the mothers and farthest 0 out there we want justice for your child and this ordinance passed. >> thank you ms. brown. >> yes. i'm pamela we want to say, i applaud supervisor farrell for his courage and leadership that what is it takes in this epidemic with gun violence and it is a health epidemic my son was shot 42 times here i stand what it is going to stop when and the fact i had a gun pulled on me last year with our courage and leadership that begins local
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if we start local as the city and county of san francisco which is already been a leader this is choosing our lives over economics i heard you on the statement on the television in an interview when you stood up and said that we need more elective like that when you vote for the elections he need to vote for people that stand up for your lives over economics we've had too many lives over hundred and 5 will 45 mass shootings on xhauz campuses i support this ordinance whorling and hope that the jurisdictions about listen and save our lives over economics where did the gun come from so we can get to the root of the problem and not chase it's those who are
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responsible you're not responsible you won't mind being videotaped so itch support this ordinance and the bravery of supervisor farrell and the other supervisors that stand up i'm a member of the council with jewish women we're against violence we've had enough of that people come here from all countries for safety so thank you very much. >> thank you very much anyone wish to comment on item number on this item? okay seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor tang. >> thank you so much for everyone that come out and thank you to supervisor farrell this is a really tough issue to talk about especially in our country i agree with all the public commenters supervisor farrell was brave to take a stand i stand behind you want to see this ordinance so be it if our
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last remaining shop closes down in san francisco our city will be better for that and indeed serve as an example for other cities throughout the country with that, i'm happy to make a motion i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> i want to say thanks to all who came out with people as a parental of the 3 little ones i came back can't imagine this is a personal thing and we'll continue to fight here so thank you we'll be voting on this next week at the board of supervisors so motion by supervisor tang to forward this we'll take that without objection. >> that is passed without objection mr. clerk, call item 2. >> item 2 ordinance for $25 million plus consistent with
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$20.8 million in, 6 hundred and 65 costco settlement procedures and $42 million to the port commission to support the completion of the port commission capital improvement plan. >> i believe we have someone from the port here today. >> morning i'm megan the director for the poster of san francisco to increase the ports fiscal year 2015-2016 capital budget about $25.7 million for a total of $38.5 million.
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>> as you may know the port of san francisco covers 7 and a half miles ever of dpoofs waterfront and therefore a lot of needs ranging from maritime to abilities and equipment of parks to historic structures including sheds and bulk heads and sub structure and but along with that need comes a great deal of investment we've got a $969 million backlog over the 10 years up to $1.1 million and this is estimate is simply for renewal not code improvements or seismic or the
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seawall this chart is the structure deficit the issues in terms of funding the capital needs 40 and $50 million to cover our renewal requirements as you can see the blue line our spending is lower than this how have the supplemental makes an in rode getting close to our desired investment so the supplemental includes $75 million because 1.3 pg&e payment for cable that will run approximately $3 million offshore and $5.5 million for the fisher 2014-2015 this is a combination of surplus operational and expenditures from personnel and
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non-exceptional and 14 point plus it was previously approved and closed out we found potentially found potential funding to cover ada improvements we've incorporated those costs into future projects and not able about $700,000 of the funding is the costco settlement that occurred in 2011 in response to the 2007 oil spill under the banging. >> the port is funding 16 projects just to go back to the capital needs the budget is to repair and replacement requirements that are specifically you know called out in the capital plan $8.5 million is an enhancement project that will generate additional revenues to louse allow us to invest in capital and port staff identified the 16
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projects based on is objectives you know remaining from health and safety to generating revenue. >> so go through the list of promotions 5 key projects that improve safety and reduce risk on the waterfront the terminal repairs if china baseline this installed in 1999 we need to install new equipment to insure safety store the public ladders and skylight pier 39 an investigation with contamination those will help us with a deeper dive into the translation and the fund is a a supplemental that allows us to have cash on hand for example, a fire at pier 39 this the funds
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to match our insurance support. >> additionally seawall assessment this is the project i alluded to we have 5 hundred thousand invested start a study of the seawall and marginal works this million dollars will louse allow us to continue that assessment and ultimately determine the investment requirement of seawall and build it into the capital plan over the coming years. >> the next i'll walk from north to south pier 29 is near your crews terminal this was as america's cup venue and currently vacant had the major fire in 2012 we were able to rebuild the super structure that is the bulk head and shed in the front of the
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facility this seven hundred thousand will supplement fund to a 2 plus million dollars for rail space and increases the revenue by $600,000 the belt line building a cute facility in front of the cruise terminal that is in the back and unfortunately an older picture not highlighting the beautiful but we envision this for rail and passenger space they'll come out of terminal and visit this this will be a small generator and generally in the area we have 3 projects underway the addition of pier 39 and the beltway building but we're seeing the construction climate
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really having costs coming in higher than estimated this mom and dad's will serve to adjust based on the bids that come in on all three of those projects. >> pier 23 was also america's cup viewpoint an historic structure the roof was replaced in the 1970s and they continue to repair this is for replacement and allow us to lease out this space for approximately $700,000 a year sorry that's noting net in 10 years. >> and further down the waterfront the central baseline off of pier 70 you may be familiar with that the forest city project a shipping facility with the da important for jobs generates our nerd to equally
11:47 am
take in cruise ships to federal ships any large vessel coming along the pacific coast this is a critical location we're working with the army engineers to dredge the says that the port needs to spend within 1.6 and $2 million to match the federal fund and the da will put in their match right next to the shipyard is the park off of crane coffee park is contamination is about supplement to complete that cap work. >> be building one 02 part of project but current trofrments
11:48 am
supplying the where green superintendant guerrero empower through the shipyard the tropisms will create a new power source this is part of our workforce to move the project forward the back land is a critically project that is the enhancement project i called out earlier as you can see we're forecasting $8.6 million net revenues over the 10 years as a result of grading the space and preparing it for industrial uses that compliment the southern waterfront and a great opportunity for the port to enhance the revenues we're generating. >> the street project you may be familiar i brought in september and expends to one million
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dollars fund will allow us to complete the scope of the project and fully repaving the roads previously only partially repaired and power you may drive along 280 and see delipidated piers failing into the waters numerous are on the waterfront the staff as identified funding sources and entrants and army co-sponsorship funds down the road to meet the needs an additional effort for pier 84 and other piers that is in the next slide the park the last terminal that very slim pier sticking out next to the park this project is funded by the cost could development funds and specifically will be completing engineering and design to stabilize that shoreline you'll
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see areas the sediment is deteriorating so how to preserve that in fill that serves as a habitat for birds in summary thank you for your time this is a $25.7 million we see a lot of opportunities to addressing the 10 year capital needs and improving the southern waterfront and other key things excluding progressively the ports financial position we see the construction climate as a cost hike up we do see a need for contingencies i'm here with elaine forbes our cfo and other folks for questions. >> thanks nothing mr. rose,
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can we go to your report on item 2. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee on page 5 we have a tackle one that identifies each of the $25.7 million of funding sources that included ♪ proposed supplemental and on page 4 we have table 2 which identifies the 16 port capital projects that were described by the department and on page 5 we also note that as shown in table 3 the estimated pay back period for 5 of the 16 projects capital investments is 6 years generating $16.8 million in new net revenues over the next 10 years to address and fund the ports capital project backlog we recommend you approve this legislation >> thank you very much mr. rose if no comments opening it
11:52 am
up for public comment monoanyone wish to comment on item number on number 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. through the chair thank you to the port your presentation was thorough and all the information we definitely see the needs and you can visually see it today i'll be happy to to forward this out i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> we have a motion by supervisor tang thank you for the port being here we'll take that without objection.. >> that that item passes with supervisor mar being a little bit. >> correct. >> mr. clerk, call item 3. >> item 3 ordinance for the appropriation of $3 million plus of the city and county of san francisco taxable goegd and fiscal year 2015-2016 the mayor's development. >> thank you. i building we
11:53 am
have someone to speak on this. >> good morning from the controller's office to speak on this item just to give you a little bit of background the seismic safety program was approved under prop a in 1992 for money to provide loans for the seismic strength of the buildings frament the city issued go bonds and the cost going back to founding those on may 23, 2015, the seismic committee approved a loan for the building on pier 70 and in jill of 2014 the board of supervisors authorized the sale of this million dollars for
11:54 am
taxable go bond for this project the bond were solid in august of this year and 2014 a if you notice the line between the time that the bonds were originally approved by the board and finally sold a delay in the project eventually the project was ready to be funded in the time between the loan that was being the bond sales approved in 2014 and the sale in 2015 the original amount that was authorized for the loan a reserve a total fund that of authorized 20 point one million dollars for the project and a $3.2 million reserve that make up the balance that made the balance of this million dollars
11:55 am
so the authorization of the bond sale and the actual sale the city negotiated favorable terms for the bond sale and this resulted in lower borrowing costs as a result that reserve that was being held for market conditions is largely available from the mayor's office of housing and community development would like to reappropriate the remainder towards the project costs and loan it for the seismic improvements so the ordinance will deappropriate and appropriate $3 million plus which represents the reserve and some of the issuance costs targeted towards the projects that will be looped
11:56 am
to the developer and go back to pay for the issuance of the bond the fiscal impact to the city will be minimal to none and as the costs of go bonds and the depth from the developer to the city i also have ann ramer if the mayor's office of housing and community development if you have me questions about the particulars of the loan. >> thank you very much no questions at this point to mr. rose, can we go to your report for item 3. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee supervisor tang on page 8 of our report in table 2 the actual $24 million bond sales are total costs this includes the initial bond issuance in the mr. writers
11:57 am
discount instead of the $3 million plus so this results in the savings of $3 million 4 plus on the bottom of page 8 in may of 2015 the seismic comet approved the revised amount for the $24 million for the historic project on pier 70 if you approve this ordinance the project will then receive a $.22 million we recommend you approve the ordinance. >> thank you, mr. rose. >> seeing no questions open up for public comment. >> i have one additional comment to make that this is a technical amendment it is my duty to suggest to the committee line 4 for 2014 that is around artifact
11:58 am
of them being approved but sold in 2015 series 2015. >> is that the only of only line. >> other listens they were referred to famous designations those are correct designations but we're entered in 2014 those with correct. >> we'll entertain that but get to our checker the revised legislation by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> okay. we're getting to the data from the budget committee. >> anyone wish to comment on item number seeing none, public comment is closed. >> tharl i'll make a motion to amend the legislation line that had and any other references and replace that with series 2015 a
11:59 am
and sends are forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. >> yes. you need to amend the title even though there are other references to 2014 that is the way it is coded the amendment in the title line change it. >> okay. >> yeah. >> a motion by supervisor tang and mr. gibner's exemptions and to make that adjustment and approve the underlying item we'll take that without objection. >> okay. thank you very much mr. clerk, call items w4r5e together item 3 passes with supervisor mar absent and not to exceed 8 hodz hundred thousand dollars for the city and county of san francisco go bond clean and safe neighborhood bond 15 c and item 5 the authorization for the sale
12:00 pm
of not to exceed $43 million plus a principle amount of the city and county of san francisco go bond and park bond 2012 and series 2015 b. >> thank you mr. clerk week. >> good morning, again i'll be presenting items 34 and 5 for the clean and safe neighborhood parks bond in february 2008 the voters authorized $85 million for park improvement projects sponsored by rec and park department and the port of san francisco to data hundred and $76 million plus bond have been issued before you an item 4 the resolution for the sale of the $8 million plus from the 2008 authorization of the total the one homicide $85 million
12:01 pm
railroad allocated from the rec and park department program and the balance of 35 plus million dollars was allocate and the final issuance to continue the program under the 2008 bond in november 2012 proposition b another hundred and $85 million for the project sponsored by rec and park and the port and to date $71 million plus in bonds have been issued from the 2012 authorization the resolution before you on item 5 approves the sale of the bonds not to exceed $43 million plus for both rec and park and port supported park projects. >> of the total precedes approximately 13 plus go to funding the port projects and the reprimanded and retrained 31 plus towards rec and park projects based on a total amount of 2008
12:02 pm
and 2012 bonds of $542 million and using the conservative interest rate of - the annual debt service $42 million over the total amount 200 and $86 million and $36 million to interest on the bonds. >> the interest annual property for assessed property value for properties that are assessed at $700,000 the city charter has a debt limit that equals 10 percent as the property in the city net exemption and the go bonds are the net assessment for 2015-2016 from the board of supervisors approves this issuance of those clean and safe bonds it
12:03 pm
increases from .01 to a 4 well within the 3 percent limit and additionally the boards approved the policy constraint on policy bonds that insures the city bonds program will not be increased above the fiscal year 2006 but the proposed sale of those safe neighborhood bonds is consistent and will main the property rates blow the fiscal year 2006 we're expecting to price and close those bonds sales this goes toward 4 park including the citywide parks and programs and waterfront parks this will fund the capital improvement across the city in
12:04 pm
the effectual an earthquake or in poor position or they ability to meet the recommendations the citywide program category bond fund will help to fund community-based initiative and playground forest city and trails and will be used to expand the scope of projects that can't be met to at funding sources the citywide parks program allocations the bond to 3 citywide parks the golden gate park john mclaren park and park merced those are iconic parks enjoyed by san franciscans and 2012 program to dedicate the funding in their natural areas additionally the san francisco waterfront is for the greenway
12:05 pm
and the constituent parks and as well other open space projects i can speak to any questions you may have regarding the specification of the bonds or questions about the details of any of the individual projects fund by the bond we have stacey from the rec and park department and eelena from the forbes they're ready to present. >> thank you, mr. shaw for being here in questions or comments yeah. thank you. >> no, that was extremely thought-out mr. rose, can we go to your report on 4 and 5 please. >> yes. shown in table one of our report of this $42.6 million in bonds 850 plus to the project costs and one plus to the audit fund and 73 to the 0 cost of issuance and 4 hundred plus to
12:06 pm
the reserve that allows for market fluctuations with noted item 6 file 15102 on page 15 i've included the description of the estimated bond projects for the r and port on page 12 as stated the total debt service is $82.8.42 over the owners of bones and we also note as stated the increased property tax on seven hundred thousand for instance, with the homeownership's exemption is approximately an additional $15 bus u plus but stated the additional property tax will be offset by the outstanding debt that is retired by the vote and
12:07 pm
property tax basz base we recommend you approve both those resolutions. >> thank you very much mr. rose. >> seeing no other questions or comments why not move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on 4 or 5 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> through the chair thank you. the presentation is thorough you hit all the points so thank you very much those bones and the parks bonds have done amazing things for the city we're happy to see all the projects come to fruition through the sale of the bonds all to forward out i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang also want to say thanks fewer hard work and definitely to get those projects completed we'll take that without objection. >> that that item passes without observation with
12:08 pm
supervisor mar absent. >> item 67 appropriation for 6 hundred plus precedes from 2008 clean and safe neighborhood park bond and c and $43 million plus precedes from 2012 safe neighborhoods bonds second series 15 e to the rec and park department and the port commission and the preappropriation of one $.4 million to the 2013 a for the ramification parks and open spaces and facing $52 million on reserves pending the sale of bonds in 2015-2016. >> okay. >> welcome back. >> thank you. i will keep this brief the intent of this ordinance to simply appropriate the proceeds of the bond funds that will be resulting from the
12:09 pm
sale of items four and five with the market uncertainly of 4 hundred plus the rest of the proceeds for the costs of issuance. >> thank you very much mr. rose mr. rose, can we go to your report for 6. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee and supervisor tang on page 60 of our report a table 3 the proposed proclamation of $8.7 million for the park and that's from 2008 cleaning safe neighborhoods bonds monies and then table 4 on page 17 of our report shows the appropriation of $43.8 million for the port projects and that's from the 2012 bonds so the 2008 and 2012 on page 17 table 5 shows the
12:10 pm
proposed the deappropriation and reappropriation of $1.4 million for the port that's the 2012 clean and safe neighborhood bond projects again, this was a companion to the other two items we recommend you approve the items. >> thank you very much mr. rose seeing no questions or comments anyone wish to comment on item number on item 6 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. through the chair make a motion to send forward 6 with a positive recommendation. >> we have a emission by supervisor tang we'll take that without objection. >> that item passes with supervisor mar being absent. >> that's correct item 8. >> resolution 30 years the amendment which extends the original license beyond the time for antenna and related space on
12:11 pm
jones street with the jones apartment association california corporation at $11,000 plus monthly. >> okay. thank you we have real estate here to talk. >> good morning supervisor farrell and supervisor tang i'm the assistant director of the real estate this office an amendment between the city and the new property owner associations the city's continued occupation of rooftop space and other space in the building necessary for the department of emergency services public safety radio and communication systems project the equipment is several antennas in the equipment room briefly we have someone to talk about the project if you need more information the site is nearly irreparableable the
12:12 pm
department of emergency replacement seeks to renovate, upgrade and provides better coverage for the emergency systems and the board of supervisors board approved it approximately 20 yoorlgz years ago when the systems were incorporated choose 9 sites a web of coverage if one is taken down they all need to be taken down part it renewing those lowe's lazy think there are 7 of them so the sites what remain within the system and coverage is maintained the city and counties city's r city has leased the space since 2008 and it expires in 2019 this allows to continue to 2 and continues 4, 5 year option we can stay there for thirty years an you
12:13 pm
could of equipment or allows the experiment to come out of the site and the price to go down if he do that so technology changes we can change was there and allows allows for dual equipment to be at the site with no extra cost city currently pace 9 thousand a month under the new lease the city will pay 11 thousand plus a one-time fee for the total first year rent of $23,000 you plus the rent increases until 2019 and the utility are in the rents those rents and increases are compatible with similar tell coming leases and transactions and one plaza in the bayview and 555 california
12:14 pm
unless you very specific questions regarding the project on behalf of the department of emergency services we ask you recommend and forward this to do board. >> thank you very much supervisor tang. >> just one really quick clarify the increases in the rent is it are for the market or because of increased space that we're leasing. >> increased equipment at the location during the years certain things and upgrades were made and not reflected in the rent. >> okay. thank you. >> mr. rose, can we go to your report on 8. >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee supervisor tang on our last point he note on the top of page 34 the city paid rent to the clara jones this is from the december 1st, 2015, through the existing license terms of january in any event 2019 and
12:15 pm
this first amendment will increase that rent to 449 an increase of $86,000 or 24 percent an december 1st through january 31st, 2019, that is shown in table 3 and the reason for that there specifically is because since 1999 the city added equipment to the site not reflected in the origin license the rent to be paid by the claire jones association through the prompt first amendment for the 24 most to the extension from december 1st, 2015, through january 31st, 2019, a $2 million plus that is shown in tackle 3 on page 35 of our report we recommend you approve this


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