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tv   Transportation Authority Full Board 121515  SFGTV  January 1, 2016 7:10pm-8:01pm PST

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the of the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority and we want to thank sfgovtv leo and phil for
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broadcasting today's hearing i want to also welcome our newest and returning member commission peskin so welcome commission and calling supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos absent supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absence commission peskin and commissioner mondejar absent supervisor wiener present supervisor yee present we have quorum i thank you very much we'll now go to item 2 >> chair's report this is an informational item. >> colleagues i'm pleased to report a 5 year federal transportation bill that was passed and as i understand by the president on december 4th it is called the fyi americans
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surface transportation or fast act since 2005 we have a multiple spending bill to improve the transportation infrastructure xhourd our roads and bridges and bic and pedestrian pathway and transportation network we owe barbara boxer in the $3 billion bill although the telegraph hill bill lacks the dedicated funding source we have slightly higher levels of money for the 56 year period very, of course, have there's more work to do to have the long-term funning for the country we've heard the act will include $30 million for the moyer u bower that was expected in the transportation bill some other changes the return of a competitive bus and bus pallets
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program two new freight and transit signal starts program that benefits the brt we must not repeat uncertainty over the past decade but as we advocate for a dedicated trust fund we'll have stated and local resources for transportation with connects with bart and local measures including the local vehicle license fee to deliver more projects from the streetscape projects which we celebrated earlier this month and i was pleased to join supervisor avalos and supervisor cowen at that 23e7b9 that included the mcallister park and staff from the rec and park department public works and mta and our
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transportation authority the groundbreaking kickoff destruction of this safety project that converts 4 lanes into a pedestrian walkway for mcallister park the $7 million project has collaboration and funding resources including the transportation authorities one bay area grant program the vehicle registration and the prop k savings thank you to the ta staff fro organizing the event and all who worked on the project and the bureau ton band that entertained us and feinstein several individuals at the transportation authority for their service thank you to our cca sequence advisory committee my prediction to supervisor tang for the chairing of the plans committee and supervisor avalos for the finance committee and
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thank you to supervisor kim for our vision zero and leading the work on the transit 2rr8d mobility plan and also see acknowledge former supervisor christensen for her services on the transportation authority and welcome again to commission peskin as we prepare for the holiday recess i'll thank our hard working legislative transportation authority for your work for 9 past year that was a very busy and productive year our twooiblth year open doyle drive and constructed the full name foong and established ourselves those the transcript mobility agency and with the brt environmental documents and variance improvement projects and pretty much every part of city i looked to a terrific 2016
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and see if we can move forward with the transportation public speakers 19 or that concludes my remarks any any public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item item 3. >> item 3 executive director report that is an informational item. >> thank you chair wiener and good morning tilly the directors i'm pleased to echo the appreciation to congresswoman the president for signing 9 fast track that is welcome news and as the chair mentions not serving the transportation feeds we've got a lot more work to do and working with the partners on revenue opportunities at the regional and local goals for next year one piece of good news one potential impact to our
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sales tax from the aviation administration we're not subject to a rex regulation that is approved at the federal level that allows for sales tax and local takes to come back to the airport so we the some raven with our colleagues with the city attorney's office and other jurisdictions have determined for the prop k sales tax we don't collect sales tax revenues for prop k from san mateo from the airport itself we're not subject to that regulation and it is being workout on the local and state level frankly in the department of finance is effects jurisdictions across the united states but determined we're not impacted from the sales tax for from prop k more through the 1971 legislation sales tax for
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transportation uses at the state level i'll be happy to answer any questions and in addition here locally we've been able to take off the transportation survey with the leadership and the leptin help of the unified school district and geographically with private school to better understand the schools age children with paernls needs how to make school transportation easier for folks thank you supervisor tang for leading that in district 2 we've also planned for the crooked street for lombard street under supervisor farrell's tips and planning how we can better manage the traffic and the pedestrian and other visitors use to smooth out traffic we've determined that there are about 2 million verifies to lombard street to the crooked street and trying many management views
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we're deeper dive to explore out the traffic and keep the area liveable and promoting the tourist activities and promoting travel and visitor we are planning a meeting for january and interested folks please contact andrew our planning department staff in district 9 chances improvement study with supervisor avalos office working with the sfmta and caltrans to better sort out the conflicts the basic pedestrian conflicts particularly with the alameda change near main in the coming months an analysis to get the improvement of the safety and improve the bible and pedestrian crossings at the sgraj and interested community members conduct the planner in the
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division and in addition we've work on confirming the transportation concepts for district 11 with supervisor avalos as well as the supervisor kim we hope to report on those two districts as well as commission 8 with supervisor wiener next year our geary bus rapid transit has exceeded the period related to the environmental document on november 30th we welcome community input think brt and collect three hundred comments that we are current working on responses to and navigate met with the community members that expressed concerns about the removal of overpass bridge had a good meeting and will meet with the community in january to replace their concerns with those opportunities in addition
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6 thousand people using the new decision alter view finding on 15 avenue two locations where people go and take a look at the street what it looks like for the visualization after the project for the brt and the safety we appreciate the cooperation of the outline network and folks that provided that technical and will be sharing the fgsdz bicycles on market street are growing the bikes we've xrementd complemented with mta counted a million trips in 2015 great milestone it is nearly 20 percent over this time last year and since the installation of those counters in may of 2013 we have counted over 2.3 million
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trips and see a growing and sales tax we're adrc more locations market street between hayes valley e hayes valley and a third location with sfmta these in conjunction with the pedestrian encounters will round out the measurement of vehicles and transit use and transit trips to it mix of pedestrian and bike trips are growing quickly and i want to congratulate sfmta for unsaturating the shared lanes that indicate where motorists and bicyclists share the lane more legible and safer and has been able to increase help to increase our bicycle ridership in 0 these locations as well market street howard and fulsome
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and townsend along 5 street are part the vision zero projects that were delivered early by the sfmta and partners this year on sutro boulevard municipal transportation agency as used satisfying from signals update that were loot for the sunset boulevard with the projects as part of a sales tax mta used some and replaced the smaller heads on sunset boulevard along many boulevards thank you sfmta for expending the sales tax dollars and finally want to recognize our deputy for finance and administration for receiving a credits update from stitch we are that rated last year and
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this year we reaffirmed aa plus the highest rating that a sales tax can revenue it any agency and reflect our are debt coverage as well as a strong economy in san francisco and thank you all does i want to echo the characterize or chair to work with us with the transportation authority and the community members that has been a fabulous year with a based on event to celebrate our 25th anniversary and closed out the year with at event with the providers in attention to provide attention with the great britain was a rewarding and productive year and we very much pretty sure you and your staff and looking forward to more
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accomplishments in the coming year happy holidays. >> thank you supervisor president breed a comment. >> thank you for working with the residents at rosa parks elementary school and others that live in the area where the bridge is located with webb take care and geary boulevard that bridge is heavily uses by younger and old people when i was growing up in the neighborhood we heard used the bridge we would run out inthot middle of the street we were kids doing dangerous thing and great to see people using that bridge on a regular basis i want to make sure that we are responsible to the community that lives there and also when we're talking about vision zero talking about keeping pedestrian
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autsz of in our mind ouchlz we can make situations save adding latin-american but that bridge if any person uses that bridge the likelihood of getting hit by a vehicle is pretty much zero keep in mind as we move forward and in trying to prose changes not bull do so over some, some go that is important in serving that community very well. >> thank you supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you and know it is we do what we can to keep folks safe on our streets yet when i do everything your supposed to houfbl things happen a traffic death in the mrurl a cyclist who
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was doing everything right wearing a helmet and reflective gear around 10 o'clock was hit head on by a very long that was traveling the wrong way so it is one of those things you know but i think that we have to continue to be vigilant because the reality is it happens. >> indeed. >> thank you, commissioner. >> colleagues any additional comments seeing none, open up for public comment any public comment on item 3 please step forward. >> hi my name is david lee i've been here before i'm sure most of supervisors know me first of all, like to welcome our new
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member to the boards you're my new supervisor about congestion you'll be dealing with both probable the only commission you have to deal with boats you rule the piers i live there so the bicyclists it is dangerous looflt tourists coming all over the place it is bicycle congested from the stadium all the piers yet their landmarking good have you taken a tour of the piers they're beautiful and people coming from all over the world people don't realize but i do i live there you'll be seeing me on the piers i used to be in mr. campos district i took a bike tougher and recently referred a different world the dangers are mountain lions but
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that was just a nice trip welcome to the aboard you know mr. campos knows we the safety concerns are those like you said do the best you can and good luck because it is going to be does the with the boats they know me down there welcome to the board. >> any is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item we'll move to item 4. >> item 4 approval of the draft minutes of the december 7th. >> commission paskin thank you. i was not at the november 17th meekly out of because i wasn't their i'll abstain on the other hand, and you can abstain from the mta. >> thank you, commissioner colleagues, any additional
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questions or comments or changes regarding the minutes ongoing seeing none, is there any public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed mr. clerk, call the roll on item four. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos. supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim commissioner peskin abstained >> commissioner mondejar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> the pins are approved. >> we'll move to item number 5. >> appoint one member to the advisory committee this is an action item. >> okay. i understand oh, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i just want to make the motion to appoint
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reserving e rebecca to the district 6 for the sfmta cca many of you know that becky has been a long term san francisco residents and has made public transit a priority issues amongst the many issues she's worked on lives on treasure island and we'll see an important member at the sfmta worked on initiative and neat program around congestion and programming providing a feedback and active in the district 6 pedestrian safety workshop and advising our office how to prioritize vision zero improvement to focus on the highest injury corridor and, yes the eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 or eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 and a vvptd of the democratic club that
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advocates for seniors are disability and public transportation is assessable to everyone and you know on the plus side lived in many neighborhoods over the course the richard i ask for your support in appointing becky to the cca. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> commissioner mondejar. >> yeah. i wanted to add that she's been a tremendous leaders as the democratic club leader and rely on her for advice on treasure island to the disadvantage right issues and i'll say she's an amazing addition to the cca thank you. >> and supervisor tang as chair of the committee no recommendation i--i don't know if you want to provide a brief
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report back? >> i through the chair it was we didn't have any particular applicant there and we were kind of dir to the district supervisor we didn't take up the item in committee and i thought that but good to have confirmation seeing no additional comments we'll need a acceptance and move to public comment is there a sec by supervisor yee any public comment on item 5 so - oh, my apologies mrs. hogan to address the public comment. >> good morning, supervisors i'm sorry, i couldn't be there last week he had island stuff after the fundraiser i do live
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on treasure island and important to me to make sure that treasure island is important to everyone that it's been interesting and involved in that since it started before anyone else pay attention to it i'm on the staff so i look forward to being involved in the skraik thank you. >> thank you very much. we'll open up for public comment any public comment? come forward you can come forward. >> well, today, has to do the islands and boats i'm living at achiever that is did most important proposal with one the islands at alcatraz named after a prison i'm tired of prisons you can have it they don't call
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it a prison it is a beautiful island i would like you to come up with a got to be federal a federal land thing to guess to congress we should rename that island like red hawk giving it more of a zinc and get rid of alcatraz we don't want people to think that is a prison island red hawk a bird anal name used to be called the wounded knee 19 it looks like a wound knee to americans we should change that name would do you think it is a prison name we don't want to be known as a prison i came up with a 45 story building as a
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bacteria for the west it will solve the smug problems everyone going to work in boats i see something we had it where everyone went to work on boats you wouldn't have to drive only take a boat there thank you what do you think. >> is there any public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed and there is a motion and second and can we take that no please call roll. >> item 56 supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim commissioner peskin commissioner mondejar supervisor tang
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supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> that item passes. >> we'll now move on to item 6. >> item 6 reprogram 67 to tell us in a grant cycle for san francisco public works elementary save school project to the chinatown street project that is an action item. >> colleagues comments or questions on item number 6 seeing none, we'll move to public comment any public comment on item 6 seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order and item 7 >> allocate 6 hundred plus many prop k fund with conditions subject to be the fiscally year this is an action item. >> colleagues any questions or comments on item 7 seeing none, any public comment on item
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seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order item 8. >> item 8 approve the congestion management program an action item. >> colleagues questions or comments on item 8 seeing none, any public comment on item 8 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order and item 8 screened the interest rate for an additional two years and colleagues comments or questions on this item seeing none, any public comment on item 9 seeing none, public comment is closed and can call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> item 10. >> support the state
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legislation authorizing the use of annex speed enforcement on action item. >> colleagues comments or questions on this item seeing none, move to public comment any public comment on item 10 none, public comment is closed. and same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order okay. let's go next to item 13 >> item 13 introduction of new items informational. >> colleagues, any introductions today seeing none, open up for public comment any public comment on item 13 seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is an information item item 14 >> public comment. >> in general public comment please step forward. >> a holy petitioners having completed the work of emotion of
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divided of non-holy mercy with the success and making success of holy people with wellness and kingdom so originally one sees holiness for the colortion of a firmerness for the nourishment of juva way of comfortable reform full of work one seize of levels and- one needs to know of chances for relationships and tommy for unity and obstacles and tommy for dangers and tommy for petition one must reason why tommy for non-stop pathways are mercy for holy calculation for
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performances. >> okay is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk, please call items 11 and telephone together >> item 11 possible closed session for the employees performance and adopt the performances for 2016 and item 17 for the directors for 2016. >> colleagues south as the personnel committee i was joined by supervisor avalos and supervisor tang in professionalism an satisfaction alleviation of our executive director for salary jurists we do have the under recommendation before you today, we have the option for item 11 or going into closed session only in the authority worries about to go
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into closed session any feedback colleagues whether you want to go into closed session arrest remain in closed session. >> supervisor tang. >> i'd like to remain in open session. >> seen they're not being a motion we'll remain in open session for items 11 and 12 colleagu colleagues as you can see we performed an evaluation for ms. chang was positive at the high-end of the evaluation and we want to pub thank ms. chang and looking forward to continue to work together the committee also recommended a 3 about the 5 percent salary increase ms. chang is on top for 3 years that is an appropriated adjustment and that will increase ms.
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chang's salary from 200 and 16 thousand plus to a new salary of 200 and 24 thousand plus and so that is the recommendation of the committee so supervisor avalos or supervisor tang i don't know if you want to add anything as members of the personnel committee you don't have to supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i think that you know our personnel committee we've spent time looking at the goals for 2015 and 2016 we the feel this increase was justified the requested at the beginning the new executive director term we felt like after this year that was justified i will say in general, i feel that our director chang has listens to a
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lot of the questions and it was not easy for her and everyone was frank and honest what they're expecting i feel at this point she is listening to us and above and beyond and that's our feedback if the personnel committee. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you chair wiener i'll add that last year when we had ore salary increase it was not to act action so we wanted to add a couple of years and seeing her performance and what was great that all of the goals she sat as supervisor tang talked about were actually achieved i felt she's been very acholic beverage not just with the transportation authority board but with all the city departments if that was one of the things that come out u came
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out were doing a selection process for the directors the transportation authority we wanted to make sure that someone would work with alleyway with the entire city and tilly did a good job and proud to over her the salary increased another thing i want to add so want to say thank you for your great services and i'm urging colleagues to support a recommendation from the finance committee. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i wanted to thank and give some prospective i was open is finance last year and also on the interviewing team the year before so it's been really i've been intimately involved i wanted to not only acknowledge what supervisor avalos said she works well to the city departments but done a phenomenal job with other
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registering transportation bodies we have that in the past difficult relationship that's a testament to oher relationship. >> sxhaefrlz. >> i want to echo i think you've done an amendment job on lombard and many areas of lombard and 2 has been a great working relationship. >> supervisor mar you i want to add many changing gets around to the community state and national events been amazed how much she can do for would be person and built an incredible staff as well as act as a team i'm prevalent of all her work.
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>> thank you, supervisor kim. >> - supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. chair i want to thank the executive director for the professional growth we've seen since she came on board and you know, i was chair alcohol, tobacco & firearms authority before that intuition it's been great to see since the evolution nevertheless of the alleged not only knowledge but the way she interacts with the community congratulations and the raise is well deferred. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i wanted to add my $0.02 i was concerned in the
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beginning as you may know and you've definitely approached of proved me wrong i appreciate the work with my constituents and district 5 to address challenging issues we have we've got a lot more work to do and you provided the right leadership to do that work and you're team and the folks at the ta have done a tremendous job so i definitely support in raise it is well deserved. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i also wanted to add my words i have really been supportive of director chang on this position given her years of dedicated service to the transportation system her knowledge of san francisco and her knowledge of the agency you shined and gone above and beyond
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i thought you would be able to do i think that is great to see you out and about at the events of the many hours directing the agency that is incredible important for the city's and to see who the transportation director and build a trust that is the way to build a better system for all by having community relationship but also want to appreciate you're leadership at san francisco transportation authority and thank you for being a san francisco resident and you're family attended the public schools. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> not much to add yes not only san francisco residents but other residents going to the elementary schools for kids but i guess i'm not surprised i
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anticipated you would do a good job when we offered you the position and you've proved me right. >> thank you for embracing like the other city families embracing vision zero. >> thank you, colleagues any additional comments ongoing so. >> actually, one more comment. >> and i'll make it, it is really clear from just the staff in the transportation authority that the staff has a great everyone is working really arrested e hard to support our decisions i want to make sure that is pointed out that tilly with the leadership within the organization has been phenomenal as well thanks. >> great, thank you okay yes. >> ms. chang.
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>> thank you so much to each of you for those kind words i'm humbled and appreciative of our support with the recognition with the transportation authority to all the your staff and sales for giving us time and guidance and support mentoring letting us grow and make some mistakes along the way but the guidance when that happens to be improving our work there is room for feedback we're grateful for the leadership you provide on things like the vision zero initiative creating a treasure island mobility agency a computing u brand new role of 25 years we're striving to meet the community expectation as those policies get formulated make sure the impacts and investments
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are benefiting the whole community and understanding the weirder impact whether the blood splatters or planned b area to get smart of areas like 9 affordability and displacement and really rely on iuoe you and your staff thank you for spending you're time we're grateful and continue to do a better job as we move forward. >> thank you, ms. changing. >> okay any public comment? on item 11 or item 12 seeing none, public comment is closed and items 11 and 12 are action can we do this with one vote. >> please call roll. >> items 11 and 12 supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen
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supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> that item passes. >> item 15 and item 15 adjournment. >> we're adjourn issue. >> homeless in san francisco is a challenging issue that effects owner in the city in many
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different was as of the 2014 homeless census over 64 homeless in individual in the city to try to address the issue we've got a program for chronic homeless welcome to the navigation center. >> this pilot project is for people living on the street what makes it different the navigation center is able to accommodate homeless encampments lowell u allowing people to keep their pets and bring their personal bloonlz. >> the full realization that people don't want to be homeless not refuse services but from the services don't meet them and not
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relevant they're not going to be successful if you look at the budget losses we've got a community sacrifice important people to get food and laundry we're standing next to the bathrooms it is designed to be a dynamic and brief residential experience where right of on this site city staff to connect you to homeless places to return to family dine is up for medi-cal and all those things that are complicated for people. >> the other exciting thing city agencies come on site and provided the services for folks this is existed to see when the goal of streamlining a a whole processes of getting people on go gentle assistance into housing as much as possible. >> way totally different you can come and agree as please and
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get laundry services and showers any time of the day and night it's twenty-four hours a day whatever and twhefr it's not like any other she recalls. >> they come and help people for what it is they're required the issues they need and reach out and do what we can to say okay how can we accommodate you to get you set up and straight never in my mind imagined a program like this this place it different and a a lot a lot that better it works. >> the navigation is center is a collaboration of partnerships too city departments one is the homeless outreach team managed by the san francisco distributing i look forward to the navigation center we'll have our agents go
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out and help and say don't go anymore over and over send our dayshift out they've meet the population and hang out and hang in the encampment and transport people and be with them and make immediate impacts with me and my staff. >> bringing our wloongz whatever you go presents a problem this place their help with the storage i don't have to worry about it staying here you know you're getting things done they need to get things down done to get off the street avenue of the hope alsoness is gone. >> they help you if you're hungry go eat if e you
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need to go places go. >> they're 4th district it awe auto. >> it was funded through a unanimous donation and of may 2015 an additional $3 million to help to continue the program beyond 18 months. >> you see people coming out they're ready to being so the future homes you know how variable the navigation center is my message for the constituents yes something can be done do break chronic homelessness it is being done. >> this is a community that sets an example but i how to pick an area that was funky they've seen we're trying to do is help their neighbors they've seen getting sicker and more frail and broken down on the streets and welcomed us that's a powerful statement people are exist and president
7:59 pm
in they're becoming to see the movement for folks and people on the streets are only survival modes where is there next meal and their itch more carefree. >> the staff here is interpretation the first day i have a appointment and everything was made all you do is go through them this makes a huge difference. >> to get settled in a helping hand, to get on my feet, take care of the issues i have and get out of bed and help. >> even though the navigation center has been up in march 2014
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the program is creating successful outreach for it's clients. >> a month ago they came to me and asked me to go into a new program i moved into here and now 3 months later i have my own place it is mine i lock my door don't worry about my stuff it feels human again >> >> proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and


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