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tv   Commission on Community Investment Infrastructure 111715  SFGTV  December 1, 2015 4:30am-7:01am PST

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discussion of acting executive directors report. >> are just some of the report. one thing i was going to point out is under item 11 just that as the chairman has mentioned, the commission is scheduled to have a meeting on january 5 at 9:00 am. i didn't add in there but i should've 9 am on january 5 and remove 416 regarding its budget and that the budget instructions are supposed to come out from the mayor's office on the first so that'll be will to inform them. >> and we added an item to that january 5 meeting would be where we are on the drafting of regulations. >> right. report back from the interested persons should >> any public comment?
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hearing none,- >> for planning purposes, will we have a packet for the january 5 meeting, and if so when you think we will see that even the holidays? >> i think by regulation we have to pay packet that goes out to the public when the notice, the official notice goes out side that's going to be sometime after christmas before new year's. >> will get it to you as soon as possible. there likely will be a memo regarding both the feedback as well as the budget. the two separate memos, i should say >> can i request it be sent to at least an e-mail given the coding >> i would request the same. too i hear a motion to adjourn. moved and seconded. of the
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comment? hearing on the commission will stand adjourned and merry christmas and happy hanukkah and happy thanksgiving and all the other holidays. >>[gavel] good afternoon. it is
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1:09 p.m. this is the regular meeting of the commission on community investment and infrastructure. the successor agencies commission to the san francisco redevelopment agencies for tuesday, november 17, 2015. welcome to members of the public. madam secretary, can you please call the first item? >> thank you madam chair, the first order of business is item 1, rollcall. commission numbers please respond when i call your name. commissioner wanda hart is absent. commission youer penmental. >> here. >> present. commissioner singh. >> here. >> commissioner bustos. >> here. >> madam chair rosales. >> here. >> commission wanda hart is
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absent. all other members of the commission are present. the next order of business is item 2, announcement. a, the next regularly scheduled meeting of december 1, 2015 will be held at 1:00 p.m. at city hall, room 416. b, announcements of prohibitioning of sound producing electronic devices during the meeting. please be advised that the ringing of and use of cellphones, pagers, and signally sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair and the removal of the order room of any persons responsible for the ringing of or use of a cell phone, pager, or other similarly sound producing electronic is devices. see announcements of time allotment for public country comment. please be advise said, members of the public have up to 3 minutes to make
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comments on each agenda item unless the (inaudible) it is strongly recommended that members of the public who wish to address the commission fill out a speaker card and submit that completed card to the commission secretary. the next order of business is item 3, report on actions taken at a previously closed session meeting, if any. there are no reportable actions. the next order of business is item 4, matters of unfinished business. there is none. the next order of business is item 5, matters of new business consisting of consent and regular agenda. first, the consent agenda. 5 a, approval of minutes, regular meeting of august 18, 2015 and september 1, 2015. 5 b, authorizing a third amendment to the legal services contract with the thomas law group to increase the
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contract amount by $100,000 for a total aggregated amount not to exceed 250,000 dollars. action resolution number 732015. madam chair. >> thank you. do we have any speaker cards from the consent calendar? >> i do not. >> does a member of the public would like to address the item on the consent calendar, please come forward. >> can you please state your name? >> yes, how you do. thank you so much commissioner. shawn walton, bayview native, resident of bayview and also of young community developers. i came to talk a little bit about consent item, agenda item d and i just wanted to talk about the partnership of young community developers and the community benefit agreements and some of the placement that we have been able to be
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successful in. on the shipyard due to the community agreement dollars received. >> can i interrupt you for a second? do you have time to wait until that item is called because right now, we're on the consent calendar? >> i can come back, yes. i'm kind of in fours today so that's why i tried to jump in. >> i see. (laughter) >> if you're not able to come back, we are able to hear your comments. i just want to make sure you don't use up all your time. >> thank you. i just want to say we've had the opportunity place dozens of individuals directly on projects on the shipyard because of projects we received. we have been able to take care of union deuce and pay for driver's license issues and deal with restitution and things for individuals in the system. of aside from that, we've also
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been able to provide resource for trainings and we train a lot of individuals with families on hazardous waste removal, ocean tend safety, cpr and things that prepare individuals for careers in the construction /stkreurbgs not just jobs, but actual careers. we're not just placing individuals on the shipyard but throughout san francisco, as you know, we have a lot of work going on and our work with la northward has made that highly possible. so i just wanted to share that and i want to share 1 more thing. y cd is a partner along with block 49. those 60 units of affordable houses, that 60 person edit of a m i, those units will be finished, hopefully in april. we'll keep our fingers crossed. we're excited about that partnership and that, of course, that opportunity has been made available also through our work with the community benefits agreement and with lanar. so i just wanted to
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speak on that. thank you so much for allowing me this time in this session to do this. it's a lot on me today so thank you >> thank you. okay. but do we have any speaker cards on the consent calendar? >> no. >> okay. so public comment is closed on the consent calendar. do i hear questions, corrections on the minutes, or motions on the consent calendar? >> motion. >> second. >> okay. there's been a motion by commissioner bustos, second by premental. please call the roll. >> okay, this is agenda 5 a. commissioner penmental. >> yes. >> commissioner singh. >> yes. >> commissioner bustos. >> yes. >> madam chair rosales. >> yes. >> i have 4 yeas and 1 absent. so the minutes are adopted for 5
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a. did we call 5 a and 5 b on that? >> we haven't called 5 b. >> okay. i think with the commissioners permission, we can have the same motion and second. >> okay. >> can you please call the roll on 5 b? >> sure. commission members please announce your vote when i call your name. commissioner penmental. >> yes. >> commissioner mondejar is absent. >> commissioner singh. >> yes. >> commissioner bustos. >> yes. >> madam chair rosales. >> yes. >> okay. i have 4 yeas and 1 absent. >> okay. can we also call the regular agenda, 5 c? >> the next order of business is regular agenda. 5 c. authorizing a memorandum of understanding of what the city and county of san
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francisco mayor's office of housing and community development to grant up to 8,000,259,000 dollars in tax except bond proceeds. subject to approval by the oversight board and department of finance. discussion and action resolution number 742015. madam director. >> thank you madame secretary. good afternoon to the commissioners and good afternoon to the members of the public. thank you so very much for joining us today. commissioners, as you are aware, there are a number of bond proceeds that you've authorized transfer to the city for for use in the selma, bayview, and other /kwra*ers. this is the last of our bond proceeds that were issued pre-2011 and state disillusion law allows 1 if we've completed a series of audits
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and made payments to the state, we're allowed to transfer to the state for purposes of those bond proceeds, these dollars, or rather taxable proceeds for purposable consented with the issuance and we've worked diligently with the city's housing of community development and through consult with other stakeholders to identify a proposed program of uses which you've seen and we've previewed as part of over the course of the last budget season. and now we're ready to propose a particular m o d with with your consideration of the city's 8.2 million. with that, the housing manager will provide you a little bit of overview, a little bit of the background, the specifics of the proposed program and i see he's also joined guy mow cd's direct as well. >> thank you tiffany. director bohee, jeff white, program manager. as
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tiffany summarized, this is to summarize the community development to grant up to 8.25 million in tax bond proceeds subject to the overview of the department of finance. there's 2 proceeds identified and they're both critical needs. the first is for urgent elevator repairs at public housing sites and second, for existing reaffordability for nonprofit organizations. excess, deemed bond proceeds. the bond proceeds are pre-2011 and exceed the amounts needed to satisfy our enforceable obligations. and why o c i. has numerous affordable housing obligations as you know that we have remaining, the tax
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exempt nature of the particular bond proceeds make them really difficult for ocii to use on the affordable housing regulations because the bonds are low for low-income housing credits. and all of o c i u affordable housing projects rye lee on lie tech funding. *. the transfer of these funds will be pursuant to the 2 categories i mentioned. a little bit more specifically, mow cd plans on using approximately 3 million of the 8.26 million for urgently needed elevator repairs at 9 public housing sites. it's to assist elderly and low-income residents so they can live in safe conditions with access to the elevators, obviously. and to facilitate the repair and
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modernization of those elevators. the 9 properties are all owned by the san francisco housing authority. the work -- excuse me. the elevator work is ongoing and will be able to continue with the assistance of the bond proceeds and completion of anticipated by december 21, 2015. and the second category of uses outlined in the m ou are using the remaining 5.26 million in funds for rehabilitation and repair the existing affordable housing sites that can't leverage lie tech financing which has made funding this needed repair work very challenging. to award these funds. mow cd will issue a funds of notability or know fa. the know fa is subject to the approval. and by march 2016, the awards will be finalized and the funds will be expended by
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december 31, 2015. to understand the needs, m ocd has a list of projects. the list includes 29 properties totaling about 49 million in repairs. so the 5.29 isn't going to cover all of that. 11 of those projects, of those 29 projects are located in the mission. in order to ensure both maximum impact and that funds are available for multiple projects, m ocd anticipates the awards on average will not exceed 5 -- $1 million each. the n o f a will define eligible feeds fields of work that will include roof replacement, light safety, electrical improvements, plumbing upgrades, accessibility
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/kpwraofpltsz to assist attend ants. the work must be completed and comply with the city's contracting and labor policies. in your packet, there is a red line of the resolution that includes 3 modifications. it's in red line so you should be able to note it. 1 is a clean up language. a clean up modification of the s e qa language. the cheng calls out explicitly the compliance with that m ocd role that applies to the projects that are awarded funding. m ocd awards that with their projects but this will explicitly apply that. the other added language is the extent for the possible 5.26 million to go towards projects in approximate mission. this concludes my
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presentation. i'm ken hartly with m ocd and i can answer any questions you might have >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. before we entertain questions from the commission, do we have public comment cards? >> i do. mr. sam moss. >> good afternoon commissioner. thank you for the opportunity to speak today. i wanted to come and say that myself, on behalf of mission housing and development corporation, certainly support using this money in the way that was just described. the majority of the properties, i shall, that are listed in the mission are mission housing and development corporation assets. they're small sites that were inherited or purchased through 1 public fund or another from the early to mid 80s to about the mid-90s and they are in dire need of rehab and modernization. i think that 1 part of the small sites program now
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that the city has, some people hesitate because they're worried about the long-term up keep and key habitat. these funds will do just that. they will take properties that are old, relatively speaking, to new construction and ensure that they remain affordable and in the high quality that our affordable tenants deserve for decades today. i wanted to come today to give my support to this. so thank you. >> thank you. are there any others that want to speak on this item? i have no more speaker cards. >> okay. do we have any questions, comments by my fellow commissioners? >> i move that. >> i'll second. >> okay. there's been a motion by commissioner singh and a second by commissioner bustos. i want to say before the vote that i'm very pleased with the resolution and the direction of this item. i certainly
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like, of course, because i've made it clear on the record when we have had this item before us in a workshop, and i think it's been a couple of years now that we've been talking about this, that this is, at least from my perspective, a way that this commission can give to another sector of the city that we don't really have jurisdiction in or other areas i should say. the mission district being the 1 that i think is in great need of this kind of assistance. so i'm very pleased with this language, and of course, i'm very pleased that we call out that the city will do of course, what it normally does which is to apply its contracting and local hire requirements to this work. so we have a motion and a second. can you please call the roll? >> commission members please announce your vote when i call your name? commissioner penmental?
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>> yes. >> commissioner mondejar is absent commissioner singh. >> yes. >> commissioner bustos. >> yes. >> madam chair rosales. >> yes. >> madam chair, i have 4 yeas and 1 absent. >> very long. thank you. the motion is about the thank yous. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is 5 d, workshop on the community benefits provided through the hunters point shipyard phase 1. in candlestick point, /hurpblgts point shipyard phase 2, disposition and development agreements. hunter points shipyard and bayview hunters point recan development project area. discussion. madam director. >> /kpheurgs and members of the public, this informational presentation stems from direction and request from this commission dating back to march to provide an update to the commission and the members of the public on the status of all of the community
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benefits at the shipyard, both hunters point shipyard phase 1 currently under way, and hunters point shipyard /kapblgts stick so this is getting going. so this is a status update to review what's been on to date and how we plan to move forward. so with that, i'll have the hunters point yard candlestick senior manager to walk you through this presentation. >> thank you director bohee. good afternoon chair, rosales, drew with o c i. specific with hunters point stick yard and candlestick point. i would like to let the commissioners know i'm joined by la shawn walker who is the director of urban. and the chair of our citizen's committee for the project area. as director bohee mentioned in her opening remarks, this presentation is an informational item to provide you
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with an update on the phase 1 and phase 2 community benefits associated with the hunters point shipyard and candlestick point projects. >> an overview of the presentation, i'll be providing some project background as well as going in-depth the community development in phase 1 as well as the phase 2 in candlestick deposition disagreement, hunters point phase 2 in this presentation and in this slides. >> so just to oriented everyone to the project site, this is a project map. the hunters point shipyard phase 1 includes hill top and hill side development parcels which are located in the center of the right slide. phase 1 is being constructed on
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parcel a which they may be transferred to us in 2004. phase 1 includes 1600 units of housing, at least 27 percent of the which will be affordable and 26 acres of open space. /hufrpbts point shipyard phase 2 is contained in the /raeurpl of the shipyard shown on the right side of the slide. and candlestick is to the left. together, they will include 10, 500 units of housing of which a third will be affordable. 325 acres of open space, 3 million square feet of office space and approximately 800,000 square feet of retail space. >> the project timeline for the development back in 1974, the hunters point shipyard closed operation, the phase 1 development disagreement, was
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entered into in 2003. in 2008, the san francisco voters endorsed the development of phase 2 of the shipyard through the passage of proposition g and subsequently, the city adopted candlestick 2 d da and just this year, the first residents moved into the first phase of development at the shipyard. the next slides go over the form that these various agreements of disposition and development agreements take. so walking through the phase 1 d da first, the parties to that are ocii and h p s development cowhich is an fit of lanaire owen. it concludes provisions that generally guide the development of phase 1. and i've pulled out a few of those elements of the d da here for you. obviously, the community
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benefits plan which in phase 1 was then built upon through a community benefits agreement which was entered into between ocii and lanaire in 2005. the phase 1 d da also includes affordable housing program and complementing contract policies which includes profession /pro*fgzs related to construct and permanent jobs as well as encouraging the occlusion of small owned businesses on the project. it includes an opening plan, financing plan, and transportation plan. i've made a note here that the community benefits of phase 1 are over seen by this commission as well as our o c i c and the legacy foundation. the legacy foundation is a quasi public entity which is elected overseas community benefits fund all go into more information about their role in the project as we continue. the phase 2 deposition and
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development agreement is similarly organized. it is an agreement between o c i. and seepy development co. again, a lanaire owen affiliate. it was entered into in 2010. it has a d da plan. it does not have a subsequent agreement like phase 1 does. it similarly has an affordable housing plan which calls for the rebuilding of alice griffith. it similarly includes the housing contracting policies. i mentioned previously a parks and finance plan, infrastructure plan, sustainability. i did want to note to the core community benefits agreement, it's a private agreement entered into between the lanaire irvin and the lines. neither
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the city or parties are apart of this agreement. d da is compromised of the san /tprapbgs labor counselle, the san francisco acorn which has subsequently been reconstituted as ace. by entering into the core community benefits agreement in 2008, add attended to support proposition g which was the valid measure supporting candlestick yard and hunters point. under the core cd a, relating do housing and jobs, specifically the core cd a requires lanaire to make 26.8 million dollars in contributions to a community first housing fund to aisn't it qualified de10 residents to purchase homes within the districtment also to
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building the alice griffith and commit to the houses below the market rates. these were provisions that we incorporated into our own disposition and development agreement as they relate to alice griffith and below market rate housing. relating to jobs, it requires 8.9 million towards a development fund to be used for workforce development programs designed to create a gated way of career developments for residents of d 10. for source hiring. that's the extent of which i'm going to be discussing the core cd a because again, we're not parties to that agreement. but it is an additional community benefit that the project provides. i did just want to take note while i'm nod included in the community benefits plan, these are significant benefits of the project. to date on phase 1 of the
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project, 57 inclusionary for sale units have been approved through our major phase approvals. those are available at 80 percent of area median income. and in addition, 59 units are available on block 49 which are available at 50 percent of area median income. on phase 2 of the project, the developer has made significant contributions to the alice griffith rebuild project. to date, the developer has provided funding for phases 1 through 3 b of the project which total approximately 16 million dollars. this is the first development to occur on the second phase of the project. and i also just wanted to make a couple notes regarding current compliance with small business /spwerp prize and work force compliance. these slides cover both faces of the development project. the overall goal
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for small business enterprise program is a 50 percent goal. lanaire urban currently has a participation rate of 54.2 percent. of that, bayview hunters point and district 10 s p es received 16.2 percent of those contracts which is 42 million dollars. regarding work force performance, again, there is a goal that is 50 percent of the construction and jobs be provided to san francisco residents with a preference for the residents to be in bayview hunters point. to date, 42.5 of the hours have been conducted by residents with bayview /pa*rb participating in 23.9 percent of the work hours. back to the community benefits
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which will be the remainder of the presentation we'll focus on, this is a list of the community benefit programs that are required under the phase 1 disposition and development agreement and that community benefits agreement. i'll go into each 1 of these. and then in phase 2, a similar list of community benefit programs. the programs with asterisks next to them were programs that were carried forward from phase 1 into phase 2. and the ones without as /treufbgs are new programs specifically implemented for the second phase of development. this is the program that bridges both forms of the project. this provides bayview areas
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contractors through the owner's consolidated program. this applies only to phase 1. the o c e p allows interested contractors to sign up for the liability coverage provided by the developer. there's also an assurance program that (inaudible) for assurety bonds on the phase 1 project. technical assistance program which takes the place of the liaison who provides assistance to nav gators for contracting the work on the phase 1 project. the financial assistance program which provides assistance to contractors who are in need of financing or assistance with financial institutions. and lastly, the mentorship program, again, this is only a phase 1 program. the mentorship program provides support to emerging minority opponent and women owned businesses in construction
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relating, connecting those bayview hunters point enterprises and teaming them with experienced mentors. for phase 1, the developer is in compliance with the phase 1 cap or /skraubgz assistance program. butler enterprises administers the technical assistance and financial assistance program. the assurety ty development program has been waived by the contractor. administers their mentor ship program. for phase 2, the developer is in compliance with the construction assistance program. phase 2, unlike phase 1, sets a spending requirement. the developer is required to spend 250,000 dollars a year for a total of 10 years for 2.5 million
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dollars total. to date, in the 2 years that the developer has been active on phase 2, they have spent 265,000 dollars which provides a short fall of 235,000 dollars. however, the phase 2 d da expressly addresses this as a potential and says that any short fall that should occur at the end of the 10 year term should be paid to either the community benefits fund or the developer will continue to administer the construction assistance program beyond that 10 year program until all the funds have been used. in addition, the construction assistance program has, for phase 2, requires the developer make a 250,000 dollars contribution towards assurety bond and credit support program which the developer has made. and similarly to phase 1, butler enterprises
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administers the technical assistance and contractor workshop. the phase 1 community benefits agreement requires that the developer contributes 275,000 dollars a year to local ceos providing job training services. the developer is not in compliance with this provision to date. the developer is obligated to provide 2 million, 250,000 dollars into the program but has only provided approximately 1.8 million dollars. in discussion between ocii staff and lynn that, they have /skpet accelerated to expenditures over the next 2 years to become compliant by 2018. the small business assistance program is a phase 1 program which the goal of which is to assist bayview
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hunters point small businesses by creating a directory of local small businesses requiring contractors and consultants to use their best efforts to purchase no less than 20 /poerpbts testify dollar value of their shipyard project related purchases from bayview hunters small businesses. and third, to host quarterly networking workshops for b v h p area small businesses. this phase 1 update, the developer is not in compliance with the small business program. the developer does currently publish a directory of local suppliers that is shared with contractors through the cap program but is not shared with all consultants. additionally t developer does not include languages in their contracts with consultants and contractors regarding reaching the 20 percent goal for project purchases.
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and third, the developer host networking events for suppliers 2 times a year but not quarterly as required. ocii staff and speaking with lanaire has developed a corrective action plan under which the developer will begin sharing the directory of b v h p small businesses with all applicable contractors and consultants. additionally, ocii contract compliance staff will meet with lanaire urban to establish a strategy for implementing the small business program. and finally, the networking events will be increased to quarterly. the community builder program is similarly, a program that is both in phase 1 and 2 and there's additionally a requirement on ocii as a developer. and under phase 2. for the phase 1
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program, 30 /poefrpbts market rate lots must be developed and partnership with b v h p community builders. for the phase 2, a percentage of the market rate housing must be in compliant with the builders and the obligation on o c i u is to involve the community builders in at least 300 affordable units. in phase 1 t developer is in compliance with the community developer program with the community builder program. all phase 1 community builder lots have been assigned and community builder agreements have been executed for 4 blocks. this slide includes a list of the assigned community builders for each of the lots identified. and for the hill top, the parcels that are outlines in red are the designated community builder lots. so those include block 1, 52, 53, and
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54. and on the hill side which is the second part of phase 1, the lots include parcel f, j, a, k, and o. here are the schematic designs for 3 of the blocks which have been approved by the commission including block 52, block 53 and 4, and block 48 parcel o. under phase 2, did developer is also in compliance to date. no market rate lots have been assigned to community builders in the first major phase of candlestick. the developer intends to satisfy this in future major phases of development. regarding the ocii obligations, we have partnered with the san francisco housing development as
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well as tabor knack elcommunity development in the building which is a phase 2 project and the number associated with each of those is listed to the right. and here's the examples of the schematic designs of the projects under which ocii has partnered with community groups including alice griffith block 2 and block 4. phases 1 and 2 include programs such as the international african marketplace to serve as a (inaudible) representing african die of a rah and it's cultural view worldwide as well as surviving a purpose for commercial and retail businesses. in phase 1 t developer is in compliance
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under the phase 1 community benefits agreement. they provided interim i a m events which were held annually from 2006 through to 2009. in phase 2, the developer is also in did compliance and 2 locations have been selected for the permanent international african marketplace. 1 is an outdoor location in /phorgt side park which is /pargt of the first major development and phase 2, the second location is an indoor location inside of candlestick retail using an inside community space. * the community facility space is a phase 2 program which requires the developer make available 65.2,000 feet to the project serving uses including
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the international african marketplace, library reading room, and a room for the candlestick development area. the developer is in compliance with this obligation. they have proposed to provide 35,000 square feet in the development of candlestick which is associated with the retailer. the remaining 30,000 feet will be provided in a future major phase at the shipyard. the community facilities lots are bridge both phase 1 and 2. under this obligation, the developer will provide ocii 8 acres of developable lots in community fats. in phase 1, 8.2, in phase 2, 6.8 acres will be provided. the developer is in compliance with this obligation. ocii staff is currently in communication with our school district, police department, as
5:14 am
well as other public service providers to determine their need for these parcels. the location for these community's facilities lots is provided in the attached map. there are additional community facilities which are required turned phase 2 program specifically, the developer will provide replacement artist studios, an /-rt center parcel, replacement commercial kitchen, a fire station lot, and building 13 will be developed into an emerging business incubator. to date, lanaire has made efforts in fulfilling their obligations for the replacement artist studio building, the replacement commercial kitchen facility building. the commercial kitchen facility is actually currently under construction and will be completed in the next few months. the business incubator space obligation under phase 1 requires the
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developer to facilitate the growth and development of a variety of businesses at the shipyard without cost or without profit. in phase 1, the developer is in compliance. that's limited amount of space that would be appropriate for this to meet this obligation in phase 1. since the vast majority of development is housing, the developer will provide the space in the phase 2 development. under phase 2, the program requires that the developer and ocii work together to develop building 813 for the use of the incubation of small emerging businesses and technologies. and in september, ocii acquired building 813 from the navy with the transfer of parcel d too. the cultural and historic recognition program is a phase 1 program
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which integrates cultural features throughout the shipyard and provides opportunities to local artist to participate in the creation of public art. the developer is in compliance with this obligation. ocii implemented this program through receipt of federal grants from the economic development administration. through that grant, they commissioned the installation -- we commissioned and installed 9 art works. the developer is currently installing an additional piece of art work which are 500 square feet of use tile. a picture of the recently installed art work is on this slide. in phase 1, there is a home bear assistance program which is meant to provide assistance to qualified home buyers by providing down payment assistance, home ownership
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programs and home ownership city counciling. the developer is in compliance with this obligation through vertical disposition and vertical agreements. financing options are made available to home buyers and to date, the developer has organized 59 first time home buyer workshops. there is also a community real estate broker program as part of the phase 2 program which /raoeurgs requires the developer to hold specific market events to community brokers and to date t developer is in compliance. there are no units for sale in phase 2. however, the developer has voluntary extended this program to phase 1 and they provide community brokers with a 1 percent incentive fee. phase 1
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includes a robust outreach program under which the developer is required to input via website and outreach programs. these are required to be translated into chinese, spanish, and snow an. the developer is in compliance. they develop certain outreach activities but do not maintain a community focused website, quarterly newsletter or translate these communications. ocii staff has worked with the developer for a corrective action under which the developer is proposing to launch a website in december and work to come into compliance with the remaining provisions of the outreach program. also, under phase 1, the developer is required to provide a quarterly written status report to ocii and rca c which will be presented at the cac
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providing an update on the fulfillment of these community benefits obligations. the developer is not in compliance with this requirement. quarterly reports have not been provided since september of 2013. the corrective action is that the developer will commence quarterly reports starting the next calendar year. this first report on the first quarter of 2016 will be provided to ocii and our citizen's advisory committee in april. the committee benefit fund is both a phase 1 and phase 2 benefit. its purpose is to create a fund to be reinvested by ocii in the bayview hunters point community to benefit low and moderate income families, eliminate blight and meet other community's needs as implemented by bayview and hunters
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point and those relating to education, the arts, public safety, assistance for senior sit sense and other community assistance as identified. in phase 1, the developer is in compliance. they have contribute 1mate dollars to the community benefits fund which is the total funding to be anticipated. the legacy foundation will be presenting to this commission, the recommendation for how those funds should be spent in early 2016. under the phase 2 program, the developer will contribute a half of percent of the first sale of each market rate housing unit. to date, no market rate homes have been sold on phase 2. phase 2 d da also includes several other financial contributions to be made by the developer with specific milestones. the developer is in compliance with each over these contributions which includes a
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half million dollars to the scholarship program and as well to the education improvement fund. $100,000 to the wellness contribution and 250,000 dollars to the south east health center. the scholarship fund will be used to assist youth and adults up to age 30 with a the cost of tuition or educational materials and the pursuit of higher educational programs. 5,000 dollars of that scholarship fund will be set aside annually for the education travel scholarship to be awarded to an african american student from the b v h p for educational travel to africa or asia. the education fund will be used to support education enhancement within bayview hunters point which may include new facilities or upgrades to existing education resources, as well as health and education wellness in schools. and finally, the health and wellness funds are both to be used for
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the expansion of the southeast health center or in the event they're not feed needed for that expansion, for the expansion of youth and creation wellness. that concludes our report. i am available for questions >> okay. thank you. first of all, i'm going to take public comment. can you please call? if anyone is interested which i'm expecting lots of folks might be interested in speaking, please hand in your speaker cards. >> okay. i'll call 5 names at at time. if you could please line up. glad /hreus harris. karen ortega. that /har rah he's extra da. gentlemanny /ka smith. and
5:23 am
tara owens. >> good afternoon commissioner and thank you for allowing me to speak. my name is glad us harris. i grew up in a double rock which is now alice griffith. presently, i live in the community. it has always been a dream of my sister and i to provide something for children. that dream became /tprepb doll gentleman. we recognized there was a great need for quality care in bayview. 16 years ago, we worked with the city to build a center that provides quality infant, toddler, and preschool care and supportive service to families. in september of 2017, we will lose our playground due to redevelopment. that puts the center operation at risk because we
5:24 am
are required to have a playground. and with all of the redevelopment plans, the influx of new housing, the plan for mixed income and even homes for purchase, there is no provision for child care. fen doll gentleman not only supports families but it also provides jobs in the community. vy 2 of my staff here today that lives in alice griffith and their children attend this school. a few years ago, there was a big ceremony. an announcement was made to bayview and the alice griffith residents. they promised the community that the new development would include a 10,000 square foot facility for child care. that announcement was made that /tprepb dell gentleman would operate that facility. that promise was not made. it's been taken back. i would like to close with a message from our families. this is 1 parent. the staff is
5:25 am
professional, teachers are wonderful. they take care of my children in a way i am fully satisfied. this is a future place for my children. please give them a chance to find a new and a better future for the children. please give them a chance. thank you. another. /tprepb doll ya is a school of love. every since the first day i brought my child here, i felt the sense that the staff loves the children and it takes me -- it makes me feel comfortable bringing my children. i hope that we'll be able to continue the services that we're doing. thank you so very much >> thank you. >> and i have here a folder with my parents. >> thank you.
5:26 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners. thank you for letting me come speak. my name is karen and i'm a mental health consultant at /tprepb dell gentleman enremit center. i was recently informed about the impact the redevelopment will have on the community that it serves. during my time, i've been aware of the impact that infant care can have on children, preschool kids and families. children are offered nurture, access to warm meals, becomes, learning, and safety. children build relationships and parents access parenting resources that help with disciplinary /strafpblgts children are given a foundation for academic growth and emotional
5:27 am
strength and wellness. lives in alice griffith and the double rock candlestick neighborhood. many families rely on /tprepb dell gentleman for their child's care. if they were forced to relocate or close down, many families in the double rock /tkapblgdz stick point community may no longer have access or seek out infant/toddler, and preschool care. it is my hope that it can be relocated within the double rock candlestick point community in order to remain a beak enfor learning and community to come. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is jahada. i'm a parent. my son attends frendelga and if this development has them close, it
5:28 am
would be a bring hardship on my family because it's really hard to find child care in the community. i don't know what i would be able to do with my child can to bring income to my house. that would be a really hard situation. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is janiqua smith. i am a parent at frandolja. >> can you speak closer to the mike. >> hello, i'm a parent and i'm also an employee at /tprepb dell gentleman. >> we can't hear you. (laughter) >> speak up. it's okay. >> hello. can you hear me now? >> yes. >> i'm a parent at /tprepb dell gentleman exterior and i'm also an employee at /tprepb dell gentleman enremit center. i also grew up in the neighborhood. not only will you /pwefpt the families but you'll benefit the staff and most importantly,
5:29 am
the children. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello. my name is tara owens. thank you guys for having the opportunity to hear us speak today. i am a parent of 2 children that attend friend gentleman and i'm also an employee now there and as a parent, i would not know what to do if they closed. it took me 1 year to get in because there's such a need for child care in that community. i was on a wait list and had to stay home with my on the for a year because there was no child care in our proximity. the closest thing was lake view which takes an hour and a half to get to on public transportation. so it's very difficult. now being that i am an employee there, i would also be out of a job. so now being out of a job and not having child care, it's a lose/lose situation. i'm just here to express how much we would greatly appreciate any opportunity to allow friend
5:30 am
alga to have a chance. so thank you. >> thank you. >> >> can the following people please come forward? september. pete, mel nick, and abe sacbisen. sorry if i've mispronounced your name. >> good afternoon commissioners and. my name is september and we're a family foundation /#230r78d in the 80s. we focus executively on high quality child care in low-income families and we supported the bayview community since we created in the 80s. i'm here following the parents and staff that spoke to highlight, i would call it grave oversight in the community's benefits plan that you just heard the presentation on child care and
5:31 am
early education. it's a vital need in the community is completely overlooked. i want to share some data with you today. this is beyond friend algae. today, the bayview community has a huge need for quality /khaeuld care. there's 570 eligible low-income families on the waiting list for care from 94124. in addition to that, bayview has the lowest ready kids. too many kids enter /keupbd guard behind. this data was met before /thoutsz of units were added to the neighborhood, many of which hope will be family serving and
5:32 am
family friendly. we hope it is also estimated that for every dollar that's invested in high quality child care, the public will save 7 dollars or more in cost like remedial education, welfare, and incarceration. if kids aren't served, they pay, their families pay, and we pay later. it's unjust that 1 of the neighborhoods few quality child can care centers, /ka* glad us, who you spoke to rose to the community needs. it's not being supported and lifted up. the original plans which i worked on in a prior capacity called for
5:33 am
new child care centers in the re/kpwopblt. and now those plans were abandoned and there's no solution for child child care let alone meet the growing needs is unjust. i hope you'll take this under consideration. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner. my name is pete and i'm here representing national association of minority contractors. we are the only trade association nationally that supports minority contractors. having the cap program, the construction assistant program is really benefitting the local minority contractors. it allows them to grow their business, get assistance in bonding, and also in insurance and financing. that allows the growth of the contractors and hire more people in their community. those types of
5:34 am
programs needs to continue and go beyond, in a sense that it will allow smaller contractors to emerge from being a smaller contractor to a larger contractor. cause capacity building is a must and it must take place with small minority contractors. without capacity buildings, these companies will stay small and will not hire more companies and therefore, it's critical that we look at the capacity building with small emerging minority contractors. we have collaborated with butler /kpwerpz and we're going to be meeting also with lanaire urban and this collaboration allows our organization to work together to come up with the means and other means of solutions that benefits the community, that benefits the suppliers, that benefits the minority contractors, and i'm looking forward to working in collaboration with them. we
5:35 am
also have in collaboration with ocii and we see a lot of progress, making changes in the projects. we see increase of participation of minority contractors. although, there's a goy for 20 percent for local suppliers, suppliers are also part of this equation since most of the goals for ocii projects are 50 percent. it will be we hooved to increase the percentage of goals to even higher because it allows smaller suppliers to grow also. the emerging suppliers needs to grow and compete against the larger suppliers that's surrounding in the neighborhood. and they can also, as they grow, hire more people. with that, we're pleased with the result and this is a continuation. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon
5:36 am
commissioner. my name is melanick. i'm from bayview hunters point. thank you for the presentation for the community benefit agreement and the housing that you spoke of, the affordable housing to be /tkwopbd. and the shipped yard and candle stick. the development of those units do not meet the requirements of the law. 33413, 334.3 and 334.18. a requirement t percentage that is afforded to and occupied by the extremely low and very low-income category is not included in your planning strategies. and this an executive summary that states
5:37 am
the affordable housing portions. the affordable housing portions are established to be retained to be built by the ocii. the phase 1 developers are required to give the successor agencies at no cost, 1 housing parcel, block 49 for the development of 60 affordable housing units. the developer is also required to finance the construction of the housing units on block 49. now you just sent out this, i guess notification of these units that's being built on 49 to be at 60 percent, the maximum is 42, 8 dollars a month. i mean a year of maximum income. that's lower
5:38 am
income. but lower income includes very low and extremely low-income. you denied those who are in those income categories by arbitrarily initiating in a price range. you say 1, 074 dollars is the price range to 1, 476 dollars. this is clearly in violation of what the requirements of the law is which says it's from 30 to 0 percent. you're not even paying for this development. you're not paying for these units so how can you arbitrarily isolate people who qualify under what the law requires and you isolate them and make them not able to make those units available and a possibility for them to occupy those units that were built on a lot that was given to you? it's wrong. i'm
5:39 am
gone see the best i can to bring you up before ajude indication. >> thank you. >> can the following people please come up? maria. jack. carrie. kathy perry, and arthur washington. >> hi, good afternoon commissioners, my name is maria and i'm a parent of 2 children. they're grown now but when they were growing up, i was lucky enough to live in a building where child care was located. now, i'm here for parents on behalf of their voices and more than 10 percent of whom the list on the waiting list are low-income in the bayview. this morning,
5:40 am
i learned that there is no provision for moving early care and educational quality child care in the developer's plan. and there is no plan at all to include or to relocate within the neighborhood. i have several parents who live in the district and this is a big concern for us. as our economy picks up, we need to support the tentative care for our children and for those desperately needing child care assistance so their parents can work and the children will thrive. a timely manner to meeting the needs of the young children and their families is essential to the community. i believe that not including any plans for early childhood in the developer's plan is
5:41 am
not acceptable. we hope that you will consider acquiring the child care and the housing being built and also relocating friend algae within this community. thank you very much and i just want to add that child care keeps children learning and parents earning. thank you. >> thank you. >> jack. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i'm jock with la hits digital television. mostly what i hear is about economic concerns. and economics is basically filled, must 1, in this city by tourism. right behind that is technology. so in 2001, my company proposed to gut out 2 buildings at the navy shipyard hunters point and
5:42 am
turn them into high media production companies. through lanaire, we were basically shutdown. we saw this coming through our meetings at the ma consolely with maxwell, et cetera. we saw this whole digital thing coming. so that was part of our plan also. for us, the gentlemen who talked about contractors and us growing, our technology and entertainment companies have to grow too. i was recently covering oracle and i left oracle to go to a rally in the mission about no evictions in the mission. at that rally, i learned there was an r over 3,000 homeless children in san francisco. that's the ones that can be counted through the school district. so i'm thinking it's more like 5,000 homeless children. and this is directly related to the castro of economics. so i would really like to know who is here from lanaire
5:43 am
because we would definitely like to talk to you about what is happening out there at the navy shipyard as far as the development of arts, media, and entertainment and technology. cause they have not been dealing with us very farrell at this date. again, at the oracle convention, i saw a lot of p r for twitter. twitter has a deal with the mba, slash the warriors. and you can go to twitter and find out what's going on with the nba players. we need that same type of buy-in, especially since we're not getting d.c. money. this is very serious big business. we really want lanaire to start dealing fairly with us contractors, us in media and technology, and just across the board. i hear a lot about children and their welfare. it's already written into our
5:44 am
structure that we will do this. we don't need to be prompted to do it. thank you very much >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is butler, i'm with the butler /kpwerpz group. i'm here really just to speak on behalf of the program, the small business program, the construction assistance program at the shipyard of how excited we are of the work that's being done out there. we have a lot of staff that man that facility out there. we take a lot of pride in what our men have done. since january of 20 13, we've done 22 workshops in the area. we have 159 technical assistance helping with putting in bids and different
5:45 am
types of things. we've had over 368 prebid meetings that we participate not only as a team, but also as the cap office, we do outreach in addition to the outreach that's being done also to make sure there's a comprehensive approach and the entire community is available and aware of the opportunities. we've had over 550 drop since to come into the cap office. a lot of them are repeats because it's consistent work that we do with the contractors. i'll be honest with you, i've done this for 18 years and the numbers you put up there today are outstanding. you can put that number against any other project the agency has and it will stand for itself as far as participation, communities contractors, and workers. i'm more focused on the small business piece and that's the 1 i
5:46 am
want to talk a little bit more about. on our first month on the job, the first 1 we did is the cap talent workshop to understand the needs of the capital investors. understanding that 90 percent of our contractors that are in the community don't have the capability to fund the projects they're now getting. so we brought in experts across the board to help in every way /shaeurpbgs, and fashion. we have norical financial that's working 1 on 1. we helped initiate the fund, the mobilization loan fund that utilized funds in order to get predevelopment money for these contractors. we're doing things completely out the box. i know i have 30 seconds left but i'll close with 1 testify things mentioned about the suppliers. we put an entire team of 5 people on the street and went door-to-door to district 10 and put together a manual and
5:47 am
disseminate that manual to all meetings as well as we keep it on the website. although it said we should have more meetings, i want the commission to understand there is a very positive, a very aggressive effort on or part to make sure everybody in the community is not only included but they're informed and they're participating at every level possible. thank you. >> thank you. >> kathy perry. >> good afternoon executive director and also commissioners. for the record again, my name is kathy perry. i have been monitoring -- well, not monitoring, but following the community benefits portion in particular, the i c, less the larger d da agreements. but now, of course, i'll be looking at those a little bit as well. and i have recently written -- i do media now. i have recently written an
5:48 am
article on and if you can make copies for everyone, you can see i've been following it very closely. but i wanted to say i've spent the last 3 years which is why i haven't been so involved in a situation with 1 of the whole sites where i was a program director for if hunter the hunter view. i was a director and it doesn't have the requirements that lanaire has because lanaire is a bigger project but i do know the a challenge of the developer. i know also the challenge of the city. and there was 2 things that came up. 1 was is it the developer's duty or is it the city's duty to decide or to plan for the services the c b os that are going to be around and provide support and all that. the reason i bring that up is because of the /tprepb dell ga child care. vy a strong opinion. the city has to make up their mind and say there
5:49 am
has to be a citizen's advisory community and looking at the overall development and who that impacts and there won't be these insights about the child care center. i want to say this before i get into the work force piece. the work force, the community benefits agreement is did most comprehensive 1 i've ever seen. i have been following it very closely. at 1 point, i didn't know the i c part of it was a private agreement. i did learn that eventually by going through committees. i've never seen 1 like this but maybe because it's a shipyard occurrence that it got so deep. the developer has to develop the financing and negotiations. and of course, i learned this first hand by doing the hunters view project. watching the developers, watching the city people and then how that translated on the ground. so it's a really complex issue and i wanted to at least
5:50 am
commend lanaire, for 1, hiring really well. they hire community people which is really great and then the work force issue. sorry it's so much but it's quite a comprehensive program. i think that o c i and lanaire need to really look at what a work force program should be because things have changed drastically from 008 when i was look at all of this. the needs have changed. there's a woman protesting outside right now because her son was killed and i don't /pwraeupl her. there's some real issues that people are experiencing so it's complex to say the least. but the /tkorp is doing a good job given the restrictions on it. thank you for your time. i thank the city for the report. it was very comprehensive. >> thank you. >> mr. arthur washington and
5:51 am
colin haggerty. >> good afternoon. my name is arthur washington and i'm with norical f d.c., i'm the co c e o. we do small business lending. i've been doing it for a while and here with the city of san francisco. currently, we have a state charter with the state of california of the benefit of both a federal state fund and the trust fund. i have a portfolio of about 400 loans which is the largest of small business lenders. so we know something about making loans to small businesses. the proficiency would be with the minority community as we call it the under deserved community and women owned businesses. contractors and restaurants probably have the highest challenge to
5:52 am
able to find financing. we asked to be a part of the cap team. we have a long history of providing financing. we came up with very innovative ways to be able to finance that. a lot of contractors go through lives ups and downs and don't always have the best lenders ready for a number of reasons, financial records and credit records. so it's tough to be able to get that. we had to dom up with how we could develop a program. it was really going to be credit blind but allow the contractors to have the mobilization and answer to get the equipment and be able to hire people to believe able to make that work. so with the cap team and the i c -- wait, i should back up. when we did our assessment, we said 90 percent of the people in here are not going to qualify with banks. i c i was
5:53 am
very helpful and provided financing. with that, we've been able to make every loan recommended for every contract. in addition, we've been able to exceed the employment by 125 percent. so we've been able to exceed it by 25 percent there. contractors to me, represent the most natural way of being able to create employment, real employment in your community. because it allows you to be able to come in from the ground and be able to get good wages. it's difficult to be able to finance that. i think the program we have here has actually done that. if anything, i think it needs more support to provide technical support for contractors to know how much future moans they will actually need. but i think the relationship we have here with lanaire, with the i c is a perfect blend for capital and provides perfect opportunities. thank you.
5:54 am
>> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners and thank you for the opportunity to speak. i'm here to support on the inclusion of /tprepb dell ga in the bayview hunters point plan and redevelopment. i'm with family services and i'm here to say we help families with their well-being and self-sufficiency. the point of our program is child care and early child childhood development. we operate a program similar to /tprepb dell ga and i understand the importance of this program in the bayview. the majority of our plans are very similar to this program. they are
5:55 am
minority women and they're single moms. we feel that to abandon these women and these children would be a grave mistake. so we urge you to include child care and early childhood education development in your plans. thank you. >> thank you. >> shana. >> hello. good afternoon commissioners. hi, my name is shana and i'm with towns and management. i would like to on the construction assistance program. our company has been based in the bayview area since 2000. our managers have consistent in the workshops and the workshops
5:56 am
at hunters point and candlestick point projects. being a part of the training program, we see the level of training being provided. we haven't seen other projects that provide this level of training and outreach for their perspective contractors and we believe the program is effective and helpful for all. thank you. >> thank you. all right. are there any others that would like to speak on this item? >> director bohee and president rosales and all of you other wonderful commissioners, good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. i'm dr. veronica chair of the cac for the shipyard. i want to
5:57 am
also recognize -- oh, she's there. >> here she comes. >> there she is. oh, i don't see her in the chair so i thought she had left. thank you. (laughter) >> so on behalf of the cac, may i say that the cac has advocated as many of you know, for the development of the shipyard for over 20 years. we have folks who are still on our c ac who have been there during that long 10 you're. we want you to know we've very pleased with lanaire's execution of the development. we are especially pleased with the community's development aspect and the /phregt rah of the community whether it's getting a job, or home ownership or renter opportunities. there's so many programs in which we are very delighted but i do want to mention a couple. the cap program which you've heard about, i hope you picked up the point that local
5:58 am
contractors often hire local qualified individuals from the community. and so we like what we see with that program. we see people getting the funding that they need and so that they can deal with their fiscals so they can learn how to be competitive, not only in jobs that pertain to the area but city wide. we are very pleased with the shipyard artist. i mean our artists have a home and a beautiful home. we want that to continue. we are pleased with the receiving of funds from lanaire urban for the i c ask the legacy foundation funding. you've seen a recap on that from the wonderful tap son's group. we are pleased with the small business assistance program because that gives folks an opportunity to do that and by although means, we're very pleased with
5:59 am
the a g, alice griffith build out and it's 1 for 1 replacement feature. in terms of the areas in which lanaire urban is out of compliance, i'll move quickly. our understanding is that ocii staff is working with lanaire to bring these areas into compliance and the reality is lanaire urban has exceeded all expectations and many of us feel that this will be a model, not only for san francisco or california, but for the country. /tpherpl in terms of the previous speakers who were dealing with the child care issue, i want you to know that we have not heard anything from the cac about that until today. so i gave my lady to the lady because we want to fold her into our process, our housing subcommittee process and we will do that. and so finally because i'm out of time, i want to thank you president rosales for your leadership in making
6:00 am
sure all aspects of this project are in compliance and move forward well. thank you commissioners for all the work that you are doing to help us move that project forward. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is doris. i'm a long time revenue of bayview. dr. hunter has expressed the same things i would be expressing. i would like to take this opportunity to speak to the audience. starting the d b a was developed under moore brown -- mayor brown and i've been a part of that process ever since. we neglected to think about
6:01 am
child care. we never ever mentioned anything in our meetings about child care. so that's on us. the other part is, all of a sudden, we have absolutely no participation from community. they have not come to us about any concerns about losing the top lock. so i ask them tomorrow night, 7:00 housing will meet. they need to come and share with us what they think we need to do. i don't see dr. walker closing /tprepb dell ga just because there's no top lock. the way it's presented, it's like the child care is going away, dr. walker is not about to let that happen. i'm sure of that. so we need you to come to our meetings and share with us what it is you want us to work on. thank you. >> do we have any other
6:02 am
speakers? >> we do not. >> thank you everyone for your testimony. okay. this is a workshop. so the commission gets any and all questions. so yes, commissioner bustos. >> all right. so i -- when we look at the community's facilities lots, we said that part of your update is that the developers in compliance. >> can you speak a little closer? >> you said the developer is in compliance and that you're working or you're having discussions with san francisco unified school district, the police department, fire department about what to do with that, i would like maybe if the chair can actually have a commissioner be a part
6:03 am
of those discussions so it's something that rather than wait for the end when negotiations have already happened to then come up and let us know, but maybe there's some things that we could sort of apply on what when the discussions are happening and what you guys are saying. there may be some other ideas we have about it. so i would personally like to be a part of that but i'll let our chair decide if someone can be a part of that. it's just a request. so the small business program. the develop is not in compliance and it's about publishing the directory of local suppliers through the cap program, right? >> mm-hmm. >> we don't have time to wait for -- i mean, who is from lanaire that's here? >> la shawn /wa*urbg walker,
6:04 am
the director of community affairs. >> la shawn, we need to get this directory up and go. i explained this on other commissions, when i was on the board and we voted to approve this project, it was more than vertical buildings, it was about lifting the whole community. and part of what we wanted was to make sure that local business, and i'm take talking about long-term bayview /phurpbts point get access and get a piece of this pie because of lot of them, especially on third street had to sacrifice through all the construction the city has put them through so this directory is to important that i only think it better serves lanaire to make sure these businesses, your neighbors, these people who are part of this community get first bibs /tkeubs on this job. i'm not talking about people who just
6:05 am
set up shop in bayview last week, i'm talking about people who have been around and honed in their expertise, not only on technical skill, but also skill of understanding the community. so we need to get this directory updated and make sure a lot of the businesses in the contractors and not just in construction but professional services because right now, it is the professional services that are needed whether it's architects, engineers, you name it. so that's why it's important to have this up and running. >> would you like -- commissioner -- >> i was going to go to the next 1. >> sure, if you would like to comment. >> commissioners, thank you. la shawn walker. commissioner bustos, i agree. i just wanted to provide a little bit of clarification. the director ry is up and running now. as
6:06 am
you heard from tap son's presentations but also butler's comments, we produced the directory and we make sure that contractors have access to that directory once they have contracts with us. i think what we've heard with the city and ocii and tap son and her team is in terms of getting this presentation ready, they would like to eour meet and greets and the occasions where we bring suppliers and contractors together to happen more frequently which you saw on the presentation this afternoon. and to add our professional services to the list of folks who receive the directory. it's currently being published and disseminated. we are currently bringing contractors and suppliers together on a regular basis. we will increase that. and our service s p e is quite high.
6:07 am
>> okay. i would like to go. >> so noted. >> and meet some of our contractors and even try to encourage them to hire local. >> so noted. >> that's what it's about. >> it is. >> it's about doing the right thing and about making sure people in the community stay in the community and help build the community so thank you for that. >> thank you. >> the last comment and i'll be quiet. i tend to ramble. but it just struck me and maybe this is an overall conversation we need to have ann as a city family. *. the international african marketplace, when i was -- (laughter) >> when i was looking at this and sort of hearing the update and thank you for that, it just struck me that we need to do more because our african american population is almost at nothing. so why build
6:08 am
something if we're not doing anything as a city to make sure that our african american brothers and sisters stay in san francisco? that's a long conversation and i know tiffany, you've been working and having a lot of /skofrgsz with all of them. our other city partners that i see needs to really step up their game is our mayor of public housing because we cannot allow this to go. or else, there will be no need for an international african marketplace. so i just say that to those here as well as the people who are listening, please get involved. we try to do something in the mission. we didn't win the war but we have not lost the battle. so i ask people in bayview and hunters point and communities all throughout the city that our diversity is leaving
6:09 am
it and we need to do something to do it. and i'm grateful that ocii is trying to do its part but we need our other partners to do their part. so i just ask people to get involved and their communities to ask for more housing, to keep the diversity of san francisco, do not let it go out. do not let it die. and enough said. but thank you. >> thank you. commissioner singh. >> sure. (laughter) >> i i thought upper you were seeking recognition. >> i was just talking. >> okay. >> so i would like to know with all this, the difference from what we had
6:10 am
before and this. >> so this is first time we've done the comprehensive update on phase 1 and phase 2 agreements on their implementations. so in terms of compliance and noncompliance, is that what you're referring to? >> yes, what needs to be done? >> so there are, in terms of what needs to be done moving forward, as commissioner bustos noted, we need to assist lanaire in coming into compliance with the small business program and to clarify, there are 3 components, 2 of which were discussed. the directory of local small businesses as well as the quarterly workshops. the third component is really going to be the most difficult to implement. and that is requiring and tracking consultants and contractors to purchase 20 percent of the value of
6:11 am
their shipyard related purchases from b v h p small business, small businesses. that is not currently expressly required of contractors and consultants. and it's not tracked. so that will be an effort to implement that program. soar items that the other items that need to come into compliance with the job training and assistance program where lanaire needs to provide additional funding. there's a short fall of approximately -- i shouldn't do math in my head, but you're supposed to spend 2 million dollars and they've only spent 1.8 on job training and assistance. additionally, they need to come into compliance with the outreach provisions and the status
6:12 am
report provisions. i believe that's all of them >> is there any child care center there? >> there is not currently a child care center planned in alice griffith which is the only development currently under way on the phase 2 development. there's also no child care planned in the phase 1 development. >> so the people who came here who said the child care center should be needed there. >> yes, we agree and ocii staff along with staff from lanaire urban and the hope s f team have been meeting with friend algae. we recognize the services they provide to the bayview hunters point community are essential and very much needed. and we will continue to work to find them a permanent location in candlestick. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> yes, commissioner
6:13 am
memental. >> thank you. i think child care is very important. the average family is spending more than half of their salary for child care. as a parent mentioned, she was on the list for a year. in that year, the child is growing and leading to displacement and people are leaving san francisco. without family, there's no needs for /skwaols and resource centers. i think we need to have something to make sure these parents are staying in san francisco and getting the resources they need as well. that's something i would like to see. and i would like to know what percentage of the artists for this project are local from the bayview community? >> ooh, let me check and see if we know. i don't know off the top of my head. we do not know right now but the shipyard trust has done a
6:14 am
survey of the existing artist out on the shipyard so we can get back to you. >> okay. and my last question is with the networking events and outreach, is it to increase in women minority firms that are participating and bidding and also being apart of this project and how far is the reach in terms of outreach engaging the community with opportunities? >> la shawn, do you want to speak to that? >> la shawn walker, lanaire urban. so let me first, if i might, commissioner, address commissioner singh and then i'll come back to the questions that you've asked. commissioner singh, you asked about some of the things that tap son just identified in terms of what needs to be done and i wanted to address 1 of those areas that she mentioned which is the job training where she mentioned the
6:15 am
short fall. it's approximately 475,000, approximately, dollars. 2 things, as she said in her presentation, we have a plan for acceleration. we're exciting about some of the things that we're going to do that are in the works to accelerate those job training spending expenditures over the next 2 years. but i did want to make a point here that there was no activity on the project from 2008 to' 12. so that's really the reason why we're short in terms of our job training expenditures. with respect to the outreach, we have a pretty robust outreach program which we are definitely open to ideas in terms of enhancing that and making it more so. specifically, in terms of inviting women. is that -- inviting women
6:16 am
entrepreneurs into the program. i mean, we haven't done anything that singles them out. when we do outreach rather it be for contracting opportunities for for home ownership opportunities, we do it widely throughout the city and throughout the district but we haven't done anything that specifically targets women. so we do have some information here about some of that outreach. vy a letter from some of our new home owners in our b and r program that i will share with the commission but we don't do anything that specifically targets women. was that it? did i answer your question? >> mm-hmm. >> so let me leave that. i'm going to leave that letter now. into
6:17 am
the record. may i read a part of it chair rosales? >> yes. >> on laugh behalf of my family and me, we are in support of lanaire urban's b and r tat shipyard. i learned from the mayor's office of development through their mailing list. i was paying too much for rent and as a civil sailent, i couldn't afford. i love the city and i didn't want to move. i reached out for advice and undertook the home owner's buyer's program. i had a lot of questions and carry was particularly very helpful during the application process. once i won the lottery, sonia and ie/sha from the mayor's office assisted me
6:18 am
the certification. jackie spear made the transition into our new home very successfully. as well as wendy and nosha. our customer care team. moving into our shipyard home has made our dream come true. we are happy home owners and appreciate all the people who have made this possible for us. among moving in, my family has welcomed a new baby girl and this to me is a true test of the security the b and r has afforded to us. this is 1 of our new home owners as i said. >> thank you. >> since the presentation you had in front of you was written, we since now have a live website, the hunters point community website that has our b m r information on it. it has our construction update information. it has our environmental mitigation measures information. so we will continue to keep that current.
6:19 am
it also has links to ocii's r s p page which all of our r s ps present there as well. so we've now come into compliance with that 1 strategy in terms of out reach and we will continue to go forward and do did things that need to be done there. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i received a notice, i think, for the first time. my company is certified as a local business, my business company. so i received notices of upcoming opportunities. so i think our contractors, not just the shipyard and bayview but in other jurisdictions and others, mission bay and others are keeping us informed. i don't know if the other commissioners receive those updates /-rplts i haven't received anything. >> that's interesting. maybe because i'm a certified company. >> i am too. >> are you? >> yea. >> so we can talk about more of those. yea cause i get the so
6:20 am
/hreus /taeugz because i can do them but it's obviously to the extent that i know people, i send them out. okay. thank you for that. i have a series of questions. let me see. i'm going to take them in order just to make them more understandable. i know we're not supposed to talk too much about it but i'm really interested in this core community benefits agreement 2008. so can you tell us more? there seems to be a lot of amazing benefits here that are supplement ago to everything you've talked about. >> yea. la shawn walker does sit on the /kpwhreplsz committee so maybe she can speak to it. again, this isn't an order we enforce or monitor in in anyway. >> so i guess my only question is how is compliance in this agreement going? is that something you're prepared to talk to you today on or should we get that by memo? >> i was not prepared to talk to you today about that.
6:21 am
(laughter) >> okay. >> so i can send you some information. i will be glad to do that. >> yes. >> i will say that we just recently, the implementation committee has just recently made a new grant, a new expenditure for a rental assistance program. so that's brand new. there has been some grants made over time. there has been some slow -- it has been a little slow with those expenditures. that's been the issue of some conversation lately. but there is now a new expend /tkur that has been made from those funds for rental assistance but i will provide some information to the commission through the staff. >> thank you. i think that's helpful so that we make sure that where there's areas and pockets of needs that may not be addressed elsewhere, that maybe perhaps we can assist in focusing on those areas. okay. let's see. i had a question on
6:22 am
slide 10. and this is 1 of my favorite questions. forgive me or i'll forgive you if you don't have a direct answer. perhaps mr. lee has an answer. if i'm reading this slide correctly, let's see. there's total s p es, 54.2 percent of the achievement, right? that's the achievement, 54.2 percent of which san francisco base s p es are 27.7 percent. now, of that number, 16.2 >> no, of the total number of dollars. >> okay. >> 16.2 are bayview hunters point s p es. >> okay. but if you look just at the 27 or 28 percent san francisco bays, that's more than half of the
6:23 am
san franciscans. >> i'm the contract supervisor maybe i can provide some clarity. >> okay. >> the 16.2 is a subset of the san francisco s p es. >> yes. >> so that's what that is. so roughly 68 percent of all san francisco businesses -- >> are coming from or going to contractors in the bayview hunters point. >> that's correct. >> and of that number -- so i'm just trying to see how this breaks down. the majority are minority business-male-owned companies? >> oh, um. >> no? >> that 1 is not quite -- professor: that's not a san francisco number? >> no. it's just the total of the contract dollars for informational purposes. what i can do if you'd like is i can go back and parse that data out specifically for bayview area businesses. >> yea. i'm interested in
6:24 am
seeing not only that the district is receiving the intended flow of dollars, but that it's a diverse pool of contractors from the district that are receiving the dollars. >> correct. true. >> okay. and let me see. so maybe both of you can stay up there and answer my questions. so this is on slide 14. the talk about technical assistance and financial assistance. i understand the technical assistance part, it sounds like how to understand the kind of work, the nature of the work, you know, basically how to bid it perhaps, or how to connect perhaps with -- i mean prepare a bid, it sounds like. is that correct? did i get that correct? the technical assistance? >> yes. >> okay. and then financial assistance, i know we've heard
6:25 am
from bayview hunters point contractors, some of them, but there's this cash flow issue, right? it's not that they're not able, it's not that they're not available, it's not that they're not capable, it's not any of that. but the business they're getting which is fantastic is perhaps, more of a stretch either because it's a larger contract issue or mobilize and it's that issue of cash flow. you've got to be able to get paid and hire, right? is this financial assistance program available for that cash flow problem? >> the majority of contractors we met with were restep yen /et /os of this funned. it's capped at 50,000 dollars. from our discussions, 50,000 dollars is not nearly enough for many of these contractors who have substantially larger contracts. >> so 50,000 for just the
6:26 am
/tpufpbd itself is 50. >> per recipient. >> per restep yen /et. okay. (laughter) >> but that's still low. yea. that's still low. so is there any mechanism or ways of shifting, you know, money? (laughter) >> -- into the funds where it's apparent that it's mostly needed or more needed? >> la shawn walker, lanaire urban. i wish we could shift more than we can shift. but here's the response. the mobilization fund was seated at 250,000 dollars by lanaire urban through that cc a or through that implementation committee and because that seed was only 250,000, the loans have been capped at 50,000 dollars currently, dollars amount. we are in the
6:27 am
process of securing matching funds. mobilization for contractors has been a problem in the community for a very long time as you all know. and initial activities by lots of folks, lanaire, renaissance, independent folks, banks, bank representatives were met with some resistance in terms of traditional lenders wanting to participate or be the first ones to offer constructor financing because they're risky loan applicants. they're risky clients because of their work. >> right. >> and lanaire urban through its /kphreplz committee decided it would be best to provide some private dollars to be the first 1 with skin in the game. and then now that at least there's a seed to go out and solicit matching funds, now that someone, we
6:28 am
being someone has put up the initial capitalization. so we're now having some of those conversations and we've gotten some commitments. no money yet but we're starting to get commitments for the matching fund so we can grow the mobilization fund to be at least $1 million and then hopefully, we can increase the loan amounts. we're having some excellent results from repayment. we've had good results with our repayment because we have a joint check system. so those conversations right now are ongoing. and as i've said, we've had some commitments of matching funds. but because there's no money on the table, i'm reluctant anity to say what they are right now. but i'm hoping we'll be /#5eub8 to share with the commission and the community some good news in the near future. >> great. that's going to be very important. thank you.
6:29 am
>> chair rosales, if you would allow it, mr. butler wanted to add something to my response. >> yes, please. >> we want all the information you can provide us to help solve these issues. (laughter) >> in addition to that, we also have brought in a number of factoring companies which is very expensive money. but we brought in factoring companies to talk to the individual contractors to see if that's an option. we've also look add the new model of alternative financing with the terms of lending on deck, and workshops there. the most important thing is we're sending out contractors and saying you cannot buy off more than you can chew. you have to bid an analysis before you can bid a job and understand where your financial position is. this is a 20 year job and if you grow yourself in the proper increments, you'll be at the point where you have the proper financing vehicles and the
6:30 am
proper credit and all the other things. some of them have to be very conscientious of not just jumping on the carrot because it exist. we have to sit them down when they get a contract and finding out what is the financial commitment for the course of that job. you're going to have this much in taxes and this much in payroll for the next 6 weeks. i'm comfortable with saying it, we still have to work with our contractors in educating them on taking no more than they're capable of. at the same time, we're looking at every way to have the proper finance in place to help them be successful. >> i have a follow-up question. what about if a contractor has limited capacity based on the particular job the contractor is interested in? do you also do match matching with a stronger, let's say another small contractor that perhaps together in a
6:31 am
joint bencher, the 2 small contractors can take on in additional capacity? or maybe it's not a small contractor, maybe it's a medium size. >> in addition, yes. to answer you directly. but we also talk to the prime contractors on a case by case basis and say can you maybe purchase the materials. if we get them the 50,000 dollars mobilization loan and the materials, we may be able to have them /tkhred until the first payment comes in. not 2 small companies because that creates a different dynamic. especially when you're small, there's a lot of trust issues and process issues as will. so where a larger company, it helps with the protégé relationship as well. so we're looking at all different kind of ways and a lot of these contractors have /pweftd from a lot of these things but still growing their business and what it takes to be successful. it's a very
6:32 am
complex industry to be /skwefl in and contracting is not -- you know, the margin is small, the complexities are huge but the opportunity right now, the shipyard for contractors are great and they're benefitting from it. >> great. thank you. okay. i'm almost done here. okay. so on slide /#1-7b, i have a note here. the developer will contribute 275,000 dollars a year to ceos for job training services. who decides, is that the developer? >> yes, the developer makes the determination on who those funds should go to. >> okay. and i think some of these other questions have already been addressed. so i have 1 forus because i was -- i know about the community builder program but i guess i didn't think too deeply about the o c
6:33 am
i. community builder program. what does that look like? >> director bohee may know more than i do about it. but essentially, ocii partners are community based developers in our partnership and development of affordable /phougs. so we tend to do it on all of our projects. so we've already met the 300 unit requirement in the d da but we'll continue to do it as we move forward in development of our own stand alone development on candlestick shipyard. >> so we're looking on developing our housing portfolio, we might consider this kind of model in part perhaps? >> yes, there's 2 r ps in candlestick so lanaire urban builds out the candlestick site, the retail. across
6:34 am
the street is the affordable sites, there's 2 of them and it's over 200 units collectedive, those 2 sites. so we go out with 1 r s p and at the same time, bring forth to the commission the term of that r s p, we would provide for community partners to be a part of that just as you saw in the staff presentation with respect to alice griffith and the core mcber ran balance cedar and the tabor knack elpartnership. we will do it in the same way. >> okay. so i guess my final question which is more of a fun question on slide 28. who did the graphic for the market show? (laughter) >> (inaudible). >> so the proposals that came
6:35 am
forth? >> no. an artist. >> oh, an artist. that's fantastic. i really like it. is there a t-shirt. >> oh, it's wonderful. >> okay. those are my questions. >> okay. (laughter) >> thank you. >> all right. did anybody have any more questions after all that questioning? okay. we don't have an action item. so thank you everyone. we will take all of this in. we will look forward to additional reports. thank you. the next order of
6:36 am
business is item 6, public comments on non-agenda items. madam chair >> do we have any? >> i haven't received any. >> any cards? i think everyone is leaving. okay. we don't see any members of the public speaking. please call the next item. >> the next order of business is item 7, report of the chair. >> i don't have a report. >> the next order of business is item 8, report of the executive director, madam director? >> commissioners and to the members of the public, i would just direct your attention to the forward calendar. we are expecting to have 2 more meetings in december. and for the rest of the year, we still have a good bit of work left to do. so really just upcoming schedule and just being mindful of the
6:37 am
remainder of the calendar and we'll start again fresh in 2016. that concludes my report. >> okay. >> the next order of business is item 9, commissioners questions and matters. madam chair. >> yes. any commissioner have a question. yes? >> i don't know how many questions have the news slip for today but san francisco county, there was mention about the lottery system and i don't know, do we have anything to do with the lottery system? >> i wish we had more to do with the lottery system. (laughter) >> there was a lot of complaints by the african community that they're not being included. >> certainly commissioner, we did see the article. actually, the board of supervisors is currently considering a neighborhood preference piece
6:38 am
of legislation right now or they may have already /k-rgd it. and as we have discussed. we wanted to analyze that for our project requirements, our contracts and agreements have a series of resisting processes that release them from placement, urban renewal, first preference. the city has adopted a similar policy. and then you set aside policy for l asachs displaces and then the san francisco resident and worker. as i said, neighborhood preference is being considered and may help to mitigate displacement in other communities. we are having a report from ocd in an upcoming meeting and really focus on the certificate of preference. but certainly as part of that, we had the annual housing production report as well as
6:39 am
tenanting report from ocd to put that into context. certainly, should the commission want us to take a look at recent projects since we've been implementing these various preferences, the demographics, the supervisoral districts, a member of that has already provided that from ocd who helps us provide those services. we certainly could bring some of that data forth to certainly analyze, at least for your project, what's the composition of residents who are securing these affordable, either home ownership or rental opportunities, either sponsored by you or through the occlusionry program through third party developers. >> yea, i would ask for that because i have a recollection and this is probably the first year that i started with the commission. i think we got a report on that. and i don't know that we've had another 1 since.
6:40 am
yea. >> who runs the lottery? we run the lottery system? >> the specifications of how tenants are selected are put forth in your development agreements in the loans and we contract with the mayor's office of housing and community development with their program rea and her staff have come before you. it's at the discretion implemented by our third party, the mayor's office of housing. >> okay. thank you. >> we're going to -- okay. maybe you can let us know when the next report by the mayor's office of housing on all those issues. i know we got 1, i think about in the last 6 months. >> about 6 months ago. >> yea. yea. so did you want to make a question or a statement? >> i have 2. i would like to attend the meeting when lanaire and
6:41 am
the child care center and compass family are meeting to discuss the state of the child care center. and also, i'm finding a lot of residents that aren't aware they even qualify for the process. or actual object obtaining the documentation and where to find it. i want to know if the o c i can work the with the housing development and target to make sure people actually know. i had a resident who said how do i find out and get on the list. my first question was have you ever lived in public housing and she said yes and she was not aware of the opportunities that she has. i would like to see some deeper outreach or maybe some marketing so that people across the board knows their eligibility for this housing to make sure they're actually
6:42 am
staying in san francisco as well. and it would be nice to see some highlighting case studies in individuals who actually succeeded in getting these certificates for getting in the houses so it can be mirrored for other individuals to know and to be able to reach out to other various community members to say we went through enthusiasm process, these were the hick ups but at the end of the day, we actually got a home and how it would help the community members. >> okay. so i'll note that on our forward looking calendar, there is an item for our next meeting that is on the certificate of preference program. so perhaps, a workshop rather than an arcs action item at that point would be appropriate. commissioner bustos? >> just to go along with commissioner penmental, we talked about doing a workshop in the community where we can get people the education on how to get
6:43 am
a certificate and then on how we can keep people up, meaning bet them on a track where we] partner with the nonprofit and they work on their credit and look at budgeting and savings and stuff like that. i think that would also help. i listened very intensely to president supervisor london breed's comments about the neighborhood preference and i sort of seen how different communities have done it. and 1 of the communities that's been very successful is that they actually go out and they tell their community about this. and they have programs and cue it up. and so i think we should maybe look at doing the same so that we could get people, 1 the right information, but there's more to it than just getting their
6:44 am
certificate, right? >> mm-hmm. >> there's getting people ready so that when the time comes and there's a vacancy or an availability, that boom, you know, they're right there, ready, and ready to move in instead of not being prepared and then have to wait again for the next time their name may come up. so we've talked about that and hopefully we can look at on the car dal, madam chair, look at doing something in the bayview when we can actually talk about certificate of preference and maybe look at some of our partners to do presentations. and maybe in the afternoon, do actual workshops where people can actually sign up with a nonprofit about how to start repairing your credit, how to start saving, how to start budgeting. what does it mean to be a home owner and all those things people need to know before they get into that? >> i think the mayor's office of housing and the developers tend to do
6:45 am
that sort of housing readiness. yea. okay. i think that's it. >> can you please call the next item? >> the next order of business is item 10, closed session. there is none. and the next item of business is 11, add adjournment. madam chair. >> yes, the meeting is adjourned. 3:21. thank you. >> good morning thanks for coming
6:46 am
you know i'm proud that our city it one of the most walkable city's in north america we also will doekz to make sure that we reduce the number of fatalities in injuries and certainly we build all of us standing up here building one fatality is two ma many and a unacceptable that's why in our city we're commented to eliminating facilities by way of deaths didn't he 2024 and is vocation vision zero is is a commitment inform prioritize states streets and make sure that everyone whether walking or biking or driving or riding a bus about we all that the make sure your safe on the rods it is great to think that our
6:47 am
ridership is at all, all time high hurry city is growing more people cocking and binging the city has continued to prepare for the growth and we know that and you know that we are making historic investment in our transportation network and that investment has reached over a billion dollars just this year we have made investment in our city's is from we know with transportation infrastructure is equally as important to keep muni reliable and stave those historic investments allows to us there this munching service bison percent and light rail vehicles and clean up up cruise the public is noticing that
6:48 am
ridership is up and more confidence we're making muni safer and cleaner and ready to meet the demand of a growing city and ridership this is all to say a big thank you to the san francisco voters because of last year's obligation bond transportation bond had helps to achieve the reliability of muni and contributed to will be traffic signal over $300 million in street save upgrades towards vision zero goals making everyone more safe loophole is it today, we join with our san francisco small business commission and bike coalition. >> community transportation authority and certainly our municipal transportation agency and vision zero as well as our public works and delighted everyone that is working together with me to make sure
6:49 am
that when we said almost two years ago we were focused on some 24 projects and get them down those recommend the projects that have been data driven and certainly supervisor kim know that she lead the effort to get for data about what the high injury corridors were such we have priorities in our mission to make sure our streets is safer that time a year and a half 24 projects we said to get them done by february of 2016 as a result of every single ever those agencies private and public working together i'm glad to announce all 24 projects as of do i have cabin completed ahead of schedule head of schedule we're in a hurry to get anymore safety out to and, yes
6:50 am
there maybe other streets now that are being challenged for different reasons we we'll get to those in fact, what this aggressive strategy has allowed us to do finish up those projects their data driven and rfbtd of the high the injury corridors of city and knowing that now we've completed them we'll have 6 more indicate driven sites to this to be done we imply the ends of february 2016 and certainly saying we'll not stop this allows us to say we have a momentum to identify for projects with the strifrdz the residents and the bicycle advocates and senior advocates and all other organizations that represent those are not safer streets and will work aggressively to do that in the
6:51 am
calibration i think has been unmet since we started this project i want to say and big thank you i know supervisor kim when she comes up here will say she and i know we are that stan opposite side the streets of these street and mini in a activate a new signal i know that supervisor wiener and i were together noted long ago on 16 second street and market and supervisor tang and i were out together on sunset boulevards trying a new stoplights to slow down the traffic those are 3 of the highlighted ones in addition e annexation to ones in congested areas like the tenderloin those are to be celebrated because we are absolutely sure given the data that more lives will be saved as a result of
6:52 am
those improvements so we will complete and additional 6 so that will be thirty bends of february and that some of the alleged projects in addition to the ones identified on the 24th and additional ones include the improvements along second street and polk street and mosaic avenue and more we'll continue to work with all the neighborhood organizations to identify those areas i know of some already in chinatown we have infrastructure obviously know of marina there are also improvements to be made and in order to get to vision zero and in order to on that goal we'll is where to do more engineering that's why public works is here in concert with our community transportation leaders and our municipal
6:53 am
leaders as well to make sure we're identified the right areas but i do want to say despite some of the recent tragic event we'll you are talking about i want to say that we have prevented more accident by completing those 24 projects aggressively as we've done and as we set timetables in the future not only inform meet those but exceed those we're no a hurry to get to vision zero that also monies that lets remind everyone during the months when it is remain slow down and certainly all around schools you've got to slow down because we are trying to bring the pace of automobiles and the trucks and all slow down around the senior centers and the school sites 0 so we maintain a
6:54 am
higher level of safety where a lot more 1r50ub89 with that i'll call to the mike a good partner one from day one on the vision zero has pan instrumental in making sure that we identify and one of the most congested areas of city this is district 67 supervisor jane kim thank you, mr. mayor and i just want to thank the mayor's office for his incredible commitment to vision zero reducing the fatalities in san francisco to zero the next 9 years this announcement is in time for the last vision zero community meeting in december i chair bile be adopting the next generation of our zero project as the mayor mention 70 percent of fatality traffic accidents are on 12 percent of san francisco streets this is an issue we can make a
6:55 am
difference a solvable and with targeted example on the highest cords reduce half of our facilities and death in san francisco we know on the job deaths with 100 percent preventable and know that more people are killed by cars than by guns in the city so there is much work to be done i'm proud of the forest taken by all the city departments under the mayor's leadership i want to recognize sfmta and our community u county interest rate 80 one-story to make sure that vision zero and pedestrian safety and buena vista is a priority in all street projects in san francisco but as the mayor said particularly during the holiday we see an increase in traffic collisions around san francisco this is an important time for the residents and workers and
6:56 am
adversity to remember this is important to go slow speed is the main cause i have death and during the holidays we want to spend time with the friends and families and make sure that everyone comes home for dinner it make sense to take the time to drive slower to cycle and walk sloerp to enjoy the community here throughout the city so again congratulations to our city for completely all 24 projects as asked and promised by the city to how sour serious commitment to ending the traffic facilities and i looked at it to moving forward the next generation of project that continue to make the city safer for everyone. >> thank you all for scouting
6:57 am
this morning, i'm ben the mire senior advisors on vision zero we want to action the folks behind me they're in calibration and zero is is a mix of 14 departments come together to commented to a bold and baby boomer goal it work is not possible without the leadership first, we have from the city architects sorry the city engineer from the d and kathy from walk sf which is one of our great strong community partners advocating forever the public safety and liveable streets in san francisco and sheryl brinkman vice president of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and we have tom maguire the sustainable streets at the sfmta and have
6:58 am
tilly chang the executive director of the county transportation authority no san francisco and 80 mass the health officer here 2, 3, 4 the city and county of san francisco and noah what r a great partner and soon to be existing hopefully stay close by the director of to bicycle education and greg suhr the san francisco police department their folks are out there everyday and citing folks we appreciate all the hard work and with that, i want to invite to the myself of microphone the vice chair the mta sheryl brinkman. >> thank you ben and thank you all for coming i want to thank the mayor and the supervisors and oats heads of all the city
6:59 am
departments for in their focus when is fundamental to everyone in our city this is about saving lives this is making your streets more welcoming for everyone who lives in the city traffic collisions really extract a department staff stating emotional toll the victims and loved ones and the person behind the wheel of car a had a kroshg it came across a traffic crash in the marina he and highs wife with your taking their children to daycare they saw the aftermath of the too young boys hit that made them feel less safe in the city and worried about about the future of the children in the city so our core philosophy in vision zero that traffic deaths with preventable and your honor, acceptable i'm proud and humble to work with everyone in the
7:00 am
city on this project to reduce traffic deaths it get rid of traffic deaths traffic gathers are not like the weather not unlike the weather we can bring them down to zero like the agencies and citizens out of the 24 projects we have a two prong approach to with safety measures we work on lark are large construction on high injury corridors and what is next is those large project on the major corridors there is a lot more engineering to happen on the corridor they are more trade offs we have to be ready for the trade offs as strait users in san francisco and but together we're able to move on vision zero and we can get there and can end traffic deaths t


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