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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 6, 2016 12:00am-12:11am PST

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the of the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority and we want to thank sfgovtv leo and phil for broadcasting today's hearing i want to also welcome our newest and returning member commission peskin so welcome commission and calling supervisor avalos supervisor breed
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supervisor campos absent supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absence commission peskin and commissioner mondejar absent supervisor wiener present supervisor yee present we have quorum i thank you very much we'll now go to item 2 >> chair's report this is an informational item. >> colleagues i'm pleased to report a 5 year federal transportation bill that was passed and as i understand by the president on december 4th it is called the fyi americans surface transportation or fast act since 2005 we have a multiple spending bill to improve the transportation infrastructure xhourd our roads and bridges and bic and pedestrian pathway and transportation network we owe
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barbara boxer in the $3 billion bill although the telegraph hill bill lacks the dedicated funding source we have slightly higher levels of money for the 56 year period very, of course, have there's more work to do to have the long-term funning for the country we've heard the act will include $30 million for the moyer u bower that was expected in the transportation bill some other changes the return of a competitive bus and bus pallets program two new freight and transit signal starts program that benefits the brt we must not repeat uncertainty over the past decade but as we advocate
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for a dedicated trust fund we'll have stated and local resources for transportation with connects with bart and local measures including the local vehicle license fee to deliver more projects from the streetscape projects which we celebrated earlier this month and i was pleased to join supervisor avalos and supervisor cowen at that 23e7b9 that included the mcallister park and staff from the rec and park department public works and mta and our transportation authority the groundbreaking kickoff destruction of this safety project that converts 4 lanes into a pedestrian walkway for mcallister park the $7 million project has collaboration and funding resources including the transportation authorities one
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bay area grant program the vehicle registration and the prop k savings thank you to the ta staff fro organizing the event and all who worked on the project and the bureau ton band that entertained us and feinstein several individuals at the transportation authority for their service thank you to our cca sequence advisory committee my prediction to supervisor tang for the chairing of the plans committee and supervisor avalos for the finance committee and thank you to supervisor kim for our vision zero and leading the work on the transit 2rr8d mobility plan and also see acknowledge former supervisor christensen for her services on the transportation authority and welcome again to commission
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peskin as we prepare for the holiday recess i'll thank our hard working legislative transportation authority for your work for 9 past year that was a very busy and productive year our twooiblth year open doyle drive and constructed the full name foong and established ourselves those the transcript mobility agency and with the brt environmental documents and variance improvement projects and pretty much every part of city i looked to a terrific 2016 and see if we can move forward with the transportation public speakers 19 or that concludes my remarks any any public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item item 3. >> item 3 executive director
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report that is an informational item. >> thank you chair wiener and good morning tilly the directors i'm pleased to echo the appreciation to congresswoman the president for signing 9 fast track that is welcome news and as the chair mentions not serving the transportation feeds we've got a lot more work to do and working with the partners on revenue opportunities at the regional and local goals for next year one piece of good news one potential impact to our sales tax from the aviation administration we're not subject to a rex regulation that is approved at the federal level that allows for sales tax and local takes to come back to the airport so we the some raven with our colleagues with the city
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attorney's office and other jurisdictions have determined for the prop k sales tax we don't collect sales tax revenues for prop k from san mateo from the airport itself we're not subject to that regulation and it is being workout on the local and state level frankly in the department of finance is effects jurisdictions across the united states but determined we're not impacted from the sales tax for from prop k more through the 1971 legislation sales tax for transportation uses at the state level i'll be happy to answer any questions and in addition here locally we've been able to take off the transportation survey with the leadership and the leptin help of the unified school district and geographically with private school to better understand the
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schools age children with paernls needs how to make school transportation easier for folks thank you supervisor tang for leading that in district 2 we've also planned for the crooked street for lombard street under supervisor farrell's tips and planning how we can better manage the traffic and the pedestrian and other visitors use to smooth out traffic we've determined that there are about 2 million verifies to lombard street to the crooked street and trying many management views we're deeper dive to explore out the traffic and keep the area liveable and promoting the tourist activities and promoting travel and visitor we are planning a meeting for january and interested folks please
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contact andrew our planning department staff in district 9 chances improvement study with supervisor avalos office working with the sfmta and caltrans to better sort out the conflicts the basic pedestrian conflicts particularly with the alameda change near main in the coming months an analysis to get the improvement of the safety and improve the bible and pedestrian crossings at the sgraj and interested community members conduct the planner in the division and in addition we've work on confirming the transportation concepts for district 11 with supervisor avalos as well as the supervisor kim we hope to report on those two districts as well as commission 8 with supervisor
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wiener next year our geary bus rapid transit has exceeded the period related to the environmental document on november 30th we welcome community input think brt and collect three hundred comments that we are current working on responses to and navigate met with the community members that expressed concerns about the removal of overpass bridge had a good meeting and will meet with the community in january to replace their concerns with those opportunities in addition 6 thousand people using the new decision alter view finding on 15 avenue two locations where people go and take a look at the street what it looks like for the visualization after the project for the brt a


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