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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 18, 2016 1:15pm-1:31pm PST

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the police co-defendants or costs whoever absorb are 100 percent free for 100 percent paid for by the host and the private entities are paying for 10 b officers. >> that's correct. >> thanks. >> supervisor kim. >> just one more question again, i'm glad those questions are raised again, we want to at least for me make sure that we're being consisting consist do you know how much we charge an event like data breakers or chinese new year. >> we don't charge i believe we. >> they don't do any 10 b officers. >> cultural fended within the operational events. >> they don't do any additional 10 b. >> i don't know of any myself. >> okay. >> you don't have of any are
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certain. >> i have to check enroll. >> for an event like data breakers how much gets charged. >> the 10 b rate for the officers overflow room time is charged for all the people that with the race courses open during that part of the day. >> do you have an estimate how much that is been for a one-day event. >> not that particular event only those opened for the public we were not charged 10 b i can find out. >> that is a distinguish pharynx like free sfpd didn't charge for 10 b officers. >> but when it requires the registration or a ticketing fee you require 10 b program. >> well, we're looking at not just inside the venue story the
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public safety we're providing we know if you draw a crowd we'll have to police that for example, super bowl city we're not just putting officers inside the venue but on the immediate perimeter be a highly visible presence. >> that's in the the 10 b program; right? i'm asking about when we ask the entities to pay generally how much when we decide to ask to pay and when we don't. >> i'm sorry refrays that. >> it is great to actually know the services that sfpd will be providing to super bowl 50 but that's not my question i'm trying to said how and when sfpd determined when to charge for the 10 b program and how much it costs for events. >> all to get back on the
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criteria for the state when people apply for certain things rode enclosures f near piers we will ask 10 b to supplement. >> will the host committee be paying for the rereputing on e reputing on market street. >> you'll ask for the paying all new year's eave party we absorb that. >> we don't have an entity drawing the new year's event. >> it's the city that is throwing the events that's different we're we're hosting we don't have anyone to charge but ourselves so we're dissolution the road changes and groceries it is happening for the super bowl city ; right? and so normally you're
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saying those cases we charge for cops to be out there for traffic rereputing. >> not for out and open events by 10 b hiring this will draw a large crowd we'll come and provided for the public safety we're not charging 10 b at this point. >> i think i misunderstood you in the beginning i asked had you normally charge for 10 b it is one way sometimes, we reroute the traffic. >> sometimes in the permit they issue permits we'll say and you must contact sfpd sometimes is it comes from the planning commission in the process. >> okay. so in this case to
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issue these traffic route chang changes. >> i guess mta i can't speak for them. >> okay. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, captain. >> does the police department charge cost recovery for example, when we hopefully, will have many more world series parades. >> no that's why this is one of the example the world series playoffs. >> the city absorbs that. >> for the chinese new year's prayed does the police department get cost recovery for an event does the police department get cost recovery from the chinese new year prayed and not that i know of. >> and similar large events along the fema theme of accurate
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information to the public and not leaving the public to building this is some sort of aberration but large days that are happening but not the case that the police department i think the same is true for rerouting for mta achieving other cost recovery for fence or close to cost recovery and given special treatment to the host committee not the case thank you, captain. >> so next, we have sfmta i see tom maguire i believe candice here as well to speak on the cost estimate that will be absorbed by sfmta on behalf of this event. >> thank you for having us back to talk about the outstanding questions i want to
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cover two things first of all, details about the transportation plan that you asked about as well as the details about the cost estimate i'm joined today by candice the communication director and transit operation that will help fill if, if you have questions. >> last time our objective during super bowl week is to keep the city save and moving we want to make sure that everyone that live and works will get to school with minimal disruption and over one million emotional visitors are able to get safely around town without a car the plan we've developed a a partnership with sfmta and muni but on regional transit partners as well and again those are
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events not new big public events in san francisco we've talked about pride and chinese world series they have a track record in keeping the traffic moving i'll talk about the transit plan the super bowl city on market street and the nfl moscone center are 9 days events the transportation changes will start sooner than the first day january 23rd and continuing after super bowl until roughly february 12th changes to the muni network downtown because of the importance of getting this right the amount of time that the event will be taking place we put together an entirely transit schedule for this period that means that live information about the next bus and realtime arrivals will be available on their phones as the ryan white's
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changes the live information for the customer will be accurate a couple of other important things the early night time shut down will be night time shut down and only the e line will continue to the ferry building and establish a transfer point where passengers get off the f line or on an f line bus to the castro and more bus service on the f line than the historic cars and audio service to a few targeted places most importantly on the nights night time concerts in and around downtown you'll have the additional service to make sure that people get home quickly and easily on the subway
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and detours to the 3 and 31 we will stop a little bit short of their terminal but the remaining bus terminals stop within their terminal downtown and an alternative and most importantly you'll see this enhancing the service and trying to improve the confection we'll continue to run reliable service to every neighborhood in the city the changes to downtown to make the busses turning will insure that the san franciscans will continue to rely on muni during the super bowl week we talked abolast time there wi increased traffic absolutely in our coming to downtown and
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spiral leave our car home make sure that everything is moving safely and smoothly we'll have every single weekend 92 parking control officers working downtown making sure the are safe and particularly targeting the behaves that congestion congest the street block the box will not, responder to to make sure that muni is moving and finally you asked for details about the costs so here is a detailed overview i think that will cost mta $2.3 million that is a little bit different than this the nukes you may have seen a, week or so we continue to define those for the most up
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to date so approximately $1.2 million update that for the cost estimates the $2.3 million is breakdown is the increased muni service the additional buses and operators that will be paying for not only bring people into downtown but maintain the reliability of every neighborhood in the city $700,000 for parking control officers who have both congestion and safety roll in and around downtown and a little bit left turn $200,000 for consumption to the customers that's an important part to make sure that everyone that needs to use the system whether their driving or riding menu muni or a bike for the materials online and the physical ambassadors on the buses to get to every muni rider and again as the previous
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speaker said the super bowl is a large events one of the many special events we put on each year in san francisco part of our budget there are over 1400 block parties to farmer's market to data breakers and downtown parades we put on every year and over budget is designed for us to be able to absorb those large open to the public events for us to not just absorb the costs but absorb the costs with good services for people to get around safely to the events. >> tom maguire is rerouting is that fall flashlights muni services line item. >> yes. and you know at $1.3 million for the muni services do you have an precipitation how that breakdown
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to the increased summoning service for the cost of i'll guessed in small apportions because of the bus driving slightly different reputes do you is a sense. >> i'll ask my colleagues to help out with the question. >> hi jeff in the transit operation all increased service costs the detours we're rerouting the schedules and keeping them in their same time limits the cost to reroute is part of the regular part of business. >> so approximately almost 60 percent of costs to mta is increased muni service >> that's right. >> so more buses and light rail vehicles more capacity for people to get around as an
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enormous amount of people coming into the city. >> that's correct more capacity and reliability. >> can you think of any other situation where - let's say you have some sort of events that is bringing a huge number of people we'll shop in the restaurants and drink in the boars and stay in the hotels a he'll tax pay muni fairs pay etc., ect, etc. any other situations you have an entity or event bring an enormous amount of people where muni needs to increase bus service so for people to get into the vehicles where mta says you have to pay for the costs of increased service in san francisco those lions i assume a number of different lines that reaches different par


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