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tv   Mayors Press Availability 12315 Housing Homelessness Goal Announced  SFGTV  December 16, 2015 9:00am-9:36am PST

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categorization 25 years later we're learning those policies are incredible expensive and burdensome but not achieving other goals weed hope for and san francisco a vietnam veteran with post traffic was charged with arson of fire for a rome exchange he spent three hundred days in jail before the jury found him not guilty of arson he got the xnl as a form of theefrp for his post traumatic stress his jail cost us four to five thousand a day and the mental health for a year would have cost on $20,000 plus and h at $56 a day a father of a 6
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year-old reduced to plead guilty and jailed for 3 months 3we6789 he was and i quilted he lost custody of his daughter and car and cost 13 thousand in public funds we know that nearly three-quarters of women in state prison suffer or suffer from drugs on the local advocacy world talk about how jails with a refugee because we have a progressive sheriff's department and aggressive district attorney and public defender's office, in fact, when i worked added lawyer of community for civil rights we talked about how it was finally in jail people can assess shelter and bed and 3 meals a
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day and health care and rehab services and access to the ged programs and more a form inmate told me he saw the prison swell people attempted to create a crime to get a temporary sentence to get regional refuge from the cold one person in 4 spent time in jail and mental health issues and so we have to ask users can't there is another way to assess those serves not in jail jails are expensive to build we end up pagan for new jails for decades the city will be building proechd to build a facility for through issuing koupgsz that costs the citizens of san francisco over 3 homicide
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million dollars in construction alone san francisco voters have not yielded approved the construction of jails construction costs are 10 percent of total cost of a jail over a lifetime according to the association we know that we're extremity been talking about reducing jail beds but i think at the time the state granted application we didn't have in the alternatives nofrd to make a fair decision today i think there is so much we can do in san francisco two factors that determine the jail population the number of people booked into jail and the length of their stay the average length between booking and release has fallen by 13 percent since. (off the record.) we're implementing many of the practices that left to right
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itself and states across the country are finally calling for over the last 5 years our average jail population declined by 8 percent a faster rate in the previous years in 2014 has been the lowest since 1982 corresponding to the controller's office report 2014 was the lowest and based on the impact of proposition 47 the strategy use of the methods of incarceration like electronic monitoring and the continuing advances by the supervision practices the decrease in the number of beds is not a surety if san francisco a filing 50 percent of the jail beds today why do we need another jail we're leadership in san francisco that is reducing our jail population by half yet our
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city is incurring the is only capital opposite instead of closing we need to close the jail at 850 bryant not safe for the inmates and not for the men and women that serve in our sheriff's department to be working there as well we definitely need to close that facility and actually, i think we can do that now >> and as we continue incur what a new criminal justice system and reimagine our criminal justice system there are important questions first who are we holding in our jails who percentage are heels and surviving u suffering from mlk and how many in jail they can't afford bail if we discover that thirtyers of our jail population are homeless let's build a
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different shelter like permanent affordable housing if we know that a percentage is impacted by mlk let's build a medical industry or center where it is possess appropriate to address what we see in the city in fact i get overwhelms we invest their taxpayers into mlk services there is an assumption they exist for the dangerous criminals this assumptions is supported by data and information about the population but this is what we know we know the negative impacts of yale human beings a short stay if jail can untie the lives of those who are did not on - we know individuals that have been evicted because there were not available to make the impact - income to pay rent of later
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their cases are dropped parents losses custody of their children and one case leading to a death of a common cold in chesterfield when the defendant was not affording the bail and his babies not if this how to take care of him the u.s. leads the world in pretrial and an estimate half a million people are in the jails on any given day can't make bail we there is still a lot more work to do we know that those calls of action are happening throughout the country i hope we are a model for how to make our communities safer i want to recognize
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supervisor breed for doing a tremendous amount of work and thank you to you and your staff and i have i didn't has been working on this issue over a year and the tremendous advocates percentage provides the issues i've that idle but most importantly recognize laura thrombins and others that provided a ton of policy support we really rethink what it means to build a better city here in san francisco i'm proud of today. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> commissioner campos. >> thank you, madam chair i like to ask the members of the public to say a no to a new jail to stand if you're able? >> thank you, thank you. >> i ask that was i think that the fact that most people in
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this room are standing tells us where san francisco really is on this issue and i think that a clear message couldn't have been sent thank you very much you may sit if you like but i want to ask that because i want that i am going to stick with us as we move forward you you know time after time a number of us question whether or not a new jail is needed and staff to consider the option we held a meeting that supervisor kim chaired we asked about the alternatives and no alternatives that was seriously considered so from the request from the board to consider alternative of alternatives was not headed maybe the fact that most people in the room standing against the new jail about get
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through to our staff they'll consider going into a different direction and to the folks that are here he wanted to know there is a lot of procedural questions and maneuver that is happening the key question what we're doing on item 40 40 specifically allows the sheriff it authorizes the sheriff's department to accept and expend $80 million for the purpose of rehabilitating and building a detention facility by tabling that item today along the lines of what supervisor president london breed and supervisor kim hsa have outlined we're sending a clear message that any effort to build a new jail in san francisco will not be moving forward out that this body and whether it hemispheres
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today or down in a month or year i don't see it board of supervisors in any way approving anything that allows with the expenditure of money to build would a new jail in the sfoivenlths is it is not what san francisco wants that simple with that, i also want to leave us with this it is not enough that we do this today we need to not only rededicate ourselves thirty to this effort what roma and other have been fooiktd forgive coming up with alternatives but focus on sacramento parts of the problem
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is the misguided misappropriated priorities of santa monica the only thing that sacramento gives jurisdiction for san francisco is for jails and by saying no, thank you governor jerry brown only thank you but, yes we need money for other things we need money for housing, we need money for education, we need money inform 40 for so many things our families in san francisco are struggling to stay here and so not enough to shoot this down we need a to recommit ourselves to going to sacramento so the money is given to city's like san francisco so address the niece of people of this city i hope that happens we know by
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voting to table not only am i voting to say no to a new jail but, yes to invest in the future of of our families thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you commissioner campos next will be supervisor yee. >> thank you very much this has been a difficult discussion and i think was last week, we had the hearing that was shedding a lot of light and on any thinking and it's been difficult discussion because it is like how do we turn a negative discussion into a positive how do we sit down and figure out what we really can do for people that are in situations where they might be incarcerated i think i want to say i appreciate supervisor breed and supervisor kim and everyone that is working on this
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to look at it how to have a positive discussion and the amendments that you've asks for and to start that dialogue with the working group is really the way to look at this as a positive discussion i think we should have this i'm glad you brought this up and to get us in that direction and by having this working group and investigating some time to have a discussion people get together but provides an opportunity for our system to try out they're new itself program to use the national assessment to actually reduce the number of people that are incarcerated into put them into alternative programs
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yeah you know $80 million really is we should be keep the $80 million and put it if preschool i mean it if you want to talk about prevention we know that works and don't know why the state didn't support that i want to support the amendments that are going to be made and so forth i have one question and which i hope someone can answer he want 80 us to go ahead and try to purchase that property but why are we using certificate of participation but it will cost us several millions in terms of interest or whatever it is why can't say we find $15 million in the budget and
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pay for it we don't losses million dollars this is a question i want to know i want to pose it. >> supervisors ben controllers certainly large items we do like many governments that finance but cash could be used for is that cash will come from the general fund likely but an option indians this is going back to the committee and part of ad hoc committee. >> i want to stressed if we could find funding in the general funds to pay for this this means we will have several million dollars that could go into services. >> is that it supervisor yee. >> next supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam chair i
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want to extend supervisor president breed it is a tough issue and the person choice is relevant and jermaine and coming from the right place i'm in full support and the other week if committee he simply want to say i hope we march down this road in a consecutive manner you know if we close the current hall of justice we know and we're extremity talked about in deplorable position for the prisoners and the deputy sheriffs we'll be in an overcrowding situation and as much of a supporter and hope the built as the board at the state level to plug more into those efforts and certainly commend
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the efforaround mental health b more than anything thank you to supervisor breed for her efforts here. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. i want to first acknowledge deputy chief friedman in the back deputy chief and other for really show me the treble conditions within the hall of justice and bryan strong important i think trying to do his best with the difficult situation i'm sorry to be on the side of the thirty nonprofit and social justice organizations and did many members in the audience that are have been a growing coalition against the building of the new jail i want to say and commissioner campos asked people to stand this is not the first time we're extremity seen the multi racial justice you've been
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here for budget committee mergers that supervisor katie tang and supervisor farrell eye and i and the gao and your strengths is growing he want to say as black lives matter and critical resistance it is a racial justice issue and c.j. has hieltdz the number the burns institute to that 49 percent of jail is filled with african-americans and a huge percentage of latinos and chicanos and other of color as well 7.3 times the arresting rates for african-americans then the general population and growing the industrial complex as the folks have said needs to be stopped would be principles and building up racial multiply so it is not about the board of supervisors but the movements out there that are challenging
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the growing collection i wanted to say i'm here in solidarity with this coalition and young people for the young impedes e women's investments have been out more and more and give proposes to the young people not investing in the jails i also wanted to acknowledge that san francisco as other have said california do much better in investing in alternatives and people and mental illness extort systems and up to 40 percent of our in custody as the healthy rofrtd in the budget conceptually committee are people that suffer from mental illness they need treat i'm glad our department of mlk is looking that road but supervisor
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president breed and supervisor jane kim one way or another we're extremity shift not building new jails i wanted to say we don't need to continue to criminal ccii criminal lists the powerful over ero often the coalition of homeless that stood up we need to continue to decrime scene the efforts and not mental illness but giving people real opts without a doubt a just jails a more beds in the system we have now, one thousand plus inmates that is three hundred and 50 in the hall of justice and marks the 33 year low for our system down from the 2 thousand three hundred inmates in the mid 90s i think that was about 10 years ago that new jail
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emerged that population was at that level but because the coalition and other gradual and rapid decreases in the population i believe with bail reform as the gao and the mental health services we're moving forward towards the community-based alternatives so i stands with the coalition and am proud of board for taking this bold and strong action along with the coalition. >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor peskin. >> schoolz. >> thank you supervisor avalos all. >> thank you it is actually important to go out commissioner mark farrell it supervisor eric mar if it was 15 years ago we got andrew's protesting prop 21 that kartsz more people giving
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the da daze as charging people as adults we took over the oakland planning commission i met a lot of people during that time the i critical resistance was around and starting and i feel like it is i'm excited to see how much the organize has done on for years and the voice of people have come to this board through several meetings we're extremity had and openly and rooektd $80 million from the state government to build a new jail and not a lot of victories they have not been i roll call in alameda county in 2000 and 2001 that went forward it is hard to finds overseeing victories and say now no to the
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complex and i think here we work at city hall and accept things we kind of sleepwalk in you're jobs and resolve those problems capable city workers to make sure our facilities as a gay good as they can be but start to build a new jail and make it smaller the current jails three and four and doing our part to prevent the incarceration of people because we have few jail beds but stacking the step to continue the prison and industrial complex the way our facilities lock up and keep people down especially brown and black they're clearly other ways to go i actually find themselves of myself thinking main that's
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the way things are you read angela davidson and with that in my ahead this is a way to go that was a couple years ago and it took people and roma meet me and san francisco state university and turned my head around what are you thinking what have you been part of vance and going to be a facility that is part of keeping people downturn their lives negatively forever we have this before us and i'm excited a second time to be voting against this effort to build a new jail in san francisco i want to thank my colleagues for their strong and bryan strong that works on the capital improvement plan committee and the controller's office and even
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in the sheriff's department that is important we fellow what supervisor president london breed has talked about in terms of looking at alternatives to building a new jail and what we put if place has nothing to do with with the people behind bars but people with a substance we need to make our lives better and making sure we have love treatment and places to live we can have access to mlk services and keeping our community whole and families those are the things that make a difference and as supervisor yee talked about childcare makes the biggest difference so in terms of investments for young people below the age of 5 will be with them the rest of their lives that's the greatest investment for love we all know is what is mavericking human beings
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complete i'm happy to vote against this this is a small step that is taking this out of the valuation of being part of what is sleepwalk way of vetting the industrial complex much more to do i'm looking forward to being part that have. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. >> thank you acting president i'm so proud to be on this board today it is as a on and on son of two mental health professionals that is exactly what i was raised on i want to thank everyone in the community rothman ma and other thomas for making this vote with the leadership of supervisor president london breed and supervisor kim subpoena an easy vote to take as i've reemerged myself in the week i've been
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here for bad players i ever remarkably combrosz combrelsz on the ones the liable sheriff mike advocating our outgoing sheriff a thinking has evolved our in coming sheriff kevin about the inmate population the tour i received yesterday, i think they want to have the facilities where they have the ability to have mental health services that topnotch and really in large part going to be in sheriff's bailey to work with this board and the advocates in other words, to achieve what we must achieve the closer of c.j. four i look forward and expend to the
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sheriff's department very sincerely the desire to work to achieve that and make that dream come true with the complexes of clagz and complexes of san bruno and c.j. one and two and work with the states to hang on the $80 million where san francisco is the progressive leaders in criminal justice system under the leadership of sheriff hennessy and will be as we move forward. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you make madam chair thank you supervisor president london breed we're extremity had a number of confections over the most about this proposal and also about the drastic needs for more mental health services in san francisco more beds and ability to take people that are in crisis and destable and get them healthy i think we all
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agree that massive incarceration is a huge problem in the country one of the greatest challenges as self-i think inflicted wound in san francisco and in addition to the telephone to 13 hundred daily number of people in our jail system on a given day balanced by 50 percent in the last decades we're extremity bucked the national trends and significantly reducing our jail population and in fact, we have almost as many people now on some type of diversion in our county jail system so i do think this is important we talk about massive incarceration on a national level to really acknowledge san francisco we have not yielded just rallied against massive incarceration
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but walked the walked under reducing the number of people in our jail facilities and moving more and more people into alternative of jail incarceration that's a positive thing i'm happy to support what we are doing today, i think to say stent we get people in a safeway into different alternatives be is miscellaneous or substance abuse program they're not carted it is good for the taxpayer and good for the communities i want to note that we need to get this right this can't be just talk about how important to have more mlk facilities or alternatives we have a crime problem here in san francisco i know that our violent crime levels in san francisco have gone down but in a number of
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areas at the scene of the crime is significant up in the city not a blip you sitting down up in our neighborhoods everyday and it is a very real thing we need to make sure if we're don't go to be sixth reducing our number of jail beds as will happen when this jail is torn down and not replaced we have those real alternatives if we don't have those real alternatives we're going to have a real problem on our hands i've seen strategies including in the examiner how we have our jails at 50 percent empty or one thousand empty jail beds i've landmarked the numbers and talked to a lot of people that is not true we'll be when this jail is torn down our jail population will be one or one and 50 above our capacity and we're going to have to work
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through that so as we're doing it all i'm saying doing it is eyes wide open and not opinionated our jails are half by but have to make hard choices and not pretend we don't have to make those alternatives a reality the miscellaneous system in this state as your honor, raffled we in san francisco and other local jurisdictions pay the price for that everyday and we as local jurisdictions local communities have to react to that and we have to do do that we're not getting the help if 9 sulfate and federal government we'll looking forward to getting that done. >> thank you, supervisor wiener it supervisor tang. >> i think a lot has been said i agree with on this topic i do
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want to thank supervisor president london breed for the decision or the kind of x-chromesomes that have proposed so i know that sheriff is leaving his position but want to thank him one of the first things we do was take me on the tour of all the jails so i feel like this conversation had a better understanding how some of the inmates are going through and the issues we have a quorum i do want to second the motion you've made i don't know if you want to have me restate so just to be clear. >> go ahead. >> amending items 36 and 37 and accept and expend that back to the finance committee and supervisor yee in budget committee we'll work with the controller's office and mayor's office and foulth the best
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source of funding i believe you said to also send back item 38 the reference to the jail and tabling item 39 and 40. >> and also sending items 41 and 42 the mental health pies back to committee. >> supervisor tang. >> and supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i just want to take a moment to recognize an can i believe educator in our community roma a woman. >> roma can you stand up please. there we go . >> (clapping.). this is agency woman that is a try educator through every thing in ear entire being from here head to her toes taken time to educate people on the issue and off


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