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tv   Police Commission 12915  SFGTV  January 8, 2016 12:10am-4:41am PST

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>> you intreefr with equipment in the room please rise for the pledge of allegiance pledge of allegiance the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll at this time. >> please do sergeant. >> commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is excused commissioner mazzucco commissioner wong commissioner melara commissioner president loftus kwouchl also is police chief greg suhr and the director of
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the office of citizens complaints joyce hicks thank you sergeant good evening and welcome to everyone to the wednesday, january 6, 2016, police commission meeting i want to start off with some openly comments in the wake of last month's shooting mario woods this commission has heard frustration and disappointment and be anger over what happened people have come down to the commission with ideas for change ways to do better and requests of the department and the city this commission is and will continue to consider all the policy requests as i've said 3 ongoing investigations won by the sfpd and one by the office of citizens complaints it is essential those investigations precede be thorough and complete i more one will not prejudge any
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investigation what we have to express we are sorry for for the loss of this young man's life and the pain it has caused his family and friends and african-american communities looter in the meeting we'll talk about the process to revise some of the policies but i thought that was important to start off knowledge where we are and this commissions commitment to, making that better sergeant call the first item. >> calendar request of the police chief to accept the demolition for captain lazarus for the nob hill for san francisco youth engagement program request of the police chief to accept the gifts of 0 thirty pizza from the 8 hundred street
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for the parks station; a event request of the police chief to accept 10 pizza 1730 hate street for the s a contest request of the police chief to accept gift of $200 from soouj from the parks station celebration events. >> colleagues on our consent calendar information on each of these requests in order for the department to accept a gift as you may know has to came into before the commission chief anything to say. >> no i'll say that is a very nice gesture for captain lazarus to take what was presented to him from the nob hill association as the police officer the year to want to pass
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that dwoomgs for the kids. >> i understand you are that captain lazarus was a child. >> the captains results with regards to the brooks station was a terrific event. >> i want to thank the explosive for inviting the commission xhaegz e colleagues, any questions for the chief of police hearing none before we can vote i need to request any public comment on the consent calendar good evening and welcome. >> michael a sunshine advocate about two years ago the department began a page on its website listing the gifts i've not checked it in two years after tonight's meeting i will
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look at the police department website to see if you'll gifts are being disclosed on the web as i hope they are thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on the consent calendar? hearing none public comment is closed. can i invite a motion on this matter second >> i. >> opposed? that item passes sergeant, next item. >> item 2 general public comment the public is welcome to address the department within the subject jurisdiction the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda within the jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their comments to the commission as a whole and neither the police commission nor the brief response. any individual and the police department should refrain from debates or discussions with the speakers during public comment. hold your comments to 3 minutes, please. but may provide a brief response
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individual commission and occ people should refrain from debates and please limit our comments to 3 minutes. >> good evening clyde and welcome. >> good evening how long have i been here police chief you need to resign you're past it come up from the woods case to the other case greg do us a favor just retire just go you have a new wife retire in august for what you told sf weekly and chronicle the examiner all about you greg greg i've known you since you sat there right there and suzy i
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said no greg suhr well, i was wrong i was totally wrong greg you're a disgrace to the uniform you wear good evening. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening michael self-gray panthers i'd like to amend the sentiments of the last speaker i don't know that that greg suhr should resign he needs to be fired the two objects that i have in particular has to do with with his response to the community regarding perez killing he stated to the community that the perez lounged at the police officer and navigate with a knife and later an autopsy
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showed attention shot in the back and the case of mario woods the community was told he lunged at an officer when in fact, his hands were by his side so he needs to be fired not allowed to be resigning so the main point i wanted to talk about the response to this killing the killing not a tragedy should not be two adopt tasers for police excuse me. police officer in custody shootings should not decrease when the policies are adopted they actually go up research shows they have gone up a huge percentage decrease after that, the are after the first year but
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not to the point they were before the tasers were adopted we feel that having the police having taifrz going to the killings instead is another weapon to terrorize the minorities poor and disabled communities. >> thank you, mr. lions. >> next speaker. >> welcome and good evening. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for being here i'm barbara a former employee of the office of citizens complaints i was director the police commission in wleshg and a formal auditor in santa fe and president of the national association for civilian oversight and police i don't
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come to the commission meetings very often i'm shunned u stunned that the commission has allowed the chief of police to declare the woods shooting justified it is an investigation showed that the shooting was justified who believe it after it was declared justified at the outset i'm stunned the commission allows the chief of police to hold the community hostage tasers don't prevent shootings officers are taught not to use tasers i'm stunned that tasers are going to be introduced at the board of supervisors at a committee meeting rather than before the police commission the process has already been to bring the waemz before the
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commission and this is a very unusual process that really concerns me i'm also stunned that the frequenting is being brought in as a department of justice as a pr maneuver it is if they're being brought in should be brought in to investigate the mario woods shootings we need in san francisco is a new culture in the police department we should be bringing 2, 3, 4 teaching officers enter vegetation to get each other's backs during an incident like the mario woods incidents they help each other to assess what was going on i'm concerned that the response of that at the response of the police chief thank you.
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>> thank you i'll respond to some of the questions and allow the chief to respond to some of the comments. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> i want to start by submitting any 67 dash a you can kind of see it there mr. joe marshall the person of this committee said they were sending out documents regarding the reforms that would be take place after the mario woods shooting at this point, i'm kind of asking you to approve it and can i get a copy of this as stamped and signed as received i feel at this point you know this
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san francisco police department is continually violent towards the citizens two hour i was assault e assaulted and bearded by a police obstructed his badge number it is like a tsunami or chinese water torture that the people of san francisco have to suffer so it is just really bothers me people are continuingly dying throughout the country people are here actually sleeping so right now i just what do i do to get some response besides words words are empty you know i've been lied by people many
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times the police at this point the police aiding and abetting crime in my community drug dealing and as a result and batteries and property crimes i mean at the rate i'm having run in's with the police department i'm considering filing a restraining order against the san francisco police department can i get a copy of my signed as received thank you i know the rules good luck. >> thank you. we'll get you a copy of the press realize for the african-american advisory board so thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is daisy i want at t sf i want to let you know of the
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mario woods and others shootings that we will be holding a forum on police and this friday we have a lot of great people that will be coming and presenting research on the public health impacts of this issue as well as the larger economic impact that the violence has on the communities the city alone has in the past 5 years put out $2.5 million for the investigates and unlawful death sources from things we need to be focusing on housing; right? and so i want you all to be there you'll be the keynote speaker. >> i think you're joking. >> no, i'm serious. >> friday (laughter). >> each year chief greg suhr you're welcome and it will be good to come and work with the
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community you're actually questionable for people of color right now we don't trust you unfortunately, all the things you're talking about the appease times we're not buying it come to this meeting and hear what the youth and all the researchers have to say you're all invited from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. friday. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, good evening. i'm la net white rarely today get up to speak i'm appalled and saddened and hurt that people would have to come to this meeting behind what happened in this city the execution of mario woods and all of you know that should have
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never ever, ever have happened and to talk about tasers instead of guns i think that is an insult you all should be ashamed of yourself and greg suhr if you had any desegregate he integrity you should have stepped down you know what happened that wasn't right all the murders and the executions that have happened under to our watch you say their justified that's a shame before god each other will have to deal with yourselves i hope you're not able to sleep at night at a peaceful and restful sleep and having those handful of people
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whoever handpicked them just to have them here is just on a shame before god what each if you have to answer doorway we have to answer you, me and everyone else i'm just saddened what i saw that young man laying in that coffin behind what those police did 25 bullets a man with a damn kitchen naive a shame before god she could have used their batons 5 officers you, you mean to tell me 5 officers not one looked at the other one and told them to stop shootings that's a damn shame is really say, i hate to be the one to
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come and tell you that but comma didn't forgot an address or phone call. >> thank you, ms. white. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) again. >> good evening again and mike again from the folks that sfgovtv can show the overhead right now the new website called government assess i've posted 4 months of chiefs calendar stop showing that come back to me, i'm here to ask folks to check out this website government assess going and abbreviated sfgov
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it blog is dictated to all the e elected officials and all i look on the calendar as timecards we need these timecards on the web so that everyone can see how our public servant are spending their time this blog is really necessary because right now the chief is not mother or father his calendar online we have to file the records request and wait the public shouldn't, put through that burden it is incumbent on the department for the police to post go to our regarding the important matter of our missing
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in action mayor, i should have to point out he's not made a committed to show up in the bayview for town hall more has he gone to the bayview our mayor went to hong kong over the holidays he can go to hong kong but not the bayview that is a dir election of duty the mayor is guilty in terms of improving policing qualities i think that the mayor really needs to get out of room 200 into the community until that time the mayor is missing in action moving on to outlet important matters item 3 is major items the chiefs report and the occ director's report yet i asked the public to have 3 minute on every item and comment on item 3
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i want 34 minutes to talk about the chiefs report and 3 minutes to talk about the occ report you're not giving me that you're combining important items into one thing that is not fair to us and finally in case when the occ report is discussed 83 pages in this report from the occ not one police officer is named that's police privilege this is how we get away from good policing start naming the cops thank you. >> i'll ask director joyce hicks to respond to the leg part. >> next speaker. >> good evening sergeant brown. >> commissioner president loftus and members of the commission i'm amos brown the
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president of the pastor of the third baipt church of san francisco i rose to say ghandi mentioned the four deadly sins 7 rather and one of them was politics without principle politics without principle naacp before the unfortunate tragic killing of mr. mar i don't woods was principle enough to force the department and the chief with a comprehensive document for over haul in this
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department nearly a year ago and these times of crisis i feel that we are at our best sells we do not engage in this type of thinking of them against us, us against them. >> but get that pronoun we what are we're going to do to make a difference and indeed we grieved over mr. woods kylie repeat now is the time as civil compassionate, rational, creative citizens to move in the words of nike just do the right thing and i came to this meeting tonight to hear from the chief,
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from the commission what we're going to do because we have been meeting this no secret meeting this commission of this advisory group was appointed months ago so it is not a reactionary matter difficult as the killing of mr. woods not a reaction we don't too much reaction as time is responsive i hope tonight this commission will let the world know and the media know what we've agreed to and i think that we will say we can live with that and we are the better because of what the advisory committee did and in spite of
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our pain. >> thank you reverend brown. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, thank you i'm liza native of the san francisco i love this city but i've never had problems with the police i'm scared of them now i've lost complete faith in the police from the texts still haunt me that haunt me something those officers are still working and they're out there somewhere they made it into the police with those attitudes. >> how many people were going to jail or injured as well as the fact it is stuck in this red tape i'm really i speak for many people i know this is sickening this is still molding within our
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system and that how do i know with the officers that shot down mario didn't have the same texts between each and everyone we didn't get to see them we didn't get to see the murders they were not on tape i look at police officers i feel i have to look at everything and listen to everything they do it is horrible you all have to do something urgent to give faith back to the community we're not going to be with policy rules and waiting for months and months and months it will feel like our brushing us off that is just not going to work we need to hear about the text thing i don't care about those lost they're not going on along with us i feel a bias test that is
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valuable that every police officer puts both through that everyone holding a gun meetings needs to bring all the deep beliefs bring to and want to know what their trigger happy feelings really are i'm new to this i know you don't respond it is an empty feeling where don't i feel like i'll get an answer to those kinds of things i go home 9 months about the text and read them and say this is bad i don't want to ever see this again how do we get feedback about this? >> i can choice to provide a brief message i'm happy to there is some confusion about the text
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messaging and this commission ability to talk about that i'll be clear about why that is this commission did discipline foyer serious misconduct in order for those officers to be termed there are issues that are litigated this commission has no say depending on the outcome these cases we'll be charged with being the author's of those because of that we're not allowed to say anything we can't talk about that we have laws and rules in place but let me as this what we have said on the record and continue to say no place in this department for someone who is greg racism. >> can we make a complaint and
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it is appropriate a senior investigator you can talk to them. >> the other thing when officers came before us i'm sorry when officers come before us if if we have shown we're not been fair with anything in the past we'll not be allowed to sit in the positions it is despite how we may personally feel if we say anything that says we can't be you know on the case so - >> that's back to the city. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> i have two things that stay on my mind why do those officers go to the range to practice to
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shoot and they can only shoot to kill i'm a gun advocate i go to the range where i have a good needs i hit where i shoot to obviously those officers are shooting where they want to shoot to stop a person shoot them in the leg why is it when you arrest people i've yet to see a person get arrested and not slammed on the ground or car slammed somewhere where police officers come in 5 different cars for one purpose but let somebody get hurt or injured or anything else i don't see that response you guys really need to check yourselves this is redd ridiculous that boy was shot like that a shame you may think
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at night what goes around comes around. >> thank you, ms. hawkins. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome ms. brown. >> are they going to say it on there? >> yes. >> because of old age or sickness it is quite another to experience the sudden violence death of a loved one
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(shot fired) that's my son. >> (shot fired shot fired (shots fired). >> since 2004 san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides (sirens) 60 percent of homicide individual are people of color
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their loved ones living in neighborhoods of skater and neglect must deal with their perjure tragedies while at the same time facing violence of the unsafe neighborhood that surrounded them everyday (sirens) i'm bringing this awareness my sons case is not solved i know i show this video it needs to know we're suffering as mothers and fathers we want our cases solved no matter if it is police killings or black think black
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crimes about police killings and the black on black crimes i want to thank marshall about being on the advising board i ask you greg suhr you said you'd pit r put my name on the advising broad we can bring justice to all the unsolved homicides and killings in san francisco and as a mother that is suffering i want closure thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. >> next speaker. >> good evening ms. davis. >> good evening i want to leased piggyback on a couple of things that reverend brown said about us and we and working together one of the things on top of i said earlier we should think about how to work on systems change i feel like at smooicht
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we have to realize that greg suhr is governmental the next chief will have their hands tied by the same issue whether the brothers of dealing with or how to deal with something like the mario woods shooting we need to be thinking about what it is to achieve the chief to have in terms of power and what it is that the commission the other thing is that when we talk about you know earlier this week my son went into a store majored not bio racial but someone called him a half-breed a discussion where in the meetings we call people names we're saying people are less than black we have a difference of opinion or work for a certain
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fraction it makes someone less than black and when we talk about we and us and i think about the fact that so ms. browns point we went into public housing on christmas eve the chief was there he was alone with no others police officers and folks welcomed them into their home and asked for increased police presence as we are talking about what communities time i want to make sure we are getting the voices of the community that are also imitated and threatened by the police but feel there is not enough police i get it i'm stopped by the police when i go home their destined with an old lady and her son this is real i want to talk about there were things in place that are
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reactionary i hope we continue these don't get lost to reverend brown that the advisory committee has been going on requests and dialogue around certain things and likewise what the youth and the fact that you all actually paid for the youth to really investigate you and give you remedies and listened to that i hope 9 forum and the opportunities will continue as people talk about open forums we have onramp numerous occasions invited all folks and reached through the groups and people have not shown up it is hopefully not about comblain. >> thank you, ms. davis >> next speaker. >> good morning and . >> chief my name is minister aubrey louis one of the pastors
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brown's ministers i've been to many, many meetings i seldom say anything because i don't feel i have to pastor brown i've been there since he came to a third baipt for 40 years i've worked for 39 years as a complainant investigator in the section we moved up to complainant investigation and i've been preaching for thirty years i don't intend to stand here and point my finger to the chief or those behind me i've been around long enough to know i've lived in san francisco bay area for 71 years came from texas when i was 15 i know you
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know there is a culture situation we're facing not only in san francisco but it is throughout this nation i'm not going to blame any one person or any one person on this commission but i do is this i'm here because pastor brown and the committee and easing persons working in the church they're working when i'm home sleeping i read everything and some of the things have convinced me to coming here tonight is the right or wrong there are too many individuals murdered unnecessarily and we know that we have to come together in order to make progress we must come together divided we'll continue to be in
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big trouble i thank you for permitting me to speak i'll keep on coming and pastor brown is working daylight savings time and thank you for permitting me to speak tonight thank you. >> minister louis good evening and welcome sergeant. >> honorable members of the commission i've been an officer employed by the san francisco police department for 26 years currently as the president felt officers organization i want to convey that 21st century policing is going to require complete reform transparency, and total honest not only internally within the police department but extraordinarily with the communities we serve it is very
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important that we continue to look at our policies and procedures to insure that what we saw happened in the bayview district is not repeated again, i agree with the chief we have to have time distance but i say resources before when how dealing with the person in crisis i have to also tell you in the richmond district i work within the past two weeks we've experienced people in crisis and fortunately my officers were trained and had supervisors there on scene to insure we did just that which was in corners with the policy and procedure in dealing with those that are experiencing crisis i want to also say i embrace the opportunity for outside sources
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to come in including washington, d.c. and anywhere else anyone wants to look at how we deliver policing and look at it you're policies and procedures and talk to the personnel they can determine the one thing i keep saying institutionalized racism exists within every police department and san francisco is not sxment from it racism is systemic we have our biases we need to talk about that and shopping stop hiding it is time to get the training on board i want to be one of the instructors i was a victim and the one thing i want to say that saddened any heart to this day internal affairs has not spoken to me to asking ask me
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specifically do i feel safe in any working environment anything they can make me look and feel confront comfortable chief of police i wish the comboirlt affairs will ask me we're not aware we're named in such a had anus way thank you (clapping.) sergeant. >> chief will you follow-up with the sergeant about that issue >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for your services not an easy job my name is testing with the deep 5 action the murder of mario woods just was the kind of tipping point it reminded me i came before you about 5 years ago when the chief was advocating tasers we had the
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same research about the number of people killed by tasers and the number of inappropriate uses by tasers at this point as i recall about 5 years ago there was going to be steven training how to deskates the situations and enter vein why 5 police officers are to shoot into one union man stop killing our young men (clapping.) so what we don't need is tasers we need is a different kind of training system that taechlz police officers about serving and protecting gosh, i you know if somebody might be a pickpocket or whatever gets away or goes 3 blocks our waiting for someone
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else who might be able to help that's not the end of the world as far as i know the police are not lbsz to be the judge and jury and execute people please this is systemic as other speakers said we have to look at the training had a makes police officers pull out their guns what makes them fire with moments on the scene i don't think that tasers is the answer anyway, thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> hearing none public comment. > all in favor? > >> can i ask that the way this format is set up you speak and we're not allowed to but later on in the meeting we will address some of the things so we hear a lot of things asking what you you going to do in my
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frustration when we get ready to tell folks what we're going to do nobody is here i'll ask you stay and hear what we're trying to do as a commission and he then you can tell you but at least you'll know the things we're trying to do and get feedback that is so valuable but so i'm going to ask you to stay and hear what we're putting in place to the concerns please don't leave thank you. >> mario woods once. >> you're out of order sergeant, next item. >> >> call the next item. >> >> , sir. >> please. item 3 reports and amazements 3 a chiefs review of recent
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activity and update on the super bowl and update on the social media policy. >> so chief welcome i know that a couple items came up in public comment if you could responded to the comments about you're public comment statements regarding the investigation and some folks that have the prospective you said that was a justified shooting respond to that and also a question of officers trained to shoot to kill and bias and whether the department has done declaration but touch on those please. yes to answer the 3 questions regards to the rent shuns by some of the media i represented at the officer involved shooting was justified that didn't happen i spoke to the facts i knew at
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the time and spoke to the policy where officers were permitted to discharge their weapons this was one of the thickness we've discussed with the advisors form 3 independent ongoing investigations and no conclusions ward to the justification of officer involved shooting involving mario woods the second issue. >> about officers being trained to shoot to kill. >> officers are not trained to shoot to kill after seeing when the video is hard to imagine officers are trained to shoot to stop the treat when necessary train at the range they're trained to shoot for the tort so because it is the largest part of body as everyone knows there are most of critical not all the critical organs are within the torso so
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shots to the torso are facility and lastly with the patrol training. >> also there was some person who unfortunately has left which ask asked about the text messaging i was disgusted when i saw the text messaging to refresh our recognize those text messages were outs with a federal investigation the practice has always been and the criminal case takes precedent and needs criminal action, however, has to be taken after the criminal case was finished i was not aware of the text
1:01 am
messages i was walled off as the chief when i become aware of such as the text messages i will take action as soon as i become aware of it and sent the 8 officers with a single recommendation they be terms those officers were termed without pay the court odor they be paid and the court order what i explained about the criminal going first was not the case and the administrative would have been a breach of our agreement with the u.s. district attorney's office and the this morning the city attorney's office filed an appeal we'll prevail and then i believe those officers will come to this commission what gunning again
1:02 am
they'll face termination i believe no place in the police department for those officers the residents said they fall below the minimum standards to be a police officer and the commission said while this round in the proceedings went in favor of the text messengers that's not the case they remain in the same status superintendant and orders by the court not be back until this is finished i want to thanks some of the members on the forum we met on december 30th and had a difficult and necessary conversation i acknowledged to the group that the shooting of mario woods has shaken the trust
1:03 am
in the city's police department and expressed any sympathy for the loss in the african-american and expressed this to pleased woods directly and emphasized no conclusions were reached to the justification of this shooting members of the forum expressed that in this can be polygamy policy that allows this to happen needs to be changed we need to doing everything we can to prevent that and reviewing all the policies and procedures to that end a new policy was put in in the last thirty days that makes the appointing of a firearm has to be domentsd our firearms training and certification process has been slowed down to better control gunfire by support officers with
1:04 am
the declaration enernex report techniques we've added alternates and empowering the protect shields for other suspect we're entering into the national discussion traveling back technique along with commissioner president loftus and droikz and the command in charge of our country interference and member of supervisor cowen's staff for particle in this discussion about the the reengineering the total curriculum we're also initiate a working group to have a strategy different from how we contend with active shooters how to better deal with weapon and other weapon superintendents to stress the need to isolate and use time and distance before the
1:05 am
sergeant talked about to reach a resolution when people are a danger to others we've meet with the crisis intervention team you're non-sworn partners from the community we currently have 4 hundred cit officers and every graduate every recruit that graduates with the crisis intervention draining with the declaration the members that supported those efforts made additional recommendations they would like to see the culture confident training and emphasis the procedural training to include the members as instructors and two members in the board will be included in
1:06 am
the upcoming training in the oakland police department any action where senior officers will be assigned to hot spots as having to deal with the situation as we train a record number of officers not with the junior officers in those situations until they get more seniority and also to go forward with the community ordinary policing services the justifying and it's services review i spoke today with that office they will be speaking with the attorney general i think one of the appear speakers sunshine said this is a complete independent review to invite them in and make recommendations how to do the best department we can be
1:07 am
and it is suggested which training stations take the new recruits and perhaps kwh which one to take late early officers to be better suited later than this is again as stated a working group that has been working for months in response to the use of mario woods but it was with the intention we had something that we could be better at getting better from no one's is better than the that we're working together if i could go back and have 24 incident not happen at all no more than more me i need to doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again.
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>> is this a public document. >> yeah. >> this was. >> as i pointed out i'll ask sergeant to put that on the website all the press releases are there chief i want to ask one question the formation i heard you say this document was in response to the mario situation but it was in existence a number of those are after and in response to the shooting; is that correct. >> yes. yes. this was in response to the shooting by the group is meeting ongoing to discuss things like how can we better recruit from the community and increase our diversity remove the barriers to employment within the police department and outside how can we - many, many things that the communities been wanting to have happen in the department will.
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>> i want to say that just in response some people were not invited for the ideas it is the commissions rule over the coming months have the community forums for people to give feedback it is important that we just don't sit in one room but get feedback we'll talk about that later not as if one meeting there will be an opportunity for community feedback f of you're not in the room. >> that's going to conclude my report i know we have a lengthy agenda i know that the commission wanted an update on the super bowl planning coming next week i ask the members thought that committee to come and present captain salvo. >> obviously the super bowl a coming come on up and given the
1:10 am
police we'll need. >> can i finish. >> go ahead. >> the reason we invited the captain was that given the number of police researchers that go into that get a better understanding sorry joe. >> there was a meeting with the mayor today informing him of the press release with the african-american community and was endorse finding and talking about things he'll do and a press release came out on the mayors webs that expands on many of the things the chief mentioned the mayor is aware of the work done and moving forward in his own way to do things to make things better.
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>> thank you. >> go ahead commissioner wong. >> no. you, go ahead. >> there was some comment about tasers being considered by the board of sups did you hear some go about as far as i recall we've not discussed tasers at the commission yet or i don't know if it is calendared for discussion is there some other process outside of the commission to discuss tasers. >> one of the prior speakers said in any new weapon afforded to the police departments or fool afforded to the police department it needs to come before this commission that is still the case that is accurate. >> not a board of sups committee that is looking at tasers separately. >> not that i know of. >> so for folks to orient to the point that dr. joe is a
1:12 am
saying under the commission reports we'll talk about the next steps under the commission president's report for the use of force and the public process if those are the issues of interest under section c let's go ahead and hear about super bowl we're track at the same time good evening and welcome. >> good evening chief suhr and others i'm part of the police department operation i'm here to talk about the super bowl related events i'll start by saying those plans will provide the public safety services to do so without negative impacts on the neighborhoods station operation we're going to keep it as businesses people will get the police services they need and also we're confident we'll deliver the necessary services to provide a safe events
1:13 am
super bowl 50 will be played on sunday next month kickoff is at 3:28 p.m. in santa clara there will be a lot of large events and san francisco will be hosting two of the events in super bowl city and the nfl experience super bowl city is will host the culture entertainment and many display items it is free and open to the public the venue open on january 30th at 11:00 a.m. and close other 9 or 10 the day of the events will be claims closed for the kickoff the nfl will be located north and south from january to february 7th as a
1:14 am
interactive theme park memorabilia and football activities for kids to play and a activity area across the moscone there will be media station there doing radio shows and broadcasting this item venue the nfl experience will be opened from - the two exceptions on sunday closing at 8 and closing at 3:00 o'clock at the day of the game we looked at the past activity we've had at the uses the nfl experience location where we have the oracles so we're familiar with the footprint familiar with the traffic patterns and have the staffing
1:15 am
plans to address these the super bowl city venue is similar to new year overview it will be 9 days and staffing for that we're talking to the people in the department and get think idea of the areas that'll they're concerned with we put those into the planning note in addition to the venues a variety of concerts and celebrations a concert at around before the game gift sponsors from the nfl hosting the parties some will be open to the public and some tithed be events other items as with move forward closer to the game we're sharing with those to the members of the department the department of emergency services tasked with leading the events working with them they've
1:16 am
scheduled several meeting with monthly meeting to discuss a variety of topics two of the mergers were you dedicated to table text the tabletop experiences we sit around and talk about scenarios and what our responses the scenarios were chosen from active events at super bowls and others events in san francisco that we've had to deal with relevant and they were discussed in the city agencies sat in the room and talked about what necessary do to support us and vice versa in addition to other city agencies and other governments agencies super bowl 50 and the nfl and in order to have the necessary resources for the public safety services we need to we've taken several steps for staffing no
1:17 am
discretionary details off in san francisco additionally we've worked the academy tool have the training all available officers are available we will be using customer non-patrol function like chief staffers and other staff will be brought out to assist and next week other academy a class graduating they're first week in the department will give them an idea in our planning we've been very aware the heightened security concerns our plans will provide a uniform visibility for the staffing for bigger ones like the moscone center we will do this with a combination of foot patrols and bike and motoristized patrol and
1:18 am
other resources and additional layers of security for systems from our special operations group we presenting looking this thing one of the captains will be overseesing this that is the captain that worked at large venues to get his input that the staffing levels he it would be sufficient for what we anticipates we're working as as i mentioned state and regional to create an event for the public to enjoy our investigative unit is trying to anticipate what issues one example of the human trafficking issues that some people are concerned with with the super bowl our human trafficking team will be very pro-active back in october the human trafficking team along with the super bowl
1:19 am
50 host committee conducted training with the hotel directors in to they can train their staff for human trafficking victims we've insisted with training and our human trafficking team w the sdwoofz to members of the department and the district attorney's office will be available for the human trafficking i believe that greg suhr updated senator feinstein this is one of the benefits of the planning we've been doing these working with the had you had occasion but this crystalize our going forward the training is the additional relationships between ours and other government agencies have been enhanced so if we have further events we'll address a lot of
1:20 am
the issues. >> thank you, captain. >> questions colleagues. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> on the human trafficking issues are you working with local community agencies to help to identify the signs of human trafficking victims. >> i believe the training materials is put together in concert with those folks have been. >> we're working with the fbi and the formal homeland security and regional agencies a training on the 11 two trainings in san francisco international airport to train to look for anyone that is arriving and working with the hotels and making several cases sort of set the tone of what we're doing and we're also doing the decore operations on the
1:21 am
internet. >> commissioner melara. >> i had similar questions interested in concerning the issues of domestic violence that might go up and you might be planning for that and i was wondering if you're coordinating with other police departments in the bay area around the activities in san francisco. >> well in others police agencies the super bowl and the city of san francisco is about $45 million apart we've been meeting in occasion with the police department in santa clara so that's lead to a lot of the trafficking training we've participated came to be we're working with the other agencies the historically members are members of the special victims unit will be working during the timeframe we'll be responding to
1:22 am
any calls of domestic violence and of course receive the full attention. >> it is important to emphasize as the captain said earlier the resources deployed for the venues in the events downtown will have not impact on the district and the officers with the calls of that nature we say advocates embedded in our unit to do do lead training all the groups know about reporting. >> commissioner wong. >> i thought i had a smart question but you've asked her it on the human trafficking issue for shelters; right? to have the advocates ready think when we saw operation gotten cage is floated the entire system i don't know from the back up social system needs to
1:23 am
accumulate a lot of survivors coming through. >> that was one of the things we spoke but with senators feinstein a concern she shares a new building in oakland now that is just been opened so she asked your special victims unit to see what we could workout with alameda county more people rescued so we'll get it figure out. >> i got a call this, with from the coalition on homelessness that were concerned about the accommodations of the homeless surrounding the need to develop this city or the clean up up for the tourists have you meet with the local community groups for those concerns and the chief and i are meeting on january 21st. >> actually chief and i will
1:24 am
be meeting on january 21st on that issue on the agenda. >> and additionally with the rain in the last few days shelters will be openly and a place before that we've not had a lot of rain but the health effecting people to get them into the shelters it was raining over our heads a few minutes. >> there is a lot of coordination my question what efforts if any are spreading the worm for women and girls that law enforcement is ready. >> to that end we've made a significant case in december we're now presenting that case to the u.s. district attorney's office to get it hope to get a
1:25 am
publicized to state or federal as an example that we're aggressive in prosecuting those cases and the recent events of operation across country was publicized we'll be looking for this like i said from the airport is as well as the hotels the hotels are being very, very cooperative so we've spent two years ahead of that. >> i hope you'll continue especially the public use there will be consequences and finally it seems difficult that this district stations will have to keep up their staffing levels for 9 days and is there over time or a cost is the department and city ab associating this. >> additional monies were put
1:26 am
in the budget to draw parallel it is not the same stretch our world series runs those are one day at that time, run if you make it from coast to coast we're fortunate we use models and venues with the resource plan we cobbled them to get the end result we're confident we can manage this event and have it be safe then secure for everyone in the existing resources. >> thank you. >> any further question i'm sorry commissioner melara. >> one further clarification for men and women and girls or. >> predominantly women and
1:27 am
girls. >> thank you, captain. >> finally a request about our social media policy we'll have a draft social media policy going through the consequence and in the next 90 days that the department bulletin governs how members are behaving on social media will be in effect until it can be adopted and specific questions from the public about when photos are posted on the department social media sites we need the publics assistance in identifying them and press releases on public interest case can be posted and generally booking photos after the suspect is booked there are exceptions to those situations one would be photos we'll hold photos on
1:28 am
ongoing cases where an identification might be necessary with a filth line up we don't want to paint the suspect prior to his or her line up. >> is that policy in writing. >> well, i know the social media those are notes as far as our photo postings i can check and. >> that would be great it sounds like those are the rules that have been applied we been asked to be transparent will the process there's a documents you could a share it with us. >> i think this is i'll share it. >> any questions for the chief on this matter. >> one question hopefully what were the end of the year
1:29 am
homicide numbers. >> i believe we have 2 that circumstances in the case make those self-defense so we believe at the most it will be 503 or 51. >> that's down from last year paw no last year, we had 46 the average for the past 5 years has been 54 which is about 20 percent down from the prior 5 years over 40 percent down from the high of 2007 when we were around 96. >> thank you. >> any further questions for the chief? >> okay. thank you, chief southeast. >> item 3 occ discussion review the recent activities and presentation of occ third are quarter statistical report and the presentation of the occ
1:30 am
champion reports for september and october and november of 2015. >> good evening director joyce hicks. >> good evening commissioner president loftus. >> i want to start off and following up with one of the questions from public comment you'll like to direct a specific question you'll address in our comments no names of police officers included in our report please include that. >> i'll be glad to do that welcome greg suhr and members of the public thereer several reports i'll try to be brief the first report under recent activity that in 2015 the occ hiring 4 new investigators for a net gain of 3 we had one investigator reas i understand to take a job in the far northern california but tonight
1:31 am
i'll introduce two of our most recent hires if they'll stand up susan u susan gray ms. gray didn't have to travel far to accept her position as a investigator we stole her from the public defender's office a san francisco resident she was formally a legal assistant in the public defender's office she has her undergraduate green decree from a harvard a member of the california bar and she speaks spanish ms. gray is currently a campaign for her private investigators licensee saw jeff adachi at a hearing earlier this week, i thanked him for giving me such a wonderful
1:32 am
employee and see the next kneeling excellent new hire michael began his a criteria with the - he worked with the california department of justice his last job a special officer he evaluated and directed statewide criminal and administrative confessions e investigates he's post certified from the basic level to advanced to supervisor so pleased to introduce those two stellar investigators for the occ welcome the next item in december i served on a panel think civilian oversight and community members for the our inputs on the
1:33 am
selection of the director of sonoma communities for the outreach this office was infected or created by the sonoma couldn't for the shooting of a 13 years old was shot by an officer and carrying a republic can gun and the officer took it for a gun my connection or office connection with the county we were asked back in june of 2014 to come he talk about our model and the director and i took that trip to talk about the investigative model and the supervisors choose the model it is - than on monday as i alluded
1:34 am
to you attended and meeting for the coalition of justice for mario woods and invited to attend that meeting i described the function of occ deputy director battling discharge talked about the officer involved shootings and the officer described his role in the judicial process and in the chiefs hearing he indicated at the eagle it investigating the use of mario woods and that we have dedicated several resources two investigators a senior investigator the deputy director and an attorney to oversee it i advised that the function of office of citizens complaints provide timely fair and unbiased
1:35 am
investigation and that the investigations are confidential and that regardless i also provided any deepest condolences to mario woods mother that was in attendance with the family members and i indicated that i would not were going to update the coalition on the process of investigation because the investigative files are confidential peace officer records and two, that point i can address the gentleman's comment about the third quarter report the occ has concluded from revealing the names of the police officers when complaints are filed and any findings can't
1:36 am
tie the names of officers nor the chiefs discipline because stating under the pencil coke precludes the police from doing so but allows 33 me to provide non-identifying information that's what i'll do that concludes recent activities and any questions on recent activities colleagues okay. >> i'm sorry commissioner wong. >> so to back to our point the occ had adequate staffing and are you seeking additional funds from the board of supervisors in response to either the transmission of body cameras or to contrary the backlog. >> commissioner wong a timely question no not adequately funded in the advisory committee of the focus resources that we
1:37 am
must delve to officer involved shooting and other complex investigations and he will be speaking with the city's budget director to indicate what our needs are as you can tell from the third quarter report we'll get that in the annual report investigators caseloads are too high and that's one issue another issue is that it has been the practice of the occ since it's inception for investigators to transcribe their own interviews and that is extremely time consuming we need
1:38 am
to provide did investigators with transcripts and services that is best practices and internal affairs does with the interviews that concludes we did a brief or rough analysis of cost to transcribe all of the interviews that the investigators conducted about a quarter of a million dollars so it had been conversation i'll be having additionally as i've indicated ever since i've been the director for the occ for the past 5 years while the budget the occ budget and every city departments budget reflects the firms those positions can't be detailed and it is with the occ the figure i've been given the occ hold back on employing over
1:39 am
positions that would total $300,000 that's in excess of $300,000 so the 39 budget the position of the occ positions can't be billed. >> have i asked her you're question. >> will you keep us post. >> yes. i will. >> i'll move to the third report posted on the occ website so i will highlight monthly i provide the police commission with occ specific conducting the number of cases open and closed and adjudicated and roounl talk about the cases much of the information i will not go over with you this evening it is in the report and,
1:40 am
of course, i'm i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> by not had the opportunity to with the generation i'll discuss those later under the report moving to the third quarter itself it covers jill 2015 to september 30th, 2015, during that period they have a total of three hundred and plus complaints the occ sustained the alleges of the failure to take action against the san francisco police department police officers in that quarter that was a 5 percent sustain rate the case is 7 percent emotion from the beginning of year to the end of the third quarter that is 5 hundred adjustment the total number of complaints closed is 4 hundred and 92 the total number
1:41 am
of complainants sustained is 35 emotion 21 the sustained rate was 7 percent and by the conclusion of 2015 and we have we're stilt refining our statistics as of december 31st the occ sustained rate is 9 percent for the entire year and the emotion rate remains as 8 percent was 45 mediated moving to organizational matters i've discussed pretty sure in detail the budget constraint the occ has had by the end of the third quarter 15 line investigators staffing the occ but only 13 had full caseloads two permanent line investigators one the permanent line investigators
1:42 am
acted absent a hock investigator since he created an vacant awhile one was promoted to achieve of the investigations and august 2013 the occ is continuing to look at the department of human resources for the senior investigative position we are hopeful that process will be completed very soon we can begin testing so we can develop a list of ti candidates 509d permanent line investigator acted as a senior investigator while the senior investigator was on a long term leave there have 5 line investigators vacant and the budget provided for 18 line investigators and deputy chief investigations so by the close
1:43 am
of third quarter 18 employees staffed 23 positions this has improved we've hired the last two investigators i've just introduced as an update the occ hiring two more investigators we still have two vacant lawyer positions and vacant external system, however, the attorney position was posted on job recruitment closes next monday january 1st and then i will begin to interview the candidates we're working with the dcyf for the examine recruitment we've not began the recruitment chris and i are working on the job description
1:44 am
moving to temp section he began following the operating system and software update to all stations he started the work on two generation media center a v systems and engaged with the department of technology to update i reached out to the department of technology asked them what they can do for us the amount of work that the gentleman has is a lot and so they have been meeting with us to help us come up with a plan and as always he's assisted the investigators with their work and prepares the difficult reports a typical data for the report moving to our investigation of cases the caseload for
1:45 am
investigators is 28 cases that is well above the 16 best practices caseload and also exceeds by 6 cases per investigator the situation in 2014 third quarter 2014 their slowing decreasing now the additional staffing have arrived we accept the 2016 will be improved but again will not be ideal until we're able to make the changes that are necessary our goal to conduct our investigations within 9 months or conclude them within 9 months and during the third convert we were successful in doing that 73 percent of time only 7 of the cases were closed after a year but none of them have
1:46 am
sustainable obligations and 53 percent from the third quarter we closed 78 percent between the day's not an extreme difference the average number of days to close the cases shown an improvement by decreasing by 7 percent from 200 and 6 days to two hundred and 984 days in 2015 the number of sustained case for the quarter was 8 now the third quarter of 2014 there were 15 sustained cases but it just good samaritan quarter by quarter and in the third quarter of 201538 percent or 3 of our sustained cases we were able to close within 9
1:47 am
months and with the improvement only 20 percent of the cases were closed within 9 months and then moving to the sustained rate i've already discussed as cement 30th that was 7 percent that was at the end of the year 9 percent the types of allegations we sustained in the third quarter was neglect of duty and the large majority of case 7 of the sustained cases no complaint during the third quarter or in part for failure to collect traffic stop. >> director joyce hicks explain the significance of that traffic stop data. >> i can explain the significance of traffic stop commissioner president loftus that is information that
1:48 am
officers collect that identify certain characteristics of the traffic stops, etc. and that type of information is studied to determine whether or not racial precisely is occurring and the states legislator is recently adopted legislation highlighting the importance of that information and is not going to be traffic stop data but data period there's a schedule for different size of police departments to come into compliance moving on to complaints of note in the good that goes back to
1:49 am
the importance of the occ having enough investigators to investigate the more complex complaints as in the role of the investigators is more than doing an individual investigation of complaint but also involves doing in take and intact where is a complaint walks is the one office of investigator on intact must drop everything and take that complaint so you know all of those things disrupts the flow of a particular investigation so when an investigator has a complex investigation we attempt to take a investigator off of intact so
1:50 am
the videographer investigator is a focus causes the other investigators so go through the rotation but moving to the complaints in the third quarter received numerous complaints of a man with a prosthetic leg we have one use of one investigation of one alienation and another alienation i officer involved shooting residences open sros cases we have in the first quarter we were awaiting some information from the police department in negotiating how to object that information without revealing the identity of the
1:51 am
confidential informant. >> what information did say made available to the public about officer involved shooting. >> we provide information to the complainant what we do send the migrants complainants in the letter we don't name the officers but in turn one over we say an officer more than one we say officers and go through the allegations and they could be several from urban necessary force to the shooting to the conduct credit, etc. and we say what action we've taken where we have found sustained or found the officer used excessive force or whether it is unfounded we feel we have determined whether
1:52 am
found that the allegations are untrue not sustained or that means not sustained we were not able to have sufficient evidence to prove or disprove we'll put those in a letter to the complaint we then publish on our webbed but you without identifying a case no. something that we called complainant summary reports that summarizes the finding case by case and so anyone can go on the website and look at all those complainants and that's how we conclude our investigations of officer involved shootings. >> that's helpful many of the
1:53 am
members of the public are here regarding a officer involved shooting and asked questions about the investigations so for everyone to understand the conclusion you publish something on the website but not have the name of the officers but lays out the investigation and you're results. >> it didn't identify the mario not by case no. >> but facts you include. >> yes. there are facts reasonable people can okay got it. >> so moving on to oh, another findings we make are policy finding maybe a finding of policy failure or training failure so the officer the over didn't individually do anything
1:54 am
wrong that the policy that there was a problem with the positional or the officer needed training in area and explicit find misconduct so moving to the complaint regarding the crime lab we concluded the assault victim and the failure to properly process not sustaining allegations but the investigation reveals several policy recommendations that are outlined in the policy section of the thirds quarter report findings that the attorney worked on and another case of note was the hero incidents the occ continuing well at the conclusion continued to investigate a report regarding the alledgedly misconduct of a
1:55 am
man in a wheelchair and in the third quarter report the action of the officer and the wheelchair man was caught on video another complaint we've seen the san francisco woman was shot and killed by the "x" boyfriend the occ continued to investigate that complaint and another case involved a san francisco public defender's office who was in the hall of justice and in the conclusion the occ continues to investigate that complaint as well and then the occ has the racism text messages by the officers as you may know and commissioner president loftus pointed out that matter it tied up in court for the police commission or it is before the police commission at this time.
1:56 am
>> another case of note that was publish sister it the bicycle incident we continue to investigate that case that is a man that filed a lawsuit against sfpdz for wrongfully arresting him and taking his 10-month-old son from him after stopping him for riding a bicycle with his son and then finally almost finally the department general order 8.10 referred to a complaint under that where a man was questioned by the federal bureau of investigation and a member of the san francisco police department regarding a freedom of information he had made we are conferring with the city
1:57 am
attorney's office on our ability the occ ability to interview the officer involved moving to the last case of note that was a case that the occ included through pits emotion program involving an alleged battery commented by san francisco police department in a unlawful touching so not misunderstood it is the case was a touch not a punch so moving on it was mediated successfully and the case is closed moving on to policy analysis during the third quarter i continued to work on the body body worn cameras working group
1:58 am
and for the san francisco police commission sam handles the occ policy matters and continues to handle 90 percent of them and her work during the 3rd quarter focused on the assault and others task force on 21 this is the task force on 21st century mrool and in september after reviewing the report from the task force the office of citizens complaints made recommendations to the san francisco police department to strengthen police and community relationships our recommendations are included as a part of third quarter report the 19 recommends cover a variety of topics including the detention and training and use of force data and collection and prelims and searchers of
1:59 am
transgender individuals and we are currently working with the department on those recommendations that concludes the third quarter report. >> thank you director joyce hicks colleagues questions for director joyce hicks. >> director joyce hicks i have a question you note because i think some of the questions of late which we're talking about changing policies and adopting as you can see an example of an issue that happened many years ago that results in the recommendation for a change of policies from san marion who is incredible but a long time gap between the act that happened and the policy changes so what you see this commission doing over the last few months pulling how the issue
2:00 am
like body cameras and setting up a process of our own to get the input and get the cameras so get the cameras moving i'm reminded similarly we're talking about how to pull thank you out of the process that allows for the discussion and debate within the occ and department i notice you very specific recommendations you indicated with the department around the 21st century policing my question given we have an short times frame i think to quote reverend brown quoted doctor king an urgency of now and we'll talk about we got a letter asking for a budget recommendations by february 15th so a long preamble to my question what is the occ prepared to do to make sure that commission has policy recommends for that consideration for the
2:01 am
21st century policing and formals i know you're working with the department but how the commission plays a role and what is the information. >> well commissioner president loftus the occ has provided you the information on our third quarter report what might be expedite matters is for the commission to have a hearing oh, have an agenda item specifically on that report and again in the very important policy matters we will throw as many resources as we can possibly through towards this issue to expedite them i'm not sure if i'm sweshg our question or what. >> yeah. >> what you're asking for from
2:02 am
us that is different than what we will continue to provide you and have provided you in the past in terms of i'm answering you're question with a question how best can the occ provide you. >> well sam marion said 90 percent of the policy recommendations is an incredible resource given the timing the chief and i will be in d.c. talking with and director joyce hicks you're talking about the reengineering of force but i would think if it would be helpful for next week the commission to hear from sam are with other specifics around the specific recommends as the occ has because we will talk about we're going to have a public process and want ideas from everybody certainly the occ
2:03 am
given the process and design for you all to make the recommendations so certainly the sooner it needs to be a full presentation my suggestion schedule that for next week and my fellow commissioners we'll watch the tape and in details a recommendations e recommendation that is specific to the timeframe we're dealing with. >> if this is a pleasure the chair and ms. marion is prepared to do that. >> she's no ideaneeding in th. >> and ms. marion has deny -
2:04 am
she'll have that opportunity to flush it out. >> anything further or questions for director joyce hicks colleagues okay. >> i'm not going to move to 3 more reports you have september, october and november monthly reports. >> it will be fast and i will talk on this about the chiefs proposed discipline in each of those reports and see moving to september there was a neglect of duty finding on the part of the office of citizens complaints this involved a 13-year-old
2:05 am
who was taken into custody for alleged graffiti and the occ determined that was inadequate investigation and that the chief concurred and the officer and sergeant received acknowledgments and retrain in a second case an officer in expressing disbelief of an explanation of being double parked the officer used a term the complainant found it offensive and acknowledged the term was a derogatory term from a dressery manner the officer was reprimanded and retrained i think what was not able about
2:06 am
those kinds of investigations - that was in september the chief made and in the october month this was a warrant a search the first one a warrant search case the occ. found that the officers conducted a search a fenced backyard in violation of the law they wrote an inaccurate and i think complete reports the officers received reprimanded and retrained and received a written reprimand and retrain another case involving a
2:07 am
complainant that had a legal folding achieve we found unlawful detention and a conduct for discredit in that case the chief concurred and specifically imposed a written reprimand and one officer received reprimanded and retrained he concludes the officers conduct - in another case involving a domestic violence the occ found that the officers and the sergeant officers and the sergeant in a domestic violence case failed to properly correctly identify the dominant aggressor so the officers and sergeant received
2:08 am
astonishment and retraining in other domestic violence case request a spanish speaking complainant again, the officers failed it properly investigate they violated the language assess ordinance by failing to obtain an interpreter they mistakenly arrested the victim they on the other hand, she was charged and x-rated ultimately in this case the sergeant and officers received a written reprimand from the chief in other domestic violence case the complainants made a 9-1-1 call she was harmed by her husband the officers failed to investigate they arrested the wrong person the officers
2:09 am
received a reprimanded and retrained and in the last case that was adjudicated by the chief in december the officers received a following a requester foyer a private person's arrest i will now move to november in november 6th cases were adjudicated by chief greg suhr and the first one was failure to process property and the sergeant received an astonishment and retrain we receive those types of containments we get failure to process correctly private property we refer them to the department to determine whether
2:10 am
the department will do a criminal investigation if property is alleged that way it was done in this case and it was determined that a criminal investigation was not necessary was not warned in the second case this is an officer failing to prepare an incidents reports in this case the officer received a remained the third case an officer failed to conducted a lot of information the officers received a remained and the fourth case the officer again neglect of duty case failed to include his name and badge
2:11 am
number and the officer reprimanded and retrained the next case the officer used unnecessary force and he took i am had for the ground and the officer made an inaccurate incident report while greg suhr didn't concur he concurred that the officer wrote an inaccurate report so the officers received a reprimanded and retrained and finally the case on where the occ found the sergeant failed to properly supervisor an officer the officer illegal arrested a person but it sergeant found it was insufficient evidence that
2:12 am
concludes my reports from october through december. >> commissioner wong i have two more general questions related to our presentation the occ has an independent built to present the cases to the police commission so are you referring to the case that is commonly referred to as the text case are you barred by the same stimulating stiments such as
2:13 am
such as retraining or. >> well commissioner wong i'm sorry, i ask you refers that for closed session he'll discuss that directly. >> you mentioned that the occ last year had a 9 percent sustained rate of investigation i'm wondering as to the other 91 percent where it is some other kind of tracking system whether or not a particular officer with a repeated complaints some kind of triggering mechanism a number of complaints you've refer them to the police department for follow-up review and investigation port commission part of our early morning. >> if an officer i'm sorry early intervention system if a
2:14 am
officer gets a complaint that is a trigger the officer is sat down and all the patterns will be looked at. >> an answer to sxhourngs question thank you to the person i'm no longer the city attorney i don't give legal opinions. >> thank you commissioner vice president turman is next. >> on the i'm sorry october 2015 report director joyce hicks how long was the length of the detention in the sustained - complaint number 2.
2:15 am
>> now. >> are we looking at september a october. >> oh, i'm sorry october it was you know i don't want to guess but it was in a while let me get back to you i'm thinking that is around 20 minutes or so not sure if - you, you worked on that case. >> you know, that was many minute. >> pardon. >> it was in minutes. >> yes. in minutes but the exact number. >> i'll check back with you thank you. >> dr. marshall. >> i want to follow up with what commissioner wong said you
2:16 am
brought up the intervention system with the commission but in the advisory committee of the everything that is going on to agendize that how that works and how much meat is in there to give us an idea of officers that were showing repeats and patterns that was what was interveneed but i think that commissioner wong we got - i'm suggest we do that soon. >> and push can know brown more about that. >> i'd like to have that next week but you'll not be here and i'm sorry, i have a question regarding the domestic violence that was in violation of 6.09
2:17 am
the new policy we adopted i'm concerned and sure that commissioner melara as well as around the language assess issue that are in play here i see they failed to call an interpreter was that part of the in terms of the investigation i know that sam mar i don't think and all the work on training officers when you were determining the aggressor there a cab an domestic violence victim go arrested and have to deal with the federal immigration authority what kind question what language did the language and the consequence to the victim. >> i'm not aware i can't answer whether immigration consequences but, yes the language barrier played a huge
2:18 am
role. >> when you say admonish retraining how to train the officers how to investigate those are challenging. >> as i'm recalling from the particular case the officers have not yielded observed the train video am i - yeah they've not seen it. >> so when we have obviously a brifr big priority this commission passed the law of department all the officers should be trained so did something specific happen here. >> i don't know those reviewed the trained i'm making sure an audit as to all officers seeing that video. >> that would be helpful
2:19 am
any further questions for director joyce hicks. >> commission a blulth ongoing training if you're already seen it you have to see it again. >> thank you sergeant right a - that is good to know commissioner melara. >> just on the l e p issue i've heard three or four cases the wrong person was arrested in a domestic violence case i'm wondering if there is a need for a genre train because when you have that many cases happening you know around the same time i'm wondering if there is a problem thought throughout the problem the officers are not recognizing signals. >> we can certainly do that. >> yes. i'm concerned. >> okay further questions for
2:20 am
director joyce hicks. >> okay none directs you made it through all you're reports that's right. >> yes. >> director joyce hicks i want to note i appreciate your patience those reports have been prepared for that some time but in the advisory committee of other conversations you graciously moved symthem so u thank you and ms. mary i don't mean and occ all your work is appreciated by the commission sergeant, next item. >> item 3 c commission report and president's report and commissioners reports. >> colleagues, i will begin but hope we can hear from everyone about what we have been up to throw the months of december i will start by start where we left off on december 9th we had a conversation on a couple of fronts
2:21 am
that specific to the department use of force policy and what we indicated at that time was spectacular to the body worn camera issue that this commission wanted to take into account the departments in force policy we have posted all the policies on the website so everybody can find in 3 generally orders 12 department blulgs so somewhere around telephone one of the things the commission is resolved to do while the investigation into the incidents are ongoing this commission is endeavoring to review all policies that might have played a role and change those policies as necessary so the process for that is we brought in first, the
2:22 am
executive forum that advised over one hundred and 50 departments to talk about the best practices in other places work is san francisco up to speed or things that need to be included some of the big issues in talking with the folks the emphasis own preserving human life is of supreme portions and issues around problems that happened in other areas they i might have adopted aggressor policies and issues around people shooting at cars various other issues in particular this policy is something we're looking around individuals what we do when a person has an edged weapon i think perking in
2:23 am
particular has invited this depended for san francisco to be one the it was 20 cities that are asking the same question the question is there moving from a shoot to don't shoot scenario to a national decision model in england and scott taylor 6th district at large for people that have a knife but not a gun those police departments have allowed them to preserve the life and decirculate the problem keep the person save that is the outcome we're looking for so while we're opening opening up
2:24 am
wanted to also let you know, we got a few documents in the process one is the excessive and the department released a press release from the african-american advisory committee board i'm sure joe marshall will want to speak to some of the points but we also got a letter the mayor sent a letter to the board of supervisors indicating he's given the deadline of february 15th to put forward the policy proposals and also the budget requests so while all of these important conversations are happening it is critical that we also set up a series of community meetings for community input i want to paroles paroles
2:25 am
to you the following the department will present a draft use of force policy if february i have asked the department to do the same thing with body worn cameras to convene a group of stakeholders that are community members to advise the department of the status of that draft once it comes to us a series of community meetings with that said being the deadline of february 15th we're not going to wait to start having community meetings on policy ideas and solutions everyone who came here today came because you want to see change and have solutions in mind ideas and we want to hear them so what we're going to do is because there is structured rules arrest the brown act and
2:26 am
meetings skeleton we'll put that to the side i'm going to set up with the help of my commissioners a series of meeting with two or three commissioners we can't have 4 people it is an issue of violating the brown act we want to move as quickly as possible and keep this conversation going more with the public comment it is fourth amendment for us to have the conversation go one way we'll set the meetings up i'll be with director joyce hicks and the chief in washington next week hopefully getting a lot of good information for consideration but in the meantime commissioner vice president turman will run techniques meeting and a schedule of when those meetings will happen i hear again and again if so not just the words
2:27 am
off would policy or piece of paper allison park i think people want a conversation and be able to hold us accountability and in order to be effective we need to hear if everyone not everyone comes to city hall i'm grateful for the people that come we'll get out there so colleagues, i invite what you've been up to and comments and suggestions that's my report this evening. >> commissioner marshall. >> thank you very much commissioner president loftus in this thing my daily life informally certainly but this formally obviously to work with the african-american communities relations i want to thank you for those who engage it is wonderful feedback ideas that
2:28 am
was keeping the ideas in a dialogue the point you've heard were grafted out of give and take bouncing things before and after but in the spirit of coming up with ideas and things to make things better as the assist agreed to doing everything we can everything that happened won't happen again what we saw was in policy the policy needs to change from day one so i want to thank you all for who participated in that spirit i said magical everyone put everything to the side some of them are here i appreciate that and want to say thank you to the mayor for hearing us out that report heard some other things and his
2:29 am
commitment to do a number of things also in his press royals we're on a fast track here and my only concern - i want to error on the side of right this model commissioner president loftus is suggesting we've done meetings with the communities groups and less than 4 commissioners we did it around getting feedback on ordinance and around the tasers issue it is a good way for the group of commissioners to get feedback from the community and bring that back and you know certainly on the listening and not yelling
2:30 am
i think folks will in the spirit of what we're trying to get our thoughts and i think that is a great way to go i personally think we're on you know we're going to change that thing whether everybody is satisfied but we're committed to and actively from day one been about doing i want to again, thank you to all the members of the community been part of progress and want to give us those ideas we'll come up what i'm sure a very, very different way of doing things in the past. >> colleagues. >> commissioner wong. >> sure but what you have report i'll indicate in december i do two chinese call in radio shows an
2:31 am
hour each both on the topic of the killing of mario woods i of the surprised the radio hosts were surprised with the large volume of calls that called in and they expressed pretty sure the same sentiment we've heard tonight overwhelm sense of outreach with the same questions posed in terms of why don't officers only shoot to kill the same questions we've heard tonight so i was surprised again, the radio of hosts were surprised at the interests and the emotionalal outreach there was within the chinese. >> (speaking spanish.) >> community i want to report that parrot they're interested in this issue i share commissioner marshall's concerns this is the third time
2:32 am
we've done those communityer hearings a great way to have the dialogue with the combaermz and my concern withs two we were prepared with a lot more reports we had a lot more data coming in with the combaermz with an extensive amount of research i'm wondering whether we can get it done by february 15th we know the mayor wants to have something done but not like throwing money at it so i guess i'd like to see how fast we can pull that expert group together and the reading materials to at least have some of the best practices in mind as we do our community forums. >> since i've bang the president through the 3 processes we're
2:33 am
going two face and slow down and be responsible i definitely appreciate that i do also appreciate the reports and the information here we go or here's what i can commit to the department i'm looking at the sergeant got a working group and working on grafts i think we'll get the written materials to the commission as quickly as possible you'll have present plenty of written materials and when the chief and i go back to washington we'll post it on the website the material but i think the greater question while all that is happening some expertise and thoughts within the community without having a document to respond to what are should find ideas we're thinking about that is part of it the changes to the - we're talking about use of force for officers
2:34 am
so we're bringing in experts it is something that is a concern we want to keep everybody save we want to do this right and concerned about community and public safety we're not making light we're doing with combaermz moving down the parallel tracks the department has two probation officers to put together the policy and get the february but my point in january while we are all thinking about this we as commissioners should be out in the community hearing about yields since we're charged with the recommends to the mayor responsibly that's the responsible thing to do to begin with the members of the community as of february 15th we will have the recommendations as what we know. >> the problem is not new we
2:35 am
also have a great deal of material if the african-american advisory committee and the president's 21st century policing policy and recommendations from the occ we have baseline of information to begin with let's take that information and define this policy we can do this by february 15th we need eyebrow grease. >> commissioner marshall that if preinclude us from individuals saying what you think don't wait i'm with a bunch of kids they welcome it commissioner marshall we should do that those are young people a lot of opportunities to get ideas about how to improve
2:36 am
things and all those voices should be heard some thought young people tell me what you think tell me what you think that's like young people. >> the other group kids from the summer we hired kids praurm from public housing to learn about the department and given us the represents the chief and the department agency adopted them we'll get the kids involved youth voices is important other commissioners want to give a report or have any thoughts on the next process moving forward no okay sergeant, next item. >> item 3-d scheduling the items identified for consideration alter future committee meetings. >> so we've identified a few items sergeant i think.
2:37 am
>> comments don't go anywhere. >> as our scheduled we have a meeting next week which will be run by commissioner vice president turman and that will include a presentation by cam marion on this specific recommendation on the 21st century policing i'll ask if there are any existing around the use of force that will be helpful the other issue any items for next week colleagues any questions but the following week will be in the tenderloin anothers opportunity to hear from the community members sergeant kill shaw anything. >> to dlosht at the salvation army center 240 turk street
2:38 am
beginning at 6:00 p.m. >> okay. >> and then we the schedule the date in february for when in commission gets the materials on use of force and then from there we'll schedule specific public forums on that policy in the meantime colleagues i'll be reaching out in january to set up smaller meetings where commissioners meet directly with the communities any other agendas colleagues. >> we have so much to do i'd like to look at the other events the only reason i bring it up that question comes up how to flag officers that shows patterns i don't know where to pit it in my normal responded we have the so forth but that is a
2:39 am
great discussion to have pubically we have something how well, that is working we need to find out. >> it is i think it is essential we'll work with sergeant kill shaw as quickly as possible. >> anything further colleagues sergeant okay. so let me go back to - >> all right. any public comment on item 3 a through 3 b. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you very much my name is dennis i belong to
2:40 am
all of senior groups search warrants san francisco tomorrow and i want to talk about that most human beings it take an awesome lot to allow them to kill another human being the only way to do it to justify killing is to make the enemy look evil as possible so our soldiers can continue killing people from other country's with impunity and without guilt african-americans are in that category of the other
2:41 am
this other it embedded in our fabric are our society it take control even with people that consider that they are non-racism not to view black men as the enemy that is essentially the problem here that no matter what you do you don't change the thinking of people black men whether continue to be the enemy you never see a white man or woman killed with within seconds of a police encounter as a murder of a 12-year-old black boy i have been looking at the internet i found that 8 white people that
2:42 am
powder a gun at police officers managed not to get killed a mr. house man that was public health his gun at a police officer that was calm and this guy said that it was his first amendment right to have a gun and the policeman says no it is not you can't swear didn't say anything about the gun you can't swear he was swearing go look it up on the internet you'll see what we're doing over the country is killing black men with impunity they have waemz or anything but get killed. >> >> next speaker. >> good evening
2:43 am
hello michael again chief about you're report it was another verbal report nothing in writing e writing on, on the table or the police department website it if someone is not watching in meeting this is no idea of your police reporting that's not okay. i pointed out bearings head of the health department prepared a three to four written report of what we're activities and the activities of her various divisions and health department that report is included in the beyond all possible doubt cu agenda when it is posted on said web i'm going away are hearing you about two minutes discussing social media but not into details i've filed a public records request you needed an extension to rely you, you can't give me the list of every twitter account what's our
2:44 am
policy for reaching a mug shot you've got to develop with transparency and real public dialogue where you're social media policies are going to be not okay you come here and give two minutes to oh, well we're working on that oh, nothing in writing not cutting it chief regarding the occ and not revealing cops names here's an idea while your traveling to d the san francisco police department needs to cotton on the states to end police prestige with the confidentiality of the occ the names of the officers have to be realized unless the names are realized there can't be justice or true accountability it is the responsible of san francisco to use the tragic
2:45 am
death of officer he involved deaths to say to sacramento we need to change the state law to realize the state names when i'm arrested my mug shot is all over the place yet a cop kills a civilian not anything about their names from the occ not okay you verbally until the mayor is in the bayview or the commissions is calling on the mayor to the bayview a lot is bs i want to see written reports from the commissioners you're like the chief give something vertical if people are not watching they'll not, what you presented tonight ynlt a paragraph when the agenda is
2:46 am
developed we see you're activity in writing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. >> my case lion again gray panthers i've i have to tell you i think there as prospective that tasers are going to be forced down our throat i think there is some denial about that tonight for instance, the board of supervisors will be used as a way to force through tasers is an important one there is a hearing on the rules committee on the 21st and it is going to involve tasers and those other
2:47 am
issues of force i think that is disingenuous to be polite as possible to say there are not was that the department is trying to get around force through tasers tasers must not happen thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners i'm sue i'm speaking an angle individual tonight thank you for the opportunity to do this first of all, address our comments commissioner president loftus about conversations in the community that p and we do want to vent we want to offer our recommendations and have the fact that they deserve a response and so i think that involves more than just a
2:48 am
conversation but it involves noting the community concerns and our specific reasons for the concerns as well as our ways of proposing addressing those concerns i also think generally outside of conversations and in the community the idea of expressing outrage that is something we need to do in terms of first amendment issues should be taken place in a safe forum i want to make that point to you all regarding the use of force i again want to echo something that commissioner president loftus said an article negotiate to great britain to study the techniques with regards to the dealing with the violations and be mentally ill both on the part
2:49 am
of perpetrates and the officer secondly, procedures for dealing with the mentally ill and new arena i don't think we've addressed properly shields and bodies armor but preparation for training for preparation in terms of the circumstances what, if anything, must the officer think how must his or her go into this situation initially we need to respond to whatever happens and i say that as a registered nurse as someone that deals what violate people not necessarily mentally ill but disoriented and aggressor in a hospital situation i've not had to use tasers not had to use guns or call security with guns
2:50 am
we have minimum use of tranquilizing drugs tasers have an deadly impact on the body causing cardiac distress prior to a pilot program with tasers is not report to you wonder how it is missing in terms of public discussions once again thank you very much we are all concerned about that and we're waiting and watching. >> thank you, sue landers further public comment. >> any more public comment? >> good evening ms. brown. >> can i use of overhead. >> my name is paulette brown i'm bringing up my sons case again in case unsolved that he
2:51 am
was murder in 2006 shot thirty times with a second gun today his case is not solved i bring those names of perpetrators we can solve as homicides my sons cases can be solved you have the names of perpetrators thomas and perris moffett and awning drew and anthony and marcus one is deceased all i'm asking for closure i know i do that all the time i need my sons memento stay alive and this case to stay open it is a cold case nothing it being done if you don't do anything none will from the mothers don't fight for their children they'll say question don't care but i care about my
2:52 am
child i'm not saying others don't care i want to bring awareness to the other unsolved homicides we make up for about what is going on with mario woods i understand that parents but we need to say about on the children that is going on that the mothers are suffering no one said anything about the families none saying anything about the mothers here again, you have all the names those names are down on my sons case at 8 city bryan ass are the perpetrators that shot my son you have the names arrest them i didn't get those names out of a hat those names are on the case so how come they
2:53 am
say the perpetrator when other ways to change the law so those cases get solved so mothers like me can be healed i'll be doing that more the rest of my life i'll still be talking to the people here those are the names of people that shot my son. >> thank you ms. brown for people watching if you have any information regarding aubrey brown murder the anonymous tipline is (415) 575-4444 thank you ms. brown. >> any further public comment? hearing public comment is closed. >> sergeant, next item. >> discussion and possible action to remedy the board of supervisors adopt a resolution
2:54 am
30 years the archive to accept and expend a grant if the state of california receptionist represents division of boating for the marine units action. >> chief. >> welcome and good evening, commissioners chief droikz i'm patrick with the san francisco police department the application we are the grants we are requesting to recommend is a grant from the california boating and waterways it is to funds the purchase of seek and rescue equipment for sfvpd marine units i do have an item missed list of the equipment
2:55 am
items that will be funded by the grant. >> if you have me questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> this is for, thank you this is for use in investigation that happen on waterway as search and rescue. >> i'm thinking of the case where the gun was thrown in the kate steinle murder on the pier it seemed it is incredible the officers dived and retrieved that. >> that was our underwater recovery unit they afforded the boats from the it marine used as water broad craft. >> colleagues, any questions. >> okay so we need public comment and
2:56 am
take a vote public comment on item 4. >> i'd like to point out that there is nothing on the written agenda about mario woods but the super bowl and now you're describing this item that about accepting a grants for the boots on the ground and waterways i'm saying if you put those items on an agenda since the most meeting you should have put on the agendas a specific item about mario woods killing and the actions that being taken is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed. colleagues a motion to adopt this resolution and second do we note a roll call vote >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes
2:57 am
sergeant, next item. >> and item 5 public comment on all matters closed session including public comment on vote whether or not to hold item 7 in closed session. >> any public comment on. >> yes. >> sorry. >> any public comment on matters pertaining to item including the vote to hold item 7 in closed session and yes michael i'd like to object to the commission going into closed session on item 7 i see that item 7 c involves an officer involved shooting you're going to discuss reviews of of the in the chiefs discussion to return or not return officers to duty following an officer involved shooting great you're going behind closed
2:58 am
doors not public scrutiny about an officer involved shooting and even if you are having the public discussion about this but probable would be hindered by state law from naming the officer the fact you going to closed session and you can't disclosure the name a hindrance to better policing it is certainly a hindrance to justice and there are so many different ways i see police prestige is hinder keeping people alive and people save we are not getting accountability when you go into closed session you'll ask myself and other members of the public to hang around for item 8 and whether or not you'll vote to disclose any or all of you're discussion i'm curious i'll go over the minutes of previous minutes see if you ever voted to
2:59 am
a disclosure anything in closed session if our serious really, really serious about making san francisco police department a better force with best practices you're going to have to get with being transparent about those officer involved shootings thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on that matter hearing none public comment is closed. >> sergeant, next item. >> vote to hold item 7 in closed session and assert the attorney/client with items 7 a and b and administrative code action do you have a motion. >> second. >> >> all in favor, say i.
3:00 am
sergeant, next item. >> item 8 rotate to where to disclose any or all the issues in the closed session. >> colleagues a motion to not disclose the items. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the that item passes southeast item 9 adjournment. >> colleagues do i have a motion. >> yes. he move we adjourn. >> second that item passes we're adjourned colleagues read
3:01 am
begin. >> good morning today is tuesday, september 22, 2015. this is the regular meeting of the department of building inspection commission i'd like a remind everyone to turn off electronic devices. >> roll call. >> commissioner president mccarthy commissioner mar commissioner lee commissioner mccray he is expected commissioner walker and commissioners french is expected and commissioner melberger is updated.
3:02 am
>> welcome to the bic meeting of tuesday, december 15, 2015. i apologizing for the late stat some presidents announcements thank you to commissioner walker and chief housing inspector for their participation in supervisor president london breed town hall meeting on tenants rights held on december 3rd from the retirement board anticipate responded to questions for about 50 attendees thank you for your participation commission i'm happy happy to report from 16 by the building inspection the tire shop that is getting a lot of press was elevated and found to be pub save safety hazardous so it has been demolished and per
3:03 am
direction director huey's due to the owners failure to meet the deadline the digital will be adding couldn't to achieve owner compliance with stieptd as to insure public safety in those situations thank you director for your participation in getting that done and congratulation to dbi for the websites key action step homeownership's and property managers for the storm situations with el nino from the prospective those are practical like inspecting roofs and cleaning relieves from the sloechz and insuring foufrn or furniture and construction materials that could be deadly under storm conditions visit
3:04 am
www. director hugh in 2016 this is quite an honor and a terrific way to begin the coming year the money confesses in the chinese zodiac that is ability, innovation and enthusiasm you got it all congratulations director will we be able do get seats pr that's okay. but i definitely will be down there with the family finally i'm pleased to join with the recognition committee and if i mispronounce names congratulations to kevin and
3:05 am
marseille hernandez in quarter 3 and four respecting for outstanding performances for july, august and september of quarter 3 and during october and november and december quarter four kevin was nominated for his world-class service for 9 provider of technical support for customer staff and mary sea was nominated by the chief inspector for demonstrating the highest standards of time management and communication and skills in the most difficult of circumstances in the certificate of appreciation's a presentation at the end and he building bill will come up and commissioner mar will do the presentation
3:06 am
navigation to the certificate of nomination each winner will got 4 tickets on the eye ring courtesy of the bic and for director huey and congratulations for our dedicated effort on behalf of the building inspection and happy holidays with that, if commissioner mar will do the honors the recognition four did certificates of recognition and bill can come up thank you. >> i apologize to the winners
3:07 am
i'll not shake you're hand i have a cold on behalf of the commission thank you guys for our sifshs as always hard to pick one winner for employee of the quarter buses congratulate from management kevin i know you'll get the seller up and returning single-handed that goes would with the award. >> thanks kevin. >> thank you. for the building inspector division marcie hernandez there is a difficult division you guys have a lot of worked work and i'm glad we includes someone
3:08 am
from our department congratulations marie. >> congratulation to everyone thank you madam secretary that concludes any presidents announcements. >> any public comment on the president announcement seeing none, general public comment on matters within the jurisdictions not part of agenda. >> good morning, commissioners i'm pat i'm here to comment on the colonial about the computer program for computer system and i'm not going to comment i'm not of the knowledgeable expert but going on to attack the exerters
3:09 am
i'm an expediter my wife is an instructional engineer i'm got a lot of clients that own buildings to keep an eye on the building when a tenant applies i want to encourage the commission to encourage the architectural engineers to come down my data is an architect if i thought that was an issue i wouldn't have her do that and it went on to attack the building department housing and building inspector they work their butt off a hard job plan and technical staff i have my differences boy do i but at the same time, they do a job it is important you couldn't pay me to do that job i want to thank them
3:10 am
none ever thanks them and encourage the commission to come down director huey does the best thing by keeping an eye on i want to encourage the commission to come forward and walker with ed sweeney their keeping an eye on on it and this chief do it you guys should come forward carbon monoxide and see for users. >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> morning commissioners my name is lee hugh's. >> speak into the microphone. >> i'm lee a single-family home in the richmond district we've been in our house on 3 two years now my wife is a native of san francisco and been here
3:11 am
since i was 5 years old give you a little bit of background a paralegal working, if you will, since 2001 working with the legal or attorney clients and i've spent a lot of time with dbi and planning basically pulling documents doing research, talking to people so got somewhat familiar as a ordinary citizen can during the course the past 4 months allison park i've been involved in a allowing dispute with our laborer when you are doing something for yourself it is harder to step back i've tried basically, the woman next door i'll sealing call her a seriously abuser she's a realtor but having said that, and the point i want to make to dbi or
3:12 am
perhaps rhetorical question what is the purpose of having a system of basically point in time issuance i've been. >> obligated to file 6 complaints the punishments we are issued after the work was done or the additional permits have been signed off as work completed yet the work is continued going forward for most and most i've filed a number of complaints most them have been ignored and dismissed it is good to give credit people need to know there is one inspector b mitchel has done his job the most e gregarious example a
3:13 am
permit that was issued last november 14 november 14th the building inspector i don't need to name him this is a sign off on the job for the four story. >> embed thirty seconds and basically this permit was signed off as work completed yet the work went for the purpose for several months the complaint was filed to set up the same inspector caught the next day and closed the complaint 9 work has continued since then thank you. >> if you have any questions i'll be happy to to take them thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? okay. seeing none item 4 discussion and possible action for the proposed action for the
3:14 am
board of supervisors file amending the building code the amendment shall not think abandon for two years. >> good morning. i'm ray legislative aide to to supervisor tang thank you for having me this morning enough time to addendum the vacant building with the san francisco building code from being considered vacate or abandoned as you may know dbi has a program of doing fake and abandoned building with the building into registry and paying an annual fee and putting signs in the windows the goal of the legislation to examine prosecute from those program requires r i went for the
3:15 am
companies over time we've talked to others in situations and realized there are some situations that should be excluded from those program requirements given the difficult situations they have to go through already thank you i'll be happy to answer any questions any questions. >> commissioner walker. >> can you tell us what the exact amount is this a fee waiver for those. >> this is actually a waiver for those proposed that actually under probate we hope when the property owners go to department of building inspection tells them oh, we understand you changing the ownership of the building so you don't need to actually register in this program. >> i actually would maybe like to hear from staff about how
3:16 am
often this is occurring i mean it make sense to see what the universe we're dealing with can we - >> see if. >> yeah. commission. >> thank you. >> morning commission and commissioner president mccarthy director of dbi it is a rare event probable a good thing 0 people are trying to right things sometimes those probates get hung up for six or seven months by no fault of their own i don't think it affects us. >> are we are dealing with private ownership or banks. >> it is vacant in the homeowners sails hey, i'm in probate generally a death in the family something traumatic.
3:17 am
>> so commissioner mar. >> i understand this legislation will even though raise the fees and register all the property have to be up to code and no existing violations and stuff like this so in that light it sound a good thing to do. >> and it is temporary there's a time limit i believe two years. >> to you're point under the two years let's say the two years forgiven you're name. >> ray. >> after two years the probate is sometimes they drag on what it's the next step. >> so you mean after two years they have to register. >> regardless if it is in probate. >> right.
3:18 am
>> if it not extendable. >> yeah. typically the times for any case is 7 to 9 months for some rare cases that would be years and even that case so we don't want to extend the case outside of this program. >> commissioner walker please. so they're not signing up for 9 program but the codes they're expected to comply are the blighted property rules if it is blighted they so to clean it up and put wood over the windows and - >> so i want to make sure. >> exactly they have to comply with all other codes. >> thank you for your presentation this morning. >> i believe we needed a motion on this item.
3:19 am
>> call the motion. >> a motion on item 4? >> commissioner walker did you want to make a motion. >> yes. >> i move to approve and support this legislation second. >> okay there is a motion and a second i'll take a roll call vote. >> public comment on this. >> i'm sorry public comment on the item? >> seeing none, commissioner president mccarthy commissioner mar commissioner clinch commissioner lee commissioner mccray commissioner walker yes. >> owe eject be that item passes item 5 presentation on dbi 2015
3:20 am
satisfaction results. >> go easy on me now. >> chris. >> (laughter). >> good morning, commissioners i'm john with the research i'm going to present the finding from the research project we did earlier this year give you a little bit of background on our firm we're a full service market firm located in san francisco since 1933 quite a while we have a lot of expertise in customer type of research that is similar what i'm presenting to you today, we conducted a research project for dbi about 8 years ago 24 was a direct follow-up
3:21 am
but similarities give you a little bit of detail a robust project it included customer surveys and stakeholder says and focus groups we work with agencies and oftentimes it maybe just a survey or a set of focus groups dbi did looking for is something they'll get such information they have not done this in the while but put forth the gambling bet as well as the focus groups that we are quantify in native give you a little bit of background on the project the project was done between february and july of 2015 we led the research effort by involvement in dbi and the
3:22 am
controller's office so the target responds were customers of the depended so people get with the department one way or another it is either professional or a homeowner but dealings with the department over the last years okay. >> did that include people filing complaints or gettin permits. >> yeah. it included on the survey we did did phone and intercept it the phone involved permitting and the other for dbi office coming in with interviews it involved both. >> the goals of the project was to assess customer prospective and satisfaction the dbi services with the end product something dbi used for strategic planning in the future the project itself i talked about the difference in the fullness of the project a robust
3:23 am
survey over one thousand customers same side both the folks and the enter accepted in the dbi building there was also a qualitative two focus groups two of the groups down with individuals that had more interactions with dbi four or five interactions and did a group of people that were less familiar with dbi less interaction an online stakeholder survey that was interviewing with professional organizations and community members he poem who were active and other agencies finally we followed the topics if in the focus groups in a public forum and took feedback that in that forum as well would be the key queasy was
3:24 am
overall experience with the department of building inspection would you say satisfied or somewhat satisfied or mature or very dissatisfied overall 2/3rd's of respondents their satisfied with the department of building inspection okay. >> similar to the percentage in 2008, okay and one of the things i'll point out this the theme throughout individual would interacted with dbi looking at the professionals it rose to 71 percent satisfied when we looked at homeowners those who have lows interaction dropped i'll talk about that and acts that can, taken an important thing to point out at this point. >> we asked a question about
3:25 am
whether in the question over the past 12 months the services provided by the department of building inspection have improved or declined we use this on customer projects for different department we look at are those improvements and declined slices okay. when i fast forward not expecting changes but the ratio of improvements or sdlien it is a positive picture in terms of the improved decline you're seeing 8 percent improvement 3 and a half times the number of customers saying improvement versus the ones saying declined okay for us to see this percentage is a very good or positive development with dbi in. >> what is the standard improvement you'll see.
3:26 am
>> sometimes, you'll see even okay 75 percent saying the same you know the balance being split among balance decline a two to one ratio the better the ratio the best or better we've seen it those slices are even and talk about people say about improvement and this is why there is a decline okay. >> thank you. >> i will say on this we'll get into this more the sentiment we ask people disapproved they felt conditions have improved we want to reach and raise that bar. >> some trends some question was asked after the improved and decline among those who said that dbi is improving that thirty percent why do they say deploying was improving the 8
3:27 am
percent that said dbi is declining those are the key reasons versus dbi is declining okay keep in mind in the upper improvement represents that thirty percent among those folks the reasons the way the times have driver's side more helpful in resolving the issues more issues are organized and the staff are more professional and friendly the 8 percent said that is sdlooin is two slow the process is two long and it is arbitrary two busy the department is overwhelmed and confusing those are the top reasons on either side okay we did ask a number of questions regarding the divisions in dbi so with this chart showing the mean or the average scores the divisions got when we rated that
3:28 am
so the average is using that call that i showed you in the overall very satisfied and satisfied and somewhat satisfied and not satisfied so this represents the mean scores of 4 you're seeing in the satisfied range okay what you see on the top part of chart with had he combine the charts like microphone services we asked several questions and combined it to have an average or mean score and among the public education the technical scores we asked a single question you see the overall rating mean score the 65 percent is that the 7 mean co-sponsor one thing i'll mention on this slide when you see when you look at the division rating nearly all are actually higher than the
3:29 am
overall satisfaction rating one thing we see we saw in the focus groups and the surveys it equates with people that deal with the department more often this can be seen a as positive thing if you deal with the department a lot and our satisfaction is way do you think that's not good you don't want people that work regularly and saying no a good job but the people coming there for the first first or second time those are the folks that have a harder time okay. >> where the service is objected we asked service questions what services were used this is among all the customers property owners and among the professionals and this shows the percentage that said
3:30 am
they'll use the different services over-the-counter 76 percent said they visited the website and 70 hers over-the-counter 76 percent, etc. so this is sort of information that can be used to understand you know how much each of those services are used amongst the customers some of the survey demographics the average age is 49-year-old the gender a 48 percent men and 20 something women more of them have visited dbi and 24 percent that visited more ten times in the past year quite a bit. >> most of findings api i've shown you motion from the quantity active the couple of
3:31 am
slides i'll pull from the focus groups is useful information you can get in depth information but not reliable we read in between lines in the focus groups about two programs mandatory and the in-law unit legalization program in the focus groups the mandate program not a lot of awareness even amongst the property owners and or not were generally favorable towards the program okay one of the items that came up during the focus groups is cost a key consideration and actually doing the work one thing that came up during the groups was the letting find my notes on this the ability to add an additional unit was something that was not nestle wildly known
3:32 am
once that was brought up some folks in the groups were aware it made a difference that can make a difference in terms of offsetting the costs but communicating the additional unit portion to the legislation or the program it is something not everybody was aware but made a difference recessed analyzed with people highly okay. >> we asked about the in-law unit legalization should awareness lease than the other program once given information about the program we were generally favorable and most of time a win we think for homeownership's as well as the city contractors also mentioned the idea some of the code issues are taken care of through the program like safety and the overall goal of dbi they felt it
3:33 am
fit within those areas information on the program was something that people asked about it was relatively new and back in june okay people said well, i'm not sure about the details making sure that people get information on the program was what they were asking for. >> okay. again, talking about the focus groups welcomes the open-end questions we asked people to respond whys to the question this slide shows the recommendations they are fun and there in their focus groups okay. no it in the survey but. >> laundry list of things people are saying at the dbi office some of the things help those not as familiar with dbi people that are in any have a harder time navigating and treating everyone fair to make sure they have fair treatment
3:34 am
across the board okay improving signage so you know there was mentioned having professional signs making them clear to people know what which way to go and the staggering lunch hours not an inability ability to get anything done in a particular block of time on the website outlined in the division goals and by that again that was mentioned by people in the familiar a flow chart what the steps are needed to get from point a. or whatever point having that a little bit more clear on the website and realtime the we're talking about when do go down to dbi whether or not this is realistic but people said i want to know what the waits times before i go down
3:35 am
maybe a two housing or nouftd in the hour and a half reorganizing the information for the less familiar that is people that are not as familiar with the process and making that friendly and the transmission was a theme that came up in the focus groups a lot okay. we want to do things more electronically and expanding the online offering you know work with in the office and finally publicizing it for complaints more often cited by property owners if i had an issue kwha where can i go and make sure that there is no, i, do that confidently and a process to follow up on that. >> prospective of dbis role okay. so this was derived from
3:36 am
quite a bit what we were analyzing in the survey reluctance we're seeing again that differentiation between property owners and professionals amongst the professionals in large part an understanding that dbis role is safeguarding the public when we react to different questions their reacting with that in mind the property owners not all of them in large part maybe don't understand that and so i think from the property owners prospective they're getting a service going into to net e get a permit or whatever but the idea of dbi overarching goal is not seen as the property owners from analyzing overseeing results let people know because you know once people are made aware oh, you're right i don't
3:37 am
want any building to fall down but display them on the website short 2 page memo this is dbis memo it can be done in this a short message for people it can probably make a difference in the focus groups said i understand it makes a big difference and communication the best way to communicate with both property owners and professionals they're all over the board it could be great to just did it in the building or twitter feed but looking at all the different ways to communicate so you're left with trying to communicate in many different ways and i'm sure it it get to bill two those are the
3:38 am
key things themes it came out of this raven customers are generally satisfied with dbi 65 percent satisfied when he landmarked the different ratings we read the process and the wait times and rated the staff dbi staff rates highly they should be commended in the focus groups as well working hard to do their jobs some of the two things long wait times and inconsistent interpretation those are the two things those familiar with the dbi are rating it more highly we're talked about that and many of us recognize improvements at dbi over the last two years and even some of the property owners one of the key examples over-the-counter was mentioned we did this this is working great and want more of that we
3:39 am
want you to do more things like that we saw a difference it was a difference maker all right. and customers are not aware of the safeguarding trying to make them more aware in the waste time is an how are they know they're waiting is a real reason for that it may make a difference in terms of their prospective and patience and with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions thank you very much. >> commissioners any questions. >> commissioner mar please. i was wondering why there wasn't more focus in terms of survey on code enforcement and housing where there is a lot of complaints that come in and they
3:40 am
tend to be less professional complaints either tenants or homeowners. >> so i also with the housing you know actually with month code enforcement and the housing we captured information one in the focus groups we were dealing with the focus groups the professionals as well as the homeownership's mentioned the sdaksz with the department and a couple of errors people can provide sdaks and specific question about complaints some areas it was asked i guess i shove should have said in the zimmermann we have much more detailed finding that a robust report so additional details throughout the report. >> that report will be made available - >> the report.
3:41 am
>> good morning, commissioners it will be up on the website today, the full report with the different sections we'll be able to end send you guys a copy. >> generally people from the public they want to weigh in. >> yes. my information on the website >> interesting to give a it a little bit of a period maybe come back and give reports to the general public comment sorry commissioner walker. >> income tax. >> i want to thank you for this it is always go good to hear how the people using our department are interacting and thank you to director huey and identifying what we need to do a little bit better it piggybacks
3:42 am
on what we talked about in 0 code enforcement and housing as we go forward and do this again in the next time in the process that would be helpful to get focus a little bit more and including code enforcement and housing issues those are big deals in the city a robust outreach and i think that the results do sort of tend to emphasis what we talked about here about needing you're department to be more do more outreach for people not using the department all the time professionals input is important and good we're doing go back in that regard but being able to serve people that don't use our department and people coming in a negative way trying to address
3:43 am
the issues that come up those are issues we can always do better so somehow capture that a little bit more and i know this is a focus group but the diversity of demographics of this or concerning i want to see more outreach to the results can say it is i don't know it reflects those who use you're department and certainly not our city's population i know that is a challenge in doing focus groups, etc. but i'd like to see those more reflect our population. >> thank you commissioner just to address in terms of how this survey was done we did that in multiple language chinese and spanish and other so we tried to make you know efforts to be as inclusive as mobile.
3:44 am
>> commissioner mar please. just another quick question i was kind of surprised not captured here because a lot of the professionals and non-professionals kind of separate i know that for example, anecdotally a lot of homeownership's are confused what belongs to us and planning or dpw or something like that so sometimes when we - there's a complaint about a long waste time not necessarily with dbi but it could be with planning to for example, when you know you swap out windows anything facing the streets belongs to planning a homeowners come into they want to swap ousted 8 windows they don't understand those windows come through us ordering and
3:45 am
then stand in another line for planning i was wondering if this was captured it is confusing everyone sits in our building that's a good thing but they don't understand what they're in it dpw line versus a planning line versus a dbi staff person so i was wondering if any of that what captured. >> commissioner mar excellent, excellent point hit the nail on the head that came up so i'll tell you how we handed that in the survey we were trying to get an assessment of dbi so when we do the introduction in the survey a there was words in there to actually remind poem we want you're feedback with the short explanation of the different roles that was important from a research
3:46 am
prospective we're not getting you know reaction you know to complaining but is there confusion absolutely we saw that in the focus groups and when we did the survey and people said what do you mean interest is a difference and had a further explanation we're trying to isolate probation officer dbi but as you described it is there much more with people who are not as familiar and going to get the windows and not deal with dbi it came up in the focus groups people that are less familiar where people were having a discussion with a cross over in the focus groups we listened that's how we understand you're facing that challenge but it is still a challenge and was when we did
3:47 am
the survey in 2008 but still there. >> commission. >> i want to add i worry about this survey included more of the tenants and complaints as respondents. >> but one thing i want to add i've sort of agree what your findings this thing customers are not consistently aware of dbis role and the public that's one area we do need to improve the way i see it normal customers are not aware of this non-customer or potential customers are not ; right? those are the ones we want to capture not the non-customer or the potential customers not to use our service and do things that will harm themselves maybe build an
3:48 am
additional or it is not legal or do something to get it signed off not safe those are the kinds of things i'm worried about we jumped in we're the bad guys we looked at upon as reshths and endorseers we're the bad guys i want to shift the focus on so, yes we should obtain safeguarding the public not here to beat you up because you did something wrong but security guard you. >> i my few comments i agree with the commissioners i find those surveys i love this kind of data it is we had a commentary what was kind of written in the newspaper and some of the experiences and you produce reports like that it my
3:49 am
experience it is usually the person to you're point this survey talked to it the folks are not seasoned operators and interpreters as not getting the proper you know service when - so when i see you know thirty percent improvement i know that everybody hearts are in the right place and trying to do a better job and a few issues we have to get but hopefully time takes care of that but with the leadership and the management in place they're much aware of what things are going on and probable shown in the thirty percent improvement so that's a good
3:50 am
thing we need to find tune everything i like this report and demonstrates the rank and file are doing a great job and with such a busy city and to you're point did you take into consideration how busy this city is let's say versus other cities that have good evening. i'm big on the fact we seem to be doing a lot more with a lot less percentage wise and permits are issued. >> that definitely comes up particularly in the qualitative work for people who is when you go to oakland or santa fe san francisco and they point in a positive way the over-the-counter plan context none does that in the same way it is recognized you know to some stent in some of the
3:51 am
reading you're doing if the report. >> thank you for your time and thank you lilly for the presentation now commissioners very something to say. >> i want to underscore that the purpose of this is to feed our strategic planning and i'm just glad to hear about strategic planning going on that's the first i've heard that have in sometime so i'll be interested in knowing what the staff plan to do with this now we have it and i see it moving in two directions one more familiar and those that don't know about it and calling for a strategic plans that's it where do we go now. >> the question is hesitate rhetorical. >> but where go now. >> commissioner mar and
3:52 am
commissioner walker and we go to public comment. >> sorry to keep on asking for questions i was shocked none exclaimed about the fee professional and newcomer because anguish i i mean we maybe proficient but any contractors knows we have a higher fee. >> fees came up not they didn't come up but if i look at the top one a partial list those came up i think one the segues those are consideration but it didn't come up as a top you know issue but if you improve things improve those things and with the less familiar folks the fees were bigger fidgeting where they calm from i got any receipt and was trying to figuring out where
3:53 am
the fees were coming from maybe a understanding of those fees came up. >> that's a good question actually. >> commissioner walker. >> yes. just one last question this survey was done may to june? ; correct? >> so. >> yeah. >> do we do this annually? >> or. >> and is why did it take 6 months i'm curious. >> because this was a pretty robust survey effort i'd like to mention sometimes, we will do a quantitative one for an agency but multiple parts is the reason for the length the last time to the best of my knowledge about 8 years ago we work with agencies that is consistent every two years or whatever it maybe but
3:54 am
nicole the last time was 8 years ago all great i think that i said the discussion point i'd like to see a discussion we'll roll out a new permitting system we'll include doing this more frequently during that process. >> director what triggers off is that a particular - >> yeah. >> timeframe. >> maybe 3 years you know or two years you know the system and then to let them be familiar before we do a survey because you do this rights away when you roll out. >> you'll feel - >> is interest to commissioner walkers point is there an industry standard. >> every agency is different we do other surveys every 3
3:55 am
years for agencies and a robust effort every come up of years but this includes the survey portion and every 4 years include other things there is a cost involved clearly that's the reason but announcing to every 3 years is you know but some agencies do is it and not for another 10 years we commonly do it every - >> to the director and commissioner walker's point we sit down a sate timeframe to help us look at this that is helpful towards the commission when you get the data for better or worse so that's maybe something we'll have so - >> what's the process it is you know, i think we need to have this data.
3:56 am
>> yeah. and figuring out how to do things as we need so thank you appreciate it thank you for your time on this report. >> make sure this gets to the chronicle newspaper please (laughter). >> a comment on item 5? >> hello, i'm lee again, i want to speak in general having come down to the agency for the past 14 years and the past 4 months now communicating either electronically or checking the site talking with people which i've done i've had meetings on every floor first, third and fourth and fifth and sixth since september i want to say that
3:57 am
jobs are necessary people need expediters i know pat because i worked in a law enforcement he worked for the attorney expediters have necessarily i live in the neighborhood and had a conversation with commissioner walker last week, i like this kind of work and you have to enjoy is ousted on the street people say the dbi is like going to the guest they feel uncomfortable and a difficult processed to get anything done now personally when i go to the third story and assert my point of view the desk it is hard to toll e tell who the contractor and what who is working for the city the relationship are any words chum i didn't most people
3:58 am
don't know off the street to whom to speak and who to talk to i think a lot of the the items in this report is relevant but the public in general just feels uncomfortable coming to dbi and planning because they don't know where to go what the process is or with whom to speak thanks. >> thank you for your comment. >> next speaker >> seeing none, item 6 discussion and possible action regarding a proposed change to administering bullet ab 137. >> as a matter of procedure could we go to - i don't want to hold up everybody and if no objection from the other commissioners come back no so
3:59 am
we'll go to sorry i don't have any comment. >> we're taking an item out of order on item 8 discussion think a tracking system. >> sure. >> yeah. i think we're waiting on miguel caught up him downstairs. >> mr. chair my question was answered we the chief in any ear we in the middle of doing strategic planning now and looking at it and this is going
4:00 am
to be fed into it with the mayor's plan for - >> go ahead. >> first of all. >> we're off topic we need to stay on topic but maybe bring it up in the questions at the end. >> so if we could go to item 8 please. >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning commission i'm miguel the city k i o he stepped out to take a phone a call to give you a little bit of background about the permitting tracking system and trying to get that project moving forward and to a that have the completion so as previously discussions we worked we're
4:01 am
working on getting an independent assessment of the project the intent the business requirements of dbi to make sure that we have a very clear understanding of the finish line frankly and an assessment of what it takes from here and there so i have good news we've received 3 what i consider high quality responses through the technology marketplace to the solicitation for that assessment the all 3 respondents are very qualified i'm not going to name them specifically for the purpose of maintaining the district of the process but frankly in good shape whoever get selected i know there is a lot of discussion i apologize. i wasn't here i didn't know i
4:02 am
what is to be i'll be happy to to address anything quite frankly so i know discussion last time about timelines and a lot of concern i had openly decided any expectation around timeline but reversed retired in trying to pin down a timeline not wanting to have a gross analogy and not ask the architect to build the taj mahal i had set expectations and any expectations were roughly met because all the respondents are projecting a project timeline between 11 and 1 weeks that is right around the general
4:03 am
timeframe i had to set as a reasonable exceptions did point is it is somewhere between a timeframe and reasonable time expectation d t the department of technology is leading this effort doing so as the tech i thought but on behalf of the city purview to make sure those things come to a successful completion we are leading and involved already and invited compliance the parents on the panel will be representative from the mayor's office the budget offices and the controller's office and any office the evaluation will be plenty in january, i was pushing quite frankly to get it done this week and hoping to have it
4:04 am
done before today's meeting but the holiday schedule is - we are probably kicking off the project on or about january and selected and get them rammed up a reasonable expectation on time there was also a haddy discussion who should contribute to the conversation i wish i was here last meeting i could have answered that but absolutely we want all of the stakeholders groups represented in the conversations that will absolutely include bic and, dbi and quite frankly everyone that has been involved as far is
4:05 am
valuable experience and contributions to say is our expectation and direction to the dependent consultant to make sure to involve as many of the stakeholders groups and humanly possible the only thing that might prevent someone is the time a frame to get input from everyone to get in completed as quickly as possible so in the event someone is on vacation right around the wrong time speaks for itself the only sort of circumstances i see where someone might not be able to contribute but it is directly to the consultant to engage all those people that's at summary and my attempt to clarify questions i saw came up last time that may have remained open
4:06 am
i'm here to answer any questions and engage the dialogue. >> thank you miguel i told commissioners you do exist and i'll take responsibility why in the last meeting you felt you should have been here appreciate you coming today. >> commissioner walker and commissioner mar please. thank you very much for coming and helping us towards our completion goal i'll appreciate of that i als also want to express support and appreciation for including all the stakeholders my concern we don't want to lose our assets at this point the partners what came here with us here is the right place at this injunction we have to make sure
4:07 am
that everyone sort of parliaments in the solution going forward so i really appreciate everyone hearing from the bic over the last couple of meetings getting you're office did controller's office all sort of looking this and making sure where we go will get us to the final end in my evaluation hopefully, i make here this is my goal looking at this so just to reiterated hoping to start this bin of the january 2nd to three month process of evaluating and hopefully able to provide a timeline out this that would be sort of i think what we all hope for without speaking
4:08 am
for everybody sometimes, we, so - >> that's absolutely you're the president. >> great we can expect after the process starts to meet with whoever is doing the interviews and i don't know that any of us will be involved on a regular basis is this you're intention to interview people. >> yeah. the consultant b will get a list of people involved a they'll need kind of a historical timeline and allows of players; right? for the purpose of i mean evaluating what has happened requires we engage all the different voices absolutely. >> thank you. >> okay yes, thank you again for coming. just a quick question i was wondering one of the things you can share with the bic and the
4:09 am
vendors will be picked in january may be done after their picked give us the rfp one of the things that is frustrating the commission has not been you know knowledgeable the amount avenue money we've spent and also what we're getting for that money the rfp will covet give the commission that kind of baseline knowledge >> two things one it is public document; right? because it gets published to the marketplace, and, secondly, converted with henry he sent it but if this somehow got lost or something like that i'll be happy to to send to you now the evaluation and anguish all that
4:10 am
sorts of thing need to see remain in process but the document is available for anyone that wants to see that but have it resent to you specifically before the end of the day. >> conforming the e-mail all the commissioners tomato make sure you received that. >> i do. >> commission. >> i like to ask about the timeline i understand that we won't be picking a consultant by the end of the january 11th to 15 weeks to that takes us to the end of my what do we hope i mean, i'm hearing what concrete assessment - what are we trying to achieve by the end of may a report back to us how long more it will take what concrete things are you expecting to be produced?
4:11 am
>> so very specifically he have articulated and documented in the rfp that my expectation is that at the outcome we'll have a proper evaluation in mr. mayor the business requirement and the intended outcome so once in a while, we'll put the goalpost into the ground quite frankly it is in the interest of a sell and 21 tech if they continue to work on and on on this project i was a little bit surprised quite frankly with the qualification if i was them i want this too their participating in this kind of death by. >> though paper cuts i don't know how to say it more bluntly but step number one establishing a goalpost and then an
4:12 am
evaluation of what's been done so for and is that pushing us towards that goalpost if so what the delta what exist between where we are and know to be this establishes hopefully, a fairly firmer if not concrete scope of work to kind of cross that and will result in a specific work request or requirement of the vendors very potentially and likely the current vendor it could quite frankly be anybody but the outcome of this phase to firmly establish where we want to go and what we've done so for and what gap pea what it takes to close the gap. >> will we get some sort of
4:13 am
timeframe at a point. >> we could ask the consultant to give us their estimate in terms of time to complete that work effort by the positive precise answer will come in the next step the consultant establishes the goalpost and tells us what is missing we take that and go to the vendors and is what will it take you to now complete that work effort that will result in an important precise timeframe and cost to do that work. >> i think i'm not speaking for everyone my feeling i need our advise to let me know the timeframe i can't ask - i don't want to see the goalpost keep moving i'm relying on the expectation of what it should be
4:14 am
right now i'm not knowledgeable this will take two years or 6 months i need to rely on someone's expertise i'm hoping the consultant will do that. >> the consultant will absolutely give us a timeline expectation that will be precise in the actual work. >> commissioner walker back to you. >> i want to support 2, 3, 4 i think that is port for the estimate of solutions to the finish. >> yeah. >> i think all of us have illustrated extreme patience with needing to amend that slightly but no more drift. >> we are singing the same song. >> thank you. >> and miguel to close out i had a conversation with henry briefed me on this i don't know if you want to talk about that
4:15 am
but the fellow commissioners one of the confuses what will we do with the downtime when the did not analyze it going on to keep update what will happen in the next three or four most. >> tilt more activity i think the consultant will not come and collect artifacts and disappear and come back in 43 months but active engage ever engaged with you all the vendors and staff i think there is a lot more activity than maybe preserved at the moment so i first and foremost that is the priority to make sure we're contributing the only i know the greatest reflex to the timeline of this assessment those people are not available to do so
4:16 am
so that is kind of paramount priority to make sure that we're responsive and active with the consultant to make sure they have everything they need to complete the analyze it is kind of the paramount work activity. >> commissioner walker to fellow that maybe an update at the meeting. >> sure. >> if this would be that would be helpful to update what the process is providing at the different goalposts. >> a i'll be happy to to do that. >> okay. but to you're point you're focus is that independent analysis. >> right. >> it will cause potentially cause very good questions to be kind of thought through internally their ask about the business processes and questions like i don't want to put word in
4:17 am
their mouth but why do you do this process that way and why - whatever the function in this sort of way and that i hope causes something more than just because we've done is that way response i hope that triggers thought full kind of considerations because one opportunity here to also make the process better so the earlier discussion about customer service i think the theme is i think everyone is interested in making the experience better; right? for the customer and for staff and everyone interested there will be hopefully, some thought provoking conversations give you an opportunity to consider some of the things parallel or spate but hopefully kick the rocks
4:18 am
over that's outside of my lane having been there this is not the first time i've been here and done this this is the real golden opportunity i'll encourage you to figure out how to process evaluate kind of the what that experience looks like. >> thank you we're in good hands if any more questions no more comment thank you miguel for coming out public comment on item 8. >> good morning. i'm jerry i have to specific concerns one is that again there is no document that plan as to what we're trying to do with the consultants and couple kickoff things i heard today scare me
4:19 am
one the original intent in installing was to deliver as is solution to what dbi currently does when you expand the scope of the project to include a business analysis and improvements you've made the project much, much bigger i think that is really something bic needs to manage again, can't percentage manage it without a high-level scope document i encourage the bic to demand that the other as commissioner lee indicate the report won't be out until may sometime what is going to be done now about the lack of documentation? henry and the other it directors have been working on this for 14 months they know where the documentation weakness exist are
4:20 am
we 200 not going to address this night life may we don't need a report they know they exist so two things again, no scope statement are you going to do something and expand the scope you can about managing the building project scope is the enemy of anything please don't let that happen thank you >> is there any additional public comment? >> hiding hugh's again during the past 4 months i've been on the dbi site almost everyday i want to give generally when i think are positive observations about how i'm able to assess the
4:21 am
permit information through the boarding backdoor a grid of the city and one plays i type in the address at issue and basically up comes all the planning and dbi and agencies and find first and foremost that is really helpful i go to dbi there is plumbing and electrical and complaints and get basically a line for each complaint or permit and can open up to see what is going on and frankly it is helpful i don't know how i would have been able to keep on top of the situation not able to do this people say you look at this evidence yes, if someone is interested in an issue you need to track it everyday i think if there is one concern when i want a permit or a document and it is necessary to come down to either
4:22 am
the fourth floor or the third floor for the plumbing or the electrical permit so i think this as basic system and what the previous speaker had to say make it two complex that may make if it more difficult folks want simple information what is the status of the group or the complaint but i think if there is a way where the permit can be rolled into pd f file it is helpful in the past 4 months thank you. >> appreciate it thank you for your comments. >> if we have no more public comment we can go do the next item. >> return to item 6 possible action to the 16 any of us
4:23 am
active bullet soft story with the technical position regarding the diagram and design continued if our previous meeting. >> i'm kicking from the department of building inspection services i'm secretary to the advisory committee bringing you a proposed change to an equivocating bullet number 107 that a deals with the soft story provisions ordinance the main thing a lot of words added to the bullet but my understanding is that it is basically just clarifying a particular part of how you deal technically with the attachment of the sheer walls to the diagram it is beyond me i've brought steve harris our charger of the subcommittee to try to explain it to you and be able to answer any questions you may
4:24 am
have. >> thanks certifying thank you for coming today. >> commissioners just by way of explanation you mean ab 107 is a complex document we were essentially inventing this soft story building from scratch and allowing the use of technical provisions in order to comply one thing that was not dealt with initially was the connection of the new and exist shear wall elements in the soft story or the target story up to the floor above and good engineers and plan checkers seem to grasp what was generally necessary but there was misunderstanding from the lack of clarity on the part of some plan checkers that was earlier in the year that was a collection problem we worked
4:25 am
with dbi to create an information sheet that spelled out conceptually what the issues were basically we want to develop the strength of the element into the diagram and to provide clerk drag lementsd to make that happen the actual words advisory committee were developed by the existing buildings committee through most and most of negotiations and discussions as usual but we've got a pretty solid document one that includes all kinds of good representatives to be used for those diagrams and so i encourage you to approve that change. >> very rare. >> (laughter). >> our engineer. >> very rare. >> it is so awesome.
4:26 am
>> i think the nice thing one of the comments was brought up i say survey an inconsistency in terms of the position i was reminded by a clerk if you go into the office you'll find the exact same thing that is what they brought up a cigarette way into this they're trying to clarify things and which is very difficult and especially in a city like san francisco with old buildings all buildings are different and you can have sections without the hardwood flooring that gives us different strengths so a very good document as one question it is rather a technical question i'll throw awe at you if i could. >> okay. >> there is a reference to
4:27 am
section b 5112 that talks about an existing sheet and supplement that with another sheet and take one percent of one and wouldn't it be withholding of one and zero percent of weak material. >> it takes us 50 percent as opposed to 100 percent it is go significantly diversity but not different at a certain point the existing material provides no resistance so some resistance if you imagine the forced materials as the different material gets up to its higher resistance the sort ofer material reaches some of its capacity but not yet to
4:28 am
its full capacity an attempt to give some break to the existing material and not just to say a few. >> okay. i see. >> that was my only comment or question i should say it is a good document thank you. >> thank you commissioner clinch. >> commissioner lee please. i'll leave the technical requirement with our engineers i'm concerned about when those technical requirements are triggered i looked previous code section that was clear i'm talking about sort of 04.72 when more than thirty percent cumulative may 31st 1973 blah, blah, blah. >> are you talking about item 67 now. >> yeah. >> are we talking about that. >> no. we're not as commissioner lee. >> we're still on item 6 so.
4:29 am
>> i thought we took them together. >> to our point. >> yeah. >> i believe we are happy to have them together. >> an introduction on 7 first. >> okay. >> i'll read item 7 i'm sorry is discussion and possible action regarding a proposed code change to the building code structural alteration a key sections general i'll read the representative to may 1973 with a date. >> okay. so by way of the introduction. >> please. the provisions that with respect talking about in every code and every code cycle changes the numbers but back in the day known as provision one 04 f
4:30 am
there has been generally so to speak two triggers that point in that direction of the structural upgrade i upgrade one the non-structural trigger doing work significant work on 2/3rd's of number of floors that could be changing out serials and practitioners and the structural trigger that talks about doing structural work that is effects thirty percent or more the tributary area of the gravity element in the trigger there is to get out of jail free cards, if you will, that points to this miss scienter dates of may 1973 no structural basis i don't know exactly where it came from, no
4:31 am
basis in terms of building strength or building code requirements or anything like that we're proposed rather than to keynote speaker that date or update that date in number of years where we are now to replace it with a list of benchmark years we know depending on what type of building you have the codes got to a level we consider to be modern codes and different times frame at different times and metal in various locations there is a standard list of benchmark years that is available to us in the national standard put out by the american society of engineers s c-41 the benchmarks
4:32 am
exist and complaisance for us to make use of it what we've done we've taken that benchmark year list and we have combined it with the list of adoption years for the sfpuc so the list of benchmark years in the provision are just a little bit later than the benchmark years in the sfpuc 41 simply it took some time for san francisco 0 actually adopt the code that invoked the codes in the benchmark years other than that clarification and slight shift is it so essentially the benchmark in s c-41 we're proposing to replace that arbitrary dates with the dates that depends on the type of building caps. >> make sense. >> a list of dates now.
4:33 am
>> so a table now. >> the structure is alternated and increased by 34 changes by a certain time limit to meet the standards. >> the dates pertain to when the building was brought into compliance with the code if we take for example, go letting pull one of these up here - and look at the say the very first thing wood-frame building residential wood frame the date is january 1st, 1984, so if the building in question was permitted on or after that date or has been retrieved in compliance with the code on or after that date it triggers would not apply no nothing
4:34 am
requires before that date it was permitted or brought into compliance with a retrofit then do angle analysis to show you've met the requirements 75 percent of load in the current code if you met them your calculations are all you need to do if not further upgrade is required. >> year one we are only doing 25 percent then it didn't trigger a trigger. >> the following year we're coming back for other program with another 25 now 50 percent triggers. >> that will trigger from the original construction predates the benchmark yes. >> okay. i'm in. >> good. >> but someone will have to explain that slowly at the table; right? >> it will, printed in the
4:35 am
building code and if you approve is that will be printed in the table and part of code so if under those any question then the checkers will know and check the permit application date of that permit and just the same checking with the table and it should be straightforward as to which type of building you have if there is a pointer to the descriptions in the s c-41 that explains what we mean and a pointer if you have a building more one type you use the one with the latter year. >> so actively this puts it only the department to catch it. >> the onerous is on the department on this slightly more
4:36 am
so. >> commission. >> a shame also plug for hiring structural engineers. >> it is you see these (laughter) i don't know if it is the question you were raising but fairly complex to an engineer it is not so i think those code provisions radio not meant for the law person just hire a structural engineer i'll sort of it out you a i've got business cards on the table (laughter). >> thank you, mr. harris and your service on the code advisory committee. >> this is really i mean very complicated and the pages here when you been the fact you have different buildings made auto ousted of different materials with different years and stories doing different things coming up
4:37 am
with a consistent standard verbiage is important to make sure this soft story succeed so thank you guys for doing this a lot. >> is there any additional public comment on items six and seven okay. seeing none is there a motion for about items? >> yes. motion to approve. >> i'll second that. >> okay. we have a location roll call vote commissioner president mccarthy commissioner mar commissioner clinch commissioner lee commissioner mccray and commissioner walker that motion carries unanimously. >> we're on to item 9; is that correct. >> item 9 director's report. >> 9 a update on dbis
4:38 am
finances. >> good morning, commissioners deputy director for the department of building inspection and before you say a in front of 2015 year to dated financial report i'll take a couple of minutes for highlights revenues continue to increase actually collected $8 million mower this year to date 2015 than 2014 and for a variety of reasons our evaluation has increased $900 million from last year to this year and trending through the evaluation usually two of the largest permitting are based on the evaluation of the permit in plan check we collected $4 million in 2015 compared to one .4 last year so basically this year on reader to be the highest record because a
4:39 am
2013-2014 we collected about $3 million less than that was collected in the current year maybe studying 2013-2014 this year and on the expenditure side they're our expenditures are less than the same time last year two reasons our buildings are lower than expected they'll caught after the holidays expect those numbers to be different your capital outlay you're not orders our replacement of vehicles speeded overview exterminate this to go up i want to brought to your attention the work orders it is higher than last year that includes a $1.45 million add back that the board placed in the budget for the dpw and that is for phase 3
4:40 am
at the telegraph hill probable over the flex come up of months did expenditures will got up they've contacted us and are going to work on it i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner lee please. >> increased revenue. >> yeah. >> is that essentially for the services we'll provide. >> yes. thank you for pointing out that. >> our collection are up because of building permit and because of planning review so when all we're collecting a lot of the money some we'll have to do at the end of the year a reconciliation for the deferred credit report we'll be capturing the motorbike up front not earned in the current year. >> exactly the issues are not an issue. >> oh, staf


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