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tv   Special BOS Public Safety Committee 121115  SFGTV  December 28, 2015 11:00am-11:16am PST

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>> good afternoon, everyone this is the friday, december 11,
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2015, meeting the public safety and neighborhood safeway committee of the board of supervisors i'm eric mar the change and to my right is supervisor campos and ms. alyssa we're being televised by sophisticating thank you to jim smith and charles kremack to this is not live but will be posted on line and give us our announcements devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the january 5th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. i would to begin with voices of young people that are outside of city hall and marching on san francisco streets today. >> don't shoot. >> (repeated.) you guys hear me
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do not shoot. >> (repeated.) do not shoot. >> reverend black lives matter. >> as wear meeting hundreds of young people that walked out of mission high school and high schools around san francisco from the reports of the weekly san francisco community school june gordon and galileo and lincoln and mission and gateway and many other middle school are participating i think a lot of the mercy housing are hands up don't shoot my hopes many mroflgz will treat them with respect their and right to protest is represented with that, could you please call the first item autopsy an ordinance
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amending the police code. people leaving or storing a load vehicle with a gun >> the sponsor sponsor a supervisor campos that if you i want to note that this is a very important item for us and the scope of the original ordinances that focused on law enforcement personnel leaving fire arms in vehicles expanded to now politically to anyone that finds themselves in the city and county of san francisco who is a gun owner and makes the choices of storing their gun in an unattended vehicle we wanted it so in san francisco certain rules and procedures are followed we want to keep those guns from ended up in the wrong hands i look forward to hearing the
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public comment i want to say at the outset from the beginning we have pushed to move it this legislation forward as quickly as possible legally, however, things we have to do which one of the things it is critical to meet and confer with the law enforcement personnel that work in the city and county of san francisco that can be a process that takes time and so we have started that process we're on a the middle of the process because of that once public mment is completed i'm to ask to continue this item to the call of the chair because of the meeting confer process not have this ordinance move forward until the process is completed we hope will happen in january of this coming year. >> thank you supervisor campos
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i wanted to acknowledge supervisor yee is a co-sponsor as well as myself and let's open up for public comment we have one card i know that r0sh89 wants to speak and ms. brown anyone else be please come forward that will be continued to the call of the chair after public comment. >> sir. >> go ahead walter. >> please store those guns safely because of those guns there is no no where to run no where to hide once e would you store them safely no where to run or hide keep is safe and raw you'll be safe by and by thanks. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> we're going to close
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public comment if people don't come up to speak right now. >> next speaker. >> hello my name is paulette brown i'm here in respect to my son who was murdered august 14, 2018, he was shot with an semiautomatic gun thirty rounds into my son today his case is not solved i'm concerned about the gun violence that's been going around it says here that gunfire firearms are the third leading killer of children alps 1 to 17 how many guns are going to be on the street killing our children how many guns are
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brought out of trunk we think about the young man that did the mural was shot and that gun was stolen out of a police officer vehicle how many guns are going to be stolen and who's account for our children where the guns are out of the police officers vehicles or whether their came into from our children buying guns illegally how long will the mothers suffer we say all lives matter black lives don't matter but all lives matter all i have left my son's death laying on a jury necessary and this is what cabin violence did for my son we want justice for our children keep our cases open and make those police officers
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accountable for what happened to laurel woods because u because the mothers never get over the pain by police or black a black all lives matter thank you ms. brown. >> next speaker. >> my name is robert carrageenan supervisors regarding the storage of firearms in unattended motor vehicles some provisions in the section are unworkable for the ordinance one method of storage is to have a lockbox affixed to the trunk another allow able to have a lockbox permanently affixed to the vehicle underneath wants seat and shout out guns and rifles are covered
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under this case a lockbox would be bigger? not going to fit under the seat of a car and many cars who's trunks are two small and having a lockbox in plain sight is an invitation for thieves to steal and in addition people you get or often travel with people that go to fire ranges and permanently attach two or three lockboxes is unworkable thank you. >> is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak public comment is closed. >> mr. campos. >> thank you very much again, i want to thank the speakers and i especially want to acknowledge ms. brown for coming to this board time and time again to remind us of the tragic lives that the tramples that have
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taken the lives of so many people because of gun violence and noted because of the meeting confer process i'm going to make a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair in the hope that the meat and confer will meet in january and finally take action in san francisco on this ordinance in january what i would say to the gentleman that spoke about how complicated and difficult to store firearms in a vehicle what we're saying here is that if you choose to leave a firearm in an unattended vehicle there are certain things to do in the city and county of san francisco you can choose not to leave a firearm in an non-attended vehicle and this is not in any
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way infringe on anyone's second amendment rights when you are the owner of firearms there are certain responsibilities you should you have and certain things you have to do consistent with those responsibilities with that, i'd like to again make a motion to continue this to the call of the chair and thank you to my staff and hope to have a vote as quickly as possible in january thank you. >> we'll do that without objection thank you madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thank you very much meeting adjourned i should announce 5 meeting the joint meeting of lafco good afternoon today is
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tuesday, september 22, 2015. welcome to the local agency formation commission of the san francisco ethics commission my name is john avalos the chair of the commission and will be a joint commission joint meeting that the public safety and neighborhood committee i'll allow the chair of the committee to open up that


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