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tv   Historic Preservat  SFGTV  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:21pm PST

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to getting often the street and learning and hit the ground running it will be a surreal moment day one i thought months here but sat down me and my brother talked about it and we're on the right track and stay focused and walking tloo across the stage is a huge hono >> welcome to the regular meeting of the for wednesday,
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january 6, 2016, happy new year i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner hasz commissioner hyland commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda and commissioner pearlman commissioners, the first item on your agenda is general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes i have no speaker cards does any of the members of the public wish to speak on a non-agenda items general comment is closed that places us under department matters directors announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners and happy new year to all of you just one announcement it is note
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in the written director's report on the housing bonus program i think you had a presentation we're moving forward with not only the program but a series of public meetings and we're trying to prepare public hearings in the supervisorial districts in district 2, 7, 3 and one in that order and looking to do one in all district i want to just the you with your tentatively schedule at the planning commission to approve or for them to act on the program at the end of january on the 27 yeah 27 and we do anticipate further changes as he go forward a substantial program we've spent a lot of time on and it is part, if you will, the memo of tools in the tool in the toolbox we use to increase the affordable
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housing production, and, secondly, we're also the mayor as assembled i think as you may know re150eb8gd r assembled the housing task force in preparation for then prop c that created the housing trust fund he harassed asked that task force it reconvened made up of community folks and others and the goal of the task force is take a look at the city's affordable housing bonus program the inclusionary requirements to see if there are other items that should be addressed in that program given the current affordable housing crisis in the city asked me to chair and committee on the status of projects in the pipeline will be i've convened a subset of that task force to do just that and certainly, if any of you are interested in working other than
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that or the other working group the other working group will be chaired by olsen lee in the mayor's office of housing to look at the economics and the actual requirement for the inclusionary program claim whether it should be raised if 12 percent and the types of projects and that sort of thim thing we'll share i'll be chairing the aspect of the program 3 deals with the improvements and the procedures within the city so if you have any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> otherwise that that concludes my report. >> item 2 review of past events staff report and amazements. >> good afternoon, commissioners happy new year tim frye department staff a few things to share and first hearing the health commission there was an appeal of you're certificate of appropriateness for the van ness brt which you're probably aware of
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the two main concerns the appellant raised the removal 6 all the trolley poles along the project and then the true tree removal we're preparing a brief in conjunction with mta and presenting on your behalf at the board of appeals hearing on the thirteen next wednesday and i'll have a full report at our following hearing at the outcome of that that appeal also wanted to let you know with the board of supervisors adopted all the contracts and they were recorded as there were 3 for this past year and recorded with the assessor our so those projects will now or those property will take advantage of a spirited assessment as the upcoming years tax bills 90 excuse me.
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90, 92 second street the board is the remaining article step outside the box designation at the board of supervisors where we are working with the clerk to have it scheduled at land use committee we think pretty soon but will give you an update once the land use committee has their hearing and one last item is this morning i attend a births conference to identify we communities partner for the old mint there was a pretty large turn out this morning excluding including a q and a and a tour of the building the as you may know if you've familiar with the rfp we looking for a lead community partner to identify the mix of uses or
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single uses within the building to help to support a larger statistic plan to get the building we occupied in the long term so this is really just identifies someone to help to work with the city to facility to realize it is a community amenity the closing of the rfp is the first week 40 in february the committee or the panel four reviewing the bids i'll certainly keep you updated on the updates sorry one last item two requests separate requests by the historic preservation commission to provide regarding rec and park properties from one update on the mothers, as you may know the historic preservation commission committee funded an analysis the
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new conditions of millions in the mothers building and the windshield condition of the property on the landmark designation i'm working with rec and park to schedule an informational presentation in front of you hope by february to give you an overview of that report and let rec and park share with you some of their ideas for moving forward in the stabilization of the building and an active use of building, and, secondly, based on public comment at previous hearings you have internal revenue inquired about the proposals for the palace of fine art and working with rec and park to gather information and lemon elite you know their in the selection process four any new proposals for that location that now
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concludes my comments unless questions. >> seeing none, commission moving to president's report and amazements. >> the only amazement is that we will have the election of officers at the next hearing on january 20th and we'll do an appointment of committees. >> we could take that matter under item 5 commissioners questions or comments and item 4 consideration of adoption of draft minutes for december 2, 2015, hearing and the draft minutes for the other i need to make one correction for the december 6th commissioner hasz you were absent we'll indicate you're absent at that date and any comments commissioner hyland. >> yes. on the ar c minutes i
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was in attendance and present for the 8567 market agenda item i kulsz myself and very good. >> duly noted any other comments or revisions does any is there anyone else who wishes to speak on item number ar c or regular hearing seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. do i hear a motion to adopt. >> i'll move. >> thank you, commissioners to adopt the draft minutes hearing as corrected and the draft minutes for hpc regular hearing for december 16, 2015, as corrected and commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns
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commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and commissioner hyland and commissioner wolfram. so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 67 to zero and places you on item 5 commissioners questions or comments >> commissioner johns. >> in the current issue of the new fillmore the kind of neighborhood newspaper there is an article about japantown and you know we've approved the district there and i wanted to call everyone else's attention it is interesting and i think that is worst reading but i also wanted to schedule on the agenda maybe foyer sometime later this year i'd like to address or investigate and address the jan
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district to see what is working and why it is working and didn't pan out and why not and what's needs more time if we're going to use this is a model for other district it would be good to evaluate it go along the line i think it might help us when the same issues come up one of them pointed out in this article that the younger generation of business owners didn't seem very interested in running businesses in japantown i don't know whether it is anything can be done about that i think we should go over the whole thing and evaluate is it so - >> thank you commissioner hyland. >> good idea commissioner johns. >> i had an announcement on
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monday, i guess tim frye, shelly and i met with regina she's from the staff person for the small business commission and we our commission is going to be hearing next meeting next hearing kind of an update on the cultural the legacy business prop j that just passed so we were meeting how the small business commission and the historic preservation commission and work together and how we fulfill our role we'll be heeding that next hearing. >> thank you. >> any other questions or comments? >> we should attend to the
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election of officers. >> that hearing. >> so it's been proposed we have the election of officer at the next hearing january 20th do we need a motion to set that on calendar. >> please. thank you commissioner johns and commissioner johnck on that motion to set the hearing date for election of officers for january 20th, 2016, commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner wolfram. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously and we have no items promoted for continuance or items under consent will place us under case
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62 larry ken a certificate of appropriateness good afternoon the in a nut shell is for an art sflaugs at 200 larkin street the former library for the city the asian art museum can i have the overhead? >> allows civic center was designed to be in corners with the arguable and urban planning the civic center is identified by monumental closed arts around the centralized public scare added to the national register and latter designated as a landmark district court in 1994 in article 10 the landmark ordinance identified that
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buildings within the district as exceptionally significant interiors. city hall, with raiders have lost arc scene. >> the public health department interior was designated with the body snafrnz scene and the former main library the asian art museum protected interiors westbound called audited in section b on a designation for the scene in the
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photographs the ordinance states the museum shall consultant with the historic preservation commission on hpc on any interior altercations to the spaces of the building regardless whether a certificate of appropriateness is required by the civic center go historic district ordinance e.r. by article 10 the blade that the major requiring the cv a if removing a significant interior this proposal is in the middle it is an introduction of a new element, however, it had been suspend in a manner that is held of historic fabric and has a level of transparency it will not obscure the section you're packets include the
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installation dining rooms and in summary that was found to meet the secretary of interior so staff recommends approval with one monitoring condition as stated in the staff report the project sponsor has a brief proposal and patrick is here representing the museum i'm going to turn it over to the project architect alicia skaggs. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is and i that library skaggs i want to take that chance to wish you a happy new year. >> as stated the project
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consists of an art installation at the asian art museum located off on second floor. the photos those are historic photos and the foitsdz on the right are the historic building these photos should the existing conditions of the downstairs and the further on the right where it will be installed the right where the piece of furniture is located and this is a plan that shows the location of artwork on the second floor. >> the project consists again of on art installation the art is by an artist from china whose work is consisting of an array of important clinic that hang in the out coffee and
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superintendant by fishing wire the image on the right is the simulation of the right work that hangs from a imprisoned that is supported from above and located so it is not in contact with the surrounding walls the photos on the left is of the out coffee building the render on the right shows the support of the rods will be located in the ceiling will come through the existing pen tracing for now there is recess lighting the existing structure will be used to support the grid and the artwork the asian art museum has been working with a e the structural engineers 0 it doesn't compromises the existing structure of the building this is a dynamicic cross
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section for the existing channels that supports the frame that will in turn support the grid with an 8 inch space between the grid and surrounding walls. the artwork will be lit with the led lighting the led lights on a track fixed to a one and a half by one nature aluminum tubbing the tubbing will be medicare fattens to a custom frame that rests on the ledge the steel frame will not be medicare toishld by relies on felicity to protect the fabric of the building that's it thank you very much >> thank you commissioners is that the conclusion our presentation yeah. >> are there any questions for the presenters seeing none, we will open up for
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public comment i have a speaker card from linda lee. >> my name is a linda lay a person of the art museum and the person for asian society for a support group i'm speaking in favor by enthusiastically in support of the museums art installation several reasons first of all, the design we saw and the piece of pieces of porcelain that forms english letters and parts of the chinese characters of written words that means toolgz of education this art piece will be in perfect harmony with the indescribed portions paying
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homage to the history of the building as a former san francisco main library and secondly, as a retired teacher this project is very close to my heart to teaches the importance of education because it takes education learned people can put those learned letters together in words and sentences and ties the existing traditionalal sincerely erratic art to the contemporary surrounding art but fits perfectly with the brand new bonus of inspiring the next and in addition the installation of this is not permanent it can be moved to another location in the future without damaging the original architecture and finally what a piece of beautiful artwork for the city of san francisco to hair at local and integral visitors so
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for all the above mentioned raenlz i'm strongly in support of asian art museum with the world renowned art and hope the commission passes this without reservation. >> is there anyone else who wishes to speak on item number seeing none, and hearing none back to you, commissioners. >> >> commissioner johnck. >> i'm curious ms. lee did you commission this did the museum commission the artwork. >> the society of the asian art for it is a gift to the museum 50th anniversary of this year. >> oh, is that right. i didn't see that okay. thank you. >> is that you commissioner pearlman. >> ever hearing i'm someone different. >> commissioner pearlman. >> i wanted to say i was so
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impressed i was surprised is it came before the commission it is a minor permit to author the design was so indicative and so brilliant to bring many light fixtures i wanted to enlightenment the team it will be a beautiful piece of art so thank you very much. >> do i have commissioner hyland. >> thank you, ms. lee for speaking and giving us context it a worthwhile installation. >> i'll motion with the conditions condition. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on that motion then to approve this matter with conditions commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman and dick davis 1st district and commissioner wolfram. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7
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to zero and places you on item 7 for case no. pta at 69 mad even lane a priority to alter. >> good afternoon and happy new year commissioners with the department staff this proposal before you this afternoon for the exterior additions to the facade of an existing building animated even lane constructed in 1920 the exist property is a category 4 contemporary building located within the current market mason district that concludes the removal of the existing treatments on the ground and second floors and the regional housing summit replacement of a
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new one consisting thoughtful height of the building supported by painted curtain wall hardware with the light color stone surrounding and the ground floor will be delineated with the horizontal material and approximately awe lumped sign to be installed 10 feet above grade about 2 inches thick and bolt to the new stone material that will be comprised of the tenant name and the backed with the acrylic the proposed project was reviewed by the architecture review committee on november 4,
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2015, the ar c provided comments and including a go compact of the secretary of interior standards and the article 11 specifically guidance was requested on the overall massing and composition material detailing an oriental sign and it's location in this part the ar c recommendation the light stone has been revised to be consistent across the facade, however, the revised plan displayed the stone padding has been reduced additionally the painted metal base at the storefront level is reduced if ten feet to 8 feet recommend the number of joints and overall
6:29 pm
size of each stone cutting material should not think altered from what was presented to the ar c and future the height of the painted metal base kept at inch height and if such of the requirements be kept as presented and reviewed by the ar c and the that attachment, submitted for review and will evaluation the vertical elements in the painted metal surrounded has been eliminated from the proposal leaving only the horizontal banned from the ground floor and additionally the height of the horizontally element is increased in 7 nature to 9 feet to be adjacent the storefronts on adjacent buildings. as current proposed the
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horizontally r horizontal element is sobriety from the stone and the department recommends the horizontal be in line with the facing to break up the massing and scale a condition of approval has been added as such and the project sponsor has revised the drawings to reflect and incorporate the comments and recommendations bans the review of the revised drawings and the supplements that meets the standards and the article 11 for reasons flu detailed in the draft motion based on those finding the department recommends approval with the following conditions that the horizontal element proposed between the ground floor and upper level should be pulled to realign with the
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storefront and the size and joint shall be kept as originally proposed as presented to the ar c and the height of the base should be kept at step outside the box inches minimum with the ar c and the project sponsor shall continue to work with the historic preservation commission on the building design final materials and glazing and joint and or attachment details should be subject society instead of approval the architecture agenda shall be approved that concludes my presentation. and staff is available for any questions you may have the project sponsor team is here to give a more detailed - any more
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information on staffs presentati presentation. >> here's some new material to add i understand you have a copy that was submitted last to planning?
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>> did everyone receive one well happy new year my goal our goal today was to take off from the material you already have i'm happy to go back and talk about where we are been and where we are going i'm happy to do that where we are going to work off of what you already understand in the project from the description and the material that you have for the sake of time address the conditions and one item that we believe was misinterpreted from the ar c i'm asking a question would you like you go us to springboard from planning or like us to go back
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and give you the full presentation from the ar c. >> most useful do the presentation in terms of the planning department recommendation for the approval if you're okay with those conditions we don't need much of a presentation. >> if you have comments about those or want to add to them then. >> that's exactly what we're going to address. >> can we - is this working this other mike okay so the comments that we would like to address and i'm going to use of us see the material we just passed ousted on the left that is what was submitted what you have and the rendering on the right picks up on a few help us to explain our disagreements or requests for compensations
6:35 pm
from those comments based on what we made came from the ar c and developed the line further how we've come to what we call the desired facade on the right so on planning department's recommendation number one did horizon am element continue the ground floor and the upper level shall be pulled forward to align with the stems when we were discussing that at the ar c we agreed to put the horizon am member in the end had a discussion shall that will flush we double-checked from the transcripts it would help if there was a distinguishing line it could be a good thing to setback, however, look at it and study and propose small business owner something we've setback a
6:36 pm
little bit to have a distinguishing feature between the stone and that metal header that's our first point in our sense that we agree what come out of the ar c meeting the next point the size number the joints and the surrounded shall be kept as oriental proposed astounded we're fine with putting in more joint when we left the meeting we not a lot of features between base and height we start looking at keeping it more sleek because of having smooth stone not having a rustication that is something this is work we went in that direction it is more of a monolithic band around using the historical stone we've come to the point of trying to reduce
6:37 pm
the joint but we're open to adding them in the - all the commissioners agree we should do that and item number 3 the height of the metal base shall be kept at minimum we reduced to allow for the header we're fine if we need to go that if it is going to satisfy the code we're fine but relating that to an element of last meeting and the one item i'd like to add for discussion is the blade sign itself that what we submitted on the left is actually not what we originally submit to go planning within about towards the end comments very close to the gate when this has obtain it be 0
6:38 pm
finalized new comments from planning right before it it had to be copied we were instructed that our go sign more in line with the right is taller was not in line with the planning interpretation from the r o ar c meeting so we were instructed we should to pull this down we went head and did that but did we misunderstood the art meeting that was discussed at the art meeting or not on the right the desired is based on and again we've double-checked the transcripts we need from the previous design didn't have the 9 foot high header okay. so planning was pushing to hold this down as far as possible for the pedestrian scale but the discussion at the meeting get
6:39 pm
that horizontal membrane and sign shouldn't be pulled down for the sake consider it being lower but consider how it relates what's the logical position related to the facade so for us on the left what was submitted is for us it is out of balance with the facade it actually takes away from the horizontal line above the industry entry is it so almost touching this is not a very tall building we're talking about 26 feet to the top this was that was also discussed once you get that horizontal part what's the office space swopping so this is portionly bitter for a smaller sign than before but still relate it to the overall
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building. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, any questions. >> thank you very much oh, do you have a question commissioner pearlman. >> no i'll talk about it in a minute and we'll move to public comment is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak on item number if so please be advised seeing and hearing none public comment is closed. and back to you, commissioners. >> commissioner pearlman. >> i'll be john marshall the person of the day. >> yeah. this looks at clean and simple i did you followed a lot of the comments the one thing about the based on the door my understanding is from ada code you have to have a tenant kick on the sunglasses door you might as well kept it at 10 inches you're going to run into this if you go to the
6:41 pm
building inspection ii agree to make that 10 inches for the reason stated. >> we're having some weird thing happening and the sign itself you know on one hand whatever works work i have one question not really a question a comment on your sheet after the accident 3.11 you're detail sheet and top of storefront number 8 it appears that the water of the el nino rains that are going to slope down that sloping portion of you're roof is going to go into the building no coping cat flashing on the stone i don't know if that is a
6:42 pm
piece missing the water will run into the building. >> sure it is a rain screen you have a gutter at the bottom it's not been detailed and basking which diverts the water from the top of the stone down to the does it is a funny detail. >> and again unrelated to the hpc comments so in terms of the horizon always i think it should more of a horizontal more spacing in the stone otherwise, it is very vulnerable exactly that's the original and the cuts in the stone are better scale wise relative to the other building. >> thank you commissioner johnck. >> yeah. i want to see what's on the board that was a question
6:43 pm
i had coming back from the later to the former yeah, huh? i agree with the philanthropy of the facade being higher yeah. i think that is perfectly good the way if we can resolve that one at least for the proposal to add more of these joints and that's what you recommended i guess. >> it feels. >> i'm torn is it so a little bit more classical i'm a little bit torn i really like the philosophy of the design in terms of our role how it gets e fits into the rest of the street would be the joints there's disagreement with the historic preservation commission to add two more joints?
6:44 pm
>> okay. >> i'm torn so i'll hear from the rest of you. >> commission. >> thank you. i'll go down the list number one the stone is 26 high building i like the vertical all of it it definition us a grander scale in a compartmentalize listed area so what's the next item? metal setback is great the way they asked for the header we talked about the bottom and then the sign i like it higher i think that is more balanced so i actually like their desired proposal currently as it is. >> any other comments? >> commissioner johnck.
6:45 pm
>> oh, commissioner hyland. >> so on the sign i think they've already reduced the height of the sign i personally don't have i guess i prefer it higher i guess the question for staff in conflict that the signage code is that why we're not wanting. >> commissioners tim frye department staff i'll jump if you have something to add prior our direction to make the sign lower was based on the overall height and the general a narrow street and most of signage per guidelines we've been improving to make that more pedestrian scaled there are a number of signs that are on upper floors and a number of banners we think there is a conflict with other
6:46 pm
signs at the general height me might not get the desired viability there are a lot of signs at this location we saw that as an overall benefit to make the sign lower i don't think we feel strongly about that either proposal seems to work i think you're main goal during the ar c do get the sign reduced in overall height which they have done. >> do you wish to add something. >> so i'm okay with the height the sign being at the higher level based on the conditions. >> it is actually not the current design is the one on the left so if we want the sign to be higher there is a condition saying the sign could come back higher than it is. >> i'll support that. >> on the joints i really
6:47 pm
don't have a strong opinion but 6 vulnerabilities gives the signage some grournd so in conjunction with that more additional joints will might help. >> can i comment on that we may be stuck with a couple joint because of the signage how do we get this to work with the zone we're not put a hole in the stone so i appreciate the comment. >> i have no opinion either way on that the one recommendation of having the metal flush i prefer having it recessed so i would go against staff recommendations. >> so is there a motion? >> (laughter) someone craft the motion.
6:48 pm
>> move to approve with the changed condition they have the option to add more joints it sounds like you may be working on that they have to be even all the way around and the metal surrounds we're good with the metal setback. >> to remove the condition the first condition. >> yep or the condition. >> not more than it shows. >> the 10 inch base. >> the setback of the header. >> oh, we remove the condition we'll approve it as designed. >> looks like 3 motions. >> okay. >> materials and colors were good with. >> and you'll leave the condition around the basin and
6:49 pm
the signage in height they have the option to go as high as shown in the proposed; right? and then. >> yeah. i guess we need to clarify what document the height of the sign if we go with the higher sign can are we referring to in terms of documents. >> so it would be the latest vision with the higher location with the sign that with the reduced size. >> right. >> yes on the left just to be clear we're removing the condition removing the metal to be flush with the stones surrounded we're keeping condition number 2 where the number of joints are increased but that is optional
6:50 pm
number 3 where the metal bilk head will be kept at 10 inches minimum and number 4 where we talked about the location of the sign it would be the version that was presented to you today with the reduced size. >> that's number 4 number 34 we'll keep the projects. >> yeah. number 5 and the sign. >> good with the maker? >> second. >> (laughter). >> thank you for your time. >> shall i call the question. >> on that motion to approve as amended eliminating the first proposed condition retaining the second giving the sponsor the option to increase as long as
6:51 pm
they're of even numbers and retaining the third and fourth condition adding a fifth noting the proposed sign height as being acceptable to the historic preservation commission on that motion commissioner hasz commissioner johnck commissioner johns commissioner matsuda commissioner pearlman commissioner hyland and commissioner wolfram so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> there are no further items on your agenda hearing is adjournedadjourned.
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next steps. let's review the 3 steps if that fillist the police stations and on your police station and 3 deliver our rap sheet and application $0.40 to the defender. it can help with financial aid for colleagues. i want you to meet a client who did the clean slate program he refunds a nonprofit literary series. please meet joe. peep at the clean slate program worked with me today, i i am an author of 3 books a husband and a father would you recommend clean slight to another person
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>> i would definitely recommend that. so, now you have a better understanding of the gibt address benefits of the clean slate program as well as highway to get started. let's hear some common questions. keep in mind those are general questions you'll you may be seated with an attorney who be provide more information based on our circumstances >> just to be clear i don't have to tell my employers will my ejections. >> yes. as well as convictions that have been dismissed. if someone runs a criminal background they'll see the charges but it's dismissed. you will be able to legally tell your employers person never
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convicted >> i don't to tell anyone is there a way to rears them. >> there's some cases you can. maybe you're arrested because police thought you were someone else. wound our arrest record is sealed you can say you were never >> if i wanted to clear my record if i was convicted of a felon. >> it is also known as a one letter officer the clean stating hit. >> may be able to get it raersz but if i went to prisoner you may quality for a correspondent certified document saying you're
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program. our team looks forward to serving . >> you intreefr with equipment in the room please rise for the pledge of allegiance
7:01 pm
pledge of allegiance the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll at this time. >> please do sergeant. >> commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is excused commissioner mazzucco commissioner wong commissioner melara commissioner president loftus kwouchl also is police chief greg suhr and the director of the office of citizens complaints joyce hicks thank you sergeant good evening and welcome to everyone to the wednesday, january 6, 2016, police commission meeting i want to start off with some openly comments in the wake of last
7:02 pm
month's shooting mario woods this commission has heard frustration and disappointment and be anger over what happened people have come down to the commission with ideas for change ways to do better and requests of the department and the city this commission is and will continue to consider all the policy requests as i've said 3 ongoing investigations won by the sfpd and one by the office of citizens complaints it is essential those investigations precede be thorough and complete i more one will not prejudge any investigation what we have to express we are sorry for for the loss of this young man's life and the pain it has caused his family and
7:03 pm
friends and african-american communities looter in the meeting we'll talk about the process to revise some of the policies but i thought that was important to start off knowledge where we are and this commissions commitment to, making that better sergeant call the first item. >> calendar request of the police chief to accept the demolition for captain lazarus for the nob hill for san francisco youth engagement program request of the police chief to accept the gifts of 0 thirty pizza from the 8 hundred street for the parks station; a event request of the police chief to accept 10 pizza 1730 hate street for the s a contest
7:04 pm
request of the police chief to accept gift of $200 from soouj from the parks station celebration events. >> colleagues on our consent calendar information on each of these requests in order for the department to accept a gift as you may know has to came into before the commission chief anything to say. >> no i'll say that is a very nice gesture for captain lazarus to take what was presented to him from the nob hill association as the police officer the year to want to pass that dwoomgs for the kids. >> i understand you are that captain lazarus was a child. >> the captains results with
7:05 pm
regards to the brooks station was a terrific event. >> i want to thank the explosive for inviting the commission xhaegz e colleagues, any questions for the chief of police hearing none before we can vote i need to request any public comment on the consent calendar good evening and welcome. >> michael a sunshine advocate about two years ago the department began a page on its website listing the gifts i've not checked it in two years after tonight's meeting i will look at the police department website to see if you'll gifts are being disclosed on the web as i hope they are thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on the consent calendar?
7:06 pm
hearing none public comment is closed. can i invite a motion on this matter second >> i. >> opposed? that item passes sergeant, next item. >> item 2 general public comment the public is welcome to address the department within the subject jurisdiction the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda within the jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their comments to the commission as a whole and neither the police commission nor the brief response. any individual and the police department should refrain from debates or discussions with the speakers during public comment. hold your comments to 3 minutes, please. but may provide a brief response individual commission and occ people should refrain from debates and please limit our comments to 3 minutes. >> good evening clyde and
7:07 pm
welcome. >> good evening how long have i been here police chief you need to resign you're past it come up from the woods case to the other case greg do us a favor just retire just go you have a new wife retire in august for what you told sf weekly and chronicle the examiner all about you greg greg i've known you since you sat there right there and suzy i said no greg suhr well, i was wrong i was totally wrong greg you're a disgrace to the uniform you wear good evening. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome.
7:08 pm
>> good evening michael self-gray panthers i'd like to amend the sentiments of the last speaker i don't know that that greg suhr should resign he needs to be fired the two objects that i have in particular has to do with with his response to the community regarding perez killing he stated to the community that the perez lounged at the police officer and navigate with a knife and later an autopsy showed attention shot in the back and the case of mario woods the community was told he lunged at an officer when in fact, his hands were by his side so he
7:09 pm
needs to be fired not allowed to be resigning so the main point i wanted to talk about the response to this killing the killing not a tragedy should not be two adopt tasers for police excuse me. police officer in custody shootings should not decrease when the policies are adopted they actually go up research shows they have gone up a huge percentage decrease after that, the are after the first year but not to the point they were before the tasers were adopted we feel that having the police having taifrz going to the killings instead is another
7:10 pm
weapon to terrorize the minorities poor and disabled communities. >> thank you, mr. lions. >> next speaker. >> welcome and good evening. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for being here i'm barbara a former employee of the office of citizens complaints i was director the police commission in wleshg and a formal auditor in santa fe and president of the national association for civilian oversight and police i don't come to the commission meetings very often i'm shunned u stunned that the commission has allowed the chief of police to declare the woods shooting justified it
7:11 pm
is an investigation showed that the shooting was justified who believe it after it was declared justified at the outset i'm stunned the commission allows the chief of police to hold the community hostage tasers don't prevent shootings officers are taught not to use tasers i'm stunned that tasers are going to be introduced at the board of supervisors at a committee meeting rather than before the police commission the process has already been to bring the waemz before the commission and this is a very unusual process that really concerns me i'm also stunned that the frequenting is being brought in as a department of justice as a
7:12 pm
pr maneuver it is if they're being brought in should be brought in to investigate the mario woods shootings we need in san francisco is a new culture in the police department we should be bringing 2, 3, 4 teaching officers enter vegetation to get each other's backs during an incident like the mario woods incidents they help each other to assess what was going on i'm concerned that the response of that at the response of the police chief thank you. >> thank you i'll respond to some of the questions and allow the chief to respond to some of the comments. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome.
7:13 pm
>> i want to start by submitting any 67 dash a you can kind of see it there mr. joe marshall the person of this committee said they were sending out documents regarding the reforms that would be take place after the mario woods shooting at this point, i'm kind of asking you to approve it and can i get a copy of this as stamped and signed as received i feel at this point you know this san francisco police department is continually violent towards the citizens two hour i was assault e assaulted and bearded by a police obstructed his badge
7:14 pm
number it is like a tsunami or chinese water torture that the people of san francisco have to suffer so it is just really bothers me people are continuingly dying throughout the country people are here actually sleeping so right now i just what do i do to get some response besides words words are empty you know i've been lied by people many times the police at this point the police aiding and abetting crime in my community drug dealing and as a result and batteries and
7:15 pm
property crimes i mean at the rate i'm having run in's with the police department i'm considering filing a restraining order against the san francisco police department can i get a copy of my signed as received thank you i know the rules good luck. >> thank you. we'll get you a copy of the press realize for the african-american advisory board so thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is daisy i want at t sf i want to let you know of the mario woods and others shootings that we will be holding a forum on police and this friday we have a lot of great people that will be coming and presenting research on the public health impacts of this issue as well as
7:16 pm
the larger economic impact that the violence has on the communities the city alone has in the past 5 years put out $2.5 million for the investigates and unlawful death sources from things we need to be focusing on housing; right? and so i want you all to be there you'll be the keynote speaker. >> i think you're joking. >> no, i'm serious. >> friday (laughter). >> each year chief greg suhr you're welcome and it will be good to come and work with the community you're actually questionable for people of color right now we don't trust you unfortunately, all the things you're talking about the appease times we're not buying it come to this meeting and hear what
7:17 pm
the youth and all the researchers have to say you're all invited from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. friday. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, good evening. i'm la net white rarely today get up to speak i'm appalled and saddened and hurt that people would have to come to this meeting behind what happened in this city the execution of mario woods and all of you know that should have never ever, ever have happened and to talk about tasers instead of guns i think that is an insult you all should be ashamed of yourself and greg suhr if you
7:18 pm
had any desegregate he integrity you should have stepped down you know what happened that wasn't right all the murders and the executions that have happened under to our watch you say their justified that's a shame before god each other will have to deal with yourselves i hope you're not able to sleep at night at a peaceful and restful sleep and having those handful of people whoever handpicked them just to have them here is just on a shame before god what each if you have to answer doorway we
7:19 pm
have to answer you, me and everyone else i'm just saddened what i saw that young man laying in that coffin behind what those police did 25 bullets a man with a damn kitchen naive a shame before god she could have used their batons 5 officers you, you mean to tell me 5 officers not one looked at the other one and told them to stop shootings that's a damn shame is really say, i hate to be the one to come and tell you that but comma didn't forgot an address or phone call. >> thank you, ms. white.
7:20 pm
>> next speaker. >> (clapping.) again. >> good evening again and mike again from the folks that sfgovtv can show the overhead right now the new website called government assess i've posted 4 months of chiefs calendar stop showing that come back to me, i'm here to ask folks to check out this website government assess going and abbreviated sfgov it blog is dictated to all the e elected officials and all i loo


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