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tv   Police Commission 12215  SFGTV  December 6, 2015 10:00pm-12:31am PST

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(clapping.) thank you >> mr. lamb would you like to say anything like to say anything. >> yes. i'd like to say that i acted as any parents should i saw a young lady with her child in depress and just i did what came natural i guess in someone in depress within you're power to do something do so that's how i was brought up to belief so that's all i'd like to say thank you very much. >> mr. lamb thank you (clapping.) mr. lamb i'll tell you every are person that gets an award say i did what anybody would do but
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the truth you did something extraordinary thank you. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 2 general public comment the public is now to address the the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda jurisdiction of the commission. commission nor the commissioners are to respond to questions by the public but may provide a brief response. any individual and the police department should refrain from debates or discussions with the speakers during public comment. hold your comments to 3 minutes, please. i just want to make it clear that is more general public comment before you before you we have an action, an body worn
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cameras to general public comment you're welcome. >> good evening and welcome. >> good afternoon commissioner president loftus and commissioners assistant chief and other good evening. i'm tom been here many times and here to top topics of current affairs another cash p r a prop cop gets arrested and a criminal where has that happened a pr cop not only for pr to break the law a alleging but if it turns out he's guilt two pr cops are criminals next, i noticed the article in the examiner 24 past week about favorism and the source of article was a memo written by a
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sergeant matthew that was ironic he was one the person in the castro street it did me wrong not ethical and improperly trained cop now permanent a field trainer office that is crazy third thing on any list oh, i can't talk about the dash cam and fourthly all of you in particular when you're going to endorse alex randolph who is a disgusting human being do you're due diligence before that thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> this is only two of us you're limiting us to two minutes good evening i came down here i'm tired of
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listening on the news of agendi agendize policy and david clark is responding to the news including the local news as far as the sanctuary city in san francisco is it should remain intact and any directions by the feds should be ignored no status or authority the sheriff's is the law of this county and the police department should do with the sheriff's i submit to those who are listening in law enforcement those who want to know more to get familiar with the constitutional sheriff's and peace officer association and jack mcmahon that passed away 3 years but 25 years he educated
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law enforcement and if you google officer jamming vampire killer an interesting article against the law enforcement for the wrong reasons so let's see since first and foremost we're spiral beings it has you do into the least of me a reference to the animals i submit that law enforcement has been better to the public than the public to animals and that's also a fact and let's see regarding the homeless i would command law enforcement to be more kinderer than their aspires that is lawyers and politicians and cameras on cops and more on lawyers and judges without a doubt thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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good evening and welcome. >> my name is logging i didn't i'm a - united states is fascist country from a person that is 85-year-old i was a war survivor and at this age that is why the united states has million homeless people who are not homeless they're in concentration camps and eating from the garbage cans and drinking from cans and sleep on the streets never see doctors fascist country in san francisco police richmond district held them to investigate everything
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shot shot or people on the streets fascist country god destroyed this country. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening and welcome star child. >> good evening thank you, ma'am commission i'm the outreach director the elizabeth telethon party in san francisco i want to remind you of a serious conflict of interest that is happening at a representative of the police department but sitting up with you on the panel i think that is okay for joyce hicks of the office of citizens complaints to be on the panel with the police commission because the office of citizens complaints is an oversight body but the police department is the body it is regulated i think this you know
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cozy arrangement people are regulated sitting on the panel with the rerthsdz presents a serious conflict of interest and also i think that police officers who you are in uniform you know unless they're here by request of the commission they shouldn't be in auditorium only in uniform on the job getting paid not lobbying but people speak auto i see uniformed police officers in the room having officers be free to comment on their own time when you go into closed session private meetings the public can't at that particular time in this the police officers to be in the meetings this is a serious conflict of interest with an oversight body thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker
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>> good evening ms. brown and welcome. >> hi my name is paulette brown and good evening to everyone i'd like to use the overhead as usual concerning my son aubrey brown who was murder august 14, 2006, his case is not solved and i am here we want to bring awareness to his case these are the perpetrators that shot my son i've got these from an investigator when my son was murdered this is thompson and perris moving get and thomas and anthony carter and one of them
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is deceased paris moffett is getting out if not already out he's murdered he was one of the ringleaders that was there who murdered my son he is out on the street if not yet i say this what they left me with i want my sons case solved i don't have closure he stand in front of city hall on tuesday and thursdays this is what i have left of my son his body a 17 year-old boy 9 years you guys 9 years and i'm still in pain ain't that a shame isn't that a shame i have to be in pain still stand out in front of city hall and disgrace myself
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this is pavilion you guys i feel for the victims that have gotten murdered i can imagine what their families are feeling i'm 9 years in and it doesn't get any easier i want my sons case solved help me. >> if anyone has any information into the murder of aubrey brown there is an anonymous tipline (415) 575-4444 so anyone watching at home or here thank you ms. brown next speaker. >> good evening. >> michael i'd like to share for a few moms on the overhead a calendar from the police chief it took a public records request to get 3 months of his calendar really happy that okay
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showing you them him e i'm happy with a happy with 3 months of calendars i want the commission to direct the chief to post his calendar online if he can releases the calendar because of a public records request all people front yard in how the police chief is spending his time to in a few clicks to find his public calendar on line the second matter no written policy regarding the releases of mug shots as you can see here today officer al by the mentions an in a child porn case and made a copy of the mug shot and press release on social media a couple of weeks ago the police
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department an social media put out another mug shot okay. here it is sf police sharing a mug shot when it is a hot cop of the castro here is the photo oh, it's a blank sheet there is no mug shot of chris coerce with the police arrest why no mug shot like any other person on the web from the san francisco police department it is because it is a discretionary decision left up to the officer and the other folks that run our social media which suspect has their picture shown on social media i wanted an end to special privileges for san francisco cops you guys are damaging you're own ability to police officer because of the special treatment coerce is
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getting no special treatment release the mug shot now thank you. >> (clapping.) i'd like to pass along those things to the president so you can see the chiefs calendar and everything emotional i'm talking about. >> i'll say we have folks we have an overflow room 4167 they're turning on the feed you'll see what is happening so anyone that can't find a seat feel free to do that room. >> still on general public comment. >> correct welcome. >> david pilpal speaking as an individual two items regarding the super bowl 50 activities i understand there was a presentation yesterday at the mc a board and next week at the board of supervisors i ask you consider having a presentation at this commission about the plans as and relate to police
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enforcement and public safety so the individuals know what they can expect in terms of restrictions on the presence or activities whatnot do that as part of the chiefs records and quick public on the body worn cameras i'm in a task force meeting down the haul i'm a member of the sunshine task force i'll not weigh in on the controversial issue i wanted to express the concerns about the retention of the video and his indications and the subject disclosure for the public records request as you may know the city in the sunshine origin can't use the balancing test to weigh the disclosure verse non-disclosure so likely to turn
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on privacy concerns and might be complicate i'm concerned about the types of requests for the disclosure of video and the complaints we might get at task force of people not satisfied on the disclosure or non-disclosure consider that as you consider the policy and if you adopt a policy only for not a final adoption. >> you're two minutes are up. >> thank you thank you very much. >> yes. thank you, thank you. >> next speaker further general public comment. >> hearing general public comment is closed. sergeant, next item. >> 3 a chiefs discussion and recent activity. >> good evening deputy chief
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and good evening commissioner, i have no reports for the commission. >> can you let everyone know where the chief is. >> greg suhr rofrntd to an officer involved shooting and will return as soon as possible for the meeting and anyone have any questions for the deputy chief and sergeant, next item. >> >> item 3 b occ director's report and review of recent activities. >> good evening decorating *- director hicks in the interest of time i'll reserve any active report to next week's meeting and also the occ deputy droeshg has been to the officer involved
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shooting. >> anyone questions for director hicks accenting. >> item 3 c police reports and anything you want to share commissioners on tonight item. >> all right. sergeant, next item. >> >> item 3-d commission announcements and other business for future action. >> colleagues items on future agenda is the top of line together. >> social media so sergeant a date for that. >> we do not. >> okay. a follow-up on that. >> deputy chief follow-up with chief suhr it is an idgood idea follow up on super bowl. >> now at this time i'll call
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for public comment on items 3 a there d. >> sergeant you're looking at me and public comment but, sir. >> michael i find is outrageous we've been through the chiefs report and reports from the commissioners and there's been nothing said about chris coerce arrested for two felonies now i understand the chief is called out for an officer involved shooting not has nothing to do with with a lack of a written report from the chief i've brought this up before a written report from the chief at every meeting especially, when one of his officer is is secondary for a hit and run case two people sent to the hospital it not okay that the police department which has plenty of members very well paid members that know how to write
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are not submitting written report from the chief what kind of out rankle is this it is not okay. >> as a member of the public i want answers why was this officer not apprehend for 10 to 12 hours was we trying to sober up why is it we don't have his mug shot there are so many questions about that case and other matters involving the police departments since you're last meeting yes, sir i'm going to leave this meeting without anything on paper from the chief what has the chiefs report got to say well, nothing because we don't have it did the police department need more money anymore personnel behind me i see plenty of personnel he can't dictate a report it is not okay that there
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is a lack of a report it is bad community policing it is so more distrust you guys hiding something on chris coerce. >> thank you. any further comment on items 3 a there d. >> welcome back. >> with the libertarian party i'd like to echo police officers are getting favorable - on social media that are subject to public i'll encourage the commission to look at that i wanted to in reference item 3 b ask director joyce hicks of the office of citizens complaints to update on the current backlog of the
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embarrassments against police officers waiting to be heard and cases left to be resolved and what what the average time that someone that files a complaint against an officer wail until the complaint is heard thank you. >> thank you. >> any further comment hearing public comment is closed. >> oh, i'm sorry we have one more welcome, sir. >> thank you. i wanted to ask for future consideration of the director joyce hicks at at a later date whether the filing of a complaint if it is not justified remains on an officer's record that's all i want to ask for future consideration. >> maybe someone from the occ that will answer 2 director hicks anyone from the occ.
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>> yes. commissioner president loftus senior investigator. >> sir let's get that question answered and another question bring that up as well from the occ further public comment on items 3 a there 3-d. >> i want to thank the officer for the turkeys that he gave the circle for thanksgiving all the families enjoyed it and thank you. i said if i saw him i'd do it pubically thank you chief suhr and lieutenant danger field. >> thank you. any further public comment. >> good evening juicy. >> i'm he had man juicy i want to say on this topic i'd like to make sure that everything that with the combhaem i think what
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is happening in chicago the real estate of those i see that as holding back when we get those body cameras people are watching all over the nation to see how that young man was skipping and 13 months later get to see those reports i want you to know how important people are looking at san francisco and the commission and body cameras and you had something going on at the police station last night the american flags coming through when i was going to usc on owens you all looked beautiful from the - yesterday, i hope the body cameras are better and make sure it looks better i want to see 2020 i hope we have more time
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left thank you. >> thank you other public comment hearing public comment is closed. >> accenting. >> discussion and action to approve the body camera for the department to use with the san francisco police officers association and the human resources. >> this is the big item folks we have before us the product of many months of work i have in the past walk through to the steps to this point many of us are part of conversation 10 public hearings there are a number of folks who weighed in and a at the working group i want to start off by thanking the bar association of the public defender's office and the office of citizens complaints, the piano are the alu and asian
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peace officer association and the latino peace officers and the women's peace officer association and the human rights and miguel a community member that assisted as well as a number of folks that shared articles with us i want to start off by saying a testimony to san francisco and how much we care about the issues folks from different background background are sharing their opinions with us tonight an opportunity to have a discussion amongst ourselves i'll remind everyone that we start off with a draft policy with issues that were still outstanding we went to two public community meetings one in the western edition and the in tenderloin items in question were tracked and contact you think a month ago now in
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november and went through the 6 page policy line by line it took about 5 hours we've glutton this word byword who you have before you 4 opens on the website for anyone they're available in paper form so we're going to go through them i want to start off by oriented ourselves to the things that have changed we'll spend most is of times on one issue but note to the community how the policy is different on some other issues as well so first, we talked about the package of ab 69 in sacramento and been defined by the governor it is about shortage of body camera footage and so we went back and the sergeant and the city attorney looked at the recommendations that will be appropriate for us to be put in
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here and consistent a few of them one making it clear that the recorded data from body worn cameras are the property of the department at the bottom of page one an explicit indication periodic and random audits of body worn cameras with the combines with the policy we discussed with this commission you'll see that there is a section on notification and consent prior to our last discussion no indication in the policy that an officer had my obligations to at least even innovative the citizen they're being recorded and now says had feasible they should inform members they're recorded that's a change in addition what was added on page 3 in terms of the long and comprehensive list when
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an officer's is required to turn on a vehicle in vehicle pursuits and on to page 4 per the commissioners discussion about documentation in cased had a member deactives a camera what you need to do the member should document it as outlined in decultivation and again, at the request of this commission based on the discussion if a higher member asked the lower member to deactuate it was in the piece a superior officer has the authority to turn off their body worn cameras on page 5, however,
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it was important for the commission that peer officer has to follow the rules and document why the stoppage and recordings on page 5 pursuant to ab 69 language adams to the following from the member is one the subject of an investigation and an officer involved shooting or into custody dedicate or two a member is the subject of a criminal investigation or 3 at the discretion of the geoff shall take custody of the camera and take probability for up loading the data this is an open question it is taken from the member at this time by the folks indicated again per ab 69 members are prohibited from tampering with the body worn cameras and access and body worn cameras for personal use and uploading records onto the
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internet website without written approval from the officer of the mo again under distribution added at the request of this commission we have explicit language to the point around the standards goal to release body worn cameras to the greatest will extent unless it lays obvious the analysis and endanger the witness or other person a jeopardy an investigation or violate federal and state laws as to privacy the departmental request pursuant to ab 69 the department shall have a log of distribution and j on retention as you can see the department shall keep
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all the body worn cameras recordings in exchange any other policies the department should retain the body worn cameras recordings for two years in incident involved in use of force or otherwise that leads to the arrest of an individual to formal or informal against the members of the department and continues with the notwithstanding a body worn camera recording maybe saved for an incast part of time that is relevant to a criminal of any of us active matter not delete any body worn camera recordings without authorization and lays out the process and needs to be approved subject to the limitations their certain folks authorized to delete the recordings in the established recordings and the department had retain the logs
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so everyone can read this themselves those are the changes to all 4 versions the policy those were changes seattle of the 5 hour discussion so those are the things i want to highlight in terms of the discussion we'll have prior to a vote we can start with we have version one, version 2, version 2a and version 3 differences between the versions have to do with how we handle the officer viewing component we'll start the discussion with any fellows commissioners on questions, thoughts do you want to start with a particular policy i'm open to that colleagues. >> i'll say the only differences in the versions is that i'm sorry, i want to say the difference in the version
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that particular item is that thing. >> correct. >> just to clarify. >> sorry you need to speak into the mike. >> the section about viewing those railroad the only differences but the section about storage and use of recordings mirrors language in the viewing when you take away the camera had the commanding officer will take away the camera it mirrors the language in the viewing. >> okay. >> thank you. >> would that will helpful everyone has read them go you want to summarize or talk about one in particular i've been talking for a while i'll invite everyone else. >> him happy to start. >> all right. commissioner dejesus. >> i've been on record - >> i can't get close.
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>> move the mountain. >> there i've already discussed this over and over but i looked at version one you know, i have to say the workshop in the department disagreed on section f so section f has land on our laptop what officers should be able to view the video footage i think we really were clear they're able to review it except for certain carve out sections those carve outs are an officer involved shooting or an into custody death a member that is subject to a criminal investigation at the discretion of the police chief but tparagraph they will
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cooperate with the legal representative to review those are not carve outs only for the representative to get there there is an issue the way we handle officer involved shooting right now the best practice right now to isolate the officer to take a statement immediately he's not allowed to interview with witnesses and gather any cameras are viewing things bound up and down the streets he's isolated from the partners and he precedes with the investigation that's the current practice for all cities and there's a reason for that will the case law grand verse connor expect the officer knew the force was used he saw and preserved at this time not a hidden sight and not what is available for i am had to review
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before he makes his judgment or statement by the telling me he can watch the video and do what we he does needs to do is the best practices we currently have and a caustic change a compromise the department and the communities are struggling with the issue i think this is a reasonable compromise for 3 certain criteria's that the officer will not be able to view the cameras and have to write his report bans state law a prospective of what he he was using and what we saw in order to testify the use of force and the compromise is after he writes the statement or provides the statement then review the
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camera and do a supplemental report change is hard but it is something we need to grasp but need to understand it and practice this is our opportunities to write a policy that is actually works for everybody it is fair to the public and fair to the department it is transparent it helps restore trust and this is over opportunities to do that i think we should do it right rather than taxing it the way the department wrote it the way they want to write it is a disputed area we should do it right and cut the baby in half and view the certain criteria they can't look at the video they should make the statement that's what the case law says that's the best practice a
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disservice to change that practice and you know so i would certainly disagree with version one i agree with version two i suggested version 2 i look at the version 3 but version 3 a concerning to me the officer can review it with the permission from the chief investigating officer and the chief of police in order to be transparent and fair we should set it up for a process that everyone understand and uses and we'll have to get used to the supplemental report that's not too much too hard to do we do supplemental reports all the time so that's in my opinion and so - >> (clapping.) thank you, commissioner i'm going to ask the chief one thing that came up i think that
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commissioner dejesus brings up an important point how do we do officer involved shootings now what i understand and told the officer is the last person to be interviewed theirs an investigation that happens witnesses are talked to if there's video it is looked at but part of the investigation the officer is the last person to get talked to is there a video how is it handled now to commissioner dejesus point are we incorporating the item the same thing. >> i'll clarify the witnesses no officer who is a witness at the scene be advised. >> yeah. isolated you can explain what happens i've had conversations people think that officer involved shooting the office what look at their video and of you know my understanding of what happens bans the presentations is that they're
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separated and a whole process i want to make sure we're understanding the process. >> that's correct commissions an ois a supervisor attends the scene with a general questions what direction or additional suspect that may not be outstanding that pose a treat to the citizens those are the basic questions again, the supervisor isolates those officers that are the discharging officers and each individually transported to the station and kept apart from each other they're not interviewed none has assess other than the representatives the discharging officer is the last over that is interviewed hours or maybe a twenty-four hour period multiple witnesses
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that need to be interviewed we'll cooperate they're the last ones and the investigators want a complete picture before discharging an officer the officer are they able to read or watch the video from a store camera before they give a statement. >> there's been times where wee they have again for the reaps discussed under the past the inclusion and the tunnel vision it helps trigonometry something that brings more in accordance than noticeably the mind works in you know various was how to records life experiences e so they have been instances it triggers some recognize to provide for information when witnesses an officer didn't releases they were struck by a car oh, that
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happened. >> is that the exception of or the rule. >> what. >> is that the exception watching the videos. >> it's a case by case basis early on when the investigation is within a couple of days and a interview goes on we get a basic understanding what is going on with concerns i think that is where we say you know let's figure out what we have before considering the next step. >> i'll say that is the wrong road. >> i think from what i hear from this i've understood 0 through the reading and pregnancy we've had is that there is an investigation that is done and decisions are made by investigators how to handle the interview and so i think that makes me want to jump to version 3 again, i'm happy to
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keep the conversation going i think version 3 it does include a safeguard a provision and certainly a level of accountability when the decision to allow an officer to view the video the member shall not view the video with the discretion of the police and lists other folks he disagree that that lands you back where we start for a few reasons one that makes it clear that the decision to allow on officer in one of the situations is something that will be at the discretion of the chief and we know that the chief reports to the mr. johnson and return an officer to duty with this body
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we do to evaluate the performances i feel like there is sufficient accountability that addresses the concerns that somehow officers reviewing the video in you'll instances is not fair or transparency the concern he have i'd like to hear from everyone i'll prefer to limit that discretion to the chief of police and not to the criminal investigator we don't have direct oversight we have an oversight relationship with the chief of police and so i feel like to the extent someone will have the discretion to make that decision i'll be more comfortable with the limits to the chief of police i'm open commissioner melara. >> i'm going to say little i have a cold and coughing badly
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connotation but you able or building that officers shall look at video in all circumstances i'll support investigation 3 i've read it carefully i agree it is shall be in the hands of the chief of police he answers to the police commission no one else does so that's a second to that. >> commissioner turman. >> i would agree i don't know that version one is that officers should be allowed to view in all circumstances it is not what our public times or expects. >> ultimately i believe that there needs to be some type of
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limitations on the ability to view i'm willing to support version 3 strike out the lead investigator whether criminal or investigative and add in specifically why the chief is can make that decision based on his discretion but that is by us with the same circumstances in which we review the chiefs decisions when we returns officers to duty officer involved shootings thank you commissioner turman wong i wanted to repeat something that commissioner president loftus said we have a policy in front of us we agree an 99 percent that's important that 99 percent of the incidents
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we agree on what should be done and have difficult issues i don't want the public to be mislead we're focusing on a single paragraph having said that, commissioner marshall said what drives our innovation to adopt the body cameras overall that's again think a national level a lack of confidence or trust in our police we need to do a better job to build a police relationships it's important to adopt a policy with the perception of fairness the public say it is unfair for the police officers to be treated different i've tried to apply language in version 3 with a
10:49 pm
level of febltd i drafted from my certain as a former da in san francisco having conducted ois investigations as part of district attorney's office and someone that filed a civil case in a wrongful death somebody killed by a police seen this from all angles and at the investigations where the investigations the captain in homicide we had a situation come up in one of the cases exactly had commissioner dejesus said there was evidence that was developed in the course of the investigation they wanted to show parts of investigation to the officer to get his responses to what happened and as the da's representative that evidence should not be shown and had a
10:50 pm
discussion late at night and we came to the conclusion it was better at this time to show the pieces of evidence in order to get the best responded that order of discretion not a black and white rule where officers should be viewing or refused to view i'm okay with the chief of police but a minute by minute unfolding investigation i don't know from the chief wants to be involved in the day to day calls some happen at 4 o'clock in the morning sat at the scenes for hours on end and some things my change and now it is important to show the witness officer, i'm going to call them the witness officer to get a better response that's what i'm trying to craft
10:51 pm
some kind of discretion that the overall policy the officers sunshine involved in shootings should not view only with the course of the discretion of whichever investigator a leading the investigation i want to wrap up the policy overall essential with the number of changes at the last meeting is something i think is a great policy. >> thank you, commissioner i almost called you president commissioner mazzucco. >> i want to thank the commission and commissioner president loftus a long process that involved the community meetings and narrows down to one issue we're talking about whether or not the officers should review the video before giving a statement myself like
10:52 pm
commission wong and former district attorney i've responded to numerous officer involved shooting and presents at an otherwise, i know what takes place at an officer involved shooting and the deputy chief told us the officers generally relax the preconception narrows on 60 minutes anderson cooper did angle investigation they talked about how the officers vision narrows a stressful situation not something we examine behind the decks so the officers should have the opportunity and like this carve out the safety value thank you discretion of chief if he thinks the situation warrants not look at the video go with the chiefs discretion and i'll assume the
10:53 pm
deputy chief of the an officer involved shooting the chief has accountability to the commission and commissioner president loftus rereview every single officer involved shooting and before a return to duty before to determine whether or not things we can do better or something that trifrdz so the chief does answer to us that's a good carve out if something is wrong with us who do officer involved shooting whether this is an issue with the officer involved shooting within the first hour or two if interest there is issues i think the chief in hois training and experience knows that they get a feeling they're accountability to the commission this carve out is a good carve out it is fair and the officers have to have that opportunity they need to review that because we've heard about writing a supplemental
10:54 pm
report with all the defense attorneys in the room it is called cross examination nonetheless you've been there like some of the men and women you can't stand in their shoes i then this is the discretion of chief or his represent and the other to the commission and fairness to the officers. >> thank you commissioner turman. >> well i respect what commissioner mazzucco and commission wong said it is important but this is a main voyage we need to look at the policy and at this time it needs to be the chief and then it needs to be reviewable by this commission to see exactly
10:55 pm
how this policy works from 3 to 6 months be back here and saying how it is working and what he need to do and change i don't want to give anybody the impression what we set here and sendoff to the meat process should be final we should continue to look at the process we should continue to see how it is going to work but needs to start off being reviewed by such circumstances with critical instances and the chief needs to make the call and that for whatever reason he makes the call we need to review that if it becomes necessary. >> thank you commissioner turman i agree and predict commissioner wongs comments about this experience we're a product of our experience you've brought up an important point about the investigations
10:56 pm
happening in arraignment and discretion can be useful to actually, you, choose to show portion of the video because you have concerns whether or not the officer was until oil or committing a crime but an accountability i feel that certainly this chief and any chief that san francisco will select given the importance of the newness of body cameras especially in critical incidents as officer involved shootings and into custody death any chief in san francisco wants to make that call and ultimately be accountability to the commission it is the right thing to do for that people to say i was not there on the issue has to do with with the trust and other in san francisco that exists so i'm fine with the chief of police or
10:57 pm
hois did he give new and commissioner marshall. >> we better get on at the last meeting after we heard everyone speak and that came back to us we were going to try to do the enforceable carve out a general rule on body cameras that satisfied everyone i knew that wasn't possible and i've not been inundated with so much stuff in my life i was more concerned with listening to all the rings of paperwork and things i've gotten i was concerned with what the members of the commission thought. >> i noticed commissioners spit what people do they put in a lot of work and did a lot with
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that so to come to o a consensus and to hear and i got to say commission wong you came up with something solid to put this out and commend you on that around this particular issue viewing of the video i was wondering i wanted to hear we can reach consensus i think that is great a great idea i think that it is the way we should go given all that we heard it is not set in stone for the general order and change it wherever this is new everything is new so i too support version 3 and i
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believe the way it is written now commissioner president loftus is that the leading investigator will come out. >> that's my, my request. >> i'll make a motion. >> we have to get public comment first. >> point of progress just to reiterate something we've talked about this is a - not the final everything dot all the i's and cross the t's i see people nodes what happens we're voting tonight to give the direction to our folks with the department of human resources and hope we'll make final adoption this was such an important issue of concern we wanted to make sure we heard from everyone and able to deliberate and hoping the final process will happen in
11:00 pm
short order tonight vote is the high-level pieces and get the final piece and make a final adoption i want to make sure i said that for the hundredth time other comments before we go into public comment colleagues i just want to say one last thing i've gotten the sense from everyone is irritated what the things together in you're feeling that way i see you're faces you're in good company we are balancing a number of interests and responding to one aspect of this policy we want to hear from everyone your perspectives but i can't say enough i think the fact we've had people from such different points sitting at the table and
11:01 pm
respectfully disagreeing is a testament to the city thank you for coming and look forward to hearing from you with that, i'll call for public comment. >> two minutes. >> policy about social media not with the overall public affairs i said previously tonight no mug shot realize of
11:02 pm
coerce so in both instances talking about mug shots are public record and soon going to be taped that the police officers will be recording with this equipment so we are talking public records and both instances i think that there has to be great leeway regarding the tapes from the kwoemz that is going to make that easy for members of the public and presto get a public records request to get the tapes and get the tapes soon we've all seen in recent weeks out of chicago a dash cam documenting the killing of an unarmed teenager was held for 13
11:03 pm
months i'm glad we're soon 2016 you guys are behind the curve in developing putting body cameras on officers we need you to finally develop the policy that is applied regarding the release of mug shots thank you. >> thank you. good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners ladies and gentlemen, on both sides of the aisle i was a mayoral commitment i didn't make it but my idea did you received a copy of what i submitted regarding the cameras in regards to the san francisco police officers viewing the video before presenting the reports is denied it is the 21st century is
11:04 pm
for the an automobile part a person has rights but he didn't have extra rights video cameras with there to not to entrap everyone but to identify truth from fix and co-hemorrhages and force when it comes to the comments of the gentlemanless unless you've been there no teacher will let you view an examine before the test to make this tool one of the efficient, active tools this is my story i'm sticking to it my lips my words to gods ears
11:05 pm
thank you very much. >> hi number one thank you for making the improvements since no draft policy was issued by the defense lawyers to basically protect their own interest so thank you for screening but more improvements number one the random audits that is awesome how frequent is a requirement a certain number and how many no requirement they be done i'd like to know what the specifically is going to be number two not footage is jeopardizes the investigation this is not a valid excuse that might be a better language but the idea of jeopardizing is made up a loophole ready to be abused and number 3 what are the
11:06 pm
consequences i don't have the policy in front of me the negative failures to do what you're supported to do number for the dash cam off ramp should be used or other people used for training purposes and the occ for they're part of their investigation process other uses by getting people caught and lying about that is an important use as well and finally i've been pushing for 32 months for the dash cantonese the idea you've been working faster is not true this year 2015 you've done a better job and i really, really appreciate it thank you very much. >> next speaker >> clyde good evening and welcome. >> nice to be back
11:07 pm
this is home and lie love first of all, the officers should be able to review those films at any time i don't care we're not out there to play got you and lie we don't fled to do that we got you okay he lunged at me he shot him 16 times only an excuse to justify homicide in carolina so if in is what we're play we'll get you in a lie don't need it, it is look at the hotel a pack of lies a pack of lies okay now i can tell you through personal experience that happened to me a couple years ago i'll not talk about it specifically i end up in a
11:08 pm
hallway with an individual showed a gun he let me know i shadow there i was panicking i didn't i'll admit the blood pressure dwoupz i wasn't scared i've been in the service by the grace of god how to stop this threat i said by way of you're on camera he ran out the door the next day if you asked me clyde what was he wearing a gun what was the color of his shoes a gun. >> i was so fixated on that gun i could care less about what he had on let's of the officer review the video. >> welcome good evening commissioner
11:09 pm
president loftus and commission chief of police and director joyce hicks i'm the president of the san francisco police officer association thank you commissioner president loftus for her leadership and the commissioners i've spent on this it is a long process especially starting with the working group and the numbers and the hours of the paperwork the position of po a members should be afforded the opportunity to review the body worn camera video in order to provide the most complete and thorough and accurate statement or report the current practice with the sfpd is officers shall seek out video from a muni bus era fixed building or a citizen on an eye phone that video is evidence and that needs to be properly recorded on an initial report that an officer will provide a
11:10 pm
statement doing it later on in a supplemental report is contrary to the current policy i believe that the department and the commission expects our members to present the information on the report at the time of the report viewing the body worn cameras is supported and george gascon and chief suhr one of the studies by the united states duff's we have dozens of officers right now that will be testifying they believe in the policy that is on the front line officers they need to embrace this to be successful that's why we're submitted to the po a letters to the commission thank
11:11 pm
you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, i'm a police officer for 8 years i wrote a speaker but a subject came up i want to talk about the issue about the what's the difference between police officers and suspect they are treated save officers are there because we're hired by the san francisco to be there and most ois wouldn't occur in the officers were not there we go through the academy for 9 months everyday to train how to handcuff and do control holds and take downstairs all that stuff when stuff happens you have to rely on memory one the problems without viewing the camera you do sure enough by memory and forget and if we're
11:12 pm
going to be treated the same as other people we should be having rights to miranda and other things any defense attorney that is good if we had a client and have video and the police officer want the client to make a statement they'll have to look at the video i don't see why we're any different yeah, that's pretty much it. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening lieutenant and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners i'm mistake the concert the po a i want to point out the po a is a working member we've never drawn a line in the sands or said body cameras shout come to
11:13 pm
san francisco this is might have e my belief it is a benefit we come to this discussion we not saying body cameras shouldn't come to san francisco but only important that the members very a reasonable policy that something they'll come to embrace down the road in my prior job an internal investigator investigated officer involved shooting and worked with many of you with the boards that commissioner dejesus has been at many of those and obviously director joyce hicks and i know each other from those days those investigations it is of my opinion viewing the video footage for officers in officer involved shooting or into custody death is critical the way the process needs to be clear once an officer gives a
11:14 pm
statement they're brought to the station and isolated i fully understand that no one is talking about officers watching video camera without the investigators first, the investigators themselves and in a controlled setting those investigators will show the video to officer i can't imagine do a thorough investigator not showing the officers what did they do and say and hear and more importantly what did they do or say thank you for your time. >> good evening and welcome. >> commissioners and ladies and gentlemen, of the audience good evening good evening. >> i came here for one reason about 2 and a half hours ago i was reading the article in the
11:15 pm
examiner and then the first thing i heard mumbo-jumbo how you'll go against every guess in a the united states and give the pertinent information they've beat up the citizens of the city and county of san francisco what i came here for to find out if you have any integrity to vote the way it new york city voted or other communities in the united states not to give special privilege to police officers 99 percent of them are fine men 2 percent are criminals and what you're going to do is protect the criminals of police officer association is not responsible for them they're a union they're only union looking for union dues their left in one
11:16 pm
million dollars to san francisco and not willing to pay it the mob promotes the police officers work keep paying the dues we'll give you a deck jimbo bob city job i'm not here to promote deck jobs but the city and county of san francisco they lost all their surveillance equipment their claiming confidentiality it is public information you should do tonight to make sure that any officer that turn on the recording turns on it so they can watch on another so it won't disappear when you come through the arrangement and find out we can't find the video thank you for your time in this matter. >> thank you (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening.
11:17 pm
>> john evans san francisco police department. >> over 25 years ago as little baby police officer i was told i shall i must review all evidence prior to making a report i didn't have a choice not a choice i was entrusted to carry a gun and to be involved in officer involved shootings the idea that maybe there needs to be a time when i shouldn't review evidences before me to make a report properly and accurately makes me think contrary to be told not direct authority i wish you did but maybe you don't trust me, you trust me with a gun and trust me to go do the work i appreciate the trust and want to be true to
11:18 pm
the trust but oh, no, we don't want you to see this evidence it going against everything i've done for over a quarter of a century you don't trust that me if you don't trust me i'll go if i was was a lesser officer without reviewing evidence i don't know i'll wait and hope i get to see the evidence i should it is ridiculous not to review evidence whether it is written or audio or video why should video recordings be different than the evidence i shall review before making my report i want you to think about thank you. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening. >> commissioner president
11:19 pm
loftus and other commissioners deputy chief and joyce hicks aim the president of the officer for justice i've been a police officer for 26 years in the patrol division i stand to commend you on our hard work i say at this time i believe you have the best consensus comes in version 3 i'm thinking about what i was looking at today in subdividing you can't tell me those officers can tell you everything has unfolding i can be tell you my officers can't because of post traumatic stress and because it is humanly impossible we have to be able to look at those videotapes when you have a
11:20 pm
critical magnitude you can't expect the chief of police to authorize who can and cannot do video the videotapes you need to allow him to use and exercise his judgment to authorize who should be able to allow the officers to review videotapes in some incidents as officer involved shootings, etc. i urge you to allow us to view the tapes thank you. >> sergeant. >> good evening welcome. >> good evening my name is bryan currently a san francisco police officer assigned to the southern station i've been a police officer for 6 years i can tell you when i take on a suspect one-on-one i've had to fight them i can tell you how to use force and had to go back to the station it is hard to
11:21 pm
remember everybody what commands and how much time i gave them by having a body worn cameras that will give transparent to the report to show what was said he when and how the person come applied or not i can truly in 2012 i was at 3 and market street the night the giants won the world series prior to that myself he and officer westbound taking multiple bottles if we were able to watch the video we could have caught is suspects and who committed the fire bombing earlier it is a valuable tool we need to be able to video is it and officers writing a supplemental report that if that
11:22 pm
policy go through less and less officers on the streets and at the station writing reports not beneficial for the community i urge the police commission please let officers view the video thank you. >> thank you, officer good evening and welcome. >> good evening commissioner president loftus and commissioners sergeant i work they mission station at midnight you don't cook our holiday diner and review the repeat afterwards you don't go to our doctor having filling a prescription and review the medical charts later the didn't file charges and then review the case files juries don't reach a verdict and
11:23 pm
deliberate the testimony why would you want a police officer to write a document and afterward only afterwards review the relevant evidences commissioners, i urge you do not approve any policy that prohibits officers from viewing body camera don't make us where blind folds we write our statements and write the reports thank you. good evening and welcome. >> hello commission commissioners my name is joe a 20-year veteran the san francisco police department a supervisor at the parks station i've heard a lot of people speak and i've been involved in officer involved shootings i've had pulled the trigger and taken a life in the san francisco ethics commission with a duty weapon issued by the city
11:24 pm
of san francisco and something that weighs on my life until this day for the commission to think of putting in a policy where officers can't 50 view video my own video to me a ludicrous i view as a police officer daily video from other incidents crimes that occur i think that is important for officers to have you united states videos for the accuracy reports of incident that occurred on the evening i took a life the person murdered someone and attempting to carjack someone i don't remember everything that occurred die remember my life been in danger and acting appropriate that is a situations that goes beyond normal human beings contention
11:25 pm
i'm a deter storm veteran since i've been a police officer in the city of san francisco i've not experienced more violence except a proud officer wearing a uniform please i urge you commission commissioner marshall i've learned to you on the radio i wear the uniform please let us view our videoed to get the most accurate information. >> thank you. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> geary even though a police officer i want to say the organizations that want this passed want the police officers to be treated by criminal suspect however, unlike criminal suspects they want police officers to be forced to make a statement and made in a way to
11:26 pm
increase the impression they want police officers to be forced to make the statement without viewing the evidence a right given to criminal suspects despite the - the office of citizens complaints wants to sustain more complaints against police officers and justify their existence the defense advertising will have a harder time getting police officers off and the aclu i am asking you to vote against if and every time a police officer use the force is honestly justified not in the interest of the public or city the city's honest police officers to cause them to be mistakenly looked it is not in the interests of the public or the city to have the prospective
11:27 pm
of the criminal society that didn't accurately reflect the intention of the members. >> thank you. >> good evening. >> next speaker. >> good evening. >> commissioners tax for having us i'm a san francisco police officer mission station this program. >>was presented to us a tool and i think that nationwide it is being seen as a tool to make us better police officers and better at our jobs to allow us to do our jobs in a safe and transparent way many policy is impacted where the members e members of the commission and organizations are trying to change this policy to have it be something we're not able to view our footage prior to making a
11:28 pm
statement it will create a diversifiesness that is not necessary in this situation i'm a san francisco police officer but a member of the community and enough division at this time moving we should be allowed to use the program as a tool to be better police officers not to put ourselves in situations where we have to not only create accurate police reports and create accurate reports but defend all actions i'm sure that not many people in this room have been in situations like we see as police officers in the city of san francisco thank you for your time >> thank you. good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is tammy a resident of the district 5 and also a tax paying citizen
11:29 pm
the police officers work for me in paying their salary i'm here to talk about i need my glasses about accountability and the public trust he respect police officers for the sacrifice they're not never in the wrong i've witnessed two incidents in the of him a neighborhood where the police officers is respect for the black community that's reached the point i won't call the police i mean, i'll not risk the killing of allocate citizen by the police people are called to call the police department because someone is not andrew's i came to speak in port of cameras and not allow them to use them before writing reports it comes back to acknowledge as
11:30 pm
a tax paying citizen i want to add i saw the photos on facebook of the officer involved shooting it looks an execution it sleeves mass murderers are not caught but police officers kill unarmed people we need the video not to be viewed so the officers that are doing this the right way this will not be a problem thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> good evening commissioners and director joyce hicks i'm henry a rank and file police radio police an officer in the police department i'm accountability to the public through the commission you have over set forth over me such me we wear the uniform you lent us
11:31 pm
i'm aware of the star of the uniform i wear belongs to the people of the city my experience in situation where a potential or actual use of force the anxiety level goes up as a result each person gets tunnel vision i urge you to allow the police officers to view the camera video we are trained and told to look for additional witnesses so we can form an accurate conclusion a video is not designed to be biased i urge you to allow us to view the body worn camera videos an accurate statement can be made thank you. >> thank you if people can line up who will want to speak i
11:32 pm
am trying to decide if we're going to have a bathroom, break looks like we'll make it to the end of the public comment. >> good evening, commissioners i'm with the library telethon party and the civil liberties coalition i want to talk about something that schobz said earlier the drafters of this policy that is which is the department that is the police department they wrote it the way they want to write it this workshop was drafted by the people that are being regulate by the document this is a huge conflict of interest and this you know discussion between the different versions the vertigos are not that different all the versions you're talking about will belief of leave it up to the police discretion to decide
11:33 pm
whether or not the officers get to review the video or not i think the officers can write a supplemental report this is a dictionary e distraction other people involved in the incident have the same ability to review the video the officers deal with those situations on a fairly regular basis someone who is a victim of a crime or a suspected or something like that is victimized by the police they're not dealing with that that on a regular basis so they should have the same reason to view the video i want to address overhead please in the new york times the real issue what happens to the video after it is taken right now the policy will have it go go into the custody of the
11:34 pm
police department this is a problem goes to a independent control like the police officers should have charge of that video not the police department she shouldn't be able to choose at their discretion what we release to the public they need to have public accountability and the nationwide on the cameras people want - >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you hi commissioners my name is tracey rewritten beggar with media alliance we're out there a democratic advocate i want to start off by talking about a document in may 2015 civil rights principles for the
11:35 pm
body cameras a signs is the napkin napkin, the national urban league and the lawyers committee for civil rights and you know prominent civil rights organization item 57 on the list preserve the independent evidentiary report by pro bono the officers from viewing footage before file their reports footage of the an incident presents a partial and sometimes misleading story on how events unfold it causes the officer to conform the report rather than what the officer actually saw based on some of the testimony i'm having a hard time how the reports were written prior to the use of body cameras obviously a protocol to
11:36 pm
require the reports based on what the police officers remember of the incidents this president pro tem has not all of a sudden become useless because of an additional tool what we're after is the prudent of truth what is happening we do that by examining discrepancies on a video and what's in the reports what the the meaning of those discrepancies is could be trauma or loss of memory or the position of camera it would be that the incident report is not true if we're not willing to admitted that possibility and use that for that purpose we'll turn into chicago that's not what i want thank you. >> thank you, ma'am are we having a problem with the
11:37 pm
timing. >> good evening and welcome. >> oh, i think that is getting turned back on. >> hi aclu and nolan organizer we want to start by acknowledging this is a national conversation we've all watched and many of us stood as the public with the demand of transparent after police officer violence has taken another person of color (calling names) please body cameras should be a tool for accountability not abuse and clear guidelines are needed both about when off ramp had should be released and when officers b.a. can view the camera to rebuild the community trust allowing the officers to see the footage before make a
11:38 pm
statement gives the offers an unfair advantage the camera footage is other one incident getting the information about what was in the mind of the officer during the shooting is one more piece of truth and therefore uphold the investigations district it is the officers memory is alternated by seeing the footage beforehand the integrity is gone body cameras will not will solve the precisely but with the right policy they can be an important step targets accountability i want to thank the commission for hearing the voices of the san franciscans civil rights outcomes and is aclu and care and color change and vance justice and the public defenders
11:39 pm
and who else has asked for the version of 3 thank you. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> hi names a allen he like to echo what a couple of speaker ago said based on the importance of seeing the video is a 0 wonder any investigation could have gone on and reliable since this has been done important a long time one of the officers that was up here prior mentioned trusts something we not been about but identifiable that trust is part of issue and it is not trust necessarily between the police commission and the officers or the chief suhr it is about trust between the public and 0 police officer whether or not justified by the incident
11:40 pm
across the country chicago being a great t is trust it an issue not just a tool for enforcement but a tool for transparency transparency to the public and i think that is important to keep in mind the changes suggested from what i understand from version 3 sound like a big improvement i'd like to see more openness i do want to thank the commission or whoever came up with version 3 to have made that change thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening commissioner president loftus, commissioners director hicks and deputy chief i'm bryan a police officer in the city and county of san francisco assigned to the midnight control at the bay station i take pride in our great city i hope to provide
11:41 pm
substance to allow the officers to see the video before memorializing any documents we acknowledge this tool is valuable at the same time the technology of body cameras should not make policing more difficult policing is one of the americans most notable professions it can effect people for life and communities for generations given this ever police officers must be centered on what was important justice and fundamental importance are the foundation principles the notable understanding how high the stakes for the police officers will allowing the police officers to view the footage a paramount to all vault all relevant evidence which is
11:42 pm
the leg term and to provide the most complete and accurate depiction of an incident to get this right the first time not an historical foot not i understand this is no easy task and the positive important issue thank you for your time and effort during this process. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening commission my background a medicine not law enforcement there is a public safety interest in knowing how police officers precede critical encounters before they review the camera recordings a police officer ability to assess a threat accurately and to respond appropriately those
11:43 pm
things are essential for public safety eventually there will be discrepancies between the officers statement and the body camera read into the record we know that but if oversee skrerpgz are gross distorgsz or they are - currently much concern over how police officers report use of force incidents the new york police department inspectors general reports on body cameras in cases of suspected seclude the officers should review their rortsdz after filing a report not before and most of cops agreed do with that they can file an addendum how they did it in new york this
11:44 pm
process serves investigative integrity and public interest and the police departments trust for public service i hope you do a followup audit with the recordings of demonstrations their transmitted through the infusion center by the police department or the ventilated to make sure that the first amendment rights are being audible. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening. >> inspector i've been with the san francisco police department over 20 years with the gang task force it is interesting i completed a trial in which an armed robbery the defense brought in a witness to testify regarding memory
11:45 pm
i found interest rate under the most optimum conditions is 70 percent when you start adding stress factors the peg percentage plummets to thirty percent no different than victims when they're under a stressful situation their focus they'll have tunnel vision i found interesting in this case commissioner dejesus quoted a little bit earlier case law an officer talked about what they saw or knew at the time they don't get to talk to witnesses even though a camera is a partial witnesses that's the officer point of view you're
11:46 pm
seeing with the officer. >> saw and knew the president at that time, you're giving them the opportunity to remember during the testimony of the expert with the they're talking about the fact that triggers help memories the human mind is not a video camera but things that trigger the memory if an officer reviewing the camera or the video what they saw are heard will help to trigger those memories you owe it to the officer and community they serve thank you. >> thank you inspector. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening rebecca deputy pr and member the body camera work first of all, i read the recessions in the edits and the addendums and i want to say
11:47 pm
bravo those revisions made that a much tighter document and more complete and thorough and specific document to basically guide police officers in understanding how to use body cameras retention and viewing and so forth is very good job listening to the commission on version 3 drafted by commission wong i take this is a reasonable effort of compromise and i'm impressed at the effort i would suggest that you add to item f one a subdivision d right now abc if you add a subdivision d and add a reportable use of
11:48 pm
force just take that one line if commissioner dejesus's draft and that will make that more complete the deletion of board relieves or criminal investigation on scene is an excellent suggestion from commission and all and all good job we've come a long way towards to draft policy. >> you said add a d after abc. >> page 4 the reporting under one you have subdivision a officer involved shooting or into custody death and d as a criminal investigation or c at the discretion of the chief of police or hois sdeeg i'm suggesting you add d a reportable use of force.
11:49 pm
>> okay. thank you. >> thank you, ms. young. >> next speaker. >> and good evening public defender's office jeff adachi. >> i wanted to listen to all the speakers that was educating a point i've supported body cameras from the beginning to improve the quality of the police investigations the reason for the carve outs when an officer moves from a neutrality observer to a witness that may have a stake in the controversy or a victim or maybe a defendant those points we want to make sure there is a record of hois independent recognize not inflicts by the body camera video an example if an office says oh, the reason he stopped mr. smikt he went through a red
11:50 pm
light and the video shows that mr. smith went through a green light but the officers issued the ticket will the officer feel the pressure to change that similarly in a case an officer addressed small business someone is from resisting arrest and the video explicit support that again, the person is under the officer feels the pressure to change his account that will be dealt with we want the officers to record the dependent recognize and then look at the video ando see whether or not it support that state is important in instances there were informs uses i want to comment on adding another carry out for the recorded use of force a situation like the gentleman this is the gentleman that was
11:51 pm
bean by the alameda deputies in the additional by billy clubs those officers will be allowed under the thirds proposal to view that video i do think this should be added thank you very much for your work. >> thank you public defender jeff adachi. >> next good evening. >> i'm richard a retired sort of. >> speak into the mike. >> we can't hear you. >> i said my name is richard i'm retired sort of i trust that body and trust the police officers and work with them today it is interesting to have this meeting he wasn't going to be here that we have the aftermath of you know chicago and also have intsh and that
11:52 pm
will have to work for everyone an active shooter and someone gets the evidence you can't looked at the the officers use this critical tool there are concerns with the first amendment but the police officers in the 71 beagle by more than 99 percent are good working honest cops the whole idea is consumed by that in these days of what happened i don't know that much about san bender but that happens with you know everyone kind of being aware of what was the case thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> hi names a dean a member the san francisco police department a member for 25 years
11:53 pm
of those 25 years i've been investigating crimes for just about 22 of them and investigative tool we use is video and it is very important to have that video available to us in order to document correctly the incidents that took place i have faith in our chief i have faith in the command staff he's put together a command staff second to none the officers that work for those people work for the command staff have a lot of respect not lying about anything i think you get 16 officers they have 16 different versions video everywhere on cases i investigate daily we have video
11:54 pm
coming in constantly all day long videos everywhere and trusting in the chief and the police department you put them there are no more a reason we need to trust and echo deputy chief if this the police department we appreciate the fact we'll be going to cameras and something we do need for both ways for the public so we can protect ourselves as well as the public thank you for your time and i'd like to echo marty and his instance on the body cameras thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening again ms. brown welcome back. >> my st. francis stance on body cameras he building that it shouldn't be viewed the officers should tell his story about he
11:55 pm
views the camera we're taking the filings out of the family members and the people being murdered they say black life matters all life matters think about those lives also that are being murdered okay they're not a lot of police officers that are crooked but there are some that are and i'm thinking on other mothers i've talked to their children were murdered by police officers i think that the police should tell their story before that he view that's my stance my son was not murdered by a police officers but other mothers i've spoken with their children were murdered by police officers so see me as them thank you.
11:56 pm
>> thank you ms. brown (clapping.) any further public comment on this matter welcome back juicy. >> i'm larry juicy edmond i want to read this is at carpenter larry juicy edmond proclaimed cheerleader speaks in favor the medical marijuana this is july 23, '03 i'm showing us because i've spoken for medical marijuana and same gender married but now want to speak we need a new policing communities gods and america lives are changing i was reading a report someone took all the people's videos not one lady kept a camera that was what happened but we find out had the black
11:57 pm
america you don't know who is going to shoot you i hate looking normally i'm a regular black guy i can could be in danger up think this report you need to make that report without - then making a report why not who two reports now make a report now review is and make another one later you'll see the most accuracy today, we need accuracy in our lives ♪ country they have all the men n one side and we wanted balance it is time to have a 21st century police and communities involved together thank you
11:58 pm
>> thank you is is there any additional public comment on this matter. >> hearing public comment is closed. >> i'm going to take a recess like a personal bio break. >> we'll be back at 10 minute commission back on the record. >> thank you back on the record. >> in our discussion of the body worn camera policy we have heard public comment colleagues now is the time to take a vote i'd like to say i found public comment to be critic in a number of ways one i appreciate the thoughtful corrections from some of the police officers on the oversight that have over them i want to
11:59 pm
clarify that point that the compression role is to set policy and do adrenalin but if i call you on a wednesday and tell you to go somewhere you'll not have to listen to me the reason he make that distinction the structures we have around the authorities the police commission has matters it is directly with the chief of police regarding his performance of his duties so with routine officers you'll see me for adrenalin matters but how you do do our job everyday you deal with someone else i want to note a few points one i think you know colleagues i'm interested in our perspective we've heard from this group that there is a
12:00 am
sense there is consensus around some of the solutions in the option 3 we have sufficiently balanced the interests we're not suggesting that officers should never be able to view the video and not suggesting we distrust them i'm mindful of some of the documents i did of these olden to me in one of the comments the officers made i troubled me i want to go back some of the reports do indicate drove are harm caused by distrust starting with the policy we distrust your police officers one of the pieces from the experts there is a detrimental - that blocking the information bound to send offers a message of distrust i
12:01 am
want to say tonight this decision around option 3 not to send a motioning message of distrust but identify this is an investigations investigations are fluid and need to have safeguards in place colleagues, any follow-up before i entertain a commission. >> commissioner dejesus. >> the audit is a critical part in investigation 3 it is new and should have a timeframe for that audit 6 months or 8 months or a year a timeframe that is concrete and an audit done to see the indications or the policy in practice so leaving it fluid is disconcerting i don't know that
12:02 am
is something that goes into the policy but an admissible policy 6 months from when it is finalized to bring that back to the commission to look i think we'll have to have the evaluation to look like whether an academic institution one thing i think we've observed there is 5 studies done outside the united states of body worn cameras and the intentions i think there is an opportunity for this department to partner within academic institution and do some of the stooufd in san francisco of the issues schedule that for a conversation but agree to bring that back after the policy is implemented after 6 months any other comments colleagues. >> so my i will cleaner a motion oh, commission wong.
12:03 am
>> i want rely what commissioner president loftus said the comment of officer john evans made a strong statement in not a about a trust issue i think that at the end of the day this will strengthen the officers lead investigates and given the chief of police this discretion will allow for the discretion and for the public's trust, in fact, had a the officer did at that moment at that time those involved in ois investigations we've seen cases the officer says something that was his prospective and not what actually happens not because the officer is lying a got you or intentionally lying that prospective at that moments
12:04 am
precisely because of the tunnel vision is the moment but the substantive belief we need to capture the officer was generously in fear of his or her life i believe that this is going to create a stronger investigation and increase the public confidence in our police force so i do want to say to all the officers that testified in no way on any issue here reflect any level of distrust of our police force and colleagues so the language i wanted to suggest i think we've talked about around f one would be to have it read for the above allowed circumstances the member shall not view the body worn camera or reporting subject to the discretion of the chief of police or his or her diego scratching anti from airbnb or
12:05 am
the lead criminal investigator on scene and pick up on the listed incidents neither reporting suspect but the chief of police or his or her diego instead of the lady investigator shall have the transparency and true findings to show you. >> the witnesses and or do i have a motion good evening chief welcome. >> do i have a motion to approve option 3 with thoamendms commissioner turman. >> thank you commissioner president loftus based on the investigations and restatements to version 3 and with the full analysis this is a
12:06 am
measure we need to take in order to incur the public trust and the protection of officers and the public i move we adopt version 3 with the changes as so read by you moments ago. >> don't i have a second and 4 seconds wow. >> any discussions? okay sergeant kill shaw please call roll >> do you need clarification. >> i'm going to call for a second again do we have a second. >> second. >> thank you, commissioner. >> on the motion to do you want me to read the whole paragraph the motion that the paragraph reads for the above listed circumstances the members will not view the body worn camera subject to the chief of
12:07 am
police or his or her diego they're at outset neither the reporting officers more the suspects or officers the chief of police or his or her designee should have the fairness the true finding to show all the parts or body worn camera to the witnesses or part of the investigation commissioner president loftus how do you vote. >> commissioner turman yes. >> commissioner marshall i would say yes. >> commissioner dejesus how do i vote on the motion. >> pass. >> commissioner mazzucco how - >> she passed. >> commissioner mazzucco how do you vote on the motion.
12:08 am
>> yes. and commission wong yes. >> and commissioner melara how do you vote we'll go, go back. >> no. >> the i's have it. >> okay may i have make a statement i really want to thank the commissioners will you hold up that binder for those first time i get people come in and say you guys don't say anything you guys all those things read so i've got to thank you it took a long time to get here we crafted a policy from scratch wonderful commission. >> commissioner melara. >> are we're going to vote on
12:09 am
this policy. >> yeah. that was the language on the full policy do we need another vote or all-inclusive. >> i thought you're motion probation officer vote on the changes. >> so one thing we're thank god to just so everything is clear a pro is that will come back with the department of human resources i want to say that a lot of this process has been about not choosing sides that was one of the police officers said there is too much division let's move forward together i'm incredibly grateful if there's a part of policy you don't take you're ball and go
12:10 am
home but i want to thank you for everything you've done. >> sergeant, next item. >> public comment on all matters pertain to closed session including the public comment to hold item 7 in closed session. >> so is there any public comment on all matters pertaining to item 7. >> good evening. >> thank you. >> that's okay. i had a question if the cleaving will be going into the closed session with you. >> not a q and a just yourself comments. >> well, i mean where you choose do answer the question for the records i'm concerned this is regulatory when the agency being regulated is sitting and participating you
12:11 am
know on the panel with the people that are supposed to be doing the regulation especially it is something the public is not able to witness what is twong it is important you mediated by yourselves and not the police meeting with you in closed session and after tonight's meeting process that needs to be open to the public the public has a right to know what is being done with their tax dollars i'm disturbed this may be closed off to the public and ask for clarification on that and obviously again, if you choose to answer is up to you folks finally thank you to commissioner dejesus for her vote and tough being the loan voice of the demanding accountability but this is important i hope the rest of you will think about that he and you're conscious and communities and take a cue in doing stronger
12:12 am
accountability. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on this matter hearing none public comment is closed. >> vote on whether to assert the attorney/client with the san francisco administrative code action. >> do i have a motion >> so moved >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries sergeant we're in close >> commission we're back under open session and back on the
12:13 am
record you still we have quorum. >> thank you please call the next item. >> vote to disclose any or all items for the san francisco administrative code action. >> colleagues a motion not to that motion carries sergeant, next item. >> item 9 adjournment action item. >> do i have a motion. >> i move >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? we're adjourned i'd like to thank the staff the police commission our district attorney's office for all of everything i do everyday and other on these all right. on 5
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2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through
12:23 am
extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was
12:24 am
opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may
12:25 am
be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball. >> yes. >> almost.
12:26 am
>> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long. >> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i
12:27 am
wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of
12:28 am
have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log. >> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and
12:29 am
developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc >> tuesday, december 1, 2015, of the same force and effect board of directors ms. bloomer commissioner singh director borden director heinecke is anticipated shortly
12:30 am
director nolan director rubke directors please be advised if director ramos burglary not be here please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, planning code are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room planning department staff microphone on vibrate cause drurpgs please turn off approval of the draft minutes for the september >> i. >> opposed? okay. thank you. >> item 5 communications directors please be advised that the steering wheel la settlement be removed from the agenda and staff requested that changes to the


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