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tv   Planning Commission 121715  SFGTV  January 4, 2016 2:00am-5:31am PST

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>> >> proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner wu commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner richards commissioner johnson is presents and he building view in the back
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ambassador commissioners, the first item on your agenda is consideration of items proposed for continuance item o1 bay street modification and variances is proposed for continuance to january 27, 2016, the acting zoning administrator will consider that request for continuance item 2 ab for case numbers franklin street downtown project theoretician and variance are property for continuance until february 11, 2016, item 3 at summer set kwifs is proposed for february 25, 2016, and items 4 ab for case numbers california
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street conditional use and variance are property for continuance until february 25th, 2016, and case no. exterminating space for waste storage from f ar and impact fees proposed for definite continuance commissioners further on our agenda in want discretionary review calendar item 1614 accounting after a discretionary review is proposed for continuance to february 25, 2016-2017 both parties in agreement to continue that matter. >> okay any public comment on this item? obtain items proposed for continuance. >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed.
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>> commissioner wu. >> move to continue as proposed. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue all matters as proposed commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards and commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero acting zoning administrator director's. >> continue items one 2 b and 4b to the dates supervised commissioners, that places you under your are considered to be routine may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 6 for case no. 18 c on mythical conditional use
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authorization and item 7 for case no. mission street conditional use authorization i have no speaker cards >> number 7. >> move this from content and have this heard very good. >> at the beginning of the regular calendar. >> yep. >> very good. >> okay any public comment on this item? - is there any additional public comment. >> i think there was a misunderstanding item 7. >> conditional use. >> okay. that's fine the second one got it. >> okay seeing no public comment public comment is closed. >> commissioner johnson. >> approve item 6. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to approve item 6
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commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore, commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and item 7 at the beginning the regular calendar. >> item 8 consideration of draft minutes for the december 3rd and joint and regular hearings any public comment on draft minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> just an observation but without proper punctuation some of the minutes reads rather funny that is how it comes across i know i didn't think jonas can do anything about that but. >> is there a motion to approve. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on
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that motion to adopt the minutes from december 3rd joint and regular hearings commissioner antonini is commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us on item 9 for commission questions or comments. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you i'd like to take a moment of personal privilege to memorize my father and mother and if jonas would put that on the screen a picture of them from november 29, 1943, whisper approximately 29 years and enjoying the big band they were have a very good time the reason we want to mention my father is
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that he was born on december 20, 1913, would have been one and 2 years old this coming sunday delivered in a small rather than house by his father angelo and didn't have any electrical until 1937 they didn't get it to the rural application they lived a humble life was a maid to repeat third grade and thought it was the reason he was secretive as an insurance agent and gave them a good donation acknowledging the fact he wouldn't have within successful if he didn't speak eastbound english so credited the nuns for doing that the other thing i want to
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imagination he also served for 10 years on the planning commission in pleasant ton california so i brought the sign he's kept in psi his office where the house will be rented out to other people so we brought the gear into san francisco i thank you for your time have a merry merry christmas asia any additional commission comments. >> commissioner moore. >> i would like to ask we close in memory of mary the planning department before the holidays hastening countered the shocking loss of a highly replaced for her ex last year work on the mission theatre i ask to close in her memory. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to department matters item 10
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comments. >> hello commissioners ask to close in memory of mary allow me to make a few comments mary passed away after a long ills she was with the department in 2008, her previous employment an avid bicyclists wourld in that design standards of initiative engineering and so on and returned to graduate school in a career in preservation an avid research dove into the work and was interested in more than the architect but in the event that happened to the city would occupied the buildings and she was the manager until she took leave of a what we squall the landmark designation work
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program where the research is done to landmark buildings and sites in the city that go to the preservation commission and among on the research for the barn by the way, for marcus book store and the research that won her awards the modern architecture and the historic context statement a governs award in 2011 and call preservation foundation award for that same piece of work and did the work and the author of the golden gate park and many other work she was a loved member she passed 46 years old and will be missed greatly thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> surpips the 10 o'clock an authority o short on the mission theatre that opens with star
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wars and the thought that crossed any mind i hope she has a good place to view. >> item 11 review of passed event board of appeals and the harvey milk club and good afternoon aaron star manager of legislative affairs at the merging for rooftop in fill in the c-3 on the agenda that was continued to january 25th feel next year at the full board the ordinance for the japantown i'm sorry neighborhood commercial district sponsored by many supervisors passed it's second reading and the montgomery street sponsored by commissioner
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pen and sponsored by supervisor yee and somalia's passed its first reading the charter amendment for the inclusionary housing requirements if 9 adopted by the full board this chart will be vetoing on june the coming june we're evaluating the police cars of this amendment but in brief it increases the inclusionary from 12 to 25 percent of total units 15 percent of those units will be affordable to percent ami ownership and 55 percent ami for rent-controlled units and 10 percent of total units will be affordable to middle-income housing up to one hundred and thirty percent ami provided the middle-income must be affordable for those who earn one and thirty percent of medium and 100
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percent for commercial. >> the accessory conditional use authorization for the market and the massage establishment is prohibited the underlying zoning for the market and finally supervisor cowen introduced the controls for the design standards for larger projects in castro hill and other area plans this is an interim and will not come to the commission that concludes my remarks i'm available to answer any questions. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. mr. star regarding the proposed legislation an inclusionary housing how is that possible to be passed when it was prop c wag passed by the voter and 12 percent onsite and some percentage offsite not
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going back to the voters. >> i believe it has to be put on the june collection e election ballot. >> this is a proposal they'll have to need at least 4 board members to - >> any charter amendment. >> the charter will be 6. >> right. >> okay. thank you. >> sxhifshgs. >> on the supervisor kim the inclusionary what is the offsite option. >> we did a curry look at it. >> on the interim controls for the design for squawking and potrero by the boosters that we evaluated on. >> generally are but the controls are basically, the language they've proposed. >> director rahaim. >> oh. >> did you have any.
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>> actually sore i wanted to add one item not related to aaron's property report i wanted to report as you may know the mayor sxheend 9 housing task force with members of the community each other advocates neighborhood advocates developers and so on to look at the inclusionary program sunlight asked me to sxheen two working groups on pipeline projects how they'll be affected and the second would be a committee to look at it process improvements that would go help to extremely the process and the mayor's office will be commissioner pen an inclusionary requirement the mayor's goal to prepare something for the november ballot and the deadline for doing is i believe the second week in june so that work
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will have to be the work we were doing will have to be 6 months or so so i'll be convening those working groups and meeting reserving after the holiday. >> commissioners historic preservation commission and considered a permit on market street the certificate of appropriateness on 3rd street and looked at it a project an laguna street in the mixed use project ambassador more importantly received a presentation that you have heard on the affordable housing bonus program with a focus how to impacts the historic preservation. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we've move on to general public comment not to exceed a period of 15 minutes
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at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when peeking address the commission up to three minutes. i have several speaker cards. >> (calling names). >> you'll have to help me with the correct pronunciation of your full names. >> hello commissioners, thank you for this time my name is 40 i can't lived in noah valley for 18 years my concerns out of scale projects today all to speak to astonishing changes in noah valley due to the out of scale development and disregard for the neighborhood characterization 60 houses at
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variance stages pushed back to deep in rear yard neighboring homes the construction and remodels that are in noah valley construction pipeline donna do not seem to be following the residential design and this the preserving the mid block space that is clearly outlined as a goal in the residential design guidelines i think that would be crucial for the planning commission to examine i can't the residential design guidelines exist in the first place and what's the goal to enforce the residential design guidelines are those guidelines only for the community massive members speak up all the hours in the pipeline have or will raise the footprint if from nine hundred plus square feet to 4 thousand plus square feet the additions are not going underground but up and back
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those monster hours are not providing for single-family homes is a take away from the backyard that is mid block space those houses deprivacy neighbors in light and air and no evidence the constructions provide or would provide affordable housing the disappearance of mid block open space or areas that constitute guardians and quiet space and homes for a wide variety of homes for bidders and other insects this an proclamation for the privacy of the neighbors i urge the planning commission to take a serious look at this rapid transformation in san francisco and investigate the cumulative rear yard slirj it is subjecting neighbors to jackhammer noise
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and other noise started at early as 7:30 and own weekend this disturbance is no time a pollution about impacts the many san franciscans who work from their homes i would suggest you know hours from 8 to 3:00 p.m. perhaps and then violence of work and during this trial on the weekends thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> oh, any time started hi georgia this is my summary of year things i think were demolition but were treated as alterations i think that the i had to explain why beside the
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permit fees the city has not received my main concern the losses of affordable housing as well as the change in the architectural character of the housing stock without input from the public or you on another note here's a christmas wish for next year story polls with orange north) for rav rh1 of rh and rh2 for mid block open space including an assessment of the design of and loss of the rear yard marketed as part of interior residential design guidelines and prior to 311 notification first going to dbi and the staff conditions of approval that don't allow for substantial derivatives in the addendum
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plans or later permit application no more stair penthouse and roof deck in rh1 and rh2 that is too big to put under the tree i'm asking for it maya angelou will had will be a good thing for the neighborhood less confessing e excavation work for garages that cars can't enter because of steep driveways they have excavations for the driveways but don't need the garages i know you don't like grargz garage or you're thinking about not liking garages (laughter). >> that's quizzing kind it and it is absurd one for the entire city no anymore evictions that is beyond our purify merry christmas and have a great
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holiday thank you. >> (calling names). >> hello, i'm ada changing with soma the special heritage district you've heard 3 months of testimony and hundreds and hundreds of people coming out came out to talk about the cultural district i appreciate commissioner antonini our comments i'm a history major rae have a planning degree i love the context in the context of some filipinos i wanted to put on the on the overhead of 10 thousand units los lost in the yerba buena and seven hundred businesses when you saw pope coming out a lot of people that have a lot of love and care for a neighborhood 55 that's their neighborhood and currently the
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view we celebrate creative filipinos but more importantly what we see as a community tries to come back and own that space you usa's saw it in the commission meeting we have a central soma for community benefits the framework was as opposed to be for a memo owe wanted to call that out there was absolutely no intent i'm not saying while some people experience a slap in the face that's not the intent but the intent for people to understand a context and intent on the part of planning commission when you approved the conducted or district this wouldn't have happened in chinatown and not presented in the mission so i really want to encourage you all to think about i know the arts commission will go through an equality justice and
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training this is a systemic but not an individual mr. larkin is steeped in the european framework in particular with the community benefit discussion it was heartbreaking to hear young people say it is the first it's been seen from the legislation from the board of supervisors i really wanted to urge courage to you think about this and work with us to figure out how we can be inclusive and welcoming thank you very much thank you, thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment general public comment okay not seeing any, general public comment is closed. commissioner richards. >> always thank the public for public comment it is enlightening and last week to the first a person that
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addressed us when we approved the change of section 317 the decisions and mergers for all dwelling units we did instruct staff to look at the decisions that in fact, demolitions by multiple expansion of the xhoifts house staff took that comment explained that and i know one other point i want to make i said this week after week georgia and i and the department of building inspection were going to look at 4 kinds studies on the homes she's brought before us to understand what transpired why the building disappeared and want to thank mr. sanchez and dbi for informing us once in the past we
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would examine it on the 311 from the plans are multiples of the original plans it might be a renoticing hearing from folks they had in the neighborhood mergers was not built it is something significantly different i mentioned that a couple of weeks ago thank you. >> sorry commissioner moore. >> georgia thank you for your christmas card and for clearly stating you're wishes as not only complaints we don't dr. any tools but outlining tools by which we can perhaps build a christmas tree so thank you. >> okay next item, please. >> >> commissioners under the regular calendar item 7 was pulled off concept and considered now for case
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2016-2017 plus at mission street request for conditional use authorization. >> good morning commissioner president fong and other omar the request for the conditional use authorization for proposed vertically wireless communication facility on mission street the project is a motor scale mc-3 and preference by the citing guidelines the proposal consists of 12 panel antenna the department will be having a roof in a location and setback that will not be visual from the surrounding sidewalks it has a building that was developed in 1946 with the restraining order bucks departmental store for the purposes of ceqa and preservation review applies-
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that permanently involves redesigning to notw/w/ include antenna and the penthouses will in the detract in the image of the building and alternative site analyze no other available higher preference locations including the slaerm and other cares at that canvassing campus the care held the community meeting 6 attended and 4 have compacted the department regarding issues from the prior commission and the study list prepared by a consultant reviewed by the dunst and determined taking into account the roofs and below the rooftop
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radio roofs they can comply with the federal communication commission in conclusion that come politics with the guidelines and approved by the department of public health therefore staff respecting recommends the motion be adopted for approval thank you. >> opening it up for public comment hi, i'm ann bacon the address is unfamiliar but actually that is the true address of this you're talking about 3120 mission street a bottom floor residents would be tenants on the 20th century other two second story and third story they're two tenants that go by another address caesar chavez it is is misleading for the owners to talk about it is as 3120 not
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the address of the people that will be effected 6 people showed up at the last meeting all people friends of ours we figured out who was going on and other can't be here it is a work day but on the giant notices put on the outside of the doors no where coming out of the building this is ass the same and caesar chavez it was covered up by another sign showing the mission street it is incredibly misleading if you want public comment they should be required to refile whatever paper with the correct address so the 40 pulse tenants are aware what it is going on i'm allowed to make health argument this human being is going to be the person outlining closet to this we live
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on top of the building the photo that was shown to&÷ me shows th3 towers coming straight by our bedrooms sure if everything is correct but i ask t you if you are comfortable if this was our child we're the only people that live on top of the roof the last comment we've been aske⌞ to remove planets we've been told the common rooftop gasped the roof is structurally unsafe and huge poodle so from the roof is unsafe how exactly is it safe to build 3 new structures so rules are applied to us as tenants not applied to the business that's unfair thank you. >> is there any additional public comment?
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>> good afternoon, commissioners aim peter i'm representing verizon wireless on this project as omar mentioned we did a notice this project pursuant to the guidelines i do know that 34, 3 army or caesar chavez is the address on the exterior of the building i placed signs at the front on both frontages not at the door the back of the building because pubically it wouldn't be visual to people on the sidewalk so i placed it on the wall of the building close to that intranls on the sidewalk after the rains i replaced those signs with ones
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that were laminated so future rain who wouldn't bother them we checked on them every 10 years as far as the roof it is structurally capable of holding the equipment we'll be installing and plans that are vetted for that structural integrity if you have any questions for me this morning or afternoon. >> we may. >> is there any additional public comment and just to be clear i didn't call the project sponsor that was the project sponsors time any is there any additional public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. maybe i can ask if you feel the noticing was adequate will i placed. >> we did the address associated was the same as the previous projects so it is
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consistent with the projects at the site as i believe that you commented the r f levels are acceptable emissions and he understand if the speaker is interested in anyone else they can have the testing done after the installation of the new project to make sure they're correct about >> correct dustin you can contact myself and determine whether or not it complies with with standard of federal commission. >> given that testimony i'll move to not take dr and approve the project. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask mr. macy to put a planned drawings of the facility only the screen we can
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at least see where the residential entrance because it is not clear to me either. >> i have the roof drawings. >> it's the first draufrg in the set. >> could you take this one. >> oh. >> i'll have the project
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sponsor point out the residential - >> i'd like to know the residential entrance. >> on this side south side. >> of the building, if you will, off of cesar chavez there is acy clone fence and loading dock in the south west a cyclone fence for gated automobiles the signage was on the wall on the sidewalk side by the loading dock i did not think that putting it at the door would help notice anybody except the people in the building not visible from the thereby fair that was what i did i took paragraphs of the site and two locations that's what we felt was appropriate location for the
2:38 am
notices we put 4 feet signages okay. >> commissioner moore did you have follow-up comments. >> it is very difficult to speak to the manner i'll have to reuse industrial building and fully understanding where people come from we don't have the information to really know the - normally people that come to a residential building don't go through a fence and the residential have a fully recognized entrance that is unusual i have to building the applicant did what we knew to do but is that enough i'm sitting and not knowing how to respond to it i've not fully understand
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what was described so i'm a little bit without an answer. >> commissioner johnson. >> yes. this i'm confused in the motion there is residential uses in the building from yeah. from - under the planning policies and talking about existing housing and neighborhood characterization says no residential planning in the project site so my view of the picture the industrial building whereas a good area i've reviewed the coverage requirements and everything and support verizon to hear someone saying that they live in the tower and part of this is going by other residents so it is like changes the facts on the ground i want a response to that. >> before that testimony there was nothing in the packet to say
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there was anybody that lived there. >> it has been adopted for the center on the ground floor and offices. >> go to the other mike. >> i'm sorry. i'll start over the building was adopted from the sears restraining order buck for the ground floor and the offices and residents as well as an upper penthouse this is preference 5 which is a mixed use building a residential floors above commercial space similar to institutional and this is in a rh3 zoning district. >> yeah, because there is a view that is allowed in the plans didn't mean it is there i'm reading a motion no residential differentials that site is currently was developed as tthe ground floor.
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>> correction there are residential sites in the plan as well. >> i'm a little bit confused as to the plans for the equipment so where the towers will be and the generator and such where is that in restriction to 9 residential uses it is not clear where things are. >> computer please. so there are residents within the tower elements on the rooftop the wireless have composed of antennas located here facing outdoors and this is facing southward and this to the
2:42 am
east and this is one of the thirty simulations jumping to the roof plan so this is the southern half the building and the directions arrows in blue are where they are the attendants facing the southern half of the building facing with caesar chavez to the north and the plan is here this is the roof diagram and the letters b surrounding each portion represent where they will be located the antenna will not face targeted the elements on the rooftop or the tower. >> so where it says penthouse. >> correct - yeah, the tower element here and you have a fairly substantial penthouse structure here the towers have pointed
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this way west towards noah valley, south down totes bernal height area and east to the bernal height. >> okay. >> thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> with an of the concerns as recorded the r f exposure mentioned anyone on the ground and i guess floors below but i'd like to understand since the differential is close to the antenna within 6 or 7 feet what's the r f levels. >> i'm going to turn it over to my colleague. >> if i live in the penthouse like the woman and child how many feet what is the r f 0 what would it be. >> i'm roger with hampton any questions and edison i'm a licensed professional electrical
2:44 am
engineer in the state of california the levels at the penthouse actually are lower than the nearby building because the direction of the antenna on the picture the antennas have pointed west first and foremost and the penthouse to the north so the location we find have less than 16 percent of the i say 16 percent is the nearby building across the street from mission street and the antennas are oriented in this direction i hope that helps. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> for the fairness i think disclosure he feel as we need to see a drawings that verifies where the residential units are
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i feel since we're living in a housing shortage across the country crisis we need to be extra careful of how we address housing if the planner is not describing that housing is a use i have some problems we're not spending the attention e attention we need to pay open this i feel uncomfortable without seeing the drawings that disclosure e disclose that to me. >> commissioner hillis. >> a question on noticing i recognize you want the public to understand but part of noticing to let the tenants know in the building that is happening so if if where were they notified 1r7b8d. >> a notice it is mailed to every property owner and
2:46 am
building permit one within nine-hundred feet and on the bernal height neighborhood we had them initial all groups and the similar process for the planning commission hearing over a three hundred foot boundary. >> that includes the tenant in the building autopsy yes. i received phone call from the tenants in the building. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. sir what's the residents are in those towers i would assume on the on top of drawings is that where the residents are living or in the lower levels from the towers. >> roughly 9 months i. >> my understanding in the at all tower is the residents that the community members to talking
2:47 am
about the other tower, if you will, or penthouse is an office i don't believe anyone lives there. >> she lives in one with her child and all the other residents are below. >> what's the distance from the penthouse in which the speaker lives to the nearest antenna. >> i believe 50 feet. >> 50 feet and, of course, i can or will test r f emissions from the when it is installed with relationship to that place as well as the unit. >> that's right that's part of conditions as the gentleman described we will be happy to inquiry with the planning to have that test done. >> my final question the roof is not for people to be
2:48 am
wondering around or come up to the area the antennas. >> there's a community garden that was referenced earlier by the access ladder or assess stairwell to the roof there's a gate but won't stop someone is from walking across that roof to the location pursuant to the guidelines and the conditions we would have marking and signage indicating the areas not to hang out in speaks for itself. >> that's fairly typical we have projects where we have rooftop installations in residential buildings i think that is made clear that anyone who is on the roof is not advised not to approach the antennas. >> that's correct. >> so you would this is fair standard i mean there is some question in the original report
2:49 am
whether or not there was residential units but the fact there are doesn't change that we have the standards they've been met and can be tested i don't see whatever action i'm in favor of the project. >> commissioner johnson. >> i'm sorry we're spending so much time i have to say the packet is not helping today so a couple of things first of all, from the testimony of the public comment sound like their closing the community garden that's part of the way like not have people on the roof and i mean, i can't verify that i'm not the building owner but the story is not in sync and i read the bryan's report this is the distance that is used for the testing for the nearest location
2:50 am
of the testing is 90 feet not 50 feet it is because of using nearby building that are similar height and going back to no residents units in the packet didn't look at people looking in this is 50 feet away my question is something anyone ca can request for any installation they find there are elevated levels at or near the tower what happens. >> one turn off the system or using a different type of system or changing the orientation to be away from the building the antennas are direction all how you rotate them is like a residential rooftop nearby and with respect to the rooftop area
2:51 am
we did as part of request that some of the existing abandon small wireless facilities on the rooftop be moved away from the roof garden we have a conditioner their abandoned or - so the recommendation they remove the antennas away from public view. >> thank you. >> one final thing my understanding is based we have a state of these you know a time ago we're moving away from the macro for the residential areas with micro facilities given the proposition e presentation in the packet i know the the verizon report looks at wait the need of the signal in the area and part of the definition how you get the information you need can you guys go over why the
2:52 am
decision was made on the macro facility maybe we should have palm trees with you know make - >> a decision on what is proposed, however, in this case it fits with the pattern we have a site at the eagle building the capital improvement plan didn't chose it a care looking at the sites we'll see carriers wanting to use the macro sites instead of relying on small cells on poles this project does not appear to be unique or extraordinary it is something we've seen somewhere but the directions obviously the fake trees are to help with the
2:53 am
mature trees rooftops give>x th least intrusive way to make sure that they don't impair the use of buildings looks at or create other challenges as noise and other anular effects of the mechanics on the rooftop. >> i'm going to make a motion to continue the reason i want the case report to reflect the fact that the ground and the analysis of the type of installation to make sure it lines up with the facts on the ground of what is actually, the use in the building and the need for signals in the area from a signal so i'm not prepared to make the decision today or weigh in on that i think having a consistent story brought to us will help you make a motion to
2:54 am
continue this item until january 7th. >> i second the motion. >> commissioner richards. >> question for project sponsor i have a departmental health information sheet about you know health risks and the maps of the site maybe you could upcoming put it up on the overheads number 9 the public inclusion is 67 don't get closer 67 feet as the antennas are directional facing out towards the street if you are are 6 k through 12 feet away one setback 16 and one 15 feet. >> my worry maybe put up the map. >> sfgovtv go the computer screen please. there is residents in the
2:55 am
penthouse and a child a child wander out and walks up to the antenna how close is the child could make the child suffering any health consequence. >> a barrier and noticing signs. >> okay. so the barrier really the child can't get through the barrier. >> i imagine if they're curious enough they could. >> the child didn't reads he seize colors who knows what is going through the child's mind some way prevent the child from climbing over to get access to see what is in there. >> that's what with my question is. >> go ahead. >> sorry maybe i can help
2:56 am
answer this so some guidance on barricades 42 inches in some cases like this rooftops where their somewhat public assessable barricades if you can imagine they're built like a closed lattice. >> metal. >> no not metal it reflects the signal so some form of plastic 42 inches high and stored all the way around it is on a couple of sites something similar if there is a concern the child goes through a typical. >> that's something i'll ask you to do if you continue to make it child proof. >> we can work with verizon and come up with a latticlattic
2:57 am
>> commissioner antonini. >> the project is fine but i'll support a continuance because there is questions by commissioners when you come back we'll have those questions answered he suspect that's what the commissioners want before that january. >> the continuance is january 7th. >> so there's a motion was there a second. >> commissioner moore. >> i have a question for director rahaim in adoptive reuse and the adoption thereer requirement that adaptive reuse provides open space from the roof garden with the introduction of the cell
2:58 am
antennas does the requirement of usable open space remain unchanged and in what form are they reusable i'm curious to see we're tracking the requirements for residential window open space and in no form impaired by the usability this is a simple question i'd like when this project comes back i'd like to see an answer on this issue this is broader than 9 project. >> certainly the open space requirement will not change still have the open space requirement i believe did roof is sufficient to provide that we'll make sure that is marked on the drawings when you have the hearing in january. >> thank you. >> commissioners a motion to continue this to january 7th commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards
2:59 am
commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and commissioners that places us on item 12. >> jonas before you start and more commissioners, i want to disclose i did seek advise with the city attorney's office as i have a business that is now closed my ownership in a property other affirmative action have led the merchant group but feel i'm able to participate in this item and judge it and vote without bias thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission this is an place for a mandatory discretionary review to establish a mcd doing
3:00 am
business as kern's on twarl street within a c-2 community business the waterfront special use district and the fisherman's wharf in northeast plan area it is obedient by taylor to the east and beach to the north and jonas to the west and other to the south to establish a new mcd replacing 24 hundred secret previously occupied by other doing business as dragon it's been vacant since september of 2010 the proposal will allow for onsite sales of medical cannabis to people or 18 years or older holding a medical cannabis id card no smoking and vaporing and of medical cannabis eatables
3:01 am
will be allowed on the property meaning no marijuana plant will be kept on the premises for house and senate the produced hours of operation the property owner b will maintain for the truth of the matter security and in addition skrgd will be there and the immediate maintenance of sidewalk will be provided and 8 to 10 employees are school district as approved by the board of supervisors in 2004 the department of public health is the lead agency for exempting the mcd while principally permit in the c-2 mcds are required to be heard by the compassionate whether or not to exercise the permit pursuant to the planning
3:02 am
code section to date the department has received 14 letters of support two of opposition and one neutrality no position for the use and four letters of support were received by the department after the publication deadline and the letters have been distributed just now the project sponsor is voluntarily collected signatures for the proposed use and two olsen lee petitions one fwloeshl that have's gardened many, many signatures respectifullrespectf >> the neighborhood is vastly underserved and fisherman's wharf is underserved by the businesses despite an over
3:03 am
concentration of services the nature in opposition has valid points they're not consistent with the fisherman's wharf identity and fisherman's wharf didn't need the businesses no clustering controls for mcds within the district and the nature is uncertain the potential the legalization the marijuana in 2016 the department recommended the commission take discretionary review it is a in compliance with the planning code and in advance of the policies it is well served by the transportation appear to be no other rail no apparent over concentration and the mcd may - could assist in
3:04 am
citywide use that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. >> commissioner president fong we would like to split our time with the project sponsor. >> okay. >> thank you. >> can i have the - >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners brendon here on behalf of the appellant mr. conway contacted me about the plan and assist in preparation for the hearing he was not wanting to get involved because short notice i feel strongly the community outreach is incredibly important meeting the stakeholders and identifying their concerns and eliminating
3:05 am
the problems i think is extremely important my name is i in my opinion and secondly, from the work area was the proper location for an mcd i declined to represent applicant in the past because of their location and not studied the location when i met with ray i felt was the proper person extremely pagsz about medical cannabis and done a responsible job of outreach as you can see from the number of signatures and letters after i metro ray i undertook an analysis of the survey and determined in my opinion it was a great location for a medical cannabis dispensary for the following reasons first no other mcd within a mile and quarter no access to this part of city for access and no schools or park nearby or other youth services and no grocery of the risks to
3:06 am
the dispensary to get more that members it is safe and amble street parking and public a transportation lines around the facility and foot traffic and lastly is added to the diversity of the use that will attract new customer service center consumers to the area and benefit the neighborhood as a whole i understand that the people in the community may have concerns that mcd there crimes or other nuisance i think we look at the track records of mcds in the city that track record didn't support of legacy of those claims it is a safe investment environment and provides valuable if in fact, those dispensaries created those problems i couldn't stated in front of of the commission i've
3:07 am
been here before on another mcd application their held to a higher standard and he studying the exception mr. conley will be a responsible operator and the counter 34kd will be a valuable addition to this community. >> good afternoon. i'm ray conley my father and partners father both died did have cancer at an early age we were led to open up this dispensary during my outreach program i met over one thousand people that live in north beach and other areas around fisherman's wharf along with that, i also gained over 18 thousand signatures of an online positions supporting our efforts to open up the dispensary one of
3:08 am
the things like the merchants i met along my way is that cancer didn't live in palo alto next to stanford waiting for a cure and pcs t hiv didn't live in the castro and depression is not something a woman gets because they by get a new car at christmastime they're not choosing a neighborhood to live in i would hope that all the individuals that are here to oppose the opening of the dispensary are learn the medical benefits at some of the individuals you'll hear speak on our above times change one of the things i've learned from the individual along the way times change individuals have the
3:09 am
right to choose none has to hide their sexual outlet they no longer have to go out and in the night in the streets or every patient needs to feel welcomed and comfortable in every neighborhood residents and visitors suffering is from any illness should shop in any medical cannabis. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> i'm sorry to call a mix of cardsorry to call a mix of cardsrry to call a mix of carcardsg to call a mix of caro to call a mix of carin to call a mix of cardsg to call a mix of cards (calling names) if you want to line up on the tv
3:10 am
side of the room i can't read this last name begins with an s. (calling names) good afternoon, commissioners my name is jeff a member of the fisherman's wharf benefit district and a business owner at fisherman's wharf for the last thirty years i oppose this new business coming in fisherman's wharf because of the family-friendly situations the what i have it the friendly place for shopping and fun and entertainment wear home to the bay ripley's believe it or not and hide street pier and two cable car and 13 hotels in addition, we produce or host
3:11 am
to the annual what i have the 4th of july fleet week and family fun day and additions to our neighborhood is rocket and candy shop and other which is a chrnlz learning store a pot dispensary in this location is contrary to what we work towards in t in the fisherman's wharf but the most family-friendly location as well the district has long opted the pot dispensaries with no adult entertainment or bars that require the patrons to be 21 or older we have a financial and safety problems and one not successfully getting closed down until a shooting there since the last dispensary attempted to open at the what i
3:12 am
have in 2006 successfully keeping pot dispensaries out wafer number one, the property owners on james weldon johnson street was approached by the that applicant and two other pot dispensaries he declined boo-boo vacancy have been closed and businesses that will serve our visitors much better than a pot dispensary unfortunately for the district the applicant was able to find a vacancy in a building owned by the property broker who's main goal was to sell the property in fact, we spoke to one of the truth. >> yes. and to finish up we also find interesting the old on
3:13 am
elder received calls about the if you recall how to affect the neighborhood when a pot dispensary we've not received one call. >> we're a family-friendly business not believing the pot dispensary is good for the neighborhood fisherman's wharf is not a place we want to be sure to protect our reputation with the visitors prosecute from all over the world thank you for your time i have signed a letter of opposition from the owners. >> thank you. >> hi commissioners my name is
3:14 am
paul miller i represent the fisherman's wharf restaurant association i'm the vice president of the bakerries and cafes in san francisco on behalf of the fisherman's wharf association we'll to express our strong opposition to other mcdonald application submitted for trailer student and the merchant association we believe that the approval of such an establishment will effect the area and probation officers a threat to the visitors and small businesses alike fisherman's wharf district is a designation in san francisco that epic center of tourism and not just because of the sites but the being a family-friendly place not take a change chance that could change
3:15 am
the fabric the community thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is edwin i work for 55 in san francisco 55 street the reason i'm opposed to this business to open is because we have to consider also the effect it will have on the business in the area this is a tourist place and the tourists want to be be sure of some drug consuming the applicants say they'll not allow consuming been be in the location security in theirs location what about the rest of the area are very located less than two blocks away if the cable car station and pier 39
3:16 am
can you imagine coming from across the country and see someone smoking or doing drugs outside of wherever the premises and another thing 5 blocks away a middle school they didn't mention that francisco mission high school and 5 blocks away a high school gloovld please consider and remember the at least businesses thank you very much. smith. >> i've been here in california over 25 years and i speak with passion why i say that first hand because my
3:17 am
brother-in-law passed away from cancer i saw pot as a single professional going out on the street is not a safe thing i've not heard on the floor a safety of a person like myself having to need medical cannabis i had an accident many years back i needed medical cannabis and for potrero or soma parking for a single person like myself none thinks i myself we there are people like myself that need it we# need security i urge the committee to consider like myself i shop at safeway across the street this will be having a
3:18 am
validated parking how secure will that will important a woman like myself seeking medical cannabis i have to skews on my left my femur broke he we're heels my doctor said i need to be elevated i limb and need medical cannabis so i urge you to consider this proposal thank you. >> happy holidays i've been a resident of san francisco since 1996 i'm here in support of opposing of the business in the fisherman's wharf i'm actually a medical cannabis patient for two years now i don't live in the area, however, i work in the area a lot i already give a lot
3:19 am
of my business to the restaurants and shopping i feel that you know thisrea needs a medical cannabis dispensary it is an increase served section of this neighborhood there are a lot of patients i'm sure that live and work in this area that need this so we're actually going to be abruptly a lot more business to the area as opposed to to not i'm shopping added safeway and treasurer cisneros if convincing opposite this is a one time shop i'm here because looking at you the commissioners here you are a difference commissioners and san
3:20 am
francisco the people that live here there are diverse as well i feel that the businesses in the area should be as diverse for the people they serve thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> good afternoon my name is roxanne i've within a residents in california for about 27 years and i'm here just to let you know even though i'm not a consumer been around people that need medical cannabis including
3:21 am
family members and friends and know how important for them to have access to say a store and how difficult to go to a place and find as the previous person mention like soma and castro is not safe for single women i'm in favor of this project and hope you consider it is medical and it is needed for a lot of people especially people fighting for their life thank you and happy holidays. >> hello my name is gina i work in the area i am a survivor of a brain surgery and i've tried everything to ease my migraines triggered by my brain surgery
3:22 am
fortunately, no botox no acupuncture can help me with that my nuru surgeon and necrlost prescribed me medical marijuana prescription it is always been different to assess what i'm hearing from in room is fear of unsizzle characterizations using pot i don't know that i am any of undesirable traits traits and some people he person i'm a single mother and i am a responsible user and if anyone has been to a dispensary not everyone are harmful to the society and country's there are a lot of professionals that are needing this care just scared to open up only because of stigma
3:23 am
attached i seller hope you'll consider this is convenient for me as well i hope you consider it thank you. >> hi, i'm a clinic paramedic i thought i'm here to say there is a medical need we manage patient a lot of them with detait disease the pharmacies don't provide sufficient treatment the patients that are on mc are delatino and have trouble with disability therefore patients living in this neighborhood have good access to the mcd and not travel across town we want not to
3:24 am
prevent a pharmacy in a neighborhood we're afraid the misuse that will lead to homelessness, havingcy and panhandling we shouldn't allow stigma to prevent be mcd for patients thank you. >> hello good afternoon. i'm jetting son with the corporation we won and operate a business at the corner of beach and taylor i speak for myself and a lot of the community tenants alike that are concerned with having this used in a tourist district families children alike i'm concerned about the negative
3:25 am
aspect related to the gray area gray market use the things that happen outside the door in the neighboring streets people medicating themselves out in public and becoming a product of the streets other individuals having to deal with the tourist i have open communication with captain lazarus down in central district photos daily of having rants of self-medicine carts indoors and urinating on the streets and whatnot not here to say all users follow this path you but it's a big issue we have to face i'm concerned about what this will do to the area thando to t
3:26 am
>> good afternoon. i'm tom a resident of the north point neighborhood associations my family's owned properties 3 blocks away for one hundred years i've seen it down at fisherman's wharf the crime i've seen everything and in somebody mentioned in 2006, i was on the committee with leonard martin son the owner of cannery they wanted to put a pot dispensary on columbus and point street at a point we went to the hearing and the planning commission denied that i think again, they should deny it the planning commission said not in an appropriate area for a
3:27 am
pot dispensary i hope you guys vote the right way thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jessie james live and work in north beach i've been using male from a back injury from snow boarding i'm here to support the business to open its doors in fisherman's wharf it will provide a responsible and professional business i heard some of the opposing area from keeping the business from opposing it is absurd and individuals that work in focusing the majority didn't live in the area and want to ignore the easy access to medical benefits is shocking not
3:28 am
only will we have local residents a reason to visit the i don't want to drive across town more need to be using medical cannabis it is medication that people need access to thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is dennis i'm president of the fisherman's wharf merchants association and i'm here to speak above the board of governors in opposition of the mcd in no way, shape, or form do we dispute the importance of an mcd not in you're neighborhood we working closely with captain lazarus and have a very, very big problem are having ranvagrants - until
3:29 am
problem is addressed we're not in support of an mcd at this time thank you. >> next speaker i'll call a few more names colleagues, any questions or comments? >> good afternoon commissioners i have a speech but decided not to use it i'll speak from my heart at the opposition one of the main concerns they want to solve the homeless problem not having this in fisherman's wharf if they solve the homeless prop o problem in san francisco we could stop the homelessness problem in city of san francisco and mcd doesn't cause homeless
3:30 am
but my main point the point the opposition tells me as a residents of the san francisco and telegraph hill this is not a family in a family-friendly designation like focusing what their plying the rest of san francisco is not family-friendly so it should be opened there and not fisherman's wharf i find hypocrisy from the opposition please don't let them think i should be able to get my medication in different neighbors not two blocks i shop at trader joe's and orchestra elder hardware let me stay in the neighborhood thanneighborho >> i'm a homeowner and a
3:31 am
muffling patient suffering from god bless glad come and an i have successfully lowered any pressure and prevented if going blinds i want to speak on behalf of this project he support medical cannabis assess and point out several issues maybe raised first of all, even though this is deliver medical cannabis is a precise science and when medical patients want to see the type of cannabis they need to game a examine and look at the analysis i don't want to expect when the delivery comes it works when you buy produce you don't get it dlifdz you examine is it is urban dignified from the
3:32 am
paternity don't live in the neighborhood and future medical cannabis patients will in the city fisherman's wharf and have a right to assess medical cannabis furthermore, tourist who live in san francisco, california for medical cannabis patients visit the wafer thereer drug stores in fisherman's wharf where people if out of area can get prescriptions filled and the majority of people that use the medical cannabis according to a expert use medical cannabis that to replace the drugs it is important that the medical cannabis patients are not viewed as anti i used to work for a dispensary and people that go to dispensaries are not having been vagrants and met cat illegal and sell to young people the police
3:33 am
details the crimes shows, in fact, when the dispensaries are up crime rates go down when the dispensaries close crime goes up medical cannabis are a welcome addition and the tourists friendly of the upper market area is home for 4 years to the medical cannabis dispensary with plenty of tourist and not one complaint i urge you to a port this project thank sa port this project thank port this project thank opport this project thank ort this project thank uport this project thank port this project thank you. >> nooemdz a michael cohen an hiv patient in san francisco and strongly other than the americans for safe assess of san francisco chapter and leadership committee i'm a medical cannabis patient
3:34 am
and cannabis is my medication not making me a criminal or a bad person i'm here to speak up in favor of the patient some of the things i've heard from people where quote those people that come to the dispensary look so different than me we have a real mix of people in san francisco black and latino and filipino and all don't look the same some have baggy pants is that a reason to discriminate those people make me feel uncomfortable maybe they don't look like tourists i think so another quote this dispensary is an awkward fit for our neighborhoods i think people that live in the neighborhood should have access to medicine
3:35 am
that they desperately needs another quote this dispensary okay. not in this neighborhood the tourists need cannabis and patience as well another quote those people will bring a criminal element to my neighborhood i see no status to back that up from the police department i believe that many of the comments are based an racism is at root of many of their oppositions yes, we all know that racism is still alive in 2015 in san francisco listen to the news it an attack on medical cannabis patients i would like you to remember the people that visit business are cannabis patients that seen a doctor that
3:36 am
recommend this as medicine for they're all times they don't look like a desk clerk didn't mean they don't need medicine provided for them when i go to any doctor i see patients in the waiting room they are sick people i urge you to support this thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is don the california director of americans for safe assess for the medical cannabis organization i'm here in support of operational application for friends medical cannabis in california is the has been legal since 1996 and sensible access to patient while reducing crime and complaints i trust you reviewed the report i
3:37 am
sent you yesterday on that topic medical cannabis parnlts come from the community like the rest of the community and we can't allow stigma or bias to overrule the fact that this application purports with the criteria and because you have a strong regulatory program here in san francisco and one that is adequately enforced the activities and impact of this facility like the other in town will be nothing but positive for the community so i'll encourage you to look at the criteria on the application under the odor and make a decision based on the land use and innovate the fears and unfounded fears of a handful of neighbors to look for the patient in san francisco like everyone else thank you. >> hi a resident of san
3:38 am
francisco about 20 years my partner and two which shall age 9 and eleven 12 he learned when my partner had cancer 8 years ago i had to fulfill her prescriptions made me drive across town many mission no parking you know having accessibility for everyone is very important and it is a family-friendly cancer happens to family when my children 9 and 12 down at the wharf in the wharf spending our money it is family-friendly having a medical cannabis dispensary didn't cause
3:39 am
riffraff and vagrants peep like myself have to go to a place and park and walk you know my children can be in the neighborhood i'll not drag them to the mission it is an unsighting way of hiding to go get medical marijuana so hopefully, you'll listen to the proponents and think about the access that citizens need on this side of city thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm will with business owner in the fisherman's wharf been there about a year own a motor vehicle and gift shop on james weldon johnson street want to express based on my one year how many patients have comexa to me aski about the near itselfxxxxxxxxxmx direct everybody toxxxxxxxxxxxx
3:40 am
lot of thexx' patients come to store nearby so based on my experiexe andxx my nurse at the head center department a lot of her patients want to have safex and easy assess to the mcd and that's all i want to say today thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner i'm david i'm with the restaurants and 7 retail stores in fisherman's w÷rf been in the area for 3÷ years there's no argument thatñ medicl marijuana is necessary for some people and the medication that people need to have we're not here÷ to discuss if approved fo fisherman's wharf to bex9 the center of an mcd we talk about families that are
3:41 am
desperate and the people involved in the area i've heard comments like well, you know there's hardly any kid's walking around oh, my god that's all we have is families and the crime rates people say there is no significant interest in crime rate the fact it the police department is not allowed to collect data an mcds so this is something that it's a misconception the fact i've spoken to police officers they've told me absolutely criminal and havingcy goes up and people enter seed ñbuyers-
3:42 am
the issue of accessibility there are 46 go dispensaries i understand you want to feel and see you have the right content if you buy through it fruit online you can buy marijuana on line it takes whatever i already it is assessable in any search engine the argument it feasibility focusing it has 60 million investors a year that's a lot of people if you think you'll drive into a parking lot and park our car and get our medication i have news it is going to take you 6 hours and $50 before you get in not assessable as you think this is the driving point of my comments
3:43 am
and mcds need to be part of city affirmative action is absolutely not the place for mcds to be. >> next speaker and (calling names) that's me eugene thank you commissioner president fong and commissioners i'm not a public speaker ensue have 4 relatives in the area in the northeast part of town beneficial to my family 3 of the relatives are over 80 years old currently i don't know their business if they're taking medical cannabis but i believe in the future would be beneficial for them and as far as the police and crime and all this stigma people are are talking about authorities are watching people let's not say there isn't
3:44 am
someone watching when something is going on i believe i've seen many cannabis clubs helping people to the front door she have security succeed who i am yes, if you're waiting for a patient just wait audit everything is sdreets and kind this is for people that want to like relatives like my relatives that are over 80 years old that need this as medication in the privacy of their home and these are property owners thank you. >> hello, i live in district 3 powell and sacramento street i've also there 10 years san
3:45 am
francisco police commission most of my life a medical cannabis patient one thing i've noticed none mentioned medical cannabis has been legal in california for 20 years not like you know we've not have experience of meeting people that used cannabis for a long, long time most people are normal working people and the statistics that back this up i ran a cannabis doctors clinic for 4 years downtown san francisco and because i had access to patient records i decided to do american people anonymous database to figure out the average age of a cannabis patient 37 years old those are the people it is not predominantly gangsters it is
3:46 am
paramount people that have families family-friendly yes they are and people that have jobs they're not vagrants and people that use it responsibly responsible you don't buy marijuana if you can't afford it you don't want to eye something that is addictive so you use cannabis it make sense in my neighborhood i go to this area taylor street it is convenient not south of market and i think that a lot of the people in the neighborhood feel the same thing i don't understand why there is so much weird opposition from merchant i don't know it effects their business medical cannabises don't allow loitering so if you notice driven past a
3:47 am
dispensary not seeing a lot of loitering and gang stares an urban desirable people on photographs celebrating when i go down to youth or a sunday afternoon they look the is a same thing as everyone else in the dispensary i don't understand the opposition and here to support the - this location he appreciate you're time thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay great, thank you >> all right. good afternoon commissioners i'm troy the executive director of fisherman's wharf representing the 25 members of the board of directors so san francisco is a city that manages the this the advocacy and activists and
3:48 am
working with the supervisors polk street wants to keep out banks and a starbuck's and place moratoriums on businesses from fillmore to valencia we work to identify those businesses that detract in the merchants that is what we're doing here for taylor street this is a real estate office a dentists office businesses that don't fit the businesses especially in a retail corridor it is unique and helps those partnering in tourism the streets similar to arbitrarily a jury members and in chinatown and powell between market and geary those don't contain the businesses those detract but to have our
3:49 am
corridors not climatey or exclude the majority is a bad strategy to put this cbo perspective 15 retail shops and 6 companies and one hotel and at focusing 12 million visitors are not from the state of california this business will including exclude people walking this is not in keeping with the floor and undermines the planning commission to bring the shopping experience to the corridors in support of parklet fisherman's wharf public plan from 2010 it is part of ream and mixed use plan currently being worked on a holistic view of the wharf to make sure our demographics to attract the right kind of businesses for 12 million investors the letters for the
3:50 am
dispensary allowed at this location decades when the wharf was industrial had railyards and no businesses supported this and the fact that is a neighborhoods this is not a neighborhoods serving district the walgreens and other don't contain pharmacies no one is advocating one of the last places for stone town and candle stick point we have the zone for this reason we need the conditional use authorization to look at our consideration and demographics and disapprove a pots dispensary at this location thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm one of the property owners who is adjacent to the location for the
3:51 am
dispensary we have property along taylor street in halfway to taylor street to james weldon johnson street my concern here are not with - about the homeless element we've heard we have a lot of mental and alcohol and drug addicts down there given this type of element we are the communities have been struggling to contain the problem and help the homeless help the police and the outreach people and clean up the neighborhoods since people come off the cable cars and walk down that street in all the combined efforts we've been able to make small advances due to the amount of people concentrated in the area and due to the amount of lack of police
3:52 am
at times, and due to the amount of crime and the accessibility to, am i correct? commit crime and obtain the money to buy the drugs nfl the drugs are they're only coping skills as far as medical use of marijuana i understand the need i don't believe this location is the rights location i feel that perhaps many of their customers will become soft target for the criminal elements knowing their carrying money or drug when they leave i also am concerned about an uptick in crime right now as you may know in san francisco we've an you enormous crime in theft especially in the streamline area of fisherman's wharf i can
3:53 am
only see those problems increasing if an dispensary were to be in this area i have a brother who is 51 years old he was arrested in sausalito having drug paraphernalia having a loaded gun without the safety on with additional ammunition identification refusing arrest my brother has been doing drugs a great period of his life and a danger to himself and society nfl he's back on the streets and many of the years he did drugs the drugs railroad obtained from fisherman's wharf and many family member that had to try to
3:54 am
help another knows the frustration and the walls you're up against i'm sorry ma'am, your time is up. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is alexander are i represent 3 retail stores 1 on taylor street not go down to the potrero by fisherman's wharf is not safe fisherman's wharf is more unsafe every year and this location if approved will make that worse you know the reality is not everybody is as see
3:55 am
composed they have those onerous i know 50 or 60 people that got marijuana cards for a sprained wrist not saying they'll linger but my fear on taylor street i don't have security outside of my door i strongly oppose this location. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> i'm you don't think i'm a project manager at a property on fisherman's wharf and live in the area and president of the fisherman's wharf cb d we reviewed the documents supplied and provided through the planning commission agendas our first concerns nefarious to those after review the floor plan and renderings and consulting with another
3:56 am
dispensary we believe this location contains a lot of red flags that shows the lack of experience staff has in operating a mcd many of the dispensaries have school district they control the access and keep a watchful eye on the sidewalk it appears to be an open storefront that invites easy egress and ingress thisla sitting behind the - the dispensary didn't have its own bathroom and shares with 6 other businesses and this posed a safety problem as they and the just a few minutes properties have found homelessness people sleeping in the hallways and experience break in the manager and other persons are the only
3:57 am
people that have access it is not ada assessable and therefore it is in violation of americans with disabilities act by making it hard for a disabled person you've been told the wharf struggles with the consta] management of those who target our visitors we have organized a crime group who con visitors out of thousands of dollars future materials con people out of money and constant vandal lynching the cv d cleans up feces and urine from taylor street to show you guys a few pictures of the mcd area here's one a few doors down rotate that
3:58 am
yeah. >> this is across the street just around the corner. >> across the street and another 1 across the street we don't believe that people who need medical marijuana all those people the issue is there after speaking with sfpd on multiple occasions it was repeating this willes operate the problem. >> thank you. next speaker, please and good afternoon, commissioners i'm eric i'm the director of sales at gray line san francisco we are located and have been located for over 10 years on taylor street the proposed addresses a lot of our concern our main concerns from
3:59 am
the online business in which we'll have share an address with the proposed business most of our customers say 70 purchase in advance online those folks refer to reviews found an google amongst other website and the wholesalers; right? a basic search of this address will bring up both businesses we are concerned it will effect our business people are search and find this location excuse me. as opposed to our business and furthermore, reviews we host about three hundred thousand customers from all over the world and the country majorities domestic i hear stigma and unfortunately, there is a stigma that stigma is a negative one and no judgment
4:00 am
an whether or not it is right or wrong but will effect our business because it is a neighbor essentially actually john addressed the back corridor we utilize for restrooms and concerns will be not necessarily the customers or not the customers excuse me. the patients that are visiting that are getting their prescriptions our concern will bexc theft, robbery and the easy way that backdoor to assess not knowing the security or lay out you're concern is sharing that back entryway and our online business that will be affected thank you >> hello
4:01 am
monotony project manager and the shopping center at fisherman's wharf bounds by james weldon johnson and other streets when the applicant was asked to provide a reason to why they wanted to open a pot dispensary in the heart of the tourism it was sited a lack of pot dispensaries our contention that refraining and other concern the residents of barbary coast and other dispensaries located in the setting on howard and first our our understanding that the placing pitting a pot dispensary looking lombard and peers modern in addition to the existing 25 brick and mortar dispensaries throughout the city 45 companies that deliver marijuana to the doorstep we're concerned the dispensary will
4:02 am
impact the high leasing rates one property owner shared one pots dispensary was so aggressive and wanting to get a footprint asked for a double rent rate and some of the highest rates in the city particularly alarming they're small businesses that can't compete with a businesslike a pot dispensary in summary we don't want a medical cannabis there we don't need one thank you. >> hello my name is brandy i represent two restaurants at fisherman's wharf i'm on the fisherman's wharf cv d
4:03 am
this it is clear that the dispensaries close to the schools for children 18 and under is a southern as written to into the criteria for determination within 2 thousand 0 feet we have francisco and galileo high school and the headstart program no recreation but we want to ask the commission it to expand the idea of a reservation for those under 18 we believe that the entire fisherman's wharf district a reservation facility for children under 18 the surveys in 2006, 2010 and 2014 we know that the wharf welcomes 3 million kids within a thousand foot radius of taylor street is the san francisco
4:04 am
evolving and believe it or not and the spy shot unique to the wharf it the fact we allow the small groups that participate in programs with the national hyde street pier and other shakespeare's furthermore, we have a large number of children coming in and out of the district because of hotels in the area not conference hotels their family hotels consider also there would be family entertainment venues added to the wharf currently family owns and others to open arcades and team building sources for companies and small groups many talk about investigating recreational marijuana but essentially, we have that now and can go to an evaluation and tell the doctor you have a
4:05 am
problem and have a prescription get a membership cards only thirty to 40 minutes making you're decision consider the bye product of a dispensary at fisherman's wharf currently not medical marijuana clinics in fisherman's wharf but that will likely change with the pot dispensaries opening and targeting the visitors workplace the state of california one only look to convenience us beach imagine had the future with pot doctors and machinery solicitation how proud of the wharf will we be there then please consider these thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm rachel brown i
4:06 am
work to the fisherman's wharf communities benefit district i also have done contract work with 8 different businesses within the thousand mile radius of taylor street and i'd like to say i have been in strong opposition of that business since we've received notice of application alu both our organization and the petition online and within the communities our petition was shared within fisherman's wharf and the mc-3 district one hundred and 13 signatures business owners and property owners and hotel general manager and workers and residents people with truly vested interest in the well-being of the neighborhoods the applicants online petition received a large number of signatures the vast majority of signatures don't
4:07 am
live within the state of california let alone fisherman's wharf and it's neighboring districts they are medical marijuana videocassettes from all over the world not locals that understand the unique nature the proposed location how it threatens the neighborhood identity of the few san franciscans is as i understand the petition excuse me. >> oh, of the few san franciscans is as i understand the petitions on the residents they listed they already have pot dispensaries much closer to handle their needs we believe the intention to get the foot holds for the time when pot will think legalized in california as members of the planning commission plan ahead for the
4:08 am
fire chief currently 12 pieces of legislation that may result in the recreational shops in the future if using colorado as an indicator of what is to come we saw a large increase of pots for recreational use not colorado has recreational uses in clusters not a good fit we have the had an to avoid the same situation now to be clear i myself as a fisherman's wharf district organization and our board of directors have no problems are marijuana erma distinctly use or otherwise many of the board members are not opposed, however, we are all in agreement the proposed location on taylor student is not
4:09 am
appropriate thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. and opening of up to commissioner antonini >> thank you all for your testimony very interesting i put a lot of credence in the positions by the traditional businesses from fisherman's wharf to fisherman's wharf association the communities benefits district and many business owners that have been a significance and important part of the economy we want to make sure we don't disturb their ability to do business a few points were made the idea that patients will buzz in and out and park easily is often it is tough to find a parking space in the wharf the the citing is not a good one and also the other
4:10 am
points that was brought up could be any kind of neighborhood serving the business that i might be opposed they're serving the those who are coming tourist and other to the wharf for attempt not a lot of neighborhoods serving use within this particular dense part of fisherman's wharf area that is an important part going through the petition the last speaker made the point a large percentage a majority of those signing the address outside of san francisco and daily and brisbane and reds wood city and many are quite. >> distance some people that work he live in the area are supportive buses putting in positive comments in work or live in the area they make a
4:11 am
good point there are problems as pointed out the dispensary maybe well run once patient is out there with cash or product on the street it is another opportunity for criminal elements just as they pick on tourists it is easy enough to rehab people and grab cash and the product we approved the one on lombard and polka whole butch california street most are delivery but an onsite element we already have closed to thirty in san francisco i think and tech the city hall's like francisco and galileo are within 15 hundred feet their away but a lot of kids this was denied in
4:12 am
2006 i remember that case and there are no dispensaries in marin or san mateo we get as many as question possible can within san francisco so apparently either people in marin or san mateo don't need the medication but those counties don't feel it is appropriate to have more dispensaries i want to see it region listed another interesting thing the pharmacies in the area are not parliaments the cvs and walgreens don't have dispensaries and medication so the same thing can apply for the same reasons the area didn't seem to be well laid out a shared presence there the gray line and other businesses in the same location that's a little bit christmas eve i'm not sure
4:13 am
it is laid out the best and another point brought up not discussions we have formula retail use formula retail they have at wherewith all to drive out small businesses had this industry is a lack active one that's why you're seeing so many they have the big bucks and a start to think are we driving away renters at a lower rents by allowing those kinds of thing they're not formula retail but some of the things we have concerns exist with medical marijuana dispensaries so i'm opposed to this location it doesn't sound like the right one that's how i'll be voting and commissioner moore. >> it's an interesting conversation it gets more interesting as we hear additional applications prop 21
4:14 am
has a 1996 supported overwhelm majority of 67 percent in 2006 i started to sit in this seat at a point it was a discussion by which many of the arguments that were made for it were highly relevant and appropriate including some of the krechlz about prejudice they're not the same one this commission has except for one or two i'm not sure anymore in the last 10 years approved every mcd and given attention to the adding conditions that are responsive to particular neighborhood conditions and those were the things we're focused on today's discussion it is about land use
4:15 am
not about the real estate and opportunity to fill space but it is about land use vanity that can before and after have to be complimented or perform better or impacted i feel it is a conflict the people who spoke defines against it made arguments it resonated with me the roof and as a san francisco recipe i don't go down there as often this is an open space an area of people really experiencing an open space aspect the open space from the america's cup to the dead on arrival fin clubs and warner club and other things sometimes the golden gate bakery
4:16 am
to watch how bread is made that has an attractiveness i'll step back and is the bar of supporting mcds since 1996 has seriously shiftsd not about location and radius with saying and quarter of a mile radius is nothing it is an inappropriate comment but since some of the businesses have shifted into online and delivery with the person that needs cannabis cable of choosing the disinterest and the type of medication he building the brick and mortar of further and furthers fading into the background now location and i like to address the
4:17 am
gentleman who actually was representing today's applicants we just approved not too along a location on california street light in the lower blackstone block of california which has a large set of office suits in the support of the online targeted high ends highly quality control delivery of marijuana so i'm asking myself we're pressured for brick and mortar i believe the wrong place at the wrong time and wear not taking into consideration we're also simultaneously supporting the online clearing time of the office space in the financial district that someone a can walk and pick up marijuana so looking
4:18 am
at all the factors this location isn't quite the right one for me i don't think i'll support it. >> commissioner richards. >> the last commission nearly 16 months i've never voted against a mcd any of them i think two of them or 3 of them i led the charge to have the business on lombard against fierce opposition a month ago personally i absolutely support safe assess with medical cannabis dispensary 3 blocks from my house church and marketed a business for the neighborhood it is i think completely independent of the homeless or is vac vagrancy crossing a vacant street it is
4:19 am
causing the vagrancy so i think that vacant storefronts are causing for vagrancy, however, mr. campbell cited this in a different lens in the parallel of other issues identify been personally involved with the starbuck's and mission and the spade store and really trying to understand here the sflabdz and the businesses this is one of the few places in san francisco where i personally think that an mcd doesn't belong cast a vote to disapprove the project other things that weigh on me it is walgreens and cvs didn't have a pharmacy i think that active use this will discourage the foot
4:20 am
traffic and so like a private club absolutely support mcds this is the only time this is an xierldz exceptional circumstance to vote no, my advise to the folks at fisherman's wharf protect our business district and ask you're supervisor to require a cu in the future so i'll vote no on this. >> let me add a couple of thoughts here in 2006, i was actual on the odds and part of group that was opposed to the cannabis dispensary up north beach which i think you're sitting in the same seat as supervisor mar so the commission was opposed and denied that they're the same if
4:21 am
not stronger for the reasons from a land use issue many anymore accessibility in the city the delivery component is there people sort of juggle i say this more mcds in san francisco so we're not lacking we approved within in the northern part of district a couple of questions first of all, i appreciate all the speakers an long time audience in patience and absolutely everyone of the stores he hope i don't become in a physical condition but look for that as a medication or my family does the way the stores is laid down with the generous ground floor lobby that is inviting to the public didn't speak to me there for
4:22 am
patients like yourselves many chiropractic office this is an incredibly if not the district in san francisco to it varies between ground floor and second floor by 5 fold so takes so much of the ground floor space i think that is that you serve those types of patience it is a retail business and intend to be a retail business so i have a concern about that and maybe sir, can you address did ada question about the managers and other on the second floor with direct assess.
4:23 am
>> actually there's a storage over on the ground floor where the dispensary will actually be that can actually be - hold the cannabis in the back this with regards to the comments about it being not safe the individuals come into the front door here and there is a counter they'll show their valid id. >> my question if it is ada compliant and the upstairs office is for storage. >> the upstairs is the project manager office and storage where the cannabis will be distributed and common barrooms in the building. >> i met with the mayor's office they're coming plenty and we'll have a list. >> thank you. >> commissioner hillis.
4:24 am
>> so, i mean those are tough issues we get a lot of people arguing on both sides some of the good things about the location here is it is not directly on the main drag of fisherman's wharf but it is fairly small and narrow storefront i share some of the commissioner president fong's concerns he august for them to be a little bit more open than typical there is gates and bars and a sometimes guards there but i think if we were to approve something here the design will actually be for the district two open and welcoming in shouldn't look the way it is but - there is no other mcd fairly close by had issues with cluster which we don't have necessarily in this
4:25 am
district the question of kind of i've argued in the past available shouldn't be going into retail districts shouldn't be considered retail in nature we try to discourage medical offices in districts we don't - these but they share similar traits 33 we should discourage them and encourage on the second floor having medical office space the codes encourages you to be in retail districts, of course, when we broadened this discussion it is ineventual this will be legal we'll have more of those in places especially along retail corridors what do we do in retail areas but it is acute here in fisherman's wharf where
4:26 am
it is one of the most heavily trafficked retail districts and having better areas with non-retail space is problematic i agree with commissioner johnck's that a lot of what we heard about crime or homeless don't resonate with me i live 2 1/2 blocks from mcds i have 3 kids 10 and under not a big impact on us but the biggest impact i see is actually from people dough it takes up a retail space so this is the cvs brought that up my biggest concern of the heavily trafficked corridors having the use there one question for the project
4:27 am
sponsor which came to me why is this location for something that is serving you know more neighborhoods serving you're in our kind of central tourists designation as some pointed out not easy to get there and park and go in and have a neighborhood where we see neighborhoods serving trader joe's or parking lots are there why choose this area i mean is the green zone having broader areas and reducing the radius around schools and things like that it tends to restrict the number of mcds and that's why wear seeing the clustering in south of market but have you looked at year ago did you choose that location and have you looked at other districts
4:28 am
around the city. >> there are many reasons he spent the first 6 months of this year working closely with the planning department andññññ÷÷÷÷y pulled four l o directors throughout the intent city that was based on my own going through every neighborhood of the city under served for the people that reside>> above fisherman's wharf and another reason one thing i haven't hear> anyone talk about they've recently opposite side up the hardware story 40 feet from my store an hr their businesses that are residents focused in the neighborhood and another reason is that i followed the guidelines laid by the mayor's
4:29 am
office and city planning that was deemed you know and agreed upon by the l o d for the green zone to open. >> but you mentioned those 4 kind of adjacent neighborhoods in the city that i think people referenced in you're petition showed people that also in the neighborhoods are they off limits fair not part of green zone but did you look at those neighborhoods. >> i did and the area where i am on trailer street was the pretty much the only green area on that whole side of the city in district 3. >> okay. thank you. >> i mean that is something that we've got to address thank you you know because it is probable i don't think so that is the best area in the city to put on
4:30 am
mcd it not serving one because of he heavy retail nature and not serving the people it is not residential you're drawn to it because it is in the green zone and we've put-down those kind of arbitrary restrictions on the green zone like the over concentration a fisherman's wharf it is part of green zone but like the excelsior and soma vaunt the one or more thing i want to go back to the accessibility in parking in the area there is actually an empty not an empty but parking lot directly across the street from the storefront that housed 2 hundred cars within one plain clothes radius 4 additional parking garages and in my business plan you'll see where i offer that parking validation to
4:31 am
individuals. >> thank you commissioner wu. >> i kind of want to pick up on the conversation that commissioner hillis is having the green zone is very limited and i think the challenge ahead of us will be to find a way to have sorts of kraebl distribution and my guess on a few anymore neighborhood locations that will you know that can meet the criteria in the green zone ensue not having clustering challenges so that leads me to be clients in support of project i agree storefront changes that seems quite open and there needs to be ways to talk about garbage it is in the motion garbage and recycling and communities liaison and all that what will happen we'll continue to see
4:32 am
mcds proposed and we may then start to see the position we can't say supports any of them that indicates something needs to change with the way we're beginning the green zone to the questions of land use it is challenging that the underlying land use e.r. zoning is c-2 so you know fisherman's wharf should be treated differently i wish we could look at it in the light of this name irving and every neighborhood has named district and this is the toughest area a definition by fisherman's wharf is not a c-2 the way that the rest of downtown is c-2 not downtowns but the c-2s function it makes without the distinction it makes it harder to talk about it
4:33 am
definitely than land use. >> if i may i want the public to know this commission we hear those mcds items once a month sometimes twice a month and every single one we spend as much time their addressed by address and we'll see the commissions not necessarily acting in the same way we're thinking about each one and given tare circumstances i don't mean to put director rahaim but the last two comments about the green zone and also i've mentioned that at the last meeting some marijuana become legal on the 2016 ballot are we as a city prepared and how will we approach that that pvrld when it becomes legalized what's the measures if i'm poster of a
4:34 am
moratorium put one on these in the city until is it so legalized with a plan in action. >> yeah. commissioners a couple of interesting questions i'm not sure i have a great answer by the green zone is, of course, some clustering as many of you may know in some parts of the city some the supervisors require a conditional use rather than a mandatory discretionary review the conditional use is the higher bar that the bar is necessary and desirable but troirldz circumstance that is one factor if our stand point as commissioner hillis said we've discussed the possibility with the supervisors loosening up the requirements we think that is unfortunate that some of the mcds have been clusters and the commissioners have raised that
4:35 am
concern respect to the legalization it is hard to know until the actual legislation move forward but i suspect a transition that allows for addressing of the issue the mcds and the on that allows for time for cities like san francisco or any 71 to understand the relationship two the existing mcds and the potential legal locations to buy marijuana so the city i believe is setting or set up a task force to look at that on or about i think to date that task force has not zealot with land use issues it is time it does and get a seat on that task force a lot of unanswered questions at this point we don't know until legislation at the state level move forward. >> i think i speak for the fuel commission we would like to assign someone to follow that
4:36 am
and whatever variations of the ballot measures and if anyone should pass how we treat that going forward. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much yeah. for that question commissioner president fong and was actually going to say something i love to see us move towards a moratorium we need more clarity and between a rock and hard place on the decisions and then adding the commentary i appreciate the fact that the committee sew doing that work and hope we get a seat apple that i envision it will not answer all the questions but look at the zoning codes and planning code not going to change anything about that so i'm glad we're starting to look
4:37 am
at this - i you know like to keep things simple a lot of times this is one of the civic center yes don't i worry about that this area would not zoned c-2 or potentially a special use district donna today worry about that maybe the resource had a bar of a cu yes there are a lot of facts on the ground i wish were in place they're not we have a circumstance this is an area within the so-called green zone i don't necessarily see new extraordinary circumstances that is compatible with the type of clientele that comes in or a detriment you believe that is crime risks and problems enough
4:38 am
and having this land use there contributes to or x base those problems whether i believe that this use is not at this meeting a general population going from storefront to storefront that normally anyone can but now where it is a specific use you believe that that is compatible or not none of those are part of decision about a discretionary review it would be different if it was a sud but unfortunately not the case overwhelm to supports it today i don't know if this is before this if it sounds like support for this i definitely think there are conditions that i would want to see around clarifying security of retail space and clarifying the layout i think that is open
4:39 am
so from a physical stand point that is good because you don't have what we see in others mcds go where tare closed off with boards on the windows and guards with guns standing outside the goorz did you with that and not to have the staff will overwhelmed so we'll see where we end up there is conditions i would want to impose on this space otherwise because of the zoning we have here because of the rules we have where mcds can go locate themselves and the fact on the ground the type of level of decision we're asked to take i have to support it. >> commissioner antonini. >> well, the unusual and
4:40 am
extraordinarily conditions pointed out to the analogy between market and grant avenue and chinatown you could say the and were around at&t park where the warriors arena and certain areas for lack of a better word people come if all over the world i think this can be disruptive to a six situation that is precars and all the merchants don't feel it is right here he tend to agree with them it is speed limit to be neighborhood serving and people of whom are in the area and some outing outside of the area and loektsd somewhere else i know we don't have a lot of not like we
4:41 am
have a lot of dispensaries not the appropriate i'll move to take dr and disapprove. >> commissioner moore. >> perhaps that application comes to us after state law passes this would be an oxygen position but that's not the case i think that is get is not quite there because of physical requirements for asking you the space is not typical for this particular area not the rights dedication at this very moments and for those reasons he can't support that. >> commissioner hillis. >> yeah. i think i mean i mean, i agree with the comments it a fine-grain land use on the second floor i think that is was a block off in a less of a retail area you know we could support it i do want to note on
4:42 am
the courage we should get a spot on the committee that is looking at the owner of legalization it is coming obviously and i know land use is important because i think we can't have this issue we're arrest trig limit because of the green zone doesn't make sense and puts us in the positions we're looking at clustering or no mcds in spaces in questions if you have an mcd did it automatically move you into allowing that as a recreational spot we looked at mcds under a different somewhere so i think we should broadened the place and not necessarily have the differentiation but if so legal and recreational should be allowed in fisherman's wharf downtown and in the outdoor sunset or richmond's it is important to get a seat at the
4:43 am
table. >> if i may quickly aaron is corrected me to tell me the task force is meeting starting next month under supervisor wiener's supervision we have a seat at the table i stand corrected. >> sxhifshgs. >> two commissioners heard possible myself mentioning the interim controls i would suggest i don't know how the process will work but under planning code section this commission initiating the controls we have clarity on the legalization i want to put that out there and have a hearing on that. >> perhaps i'll suggest what happens with the task force i'm sure the interim controls b will be discussed. >> commissioner moore. >> that was a robust discussion i'll ask the direction to have a transcript
4:44 am
that might help you as you're starting to have this into the upcoming dissuasions commissioner johnson. >> i'll take interim colsls it is moratoriumols speaking to changing the guidelines for the cases before us i think as we got rid of in 2016 not see the case for a while and finally i agree with commissioner antonini actually on some of the comments he made about the comparison of fisherman's wharf neighborhood to other uses the attempt sorts of district we have and again going back to any comments if we want to change the facts on the grounding i would propose that the supervisor for the districts or those interested in that push for that in the example the warriors arena as part of approval forlgz that project the
4:45 am
successor agency those are the sources of zoning districts that really clarify the types of uses and a pathway here. >> commissioners there's a motion to move forward. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson marry no commissioner moore commissioner richards. commissioner wu no are and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes passes 5 to 2 >> the commission will take a lunch break andhour.
4:46 am
>> good afternoon and welcome back to the planning commission welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of the one-size-fits-all during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under our regular calendar on item 13 for case no. projecting signs in the neighborhood regional transit. >> again aaron manager of legislative foyers that amends the planning department force the signs in the district up to one and 25 square feet in size and 60 feet in height, however, the maximum height it is the
4:47 am
features the sign they must be is arranged verizon and must be interrupt the features the building and projecting signs in the district are 24 square feet and 24 feet in height those controls were draft with the financial in mind that is sunday evening to add a marquee sign those controls can you used by other businesses provided they meet the retirement on the neighborhood and architectural integration 3 modifications to strengthen the sign controls which require the signs to have a tormentor with a profile to be at narrowly narrow and structurally as feasible and require the sign forces assassination during business housing as hallow leslie one per
4:48 am
building for the occupant of the building to strengthen the controls to make sure the signs will be of qualify staff recommendation for modifications and that concludes my report. >> i'm sorry supervisor conner johnson from supervisor president london breed office is here. >> good afternoon conner johnson lavrdz the the item before you is per legislation the district 4 mr. star did an excellent job you'll talk about the context of this legislation the of him corridor fillmore neighborhood is a real currently and historic jewel in san francisco gave us the fillmore or the harlem of the west excuse me. and the financial auditorium a critical component and a
4:49 am
landmark that tells us such arrived in the neighborhood that is why supervisor president london breed feels that is important we have a reserve from the lower organization i wanted to briefly men's we ethnicity support this and she reiterates the point the first name is a welcoming gateway to the neighborhood much in the same way the potrero theatre it the welcoming feature to the potrero it serves the same function on behalf of supervisor president london breed i'm here and i'll be happy to answer any questions project sponsor. >> there is no project sponsor opening it up for public comment i have gone speaker card andrea
4:50 am
barker. >> okay. >> hi commissioners, thank you for giving us the time i'm the general manager that was born when i served on the mcd and the community came and said they wanted to clean up the corner from tourist in the neighborhood a subject of merchants meetings so we did 0 don't ever that the code requires the as i understand to be low on the ground i ground we engaged supervisor breed and the planning department on a way to get that sign up and properly represent the building and the entrance to the corridor thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> yeah. a question looks like this is going to be a blade sign and any other signs were allowed for other businesses will be
4:51 am
blade signs two probable. >> that's correct the lettering has to be vertical. >> okay sounds like fine i'll move to approve. >> second. >> with modifications suggested by staff if they're okay with the supervisors office. >> very good supervisors a motion be seconded to disappointing adopt a recommendation commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 14 bay street conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon. brittany of the department staff you have before you a question for conditional use authorization to
4:52 am
demolish a chevron automobile service station with a residential building on a property greater than 10 thousand square feet in a c-2 zoning district it is approximately 49 thousand square feet and 42 off-street parking and 40 bicycle parking spaces the corner configuration the project requires the rear yard modifications for dwelling unit exposure that will be heard by the city administrative, however, the rear yard modification is not properly noticed the variance request has been continued to the january 27, 2016, variance hearing and will be heard by the zoning administrator at this point given no opposition and that the project compiles with
4:53 am
the zoning code with the general plan the department is comfortable moving forward with the conditional use with the recommendation of approval that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you. >> project sponsor. >> honorable planning supervisor and staff and ladies and gentlemen, i'm mark i'm the president addressed founder of presidio partners the 16-year-old san francisco real estate company and the project sponsor been a real estate
4:54 am
developer and built on and on over 200 projects we're doing over nine hundred projects in san francisco we had the fox plaza block from here i've lived close to the subject property for the past 16 years two blocks from the property where i raised my too young sons i care deeply about what happens in the marina i've been involved in the community and serving on the child abuse council and services to the homeless and preschooler and was instrumental in helping to get the jazz concert hall builds our company is condominium to building projects in the surrounding neighborhood as with autumn the projects we reached to the neighborhood to understand and design a project that addresses them and anymore
4:55 am
specifically in the past summer a community outreach meeting with 10 separate meetings with those who wanted additional information this rebuttal in receiving 9 letters of support 40 from the neighborhood adjacent to the site and a letter of support from the marina inconsistent association as a result of the feedback if the neighbors we redesigned the building to increase the setback from our neighbor to the east resulting in our building 35 feet from their knowledge that actually is what triggered the split in the variance hearing because it was conforming before it was originally before the building come forward to the neighbors concerns the setback as a result for - our goal to design a high quality this that is with the adjacent historic
4:56 am
this and have a timely building will be a beautiful addition to the marina architect i'll introduce our architect to give a brief oh, overview and ask for your support today thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners and the practice of our small san francisco firm has been to do and design buildings that are connectingly beautiful the site being located in the center of the aerial view in the lower right hand corner and the unit there is a live called the heritage on the marina any brick
4:57 am
building that has great historical character here you can e get a sense the upper view on bay street address the lower laguna on the left as you can see the gas light building on the corner and slightly different expressions take the next here's the slightly aerial justify of the street on laguna the building is designed as four stories 40 feet high and along bay street modules 25 feet typical san francisco module and bay windows and slots and size to make distributions between the laguna here's the site i'm sorry -
4:58 am
thank you. >> mark. >> site plan so you can see the corner the corner is a mixing tooth in the fabric of the block human resources here's the ground level plan the main library is off the bay street to the right-hand side and the auto ramp off the buchanan on the ned of the block due to several reasons improves of bike safety and it is the lower elevation the site a 6 feet sloping to the east next a compact one level basement with 42 parking spaces next. >> the elevations the principle materials are brick glass, some metal detailing, and here as you can see on the top
4:59 am
elevation that is bay street the vertical slots of glass to give the building a townhouse or neighborhood character that is projected and wrapping the corner of buchanan next so those are the what i call the inside elevation the lower one of the east elevation that faces the apartments we've widened the setbacks as mark said i'll call the courtyard view think the top the section on the upper section the two-way to enter buchanan street they help give privacy to the grades activating the street and this is a view in the
5:00 am
buchanan side as you can see the garage entering the for ground and lafco at the courtyard we with we call the greenhouse and the peeked roof in the for ground and again, we choose to have a glass her expression on the north side of the building to give the impression that the massaging it step down toward the site and finally i'll leave you with this one that is a shot from the you know the principle corner where the two streets enter second and to the side of corner with that, i'll leave it to you folks to ask any questions aid last week thank you. >> opening it up for public comment one speaker card (calling names) public comment?
5:01 am
>> eugene lynch i'm the the same block and on the paper it is equal it out out vacant for so long it would be nice to have something go in there the gas station served it's purpose at the time it would be a great addition to the block i formally spoke to this gentleman during recess they have their plan definitely together and answered a couple of any questions i would say one issue and this might be more traffic than parking there's a tremendous amount of traffic there the 43 safeway trucks and there's buses he private buses to fort mason and the goodwill that has a lot of traffic people parking anywhere they want and basically
5:02 am
breaking the rules parking in the head or yellow zone to congestion on the northeast corners i want to brought to your attention and also i won't see you probable have a merry christmas. >> thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> sense 209 that particular lot is disruptive to the feeling in the neighborhood the neighborhood it requirement low rise and the street is rather wide and across the street is a huge park in the edge of the park the cause of it being less populated has actually been a problem over the past few years ago seeing this building step in
5:03 am
not the loss of another gas station that's another subject but a fabulous project to have at that site i like about it, it is so understated pet e yet so lovnt contemporary it eases you're prospective of architecture i apologize not knowing that is laguna and bay hopefully. >> heritage and it is absolutely a fabulous building and coming down and seeing this now blend into to make the building on the corner of laguna a ranch large are apartment building tracking would be upgraded to presence of a high-end building i couldn't be happier to see that i'm aware
5:04 am
the problems with goodwill there could be providing some people including myself to have coffee on the way we go but to mitigate the conflict with perhaps 28 whatever numbers should have a response that is a collective responded i'll suggest we find a way to really ask that there is no furtheres probating situation so for a fall back to have people round into goodwill but that's a 10 minute time i'm in full support of project and move to approve with conditions. >> second. >> let me share some thoughts i know the block very good my gather built and developed the
5:05 am
building next door it was probable not architectural interest rate you're looking for but out find his back pocket in 72 or 73 but obviously the retail place will be great i see parking improvements along bay street with diagonal but what is cool they separate is it from the curve to have a protected bike lane that is great i'm supportive and i hope you don't find any underpinning problems commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i very much like it two in particular 61 percent two bedroom and three bedrooms i was hoping to stay with the brown rust masonry and keep it uniform
5:06 am
so one does it was all red but all the same color and the clay black on the window that is long time and the combination make that blend in with an historic building so - >> commissioners, if there's nothing further location to approve that matter with conditions. >> commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to zero and places you on item 15 for case mission street it is an office development authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners rick department
5:07 am
staff the the item before you is an office development authorization for 35 thousand plus square feet at the mission street the proposal the change in use of a approximately 35 thousand from auto garage less repair to office use the basement an first and second floors the proposal will undertaking under take the facade the replacement with a new system stone the ground floor replacement of the windows observe the upper floor with compatible windows and the removal of a guardrail i've provided copies for your review and this incorporate the title block and a title page after analyzing the instead of
5:08 am
recommends approval with the planning code in the general plan the project is in a zoning district that encourages the growths of office development and represents 3.2 percent of office space for allocation and current rates that pays the impact fees and the project sponsor is available for questions that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you. >> project sponsor please. if you commissioners john with reuben, junius & rose here on behalf of the project sponsor the project the item before you eliminates a parking space to convert to the structure to an office building the existing building consists of 36 thousand square feet of paid parking and modern automobile repair use and to exert to a office that was
5:09 am
built in 1927 the building is undergoinging and seismic upgrade the project significantly fulfills the goals of vision zero policy and this is for over the last couple of years to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 soma is one of the highest levels of death and injury and mission street is a high injury corridor the projects eliminates all angling automobile access to the student and 50 foot's curb cuts and reduces the conflict of pedestrians and bicyclist and the first policy and an active use for the experience along the street so in short the project
5:10 am
eliminates a parking garage and improves the bicycle safety and a high corridor and reverse the look of the 1927 building for those purposes we ask for your support. >> opening it up for public comment. >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner richards and that is a great project for all the reasons all of mentioned he love the look of the, and especially last week the fact their donating a curb cut so i definitely support. >> commissioner moore. >> i have a question for the gentleman have - again, you know my propensities towards finding a way to protect pdr has there been any discussion with but and you're client regarding the 101 replacement and identifying new
5:11 am
sites or anything like that you know this building is for all intents and purposes to help with pdrs this is near and dear to my heart and oh, someone will take care of this has there been an active engagement in replacing the pdr. >> certainly something we discuss during the process because of this exact issue commissioner moore with the sensitivity around the pdr in the south of market it is mostly a parking garage a tire repair tinker with you're motor vehicle in the basement and so space the building owner had other than the paid parking not an intelligent pdr use outside of that with difficult years we're converting to an office space
5:12 am
and the kind of use that is not generally consistent with other pdr use on the site the short answer that is something we've looked and we know that is something to consider but ultimately this is the project that the project sponsor settled on. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to you approve. >> commissioner moore. >> and was p,z&e, finance governance over with you said i want to ask the director perhaps that maybe an opportunity for starting to formulate policy we cannot continue to displace pdr even if the parking garage is displaces a number of jobs and employment at the core of protecting pdr we find quite curious by indeed
5:13 am
a beginning of formulating how we deal with displacement and where i think we - i urge all of us to take that seriously because we are cranking up our discussion on housing how to solve the housing problem we need to start talking about simultaneously the issue of job loss and displacement of employment. >> happy commissioners just as what we are doing on the front the central soma plan has a one-on-one replacement having that discussion with folks in want mission and the mission 2020 and also probable time to come back with an update on pdrs we're actually there is actually three or four thousand square feet of space that is under construction or in the pipeline it is the first time we've seen
5:14 am
the pdrs use we're encouraged that is in any pdrs space being built in the city potential more than half a million square feet so i think that is time to update you and that accumulation how we're trying to protect the pdr and the office of economic workforce development has a policy to try to relocation the businesses in the city with redevelopment we're sensitive to that on or about we're concerned about pdr as well i'm happy to have that discussion moving forward. >> and interested if we take a look at our own track read into the record in the last two or three years to see what is it the new pdr spaceless and what the basically only capture what we lost so holding the conversation a little bit what
5:15 am
we're discussing not effects the decisions right now but in the future of replaceing will make it easier for me to support the building design a fabulous no questions there but other issue remains unanswered and commissioner antonini and yeah. i think that is an area where a lot of residential being built not far away in trinity plaza and the soma grants not too far in the other discretion is 5 m a other was use sits well, not saying we don't need to protect and promote pdrs but pick and choose our areas that is better stevedored by issues in the existing parking facilities
5:16 am
there is a a lot of parking in soma that the available. >> commissioner johnson. >> yeah. just a quick comment and question so i agree that i think we need to be thinking how we are replacing pdr space around the city and obviously we're looking at certain neighborhood and auto garage and we've been thinking about whether else we're putting the space the only this thing e thing i'll say he definitely supporting forgot about the zoning presentation and auto garage and repair i support that and i'll ask a question mean the staff when we have oh, what was the address 553 third street and . >> oh, 663. >> 663.
5:17 am
>> 663 and we end up splitting that half-and-half between harry reid pdrs and office space did we use the office space for the whole space or just a half. >> for the half in case 663 came in as a large cap from the project sponsors request and the staff recommendations to reduce it to they'll quality under the small cap and the commission approve a smaller amount so - as you what was the the zoning for the rest of that what was left. >> so the project sponsor from what i understand is trying to figure out that they're basically allots whatever uses by the zoning district. >> okay. okay. so they're trying to figure out what the land use as a place for the
5:18 am
other asset building. >> that was ss o so you as a commission roughly 45 thousand it was a small cap they couldn't put the office on the other floors to the remaining floors is whatever uses that are permitted. >> okay got it for this building they're going for the small office cap for the whole space that cap includes light industrial spaces per cap way within the pdrs use their permit as a right so the owner elected to pursue a passenger door spates they're okay and i definitely support the project for this reason i think that this space in terms of where the neighborhood going is definitely
5:19 am
a place for a whether he says uses the way they've set up the building didn't chapping that structurally so it couldn't have tenants you can use it we're looking at when we are mentioning 63 and other areas obviously we cannot bind the project sponsors to do the business and it is separate and if we're displacing pdr where are those heavier in 10 words going i think we need to think about that and not pushing it off down the future. >> commissioner antonini and move to approve. >> second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second with conditions on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner johnson commissioner moore. >> commissioner richards commissioner wu and commissioner president fong
5:20 am
so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us on general public comment when i have no speeder. >> any general public comment this evening okay not seeing any, the commission would like to adjourn in memory of mary brown and i did see some service information or information about a service on saturday. >> okay. the meeting is adjourned. >> happy holidays everyone. >> same to you. >>
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>> will call. commissioner katz commissioner adams mr. kimberly brandon >> december 8 november 10, 2015 meeting. >> motion to approve? moved and seconded. all in favor aye. the minutes are proved. >> m3 of the comment and executive session >> any public comment on executive session spewed of the comment is closed >> executive session. >> moved to move into


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