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tv   Recreation and Park Commission 121715  SFGTV  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:21pm PST

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please call the roll. >> just a pew quick reminders
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could we ask you turn up any sound producing devices that will go off during the meeting. we also asked the please take any secondary conversations outside so that the meeting can run efficiently. you'll have commissioners, 3 min.-3 min. to make public comment on each item if you would like to comment. if you want to make public comment on an item not on the agenda but falls under the jurisdiction of the recreation and parks commission you make, and under general public comment which is item for and that his continued again to item 12. last, we just ask when you make public comment you comment to the commission, neither the commission nor staff will respond to any public comment or questions until public comment is close at that point the commission may ask staff to respond. so, with that we are
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item to the presidents report. >> thank you. two brief items. one, in january we will be having committee meetings will have a full commission meeting so adam that would normally go through the committee process will be heard at the general meeting at the commission. second, i know the general manager will give us much greater detail in his report, but we had the opening of the soccer fields at beach chalet on saturday. i just can't say enough about what an extraordinary project this is been bird couple of reasons. one, i think the statistics are it creates 14,000 hours of playing time on the field and uses zero water saving immense consumption. it looks beautiful. it revitalizes a part of the park that had a reputation for having some pretty bad behavior
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, the needles collected in the morning etc. in the back. the other part of it that i want to comment on, it represents a significant philanthropic gift from a very generous family, the fisher family, and particularly the three boys, two public purpose in san francisco. it now will stand as a demonstration for other families or philanthropic entities who want to support the always in need department in terms of recreation facilities. sometimes in the past i think major families and philanthropies have been a little scared off going to the public process which can be daunting in san francisco. this is no small example. i think was 10 years in the making. someone commented they'd been through three general managers at the speed rack gone for. having said all that, tenacity,
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talent, and i think you mentioned the individual staff people but participated. but it really reflects that everybody associated with this should hold their head high. it is just a stunning example of what can be done with the right spirit and the right talent. so, to all the staff involved, to all the past general managers, to all the past commissioners, everybody from a-z job well done. with that, i wish you all a happy holidays and move on with the agenda. >> is there anyone would like to make public comment under the presidents report? seen none public comment is close. item 3 the general managers report >> thank you. i will say a few words about beach chalet. the second, at the end of the year. joyce reports but i do need to start up with a little bit of sadness. it is with a heavy heart that we want to inform
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the public and commission for the passing of one of our long-time and former employees bonnie casanova can bodywork is a recreation director and supervisor for more than four years. most will remember her for time on the playground and a cam. all must remember for her warmth, her friendly smile, and willingness to go the extra mile. is important as family she served bonnie was also a mentor to many of our current employees. teaching him what it meant to be a true recreation professional. bonnie served our department with passion, grace, determination and a very very kind heart. she retired a long before we embark on our 2015-16 plant when you think what the values our organization is committed, respect, resilience, relationships, responsiveness, and results we think about her. she will be missed and i request mr. pres. you adjourn today's meeting in her honor to
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>> absolutely. >> thank you for your comments. beach chalet was an amazing day on saturday. i've had the opportunity to be there on several occasions. even in a [inaudible] on sunday. it's happy, joyous, teeming with activity. not just soccer players. there are seniors walking around around the track. there are people that are just there because it has become a warm and happy place. it's really quite an amazing project and i don't think i can sort of top the president's remark but in addition to the 14,000 hours that this project at beach chalet added to our planning capacity, i want to take a moment to talk about the partnership itself. this was the final project in our 10 year partnership with the city field foundation. during which
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time we innovated 21 fields at night facilities across the city. adding over 90,000 hours of additional playtime on our fields. when we think about that, each hour of play accommodates, 20, 30, 40 people? 90,000 extra hours of play can 300 new youth sports teams get 2400 new kids involved in our fields each year. 85 new girls sports teams, and as commissioner buell noted, 25,000,000 gallons of water saved each year in reduction on those sports fields by 75% can of course we start with our incredible philanthropic partners. thank them for their generosity and
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their resilience in sticking with a vision and seeing it through with us. but, i also want to thank all of you. this commission lead on this project. it would have been easy not to. so, personal thanks on behalf of the department and thanks on behalf of the family in san francisco for your leadership. i definitely want to thank the community of people who engaged around this project, roundup beach chalet specifically and program in general. one of the, i think, the positive outcomes was seen the civic engagement of people for whom this matter. it is rare that you get as many families and kids showing up at city hall for anything as we did for this project. i also want to thank the sister
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agency. we could not have done this alone. you great help in the planning department, the department of the environment. the health department. odyssey, our mayor led strongly on this project, members of the board of supervisors who galvanized around this project. there were our president likes to say many parents. many parents indeed. perhaps most important, i want to thank the staff because they are the ones who had to roll up their sleeves and grounded out day in and day out on this project. there are a lot of recreation and parks part that texas and i've incredible gratitude but i like using about four people on my team who were most instrumental and most involved in executing not just beach chalet but the whole program. that is done--director planning capital tina catch them director of property management to sarah--public affairs who answered more than
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one question about this topic. and lastly, impress most specially dan mauer who is the project manager on this project and i think all of the city field projects. just about all the projects. and executed these projects with such both incredible intention to detail and professionalism, but also such a heart in a sense of purpose for the potential of the project. it is indeed, a proud moment for our department. so thank you. for your comments commissioner buell here we are about to celebrate the winter holiday and we've got snow up in the sierras. i'm a talk you about summer. believe it or not. i work our recreation program application for 2016 summer
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recreation program are being accepted now through january 16. this is an amazing partnership with the department of children and youth and families that's gone on for over 50 years. we will hire approximately 300 kids this summer, so if you know 18 between the ages of 14-17 who would be interested in working alongside the best recreation and park to prevent sap in america, next summer visit back to winter registration. registration for the winter programs is happening now with you looking for junior warriors basketball for kids. fitness classes to start your resolutions on the right foot. we have camping for everyone and people of all ages. to register or log onto or visit one of our 11 registration states around the city. if you are not at a holiday party this saturday evening, please join the young people's king musical theater company for showstoppers 30
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beyond the stage. this is a very special gala performance showcasing some of the companies current and former members for the past 30 years. this is the 30th anniversary of the company and there have been just some absolutely amazing kids who have come through this program. it is a one night show only and tickets are available at--. so, lastly, in the holiday spirit with a particularly special holiday video this month. one which a few of you actually make an appearance. it's really been a true figure 4 parks and for our organization. from the opening of the lord spark the beach chalet, and at the moment not just for staff and for commissioners but for everyone who loves parks and understands the important role they play in san francisco, to celebrate. with that i want to wish everyone a happy holidays and a
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very happy and healthy new year and turn this over to help allison by the look of consternation on her face, there we go. >> powerpoint. >>[video]
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>> happy holidays and that concludes the report. >> is there anyone that would like to make comment on the general managers report. public
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comment is close. item 4. general public comment up to 15 min. this item will be continued to item 12 if need be. at this time, neighbors of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and that do not appear on the agenda. with respect to agenda items, you will have the opportunity to address the commission when that item is reached in a meeting. i do not have any cards. is there anyone who would like to make general public comment culex seeing none, this item is closed. we are now on item 5. the consent calendar. i do need to make one quick announcement. it would it was determined by planning that item 5 that item 5d is not a project under ceqa. so, with that in mind, i also have one blue card, david--. >> good morning. david--. i am
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here to speak against this item for several reasons. one, i did believe that this was considered a project under ceqa. i've seen nothing in writing to either one way or the other. i w looke carefully on the planning website to find an exemption. the write up also so indicated. i believe this is a discretionary action that commission is taking to approve the permit, and modify the amplified sound policy for this particular event. i believe that this may have significant impact on the environment, and that you should have, at a minimum some ceqa documentation. it could be an exemption, but you should have some secret documentation before . this is not an administer real act. you're not required to approve this. it's entirely within your discretion. the
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project itself is not clearly described in the write up. it's rather vague. plans are still being drawn up. there will be impacts on the community but it doesn't describe what those impacts are. i believe this is going to impact not just the building areas but other people traveling to and from throughout the downtown area. i live in the sunset. it's going to tax my ability to get to that area for up to nine days. i think this is frankly an outrageous use of public space for an arguably private events related to the super bowl and its festivities. the city did not do any action of the board as far as i know, the mayor, approve a specific event related to the super bowl. i
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would ask that information. i have not got anything. finally, i'm not aware that apartment has contacted the new supervisor in district 3. i soon you might have some concern about the project. for something this big and important for which there has been some public scrutiny. i would think that outreach to the supervisor might be appropriate. for all those reasons i would encourage you to delay or disapprove this item. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there anyone us could like to make public comment on the consent calendar? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i have one question. how will we notify the planning department if this was not considered a project? >> we would notify through >> would you tell me your name >> i am diane. manager permits and registration. i was told by director of permits and
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property, who just stepped out, that she was notified about the planning department that it was not under ceqa >> we were contacted by the city attorney's office. >> thank you. margaret, we are fine. thank you. all right. i'd entertain a motion on the consent calendar. >> moved and seconded. speaker. so moved thank you. >> we are now on item 6 s.f. zoo. >> good morning. happy holidays. connie peterson director of the san francisco zoo. i think we have some slides to show you. as of november 30 our year-to-date attendance is 381,400 visitors
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which puts us over projections by over 400 visitors. let me show you a picture now of our four-month-old cub. as i mentioned, we were just introducing him to his father. sometimes the mail leader of the pride will reject a young male but everybody seems to be getting along famously. they're all on daily it's a lot of fun to see them in the afternoon with the parents sleeping and this young one nipping at that tail literally. so, please come visit. this year, honestly you can always get to the zoo. there's gift memberships for the holidays but this year we're doing something a little bit different. if you go on our website with data which was created by the animal keepers and we got wishes and tickets of $30 for lavender for big cats all into 2000 lavender for
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big cats all into 2004 our hospital. so if you're feeling generous towards the zoo are animal keepers have put their wish list on the website. a reindeer are still here. they're here in till january 2. they are thriving and still have their antlers. we know they will be dropping soon as they always do every year. our winter camp is almost sold out. i could we only have about four spots left. i think the education team for their great programming over the holidays. a great program for our youth and preteens up to the age of 12. now, we will go into full force on zoo nights. bigger and brighter this year. as always, when we opened them on friday will have a rainstorm. always the way it is. we are the answer to the drought. but we will be including our new aviary which is indoors and some indoor space the whole entire holiday season. so, check our website for times and weather reports. speaking of
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rain, we want to celebrate the rain and so the first 100 to come to the zoo on a rainy day will receive a poncho with our logo. we also are having indoor programming like birdwatching inside the new aviary. holiday movies to get people that warm it is this holiday season with that, i finished my report. >> thank you. i'm going to ask you to stick around privately. i want have one conversation with you after this item. >> t >> is there anyone who would like to make public comment on this item equips seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. so, now we are item 7. patricia's green shadow from 455 patricia's green shadow from 455 fell st. >> ominous commissioner buell it'll standing for a moment while i talk with his new director. >> powerpoint. good morning,
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commissioners. jordan has of recreation and park. with two projects before you today that have introducing shadow effects on patricia's green. the first is for 55 fell. the formal housing project. some quick background on why were considering this today. as you remember, the semi-ordinance proposition cedillo was adopted in 1984. was called in the planning code and the joint commission of the recreation and parks provided guidance for future consideration of shadow effects in 1989 and 87, which included introducing the concept of theoretically annually available sunlight as a way to evaluate the effects of shadow on parks. this map
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shows you where the proposed project we are considering is relative to patricia's green. it's one block south west of the park. here is a quick illustration of the project from hickory street. this mapco straits the central freeway parcels and point out which parcel we are talking about currently. these are-this is the alignment of the formal central freeway in these were given to the city by caltrans when the freeway was removed. at that time the planning assets identified which parcels should be used for affordable and market rate housing which is the color coding of this map. as you can see this particular site was identified for affordable housing at that time.
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the proposed project is aligned with the planning efforts that took place at that time. identifying the density, use, of site. part of the funding for patricia's green and other parks within the area came from the sale of the central freeway parcel that were on the previous slide. here is an illustration of the features, the diagram of patricia screen showing you the different activity zones within the park. this table provides a summary of the shadow effects from the proposed project on 455 fell st. the shadows occur in the afternoon starting around 360 and p.m. and in the fall and early winter. they cross the lower edge of the park including a portion of the play structure, the sea wall that was under a tree and the all of the pathways in that area as well some periphery benches. this graphic shows you
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what i just stated in a visual way. an animation of the shadows. this is on the worst days of shadow, so all other shading throughout the year would be less than this. this provides a snapshot, a moment in time, the largest single shadow. this provides a little highlight of where that is with the park diagram you can see which features. so, finally, i'd like to say there's other projects in the vicinity include one that we will speak about next 350 octavia blvd. there's other proposed projects in the pipeline. this mapco straits those. two of them, 215 linden and 1500 mission having determine to not have an effect on patricia's green and
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two of them, parcels k and l have the biggest feature of fact but they're not planned at this time. there also central freeway parcels in the planning efforts for those will be at least five years in the future as there are temporary leases for those parcels right now. this slide provides a brief summary of the shadow effects relative to the 1989 guidance memo. they're not specific limit on patricia screen from mmo because the park did not exist at the time that the memo was created. it does set the context for considering the effect my the amount of shadow, relative to the theoretically annually available sunlight. this particular project would introduce 0.0% of new shadow to the park. also, i'll >> 300-350 octavia in the next presentation provided some summary information that the cumulative effect of these two projects as well as the others
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in the area. so, i'm going to turn it over to tina chang from the planning department. shall provide a little more background on the project itself. before i do that i apologize. he received a late communication yesterday describing some very minor changes to the design of the project. they are intended to increase the size of one of the units. from the studio to a three bedroom. this graphic which was included in that memo to you shows you where that is. it's on fell street which were looking on at here. this graphic shows you where there's a little bit more shadow on the park. it is so minor that the i would not be started. a redrawn shadow graphic that we provided same visual. the amount of shadow is .0002% of tass. if
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so small that when you round up two decimal places it doesn't change the impact. but we want to make sure you understood that there was a slight change in the project. now i'm going to turn it over to tina and she can describe the project better. >> thank you, jordan. good morning. tina chang planning to varmints that. the era before you thank you, jordan. good morning. tina chang planning to varmints that. the era before you at 455 fell st. otherwise known as [inaudible] construction of a five-story 108 unit building with ground for retail at the corner of laguna and fell street. at the rear of the project site are two-story homes that front onto the more narrow hickory street. the project is old one percent affordable project targeting household incomes would not exceed 60% ami. the project design has been carefully vetted by this department urban design works closely with the project architecture team to scope the buildings mapping an effort to minimize shadows to
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the degree possible. impact four units have been removed from the buildings northeast corner to reduce the projects shadow impact on the play structure located on the southern end of the park. each of the units have also been designed [inaudible]. the project did not propose any vehicular parking. the project also features a publicly accessible wedlock passage into an interior courtyard through hickory street with the adjacent residence to the south are located the inner courtyard of the open to the public during business hours. on the whole, the process is consistent with the planning code. the market area plan applicable design guidelines and the growth expectation plan a part of removal for the central freeway. the project is located in a residential transit range zoning district
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which is characterized by a mixture of houses and apartment buildings of moderate and city skills of the density is appropriate for the district. the project site has a height limit of 50 feet on the north side. on the north side of the site and 40 feet on the south side. the sponsors present and will submit a speaker cart to provide a bit more background but this concludes my presentation am happy to answer questions. >> thank you. >> i do have one speaker cart. kim--. >> good morning commissioners. thank you. thank you to the planning and recreation and parks staff. the presentation. i just want to come i think tina gave a great summary of the proposal. as she noted, the building is completely within the height and bulk limits of the zoning and steps down by the corner, closest to the park to minimize the shadow there. i also want to stress
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the community benefits that this particular development will provide. as tina mentioned, the 100% of units will be as tina mentioned, the 100% of units will be affordable. 108108 units of affordable housing as well as a family day care unit, which will provide day care for both residents of the property as well as the larger valley neighborhood. there's a community garden on the site, which will pay homage to the former farm that was located there, as was be a site that will work with community grows to program with low income youth in the neighborhood. lastly, there's a large community room at the site which will have activities for the residents as well as activities for the larger community including martial
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arts classes and financial literacy classes that will be sponsored by our partners. that said we are proud of the buildings design. we think it's going to be integrated very well into the neighborhood and really help stored of stitch together the neighborhood had been formally divided by the central freeway. so thank you very much. thank you. b2 bt >> is there anyone else would like to make public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> see no questions i'll entertain a motion. oh, question . >> a brief question about the particular proposal. the central freeway corridor you showed with a red and blue what is a percentage or ratio of affordable to market rate betwixt do you know? >> to mean the number of parcels? >> yes.
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>> robin can tell us better. >> robin givens with the opposite workforce economic development. on the project manager for the octavia boulevard project. so far, our projection because we have not built out all these parcels, based on the projections, the overall percentage of affordable housing on all of these 22 parcels under fully built out will be over 50%. >> thank you. >> any other questions? commissioner levinson >> who is the developer? >> mercy housing. >> perfect. thank you. >> any other questions? seeing none, all entertain a motion. >> moved and seconded. >> all those in favor aye so moved. >> we are now on am eight. patricia screen shadow from 300-350 octavia blvd. >> powerpoint please. the next
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project before it is 300-350 octavia blvd. this is across the street from the last project we consider. here is a map showing you the location of the two parcels that are part of this project both of two patricia screen which is the southeast of the corner of the park. this is that same map with an arrow point out where these particular parcels are. also, one of the central freeway parcels or two of the central freeway parcels being developed concurrently by the
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same developer, with two buildings each with 12 units and a ground floor retail goods . here is a rendering of one of the buildings from the lower corner. i sure this presentation because a lot of the background is the same as the previous. so if you have any questions if you'd like me to go over to that, please let me know. this is the summary table illustrating the overall effects of shadow from the proposed project. i should point out, it is actually the northern parcel which is parcel m which the southern parcel does not reach that far. the new shadow would occur in the morning and starting around 8:45 am and ending around 10:30
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am. in the fall through the spring it would affect the lower third of the park and the largest would occur on the winter solstice, december 21, at 9:30 am in the morning. for over the course of the year, the increasing amount of shadow on the part is 0.37%. this animation illustrates that change that i described. this provides a snapshot of the largest single shadow on december 21, and as you can see, if the lower third of the park some of the grass always down to the pathway. this diagram gives you more detail about where that is on the park. so, finally in summary, these are the guidance from the memo the 1989 memo, that relates to this park size. there's not a
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specific direction or limit on this particular park, but it does ask you consider the effect in terms of pa ss theoretical annual available sunlight and this produces through .37% more shadow on the park and combined with 455 fell st., that is 0.44% leading to 18.02%. i'm going to turn this over to carly grove of the planning department shall provide a little more background on the project itself. >> good morning, commissioners. carly grove planning department staff. on the project planner for the proposed at 300-350 octavia st. otherwise known as freeway parcels that are michael and n. each of the parcels is 120 feet long and close to 2200 ft.2 in area. the project sponsor is mixed-use building on each lot
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in each building containing 12 dwelling units and nine 43 ft.2 of ground for the till. of the 24 total new units, they would be eight two-bedroom units and 16 studio units. each building would be set back 1.5 feet from the adjacent property and would be 55 feet in height excluding rooftop mechanical and deck railing. the proposal would satisfy the affordable housing program requirements by providing the required go percent below market rate unit on-site. the ratio studio units to two-bedroom units also be reflected in the on-site units of the fee required bmr units. two are required to be studios and one is required to be two-bedroom. in addition to the affordable housing program, the project sponsor will be subject to additional impact fees including but not limited to the market on activity of affordable housing the and note infrastructure impact fee. today, the planning department has not received any public comment regarding this project and were not aware of any opposition to the proposal. the project is not yet scheduled for the planning commission.
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the apartment has also found the proposed construction is consistent with proposition e, i and the market octavia plan. the bulk emphasized the residential character but also stand against the adjacent wide streets with intense traffic flow. the mixed-use development provides additional housing and neighborhood retail to further enlivened the area. the desirability for larger buildings, potential for shadow effects on open space, was reckoned as by the planning commission in certification of the market octavia area plan eir. mitigation measures were adopted to reduce the potential for substantial shadow impact consistent with the dictates of good design and without unduly restriction the development potential of the site in question. the project sponsor has committed a speaker card to further elaborate on the project at this concludes my presentation and i am available for questions. " >> i realized in my haste i
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skipped two things i want to point out about the project before we go to public comment. i'd also like to point out this project wiki four 455 fell is consistent with the market octavia plan in terms of the anticipated development and use and height, and also, the recreation and parks has received three letters of support for this project. >> so we do have public comment . debra spurgeon and erin hume, please. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is douglas vernon. i am the applicant and the architect of the project. i am also the development team. i would like to go over just a few points about the project. first, the project history it our firm and both architecture and design was the winners of the 2005 san francisco for the octavia boulevard housing competition for these sites. so, we've been
6:42 pm
involved in this project for a decade trying to get this project built. in 2007, we won the right to develop the project through an rfp process that has been shepherded by the office of economic and workforce development. we submitted our entitlement package to the planning department back in the fall of 2008 but we put the project on hold because of the economic downturn. this year we move the project forward at a deliberate pace with the hope of starting construction in 2016. a few notes about the public benefit of the project. the project is the-adds more housing to the city, 24 units. the addition of more affordable housing, with 12.5% of on-site inclusionary housing. the project is an architecturally significant project. along the prominent
6:43 pm
gateway boulevard into the city. the filling of the vision of the hayes valley neighborhood association, the planning department and the defendant mayor's office. all of the work on the project for the construction will be prevailing wage as pursuant to our agreement with the city for the development rights of the project. the proceeds from the sale of the parcels will flow back into the neighborhood to transportation and public space improvements. in addition to all of that, we are the architects come developers and stewards of proxy, which is an activation of the vacant lots on lots k and l. we been doing this for the past five years. under the auspices of the mayor's office, we taken on this project as architects,
6:44 pm
developers, and curators. we been activating these sites and will do so for the next five years. this year we began with free cultural programming on the site and i will also continue for the next five years. just a final note about our public process. we have met multiple times with the hayes valley neighborhood association about the project. we held a public meeting on-site at at proxy on june 18 of this year, and we are also members of the neighborhood association and merchants association. thank you. >> thank you. >> aron. >> good morning commissioners. a little bit of background minus erin hume. i'm a resident of and have been for almost 15 years. i own and operate a
6:45 pm
restaurant which is one of the tenants that parcel l reina. i also have-i sat on the neighborhood association board for three years so i've seen a lot of this alphabet parcel appropriation take place. it's been very exciting to watch. i've seen it go through many phases. douglas vernon has been part of that process with the neighborhood association and others here at city hall of course. i think this project, more than others, has the smallest impact on the shadow study but i think it also fits more of the points that everyone has been looking for over the years with housing, the bowman, civic activation, neighborhood interaction as well. so, i have a vested
6:46 pm
interest in seeing this happen. i think it's important that these kinds of projects come to fruition when they hit so many of the targets that we all look for. so, i very much support as i know in others in the neighborhood you as well. thank you. >> bt >> is there any other speak on on this item be clicks seeing none, >>[call of the roll] public comment is closed >> commissioner low >> i'm a frequent visitor of that beer garden. so that's important. i do want to note, though, is the capital committee this did come before us and part of the market octavia plan on the sale of these parcels, although it enables the creation of trish's green. for that reason, i voted for the-to allow this to move forward because it was part of the market octavia plan. but, there should not be a precedent that this amount of shadow
6:47 pm
should be permitted on patricia's green or any other parks for any development in the future. thank you. any other comments? i have to congratulate the architect. there are too many 18 foot wide sites you'll see a substantial number of units on. so, with that i will entertain a motion. >> so moved and i'd also like to say 10 years is a long time and you have a great deal of patience. >> 2.4 units a year. is there a second >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye so moved >>[gavel] >> we are on item 9. lake merced west. >> good morning,
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commissioners. cassandra costello with the opposite property recreation and parks. i'm here to present a proposed request for lake merced west. before we dive in, i want to make sure you're orientated with where this is. lake merced west is situated between the shoreline of southlake of lake merced and john your drive. just east of the intersection at skyline boulevard. iisis owd by t public utilitmmission, mou between the parties the recreation and parks is responsible for the recreation along the shoreline. the site was previously leased since the 1930s to the pacific rod and gun club lawford ski and trap shooting. the pac took over management of that lease reagent with the pacific gun club a number of years ago. an extensive cleanup was necessary
6:49 pm
at the site to remove high levels of lead,, arsenic, and public aromatic hydrocarbons. they vacated the site earlier this year to begin the cleanup which is currently underway. the project is almost done. the puc has completed the removal of all the impacted soils and they've also completed the imports of the queensland. they are currently finalizing grading. so, this image here gives you an idea of what the site looks like today. they're dissipating a project to become relief analyzed this ring of 2016. they will leave it lately seeded with native grass hydro-seed mix for restored wetland area on the northern portion of the site. we see this as a real tremendous opportunity to reactivate the site. we are working closely
6:50 pm
with the public utilities commission to define the opportunity and the goals and objectives which all speak about in a moment. will entertain proposals for up to 20 years, and we envision the reactivating the site with a range of high-quality opportunities for public recreation that take advantage of this unique lakeside setting. this is an 11 acre site, which is the father site outside of harding park golf course along lake merced. so it's a unique opportunity. the site is offered in an as is condition that it would require substantial investment by a third party. there are number of existing buildings on site. most of them aren't in fairly poor shape. there's also some potential contributing features historically for the property which includes some of the buildings and existing landscape. the goal of both the department qc and recreation and parks is to provide maximum
6:51 pm
recreational opportunities while and i want to keep emphasizing protecting the watershed. the list below here, on your site, is not meant to be exhaustive but does provide some potential bible uses for this site. fishing access, picnic areas, opportunities to store and also boating access to the luck as you know, there's an active boating and rowing community that is been at the lake for a very very long time. hiking trails and other recreational activities that would not impact the lake and ecological education. the objective on this slide were primarily listen from the lake merced watershed report and develop jointly with the puc. the watershed report was developed by number of lake users, stakeholders, and advocacy groups of agencies, and the general public. so they focus on taking advantage of the lakeside. being
6:52 pm
compatible with the site particular physical characteristics and environmental sensitivity. preserving the lake park lake open space character, maintaining water quality and watershed health, will not contaminate the site or result in future restrictions for use along the site. provide a balanced range of opportunities and promote uses common treat both to upland and aquatic areas. we are also looking for financial bible tenant and a tenant with a business model and a plan that is financially sustainable throughout the duration of the term. we've also-i talked about this at the last meeting-added an additional objective which is provide opportunities for local workers, local nonprofits, and or local businesses ring design construction and operation phases of the project. i kept this slide red lines because i want to emphasize when we first put a rfp together for the operations committee prior to that we heard from members of
6:53 pm
the public who felt the qualifications were too stringent and overwhelming and i wasn't the intention of either department or the public utilities commission. so, we have loosened up the requirements a little bit to allow for additional participation. each respondent should directly, or through consultants or joint venture partners, possess the following minimum experience: five years of experience in managing a business opportunity and demonstrated association with at least two development projects of similar size and scope. all proposals are for recreational purposes must protect the watershed, must not result in deposits in the watershed, environmental review of course would be required for any use. historic preservation will probably be a factor considering some of the potentially historic elements
6:54 pm
at the site. the proposed future agreement with the subject to review by the california coastal commission. with our evaluation criteria, i want to emphasize youth and activation are the primary focus did they take up about 75% of available focus, available points, pardon me, and they focus on public access, protection of the watershed recreational uses, noise, parking and traffic mitigation, and project feasibility. this rfp is not focused on revenue to the city, but it does look for somebody who is a financial capacity to provide the investments and activation in the site. looking for compatibility with the lake merced watershed provide meaningful public access, of course recreational opportunity and we want to note, this site is across the street from a large apartment complex. so we are looking for traffic and parking and noise mitigation
6:55 pm
plans with any proposed use. focusing on projects feasibility, which is how likely obtaining approval to the proposed use would be, and what the respondent qualifications are. financial capacity as i mentioned a proposed financial terms. in addition to the groups and individuals and organizations listed on the site, i also want to note that apartment host a meeting with the puc in late october. the qc gave a fairly extensive overview of the cleanup efforts and that apartment presented the proposed goals and objectives and the rfp and the purpose of the rfp. moving forward, should the commission adopt this request for proposals we hope to release it in january. start a pre-bid meetings in february. the proposals are due in may.
6:56 pm
we hope to bring a selection to you probably in the late summer, early fall and then commence negotiations immediately. ceqa those, of course as normal the trigger that really gives our schedule some variability here because depending on the proposed use it could be six months. it could be two years of review. we would bring a lease recommendation to this commission and potentially to the board of supervisors depending on the term and financial terms in the summer of 2017. that concludes my presentation yet i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner low >> i have two questions. what were the reasons for the changes to the rfp? >> we have spoke to members of the public primarily in the boating community who felt that the way it was written was really overwhelming and difficult to adhere to. we have
6:57 pm
encouraged those members of the boating and rowing committee to actually partner with organizations. we do envision this as a multiuse site with multiple partners manage under master lease we see multiple entities. together to put something together for the site. >> one other question.does this fall in the jurisdiction of the california coastal commission >> correct >> commissioner mcdonnell >> one quick question. you reference the local inclusion of public organizations. given the geography, how are you defining local? >> san francisco based >> okay. thank you. >> bt >> i have three cards. >> sorry commissioner bonilla i do not see that >> yes. i just want to know if you could just provide a little overview of what will happen during the years that this -during the period where these
6:58 pm
rp is in process and so on, and how-who will be responsible for the oversight? >> thank you. after the site is cleaned, which is in the spring the public utilities commission intends to use it for storage space for a project they're working on and also for boat storage for the local boating community. >> thank you. >> that will provide security for the site as well. >> okay. next speaker, please. >> commission members, general manager my name is joe mays. i'm general manager of pacific rowing club. about the muscle with me this morning. on my left is any koenig representing one of our-sometimes as many as
6:59 pm
35 the local high schools at pacific marine club. debbie was a graduate of lowell went onto cal berkeley and wrote off four years and >> go indians. cardinals. >> i'm old. indians in my day. >> on my right is catherine hicks. she wrote in high school in virginia and graduate of new york university. came to us via rural new york. outreach manager for new york and skills we really hope to tap in the future at pacific marine club. of course, we look to partner with respondent to the proposed rfp. we are well not where we are in a current boathouse.
7:00 pm
we've only certain amount of space to hold a certain amount of equipment, which greatly restricts a potential for growth. that growth, we look forward to a vigorous community outreach with some of our local high schools developing, perhaps, enlarging the program by as much as 50%. adaptive rowing with communities in the area is very big on our list with the a and others. some of the relationships with the palmer lloyd center. there is no facilities on lake merced or anywhere in san francisco, for that matter, for adult rowing and larger boats which would be a great opportunity in this facility as well. so, honestly, were looking to grow. we are looking to partner with a potential respondent here. in truth, were very much looking forward to looking with rpn staff in the development of this plan. thank you. i know good cut it short and city sometime but if you have any questions i would happy to answer >> thank you.
7:01 pm
>> thank you for this opportunity. my name is sam nelson, registered nurse in intensive care unit at san francisco general. i'm also freshmen boys coach at the other junior team at lake merced college prep. joe has basically said everything of import about expansion of offerings towards underprivileged youth as well as community rowing to use in general in san francisco. masters are dope rowing and adaptive rowing. san francisco does not have any such facility that can facilitate the growth in this area. whereas, other places in the country are very strong examples of what we could be together as a rowing community here in san francisco. i just want to encourage you to really make rowing specifically rowing, as opposed to boating, sailing, one of the key arts parts of the final plan you accept this because
7:02 pm
what it can offer i think to the youth, the adults in san francisco. as well as, of course, expanded use of that space for many other opportunities for the rest of the community. i think this is a fantastic opportunity. it creates a multiview space, but again, on the rowing site, just where i come from, we of course have an uphill battle towards creating a facility that can meet all these needs. so, your support is greatly needed and greatly appreciate. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> either mike emory. father of three teenagers raised here in san francisco. my oldest son as a freshman playing baseball is a product of san francisco little league playing baseball at dartmouth now. home for his winter break. i have 16 old twins who are at pacific rowing
7:03 pm
and i spend an awful lot of time at lake merced. my son, my younger son, got to lake merced through learning tissue trapped in summer camp and became an active trap and skeet shooter at the pacific rod and gun club and i say with all honesty, it changed his life and changed our lives. i am here to tell you for just a minute about what i think is being lost at lake merced with a gun club. founded in 1929, they moved their first piece of legislation 12 strike past survive [inaudible]. they built the second skeet field in the state on the banks of the river . when i was lost in the flood they start looking for home in the van were other members were and were shooting at fort--heather first fundraiser for san francisco for neediest
7:04 pm
families in 1930. ray's $430. mayor rossi broke lay at riverside in 1934 at lake merced. mayor rossi also help plan the first bass and lake merced in 1938 and caught the first bass in 1939. he was an avid sportsman evidently. the club has had a long run there. while my reading of this rfp shows that it's probably not compatible with the current ideas of parcc and puc i would urge the commission to help the group find home. it's not going to be at lake merced i would hope they could find a suitable home. last year we were open and we had 400 duke team members to nine from 295 living san francisco. we were only open 900 some hours a you could be conducted over 1000 hours of lessons. we had over 85 community events at our rental
7:05 pm
facility. let me say again, for every hour we were open get somebody paint $150 to take a lesson. we've returned 80-$100,000 to parks and rec in the form of rent so it was a very vital go in a very very old-fashioned business and its real recreation and still olympic sports and i would hope that if lake merced is on its future on there's an opportunity someplace else nearby that we can move to. thank you very much >> the tango >> richard. thank you. >> richard. >> good afternoon, commissioners. richard--. this is an old place that i tried out. i'm no good at that
7:06 pm
shotgun kind of stuff. i try to -i kept the little clay pigeon. but other than that aside, --that's not the one i want to shoot out-other aside, i want to say with the changes that have already happened to the rfp, i want to present if and only if used with the national guard currently on the other side of the hill there where they have the water treatment plant. i am very sure they would be a party that would, maybe, like to be a partnership or possibly skeet shooting or any of the boat rowing because that location itself is not highly accessible. it's a beautiful walk around the lake. i've been there a few times. it's not easily accessible place and you cannot make
7:07 pm
machinery. to compete in the cost of rental space and so forth. it might help out if the puc already has an agreement with the national guard at the water facility and they can get the hell out >> you know the rules, richard. >> yes, sir. so they can leave the toxic pollution up in that particular part of the hill and have their reserved type of meetings that. that's a pretty good idea i think as well as the cost in the future if there's ever going to be a silly nation plant present at that location. then you don't have that kind of complication. but would they be able to partnership with a rowing or skeet shooting or some other recreational activity, which has
7:08 pm
low income capabilities, and they had a partnership with such i think they could find there are people willing to work together that way. that's one thing. that's if and only if and i hope someone takes an interest in. >> the tango >> either nus who like to make public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is close to speak to cassandra, if asked if you had a proposal from a church for marathoners would you call up the garden run club? with that all entertain a motion. >> on that note-- >> he'll be here all week >> i like to move this quickly. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor aye. so move. >> item 10, i hang their palace of fine arts. good
7:09 pm
morning again cassandra costello. the property division. i'm here to present proposed lease extension between innovation hanger and the recreation and park department for activation at the palace of fine arts. a little bit of background. we entered into an agreement with innovation hanger called hanger in july of 2014. their current term expires in march of 2016. the purpose of the agreement was to help the city celebrate the panama pacific international exposition. hanger partnered with her cock horny historical society provided public access to the building along with public exhibits and interactive programming. over the past year, the hanger has also partnered with a number of
7:10 pm
organizations including the boom and--to provide programming and workshops you looking beyond the department was to continue the agreement and the activation of the department continues our long-term tenant in process. the premises remained the same. the hanger occupies the former exploratory space. they term the initial extension is through a proposed through they term the initial extension is through a proposed through september 30, 2016. we are proposing full additional six months of options to extend. we want some flexibility due to the long-term process and certainly around schedules, so we are allowing ourselves a termination of a one-year advance notice at any time. they will continue the existing
7:11 pm
operation of an innovative and technology museum, a gallery, and providing public access to the building. they may also operate a gift shop, a café, and special events in the space. the base rent remains the same at $42,000 a month. we've negotiated a percentage rent deal. 10% of the gross receipts greater than $1000 and up to $150,000 the department received 10%. between 150-$200,000, 50% of gross revenues, and greater than $200,000, 25% of gross revenues to the department. also proposing a utility credit of $10,000 per month 12 offset the cost of running the building and the high cost of heating especially the public spaces. will continue offering free public access to the atrium restrooms and historic exhibit. we have also negotiated a city's access to the building to install displays related to the long-term tenant options. without the respondent for the long-term option to put
7:12 pm
together public displays. we want to have those in the atrium. also, for to department special events per year in as needed for storage for mechanical insulation. that's a brief presentation. i'm happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this proposed lease extension. thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? richard. >> good morning again. i don't think i've too much to say about the lease arrangement. everything is on the same type of order as before. civil extension. but, i want to try to bring into the fact that stage to, there's been stage i. there isn't anything post about people who would have contributed to the stage one in
7:13 pm
term of design. there's a lot of philanthropic-marks buddy,, i don't know if you know his dad, human, and of course there's a lot of that type of recognition. wasn't anything about the fellow in the 60s who completely renovated the whole place and made it into concrete >> mr. johnson. >> correct. mr. walter johnson who got a little profit and is pocket and accepted [inaudible]. so he did. he made a beautiful place. so, that type of funding and financing, is there any recognition of such person, mr. johnson. i think something should be brought into,, some people who take people on divorce and also take some profit. now, of all
7:14 pm
the people in the department and other people without to oversee a particular type of extravaganza, 40 something million dollars to fix up the lagoon and patch up a lot of the colonnade and so forth, so, i would have thought once upon a time other important recognitions. now the 21st century. again, it's been renovated. people like--who spent an awful amount of time trying to sweep together financial support over 20 million, and i want to just say if anything has to do with financing, i would not want to pass over such experience she has had in trying to develop such financial funding. that's a plug. so, of the parking with
7:15 pm
a recognition it would be nice to include people who have worked on the project. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye could speak so most >> now we are on the item 11, 17 and fulfilled st., park award of contract. >> good morning, commissioners. i'm with the capital division. good morning, general manager. the item before you today is the discussion and possible action toward construction contract to the 17th and fulsome park
7:16 pm
project to bowman landscape for amount not to exceed $3 million. just a little background. the parcc itself it approved a concept plan in 2012. the project was part on hold in 2015 to study the possibility of installing a weather storage basin on the site in 2014. debussy decided not to pursue the project. we did go back into the project out this past summer. we had some issues that initially came in with updates because the contractors that committed bits do not need the local business enterprise goals that were set for the project. we finally have a bid that is
7:17 pm
solid, thankfully. a summary of the bits we got, it's in the attachment that you have in front of you. at this time, staff is recommending the awarding of the contract to the lowest possible bidder. upon approval by the commission, the contract certification will commence and construction of the project will begin in march of this year. it's expected to last about 10 months. we hope to have a grand opening in the fall of 2016. i'll be happy to answer any questions you have. >> thank you. commissioner low >> it was a note in the staff memo that there was objections by parking lot users. this is a contract for construction. what was the nature of the objections are the parking lot users? >> to the project?
7:18 pm
>> was it to the project or the award of the contract? >> i'm guessing it was the project because they wouldn't be able to park there anymore. >> yes. there was some objections to use it, but i believe we overcame that. it was tremendous amount of outreach that went out to a lot of our stakeholders and the and gauge to solve that issue. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is close. >> commissioners. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye. so move. >> general public comment. is there anyone who like to make public comment? seeing none, this item is closed. commissioner matters. commissioners. public comment?
7:19 pm
seeing none, this item is closed. item 14 new business agenda setting. commissioners? any public comment? seeing none, public comment is close. 15 is communications. any public comment? seeing none, public comment is close. item 16 is a german >> i would entertain a motion to adjourn in memory of bonnie castelli and to express our sincere condolences. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say aye. so move. thank you. >>[gavel] good morning and welco
7:20 pm
the of the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority and we want to thank sfgovtv leo and phil for broadcasting today's hearing i want to also welcome our newest and returning member commission peskin so welcome commission and calling supervisor avalos supervisor bre


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