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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 8, 2016 4:40am-6:01am PST

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at the telegraph hill probable over the flex come up of months did expenditures will got up they've contacted us and are going to work on it i'll be happy to answer any questions. >> commissioner lee please. >> increased revenue. >> yeah. >> is that essentially for the services we'll provide. >> yes. thank you for pointing out that. >> our collection are up because of building permit and because of planning review so when all we're collecting a lot of the money some we'll have to do at the end of the year a reconciliation for the deferred credit report we'll be capturing the motorbike up front not earned in the current year. >> exactly the issues are not an issue. >> oh, staffing is getting
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better we actually didn't bring any accomplice i believe that we are going to bringing on more electrical inspectors we brought think additional inspectors we're doing hiring we continue to hire i think there is a recruitment two or three recruitments every month continuing be that to staff up and in 9 other departments to make sure we have enough people in it. >> my last question. >> are we still under the hugh section. >> yes. under the fee reductions to the effect on november 19th. >> until october 19th. >> no, it took effect on october 19th a oh. >> and until allocate fee study the staff recommend we do a fee study.
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>> commissioner walker. >> the fees are tied to the survey not the 7 percent but the tiered one; right? >> right. >> there's a result that came back that established the fees based on the study. >> correct. >> you okay. >> and to forgiven me deputy director i noticed at the board of supervisors a decision made about a particular building that was funds were going to come from that were going to be i know we talked about you are offices you budgeted for . >> yes, so. >> i kind of if we can have this conversation another time but answer when it means raw that is derailed right now. >> i'm not sure it is derailed my reading the initial kg price
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the board didn't agree but gave instruction to the direction of real estate but a van ness that includes revenues to purchase the building that will be located being other departments didn't - that offer was not approved so at this point it is two earlier to say if this has an impact. >> okay. thank you. >> item 9 b the recent enacted state or local legislation. >> good morning, bill strong legislative and public affairs i passed out in you're packets a number of updates but one after we sent the packets supervisor
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avalos has recently introduced a new piece of legislation that had mentions to you a number of months ago that will establish a mandatory requirement for owners with illegal units it legalize them and would also modify the planning use review in the stance we were a private initial conversation with the staff i expect further conversations not schedule yes, but be aware it pier 30/32 to be moving forward it hadn't been sent to a committee or assigned to a committee on other piece of legislation the auditorium code enforcement with supervisor wiener has put on a thirty day land use calendar is skord in the new
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year a version in the city attorney's office it is refinanced that's the reason they're not likely to see it before the holidays. >> but are these calendar. >> not calendared it is on the thirty day calendar for land use they haven't actually set a date for the agenda i expect that will happen in early january. >> can you do that when the document is incompletely. >> once the thirty days inspire they don't have to put it on the agenda depends on if they have other priorities i do have another message from the supervisors aid trying to get the city attorney's office and anyone else that as refinements or suggestions to get together and finalize the documents. >> yeah, and i know i think you
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and i talked offline i'm talking about the original document i felt. >> that was problematic and not clear well, i'll say on the revised version i believe many of the items that dbi have expressed concerns were addressed in many respect what is happening with the legislation taking you are templates around code enforcement and trying to have especially the fire department and the the public health follow suit in a sense of establishing a hearing process a notice of violation process i know that the from time to time and the health department are talking with the supervisors i don't know the details but suspect that is another reason he's not accelerating this it is probable
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going to be january or february before we see this at land use for actually hearing discussion much less than forwarding to the full board. >> commissioner walker please. yeah do you have a revised versions. >> yeah. >> maybe send it to us. >> i'll be happy to to. >> that would be helpful i think that is the department put in a formal feedback to try and make sure it doesn't temple 19step on our processes that is the goal 0 replicate our process with code enforcement a citywide approach which is good we're the only ones with a formal directors hearing and a formal process that helps with
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resolving those issues whereas some departments like fire didn't have this. >> i agree i'll be happy to to send that the one issue that remains out there in the legislation the city attorney's ability to go ahead and talk up a cased without a departmental referral the way it works now you're litigation commission meets every other month we have been referring a couple of cases at each the meeting we end up 24/78 and 10 additional referrals from the city attorney every year there many modification if the city attorney seize a case of we haven't provide the background the case history he'll be
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terrorized to go forward and litigate that case no way short of asking the city attorney whether or not necessary, do that now but that's proposed. >> commissioner walker. >> yeah. and that can happen now actually many different ways the city attorney takes on cases some avenue which deals with the sro task force and others that bring together health and dpw in a robust way they sort of do this this is you know, i think that is something to talk about if there is concerns about. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> to talk about in what cases and . >> someone said on the utilization commission commissioner walker and other this is efficient in getting to the city attorney's office we've
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had a good - so i'm - >> this is not necessarily about that. >> aligned and to you're point but i hate to put you on the spot bill if so fire department don't sign on to this what happens this is the education you can't answer. >> i i'd like to take this opportunity read the supervisors minds. >> if they don't sign off it didn't hold any water to the administration; right? >> i would imagine if under those resistance from either fire or public health then the conversation will continue. >> yeah. >> is what i expect. >> well, i think that around code enforcement it is given the city attorney is trying to establish consistent rules to everyone knows whatever in their
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dealing with. >> but sign open to this we're a back to what is the purpose of the litigation. >> who makes the rules. >> okay. all right. well, i look forward to seeing how this plays out and i know that commissioner walker and a few commissioners so i'd like to be on top of this before a recommendation and approval we're asking those hard questions we should be asking you get it i do get it. >> i'll send all of you the most recent version he have other than if you have any questions i'll be happy to to answer them. >> commissioner, i had a comment on one 4 is 01 by supervisor wiener i wanted to check into to make sure our department is working with him on this because i think this is good legislation but i just want to make sure it is going to be
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taking care of. >> yes. we're supportive of that and as we understand the building official has the authorities to soft work on the project if, in fact, someone is in vision the question is if the - it is a placated project and multiple permits issued do you does the building official want to stop all the work if under the issue we understand the supervisor has a specific case in mind and whether or not that case you know merits the weed wider net speaks for itself it is his discretion but certainly.
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>> a few more projects coming in like the candle stick park and you know the arena and you know other things come on but those are you know the money for the future work and then after that i didn't see any item huge are coming in after that
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any questions. >> thank you director. >> item 9 d update on code enforcement. >> morning commissioners displacing murphy deputy director inspection services here to report on the code enforcement and the monthly update for november 2015 for the building inspectors was 4 thousand 8 hundred and complaint 200 plus the containment response within twenty-four hour to 48 hours the complaint of first notice of violation 31 and complaints abated without notice of violation one and 29 and abatement complaint with notice of violations were 20 and second notice of violations were 12 the housing inspection all them were
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one and 50 and complaints were three hundred and 54 complaints response from tours to 48 hours the complaints issued one and 28 and ability complaints three hundred and one and the number of cases sent to the directors home sharer were 18 and on the code enforcement services the number of cases sent to the corrections were 36 and the order of abatement were 10 number of cases under advisement were 9 and abated were 27 and code enforcement inspectors performed one and telephone number of cases referred to the litigation committee were 2 pr or also in the report expand the report to include plumbing and electrical ross are inspections performed to keep you updated and inspections so for the
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inspections division we performed 2 to tell us nine hundred inspections for the month of november for the plumbing division it thousand plus inspectors inspects for 9 division complaints it was thirty complaints for that most 6 notice of violations issued and for the plumbing division 68 containment with 556 notice of violations issued we are will be happy to have other status we have a couple of questions regarding the directors hearing the open complaints we're here to give you a somewhere of that. >> okay. >> directors hearings directors hearing are conducted on tuesday and code enforcement
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buildings and thursday for the housing division the code enforcement services 60 property are processed on a average monthly with roughly 15 weekly for the housing inspection 33 with roughly 8 weekly on average the weekly covers a four months period thirty days for the training fee and 50 days for directors hearings and possible thirty days continuance possible thirty details advisement on average over 200 cases are scheduled for the directors hearing in a four months periods but at the end approximately 70 new cases to code enforcement that result is also having a balance of 70 to one hundred cases so this is never really a static
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number even at the end of this process with cases waiting to go to hearing we i'd like to take this opportunity abate a complaint or notice of violation even in the process of waiting there are permits that are complete that need to be abated so the fabulous is fluctuating we try to give you that synopsis but this is a breakdown of the month for open code enforcement complaint that report was on 10, 2015 for the open complaint 4 hundred and 5. >> so you have a slide we're supposed to be looking at. >> they're in the packets. >> it is not connecting
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there we go. >> thank you. >> oh, okay. >> so for the total open times for this month is 4 hundred and 5 order of abatements issued on the 409 was 200 and 899 process for directors sharing was one and 6 so for the same number of the month later the 4 hundred and 5 were projecting a month later an december 8th is the same cases their stan be able added to take the same amount of cases so out of the 4 hundred and 5 cases a month later 200 and 33 had an order of abatement on this and 21 were ability and 51 are still go assessed with a monitoring fee out of 41 permits
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issued or permits you know still awaiting the planning department that is why that number is seated the monitoring fee is still a notice of violation until it is completely corrected. >> right. >> for the abatement process order of abatement can only be removed revocation when the permit permit is complete final inspections signed off and fees paid nine hundred and 50 cases were abideed. >> commissioners any questions. >> i do have a question a process question a noeks let's say either on work with w without permit or exceeding the scope something like that and
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our inspectors goes out and sees this the work is down done to code do we abate it or assess something because the action was if it is exceeded the scope of the work in a correction or a noeks they'll take pride a revised document to show it if there is structural calculations part that will be require a revised permit so either there is latitude or the notice of violation and a half exceeded the scope of work. >> once the work is done is there a penalty assessed as there is if they've completed the scope of work they have an existing work. >> but it is 9 times exceeded the work. >> yes. >> and how odd you handle store commissioner lee
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has it ever been a case that went to the directors hearing that never gotten abatement or order of abatement issued or any violations found just curious. >> cases that could to the directors hearings they don't get an order of abatement you know, i mean. >> just have a fee. >> a fee a 42 monitoring fee and of the administration it may be a permit is where they're near medication w completion very is an order of abatement at this time and hold the order to get the permit signed off and then abate the placement. >> right. >> okay so there is instances they're working towards a
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solution. >> usually an order of abatement only when near a thirty days order of abatement when an order of abatement issues the order is interest you can't congressman that and ca t he have indicate but sometimes a thirty day orders and close to completion so get it signed off this gets abated that notice of violation but once there is reached american people order of abatement nothing they can do and has to be signed off and assessment fee and abated. >> commissioner mar please. do we capture some of the pending novs for example, then didn't get a permit or exceeded the scope of work but in order
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to fix that this have to go to planning it is kind of an awe abstinence they're in planning to you know because the scope of work was clearly not something they could have done over the or over-the-counter they're sitting in planning do we paunch that somehow there the flashing red light and the neighbors in this planning. >> - >> for the it is difficult to capture once the process goes through that is hard to detect where it is in planning nothing happens it is in the file status people are working with the planning to try to get it resolved but in a lot of the cases the nov process still goes through. >> yeah. i don't know that is any way around that really. >> until the permit is issued
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they'll turn it back to staff until the work is complete their complying with the notice of violation asked them and filing for a permit and going to the planning process but stuck in planning in those cases instead of that process once we know their telegraph hill going there to process it will be turned to staff and hold the notice of violation until the work is complete. >> that's fair. >> as long as not a egresses. >> what's the timeframe limit on this. >> that is why it is hard to track. >> i understand we need to if we have a notice of violation that hanging out waiting for a decision of planning that may not happen i mean this has happened we cannot laugh but some cases that sit around for 8 years they've not push it
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through planning we don't push it either. >> in the early days we talked about the novs was not our fault but getting all the blame even 9 grand jury. >> with the complaints ever sense the george we're looking at the complaints p what is happening i mean because their, we have to get them through. >> so let's say we have a situation someone took out a permit over-the-counter but end up expanding the envelope of the building and we do an notice of violation and send to planning they've not pushed forward how long do we sit on that. >> not too long that's a problem if necessary get a notice of violation for exceeding the scope of the work
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we can't finish the job until those are signed off. >> how long do we let them stand in limbo two years. >> one year. >> it is correction keeping an eye on it the inspector has to track the job an active job they need the predicament to be signed off and the notice of violation for exploding the work we can track it but the inspector can practicing track it better from the job no permit on the job and waiting in planning keeping an eye on. >> i don't mean to push this let's say someone puts housing in a shed a good example that we issue - they did plumbing work,
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etc. and a notice of violation has to go to plumbing to be approved as residential rather than a shed how long - let's say the work is completed by the time it is violated. >> it's still have to tobacco signed off. >> it could stay implemented a residential unit we leave the work there. >> you'll show all the work completes but half of those permits they get a permit after that, they have to wait to sign off on the job. >> okay. >> i think which we discussed there are certain comments that are going because of multiple reasons we could do everything
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in our end to make it go away but mitigating factors to get them which i thought there should be a separate column of those ones so they don't appear and building on your report you're a doing everything we can to get rid of them but i wish we could do we're paying other departments for these could come back dpw or just different works i know back in the early days we commissioner mar and i looked at those those are not you are fault. >> sometimes with the easements it could take two years. >> it would go ongoing. >> i guess what i'm asking no to erases the nov but can we - and this is more informational
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for the public whether a complaining neighbor or being fair to in someways to the homeowner that we notice that is where it is at another dpw is it so at planning so the complaining neighbor with an entry undertaking place that is half entry or half director lee constructed they'll know that is not dbi it is hanging up we're not just sitting on the nov i'm not saying to resolve that we can't say but notice it you know that whether the seller or what we have this permit is filed but not tuff. >> right. >> part of our strategic plan
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we're trying to expand that as far as the complaint investigations we're adding but that is something we'll work towards it take twoerz to retrieve the documents you'll have to independently do it. >> we'll get a sell in. >> that will be helpful. >> i really think in many ways you've got this constant ongoing permits coming at you what the the dollar amount that less acceptable we are on top of that you know like i mean, you're talking about 4 hundred and 5 complaints in this spaced of how many months if i got this right. >> the open complaints is 4 hundred and 5 and around run at
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october 20th okay. >> so that is from the one 20th to 14 or 16 a two year period. >> i want to see this improvements can you remember how many on complaints two and three good evening. >> thousands of that. >> more than that. >> so this 4 hundred and 5 is a pretty good number relative to what we had. >> a dramatic decrease but maybe four or five months ago we broke down that number. >> deputy director screening will clarify something. >> 55 hundred that we overflow room had. >> 55 hundred. >> so i really want to claim that and i want you to really claim that to your staff i know that deputy director you got a lot of a heart for the
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commission and gotten silent i know it is silence you've been doing a really go back i bet you that 404 not you're fault no matter what you twist even though we'll get blamed because of nature of the system and i want knowledge we're doing a really, really good job question needed to get that and slint getting this done and want to commend the staff i don't know if four or five is a good number zero is the best number we have to be realistic to have. >> i want to commend my staff we went through each the complaints individually besides this task force that was before me to get a resolution.
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>> a past member of the george i want to knowledge him a good number but i know we want to get zero but you know thank you, dan this is a very good report maybe consider giving us one of those again and i think this is - >> that is really good it was unexpected. >> i i don't want to over do this is the kind of stuff we had a good survey report and got something like that we're doing good work and so from the shouting from the top of the mountain so thank you. >> thank you deputy. >> any public comment on items 9 a through d. >> yes. >> 2011 a jerry i want to
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acknowledge a solution to monitored in problem i encourage the bic in taking an active roll in beginning the plan and not let the reset plan scope go beyond the original objective of the sincerely that was to replace the tracking functionality as it existed if one would think black thoughts and someone want to torpedo it the easy way to change the product scope to expand the cost and timeframe to make that unacceptable that the intent to do that i think this is it so should be a separate project i again encourage to go sure that the consulting scope work is true to what was started
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5 years ago and not let it get so big as it destroys the project thank you. >> i agree. >> hide hughes i want to speak about the code enforcement and this is from my experience in the past 4 months i think i now understand when someone gets a permit they go through various stages and this property adjacent to us the planning department specifically signed off on this permit application basically it looked simple we were not talking about building a 10 story building or van ness only a single-family residences
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i met with the planner that signed off and his observation we're busy not time to look at it this so someone want to put that and having half civil grand jury oh, hits no big deal basically the property owner months later went in for another permit and get a note of activity at this prompt you called the planner and we spoke we did work together before she said oh, i did not bother to look people get busy and don't look at the history a simple enhancement of certain types of activity not allowed in the past she can't yet gnaws someone is busy and people are in a hurry to get things done some things are simple may not and months
5:18 am
later a major issue on my part i'm working with dbi to rectify but dbi needs to look at this thing as planning on those permit applications come across their deserves they need to spend a coupled to look at the history of the property to see if this is an appropriate application thank you. >> appreciate our comments thank you. >> item 10 commissioners questions or comments and staff at this point commissioners may talk about practices and procedures. >> commission did you want to follow up. >> raise a question of the strategic plan director huey had a response i thought it was important for us to hear it. >> okay. >> you want me to here on behalf of the appellant. >> sure is if you building to.
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>> we over department i know first time we are doing a strategic planning you know to a road map to see how we you know head along for the future we initially finished roughly 95 percent for a 2 year plan with help of all the deputies and other but you know two weeks ago the mayor offers to want to have 5 years we'll be rise our plan by february then to you know reissue it and call for other comments you know someone comment from the you know some them is in but more into it. >> so the original strategic plan was for how long. >> two years. >> you're rising it for 5
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years. >> i feel a little bit long but need to do it the mayor's office you know. >> commissioner walker pursue i think that the bic should be involved with the plan so can we share that with us. >> you can ask save it for comments to see. >> it is appropriate it is our responsibility i mean that was the commission is as opposed to be involved in doing. >> uh-huh. >> i agree with you. >> we have a - we'll have it done by february. >> so it has to be finalizeed by february have you participated in a strategic plan before. >> yeah. >> you have. >> what was the formula.
5:21 am
>> we had a format and compute and the commissioners have a voice in creating that i think that would be good to get it before the commission in the january meeting. >> so, yeah okay. why don't we. >> have a presentation. >> a presentation on it so why not do this you and i will talk offline and sxhaishgs can you think of other things i appreciate it. >> perfect. >> all right. as and also i mean as we're talking about the independent review the seller process the points about the scope i'd like to make sure that the scope given the independent
5:22 am
assessor of our process is given the original one is given at the same time because we should the scope of this project shouldn't be changed i agree with that the goal of setting forth acknowledge appropriate and adequate list of our requirements is something that we didn't do we need to do but i think we need to make sure that the scope that we startled with 4 years ago is the same scope now and if so it not we need to look at that. >> i absolutely concur with that and probable that may be one of our main questions - we actually have to decide who will sunday with the committee some kind of an ad hoc committee and form it i will concur we are apples to
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apples and when we're judging 80 this process so - maybe other thought sorry commissioner mar. >> this is a related take to as part of scope of work i know i want to thank the staff for forwarding the amendments to the original contract 6 amendments my understanding we were working on the number 7 so i was not clear whether the 7 was implement and i know there was contention with the vendors about the pay out of number 7 i think whatever public school status say we should get a report on the amendment 7 of it maybe in and i abstinence. >> deputy. >> if i can. >> madison dprpt for the
5:24 am
department of building inspection our department had been working with the consultant on amending the contract there is in amendment 7 no amendment 7. >> but there is let me clarify has been working in the vendors mind towards the 7 they how the thought. >> a i can't speak for the vendors and. >> any other questions. >> no money earmarked or paid out beyond number 6. >> number 6 was actually a term extension on there were only the prior ones with a term extension so at this point you know no there a hadn't been. >> okay. >> so just finally maybe make a notice that come january or february who can sit down with this city clerkers with the
5:25 am
vendor and then maybe put a list of questions together. >> you're talking about a subcommittee. >> yeah. they'll fulfills what they want. >> and we will have a comprehensive question from all the commissioners concerns whoever it he representing us will get an agreement what is to be said at that meeting. >> item 10 b future meetings and agenda that at this time the commission may set the meeting of a special meeting to be placed at the future meeting the department of building inspection our our next regularly scheduled meeting is january 20, 2016. >> so january 20th all the third week. >> okay i i don't think that is a
5:26 am
problem unless objections from the commissioners. >> okay. and is any public comment on this item? items 10 ab seeing none, item 11 adjournment. >> can i have a motion to adjourn. >> happy holidays and see you new year thank you. >> can we have our motion a second. >> we're adjourned 1135 and commissioner president mccarthy said happy holidays everyone. >> behalf of all the guests and
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the staff at st. anthonys it is great to have your here this morning. [applause] >> here at st. anteanys work with people who are homeless and those on the virj of becomes homeless and what we have sheen more aunch unforch-footly than not is people that feel isolated and excluded so very happy to see when the mayor has something to say about the homeless pop ylgds he comes to the tenderloin and st. ancyanys. we insisted those we serve the homeless in particular are not the problem, they are brothers and sisters. the problem has to boo with us and the way we structure our liferb jz cities
5:28 am
and thijsss like that see great to see when we want to do something about homelessness the mayor is coming forward and making good proposals for how we can solve our problem, not fix the homeless. >> [applause] >> there are a lot of people here working for years on that problem. it is a problem for the whole community but it is also one we need to thitsy to step forward to help us do so we welcome the mayor in his remarks today. without further ado, i would like to recognize a couple people here that have come and been long involved ing these issue. angela alota is here today. from the san francisco interfaith counsel we have mikem pops and rita chimal. supervisor
5:29 am
marc farrell is here. supervisor jewel jewel yechristensen and all the department heads here of the city and all the community based organizations that are represent. thank you for coming and welcome to st. anthony's >> good morning everyone. thank you all for being here. let me begin with just comment about some things that have occurred in the last 48 hours that i know are on peoples minds and want to address that right off before i get fl to had body of the speech. but i want to start out with some words
5:30 am
about the officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the bay view and rutted in the death of a man. let me first say that any time, any time, there is a officer involved shooting i take that extremely seriously and so does our chief. i have seen the video too you know, you look at the video and you just-before my words came out, we were yelling drop the dam knife. i already spoken to the chief and there will be a thorough and transparent investigation of this incident without delay and know the public deserves this and expect it and i expect it as well and will make sure the community knows all the details about this. i also want to take a moment of silence with all of you to remember the victims of
5:31 am
the tragic and sensely shootings in san dern bernardino yesterday. our thoughts are with the victims and families and the people of san francisco grieve with them. but you know, you know what they really deserve? those families deserve action. deserve the congress that will stop this madness, stop and by enacting sensible limit ozen deadly fire arms and they need to do that now. [applause] we cannot just accept this. we cannot just accept this. thank you. thank you. and again, good morning everybody and thank you for
5:32 am
being here. first again i want to say thank you to the [inaudible] and barry for hosting us this morningism barry you and the staff for helping the needy and velinable throughout the city is a inspiration to me and it is never tiring to cut turkey with you bury. i also want to say thank you to our elected and appointed officials and community leaders and pleny of the non-profits providers are here this morning, thank you for joinsing us today. i'm very proud for being reelected your mayor. this is a wonderful city and want to say thank you to the voters of san francisco who believe in our solutions oriented and collaborative approach to solving problems and have asked us to return to do more. thaupg for placing your trust in me for the next 4 years.
5:33 am
this is the greatest city in the world and i'm honored and humbleed as the mayor to serve another term. you know, i often said and will continue saying i love the city, i love it as much of any of you and also with you. i love that we never run from the challenges. we confront them with our progressive optimism and something that has come to define our city in all of us. we tackleed a whole lot this last 5 years and some the most complicated and intractable challenges remain and i ran for a second term so we can work on them together. foremost among the challenges wrun we struggled with for
5:34 am
decades is homelessness. let there be more doubt, the collective best effort like service providers like all you in the room today have certainly made a difference. i know that because i have been paying a attention to this for many years. while i may be a little silent sometimes, i watch, i talk to people, i engage and once in a while i might be lucky enough to hand out a key. you are the ones, everyone in the room, you are the ones giving the hor heroic rfts at front line staff on a midnight shift at the shet ers and do the outreach and are case managers with a challenging loud. or you may be the one cleaning up the streets so people might have a cleaner street to
5:35 am
be on because that is the only place they have. the best evidence of all of the work collaboratively is the over 20,000 formally homeless people living indoors. living independently and with the social and emotional support that they need and that the needs that are met with our city services or they might be back in their home towns. but, despite this we haven't eliminated homelessness. as we house and serve thousands, they are replaced by new thousands. people, people who fall in homelessness here, people sent from other states or people who arrive every day seeking a better life in our city. as a result we continue to have
5:36 am
people living on the street, under the freeway, in tents on the sidewalk and some even without tents. all together, more than 3500 people are street homeless in san francisco. human beings. human beings with hopes, with fears, susceptible to cold and rainy weather. human being who deserve or compassion. we know there are nearly the same number of people without homes that are living in our shelter, treatment programs or temporary situations. friends , this isn't a healthy way to live, you know that and i know that, especially if children are a part of that family. it is not just a growing problem here in san francisco by the way and we all know that as well. major cities across our
5:37 am
country, la, new york, honolulu, seattle and more and the state and federal governments offer us too little assistance. that's why next week i'll join at least 5 other mayors on the west coast and our federal government representatives to explore federal funding opportunities and policy changes in the area of homelessness. i know we look at the streets sometimes and the encampments and the depth and complexity the problem jz to some it all might feel hopeless, but as your may frr the next 4 years i'm optimistic because today in san francisco all of the ingreedgents of success are here to end homeless for thousands of our fellow citizens. thanks to a historically strong economy we do have
5:38 am
resources. we certainly have creativity and know we got the passion. for our serviceers providers and city staff, we have the energy that is required. we have public support to try new more effective approaches. but you know what is missing? what is missing is the ingredient lacking for generations, it is what we call, real cooperation. we can't solve street homelessness, but it will if we want to , it will require cooperation. we have seen this cooperation at the place called, the navigation center at 1950 mission street. when community providers work with city departments, when the private sector in the
5:39 am
surrounding community all come together with us, we actually are creating a national model for ending homelessness. so, next year we are going to do something bold that skills up the cooperation and coordination this requires and we see at the navigation center all of that happening across the board on homelessness. i will call apauss all the departments to work together with our community based organizations, advocate and national expert to ert change and reform or government and other, and will create a department with a mission to end homelessness here in san francisco. [applause] i begin by not just making-i
5:40 am
know people have worked on this for years and want to acknowledge first the great work of our past mayors, feinstein and agnos, mayor jordan and willie brown, of course gaveen newsome. i want to build on each of their legacies for addressing homelessness. of course our former supervisor alota talks about passion. she dedicated a life time to the work and want to say thank you for being here and thank you for being a trusted advisor and advocate and one that reminds everybody we got to get to better solutions. i want to also acknowledge the good work of our former supervisor bevan dufty and director of hope for the last years for tireless work with service providers and client to move people into better lives. i learned a lot
5:41 am
with bevan, but i felt his passion avenue day he has been on the job. and today, building on the work that came before we begin a new agency, a agency with a budget and mandate to solve homelessness. we'll bring together under one roof the multitude of homeless outreach, housing, shelter and supportive services that exist across many different departments. over the last 20 years, we increased our spending on homelessness because the crisis got worse. but because we didn't have a central department for homelessness we layered program upon program across a dozen different department said and then we expected the better outcome. no one agencyies mission was homelessness and today we fix that. with greater
5:42 am
coordination we expect better results, more efficiencys and deep er accountability. to make this new department a realty next year i'll be calling upon the leadership of barbarager seea director of public ehealth, trent roar director of human sunchss and [inaudible] director of hope. together we have aurltd r already implemented some the most forward thinking progressive homeless policies in the country. we created the nations first navigation center, which is just 9 months that we have successfully moved more than 250 people off the streets into healthier settings. great progress towards ending chronic veterans homelessness is done these last few years tackling family homelessness we made great progess. a new investment in
5:43 am
supportive housing of 29,000,000 this year. i want to saw they think to tren, barbara and sam and all your team said for pourer your hearts in this work and thank you for joins forces with us to take it to the next level vlt i want to say a special thank you to public works. i know that department . you kept our streets and have done your best and for always having a positive interaction with the homeless people and compassion and thank you for taking on the smelliest dirtgist jobs in town. i also want to say thank you to all of the people who are own single room occupancy hotels in the city thmpt hotels that are cooperating and working with us to make these units available
5:44 am
for people transitioning out of homelessness. that is stock of housing. we never thought through our past loousts and insistence to get code enforcement, we didn't realize how valuable they are to us and a valuable assess they can be. i know some people will say, a department to solve homlessness mayor. 93 eve. we can't solve homelessness in san francisco. i know that will will be peoples comments. i say we will end homelessness every every single day for @ least one person. for at least one family. for at least a veteran every single day. i know because i have felt the power of giving keys to people exactly in those situations.
5:45 am
we will end it for every 1 for every day for someone who suffers on our street. that is what the purpose of creating this department is about. i want a staff at this new department, each person on the staff will come to work every morning with a single minded focus on ending homelessness for people on the streets. i want the measure of the work of this department and my office to be answering this question, what did i do to end homelessness on our city streets today and what did i do to give people a stable shelter, a home and a path to a healthier life. that is what i want them to ask themselves every single day. i want that to be the question that they ask of themselves. you know, ending homelessness in a very
5:46 am
simple way is a matter of priorities. to get there we have to double down on programs that truly work. we have to coordinate with partners, federal, state and other cities. we have to share and do the best practices and we have to also share our challenges with each other. and you know, i always am focused and concerned about congress and as you know, congress is largely abandoned homelessness in the country and we in san francisco can't wait frathe politics of waug wash dc to arrive, we have tolead and we lead with values. our san francisco values. that is what being a san franciscan is all about, isn't it? it is our values. to be fully able to achieve this vision i'm inviting a group of national experts to advise how to create and set
5:47 am
the mandate for this new department. i have spoken to president obamas point person on homelessness, matthew dorty and he agreed to come out and advise and has the expertise of looking at programs across the country to see what works. we want to be egressive on this but want to be practical at the same time. how will we define sausking street homelessness? what are the investments we are making and how can we double down on this? is there something that we can be doing that we are not already doing? i aults want to invite the local homeless coordinating board to serve as a formal advisory body during the process. we convened san franciscos best and brightest on that commission and definitely need your input. i invite all of you here, every one of you, the people
5:48 am
working hard every day day in and out to join in defining the new effort as well because i'll present this plan with the budget this coming year. foremost among the efforts of the department are expanding the successful navigation center program. we learned that by removing barrier tooz entry into the shelter program and pairing ever navigation center with a housing exist we are making a difference. we already committed the funding in the budget this year to double our capacity at the navigation center and the department will significantly increase to this model. we'll coordinate outreach and build more centers and secure more housing exists. certainly this requires serious funding. since i took
5:49 am
office we have spent all most 100 mil yen more every year on homeless services and housing and my commitment today is this, to never let our city slip backwards on our funding priorities. that means movering forward we'll spend at threes 250 million a year on outreach and housing for 10s of thousands of people. we know success isn't mesered by how much money we spend, you know that. accountability matters. we are measured by the number of human beings we lep off our streets and into a better life and by conditions on our streets also improving at the same time. so, i'm setting a ambishish but i believe an achievable goal for the second term. by the time i leave office we will move at least 8
5:50 am
thousand people out of homelessness and we'll remove them out of homelessness forever. [applause] and we'll build a system that ends a persons homelessness before it becomes chronic. that is another thing we learned from the navigation center and we'll do this and achieve this all together. we'll do this by housing families, veterans long term homeless to homeward bound program and long term care for the seriously mentally ill. i also need cooperation for the private sector and philanthropic partner tooz participate as well. i already started conversation with san francisco's business leaders on this particular goal. business leaders, big
5:51 am
and small, about a multi-year partnership to add additional navigation centers to the cities portfolio. to them across the board i say thank you and begin by saying a personal thank you to our first anonymous private donor to the the first navigation center. i'm excited for our partnerships to develop more in the coming months just like the way we started our first navigation center. it was a partnership with faith and funding sources and community in the mission and then everybody else. we need more partnership models like our effort to end family homelessness in the elementary schools which is the focus of [inaudible] 2 great civic leaders. no less different than our technology leaders like nob nub who also became a partner to end
5:52 am
veterans homelessness by funding a viable new housing for them in mission bay. letting people live on our streets exposed to violence and whether that isn't compassion. it isn't healthy, it isn't safe and it does want represent who we are as san francisco and it is not our san francisco values. you know, i'm also proud of our city coming together over something that used to be controversial and i'm talking about lauras law. thank you for visor marc farrell, thank you for your leadership in this effort on a issue that used to divide a lot of us, now it units us with a comma causs because we are figuring it out. since we launched our consensus program just last month we
5:53 am
have already received 28 referals from ern concerned family members and service providers. some of the most severely mentally ill they are finally getting help. laura's law is one the many compassionate programs we should be doing in partnership with our courts and district attorney and justice system. san francisco values means we won't lock people up or persecute them just for being mentally ill. that won't happen and won't happen as long as i'm mayor, but we can use the resources our justice system to make sure people are getting better heltier outcomes. i want to challenge the courts, our public defender and district attorney and health provider tooz come together in the same
5:54 am
spirit of collaboration that i proposed today. coming together with your diverse responsibilities and your legal mandates to better serve those desperately in need of our help because i will challenge you with the same outcome i'm calling upon everyone else. let's talk about not just our legal mandates, lets also talk about outcomes for people. [applause] it is not compassionate and you will agree with me on this to let people suffer silently, to medicate with drugs and call and live an unhealthy life on our streets, that is not compassion and we are empowered to help the seriously mentally ill people but first have to agree to coperate. in a new year i'll invite all our gurchlt stakeholders and mental
5:55 am
health and criminal justice to convene with me. i bring this group together to get past the reasons we cannot do things and figure out a way we can do it. let's say for example, you take this program, some of you in the room know what the 51/50 program is. it is a program with people in personal crisis and danger to themselves we take them to the hospital for 72 hours, but you know what is the challenging part of that 51/50 program? once they come out they go right back on the streets and into the same unhealthy situation that they were literally 48 hours ago. we pulled them out and bring them right back in. that is 51/50. let's redesignthality program for a better outcome, a sustained outcome
5:56 am
for those individuals. let's redesign conservativeship programs to serve the intended populations while respecting their civil liberty. we can have a better outcome on that as well. the seriously mentally ill deserve our best efforts. it is complicated and that's why we take that challenge up. as we focus on getting people into healthier settings, we also need to refocus on the people who are not homeless. the people who prey on our homeless. drug dealers who target the addicted and mentally ill contributing to serious health problems. i'm calling y i am calling for stepped up enforcement for predatory drug dealing around our navigation centers and shelter and homeless service locations and
5:57 am
every place we house our homeless. [applause] we need to clean up drug dealing around the buildings where homeless people are trying to clean up their lives. we are not criminalizing drug addictions, we are enforcing existing laws to protect the most vulnerable. i want to thank supervisor and president of the board of supervisors president london breed for being a leader on the reforms. she is a strong voice the quality of life and reforming our treatment of the mentally ill. that's why friend i am optimistic. a new department, ambitious goal, a will in our city to succeed on this. we can make homelessness rare. we can make it
5:58 am
brief. we can make it a one time event in peoples lives. we can move at least 8 thousand people out of homelessness forever. for too long deeply held and ideological differences divided all of us. some say we are not tough enough. others say we are not compalgzinate enough. some say we spend too much money and others say we haven't spent enough. it is time to reconcile these disagroogruments not to set them aside but work through them. if we can cooperate to solve homelessness the sky is the limit on what else we can achieve together. i want to say to you again, we can end homelessness for each individual that we touch, for each family, for each child, we can do that for them. that's what we can
5:59 am
define as ending homelessness. if we do it together, we will have demonstrated that collaboration and cooperation is the best way to move forward. so, i want to end by saying thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to me. i'm excited to work with you, this will give a struck chur to work effectively with all of us. we can do better and will do better, i'm excited and we are san francisco. thank you very much. [applause]
6:00 am
>>[gavel] >> welcome to the tuesday, december 15 at damon commission. my name is brian kim. i'm president. before we start with a roll call a few housekeeping items. if you're a member of the public, like to speak on any item you see on the agenda we have these pink slips up here that you fill out. and it to our staff and alcohol new ones were open for public comments. second, if you could please turn off your cell phones or put them on silent so that we can not be disturbed during the meeting. finally, thank you sfgov tv for your services and producing and airing this lab to the public every time we meet. organa go ahead and start with local. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph


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