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tv   Board of Educaiton 11216  SFGTV  January 14, 2016 2:30am-4:31am PST

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penalty one and $90,000 that is really to the case this is gone through litigation aside from that case some were recently settled and assessed so not the time passed for 3 person to give us their check others cases that are outstanding in age by a cough of most a meeting with the delinquent revenue staff to refer those cases for their collection. >> then a final question i know there is more information you said you had made requests of hosting platforms on your slide 6 identifying the host for listing and multiple properties and requirement or websites can you talk about the past platforms we had the letter of them mentioning the airbnb in
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december of those tops the actual letter to memorize that with the discussion of airbnb and that letter went out last week, we need more time for the exact responses from the mroormdz so the letter went out to airbnb as mentioned and flip key and craigslist and home away slash b&b. >> so do you have an idea if they said no to any of those. >> if they say no to the proposals we'll condition conducting our business under the rules and ramp up enforcement and assist with the registration and again none of those asks are requirement for us to do our jobs those are things that any one of these for the aspect of our work
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make it go quicker but not necessary to conduct the register of law enforcement process. >> thank you please continue. >> thank you so i'll pick up just to round out our discussion we've down increased law enforcement activity in december and as discussed for future components of the hopes that people came in compliance and not backtrack i wanted to touch on a couple of website changes and working with the mayor's office of innovation the first thing under the umbrella 9 hosting this is required the administrative code host are required to post their
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activity at the beginning of last quarter or for the most part this represents the longest period they'll have to report on if they register in 2015 so one active of january 24th, 2016, those r were posted and d t helped us set up this is a chart of website quarterly rental reporting form relatively simple and easy to use i believe and hopefully, the hosts are finding that that way this gives us the public better usability and our staff a lot less to process in other words of data industry we have paper forms available for folks that are uncomfortable with the applications and other 09 reasons and pending the changes next we'll launch an online
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compliment form folks submit the complaints 55 e-mail or with our voicemail line an individual that that feel uncomfortable submitting information we replacement their personal privacy but to girlfriend people comfort we'll have an online form that is sort of just a blanket form without identifying the information of the activity they've seen and wish to file their containment a website we've post the enforcement and notice of violation and decided the paper to memorize the process of the enforcement cases and realtime registration and enforcement data wife been talking about today and also looking at the idea of creating a dynamic constantly updating heat map of what had a
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short-term rental registration is located just to be clear not offensive addresses we will desegregate that material just something that individuals can see where the clusters of short-term rentals hosts are registered are located kind of by neighborhoods so that's all i have nonetheless any further questions at this point. >> thank you very much thank you. >> just a few follows up in terms of enforcement i know you touched on this a little bit complaint driven verse pro-active talk about more objective with the enforcement there is a lot of it complaint driven and what's going on in their neighborhood and know the office has been engaging
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pro-active engagement. >> obviously containment driven the user those are properties we want to be responsive to the public and oftentimes those units make themselves apparent maintained registered but an operational issue likely having impacts to the daily lives of people but attempting to make a noise trash left out inappropriately so active cases are important as well as that allows us to really look at you know individuals taking many, many units off the market tattoo make sure we have a geographic spread of the cases we're not george easier that don't have k34r5i789 from the public but still we need to look
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at that if you're required of the city that is not nestle for short-term rentals you're expected to comply with the line if you're eligible. >> eaten in terms of registration process i appreciate the efforts with the website in general making it better early on and we're getting a lot of feedback if hoists this is too difficult to register i'm sure their challenges but i know there's been improvements i appreciate that do you think we are where we need to be in terms of making it as easy as possible for people to register and come into compliance with the law. >> i think there is always room for improvements even small integrals and we're in a much better place than the what some
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of the early problems were even before i came on board interest was long details with the schedules we've transitioned to an online scheduling tool to identify people identity and in terms of the proof of residentscy the certificate is worst the paper it is printed on but with the changing to the online schedule get the information from a number of places with our actually with our website changes for the reporting the teams did the testing not only on that form but good go dedicated feedback from our newly applicants so there is always incredible improvement and any public
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comment on on behalf of the folks that have questions but we want to hear ferry building how we can make the process smooth and realizing not everybody's favorite thing to talk with the government but people take the initiative and want to reward them with the process that is as easy as possible. >> finally in terms of the the interesting graphic you had in terms of the monthly registration applications that started off strong and growing and then sort of collapsed that looks like around the time that prop f went and qualify for the ballot i know i received a fair amount of feedback from people i'm hesitant to register when i don't know the rules or some people said hey, i've registered
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and not fulfill because people want to change the rules so it is good to see that really as of november it looks like applications are starting to accelerate are we seeing that continue into january. >> yes. so at this point or when i checked latest lecture one and 50 appointments for january already so in the slides are kind of filled on an ongoing basis that trendline is accelerating so the feedback that i was ref was somewhat around that issue there was with the people's exhibit 10 legislation and the tax collectors office around the collection of a number of things that driving it but an important thing to remember right around this time september are october or november we started to
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include the cases and publishing what our seem to be substantial penalty amounts and people read those substantial penalty amounts and understand there are consequences four not complying could be high in the form of penalties. >> that's an important point i think what is really going to help us to continue to grow the number of receipt for the priengs is consistentcy and enforcement this is not a temporary thing but permanent we'll enforce the law by consistency in terms of what the law is i'm hoping we get off the short-term rental roller-coaster and have a law that is in effect enforced and people know the rules and don't think the rules will change 3 months late
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because a change of supervisors or whatever the case but more and more people registered and having insurance and packing pga hotels taxed and getting everything or everything in in order i appreciate the presentation today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. colleagues if no - human resources supervisor campos. >> a couple of follow-up questions mr. guy the last time we you came before the board committee i think thistre region number and you can that was looking around 10 thousand units short-term rentals were probable about 94 percent registration none 64 percent were registered so you know 94 percent not compliance at the time was certainly not was a very good thing where are we in terms of
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the number of units that are being short-term rented that are registered. >> again, i've there are estimates to the number of short-term rentals that changes changing picture if month to month and i generally are a little bit carve we have over 13 hundred applications a number were rejected because their i think complete but to date nine hundred and 79 registered host and 69 applications pending review if we take into account the recreation rate of 15 percent i would expect us to be over one thousand in a month or so. >> again. >> i'm sorry to interrupt that represents the number was around 5 thousand short-term rentals at a given time and again those
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estimates i hear various go estimates but 5 thousand is 25 percent of the short-term rental hosts that are coming in to apply. >> i think the number we've heard is more around ten thousand and 5 thousand might be the right number for a airbnb alone and maybe half of that 10 thousand would seem more realistic if this is continue this course you're talking about under one thousand registered today, this is less than 90 percent so 90 percent or the 90 percent not rent-controlled unit so that is less than one and 10 h that are following the law but again not a huge improvement from what we were just a few months back so that's tail disappointing i
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was hoping the number would be much, much greater because this still more than 90 percent non-compliance but slide 6 explain in detail where i know you've said that the information you requested of the platforms was not necessary i want to know why you rhetoric and what is help about the pieces one of the things your requesting is for platforms to identify the hosts with listing for municipality property in san francisco, california you explain why this is useful to have. >> certainly so to an stent that is information we can able to obtain ourselves the key is listing i've talked about earlier listing specific addresses to specific listing
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generally speaking the hosting platforms and websites degait the address from a listing profile so you see pictures of the nrhood you see the description of the neighborhood amenity but railway shots of neighborhood so short circuiting our ability to get from an individual we know p has multiple properties short circuiting our process to those listings can be of a help it shorptd that timeline without that as a acholic beverage tool. >> you do you know how how much you can shorn it. >> it depends on the case depending on how much information provided been a
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complainant how much information inherent in a listing it can be a relatively could have of hour process or more steven process so depending on the case it could, substantially short even our timeline but all to highlight the linkage between the address and listing deintegration, if you will, we get people to say understandably why not go on the listing sites and issue a notice of violation that is those are folks not registered be possible not eligible for the program but not enough information from the bad actors and the multiple properties and folks with year-round evacuates rentals. >> the other thing you request
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that website users host for the registration number can you explain why that it would be useful. >> so it is a requirement of our program to be 2, 3, 4 concession the last step to go in and yet our listing on the hosting platforms and have that registration number it is clear to everyone in the lions share your indeed registered and doing this legally so the hosting platforms right now they provide accessibility but not necessarily any requirement hesitant in the operations that requires that islamic's to have a registration number in order to have an actual listing on the site. >> your estimate i know you've talked about the number i was thinking about what's your estimate of the listing provide a registration number. >> if anyone actually
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registrations who gets issued a certificate that is the last step in the process right now we have 8 hundred and 79 registered hosts going out by the day as we process in november and december so all of those individuals i mean those are people coming out compliance and we instruct them to have the registration number so if we get a complaint about that address we see a neighbor with lost people with lunge we can respond quickly and say if you look at their listing they're a registered users. >> so follow-up without that registration number being provided and listed how long does it take to get that kind of complaint. >> we receive a complaint about an address and go into our
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database and immediately respond to that complainant that individual a registered not in violation but someway they're operating and appearing to steady the 90 day unhosted cap that's the limitation or building violations noisy parties or trash nuisance kind of things happening on the property we want to know and we'll respond to that person filing a complaint that notice is indeed recommend as a short-term rental. >> when do you expect to hear from the platforms on the request. >> that letter was issued on january 7th so ideally hear of them as much as possible within a month or something like that but it was recently issued. >> i'm on one hand if there is
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any represent if any platforms anyone that works for any of the platforms in the room? okay >> supervisor sorry to interrupt we made it clear in the letter this hearing was a public hearing as well. >> it is interesting normally when i've seen those kinds of hearing i've seen the people from the industry presents it is interesting not a single employee of a platform in this room that's that's interesting well, hopefully, that will change going forward because it is very hard to imagine a good working relationship two the city and this industry if not a single platform that does this kind of work still sent someone
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to this hearing fascinating. >> okay thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you very much mr. guy. okay. colleagues no additional questions or comments we'll move to public comment i have a number of public comment cards i'll call people ask people to please respect when and call public comment not to come up unless your name is called and in addition to anyone that because of physical divisibility disability come up early we'll accommodate your requests first cards (calling names) i apologize in advance for any miss pronunciation of name
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(calling names) >> good afternoon. supervisors jim lazarus san francisco chamber of commerce a very eye opening presentation and a positive one we were opposed to the ballot measure loose fuel as mentioned here today, this is work in process has to be dealt with protectively and 53 we have room to grow this program and enforcement clearly the city if you look at recent stories in the length of time people taken unit off the market in violation of the planning code that existed in 2015 a lot to are lender and a lot of regulation that needs to be very old
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appropriate by your professional staff we appreciate the work that is done and looking forward look forward to the advancement of regulations that allows a leveled playing field for a part of our economy. >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. i'm keith i'm in my second year as an airbnb host a homeowner here in san francisco airbnb has been critical to my ability to afford to stay in san francisco i'm a registered host and would like to express my strong desire for the process to be styled so other host will not have undue barriers to their register thank you. >> next speaker mr. connor. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm tom o'connor president of the firefighters local 798 last
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year, we opposed the hers it was the wrong solution for the housing crisis now that the voters have spoken in support it is important to quote any hospitalized tilt that threatens short-term rentals from registering we support the short-term rentals and appreciate the office of short-term rentals on this issue hope you consider to style the process and bring host on behalf of board that helps everyone thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm matthew hotel a registered home sharer host it took any 6 months to get registered it was arduous through the e-mail and postal service if there is a reggie think that people with those
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kinds of things how arduous i'm glad to hear it is going battery but provide home sharing for anyone and it should be done immediately in terms of as soon as they put in an application they should be able to hoecht not waiting on a department the referring reserve all of fortune could shop us from having a home and the requests for a permit should remain in effect as long as the permit is in effect those easy kinds of applications make that better and in addition, we should not require the licenses to businesses to grow you can sell our business and the city limits our short-term rental to one
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permanent address. >> can't sell our home sharing business so it is not a business and you're not required for a roommate to register the business so there shouldn't be a discrimination against the short-term rental host in that regard a roommate situation is not going to work i remember supervisor your responsibility is current san franciscans not to future san franciscans that you want to entice to come here under the vail of other responsibilities but be here for us thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is a guy i'm a san francisco homeowner raised my to children in the city and now rent out my sons bedroom to help me cover the costs of
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sending my kids to college not cheap those days we're do not the income and renting out my sons bedroom i want to mention in my case i was a fair early applicant and took vantage of a night down the planning planning office we could come in and be seen and have our application processed i would like to mention one thing about airbnb and the other platforms we do rent our sons room in our home that counts as one listing but also, if we go away for a weekend or week we can rent out the entire week that is a separate listing so the residents exactly we're a resident in both cases and so this would be two different
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listing falls 20/20 categories on the website the number of 10 thousands i've heard is awfully inflated so many have allergies for the same property but may list the property on multiple website. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello supervisors my name is jerry i. live in ingleside district a member of about piper housing policy that is see in the november san francisco rotors and asian-americans in - they don't want extreme registrations on
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sullivan at an rentals the city should give their current laws a chance to work more san franciscans will registration from the city we put the politics to rest home sharing is the live line for many every shouldn't be making it harder for harking families to stay in the city they love i'm a renter i would like to have at freedom to share my home to legally- knowing to make it harder for us
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to stay in the city thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi my name is alfonso i appreciate the presentation and the issues you guys have brought this an important issue i've bang complaining to the city on my neighbor jennifer that used her property as a short-term rental illegally through this process 10 years i mean two years she's been renting her property illegally for 10 years i recorded to the city and county of san francisco tax collectors and record her to the irs i recorded her to other agencies today, i met up with inspector carlal at the city attorney's office to make my report i've been reporting on
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this issue it doesn't seem like any transaction by way of enforcement she's taken up 3 units for her short-term rental so i'd like to see more enforcement and i'd like to see more activity for people that are dissolution this illegally i support businesses if poem want to do rent-controlled units follow the law in this case the person got introduce the system and that bothered we great deal i'm pursuing this thank you. >> good afternoon i'm a short-term rental host rental i enjoy being a host sharing my home in any city with my guests when i reggie found the process difficult and the
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information was not consistent the people were - i was fluted and stopped the process later on with the help of other host i was able to finish i'm here to urge you to improve it by making this process easier and the information consistent with the paperwork and easy to understand thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> my name is juliann good afternoon. i want had to say that my husband and i who are sentencing with high medical expenses we do home sharing we share one room in a half bathroom house so we have had people from all over the world having said that, and delighted when we started to register we remember amongst the
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first one in february the first week in february and there was no department that anyone knew where the planning department on mission street we we were told that office was not open and found a gentleman on the main floor walk through and found out the office was open two days later please simplify the process we're proud to you remember register or register and plan the communication with the officers easy but beg you to please simplify the process and also to keep the privacy of the host in our case and my case i've been attacked a random attack of violations and incentive sensitive to give my you information to the public thank you very much. >> i want to call the next round
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(calling names). >> hi my name is esther i'm been host for two years and outer sunset short-term rental for me as been vital to pay medical bills of my husband and property tax i encourage the city hall to work as much on our part for all
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the host people and making the process easier i registration in april i cannot believe that after twice short-term rental law being approved by the supervisors being the benefited i see them still have to defend any right to rent my room a climate it didn't encourage people to go and register it seems like the rule is not clear their consistence interest is not safety on what is going to happen in the future if still about the short-term rental so i'm asking you to make a decision move forward collect
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the taxed and invest in in building affordable housing and does not - thank you very much supervisors in supporting short-term rentals it helped a lot of residents currently in san francisco where supervisors should focus thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everyone my name is lawrence gordon i reside in the sunny side part of san francisco in district 7 my husband and i are registered short-term rental home sharing of our spare bedroom on two years we're active in the home sharing community and vigorously campaign for the dispute of
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proposition 18 that passed almost one year until the legislation went into effect it is a disturbing fact there are less than a thousand registered short-term rentals of the thousands of listing on multiple rental platforms granted i believe that easier a gentleman mentioned that you really can equate the number of registers with the number of listings there could be multiple listing for one registered dwelling dwell but i'm kind of until a little bit in shock that the nukes have not yielded condone up significantly since the legislation went into effect in february i do agree to it the registration process can benefit from streamlining but my feeling is that really enough with that said, it is my belief
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that a purely driven complaint process needs this partnership of a hosting platform to be successful to me the allergies short-term rentals that don't have a registration number put the controls in place without the voold registration numbers and urge that the san francisco board of supervisors support that the requirement is that all platforms do not list short-term rentals unregistered thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, everyone i'm gabriella i'm here with the hispanic chamber of commerce in san francisco we want to tell you that latinos in san francisco we don't want more riejz on short-term rentals we are business owners we want to stay in san francisco and create more jobs if we stay in san francisco we can pay praifshgdz we wouldn't be able to stay in
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business we want to tell you no more restriction and help us stay in the beautiful city we love if you put more restrictions for us we won't be able to stay you know just having short-term rentals help us to pay our property tax on our mortgages a win-win situation for everyone thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is peter i represent the home sharing democratic club and home sharing of san francisco a community support group for the community over 2 thousand 200 members i'd like to emphasis two plugs today, the first is something that supervisor wiener mentioned this morning that's that when talking about the rate of registration we need to consider all the reasons and causes of why the registration rate is what it is during you leading up
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to the elections and at controversial over prop f a large hosts stayed away from the registration process wherever the officials say to the press that home sharing is responsible for the housing crisis that they're nothing but the legal hotels all over the city as the bad actors of examples in the inspire community the hosts that want to do the right thing will registration we know during we - the appointment can be made for registration process virtually the next day during the whole defeat after the election the rate was a month or two months we knew a huge drop off in the registration rates during the time the hosts are disparjd and after the election there was a huge surge in the process to we
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talk about where a host are not registering as a large number the second point is i want to acknowledge the great work the s t r and director guy making the process for styled we believe that he said a lot more, be done and home sharing want to work with guys office to make sure that we can give him the support and also the finally from the yours of how the process can be made more user friendly one example we would like to see the documents needed for the interview being able to be september to the office and vetted electronically for people to turn up and interesting to find that the documents don't fit what's required a lot of hosts take time off of
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work to find out that one, the documents is not strictly complies one easy way to the system can be styled thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisor campos. >> ca a quick clarifying .2200 members. >> that's correct over 2 thousand 200 members. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm michael clinic a short-term rental residential host no bernal height i wanted to make the point i've collaborated with peter quan as a volunteer on my own time not paid by anyone to help fellow hosts registration apply and registration and toil developed
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a thirty page power point presentation to help us registration and 3 workshops and two points tremendous continuing interest in the host community in registering our loose workshop in december there were over one attendees and but the second point is that the application process even though it has improved from kevin allergy it can continue to improve and the host are confused by the application process for instance, one confusing point that hosts don't understand a densities e difference between the tax verse our registration obligation to the planning department and then the continuing volume of hosts whether rirj
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registering will make them vulnerability to they're past activity and vulnerable to the procurement of their activity should the law change the final thing i want to add i know there will continue to be you know a big question the current law works but the current pipeline of backlogs we won't know in the current law is working thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is deborah i'm not a bad apple a good apple maybe a granny insight good apple i pied my taxed and come applied and spent my career in what is continuous business process improvements and system analysis and now changed
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management the cardinal rules of improving a business is map the current process i'm happy to see that director guy has started that secondly, map the ideal process and collect data on the business steps map the changes and continue to collect the data i'm encouraging the city not to make any further changes until you've collected qualified data we've seen a huge, huge example of the problem with that raw u right now whether supervisor campos talks about 10 thousand homes and the director talks about 5 thousand let's collect qualified data thank you for your time (clapping.) thank you. next speaker. >> my name is ashley i've lived in san francisco for 9
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years and a short-term rental hosted for the hoof i'm going to echo the last speakers and apply to the short-term rental office short-term rentals has lout me to stay in san francisco not have 3 jobs and the flexibility in my. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. thank you to the community members that helped to regulate i appreciate the presentation today the updates that issues and the other issues and small responses i registered last year and, yes there was improvement it was confusing and overly complicated give the validity of appoints for a working person is tough to take time off and easy for appointment in the evening when working people can attend i ask the city to make it the more
3:18 am
streamlined and easy the the easy hosts will registration thank you for your intentional support for san franciscans like me. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm a registered host in san francisco and part a of a founding member of the home sharing group we want a trade association to be in appliance and responsible host we'll do workshops and things like that to help i want to point out especially for supervisor campos that many of us have more than one listing and many of us have more than one platform i list my whole house and list the bedroom downstairs the rb o published on line and now their owned by other company they publish and while we have 7 or 8 hundred and
3:19 am
79 host recognized rent-controlled unit i urge you to track the number of hosting that will give you on a accurate count and another thing the process the short-term rental office is doing a good job to make it easier but the tax office needs to be included the ability to get a business license and the reporting requirement i have to pay takes on a monthly basis i hope i'm doing it correctly interpreting but they need to make the process easier and making sure that people are educated how to fill out thaurdz forms correctly and corporation amongst multiplied cities to make that implementation more effective i think the enforcement can use
3:20 am
more imagination and look at a blanket subpoena for others that have not yielded registration number and canceling them without occurring fees a sting operation a lot of creative things and suggest a task force be created that involves a lot of the shareholders and the home sharing will be happy to participate and how enforcement - >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi my name is joe i live in san francisco for 40 years i've been commuting before and after for thirty years to south bay and had a house in san francisco i want to join another platform but found out it is difficult so
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you have to report every month so i suggest you guys can simplify the process so we can quarterly report so xhovn for another platform thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisor campos and farrell thank you for your time and giving me the chance i appreciate your effort trying to make the city affordable for all citizens and the taxpayers i'm 40 years residents of san francisco 15 years residents of lower knob hill and property owner i have been i never thought i'd be happy to say that i took early retirement but i have to take
3:22 am
care of my elderly mother and rent a bedroom from central valley to san francisco general i'm unable to have a roommate so airbnb has i happen to use airbnb platform that allowed me to stay in the city take care of my mother and property tax and so forth i'm a registered herera the process i went through was somehow cumbersome but basically cumbersome because a thought previous folks mentions two-step process going to the take office and the short-term rental office leave people don't know that i was able to benefit from the hosting committee and my friend to allow me to know what you do
3:23 am
but it required two days of work people need to take time off of work that was not the case with me i had the luxurious of time and other people seven hundred there is listing information we can have so if there are tsf time i personally can volunteer and other people that da can definitely assist thank you. >> for the next speaker i'll call the remaining cards i have (calling names) actually there are more here
3:24 am
sorry. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. supervisors my name is linda i'm a 46 residents of san francisco and i securely live in the mission terrace neighborhood of district 11 i have just begun the process to become a registered home share i went online and learned how the rest of the world is viewing this i found the improvements have really, really improved the process i have now be able online to sign up for my business license i've also be able to sit down an appointment for january 22nd but i could have had an earlier appointment it sounds like a lot of the things wrong in the past cumbersome are being and the and
3:25 am
i'm very anxious this could happen within the next few weeks and months to set up a profile both my husband and i will travel in the spring i've been involved with the home sharer movement primarily my husband and i are nearing retirement angle and we're going to be living on a fixed income and as such we purposed the home 7 years ago we have a large mortgage and a lot of property tax we've fall both a category that we can't afford necessarily to do the things for our family and be out of town a grateful without income for this prompt my parents were in their 90s and 15 children and grandchildren they can't come to us that allows us if we do home sharing i've been pro-active i feel an
3:26 am
important way for zionist san franciscans to stay in the homes and have the flexibility they need to create the kind of rental environmentalist that serves them their families and hosts thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi my name is cecilia i want to give a lot of kudos doing the enforcement i'm a registered home sharer i use airbnb because airbnb pays the taxed for me so it is very convenient it took 4 months for me to get my permit i think that was could be improved there was no way to track why to take so long during the process i suggest that that process be improved as well
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but what i'm here to say i know enforcement will only work when the offender hurts their pocketbook you have to cbo after the offender by finding them otherwise they'll move around the mroormdz and try to get away with different kinds of listing under different names so i'll suggest that the office of enforcement do a booking in the future and give the address and phone call and cancel that booking and find the offender for even listing the booking without a permit so that's my suggestion to get - compliance and i don't think that the mroormdz are going to comply either i think the only
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way to get to get people to comply is get to the offender and find them. >> >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm lisa i'm in the mission and i'm a registered host in fact i have certificate number one it was a bit challenging but i did it i think the biggest problem was the questions on the forms didn't fit the short-term rental hosting situation anyway, i'm not going to waste a lot of time talking about the same thing people are brought up i agree that is a little bit disappoint that roughly 8 hundred nine hundred people only have registered but again, i share the suggestion that the process being made easier and
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anymore streamlined and so forth it would be nice actually, if those that are not registered would be listed that's the ideal situation for the sure how that comes about i want to mention i recently got filing requests from the short-term rental department requesting everyone, welcome. not names but check in and check out dates from february 1st when the ordinance went into effect until the ended of december and from now on quarterly that was a bit of a process but quarterly i would request that you identify specific dates as to when the filings need to be made will we get a permit an e-mail it is these kinds of things that will
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be helpful i'll encourage continuing to streamline the process and do as much enforcement as possible thanks. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. my name is a ray my wife and i are compliant rent-controlled unit host in san francisco owned our own businesses in the past using corporate environment the platform of the businesses we're familiar with the registration and the documentation process to so the registration process actually works very well so for us however, many hosts does not have this experience or this expertise and they can fine this kind of intimidating and daunting we're volunteered both with the planning department, dennis richard and offered airbnb registration workshops to
3:31 am
employ our free services we're still willing to join a task force airbnb has been involved and cooperative and supportive but supervisor campos where are the rest of the platforms why are they not on the official qualify treasurer's office website how many of their host are registered so i support supervisor campos in his effort to get the other platforms equally as involved with airbnb has we use all the sites our property is listed on all the sites and we had volunteered to those other sites to help them with this process and they told us they were not interested that was our purview our responsibility no summary we need to build a fire and get them to step up to the plate we
3:32 am
have a new law let's let it work maybe not the law at issue but the registration process i think i'm encouraged what we heard today and the process being made if any way we can help we'll be glad to do so thank you for your time. >> next speaker >> i'm keith freed man a member of the democratic club a professor another city college and i want to take my time to correct some of the numbers i understand the numbers are important to all the supervisors specifically mr. campos you've heard from a lot of the host those numbers are probable wrong many people are 2 or more listing oftentimes you'll have a listing for what the hosted is the spare room or sofa or one of my friends a separate i'll leave
3:33 am
it at that for you his kids bunk bed when you look at the 10 thousand for example that might recommend 25 hundred units even though this is 10 thousand individualizing aggregate other numbers you've heard the home sharer membership is 2200 that's the membership of a home sharer organization the democratic club as a chartered democratic club is much, much smaller the number of the registrations of those host are nearing 100 percent i want to make sure that people are quoting numbers to the press their quoting accurate numbers and as far as registration my number is 2155 e-mail two may
3:34 am
dates to type in and again everyone is using the correct numbers understanding the real scope of the problem helps people understand the better solutions to have thank you. >> next speaker >> jennifer the san francisco tenants union we have 6 thousand members so i'm here to remind you why enforcement happens and also to speak for tenants that are not recommended by the home sharers club in a city of 64 percent tenants last summary the tenant union was approached approached and the owner had two units on aaron illegally year-round the owner is a member of the home sharer club not registered and the tenants can't turn in the
3:35 am
landlord because of retaliation they wrote we found keys to our building on the sidewalk and the car gate was open we've stayed in hospitals they don't feel safe that's what you're home feels like i'd like to ask the decision maker from the strangers had keys to the building and left them on the situation and nothing you can do about it the tenants have hung on but pressure from the landlord to leave i suspect the tenants will be forced out and their recourse to talk about the airbnb activity in a wrongful eviction and make it for contemplation. >> lost their homes if proactive enforcement if unregistered hosts were not allot to profit on the website those attendants would in the 19
3:36 am
be in jeopardy so the - i also want to talk about last july the ordinance was all the time to take out nonprofits from the right of action even though housing groups had had it several the completed enforcement case that have been xrukd by the office of short-term rentals came up through evidence - >> hello supervisors i'm tony represent the senior sdrablth action the numbers are disturbing in terms of short-term rentals are out there and how many have been sound-proofed and gone through the registration process we've known we've lost in many neighborhoods lost many rental units and the people we represent the seniors and people with disabilities have been
3:37 am
3r0u67b8d effected by this this short-term rental platform business model that really has done much to hurt housing stabilization in terms of what we see on the ground in our organization it shows i believe the numbers from what i'd be able to gather one in 10 are actually registered is quite disturb and shows that much has to be done in terms of enforcing it seems to me that the platform of the platforms is to not be regulated and get it - away as much of non-regulation as possible in the current compliment in the city it is totally unacceptable thank you. >> next speaker >> teacher of the year is a
3:38 am
north beach tenants committee i want to say that i do not understand why these o these platforms are not held accountable and be more that would be helpful of helpful to the home sharer that showed up they have registered those are the ones that we have always supported but i and many of the people that i work with would not support the next door neighbors that are the realtors that continue to use a four unit building for short-term rentals and the man next door to him that's been doing short-term rentals for 15 years still continues to do that although he's been recorded in addition to this the reality none of those examples none of
3:39 am
these men will registration because not being their primary home one the realtor has another 6 unit building same thing s t r it is really upsetting this is indeed changing the neighborhood and if those platforms are continuing to be held unaccountable for what they are doing it means that this will continue neighborhoods will be destroyed because it is not the regular guy that is out there thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm roger wanting of the west of twin peaks council representing 20 hoa's in san francisco recently our designate told me about two houses in forest hill was was a party house every
3:40 am
friday night cops were called one is a youth hospital he will i submit that this is not the kickoff enforcement we need we need vigorous enforcement of the current law to prevent those kinds of abuses i think the mroormdz and the city should work with my organization and with the other hoa's in enforcement mechanisms and in crafting possible an amendment to the current legislation for example, in the yes examiner one possibility a would be to require prove that the homeowners associations do violate any of the homeowner association i think this is a step in the right direction to preserve the character of western san francisco and rps
3:41 am
urge you to consider those amendments along those lines thank you. >> hello my name is we happened i've lived in san francisco for 26 years i've been a home share for two years and hosted and host in the summaries and on school holiday registration because i've been a business owner for 10 years was pretty simple and easy but i was there at the beginning but last year people were still afraid to register and prop f people thought i'll not do this but last year is kind of a wash i think that people once they know they can count open our government to see this is the law this is wasn't you no idea to do and register i think they'll do the people are afraid those that have been - haven't
3:42 am
register there be penalize they're on the fence about registering one suggestion to help to register do more evening onsite group registration more of that in the evening and give those people a grazed period if you don't registration by you know february or march or whatever it is we're going to inflict fines but people that are afraid to because they've been doing it without remedying give them a grace period and suggest partnering with the home sharers they're a wealth of information and help you to streamline this whole process i survive in this city with any airbnb income i'm so grateful we have the law to continue to do it and that i can stay in the
3:43 am
city that i've been in and love for 26 years thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi i'm available to answer any questions you may have is emily the previous speaker took away everything i wanted to say so i'll have to do something else one of the problems i've seen is that we should not gage who the law has worked from the time it was instituted last february basically, it as we've made huge process the registration process has become i think financially much easier i my particular retention was held up because because of a -
3:44 am
was not aware of was that i had made i was doing short-term rentals last year for more than 90 days i therefore must have evicted someone that is my home it was just totally serious that obviously the public is not informed enough they thought if i've done it for more than 90 days i was breaking the law and thank you very much for working on this the uncertainty and the confusion last year were awful but we've made huge process thank you. >> next speaker >> my name is jennifer and i'm
3:45 am
a hoot on airbnb i only use that platform i have a 3 bedroom beautiful condo in the marina and rent 2 bedrooms i think this has been a fanatic experience all the way i've met the most wonderful people and it changed my life and helped to pay my mortgage my huge takes that has increased and i on the registration process has been difficult i registered last april and paid my dues it has been a process and still say, i go to the tax office they send me to the planning department and you have to go to other office they're closed or at lunch anyway, i'm registered the forms are more difficult and ask too much questions and the process would be much easier if
3:46 am
someone could be there and there and help you to the process not more than an hour but instead of your spent here and there i don't want my name to be out there if i'm paying all my taxes i'm registered and i am known by the government i think that's all you need to do i don't think my neighbors should know that whatever anyway, i keep is quiet and respect those people's privacy and other people have receptionist mine too thank you very much. >> thank you very much i have a few more cards (calling names) those are all the cards i have
3:47 am
so if anyone want to speak please line up come on up and speak. >> hi there i pay my taxes airbnb days and analysisic report on the ann that company reports 9 had and 85 over airbnb 5 thousand were occupied at some point during that most by airbnb own numbers they collected $85 million in revenue last year and there's will one million dollars in revenue collected in illegal and unregistered short-term rentals listing that's 4 hundred and 5 thousand dollars in pencils one half of one percent of illegal revenues collected since february of last year in this city now it is 90 percent of the drivers on the road didn't have driver's license you think
3:48 am
you'll have a problem or subscribe to the idea grouping in this city doss a shortage of housing you have a categorized kiss but this in some neighborhoods 25 percent of all available listings at any time are short-term rentals that is a crisis and this modesty airbnb and home away and now trip advisors are making fools of this board you've heard over and over from this planning department staff how to make the law enforceable and requires us - one thing i've not heard about registration one big piece but the board last year put the planning department in an impossible position of patrolling when people sleep in their own homes to enforce this law i spoke out it was
3:49 am
unworkable and so did the planning department and i'd like to hear albeit how their endorsing that law you passed last year. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. supervisors testing wellborn with the d 5 action super bowl is coming up how is the office of short-term rentals going after listing that people are putting up to collect some 20 to thirty thousand short-term rentals so then in the next come up of weeks i attended the hearings also for 40 pollutant street the 3 units that have been rented out for 23 years there are were numerous complaints she was never found and never fined anything and now she's been for another
3:50 am
year without being fined anything you need to look at how you can go about going after people that are currently in violation from 12 hundred or 1400s members of the home sharers club are in violation how about in collect on the people who for 23 years or more were doing short-term rentals that were illegal thirty days e.r. less in san francisco i've heard we have a budget problem well, here's one of the source of money yes. you might do a paternal amnesty as you use a short-term rental airbnb new york did it the city attorney has told the office of short-term rentals dodo any feinstein until your completed the process how soon whether the law is enforced in san francisco fine them now don't wait for
3:51 am
enforcement go over the people now that are breaking the law and ask people check up on people to continue to comply thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon. i'm barbara a resident in noah valley i'm a home sharer i started with i lost any job and started back to school and hosting has been basically my lifeline of keeping me afloat awhile i go back to school i'm a legally registered host i primary do it when i'm mr. there i take out the garbage and have rules how guests should behave i've learned a complaint is filed against me but i have a
3:52 am
feeling i know who it was filed in mid-accountant october in the run up of the property f a neighbor made it cleavers hostile to home sharing without going into the details any request for the supervisors to be mindful the compliment it has created with the amendments and changes to the what are you people shouldn't feel something to gain by spying on neighbors and filing spurus complaints thank you. >> nancy pelosi. >> yes. handsome i'm david a proud home sharer and a member of the democratic club and live in richmond that helps me to stay in the city sharing my home with two kids and people from around the world visit them and
3:53 am
grandparent can have a plays place to live a lot of talk around the current people are sharing their home and prop f failed i want to make a suggestion for new registrants i think that is unreasonable for people to jump to the hoops if they've not tried home sharing it is important to give people a grace period 15 e.r. thirty days without a registered permit if they like it go though the motions of being registered they need to abide by the laws in terms of a fire extinguisher but it makes sense to let people to see the benefits and not carried they're doing to illegally please consider a grace period in place. >> thank you very much. is
3:54 am
there any additional public comment on item number 2? seeing none, public comment is closed >> i want to thank first of all, mr. guy as the office of short-term rentals for the presentation today and for the work you done over the loose nearly a year to get the office up and returning and increase the enforcement a lot of work still to do but we're making process and as i said at the outset important to give the law a chance to work if it didn't work we have the option of making changes but it is still quite early in terms of not even a year after the effect of the original law and about 6 months since we've made additional changes and created the office of the short-term rentals and
3:55 am
increased the if it please the court for enforcement so this is very you feel information both for us and for members of the public and i look forward to continuing those quarterly hearings and so i ask for supervisor campos speak or anyone else that want to i'll entertain a motion to i'd like to entertain a motion to the call of the chair. >> thank you, mr. chair i want to say that you know the more you learn about what the process of short-term rentals is doing are not doing the more it is equivalent that the exist law is not working and enforcement is certainly not meeting even basic standards of acceptable by airbnb's own numbers you're talking about more 5 thousand listing they're half of the industry and more than 10 thousand listing it ever this office of
3:56 am
short-term rentals was created months ago you still have less than 10 percent of the listing where the units are repgd so more than 90 percent of non-compliance from the d barbecue came to the agency and said we are very proud of work more than 90 messenger percent of the drivers in the state of california have no licenses i don't think it would give them a passing grade and even if you take their own presentation they were created the office of short-term rentals were created months ago and it just a few days ago they sent a letter to the platforms asking for the information it would be useful for them to enforce so how many months does that take mr. guy and his staff to inventing send out a letter i
3:57 am
want to note earlier today, i asked for any employee of any platform in the room andhere was an employee from ann that was in the room and as and was making the announcement stepped out of the room i actually shred if 33 she worked for ann and asked if emphasis e she was in the room for a representative for a platform she said, yes if that's the way that airbnb or any platform approaches this i'm motivational of hopeful we'll get a meaningful process this is not something where employees of a platform should be running away from this issue to the temporary you try to doing everything we can to help the city let's see if they respond to this request and i'll he said this is specifically
3:58 am
addressed to the home sharers of san francisco according to the office of short-term rentals 8 hundred and 79 registrations 8 hundred and 79 rent-controlled unit hosts overseeing home sharers of san francisco bans what period of time quan indicated those stated they are more than 2 thousand members 2 thousand 200 members they said now it or if this organization is really condominium to helping the city comply how about a very novel idea all members of the public members to register if you actually had every one of those 2 thousand 200 members our boosting will be rerjdz with the city the number of registrations that the city has almost 3 times where we are today so have
3:59 am
kreblth when you come and boast about our membership make sure that every one of our members is following the modere than 60 percent of the members members is breaking the law it is hard to have credibility when you have that kind of record. >> thank you supervisor campos i will say we did we always have a standing niefths for the platforms to be here and participate in the hearings we can't force them to come but standing invitation i don't know who ann employee was i don't think it was helpful to embrace an employee of a home sharing platform maybe a junior person
4:00 am
or someone watching and come to the microphone they're not authorized to do so but we open up the platform so with that, i'm i'd like to entertain a motion to continue item 2 to the call of the chair we'll take that without objection. that will be the order thank you. >> can i have a minute to a respond. >> the item is over but thank you very much okay madam clerk item 3. >> item 3 for the erupted neighborhood impacts and the transportation issues and time impacts and safety plans for the associated with super bowl 50 including any market street enclosures around muni overhead worries. >> supervisor kim is along with supervisor cohen is the author so supervisor kim.
4:01 am
>> thank you this is a tuitions of a hearing that supervisor cohen and i called in december to present the cost of the super bowl efforts that will take place later this month and gives us an opportunity for the host committee to present to the board of supervisors for the first time and give details of this event to members of the public and members of this board. >> first of all, i should emphasis i think i speak for the entire board we are existed that san francisco is hosting super bowl 50 and existed for the benefits to many of the small businesses our hotels and tourist industry and the football fans in the bay area we know that san francisco, california throw amazing parties that is why is many exists want to host but make sure that our residents that live here are
4:02 am
workers that work here continue to go about their day and evenings as they would in a timely fashion understanding a major event in san francisco and some inconveniences we can do this safely and as much as possible accommodate their needs dollar a number of issues that came up from the community stand point i will ask today but today's hearing it get a followup presentation from sfmta and sfpd to talk about the cost of the events i know this has been an ongoing discussion between the board of supervisors and the mayors certainly in the media and in the public we were disappointed that we were not able to get the numbers last month given the event is quickly approaching in the next couple of weeks i think as it sustains
4:03 am
a longer-term because of events in san franciscohat it means to create a uniform standard whether nonprofits organizations for events like pride parade and data breakers and other abates what's the costs that get - one is picked up by the city we'll hear more about the additional muni and the over time with the sfpd a permit that maybe need to be pulled and deal with events in san francisco i know our hearing was longer than expected i'll cut my comments to hear from the department and members of the public i know we have a number of
4:04 am
department here today i believe we have first on the rosters sfpd and i believe captain tim here is presenting on behalf of sfpd thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> before i go i wanted to make a few comments and thank you, supervisor kim for reconvening this hearing for information and thank you to the department that have done a bunch of work so i first of all, i share supervisor kim's excitement we are hosting the super bowl in the bay area we know that from the experience of other cities hosting the super bowl is a big deal when the super bowl comes to town in terms of the economic impact and in terms of the implosion of tax revenues and the jobs that are created included any union jobs
4:05 am
we see it already in terms of of hotels and our restaurants and small businesses will be doing extremely well the reason is because the super bowl is coming to the bay area we're doing major events in the form of the super bowl village here in san francisco this that is bringing people into the city we're patrons our folks and generating the tax revenue not like other events speculation about optimism bringing in revenue we know first page tangible proven experience it does spike tax revenue and helps local businesses and will do here first of all, thank the small business host committee that is not the nfl not corporations
4:06 am
which is a nonprofit group of people that will going around raising something like that $50 million in private money to fund the office space super bowl village and give grants to nonprofits in san francisco and other parts of bay area in terms of cost recovery this is a legitimate conversation to have a lot of views on all sides this is fib i'm glad we're having a public conversation about this i think in having this conversation it is incredibly important that we provide the public is accurate information and not in any way mislead the public in terms of what this is and isn't we've heard statements in the press i know that supervisor kim and i had a conversation the super bowl village is not a private corporate pirate 100 percent open to the public this is being
4:07 am
fund by the host committee through the money that it is raised i think this is important we talk about cost recovery we can always have a conversation about large events in san francisco whether the super bowl or pride or new year's or data breakers whether or not nonprofit or otherwise major events about cost recovery but it is not the kinds that the city typically recovers all of the costs into effect what you look at major outdoor events inform to if so rare that the city recovers all its costs the pride parade or other events they pay for security but they don't pay for the full cost of a large eventn terms of the need of the police or muni or what have you there's a suggestion
4:08 am
that the super bowl it getting some sort of or the host committee is getting a special treatment it is different at pride or other events are paying what the costs by the host committee is left off the hook that those not accurate what is happening not consistent with the way the city approaches many, many large events that come to the city that are sometimes disruptive because for traffic or whatever but that have huge benefits for t city economically in terms of the culture so let's have the conversation about costs whether there should be cost recovery and i think it is incredibly important we be accurate and precisely and the fact we're putting out to the public as we have this conversation supervisor kim. >> thank you and i should clarify i brought up the parade
4:09 am
like chinese new year and pride i agree with supervisor wiener we get the best estimates but the city supplements on top of that the super bowl host committee is not pagan any of the fees from pd are other services we're treating the host committee different from the nonprofit abatentities hiring w are we treating certain entities different i heard it is unfair they're charged for maybe 50 or 80 percent of cost recovery we all acknowledge that number one, the entities pay 100 percent and the super bowl committee raised $50 million is not pagan for any of the cost recovery fees on behalf of the city that is more of the question if we're going
4:10 am
to treat one entity - question should treat all the entities never mind of how we make sure that is a process for cost recovery here in san francisco i think we can differentiate even if it is a nonprofit intermediate through super bowl 50 there's a difference 24/7 pride and the new year's a market party for a corporation is a nonprofit organization. >> supervisor. >> thank you, mr. chair i want to join supervisor wiener in congratulating the host
4:11 am
committee in raising $50 million throughout the bower is no small tax in excess of $12 million to local nonprofits is a heroic effort i'm looking forward to this hearing phil in on land use committee as someone that fought to have the super bowl come to san francisco i'm personally existed have the game not only in the bay area but all in san francisco having traveled to a few super bowls over the past decades but an important point more than anything san francisco has be lshtd a sports town whether rotating for the 49ers i can't tell you decades griping
4:12 am
watching the 49ers watching them play and the sense of community that brought our city together when we won the super bowls when the city honked their horns we don't see that very much in san francisco and over the past foe years the giants have catered us to championships and the worries and as we welcome the warriors to our town in the next few years to me someone that didn't think san francisco is a sports on is from a different planet it brings our city together and especially politically we need things that bring our city together across age and gender and any fascination affiliation
4:13 am
i want to thank everyone from the host committee from the departments and sfpd for all the work getting ready and the rest i'll save my comments for later. >> next. >> good afternoon if it's okay. i'll use this please approach the podium advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. is very excited to have this event by the public safety services that are needed and we were asked to provide the serves as we expect large crowds and that raise public safety concerns some other events that supervisors mentioned pride and chinese new year parade we look at those for the staffing model and the crowd estimates so for example, i look at super bowl
4:14 am
city the same footprint as new year's eave so our fiscal division worked on a cost estimate we providing service for public safety for this for the market street and other event is about the one within and one $.5 million over and over those are the 2014 world series the 2015 fleet week and pride parade we're confident we'll be able to provide those services within the current budget additionally we've been asked to provide police services for private entities throwing parties identify been working with the office i don't want to put out pubically where a lot of those events are but one and $6,000 services signed up by the
4:15 am
private vendors one venue throwing 3 negligence and a large concert in the city and there was some question raised previously about whether the deposits were made and what not 4 of those events are venues where we have exist we ask for a 50 percent deposit and those vendors we've asked for the 50 percent deposit they've agreed we expect that to come shortly and remaining will be something that is built monthly let's see one question i've been asked how long about it take to collect the 10 b we have to determine the hours that generates an annoys we expect the 10 b office to collect all the fees by the
4:16 am
end of march and he additionally, there are. >> captain a i'm sorry, i heard you wanted to answer the question about weather the question was the deposit was made. >> as of friday we've agreed to provide the deposit we're getting contact from people that are ready to host the venue those amendments are coming in last friday we sat down with the motors that will be doing an event and a quote so we're expecting the deposits before the event. >> this is normally 15 percent. >> 50. >> 50 i miss heard you 50. >> some of the events were places we have events relaying and higher the 10 b and at the point a monthly annoys. >> thank you.
4:17 am
>> as we get more activities we'll increase that. >> do you have an estimates store the 10 b program operate from the $1.5 million the cost of city and the number as far as people that signed up for the 10 b-1 and $6,000 and roughly ball park 4 three to $49,000 there's aned minute charge. >> so the city will put in one million dollars to 1.5 and stewardship services and the super bowl 50 committee will be paying one and $6,000. >> it's not the super bowl host but other entities that are hosting events that requested the services. >> i see so the super bowl host committee is not pagan for
4:18 am
additional beat officers for the program throughout the week. >> not at this time. >> thank you very much. >> any questions. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, mr. chair just a quick question i'd like to ask this for all the departments as someone that chaired the budget committee we've talked about this you mentioned having it throughout your exist budget so it is true to say this was approved last year amazing through the board of supervisors the budget is included the budget at super bowl. >> many large events we anticipate o events and included that in the request and approved by the board. >> is there a - as i mentioned we have large events in san francisco some are completely free to the public some have
4:19 am
requested donations to enter and some data breaker are you with the large outdoor events where the police department explosives 100 percent of cost recovery to focus the law enforcement resources. >> as far as the free and open to the public no i believe data breakers comes close they charge to race that one is closed but the others new year's eave and pride and they hire 10 officers. >> they do. >> i'm going to speculate not only in the police department but speculate there are quite a few police officer service calls apple data breakers. >> you would be correct, sir. >> and in terms of i'm talking about broader police service not
4:20 am
specifically providing security inside the event but police services connected does data breakers pay the police department for all its cost. >> not for those but calls into the night after the event is over the parties continue other there are alcohol related issued after those and welling we take care of the services. >> thank you very much. >> mr. chair just to be clear about the events the super bowl is wrapped up in one umbrella the game is happening in santa clara we're talking about a few things one a completely free open to the public super bowl city that the host has to pay for 100 percent and we're talking about the splpd costs on top of that the splpd may incur
4:21 am
and talking about the nfl in the moscone center a paid ticketed event i believe that is smaller disclose or not disclose volume $20 to the public but the 10 b things you're talking about different parties at different local based companies a group of buds greeting together and hire 10 officers. >> they'll host a dinner and ask the police officer for a promoter having a venue concerns of public safety and they will contact they've contact us for some of the sequesters and asked to have them staff the officers to pay the 10 b. >> it is important to distinguish some people said this is a private events for corporations percentage kind of flees the city for police costs the police co-defendants or
4:22 am
costs whoever absorb are 100 percent free for 100 percent paid for by the host and the private entities are paying for 10 b officers. >> that's correct. >> thanks. >> supervisor kim. >> just one more question again, i'm glad those questions are raised again, we want to at least for me make sure that we're being consisting consist do you know how much we charge an event like data breakers or chinese new year. >> we don't charge i believe we. >> they don't do any 10 b officers. >> cultural fended within the operational events. >> they don't do any additional 10 b. >> i don't know of any myself. >> okay. >> you don't have of any are certain.
4:23 am
>> i have to check enroll. >> for an event like data breakers how much gets charged. >> the 10 b rate for the officers overflow room time is charged for all the people that with the race courses open during that part of the day. >> do you have an estimate how much that is been for a one-day event. >> not that particular event only those opened for the public we were not charged 10 b i can find out. >> that is a distinguish pharynx like free sfpd didn't charge for 10 b officers. >> but when it requires the registration or a ticketing fee you require 10 b program. >> well, we're looking at not just inside the venue story the public safety we're providing we
4:24 am
know if you draw a crowd we'll have to police that for example, super bowl city we're not just putting officers inside the venue but on the immediate perimeter be a highly visible presence. >> that's in the the 10 b program; right? i'm asking about when we ask the entities to pay generally how much when we decide to ask to pay and when we don't. >> i'm sorry refrays that. >> it is great to actually know the services that sfpd will be providing to super bowl 50 but that's not my question i'm trying to said how and when sfpd determined when to charge for the 10 b program and how much it costs for events. >> all to get back on the criteria for the state when
4:25 am
people apply for certain things rode enclosures f near piers we will ask 10 b to supplement. >> will the host committee be paying for the rereputing on e reputing on market street. >> you'll ask for the paying all new year's eave party we absorb that. >> we don't have an entity drawing the new year's event. >> it's the city that is throwing the events that's different we're we're hosting we don't have anyone to charge but ourselves so we're dissolution the road changes and groceries it is happening for the super bowl city ; right? and so normally you're saying those cases we charge for
4:26 am
cops to be out there for traffic rereputing. >> not for out and open events by 10 b hiring this will draw a large crowd we'll come and provided for the public safety we're not charging 10 b at this point. >> i think i misunderstood you in the beginning i asked had you normally charge for 10 b it is one way sometimes, we reroute the traffic. >> sometimes in the permit they issue permits we'll say and you must contact sfpd sometimes is it comes from the planning commission in the process. >> okay. so in this case to issue these traffic route
4:27 am
chang changes. >> i guess mta i can't speak for them. >> okay. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, captain. >> does the police department charge cost recovery for example, when we hopefully, will have many more world series parades. >> no that's why this is one of the example the world series playoffs. >> the city absorbs that. >> for the chinese new year's prayed does the police department get cost recovery for an event does the police department get cost recovery from the chinese new year prayed and not that i know of. >> and similar large events along the fema theme of accurate information to the public and
4:28 am
not leaving the public to building this is some sort of aberration but large days that are happening but not the case that the police department i think the same is true for rerouting for mta achieving other cost recovery for fence or close to cost recovery and given special treatment to the host committee not the case thank you, captain. >> so next, we have sfmta i see tom maguire i believe candice here as well to speak on the cost estimate that will be absorbed by sfmta on behalf of this event. >> thank you for having us back to talk about the outstanding questions i want to cover two things first of all,
4:29 am
details about the transportation plan that you asked about as well as the details about the cost estimate i'm joined today by candice the communication director and transit operation that will help fill if, if you have questions. >> last time our objective during super bowl week is to keep the city save and moving we want to make sure that everyone that live and works will get to school with minimal disruption and over one million emotional visitors are able to get safely around town without a car the plan we've developed a a partnership with sfmta and muni but on regional transit partners as well and again those are events not new big public events
4:30 am
in san francisco we've talked about pride and chinese world series they have a track record in keeping the traffic moving i'll talk about the transit plan the super bowl city on market street and the nfl moscone center are 9 days events the transportation changes will start sooner than the first day january 23rd and continuing after super bowl until roughly february 12th changes to the muni network downtown because of the importance of getting this right the amount of time that the event will be taking place we put together an entirely transit schedule for this period that means that live information about the next bus and realtime arrivals will be available on their phones as the ryan w'


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