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tv   Ethics Commission 112315  SFGTV  December 16, 2015 7:00am-8:16am PST

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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> > (speaking spanish.) >> (speaking spanish.) >> > (speaking foreign language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >>(speaking foreign
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language.) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you, everyone and welcome to the sfvrz meeting of tuesday, december 15, 2015, madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim
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not presents supervisor mar supervisor president wesson sin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president we have quorum. >> ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all thank you very much madam clerk any communication. >> there are no communication to report madam president. >> colleagues, any changes to the regular meeting mini i minutes of november 3rd seeing none, motion to approve by supervisor mar seconded by commissioner campos colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take
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that without objection. those meeting minutes passes unanimously after. madam clerk read the consent agenda items 1 through 7 of the board pursuant individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. seeing no names on the roster madam clerk supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor president wesson sin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 11izing. >> those items are final passed and adopted unanimously next item. >> oh, madam clerk yes call
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item 8 item 8 all the times 9 administrative code to establish a fund for city services 80 and accomplishes an advisory committee for the eyes of monies from the fund for 9 mission bay transportation improvement fund. >> supervisor peskin now the judicial matters have been adjudicated by the board i can vote on those items. >> thank you, supervisor peskin for that clarification and madam clerk on item 8 call roll. >> commissioner hayon supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee
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supervisor avalos no supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 10 i's one no with supervisor avalos in the decedent. >> the ordinance is finally passed madam clerk reads items 9 and 10 total. >> to designate to the director of the public works the authority to accept the required improvements and authorizes the director of real estate for about easements and grants deeds to the improvements for 9 golden state warriors center at mission bay and the summer vacation for the sanctuary sewer and san francisco entertainment commission purposes two offers of dedication for the quick claims with the interest in 9 authorization of general manager did public works and the director of properties to execute the quick claim deeds
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for the licenses that are a retroactive extension for the public use of temporary terry boulevard connector road. >> roll call. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> those ordinances are finally passed unanimously madam clerk call item 11. >> item 11 resolution to approve a mills act property contract on montgomery and the
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city pursuant to the administrative code chapter 71 and authorizing the execution of this contract. >> seeing none, no names on the roster colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 12. >> ordinance to amend the administrative code to provide the city permanent support to be reasonable to enroll the public to provide an annual report. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed the item before you it some city services auto report for the supports of housing portfolio to serve the homeless in san francisco they partner with h s a for the housing i'd like the degree obvious u how those changes over 7, 8, 9 the report noted they had a difficult time of getting
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the data for the supportive of housing folks from the data they were able to get the report noted approximately 200 and 50 adults didn't use the in home services and anymore family buildings can apply for cal workers on behalf of their children across your country helps to help the population that provides a serious of income support services that help people get connected and find employment and secure food how to get health care and in home supported services they help to stretch your dollars to get the people the needs so the ordinance the item before you provides new requirements in h s a for the xrorments of public benefits for their clients it
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requires the providers report back to the city within 3 months on the public benls illusion to insure quick public benefits when people are housed it requires an annual report it will require for thorough outreach in case management from the provider by having them document the times and for hsa it mandates a share for the providers that lists the requirements for the public benefits they also share it on their website just like the eviction transparency legislation i introduced this board amazing support this law the first in the city will help to collect the cat data to understand what portfolio and something that the city wants to
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encourage they provide some of the basic needs and i hope we get behind today, i want to thank supervisor mar and supervisor tang for supporting this and hsa for working on this specifically trent and noel and joyce crumble and my staff and all the housing providers in this and colleagues, i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor farrell seeing no other names on the roster colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is passed on the first reading unanimously item 13 please. item to amend the ordinance to authors the san francisco public utilities commission to enter into one or more for the insult all the time and aggregate not to exceed $1.7 billion to finance several other projects the cost of the west side water
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project pursuant that is enacted by the voters and to reiterate indicate the previous connections taken. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the item passes unanimously on the first reading item 14. >> an ordinance to retroactively authorize the office of economic workforce development to accept and expend the grant 239 united states department of labor for september 2030 and amending the salary ordinance to provide the creation of one, 9874 community specialist position in the office of economic and workforce development colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passes amount on the first reading.
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>> item 15. >> item 15 a resolution to approve a lease with the u.s. government for occupancy and operation of the replacement air traffic control center totally $20 over the 20-year term. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk call item 16 and thirty together >> item 16 a resolution to retroactively authorize the rec and park department to accept and expend 5 hundred plus urban green for community grant from the california national resources for the innovating town square through 2016 and to authorize the director to file an understanding of the terms for the agreement and item thirty is a resolution to retroactively authorize the rec
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and park department to accept and expend a $450,000 grant from 9 parks alliance of improvements to the noah valley town square. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolutions are adopted unanimously madam clerk can you call the next item. >> item 17 a resolution retroactively approving the fixed modifications for the airport terminal 3 encroachment project for the construction between p-3 the joint venture and to authorize the director to execute further modifications not to exceed approximately $12 million in a term no more than february ri7d. >> same house, same call? we're on track the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk call 18 through 22
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together. >> these are 5 resolution for contracts for the department of public health, item 8 to approve amendment 2 to the behavorial contract with a better way ink extending the contract through 2017 for a total initiative $14 million and item 14 for the behavioral health services 360s with an increase total not to exceed 27 million and 20 resolution to the public health behavorial health services with the youth services for the new total not to exceed $11.8 million item 21 a resolution to approve the amendment to the behavorial health services contract with the oaks children center to extend through 2027 or 2017 with
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a total not to exceed $16.3 million and item 22 an amendment to the contract with the reject of san francisco for the infant parents program with a co-responding not to exceed 12 that is >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. these recessess are adopted unanimously item 23. >> item if a resolution pursuant to the san francisco administrative code chapter 29 that the proposed airport shoreline at the intrlt airport is responsible. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 24 >> item 24 retroactively authorize the public utilities commission to execute the first amendment for the power scheduling and corporation with
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the services with ap x inc. increasing the not to exceed of one and $5 million with no change for the 5 year agreement duration and allowing for the payment of the california independent system operator power transmission charges. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> >> the authorization of the public utilities commission to negotiate and execute a hetch hetchy water and power for the planning and design services for mountain tunnel improvements for not to exceed $21 million for a duration not to exceed 13 years with option pursuant to the chapter. >> same house, same call? we're on track the resolution is adopted unanimously item 26. >> to authorize the filing of
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an application for funding assigned to the metropolitan transportation commission to complete the project and authorize public works to accept and expend approximately $2 million in states improvement grant fund. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president a small comment but so far as i'm coming back with a fresh set of ice i noticed those items to indicate with the funds are spent for and i think we have an obligation to members of the public to actually let them know so it would be i intend to vote for it and observing for curve extensions on lombard street in the second supervisorial district i don't know if so this a comment to the clerk or the department that ordinary this but i think we should insist on saying what the item is for . >> through the president thank
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you, supervisor peskin we'll see to that. >> thank you, supervisor peskin colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 27. >> item 27 is a resolution to approve an amendment to the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget the office of community economic development operating as the in the course of the trial agency to the agency by increasing the proceeds by one and $35 million for expenditures not to exceed one and $35 million and approving the principle amount not to exceed one and $35 million to finance the obligations in the mission bay south project area. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 28 >> item 28 resolution to retroactively authorize of filing of an application tattoos metropolitan
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transportation concussion matching funds to complete the projects and authorizing public works to expend money in the transportation grant fund. >> supervisor peskin. >> madam clerk i have the same point as to the title for the lombard dispose project in the second supervisorial district. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 29. >> a resolution to roosevelt authorize of district attorney's office to accept and expend a 200 and 91 thousand from the california department of safety for the prosecution program for 2016. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk can you please call
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item 31 and item 31 a resolution to authorize 3 separate transactions the first, the execution and specification for the property on 80 listen with an ordinance amount of one and 35 thousand and a sale agreement between 9 city and hudson for the real property located added 555 selby for $6.3 million and the thirsted the execution and acceptance of a purchase and sale between the city and w y l services inc. for the real property on dead on arrival vice avenue for $5 million i had a few issues i know there is gone through committee and john updyke will be here to speak to some of the concerns specifically with the lack of appraisal for one of the properties in my understanding
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you have new information to present to the board in order to support the boards decision to purchase without an appraisal director john updyke. >> john updyke director of real estate you're correct in the hearing before the budget & finance the members expressed skefrndz about the back up support particular for the acquisition of goggling vest and since that time we secured an independent analysis of values in the area providing by cv r real estate and that information has been priority to the budget analyst so perhaps they'll comment but it provides a number of compatible sales a total of 7 we're located 5 are data points on behalf of or more steven than the purchase price
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for the cal vest prompted 2 ploy we believe strongly adjusts within the fair market range that was based on the report but updated data confirm that i'll be happy to to go into that. >> i wonder if many rose or his members have a change to valley harvey rose not seen it not evaluated that data. >> ongoing mr. updyke when did you present this to those the budget analyst. >> immediately upon receipt thursday of last week. >> supervisor peskin. >> ma'am, and colleagues and understand that acquisition of this site is quite necessary for
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a project that has long been in the making relative to where the sewer digestser i'm troubled by not only the issues that you and the budget analyst raised that mr. updyke respond to i'm troubled by the fact no uniform policy in our city how we go about acquiring real property other cities and other governments actually have rules as to and i prevails being required for the acquisition of properties or properties above a certain level in any cities and states and disposing requirement how the appraisals are reviewed compatible sales are interesting but absent an analysis is not
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the kind of subject matter rear that the budget analyst is familiar or trained in 245s up to someone that is a member of the appraisal institute so i'm going to vote for this another item on the calendar that gets to policy but i think we/should have a collective policy discussion about perhaps amanda the administrative code to set those policy perimeters in place so the future we actually have an appraisal prepared that is been reviewed as to the adequacy having said that, this is important and that sale data is before us whether it is analyzed by the budget analyst and all vote but let's clean up this. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much madam president i will be voting
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to support 24 but supports any even consistentness i feel not like the manner in which this was really brought to us i feel lie or like it was rushed leave behind the scenes and conversations that had to happen between the department heads and myself and ultimately mr. john updyke to get to the point to recognize the portions ever importance of this property i don't want to ultimately interfere with the timeline the timeline will be very, very costly for price payers, however, i'm in agreement with what supervisor peskin mentions for more a a thorough constructive conversation and evaluation of property too much money on that piece but nfl few opposite i'm going to hold my nose and vote for that.
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>> thank you supervisor cowen, supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president breed i'd like to occur or concur with the comments of supervisor peskin we don't have a clear status how we had an appraisal is different standard for how we treat the properties by the city ver's th citizens want to use for instance, i have a resident that has been negotiating to pretty much land that the city will never use and gotten the highest appraisal and decided after years of negotiation not purchasing the property it didn't do anyone any good to make the improvements on the land is a huge benefit for the neighborhood by in this case we're going an appraisal that is not the best deal so i think in
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terms of how we set standards but how we treat the residents and the benefits and advantages we give ourselves. >> thank you supervisor avalos seeing no other a names on the rufrt madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously item 32 please. item 32 a resolution inform approve a coach agreement with the state of california for the construction and support of van
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ness transit improvement and to make ceqa finding. >> supervisor peskin. >> madam president i promise not to comment on every item. >> you promise. >> i promise after recently returning i have been informed that as part of the van ness transit improvement project all of the historic old street lights on the link of haven is slated to be removed i think there is got to be a way to retain those beginning feature until the departments figure out i will be consistently voting no until the municipal transportation agency and dpw figure out that out. >> thank you, supervisor peskin seeing no other names on the
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roster madam clerk the roll. >> supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> no. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos. >> supervisor breed commissioner campos there are 10 i's one no with supervisor peskin in the seis dent. >> the resolution is adopted. >> 33 to contract to procure december sale with the new flier to purchase one and 52 and one and 13 articulated low hybrid buses for an additional amount of $44 million plus not to exceed 4 hundred and 12 he millions with no change for the
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term of the contract and the notice to proceed consistent on the data. >> supervisor wiener. >> i norman wouldn't speak to approve the mta it is important to remind ourselves and the public there is some good things happening with the transportation in san francisco with all our struggles around congestion mta is systematically replacing the fleet and xandz we have more vehicles and service and better reliability and this contract is part of that process so i want to remind everyone and know we're making process thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener madam clerk on this item please call roll. >> supervisor cowen
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supervisor farrell supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> commissioner campos there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously item 34. >> an ordinance to adapt and implement amendment to the 2007 to 2018 memorandum of understanding between san francisco and the firefighters local 98 one by implementing the terms and conditions of employment for fiscal years 2013 to 2018. >> same house, same call? the ordinance is passed anonymous on the first reading. >> item 35. >> motion to respond to the 2014, 2015 civic grrmg for the
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update it on the relevant represents in the 2014-2015 office of the civic grand jury report. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues at our reheard this item at the geocommittee meeting two weeks ago i wanted to clarify the motion approved i have distributed an amendment that clarifies the committees tennis and it is highlighted on page 2 lines 5 through 9 which should read the sears as completing the staffs analysis and will forward it to the board of supervisors once it is completed so it is just a hang in the wording. >> so that's a motion supervisor yee? >> yes. >> is there a second.
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>> seconded by supervisor mar colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the amendment passes and on the item as amended same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the item is approved as amended up unanimously. >> it past 2:30 we have 5 accommodations and i want to start with commissioner campos who has 2. >> thank you, very much. madam president the first item is an item to recognize two honorees and i'd like to ask them to please come up and ask the representative of the investments as well as spy come back to please come up to
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the podium they're being heartened from their participation in the san francisco good samaritan program that provides housing opportunities to victims of fires in this city in the mission neighborhood that i represent we have had a number of fires over the past couple of years and the last a few weeks ago i want to thank all the individuals that made a point to reach out to property owns jan from the department of organization and bow and others that make that happen you're involvement in this program has been crucial for the victims of the most recent fire the november 16th fire it happened at shot well in the mission street the majority of victims we're talking about are low income latino families the city's good samaritan law allows the lymph glands to rent for a
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blovrt to to years without being billions rotunda or bound by reasonable person rent control that only works that the left side are willing to participate and to the people from the investment have come out ceo and his team justin mike, robert, and dave as well as dana they've helped to house 2 families from the 16 shot well fire and come up with too young children aged 2 and 6 and it is very challenging but especially around the high schools to remove the housing stock for children to have a place to live in san francisco to spike that's been involved in san francisco and the mission
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neighborhood for quite sometime spike is well common human rights activist in the mission she's also a landlord that in this case has house a family with 30 children and a baby that is on the way, spike moved to the missions in 1984 an activity member of the community her voice is an important voice in promoting ethical conduct by lymph glands in san francisco you know, i think it is important to recognize people when they do good things we may not agree the landlords community but the fact you have lymph glands that are making a point of helping those families is some go that should be acknowledged with the hope that
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more lawyers will participate in the good samaritan program water department i'm ucsf's to each of you. >> thank you commissioner campos appreciate that on behalf of the employees at our company i want to thank you allergies guys for the certificate since founded in 2007 we're extremity strived to enhance the community and delighted to have the opportunity to do so whether it is the recent opportunity with commissioner campos on 16th street or the mayor's office or supervisor kim on the fire 411 on o'farrell we're creating was to make sure we take care of the families that live in the housing so thank you very much . >> (clapping.). >> thank you also all the supervisors for this honor i wanted to stress how easy it was
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to work with the city and all the support that the city give me to do this i them like i don't deserve this credit it was painless but the merchants organizations or successors and cultural action members and the factory members pitched in and got the people some by these and linens and a christmas tree and lights and i was amazed how much community support that made sure that family had a place to live for christmas so thank you very much and be ethical lymph glands it's not that hard. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, thank you very much and i know that there is another special recognition involving a resident in district 9 i'll speak to that when supervisor mar brings that but supervisor
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wiener. >> thank you through the chair commissioner campos and i also want to thank you for taking in those tenants it was actually in 2011 when we had a number of fires in the castro and adapted tenants we needed a good samaritan ordinance i remember reaching out to ted of the tenants ice union and the small business owners and was surprised when everyone agreed that the good samaritan ordinance was a good idea we passed it anonymously with commissioner campos was rights it only works in the lymph glands are willing to step forward and enter into ass one to two year contract with the temporarily demands tenants with no more than 10 percent above what they're paying before it is great when lsd step forward we
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need more and more people to do that on this board there are more fires in san francisco than a lot of people royals realize and people get displaced so thank you . >> (clapping.). >> thank you and congratulations thank you can i say one more thing i want to see the fire commission starting to investigate those fires going on in the mission. >> (clapping.) >> >> commissioner campos do you have any more accommodations
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that's it okay. so supervisor mar. >> thank you. i see a lot of fair short abandons in the audience today. >> (clapping.) >> >> colleagues along with commissioner campos i want to honor one of the san francisco's great leaders with some sadness in my heart as well as other i stand to honor with commissioner campos the executive director of the human right committee can sarah come forward thank you sarah. >> (clapping.) >> and it looks like minnie as well. sarah short is at the forefront to stem the tides of gentrification going through the 90s she's led the charge on countless efforts to stable our communities through stabbing rent control and through the student negotiations and to the
7:42 am
ballot polar vortex boksz a fixture at city hall working with the forces a powerful voice for tenants and a sharper policy one thing on housing policy i want to say i appreciated her creativity and her inspiration for some many other within the movement she leads little action to provide the services and running an amazing empowering organization the human rights committee and thanks for tenants in the responding district and throughout the city as we establish the human rights committee in the richmond but thanks to sarah and i'm going to turn it over to commissioner campos >> commissioner campos. >> thank you madam president very bittersweet moment it is with a great honor to recognize sarah short when you been the housing crisis that san francisco has been
7:43 am
facing for the last few years ago to my mind there are two names that come up in terms of the people who have done the most to deal with this crisis the lastly ted and sarah short. >> (clapping.) >> and it is only fitting that south co-sponsorship is here i'll tell you that one the reject i have as an elected official and a residents of san francisco is that i don't think i fully expressed to ted what he was alive how grateful and thankful i was for everything he did i think in honoring sarah today, we're honoring ted in his legacy and memory because i think that sarah just picked up
7:44 am
where he left off on top of everything that sarah was doing it is hard to imagine the mission without sarah short and i as the district supervisor as her supervisor for this agency you worked for its been a pleasure to work with you i can't imagine san francisco without you so i think this horn or honor in hope that stowaway we'll have you back at some point. >> when the rents come down (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> but i just want to read briefly the certificate of how often over the past 11 years we've figure out tireless for decedent and habitable housing with expansion of housing opportunities for san
7:45 am
franciscans as the executive director of human rights committee you have been a phenomenal leader in our human right movement thank you for thank you for all your hard work for being a wonderful person to work with we will miss you dearly and wish you all the best in our endeavors thank you sarah short. >> (clapping.) >> sarah before you speak we also have other members of the board that want to make comments. >> supervisor avalos. >> oh, god it is so hard
7:46 am
you know last week, we have good friends that did amazing work their leaving the city and this is like a second wave i've experiences what we had in 1999 and 2000 a lot of amazing leaders left the city at the present time, but we talked about last week is bittersweet you've done tremendous work in this room battling on the issues and the heroin in this place you pissed off us on the board of supervisors you never pissed me off it was i think a test wanted to how important you have been to the city i've really enjoyed you as a person and had you been a funny and smart and outrageous person you're anger has been a gallon vince force in san francisco and
7:47 am
i think that is an example what we need to aspire to have the guts and fight to make the city a better place and stop it from moving in the direction it is going so i want to say thank you for all that and i just remembered today, i was signing our conformation we over laptop for a few months for justifies for janitor in 2003 it was really great i knew you before working there we had a had an to work together it was a lot of fun just thank you for being who you are i wish you all the best i know you're going for a lot of down in los angeles and can't think of a better reason to leave this city to have another place to go to sing you're rootsz and wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you when you come back.
7:48 am
>> thank you, thank you supervisor avalos. >> (clapping.) >> >> supervisor kim. >> this is really hard sarah it is really sad to say farewell to you today i'm not sure i ask add much more i will say there aren't very many individuals like you in the world and the work you do both help relentless and paxil and every single minute of our job and day it criminally i've no further seen you off without ocean and care about what this means for the city and what it means to you you're love i think it is the 0 more exemplar in terms of our leadership i will say i think over the last couple of years you've had an opportunity to say good by to a number of
7:49 am
individuals that is different you'll come back to san francisco commissioner campos go bought up ted that passing i don't think any of us have gotten over the loss and his absence his leadership and had a right but also eric and jessie collin and other we'll be recognizing today i just want to thank you and one last thing i know you're recently honored in the woman empowerment 7 by 7 that was great to see all women after a or around we're often one of the few women in the room and sarah you earned that space and hold people accountability to make sure our voices are harder thank
7:50 am
you and please come back. >> (clapping.) >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you sarah i'm sorry it is my. >> did they say supervisor peskin. >> exactly. >> (clapping.) >> i'm sorry only my second board meeting you're leaving having been on that see of the rail for the last seven years since i was last on the board thank you for making it fun as a surfer advocate and as important as the issues you did that with humor and made that a lot of tun fun it is important to have fun, i have you're cell phone nun number you can rest assured as we're continuing our march to properly address short-term rentals i'll be calling you. >> thank you supervisor cowen's. >> thank you
7:51 am
sarah i i have to tell you it is a pleasure to work with you in the hill and it is been fun that you have been spitting mad i've sat in ed peskin's seat and received the spit so can attest to the sarah spitfire it is a perfect adjective i'm happy you're going to la not because you're leaving her but for the right reason to have the ballot it is important to get engrossed if our personal life i commend you for recognizing the importance of having a balanced life to put the energy into our personal life so center a we've experience and i wish you the best thank you . >> (clapping.). okay. >> supervisor avalos. >> if you can stand please
7:52 am
join me in giving a standing no vacation to sarah as she leaves. >> (clapping.) >> novation to sarah as she le. >> (clapping.) >> what did we want stop the evictions. >> (clapping.) >> (laughter). >> i am standing up. >> (laughter). yeah >> (clapping.) >> pardon me.
7:53 am
>> thanks for letting me say something although i expected for chanting so i just want to be just to be clear those of you who know me know i'm moving to los angeles for love and i cannot building the amazing support for any espouse for my departure look at that bow tie but so i want to be just to be clear i still deeply love this city san francisco is an amazing city both historically and now and yet i've been making my decision, you know, in recent most to leave this city i've been doing a lot of thinking how
7:54 am
much my heart has been being broken slowly over time particularly in the last few years by the city i love my heart breaks every time a senior on fixed income is thrown out of her home onto streets because of corporate guarantees my heart has broken has we're extremity witnessed shooting of alex and mario woods my hearts breaks that private buses are given the right away over people that want to get to work on time. >> (clapping.) >> any heart breaks the homeless are washed off the streets as big tech moves into the neighborhood where they once
7:55 am
would it's taken it's town hall on me and other in this room the hope we have, however, i want to leave you all with hope for the city and my hope the hope we have is that we can all be part of mitigating the corporate taxi over the city and insuring that more seniors are not losing their homes that this is still a welcoming city to immigrants to people who are seeking refugee from violence due to the conditions in their country or violence in their home they're a young queer that came out that we can be that kind of city with all of us
7:56 am
continuing to do the type of work i've been doing i take you have hope in leaving because i hope that i've done age a little something to affiliate the hastings aspects i've mentioned with my work i've helped fewer people from being displaced than could have been >> (clapping.) >> and so with that, i have some words to share with you all i think will continue to make the city a hopeful place i imwlor not only my colleagues
7:57 am
but the public to doing everything we can to strengthen, expand and preserve rent control in san francisco >> (clapping.) >> without rent control in this city we likely would be an incredibly different place a dark place where we would not even have the artists who are still here that creates trblts to the beauty of our city not have the teachers who are educating our children with such passion we would not have is the immigrants coming in and escaping violence and poverties and being able to make those home here in this city and country we all, all of us including the
7:58 am
board and including my colleagues and the general public comment need to be having any lengths about not just preserving and strengthening, expanding but also keeping an eye on on the potential loss of rent-controlled units it is happening in in any way, shape, or form and it is i think acids so as i leave you're all all of you have to take up the mantel in small or large ways tommy you can too insure and watch like a hawk like. >> hawk that the very precious little remaining air force resources in the form of rent control are not lost out the backdoor if you read the housing
7:59 am
balance if the planning commission we're nfl having a net gain of affordable units we're losing so many through the loss of reversals so watch on all sides of the spectrum how to keep people in this city i want to take a moment to just say that those of you who are talking about my potential ever me coming and wanting me to return if this is the hope please talk to my girlfriend and a few other things teresa for the nice bow tie i want to thank mini the live legacy of towed
8:00 am
who is gotten me through the hard times this last year and i want to thank my parents who nfl missed their connecting flight e flight couldn't be here but i know this would have made them proud and happen a shout out to them and the amazing folks i've had the pleasure to work with and done so much for the city who have cement me going in the trenches and empowered and produced something that was meaningful legislation so give that a shout out folks welcome back aaron and really most of all i want to welcome my staff if you guys can come up nfl a lot of people are working at the office hard.
8:01 am
>> (clapping.) >> fl a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >>l a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >> a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >>a lot of people are working at the office hard. >> (clapping.) >> i get a lot of credit for being the face of this o and you know leading do efforts of what human rights committee does but certainly not just me there are so many hard working volunteers and staff that helps to make our efforts sketch of successive i want to take the opportunity to commend them thank you it was heartwarming to have so many in the audience i love you guys just love you to death. >> (clapping.) >> our city.
8:02 am
>> (repeated.) >> thank you and congratulations next up i don't know if you can complete with that supervisor kim but you're next. >> thank you supervisor president breed i hope folks will stay i'm recognizing two other amazing individuals in san francisco jim medicare could and beven duffey . >> (clapping.). i wanted to start with jim this is quite a couple of months to corporate i know we're extremity been collecting his things and also his life accomplishment and well disney today's certificate of honor through the memories of his friends and neighbors he is best understood i'm glad to see
8:03 am
the friends and a family are here today jim was born if st. paul, minnesota mini and survived by his husband roy and they have been together 35 years they married october 2013 and survived by his sister that lives in st. paul, minnesota and attended the university of the minnesota majoring in communication in 1977 he moved to san francisco and eventually got a printing business with his partner in the south of market an area that is the focus of his activityism in urban planning they've eefrnd a 5 star and continues to operate jim a
8:04 am
primary a community artist and a sdriern he served as a mentor to many his deep knowledge officers him a unique prospective at the planning department and his organize skills iowa's were a help to the plans and being a more balanced and complete neighborhood we are able to pass two years ago the plan approved by the board was a key components of jim's lasting legacy in san francisco he's been admired for his commitment to community but specific for it's tarnishing and sense of justice i have to say that people explicit agree with jim and in fact, i have many aspires stories of very loud and
8:05 am
maybe even raising our voice conversations in my office but jim always knew how to come back and many instances with a plan acknowledging our continued work to make that a better place city hall knows him and the bureaucratic establishment knows him but jim was on the front line with the activists someone who concerned about every single block in the south of market and in the stalwart his participation in the community was expensive but name a few he was a member of the south of market residents associations housing act coalition and addison democratic club and harvey milk lgbtq and the live task force and the western soma task force and nope to take a leadership roll in other organizations as a foushd the
8:06 am
south of market council he was institutional in the citywide organization for responsible for the vibrancy of the city's entertainment and night time jim will be known as the only person to attend every single meeting for the western soma and this is quite difficult for anything i the president to end with a quote from anyone who poke at his america barbara i felt it talked about who he was she said being a neighborhood activist is tough and exhaust and unusually thank also tarnish to be with the long haul rather than one issue jim had the 10 city and the staying power people didn't always agree with him and lord
8:07 am
knows the board of education establishment if agree but jim was on the front line it is energy and personal political capita that most people will not make he was commented committed and never gave up he loved the south of market and shaping the future he ruffled features that is the nature of being an attachment i'll miss tim tremendously i wanted to bring up his partner and any members of the community that want to come up to accept this accommodations on his behalf. >> can i say something. >> hi i'll speak for both roy and his sister i'll chris
8:08 am
schaffer jim medicare could see roommate in college he met gym and learned so much from him about, about the city planning process that was significant the name of the task force was the western soma citizens planning task force he believed deeply in having the voice off people being part of that process and jim would say distancing i'm bringing everybody to the table there were 22 people elected to an on that task force and spent 8 years creating something block by block and building by building with a whole fabric in other parts of his words were the whole neighborhood fabric to gym bringing many people together and the other to consider whom were his friends like jack write colleen and i'm
8:09 am
sorry the point is he brought together people that themselves loved that neighborhood and were all part of that planning so i on the lesson from will jim's life the voices of people to be respected to be heard and he was the vehicle by which we all come together under that tent so thank you very much to the board of supervisors . >> (clapping.). >> i can say this having worked with in the officer with jimmy know how hard and how much time he spent on this to make the community a better place. >> (clapping.) >>
8:10 am
(laughter). >> one more o, one more hand e
8:11 am
more. >> now for the nucleus accommodations i want to bring up something that doesn't need any introduction supervisor beven duffey. >> (clapping.) >> >> oh, my goodness went saying farewell to a lot of people. >> i have a bunch of 9-year-old you can make it short. >> it's not going to, short if you did less i'll barely
8:12 am
sculpture the topic but sending off beven duffey after 21 years to the people and the city and county of san francisco with a tremendous amount of gratitude and love bench has led an extraordinary life with being raised in harlem by a close member billy holiday was beven duffey's god moth and, in fact, a rare jazz reporting a young beven making jokes about that i need to find that as a grown up beven was a senior assistant for the office of negotiate representative shirley and later with the legislative life with the philanthropy referring to himself a gay
8:13 am
leader a i was exactly 10 years ago in 2005 an ordinance as beven was the vote everyone in the room saying ami to personally e-mail beven he respond to his e-mail and not on the board of supervisors i know that was an steroid task even those that didn't agree with beven appreciated how hard he worked and communicated with all the communities when i become supervisor i wanted to emulate beven's model he's the gold standard part of our jobs to build and gain the trust we can communicate and trust we're investing our take dollars if schools or affordable housing or streets i certainly have fallen
8:14 am
short of beven duffey standard but i think you're crafty and relentless to fyi the pothole down the street to launching innovation we're extremity been touched by your jeopardy reiterate and endless witness and humor i worked with bench to make sure he was commented then to making the committee sorry for the joke relevant on the board of supervisors and actually developed a theme to tackle on two or three issues to prioritize collaboration and resolve over the loose 3 years i working closely and after the mayor appoint the housing engagement almost everyday someone walks into the office that didn't have a home and tell
8:15 am
how their survivor in san francisco they come landmarking for resources, support and, in fact, hope and also call the beven duffey and rushed up from the basement preparing to bring this individual to help them get connected to services or housing in the winter of 2013 a cough came to both our offices with their 3 year-old daughter and 18 month-old baby they won a lottery and that was two blocks a saltwater pool and free joking classes marry they spent 6 years in and out of homeless shelter not enough to make the rent in the city when


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