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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 12915  SFGTV  December 28, 2015 3:00pm-6:01pm PST

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welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday december 9, 2015. for those here last night welcome back to the chambers. feels like we just left. my name is mark farrell. i'm the chair of
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the committee and joined by katy tang the vice chair and thank you to sfgtv for covering the meeting and mr. clerk victor young. do we have any announcements? >> yes. complete speaker cards and documents to be part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items accountad upon today will on the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you mr. clerk. so just a few things. we have a number of items today. we're going to be taking some stuff out of order because people are running in late from different meetings. supervisor mar will be joining us coming from another meeting and supervisor tang has lost her voice so i have a few questions i will ask on her behalf and if there is a delay my apologies and we will work it out and with that mr. clerk if you call items one
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and 22 together. >> item 1 for the parks and recreation department for accept and expend grant of the san francisco parks alliance for noe valley town square valued at $450,000. item two is for the parks and recreation department to accept and expend grant from california natural resources agency in the amount of dtfawn-15-l-00093 from the noe valley town square project. >> thank you. we have director here to steek. >> i am the project manager rec prorecreation and park and representing the parks and recreation department. i am pleased to present for your approval these two items. the residents of noe valley town square of course working with supervisor wiener and acquire the park as a resource which
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was completed in 2013 and towards a multiconcept plan for a plaza which was approved in 2014. the agreement for the residents of noe valley town square provides $450,000 to the project. in addition to this we have the urban greening grant which is item two and we have already secured land and water conservation fund grant. the residents of noe valley town square grant allocates about $100,000 to design with the rest spent as needed to cover project costs and soft costs and staff time and other items not covered by the grants. should i present -- continue into item two or present them separately? >> we can do them together. >> great. item two covers the awr gangrening grant, prop 84 water supply flood control
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river and coastal protection act of 2006 and provides financial support for projects in california's built out urban areas that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution by reducing storm water run off and increasing carbon sequestration. the project is consistent with the program intent and in 2014 the recreation and park staff were awarded $567,039 of funding. the program requires a memorandum of agreement agreement for a period of 20 years which ensures that the park is held for public use and enjoyment. in this way the state protects the financial advancement. this is common practice for state funding. as project manager i am excited to present these items. we're ready to go with the first phase of the project which is a remediation contract. we're
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ready to break down in early january. the residents gift has helped with the design services to get to this point and the urban greening grant will fund some items in the contract as well as the general contract which is on schedule for construction to begin in the spring. am happy to answer any questions. thank you. >> much this. i don't believe there are any questions so we will move on to public comment. anyone wishing to comment on items one or two? >> good morning supervisors. i am todd david and president of the residents of noe valley town square and we're incredibly excited about breaking ground in january. this has been a five year community process and under like many land uses this one hasn't been controversial and support from the residents, merchants supervisors. it's been an amazing public private
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partnership. i want to really say thank you to the parks and recreation department, stacy bradley, tony moran and melinda did an amazing job of supporting this project and started with supervisor devan dusty's support and supervisor wiener took the dawl and wan with it and an amazing collaboration between city hall and senator mark leno at the state and i know that supervisor farrell is working on the balboa reservoir so any support we can give are happy to and congratulations to katy tang for having larsen playground reopened and recreation and park is the backgrounds for san francisco as we become a more dense city so looking forward to support these projects. thank you. >> thank you mr. david. anybody else wish to comment on one or two? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed.
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[gavel] >> mr. chairman. >> yes. >> i believe that the effective date listed in the legislations have already passed. there maybe a need to amend these for retroactively. >> thank you. i forgot to mention that in the presentation. it was pointed out to me and the one is august and the other is september. we went to commission and making modifications and i would like to request that it's retroactive. >> okay. we can simply make it retroactive. so a motion to make them retroactive, not just because supervisor tang can't speak but we will take that without objection. so moved and the underlying items as amended. i just want to congratulate everyone, mr. david, everyone from recreation and park and i know supervisor wiener spent a ton of time on this and congratulations to everyone involved and look forward to that as well and with that we can approve the motions ass amended without action. >> >> mr. clerk if you call four
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and five together. >> item 4 is a resolution authorizing the filing of funding assigned to the metropolitan transportation commission stating assurances to complete the project and authorizing the department of public works to accept and expend $1,910,000 in grant funds. item 5 resolution authorizing the finding assigned to the metropolitan transportation commission committing any matching funds and assurances to complete the project and authorizing the department of public works to accept and expend $3.8 million in active transportation program grant funds. >> okay. thank you very much. i want to thank everyone involved on this project and we have been working on it for some time now, and we will have a presentation on it. thanks. >> supervisors, good morning. i am from san francisco director of public works. i am here
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before you to seek authorization to accept and expend two federal grants to construct the lombard street vision project and it's scheduled to repaved by caltrans in 2018 the next two and a half years are important for the city to make public safety improvements and upgrades and item 5 is accept and expend $3.8 million in e pt funds. number 4 authorizes director of public works to accept $1,910,000 in stip funds. featuring pedestrian and curb extensions this safety project will achieve the zero vision goal of zero fatalities and includes sewer and water infrastructure improvements and funded by the puc. the total cost is $17 million. a portion of the construction costs will
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be funded with an atp grant and awarded by the metropolitan transportation commission. we applied for $3.8 million and received 1.8 54 million. we're on the contingency list to remove the rest of the funds. if we don't receive those funds the mta has committed to do this through the issuance of proposition a transportation and road improvement bonds and/or proposition b 2014 adjusting transportation funding for population growth. an additional $1,910,000 stip funds will be put towards construction as well. this programming has received initial approval from the authority board through the resolution. in summation director of public works intends to use 5.$7 million in grant funds to construct the zero vision projected and currently still in the planning phase but
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design will begin in 2016. approving the resolutions will not tie to a specific design element but rather let the city construct this on lombard prior to repaving the road and staff will work with the community and supervisor farrell's office regarding the design. we agree with the budget analyst recommendation and he is recommending approval regarding item 5. i am joined today by project managers from public works and mta. we're happy to answer any questions that you have. >> thank you for the description and everyone involved in the project. i know it's never easy to get it right ultimately and we're on the road and thank you for the work on the project and it's long over due and exciting that lombard is getting this attention. with that mr. rose can we go to the report for item 5 please. >> yes mr. chairman and
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supervisor tang. on page three of the report we total that the total estimated project cost for the lombard street project is shown in table one on page three. we also note that this grant opposed to item 4 does require a minimum matching funds of 11. 74% of the award amount and based on the current award of 1.8 million the required match is listed. if apx is awarded -- dpw is awarded the surplus funding we have a balance to fund. we recommend that you retroactively for dpw to file a application of funding to them and the pligz is submitted and approve as amended. >> okay. thank you very much
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mr. rose. seeing no questions we will move on to public comment. anyone wishing to comment on items four or five? okay. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] again thank you to everyone for all of your efforts in this regard and the work ahead of us so i would like to -- i will suggest a motion to sept budget analyst's recommendations on number 5 and approve the underlying item 4 and five as amended and take that without objection. all right mr. clerk if you would call item 6 please. >> item 6 resolution retroactively authorizing the office of the district attorney to accept and expend grant in the amount of $290,704 for the california office of traffic safety alcohol and drug impaired driver vertical prosecution program. >> thank you very much. we have someone from the da's office to speak. >> good morning supervisors and thank you for the
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opportunity. well, the rate of alcohol rate fatalities in san francisco remains low and below the state average there is still a need for alcohol -- a significant number of alcohol and drug impaired drivers threatening the safety of san francisco visitors and residents and allows us to work with the vertical prosecution of the cases and training. it's a $290,000 grant to work with this and we would appreciate your aye vote. >> okay. thank you very much. no questions. no budget analyst report. we will move on to public comment. anyone to comment on item 6? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . thank you for coming with this item. i am happy to support it and that's a motion to approve item 6 without objection. mr. clerk can you call number 7 please. >>
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>> item 7 for lease for occupancy for the air traffic control tower at the san francisco international airport by the united states government acting through and by the federal aviation administration. >> okay. thanks v cathy wagner is here from the airport. >> thank you. good morning chair farrell, supervisor tang, i am with the san francisco international airport. the item before you seeks your approval for a new lease with the federal aviation administration for the faa to have operational and administrative space in the control tower at the airport. the proposed lease is for 20 years and the faa will be responsible up to $200,000 a year for utilities and maintenance costs. as you know the airport built and will own the new tower complex but we were reimbursed $77 million by the faa for the project. the
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airport began construction in 2012 and complete this fall a few months ago. the faa has one year to install and test their equipment. after that the tower will become fully operational and the airport will tear down the existing tower. the budget analyst does recommend approval but i will happy to answer questions if you have them. >> i appreciate it. thank you very much. seeing no questions why don't we move on to your report mr. rose. >> yes mr. chairman and supervisor tang on page seven of our report we note that the total estimated payment in the first year of the lease to be made by the faa to the airport is the amount listed and a dollar in rent and service and utilities and maintenance cost and the faa will pay those to the airport in an estimated amount as listed over the 20 year lease term. that is based
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on the first year and there will be adjustments over the 20 years we recommend that you approve the resolution. >> thank you mr. rose. why don't we open it up for public comment. anyone to comment on item 7? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] colleagues we have a recommendation to approve the resolution. i do have a motion to approve item 7? motion by supervisor tang. we can take that without objection. all right. i want to note we're joined by supervisor eric mar. with that can you call item 8. >> item 8 item 8 ordinance amending the administrative code for prevailing wage on city property. >> colleagues this item isn't ready to move forward at this time so i will entertain a motion to continue to january 13, budget and finance committee meeting but we will open it up for public comment.
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anyone wishing to comment on item 8? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] so colleagues can i have a motion to forward this item. >> so moved. >> and to the budget and finance committee and we will take that without objection. mr. clerk can you call item 9. >> item 9 authorizing the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute the first amendment for the agreement no. cs-344 power scheduling coordinationa dn related support services with apx and $100 million and not to exceed amount of $105,000,000 and no charge to the five year duration of california independent system operator power transmission charges. >> thank you mr. clerk. we have the puc to speak. >> good morning chairperson feral and members of the committee. i am the acting infrastructure manager at the
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puc. this is an agreement between the city of san francisco and apx for power scheduling and related support service. the resolution authorizes the general manager of the sfpuc to execute the first amendment to the agreement increasing the not to exceed amount by 100 middle and not to not to exceed amount of $105,000,000 with no change to the five year duration and allow for the payment of the california independent system operator power transmission chargings. the scope of work has not changed and they're the scheduling coordinator to provide two services. one energy scheduling and settlement services and two california iso payments for all charges. the sfpuc paid the transmission charge. in the past through
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pg&e through an agreement that expired on june 30, 2015. the estimated iso transmission charge is now approximately $20 million a year. these new charges require that the contract capacity increase by $100 million over the next five years to cover these additional costs. the sfpuc power enterprise budgeted for these increases. the total cost will had been paid to the iso through the apx pass r pass-through charge after it's occurred. they don't receive any fee from this. apx paid the iso transmission charges for july and august 2015 from the existing $5 million contract. since the apx will not have sufficient funding for the scheduling coordination and consulting support sfertses and activities and we support the budget analyst's recommendation to amend the resolution to
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provide retroactive authority to cover the payments to the california iso. this concludes my presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thanks and this is on behalf of the supervisor tang as well. these tariffs for the contracts -- were these similar payments but a different name and pg&e and or new ones that never paid before. >> i will let barbara heal the assistant city manager for power. >> these are costs incurred by the city over time. it's not arranged by apx. they were assumed under the agreement with pg&e. under that agreement pg&e agreed to a charge that was less than what is currently being charged and what we're asking for now is to allow us to make
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those payments as they are currently charged through apx instead of through pg&e. >> okay. and i assume they're part of the budget processes here? >> yes they are. >> all right. seeing no questions we will move on to our budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman and members of the committee on page 13 of our report we report that the requested $100 million in the apx agreement is based on an estimated $20 million annual cost to the power enterprise for the california independent system operator tariffs and passenger charges for each of five years, and on page 14 we note that the actual transmission charges for 15-16 based on the independent system operator billings for july, august and september total $4 million plus and shown in the table of page 14 of the report.
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we recommend as the department stated that you amend the resolution to provide retroactive authority to apx back to june 2015 when the agreement commenced to cover the previous payments that apx made to the california independent system operator and recommend that you approve this as amended. >> thank you mr. rose. any questions for the budget analyst seeing none we will move on to public comment. anyone to comment on item 9? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] colleagues we have a motion concerning retroactivity and can i have a motion and recommend it underlying forward. >> so moved the items by the budget analyst and recommend approval as amended. >> thank you for a motion by supervisor mar. we can take that without objection. >> i would like to request that the department provide the minute version of this by the
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end of the day if possible. thank you. >> thank you very much. all right. with that can you call item 9. >> item 10 resolution approving the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to negotiate and execute hetch hetchy water and power agreement agreement no. cs-249 for mountain tunnel improvements improvements and amount not to exceed of $21 million and duration of ten years. >> thanks puc is back. >> good morning chairperson farrell and members of the committee. i am with the puc. the resolution before your consideration is the agreement between the city and the consultant team mcmillon jacob associates for improvements for mountain tunnel improvements not to exceed $21 million for a
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duration of ten years and i do have some slides. so this is map of the hetch hetchy regional water system, yosemite national park on the park and san francisco bay area on the left and mountain tunnel is a tunnel in the sfpuc water regional system located here. it is a non redundant component of the system giving the puc limited ability to take the tunnel out of service for maintenance or construction. it is also a key facility in our hydro electric power generation supplying water to the power house to generate electricity. it was constructed in 1925 and a picture of one of
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the sections and the tunnel has been in service for the past 90 years. in 2008 we conducted a tunnel inspection and as you can see due to the age deferred maintenance as well as construction efficiencies condeficiencies -- during the 1900's. sections of deteriorated more than other sections so we would like to move forward quickly with the planning this construction of the project. puc issued the request for proposal in june and we received three proposals. the top rank proposer has been a local san francisco firm for decades and has been actually a tunnel design consultant for recent tunnel projects in the
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sfpuc. assuming you approve the resolution today we anticipate a notice to proceed by late january and ten year contract will include a year and a half of planning to complete our tunnel inspection in early january, february 2017. complete the conceptual engineering by mid-july followed by about two and a half years of design and the consultant will also provide support for environmental review which will be concurrent during this time. the remainder of the ten year contract, the consultant will be providing engineering support for contractor procurement and construction and that concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. i appreciate that presentation. colleagues any further questions on this item? okay. mr. rose can we go to your report please?
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>> yes mr. chairman, members of the committee. we report that the subject not to exceed agreement will be funded with commercial paper and on page 19 we note that the total amount in tunnel project of 680 million which includes the prosupposed not to exceed agreement will be funded through the sale of the puc water and revenue bonds. the proposed subject not to exceed $21 million is in table one and page 19 of the report and we recommend that you amend that the term is for a duration of ten years with options to extend for up to an additional three years for total of 13 years and recommend that you approve the resolution as amended. >> okay thank you mr. rose. to the puc any issues with the
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recommendations? >> no. all right. we will move on to public comment. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . so colleagues unless there are questions or discussion motion to approve these recommends. >> so moved amendments and move approval as amended. >> okay. thank you very much supervisor mar. we have a motion. we can take that without objection. >> i would like to request the department to provide the amendments by the end of the day please -- did you hear that? >> okay. >> thank you. >> don't want to get on the wrong side of mr. young here. all right thank you. mr. clerk can you call item 11. >> item 11 resolution for the modification for airport contract airport contract 9048.9 improvement project between t3 east and joint venture of the city and county of san francisco acting by and through the airport commission for a new total not to exceed of
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$11,794,000 and end date of november 11, 2016. >> thank you very much. ms. wagner welcome back. >> thank you mr. chair and members of the committee. the airport is seeking approval for the modification to existing construction management contract with t3 east, a joint venture to continue construction management services for the airport terminal 3 east improvement projects. the airport began renovation of airport terminal 3 east to provide additional square feet for new gates and concession program and passenger amenities and seismic work and new mechanical plumping and electrical infrastructure systems. at that time the airport commission awarded this construction management contract as a result of a competitive request for proposal process
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for approximately $2 million for the first year of services with an overall contract term of three years. the contract has been amended since that time to extend the term as well as to add the not to exceed amount. the proposed amendment before you would increase the total not to exceed amount by $1.8 million and extend the term for one additional year. this is the last anticipated amendment to the contract as the project projected completion is in november or december of next year. the budget analyst recommends approval and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you ms. wagner. colleagues any questions? all right. mr. rose can we get a report on item 11 please. >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee. on page 22 on the report the airport as incumbered an amount
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for construction management services and shown in table two. on page 23 of our report and we also note on page 23 that the board of supervisors has previously appropriated the funds for the requested contract amendment. we recommend that you amend the proposed resolution for retroactivity and approve the proposed resolution as amended. >> okay. thank you very much. seeing no questions or comments we will open up public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item 11? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> so i move amending this for retroactivity and amend as amended. >> perfect. amended by supervisor mar and take that without objection. mr. clerk can you call item 12. >> item 12 resolution proposing that the airport shoreline protection project at the san francisco international airport fiscal feasibility and pursuant to administrative code
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chapter 29. >> okay. welcome back ms. wagner. >> thank you chair farrell and cathy wagner. pursuant to administrative code the airport is looking for your approval that the airport shoreline protection project is fiscal feasibility and responsible. it will implement proves to the perimeter of the airport to protect against 100 year flood and anticipated sea level rise and recommended through a airport shoreline protection project study and evaluation report issued this summer. the report as a result of a competitive rfp process to look at improvementsa and bring sfo into compliance with fema's levy standards and it will address deficiencies to protect the
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seawalls and the shoreline. the project is expected to take four to six years to complete and estimate cost of $57 million which will be paid from the airport's general aviation revenue bonds through the remaining bonding authority which has been previously approved by the board of supervisors. the economic benefits to this proposed project in addition to the additional jobs and constructions that would result is primarily the protection of the air field from flooding that could diminish the air traffic and impact revenues at the airport if we reduced landing fees due to some flood closure or passenger traffic decline. if the board approves the fiscal feasibility of this project the airport will begin the environmental review in accordance with ceqa requirement s. the budget analyst report does conclude that the project is fiscally feasible and
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responsible and i am happy to answer any questions. >> all right. thank you very much ms. wagner. colleagues any questions? mr. rose can we go to your report on item 12. >> yes mr. chairman and members we show that the estimated cost is listed and related planning design and inspection project and construction management cost or the soft costs and an additional $48 million in construction costs so that results in a total project cost of about 57.5 million in table one on page 29 of the report. on page 30 of the report the airport estimates that the $57.9 million shoreline protection project would result in debit service payments over the term of the
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bond and 81.1 million of interest costs and as stated the budget analyst legislative an lis shows that the project is fiscal feasibility and responsible and approval as you know by the board of supervisors is not approve the project per se but simply authorize the airport to move forward with the environmental review under ceqa. we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you mr. rose. any questions for the budget analyst or staff? all right. seeing none we will move on to public comment. anyone to speak to item 12? seeing none. public comment is now closed. >> i move approval. >> we can take that without objection. mr. clerk can you call number 13. >> item 13 amending ordinance no. 89-10 to enter into --
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water resources control board for the previous ten amount of amount ten for the recycling project. >> okay. welcome back to the puc. >> good morning supervisor. i am the chief financial officer at the sfpuc. this item before you today is related to our water enterprise capital improvement program and specifically supervisors it's meant to amend legislation related to the financing that you approved back in 2010. additional funds have come in and made available from the state to allow us to finance our projects at less than half the cost it would be if we were to issue revenue bonds and that is called the state resolving loan
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program which is relatively new. we had these loans in the past supervisors but the program has been revised to make it more favorable for our projects to qualify so we're asking for an amendment to the prior legislation so that this specific project within the water enterprise can apply for those funds. this legislation also requests that you delegate authority to the commission to enter into the agreement for the loan and i am happy to take any questions. >> thank you. any questions? all right. mr. rose can we get a report on 13. >> yes mr. chair, members of the committee. on page 32 we note that the estimated interest rate using the state loans would be about 1.6 million and compared to four to 5% interest rate if the water revenue bonds were used. we also note that the savings -- the interest
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savings would be passed on to the customers to offset future water rate increases and that estimated savings is about $3.8 million if you authorize the state loans instead of the revenue bonds. we recommend that you approve this ordinance. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. colleagues any further questions for the budget analyst? okay. we will move on to public comment for item 13? anyone to comment? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. >> i move approval of the ordinance. >> okay. we have a motion by supervisor mar to move this forward. we can take that without objection. [gavel] . mr. clerk can you call item 14. >> item 14 for the director of transportation for a agreement with the -- [inaudible] design and construction of the communication base over lay signal system positive train control preproject. >> okay. thank you very much. this item was introduced by
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supervisor cohen and it's not yet ready to be voted on and worked on by her office so i would like to entertain a motion to continue the item but first we will open up public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item 14? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> so i move to continue to the call of the chair. >> perfect. motion by supervisor mar. we can do so without objection. all right mr. clerk can you call items 15 and 17-19 together please. >> item number 15 resolution approving amount number two to the department of public health for behavioral health services with a better way inc. to extend the contract by two years. item 17 resolution approving number one to the behavioral health services with larkin street youth services to extend the contract by two years. >> number 18 contract with
3:41 pm
oakes children's center and extend the contract by two years. >> okay. >> item 19 resolution approving the amendment number one to the department of public health for behavioral health services to the regents o university of california infant parent program and extend by two years. >> thank you . >> i am from the department of public health. so these four contracts are all children services in our behavioral health services system. this is the first time you have seen them. they're here because of the requested extension brings them to the $10 million threshold. these are long standing services and we're asking to continue them to allow us to the time to complete the rfp process which we want to roll out within the next year and a half but not do them all at the same time so as you know this is one group of a larger
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number of contracts that are going to be out to rfp, so generally the increases are standard, cost of doing business increases. the larkin street had an increase due to receiving grant funds to expand services, housing services, to their clients, and oakes children's center has expanded. they provide services in public schools, therapy services and in class support so their expansion is to reflect the number of referrals from the school district. we agree with the recommendation to approve and if you have any questions i am happy to answer. >> thank you very much. okay. seeing no questions at this time mr. rose can we move to your report on these items. >> yes on these items mr. chairman and members of the committee on page 40 we note that the total not to exceed of the four contracts is $13 million and dph is
3:43 pm
requesting 13 million plus in these contracts for not to exceed amount of 51 million and that is shown in table one of our report. we recommend that you approve the proposed resolutions. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. seeing no comments or questions we will open it up for public comment -- >> excuse me mr. chairman. i didn't comment on number 16. >> i haven't called that item yet. we are going to call it after so thank you mr. rose. walter welcome back. >> thank you. santa claus is coming to town. he's making an item list and he's checking it twice, going find out who is naughty and nice. santa claus budget is coming to item 10. >> thank you. anybody else wish to comment on these items? all right. seeing none. public
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comment is now closed. [gavel] >> thank you walter. thank you to the providers. i move approval of the four resolutions. >> okay. motion by supervisor mar we can do so without objection. mr. clerk can you call item 16 please. >> item 16 resolution approving number 3 for a contract to behavioral health services by healthright 360 to extend the contract by two years. >> all right. welcome back. >> [inaudible] so this is an on going contract providing behavioral health services in jail. the continuation is for the same reasons to allow us the time to do a series of rfps. this -- the same service. you have seen it here before so it's continuing the same services. they had a grant increase a peer and mentoring program and it's also the reason there is a decrease in the final year because we're taking that out
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to make it a standard alone contract just to simplify the tracking and reporting on the grant but otherwise i think it's straightforward but i am happy to answer any questions. >> all right. thank you very much. colleagues any questions? all right. mr. rose can we go to the report on 16. >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee on page 44 actual and estimated expenditures for the period from july 2010 through december 2015 are $18 million and projected expenditures for the requested two year contract extension are 8.4 million dollars totaling 26.$9 million and in table one shows the actual and projected expenditures and on page 44 of the report. we recommend that you approve this proposed resolution. >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose. colleagues any questions or comments? okay.
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we will open it up for public comment. anyone wish to comment on 16? >> santa claus goes walking and flying after midnight in the moonlight like he always do. he goes out flying after midnight searching for this item to give to you. >> thank you very much. anybody else wish to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to ask i know in the budget analyst report he mentions -- you said there needs to be significant changes to the substance abuse delivery systems and looking at new service models. can you elaborate a little bit on that. >> yes. in august the state approved a demonstration waiver
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and san francisco is part of it, so one of the things -- for example is we can start to bill medi-cal for residential treatment services that weren't already able to bill them for but it changes the size and scope is just one example, but there's -- i can't remember -- a new kind of out patient program that we don't currently provide that the waiver requires us to provide so we have to figure out is that a revision or a restructuring of an existing program or is that just going out to bid for a completely new vendor to do a new service? so it's trying to figure out how to comply. there's a lot of administrative changes that are required by the state in order to be in compliance so that's what we're evaluating. >> thank you. i move approval of the resolution.
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>> okay. we have a motion by supervisor mar we can do so without objection. [gavel] mr. clerk can you call item 20 please. >>iam 20 resolution authorizing the execution of acceptance of a lease by and between the city and county of san francisco and 450 toland street llc for real property on toland street for cat three per year. the execution acceptance of a purchase and sale agreement between the city and selby and hudson corporation located at 55 selby street for 6.3 million dollars and execution by agreement by the city and [inaudible] incorporated for property located at 1975 galvez avenue.
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>> mr. clerk i have a different agenda and item 20 was an ad min code item they sponsored. >> [inaudible] >> all right. we will take the modern version number 20. >> thank you chair farrell. members of the committee. john updyke with real estate and john karlan from the puc was going to join us but he's in a press conference regarding el nino prep and i will do my best to
3:50 pm
substitute his role so the context of this particular item is related to future improvements to the water pollution control plant southeast plant, and in particular an asset at 1800 gerald which is currently central shop so i will put a map on the overhead for you. >> mr. updike tell you what. i just got a message from the puc that we will hold off and mr. carlin is on the way. >> excellent. >> let's pause on item 20. let's clear one item which is number 3. >> item 3 authorizing the ofice of economic and workforce development to accept and expend grant in the amount of
3:51 pm
$2,999,999 from the united states department of labor for the american apprenticeship initiative. >> okay. thank you very much. we have michael carr. welcome back mr. carr, the head of work force development. >> thank you chair farrell and members of the budget and finance committee. thanks for working with me to put this on the agenda. i am happy to represent oewd and this will use employed and under employed individuals and those populations under related in high-tech jobs and earn and learn as registered apprenticeship and training with local employers and i will hit the high level points and if you have questions i am happy to answer them but this is a five year grant for $3 million and
3:52 pm
we're going to work with entry level, midlevel employers who will come in and learn tech jobs. the u.s. department of labor is a key partner who will assist oewd and other partners to have apprenticeship partners in high-tech occupations and data science, cyber security, the san francisco unified school district, city college, san francisco state and link the program to educational pathways and community based organizations and other eligible participants can apply. employers that support the grant will be awarded including local tech companies and anyone hiring for high-tech occupations may opt to participate in the program and we have a number of supporters in the tech sector -- [inaudible] (low audio) and i would appreciate your accepting
3:53 pm
us receiving this grant. >> okay. thank you very much mr. carr. supervisor mar. >> yeah, thank you mr. carr. i think this is a great partnership and i am just wondering if you could elaborate a little bit how the trainees would be selected. you said it was targeted at low income and under represented groups but how do we recruit them? >> we're going to go through city school, the san francisco unified school district and one of more than 15 access points located in the supervisorial districts and recruit the folks. >> how would the earn and learn program -- what programs in city college would be the main ones we would partner with? >> we haven't developed the programs. in developing the grant we're doing that but we will work with developing a curriculum for the programs and just to go into more detail it's entry level so some kids that
3:54 pm
don't know they want to go into a tech sector job we will educate them on the jobs available and we will kind of push them through an initial apprenticeship program and for people -- like somebody working in the city in a middle class tech job that wants to move up we have a program for them as well. >> and my last question given the gender divide in the tech sector is there a program for girls and young women? >> yes and that's a great question. we will leverage the existing infrastructure to include under represented populations in tech apprenticeship. 75% of individuals or two in 25 people will be women, people of color or veterans and then also oewd will procure apprenticeship training, support services, work with employers who register with
3:55 pm
the dol. 80% of the participants -- 240 people will complete the apprenticeship program and realize wages with the promotion and there is a program for women, people of color, veterans, under served. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you supervisor mar. seeing no other questions and i look forward to see this happen. we will open it up for public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item number 3? mr. carr heads up we have singing about to happen here. >> says the city man thank you for the grant. do you hear what i hear? do you hear what i hear? thank you for the grant city man. thank you for your goodness and love. thank you goff and your goodness and love and this grant. thank you for
3:56 pm
your goodness and love city gov, city gov. >> thank you. anybody else wish to comment on this item? okay. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> i move approval of the grant. >> okay. thank you very much supervisor mar. we have a motion by supervisor mar. it's not everyday you get serenaded at committee and we can do so without objection. >> thank you. >> okay. i see mr. carlin is in the house and we can proceed with item 20. >> good morning. i am the deputy city manager for the san francisco public utilities commission. the item before you is to relocate what is known as central shop that is run by the general services agency of the city and county of san francisco. the reasoning that we would like to relocate central shops of the san francisco public utilities commission if i can have the
3:57 pm
overhead on? i have had upside down of course. is the proximity of central shops to our southeast water pollution control plant. it's located contiguous with the plant and over the next 20 years or so we plan to do major upgrades to that plant. it is our largest wastewater treatment plant here in san francisco and we need land for lay down areas, construction and fabrication and perhaps expansion of the plant in the future. we went on an extensive search looking for properties not only here in san francisco but outside of san francisco and we were fortunate to locate two properties and a third to lease to relocate the services of central shops so what we are proposing we would purchase two properties, the cell bee and galvez site and lease the toland sites and
3:58 pm
long-term deal in the best interest of the city. the city would own two of the properties and lease the other and we could do the work that we propose to do over the next ten years. if we can't do this for central shops it puts in a delay for the properties in this proximity and you know properties are hard to find and we're looking ways to secure properties and secure the yards in that area. i will leave it at that and answer any questions around the project and why we're doing this and john up dike the city's real estate director is here to talk about the properties in more detail. >> okay. thanks. mr. updike why don't you go through this and i have a number of questions on behalf of myself and supervisor tang as well.
3:59 pm
>> sounds good. thank you chair farrell and mr. carlin. i will go through the parcels before you. one is a lease of 450 toland and over 46,000 square feet of building. the annual base rent is listed and we consider that considerably under market. there is one variant here that is unusual and we're paying a property management fee on top of that of 4%, or roughly $30,000 a year. that velted to a requirement from the ownership that their local representative be a part of managing and overseeing this property. frankly that is a service to the city. that means i don't have to dedicate resources to address issues as they come up on a day-to-day operational basis so it's probably a cost neutral situation in our perspective. it's a ten year lease with two options to extend. the two
4:00 pm
purchases known as 55 selby street and 1975 galvez and cellbee and improvements will be removed from the property and purchase price of 6.3 million dollars and $86.55 a foot and the galvez property and its purchase price is $5 million and $103.44 a square feet. there is a concern in the budget analyst report relative to the price of 1975 galvez being outside of the parameters of the comparable sales we provided and the appraisal provided for 55 selby street and extrapolated a value of for the adjacent property
4:01 pm
and a appraise the properties next to each other. the issue stems from what we believe is a good comparable sale. it's actually on the map on the lower left corner of the mab that hasn't been fully consummated and i respect and understand the budget analyst difficulty and accepting this as a comparable but it's indicative of the movement of the space. it is 70% completed. they're literally purchase interest from relatives to acquire this site as an acquisition of the goodman family asset south of the san francisco wholesale produce market and that is $120 a square foot see that gives an indicator of the property and at galvez we believe it's reflective of market if not under today's
4:02 pm
market price. >> that was not part of the appraisal though. >> it wasn't part of it because it's a backward look in time at closed transactions so appraisers have a duty to only report those transactions that are fully closed. we believe we need to look at the market as it stands today, and so that's why we looked at a transaction not closed but consummated in terms of hard money 70% completed multiple transactions have occurred. >> could you talk a little more about the timing and what is driving that here? >> yes. the real reason we're before you today is the demand of both sellers as well as the landlord for quick action. the landlord situation mandates a commencement date this month of the lease. it was just a condition of the transaction if we were going to have one. the sellers mandated closing no
4:03 pm
later than mid-january so in order to meet the timelines we needed to before you this month and to the board of course by the last meeting next week in order to consummate the closing of escrow or we wouldn't have a transaction to be had. >> okay. and just maybe this is functional as well, i don't know, but in terms of cost of delay what would that look like? i want to make sure i understand the impacts here. >> so the potential cost of delay -- this has to do with the planned construction at the southeast plant could be up to $3 million a month and if we slip out and unable to relocate the functionality of central shops that plays into our long-term schedule and pushing projects out farther and you know that means it could be more expensive. >> can you talk about alternative locations? i mean giving the timing here did you have time to do a real look? >> i think it's fair to say we
4:04 pm
have been searching for a solution site for three years. we have looked within the city of san francisco. we looked at south city, daly city and brisbane. we had a transaction pending in brisbane and still pending as a plan b. it's fairly unattractive because of the dead head of the vehicles and bringing them out of the city for repair and effectively taking them out of service to a greater extent than preferred. pricing was attractive but the location wasn't. within the city there was no individual lot that was available on the market. there were some individual lots we felt could be available but we were unable to strike a transaction at a reasonable price. frankly the comparable i was talking about was one of the sites i was talk about south of the produce market but we couldn't tolerate the land value and the construction costs so we have
4:05 pm
been through all pdr sites that one could think of it and that's what we're looking and industrial zoned and only a select few as you know. >> okay. if we approve this project can we talk about what we anticipate coming forward to the board? construction timeline? what else will we see at budget and finance or the board in connection here? >> this is a joint reply so we have trailing legislation introduced relative to the next step which is the mechanism to deliver the improvements both at 55 selby street and the cellbee galvez merged site so that is context of a project delivery agreement so that will come before this body in january for consideration. the timelines a little delayed because the urgent matter was to secure the site. the next urgent matter is secure the development agreement so we're still negotiating the
4:06 pm
final points of the agreement. we wanted to get the legislation in the cue and have it before you in january for consideration. the companion is relative of authority and transfer of funds from the puc to the general services agency so we can effectuate that mechanism of delivering the improvements. >> okay. anything else to add? okay. all right. if no other questions at this point mr. rose why don't we go to your report and keep talking. >> mr. chairman, members of the committee on page 50 of our report we say as shown in table one and table one is on page 49 the negotiated lease rate for 450 toland street is lower than the average industrial lease rate of $25 20 so clearly we have no question about the lease
4:07 pm
on toland. the real estate division did not conduct new appraisals of 55 selby street and 1975 galvez with the purchase price with the owners. and the reason they say is because the purchase price for each property was comparable according to the real estate division to the sale prices of other industrial properties which range from $57 a square foot to $96 a foot foot. now, we note that while the purchase price for 55 selby street is $86.55 square foot and within that range that mr. updike provided us. the purchase price for galvez is clearly significantly in excess of the comparables that mr. updike provided to us that were completed actual comparable
4:08 pm
sales. we note that page 51 mr. chairman you were asking what else is coming before you. we note that the acquisition capitalized ten year lease expenses and functional cost to replace the central shop facilities at these sites are estimated total is listed and under the proposed mou and legislation is pending before the board of supervisors the puc will pay them for the transfer for the central shops. our recommendation we consider approval of the proposed res to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors because the real estate division didn't obtain new appraisals of the fair market value of these properties prior to negotiating their purchase prices and because the purchase price of 103.44 square foot for 1975 galvez avenue is
4:09 pm
higher than the price of comparable properties ranging from $57 to $96 a square foot. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. i appreciate that analysis and that report. i don't see any questions right now, additional questions. we will move on to public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item 20? >> the weather outside is frightening, but this item is so delighting, and i wanted to let you know let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. >> supervisor mar. >> yeah, i just wanted to appreciate mr. carlin mr. mr. updike's presentation and can you clarify again when an appraisal is done versus this
4:10 pm
seemingly unorthodoxed way of looking at a property that hasn't yet closed but you're saying it's almost closed and factoring it in with the comps so i need to know -- i know the timeliness of this item but it seems like appraisals or a transparent way of getting the economic data but you're using an unosht dox way of looking at this transaction. >> it's a fair question so 555 cellbee was a praidzd and reviewed that and accepted that appraisal. it was two years old -- well, one and a half years old at the start of negotiations. a little two years old by the close of negotiations, but we also have knowledge of a number of appraisals around this area. there are other puc related projects that related in other
4:11 pm
appraisals. we provided the comparables from those appraisals. there isn't a huge variance in pdr value and it's a trend analysis rather than an appraisal and why you want to look at the last transactions as an indicator of the trends and we see this nearly adjacent one is with that trend and moving to 120 a foot and i don't know what the next will be but i suspect it will be higher than that and it gave us conservative with this data and -- comfort in this data and provided sufficient support. >> thank you. >> okay. supervisor mar. >> mr. chairman i realize at the budget analyst's suggestion this is a policy matter. i'm going to recommend that we approve this resolution and move it to the full board. >> okay. >> mr. chairman. >> yes.
4:12 pm
>> i believe there is a clerical amendment that needs to be made by the department. >> mr. updike. >> my apologies. yes, there is an amendment to be made. i believe we submitted that amendment into the board file. >> you have copies before you. >> great. >> thank you. so we will make a motion. >> [inaudible] >> i would say from my perspective and supervisor tang the same way and understand the need for this right now. obviously i think obviously though in terms of this committee and the full board having more time in terms of proper appraisals so we don't have conflicting thoughts with the budget analyst but also presenting the full picture kind of in front of us. i get this was rushed and there's a reason for it but a strong comment that we prefer that not to happen going forward i think for all future boards and everyone is on board for that but want that in
4:13 pm
there and happy to support it today and understand the need here so with that supervisor mar do you want to make the motion to accept the amendment. >> so moved. >> all right and the underlying amendment is amended. >> i move approval as amended. >> all right. motion by supervisor mar and we can do so without objection. okay. mr. clerk can you call item 21 please. >> item 21 ordinance amending the administrative code to prior providers for city funded permanent supporting housing and inform the city -- reasonable enroll tenants in all public benefits eligible and report on enrollment and benefits and provide for enforcement and penalties against housing providers that fail with the requirements. >> thank you mr. clerk. colleagues in front of us is legislation i introduced early in the year that is from a report for the housing portfolio
4:14 pm
and i want to welcome staff that is here to answer potential questions. i passed around earlier technical amendments suggestions of them and i would like to accept a motion for that. they wanted to identify the types of services that clients hughes in supportive housing, the utilization and how needs change when houses and how they're supporting transition to other forms of stable housing. the report said they had a difficult time to -- housing clients for benefits because some of the data didn't exist or tracked and we want to make sure as a city government that those that are in the supportive housing portfolio and everybody else that's in potential pursue of the city we want to make sure they maximize the benefits
4:15 pm
they're eligible for both for their own benefit most importantly but leveraging our resources here in san francisco. the report noted that about 250 adults or more could qualify for in home supportive service but didn't receive the benefit and more parents could apply for calworks on behalf of their children or child. in terms of the basic needs here it's a source for income for individuals or families and they help individuals get connected in terms of employment, secure food with calfresh, get access and potentially pay for health care and in-home support services as well. again this is after effort to make sure resources go further and get the individuals the help they deserve and get from the different levels of government so the ordinance provides new requirements for housing providers that are geared to
4:16 pm
maximize the enrollment of benefits for the clients. i am introducing the minor amendment after working with staff to get the legislation introduced. originally it required that providers report back to the city within six months of new supportive housing tenant was placed in a unit and what benefits the client applied for and what they're eligible for. with this amendment we're requiring that happen within three months and one more time in the calendar year to ensure quick benefits uptake. the legislation requires a report on benefits utilization of supportive housing tenants in the portfolio. in the annual report the providers will provide the following information. the percentage of clients enrolled and the benefits they're eligible, the percentage of clients applying for benefits they're eligible as well as their families, the summary of efforts to upon had
4:17 pm
the client enroll in the benefits which they're eligible for and if they're not enrolled an explanation why a higher percentage is not enrolled and a description and plan to get that to happen. it will require more thorough outreach by the providers and document the times of outreach to enroll. it mandates that a worksheet is provided and lists the criteria for eligibility for benefits and share this worksheet publicly. in addition another amendment will require they have a consent release form to providers and allow the parties to exchange information and status of the client and they will post the form on the website. we want to make sure it's public and transparent and amending the audit requirements originally included because they would fold it into the regular auditing process for providers, so very
4:18 pm
similar to the eviction reporting and transparency law that the board unanimously supported last year they introduced. this is going to be a first step in the right direction to help the city really collect data and move towards maximizing the public benefits that individuals that really need the help of our government receive here in san francisco. they do provide some of the basic needs whether it's housing, food, in-home support services and health care and it's critical to get everybody especially in this day and age in san francisco all of the support and thank all of you for your help, everyone involved. it's been a very collaborative process and i look forward to seeing this move forward so colleagues i know mr. walton is here to answer questions if you have them. supervisor mar. >> i just wanted to thank supervisor farrell and all of you for this. i believe it's important and especially with
4:19 pm
ihhss and calfresh and the benefits people aren't aware of but accessing and supporting tenants as much as possible but i appreciate this effort. >> all right. thank you supervisor mar. okay. thanks mr. walton. i appreciate you being here. i don't believe we have a budget analyst report on this item so we will move on to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 21? >> have yourself a little merry christmas, hope good things go your way. next year all your troubles will be miles away and have yourself a housing christmas and i hope good things come your way. >> anybody else wish to comment on item 21? seeing none. public comment is now
4:20 pm
closed. [gavel] okay. colleagues i will entertain a motion to move this forward. >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor mar. >> except the amendments prior -- >> thank you. the amendments i talked about. >> i make a motion to move the amendments forward. >> thank you supervisor mar. we can do so without objection. all right. mr. clerk can you call item 22. >> item 22 resolution approving a cooperative agreement with the state of california regarding construction support and funding of the van ness transit improvement project. >> all right. we have mta here. >> yes. chair farrell. good morning. i'm the project manager for the van ness corridor improvement project and the item before you today is a construction cooperative agreement between the city of san francisco and caltrans, the state department of
4:21 pm
transportation. it's secures $7.3 million in funding for this project to be used in repaving the roadway once the city work has been done. and also delineates the responsibility of the state and city agencies during the construction process. it's a requirement of this part of the caltrans encroachment for construction and made a requirement by the fta as a prerequisite for the completing the small starts grant agreement which is providing a portion of the funding for this project. the overall project consists of two major components, a bus rapid system is that is running the length of van ness from lombard and utility work along the length of the corridor
4:22 pm
providing shorelines, water lines and street lighting. the end of the project will have extensive new utilities available. in addition to that we expect to improve transit performance with up to 32% time savings in travel time and increase reliability of up to 50% and up to 30% operations savings when operating along the route. we're using a different delivery method for this project. the construction general contractor and brought them in early to complete the design and check for constructability and once we have completed the design which we're working to do right now we will enter price negotiations with that contractor to establish a guaranteed maximum price and goal of starting
4:23 pm
construction in early 2016. we have been conducted an extensive public outreach effort and we have a committee meeting monthly. in the last calendar year we met with 37 community groups or residential associations or businesses along the corridor. we have conducted a preconstruction survey to discuss construction impacts with the community, and managed to get feedback from 85% of the properties facing van ness avenue. as we move into construction the level of outreach will continue with regular briefings and published construction calendar. the core project or what mta sees as the core project and transit improvements and the additional
4:24 pm
infrastructure work just shy of $100 million and bringing the total value to $261 million. it's a busy corridor, complex project on many levels and active corridor as far as other construction projects go. there are 22 significant construction projects either under construction, in design, or during the environmental clearance and scheduled to go into construction while we are. we are coordinating with all of the projects in addition to the city projects currently being planned for polk and lombard street. thank you for your time. if you have any questions i am happy to answer them. >> thank you very much. supervisor mar. >> yeah thank you for the hard work on this long awaited, and you mentioned that 2016 is when -- i guess ground would be broken on this. when exactly next year will it start? >> we are targeting for late
4:25 pm
march or early april. there's a lot of permits that still need to be drawn primarily with caltrans. they have gone through several reviews of our designs and construction sequencing plans, and we're working through some design exceptions and some other issues with them right now, so once we can make cal trance happy we're ready to go. >> >> yeah, you mentioned that it's partially funded through small starts. could you just give some sense of the $162 million funding and how much is small starts versus other funding? >> sure. of the $162 million in the project small starts consists of $75 million of that and the rest is either mta bond funding, prop k funding and
4:26 pm
smaller pots of money. >> and i know michael schultz has explained this but can you explain how they a wheefed similar reliability and cuts in travel time in rail but at a fraction of the cost? >> certainly. essential we're creating what people refer to rubber tile rail and dedicated transit lane but more than the red lanes on market street and other parts of the city. it will have a physical separation from the mixed traffic lanes to keep cars out of it. those lanes will be only available to the buses and golden gate buses and putting in a traffic signal prioritization for the vehicles and retiming the lights to prioritize north /south traffic. all of those things together
4:27 pm
will get us in addition to a new fleet of 60-foot motor coaches operating and trolley coaches operating on the corridor will get us something similar to a rail level's performance without the expense of having to actually lay down rail and regrade the roadway for rail as has to happen like on third street project. >> and thank you for the transit improvement goals which identify safety improvements, reliability improvements of up to 50% and mentions travel times improved by 30%. could you quantify in minutes how quickly people could get -- for example lombard to van ness or mission and van ness? >> under ideal conditions right now which are very rarely exist along van ness avenue it would
4:28 pm
take about 20 minutes to make that trip. it would cut that travel time between 13 and 14 minutes. under typical conditions and take 45 minutes or half-hour to do the distance and cut it down to 20 or 30 minutes to make the same trip. >> that's great. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for being here and the presentation. very excited to see this project move forward and thanks for all of your hard work on it and with that colleagues any further questions at this point and time? okay. mr. rose could we go to your report please. >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee. the total cost of the project is 258 million and shown in table one on page 56 of our report, and 233 million in construction costs which are covered in the proposed cooperative agreement
4:29 pm
is funded through state and federal and local funding sources and table two on page 57 of the report. we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you mr. rose. we will open it up for public comment. anyone wishing to comment on noob? all right. seeing none. public comment is now closed. if you would add me as a cosponsor to this. supervisor mar. >> i would like to be a cosponsor as well. >> okay. we we can do so without objection. can you call item 23 please. >> i would like to note on item 22 i am working with mta staff to get documents before forwarding to the board. they're aware of that. >> okay. great. thanks mr. clerk. >> item number 23 resolution approving resolution two with new flier of america and
4:30 pm
articulating diesel-hybrid buses for $244,630,752. >> okay. thank you very much. we have the mta to speak on this item. >> good morning mr. chairman, committee members. john hailey. i'm the transit director. the item -- you may recall three years ago we came to you in 2012 as the stewards of the oldest and least reliable transit system in the country. some 30 months later with your leadership and help and support purchased 160 new vehicles and that is lead to a resurgence both in the reliability of our overall service and improved on
4:31 pm
time performance. the reliability of the fleet while still the single biggest cause of delays is equipment failure increased three fold over the last two years. this effort today -- the proposal in front of you today results when we came three years ago part of what we asked was for a production schedule that included four options. in front of you today is a recommendation to exercise the remaining options to purchase some 265 combination of 60-foot and 40-foot hybrid vehicles with one option rather than wait. that allows us both to take advantage of the best price, get the buses here faster. for example, in 2016 under this proposal we would receive some 100 new buses in 2016 under the moderated
4:32 pm
approach we would have received 65. the ability of us to get the buses into service has allowed us to increase the amount of service twice in the last 18 months. we hope to do so again if our operating budget permits in the spring, so what we're asking you today is to continue the progress that we've made -- in fact to accelerate the delivery of these vehicles and the purchase of these vehicles. we are working -- i would be remiss not to acknowledge the tremendous support and help not only from you but from the mtc and the ta in moving this forward and the quick review from the budget analyst. we also appreciate because this is something we're moving up the schedule from where it was three years ago because we've had good success both with the vehicles' reliability and from a business
4:33 pm
perspective we want to move forward. they're working with us. the item includes the need to reprogram over a period of months some $120 million that will take place as a result of our accelerating the plan. we're confident that we're meeting with the ta and with the mtc to do that over the next several months but in terms of financial risks to us, and if we were not successful in reprogram the money or moving money from other capital projects we would simply stop buying buses. the way the contract is set up we pay for the buses after we accept them so in terms of the approach here if the efforts to reprogram the money we're not successful either in whole or in part we would simply stop
4:34 pm
buying them at this point which with the money that's in the item would be some point in 2017 but advancing this item allows us to exercise the option and will mean in march of 2018 we will have renewed the entire hybrid rubber tire fleet as we work on the trolley coaches fleet as well so certainly i am happy to answer any questions as long as i'm not required to sing the answers i am happy to do that. >> okay. supervisor mar. >> actually it would be wonderful if you could sing it but i understand, but i wanted to ask about that $121 million funding that you still need to find. you mentioned if the mtc and mta can't come up with that amount then you would reduce the buses purchased? >> that's one option, and one
4:35 pm
of the things we've done is part of for example what we have been talking to the mtc is about is necessary for them to reprogram the funding plan which they usually set it up in one year increments and what we have done here is because of the additional demand for buses, the service increase, and the fact the item you approved in front of us, the van ness brt for example will require us to provide buses in that, so our need is increasing more than we anticipated when the fleet plan was put together three years ago, so we're -- when the fleet plan was approved it anticipated exercising the options one at a time through 2019. as we have learned in terms of our ability to accept these buses, get them
4:36 pm
into service they have proven to be extremely reliable. they're a big hit with the riders, particularly the interior layout that allowed to support the city goals for family friendly. certainly we worked very closely with the disabled community on the design of the interior and got good feedback so this will allow us to retire some of the oldest and least reliable of our fleet, so in terms of what we anticipate on the 120 million is working with the ta. it's what i would describe primarily as a programming issue that we have -- we are accelerating our ask if you will based on some market circumstances being able to hold the place in the production line with new flier for example so that we will have an
4:37 pm
uninterrupted flow of buses over the next 28 months so we will be able to see this through. >> just had another question. i should have asked you when i saw you the other day, but i know that when we increase the number of new buses that it increases morale of riders so i ride the five rapid, five fulton and when there is a newer bus it makes me happier and want to ride more but have you or others from the mta quantify when you replace old buses with newer ones how much increase of ridership that leads to? >> well, 101 to the question no we haven't but the feedback has been very good and you may have seen recently one of the things we do as a agency is survey the public on a regular basis and
4:38 pm
the perception of muni service is now higher than it's been in quite some time, and frankly from our perspective in terms of improving the quality of service there's no reason that we shouldn't continue to do a better job both in driving up on time performance and the reliability. people want to know when the bus is coming. they expect it to arrive and get to their destination. we're getting better at it so we will continue to do that and clearly these buses have with your help and support and the continued program has played a big role in that. >> and i realize for the brts for bennett and geary it's important to have branding and new fleet as well but thank you for the explanation. >> okay. thank you supervisor mar. mr. rose can we go to your report please. >> yes mr. chairman and members of the committee. as shown in table three on page 62
4:39 pm
of the report the board of supervisors previously authorized the purchase of 159 new buses from new flier and from the initial contract and 98 buses under the first amendment and not to exceed as listed. actual expenditures are $151 million for 159 vehicles including standard buses and 111 articulated buses. on page 62 of our report at the bottom we note that the proposed second amendment to the contract between the mta and new flier would increase the not to exceed amount of the amount listed and that would be to purchase 265 new buses including 152
4:40 pm
standard buses and 113 articulated buses as an increase of cost as stipulated and table four on page 63 of our report shows the total expenditures of 412 million for the new buses requested under the resolution and 159 buses previously authorized. such costs include 15.7 million in previously budgeted funds for parts training and tools for the 159 buses o the bottom of page 63 as supervisor mar as pointed out in the expenditures and the new buses and associated costs mta has identified one 62.8 million in funding and shown in table six on page 64 of our report, but they have yet to identify
4:41 pm
$121 million in additional funding needed and shown in table six. we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. colleagues any questions? okay. why don't we go to public comment. anyone to comment on item 23? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> so i move approval of the resolution. >> okay. motion by supervisor mar. we can do so without objection. [gavel] mr. clerk can you please call item 24 please. >> item 24 resolution approving amendment to years 2015-16 budget for the office of community investment and infrastructure operating as the successor agency to the san francisco redevelopment agency by increasing the successor agency's bond proceeds by $135 million authorizing expenditures not to exceed that amount and approving the issuance of bonds and amount not to exceed $135 million to finance enforceable obligation in the mission bay south
4:42 pm
project areas. >> okay. thanks. have staff here. i didn't realize you moved. welcome. >> thank you. it's nice to be here in my new capacity. hold on. i am having computer drama and victor warned me about and i ignored it and that's what you get with victor. i am the deputy director of finance administration for ocii. i am here to request the approval for $135 million budget amendment to increase our bond proceeds expenditure authority and also to get your all for $135 million bond issuance. the situation since the redevelopment agency was dissolved in 2012 is complex so i will take this opportunity to remind the board on slide one what the board's legislative authority is in this case. according to the california
4:43 pm
health and safety code section 3 3606 which is what we commonly refer to redevelopment law the board of supervisors has the authority to approve the proposed expenditures of the agency and the proposed indebtedness to be incurred by the agency so under that authority i am here to ask the board's approval to increase the authority by $135 million, authorize that amount in bond expenditure and bond issuance not to seed that amount, so again as another reminder ocii is the successor agency to the redevelopment agency, and our mission is now to implement the enforceable obligations that were entered into by the redevelopment agency and approved by department of finance by making a determination during this process so we have three
4:44 pm
obligations in mission bay that were approved as final and conclusion (paused) slide four. sorry that you guys have to go through paper. what these documents basically say is the tax increment is pledged to the developer after we provide the 20% in tax increment to the pass-through entities which are the district, the school district, bart and the air quality management district and 20% is set aside for affordable housing. after that all of the increment is dedicated to reimbursing the developer for infrastructure they're building in mission bay and paves the way for market rate, affordable housing and other housing including office and hotel
4:45 pm
development. as part of the opa and the financing plan within the opa the owner /developer may request that ocii issue debt against the property tax increment for reimbursement and why we're here today to request your approval for that debt. in the next slide i -- >> may i interrupt slightly. do you have a copy to be on the document camera for the public's viewing? >> i do. hold on one second please. sorry about that. so we have two proposed issuances before you today, 2016c and 2016d. c is a very
4:46 pm
straightforward issuance. it's $45 million of tax allocation bonds that would be issued at parity with the outstanding debt which means that the order in which they would be paid is equal to all of our outstanding debt and that is because we are issuing against enrolled property tax. it would be sold on a open market sale that would be negotiated or competitively placed: the therm is 30 years and interest of $79 million. the second bond is 2016d. it's $90 million and it would be presented on a subordinate basis because it's being credited against future property tax so that is property tax increment not yet on the assessor's roll. this is atypical placement so it's placed competitively in a private placement which means
4:47 pm
our under writer will work directly with institutional investors to sell them this bond and that direct working relationship rather than putting it out on the open market allowing the under writer to explain the credit in greater detail because it's less secured than enrolled property tax and need that opportunity to talk about the great work going on in mission bay and the security that is in all san francisco property tax increment. the term of this bond would also be 30 years and the debt service would be 161 million. next slide. we are issuing these bonds in order to reimburse infrastructure that's already been approved and permitted so what that means is the developer some years back pulled the
4:48 pm
permits and began construction of this infrastructure. this construction is now completed, and has been accepted by the city and is ready to be reimbursed within the next 1- 18 months. the reason it's reimbursed over that time there is a rather complex reimbursement process where the developer submits the developments to a contractor and tours the infrastructure in combination with dpw and the infrastructure task force to confirm that the infrastructure meeting all of the standards according to the pulled permits and works with them to make sure that the city wants to accept the infrastructure, and the consultant also reviews the invoices to make sure that everything matches with the construction that was actually completed so if you look at the table on the bottom of the slide you can see that the developer has already incurred and gone through this reimbursement
4:49 pm
process and ready for payment on $61 million and over the next one to 18 months they expect to process $69 million worth of expenditures for construction that already has been built bring us to total of $131 million and slightly less than the $135 million capacity we're asking for. however given that market conditions are constantly changing it seems wise to give us head room to account for any unforeseen circumstances so if you have questions i am happy to answer them. we're in agreement with the budget and legislative analyst amendments and i brought red line copy for your review if you would like to review. >> okay. thank you very much. colleagues if no questions at this time mr. rose let's go to your report. >> yes mr. chairman, members of committee. on page 68 we
4:50 pm
report what they incurred in expenses for public infrastructure and projected to injure the amount listed for public infrastructure in the next 1- 18 months totaling $131 million. that is shown in table one on page 69 of our report and under the mission bay north and south project owner participation agreement ocii will reimburse them for the expenses using bond proceeds. on page 69 of our report we report that the total estimated debt service over the thirst - -- 30 year term as listed and principal and interest and the bonds on page 70 and 30 year term and 2016d bonds is estimated to be as listed and 90 million in
4:51 pm
principal and the rest in interest. we do have a series of recommendations on page 71. we recommend that you amend the proposed resolution to request the executive director to explore alternative financing on timing structures of the plan subordinate private placement and amend the resolution to request ocii executive director to fund all outstanding series d bonds as the new mission bay project development is enrolled and amend the executive director to provide update of the status of the 2016c and d bonds during the annual budget review and we recommend that you approve the proposed resolution as amended. >> okay. thank you mr. rose. supervisor mar. >> yeah. i just wanted to ask so the budget analyst is making a recommendation -- let's see -- that you explore alternative
4:52 pm
financing or timing structures for the subordinate timing structure s and the 2016d part of it and could you explain the rationale and benefits of using competitive private placement versus the competitive open market sale for the c bonds? >> of course. so as i said in the presentation the credit for this bond is tax property increment not yet on the roles so that means they are buildings built and in some cases even occupied but have not been fully enrolled in the assessor's property tax rolls due to lags in the office. because this assessed value is not yet on the rolls it's less secure than value that is already on the rolls which is what we're bonding against in 2016c so because this is not your plain
4:53 pm
vanilla debt we need the private placement opportunity to talk about the particular buildings and walk through the buildings with each of the potential investors and say this is the building. this is the development status. this is the project the amount of ti we expect to come when the building is enrolled and that analysis substantiated by fiscal and economic consultant who has in-depth knowledge of the rolls and that analysis is attached to the official statements that goes along with the bond documents. >> and the budget analyst is suggesting it's a much higher risk for that type of bond but we really have no choice? >> correct. because if you look at the burn rate of the developers, about $6 million a month, so if you consider that the 2016c bonds is $45 million
4:54 pm
and we already owe the developer $61 million we -- if we issued only the 2016c series we wouldn't have enough funds to reimburse the developer so what the impact of that would be is the developer would have less dollars to reinvest into the project area to continue to build more infrastructure, and build the project area out to completion so it would slow the pace of development. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you very much. we will open it up to public comment at this point. anyone wishing to comment on this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> so i would like to move the recommendations of the budget analyst and move approval as amended. >> okay. supervisor mar could we take a motion to excuse supervisor tang. >> so moved. >> motion to excuse supervisor tang. [gavel] and a motion by supervisor mar to accept the recommendations
4:55 pm
in the item as recommended. we can do so without objection. all right. mr. clerk can you go to item number 25 please. >> item 25 hearing and consider the review of the board of supervisors clerk of the board -- >> just for your -- >> fy 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> okay. thank you. our clerk of the board of supervisors is here to present. >> thank you chair farrell, members of the committee. clerk of the board angela. i am here to provide a high level review of the current year as i request guidance and direction for the department of the development of the 16-17, 17-18 budget. i am here with staff and grateful to her for preparing the information and with staff in the event you have questions for us. as you know the rules require this hearing to occur in december that the committee can provide me with some guidance
4:56 pm
as i'm developing the budget. before i return in january with the draft budget for your review and consideration i will meet with each member of the board to get that guidance and suggestions and initiatives for the budget. you're familiar with the allocations on slide two. it depicts the 14. $7 million budget. it largely supports the employee salary and fringe benefit costs which comprise 74% of the total budget. the next larger category is non personnel for primarily for the budget analyst and legislative contract and provide for the annual comprehensive report. minimal amounts for membership dues and the city's participation in municipal advocacy organizations. the remaining 2% or approximately 350,000 is budgeted for interdevelopmental work order agreements and materials
4:57 pm
three and supplies. slide three shows the allocation and i won't go into the detail but our deadlines are numerous and constant on a daily basis, and that they're making important actions and decisions in order for us to be in compliance throughout the legislative process and we are relying on good judgment whether it's federal, state, local law, custom or law or policy and i don't always recognize my staff or give them the attention they deserve and i will take this opportunity to thank them for the knowledge and contribution for always keeping our department moving forward so i will talk about some of the initiatives they have been working on in the current year. we have been working to improve the effectiveness and efficiency for the board as we modernize our system and provide the public better access to
4:58 pm
records. a important partnership that deserves recognition and thank yous to all of the staffs for their engineers and the laborers with their assistance and add valuable work space and family friendly work space to allow the board to have conference space for meetings. at the suggestion of supervisor cohen and supervisor tang we converted a space into a new lactation room to facilitate mothers and return to work and we have been able to keep [inaudible] system alive and near the end life which i will mention in a moment. we have been working on a language access program with civic engagement and immigrant affairs and moving along smoothly.
4:59 pm
with this year with the support of the mayor's budget office we have been able to receive some funding for critical needs. we're working closer with the assessor and her team to assist the assessment appeals process to work more smoothly. part of the process included technology. an antiquated data base has been replaced and many functions and we can better schedule and create reports and audits. we moved into a digitalization project and have the archived digitized and web based and enable departments and the public to access and sort information from our records. we're reviewing record digitalization methods and setting the scope of services to match that and rfp for data management services is under
5:00 pm
development. moving ahead more important projects on the horizon. we need a new contract for the system towards the second year of the budget and enumerating services and breath of services to solicit this next year. we look into replacing this system and the audio visual panels in the meeting room and the chamber that can accept hd video resolution and provide a better experience to the departments when moving items through the board and members and members of the public with increased functionality and finally we're looking into developing a new legislative drafting tool. we will solicit your feedback from you and the departments in the near future. slide six mentions recommended adjustments that i'm aware of at this time. i am looking to
5:01 pm
find ongoing savings of 1.5% to help the city address the growing cost of pensions and our general fund city wide and i explore city alignment for positions for the work load in my office. i will propose position substitutions in the budget to take advantage of vacancies and address retention. in prior years i will reallocate the support to lafco depending on the work load. slide seven, the proposed budget will reflect a projected 310,000 decrease in the assessment appeals board revenue due to the reduction in appeals filed as a result of the continued improvement in the real estate market. as mentioned earlier we're looking into replacing the audio visual touch panels and the department has been in touch with the real
5:02 pm
estate director john up dike and looking at the costs and come back in january. the costs necessary if the program continue we will collect that data and also bring that information to you in january. on the final slide i have listed several policy questions that this committee could determine today or carried into january. we received a request from the budget analyst for a cola increase to the 16-17 contract on november 17. they formally submitted the request for 2.25% cola to the fiscal year '16-17 contract to be effective july 1, 2016. it would result in approximate 48,000 increase to their contract in fiscal year
5:03 pm
'16-17. the general fund appropriation for lafco requests -- as you recall we received a -- they received general fund appropriation of 134,000 in fiscal year '15-16. the executive director of lafco has requested an appropriation of 50,000 for fiscal year '16-17. we have staff here if you have any questions and thank you so much for your attention today. next steps i out lined technology steps on the horizon and surveying needs of board offices and prioritizing them and add them to the five year plan. put the requests into coit for the projects that have value to the board and collaboration with other city departments. if you look back to slide eight that's the only thing i need your consideration on at this point. otherwise i will be in touch with each of your offices. thank you very much for your
5:04 pm
time today. >> thank you. supervisor mar any questions, comments? okay. just want to thank you for meeting with us and starting this conversation early and continue to have the dialogue moving forward. i don't know if other comments at this point and time. before that we will open it up for public comment. anyone wishing to comment on item 25? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] . so thank you to the clerk for being with us and again we will have these discussions moving forward. i appreciate that so could i have a motion to continue the item to the call of the chair. >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor mar we can do so without objection. >> that is with supervisor tang be excused. >> yes. mr. clerk do we have anything else before us today some. >> that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you everybody. we're
5:05 pm
adjourned. [gavel] (clapping.) >> i want to welcome you all to it press conference i'm signing a member of getting to zero and hiv the research uni in the san francisco district 2 on behalf of barbara garcia the director of public health and the cyber come storm i want to talk about the 3 goals of getting to zero the zero inspections and preventable deaths eagle that hiv and discrimination against hiv we have those goals and building we
5:06 pm
can get there because of tremendous break through these with prevention and attempts by bringing those together we can do that we're launching our 3 spheres initiatives to take advantage of those the first is citywide the preextensive taking a daily pill to prevent new infections and rapid that get people offender the day of diagnose into care with wrap up around comprehensive medical and social services the day same day and retention everyone living with hiv connected with care, he want to say that the way wale get to deter is get everyone to zero we need to reach into our vulnerable communities those who may be suffer from the greatest
5:07 pm
amount of city hall stigma and barriers to those great break televise in hiv we can get to zero and so i'm here to introduce several speakers mr. will talk about exist public-private partnership and i'll begin by introducing mayor ed lee who is a stalwart supporter of the hiv and aids work over the many years and also the first last year donor to get to the effort by allocating an additional 20th century $4.4 million to our program mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> thank you, dr. bucking minor and thank you to you to our public health department to our incredible relationship of sf and then appreciation of the work over the year buzz you
5:08 pm
entire staff to not only prevent aids but make sure we put the science in front of everybody we're ignite by that as much as i'd like to take the total credit for the bucket i have two supervisors that have been in my office many times to make sure wear sage i want to say and appreciate supervisor wiener and supervisor campos for always working with me closely with had comes to everybody from the cuts in federal government to what we need to do to get educated approaches like using prep and make sure we do all the things that dr. bucking moisture second therapists our model and the national model in not the world's model to how we approach it and aids as the doctor said
5:09 pm
i'm committed and the board altogether as a city have tremendous partnership i want to thank the community-based organizations that are recommended here they are just incredible they represent the diversities of the city that is our strength but also represent the way in each we communicate in different languages without boys welcoming in our transgender population our lgbt population people from all over the world that might be experiencing and victimized by aids and hiv we're a welcoming city a city where we do build walls around the communication we have to have and allow ourselves to understand the science approach that's why we're here and also here today to say we're at at astonishing time in our city a time we can see some answers beginning to
5:10 pm
happen in an especially desk that plagued over city for years, of course, a city where hiv started and was discovered and reached epidemic levels but we're also since that time a city at the forefront of appropriate response and this would not have happened the community-based organizations and this would not have happened without a great institutional department of public health urban forest and the conceives partners we have and we signal to our lgbt community that their toichlt was to be part of this not deny them or afraid but welcome them into the covet levels of services they need this is what we do in san francisco and we know now that it is a model not only recognized by many other cities but suggest this has been a
5:11 pm
mellowed for the united nations to suggest to other countries facing the same epidemic over city will never turn our backs on those effects by hiv and aids weave made that commitment to our community partners and the rest of the world and that's why we have funded our hiv prevention and care to the tune of $44 million of hiv prevention and care for the next year and we will continue to do that and continue to fight for the money that we deserve but if congress cannot act wale backfill that we know that is absolutely necessary and it is also work of willing to sign and support with our board of supervisors the united nations getting to zero initiative as well because we want to have zero infections and have zero death we certainly want to have zero stigma perhaps
5:12 pm
earlier than 2030 and this declaration demonstrates over commitment and we're flooding to do it but back up request serious money in addition to that we have included actually, $1.2 million in new money for getting to zero initiative and i know that this is an incredible signal again that getting to zero is important very important to the city but as i said today, we have partners that know that if we take a step forward they'll take a step forward and whether it is the community-based organizations or the partners at usf we're also always welcoming additional partners and today is to announce that making aids foundation is generously supporting our getting to zero initiative with over half a
5:13 pm
millions to this case added to the 1.2 millions we added partners that's incredible (clapping.) this is a credible announcement i did tell nancy and karen it is great because at my house with the wife and kids i only see making stiff with your part of that effort here but i just say just a deep thanks above the city we have yet again another partner to step up i know they'll be even more that will be petitioning took this we all want to get to zero that zero cause is going to guide us and be our mantra a rallying crepe we can't in our lifetimes ends up this epidemic we want to do so this is what we do in san
5:14 pm
francisco this is why we live here and want to second class with our partners and those are are experiencing to say we have a rich life in san francisco to be gained by following this by the by working with us i say today an incredible thank you on behalf of the city and is that we as a city will continue this wonderful effort that we have continue the dialogue but getting to zero is going to be a guidance and the conceives but we'll do it in a way to honor with incredible diversity that's you are strength of the city thank you for being here (clapping.) >> thank you so much mayor ed lee and now i'd like to introduce supervisor wiener from district 8 who has been with the consortium from his i'd like to
5:15 pm
take the opportunity acceptance. >> thank you very much well, i don't use making products (laughter) i am - thank you. >> always i am deeply appreciative of this contribution to our getting to zero consortium and this effort to once and for all eliminate hiv infections and death in san francisco and do with san francisco has always done with hunting the pioneers and to end hiv infection throughout the world period end of story and mr. mayor, thank you for your strong support for those efforts i again in came out as a gay man in 1987 with no real treatment people railroad dying left and right a tough time as a young 17
5:16 pm
year-old gay man, i came to san francisco in 1997 living in castro just starting to see the treatment and people railroad getting healthy again and really terrific over time this progress a disease we've having had played defense for many, many years trying to keep people alive and get people healthy and federal hiv through the federal biscuit congress couldn't get it together with so many years of hero, etc. efforts that wave overcame our hiv funding and thank you, mr. mayor and supervisor campos for us you will of us back phil the hiv federal cuts we were playing defense now offense now moving
5:17 pm
forward and doing so well in our getting to zero effort since the early 70s we've reduced hiv deaths by 90 percent we have in the early 90s reduced hiv infections by 90 from over 2 thousand last year three hundred and 2 infections and well, that's three hundred and 2 too many but with that effort germany quick testing, regular testing and investigating people notice over 90 percent of hiv positive people in san francisco i've noticed immediate access to treatment and viral infections and all tools including assess and making sure that people can afford prep we can do this and get it done that is an exciting
5:18 pm
step forward we have a wonderful partnership within your city and communities and community-based organizations all working together and very, very grateful for the foundation support of this effort thank you. >> (clapping). >> now i'd like to introduce supervisor campos from district 9 as also been part of getting to zero since it's inception. >> what an exciting did i thank you, mr. mayor and supervisor wiener and everyone that is here you know when we talked about doing a budget supplemental last year to specifically target making prep available to anyone who wants it in san francisco the idea behind that is you know san francisco has never been afraid to be the first to do many things and san francisco has been a sanctuary when it
5:19 pm
comes to things like immigration and things like mel medical cannabis and this is about san francisco becoming a sanction from hiv infections we want to be the first city not only in the country but the world for that to happen the reality we're all connected i know and we will be able to do that and be successful only if we are able to target the most vulnerable amongst us this is the challenge that we have when it comes to hiv infection i believe that the city is cable of doing that i want to thank making i do use your products (laughter) thank you. i expect you you know some sort of fee for that you can give it to one of the organizations here i think that we can do it if anyone can do it san francisco,
5:20 pm
california do that and i want to provide some context i want to ends with that because it is not a negative note it is simply remembering how far we've come the they know that comes to mind as we're here talking about this exciting prospect all the friends we've lost to this day so to and all of us have someone last week that to the memory of my friend michael and who died from this epidemic he ask you for a moment of silence to remember them in that memory rededicate ourselves to this (silence). >> thank you very much.
5:21 pm
>> thank you supervisor campos and . >> now, it's my pleasure introduce dr. diane the leader of the aids program at san francisco general hospital who was providing care with patient with hiv from the beginning of the epidemic in san francisco. >> thank you susan the getting to zero movement in san francisco started in 2013 at a world aids day we hosted at the lgbt center after a series of panelists described the scientific advances and initiative programs in our city one of the community members in the front right now raised his had an had is you go attorney are you all working together and it was a month to month moment of silence a call to action 3 months ago latter we
5:22 pm
pulled together an all city consortium with our political leaders and ucsf and kaiser and people living with hiv and set others priorities cigarette butt for the 90 percent reductions in 2020 one of the initiatives one of the things we've realized people are falling all the care between the time they were history tested and the opportunities to start therapy the testing and the care at the car centers we did something practical we did we called a taxi for people after they have unusual or transportation and welcomed them to our clinic the same day they got tyler hiv results and engaged them with care and counseling issues and
5:23 pm
offered them to start therapy that very day well, just like in 2010 there was some resistance we were the first city in the world to offer treatment for people with history a little bit of resistance but with with our experience we know that is working and we everything that the time to viral infection to undetectable we have cut in a half that gay for a patient living if hiv it reduced contribution this provides a terrific relieve foreclose people living with hiv and helps with disclosure i'll share a story from one of the patient who told his mother mom i have hetch hetchy but don't worry i'll be okay i
5:24 pm
started treatment today right now getting to zero a movement to thank all the sponsors the mayor and supervisors to making aids that focused on detention to allow us to expand the first in the world initiative programs weave have this in adam dam and paris wanted to know about that in conclusion we've made process in san francisco not over with the strategic investments we are convinced by working together as a multiple sector group of people in the community san francisco style we'll be the first jurisdiction to get there thank you. >> (clapping) and. >> thank you diane and now my pleasure to introduce the making president karen. >> good morning, everyone and
5:25 pm
thank you to the city of san francisco and blair for allowing us to partner whether i think about hiv and aids it has been a fight we'll have from of the beginning when our founder frank and others over 20 years ago they said what can we do we know how to do lip shrink stick that will be the plan it was formed and this is 100 percent giving me model that went to a mac if you remember rubbing paul i remember him that brought awareness against hiv and aids we honor today, our last spokesperson over current spokesperson is millie they give us the power to reach miles of people around the world and underserved community that's what we are b this is about
5:26 pm
genders and the mac aids funds to serve the communities all sex see sexes we can both do with that the power of this lipstick we have our san francisco leadership team here it is this pact that makes that work we have 9 thousand artists around the world that sell those plans we say at mac you sell a lip is it correct you'll save lives we want to save a lot of lives we are going to challenge every city in the united states and around the world to bring it grant to you get rid of ata's aids that's what we say to. >> (clapping.) thank you. i'll introduce nancy who is the global executive director of mac aids funds.
5:27 pm
>> thank you susan i start my career working in san francisco if we or thought about what would be the lass last city it was not san francisco i had the presidential council partnerships are difficult an credible partnership the fact that the mayor and the supervises and ifrls are willing to be here shows skin in the game peep have gotten out of the way they think and bring the food retail to health care we spend a lot of time thinking of cosmetics you've done the exact same thing to keep people in the testing story i want to acknowledge the make up artists weave erase almost $434 million
5:28 pm
that's laugh lipstick (clapping.) and really it is very proichd the specification understand that a city is only as healthy as the citizens the way we're going to end this epidemic through the leadership of san francisco it is an honor and thank you, again mar mr. mayor for back filling those funds we want to invite more funder and people to fund this incredible effort and people to end this in every city thank you very much. >> our next speaker at vice presidents for philanthropist and fee aids foundation. >> thank you. good morning everyone you you know we have a
5:29 pm
assessing at san francisco aids foundation you can tell with macro u mac is in the house they're the most fwlam reduce people in the room often they're the most compassionate so thank you and a round of applause for mac corporation. >> (clapping.) you know for 3 decades our city is simultaneous with the groundbreaking issues like zero san francisco is once again setting the pays for the rest of the nation soon, we'll ends hiv contributions and death and hiv limit stigma getting to zero is the natural have you had occasion of what we've done time and time again innovation didn't get the job done process requires
5:30 pm
commitment, collaboration and community action it requires a plan and getting to deter is that plan for san francisco san francisco aids foundation is very proud to play a major really in the plan and soon the foundation will open a center in the castro marketing a new era how to approach hetch hetchy but celebrating people for who they are and how they look we created this because we believe that is fare time to treat gay and bio and transmen i'd like to take a maximum to thank mayor ed lee and supervisor wiener for a being our dna samples and thank you for their support they've secured one $.5 million for funds thank you both
5:31 pm
(clapping.) i'm proud to announce for the first time a gift an additional gift if mac aids funds of one how do we do that? hundred thousand for preparing and p.a.p. and thaengs for their port we'll have the opportunity largest prep program in the city if not the world thank you (clapping.) together with major vanes wear more confident than ever we'll soon add history contribution to the long list of definition that can be accomplished when san franciscans come together thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, james and jailz james is a member of the getting to zero steering committee with the wellness center and he'll
5:32 pm
speak. >> (clapping.) good morning this is such an incredible moment in the hiv epidemic we stand here today and not just dream about that maximum we'll have no new hiv infections in hiv dedicates and stigma we can actually stand here and say confidently this will happen we'll realize that i can't they know mayor ed lee and supervisor wiener and supervisor campos for your support tremendous investment i participate on the steering committee of getting to zero we're the community that has invested strategizing in investing care and prevention that is incredible it is. >> result of years and years of hard work i'm also the co-chair the hiv aids network over thirty hiv, aids services and support organizations it provide medical care and mlk
5:33 pm
substance abuse and employment services and housing support wrap around services for living with hiv we work hand in hand with the city over mayor and board of supervisors to make sure that safety net has remained intact and unbroken despite the cuss in the federal funds our leadership is unparalleled across the country we've long championed in collaboration as a cornerstone the san francisco model of hiv care over 19 years we've established a aspirin with the debiting to provide comprehensive and integrated care in the tinder neighborhood in san francisco over four years ago, we where he lived federal funds to establish a pilot
5:34 pm
project that focuses on women of color and living with hiv and keeping them in care and getting them the health and wellness and you'll hear from one of our mutual chinese to talk about her satire those promotions of national sixth are helping the vulnerable folks achieve health wellness that rely on the institutions and resources like right thing to do center and the district 2 are doing together a core approach in our city that for our success weeping we'll ends this epidemic thank you. >> (clapping). >> it's my great pleasure to
5:35 pm
introduce joann brown who will talk about here experience. >> thank you for having me in 1988 i was diagnosed with hiv in 1994 he found out i was living with aids i was nervous and lost any job and part-time and i got on drugs real heavy and got directed from my father and mother by 2011 i moved to san francisco and want api there i met my doctor a can say manager and worked on any esteem and helped me get back to work i'm a nurse and work as as outreach worker the good part this is a program for transgenders they're for coming together and we can
5:36 pm
learn about our needs and who we are and in this community living with hiv and aids and get to support each other and not worry city government missed and judge people passenger seat fingers we live a healthier life and build on ourselves and good back into the communities and strength and get to find jobs and apartments and houses then today, i have a two count of 2 thousand and 6 today it is for getting to zero so my call to all of san francisco i think that is important that as transparence women and men for this program to we can possibly be part of movement it is important for us
5:37 pm
thank youit.
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>> good morning, everyone. welcome to the 311 calling center i know that our director nancy welcomes me usually we get to announce another great tool if not a modification of our 311 center the public and residents like to see you know when we first created the 311 center we were here for that start we wanted a tool that lifts the burden off all the vacuums of calls going to 9-1-19-1-1 is for real emergencies life or death and whatever it happening on the street currently that will be of the emergency nature needs to be
5:43 pm
called through to 911 we'll get an immediate fire and police and department of emergency response on that on to day to day basis we have a lot of other calls we have tried to direct those now thousands everyday that come to 311 and we're glad because their calls for information, for refers for how to do this and that of the various departments of the city. as you may know we've been active in helping our people on the streets particularly our homeless population to get the services they need a challenge because we not had all the hours housing we want we're building that as soon as possible and rehabilitating affordable units as much as possible but things happen on the streets our
5:44 pm
residents say should i call 9-1-1 or small business i see somebody they don't look healthy we've had a few instances on the street if we had an earlier call appropriate there can have been a health check, if you will, or check on someone that may have not looked at not an be able they doesn't see something happen that is an emergency often myself i've made calls to 311 someone is not necessarily in a door front but passed out and needs help those are things that happen on the street we're very congested city we want to make sure that if it is not a 9-1-1 call but perhaps there could be a health check or care check on someone maybe 356 can
5:45 pm
do something about that over the past weeks 36 through the leadership of flabs our city administrator that oversees it w the putting and police department and public works department and hot team through dpevenz combevenz hope program to you work tot to respond to what neighbors are telling you there should be an act perhaps something a little bit more modern use people don't have to the time to make the call but can actually with their footprints r fingertips simultaneously complun with 9-1-1 and not try to figure out who's responsibility but 311 will figured out for the
5:46 pm
residents for someone that seize something on the sidewalks we should be able to respond to in this app we're excited in the past fewq weeks to see whether or not to develop an app to low people to scroll through a push bum efforts something on this street or particular intersection you need to see and someone should check on this individual ear r we care about the people on the streets and make sure it is not an emergency but ought to being sure to follow up on someone that is in need of help a care arrest health check followed up we created the 3:11 a.m. and i know that nancy will pop up it on the details i want to lead this
5:47 pm
effort by saying a big thank you to her team working with all the other departments they want to also be able to get to where someone suggests to us there might be something that is happening with someone we care about i believe that this is an infection of combpgs of the city having a deeper compassion to people on the tree we want to provide it to the right agency to follow up with this is why all the departments here are working together 0 so they can be part of it in the meantime we do what we do everyday the dpw and the hot teams visiting encampments of people on the street we assist them more and more and getting them into places like the navigation center or referring the services to the shelters we have or
5:48 pm
inviting them to the latest project homeless connect program we have all the services housed on a quarterly basis in different parts of city and while we work on short term and long term answers to getting temporary and more long term housing we're focused on ending chronic homelessness for the veterans by the end of this year we've been focus on the transitional aids youth and more and more getting the data together to respond to more of our families and youth being homeless through the school district and food for thought creative ways to tackle this challenge a housing crisis in the city we're trying to build and stabilize neighborhood as we're doing these so a lot of people from the development and the business segment to the
5:49 pm
nonprofits they're all collaboratively with our city agencies to do better and barbara garcia and i are working diligently with interpreting moreno has has as we introduce trying to figure out the mental health and challenges happen on the streets in the meantime we ought to make sure that the things happening on the streets can be respond to we've done with the 311 app to invite the people the people that walk our streets an ability to communicate request city services that do care and will respond to situations on the street and particularly to people who might be on the street in need of something may not be a 9-1-1 situation i want to distinguish between 9-1-1 and
5:50 pm
311 9-1-1 will continue to be the number everybody calls if there are a true emergency if something something is happening whether a public safety issue or health issue but 9-1-1 is where it may not but in your mind someone ought to follow up with something and persons on the streets we don't know all the time whether in immediate need or not but if it appears to someone that someone is in need that they don't look like they are comfortable at all perhaps this is where the 311 health check ought to be had with that, i'd like to introduce over the course our director of 311 nan o'farrell to go over the details >> thank you, mr. mayor for your asking to implement those
5:51 pm
changes all of us can make a differences by reporting streets events at 311 we're looking at improving ways for the public to connect with government over 50 percent of the questioning requests for broken street lights we see the demand is high for people wanting to assess government services and expanding the 311 app of non-emergency to include homeless concerns a convenient way for the public to be pro-active in reporting issues as they see them at this time i'd like to to a thanks my team as well as the departments here the office of hope and department of emergency and the police department and public works the public health department and the city administrator's office took all
5:52 pm
those departments to build a partnership today with this i'll introduce the police chief greg suhr thank you. the non-emergency number it can't be stressed enough that the way to report on emergency is still call 9-1-1 if you want or need someone in a hurry you have an emergency something that process or someone in danger you've got to call 9-1-1 with that said, nancy and the team she mentions to come up with that 311 app is a fantastic way in a city that, you know, how the innovation center of the word now to come in the term an app we met this smurp is mo'
5:53 pm
magic and the mayor's office and the hope sf and one of the things we have is apps to reporter things we have an entire generations that has touch phones it would be great for a whole tech safer i didn't city like san francisco to call on a.m. we could be headed for a especially pick winter and make sure that everyone is taken care of this 311 app will go a long ways not only is it about time it is timely this year ahead of a wet and cold winter to take care of the less unfortunate none can imagined how much they need you applaud the team behind
5:54 pm
me certainly the mayor that know how and nancy alfaro she's modest but nothing short of a he or sheic effort before the winter is upon us to check on the well-being the less unfortunate fortunate i appreciable are appreciate it now to introduce the next member of the team from fellowship this would not have happened larry sprinkler. >> morning public works is out on the streets two r 27 we understand we're facing challenges this app hemming heels a lot thanks to the leadership the mayor and nan alfaro for alexander this to the app we have 3 pro activities
5:55 pm
crews through the city many times a week we may adjust and be responsive as well as with the predefined i'm looking forward to getting the data to evaluate the route, however, with this information allowing the public to report it will gridlock help us to go our job. >> i'll now introduce my other partner barbara garcia. >> good morning we're excited about this new app preservation our homeless team has doubled the members on the team we've responded to 311 but multiply calls someone calls 311 and determine what status it is with this new app we'll have that directly and that will help us in ronald's to the call i want
5:56 pm
to note the deducting 23 23w47 programs people are i will are picked up we're able to provide that care as an e in san francisco general hospital we have teams that are out there we have teams that go out to homeless issues and violate issues on to twenty-four hours those are homeless teams in every district and compared to the 311 call they're excited and trained and ready to continue as i walk down the street i see everyone with a cell phone the public will be responding as they help those no need and make sure the public we respond to the homeless needs to the community thank you very much. >> now i will introduce erica sandburg she's an example of a
5:57 pm
community member began calling and helping us lead this program. >> hi so, yeah i'm a resident of san francisco i am a lover of san francisco as soon as i set eyes on the city i fell in love he have a daughter a second generation san franciscan it is unconsciousable it is so depressing and so upsetting to walk by people every day on particular every block and say i can't help them i so ordering my neighborhood and beyond we have to something has to be done is it not right who can we call not just helping people on the street but combrrn the neighborhood this is okay. we can't continue to walk by so
5:58 pm
someone had a great idea there should be an app everyone has a smart phone and next thing i know there's an app great idea and great minds think alike i vibrate an what is happening he want it on everybody's phone and i want it on visitors smart phone in ms. short's windows they download this app lower-income and moderate income a major victory of that because it is so necessary we need to find a way to get those people's anybody this is getting them off the streets i'm a huge optimistic this is a great way to go i couldn't be more excited i want to get the word out i love innovations it is san francisco and so thrilled
5:59 pm
absolutely atheist and happy to be i don't know who - there you go. >> prior to concluding i want to show the types of concerns record to the app and this demo. >> (inaudible) at the top (inaudible) that concludes this event thank
6:00 pm
you very much for >> >> proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner richards


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