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tv   BOS Full Board 121515  SFGTV  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> even though the navigation center has been up in march 2014 the program is creating successful outreach for it's clients. >> a month ago they came to me and asked me to go into a new program i moved into here and now 3 months later i have my own place it is mine i lock my door don't worry about my stuff it feels human again >> calling meeting to order and roll call, please. >> edna james is excused, vice
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president [inaudible] catty loo, here. commissioner ow, here. commissioner roy, here, [inaudible] and also note that agenda item a will be removed from the agenda. >> thank you. can i have a motion to approve the agenda for todays meeting? >> so moved >> second. >> moved and second all in favor? >> aye. >> may i have a motion to approve the consent agenda for today? >> so moved, >> moved and second, all in favor? >> aye. >> passed. >> motion to approve the minutes for december 2 meeting. >> so moved >> second >> moved and second, all in
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favor? >> aye. >> so moved. forgive me, this is the first time in this chair so i have to turn the pages. this is opportunity for public comment. do we have comment from the audience? seeing none we'll move on to reports. first on the list is employee of the month. department of aging and adult services recognized sue kirkland from quality assurance unit. [applause]
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>> i don't need to say anything because everyone knows how great sue is already, right? because we have a lot of people from different programs here could people that are here to witness this please stand up, please. >> [applause] >> wanted everyone to stand up because i think one of the exciting things we are doing in dos now is the craeckz of clinical and quality assurance and clinical consultation unit and that is a new program where our nurses and social workers are centralized so they can provide services across the department to client in need. one of the things we haven't had the ability to do in a long time and had it in adult productive services but haven't been able to serve other
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programs is we haven't been able to send someone out. sometimes the social workers go out and they say this person may need to go to the hospital, is this stage 4 ulcer or something else and don't know what to do. often they had to call 911 and now we have our oun unit and it is exciting to see it flourish. one thing that is great about it is we bring expertise like sue and people from in home supportive services and they are able to work together to serve the department and clients better. i want to talk about that unit and thank people from aps and ihss and some of the other programs like public gaurdian, people coming toort to make this work well and seemless.
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what i want to kooread what is written about sue but what is written is much moore articulate than what i can say about her. sue kirkland-someone called her miss. sue kirkland is registered nurse. sue is devoted in representing aging squidult services in client advocacy and centered service planning, client engage ment and delivery of public health and nursing. in working with multi-disciplinary team mbs sue gracefully and effortlessly [inaudible] making a difference in the client she is serving. her collaborative work, practice in the community is well known. she recognizes and works on maximizeic strengths and ability. she assists in prioritizing goals
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in order to realize positive outcomes. [inaudible] getting important durable medical equipment needed to assist clients in staying in their homes and receiving medical attention. sue is a role model. she holds interpersonal stance of equality when communicating with client and care givers. she protects [inaudible] promote the quality of lives and elders and individuals with disability. so, on behalf the department, i want to thank you for your fantastic work and congratulations. >> [applause] >> i just want to say thank you and very honored to be here. i feel so grateful and privileged to work with such a incredibly dedicated group of
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people. thank you and thank you everyone for being here and thank you for your support. >> [applause] >> next we have the directors
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report from serene mickfen. >>mic spaden. >> did i say that wrong? sorry. >> it's okay. good morning commissioners and happy new year. i'm going to start with the most recent federal report that in december the house and senate passed a funding bill that will mean the sequesteration cuts that were slated to be automatic in 2016 will be avoided this year and that is good news and some may already know that but it is very exciting for us in the aging and disability world. in addition, some of the federal
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programs slated were spared, among those were the [inaudible] ship provides assistance to medicare beneficiaries. c sep which helps low income individuals find work. chronic disease self management [inaudible] important for healthy aging. in addition sechberal important senior nutrition care giver support, native american and elder support [inaudible] support funding increase. we'll get more details about the funding increases and what it looks like over the next couple months, but it was good news. on the lokal level, i mentioned this in the past is one of the big things we are working on now internally is in home support changing for the fair labor standards act. as you may recall what
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that means for in home supportive services providers is they will be able to get overtime when they work overtime like everyone else would t. is a big change for the program t is a great change for providers but it is also a big change for the program in terms of the implementation piece and in terms of the systems that we use. we use brig systems. also because we know people will call and get very confused by their time sheets and how to report hours, so we ramped up the staffing with temp staff in in home supportive service because we are receiving a lot oof calls. i want to thank megan eliate and jason [inaudible] who eversees intake for prepping for that because we know that people are going to have a lot of questions about the changes and how they can get
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paid. i think the next thing is-we have been talking i think for a year and a half now about our new dos resource and benefits hub which is what we call the new building, the new service center. that is where people can come, it is one stop shop for dos intake, also for eligibility services, for any other things people mayank sess flow the department of ageic and adult services. it is a place where people can walk in or roll in or call or get on the internet and access, but now we are not opening yet. we finally moved our first wave of staff in. we anticipated this for a long time of course like any other new building it took a lot longer than we anticipated but we are excited. jasons staff moved in before christmas and so they are getting used to
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the digs and we'll move the eligibility staff from in home supportive services and county veteran service office in hopefully around the end of january and we anticipate we will have a grand opening probably athround first week of march i think. this is great. it is really a nice building, hopefully it will be well utilized and we are very excited about it. i think you know this is the time of year we develop the budget and so we work infurnlly in human services agency to look at all the proposals, look at the how the mayors instructions will impact how we make our decisions but what we submit so sthra lot of talk and work going on now within the department about that. this thursday human servicesancy will hold the community budget forum and this is a high level look at
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the mayors budget instructions, departmental priorities, it is very high level. these there things we are proposing but high level. that is held thursday january 7 from 3:30 to 5 in the born auditorium at [inaudible] hopefully you received information about that aurlds but that is when it will be. finally i wanted to mention i named melissa mu gee as the interim deputy director for dos. i really need someone to help me with this work, i can't do 2 jobs at once for the next 2 months. if you can stand up for a moment. melissa knhs with a lot of great backgrn and experience in facilities and non-profit and government and has a lot of skill and i feel good when i hand
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something over to her it will get done and done correctly, so if you need to contact someone and contact me contact melissa through bridget. thank you, that is the end of my report >> could you repeat the dates for the budget committee meeting in the auditorium >> thursday january 7, that is tomorrow, 3:30 to 5. >> thank you. >> i have questions. number 1 you say the [inaudible] agency for the dos is that including human services too? >> yes, it is human service budget, the dos budget and office of early care and education budget so those are the 3 department in the human serves
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agency and talk about the overall service of human services agency. >> my question is the new location. >> sorry. the new location, primarily focused on aging and adult serbs dos stuff but in addition we will be able to help people with medi-cal issue and cal fresh issue as well so there is cross over with human services. >> i have questions how you determine overtime? i understand the home care service i come in to take care of you, you do your cooking and landry, so who determined the overtime? >> the state has been develop regulations on overtime for in home supportive services, i do not have that level of detail in my head but
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if you are interested in finding out about it we can get information. it is state regulation and the staff is responsibility for making sure staff understand it so when they call in with questions the staff can answer the question. i think it will be a learning curve for people because it is different than what we have done in the past. >> i really would like to know. [inaudible] is the worker coming in that i had to do this and i had to do this and need overtime? >> no, it is not that flexible but i can get you the information. >> one more thing, we just received a letter sent to you by the coalition of agencies. since you covered the whole what we do in dos, you do have some sort of a writing response to
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this letter, you have a outline we would appreciate giving us a head start as to what the problem will be and what is your solution. >> okay, yes. i think that the coalition of agency serving the elderly will talk about this letter when they do their report today. >> any other comments or questions? we'll move on to a report on advisory council by mr. leonschmit >> good morning commissioners. interim executive director. happy new year. the advisory council didn't meet in december however the education committee will continue on elderly abuse prevention with dos training friday january 22 at the institute on
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aging on geary street. the time is 1:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon. we would like to thank [inaudible] assisting the council with this training and dos staff person rick apple be for arranging the location and speakers. that is our report for this month. >> questions or comments? thank you. next we have a report for the joint legislative committee with mrs. diane lawrence >> good morning. and happy new year. there was no joint legislative knhity meeting in december as i mentioned last month at the commission meeting. because of the length of that ajnda i promised i would focus on the top 10 legislative priorities from the california senior legislature rchlt i want to mention a piece of old business first and that is in the san
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francisco chronicle on new years day did a summary of all the bills that go into affect, one of them is the end of life option we have talked about throughout 2015 and according to the chronicle that bill is being closely watched because there is funding, the special legislative session on heth care financing has to finish before we get an effective date when the end of life option law will go into effect and wanted you to be aware of that and we'll monitor that. right now there is no firm start date for the effective date of the bill because of the funding that goes behind it, the special session hasn't finished up their work. the senior legislature issued the legislative agenda for 2016 which are a lot of the bills we begin to
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watch on the joint legislative committee. we will also have more now that january is here and everyone starts ramping up we will see more bills as we go forward this spring. there are 5 hold over bills from 2015. it is a 2 year session, we expected that. some of these are the-the first is labeling of prescription drugs and that requires doctors to include the purpose of the medication. we get medication and don't always know what it is for, the medication is being prescribed on all prescriptions so it is included own the label unless the patient says they don't want the reason for the medication specified. second bill we are monitoring is medi-cal long term care personal needs allowance, this hasn't been raised in a number of years and it increases the personal
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needs allowance to 80 dollars-i think i have this wrong, i will have to check this. from 435 dollars. let me double check that and i'll have a corrected for the minutes. what it also does is annually adjust the thresh hold for medi-cal to consumer price index rather than going back to the legislator every couple years to get it adjusted. elder financial abuse and this is the reporting requirements for financial institutions, and this increases civil penalties for failure to report financial abuse and inminimal penalty is $25,000 for each unreported transaction and what it does is requires financial institutions to implement training and it would authorize a person who reported suspected abuse to make a
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report directly to adult protective services if the institution does not make such a report. this is to follow up on elder abuse in terms of financial. elder friendly courts is the forth hold over bill and that establishes one elder friendly cort that can be assessed by elder abuse victims in each county in the state. lastly, medical professionals and emergency medical information packets, this requires residential care facilities and skilled nursing to maintain a packet of emergency information medical information for each resident or patient and then if emergency medical services were called, the packet would be given to the medical personnel transporting the patient to the hospital and then given to had
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hospitals admitting physician. >> any questions on those 3? there are 3 california senior legislature funding bills. the senior legislature is self funded by voluntary contributions on the tax forms or by grants or proposals. it is in the code that created them 35 years ago that they are not tax supported. as we discussed last year, they are in danger of going out of existence and modified how they operate for the current year. in stead of having a big meeting they met in lockal areas and did a lot through e-mail. we talked about using technology for the meetings. there are 3 funding bills, the first
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propes $400,000 annually covering their basic cost while allowing csl to get grants and gifts. there is a competing bill that will fund in the amound not less than 5 hundred0500 thousand annually. the last is personal income tax form. there is a check off for senior legislature but there is no consistency in where the check off box exists on for in electronic tax systems or other forms that are used and this bill would require a person or company that replicates a california tax form 540 in paper or electronic form place the contribution on the first page so it mirrors what the state issued would be. the last 2 bills that are new
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would eliminate minimum funding requirements for california fund for senior citizens. there is no title to the bill. it is sponsored by state senator doll grn out of los banos and we'll continue to monitor that. the last bill is housing and this will establish rarental housing assistance program that provides information about rental housing for veterans. there are 5 proposals in terms of the federal, one would be on long term care premium deductions and those are the 10 csl, these are now federal bills, remove the limit on federal income tax deduction for long term care. the second one would raise the social security
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burial benefits to 495 dollars and that would be basically enough to cover cremation. the third is universal safety devices under senior housing and this requires hud to identify a funding source to ret row fit hud housing to install false prevention equipment and we'll monitor that carefully. the last is medicare cognisant assessment bill which requires medicare to offer patients a cognitive impairment assessment as part the preventative free services included in the affordable care act. are there any questions? >> i do have a question. the check mark on the income tax form, when we make a check mark how will go into?
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>> whatever we specify. when we check the csl box we specify on the tax form how much of our refund or in the tax bill we want to go to senior legislature, so it isn't one or two dollars you can specify the amount. >> what happens if i check off 25 dollars, it isn't my income tax? 25 dollars of my income tax for the state goes to the senior fund? >> yes. >> refund >> out of your refund. usually it is out of your refund. if i don't is a refund if i check it off there is no money going into the account then. >> i have to check how that works. it is usually out of your refund amount. >> the maximum is maximum of my refund if i do have any >> any other questions? thank
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you next report on long term care coordinating council >> good morning commissioners and active directormic faden, [inaudible] representing the council this morningism we met december 10 and had 2 items. the first is take a look at hiv and aging. we had rawork group that has done a excellent job of surveying the landscape and bringing foorth studies and used the meeting as a opportunity to present the findings with reliminary recommendations mpt i provided a copy of this report. the council did take action to support these recommendation squz encourage the work to continue their efforts and come to us with updates. the second item on the agenda was a look at the budget and policy priorities for the year.
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we did this by wroifing them together and breaking into small groups to dig into the issues better. the issues were housing, mental health, hiv and aging, the dignity fund and home care. on the issue of housing the priority is preventing homelessness and housing subsidies and within that look at the way we can help people stay in their home, navigate to affordable housing and get the services they need to be able to age in place. the second issue was mental health and substbs asknus the recommendation was to recunsitute the behavioral health committee of the work of incouncil. we had a actsive work group for a number of years and led to work around alzheimer's and demenshia so the recommendation is bring that group back to life
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and look how we can cross the silos that exist in the city and figure out the gaps to better address them. the third issue is the dignity fund. i know you heard from sandy [inaudible] about the initiative for the november ballot so we recommend a portion be dwighted to a closer look at. at that legislation and issues that still need discussion. it has gotten broad support but there is stuff that needs to be worked out. the hiv and aging group will continue to keep us updated and their particular requests are around funding to target needs assessment they are doing with ucsf around hiv and aging and suliting money for mental health and soak social services. the last item home
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care working to develop the workforce of home care workers, looking at strategy to educate and inform consumers about how to access home care particularly at the point of their ininvolvement to look at ways for folks to go into institutions by providing help at home and looking at the way to make the program available on a sliding scale or share of cost basis. that is a issue talked about a lot over the years and come back to look how the [inaudible] can benefit. these recommends will be discussed at the january meeting and again in february. lastly i want to announce the mayor made new appointments to the long term care council and i i introduce you to them. [inaudible] lopez from project
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open hand. [inaudible] burn det [inaudible] chip [inaudible] from the mayors disability council and jeromy wallen burg with sf city and ground floor public affairs. any questions? >> i have one. i have been on the road a bit so fuzzy on the current events but i think george [inaudible] made an announcement this week proposing alternative to the new jail building that the supervisors rejected and pivot towards mental helths facilities. it may be too soon to react from that but do you have a comment or thought about that. >> i don't but maybe someone else does but it is a good topic to bring to the council and pay attention to. in the same way the new department of homelessness input from folks
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as well. >> next we have tack report from cathy rousso. >> hell ow supervisors, our tack meeting was december 1 and 2 held here. we were having our meeting in sacramento. one speaker was dairl catch, he is the executive director of the california association of area agencies on aging and he talked about the budget. he felt the budget for aging services has been about the same for the last couple of years. he did mention he didn't feel our governor is open to funding or restoring programs. just a personal feeling there. on the federal level, he thought the funding was looking better, but there was a potential for some cuts. as far as the
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state budget, the past year their emphasis of the association has been to look for refunding for programs and projects. this year they have decided they will probably focus on a single program. that program is nutrition. they figure this is a basic need . in talking about the funding, creating this, we kept hearing this phrase, putting a face on it. the people have different views of senior nutrition. the family does it and they all go to a center and this and that. so, they want to put their definite face on senior nutrition in order to fight for this. florida successfully got a increase in this funding and put a face
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on it. actually kaiser worked with them in developing a video. he said it was a excellent video. it wouldn't transfer to us very effectively because in florida they have some little tag or a little coupon or something they use in getting funding which comes up in it and it would be confusing for someone living here to hear them talking about it, but they do want to make a video and we can expect an emphasis knhing out on senior nutrition needs. but you know, it is possible that if someone here contacts our kaiser they can get a hold of that video, it would be interesting to see it. another speaker we had was l vance taylor. he is from the governors office of
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emergency services and he is chief of the office of access in a mairjs and functional needs. this was a lot because of the fires. he was talking about what happened during the fires trying to obtain the resources for people, like a problem when someone had bathrooms but forgot they needed disabled people to get and use them, so they had to bring in the other resources of the training and volunteers that come in. are they trained had handle the different things they have to do? he is very up on it, very nert ested in it, said they are now looking into other possible emergencies. i bet flooding is one of those. he is very knowledgeable and very interested, very up to
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getting things for it and where it seems we need to be aware, if we develop some kind of emergency plan for situations, we should put it-ask that department, mr. taylor to look at it because he will and see if he sees something we are missing or should add to it or why you have this type of thing. and also be conscious how to contact him if during a emergency we run into a sudden crisis that we are not reaching something. he really did focus on this so that is vance taylor, i was impressed by him. another person we had is benny wong, a member of our own advisory council and he came there because of working at stepping stone to talk about
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therapy babes, the little dolls that are so effective in calming and helping people that are tired and sick and not functioning too well with the seniors with maybe moderate or severe demenshia. he also brought with him the gentlemen whos company makes the therapy dolls so we got quite a talk about them and of course when they have their programs they have a therapy doll you can hold. it is really neat. people were very impressed with it, very interested in this contact. now, since stepping stone is right here in our city within walking distance , i can walk, you guys ought to be able to walk
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it from here-each should be able to say that we have held a therapy doll. if you can't say that, got to do something about a program and they are good at stepping stone at setting up programs. our next tack meeting is february 23 and 24. okay, any questions? >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next we have case report. >> good morning commissioners, interm directormic faden [inaudible] serving the elderly. i wanted to let you know that we had a exuberant holiday event in december, lots of fun with our white elephant and gift exchange and good socializing and networking for people in the aging and adults with disabilities community so it
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was great fun had by all. our next meeting will be january 11 next monday at project open hand on the second floor. we will elect new officer jz looking at what are the next steps with the budget advocacy. in february we will have the new director of contracts with hsa, john sukea cowa and i hope i got his name correct. he will come and talk to the group about issues and concerns with contracts and making sure we are on track for the new year coming. we did submit a letter and had discussion in the past with ann and serene was part of those about the new advocacy ask for this year. you got copies this morning and i wanted to read it so the community knows what we are talking about. the letter is directed to interim directormic faden and says thank you are your leadership providing services for san francisco seen
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iers. the [inaudible] daily support to more than 20 thousand san franciscans. case mbs are 37 agencies strong and represent the diversity of san francisco. as case celebrates the 40th year anniversary we continue the dmiment to san franciscos most vulnerable communitys. we write to advice on the issues we deem important for san francisco seniors and those with disabilities. it is voted by the case board of directors and membership and our recommendations for the action by the sate and county of san francisco. case management services. the office on aging contract with 11 agencies that serve well over a thousand elders and those with disabilities. [inaudible] limited fund created rapid case manager turn over. a case sturfb u serb u survey
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shows staff retention has fallen to 31 percent. [inaudible] takes a minimum of 8 months before staff can meet the complex care needs we serve 90 percent of staff who leave go into government and hospital positions that have compensation packages that are 140 to 200 percent higher than the positions they leave. inability to keep qualified professions has a consequences on care. service time [inaudible] spent training new hires and job duties. this weakens the quality of care received. staff turn over contributes to long client wait lists. to meet the needs of a marginalized population and increase in fund is critical. increase funds support staff turn over and
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support deliverly of quality services to the most vulnerable of san franciscans. 2016-17 budget request, the department of aging increase funding to alloy the funding meet market rate. the cost is 650 thousand dollars and covers staff, supervision and benefits of the 26 case management positions service san francisco. our second ask is technology needs. we live in a city surrounding by invasion thousands of people are left behind by the digital revolution. few internet and cetf field poll disposed 58 percent of people over 65 have home internet access. that number drops when the older adults are low income. san francisco's commitment to technology training and access for seniors and adults with disabilities has a powerful effect on san franciscan. technology is a required tool and it is
12:44 pm
needed to apply for housing, a range of social service reports and lessen feelings of isolation. on october 2015, survey of case members on their technology wants indicated need for adequate staffing at computer tech labs, longer hours and [inaudible] 2016-17 budget request is 808 thousand dollars to provide staffing at computer lab, training in lab, training for home bound senior jz computer lab maintenance. workforce empowerment. part time and stipe ined work supports the economic [inaudible] these citizens comprise the highest percentage of san franciscos living below the poverty level and many want and sneed to work. case recommends start up frunds for a program modeled on the successful reserve
12:45 pm
program in new york city. investment by the city of san francisco would help launch the program, provide outreach dollars and incentive subsidy to community partners. the high impact low cost program is shown to move towards fiscal sufficiency in 2 years in other cities. ome #34r0i789 includes compurbt trainers, outreach workers, helpers in the dos hub and support for seniors in the libraries. our budget request is one year launch pilot with one cardinator start up cost for 20 workers at 225 thousand dollars. [inaudible] year 2 and 3, 100 thousand [inaudible] paid in full or part by partner agencies. our 4th ask is temporary housing for homeless seniors. sheltersinate provide support
12:46 pm
for homeless seniors. [inaudible] promotes healthy living choices and decrease the need for medical intergentian associated costs. this initiative will provide temporary housing subsidies for 10 units in a residential building in the tenderloin. program eligibility includes housing stability, currents housing cost average 80 percent of monthly income, income at or below the poverly level and a diagnosis [inaudible] the budget request includes one year housing subsidies for 10 units, 20 seniors over 2 years, also funding a part time case manage ment support at 243, 687 dollars. our final recommendation is free group [inaudible] services. adult based serve ices is a key component helping seniors
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and adults with disabilities remain in the community and out of institutions. san francisco is forch tunate to v a variety of adult day care programs. the sitee must insure the programs are kept viable for now and years to come. one answer is offer fully subsidized services to the program. the transportation fees are paid by the adult dare care pram and can make or break the budget. we need to inshurn adult day services for san francisco. the 16-17 request is 400 thousand annually to fund [inaudible] that insures safe and reliable transportation to the cities frailest seniors. case takes a broad look at the city as a whole and well being of seniors and adults with disability. the prior rorities are the
12:48 pm
greatest needs of the communities we serve. case support the budget justice coalition, food security task force and senior and disability action. we indoors the dignity fund ballot measure for november 2016 and look forward to meeting with you and can provide information on the issues and a community round table. thank you. it is signed by michele [inaudible] from open house and myself from catholic charities. any questions or comments? >> questions or comments? one from me, the housing program, does that coordinate with linda addlesteens program? what is the name of her initiative? >> i would assume it would coordinate. it is a new program we would want to replicate as we have done something similar in the past and it is talked about so not sure how that
12:49 pm
works. dave, may have more information because he spear headed that committee on that issue. >> what is the average the case manager salary? >> if i remember our goal last year is to have a entry level, bs level around 42 thousand. supervisor-i can get that information, but the wages differ from agency to agency and when we looked at it we did this last year and realized some agencies were really below the market rate and others are getting closer, so we came up with a recommended scale for if they are entry level like a bs level, msw level for a advanced level and for the supervisors who are lcsw level or higher.
12:50 pm
most of the staff and department of aging is asking to look at higher level experience case managers and i believe --for the bsw it is 42 thousand plus and msw, 52 thousand a year or over and a supervisor, 62 thousand a year or over. that was our recommended . there is a lot of agencies who can't meet that need. >> you are saying that currentsly compensation levels are below that level and those are the target levels >> those are the recommended targets last year and find if we meet these numbers we are recommending we are still losing staff because the market and community provides such greater-140 to 200 percent higher packages for employ ease if they leave. they come in and we train them and they go off to government or hospitals. some
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had positions open for 9 months to a year and when we look at the bilingual need, those are positions those clients sit and wait for a long time because there is no nobody who can meet their need well >> is the source of that data the 140 to 200 percent delta from exist interviews from employees leaving? >> hat is something our group did with josh martin and not sure where he got that specific data but think vacombination where people have gone and/or what is out there in the market rate now. >> thank you. >> can i ask a question? you have 37 things listed. the agency had. i know some of them is you know small agencies, some medium size ones, some is really huge. i heard one of
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these on the list, the top executive officer is getting 300 thousand dollars a year. >> is there is question? >> i just want to comment. so, you say 62 thousand isn't one of these executive offices? >> we are talking about case managers or the 62 thousand is a supervisor of the case manager. >> you are not take- >> we are not talking executive directors, we are talking the on line staff doing the work in the community with the clients. >> thank you. >> you're welcome >> moving on. i see no business on the ajendsa so we'll move to new business. we are moving beyond item a in favor of item b. requesting
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authorization to modify grant with bernal heights neighborhood center for july, 1, 2013-june 30, 20 squaen. motion to discuss? >> second >> [inaudible] we have 2 items for bernal heights listed separate on the agenda but in one packet. the first we will look at is community services at the courtland location. we seek approval for community services cort land location with increase in funding the center is looking to serve a total of 398 unduplicated consumers throughout the year. they will increase service needs to 2
12:54 pm
thousand units of activities for the current fiscal year. they will provide 200 units of service for translation for this year and 1200 units for social services. for next fiscal year, 16-17 the service units remain the same with exception of activities that increases by 500 units and translation will increase by 100 service units. looking to expand the program, there will be a increase in hours of operation, so currently the site is open until 2 p.m. and now it is open monday through friday to 3 p.m. with this the social service coordinator position is increased to 1 full fte and will office services through the day. with the expanded hours with ilcome a full range of services. there is modest
12:55 pm
salary increase for the current staff and in addition there will be new classes offered, most notable are zoom buand yoga. those classes will be taught by a activities instructor that will be.37 fte and this is a new position for the center. additionally there is new position for the volunteer coordinator which is about.44 fte. this position assists managing volunteers, outreach efforts, food pantries and other actirfbties. now those tasks are taken by different employees and they will have a dedicated staff to those items. fund will be used to purchase program supplies such as exercise mats and block jz other supplies that were not able to be supported by this grant. happy to answer any question
12:56 pm
you have. >> questions? >> i'm looking at the budget salary and benefit and the senior service coordinators position is 105.46 percent. this overtime? >> similar condition that exists in the budget for the other program as well. >> which position? >> senior service coordinator. >> line 14. >> 14. >> thank you. >> you said it says 105 percent? >> it is written 105 percent. >> mine says 100. >> move over 2 columns adjusted fte. >> all mine say 100. >> then we must have a
12:57 pm
different-i don't know. i think it is a typo because i calculated and it is 95 percent. >> good morning commissioners. we are looking at fiscal year 15-16 so initially the salary was 37,000 and now it is 37, 944 so it increased so it is 105 percent >> when you really look at it-i'm wondering is this person working overtime? >> no, they just had a salary increase. that is based on 15-16. >> when i look at fte it is 100 percent and when it comes to 105
12:58 pm
percent- >> you can consider it at 1 percent on the 35 thousand but the formula is based on the 37,000 original salary and because of the incraes it come tooz 105 percent >> the algorithm is based oen the 2013 budget approved 2 years ago? >> yes >> the other question it said the fringe benefits is 31.49 percent >> based on 15-16 again. they changed so we are focusing on the current fiscal year because otherwise there would be a fringe for each year and we just focus on the current year, 15-16, but yes they change. if you work out the formula they change annually. >> okay, thank you. that makes sense. when i look at it, it isn't
12:59 pm
31.45 percent. thank you. >> this year it is. >> thank you. >> any other questions? motion to approve? >> so moved >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. approved. moving on. got to read it to you. item c request the authorization to [inaudible] july 1, 2013-june 30, 2018 in amount of 205 thousand plus 10 percent contingency for total grant amount not to exceed 1, 395 thousand [inaudible] >> with this proposal bernal heights community service excelsior location for the remainder of 15-16
1:00 pm
fiscal year provides 3500 units orphservice for scheduled activities, 2500 units for translation and 3 thousand units of service for social services. for 16-17 the unduplicated consular accounts increase by 50. the program is looking to increase their operation hours foobe open saturday and sunday from 9 to 3 p.m. there is a big need in the area for services so this is a much needed addition which is wundserful. there are 3 new positions at the site. first there will be a social service coordinator for the week days and a coordinator for the weekends both at.45 fte so there will be a little overlap. there will be a exercise
1:01 pm
instructor at.15 fte. the social service staff increase is allow the staff to engage with clients and [inaudible] this is a site that needed more so the additional hours and staff is something that is going to meet a need that is already there. with that, language is available, the cant niece, tugolic [inaudible] exercise mats and blocks as well as other programs, supplies the budget was not able to cover. happy to answer questions you have. >> questions? motion to approve >> so moved >> second. >> all in favor >> aye. >> motion carries. item d, requesting authorization to renew the grant with episcicul community service to maintain
1:02 pm
the housing resource list. dirg the period of july 1, 2015-june 30, 20 squaen in a amount of 69,000 dollars plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed 75, 900 dollars >> we are asking for is maintain the housing list which is really one of a kind housing list for senior jz younger adults with disabilities. it is in operation since 2009 from what i know and we funded them for the last couple years. episcicul community services were the agency for the aging and disability resource centers in the older model and so when they had the housing list in 2009 and 10 those years, they are able to work with a volunteer in the aging and disability resource center. since we
1:03 pm
changed the model and because they expanded their list to provide to bounch around in counties because you know housing is tight in san francisco and difficult for low income seniors to find appropriate housing so they expanded their list and also looking at surrounding counties, so we are asking for.38 fte position and that position exists. they have been doing it since 2009 but maintain the lifor the next 3 years. they send this list out to over 300 provider squz consumers, families members and it is really what we all depend on as social service providers from dos staff and community providers and aging and disability resource staff. this is the bible for everyone out in the community
1:04 pm
to get information about resources for seniors and younger adults with disabilities >> questions? >> yes. i see the-you indicate the address, 705 nutoma street, do you off hand know the telephone number? >> off hand i don't know their telephone number. rox an murray may be able to-from episcopal community services would probably know which would be- >> the next question is you indicate that e-mail and also your website, but i read it twice and cannot find the e-mail. >> this list is e-mailed out >> i realize that. i want to obtain the e-mail address and website so i can tap into the information. it isn't in the body of the proposal.
1:05 pm
>> it seems we can get that to you. >> i would appreciate it since lots of people will be very helpful. they are looking for places to rent and to lease. thank you. >> sure. thank you. you can always call me at 355-6700 or e-mail me directly i will coordinate with the person who send out the list but i'll make sure that on the side of ecs that they have more updated information on the website so
1:06 pm
it is easier for people to find out how to obtain the list. >> thank you. >> i'm just looking at the fringe benefits, it is awful high, 43.56 percent which is all most double of some agencies, i wonder why this is so high. >> i think because it is a part time position and if it was a full time position it would drive the fringe rate down more, but if someone from contracts would like to provide a more detailed explanation, but i believe that is kind of the overall-because it is a.38 fte and they are willing to provide full benefits it drives the percentage up. >> okay. thanks. >> do you have public comment? okay. >> he was just here to save me.
1:07 pm
>> did you explain it right? okay. >> any questions or comments? motion to approve? >> so moved >> second. all in favor. >> aye. item e, review and approval of fy 2017/16 california department of aging supplementary nutrition assistance program. amount of 41, 598 dollars and all subsequent amendments. motion to discuss >> so moved >> second. >> good morning commissioners and interim executive drecktdermic faden. this is our segd year that we are given an award from the state for the supplemental nutrition assistance program education snap-ed.
1:08 pm
last year we had received this grant and started 3 projects and included the gardening project, the tie chee program and nutrition education program. this year we are asking you to approve the receiving this grant, the total amount allocated for us is 41, 598 dollars. it is significantly less than the first year. the state just had less funding. included in your package is the information that we have. what we accomplished with last year with regard to the grant and hope to maintain the 3 projects again this year and we are recommending to continue working provide funding to bayview
1:09 pm
hunters point senior services. they will oversee 2 evidence based nutrition programs including the nutrition workshop jz over saw the easy urban gardening project. we have 3 gardens built including rosa parks [inaudible] and also [inaudible] senior services and those gardens were very popular. a lot of seniors grew wonderful vegetables and fruits and enjoyed them and provided excellent supplemental nutrition for the seniors there. the third program that we had was [inaudible] semp help for the elderly and we are recommending that we contract with them this year for part of this grant. last year we
1:10 pm
were able to offer two training workshops and to date we have 40 certified tichiinstructs that was able >> student to go back and conduct these classes at different senior centers. with the 41, 598 dollars we hope to maintain the program because it is so not only effective, but they are very popular and have waiting list for these classes. in the packet is a document for the state and how we proposem to allocate this 41 thousand dollars. i'm here if you have any questions. >> questions? >> the budget is reduced by 77
1:11 pm
percent so how would it effect the program? >> we would have to reduce the [inaudible] sorry? >> is the program reduced by such a percentage too? >> significantly reduced. because we were able to actually do 2 training workshops last year, this year we are not planning to do the plain tra inner to trainer but provide stipeened to the instructors so they can continue the classes in the community. also with the nutrition education classes we have to reduce the number of workshops we can offer. with the gardening last year a bulk of the expenses were building the gardens, because the garden are already built that expense is no longer there and this year
1:12 pm
majority of the cost will be to cover part the consulting who will continue to provide the training and the oversee the program for the seniors at the 3 sites >> thank you >> similar question for clarity, because of reduction from kat funds there is no intent by the department to seek county funds to supplement this program and augment it further beyond what the state is able to provide? >> i'm glad yoi asked this question. with some of the supplemental funding we get from the board of supervisors for district 7 there was add back to expand community services and with that we were planning to actually -that is one way to actually augment the tichi program. while it is not in the state budget here because we didn't
1:13 pm
want to do all the reporting requirements, which is very labor intensive, it will be provided through our community, our lokal sfunds through community services >> we will see a second proposal at a later date? >> yes, probably next month when we bring that recommendation to the commission. >> thank you. any other question snz ? >> adding to your question, since the states funding is so unpredictable and since these programs are so vital and helpful to the seniors to maintain their health, education i wonder whether in the future if there is no funds from the state, the department of aging will look into funding the program, carrie on a permanent one. >> commissioner we are aulology looking
1:14 pm
at these programs that sep supplement the basic nutritions we have and know they are important so we have a lot of discussion internally brt low to maintain them. i dont have a specific answer but can say we have had a lot of conversations about that and had proposals from linda and denise and we are discussing them. >> thank you. >> other questions? not motion to approve. >> so moved, and second. >> all in favor >> aye. >> motion carries. public announcements. seeing none public comment? seeing none, motion to adjourn. >> so moved >> second. >> [meeting adjourned] -
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
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1:19 pm
1:20 pm
>> good morning, everybody. thank you for coming to city hall first of all, thank to all the departments it under the general umbrella of the emergency management public works and area our economic & workforce development office including our faith cbo
1:21 pm
community and penguin and others we've been explicit expecting some big storms to come our way as conversations with meteorologists i think that's their property name and scientists warn us of the el nino storms that are coming here that will certainly our city and our area will be a focus of what necessary expect to be flooding i haven't seen any rain yet but i want to be and so our department desirable reduce if we lucky we'll be offeringly prepared we deal with unexpected dangers about you it is good he appreciate the departments and our direction coming together and doing everything we can to prepare not only themselves and their operations but to the
1:22 pm
public to the medium large and small businesses particularly to the residents for most now we know that with the exceptions we've been working in the private segment and public sector as well as with the faith based partners to make sure we're all ready and reemphasis that everyone should continue at their time when there isn't a big flooding going on to assess sf that is where there is good information we work on that site very well to prepare everybody and again thank our department of emergency services for putting out robust sets of information for i cannot we will definitely be taking care of people on the streets as much as possible and hear more detail
1:23 pm
but 11 hundred more beds more than the shelter beds and in addition to the winter she will not beds that enter faith council is helping us to identify that are human services will identify an additional 11 hundred shelter beds for those people that that she will not should that large storm come our way we're preparing those sites and want to make sure that people who are on the streets know we have your outreach teams letting them know we have additional shelter so we simply do not try to experience the effects of a large storm by themselves but reach out to as much as possible thank you to public works and the public utilities commission for work together i've seen the crews and
1:24 pm
done videos with their volume trucks i know how loud 38 they are they've been looking every catch bacon and with all the leaves they'll be plugged so we have to refresh those catch bacons by unfleg influencing them and any residents that see them plugged for trash or leafs report those to 311 and those agencies will get out to take care of them and make sure our infrastructure can go as much as they can to deal with 9 emergency our office of economic workforce development i want to thank them they've been in communications aimed at our small businesses that are particular flowed prone areas
1:25 pm
their preparing and making sure we know what they can do and the services we office public works and other agencies working on those sites we'll have those sites up where residents and visitors can object 10 i think 10 free he moomd for their use at locations that convenient for them this is one location we'll have them at a number of locations nearby historically identified places of flooding but i do want to say our attitude as city hall is one we want everyone to know that alert sf and the 72 is there we're preparing for a
1:26 pm
disagreeing discharge that is man made or otherwise we're prepared and want to put out as much free information as possible so when people plan for those disasters it is less changing more before corning sea making sure they take care of the communications and their families and businesses and their neighbors i want to say again, thank you to our event our police department they'll be out there making sure they respond to any specific needs that are there along with public works as we have our deniable that can assist people in inspecting areas the city or the homes and apartments what might be needed as well as public works we emphasis that if there is any
1:27 pm
life-threatening emergency people for sure call 9-1-1 but when no life-threatening emergency please call 311 steady and that will be taken care of and the distinctions are in the tree branch falls on the street none it hurt that's the 311 but if a life wire ryan falls and people around that that is a 9-1-1 it is life-threatening we need to distinguish that so we don't have our lines filled with inappropriate calls to those lines we want the public to be read i again offer my thanks to the departments that are here today they are ready and they're willing they're able to engage in the departments and we want our city to be safe and prepared and doing what we do early and often so again, thank you and up now with more details along with
1:28 pm
the other departments is ann from our department of emergency services. >> thank you, mr. mayor and good morning in the early 80s and the late 90s we had huge storms here in the bay area well, actually throughout california according to a recent released e released report 46 days of rain in january and february of 1998 that's a lot of rain we learned from each experience each large storm that go things happy you you know you have downed power lines and the mayor said and power outages and flooding all sorts of thing we need to prepare we've gone through 4 years of drought a lot of trees coming down they don't have the
1:29 pm
root structures and the mudslides we have been preparing for this the impact is on the whole community of san francisco we started developing plans last fall working with all of our city departments agency and our nonprofit partners in the faith community and developing a game plan for el nino this year our concept of proclamations or game plan is continuous operations through a storm it if a severe storm tweezer in constant contract with the national weather service that provides us with information on point telling you the impact and severity of the storm and the potential hazards to san francisco we will queen a conference call with the city
1:30 pm
storm incident management team or i m t to update the partner agencies what to expect with the upcoming storm if necessary we'll open our emergency operations on 1011 turk to make sure we're court reporting our response activity with rains as the little spitting rains out p there and right now our city is preempt twenty-four hour to make sure that the residents and citizens and the visitors to san francisco are safe our game plan relies on the corridor response at all levels of government navigate our lead integer managers my lead el nino plan is meeting with fema to talk about our court reporting response effort our success
1:31 pm
relies on all our partners like pg&e, and our community-based organizations who are integrated with us at all levels of emergency operations in the field on the tv monitor you'll see sf 72 hour or city now the information hub and find information updates i'd like to take the opportunity when not an emergency this is a live site i encourage people to go check it out and finally with alert sf our text merchandising service in san francisco we have a new feature that will make that easier for people to sign up all you have to do a text 888777 triple 8, triple 7 and type in
1:32 pm
alert sf you're connected to this environmental service i encourage all people in san francisco and visitors to sign up for alert sf by registering you'll be able to keep yourselves save. >> what to expect as we approach the el nino storm on that note i'm going to turn it over to trent roar the director of our emergency services. >> thank you. i'm trent the human services and hsa is the lead agency for providing shelters in emergencies and we're stepping up for el nino on both ann and i were actually involved that the shelters in the 7, 98 a lot of lessons we learned the biggest one we don't want a single shelter with one
1:33 pm
thousand plus people but shelters where the homeless are and a plan as the mayor said 11 hundred shelter beds with others depending on the demand located throughout the neighborhoods in san francisco admission and south of market, tenderloin, civically and southeast part of city and bayview and the hatred golden gate park but the process we'll undertake when we prepare for this storm will be meeting with the national weather service we'll look at winds and temperature and duration and amount of projected precipitation based on those factors we'll decide whether or not to activate the shelters we'll prepare in phases so if we do make the determination we need to activate for our long
1:34 pm
phases do it in phases the way we stage the locations allows us to bring the shelters up to two or three hours so that excludes mats and partnering with meals on wheel easy this salvation army and others meals on wheels and staffed with city staff as well as the nonprofits the shelter will operate on to a form 700 to project how long it will last and probable a half or a day after the transitioning out of the shelters the types of location the first thing we look at where are the existing be shelters are providing shelters for folks our emergency shelter some is 15 hundred and 25 beds right now at hsa and that's 1
1:35 pm
hundred plus for single adults women and families and some have drop in areas or cafeterias to allow individuals that's the first place we'll look and activate and have our partners with the rec and park department their 3 rec centers that will be used and then the nonprofit partners and others who have facilities we can use and lastly other facilities ymca for example, has stepped up to provide their give him nature in the western edition and activating weasel be learning was a as we go it is hard to anticipate but in 1998 we had a thousand beds that seems to me you looked at sort of the homeless places in the at any
1:36 pm
given time 3 thousand people on the streets some don't want to good indoors and at risk of our harming themselves partnership with other agencies and temporary accommodations for two or three nights and others for the homeward bound the transportation program in other cities and shelter the remainder as we assess the storm and the demand and already have contingencies for hundred additional beds should we need that the facilities will not be some discussion or word on the street to have tents they're not tempts those are permanent structures that will be adding mats and other things to - some of the facilities some of the
1:37 pm
bigger sheds might be heat and in those cases erect a tent inside of a structure but no plans for tents on the city streets and thanks to the partnering with tdm and others nonprofit partners with the department of health we'll be doing the street outreach and the hope sf so we feel that we're prepared and almost finished with the memorandum of understanding and contract for locates we'll be ready to activate within a couple of weeks we anticipate the weather is hard to anticipate but the heavy el nino rains from january so february we'll be prepared for the homeless residents thanks. >> thank you's interpreting we'll hear from barbara garcia. >> good morning the district
1:38 pm
will have roving teams to make sure that the medical needs and the mental health needs of clients are taken care of we're working with the outreach teams for the serviced to make sure they know that the sheltered will be available particularly our homeless outreach team that have mooeveng relationships with the people over the years will have the ability to get the people into is the she recalls we feel confident about that and our teams will insure that any individuals that needs services and ongoing support will be provided by the teams the roving teams are ready to go thank you very much. >> thank you bearing now we'll hear in mohammed nuru the director for public works from san francisco. >> thank you like the mayor said over the
1:39 pm
last few months all the agencies have been working to present prepare for the upcoming storms as part of work we've done over the last few weeks had a couple of sandbags give away gaze and 15 thousand sandbags were given out we still have a large supply of sandbags and any residents feels their vulnerable to any kind of flooding through the garage or door or the back of their house come to our yard chavez a large number to supply people and in addition our crews are scheduled to work around the clock performing inspections of trees any potential tree hazard that the public seize they
1:40 pm
should let us know when we have storms we're vulnerable to branches and trees falling so call 311 number will allow us to get and work on that emergency preparation for the storm it is fall and with the fall we all see the leaves with a little bit of wind the wind leaves can clog our cap baselines so if you see any catch by an that has a number of leaves again call the 311 number the 311 comes through the system to us we'll have crews that will be out there to clean up the catch baselines with the rain like el nino can flowed pretty fast and if that catch by an is not clean quickly
1:41 pm
water raise and jumps the curbs and gets into homes the public can help us you know when you see a situation like that it is an easy job get a rack or broom and put the leaves in a bag so we're ready for the storms and we'll be working around the clock but possess importantly the public eyes on the streets so when you see things you believe that creates a situation please call 311 and we'll be out there thank you. >> thank you, mohammed next michael deputy general manager of the public utilities commission. >> michael. >> good morning so we're you're wart and power providers in san francisco and the bay area many of the remarks are my
1:42 pm
remarks on that and i think to emphasize with the mayor said we need to be prepared we are we have been working on this for quite sometime and corridor with the public works and actually working with the city attorney's office if we do get into a situation where there is damage in the city one of the things that mohammed said i want to emphasize you'll help yourselves by clearing storm drains 25 storm drains in san francisco we can get to 9 thousand plus so many we'll not be able to get to if you get out there and make sure that the water goes away from buildings and protects the property the other thing in a low lying area you're there elevate our belongings and put them up high to not get
1:43 pm
disadvantaged i don't know wants to lose their prized possessions and fled insurance you can take out flowed insurance and lastly we have a grant program at the public utilities commission for eligible pertaining to help to protect their property from flooding and finally if flooding 311 we're monitoring that our crews without with the department of public works and that's the best way to respond to our concerns thank you. >> thank you very much, michael this time i'd like to acknowledge our partner here with us today ashley from the meals an wheels, bruce makinna with the corporation thank you. >> major sheryl with salvation
1:44 pm
army and marty with project open hand thank you. >> and charles from st. anthony's and berry anderson from pg&e that concludes our press conference we'll stick around and answer questions if i want to do individual interviews thank you all for coming thank interviews thank you all for coming thank ui want to do indi interviews thank you all for coming thank want to do indivi interviews thank you all for coming thank
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
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1:52 pm
1:53 pm
>> i think it ae's public and private property. i'm against graffiti. >> who can get it out the most who can be noticed the most. >> i i've seen seniors doing graffiti. >> the city is art, other people who have their names tag -- >> [inaudible] our unit there are 2 sections we are doing one is abating and others are notice of violation to private property. all the utility boxes in public right-of-way we abate. >> we abate calls that come within 48 hours.
1:54 pm
>> we are a small group in g f graffiti. we don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go. >> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black.
1:55 pm
>> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it. >> you know some places we gashi, people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you.
1:56 pm
>> the time where it's visible. a lot of people put it on the ground. >> i like when tourists come and say, you do this for your city and you get paid for that? >> we use the [inaudible] for the holes and the retaining walls. [inaudible]. white on the fire hydrants. fire box red for the fire boxes. our brown for the pg and e poles. >> we are not painters we do our best.
1:57 pm
>> i'm assuming it has to do with gang activity. >> if it's territorial i mind. >> in case it's gang related and they are marking our territory i would like to paint it over. >> anything with numbers like x iv or x 13 west side mob and the bay view those are gang related. with gang related or profanity we will abait it as soon as possible. >> i consider it an art. there are circles of people that form around it whether or not they should ruin public property. >> this is art work i'm for it. unless it's on someone's property and they don't want it there. judge kids with silver paint
1:58 pm
expressing their ego needs doesn't belong on our property. >> graffiti is when you don't have permission to write anything on their property. >> eighth street is part of your regular rout? >> yes. >> everyday. >> eighth street. divisidero street. irving street. every block they going through they paint 3 or 4 streets in the block the poles the utility boxes, mailbox. >> thank you. >> okay. >> put the drop cloth. come on around. >> there you go. force for we have to remember we are not painters we abate
1:59 pm
graffiti. we are abaters not painters. get that out of the way and keep moving. >> how many of these do you do a day? how many poles we do a day? >> yeah. >> depends on the location. may be 20. >> do you like working with the team? >> yes because i'm a people person. i like being outside and interacting with the public and i like the response we get especially from the good job we do in the community. >> goodbye.
2:00 pm
>> [gavel] good afternoon and happy new year to everybody. the commission will come to order and the second will call the roll. >> happy new year commissioners. commissioner pating. >> present. >> commissioner singer. >> present. >> commissioner chow. >> present. >> commissioner. >> present. >> commissioner karshmer. >> present. >> the second item on the agenda is approval of the minutes, one of december 3, 2015 and december 15, 2015 and i apologize commissioners i noted that commissioner pating was at the december 15 meeting so i will take that off the minutes.
2:01 pm
>> okay thank you. commissioners we will take each of the minutes separately. first the minutes of the joint meeting. a motion is in order for acceptance and is there a second? are there any other corrections? >> through the chair i would like to add one if i might on page four of the minutes. >> page four of the minutes. >> yeah, under my comments i guess number 3 mentioned that provided transportation et cetera. i also mentioned on lock and central latino to san francisco and in that business for 40 years and that's a key program and vital to the services at st. lukes so i want to make sure that is included. so you also want to include that agency? >> yes, thank you. >> okay. >> the only correction i had while i was formally present i
2:02 pm
was only present for some of the meeting. >> commissioner, i noted you were there because the minutes noted you were there and i wanted them to be consistent. >> okay. >> right. you were there even though in the audience. >> right. >> okay. >> okay. >> any further corrections? if not then with that addition from commissioner sanchez all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed and the minutes are approved and we will go on to the minutes of december 15 at laguna honda. a motion is in order to accept the minutes. >> so moved. >> success. >> are. >> >> second. >> are there any corrections or additions to the minutes? if not we will take a vote. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all opposed? and the minutes are approved. >> thank you commissioners. i
2:03 pm
will note fwl is no public comment for the item and we move it to the director's report. >> happy new year commissioners. you will have a legislative update by the planning department and i won't go into that but we have a omnibus spending bill in december that president obama signed and during the presentation you will hear about the slightly increased overall budget compared to last year and many of the areas that we focus on had increases in the budget and that is good news for the budget. covered california open enrollment ends january 31 for individuals to purchase insurance for covered california for 2016 and include the availability of adult dental services, increased of no cost doctor services at the brownz
2:04 pm
level and no cost for lab tests and specialty prescription tests and increases to $695 or 2.5% for household and we want to make sure they get covered california and insurance in this next month. as you know the national weather service predicted the weather phenomenon known as el nino and will be harsh in the area and we have been working with the human services agency and opening up -- they have the potential of opening up a thousand beds if necessary and there was a call to determine if we should open this week. it looks like we're okay for this week and we have shelter openings but potentially in the coming weeks we could open additional shelters. i
2:05 pm
wanted to acknowledge the director here today and volunteered to be a shelter manager and i wanted to mention that and it's a important role and part of the contribution back to the community but we had 65 individuals in the department that volunteered for the shelter support and there's lots of jobs they could do. we have 130 people employees of the city who have volunteered, so we will be really -- our hot team and roving teams of medical physicians and other medical staff are going to be wanting to make sure that people get into shelters and we take care of those especially in our streets, and the department -- the directors department there if there is any questions i am happy to answer. >> commissioners any questions to the director at this time?
2:06 pm
if not then we will proceed onto the next item. thank you director. >> and commissioners i will no there was no request for public comment for that item. we move to item 4 for general public comment and there is no request and we will move to item 5 which say report from the finance and planning committee today. >> commissioner chung. >> good afternoon commissioners. the finance and planning committee and budget committee met prior to the meetings and we have approved two items to be put on the consent agenda. the first one is the contract report with a slight amendment to the first contract which is the met impact health care system so instead of a 1.5 year contract we cut that in half and make it a nine
2:07 pm
month contract and if they need more time we will consider that again in september when the time is up, and the other item for consideration on the consent agenda is adding a new locations for the richmond area multiservices and it's a drop in site for their clients and it's located near the civic center on market and -- you know the intersections of market and larkin. we had some discussions around -- you know, like the -- essentially ongoing discussions we have been having with contract review criteria, and also you know and we have pretty good discussions around contract to performances and outcomes, and that summed up the finance
2:08 pm
and planning committee meeting. thank you. >> thank you. commissioners any questions to commissioner chung? >> may i ask a clarifying question? >> of course. >> and the civic center and them moving the services for the wellness center. i want to applaud the city for opening the wellness centers. i think they're a very good investment. just an area -- the area they're hoping to pull in. i saw the program is on market street and the richmond area is more in the richmond district and i am wondering because of the intent of the population they intend to serve with the services. would it be city wide? >> let me give the opportunity to the executive director who is here and about the program and happy new year. >> happy new year. regards
2:09 pm
to the question -- >> would you like to introduce yourself for the record. >> i'm the ceo of rams, richmond multiservices and the name of the organization and how it started in the richmond district and palo alto district and it's city wide. it's not a specific area. we're trying to connect with the clientele of the services and department of public health. those are currently the clientele or the consumers of the services as well as those that could be the members so we can make the linkage for them so it's city wide. self referrals and other referrals through the providers. >> i like the location and you're able to access it. i am wondering on market street as city transports come and drop off people are there access issues regarding being able to
2:10 pm
make it to the front door with vans? >> so we actually looked very much in detail for looking for something accessible, central, easy to access and ground level entry without difficulty to get in and out so it's one level, ground level, so there is very easy access completely available throughout the whole facility, and our intention is central for people to get to, but also for make it very welcoming and comfortable for people to come in and out. >> i am familiar with your services and congratulate you and wish you good luck with your new site. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other questions commissioners or questions our guest here? ? >> well, commissioners i believe the finance and planning committee meeting had questions about the hours of service. >> the current hours are nine to five, the typical business
2:11 pm
hours, but we know the demand and interest may expand to evening hours and a possible weekend hours and we have a community advisory group of people who are advising us which are consumers and community members giving feedback about the demand and the interest, so we're didn't want it to be ready and the hours are fixed and we wanted to be flexible and we are concerned about safety to the consumers and they have to get back to the home and to be nine to five and the demand is different hours and we're looking at a weekend day and evening hours and we will pilot it and as the demand comes up we can adjust it. >> okay. further questions? if not thank you. >> thank you. >> shall we move on to item 6,
2:12 pm
the consent calendar? >> yes please. >> commissioners remember for the contracts report commissioner chung just mentioned the first item was modified to a nine item contract. >> right. so the consent calendar is before you. are there any extractions from the consent calendar? if not we will vote on the consent calendar as a whole. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all opposed? the consent calendar has been accepted. >> thank you commissioners. item 7 is the security update. mr. price. >> that was merely a clarification that on our consent calendar the contracts was modified to nine months as reported by the chair, so we just want to make that clear. thank you. our next item
2:13 pm
mr. price. >> good evening. happy new year commissioners. director garcia, i am basil price for the department of public health. i'm going to be giving a highlight of the report you received earlier in regards to the updates as far as the security program, so what i will be talking about this evening actually deals with the work that has been done at the dph clinics as well as laguna honda hospital and rehabilitation center, and then i will talk about the first quarter performance of the security
2:14 pm
management plan for san francisco general hospital. so security assessments were completed for all of the dph facilities which included primary care clinics, behavioral health services health clinics and administrative buildings and community buildings where they house dph services. each one of the facilities were given a risk level either high risk, low or medium or low risk based on the security vulnerabilityis identified during the assignment and minus security measures taking place and out of the 60 facilities determined that 13 were considered high risk. there were actually 50% considered moderate and 37 considered low risk. in
2:15 pm
addition to that we also did assessment as far as electronic security systems ensuring whether they were available and if they're available if they were functional. there was a security staffing assessment which was done as well, and in addition to that we also did an assessment as far as employee knowledge making sure that employees had an understanding, a working knowledge, as far as responses based on the security response procedures. so based on the assessments the next steps is to begin developing a security program for the clinics as well as laguna honda which will implement this coming july. first part of the process will develop security operating procedures for those individual facilities. from there we will develop a security management plan which will include performance metrics to actually
2:16 pm
measure the effectiveness of that program. i have already started training in crisis intervention throughout the clinics and equip staff to defect early crisis to deescalate situations and as well as intervene to assist and addressing risk behavior working with hr in regards to a threat management process for the purpose of being able to proactively address work place violence we've addressed that as well. as far as electronic security systems i have been working with the capital planning committee, executive committee, working with them in regards to developing a five year phase approach to developing a security master plan. with that what we want to do -- it's actually under way.
2:17 pm
we're first of way identifying costs for the project, and then in addition to that to start prioritizing from a phased approach enhancing the security systems from the first point of dealing with access control and then we want to start addressing alarm input and output alarms which deals with duress alarms and detection alarms as well as your high risk alarms and the security alarms and lastly we will address the c ct v or video surveillance so that sapart of the process to address a number of the issues identified in the security assessment for laguna honda as well as the clinics. the bottom line the objective is to actually have an effective --
2:18 pm
cost effective security program again that we can standardize, and then integrate throughout the network, and then of course make sure it's customer service driven as well so lastly to talk about the first quarter performance for san francisco general which i will cover the months of july through september. for the first year i have been in this role the primary focus has been at san francisco general hospital. we enhanced the systems there and the security program and make sure we have standard operating procedures for the department. we revised the security management plan so it's not just focused on one particular area but it actually addresses hospital security campus wide and that includes not only measuring the performance of our security provider, but also making sure that we measure the
2:19 pm
performance of the staff, and dealing with security response to -- facility response to security emergencies which you saw that in the report as well. based on the report out of the nine performance metrics they were able to meet four which is expected being a new program, and we're measuring things that hadn't been measured before, and so as we continue moving forward as far as again not only just testing and measuring the performance of the security provider, but the staff in order to develop this culture of security awareness. you have listed there the performance improvement plan which again the staffings, training and education with staff as far as being able to identify crisis at an early stage and makes us more effective to deescalate that.
2:20 pm
when is it appropriate and not appropriate to involve law enforcement in patient care incidents and to develop the threat management process to address work place violence at the early stage. all of this is to make sure we're incident ready and the training of the sheriff's department in regard to care, experience and crisis development as well, so that's the security update. i am open for any questions at this time. >> commissioners, questions? you submitted a very extensive document so i will start by asking within this then what priorities are you used? i mean sf general is a brand news building is one. >> yes. >> and you're already putting in and the security cameras will be in operation when we're ready to move in? is that it?
2:21 pm
>> yes, currently there is a system in place. we're doing additional security assessment for the new hospital. just basedded on the design there are opportunities to address things there and alarms and looking at the entire staffing there to make sure that we're secure in that building so the new hospital is definitely a priority. >> and for all the items that you put in here you actually have an adequate budget? >> yes, yes. that's part of what i am working with the capital planning executive committee on. yes. the first step is to determine the cost for the electronic security system. >> sure. commissioner sanchez. >> i think it's a very comprehensive report, and especially where in fact you did the initial surveys and not only that but physical visits to these areas that you have
2:22 pm
designated, and then you factored out those i think you said high risk and moderate. i guess my question is seeing there are so many different training modules that are being undertaken and seeing there are different resources being allegedly -- i am saying "allegedly" because i don't know and from different areas and whether homeland security or post training or collaboration between the departments and police or uc system. there's a lot of interaction pertaining to serious incidents, et cetera, so i am wondering whether in fact a number of the training programs are because of this initial thrust or is this because they're areas given you're
2:23 pm
background and experiences you feel that the data shows they're high risk areas and you said there are four and you mentioned the other ones. i guess i am sort of going around but what i am trying to say there's been a lot of training -- you know, let's bring in more equipment, more teams, swat teams whatever and then we see community policing is on the back burner here and integration of services because we're still a health care system in a public hospital and a public hospital. >> yeah exactly. >> and there are so many unique things that could be done and hopefully used as a training module for some of the traditional institutions that really need to take a look at the unique cultures we have and the type of outstanding health professionals and security professionals that we have. it gives us an unique opportunity to develop new pathways and
2:24 pm
done by post and the feds and dea. does that make sense? >> it does and commissioner you -- very good point. you hit the nail on the head in regard these are health care facilities and a lot of the training prior to that, while it's good training, is geared towards law enforcement is presented by law enforcement, and within my first year one of the things i identified is the fact that our employees lack the confidence as well as the competence to actually address acting out behavior, recognizing it at its early stage so they default to law enforcement, and often times what happens that you see in the document i presented in the first quarter 51 incidents of physical force and that's again where it shows the use of force against patients and a lot is driven by the fact you put law enforcement in a situation that
2:25 pm
has escalateid and because the employees and nursing staff don't have the training to address the issues and they're really patient care issues so this training focuses on that to give them the tools of deescalating. >> excellent. thank you. >> commissioner karshmer. >> this is extensive -- hard to read. very small print to read but it was worth wading through and the descrngz of creating a climate and sensitive to this is obviously important. i have a couple of questions though. there's a lot of additional staffing that you're recommending here. >> yeah. >> and how do the additional security staffing interact with the sheriffs? that wasn't clear to me on that and how do you do the -- because it's not today's staff. there is a bunch of new
2:26 pm
staff the next day and the next day and how do you make this a viable ongoing proposal? and a little more about the cost of this. are there some that are very effective and low cost solutions and nice to have that are high cost solutions? >> very good point commissioner. in regards to staffing the only recommendations -- i would love to have support staff to actually help me provide service through dph and if it comes it comes, but the only additional staffing recommendations that have been made are to the new hospital at general hospital because of course you have an increased of square footage there. the other costs associated with electronic security systems and the thing about systems is when i look at what our current labor cost is to provide security under the sheriff's department you actually -- there's a significant cost savings if we
2:27 pm
actually convert to more systems realizing that it is an increase up front but then over time there is a cost savings and the cost with labor at this point. >> that means electronic and save costs. >> yes. >> and the recommendations is that say hire additional full time administrator that's for the electronics not for people? >> that's for electronics and currently the way that dph is structured electronic security systems is owned by facilities and you really need a security expert that deals with systems to focus on that to actually be able enhance the security program. throughout my assessment just you got the functionality of systems in place at some of the clinics but there is an issue how they're maintained and things of that
2:28 pm
nature, so just having someone focus on systems from a security perspective is important. >> is it part of an initiative and how to include the patients as part of the security? is there any programming that you intend to help them be part of the solution? >> i'm sorry? >> how patients can be part of the solution being mindful of security, being part of security? yes actually if we had -- for example emergency security phones. right now they're limited. regardless of your physical security staff we need the eyes of employees and patients and everyone involved to respond. the majority of the incident when it comes down to preventing crime is not by the person
2:29 pm
doing patrol in uniform and from the information we receive and it's what i talked about and developing a culture of security awareness. when security is heightened at all levels that heightens the program. >> i think that is a great advice from the commissioners and we have community advisory groups for each of the clinics and get them involved would be helpful. i have community advisory members telling me things that happen in the back alley way all the time and it's a great idea to think about those groups at the clinics to participate in a safety process so thank you. i think we could help him with that and a one man show and did a great job with san francisco general hospital and throughout the department. >> commissioner singer. >> thank you for the comprehensive report. i wanted to talk about a few things. i
2:30 pm
guess towards the end of the report you show some statistics for q1 of the 14-15 year versus q1 of the 15-16 year at the general, -- or i guess -- yeah, at the general, serious incident reporting, and i would have expected that with the incident that happened i think late 13 at the general, and they sort of spotlight on security there that we would have had at least a trend down in some of the serious incidents, so maybe you could give us a sense of the assessment of why that hasn't happened? >> the majority of the increase between 2014 and 2015 those incidents of either facility
2:31 pm
property which mainly of thefts, internal thefts, and then the other is batteries and the majority of the batteries are again patient on employee, and so the increase that we're seeing -- and again when you don't have systems you got older buildings whose lock being mechanisms are easily defeated and as a result we're putting in brand-new equipment, so that would explain why you have the increase of facility property thefts, and in the batteries again it's just the ongoing training staff as far as how to address and deescalate acting out behavior at the early stage. >> continuing on this. on the back of that incident and sort of motivating you coming on board in many ways was kind of a reassessment of how the department -- and particularly sfgh is working with the
2:32 pm
sheriff's department but thematically what happened at general is probably true of the department from my understanding and maybe you could give us a more acute assessment of where we are with the relationship with the sheriff's department? where you think the strengths are? where you still have some concerns? >> i think it's a good relationship since i of there and been able to work with the leadership. i have a pretty good working relationship with them. when i came there they had a good relationship with staff and that continues to be in place. i see an improvement in the sheriff's department's performance in regards expressly the issue to at risk. the majority issue in the report the prevention and relocation of at risk patients that have that is 100% and that is pretty much
2:33 pm
contract to the search efforts -- contribute to the search efforts of the sheriff's department. there are continued patrols and sweeps of the stairwell and things put in place as a result of the incident of the still working with the hospital culture as far as gaps to take ownership of their security program as opposed to totally depending on the sheriff's department, and so that's a role where i stepped in and started working with the staff and sheriff's department as far as addressing those issues but again it's been a culture in place for years, whether it's just the ongoing of trying to raise security awareness with employees opposed to the sheriff's department. i think that is the biggest gap. certainly things did you bring law enforcement into a situation just by the nature of them
2:34 pm
being law enforcement nay have a responsibility to act and we don't always like the outcomes of that situation, so again when you have law enforcement as our security provider we need to really start training, educating staff when to bring them into a situation and when not to. >> so on theme i think it makes all the sense in the world to me that your initiatives to try and lower costs and increase security by replacing some of those human resources with some of these systems. >> exactly. >> not only at the general but throughout the department, and i guess the kind of pointed question i have for you. if you look at your budget for the money that you spend hiring the sheriff's department to provide security in your realm, and you
2:35 pm
could use that money in other ways to provide security, whether using other contractors or some of the system stuff as initiative. could you increase the security for the same amount of dollars? >> yeah definitely, definitely. not only will you increase security but you will increase the quality of the security program as well. again with the systems you take out that human element and then we're able to assess right now for example where you have probably 90% of the staff on site is sworn deputies. you could actually reduce that probably half and have cadets who are trained to respond to some of the patient issues opposed to having law enforcement in that situation. >> it would be interesting to hear a more specific plan
2:36 pm
because we're -- you know, as director garcia and greg wagner constantly remind us we're not always going to be in this current economic climate so i think it would be interesting while we're still in it to hear from you more from a strategic policy standpoint more aggressively okay if we really wanted to do this what's the ultimate vision for it? the second big topic i was curious about as i read through your report -- it's detailed and super helpful. what i couldn't conclude and i am glad we have a chance to talk and in your mind what are the highest priorities in the department that you feel urgently about among all these things? >> i think it's one building a
2:37 pm
security plan that's dph wide, standardizing it across the department, and building systems -- electronic security systems that can be integrated across the department. i think that would be the three. >> okay. thank you. >> sure. >> very helpful. >> thank you. commissioner. >> first of all i think the comments have been helpful. there is a macro level looking at security as a whole and i would like to focus on the interface issues and security and i have a comment and three short questions. i like the scope of the plan. i thought that you covered everything including the clinics which we haven't heard before which was really nice. i had very good experience with security folks at some of the clinicis. i
2:38 pm
just visited maxine hall clinic. the greeter is the sheriff officer at the front door. very pleasant chatty but you felt at the same time provided security and from a client perspective and consumer perspective it was good and i want to commend you on that and the services you're providing already. i am interested in the interface. [inaudible] security budgets i think are embedded in the department as sub items. i am wondering as we look at the master plan around security if we need to do a higher level just as a study what it looks like of the total security expenditure and see if some of the investments we want to make would pay off and
2:39 pm
because it's embedded and part of this system and i am wondering if you have that? >> we have the full budget of the sheriff i am positive we can get that. >> let me turn to the questions on the clinic. you mentioned 13 high risk areas. what are the 13 high risk and what's the clinical impact is? can you give an example of the 13 are? >> again the risk level is based on the security vulnerabilities. when i am doing the assessment you see the vulnerabilities as far as whether is access control, functionality, whether there are systems in place? whether they have security response procedures in place. >> so i am looking the at vulnerabilityis and if they have security counter measures such
2:40 pm
as system or sheriffs or cadet in place it's to track the vulnerabilityis and how you determine the risk and it's based on the number of serious incidents that occur and the risk of the population they serve as well so that's how the high, moderate -- >> or specific sites or issues that are high risk. are there certain clinics or divisions that are high risk? i guess labeling them high risk will we address them with higher priority? >> exactly. in the master plan the high risk are top priority. >> okay. maybe we don't need to get into the detail of which and 13 you felt were high risk? >> yes. >> in regards to san francisco general and i will bring up
2:41 pm
laguna honda here. the interface of the clinical aspect and the secure officers and had 50 incidents that involved security of a significant event. can i ask you were those reviewed between the clinical staff and the sheriff's staff as well? i know you're reviewing did we perform secure measures but there was a large proportion for example at san francisco general that had mental health components and i am interested in whether the cases also received quality assurance review to make sure there was good collaboration and we were providing not only good security but good care within those incidents? >> currently there has been patient and employee security and safety committee to do exactly what you are referring it to actually begin to start
2:42 pm
assessing. that committee actually started -- probably about three months now, and so the sheriff's department they're a part of that committee as well to start having some quality control over reviewing the particular incidents. we started tracking use of force incidents beginning in july, and so that 51 is over a three month period. >> okay. so my similar question would shifting frames perhaps to laguna honda. is there a similar conversations at laguna honda? one of the areas we have been looking at on the clinical side at laguna honda and you maybe the first or last person since security often is called in those situations. >> yeah. >> what kind of interaction between security and the clinical teams occur perhaps around that? and violence issues are less common in the
2:43 pm
laguna honda environment. >> current the sheriff's department is involved in the elopement activity. as we develop the program for laguna honda we will have an opportunity to capture those incidents. at this point not a lot of the security related incidents at the current laguna honda are documented by the sheriff's department, and being able to capture those so we could see what the activity entails and coming out with action plans of it and part of the development of that program. >> so just as a commissioner karshmer was asking that we might look at consumer panels with our security officers i am interested when you have future reports and at the clinics and the hospitals and the clinical and our security staff conversations so again we can follow up on the events and learn from them, and really work as a team to integrate security
2:44 pm
as part of our best practices and providing good clinical care as well and my understanding when you come from two different cultures sometimes they don't mesh so this is a good opportunity around the events for everyone to get on board what are good priorities and how to handle the critical incidents. >> right. at general hospital where the security leadership meeting we have on a weekly basis we're implementing that at laguna honda and we will do it for the clinics as well and sweasing the security active as you mentioned. >> thank you very much. >> if i may commissioner chow. >> yes. >> and the process of staff coming in and focusing and houses at san francisco general is important for the time period and being able to spread the security role out and that's what you see today in the
2:45 pm
assessment so we're at the beginning of the assessment for the system and also to note we have a new sheriff in town and we will be meeting with her shortly and bas -- he will there and he is diminishing his role and we made it clear he was representing the department in the oversight of their role and it was a new position and they realized that and appreciate that but i do want to recognize that wasn't totally -- you know, a recognized role so it was a new role that we had to ensure that the sheriff understood and the sheriff in charge -- particularly of san francisco general hospital understood the role of the oversight and never able to get this kind of data of the kinds
2:46 pm
of -- and basil meet and look at that and i am concerned with law enforcement versus our patient behavior happens and so we're really focused on that. i wanted to address commissioner singer's comment which is important which is a part of how do we get a better cost effective role here, so there have been conversations about cadets. there are some classification issues but with the new sheriff coming on it's one of the conversations we want to have with her and how can we really ged -- maybe hrps and improve on the cadet role to have the interaction with patients and right now there are restrictions but i don't think it's a boorier to be in the way and ensure we have law enforcement where we need it and other levels of security where
2:47 pm
that is not needed but this interaction of ensuring the staff -- not just having to turn to law enforcement and begin thinking how they really work with clients, and as i think he is focused on and bringing the culture of security with the staff and providing the training that they need and in the last process of the budget with the sheriff i tried to support the sheriffs getting training around debriefing as well so i really upon to recognize the work being done and also greg and i are focused on this need of the change process that we have been going through around security, and we have more work to do, so i really appreciated your report and i think we will keep you all updated on our progress on this. >> i would actually like to reiterate that accommodation. last year was a hard year for
2:48 pm
all of us in regards to security and rolling out of the events at san francisco general and you handled it well and i am excited we're able to use the skill set to look at the broader system so i want to frame my questions within that context and this is exciting stuff and very optimistic and give you our deepest gratitude. >> thanks. >> and director garcia i think you deserve commendation trying to work and optimize the relationship with the sheriff's department for the benefit of the patients at our institutions, but i would feel remiss if i didn't emphasize that wasn't my point. the point i was making was not whether we could do better within the current relationships with the sheriff's department which is we all know is unique in the city
2:49 pm
and county of san francisco compared to how hospital security is done most other places in the country. my point was not that we're about doing good work within that relationship. my point was a view that says we ought to look with much broader lens at how we spend our security dollars and challenge ourselves and the city to say you know this really -- there is -- i don't know if there is the conclusion so i don't want to prejudge. i just want to ask the question whether there is a possibility to ask the question for the money that we're spending with the sheriffs for security at our facilities there is a much more cost effective, much more high quality way to do that without spending the money at that department. i realize there's a
2:50 pm
whole lot of consequences to that question and action but i believe that is the role of the commission like ours to challenge from the outside perspective and some of the procedures that the department is making and deployment of resources and let's look broader and maybe there's a better way to do this and what i heard specifically from mr. price that's probably worth looking at. i could have misinterpreted it but that's what i heard. >> i am not disagreeing with you commissioner. we tried that numerous times to do that because you're asking for a contracting out of our security and the department has tried that four times in my history here and we were not successful at the board and doesn't mean we don't try again. >> i appreciate that. i have
2:51 pm
gone back and as you know i read the testimony and drama from the board of supervisors. >> it's a matter of doing it again. >> i think it's the right thing to do. >> i don't think there is disagreement and the department has did that four times at least in my career here. >> yes. and i would say where we are now is actually working with the reality of the situation in san francisco that says at this point and time we are not going to be in a contract position. we tried that when the issue particularly was one of finance again, and evening that didn't play out. it doesn't mean it's still not on the table but in taking the current situation we're trying to make better and more effective use of the sheriff's department and putting them
2:52 pm
into a role where then we will have a better understanding of their role, possibly bolstering as mr. price said our role and our employees in the management of these incidents which are not felonious themselves but quick become a matter of assault or battery and he has presented possibilities in which the manpower in the sheriff's office would be less by certain types of electronic devices and other ways of monitoring security, so that we would make the best of what we can with the current situation while looking at possibilities of others. i think they should be commended for that part which i know you have done. >> i agree, but maybe someone could explain to me in this
2:53 pm
public forum why we have to accept for the patients in our system this security construct, and why we don't think we can be successful in spending our money more efficiently as a security professionals suggest we might be able to? i just don't understand it. >> that would be a question for the board of supervisors commissioner because we did try to do that several times and we weren't allowed to by the vote of the board. now if the board changes -- one action if you would like us you could ask us to explore that how to do that. just to note we tried that and i don't -- have to work through the mayor's office for the possibility of that. there is a transition piece to think about and we haven't done planning around that. i'm not opposed to doing that. i just want you to
2:54 pm
know that others are. >> just as one commissioner i would love to see that flan. >> we will work on a plan then. >> i think the best opportunity is still within the construct how we most efficiently manage our department as you pointed out and i think we're moving in that direction by just mr. price's approach to this which may get us to the ultimate end also and having a more efficient system at a lower cost. right. the principle here is that all the -- for me the principle is that i have been completely impressed what every single commissioner's questioning and field of expertise on various subjects kind of imploring different people at the department to examine the way they're doing things in a world that is changing very quickly and to
2:55 pm
think about ways to bring outside practices and learn in whether it's commissioner karshmer and her area expertise or everyone else up here today so if we ask people to do that we awenot to make security an exception and like everyone else we really encourage you to teach us how to do this in a world class way and think about it without being anchored in the current practices and the historical practices that san francisco has used to get us to where we are today because otherwise you never ever affect real change and it's incremental change and we will have the same conversation like two years ago when we had a disastrous security problem and we haven't
2:56 pm
been free of problems with the sheriff's department in our institution. i don't have anything against our sheriffs but there is a security professional telling us -- these aren't your words. it's my interpretation. there might be a better way to do this. >> just to note in order to contract out these kinds of services we have to get authority from the board. >> right. i understand that but i don't think we can get board of supervisors' approval for it until we go to them with a plan. now we might be rejected but our job is go with the best plan we can. >> commissioner sanchez. >> i would just state that i really think the presentation when you're asked about the three priorities you were right there. you're asking for a top staff person but not a deputy chief in charge of weapons and/or response and/or critical incidents to bring in a swat
2:57 pm
team or another unit. you're talking about surveillance. you're talking about a computer systems. you're talking about developing a uniform policy that could link with all of the above, and the questions that were raised here are valid questions, but over the years, and over the centuries things have changed pertaining to security at the hospital and even with law enforcement and 40 years ago we had patrol specials and monitoring by the police department and because at this point administration, the mayors and supervisors felt police shouldn't be working secondary employment. if so we had problems and we had to get post certification in incidents and had patrol specialists and they were required to live in the
2:58 pm
city if they wanted to to be a captain or deputy or chief of police and the sheriff was all over the water so to speak and came in over time and what i am saying it shifted again. police officer -- secondary -- you know they're working in a multitude of areas whether because of film industry or athletic vent or the super bowl. you name it. it doesn't just happen here but up and down the peninsula but that is because the supervisors over time and the mayors and commissions agreed this is the way they're going to operate in the future, so again we're in a totally different system. we have a totally new health care program and for the first time we have a uniform department of public health pertaining how we're all in fact in the same ship and crew so therefore we
2:59 pm
need to have valid information. we need to have administrators who think creatively, and we have been able to hire some of the best and brightest here and we're moving towards that, but again it's not going to happen unless the leadership at city hall and the supervisors and whatever field there needs to be a restructuring and the commission will hear some dialogue and you will hear a number of things going on but there will be the -- the pendulum will swing back and forth how in fact we provide services for our patients and for our community clinics and incidentally for many of our programs in the schools, and we have a wide range right now. you go to some schools back east and you have four, five sworn police officers within the school. you have to go through the whole protocol. we don't
3:00 pm
have that here, but at the same time we have a unique population and we have been able to keep abreast and thank god we have creative leadership, both in our flagship institutions within laguna honda and san francisco general hospital and the clinics and leadership here and we're going to come out with the best program available to provide safety of staff and hospitals and clinics and facilities, but it's going to be an ongoing process but it can happen but i said things have shifted within the last 40 years to one side to the other and back and forth and here we are. we're still discuss the same thing. how do we maintain quality of service given the nature of the world which has changed 360-degrees? >> we have moved considerably and this report demonstrates
3:01 pm
that due a number of circumstances but commissioner chung. >> i almost feels like this has been a discussion when we were meeting for the community health master plan around you know around safety in clinics and hospitals, and this is as i recall some of discussion is what that uniform represents like to our patients. you know a lot might have history of criminal justice and incarceration so when you have police or sheriff being stationed there you know they don't see that as a welcoming environment and see them as threats so this is what i remember so i might be making this up or hallucinating. i'm not sure but on that note i think that's really worth like some of these explorations and
3:02 pm
ask the question why is the sheriff's department and not the police? why did we decide to go with one and not the other? and when we know that the police department actually have more trainings around deescalations and handling patients with mental health issues versus the sheriff's department. >> so i know the commission can't take action today because it's not an item on the agenda but we're coming into the budget season. this is a decision you have to make as a commission. i am happy to take that recommendation. i heard it from one commissioner and others and it's a matter of planning it and processing it. there's a lofng history around the sheriffs. i don't know all of it but we also explored police but you do need to agendize it so we can have action on it because i couldn't at this point go to the board and ask for that but package it
3:03 pm
within the budget process. >> yes director garcia is correct and that and historically of course the peace officers used to be under the department of health and that was another issue in terms of appropriate training and so forth, so we used to actually control our own police officers here and they were under us so there is a whole history of this and i think it's important as we're looking at this and looking at the new opportunities that you have brought to us that we're able to reexplore some of the options and come -- you know, either yes or no or that maybe we're not quite ready that are for that yet but it's appropriate time because of the budget setting forward if we want to look at some areas of savings. commissioner pating.
3:04 pm
>> thank you very much. maybe just to help us get through this. it seems i would conclude you provided an excellent needs assessment and what are the needs in the department and what is the best vendor for it? and we have the sheriff right now. i have no major concerns with them but i think the issue it's complicated. it's not just economic. it's political and also services and in terms of the recent environment now which is prop 47 or ab 109 release i wouldn't want to make in a financial decision because the systems are overlapping now with changes in demographics. most important we have a new sheriff in town and we need to give this an opportunity. that phrase doesn't have what
3:05 pm
cliche' and carbshay in the meaning and maybe if you want to represent us and meeting with the new sheriff and what the plans would be and whether there are changes and see if she will be able to comply with our needs are and start from there, but to me it's a complicated decision. i don't think we rush it or forget what commissioner singer is saying and accountable here and do it in a step wise holistic manner and start with conversations with the new sheriff in town and see where it takes us and with commissioner singer's concerns fully on the plate. can you offer us this at a reasonable price and give the services we are needing and wanting and maybe we will get
3:06 pm
the holiday discount and at the negotiating table. >> so what we will do is follow the offer that director garcia has made in terms of bringing a the dialogue -- >> well, you need to take an action as a commission to do that so it's a decision you need to make and we need time to develop a plan and what it looks like, because we have done it before and we have experience and rfp transition but we have to get through a proposition j hearing in order to do that. >> all right. just to switch the topic a little and talk about the outcome performances that while you developed a series of metrics at sf general and one of the urgent areas in order to get to that and since we're broadening this i assume
3:07 pm
in the next iteration you would be bringing similar performance metrics fitting the particular facilities but some are the same and we have metrics for general but not for laguna or the clinics and you have under the title performance outcomes sort of different topics so i think in the idea of uniformity for the entire department we should look at the type of outcomes we are expecting and which are the right ones obviously within your expertise. >> yes, that will be the next step. >> so i suggest that since security report also is an important item that the commission is to have the responsibility for that we have another report i guess in six months or so on this and then on the other topic as the director finds the appropriate time for us to take up the topic again
3:08 pm
of the vendor services offered by the sheriff's office. >> okay. >> okay. is there any further discussion at this point? is there any public comment? >> there are no requests for public comment. >> okay. then we can move on and thank you very much for this great progress that we're moving forward on and we wouldn't be able to have this type of a topic and discussion without this background. >> thank you commissioners. >> commissioners the next item on the agenda is item 8 the dph general gift report. ms. okubo. >> good afternoon. anne okubo. the item before you is the report of gifts raft in 14-15 and three different at this times and it's the san
3:09 pm
francisco general foundation and the laguna honda hospital and the public foundation. for san francisco general hospital we received a number of gifts to support programs. they total 5.5 million dollars. on the part of the city capital campaign which i am sure you're familiar with there is a significant amount of gifts there. 99.2 million. for laguna honda the don't aitiondzs to the hospital are 448,213. there were in kind donations of 109939 and the public health foundation received 4.5 million. on the next pages you will see the list of donors for the three entities. the next section shows the expenditures that were made from the gift funds of 14-15. however those funds
3:10 pm
were probably received in a prior year so the timing when they received time and spent the funds are not necessarily linked and the lasted page includes the board of recs for -- directors for that and if you have any questions let me know. >> commissioners any questions for the gift report? i guess my only question is laguna honda lists in kind support but not listed by any other agency of ours? >> that's correct. i'm not sure of the reason why. i know historically that's the way laguna honda presented it. i don't know if the san francisco general foundation receives in kind or not. it's something i can inquiry about. >> yeah, we need to understand and there is a dollar amount and not hours and exact dollar. >> i think what they do on the
3:11 pm
in kind is value the donation. if it's staff or equipment. >> okay. so if you can give us explanation i think that would be helpful to understand because sometimes in kind might be that apple gives a computer. >> right. >> that has value and i think that's different from volunteer in kind and i think we just need to clarify. [inaudible] of hard goods. >> i think it's the former and not the latter but i will pass it on to mr. morewitz. >> which is the former? >> meaning i think they're items given rather than apple brought staff into work at laguna. there were some item with value. >> they bring products in or donated a car or something. oh okay. we will get an explanation right now.
3:12 pm
>> happy new year president chow and vice president singer and commissioners. i can answer the in kind contributions. many community members in san francisco and past volunteers have actually past retired employees bring back to us items such as crocheted blankets and underwear and clothing and listed on page three in terms of books and magazines and subscriptions and drop it off at the volunteer's office or administration and i send them acknowledging the receipt of the items and we send them a thank you note and we do acknowledge through the items that they provide. oftentimes also they will bring to us
3:13 pm
provide supplies through the clothing room, gently used clothes for residents, and very expensive that medi-cal shaly won't pay for are electric wheelchairs and they bring it to laguna honda and we have it reviewed by occupational therapy staff and we have it for residents and medi-cal denies that approval so i hope that explains what the in kind contributions have been from the public. >> well, it's a very nice listing. i am still somewhat confused because musical performances seem different
3:14 pm
from equipment, so it sounds like a mix of both people donating their time for doing something and others that have brought in hard goods or something. i am just trying to understand the category versus a direct donation. >> maybe i am missing the musical donations and i am reading in kind donations. >> i am reading page three and four and under page four -- >> i'm sorry. if i can clarify. for the in client donations they clothing and household items and the miiveg cal performance is under friends of laguna honda so those are funds 501(c)(3) of laguna
3:15 pm
honda and pay for musical performances for patients for holiday shows. >> this is a small point. it's a different classification and i think we're mixing up the in kind and took the total and placed it there. >> [inaudible] >> and that's okay. >> we'll clarify. >> it's just -- >> thank you. >> i am just trying to clarify that you're trying to get to the donations of items like a goodwill and you get a slip for and the remainder should have a different category then because it's not in kind. >> yes commissioner chung. >> i have questions and for instance san francisco health plan showed up four times on the list and says multiple. i don't know -- oh yes. they must have
3:16 pm
given several separate giftis. that's what i assume the multiple means that they made separate gifts and all fell within the 100,000 to 500,000 range. >> so it's the incident they gave? >> i'm sorry? >> it's the incident and not the amount. >> you're right. seems there is a typo and it's on twice. i don't know. this is the way i got the info and obviously i missed the point but i think the multiple means they gave more than one gift. i can confirm that. that's what i assume. >> okay. that's where it got complicated a little bit. for instance you have [inaudible] research institute and multiple and why say that -- >> you're right. i see that. okay. i'm not sure. that looks maybe it was a duplicate entry.
3:17 pm
i think the multiple in parenthesis implies more than one gift but that looks like a typo and on my part. >> i think that is something -- >> yeah, okay. >> that stood out for me. >> okay. >> i think it's worth noting as we get this clear in our heads how amazing the generosity -- one the generosity of the supporters in the community are for the institutions inlet health department. this is incredible. >> it's incredible. >> it's a lot of resources that people are wanting to donate, and the second thing it just didn't happened and they're dedicated people who are fans and working hard to solicit these gifts. obviouslylet san francisco foundation is one and you know
3:18 pm
other groups and we should take a moment and recognize those folks for the generosity and hard work cultivating that. >> and the campaign is impressive. when i was putting together the report i was astonished. >> yeah. >> i think we send a note to each of the organizations having received the report and thanking them for the outstanding support of the community. >> thank you. >> with a picture of dr. chow. >> you don't need my picture, but with the consent of the commission we will do that. >> that's a great idea. >> i will do that. >> without my picture. >> without. >> you can use my picture if you like. >> was there any public comment? >> there is no public comment. >> then move on to the next item. >> item 9 is the 2016 federal
3:19 pm
and state legislative plans. >> good afternoon commissioners. director garcia. aneeka chaudhry with the office of policy and planning and i would like to talk about the 2016 federal and state legislative plans so in the packet you received a background memo as well as the narrative of the plans so i won't go into a lot of detail of that and we will do an overview. as you know the department plans two
3:20 pm
each year, one for state legislation and one for federal legislation. these plans are guided by and promote the dph priorities and mission. however because individual city departments don't take positions on legislation the plans are incorporated into the plans. the state plan goes through the mayor's state legislation committee which is composed of representatives from the mayor's office, several city agencies as well as the board of supervisors, and the advantages being incorporated into the city wide plans it gives us flexibility and advocacy and track being and monitoring as we go throughout the year so i will note that generally the health commission approves the legislative plans before they go to the mayor's office. however, due to a scheduling conflict in december the state plan was presented to the state
3:21 pm
legislation committee, so any changes that the commission might request will be presented to the state legislative committee again as an amendment. so the plans internally serve as a guide for monitoring and advocacy development for the offices of policy and planning and the office of equity and improvement in the health division as well as for our various staff who work on policy issues throughout the department. externally the mayor's office shares them with the city's contract lobbyist as well as other partners who help us flag issues as well as build advocacy platforms. the plans are developed with input from sfdph content experts and happens throughout the year as we review legislative proposals or as new issues are flagged by experts working on different issues so this year we solicitid
3:22 pm
input from department wide staff in september and october and then the plans were developed and presented to the integration steering committee and they the leadership was asked to once again disseminate the plans to get feedback and the versions include all of the feedback we covered and lastly the plans cover a broad range of issues important to dph and because they touch so many facets of health and issues that arise during the year but we don't specifically include every single issue like a specific bill or a specific -- like we won't call out ab whatever but write it broadly to address the issues as they arise, so a little bit of background on 2015 legislative tracking for bills.
3:23 pm
we tracked 160 bills relative to the department. more than half failed to make it through the legislature. 50 made it to the governor's desk and signed and another 50 were vetoed. however because we're in the second year of the legislation at the state level any of the bills that didn't make it can be amended or revived to cover issues. again as i mentioned because the department doesn't take official positions we request that the city take positions on issues and we recommended 11 bills for official city positions and issues related to tobacco control notably ecigs and weights and measures and increasing immigrant access to health care and sexual health
3:24 pm
education in the schools. i would like to note a few high profile policy issues that happened in 2015 so medi-cal eligibility was extended to undocument children under the governor's budget and slated to happen in may 2016. governor called a special session on health to address a potentially $1 billion hole in the medicaid budget from the tax. however the special session runs along side the regular session and can include other bills and so there's several introduced related to tobacco and tobacco tax so we will watch that closely. the medicaid renewable was a big issue on the state and federal side and the waiver special terms and knows were
3:25 pm
signed on december 31 so in the next months will be details coming out in terms of additional attachments to be completed so this is something we expect to follow because there might be additional legislation. the medi-cal delivery system and puts the medicaid delivery system in a managed care format and rolled out this year and san francisco is in the first cohort of counties to participate. you maybe aware there were bills to regulate medical cannabis state wide and san francisco has a role in that currently so this is something we're following closely also and finally but not least the federal budget we have a fy '16 budget enacted as and director garcia mentioned
3:26 pm
earlier it was good news for the department and health and human services in general because the cuts under sequestration were lifted and most health programs stayed flat or increased slightly. so for 2016 the california legislature resumed yesterday. congress will resume next week and the governor is expected to release his budget later this week, so we're back and again it's the second year of the session, so the dph legislative plan if you recall from last year they don't -- they haven't changed too much. however there are basic themes that we follow and those are supporting on going aca implementation at the state and federal levels and they have sufficient funding and support. preserving and increasing funding for our core public health functions, disease
3:27 pm
prevention, emergency preparedness and increasing access to health care services for all populations and increasing services for housing services so the state legislative plan falls into several broad categories and i won't go into all of them but we follow closely medi-cal and as i noted in the bills we expect to follow those in 2016. similarly the special session on health care is ongoing and follow that closely and we anticipate there are bills provided to provider rate increases as well as increased eligibility and access for more populations for med cal and on the mental health we expect activity around the mental health services act and san francisco receives 2% of the state's
3:28 pm
funding and a big program with the formula it doesn't account for services provided to homeless populations so there are senate budget proposals under way to try to address this and we will follow those closely. proposition 47 was passed in 2014 and essentially it will make more money available for local governments to do for mental health programs and substance abuse programs and other activities that would keep people out of the incarceration, so the savings will be provided as grants to counties so we're monitoring closely how the grant process develops and we will have implementation as well and we will follow that and increased access to supportive housing is tied into a lot of the other proposals and mental
3:29 pm
health and the medicaid waiver. on the population health side we anticipate following legislation for tobacco and ecigarettes. ecigarettes have been a big topic because we support regulating them as regular tobacco products and so this is something that's been introduced both in the special session and regular session. medical cannabis -- powered alcohol is a new substance that is not available for sale in california or the united states yet. however, a lot of the population health officials are concerned about its marketablity to children as well as just not knowing what the health effects of the substance are or any of its potency. we would like to continue advocating for emergency preparedness and response funding and working with the vision zero fans in
3:30 pm
the city advocate for the use of automated speed enforcement and cameras that will reduce speeding. on the children, youth and families and we're monitoring the children system and providing care to low income children and families so the state has a couple of pilots to move this into managed care but that might not be the best way forward for all counties so we're following that closely. there were several bills related to children in foster youth and we anticipate activity around that and of course anything we can do to increase long-term services and support and community based alternatives to institutional and on the federal side we would like to continue
3:31 pm
supporting the affordable care act and local funding as well and an example this the community center's health fund and approved in the aca but not appropriated so last we preer advocated for that and this includes that. of course through the budget we would like to preserve and increase budget for the health programs ryan white programs and hospital programs and emergency preparedness response and a few other issues to work with and coalitions is a social security disability for severe mental illness so san francisco was part of a pilot, so if you had a diagnosis of schizophrenia you were eligible for social security disability and you
3:32 pm
could get payment without waiting for the whole process. the pilot results are not available yet and we want push for that and continuelet pilot. we are interested in removing barriers to data sharing and there is a issue of substance abuse data held to a higher standard than other health protected information so this is something we're interested in pursuing because the state and federal governments going forward want to see integrated care and we see this as a barrier to that and of course there's been several opportunities for promoting access to lgbt health and health care this past year with cms reversing their ban on transgender -- on gender reassignment surgery so currently they're doing a determination to see if they can issue a national coverage
3:33 pm
determination on exactly what should be covered as part of this surgery and we think we have a lot to offer as a pioneering health department in that sense, so i will leave it at that and i am happy to answer questions. >> okay. commissioners we received the report and approval will be needed for this from us. commissioners -- commissioner pating. >> i would just like make comments regarding mental health and substance abuse policies. first i want to commend you on this. i went through this closely and in detail and you guys are on right side of the right issue and makes us a forward thinking health system and it starts with good policy so i want to commend you and commend director garcia and our assistant director for really excellent policy positions, so if you wouldn't mind giving me
3:34 pm
a little with the mental health expertise and turn to the page -- the one on the desk is the new one; right? >> yes. i attached the wrong attachment so that's the complete version. >> second page, mental health services act prop 63. i think we're getting a disproportionately funds in the last two years. i think we got 33 million or something small for the services that we need and anything that can change the formula. although it's not in legislation as you know and done at the department level so i wish you luck and i am willing to help out if i can. you might want to consider if there are policies with housing funds that come up. i think san francisco has been a positive beneficiary over all through housing funds.
3:35 pm
we have built more projects and my discussion there might be set asides for housing and lord knows we could use more homeless housing in the city so just a parentheses you might want to consider adding that. the second thing on prop 47 i want to make an addendum on the second and third line where you say you will prioritize services and mental health services and housing services and no where i think you need to show the context and reduce recidivism and that's what it's for and anyone reading the record we're not increasing overall services and just implementing 47. >> sure. >> next item and ab48. i know this bill very well and having
3:36 pm
dr. judy martin to represent us and the medical cannabis issue would be great and i like our leadership as a committee as a county on the two issues so those are great. the last thing is omission. i don't have anything with laura's law and i don't know if anything is coming up and i think we're on track with it and i like where we're going and i noticed the omission and i don't know if there needs to be a policy on that. >> there is no issue right now. >> and the last issue because it's a pet issue which is prouded alcohol. there is no reason to put kool-aids poweredded alcohol for children or adults to slip into foot ball games and city hall or anywhere
3:37 pm
and put water in you get a vodka smoothie and make sure that doesn't happen and most states are takes positions to prohibit it and i am glad it made the agenda here and this is excellent and thank you for all the great work that you do. >> thank you. >> i apologize for the detailed comments. >> commissioners any other? i think i have two questions. first sequestration was then eliminated in the budget. i am trying to get the fineness of your statement. it didn't clearly tell me it was no longer there. >> it's still there, but per the agreement that congress and the president came to was that for the fy '16-fy '17 budget
3:38 pm
years the caps will be lifted. >> oh. >> so the law that puts sequestration into place is still there however they increased the caps by 2%. >> so they put it aside for the fiscal year. >> right. >> okay. and i believe that the version you gave me or gave us i should say had omitted under provider rates the restoration of the rates which i will you put in the new version but you didn't put the yellow in for the support legislative efforts to restore the cuts. those are the provider cuts; right? >> yes. there is the claw back which would apply to laguna honda and [inaudible] and the provider rates are just in
3:39 pm
january. >> we have a 10% reduction in medi-cal and that is covered by the clause that you have at the -- the phrase at the end that was not in the version that you sent us? >> yes. >> is that right? >> yes. >> so that was my only addition i was going to make sure because year after year we seem to be very comprehensive in how we look at health issues in both the state and federal level and i think it's a matter of adding here more than if there were omissions that the commission feels important rather than taking anything off the table that we would see was not important for us. so director garcia i think the issue i want to be sure that dr. pating's point was sufficiently taken. does the wording currently because you
3:40 pm
do speak about adjustments of allocation formulas for homelessness and what not, or do we have to add housing into it for the suggestion? >> it doesn't hurt to add housing. it's a long standing issue we were trying to get. as an example in the drug medi-cal they don't pay for room and board. >> so any approval on our part we could as an addition suggest that housing be added under the mental health? >> okay and the second one is the clarification under 47 and the services were to reduce recidivism. >> and that is for clarity and if we move approval and part of that. >> if you want to be generous we could say no to powered alcohol. >> i'm not sure. it's already
3:41 pm
on there. >> it's a little open ended but it's okay. i know director garcia will do the right thing. >> it says take positions where appropriate. >> the appropriate is a no. [laughter] >> okay. so we don't have to put that in? >> no, i'm fine with it. >> all right. >> just do the right thing. >> no public comment? >> there are no public comment requests for this item. >> okay. we are prepared to have a motion for acceptance with the suggestions. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> is there a second? >> second. >> and these are with the additions we discussed. okay. any further discussion? if not all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those opposed? and the motion has been approved unanimously. >> thank you.
3:42 pm
>> thank you commissioners. >> thank you very much. >> item 10 is other business. >> commissioners are there any items to bring up under other business? if not then we will move on to the next item. >> we will skip item 11 because there were no joint conference meetings since this session and we move to item 12 which is the committee agenda setting. >> okay. any items for committee or agenda setting? i believe that the consent calendar calendar has been released. >> yes and we're working to fill in the committees. >> and we're trying to fill in the committee assignments especially under public health. >> and now we're at consideration for adjournment. >> a motion for adjournment is in order. >> so moved. >> second. >> no further discussion. all
3:43 pm
favor in adjournment all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all opposed? [gavel] this meeting is adjourned.
3:44 pm
>> good morning thanks for coming you know i'm proud that our city it one of the most walkable city's in north america we also will doekz to make sure that we reduce the number of fatalities in injuries and certainly we build all of us standing up here
3:45 pm
building one fatality is two ma many and a unacceptable that's why in our city we're commented to eliminating facilities by way of deaths didn't he 2024 and is vocation vision zero is is a commitment inform prioritize states streets and make sure that everyone whether walking or biking or driving or riding a bus about we all that the make sure your safe on the rods it is great to think that our ridership is at all, all time high hurry city is growing more people cocking and binging the city has continued to prepare for the growth and we know that and you know that we are making historic investment in our
3:46 pm
transportation network and that investment has reached over a billion dollars just this year we have made investment in our city's is from we know with transportation infrastructure is equally as important to keep muni reliable and stave those historic investments allows to us there this munching service bison percent and light rail vehicles and clean up up cruise the public is noticing that ridership is up and more confidence we're making muni safer and cleaner and ready to meet the demand of a growing city and ridership this is all to say a big thank you to the san francisco voters because of last year's obligation bond transportation bond had helps to
3:47 pm
achieve the reliability of muni and contributed to will be traffic signal over $300 million in street save upgrades towards vision zero goals making everyone more safe loophole is it today, we join with our san francisco small business commission and bike coalition. >> community transportation authority and certainly our municipal transportation agency and vision zero as well as our public works and delighted everyone that is working together with me to make sure that when we said almost two years ago we were focused on some 24 projects and get them down those recommend the projects that have been data driven and certainly supervisor kim know that she lead the effort to get for data about what the high injury corridors
3:48 pm
were such we have priorities in our mission to make sure our streets is safer that time a year and a half 24 projects we said to get them done by february of 2016 as a result of every single ever those agencies private and public working together i'm glad to announce all 24 projects as of do i have cabin completed ahead of schedule head of schedule we're in a hurry to get anymore safety out to and, yes there maybe other streets now that are being challenged for different reasons we we'll get to those in fact, what this aggressive strategy has allowed us to do finish up those projects their data driven and rfbtd of the high the injury
3:49 pm
corridors of city and knowing that now we've completed them we'll have 6 more indicate driven sites to this to be done we imply the ends of february 2016 and certainly saying we'll not stop this allows us to say we have a momentum to identify for projects with the strifrdz the residents and the bicycle advocates and senior advocates and all other organizations that represent those are not safer streets and will work aggressively to do that in the calibration i think has been unmet since we started this project i want to say and big thank you i know supervisor kim when she comes up here will say she and i know we are that stan opposite side the streets of these street
3:50 pm
and mini in a activate a new signal i know that supervisor wiener and i were together noted long ago on 16 second street and market and supervisor tang and i were out together on sunset boulevards trying a new stoplights to slow down the traffic those are 3 of the highlighted ones in addition e annexation to ones in congested areas like the tenderloin those are to be celebrated because we are absolutely sure given the data that more lives will be saved as a result of those improvements so we will complete and additional 6 so that will be thirty bends of february and that some of the alleged projects in addition to the ones identified on the 24th and additional ones include the
3:51 pm
improvements along second street and polk street and mosaic avenue and more we'll continue to work with all the neighborhood organizations to identify those areas i know of some already in chinatown we have infrastructure obviously know of marina there are also improvements to be made and in order to get to vision zero and in order to on that goal we'll is where to do more engineering that's why public works is here in concert with our community transportation leaders and our municipal leaders as well to make sure we're identified the right areas but i do want to say despite some of the recent tragic event we'll you are talking about i want to say that we have prevented more accident by completing those 24 projects aggressively as we've done and
3:52 pm
as we set timetables in the future not only inform meet those but exceed those we're no a hurry to get to vision zero that also monies that lets remind everyone during the months when it is remain slow down and certainly all around schools you've got to slow down because we are trying to bring the pace of automobiles and the trucks and all slow down around the senior centers and the school sites 0 so we maintain a higher level of safety where a lot more 1r50ub89 with that i'll call to the mike a good partner one from day one on the vision zero has pan instrumental in making sure that we identify and one of the most congested areas of city this is district 67
3:53 pm
supervisor jane kim thank you, mr. mayor and i just want to thank the mayor's office for his incredible commitment to vision zero reducing the fatalities in san francisco to zero the next 9 years this announcement is in time for the last vision zero community meeting in december i chair bile be adopting the next generation of our zero project as the mayor mention 70 percent of fatality traffic accidents are on 12 percent of san francisco streets this is an issue we can make a difference a solvable and with targeted example on the highest cords reduce half of our facilities and death in san francisco we know on the job deaths with 100 percent preventable and know that more people are killed by cars than by guns in the city so there is much work to be done
3:54 pm
i'm proud of the forest taken by all the city departments under the mayor's leadership i want to recognize sfmta and our community u county interest rate 80 one-story to make sure that vision zero and pedestrian safety and buena vista is a priority in all street projects in san francisco but as the mayor said particularly during the holiday we see an increase in traffic collisions around san francisco this is an important time for the residents and workers and adversity to remember this is important to go slow speed is the main cause i have death and during the holidays we want to spend time with the friends and families and make sure that everyone comes home for dinner it make sense to take the time
3:55 pm
to drive slower to cycle and walk sloerp to enjoy the community here throughout the city so again congratulations to our city for completely all 24 projects as asked and promised by the city to how sour serious commitment to ending the traffic facilities and i looked at it to moving forward the next generation of project that continue to make the city safer for everyone. >> thank you all for scouting this morning, i'm ben the mire senior advisors on vision zero we want to action the folks behind me they're in calibration and zero is is a mix of 14 departments come together to commented to a bold and baby
3:56 pm
boomer goal it work is not possible without the leadership first, we have from the city architects sorry the city engineer from the d and kathy from walk sf which is one of our great strong community partners advocating forever the public safety and liveable streets in san francisco and sheryl brinkman vice president of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and we have tom maguire the sustainable streets at the sfmta and have tilly chang the executive director of the county transportation authority no san francisco and 80 mass the health officer here 2, 3, 4 the city and county of san francisco and noah what r a great partner and soon to be existing hopefully
3:57 pm
stay close by the director of to bicycle education and greg suhr the san francisco police department their folks are out there everyday and citing folks we appreciate all the hard work and with that, i want to invite to the myself of microphone the vice chair the mta sheryl brinkman. >> thank you ben and thank you all for coming i want to thank the mayor and the supervisors and oats heads of all the city departments for in their focus when is fundamental to everyone in our city this is about saving lives this is making your streets more welcoming for everyone who lives in the city traffic collisions really extract a department staff stating emotional toll the
3:58 pm
victims and loved ones and the person behind the wheel of car a had a kroshg it came across a traffic crash in the marina he and highs wife with your taking their children to daycare they saw the aftermath of the too young boys hit that made them feel less safe in the city and worried about about the future of the children in the city so our core philosophy in vision zero that traffic deaths with preventable and your honor, acceptable i'm proud and humble to work with everyone in the city on this project to reduce traffic deaths it get rid of traffic deaths traffic gathers are not like the weather not unlike the weather we can bring them down to zero like the
3:59 pm
agencies and citizens out of the 24 projects we have a two prong approach to with safety measures we work on lark are large construction on high injury corridors and what is next is those large project on the major corridors there is a lot more engineering to happen on the corridor they are more trade offs we have to be ready for the trade offs as strait users in san francisco and but together we're able to move on vision zero and we can get there and can end traffic deaths thank good morning and o
4:00 pm
the of the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority and we want to thank sfgovtv leo and phil for
4:01 pm
broadcasting today's hearing i want to also welcome our newest and returning member commission peskin so welcome commission and calling supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos absent supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim absence commission peskin and commissioner mondejar absent supervisor wiener present supervisor yee present we have quorum i thank you very much we'll now go to item 2 >> chair's report this is an informational item. >> colleagues i'm pleased to report a 5 year federal transportation bill that was passed and as i understand by the president on december 4th it is called the fyi americans
4:02 pm
surface transportation or fast act since 2005 we have a multiple spending bill to improve the transportation infrastructure xhourd our roads and bridges and bic and pedestrian pathway and transportation network we owe barbara boxer in the $3 billion bill although the telegraph hill bill lacks the dedicated funding source we have slightly higher levels of money for the 56 year period very, of course, have there's more work to do to have the long-term funning for the country we've heard the act will include $30 million for the moyer u bower that was expected in the transportation bill some other changes the return of a competitive bus and bus pallets
4:03 pm
program two new freight and transit signal starts program that benefits the brt we must not repeat uncertainty over the past decade but as we advocate for a dedicated trust fund we'll have stated and local resources for transportation with connects with bart and local measures including the local vehicle license fee to deliver more projects from the streetscape projects which we celebrated earlier this month and i was pleased to join supervisor avalos and supervisor cowen at that 23e7b9 that included the mcallister park and staff from the rec and park department public works and mta and our
4:04 pm
transportation authority the groundbreaking kickoff destruction of this safety project that converts 4 lanes into a pedestrian walkway for mcallister park the $7 million project has collaboration and funding resources including the transportation authorities one bay area grant program the vehicle registration and the prop k savings thank you to the ta staff fro organizing the event and all who worked on the project and the bureau ton band that entertained us and feinstein several individuals at the transportation authority for their service thank you to our cca sequence advisory committee my prediction to supervisor tang for the chairing of the plans committee and supervisor avalos for the finance committee and
4:05 pm
thank you to supervisor kim for our vision zero and leading the work on the transit 2rr8d mobility plan and also see acknowledge former supervisor christensen for her services on the transportation authority and welcome again to commission peskin as we prepare for the holiday recess i'll thank our hard working legislative transportation authority for your work for 9 past year that was a very busy and productive year our twooiblth year open doyle drive and constructed the full name foong and established ourselves those the transcript mobility agency and with the brt environmental documents and variance improvement projects and pretty much every part of city i looked to a terrific 2016
4:06 pm
and see if we can move forward with the transportation public speakers 19 or that concludes my remarks any any public comment on item 2 seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item item 3. >> item 3 executive director report that is an informational item. >> thank you chair wiener and good morning tilly the directors i'm pleased to echo the appreciation to congresswoman the president for signing 9 fast track that is welcome news and as the chair mentions not serving the transportation feeds we've got a lot more work to do and working with the partners on revenue opportunities at the regional and local goals for next year one piece of good news one potential impact to our
4:07 pm
sales tax from the aviation administration we're not subject to a rex regulation that is approved at the federal level that allows for sales tax and local takes to come back to the airport so we the some raven with our colleagues with the city attorney's office and other jurisdictions have determined for the prop k sales tax we don't collect sales tax revenues for prop k from san mateo from the airport itself we're not subject to that regulation and it is being workout on the local and state level frankly in the department of finance is effects jurisdictions across the united states but determined we're not impacted from the sales tax for from prop k more through the 1971 legislation sales tax for
4:08 pm
transportation uses at the state level i'll be happy to answer any questions and in addition here locally we've been able to take off the transportation survey with the leadership and the leptin help of the unified school district and geographically with private school to better understand the schools age children with paernls needs how to make school transportation easier for folks thank you supervisor tang for leading that in district 2 we've also planned for the crooked street for lombard street under supervisor farrell's tips and planning how we can better manage the traffic and the pedestrian and other visitors use to smooth out traffic we've determined that there are about 2 million verifies to lombard street to the crooked street and trying many management views
4:09 pm
we're deeper dive to explore out the traffic and keep the area liveable and promoting the tourist activities and promoting travel and visitor we are planning a meeting for january and interested folks please contact andrew our planning department staff in district 9 chances improvement study with supervisor avalos office working with the sfmta and caltrans to better sort out the conflicts the basic pedestrian conflicts particularly with the alameda change near main in the coming months an analysis to get the improvement of the safety and improve the bible and pedestrian crossings at the sgraj and interested community members conduct the planner in the
4:10 pm
division and in addition we've work on confirming the transportation concepts for district 11 with supervisor avalos as well as the supervisor kim we hope to report on those two districts as well as commission 8 with supervisor wiener next year our geary bus rapid transit has exceeded the period related to the environmental document on november 30th we welcome community input think brt and collect three hundred comments that we are current working on responses to and navigate met with the community members that expressed concerns about the removal of overpass bridge had a good meeting and will meet with the community in january to replace their concerns with
4:11 pm
those opportunities in addition 6 thousand people using the new decision alter view finding on 15 avenue two locations where people go and take a look at the street what it looks like for the visualization after the project for the brt and the safety we appreciate the cooperation of the outline network and folks that provided that technical and will be sharing the fgsdz bicycles on market street are growing the bikes we've xrementd complemented with mta counted a million trips in 2015 great milestone it is nearly 20 percent over this time last year and since the installation of those counters in may of 2013 we have counted over 2.3 million
4:12 pm
trips and see a growing and sales tax we're adrc more locations market street between hayes valley e hayes valley and a third location with sfmta these in conjunction with the pedestrian encounters will round out the measurement of vehicles and transit use and transit trips to it mix of pedestrian and bike trips are growing quickly and i want to congratulate sfmta for unsaturating the shared lanes that indicate where motorists and bicyclists share the lane more legible and safer and has been able to increase help to increase our bicycle ridership in 0 these locations as well market street howard and fulsome
4:13 pm
and townsend along 5 street are part the vision zero projects that were delivered early by the sfmta and partners this year on sutro boulevard municipal transportation agency as used satisfying from signals update that were loot for the sunset boulevard with the projects as part of a sales tax mta used some and replaced the smaller heads on sunset boulevard along many boulevards thank you sfmta for expending the sales tax dollars and finally want to recognize our deputy for finance and administration for receiving a credits update from stitch we
4:14 pm
are that rated last year and this year we reaffirmed aa plus the highest rating that a sales tax can revenue it any agency and reflect our are debt coverage as well as a strong economy in san francisco and thank you all does i want to echo the characterize or chair to work with us with the transportation authority and the community members that has been a fabulous year with a based on event to celebrate our 25th anniversary and closed out the year with at event with the providers in attention to provide attention with the great britain was a rewarding and productive year and we very much pretty sure you and your staff and looking forward to more
4:15 pm
accomplishments in the coming year happy holidays. >> thank you supervisor president breed a comment. >> thank you for working with the residents at rosa parks elementary school and others that live in the area where the bridge is located with webb take care and geary boulevard that bridge is heavily uses by younger and old people when i was growing up in the neighborhood we heard used the bridge we would run out inthot middle of the street we were kids doing dangerous thing and great to see people using that bridge on a regular basis i want to make sure that we are responsible to the community that lives there and also when we're talking about vision zero talking about keeping pedestrian
4:16 pm
autsz of in our mind ouchlz we can make situations save adding latin-american but that bridge if any person uses that bridge the likelihood of getting hit by a vehicle is pretty much zero keep in mind as we move forward and in trying to prose changes not bull do so over some, some go that is important in serving that community very well. >> thank you supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you and know it is we do what we can to keep folks safe on our streets yet when i do everything your supposed to houfbl things happen a traffic death in the mrurl a cyclist who
4:17 pm
was doing everything right wearing a helmet and reflective gear around 10 o'clock was hit head on by a very long that was traveling the wrong way so it is one of those things you know but i think that we have to continue to be vigilant because the reality is it happens. >> indeed. >> thank you, commissioner. >> colleagues any additional comments seeing none, open up for public comment any public comment on item 3 please step forward. >> hi my name is david lee i've been here before i'm sure most of supervisors know me first of all, like to welcome our new
4:18 pm
member to the boards you're my new supervisor about congestion you'll be dealing with both probable the only commission you have to deal with boats you rule the piers i live there so the bicyclists it is dangerous looflt tourists coming all over the place it is bicycle congested from the stadium all the piers yet their landmarking good have you taken a tour of the piers they're beautiful and people coming from all over the world people don't realize but i do i live there you'll be seeing me on the piers i used to be in mr. campos district i took a bike tougher and recently referred a different world the
4:19 pm
dangers are mountain lions but that was just a nice trip welcome to the aboard you know mr. campos knows we the safety concerns are those like you said do the best you can and good luck because it is going to be does the with the boats they know me down there welcome to the board. >> any is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed this is an informational item we'll move to item 4. >> item 4 approval of the draft minutes of the december 7th. >> commission paskin thank you. i was not at the november 17th meekly out of because i wasn't their i'll abstain on the other hand, and you can abstain from the mta. >> thank you, commissioner colleagues, any additional
4:20 pm
questions or comments or changes regarding the minutes ongoing seeing none, is there any public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed mr. clerk, call the roll on item four. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos. supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor jane kim commissioner peskin abstained >> commissioner mondejar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> the pins are approved. >> we'll move to item number 5. >> appoint one member to the advisory committee this is an action item. >> okay. i understand oh, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i just want to make the motion to appoint
4:21 pm
reserving e rebecca to the district 6 for the sfmta cca many of you know that becky has been a long term san francisco residents and has made public transit a priority issues amongst the many issues she's worked on lives on treasure island and we'll see an important member at the sfmta worked on initiative and neat program around congestion and programming providing a feedback and active in the district 6 pedestrian safety workshop and advising our office how to prioritize vision zero improvement to focus on the highest injury corridor and, yes the eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 or eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 and a vvptd of the democratic club that
4:22 pm
advocates for seniors are disability and public transportation is assessable to everyone and you know on the plus side lived in many neighborhoods over the course the richard i ask for your support in appointing becky to the cca. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> commissioner mondejar. >> yeah. i wanted to add that she's been a tremendous leaders as the democratic club leader and rely on her for advice on treasure island to the disadvantage right issues and i'll say she's an amazing addition to the cca thank you. >> and supervisor tang as chair of the committee no recommendation i--i don't know if you want to provide a brief
4:23 pm
report back? >> i through the chair it was we didn't have any particular applicant there and we were kind of dir to the district supervisor we didn't take up the item in committee and i thought that but good to have confirmation seeing no additional comments we'll need a acceptance and move to public comment is there a sec by supervisor yee any public comment on item 5 so - oh, my apologies mrs. hogan to address the public comment. >> good morning, supervisors i'm sorry, i couldn't be there last week he had island stuff after the fundraiser i do live
4:24 pm
on treasure island and important to me to make sure that treasure island is important to everyone that it's been interesting and involved in that since it started before anyone else pay attention to it i'm on the staff so i look forward to being involved in the skraik thank you. >> thank you very much. we'll open up for public comment any public comment? come forward you can come forward. >> well, today, has to do the islands and boats i'm living at achiever that is did most important proposal with one the islands at alcatraz named after a prison i'm tired of prisons
4:25 pm
you can have it they don't call it a prison it is a beautiful island i would like you to come up with a got to be federal a federal land thing to guess to congress we should rename that island like red hawk giving it more of a zinc and get rid of alcatraz we don't want people to think that is a prison island red hawk a bird anal name used to be called the wounded knee 19 it looks like a wound knee to americans we should change that name would do you think it is a prison name we don't want to be known as a prison i came up with a 45 story building as a
4:26 pm
bacteria for the west it will solve the smug problems everyone going to work in boats i see something we had it where everyone went to work on boats you wouldn't have to drive only take a boat there thank you what do you think. >> is there any public comment on item 5 seeing none, public comment is closed and there is a motion and second and can we take that no please call roll. >> item 56 supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim commissioner peskin commissioner mondejar supervisor tang
4:27 pm
supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> that item passes. >> we'll now move on to item 6. >> item 6 reprogram 67 to tell us in a grant cycle for san francisco public works elementary save school project to the chinatown street project that is an action item. >> colleagues comments or questions on item number 6 seeing none, we'll move to public comment any public comment on item 6 seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order and item 7 >> allocate 6 hundred plus many prop k fund with conditions subject to be the fiscally year this is an action item. >> colleagues any questions or comments on item 7 seeing none, any public comment on item
4:28 pm
seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order item 8. >> item 8 approve the congestion management program an action item. >> colleagues questions or comments on item 8 seeing none, any public comment on item 8 seeing none, public comment is closed and colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order and item 8 screened the interest rate for an additional two years and colleagues comments or questions on this item seeing none, any public comment on item 9 seeing none, public comment is closed and can call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order. >> item 10. >> support the state
4:29 pm
legislation authorizing the use of annex speed enforcement on action item. >> colleagues comments or questions on this item seeing none, move to public comment any public comment on item 10 none, public comment is closed. and same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. that will be the order okay. let's go next to item 13 >> item 13 introduction of new items informational. >> colleagues, any introductions today seeing none, open up for public comment any public comment on item 13 seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is an information item item 14 >> public comment. >> in general public comment please step forward. >> a holy petitioners having completed the work of emotion of
4:30 pm
divided of non-holy mercy with the success and making success of holy people with wellness and kingdom so originally one sees holiness for the colortion of a firmerness for the nourishment of juva way of comfortable reform full of work one seize of levels and- one needs to know of chances for relationships and tommy for unity and obstacles and tommy for dangers and tommy for petition one must reason why tommy for non-stop pathways are mercy for holy calculation for
4:31 pm
performances. >> okay is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. clerk, please call items 11 and telephone together >> item 11 possible closed session for the employees performance and adopt the performances for 2016 and item 17 for the directors for 2016. >> colleagues south as the personnel committee i was joined by supervisor avalos and supervisor tang in professionalism an satisfaction alleviation of our executive director for salary jurists we do have the under recommendation before you today, we have the option for item 11 or going into closed session only in the authority worries about to go
4:32 pm
into closed session any feedback colleagues whether you want to go into closed session arrest remain in closed session. >> supervisor tang. >> i'd like to remain in open session. >> seen they're not being a motion we'll remain in open session for items 11 and 12 colleagu colleagues as you can see we performed an evaluation for ms. chang was positive at the high-end of the evaluation and we want to pub thank ms. chang and looking forward to continue to work together the committee also recommended a 3 about the 5 percent salary increase ms. chang is on top for 3 years that is an appropriated adjustment and that will increase ms.
4:33 pm
chang's salary from 200 and 16 thousand plus to a new salary of 200 and 24 thousand plus and so that is the recommendation of the committee so supervisor avalos or supervisor tang i don't know if you want to add anything as members of the personnel committee you don't have to supervisor tang. >> thank you very much i think that you know our personnel committee we've spent time looking at the goals for 2015 and 2016 we the feel this increase was justified the requested at the beginning the new executive director term we felt like after this year that was justified i will say in general, i feel that our director chang has listens to a
4:34 pm
lot of the questions and it was not easy for her and everyone was frank and honest what they're expecting i feel at this point she is listening to us and above and beyond and that's our feedback if the personnel committee. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> thank you chair wiener i'll add that last year when we had ore salary increase it was not to act action so we wanted to add a couple of years and seeing her performance and what was great that all of the goals she sat as supervisor tang talked about were actually achieved i felt she's been very acholic beverage not just with the transportation authority board but with all the city departments if that was one of the things that come out u came
4:35 pm
out were doing a selection process for the directors the transportation authority we wanted to make sure that someone would work with alleyway with the entire city and tilly did a good job and proud to over her the salary increased another thing i want to add so want to say thank you for your great services and i'm urging colleagues to support a recommendation from the finance committee. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i wanted to thank and give some prospective i was open is finance last year and also on the interviewing team the year before so it's been really i've been intimately involved i wanted to not only acknowledge what supervisor avalos said she works well to the city departments but done a phenomenal job with other
4:36 pm
registering transportation bodies we have that in the past difficult relationship that's a testament to oher relationship. >> sxhaefrlz. >> i want to echo i think you've done an amendment job on lombard and many areas of lombard and 2 has been a great working relationship. >> supervisor mar you i want to add many changing gets around to the community state and national events been amazed how much she can do for would be person and built an incredible staff as well as act as a team i'm prevalent of all her work.
4:37 pm
>> thank you, supervisor kim. >> - supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. chair i want to thank the executive director for the professional growth we've seen since she came on board and you know, i was chair alcohol, tobacco & firearms authority before that intuition it's been great to see since the evolution nevertheless of the alleged not only knowledge but the way she interacts with the community congratulations and the raise is well deferred. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i wanted to add my $0.02 i was concerned in the
4:38 pm
beginning as you may know and you've definitely approached of proved me wrong i appreciate the work with my constituents and district 5 to address challenging issues we have we've got a lot more work to do and you provided the right leadership to do that work and you're team and the folks at the ta have done a tremendous job so i definitely support in raise it is well deserved. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> thank you. i also wanted to add my words i have really been supportive of director chang on this position given her years of dedicated service to the transportation system her knowledge of san francisco and her knowledge of the agency you shined and gone above and beyond
4:39 pm
i thought you would be able to do i think that is great to see you out and about at the events of the many hours directing the agency that is incredible important for the city's and to see who the transportation director and build a trust that is the way to build a better system for all by having community relationship but also want to appreciate you're leadership at san francisco transportation authority and thank you for being a san francisco resident and you're family attended the public schools. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> not much to add yes not only san francisco residents but other residents going to the elementary schools for kids but i guess i'm not surprised i
4:40 pm
anticipated you would do a good job when we offered you the position and you've proved me right. >> thank you for embracing like the other city families embracing vision zero. >> thank you, colleagues any additional comments ongoing so. >> actually, one more comment. >> and i'll make it, it is really clear from just the staff in the transportation authority that the staff has a great everyone is working really arrested e hard to support our decisions i want to make sure that is pointed out that tilly with the leadership within the organization has been phenomenal as well thanks. >> great, thank you okay yes. >> ms. chang.
4:41 pm
>> thank you so much to each of you for those kind words i'm humbled and appreciative of our support with the recognition with the transportation authority to all the your staff and sales for giving us time and guidance and support mentoring letting us grow and make some mistakes along the way but the guidance when that happens to be improving our work there is room for feedback we're grateful for the leadership you provide on things like the vision zero initiative creating a treasure island mobility agency a computing u brand new role of 25 years we're striving to meet the community expectation as those policies get formulated make sure the impacts and investments
4:42 pm
are benefiting the whole community and understanding the weirder impact whether the blood splatters or planned b area to get smart of areas like 9 affordability and displacement and really rely on iuoe you and your staff thank you for spending you're time we're grateful and continue to do a better job as we move forward. >> thank you, ms. changing. >> okay any public comment? on item 11 or item 12 seeing none, public comment is closed and items 11 and 12 are action can we do this with one vote. >> please call roll. >> items 11 and 12 supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen
4:43 pm
supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> that item passes. >> item 15 and item 15 adjournment. >> we're adjourned behalf of
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