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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 111715  SFGTV  November 24, 2015 6:00am-5:01pm PST

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>> absolutely. >> if you are able to control your own environment and house and recovery and your neighbors are doing the same the city as a whole will be a more resilient city. >> we are all proud of living in san francisco and being prepared helps us stay here. >> so, thank you so much for joining us today, alicia, i appreciate it. >> absolutely, it is my pleasure. >> and thank you for joining us on another edition of building >> good afternoon, everybody and welcome to the board of supervisors of tuesday, november 17, 2015, madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> commissioner avalos
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supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell not that present supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president we have quorum. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, madam clerk any communications. >> i have no communications madam president. >> colleagues, any changes to the regular board meeting
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minutes of october '68 sienna motion by supervisor mar and seconded by supervisor christensen colleagues we'll take that without objection. those minutes passes unanimously they'll be passed unanimously after. madam clerk can we please go to our terrors item >> the the first order of business is today is appearance of the honorable mayor ed lee no questions from supervisors the mayor may address the board up to five minutes. >> unfortunately, the mayor couldn't join us today all to taken a motion to a data of december 1st board meeting is there a motion supervisor cowen and supervisor mar colleagues we'll take that without objection. the that
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motion carries unanimously madam clerk go the consent agenda. >> items 1, 2, 3 comprise those items considered route if a member observe it will be separate. >> roll call vote. >> commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee there are 11 i's. >> those ordinancess final psa unanimously madam clerk enough time next item a resolution for the resolution of intention to establish infrastructure financing district number 2
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resolutions one dash 10 and other for the city as a port of san francisco. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> item 5 for the ordinance of stacey a citywide sustainability fee and is it your understanding the application of existing impact fee with some exemptions while the transportation sustainability fee remains operative to add definitions clarifying affordable housing and homeless shelter exemption from the sustainability fees making conforming amendment to the planning code and affirming the ceqa in making other appropriate finding. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president as i note the last time we voted it is important for us to hold developers account when it comes
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to the impacts that the developments have on public transportation i do think that we as a board have made a mistake and left a lot of money on the tally i'll be that concludes my report this today i belive that this is an issue probation officer needs to be revisited by this board as this board is new at the studied going forward that is one issue we need to revisit and make sure that the next time we hold the developers the for the impacts on public transit. >> thank you supervisor campos supervisor christensen. >> i just wanted to say (inaudible) par i'm grateful to supervisor wiener for getting this rolling and all who support 2 we recognize the impact on transportation in the dense
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neighborhood those things will be hench h helpful thanks to the proprietors and grateful we're moving forward with it. >> thank you seeing no other names on the roster colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passed unanimously next item, please. >> item of a resolution retroactively have the sheriff's department to is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? a nine hundred mentally ill crime rent program fund administrative code by the state and community corrects through the recidivism fund july 1st, 2015, through 02018. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 7. >> to retroactively authorize the accept and expend of 12 thousand from roommate hero to sponsor mayor ed lee action tour
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permit 22, 2015 and june 2015. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item. >> item 8 is a resolution to approve the establishment by the public utilities commission of its commercial paper notes program in an agency congratulate not to exceed 90 millions for the construction replacement of existing water and power facilities under the power enterprise for the acquisition and installation or rehabilitation of facilities for renewable energy and energy commercialism same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> item 9 resolution to meeting authorize the department of the environment to accept and expend is 17 hundred thousand plus from inc. to disposal for household hazardous waste from
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2015 to 2016. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item to retroactively authorize the punting to accept and expend a three hundred and 24 thousand grant to participate in a program enhance the sfraefk aids program and monitoring the evaluation from april 2015 to 2016. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item item 11 resolution to authorize the public health to submit an application to continue to representative the funds for the ryan white from the health services administration and requesting 16.6-hundred hiv
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relieve program funding for the metropolitan area from 2016 to 2017. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> item 12 to authorize the public utilities commission to accept and expend a $5 million from the san francisco general hospital for the procurement of furniture fixtures and information to this for the mr. brown and mark zuckerberg and naming various places through the acute care and trauma building. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 13 and ordinance to amend the building code and planning code for the list of elephants for a merger or between to require an affidavit and notice if the state hospital or bathrooms are removed and affirmed the ceqa determination
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and other appropriate finding and supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president colleagues today before us is legislation to make sure that all tenants in san francisco are referring notice as the owner of their unit is seeking a permit to demolish and or more the unions so they willal know and contest the demolition and the removal of their home right now in san francisco for attendance who live in legal units it is from the owner is proposing to diminish their units the tenant gets full notice and to contest the demolition permit, however, for illegal units including the tens of thoits thousands of in-law unit the landlords could go seek and obtain a demolition permit for the unit without
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providing notice whatsoever to the tenants and so the tenants may find out well, after the fact and after it is too late to appeal that demolition alter extraordinarily from the dpw or the board of appeals this inequality is unfair when you have people paying republicans for decades at risk of losing their homes without notice whatsoever a because that unit is not legally recorded in san francisco this is not right and close the loop this legislation requires that the residents of illegal units receive the same notification that others attendance receive in various languages and posted so if they choose and presuming they'll choose to fight for their home and be able to remain in their homes during the housing crisis
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to keep them stable and this helps us to do that i want to thank building inspection commission for providing support this as a good step in the right direction colleagues, i ask for your support. >> thank you, supervisor wiener colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance pass on the first reading unanimously madam clerk next item. >> 14 for the administrative code for the preference 2, 3, 4 allocating the city housing unit and second to tenants evicted in the ellis act to create a third preference for residents in the neighborhood where the affordable housing is located to make conforming amendments for the administrative code and planning code to affirm the ceqa and make other appropriate vrntsz. >> commissioner avalos. >> oh, supervisor cowen.
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>> thank you thank you very much thank you i just want to take a moment and just express gratitude to all but community leader that work with us on the legislation i want to recognize our staff that have been with us both in my office anticipate supervisor president london breed's office we both care, he deeply about this legislation as native san franciscans this legislation will effect the communities that we represent and i also want to remind that my colleagues remember we're not only district supervisors by citywide supervisors we have a responsibility to continue to protect the interests of all san franciscans i also know there are many people in the communities that are here today that have paid not only in blood, sweat, and tears but many
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people have lost their family members due to displacement and people work towards the housing preference those in the chamber and can't be with us san francisco is a unique and desire for it's neighborhoods those neighborhoods will continue to lose their soul continue to lose their characterization as population continue to dwindle if we don't step forward and stop the hemorrhaging of low income san franciscans and most important to insure they can stay in the neighborhoods and raised their families and where they choose to remain we're not only seoul just talking about the african-american communities this is a community that gets the most voice and attention because of the horrible
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population numbers that have drilling down many of us in the chamber have talked about those alarming rates of african-americans we've lost but also the latinos brothers and sisters not long ago they stood in the chasm asking for you support and i was proud to support the members of the mission they pushed towards the moratorium to stop the pressure that is forcing them out and many of the api somalians have come into the chasm and we have yet to produce something to help them all the low income residence in the city are struggling to stay in san francisco i have the as to his four largest hountsz in district 10 by the caucus and significant population their cupped by aging and san franciscans everyone is
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struggling i venture the district has one of the most diverse parts not by accident but because it is the last parts of san francisco that are affordable so this is real this issue we're dealing with laeshth issues i canned express how much this legislation means to thousands of san franciscans but the bossing of people that come to committee. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. over the last month to testify for over an hour with their expressions of personally how much this legislation will mean to them this is because we're talking about the legislation we've left hand to thousands of hours of testimony from people in this chamber crying for support and help what are we are doing for themer we're doing for the families -
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what are we are doing for the families we've pushed out during the redevelopment those members that listened for hours what are we are doing for them this is not a perfect solution didn't answer everything and address all the problems we're dealing with when it comes to displacement but it is the best first step we we have to take right here today and must act now not time to continue to continue to push the can down the road i ask you think about the thousands of san franciscans that line up day to day year by year four generations packed their bags and left san francisco how can we continue to sit back and do nothing so
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colleagues you hear the passion in any voice i respectfully ask you're showcasing support for that transformation active piece of legislation thank you. >> (clapping.) supervisor president london breed's. >> thank you supervisor cowen really articulating exactly the sentiments of myself and many others who are part of a number of communities that have watched over the years as members have been adapted out of this city i don't know who is winning the lottery i know who is losing african-americans and an alarming rate has left the city and time after time and the officials in the city say we care about the african-american community and the challenges they face and here is an
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opportunity for those who care to do something about that growing up in the western edition communities almost before i knew who was i combhi who the redevelopments agency say they destroyed the western edition i watched as homes were removed and wondered why kim my neighbor was noting in san francisco and not play outside together i wonder why they were teacher of the year down building with fields with vacancy i wonder why people in any communities explicit live there this is what the problem is we have far too long neglected to try to do something initiative progressive about the issue this is not a new problem but this is and this is not a new solution a new solution in
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san francisco in new york they have neighborhood preference basically since is lasts 1970s as far back and san francisco time and time again the leaders choose to side nothing we lose not only african-americans from the city but also a trooif microorganism we have used and continue to use outdated housing policies from the 1960s and 70s to try to address what is a 2015 housing crisis if we want to continue to support our communities if we want to continue to make sure that we have a trifling african-american population and we think continue to call our city a diverse city we need to do something no, this is not
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perfect legislation and not solve the entire problem but a huge, huge step in the right direction i want to thank the malice for helping to put together this legislation i want to thank the mayor for having the courage to actually bring this legislation forward and thank you to supervisor cowen for her advocacy and supervisor wiener and supervisor christensen for being co-sponsors on this legislation this legislation is about doing when is right and putting legislation to dealing with a problem that sadly has gun on the neglect of the african-american communities and the neglect of allowing folks to have access to affordable housing when we go to folks in the community and is support us support this affordable housing build more affordable housing
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unfortunately now, when i do that people are saying why should ii can't live there my friends can't we can't get assess to the housing across the street from where we grew up any kid's want to live in san francisco born and raised qualified for this affordable housing yet they can't get access to affordable housing they supported and fought for and continue to push for that's a real problem so today colleagues, i hope that you will consider supporting this legislation the time is now we can't wait we can't continue we can't continue to sit back and do nothing meanwhile we're building and, of course not enough especially not enough of affordable housing we have we've got a lot more work to do in order to address affordable housing crisis but this is a way to make sure that people in
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those communities know that they have a right to be there they have access and especially we build and this is for you, we can final mean it thank you (clapping (clapping.) >> commissioner avalos. >> thank you, colleagues. i was struck about the story in the chronicle how i wasn't surprised but struck by the nature of the story one percent of the bmr are not assessed but is african-americans deplorable we see that we knew about the disparities in san francisco there are recently but when it comes to the african-american communities the disparities are desire and we have a responsibility to deal with that i see this legislation as a step in the right direction i believe this legislation has impacts on
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other districts and it is almost we're trying to do a jigsaw puzzle with different sets vpdz i believe this is moving forward especially to look at how we might reverse some of the disparities we're seeing in san francisco especially with working-class and locating african-americans and other communities of color i've been concerned that the discussion of this legislation it could at times pit communities against one another unfortunately, a there's a limit supply of housing across the city and it effects different population and that is something i think we can't avoid but to me i see that when we were failing so much the african-american communities we see that the african-american community is organized around
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promoting this legislation and see it as with an tool one to lessen the disparities and willing to support it we have many things to address the issue what struck me as well as about the article no real clear assessment of why we're at that number for african-americans in the affordable market we need to be honest as a city why those numbers are low why what is the racism in place and is barriers outside of the community and what are the barriers people find within their communities that prevents us from above and beyond when the mayor's office of housing to insure that people can find heirs and the programs to get ready for housing that is available online this is not explored or discussed we're not looking how to have the
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connection between what is offered we're in real desire need to make those changes as soon as possible so i hope this legislation though i believe that is somewhat flawed can help us in a new direction to put greater resources in supporting the communities that have historically and immediately been burger to assess in the bmr market i do appreciate supervisors supervisor president london breed's and supervisor cowen for bringing this legislation for working with the mayor's office on it i think i'm not totally comfortable but will be supporting it i realize this is much we need to do to lessen the disparity thank you. >> mr. chair i'll remind the audience addable support use
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you're showcasing fingers. >> thank you, mr. chair i'm strongly supportive of this legislation as brought to committee and proud to support it from the get-go and thank you to sxhopdz and supervisor cowen in particular their, their extraordinary leadership for moving forward this matters we are finally starting to increase the amount of affordable housing in san francisco and opening itch more the city sponsored projects with the nonprofit partners we're also seeing more and more offsite inclusion housing and goes to accelerate as the shipyard commissioners, on that motion into existence and treasure island and the other projects that will deliver a significant number of below-market-rate housing we
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have to be prepared and frankly not prepared ray we have a lottery system that is completely and utterly broken some communities that are do not do well and we need to make sure that everyone in this city is able to assess and have a realistic shot at assessing our affordable housing if every single neighborhood in the city and everyone this legislation will help move us in that direction people need to be confident it affordable housing is in their neighborhood and right now frankly people don't have that confidence it is absolutely the case we need to be building affordable housing in every single neighborhood in san francisco and every single neighborhood needs to have affordable housing because their people that are struggling in all parts of this city and frankly this
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legislation will help to builds support to create affordable housing in all neighborhoods in this city if people have confidence the affordable housing being build down the street is actually for them and their neighbors their going to be more supportive and we'll have much, much more of a possibility of getting board based support more affordable housing that is equally distributed around this city i also want to say in terms of lgbt community we are finally going to be seeing those 55 unit projects one hundred 10 units of low income senior housing with the focus on lgbt seniors open up in the near future and make sure that our residents have a fair shot of getting into that housing the timing couldn't be better to make sure that the lottery for the project is done
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appropriately with a neighborhood preference and so i'm strog supportive thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed's i'll be supporting this strongly today. >> supervisor tang thank you very much i want to thank you supervisor president london breed and supervisor cowen their working hard and piggy backing off of what supervisor wiener said to make sure that the people in the neighborhood can access the avenue in their neighborhood i think that the main point of concern i have there are some neighbors we're not seeing that level of affordable housing development and that is something that separately i'm working on since coming into officer as i speak i'll ask my aid to place on the projector for you the map that shows the upcoming pipeline up through 2020 of the affordable housing
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in san francisco so sfgovtv if you could show this a lot of the left side in district 4 we have 7 units of below-market-rate housing coming online in the next year and prolonged up up to 2020 so to i appreciate what the supervisors are doing to make sure that the residence are staying in their homes in baufrts there are many, many neighborhoods including all of district 4 if their displaced they will see 60 percent the affordable housing taken away from their preference and so what does is say about other neighborhoods that residents come from and get evicted they'll be pushed at the very bottom the waiting list i agree with the supervisors we're citywide supervisors need to help everyone that gets displaced no matter what neighborhood that's indicative
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of the dilemmas that some of the neighborhoods face including my own milestone working on trying to get the support more affordable housing to be built in the neighborhoods despite the neighborhood option so really i think i'd like to propose 3 separates amendments we it can take 3 separate votes one of them is the mayor's office of housing to do some annual reporting the reason i'll propose i want to have a better sense of what is going on there and how many even planners are applying under the cop, o m i ellis and what are the district where the affordable housing is located where are they selected from the lottery and if they were were
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they able to operate in the bmr units and mount other pertinent information that the mayor's office of housing that can inform our efforts moving forward to better help the various communities that should be assessing those affordable units this is the first amendment i can go through the other two first. >> commissioner walker why not you're showcasing motions you want to make as a whole and entertain conversations to have a discussion around others amendments and take them one at a time. >> the second amendment to add to the second category the definition of displaced tenants educate 2 a tenant in san francisco after january 10th received a meows notice that his or her landlords gets the units under the section of the rent ordinance to create or adding in
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the o m i eviction into the second educate keeping in lien with the ellis act evictions at 20 percent and as well as the ellis act provisions of the 10 year retainedcy and the 100 percent if so being considered whether you're showcasing ellis act evicted or being displaced because of a owner move-in eviction our someone that needs the help from the city there shouldn't be a dimension between the two types i'd like to see us add in the o m i for the displaced tenant and thirdly, speaking to my main point earlier the amendment to decrease the neighborhood preference down to thirty percent i was supportive of the original version with the 25 percent i know that absolutely is
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something we can include as a preference but if we're going to increase it to 40 percent on top of the displaced category of 80 percent and on top of the cops we're effectively shutting out and taking away the 60 percent of affordable units that is open in for any of the other displaced tenants so those are the 3 amendments i'm proposing and we can take all 3 amendments separately with separate vote. >> thank you supervisor katie tang we'll do that lets keep going with comments supervisor yee. >> thank you very much i'm also want to show my appreciation to supervisor cowen and supervisor breed and bringing this issue up this basically due time and basically several people have mentioned this is the perfect solution i agree with several the commenters this is not the perfect solution, however, when
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we if we're looking at correcting the wrong that was done this solution is better than doing nothing i 80 want to make that statement thank you for at least pushing us in the right direction we need to continue looking at better solutions in the future but we cannot wait for that that to come we need to move now i'll not be supporting some of the supervisor tang's amendments that she introduced i also wanted to say that i won't push this discussion today since there is a duplicate file sitting at committee right now if we truly building in the neighborhood preference we need to focus on what the neighborhood is and not get confused with the district i'll take this as an for example, i take one end of district 7 and
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then basically have some affordable housing like possible near city college and 3 miles away is still my district and the people living 3 miles away don't consider the other area their neighborhood so it dans sdnt making make sense to improve this supporting the neighborhood preference and the way i'll start the discussion to say wherever a project is built let's provide a radius that make sense in which people will consider that area is their neighborhood not something that is three or four miles away maybe other district make sense to have a district it is much smaller and several large
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district not fair for something in my district to happen and a few plain clothes away they can't move into the same neighborhood that's my concern and hoping we'll have acknowledge open discussion in the future otherwise as we discuss this i'm hoping to support the original amendments today. >> supervisor mar. >> i know this item is in the context of other large items that are on our agenda and i'm thinking a lot about development projects that have a displacing impacts and long term creative multi strategies to mr. chair the lower-income communities of color to xhooez points i don't want to do something that is better than nothing and to supervisor breed question of who is winning in
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this lottery for extremely limited affordable housing slots i'm not sure and who is losing yes african-americans are losing but also chicanos and latinos from the mission lower-income filipinos from south of market and many, many others groups too i guess i worry when we create a preference system that is based on a couple of spiritually districts we're losing out on the strategies of fighting displacement and unfortunately, the solution to displacement is to stop displacement not to rebuilding department paifrg as a number of groups have said i worry that fighting over the crumbles of affordable housing and giving me preferences to different categories it is not neighborhood but district we're talking about and if only 4 major spiritually districts we're talking about right now and in the near future as
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projects in the pipeline 4 districts of setting up a system that pits people of lower-income people of color and supervisor tang said a lot of considerations needs to be made on the west side i represent as well as i want to say when i looked did affordable housing on geary the core net theatre i asked about 10 preferences can be given to district 5 and district one close to the area the response from the mayor's office of housing was fair housing laws and is hud's and others low prevent that i know that as legal question from the memo i want more findings of that as we receive the cautionary memo i know in this legislation some of that is still up in the air if federal funding vofdz or states housing
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laws say for example, a district 8 not all district 8 are affluent or white people but i'll say from the preference is given for district 8 and not to other stlaerl displaced and other areas that makes me question the 25 and 40 percent i guess we have a danger of san francisco as foreheads blackwell on the foundation convened a meeting a couple of days ago thai showed you that san francisco has ground grown to the majority off people is now going down so that it is a total reversal of the diversity that's groin grown in the city we'll see because of different housing policies and cost of living that change in the demographics of the people not only color but a
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rapid desegregation i fear that the proposal like this without carefully and thoughtful approaches like chinatown and other neighborhoods that we may be adding to a rapid desegregation of housing and fooufr u fooufr that push out of people of color i support of racial justice i have serious concerns and hopefully slow down and perhaps continue to discuss a lot of the different items supervisor tang's amendments i'm supportive of the first and third but carving out noting another preference for owner move-ins i see that for the west side but wondering how it this impacts on the people that have been evicted in others i think we need more time to understand the implications i appreciate
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the approach from sxhoepd and supervisor cowen but i support the multi racial in the broader context of building more housing for the displaced community that are all around us that's my $0.02 in the context of this displacement and development right now. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you very much mr. chair and all the members of the community for this item i guess this is not a simple issue i have a lot of mixed feelings and thoughts maybe none will be happy with what i have to say let me say this i've come to this board asking the board for help at different times in my district in the mission and so i
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am very much aware of why supervisor president london breed and supervisor cowen have working hard on this issue and let me say it is not entirely clear when you accountability the neighborhood preference in terms of the specific impact that it may have on one district and neighborhood and part of challenge we have with the neighborhood preference legally we have limit onyx from my district in the mission which is what i generally lands on this issue i think that the con seis sews people want to see a better preference people affiliate neighborhood say 40 percent neighborhood preference is not enough for the mission i actually think that important purposes of the project in the mission that is not enough is it should be higher i think that 40
6:45 am
percent is probably at this point as high as we can go in a way that is legally defenseable and if i could sit here and say i could defend 60 or 70 percent or 80 percent i would like make that motion i'm not in a place to do that i recognize what many of the advocates have said which is that in some respect make a maybe a better approach or bitter way to look at this not a one-size-fits-all but perhaps variations for each neighborhood and within the district perhaps a neighborhood with a within each district i recognize that with that said, i want to speak to members of the public of my community working on that issue for the last few weeks i was
6:46 am
disturbed to read the paper today and the way that issue has come across it seems like that there is different groups within san francisco that are being pit against each other and as a gay latino man it has been especially difficult to see that if you read that art it comes across as members of the latino community coming out against something that is beneficial to the african-american community that is problematic for me and real concern and i'm not sure what the right policy outreach is i'm going or i'm not sure how far we can go in terms of neighborhood preference and i think that at some point procedurally this is done and duplicating the file so we have
6:47 am
we'll remain something p to work on moving forward make sense and i would urge both supervisor president london breed and supervisor cowen and the folks that or who are on the other side of that issue to figure out how to work together on that piece what bothers me about some of the way that comes across i don't know what will work i also know that even if you don't agree with it for elected leaders in the african-american community and many members of the african-american communities this is something that the priority for them and just like the mission came here and said whether you agree with the cost or the moratorium or not give us the benefit of the dough
6:48 am
and have us have some say over our own destiny i think consistent with that approach to me it make sense that even though this is not clear how this will cut into the the ends have members of the african-american community including the elected leadership we want to try this we'll support that it is in that spirits that i will be supporting this i think that it make sense that we would give this a shot and it does bother me actually that some of us came here and required support what we minded in the mission yet not seemed like we're doing that here this is the problem for me and i think that if whatever happens out of this i hope what
6:49 am
happens every group the african-american are is chinese-american or the latino community the an low communities you all of us figure out how to move together collectively so it didn't come across as divided i know that is a real problem and i know that the folks that are coming from the mission and chinatown to advocate a different approach are doing so in the interest of everyone's interest but i think that right now that is not how it has come across i'm committed with working with with supervisor president london breed and supervisor cowen to move forward in a way that allows us to not only you know be united but come cross as united i don't think we're there the second point i will make this is where i have to be
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honest to members of the public that are coming here to support this i will be voting for this but let's be realistic about what this means if you really care about what is happening to the african-american community in san francisco and all you do is supported this policy and push for this then we have failed the african-american community this is a small percentage of a much large problem that could potentially be impacted and it is significant but if you care about san francisco making a priority of keeping african-americans in san francisco and all we do is this policy i, i have to tell you the outcome will not be different than that we have right now and anyone respectfully anyone that tells us otherwise in my humble
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opinion is not giving you the full picture of what's happening if you want to keep african-americans it is not enough in this city not enough to do what we're doing here you have to do something about most of developments being approved by this board of supervisors and this mayor are not building housing for low income people and working-class and middle-income the fact that the inclusionary rules that the developer building the luxurious projects are asked to pay for 10 to 15 percent affordable and what that number is higher it is not clear when those will be built if you care about the african-american community you have to address the fact that san francisco and this mayor are
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talking about spending hundreds of million dollars dollars on a new jail and one millions for each cell and that new jail which will make that cell more expensive than a affordable unit for working-class families in the city all of that has to be addressed if you care about the future of the african-american community (clapping.) so i will be supporting this effort but i will i have to tell you this i will be coming back to this issue of how we're helping african-american stay i have a year two months left in any term and i'm committing myself doing everything we can to make sure we have not just african-americans we have latinos and asian-americans we have working-class people we be
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ann loss and teachers and every single person who wants to stay in san francisco it is not just about this vote i'll be voting to support this but reminding us as we move forward if he care do do the right thing by this african-american community and other communities that it didn't end up with this the on the thick i'll say and ask all the folks who have been lobbying and advocating for this is that i would encourage eir receptionist of the confines appreciable within the brown act and the laws and i will ask supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed and a to reach out to the community the folks who are on the od's today so we can have an inclusive discussion
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going forward to the extents i can be involved i'm committed to doing that i think we need everyone such as as soon as possible to be on the on the same page. >> supervisor christensen. >> so our housing situation is an steel complex we've looked at maps with the affordable housing is planned at any office studying i know where displacement is occurring in high concentration where there are concentrations of qualifying residents issues like transit and jobs and schools a lot of complex abashes a at the heart is a simple sidewalks that is losing one home is stressful and difficult but losing ones neighborhood a correction to friends, schools, shopping, cultural activities and familiar
6:55 am
environment is devastating combining this measure with the opportunities of the housing bonds we've just passed give us a chance to more carefully consider the fair and equal dispercent of affordable housing around the city and help disperse the facilities with the housing projects the good news is that as a city we will build more housing we've just passed the largest effort to date in this direction never enough but. >> huge step forward we need to locate the housing equally across the city so displaced residents regardless of neighborhood can stay home and for that reason i'll be supporting the legislation as
6:56 am
well. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you i appreciate the comments of many of my colleagues here today and i just wanted to talk about supervisor tang's amendments i am supportive of annual reporting i think this is really important i know for certainty that annual reporting exists with the mayor's office of housing and the current system we definitely could provide language in the resolution that could make sure that they do a better job as it relates to neighborhoods preference and ellis act evictions we can have a better understanding of how who is taking advantage of this housing and how to make the legislation better as far as adding a category i'm not poster
6:57 am
of that without a lengthy discussions in the land use commission talk of adding o m i did was in the language and removed for more lengthy discussion at a later date i'm not closing the door to including o m ii want to make sure that that discussion takes place we can include the predicament language as it relates to owner move-in evictions so and won't be supporting that amendment and definitely not decreasing the percentage if to thirty percent so colleagues, i again, i will support the first amendment but the other two are amendments that i actually can't support today. >> thank you. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i know that quite a bit of dialogue and efforts have down or impound
6:58 am
into this for neighborhood preference i want to say he support some of the overall concept of why we put neighborhoods preference in avenue, i get that people want to stay in the neighborhoods and communities their part of familiar routine and friendship and social services and patterns that is disruptive which one moves from one part of the city to another, in fact, one of the things i've learned around the displacement of housing in chinatown i one by one replacement housing was not enough when we offered the replacement housing the attendance tells us i'm part of a community i know if i don't get out of bed my neighbor will check on me to see how i'm doing those are the concrete things that people have when they're
6:59 am
part of a community that go beyond the replacement housing i had concerns around the preferences because i know that the district i represent is building a disprompt of the affordable housing in san francisco and, in fact, our last housing balance report in september that was compiled and accustomed by the planning department 50 percent of the affordable housing is in the district in the south of market and tenderloin that is a boon and benefit to the residents of my district we'll sure up to 40 percent of units in the neighborhood go to the residents i know that residents in the tenderloin and south of market and treasure island support this for that reason i just want to make sure that there ashlt unnecessary impacts in other districts for mother not as much support housing is
7:00 am
produced one district is not more deferring as another and hopefully, this encourages our supervisors to make sure that more of is built in their district looking at the numbers of the residents you know our ratio is large represent of the rest of the city 34 asian and 167 percent latino if we are concerned with assuring a diversity of residents that are getting priority more affordable housing in our district we working hard to make sure that our residents apply more affordable housing i like many of the colleagues will be supporting this i supported this out of land use commission for the respect that both supervisor cohen and supervisor president london breed's did i certainly understand the outcome and we have a vast under representation of african-american and latino
7:01 am
and our 100 percent affordable housing not run by the city i want to see that increase i'm worried about the legislation won't would have the impact that is deserved it didn't matter if you have preference if you're not applying the city needs to being able be sure that residents building if they apply they'll get it i've heard from residents they don't apply they've lack faith in the lowest system if your name is not in the pool you'll not get picked; right? two we've invested in the application progression when i worked at chinatown cdc we were door knocking and buying newspapers and opening our doors those applications are very complicated i can fill it out for myself without a ton of guidance but we need to make
7:02 am
sure that we invest in those type of infrastructure so for every single community and neighborhood south of market unfortunately an organization that helps many of the south of market and tenderloin residents and many residents want affordable housing because of that kind of support and it is important that we look at the system and what is disadvantageousing certain folks do we need to work on the history and taking care of the conviction and supervisor cowen and i co-authored and what type of work for the residents to make them giggle and building more affordable housing clearly not enough if folks feel they don't have the opportunities of housing in the city i think that is important to allow this to move forward to have the
7:03 am
outcomes we want to see and whether it will achieve those but which is why i'll be supporting supervisor tang's third amendment to make sure we get the data to make sure we we're getting the outcomes i had one question to supervisor tang on the addition of the organization m i to the second category to the second preference and i just time to clarify that this is up to 20 percent? >> of the displaced your excluding the o m i along with the tenants. >> that's correct not changing the overall but including the 20 percent that i know that looking at the data we have a tremendous amount of owner move-ins revocations on the west side of
7:04 am
the city that bring more equality to the perch system. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president on the amendments by supervisor tang i will be supportive of the amendment on reporting but i will not be supportive of the other amendments as i noted for place like mission for us lower the percentage from 40 to to in my verify is the wrong approach for us and weren't to the owner move-ins evictions he appreciate the spirit and intent but a large discussion that needs to be had around that issue i know there is a framework in place with that discussion because it may be that in the end what commissioner chung is proposing
7:05 am
is something that is included but i think there needs to be a larger strategy and quite frankly a large strategy that addresses the metabolic evictions the one thing i forgot to mention it is important i'll ask especially supervisor president london breed and supervisor cowen as we move forward and sort of working on this what you look at what is happening in places like the mission you have and the latino communities in particular you have latinos making up 15 percent of population and yet only benefiting from 5.4 percent of city units and 11 percent in privately development unit i think that one of the challenges that i see is not just the rules in terms of preferences but also how it is that members of that
7:06 am
communities and other communities are figuring out what is available and the outreach that needs to be done i actually think one the things that necessarily has to happen the city needs to invest resources for better outreach in theirselves communities and especially in the latino communities, the african-american and the chinese community we need to figure out how we reach out and make sure as those rules change that members of the neighborhoods in those communities said they can benefit from those policy changes thank you. >> thank you supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much and thank you for the support colleagues looks like we're in a fairly good position a couple of things i want to acknowledge questions and issues and also want to speak to the audience members we want to acknowledge people that came out to the land
7:07 am
use commission twice to hear this item and focus on this item and joined us in the chamber today stand up and give us the board of supervisors an opportunity to acknowledge you thank you for being here those folks that came out to champion this issue our incredible and very much an international part of this movement to move forward thank you very much for being here (clapping.) the other next set of folks we need to recognize are my legislative aide to me and supervisor president london breed's office and conner johnson and others are incredible in move people here and educate them and fighting back the lies and is rumors that are out there as well supervisor kim through the chair to supervisor kim i want to pub
7:08 am
u talk about the issues their quit on point and i want to also educate the folks that are here about what we are already doing in terms of tirz i got a couple of hundred thousand dollars to go to an advertising campaign and a media market okay to reach people that grew up in san francisco and are no longer here or are here struggling and advertising in a meaningful way and in multiple languages so we're not excluding everyone that is the first time we as a body have taken our money and put it in allocated in such a way to help with the outreach you talk about the outcome we've benefit working on the mayor's office of housing is codifying
7:09 am
how those developers advertise now as you're showcasing advertising in sf magazine i don't know how many people reads sf magazine i'm using that as an example we're not doing going to reach the urban market how to you put together rules those personalities we'll come and go but in the codification the malice a set number of wards words and pictures whatever it maybe we're actually working on that to make sure we getting the advertising where we need to be advertising and no one gets left behind and the application process we've done a tremendous job i want to acknowledge one of the my champions kathy davis and kathy didn't say but she is the executive directors of the george b davis senior center
7:10 am
we're building thousands of units of senior housing which is not enough we need more but the thousands we have she's single-handed collected 4 thousand applications for 2 thousand units so my point is when you puts diligent work and a little bit of dollars together but will reach people you will get them to turnout and fill out the application and can change the tide we've spent time talking about ousted migration and what it comes to in migration retention that is just as important as speaking to the makers of this policy as we continue to talk about housing for all and for every person in the chamber that voted for prop a thank you very much you've significantly helped us to build public housing part of the affordable housing and inside of
7:11 am
san francisco noted directly related to this particular piece of policy but we talk about the housing we can't forgot billion those people in housing and prop a is second to none daily and police chief both irs that are open and so as we continue to talk about supervisor campos about housing and in the mission and the dimes we're most certainly to make sure we are talking about those in all kinds of housing whether subsidize and section 8 and market rate housing not market-rate but below-market-rate housing inclusionary, however, we want to category no one gets left behind now could you don't i think so supervisor tang's prospective i don't supports the neighborhoods decrease in the neighborhood preference he agree with many of the folks that came out in
7:12 am
public comment and if we could get more maybe we'll do it and looking for a way to get a higher percentage one-half not found that so it is i think goes against the desire of not only this body but the general public to decrease the percentage for for neighborhoods preference and also during to the hearings hearings we heard in land use commission i chair we heard from dozens of people that wanted a neighborhood preference one the key components to reward neighborhoods that have accepted the development and affordable housing in other neighborhoods so hey, you want to put people into in action go talk to the developers and get this moving over west side it is not fair
7:13 am
the district have to share the shoulder responsibility we all must share that responsibility for decades the west side of the city has had a adopted a not in my backyard but now we're changing it approximately will on this board on the west side to begin to see the see change and it is you know if you talk about anyone that grew up in san francisco none thought we'll be developing in the shipyard toxic maybe property but here we are buildings 12 thousand 5 hundred units on the west side those developers find. >> way and this legislation is going to insure hopefully b be in place the folks on the west side that may not benefit as wild as we want today but in a position to benefit from it in the future that's why we're making the decisions that has the best interests of people in
7:14 am
the city we can't make a decision now to limit you have the future we can't see those units didn't mean they are not in our future i believe this legislation is significant and will fairly benefit all of san francisco i do support the third amendment that requires the mayor's office of housing to report yearly the number of migration and preferences eligible for the demographic because if you're not counting it and not keeping track we need to do a better due diligence of how to keep tracking track alcohol, tobacco & firearms units like the police officer how many times they're stopping people the same rational notice the po a will write me gary in
7:15 am
the examiner will write me changing brurndz this is interesting go changing the neighborhood boundary from the supervisorial to neighborhood it looks good this is one the most sounds data driven piece of policy this body has seen in a long time thank you charlie he has a fantastic model if we narrow and make that legislation and i applicable to not only the baby community that excludes people in our best interests to stick with the supervisorial indict and i want to remind the folks their made up of folks and keep them intact folks take a moment and shed light on a couple of misconceptions thank you for listening and thank you, colleagues i'm grateful for your partnership we can't do it
7:16 am
without you. >> thank you supervisor cowen (clapping.) and supervisor wiener. >> i'm not sure how to follow that i'll do my very best i wanted to i spoke with supervisor tang and i'll be supporting this amendment and be supporting the owner move-in amendment we adapted i don't know if it was last year or the year before the legislation for people evicted in the ellis act that was important but people that are evicted many owner move-ins solemnly swear are not at fault and they deserve preference as well in addition he appreciate what supervisor tang did in including that permission for the people lived in the united for at least 10 years so a longer-term tenants
7:17 am
will probably be protected if from the rent control and the preference they deserve i'll be supporting that not supporting the amendment to reduce the percent from thirty to 40. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor kim. >> thank you. i you just want probation officer reiterate that i as will that will supporting the two amendments that supervisor tang has movtd on o m i and at recording i want to give the neighborhoods preference category at 40 percent a chance and will be that concludes my report that as say, i think that would be helpful for the board to hear the comparison of evictions over the last 10 years one thousand plus ellis act and owner move-ins sleeksz looking at the district particularly along the west side and saets suicides 2 to 3 times the number of o m is
7:18 am
as ellis act 2 hss hundred mrs. but more owner move-ins and 62 over the last 200 and 24 owner move-ins evictions and district 740 ellis act eviction but one and 32 owner move-ins and district 10 only 35 ellis act evictions. >> many more owner move-ins on this 42 and one and 60 owner move-in evicts and the other districts their intended to be more o m i given the nature there is more disparities continue the two i think that particular on the west side and the saets sector you will see two to three times more move-ins
7:19 am
no, not at all evictions not a reason to put them into categories some of the concerns from the vehicles there are so many they're worried about that flooding i think that category so with that said, i don't see a policy reason to differentiate it was an the two evicts and i appreciate supervisor tang including the 10 year requirement because i think that you know we really want to help the long terms tenants that will be much more anxious if they get evictions verse one that has been living in the units for one to two years we should be supporting that amendment. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor tang thank you, very much for the discussion i said to one more thing that is not you know solution for everything i wanted to mention we've our office
7:20 am
drafted legislative legislation we're waiting for the legislation we're going to require that when someone is filing paperwork notifying the city about an eviction the city sends that individual a notice about the affordable housing that is available through the city's malice program we feel this is one way to reach the tenants if they don't know about the program they're not obviously going to apply that is one basic step up to the plate step we can take to require the city to provide the notifications to see people getting evicted so again, i think this legislation go passes we're eager to layer that on top of this and so again colleagues, i do want to thank you for your condominiums ii think we have pend on deck the affordable housing bonus program that i've a co-sponsor of and so to speak
7:21 am
status quo to the comments and hoping to accommodate more residents on the west side and on deck and look forward to working with each the supervisors to make that happen thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor tang supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president i want to note on the owner move-in eviction i'll not be supporting that but something to consider director borden's my hope if we're willing to look at the issue of providing a preference through this program that another thing we want to consider is whether or not we need to revisit the rules and provide additional protection around o m i did is a problem in some parts of district essential
7:22 am
that is a large section i hope that happens. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> to supervisor tang's points about the o m i perch i guess i appreciate the attempt to certify the tenants that will help residents that new district as well given the san francisco transportation authority plans & programs committee staff that supervisor kim gave residents that have been displaced as a result of the organization m i evictions i guess my concern is that this is all giving a false hope por favor 0 people that are displaced and forced from their home the lottery system within a lottery system when there is inadequate amounts of affordable housing coming online we move forward as a city but creates
7:23 am
that people fighting over crumbles and not a real solution i think we need a careful study of the different groups of people evicted and giving an alleged apprehensive how it impacts other groups as well that's example i'll be voting no, i'm going to stick my neck out for the african-american and displacement of whole ethic and rational or racial communities that one-size-fits-all didn't carve out the neighborhoods most in need and have two broad of a stroke including the districts not having the displacements that the mission district and the african-american and the bayview hunters point and placed like uc berkleyist displacement reach studies it show that many of the advanced stages of gentrification and the south of market we'll be talking about in
7:24 am
a couple of minutes i know of of feel that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the right one it has the danger of pitting communities of color against each other though i'm supportive of the african-american efforts to maintain their communities this is not the rights approach i'll be casting a no vote. >> thank you seeing no other names on the rosters we'll take commissioner sanchez amendments one by one and the city attorney has comments regarding the owner move-in represents so recommendation so schaung has made a motion to do annual reporting is there a second seconded by supervisor cowen madam clerk call the roll on the amendment. >> schoolz supervisor avalos. >> just a point of clarification. >> each supervisor tang has proposed 3 amendments.
7:25 am
>> right what's the first amendment. >> providing annual reporting. >> it is it was moved by supervisor tang and sect by supervisor cowen. >> madam clerk call the roll. >> and madam president for classification when supervisor tang read those items they read them backwards. >> i'm confused. >> okay. please call the roll. >> commissioner avalos. >> reporting way on annual report. >> correct. >> commissioner avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos. >> supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar
7:26 am
supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee there are 11 i's. >> okay. this amendment is adopted unanimously on the next amendment which will be the doctor from 40 percent to thirty percent it was moved by supervisor tang and is there a second. >> seeing none, the motion fails and on the o m i our deputy city attorney john gibner, deputy city attorney can you provide us with an explanation avenue what you're suggesting regarding o m i evictions. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney speaking with supervisor tang on the does the substituteed is the changing to the tenants displacement and findings the sections of the
7:27 am
ordinance overseeing facts is the number of evictions citywide and increasing into 2010 to 2014 housing is dmrrg unaffordable to the majority of san franciscans so displacement through evictions leads to san franciscans not in the city and one the public purposes of the tenants preference is to enable residents to stay in the city if possible we'll recommend that the board add in those finding as part of the proposed amendment. >> okay. before we move on this we need language i need language before i make a decision about this. >> i'm happy to read the language in the initial substitute ordinance. >> just to be clear does that mean this will not count as the
7:28 am
first reading or have to go back to committee? >> the two the amendment that the board has voted on does not require a continuance so the board could adopt the ordinance on first reading with that the o m i meant supervisor tang proposed with or without the language i'm suggesting the board could denouncement today and pass the ordinance on first reading nun of the ordinances that were proposed so for will go back to the planning commission. >> supervisor tang have you passed the language for you're showcasing proposed amendment. >> yes. i wanted earlier. >> i'm sorry, i don't have it in my possession oh, this.
7:29 am
>> okay. and can you read the ifktd bordering and sure john gibner, deputy city attorney again so the first efktd 3 understanding were removed in committee that would be at back in as part of supervisor tang's proposal the first finding is that from 2010 to 2014 the eviction notices with the rent board increased 45 percent and in specific neighbors the mission and the outer richmond and on the percent were significantly higher than the city average and the second proposed finding read san francisco tenants are bag displaced through eviction and current market-rate rents are not affordable thus when the
7:30 am
displacements occurs rhyming in san francisco is not a viable option for more residents especially protecting and moderate income hours and the next for the affordable housing is necessary to achieve the purpose of increasing the opportunities for those residents to continue to live in san francisco even as market rate housing rents rise. >> okay. >> so supervisor tang has made a motion to move this amendment forward seconded by supervisor yee madam clerk madam clerk, please call the roll. >> commissioner avalos supervisor breed no supervisor campos no supervisor christensen supervisor cowen no supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar
7:31 am
no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee there are 6 i's and 5 notice with sxhooemd supervisor campos supervisor cowen and supervisor mar in the dissent the amendment passes on the pamphlet as amended. >> schoomz supervisor campos supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor christensen supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar no supervisor tang no. >> supervisor wiener supervisor yee there are 9 i's with two notices supervisor mar and supervisor tang in the dissent the item passes as amended on the first reading (clapping.)
7:32 am
madam clerk go to our 2 o'clock accommodations starting with supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues this pass sunday on november 15th our city took part in it's first raw day of remembrance for road traffic victims the world day is a global action to honor those killed or injured we road collisions together with advocates and the families and friends i would recycle to honor this day at the board of supervisors this year really marks the 10 anniversary the adoption of the world day of remembrance by the
7:33 am
general assembly in the 20th anniversary of the global remedies their common place we over look rookie those tragedies can i supervisor president london breed i mean supervisor president london breed can i wait a minute. >> oh, yes. >> members of the public can you please exits the chamber quietly 53 we still have business to 3 we still have buss t to we still have business to the chamber quietly we still have business to conduct. >> thank you can you exit quietly thank you very much.
7:34 am
>> and to members of the public if you're coming into the chamber please keep the noise level down commissioner vice president low has a very important accumulation to show some respect to the people that he's honoring much. >> thank you very much supervisor president london breed i also like to mention when i was there with several of my colleagues this past sunday it was really heartfelt to listen to the stories of the people to talk about their relatives that passed or struggling to recover from their tragedies i mean, i'm fortunate i got banged you will by a car it took me of months to recover i feel like i'm recovered when i heard those other stories of people that had
7:35 am
been seriously injured they're struggling avenue year and trying to remember the impact for families and their loved ones whether they did person device from the tragedy or gets seriously injured every year over one .3 million people are killed global warming this is u.s. bancorp acceptable they can be prevented by making streets survey and improving the driver behalf and the increasing the government entities last year the board newsom adopted vision zero by educating the public open traffic safety and endorsing the laws and adopting policies that saves lives we hope that vision zero to put an end to all pedestrian deaths by
7:36 am
the year 2024 but we have a long ways to go san francisco's has the highest percent in 201334 vehicle relate death in our street and last year that number was slightly reduced to 29 and overall thirty people are killed and injured in traffic incidents in the city i want to thank overseeing people in walk sf and others communities of the vision zero for their tireless work to push those important issue though the forefront and want to acknowledge the survivors of crash victims that are dedicated to making our streets safer because you are out of and you're showcasing efforts we're moving color to meeting our vision zero goals and make sure that no other families will have to endure the loss of a loved
7:37 am
one that so many hsa have faced in the city streets we want to ask our state representatives on the legislation there to step up they need to help us we cannot do it locally we need laws passed at the state level including allowing local jurisdictions to put up safety cameras including having regulations that regulate our tougher bus more closely those are the similar things people can do and act on it now so is supervisor kim in the room? >> no okay. right now i'd like to ask monique up to say a few words monique survived a crash in 2013
7:38 am
since then she's been dedicated to go make our streets safer i'd like to also advocate the survivors and friends of those who have been victims of road traffic to receive this special accommodations i will be giving okay monique. >> hi first of all, thank you supervisor mar, supervisor kim and supervisor wiener for coming out only sunday memoriam for traffic victims it was nice to see you guys it warmed any heart thank you. >> i just want to share my story two years ago i was crossing the street and hit by a driver going 40 miles per hour suffered a brain injury and had brain injury and been in rehab
7:39 am
to train myself to walk again, i lost my research job at uc berkley and he no longer have the help going to graduate school every day i suffer from any memory and this process is slower and my attention is not the same my life has really changed the saddest part of all that i was preventable you know if it can happen to me it can happen to you or you're showcasing family members do you think i want my mom or dad or brother are boyfriend walking the streets in san francisco you don't, no i don't feel it is a safe city to walk so i ask to please act quickly and push for ground zero or distortion and let's support the
7:40 am
great organization like walk sf to reengineering over streets to educate and get more awareness around this issue of traffic safety and to enforce some of the laws to make sure that drivers are not driving recklessly again, if it can happen to me honestly it can happen to any one of us thank you. >> (clapping.)
7:41 am
>> thank you supervisor yee now i'd like to recognize supervisor mar. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues we are honored in the chambers with a long time rent board and richmond board person acknowledge minimum for the reernts and landlords in the city the gentleman has a long history for service for the city and county of san francisco in 1973 hired by the economic e oc for the head start program thank you for supporting the low income mr. wong was not limited to to the state bar a couple of years literary and 77 hiring by the mayor's office training as part find comprehensive came
7:42 am
back ac to oversee programs in 83 hiring by the rent board where he's developed more friendships his contributions to the rent board were many including the capital improvement and the evictions units mr. wong was a residence of the richmond district for over thirty years and he's known in chinatown as quote the rent board and he brought with him a difference skill set with a familiarity with the rent board laws and the ability to communicate with people regardless ever their background from others nabtsz as an attorney understanding the complex case while have the ability to explain the laws and chop it up fountain for the law person and because of his
7:43 am
understanding the community and it's infinite patience with people he made measurable contributions to the landlord communities bringing a sense of fair practice to the workingings the rent board he's here with his partner and family members and rent board staff and colleagues let's give a hand a round of applause for the gentleman for his service (clapping.) please come forward mr. wong (clapping.) please come forward mr. wong (clapping.) we'd like for you to say. >> few words if you can. >> well, thank you
7:44 am
supervisors and the city and county of san francisco this was unaccepted and probably under deserved i really want to thank you city and county of san francisco for the privilege of work with the most excelled group of people i've ever met most talented and dedicated people i've ever met at the san francisco rent board and a number of members are here with us today. >> thank you and thank you, supervisors, thank you san francisco, and keep safe thank you very much
7:45 am
(clapping.) >> okay. colleagues now we will go to our 3:00 a.m. special order madam clerk this will bring us to the first 3:00 p.m. special order and somewhat complicated we have before us appeals for the 5m project in district 6 there are 3 appeals related to the environmental impact report the conditional use authorization, and the office allocation we're going to hear
7:46 am
all 3 appeals together apparently, there are piece of legislation potentially 30 years the project a general plan amendment the creation of a special use district and a development all the time that is a complex set of appeals to lemon quickly explain today is procedure i've received with the it don't make any difference and our clerk i'll get to that we'll hear the 3 appeals together and the board will have even though on the environmental impact report it takes of votes to either affirm or reverse the internal revenue if the eir is reegd not other approval action about took place and table the other items the eir is upheld we'll will vote on 3 pieces of authorizing legislation that may seem
7:47 am
premature on the conditional use but we need 0 votes open is authorizing legislation first, because no cu or office allocations to appeal unless the board has adopted the ordinances creating the 5m special use district from the ordinances fail no need to vote on the cu or the office allocation in the ordinances pass we will vote on the cu appeal it requires 8 votes to overturn the planning department decision there we'll vote on the office allocation appeals it only requires 6 votes to overturn the allocation here we go so madam clerk call items 15 through 25. >> item 15 through 18 comprise the person's interested in the
7:48 am
planning commission for this environmental impact report dated september 17, 2015, for the property mixed use project on mission street and near parks as long as the 5m project item 16 the motion to affirm the certification of the eir prepared for the 5m project and 1-800 to reverse the commission certification item 18 a motion to direct the preparation of finding related to the reserveer e.r. reversedal and comprise of hearing the certification of the conditional use authorization dated cement 17 additionally a related approval and allocation of office square feet for the mixed use project on mission street item 20 the motion to approve the commissions certification and approve the conditional use authorization for the 5m project item 21 the item is it reverse
7:49 am
the commissions decisions approving the confusion and item 22 the motion indirectly the preparation of finding related to the reversal the conditional use authorization item 23 is the motion to approve the commission decision and approve the allocation of office square footage under the 2014-2015 annual limits program for two buildings known as the h1 and m site on mission street team 24 the motion to reverse the commission decisions and approve the office square footage for the m and one m and the direction of the finding for the reversal the office allocation approval. >> before i call on supervisor kim for this hearing we will be considering whether to approve the planning commission
7:50 am
certification of the environmental impact reports then the planning commission conditional use authorization and then the planning commission office allocation sore sun's we're combining the appeals i've worked with the city attorney's office to provide speakers with a bit more time so we'll take that without objection. we'll precede as follows: up to 15 manipulates for a presentation but is appellants or the appellant representative, up to 3 minutes per speaker in support of appeal, up to 15 mimics or minutes for a presentation from city departments, up to 15 minutes for the project sponsor or their representative, up to 3 minutes per speaker in opposition to the appeal in support of project and finally up it 5 minutes for rebuttal by the appellants or the appellants representative so, please note if you're here
7:51 am
to speak in for or against this project this will be the time to do it and not in general general public comment so with that, i want call on supervisor kim for opening statements before we begin. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll make brief remarks before the eir and conditional use authorization and the office allocation approval the 5m is a project for forest city and hearst corporation in november of 2011 actually 4 years ago it has been quite a road to get to the final approval and i want to acknowledge this forest city has been engaged with our office and in the neighborhood throughout those 4 years as with any large project and in particular a special use the scope underlying envelope and changes should be fully vetted
7:52 am
by the public i'm looking forward to a full discussion on the adequacy and completeness the eir and the appropriateness of the conditional use authorization office allocations approved by the commission in september and looking forward to hearing from the public on all audits on their thoughts and forbes e feedback this whether have a huge february in the heart of south of market i think a lot of good points and feedback have come through much has been included in the project, however, this is the opportunities and point at which the members of the public should engage with the board on what they want to see and look forward to hearing and opinions by the appellants and members of the public okay. thank you supervisor we'll take that without objection. we will now open our hearing and begin up to 15 minutes by the appellants or the
7:53 am
appellants representative. >> good afternoon madam president and supervisors my name is rachel with prudently and slot i'm the attorney that is representing the forest city sense group that files the appeal south of market action committee known as snack south of market action network came and s o s and friends the balboa park as noticed the appeal is based on the outlooks submitted regarding the certification of the eir and is adaptation of finding in the state offering riding considerations the allocation of the square footage under the annual office approval and the conditional use. >> be closer to the mike please. i need my notes.
7:54 am
>> okay. so we submitted substantive comments on each of those issues and we did that through our appeal packets on october 16th, november 6th, and 11 and those included the citizens of the exhibits a there h then yesterday's we submitted comments on the general plan amendment the development all the time and the special shade limits on balboa park so regarding the eir accuracy i want to note that i'm not going to go on and on here i want for the board to hear the public's response to this and we want to note those are just highlights our comments were substantive
7:55 am
and definitive and quits pursue scuff i'll directing your attention to those issues regarding the eir adequacy as the boards aware adaptation of all the prouflz are balances on the adequacy of the eir the adequacy of the eir has been challenged then the project can't be proposed so this is a type of law i do i look at ceqa adequacy and projects and determine whether they have or qualified to make the accessories they do in the iritis my professional opinion this eir is defective that it is grossly defetch and any approval at risk until this requiring is
7:56 am
amended and recirculated so the basic issue that comes to you with any eir is the project description accurate all of the rest of the analyses in the eir are bans this components or adequacy and description here as pointed out the proponent proposed two different schemes or scenarios and unfortunately, the eir did not analysis the various schemes in a like manner so the adequacy of the analyzed impacts is defective you don't have the basis for comparison to a specific project so adrc complications to this
7:57 am
the final eir proposed a different project different from those two scenarios and entirely different project so the eir analysis he's didn't consider this project in depth we say no problem with the eir whether you have a project description it is confusing that is impossible for the public to adequate will i championing on the project for objective reasons they don't know what project their commenting on and expanding can't analysis the report because they looked 3 different schemes not a single project that is in definite violation to the threshold issue for second compliance so even if the eir was without
7:58 am
any other defect this key fact will render the entire eir inadequate so therefore we request that the board reject the certification and require the eir and send that back to the mramg planning with one description that analyses each the implicates and the alternatives are compared to here since there was two different scenarios a different project in the final one was a narrow analysis they were not compared to a single project so then i want to highlight some that is the biggest issue for the board of supervisors it precedes every other questions that preceded today is that
7:59 am
document adequate, did it provide notice of what the project proposes, did the analysis a specific project and if not then we suggest that it is not appropriate foreign the project approval so just to highlight some of the other issues with the eir for example, the eir is handing the traffic impact the eir artificially reduced the study so the steady area had impacts so certain intersections had bulge impacts and within adjacent impacts that one would might have impacts to jabts to the impacts in their not reviewed so the impacts study was two small and the internal
8:00 am
revenue adequacy it bans all the foreseeable impacts that is foreseeable to have an impact an impacted intersection would be adjacent to another impacted intersection that was not studied in consideration of the adequacy of the open space and regarding the shade project the project proposes shading with itself own open space since it was the project that was very similar to the preservation alternative that was proposed as the project that alternative was initially rejected because of the proposed wind impacts it is the interior spaces of that project proposing proposal
8:01 am
has some of the highest wind effects of any place in the project that is where the open space is proposed since the wind studies were can you think on the other project proposals and not in depth we feel the wind studies are i think adequate it shows the open space is windy and shady this does accurately show a space for this size the open space advisory committee passed a resolution asking the board to extend the project so that more studies to be done on this issue and as i say in the records there's a lot of evidence regarding everyone or each and every part of the open space for this project shade and shadow impacts are large and the friends of the
8:02 am
balboa park virtually wrote a letter and submitted it yesterday on this issue and we believe that the impacts for balboa park not sufficiently analyzed and the eir should have anytime the impacts prior to raising the threshold to balboa park the planning commissioner cindy one way or another said a few cases it was expand in all of the cases the project proposed far more affordable housing than this project does, in fact, in order to raise the limit the projects that were approved some of them were 100 percent avenue so the recreations should be high and there should be strong reasons to change that protection for the parks for san
8:03 am
francisco especially there's a special natural resource within is urban environment they should be valued critically and the other interesting thing about that so we're looking at adopt a statement of the consideration when a project has remaining impacts then the city may look at the benefits of the project and is those are over ridden and we adopt the project anyway but the one thing that is forgotten that it is never adopted until the project has been adequately analyzed and until all litigations and alternatives have been considered so coordinators an agent ant can't from impacts to override the first month adequately analyzing the impacts and looking at the mitigation and alternatives here
8:04 am
it is during the testimony at planning commission hearing that the buildings could be easily rearranged to avoid shadows on balboa park so that's the situation where lots of people care about that and there should have been an alternative considered that avoided the impacts we didn't have to look at raising the limits of balboa park so then the other issue was was this project adequately acted for cumulative impacts and unfortunately, the eir used an outdated study in 2012 that was done during the recession and prior to the growth that this area hsa has seen as to the analysis cumulative impacts it i
8:05 am
think adequate it was based on an old study another area a lot has been written in inconsistency with the area plan the project it is inconsistent with any codes and policies and lists each one and why it is inconsistent but what the internal revenue did wrong with this argument is the eir navld the consistency with the proposed general plan amendments in place will that's not how it works you look at the project under the applicable codes and consider what impact amend that project will have here the eir does the reverse it considered the project under the amendments it was consistent this is
8:06 am
constitutes no analysis whatsoever and then one the last assertions is that the project constitutes spot zoning so our assertion this project has been artificially separated from the planning provision of the eastern neighborhoods the central selma plan, and instead of rezone as a do you only i downtown special development is supporting zoning so this project amends the height and unbelievable limits if the downtown zone those amendments are more appropriate they're similar in scale it the financial development north of market and transbay to the east so in terms of the zoning applications are not in the way
8:07 am
it looks at the consistency of the area plan and this prohibited spot zoning it is hidden with the analysis of eir so it is should be done more adequately so it could be more apparent my time is about up and that's all i have to say and i do urge you to look at the substance comments that have been a lot of time by people that care about south of market and you're not against this project per say but feel that it really should be amended to respect areas surrounding area policies and that this project can be maids to be more appropriate as a step down - step up project within south of
8:08 am
market. >> so thank you very much at the appreciate your time. >> thank you, supervisor kim you have questions. >> i do have a question for the appellant. >> on what you considered the underlying arguments or the most more argument in the appeal in terms of instead of instead of the project makers must looking at look at 3 areas for the reich's description and the internal revenue stage meant the public was excluded if commenting just to speak on this point what are the more substantive oversights in the project description and the alternates from the current project as finally negotiated you felt. >> the services analysis.
8:09 am
>> well it is good to make the statement nothing you thought the oversight was in the study. >> well, i disagree i believe that we mentioned all of those points and just the fact they were 3 different project descriptions you don't have to go further that - >> if that's okay most of large projects before the board there are multiple project descriptions and alternatives and the final be negotiated project that comes before the board tends to be a mixture of the multiple projects it continuing comes up in large projects never the project is the same when it comes to the final boards how is this different from any large project and the major substantive oversight that has not been analyzed in this study you feel
8:10 am
that we should looked at in order to reopen the eir. >> i reviewed the projects myself and what i see happening is you're right that projects evolves and change and anymore utilization is proposed, etc. but you have kind of a confluence ever problems the project was not fully identified not a single project to gentile with that's the initial problem itself dangerous there are several projects proposed not true under second a definite stable you have to start out that way and the other thing when i see projects amended that's after the project environmental review has been completely for this project in terms of a full discussion of impacts of a sage project you have all of the alternatives compared to that single project
8:11 am
and then you're fully at easy to look at the amendment and mitigation and adopts them not within the financial eir you presented with a new project and if those happen then the mere analysis needs to happen. >> can you - and could you explain substancely what is anything's that is in the project as negotiated specifically what analysis is missing (multiple voices). >> they're not subject to the life analysis one scenario compared to one report and other within. >> instead of being general list the specific and i don't have - this is a big project we submitted probably oh, i'm -
8:12 am
>> i'm sure (multiple voices). >> and because i want to understand you're showcasing argument. >> i understand the basic premise not has nothing to do with with detail by the application of how this project was handled to i'm not going to go into details when we are talking about big picture the big picture this project was not handled in a correct issue across the board to ceqa. >> can you name a large project in san francisco that met the standard here today. >> sure most projects do adhere to - the project that meets our standard that you've list here today. >> another project the board do is looking at. >> over the last 10 or 5 years that meets the standard today.
8:13 am
>> what people contact me there's a problem i don't review projects that don't have problems my clients are public interest clients when at the receive a problem they come to me. >> so. >> it's fine if you make the agreement the eir analysis is nostril complete because you need one specific description comparison to several project alternatives that are analyzed in the eir that you should be able to describe large projects in san francisco that meet the standard here today. >> the eir is not based on higher recognize so i'll ask that the boards look at the substance of those letters and not do an my recollection. >> thank you.
8:14 am
>> okay. >> thank you now we will have up to 3 minutes for any speaker who supports the appeal so if anyone is in support of actually appeal for any of the items before us today please line up and come forward 3 minutes each. >> and this is on this for those members of the public who want to speak in support of the appeal can you please come forward quibble we have a long agenda first speaker please. >> the only objection to this 5 m project is affordable housing section of the overview complex you advertise that you
8:15 am
have affordable housing and then you've got $310 million housing bond that specific explains how the bonds as opposed to be use for low income and memory protect breaths of people but yet when you look at the requirements to move into the building the lowest rate to move into the complex is that $1,000 a year okay. the in relation set up to 85 thousand and the top is one and 50 percent and 40 percent a one hundred $7,000 a year those numbers are not related to people that are in lower and memory income brackets that's the only thing i object
8:16 am
to i have the same type of problems with other issues we're talking about today, too pertaining to affordable housing and my public comment i'll addresses 3 areas where the boards we're talking about commercials and affordable housing, and the reason why minorities are on the receiving ends the discretionary areas are dropping down so other than that i'm fine with building apartment thirty percent affordable housing should be split between the maximums point of about 48 thousand a year for instructors and school teachers and the on the 20 percent balance should be for low income people who are in low income bracket thanks. >> thank you. next speaker. and just for clarity this it is
8:17 am
for mbes that basically are opposed to this project. >> and support the appeal. >> thank you my name is jane kim wild thank you you thank you for having me. i live on mission street on 7th street a couple of blocks i've been involved with mid market on many organizations and to start 19 with john king the critical 5 m this as real estate deal with large this is from a writer this from the chronicle that owns the property no question that 5 m is only about profits for the developer there notice justification for tripling the allowable height or at building separation across the street and not requiring the affordable housing to say be built on seethe the only justification
8:18 am
for profit for the developer city law allows the zero tolerance foreshadow an parks and nobody defended the yerba buena gardens shaded starting at 320 up to a 29 increase 2, 3, 4 shadowing this is own bet the city not the rec and park nobody talks about the incredible damage to yerba linda island this is not acceptable and wind or we're outreaching opposing we have a proposal that comes fell off you many benefits we ask you to consider it 5 m was not all about how's as people building and 5 m is not building 40 percent low income it is building no lower-income housing and the feasibility study to the city and doing member of the
8:19 am
public nothing to build senior how's and created for 83 units the city has to come up with the thirty plus million dollars they center no obligation and can sell that property and 5 m is given credit for quote building 71 units of low income housing in the tenderloin they're required to pay gap funding to a project that is short funded and has been for 10 years the reality is 5 m is about 14 permeation oust moving in the right direction housing 86 that goes from one hundred to one 50 ami no low income housing on this site to break every law to the promise of affordable housing is just wrong it is too in why you don't think king quote the end result is a
8:20 am
dynamic project rather than a real estate there's no denying the option on the ground and air of thick high-rise. >> thank you very much ma'am, i'm sorry we have a long list of people we need to move to the next speaker i'm sorry. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is jackie and as you heard from the previous speakers this project violates the codes and zoning regulations and a proper analysis of winds and shadow impacts the eir fails to adequately analysis the impacts of high traffic pedestrian safety, open space, shadow and shade effects and is in violation of general plan despite what the vice president of forest city says there has been no collaboration effort and it doesn't have the
8:21 am
support from affordable housing and arts groups i'm here to challenge the certification of the eir to developers successful efforts to alternate the zoning spot stone and codes have resulted in illegal exception to this district the description of the project is in inadequate you've heard before and it is i think complete which makes it misleading this development b will lead to another round of displacement ellis act evictions, tenant buy outs and intimidations the rent-controlled unit tenants and 50 it is criminal of the city to advance this project you built luxury condos and office towers in a working-class neighborhood without consequence to exist residents you're showcasing giving us uaw hundreds of millions of giving to forest
8:22 am
city and hearst corporation a mind blogging value to the land they'll make is on to have money this is what it is all about you want money here's money (clapping.) >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello my name is elizabeth he will i understand a lot of this you're not just putting a big building that are expensive you're showcasing throwing hundreds of people out on the streets i've been given an eviction notice this next year i'll get another one and he didn't want to speak to me i can't take to talk to the landlords those are the kind of people that are building those buildings and picture yourselves on the street and the sheriff drawing you out and trying to said what is like to be evicted
8:23 am
and at least people will be thrown out we should be shamed of ourselves the filipinos fought with america and so other people don't do this don't approve this it is bad news and you're going to hurt hundreds and hundreds of people living and sleep on >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> hello i'm sorry betty trainer i'm here representing friends of bodecker park the coordinator it is over 10 years olds and vaccinecy for the park the closed park and now this new park, of course, i'm here to say we are opposed to the project because of the shadowing of the park i'm surprised to say that the recreation and parks department commission considered this shadowing insignificant well it
8:24 am
is not insight to us who use the park the area where the shading show a shade is the community garden we have vegetable and plan for an orchestra yard in the string or spring is it so significant to the people that use bodecker park we're not given any, no, sir, that this was potential shadowing was going to happen we asked do staff members at the park did you see any, no, sir, you could pickup you been pubically for the yours astonish aware of this the neighbors so said no, this is another over or issue interest was not proper 90s so people could come to the prior meetings and hear them i'll conclude by saying that at our this is really a privilege or principle at our meeting on
8:25 am
september 9th we reached the contentious on bodecker park the city law should be followed members expressions concern that making an exception for the 5m project shadowing of bodecker park excess a precedence to shadow others parks by laws to come this is this project the tower that is shadowing the park 45 stories is in the south of market this is the mission and shadowing a park that is in the tenderloin at ellis near taylor having a tower that big would at least meet our objection friends of bodecker park i want to leave that message was as an advocate for the park opposite this project in its proposed condition.
8:26 am
>> thank you very much. >> madam president i'll remind the members in the public gallery did other sideable expression is not allowed. >> i'm with the civic the panthers we have a good bye party for the beloved former necessary letter she's been forced out of the city can't afford the rents this affects us personally we appreciate the fact that there is below-market-rate housing adams and no development agreement can reduce the impact for the surrounding areas and no environmental impact report can take into account the fact that of the surrounding areas the
8:27 am
housing project didn't begin to cover the number of employees that will be added to the workplace so the huge spill over the employees from the project into the surrounding areas this is a has to be part of the impact more over the airt has to take into account how much putting. >> luxury financial district kind of construction into a working-class neighborhood will jack-up the rents in the surrounding area once again, we appreciate the baufrts but if sweeney those deals with balanced needed housing can overcome the current laws about shadowing about zoning, about special districts for children and filipinos what's the points of us trying
8:28 am
to pass any kind of abusing laws if all of those laws are up for negotiation for some rich development by offering a bit of affordable housing and how is the environmental impact report that you have taking that into account. >> and how can the environmental impact report take into account the racism and classes in ibm equalities built into those projects. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> game-changer my name is sal a resident of selma on mission street i'd like to start off by talking about the the revised eir the one that was approved by the planning commission many of us and many not here made critical comments of plan promoted in the original
8:29 am
proposal and yet the eir reviewing these plans rules of evidence the comments from the public i'm sorry the public's comments the eir was both dismissive and arrest arrogance about the citizens in the neighborhood dbes there might be traffic problems occurring so was there are a lot of traffic problems and displacement happens all over the city those are the issues that were dealt with in the eir and totally out of line what with what the public was concerned about this project is essentially a wounds on the face of selma so out of scale by bulk and height and by bring in so many people to a quiet quiet neighborhood
8:30 am
the city planner talks about the transition from high buildings to low buildings but yet the buildings proposed are higher than anything to the east until you get to the financial district and the transbay terminal the developers themselves also were blowing smoke by saying we have this lovely park and the pictures they show are green space and people playing in sunshine the people will be there other on a and in school and no green grass nonetheless you painted it green one the perfect members said this was a quiet neighborhood up until now there are plenty of people that walk in the israel that live in sros who work in the nonprofits, who live in retirement homes in the
8:31 am
neighborhood mena street you know you walk down it people sitting often the street sometimes with needles sometimes without better to be safe than sorry but the fact those streets become thoroughfares as a result of all the people coming out the neighborhoods there is will we talk about the city's vision zero vision zero is going to be challenged by the way, by this project tremendously not only on 5 dr. street but the israel that surrounded this particular project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello my name is teresa and i'm a community working in south of market for of years now i'm fairly young on this 29 years old and i know there are people before me that served in the community and building in the community and he can't speak
8:32 am
for the experience of those changes might have been meant to them i mean, i'm an immigrant from the philippines and became a citizen my family is one of the filipino families gtsdz to the united states in generations because of colonial history every one of he knows the history international hotel i hope you know an old manila town adjacent to chinatown parishes completely o blalt as of expansion of the financial district no doubt this will happen again in my lifetime one for international structural that chinatown will be long gone every one of he knows the history of fillmore of baby boomer the range of black populations in san francisco and every single one of you know the
8:33 am
digestion gentrification of mission and the latino population i hope you're aware the yerba buena redevelopment the histories of rincon hill and the xugs conclusion of others filipino i was not personally around during those times but an historic issue of every urban development and a history of this displacement in our city but those histories if you look at them are not historic issues not at all the changing landscape of a is there any public commentic opposition masking under the banner of economic process yet this city is too much to live in the working-class can work here we know the city are majority of
8:34 am
working-class and immigrants and senior citizens and disability and veterans and homeless trying to find existence in the city i myself is fight for my future for the last year the community has been drifted and hurts we're fighting for our existence supervisors blood cell about give you us an inspiration this city is ruled by due process and this is completely unfair please practice you're showcasing preach of justice and hope that is you're showcasing policy interests for the moral encourage of what is political and what is not 86>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, supervisors. >> and all of you i'm victor i
8:35 am
live in san francisco for 10 years but i have been in michigan for 25 years i moved here because of the transportation and my age you're not asking 88 years old this building if they continue to build this i can't say afford to live here and to rents that because i live in the area 7 mission there is is where is for the homeless i'm on collecting money for any husband he works ssi seven hundred how can i afford to live with that kind of building they have start to build with that income
8:36 am
i can't say eat that's one thing i don't like that kind of building to big wilt in this place i i don't want to move from the place i'm only there office building collecting money for me for the rents and he everything volunteering percent income this building i assure they built this i can't say get that kind of rent i'm renting now i'm senior citizen my husband worked for the money i'm collecting and i enjoyed to live in san francisco i'm american citizen now a long time ago probably 20 years
8:37 am
that's all i can say for those people that want to build that kind of building thank you thank you, thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> madam president before the next speaker i'll remind did mechanics of the audiences you can use our finger rather than a hand of support. >> good afternoon ma'am, and supervisors i'm a residence of san francisco i live here for 20 years i'm asking for a interpreter to speak very well, so i can say what i'm saying. >> okay. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >i was a full-time volunter
8:38 am
in the church and also i work in an industry. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm always in the selma because here a lot of events and place i can go to a full-time volunteer at the church in the ministry and doing a number of things in patches. >> the project and volunteer at the project helping the
8:39 am
homeless and those are people that are looking for honest and respectful housing i'm sad for them it is hard for them to find good homes and instead of staying in shelters and being line sardines they prefer to sleep on the street. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i'm sad for seniors that can't afford rents like me i
8:40 am
only accept social security and preparation if affordable housing is built it should be the primary. >> affordable housing. >> yeah. >> oh, because we can't wait i can't wait 10 years to live in affordable housing if it's nonot built.
8:41 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i hope we can study it a prioritize for search and seizure 5 m only for the rich what about people like me the 5m provides nothing our community need in fact, the only thing that guaranteed is the situation means more residents can't live there so i ask you're showcasing please have the senior people they're in the help of god i know you're here everything he ask thank you very much ma'am. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm rose eager a residence of selma now i was displaced from the sunset
8:42 am
district and i now live in selma ground floors is very did the for me to adjust but anyway, i want to do i want to share a legislator eric to a song that sank over anothers faster sometimes, i think we'll never make it through those times everywhere we go we get feed the same old lines never seem studio leave us with what we thought we began break it out and rock it up politicians promise us they'll solve our needs but the same old corporate greed they north get their money and have a job and double talk the public paw are break it on out and speak out tonight everyone is telling you
8:43 am
to do this and that and to be is coming up with the same old facts we or so confused we wouldn't even notice we or so far from the truth. it is up to us to stand up and find a way for all the future days because we if out-of-towner around and become like them, no hope for etch and everyone one break did on ousted speak out together this is our selma and san francisco it is be where are we're going to shadow yourselves in the wind and cold with no money we're a spirit we are artists we are san francisco.
8:44 am
>> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm leslie with the human rights committee and hopefully, people will continue to speak out san francisco is top ranging in income and equality evictions and unavenue, i urge you to see that is worsening the country co-sponsoring to our nexus study every time city allows one new high ends units needs to build 43 units not $73,000 to afford that that study was in 2007 we can estimate it is worse so let's say 60 percent actual affordable housing tim and others did an investigative
8:45 am
journalism that said no condos are not owned by the residents but 2 and 3 homes for the rich we don't need those we need homes for people that are here i'm is not affordable we're asking i to prioritize the housing for current residents and evictions are up around market-rate developments and residents get displaced you can't keep up with the services kicked out of the city think about how yourself you'll keep the services south of market if place are you going to fund them or subsidize them they're out of you're showcasing subsidize now homelessness is driven by the evicts we can estimate homelessness will get worse with this project additional criminalization it follows the classes gets worse so i'm asking
8:46 am
you to prioritize our vulnerable residents thanks. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm old and get older as the hours past here waiting i've lived in the mission for 40 years a tenants a lot of parallels between mission and selma racially diverse neighborhoods and working class neighbors and increases of great wealth and extreme poverty seeing offhand pa what is happening in the mission block by block and family by family losing thousands of latinos and african-americans and longtime residents and low income residents i don't want to it happen to selma thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is patricia i'm been
8:47 am
listening to all this testimony that is going on i don't want to repeat everyone but some things that really stick out to me one it is like what is happened in the missions i live in the missions i've been living in the missions for thirty years i was ellis acted pr i figure out it and won but i'm not in the majority i watched my neighbors, watched the whole neighborhood change and people that have lived there for generations are pushed out it is exactly what is happening in selma i think this government should be appalled apt the way they treat the minority in our city there are okay to live in the areas while not considered valuable once their valuable then let's get rid of those
8:48 am
people he want rich people in here that's obscene and faster the environmental impact report i think that it a shell game this one here this one here and pull it out and see what's under it, it is being rushed this whole thing is rushed they wanted to start this construction before they actually do the foundation of what has to be done as far as the people in the neighborhood it is a neighborhoods of families it is a neighborhood of working-class people of neighborhood of seniors and you're going to displace them and there is no place to go then you'll make it illegal to be on the streets where else to go the people with the tents are the luck ones the other ones
8:49 am
have cardboard boxes look at our conscience and do the right thing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> madam president supervisors my name is office of the city administrator to duffey i live nearby the project i'm half german and irish in my german side wants to my irish side now german side recognizes we're in a changing world and situation and what was acceptable and really good deal would have been 20 or thirty years ago we are seeing what we need to get out of projects or reject them altogether but has
8:50 am
to be higher than in the past that is what i come out with the people maybe get a little bit better deal i i've got to tell you there should be enernex between communities and one communities gets one thing connected to go another thing and i can see that or for this project that is something that is missing i represent you know the demographic that makes half of you're showcasing income that's the high ends of the demographic and a whole lot people in the single-room occupancy sro no kitchen or bathroom and it is messed up and not working no kitchen or you know minimum kitchen facilities there is a huge low income project across the street and not one person in the hosts is going to be have assess unless a family how many people in homeless have families
8:51 am
not one person having assess the tdm is putting up i want the gentleman to explain that is not the case people living in sros that will subnormal and less good health and lower life expectancy 10 and 20 years no fuel units where is tdm for us where do we fit in i'm sorry. i'm getting heated i'm having 3 minutes i'll only used to having 2 laura. >> how about a nexus that helps the neighborhood that it would think way to improve the projects. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> and just to the members of the public you're not general obligation bond to use the 3 minutes (laughter). >> govern supervisors
8:52 am
regarding the eir in our camps have given the detailed descriptions of the placed you need to address those instead of saying tell it differently you've got it in writing please address it this project has eir flaws in many ways one of them is it there not developer paid affordable housing that goods against the housing policy for many years that the housing should be built at the same time as imagine and, of course, putting luxury housing in office a huge office building in a residential neighborhood is the kind of a first they have been enormous changes to the project since the last time that people got a chance to look at it 1 or 2 weeks is not
8:53 am
sufficient for us to do that an earlier speaker pointed out that like some of the projects we've known like the open space in golden gate park and the picture said one thing the words said another to the pictures show this wonderful grass but the context is different and noontime sun is not enough the buildings don't step down an alternative plan presented and that alternative plan that was matched the central selma plan heights was in locations of buildings was not considered it should have been equally analyzed i appreciate that many, many, many things were conceded to by the developer at the beheaviest of supervisor kim and others and it is good work but
8:54 am
we can do a little bit better here we'll widen the evictions of our neighbors and firstborns and the loss of this working-class we're going to be here some of us may not be here what that happens so, please this eir is that flawed we need to have a retake thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm tony the board president of the manila foundation i agree with the last speaker drawing board looking at the draft eir and consider the ramifications to the neighborhood this will have our history here in san francisco is one of the evicts and displacement as was the case in the middletown neighborhood on kerry street percent deemed
8:55 am
too valuable for filipino communities to living on and that showed the volume of the real estate speculators in the real estate industry it is strong and continuing to do the same thing to this day i find is high disrespect to talk and entertain the idea of luxury condo in selma in light of so many luxurious development in the city particularly in the mission we've seen the flight of so many latinos families in any concern really is for the filipino neighborhood in selma the working-class neighborhood but particularly the filipino community we've had so many elderly and families and housing has to do with connects the dots with transportation it is a valuable community it is a
8:56 am
wonderful community a community with heart and a community with culture and it is a community that you can when you walk in selma you feel welcome and feel the beirut beauty think environment don't respect the beauty of existing neighborhood and didn't appreciate the doout beauty of exist culture in the neighborhood like forest city in brooklyn to that neighborhood to that city to those neighborhoods the so-called affordable housing is not affordable for phobias that are here a lot of folks that came here and speak eloquently about being forthcoming of their financial situation and their family situation many are many have just getting by enough in the community that supports values and loves them and people from organizations that serve the
8:57 am
filipino community and the greater communities that see a value in having us here i trouble building this development will hurt us in the long run and hurt us and cause evicts you can't tell me that developing condo and high-end luxury housing will not have an effect on the exist community with the rising lands prices and that is going to give - >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yeah good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, neechlz a ricco and my family live here in selma since 1973 i work as a apartment case
8:58 am
manager for teenagers and young adults 14 to 24 years old i'm also a caregiver for our central selma central selma a selma it my home since 1973 we are working class families here in selma as far as i, remember i look at the children look at the children in front of you you know, i was there age when i came here to the united states here in selma from the filipinos open f philippines it is sad they have to experience the ash absurdity of growing up in selma because of what is going on today in the beginning i was in support of this project because of large money that they promised to give to the city but then i realized the money
8:59 am
will not save our community you know, i realize this project is good are for the city of san francisco, good for the line up on the screen side of the room, good for the developer, but you know what it is not good for the residents of working-class families i ask the board to delay this project until they can guarantee that the working-class families will not be displaced in selma thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please the kids from west bay will be talking on the other hand, and i'll interpret for them.
9:00 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you said i will translate said he's 10-year-old his mom again housekeeping and his mom a single mom wants to help the filipinos south of market to they would not be displaced up next it mick. >> my name is mick can i'm 8 years old i want my physically family to stay in the south of market. >> i wouldn't want more
9:01 am
filipinos kicked out we did a - we helped them. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i will translate that was robert he's a father of one of the youth michael he says he's a filipino since 1989 they were almost evicted because of that
9:02 am
experience he thought he needs to help defend did filipinos in san francisco he says this project is not did not help filipinos and base it filipinos will not afford that so-called affordable housing that it proposes he says that project is a slap in the face of working-class families that live in the selma he and his family are opposed to the project and thank you very much >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm via i can't into west bay it services the under south side of families and seniors supervisors i'm proud of the filipino youth they've help to dissolved defends one of their homes and friends and family that's why we are here to speak for the filipino for being
9:03 am
discounted and set aside the filipino communities of central selma will not benefit for the following reasons the scaled affordable housing is out of reach for the low and extremely low income people we all service the filipino heritage district we hope for xutsdz an anti displacement element this project targeted for the weight will hasten the displacement of low extremely low income filipino families previous plans for the zone are set aside and those plans were meant to protect the filipinos in the central selma supervisors the vision of this project will eventually result in a filipino heritage district that is not including filipinos that i will ends by thanking supervisor campos i don't know you but i've
9:04 am
read with deep admiration you're planning with the communities among them many filipinos in our district you consulted and surveyed their needs and developed housing with them for them this is process sir, is to admirable and respectful of the people i believe that is the blueprint for the rest of san francisco if we were to adopt that process there would likely be no need to be here today. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor kim. >> i have a question for vivian. >> i've heard the statement that the housing built ear not for filipinos when we were negotiating the ami similar to actually what several of you were at the table negotiating the giebts for one to two
9:05 am
hundred and 50 percent ami the salaries for newer practitioners and open technologists and secondary middle school teachers and career technical teachers and special education teachers i guess my question if i feel like those are ami levels not available to filipinos are there noted filipinos teachers and nurses and if so i'll ask the first question. >> oh, supervisor so i can only speak for the people i represent the people at table are low income people. >> you said initially in our first attempt is this is not 0 housing builds for filipinos i have to ask the question we're specific when he looked at the
9:06 am
ami that fit within one and one hundred 50 percent i'm we're saying they're getting displaced primarily nurses and teachers they fit if the ami of one to one 50 percent you stayed this will not house filipinos i guess my question not filipinos. teachers and nurses >> yeah. supervisors i don't represented o them only extremely low income filipino families they're the workers and incomes are lower of that of a nurse and teacher but the rest of the technical question i'm going to turn it over to jam i didn't and i'm sorry supervisor kim but according to you're showcasing board rules 4.19 not engage in a public discussion during a public discussion
9:07 am
testimony. >> i'm clarifying it is done in the past. >> this is in the general public comment this is a public hearing during i cannot right now a discussion to engage in date between you know a back and forth between a member of the public and any clarifying kinds of questions. >> i know in the parts we've allowed that but it's fine this this situation. >> it's okay. ma'am, supervisor. >> supervisor kim but should we step aside now. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'd like a translator plea
9:08 am
please. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm rudolph better a western edition in the tenderloin and part of tenderloin and work in the financial district when i first came to inform with my father i came to the selma and other filipinos told you advised us this was a place you can afford to live and quickly find a job.
9:09 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> over time i noticed less and less filipinos in the central selma from hotel and security guard and others that worked in the financial district and in the selma and tenderloin and mission are getting pushed out because of increased residence many were forced to move to east bay because of expensive commute. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> even my neighborhoods e neighbors have changed a lot of or almost no names live in the
9:10 am
building where hines live most work with the tech industry able to pay the double and triple rents the landlords are asking for. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> is affordable housing you're creating for any neighbors those new neighbors because with if we look at the rental prototyped by 5 m i don't know any teacher or everyday workers that can afford this are we talking about is this because you don't want to see the faces of the people that provide you
9:11 am
those services. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> what you're doing is not right. >> rushed the 5 m and choose to speak to some people and not include some 5 m will put up a huge building in the middle of selma do you think that none will be displaced more line up on the screen side of the room will be greed i didn't it is this only for the rich
9:12 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so you should listen to those who live here and the organizations that help over residents we are asking for a continuance it seemed like you've made our decision because some supervisors are biased you've made a deal with 5 m and the pair to get rid of the 5 m in th in the selma. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we're already lost manila town it was taken offer yerba
9:13 am
buena and pushing us to the tenderloin because what you're showcasing showing you it it isn't for us. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm from hunters point i wish mr. collin was here listen to this this start in hunters point and trickleed through the city i'm a mother and grandmother and great grandmother this ticket you put on you're showcasing heads to make us stress and cry out i'm barrel sleeping i can't find a home you know even though i'm in a home my owner want to put out not just me because the rent went all the way up and the rent
9:14 am
increase and now my owner want me to move out i have a family member that was living in a car she's 10 years old 10 frigging years old and it is so face the owner said they can't stay there i have to push her out i've been going on around could go everyone but this little redd red ticket i've never heard of that in my life the bmr you know the rich get richer this is the ticket what else it is saying bring all the riches from all over the world and let them live here i mean, i'm not mange but this ticket you put down on our heads and the people are trying to find a home is bad and not only that but you know, i feel
9:15 am
like passing out i'm so stressed out i want to live good you know that bmr is full of shut because guess what the mayor's office of housing they end up using our people that work why the housing they moved into the program they told me they couldn't find anyone i was insulted with a red ticket the sticky ticket yeah, that ticket i won it you snatched it from me then he wanted to north america ma look at any hummer i no longer have and i was dressed nice and got to the elevator and she looked me up and down and said you don't have a chance to look at
9:16 am
the unit i've been abused and i know a lot of people from alternate i would within the blacks to the put our money where our mouth is religions to the mexicans everyone is undergo so much behind with you guys are doing ma'am, i mean it will continue but a 10-year-old girl getting kicked out i can't find a home - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm jason i've actually been following trying to follow the 5 m project since intersection moved if the chronicle building i'm an artist and been part of it i've been this last year but actually able to find real physician about the 5m it is on this until september i was actually to see a design explain that is when it hit me
9:17 am
the 45 story building they're actually building a 39 office building tare building within existing zone for the friendly zone families and children that to me was like three or four years ago i'm active in the arts community and it baffles me on this paved september i got to see a real plan and with an that process part of the reason i followed it so much there are a lot of art deals done by 5 m through the intersection in the arts communities and pitted artists against each other for the voices from the communities that are doing art from 5 m money that didn't make it out through the press this is about individual artists kind of having to duck it auto
9:18 am
themselves one young woman they hired she was a latino screen printer and made her an assistant teacher that is one small example of shadyness i can't trust anything coming out, i live observe 20th and hampton sherry said to quickly talk about the ways in which i saw 20th evolved into a high contend order from a empty lots on the corner of 20th and bryant when i moved into the neighborhood neighborhood that is the youngest balcony or bill in their from mission to potrero i don't see my neighbors a group home for those in substance abuse my place was a safe spot i
9:19 am
don't see people on my stoop regretting the eir to put the exit community first and put the developers second again, i'm going to repeat that rejecting the eir is a tool you have to put the exist selma communities first and put the developers second. (clapping.) >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, thank you to the board of supervisors for the time i'd like to thank the 5m historical and the bank of america plaza and the terms of america pyramid 5 m is so much bigger on paper but to the wanting the building broke ground and at the same time the i hotel eviction was taking
9:20 am
place let's remember that the owners of the i hotel had the promise for housing it took over but that was promised not by the owners my question to you is do we want to have a repeat of the evictions do you want to evict on 80-year-old women are rounds of chemo and the thirty-year-old person working two jobs the filipino communities in san francisco has a history as long as it is long and when we think the construction of reenforces the chain gangz and others mentioned so my appeal to you not take the population to the
9:21 am
degree you're doing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm reading this statement on behalf of the manila town tony who couldn't you been here wanted to share the following i was born an american citizen this man i will in 1951 my fabricate was a survivor of the death march i came to san francisco in 1942 to the hate ashbury where i grew up and lived 4 years in san francisco in the richmond be sunset and noah valley and sunset and mission i grew up watching willie mays hitting home runs i love san francisco it is my town i was wearing many hats and managed to spend 13 years as a handy man for self-help to the communities and
9:22 am
the richmond district center i'm most proud of working with legendary social worker of manila town i've watched to form poetry it is painful to look at the lost past to see the direction of city i'm hoping i'm not getting into rhetoric you probably already heard recently we're expensed the tragedy in paris we notices the that would be great are and variety of reactions to this atrocity but the sympathy has less amount they're not had overwhelmingly post red why people don't count. >> if we're going to stand point for values we hold dear it must be equal for all and
9:23 am
careful what we build and stand for that each of us must be responsibly i refuse to determine news people of different backward i urge the compassion for all and guide over actions or we'll fail think outside the box reconsider our own personal levels of what that means as well as the species signed nobody from san francisco thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm michelle a community volunteer and also a very large part of working group i'm here i hate to see what is happening in the selma been a first-generation fire extinguisher that is the filipino heritage district an important institution to san francisco here many people can
9:24 am
learn about filipinos and their culture and others place around stockton san francisco had been one of the council unnecessarily opportunities in chinatown with the chinese and the japanese and north beach for the italians is hard to watch it disappear but what captured me was the fact there is not enough affordable housing they say there 40 percent but really it means zero not only will low and my mind income people not been able to afford this how are you two bedroom is priced range between 2 thousand to 4 thousand dollartolysis a low income person it will take half if not most of their income and won't leave them much for water and
9:25 am
food and other things with the increase land value of this project the rent-controlled unit will go up not only in the selma but in the surround areas around it displacing more people and having to look further for more affordable income rentals so i'm asking the commission to re-evaluate this and work with the communities to find a better solution to the affordable housing. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is scarring listen i'm a district one residents but i've been working and volunteering in the south of market since 2009 build build make a developer want to build and make a politician build build bystander you will for who completes take
9:26 am
a step back and review forest city trying to tell our people they're building homes but our families what are re he relocation but the development not saying when they don't tell you about the housing of luxury they're to build builds can anyone talk about the shortage of affordable housing oh, wait we know the answer is capitalism and 5 m b will justify the racism and the communities just so you can build build to the board of supervisors politicians come and go vote i or no when a explicit child's of history we need more analysis how this project will impact selma to the south of market we can't match the promises that forest city will give you we can't give white hats and dish anti $75 million for you're
9:27 am
showcasing organizations and can't give priority in the housing they'll build but i promise we'll be there when they leave and if you're landlord so you one way or the other won't have to leave we'll be here of they want to build board of supervisors are you right or die for other people or going to let. build build or tell the developers or are you going to>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tell the developer daugd for the build build the writer died it is a matter of life or death manila we won't move the i hotels we with won't move we shall not we shall not be moved we shall not we shall not be
9:28 am
moved just recycle selma building be we shall not be moved >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i want to mention the capture is s o m a not selma is it so very important we're talking about s o m a and you know my thoughts on this you know, i on the city i think we need a bigger bait-and-switch by forest city i know just really go for it get a bigger bait-and-switch bigger pay off we need to go for that and you know get sf bart in here to get rid of the zone in the whole city this was we needs
9:29 am
sf bart we need no zoning and no neighborhood plans just around that sf bart why not they have such a good plan and forest city should really open their hearts and displace people you you know so say this is this housing will not materialize it is a bait-and-switch so they have open their hearts and pour and seniors and the displaced people and sleep on the love open space they're going to build that's my suggestion, of course, i'm face oozed i'm against the plan i'm working in a nonprofit supports difficulties with disability and make $28,000 a year this is not it possible you know maximum is 16th street and mission is like if you work in a nonprofit and
9:30 am
you're an artist you can afford our housing that the bait-and-switch they said if you're an art and work in the nonprofit you can afford $60,000 a year i can't afford it needs to be drawing board thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm jena a social worker for the past 13 years in the slment the tenderloin and the excelsior area i'm i feel that affordable housing need to be on you're showcasing priority 100 percent affordable housing we don't need 4 hundred and 60 o 70 foot condo that displaces my community i've been working in the selma for 14 years i have
9:31 am
seen familiarize becoming homeless where do they go i don't know and i think that is time to address the disparities that luxury condos bring into neighborhood and need to fight for the people that built the city and have been here for a long time the board cannot improve the project because of the displacement project i'm concerned that adapts elderly and the working-class community i serve and i hope you also send this project back to the planning commission and demand that that project follow local and state laws thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors thank you for having us and i just want to you know remember the all the victims from paris
9:32 am
you know there is some big issues going on i want to remember them and i want to thank you you guys especially you guys are saying no to 5 m i want to thank you guys in advance i'm against this project specifically just because of gentrification against gentrification 10 years from now what is selma going to look at the environmental impact report i don't think it addresses our positions you know it is simple thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> game-changer supervisors i'm teresa i opposed this 5 m project i'm a residence of s o m a we lived with others
9:33 am
we were one the luck ones we had family here and so many filipinos arrived having to deal with the situations on their own selma oma is our home. >> we will fight against those who wish to divide please don't be like the replying and the land use commission because the so-called public century were deaf and blind to our realty what will happen in you pass that 5 m don't be duped by their lies and show of money their dpiftd our community because of money don't allow forest city to make up their own rules that is
9:34 am
a dogger precedence to our city to most of us we will not be bought when you're looking at the millions of their supposedly offering us part of development agreement in a realty that's only peanuts compared to the billion dollars out of this project i'm requesting the longtime sustained number one money is short term and gives 5 m the easy fix in order to get the city's approval and to those there is nothing favorable that about this project and investing the laws and restrictions how neighborhood figure out to protect us from developers like forest city nothing sustainable all are catered to bring in a group of filthy rich people that don't care about us what is sustainable think of the
9:35 am
economic and social impacts of gentrification the long term effects of gentrification and displacement garbage nobody talk about that traffic and environmental pollution and crime and sores prices no affordable housing and visions and special treatments to the rich and elitists happening by this administration forest city they're no diversity than airbnb and they're releasing speculators ron conway the big tax who powder million dollars to promote lies and confusion we wanted you to know we will keep on fighting to protect our communities and protection filipinos today who will be serving - >> thank you very much. next speaker.
9:36 am
>> hello, i'm silva johnson explained on the rich people is one i'm i have to tell you i get my there and tell you to quit the devil is getting more powerful he knows i'm getting stronger and stronger he will not deal with you this is become and then stop him because the power of god is more than he can withstand and you'll be supervisors explaining to everyone and looking at him in the eye that i have already seen that is going to be changed because this is will not ruin no, no anymore i've had enough
9:37 am
who i am or what i stand for or my purpose and family which all of you regulations i'm proud to say you final got something that stand for about liability and more car parts and children we have what stands for and we're charged with the idea people like - i think that is going to come to appear to everyone hiring the truth will stand to where we'll all say and is difference between - we'll be
9:38 am
able to make that more clear make sure that you'll hear who i am i'm tlument i have to tell you you'll be able to understand because you will not been able to with me he'll lose any kind of devices with our children he knows he will withstand with the left hand that have been we'll stay with him he won't have the a lot of money and - i don't think he'll standers it, it is
9:39 am
about jowls and we'll having all have and - >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors this is one the spanish specialists will take over. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so good afternoon good evening board of supervisors i'm mrir miami. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i work in the soma with the filipino and latino families
9:40 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so - i belong to the organization and i have some stories to share with all of you that come from the latino and filipino families that will be - >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i just want to say a few years ago i've been working with the organization and a few years the father and mother is elsewhere to stop coming since the organization because their rents and simply were displaced from san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and now comes this time around the neighborhood district of soma and the fire extinguisher families are
9:41 am
displaced from there. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i ask myself you supervisors what happened to the developers that displaced the working families their hard working what happens to the developers. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i ask you again those hard working families that worked in good jobs and send concerned their children to the public schools where are the families now being displaced
9:42 am
speeding i feel not able to hope people what about the children not continuing their educations where there will they continue to study. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i ask you to things for the stopping of this project so the young people that want to stay here and study and remain here and the parents to remain here to support themselves. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so good afternoon good evening supervisors i'm here with the organization
9:43 am
>> i'm a resident of the soma district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> don't believe that the 5 m project that is proposed should be approved it is going to negatively effect the residents in the soma district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and if you start to think about that to feel this. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> that the more the ones who be will be affected is the elderly. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> you don't feel this because none of you sitting here live in the soma district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and if you feel this project should move forward.
9:44 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) then what matters it the money and especially those in the soma. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> tassel to your attention. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> and if you have look at of conscious to please think about all the things. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> all the negative consequences that will be brought to this area because of project. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi good evening supervisors i'm jasmine i'm an educator and artist and activist work with the workshop as a concerned citizen of san francisco not rush to break the zone laws and the communities trust and instead recommend you go back to
9:45 am
the planning commission and follows the laws and impacts the residents of the soma neighborhood of the neighborhood it effects the negative impacts on the people of san francisco most indirectly that displaces the working-class people that are essential to the economy and community and displace the latino and fire extinguisher and working-class xhibt in san francisco additionally i want to emphasize not only will those groups be negatively impacted by 5 m but all san francisco will suffer i know for myself not a san francisco native not nancy pelosi filipino not working-class will be affected by the 5 m i posted to san francisco from boston i moved here i was draw up to the rich diversity of ethic and the filipino and chinese community that makes it easier for lgbt folks to live here because of
9:46 am
the arts in san francisco all of these things what i think of what i think of san francisco i've seen the city changes in the last couple of years maine due to the tech and the high income residents that are changing the reversal market we're struggling to pay our rent that numerous others artists of small art organizations are leaving san francisco leaving the cultural sworn an educator and nearly all my friends had to move to the eastbound i'm living in a rent-controlled unit apartment i live in fear of being evicted spold the understanding the 5 m promises to build are not fiberglass i'm a marching single person with a moderate consistent income with no way to afford those units the
9:47 am
working-class people in the soma can't afford those unite they'll be displaced i say all those things i don't want to emphasize t t you'll not be building those building if you care about the people of color their fighting their neighborhood you're still noted looking at them when they speak i'm trying to speak as a privileged person you'll listen to i know that - >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm john i'm a san francisco residents i'm here to support 5 m. >> s.p.c.a. directly into the
9:48 am
microphone. >> i'm john a san francisco resident and here to support 5 m. >> this is the side of the meeting people that are opposed to the projects are speaking. >> i did not know sorry. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> blessing i'm a lessons secretary of universal indoor nation of tribes chapter they chapter of firstborns and come radicals living in the south of market that are effected if this 5 m project cbos forward please don't port 42 hours is that displace poor working-class support the protecting affordable housing only not luxury condos and office spaces
9:49 am
thank you. >> didn't go my name is - richie association and i live in district one but i'm here because i think this is a very important issue that effects the whole city this area this plan is in essential driving the filipinos out of their community they've been driven out several times before in the past this is important to me because the japanese-american with or forced to going to concentration camps in world war ii and in the 70s by the local government because of urban renewal japanese-american communities was forced to flee to leave our
9:50 am
town in the same incidence the african-american communities was also forced to leave and this story two communities now this new situation which is not new it is ongoing full thing process that is been building building building people say gentrification well gentrification on the other hand, but it is racism this area has full of filipino 2000 filipinos there is latinos and chinese and unfortunately, many are modest income so this is not only rational discretion but economic discrimination the whole city has been for decades paid to play and it's a sad, sad story at this point in time we could
9:51 am
do something about this is not the only projects on the road we had 8 washington project and the 75 housing and the 5m and in the parts and in the next future we'll have polk street all the projects provide housing yes, but people don't live here right now we need housing for people that are here now if so ridiculous we need housing we need affordable housing please don't not approve that project or the eir thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is t g the director of the working group a 43 organization in the soma supporting the asian communities i'm also a residence with the studio an organizer with the error with the communities
9:52 am
center and south of market communities network and a tenderloin residents two years ago i married my best friend at the local church central city is my home i'm proud to work here unfortunately found a strong sense of communities but for myself and filipino medical examiners that represents our cultural heart but forest city about that transport anyone in its place the 5m will put our communities at further fraction and displacements itself lurk units will not house the protecting seniors more our artists or service workers that delays inform air force homeowners and the 87 onsite as supervisor kim negotiated is targeted at individuals making one to one 50 percent of ami my
9:53 am
two. households will not quality for a studio that is able to be afforded my neighborhood might the thirty stories towers will o blalt this scenario a huge surgery inland value will only 0 skrokt the rents with this rapidly reducing the people the contribute that makes it special if we don't take a stand another tragedy for that the books another of him and yerba buena at the end of the day this is not just a soma not just a t l but a city issue. you're showcasing vote will set a precedent for the community planning in every san francisco neighborhood for years to come you hold the power and
9:54 am
responsibility to stand up this not it who will you build for you're showcasing constituents that serves our county thank se >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm crisis not filipino japanese and i'm queer too i've been working in soma for quite a bit the year after the earthquake i started working here as a security guard as an affordable housing director and as a planner if a community-based now access to housing coordinator for bmr as
9:55 am
well as affordable housing i'm here to tell you this i think the diversity of soma is beautiful i love soma since the first day i started to work there and the people the diversity of people and especially 6th street it is in a terrible departments time but love the way that people work together and the filipino communities was very accepting of me mainly because of way i look but because of the enlists i was able to bring japantown task force they were spooird and member of mac in the mission and those gifts that that ability to see what is happening in the rest of the neighborhood to bring that and talk about the way that people are treated in a different way and different standards and bring that up to try to have solutions is it
9:56 am
really important and this is the diversity of soma i am someone that work beed on the south of market family zone that was our opportunities to try to carve out 80 a place with the craziness of rincon hill and mid block and created the youth and family to remain the character of this area i believed in this project here is something that is going to destroy that character i want to be clear how does that work and fifth street are an important part of community i believe in stooeshl you're saying the eir and says you can going if to 4 hundred and 40 feet in the block and in environmental impact very little there were responses nothing you can do about it you can sit
9:57 am
there and say this is i think adequate and see the open space that is provided they have two hours of sunshine 23 hours of shade that's no a gift to the neighborhood you can say that the i'm here to talk about this this is a community vision would we've presented and the same amount that provides luxury housing that won't industry this neighborhood - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors i live and work a few plain clothes away from in project as a resident in the communities i've met filipino families and clients to express is 5 m will nostril help to sustain the residents income especially for the filipino community right now dozens of families i'm
9:58 am
working with can't afford to rent an apartment in system central selma it has consistently transcribed to the you think affordable with the eviction and displacement and working-class residents and increasing those impacts are real a responsibility of the city to advance the 5m saying this project will include the central selma and impact it presents a greater risk for the soma residents if 5 m project is approved does that impact the surrounding impact and will have a displacement of the filipino communities soma is a place where filipino or so starter their america dream please don't take this communities and trust and approve the 5m because of the impact this project will
9:59 am
cost thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm chris a film maker here i walk around it looks a giant construction site i don't want that to happen to soma because i kind of want to see the culture that is built around this still intact i sucks that it really is a bummer that stuff has to happen about the 5m project the city and the developer has mislead the public claiming the special prauchlt for the community that the community benefit will not happen if at the explicit get the special approvals you know as also known as an art i'm kind of tired of seeing a lot of good people leave this awesome place and as it turns anti into take away something
10:00 am
by the way, yeah recycle please don't approve this this is really awful it is bad for the community i care i'm only speaking from my heart i care about my community the diversity and everything you know i care about that place so thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm robert marquis living in district 5 work at market and 7 since 2001 and evicted and to market street but krment soma is my home for the filipino communities i came from florida group white that washed if a similar cultural and when i
10:01 am
came in here he took a little bit of wine cultural in soma i ran into people that became part of my community and marble arts in the south of market part of sharing the art my experience i want the filipino community to participate in the chinese new year's parade and participated in the citywide books it was apple i congress place i'm here to you of the on twitter tax break committee about one million square feet we saw what happens with the million square feet so this special zone it is
10:02 am
about one million zone we're talking about high luxury condos and high resale and high-end office space to quote splendor someone from the transportation or transportation genocide i don't have to make this up rather than talk about that 15 years from now what are we are doing to do to address this we'll be pro-active and address it now get the vision to what the space is supposed to look like i don't know how housing happens in this city i was on tndc has double credited for the 67 is avenue, i heard this property was ready to go in 2009, this city's budget has increased like 2 and a half
10:03 am
billion dollars i don't know what it takes but what you start talking about avenue, i think this is the opportunity to slow down and look at the leadership to look at up and say what do we want to do this a million skis u skews in the most valuable square in the world right now it is valuable and magical you guys can approve it i ask you to take you're showing time to get a real environmental impact report done. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom the government of the people for the people how about a city with those standards another neighborhood another neighborhood courthouse fighting
10:04 am
for its neighborhood housing not being built for filipino for 8 percent of the people in san francisco changing events and changing times and changing values it is california we run other out of gold in the gold rush maybe the hours needs a new system magnificent profits for healthy neighborhoods and growing and maintaining them and letting people grow old and letting the babies be born and kids growing up what if up to date change our housing evaluation success isn't a developer massive profit can we continue growing a healthy
10:05 am
neighborhood people fighting in the mission tenderloin is going different neighborhoods not for this people of san francisco government of the people by the people for the people something is amiss what if new developments all new developments get thirty percent open to the market what happens if we pull 10 percent of the old folks from the local zip codes 15 percent of people living in those local zip codes around the development and i. >> and pulling the society up it's time for a change what happened 5 percent for the people from san francisco long term elderly to move into any new project condo or apartment what happens if we can get 10
10:06 am
percent of the people of the units in each building for the teachers, police are fire, sewer road, electrical and muni workers and thirty percent left for people that are less fortunate seniors that could a have an income i've lived too long and people that have a home but they're being - they can't maintain have to move out and veterans integrated foster kids people in the community people in our healthy we can raise everybody i'm for change thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello good evening supervisors i'm andrew i'm a resident of soma and i wish to
10:07 am
urge you to not rush to approve that project let's reexamine it an adequate eir let's take a step back and send this back to planning so we can further see the impacts on the communities i moved here 11 years ago with the thought of a vibrant community now joy fully in the midst means it should be perpetual threaten no matter the composition of the new companies taking up office what we or will be eir vocally tossed by the way side how many community centers and affordable units and other promises sway not the bottom line what grew over and over combaveng on its own displaced by the person's
10:08 am
thereof hugh how far where will it go next and how much blur the lines of character between one neighborhood and another before everyone realize and wakes up up with no motivation what we unwitness employee created together please don't approve that project and send it back to planning thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello good evening. i'm tin i can't with gabriel i work with san francisco immigrant and migrate women i'm speaking in support of appeal and not ask the board of supervisors to rush to approve the 5m project we're relying on the corporate investment without the regulations is not the solution to the affordability crisis 40
10:09 am
in san francisco the voters asked for thirty percent affordable for low income it puts us farther and farther behind without the housing goals and causing further dam in the soma community we're not here for you're showing sympathy for the evictions and widening income disparity happening in the city you're considering a project that contributes to the worsening of racial and i think equality if this so-called sanctuary city not just the contemplation of fm filipino but the chinese and black communities we're here to seek a fannie in genuine planning moments with the victories for the community happen because of the overwhelm punishing for what's right we need genuine
10:10 am
community planning that will rather looking for the well-being of the community take for example, at the rosemarie she's lived with the extends family if the soma with the little income manages to send people to the filipinos and to the social fabric of soma works at a hotel as a housekeeper ambassadors come to stay here fell workers work with locals and tourist cbo shopping and received an eviction notice and here neighbor got one thousands of rose marie's outlining throughout the city the city of needs to do a better job of protecting rose marie and the city needs to ask the community what kind of planning to will a dignified life but
10:11 am
rosemary are displaced and many more like her not talk about the great contributions of filipino building and making this city and country great without talking about what makes them struggle make the rights decision by accepting this and sloin the project progress and make that more inclusive for the phone please not contribute to the mistakes by contributing - thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> hello, i'm karen smooth i'm a 6th district generation coming from the chinese-american with solidarity with the residents speaking convince the 5m i came to speak out against the mayor's proposal for the
10:12 am
$80 million construction of the state of the art jail project that came before the board you'll probably familiar with several the members of the board opposed did jail for the serves as part of jail are part of disproportionately brown and black communities should have access without being bokdz into jail and how it is recommended to the issues of housing it is 0 objective u obvious but needs to be restated jails are not the kind of affordable housing they're asking ignore 100 percent building they'll be and their gentrified with the increasing calling for the criminalization the ill and the others if you approve that luxury development that that pathsic with no low income housing you're showing sending a clear
10:13 am
message house people behind bars if the 5 m project were 100 percent truly affordable housing that would be a true statement including jane kim and will have alternatives to incarceration thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good evening from san francisco rising alliance san francisco rising alliance an alliance coalition of long term coalition offer people that live in the south of market the bayview and in the western edition and the mission in the outer mission in the o m ion on behalf of the members of just cause of kohlman advocates and others organizations we urge the board to support the appeal and reserve the certification the
10:14 am
environmental impact report we're joining the real eloquent course of voices you've heard and so for all the manifold reasons of justice of inequality the displacement please, please, please sends this project back to planning thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm andy blue if the plaza 16 coalition we're that here in solidarity to reject this project in 5 m we're in a crisis ♪ city and world not a moment we needed the elected leaders to foresight for or fight for the people now we need over elected leaders to fight like hell against corporate greed who needs to go over the family zone
10:15 am
who says it prioritize the needs of people over the profits of the hearst kormth in forest city who can say is is not driven by greed the up zoning is a generous gift to the hearst corporation and forest city at the expense the exist community why will the up zoning and who benefits if the up zoning you simplely caught up build this without severe consequences for the residents we know that the plaza 16 and mission developed when they heard about the monster in the mission by max must at 16th street and mission the folks in the mission knows exactly what happened when luxury is built it is happening to them they're being displaced 18 thousand latinos from the
10:16 am
mission since 2000 what would happen to the filipino the unaffordable bmr's on site not for existing residents therefore when did cost of housing skyrockets people will be displaced forever you kabts say you're showing hands are tied we don't have to keep accepting the crumbles uniforms u criminals that they through us for the arts spaces we have to say no to austerity there are alternatives and the communities has come up with a fantastic vision for the space this alone is reason to reject this and send it back to planning look at it meets the needed of zoning and it is within the current height that
10:17 am
stands for the project and three hundred units of affordable housing and tons of office space there are alternatives and you're showing hands are not tied not take the crumbs from the hearst corporation we need you to fight the city is in a crisis the would world and the scared duty make the right decision thank you very much >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> were evicted - i remember
10:18 am
the phone leaning and walking the streets to a revolution somewhere within the israel of mini in a and significant and the dirt past the condo for the next 20 years we'll planning the life of this place she says where will they go the families, planting children like rice along the streets and behind the
10:19 am
warehouses until they're paying the day's when their social security check arrives is there a zone for it to refugees and those is city planning they're planning another location for the 21st century with the city free for those who have awkward back cards with the relocations of you and me this time not a barbed wire fence to stand behind that was written in 1989 1989 and it is so relate today there is a vision for the city.
10:20 am
10:21 am
>> i started working at the south of market in 2004 after college and now a youth counselor there here so right down the broke this project is you know basically take over the filipinos were
10:22 am
displaced if manila town adjacent to chinatown and then if yerba buena through the redevelopment the 5m project proposal in south of market is the latest attempt to drive out for purposes from their homes and neighborhood the up zoning in the proposed 5 m sud will accelerate the displacement of thousands of filipinos and other working-class families youth and seniors in soma those developers have never understand here and had their roots they don't know the this will not help the if that families and residents instead approvals will impact the following residents and the massive displacements of filipino communities
10:23 am
based on the urban project the action initiative in collaborative with the researchers at ucla community-based organizations and the statistic resource where do the south of market is if it's advanced stages of displacement and gentrification the 5m project will accelerate the displacement and gentrification documented by the report i know longer than recognize this soma and recognize san francisco i recognize when is happening please, please not the 5 m. >> thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm a youth program yoerd at the filipino
10:24 am
community as an usher born if the filipinos and actually used to live off bryant street light one of the folks that actually thousands of people that have been displaced and live in the east bay now so when we say displacement it is a real thing for so many people for the by the way, and so many people in the country and this world we live in filipino are displaced at&t alarming rate of 6 thousand filipino looking for work in the phone numbers we looked for resource and job opportunity we face the same kind of displacement and issues we fastback home i want to say gentrification is a fancy way for systematic racism is a fancy word for displacement i want to ask you a question for who is that development the people that live in the neighborhood the people that grew up here the
10:25 am
artists and educators and a in question populated earlier around the income disparities we know that a lot of the people a lot of filipinos have home caregivers and housekeeper struggling to make ends meet we ask a people centered development i want to a press conference that commissioner avalos organized earlier this week we really involved the community in the bernal height area and got tare prospective in terms of the people ordinary development we know there is holes in the project so we want to really think about the concerns the community and the concerns of the people we know that san francisco has a history strong history of labor movement and a strong right here or his and the bernal height
10:26 am
hotel that sparked history many filipinos fought for the welfare the community i want to ask you a question and i'll i'll leave it at that there's a strong kind of sentiment of think about our hearts with our hearts and minds is this development for the people is it for the neighborhood and soma is it for the families like my aunt i didn't that spoke earlier that who decides who lives in the soma district 3 kids with their stepped up to the plate families or students that grew up like myself or those who are privileged hopefully answer the questions when we think about development. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> (speaking foreign
10:27 am
language.) >> i'm speaking in tagalog a community organizer and worker in the south of market a when i first moved here became involved that the senior citizens in san francisco and most of time i heard about their issues of housing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> up to now housing is still their issue
10:28 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> they're only able to live here 5 or 6 or more people in a room in a studio just to they can food other basic needs. >> i'm asking. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so i will often ask what i think do you think that 5 m will help the needs of people and seniors here in san francisco. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> >this includes seniors and
10:29 am
others are disabilities. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> what will happen those overshadows by massive towers how many will benefit from this development and other developments constructed in san francisco? >> (speaking foreign language.) >> people are hoped more affordable housing have died
10:30 am
waiting. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> others are moved to other places to find housing and stay with family and friends living in difficult situations they're in difficult circumstances. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> until when. >> when you're going to leave them in that kind of situation. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> how long where will they be able to get descents affordable
10:31 am
housing. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> when will you notice them and notice the retired seniors the homeless with disabilities and other workers in san francisco who can't afford housing.
10:32 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so these are my questions when will you notice them how long with it take for you to answer they needs the same way with the quick notice of attention that 5 m is getting. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> will they die waiting.
10:33 am
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> is 75 percent of our income goss towards housing this is the in-law unit i'm one of the thousands of san franciscans who are going to be displaced who does are you think came a time is not just effecting for
10:34 am
purposes but everyone if you walk outside of environment commission in the tenderloin and the financial district homeless is not just within filipinos but folks brake latinos and whites i've seen mothers no streets holy their children asking people for money to pay for the rents i've seen the elderly begging for money so is he, pay for their medication this is is kind of san francisco that we have today and i'm not sure anymore in is democracy the people we put in those seats are really working for the people who needs the help the most and 40 is for the the new thirty when people are displaced out of the south of market so i'm asking you today to
10:35 am
really think long and hard about the families that really make up the culture of san francisco and not just for the wealth why a and elites the working-class is not enough to live here in san francisco so, please also take into consideration and this is not a san francisco for all self-defense not anymore it is only for those who have the money to stay here with the 5m going up not for my family thank you. >> next speaker >> my name is rich a thirty year ago long residents in san francisco you know i'm proud to be still work with you know the green
10:36 am
parties and a laborer i certainly hope or past perplex you know if i f getting proposition kicked to the curve elsewhere hopefully, you'll get together collectively and find out more proposition we need to be you know taking forward here in terms of getting more affordable housing because you know, i myself have been you know a victim of a owner move-in eviction two times and i've been out here from midtown and every occasion up until the time i get effected i truly understand the
10:37 am
injury to one is an injury to all that is something i'll never take for granted thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm larry irony work with the justice cause a nonprofit in san francisco and oakland that work on housing rights a residence of the richmond i've worked in the tenderloin around homeless issue and the mission and soma i'm irregularly the board not to approve the 5m because the displacement the serious impacts that will create in san francisco like you've heard the eir is inadequate and the board of supervisors shouldn't approve that project right now this is a critical moment with gentrification displacing so many people that is a struggle a real struggle to live in the
10:38 am
city with the stories tonight we need a community led development you've heard that over and over we need the community led development and planning that values the needs of working-class black and filipinos the most impacted by the gentrification right now i'm irregularly you as representatives you represent this city and values and represent the community need to hear the communities and listen and not approve this project thank you. >> next speaker >> good work i'm valerie a 10 year residents of the richmond district and teacher in san francisco in soma i ask you to support the appeal because the affordable housing
10:39 am
it advertisered i don't qualify a two year teacher dictated my life to becoming a teacher at the school i work at and join i did not needs this 50 percent medium this document is available if you google it as the 5m place of business plan and see how much and the san francisco teachers make and maybe they can make it so we actually qualify for this i've done the math i'll mother quality more affordable housing for another 10 years i've asked the board of supervisors is it fair to ask the teachers would literally dedicated their life to the soma tifrns since being a teacher in the school and
10:40 am
community they want to serve is it fair to ask them to wait until another decade my favorite part of day is riding the bus i see the second grade i know i'm on time whether i see the students on the 47 bus i don't want to be the traverse that communities on bart and knows what happened in san francisco the night before if you support this project i know i'm a fifth grade teacher i look at the kindergarteners and ask myself when those kindergarteners are fifth graders i can honestly say i will not be their teacher i don't know if oversee families will be able to afford to live in the soma and if i'll be able
10:41 am
to afford to live in san francisco and with the teacher burden or burn out you're asking the sfusd teachers go on google and look up how little teachers make and make the affordable housing affordable for the teachers that you advertise it to be don't use teachers as our commercial we'll not stand for that thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is michael i live in soma i'm chinese i am american please does not approve this 5 m project i've lived in san francisco for 11 years i find it the most beautiful place because of the people because of it's communities and if we let this 5 m project
10:42 am
bull do so drove that then all our communities will be lost we heard many voices heard and they're loud and clear they have not think represent byed by 5 m 5 m should go back to brooklyn the kindergarteners housekeeper i want them to be here 5 years from now i want them to still love san francisco and want to still be here in san francisco to represent our tourists today they all they talk about is how high the rents are i don't want to talk about that i of the them to recognize i love to live in san francisco give me you're tired you're showing poor our illustrated mass yes and no to be free you know that poem that is what soma
10:43 am
is about our communities are about and could i the voices are loud and their clear i want you to hear them and want you to represent them as we want to represent this beautiful city of san francisco thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening board of supervisors and my san francisco communities and lauren an ecology nurse and residents and nurse and filipino-american and mexican-american i bring up i'm a nurse because i have heard it will be the 5m the affordable housing will be affordable for nurses i don't agree i think we forgot that in my experience that most
10:44 am
people i know come out of school with student loans on top of having to cbo into housing i personally can't been raising a family in the near future i wanted to talk to the board of supervisors and talk to the filipino seniors local and next door people that support this project and ask the hard questions what promises do thank you tell you that affordable about in the be affordable did they warn you how the lands value raise and the landlords will want to cash in on higher rent is this much is a good thing do you understand why people are looking at the bigger picture see the down falls of the project do i know every time a large project that is a
10:45 am
population gross while the fire extinguisher and mexican population gets smaller in 1990 the physically population points 7 pose after yerba buena was built sf overall from 74 k to while the filipino population declined to 5 points 2 percent by 2000 four years later the sf population grew back the filipino again declined to 4 percent does anyone see a pattern they're on opposite side of the issue who was told to some and what truth as seen by others a good project is supposed by most not barely passing by half barely 57 percent barley pga proposition f
10:46 am
would have stopped airbnb from illegal units 5 of percent voted no barelywant? >> thank you. next speaker. i'm adidas i'm going to speak in a none citizen california way but i'd like for you to consider on vote 21 to reverse of conditional use authorization specifically in relationship to the youth and family zone supervisor campos in you're neighborhood the quatro is requesting the businesses be seven hundred and 50 square feet only asking for a business door 25 feet a new business door in the memory and safety of children in the youth and family zone we want our children to be able to walk on howard street
10:47 am
diane fought for the businesses being safe havens for children that conditional use within the project proposal we'll prefer the housing on howard instead of the 6 thousand trips that don't contribute to the neighborhood safety in terms of pedestrians item number 224 reverse the office allocation san franciscans for reasonable growth talked about the methodologies in the impact of offices we know that the additional office space is exacerbating the housing issues in san francisco that's why very they have to do the mitigation to the with affordable housing but create more impacts for you to understand that miriam spoke to where are the people now i'll tell you they're in oakland oakland rents have doubled since
10:48 am
2008 and san francisco hsa is causing that take care of you're own business it is understanding how you impact other shame an spur spur said they're doing regional planning in this office space were built inform san francisco how much better bart and transbay traffic would be instead of building the transit in san francisco we've let it cbo in 2009 interxnl hotel the three hundred plus foot hotel is the exception to height everything will get lower simple math 4 hundred and 70 feet is higher not lower than three hundred feet we would okay. now we say in the impacts are not sashl you think of displacement oh, this is ones the parking lot this is about
10:49 am
speculation you don't have to believability manifest destiny the developers are having a the hearst got to us to the spanish 34er7b war and started the u.s. you mean perilism more sophisticated now they center marketing departments and campaign manager that is managing the communication not something that is acceptable the shadows we want you to reject against stephen on - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening board of supervisors i'm going to say two or three things you've probably heard from a number of speakers ♪ room they bear repetition because it is important we be absolutely clear what you'll be doing in you vote to uphold this
10:50 am
highly inadequate eir and override city policies in order to allow this budget to go forward the simple fact of the enabling height is a multi million dollars give away to the developer that will also raise property individuals in values that will fuel a wave of speculative investment and evictions as landlord are to cash in on the improvement of the neighborhood on the transformation of the neighborhood and this will be solicited by the influx of highly paid tech workers that will be in the office space and it will lead to massive displacement among working-class primary immigrants primary filipino neighborhoods that will lead to for the third time the distribution of a
10:51 am
working-class filipino for the third time in san francisco history what does that mean that neighborhood is being displaced for the third time they'll lose essential housing no onsite regional housing summit in the neighborhood 85 units is not worth talking about the affordability or of those unite are navigates o units are barrel affordable to the teachers not affordable to most teachers that associate groups will be disrupted address nets that people use in employment disrupted and people will be away from their culture network and for seniors that is likely to prove facility is this what you want you'll have to please think about what is want you want to do some people on the board of supervisors may want to
10:52 am
create a new community with the planning but i'd like to think the majority of this board of supervisors is on the side of the people of san francisco siemens corporation those that see the projection and vote to uphold the appeal thank you >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening board i'll make this quick a quick question in house how many of you are born and raised or living receipt you see how small that number is those are the people that voted you all in here you're kicking of out how will be that who will vote for you with that said, i'm in district 6 and worked in there 4 four or five years and the soma and arts it is path eric i'm ready when this hits the t s
10:53 am
we'll be ready thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening excuse me. i'm marie an organizer with the cause i work everyday with tenant in the missions fighting the massive wave of displacement that are pushing out walking latinos and the gentrification of changing the fabric of our neighborhood for all the reasons the soma the members of the filipino community working-class immigrant, have already stated this project should not be approved the negative impacts are great the zoning and planning set a dangerous precedent for the city and negative effect our ability in san francisco we need community-based planning to have development without displacement there is currently a community alternative that has comparable
10:54 am
that builds has a comparable housing you urge you to support that and not the 5m proposal thank >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello i'm available to answer any questions you may have is arena a san francisco resident i'm filipino and i for most of my life undocumented i'm an art and educator i currently work at 3 different places all teaching gigs as a faculty at the college and teach at a purchase in hayward in the east bay and right now i have a teaching retainedcy at betsey carmichael first graders theatre arts this is their first time you know having access to arts education and i'm there to provide that and happy to be interest and i just want to mention that it is
10:55 am
becoming too frequent in the classroom that someone moves away and the numbers of students this was taken care of is dwindling just the other week last week one of my students i told him next week we'll do math and one of the students was saying well, i'm not going to be here i'm moving to la that is becoming the pattern and it is ready e really sad an elementary school this should be serving kids no affordable housing nothing no where for them to live i myself can't afford the affordable units projected by the 5m i'm struggling educator and artist this is impacting all the bay area someone mentioned impacting oakland it is impacting displacement is already been
10:56 am
happening i've seen it and known a lot of people that have been leaving san francisco so go to other places i lives live a really tiny studio i'd like to see to move to a place to see sunshine but not move to oakland i can't afford hayward where i'm from i'm asking and imploring the board of supervisors this is an opportunity for you; right? to right an injustice an opportunity for you to undo the description we faced in the filipino community and this is also an opportunity to hear the existing communities that exist in the soma another opportunity to create an quilt development we need very, very
10:57 am
careful community input there community members who believe that this project will benefit them but i'm very skeptical i wonder i wonder if the benefits will show up in 4 are 10 or 15 remembers why will we be around if we're already getting displaced at the current momentum is it beneficial for the community that's all i have to say. >> next speaker >> i grew up in the soma and want to betsy the uc berkley and could have worked anywhere but back to the south of market and worked at a cologne person for low income youth and artist i've seen an amazing amount of chapping in the communicated and once again little developers are calling the shots there is 6 hundred luxury youth
10:58 am
and no affordable housing on site one time community benefits payment in exchange for that the ongoing displacement evictions that will last for generalizations and this unprecedent of creating a special use district on top of pa family and youth zone and so when they say there is not any displacement it is coming from people that never experienced what is like to be displaced i was displaced in 1990 in u tom with my family our studio arts benefits studio was kicked out of our place and it took us 10 years to reclaim our space that is a traumatic experience for the third time my family accompany monday i'll be leaving the city any landlord
10:59 am
raised any rent by 15 percent i've involved any my how late that about that when in their building up the space not driven by the community all we're asking for a 50 day continuance especially in the neighborhood the community that is historically displaced over and over and over again, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, good evening. i'm mary and i've been living in san francisco for tech sf of 12 years i love san francisco i went to the middle school and lincoln i go to sfaiftd i live and teach in the excelsior and work with the soma right when i say that i want you to understand that i'm here because consider this city my city i
11:00 am
hope you do too i'm a san franciscan at heart that girl that wears a san francisco hat and everyone tells me you're from san francisco you know they give him that look it is not easy to live here i'm not beginning i against change if new community is constantly told what is good for us this housing is affordable we know what is good for us i want you to listen if you want to be responsive to the people you serve then act responsibly thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening supervisors thank you, again it is probably going to be a meaningful evening mountain valley pipeline my name is allowingcy i'm here for the 5m project and working in the
11:01 am
south of market for almost 25 years south of market 25 years and it is totally different from the south of market i see, i see israel with families and children right now it is such a fair you know community and i am very afraid of what is happening in the future there is a lot issues expressed some eir and special use and many more and words that have been repeated time and time again like displacement and gentrification, affordable housing, community driefrn plans people don't say it they want to repeat what other people say but i think that is the goal of the like me, me to make sure that someone is lvns because i do not feel that
11:02 am
someone it is listening i feel that this has this project is so fast tracked and if we don't slow down a lot of things will happen developers come and go i hope that all of you will be here when somebody is entangled by the development he why don't you be there before them and look them in the eye and say you have a solution when someone is evicted not afford rent because of the developments like 5 m i hope you'll be that there look them in the eye and say we have a solution right away right now the community you're not offering a solution affordable housing 33 i still couldn't figure out how 33 the new plan of 4087 units on the
11:03 am
building that is only built we have 87 units of 100 percent, 120 and other ami if earning 10 thousand plus if you're an ssi is problematic will it can problematic if you're going to be required to make between 7 to one thousand and one hundred thousand dollars to be able to afford the ami let's think that that and not redefine legislation for the many if we're going to do this we're lotta's fountain earthquake for the many that will afford luxury condo unit thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening supervisors my name is dos i represent the asian pacific islanders a f c i
11:04 am
o and the co-chair thought chapter i'm here in support of appeal i live in district 6 south of market and in the early 90s and back in the late 80s i work in the south of market and see the effect of gentrification i can see right now the high-rise that is in the area and the filipino community is they're running away now we want to have another i hotel we want you to consider the appeal to listen to the community in san francisco and my community the filipino community has been tremendously effected if there 5 m project will continue just give us time to think and to really make sure
11:05 am
that the community is being listened to we know that there are a lot of supervisors that are becoming to our community to vote for them the vex legislation we'll went you and remember you until we find justice to the filipino in san francisco and the bay area thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi good evening supervisors i'm affordable housing i can't a resident for the so in soma i used to live on the borders between chinatown in a rent-controlled unit our building has two flats and one downstairs the landlord sold the building they evicted the neighbors and waited for the motto turn so socioso they moved into arch 3 bedroom flat and
11:06 am
took the building off the market so basically senior against senior we've lived in the building for 23 years seeking represent from the san francisco tenants union and the rights committee after 3 years we got tired of fighting and move forward my grant went from a flat to senior home with no walking distance assessable to their community a year later the building was up to sale for over one million dollars my family was split up and no longer had a community while my landlord was feeling it up in the st. francis neighborhood of multi million dollars homes i've moved 7 times and affording often and forced to move and my point is people with money whether say anything
11:07 am
to get their way i see that 5 m is doing the same to the community in 5 m people united will not be sdpaeftd their strategy of buying support is how they've been preceding blind and sugar costa-hawkins affordable housing is considered senior abuse they know in the heart of the hearts they've not been able to afford the affordable housing because if it they tell him it the truth of the matter thaip their family will get evicted atheism be on board and the city will use big words to make 2 sound they're doing something go back good for the community please don't allow 5 m to proceed san francisco heart and soul has left please help our community of what is
11:08 am
left thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, good evening. i'm german a very honored to be here speaking on behalf of the workers in the south of market i identify as a worker in the south of market for more than a decade and been an honor to integrate with a lot of the people i see day to day that are struggling i'm here to in support of appeal and asking you all to do the same to please allow time for the development of the plan let me tell you real quick 9 impact right now in the community right now the community is fragmented a lot in be fighting and it is hard to see day to day people i consider my family are in disagreement our community is not perfect a lot of the disagreements and
11:09 am
conflicts have long existed before this has been proposed but it is only dense if i had as we lost so i do want to you try my best to look at the benefits package by the developer it so you would go this is beneficial but if so is it truly on impact on the community i'm terrified of the trickle down effect with the psychosis rents in the area around the project and which 0 could lead to displacement of our community so i know there is a lot of talk the avenue, i want probation officer give honor but who is it truly affordable for i know f there is a saying that is tossed around 40 is the new thirty what good is it if it is not
11:10 am
assessable to the growing working-class and the growing low income population and the demolishing middle-income i don't qualify for the housing again, i urge you to please accept the appeal and allow for more time for people driven plan thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> how you guys doing i'm robert i live in the outer sunset i have a lot of friends but i have to work 3 jobs to be in the city my homeboys blessed me historically the filipino and immigrant families has been underserved and left without the necessity support of the community of immigrant in the city from the 2000 to the 2010
11:11 am
census filipinos are declining to 36 i'm sorry three hundred plus representing and 4 percent of the city population up to a quarter or 25 percent of 4 million filipinos in the u.s. undocumented a higher percentage in san francisco many filipinos have been displaced because of the market-rate since the 1990s and many struggle for the housing in the excelsior today, the overall census the filipinos is going down many filipinos can't stay in the city soufrpd the 5 m over 2 thousand filipinos of immigrant and chinese will be greatly impacted by the project and increasing pressures of being displaced filipinos were displaced from the chinatown and then from yerba buena center to the redevelopment the 5m proposal
11:12 am
south of market is the latest attempt to rob the filipinos of their homes and the 5m sud will accelerate the displacement of thousands of dpw and working-class families from soma activist do you, you got to right? >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> sue hester i'm the attorney for san franciscans for reasonable growth i'd like to build on comments to the eir that were filed by david john's we were extraordinarily active around the 80s our testimony on the eir specifically is the david testimony for the city to figure out what the housing needs were for office space what eventually was the official city
11:13 am
position on transit and building affordable housing that led to the downtown plan, which is one of the things that is being amended by this plan after the downtown plan was passed i worked with people in chinatown just to go around the i hotel and people in chinatown people in the tenderloin, people in the central soma were very concerned about expansion that they saw the potential expansion of office areas into their neighborhood they were all low income neighborhoods the entire area around downtown was and is low income except scattered newly high affordable housing none thought
11:14 am
at the time, we would be moving montgomery street to fifth and howard when we dealt with the eastern neighborhoods area plan we didn't conceive this area being high income housing and high income offices so out thought that we got the youth and family zone it was a statement by little planning commission and the board of supervisors i have to remind you filipino and low income people living in those areas and they need to be protected today it is all kind of wiped out because we have no redevelopment agency so we have this fantasy the planning commission can function and do a d-4-d you know the difference 24/7 a redevelopment agency they
11:15 am
had staff and stated on top of things and looked at it did project in the context that the people were effected a bunch of you the board when there was a redevelopment agency this is not new development you have assuming the powers of the redevelopment agency and rezoning and not going to monitor a damn thing as people get displaced thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors david osgood from rincon point my family came to soma in 1849 and lived there 25 years want to express support for the appeal and two minutes
11:16 am
and 40 seconds left what to do oh, just kidding thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors my name is angelica i'm with the south of market community action network our appeal shows from the beginning the 5m project has the community platform we'll let you you know what the respective community looks like in the south of market please get the overhead we put together our community vision on the 5m site with the community advisor in the south of market the soma action committee of the artist and working with an architect from the u.s. city the community is not against the development of the community in soma half of the city's new housing is located in the south
11:17 am
of market other projects have respected the zoning why can't the 5 m a good example of that is, we actually work with the a gi on ninth and mission to look at as a right to build there and the developer showed us the different rendering of africa look like on site and actually let us look at the rendering and we were able to click where the developer the affordable housing we want to see in the neighborhood the community has produced drawings that prove the city and the developer have mislead the public their claiming the special approvals are needed for the arranged unit and the community has product drawings this is not the case the site is for mixed use residential use
11:18 am
and part of the youth and special youth district since 2008 just want to - our community vision provides 6 hundred plus units of housing so 6 hundred and 88 unit instead of telephone onsite bmr our community vision is for 50 percent onsite affordable 50 percent affordable is consistent with the city's housing balance policy this is not achieved by take advantage of the fact that harvesting corporation as owned even though site for decades no compensation for the land and utilizing the tax go exempt bond financing our community has office space and other space we proposed 200 and 40 thousand square feet of office and move the office space off the family special use district instead of the 8
11:19 am
hundred thousand square feet of office proposed we have ground floor retail but we want to see neighborhoods starting businesses walk central soma the eateries this keeps the buildings for community arts and space we were holy hoping we would take advantage to work with the 5 m. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> no other members of the public would any other members of the public like to provide public comment testimony seeing none, public comment is closed and we will move on with our hearing ma'am, you've already comments on this item at this point we will move for our presentation from our city departments and you'll have up to 15 minutes total. >> good evening supervisors john ram with the planning
11:20 am
department i'll make a few opening comments and staff to address the specifics of the appealed on the projects nonresponsive you i want you to see my remarks from the context of the appeals of the conditional use applications on this project that is essentially the approval the project itself i'd like to make 3 points will the project recognizing the strong feelings of the room and recognizing the concern of changing the zoning for the site first make that the public benefits accrued will not be possible under current zoning it will not allow us because of prop c limiting the housing and the non-restricted avenue and other benefits on the site and secondly, the site is a site we believe has already been c-3 as the downtown plan was adopted and it is a site that is within
11:21 am
a block of bart and muni station and it is, of course, in close proximity to the scoping this is a high density mixed use development it is the item before you you before today and i'll point out the site on the western edge of the high-rise district a number of reasons because of the affordable units and the historic buildings to the west of the site it is upcoming likely that the high-rise district will continue to the west and thirdly, i want to talk about the plan and why from a conditional use we believe that meets the standard for the necessary and desirable the rezoning of the site and the density have allowed us to history it to the eastern side allowing the open space on the western side of the site several benefits it allows us to cluster
11:22 am
the open space in a large grouping and allows this between the development and the rest of the soma neighborhood that provides a space that the entire neighborhoods use and provides that in a location 3 the least shadow because of orientation of the site we believe with the conditional use should be upheld and i'm going to turn it over to staff to talk about of specifics of the appeal thank you very much. >> thank you director ram and good evening supervisor president london breed and members of the board from the planning department before we address the particular issues raised bye bye the appellant i would like to you touch briefly on a key feature of the public so we have a robust package here i think in particular respect to
11:23 am
the housing 3 components just to make sure we understand what we're going to do ouch mission street this is a piece of land this was dedicated along with $12 million to constrict 83 senior affordable housing units 50 percent of an end to the means, and, secondly, the tndc side on this trairt will have $18 million for 71 ami raiveng from 25 to 50 percent finally and on site affordable and reevicted housing in the project site 87 rental units at the 21 and 50 percent of medium income that is clear and my understanding over the course of the project with respect to the issues raised by the appellant
11:24 am
we did submit our written response on the 5th of november without painstakingly detailed a couple of issues the appellant undertaking claims that the project is incomparable and will oblas rats the south of market special use district and supervisors the 740 paralyze in the sud sorry in the project in the family sud it is important to said what that sud does it does first, the height and level of for a minute with respect to the parcels, and, secondly, that requires the confusion from the planning commission for a handful of uses counter to the family and youth environment i want to make clear the 5m project has so you get those conditional uses and it has provided affordability beyond that is required in the sud and
11:25 am
just to be clear on kind of an bureaucratic points the conditional use authorizations that are on appeal together, and, secondly, supervisors the appellant say the open space in the project is not well considered and not considered we the community address not adequately there are about rather is about an acres pub assessable open space on the site and analyzed to review sdpeven this project is with the city it's been discussed at great length with public hearing this will be memorialized through other approval documents and binding this sponsor to provide that space really in brief it is plentiful that is use full and locked in and
11:26 am
thirdly, we're getting to the end with the colleagues the appellant suggested the project is in the filipino community and the community adoption of the filipino culture heritage district the supervisors will restate some of the facts no affordable units in the property today in and the project will displace none once more at the r request of the planning commissioners we had a study of the project of the affordable units within a quarter of a mile within the project site and 90 percent are subject to some level of protection i do also want to remark with respect f to the filipino culture district the da has been modified with supervisor kim to require the payment of $300,000 to use to study the integral and essentials to go adopt the
11:27 am
filipino cultural district so by not approving the project we'll place that but we need to find alternative sources lastly the appellant says that provides insufficient housing and the remarks i opened with 40 percent of unit in this project that are subject to income restrictions and 5 m will be the first private project to steady the standards the 33 standards of prop k higher than the 12 and 20 for the bmr's and would steady the 17 and 27 percent standards for the youth and family st. jude sud it takes multiply income and the official project is a good deal for the city with that, supervisors i'm going to turn it over to michael thank
11:28 am
you for your time. >> good evening supervisors michael environmental planning department staff ami i'd like to address the points on the appeal and state it is the departments position that the environmental analysis complies with the states guidelines in chapter three 1 of the administrative code before i get into the specific points i'd like to addresses i'd like to reiterate that the standards here for the appeal of the eir is to provide substantial evidences the commission's findings of the document being accurate and adequate and complete is somehow not true or appropriate the disagreement with the eir conclusion so objection to certain preferences for the alternative is not considered in the environmental analysis and not a basis for an appeal with a
11:29 am
reerlg felt parklet to certify today is 16 page letter focuses on the development agreement the planning issues and reiterates the tops and the shadow that has been added addressed in our response 0 to board and in submittal of the november 6th letter. >> like to briefly touch the issues to demonstrate why the analysis is sufficient and the appellants appeal is inadequate the allegation the eir description lacks 19 it's characterization of the project and the allegation is not supported by the draft eir subscribes a variance with a great amount of housing and a
11:30 am
greater than amount of office space it is okay under ceqa the project is sufficient for the impacts because that includes adequate information about the density of the location and resulting in the urban form the response of comments documents that changes the documents project in the impacts of the proposal ceqa compels the scombakz are feasible and the ways to mitigate or change the project in ways to avoid effects the proposal the item before you does that changes the dir and the documents and the respond to comments no new information is available to change it more has the project sponsor said anything that lessons the effects it is the disclosure of
11:31 am
the revised project explicit warrant anything the drs is sufficient and supervisors this is a desire by some in the community to find an alternative the rank of alternatives is reasonable for the impacts in relation to the impacts and the code compliant was developed by the staff not by the members of the community and the community development alternative is to be submitted for review and consideration and provides no evidence suggesting why it is sufficient that exclaims with the approach and analysis of the cumulative impacts is sufficient and it is based on other things failure to account for planning and central soma as stated in the draft eir the future projects and cumulative promotions is linked
11:32 am
to the circulation of the preparation and central soma is screwdriver in the eir all known promotions were considered and this is the cumulative effects to the extent they'll be in the future didn't render the analysis sufficient and future the central soma draft eir didn't consider by the 5m is 5 m is insufficient and the i'm the extroverted and to dates the eir has not been published no cumulative impact analysis and finally a number of issues regarding the technical studies using the land use and planning and shadow and transportation is an example of how the complaints relate to the policies or to
11:33 am
making findings that are outside the scope and the land use and planning in terms of the draft eir about the planning the appellant alleges that implementation of the special use will result in conflicts and imagine consistence with the eir less than significant finding excuse me. >> this considerations of possible conflicts it bans with whether it conflicts with the policies i'll emphasis that was adopted forbids the purpose of mitigation no such policy is mentioned so it is significant solemnly swear heard about the shadow effects with with regards to shadows the appellants failed to provide evidence on the other hand, on how to say defective once the ceqa is suggested whether the shadow is on public
11:34 am
open space to reduce the safety and the analysis is compliant as provide in the draft eir and is okay with the record the testimony of the compliance with the planning code section a city ordinance that restricts the shadow on open spaces and the shadow is insight does not effect the appeal addressed vision zero or zero tolerance of the application that characters some parts morning available to accommodate shadows with ceqa with that, i'll remain open for questions that the supervisors may have about the adequacy of the eir we find that adequate. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor president london breed where to start there's a lot of points brought up by the appellant i want to start with
11:35 am
an argument that has been made several times by the appellants regarding spot zoning so any questions are directed to the planning department to talk about what constitutes spot zoning what especially the district is and roughly how many suds exist as large as the one before us i'll place there one little champs with 24 project is renewals separate from the central soma and in general good city planning is when we do larger area plans verse singular parcels and look at the plan to make sure we have to the proper mix of housing and retail and open space and affordable housing, etc. and make sure that we're setting the same standards for competitive standards for the benefit that we call interest projects in the same
11:36 am
areas so 3 we all reach the criteria rather than negotiating them one by one ms. one or more the biggest champs of this project i've wanted this to be moved with the central soma and be part of overall visions for the south of market that will run los angeles the central subway and to address this to talk about what constitutes spot zoning and what constitutes sud and relationships to the planning code. >> through the chair supervisor kim dan with the planning department staff thank you for that question the idea of a spot zone is typically uses in the context of new legal spot zoning that is the focusing of the city's land use committee regulatory powers to lessens the values in the context of knowledge or frankly
11:37 am
any of the other special use district in the city industry is today, we're specifically enabled to target our land use recollections and shape them that leads to better enhance public benefit on the other hand, we feel stronger this arbitration does that and it the pattern a long-standing pattern for the special use district that has greater than value supervisor yee you raised questions respect to the central soma plan as well as and kind of stepping back historically where this project the 5 m site was stripped out of the eastern neighborhoods before central soma it goes back to a 7 and 08 the thinking it is essentially the same thinking in central
11:38 am
soma was began to be considered that is it is a techniques opportunity site it is a major site and has possibilities that don't exist most elsewhere we wanted to give it a not lump into a much larger process this isn't to say we didn't take on board the vision and overall city goals of this planning process but only to its uniqueness and size and in the case of knowledge the single ownership we wanted to take a deeper dive and what suits it in a development it benefits the city. >> can i follow-up with that i'm curious as to you know what the criteria of standards of planning department use to pressuring pursue an sud when this particular large parcel
11:39 am
will have an enhanced or special or greater than plan in response how does the level of community benefits offered by 5 m compare to the similar udz say how it compares to the level of community benefits that are being explored by the adjacent central soma plan for similar site parcels. >> supervisors i can help ken oewd my colleague has prepared to go over a comparison with you the benefits to this development and this special eye district compared the understanding the central soma is not passed but we we expect and a planning may economical we'll do that specific comparison for you. >> good evening chairman and
11:40 am
board members i do is. >> sfgovtv please. >> thank you so our thoughts did working closely with the planning department as we developed the 5 m development agreement and we were tracking both the progress of central soma and in order to insure the 5m project is on pair are the the truth of the matter and so what you have been 0 the slide central soma plan seeks to provide benefits in the bucket with affordable housing and transportation, open space complete streets nonprofit office so the central soma plan what we learned from the presentation and my understanding from planning the central soma is still probably under study and
11:41 am
the development tools likely a year away from the implementation but what we did learn at a presentation is that in order to achieve one goal such 33 percent of affordable housing in the central soma plan there are trade offs so the plan could not achieve 33 percent affordable housing without the job housing linkage and the visionary fund and san francisco abatement appeals board other targeted benefits and vice versa in order to achieve the 33 percent with the value the truth of the matter. >> do you mind i want to see by side comparison of the fees that are expected of central soma or if you want to look at the transit center district plan the open space fees the inclusionary fees and the transportation fees side by side can we see this project is
11:42 am
giving equal set of benefits that is my one of my reservations about approving this is an sud when it could have moved alongside as large area plan where the eastern neighborhood but side by side xaern of the fees and benefits and it pace 100 percent of the impact fees and required in the c-3 donning and on top of we laid on the transit district the plan is sill of actually, the one area plan that creates the greatest impact fees for the hundred to in order to accommodate they're paying 100 percent of the fees in the c-3 zones and on top of their negotiated $12 for the transit
11:43 am
impact fees for the accommodations of the high-rise structure if you look at central soma again central soma uses all the tools and one central soma we'll know more clearly what central soma expects to do anticipates 22.5 new sxeej for the entire district and the planning expects to achieve $2 billion in revenues $89 for public development per square feet and those are achieved over a 25 years the build out of the 25 years to build out the area when you apply the central soma analogy 5 m will be 90 percent of public benefit and more importantly we can trailer the benefits for the project and able to address critical
11:44 am
affordable housing in the near future we achieved on pare slightly above what central soma intends to achieve. >> come back to planning i have to hear a little bit more about the criteria that planning undergoes when it determines to go through the process of creating an sud first, as having a large parcel move through larger area plans and not being in touch with the developers in the central soma there are a lot of large project that have been obviously compiled from the fire hydrant to south of harrison on the bay bridge and fisherman's place there are projects that met the criteria and receiving a sud creation as opposed to in terms of the thinking process that planning went through to
11:45 am
put 5 m on a separate track. >> through the chair commenting dan with the planning department frankly commission there are excuse me. you mentioned a range of sites, if you will, in the central soma or other significant area plans 5 m is one of which it really with respect to the central soma predated that plan it was thought of advance of the plan and on the other hand, to owing to the plan that is not a project we thought should be sidetracked for a year while that plan perhaps has additional 12 months for additional project entitlement particularly in the case of central soma one thing beamed the central soma will meet the community as part of
11:46 am
central soma process we don't anticipate regulation or an approach coming out of that suggests what is the item before you not the right thing for the next 15 or 50 years. >> what are some of the suds created near the 5m project. >> there are quite a few of the projects supervisor i'm not familiar. >> just a small issue. >> the plazas involved the d-4-d type of documents. >> what it is in the continental hotel an sud. >> i'm not sure my colleagues, we can get back to you. >> it was it was seven hundred and 6 mission. >> yes. seven hundred and 6 mission was veterans bam /*
11:47 am
alabama and the unique sites. >> this is back to the mayor's office of housing and community development around the affordable housing piece there was a lot of said about what is guaranteed and not guaranteed in this project whether this project really achieved 33 percent affordable or 40 percent and madam clerk, any announcements? >> housing i want to clarify that we talk about very fluid what affordable housing means so i would like some clarification on what has been condominium and also how if there's a guarantee to insure those units come online and for example, the developer are project sponsor reneges what are some enforcement mechanisms to make sure those units get built.
11:48 am
>> there was a lot of said ken rich with oewd i appreciate the opportunity to clarify the record and make sure you have the facts we have not every and will not ever negotiate an agreement with affordable housing or another benefits not guaranteed working with the city attorney i'll start with that the project produces 6 hundred and 1 market-rate housing the project produces an additional 200 and 41 affordable units a calculator will tell you that's 40 percent when you look at those units when the project pulls a brirment before they pull the building permit for the first building they'll need to write a check for the city to be used for the project that is i'm sorry how many unit? >> for 71 units they'll not get a building permit or not been able to put is shovel in the ground until the city has a
11:49 am
check at the same time they'll not get a building permit until they've turned over the parcel up the street to take a brief just recycle anyone that buys a piece of land the city if they find something nasty underneath the ground we have the ability to say no, thank you the cash value of lands and find another piece of land to built build on none will incorporate that into their purchase agreement we get the trailer unit and the land for the senior housing when forest city comes to the pull the building permit they'll fwufs the money to build the senior units $234 million there was something said during public comment getting a piece of land but not the money for the unit that's not true we're getting
11:50 am
the 0 money if they we don't get the cash no shovel in the ground the that building building will include 87 onsite unit at moderate and madam clerk, any announcements? >> that will be built with the building our assurance of enforcement on that they don't get a permit from the city until the 87 units are provide it is worth noting oversee are at moderate from one to one hundred 50 percent we working closely with the 40ers percent with our office and happy the office got the 40 percent and make sure that the teachers from the data district the hundred to one hundred 50 percent will cost the teachers a hypothetical two teachers and one child doesn't in one unit those income levels
11:51 am
make the data we used the data from the school district so that is pretty much the overview i have kate hartley this is a pretty much how we're getting it down it is a real 40 percent and i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> have we had a project that met 40 percent in go on single project. >> never, ever. >> could you go breakdown i'd like to get clarification. >> the rank of movement in the number of units as kate will do that my overview symmost of after being provided workplace a 4 minute walk of the project will be at low income only the 87 units onsite at the moderate
11:52 am
by the way, can't give you the exact numbers. >> good evening supervisors kate hartley for the eddy taylor project we intend to build have combination of 87 set aside projects for the homeless and provide the operating subsidize the tenants will have very low extremely low incomes and with services provide. >> what's the average rent in the units. >> the rents are $300 and they the rent is paid with the bebsz of the tenant will qualify what their stabilized. >> the average rent of the 19 units i'm will be at $300 per unit for formally homeless families. >> that's correct
11:53 am
both the projects eddy taylor the balance of the units will be up to 50 percent of area medium income that is $35,700 the rents of that that apply to 50 percent unit at one bedroom is one thousand $19 at 50 percent of area medium income for one bedroom $2,000 a month less than the market rent. >> how much for the 2 bedroom for an ami. >> at 50 percent ami is one thousand $146 it is - >> how many unit at 50 percent ami. >> the $18 million that is going to the eddy taylor project
11:54 am
is the remaining gap to get that project installed for several years because of funding deficiency so the overall will be $18 million will fund 71 unit of hundred units and additional fun will be provided by the mayor's office from other funds but also the developer has been very diligent in getting state funds as well. >> i want to clarify the eddy and taylor is one hundred units plus and 5 m will be fully funding 69 of these one hundred and 3 units; is that correct. >> we have 71. >> sorry i miss counted and they'll be fully accounted for i think this is the discretionary
11:55 am
how many units are they really building eddy and taylor when you include 67 mission how many units at 50 percent of ami. >> we're building the total count we're anticipating 83 units so 20 percent is 18 unit so the balance will be at 50 percent of ami now - >> how many units ami. >> 83 times 80 percent so - about 64 - 65. >> 65 total of this ami. >> that's the total ♪ development how many units at 50 percent ami >> at the moment is 8320 percent is homeless. >> it's one and 35 we're
11:56 am
building one hundred 35 at 50 percent one hundred 35 who's rent is 8 hundred to one thousand plus dollars; is that correct? >> yes. on both sides sorry. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the middle-income unit i want to hear more about what we're building anothers one hundred and one 50 what the rents are and the average medium income. >> so there are 20 percent of the onsite units are at 100 percent of ami that translates to one person howled at 71 thousand plus for two people many a household that is 81 thousand 5 and 3 people that is 91 thousand seven hundred for example, in two bedroom units
11:57 am
that's affordable at 100 percent of ami the rent will be 2 thousand 6 hundred plus, the income is $91,700 so for example, the household of 3 with two wage earners and a child two workers macro 45 thousand there's a year each at one hundred 20 of the i'm that's a circumstantial person 86 thousand two 896 and 3 one hundred 10 thousand 50 rent for a studio the ones and two's is 2 thousand 38, 2 thousand 244 and 3 thousand 56 again, a 3 percent wage earners
11:58 am
24/7 people making $55,000 a year and their rent will be 3 thousand 46, again that is significantly less than market value rent in the neighborhood. >> what's the market represent and approximately $400. >> what percentage roughly do you on the city is building. >> how much middle-income housing is the city building in the pipeline and we built middle-income housing as part of inclusionary project programming in san francisco middle-income housing is a type of housing no support from the federal government or state government or in fact, any local programs besides the inclusionary programs it is the group middle-income people are group of people that will or are at least well severed in meeting their affordable needs the
11:59 am
regional ascertainment measures how much housing to be believable at various income categories in the protecting category we'll get the tax credits 42 percent of what the regional ascertainment arena says we should be this that's horrible but for middle-income people moderate income we're alters 19 percent we're really not doing a good job of building affordable housing for people who are between say 80 percent of area medium new mexico income up to one hundred 20 percent in addition because rents are ohio in san francisco an affordability gap of area medium income in many neighborhoods not all we see that gap in soma. >> thank you very much i see
12:00 pm
that a couple of my colleagues have questions as well i'll give them the opportunity. >> thank you, supervisor kim and supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor kim sforp asking about the affordability of units it was confusing with the presentation was made its a little bit clear in terms of number see my question is the soma youth and famed the special use district was established as the eastern neighborhood plan so my understanding is that part of this project the 5m is going to be excluded in that particular sud how does the development support of vision of soma youth and family special district. >> through the chair supervisor with the planning department staff
12:01 pm
the southernmost four parcels along howard street in the 5 m projecting project will be on the piece of land within the sud and part of legislation change before you would remove those it is important to note two things first, that the project does comply with the precisions for the youth and family sud namely with only affordable and two conditional use when i think that perhaps more interesting and relevant frankly is that the planning commission recommended and as land use commission amended the sud for the 5 m project the 5m sud so is actually incorporates o requirements that live together or today in the 5m sud but expectation for restaurants the
12:02 pm
adaptation choose the 5 m sud will expand the controls that exist of the youth and family sud. >> thank you for that one. >> this is in regards to shadows i know that you spoke quickly and i did not understand it was so fast about shadows in terms of the open space that the new speak up and i sort of realize there are issues around that i'm curious what impact does it have in terms of shadowing impact of the new open space. >> michael planning department staff in the context of the environmental impact report we would liquidate the change from the existing future conditions so the open space does not exist so the mary court and the open
12:03 pm
space interior was considered in the preparation of the design for development documents in the parking space so not so we'll analysis in the context of the irtd we will look at the project shadows on existing parks in the area so the consideration of shadows on future parks is something to be considered as part of planning process for at project. >> do you know that with the current vision of what they're planning to build and for the new open space is - with the sun be maximum missed are in terms of the spaces and there are a number of considerations included perhaps mr. guy is
12:04 pm
given he managed that process but, yes considerations with respect to building setback and massing that seaside this solar assess to the sidewalks and the ground plain and pedestrian plane. >> would you like to further elaborate. >> kevin guy forming with the planning planning department i was a member of the project team as mentioned the solar of the building was considered among the factors in terms of the overall site planning efforts for the project there were earliest ration of the project that included one additional tower or building with the deletion of that building inspection with the reconfiguration of the site planning the massing on the site opened up opportunity to not only make the property open space a little bit more
12:05 pm
contiguous in its form but open up opportunities for responding to not only shadow conditions but wind conditions for the usability of those areas. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor mar. >> i know you're probably as tired as us i appreciate the staffs persistence and stamina i want to say that i think there is a dick with the hours we've heard from community testimony from the stories streets of displacement and multiple ways of filipino and displacement in other community to but i know that the gentleman went through a quick reading of the analysis and one you said you did a displacement analysis but you read through it so fast i don't
12:06 pm
know what that was to me this is a spur sized spot zoning and up zoning of a four acre parcel in an area arguably a resident area that has huge impacts of 6 thousand low income immigrants and filipinos and other low income folks it will impact for generations so i'm wondering what the analysis of displacement i believe that uc berkley an urban displacement projects staff miriam and mccain in their early displacement process there are key neighborhoods like much the eastern neighborhoods that are facing advance gentrification and displacement and as many in the audience said there are fancy terms you're pushing out existing residents largo seniors and disabled and families in favor of development and up
12:07 pm
zoning super sized up zoning what's the analysis of the displacement in our planning has been. >> thank you supervisor mar we look at the question of displacement in light of what ceqa will ask us as part of population housing analysis that is constituent in the check list so what we have in our analysis as 3 primary questions those really relative to whether the project will should the population directly or indirectly whether it displaced existing affordable units or create additional hours with the regional housing summit of housing u housing and whether the project displaces people in the construction of replacement housing elsewhere so the focus
12:08 pm
in the ceqa analysis is the physical environment and in that light what we will look at whether or not for example, there are existing residential units on the site that will be directly effects or the project would do so them population it requires additional housing the construction that potentially has significant effects that's the context we look at. >> so for the impacts on the physical environment is there a consideration of impacts on the human environment of people that are displaced in that analysis. >> good evening supervisors sarah john's environmental review officer ceqa talks about this xeevensly and elaborate that the issue to consider in ceqa is impacts physical impacts
12:09 pm
on the environment so we need to consider the social economic gakz to other decree they cause the physical impacts or caused by physical impacts so the questions of the - issues around affordability, around social issues around the communities that is something that is explicitly limited within ceqa to the physical impacts so what we're considering is whether the project is in fact, result in a loss of handout necessitating housing unit that could have physical impacts but in the the context of second consider the many issues that were raise by the community members those are planning related issues that are
12:10 pm
outside of the second analysis. >> i'll say i call it a super sized it is the doubling of height much higher than the international continental hotel and adidas chang talked about the past planning i'm not the i'm not talking about the eastern neighborhood but the planning that set a health of the intercontinental everything is down towards i'm wondering is the spot zoning he building that spot zone we were seeing it is really an artificial separation of the project from a lot of the existing planning from the eastern neighborhoods to the central soma plan i'll ask that question that adidas asked is this in contradiction to the past neighborhood plans but also in that heights and scale down the intercontinental heights.
12:11 pm
>> john ram why? in the context one of the things we're doing in the advisory committee central soma plan we're looking at where the heights should be appropriate in the corridor from market to king street and what we're concluded in that scenario how to maximize the height near the station this is exactly what this side and whether a few feet within the reasonable rank of the enter continental is less important than maximize missing the height we believe that the massness of the building on fifth street is it the right thing to do and then it steps down to the west certainly and probably person up to the time there is a number of historic buildings to the west of the site and because there is
12:12 pm
a significant number of units that are already rent ellis act protected in some fashion to the peft e west and is this project in contradiction to the past or central soma plans. >> it was not included in the agreement and been include in the central soma i want to reiterate what dan said not anticipate any changes to that plan part of central soma is the c-3 and our concludes not changes to the central soma plan. >> i'll repeat something that tony rob less said and echoed our director as the i hotel is raging on for several years in 1970 he said this is two value inform allow poor people to park
12:13 pm
on 2 that view is what is happening with this project i want to give credit to karen johnson and forest city for always sharing the community benefits and really explaining them to me i think there is a real disconnect that many from the community that do understand the community benefits page and this is not enough from what i've heard i heard one comment from the gentleman saying that the community if understand the quote robust community benefits but i know that people understand in many ways what the benefits are they just disagree they're not adequate given the huge give away and the community benefits being no where near enough given the displacement and the social impacts that happy that is e happen that is the way i see that i'll stop right now and thank the folks
12:14 pm
for raising the issues save our soma and other for raising good questions thank you. >> thank you - supervisor campos. >> i have one question and what i heard from mr. schneider and i believe if i heard you credulous you said within a quarter mile radius of the project 90 percent of the residents have some level of protection if displacement i this is a nuance i'm not sure what some level you're protected or not i'm wondering what the level of protection maples means and a what you see as there available not only for one member to protect yourself but what is in place for protection
12:15 pm
from displacement. >> through the chair supervisor campos dan what the department we agree that is nuance and difficult to outburstly analysis at the risk of displacement what you're department tries to do with commissioner richards was to take into account all the available housing resources between a quarter of a mile of the project site and look at those to understand what unique circumstances might apply the 90 percent figure you mentioned is 78 sub categories i'll run through them in the first to acknowledge one take at a level of risk might mean many ways to interpret the data the 90 percent is a did you want supportive and below-market-rate housing and the mayor's office of housing. >> those are options of people that are going to be displaced where they can find other source
12:16 pm
of housing. >> i'm sorry this is existing housing housing our the ground there are about 8 thousand total handout within a quarter of a mile of knowledge site and 90 percent of those are subject to one of those categories i'll go into if you like. >> briefly go both the categories. >> of course adult market-rate only unit owned or leased by moe 50 sro units and nonprofit owned 100 percent housing projects and lastly building subject to rent control. >> and what if developer wanted to come and hike we're doing here and change the use of those properties take over the
12:17 pm
properties and want to build at high levels of luxurious and non-affordability. >> i know that is what people are concerned about. >> the first, this site didn't contain any housing this? not factored into the number, and, secondly, a range of controls that apply from the lumped and a rent control in terms of making sure that folks are not displaced sxhifshgs at the planning commission channel his thinking he is very attuned and interested in tracking this on or about over time we can monitor and learn from what happened to generally speaking what a project last week 24 brings forward. >> how it this different i guess we didn't track the
12:18 pm
housing stock under the city's jurisdiction and the housing that was there that offered some level of affordability we xementd to be permanent we looked at the filipino community displaced historically in san francisco we this man i will arrest yerba buena area how does this be different in the way those community were displaced. >> supervisor it is my experience didn't touch on the massive episodes. >> it's a rhetorical question. >> this site didn't contain new affordable housing it is robust set of land use controls of the loss of affordable units. >> thank you. >> all righty seeing none, seeing no other names on the roster it is time for the
12:19 pm
project sponsor to do a presentation followed by public comment for those members of the public who oppose the appeal. >> good evening supervisor president london breed and supervisors. >> i'm sorry you have up to 1 minutes. >> i'll not take it all evening supervisor president london breed and supervisors deputy representing the project sponsor for right for our time and the numerous supporters i don't expect to take more than 5 minutes with respect to the appeal you've heard under the scope the ceqa and disclosure status and nothing put forth presents evidence in fact, the departments november 9th appeal response provides detail why the dr is adequate with respect to
12:20 pm
the conditional use appeals it is slightly different the planning commission which required to make a series of finding was evidenced in the record the kinds of things the planning commission discussed and put in the record relate to contextual comparable and the sites and uniqueness of the location, housing benefits and transit and hpc and plans and policies consistent and supervisors why did this not the appellant refer to the standards it is because of the appeal is about something else about the appellants decide satisfaction with the project and it moves forward through the process the sfmta the arts commission and planning commission all made those finding all found the
12:21 pm
project to be approved and all recommended you approve it as well the appellants don't want the project to move forward and the appeal reflect their unsuccessful attempt to repackage their opinion on the merits of project navigate not an appeal in the acceptance it is just presented to this board a series of bullet points in a series about the project as staff indicated in the presentation the appellants have priority nothing new in the late submittal that bears under decision by craft the evidence in support of planning commission depreciation he guess is eventually among other things testimony over several meetings, numerous staff reports of eir and response to comments on the memos prepared by staff november 9th memo by the sponsor and the testimony of the people
12:22 pm
and the testimony from the supporters of project it is based on facts and evidence it far exceeds the legals requirement and the commission are all supported supervisors 2, 3, 4 closing the appellants bear the burden that the record supports the rarely of the planning commission not there not close it is opinions that is bullet points and it is far outweighed by the evidence of the planning commission determination it consists of plastering and commercial buildings the project computed 40 percent housing you've heard from the may i have who those serve theirs real units 40 percent a big number and those levels of affordability is unpreened and this is noted in approving the project created urban design and major office spaces open spaces and wide variety avenue arts and
12:23 pm
workforce and all misdemeanor in a way to go to people serving the community-based organizations serving the members of the public members of the community we ask you vote to reject the appeal and move forward to approve the project today. >> thank you, thank you okay since the project sponsor is done with their presentation i'd like to open up for public comment first speaker who are in opposition of the appeal so basically those members of the public who support this project now is the time to speak you will have up to 3 minutes but not general obligation bond to used all three of those minutes first speaker please. >> good evening supervisors i'm gabriel metro cal can have from spur and against the appeal
12:24 pm
i think that is clear that the eir is adequate co-authored to the staff presentation but over the course the comments are not about that they're about housing policy there is no disagreement about the affordability crisis e.r. the displacement happening in the city was there is disagreement by a or about what we do as people gather in san francisco this project is on a site that is a parking lot and under used office today for the benefiting anyone the project officer many of the things the city is trying to get market-rate address ann affordable housing and open space and workspace it offices those in a place that is among the best transit in the country
12:25 pm
it is exactly know the kind of project the city tries to get i know those voted are not easy change is though the easy i think you will almost every ever see a project great brown you there are a lot of reasons normal run of mile projects can't get to this be affordability this is in the planning process for a very a long time i'll ugly to move forward tonight >> >> next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors my name is jennifer i'm here to speech from spur in support of knowledge project two main points this is a good project for the city and the objections in the appeal have no fwrounz so number one a good project 5 m
12:26 pm
will build housing and open space on a large under utilized transit this is exactly are the general plan calls for density near first time and 5 m will provide 40 percent of affordable housing for low income and other folks this is in direct response to our city's need of avenue and 5 m provides significant needs for the neighborhood in the stone as mr. ram spoke to and number two the appeals have no fwrounz this as gone through scrutiny of the public hearings lake this one we don't agree with the objections the 5 m project will in the displace residents or conflict with the filipino cultural heritage more conflict with the soma use district and the fact 5 m delivers benefits and as part of
12:27 pm
benefits that serves the families in soma and the new open space and pedestrian improvements and the million dollars for the families the delay of this project will not support the project moving forward. >> thank you. >> at the time. >> rudy did you just cut in line. >> they gave me the green light we have to leave so first of all, i want to say good evening supervisors thank you for having me. and i'm honored to be here to roeptd or represent for our neighborhood the south of market the soma and thank you for waiting brothers and sisters out there in the haul you guys have hard jobs this is the longest we'll waited in city hall for any project and any issue we
12:28 pm
believe in the project that is being built at 5 m people you see right here are from the neighborhood born and raised from the south of market tenderloin, treasure island boo where you stay at where you live? >> where you grew up downtown? as you where you at which i feel and where you at rock man? where you at? >> that's right. >> i'm at the jails man. >> were youal. >> yale. >> this is us we are the people you're talking about that live in district 6 i am filipino if i believe if this project would have got rid of all filipinos i wouldn't be up here speaking we've been in the process of these 5 m listening to the anticipates needs they
12:29 pm
accommodated the community they sat with us for years and i - a lot of meetings and so up here we are the last we understand the gentrification we understand the displacement in san francisco that's why we're doing what we're doing we are building with the developers to figure out to to stables ourselves where people are being displaced now you want to talk about facts what's the first project that startled really getting rid and displacing filipinos that's that project on fifth and howard the big hotel did we get any housing out of that what did we get we get us from the people of the neighborhood nothing there was an organization that opposed this project that for 5 m who actually made deals with them and obligate money we
12:30 pm
didn't get anything we are the people from the neighborhood so we stand here in solidarity speaking up for our community not all the developers are not all bad like police officers we want to build relationships to stay in san francisco we have people here born and raised i'm born and raised in the south of market of that south of market i know for a fact if we live in san francisco period is important for us to learn how to build relationships with the current situation we live in the 21st century i'm not here to hate on nobody we're not united haters we're the united >> thank you, thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hold on one more speaker. >> one more. >> hi, i'm reading a letter
12:31 pm
on behalf of don for the san francisco filipino and the mission hiring haul he asked you in support of 5 m project that development project is making a long latin electrician to the how are you u hour of the rich filipino community 5 m will a dictate 12 thousand square feet specifically for art and cultivate and education the 5m will create initiative art for allowing new opportunities for the filipinos for art and culture to be showcased this is unprecedented and we applaud forest city for making arts and cultural a priority in the 5 m project we believe that art and culture can you think if i and lift people up and the art benefits package has the ability to do just that historically
12:32 pm
individuals suffering in the lower income ranks call central soma home and soma has neglected the community 40s people including filipinos to leave the 5m is different it seeks to work with and exclude ethics itself but especially the filipino community this approach is different than any we've experienced 5 m understands the needs and stresses the residents in soma and through the plans and agreement that have obsoleted on tackle ways to address the needs the community has always throughout the community system for the studios and manila town foundation and at san francisco filipino center the building would be the fifth center for the filipino arts and education programs and other
12:33 pm
space for the community not only has the 5m troubled to the art and culture but the project will provide an additional $4 million to help to support the neighborhood youth dictated funds for the bmentd school and the gene friend recreations center no other project has engaged the community at this level i urge you in support of 5 m now. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> it's hard to follow-up on you pete good evening. i'm rob pool the project manager for the housing coalition thank you for having me. we've had two presentations and we've seen it 25 percent to 33 affordability now to 40 percent affordability and from a planning prospective and a housing policy prospective it is
12:34 pm
exactly what san francisco needs it is bring a lot of housing to affordable housing to jobs and open space next to transit and the neighborhood amenity and other jobs and next to people the scale of this project allows us to achieve the benefits a alu you're seeing 24 not no other projects we see the open space because of the buildings being taller the safety improvements, the payment to the tsif and the tooifrd and all the bike parking those are things not in other projects unaffordable housing what is unique that allows us to see the titan you market rate housing and the production of affordable housing that project on 80 street the site was bought if 2007 its been looking for
12:35 pm
money for 8 years this project provides a gap for this site without 5 m is likely that project is detailed for many more years the project on howard street the senior family homes 5 m is buying the land for if to happen without 5 m that affordable housing project might not happen the each other and rental building in 5 m we are where is the building going in san francisco we can't assess the tax and finally to assess the subsidizing the middle-income housing people don't make a lot of money to qualify for bmr's that project helps helps that we ask you to reject the appeal and let's move forward tonight.
12:36 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm with the m j m we're here in support of knowledge project and it's open spaces and against the appeal 5 m has an ability to use opinion speak brings the community together especially families and 1234rz when you think about open space we should think about an area of grass and tables like open space can and be reflective of the neighborhood a.m. as considered this and made candidates to lierlts at space 5 m is a willing engaged partner in creating open space that is lively and creativity and diverse for example, the neighborhoods near the site helped to determine the 5 m open space it is this approach working with people that makes it exciting to be involved with 5 m the 5m for the new public
12:37 pm
space finds was to galvanize the neighborhood initiative programs and activities this new open space has think up to the time to think are be an open asset lakes the yerba buena gardens district 6 and soma has the lowest amount of open space you have access where you can play and grow and thiefl this adds programs and can enrich the lives of residents 5 m is a true community partner we hope you'll support this project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors my name is sharon i'm here representing the making have a family the family owns a
12:38 pm
1912 building at the corner of fifth and howard some of you know it as as m & m turning around and the irish pub and still other as the housing built in a remodel 1912 single room occupancy that has 8 apartment all rent-controlled so we also have soma we have been in the neighborhood with any father and at bar for thirty years and before that with any gather for 50 years the mc have a family are the neighbors the only corner not owned by he did hearst in this fifth and howard section through those years we've seen the neighborhood change and change dramatically we believe now for the better so in the latter years there's
12:39 pm
been a lot of growth and development in bringing back vitality for the area that for a time seemed to be lost the scope of the 5 m project is significant in its impact on soma both in his benefits and in the hazards we have attended all the prior commission meetings and heard the concerns of the neighborhood the mc have a he family expressed our concerns early in the dir process and contaminated we remember not supportive we have a zero lot line with the project our the 5 story brick single room occupancy is immediately adjacent to the 5 m we are directly impacted and x's response to us and the communities demonstrate this they left hand and forest city has put in protects for the integrity of our 1912 building
12:40 pm
to our soma neighbors 5 m has shown sensitivity with a underlying bond one that community and has taken steps to strengthen we have no desire to be an island in the middle of gentrification with 50 percent of affordable housing is quite significant throughout those hearings we believe that 5 m has listened and we recommend supporting the 5m project and not supporting the appeal thank you. >> thank you very much at the time. >> good evening supervisors i'm randy the executive director of intersection for the art we're asking you reject the appeal one development can't address everything 24s that is going on in the city the housing and gentrification all the
12:41 pm
elements and one development project can't redress everything in the past the displacement of the filipino community is real and resonates the arts community suffered from a grateful displacement and 5 m did something unpreened they invited the arts on the ground floor of this development they wanted to be at the table and us and see how to inform this development was designed what the life would be like in the project and the public spaces they've you couldn't asked intersection in the beginning louder us to play and allowed us to work with other communities groups like bindle and united playaz in our programming and experimentations and now done something they've changed the one percent for art so it is not a sculpture going
12:42 pm
up in a lobby in a public plaza one artist benefits is paid well, this changes it so a building is donated to arts and culture money it there for programming with the community many meaningful ways so we are asking you support this project this developer and hearst have been intellectual compassionate and left hand and adopted and the utmost integrity please support this project thank you. >> hi names a laura clark with grow sf welds to thoroughly endorse this project and please does not give into this delay practices i think he i i mean, that's the point to delay once
12:43 pm
again and we all know we're in a housing crisis that's what we're heard over and over and over and over and can't cut off you're notice to spite our faces we lard to this being the new standard to embrace the sxhement to take a parking lot i mean, that's what we are doing taking a parking lot and crappy buildings and turn it into homes for real people is an incredible opportunity up beg you not to waste this thank you so much. >> good evening supervisors i'm making cuss a filipino in support of this project but so it marie whom i'm speaking on her behalf this evening she's a third jurisdiction and mother of 3 kids and here we go i urge to
12:44 pm
you to reject those appeals and support the 5m it is critical and needed in this tough times because this is urgent needed affordable housing to families like mine if not for this my children eye would have suffered my 80 years old grandparents support this we've seen what forest city provides to us and over families and children are i'm familiar with the site which is mostly parking lots not assessable for public use and leaving it as see will only serve those not seeing the bigger picture i don't know the rational of those opposed to this project when the housing crisis is at its worse the 5m is a additionally addressing of the affordable housing and more important opportunities in san francisco my family our families
12:45 pm
especially fmz throughout the community beg you to approve this project that is the kind of project that soma and san francisco needs but all said and done warrior the roof over our children's heads thank you for your time. >> thank you i'm john a resident in san francisco and i'm not here in support of 5 m project i thought that the architecture was amazing in terms of what the plan was i think that the benefits that the city is going to be getting from the projects are incredible so thank you and that's all i have.
12:46 pm
>> i like the 40 percent affordable and the dozens of stories in a city with not that much land important probation officer build up so thanks so much for all you're service. >> thank you supervises michael san francisco building and construction trades council we have our own account of the displacement we are in that economic class for the new by generation have been at least served by the housing production in san francisco we make two little generally to fast food market-rate except in the outdoor neighborhood we make too much to qualify for subsidize housing so some facts 100 percent of area medium income is what an operating engineer and
12:47 pm
other earner working a few weeks less as common in a down turn one hundred percent is sheet worker metal works and other this is i want to applaud supervisor kim for observing middle-income in new york city with forest city that's exactly what we in the trade need to remain in san francisco those of you who look at the local hire reports over the last few years know we're a majority of monitored in the building trades in san francisco there are not only filipino nurses and filipino teachers there are filipino trade workers of plenty but as supervisor remind me when we testified in the past the purpose of this hearing not to judge the facts of the adequacy
12:48 pm
of the environmental impact report to that end we believe that you're city staff as adequately refeuded the claims against the environmental impact report we ask you to reject the appeal and approve the eir thank you. >> hi, i'm katie i'm the director of housing development for tndc our director was not here we have a board of directors meeting tonight i'd like to address some of the statement about 9 who supported eddy and taylor family housing and additional clarifies it will provide affordable housing to individuals a third restored for the families moving out of homelessness and some with the disabled or transitioning from long term care institutions the
12:49 pm
1, 2, 3 depressions bedrooms over 70 percent will be reversed for families who earn between 20 and $50,000 a year paying rents continue 8 hundred and 12 a month. >> there was also an ad in the examiner that asserted that eddy and taylor will be built and a speaker saying the tempt was fully fund in 2009 i want to correct those statements it is true that tndc will not give up on the dream it is not true the project was or project was already fund we've controlled the site since 2007 and washer for the financing it is challenging in a great recession and following the recession and the demise of development never enough resources to build all the affordable housing and capable of building as a result we have to be creative and look
12:50 pm
at all resources and 5 m agreement to provide funds to the city to support eddy and taylor give us the confidence with a feasible plan and plan to start construction in two years tndc didn't negotiate the 5 m benefits plan we believe it is a good precedent for future developers in our community the two traditional affordable housing will serve families and individuals earning less than half of the medium area income within a 5 minute walk the layer of oversight medium is income is exist serving the people and as the previous speaker said didn't qualify more affordable housing the solution to displacement is really affordable nonprofit housing and tndc is part of solution we urge to reject the
12:51 pm
appeal and approve the thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> good evening the board and supervisors my name is jess i can't i'm here to deny the appeal i have here people say together that this building are too tall and i have heard them as a that this building need more housing well, what is it going to be? you can't have it both ways what is more important to me is not the building but what is in it i support this project because it is bringing affordable housing with each building and this is good
12:52 pm
our roots no one is going to have to move out or move away to be evicted because of this project just the opposite this project puts 8 homes for people that have the at least please do the right thing more affordable housing and support this project we are in a housing crisis we need the housing now and my family they got houses they have big houses i love staying in san francisco i'm working as a guard for 11 years and thank you >> thank you. >> good evening supervisors
12:53 pm
my aunt is ill i'm reading here remarks on her behalf i'm the executive director of cast the community art stabilization trust tour mission inform create spaces for arts and cultural organizations by quasi properties to nurture and help to sustain arts in the city this approach allows cast in support of artists in a mix of can remember organization and artists we were approach by forest city to participate with them to be the rester and ancestor our on mini in a as part of knowledge project thus providing a new and stable home for arts and culture in south of market. >> we really look forward to adding 447 into the culture resources of neighborhood and working collaboratively with the
12:54 pm
community to make an asset in the upcoming district court we want to assure people that those hearing in the appeal cast has secured an agreement as part of development agreement about you today and locks in the 447 building as a permanent affordable nonprofit space we that this will be a fantastic resource for many nonprofits in the area that are dealing with incredible pressure and that will provide for programming for youth, families and seniors any public comment? this is a long process to get here but we strongly believe in the 5 m vision and it's commitment to arts and culture as a vital part of this culture and the community i urge to take action to move forward the project thank you
12:55 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors danny represent that with the she want metal workers one 04 we ask to you reject this on the basis we feel the staff has done a thorough job vesting the eir and the appeal has from merit we very supportive of project for the vast mulch the community benefits that will bring the city not the at least will be good paying mirkarimi construction job for the city youth and local residents that will allow them to perhaps live and raise a family in this city and create criteria pathways for filipinos and other race and nationalists that want to find a good paying criteria in the building trades we ask you to reject the appeal and move
12:56 pm
forward. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm here because i love san francisco i think that the 5m project will be an excellent addition to our city we've heard about findings creative solutions to figuring out ways to make affordable housing this is a lot of blusters but in this particular situation you guys came possibility together and figured out 40 percent thank you sincerely for all the effort you guys made i i don't believe this project displaces monthly in fact, the delay that has accelerated displacement in the city this project will also enhance the public safety and sidewalks that's another cause that is near and dear to my heart so thanks for your efforts open this project and all your real world actual solutions please
12:57 pm
reject the appeal and move forward thank you. >> good evening supervisors i'm have having virginia here to represent the yerba buena alliance it is a neighborhood organization that borders the 5m proximately that has been actively engaging with that project for several years we wanted to acknowledge the public outreach of the project and the nieflts for the members of the yerba buena alliance to engage one of the things we're hearing from the members that is a concern of the arts the yerba buena is the arts heart of downtown san francisco and a lot of us are upset and skefrndz about the displacement felt cartoon art museum we're looking forward to the art space that is priority 12 though square feet the thoughts space for the community and also very impressed with the project goals to mitigate their presence and
12:58 pm
we want to acknowledge that although there will be a small shadow on the yerba buena gardens and the children's play area between september 20th and november 22nd and between january 18th and march 18 there will be a shadow no less than one hour other 3:20 p.m. we understand our concerned about the impacts on the yerba buena garden but because of the project sponsors electrician to this project their transit impact development fee and the electricians to affordable housing the alliance board look at the board and agreed to vote in support of project so because of that we ask you in support of 5 m project and this that knowledge it is a partner with the yerba buena neighborhood thank you.
12:59 pm
>> good evening supervisors. >> my name is rose a residence the tenderloin for 20 years now i'm on officer of the filipino-american community association i'm here to ask the supervisors to support the 5m project i have attended the past hearings about this project from the planning planning commission until the land use commission hearing so i fully understand the project we support this project because it is bringing affordable housing with it's buildings in that is good for our neighborhood especially with the housing crisis in the city this project will create homes for people who have the least please do the right thing more affordable housing and reject the appeal and vote yes on 5 m i thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
1:00 pm
please. >> yes. please. okay. thank you. >> good evening supervisors i am angeline a resident of tenderloin for 15 years a member of the tenderloin filipino-american community association i am here today to ask the supervisors to reject the appeal to the board of supervisors i ask you this will this project bring new people to our neighborhood the answer is yes
1:01 pm
allow people to stay if the neighborhood the skewer is answer is yes homes for people who might otherwise become homeless or who have to leave the city because it is too expensive this project creates new open space jobs and offers 40 percent affordable housing we need this project and i'm asking you to say no to the appeal and, yes to 5 m project. >> thank you. >> (clapping). >> madam president. >> madam president i'll remind the members and the public. >> excuse me. one second.
1:02 pm
>> i'm reminded the people in the gallery. >> one second anyone one minute please. thank you, madam clerk. >> i'll remind the owe members in the public gallery no audible audible sounds of xrelgs use you're fingers. >> good evening a resident of the tenderloin and a member of the tenderloin filipino-american community association i am here today in support of