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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 12016  SFGTV  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> good morn everybody, welcome to san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee meeting for january, 20, 2016. i am mark farrell. i am joined by tang and scott wiener who is in replacement of eric mar. i want to thank jim smith and [inaudible] from sfgtv >> please silence cell phones and electronic devices. [inaudible] be included as part of the file should be submit today the clerk. items will appear on the january 26 board of supervisor agenda unless otherwise stated >> thank you. colleagues and members of the public we have 19 items
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so we'll do our best to get through them in a exbuditious manner >> item 1 is resolution reto actively authorizing department of the environment to accept a grant in the mount of approximately 6.9 million from the cpuc [inaudible] continue energy use and demand reduction through [inaudible] >> great, we have department of environment to speak >> jessie denver, the san francisco department of the environment energy program manager and here today to encourage you to approve this request to accept 6.93 million dollars from the cpuc through pg & e and continue the [inaudible] of energy efficiency upgrade. since 2003 the san francisco energy watch program which
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provides free watch [inaudible] other efficiency service to multiple sectors throughout our community has enabled energy efficiency upgrades that have released over 40 million dollars in rebate incentives through this program. in 2015 we helped the commercial sector small and medium business and multifamily sectors take advantage of over 2 million dollars in rebates providing a valuable community service to building owners throughout san francisco. in fact, we were so successful last year we were all most 110 percent of the energy reduction goal. we encourage you to approve the request so we can continue the valuable community surfbs throughout san francisco and continue reduce energy consemption. .
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>> great, thank you very much. seeing no questions we'll open to public comment. anybody wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> chair, i would like to make a motion to forward the resolution with positive recommendation to full board >> motion by supervisor tang and second by wiener, we can take that without objection. item 2, please >> item 2 is ordinance amending the administrative code to require prevailing wages be paid for broadcast service on city property >> the item is sponsored by supervisor wiener >> thank you very much. colleagues today is legislation that i'm author to establish a prevailing wage requirement for broadcast services occurring on city property. our prevailing wage ordinance is incredibly important in expressing our values as a city
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and particularly that we prioritize making sure that people are paid not just living wages, but wages that allow them to survive in san francisco. the city is so expensive and want people of all economic levels, working class and middle class to live here and make sure people are are not paid poverty wages and the prevailing wage is our way of expressing that value and making sure in certain context whether when you contract with the city or do certain types of work on city property you pay your workers a fair and reasonable wage. today we are expanding our prevailing wage requirement to broadcast service on city property and i want to thank [inaudible] 119 for working with us on this legislation [inaudible] broadcast sunchss
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include the work required to electronically capture events such as sporting events, commercial event, concerts and other similar event for broadcast use typically on television or cable. the legislation focuses on commercial activities and exempts smaller neighborhood and not for profit events. first i would like to call up dan nickel son from local 119 to provide context for the legislation and then i want to describe a minor amendment i am making and then we can go to public comment. >> thank you supervisor wiener and everyone here today. on behalf of local 119 we currently do warriors and a's and shark jz put on the broadcast that continue throughout the bay area as well as sacramento. we are happy to do that scope of work and look
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forward continuing in other jobs that come along. we are a part of superbowl 50 and with americas cup in the past we would like to continue work wg the city of san francisco and through the livable wage the members do and those that come from the city be a part of >> thank you. dona love utis here if there are questions. i did distribute a non substantive amendment to clarify one of the exempts which has to do with smaller events and it makes it clear where multiple people are involved in the broadcast work and after public comment i will move that. i suggest we open public comment >> anybody wish to speak on item 2? >> good morning budget and finance.
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[singing]. hit it with your best shot, why don't you hit it with your best city shot, budget and finance fire away. and i can see budget clearly now the rain has gone. i can see all budget obstacles in my way. gone all the dark clouds that has be blind, it's gonna be a bright, bright sun city day. >> thank you very much. anyone else wish to comment on item 2? seeing none public comment is closed. thank you supervisor wiener for bringing this forward and would like to be a cosponsor on this item >> thank you mr. chairman, i appreciate the cosponsorship. first i move we adopt the amendment i distributed and described >> second >> motion by supervisor wiener
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and second by supervisor tang, take that without objection and >> move to full board of supervisors with positive recommendation. >> we can do the same. >> thank you >> madam clerk can you call item 3 >> a russian lose authorizing the mayors office of housing and community development to [inaudible] in the amount of 3 million [inaudible] and [inaudible] projects eligible under the department of mob nob located within the boundaries of soma >> thank you . >> good morning, supervisors claudine [inaudible] with mayors office of housing and community development and here to seek approval for the resolution which authorizes [inaudible] spend 3 million from the south of market soma commune tastabilization fund to provide [inaudible]
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under writing guidelines. the next few slides provide a brief over view of the soma fund and small sites program. the soma community stabilization fund came out of ordinance 21705 which the board approved and amendmented the planning code rezoning rincon hill established the soma fund which imposes a impact fee on residential development to provide community stabilization benefits [inaudible] the legislation also stipulates up to 6 million of the infrastructure fee will be deposited into the soma fund. this slide
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shows the soma community stabilization fund community advisory committee created and compose of 7 board of supervisor members and their job is advise [inaudible] and board on the administration of the fund. meets monthly and makes recommendations on the fund and promotes infrastructure, coordination among neighborhood organizational leaders. this lists each of the members and the requirements for each seat. the next slide shows a map of the boundaries the fund is intended to benefit. during the planning process they identified the planning departments designated use and family zone as well as filipino cultural heritage district as priorities within soma. the
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investigatement objectives were decide when the cac created their plan approved by the board in 2008. it identified 4 areas of investment which are housing, jobs and incomes, community cohesion and neighborhood and infrastructure. this chart demonstrates the spending trends of the soma fund, so primarily through [inaudible] released by ocd the fund expenned 7.7 million dollars to date and the chart shows a break down of categories of expenditures with the majority going tohousing, acquisition i development followed by work force and economic development and capital and infrastructure. the cash
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balance is 22.4 million and the figure includes grants incumbered but not spent down yet. the overview of there [inaudible] program and the goals, it was initiated in 2014 by ocd and the goals are protect and stabilize housing for low and moderate income residents to remove property from the speculative market and create supply of permanently affordable housing. buildings that qualify have the characteristics of being immediate risk for ellis act evictions, located in a neighborhood with high levels of ellis act evictions, existing tenants that inqulud vulnerable population such as families with children, eldserly,
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disabled or housing tenants with very low income. the small sites program is currently funded from 10 percent of inclusionary housing fees collected, 25 percent of condo conversion fees and housing trust fund. it has the potential to be funded by the soma community stabilization fund as another source. it was launched july of 2014 with 3 million for initial funding with 5 to 25 residential units and since the inception small sites program sponsored acquired and rehabilitationed 3 properties, additional 5 properties will be acquired by the end of the month for a total of 49 stabilized units with 14.9 in city loans mpt there are 4 applications pending. the small sites program in the somy stabilization fund worked together early on because
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it is in direct alignment with the priorities and objectives of the fund. i want to mention all soma community stabilization fund projeblths would be subject to soma fund restrictions and last year in the summer the soma cac voted unanimously to allocate 3 million to the small sites program to create a pool of readily available funds that allow [inaudible] acquire projects that may otherwise be lost to market speculation. so, this slide shows what the current balance is in the fund to date and if this item were approved the remaining balance would be 19.4 million dollars. we are understand and aware the legislative analyst the board approve expenditures for the 2
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projects currently identified and not approve the 399 thoin in community stabilization fund expenditures. requesting approval to the small site fund, not necessarily for the 2 identified projectsism the restrictions on the soma funds include the geography in which they can be spent. any projects that use these fund must qualify under the small site program guideline jz soma site restrictions on their use. finally, the cac understands and discussed the condition squz voted unanimously to allocate the 3 million to allow [inaudible] respond to properties at risk of speculation. that is all. >> colleagues any questions? supervisor wiener? seeing none, can we
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go to your report mr. rose and apologize for not calling you on item 2 >> no apology is necessary what so ever. on page 10 of our report we report the south of market community stabilization fund has a available fund balance of 22.5 million as the department indicated in table 5 on page 10 the report and the available balance will be 19.4 million should you approve the 3 million dollar request. on page 11 of our report we state that 399, 997 and request of 3 million in the stable phraigz funds are for a affordable housing project not yet identified. according to the mohcd, they request octization to assign 399, 997
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to small sites program before identifying a eligible project in order to give them the flexibility to act quickly within the established small sites program, underwriting guidelines and south of market community stabilization fund. and available uses without further board of supervisor approval when the praurnt becomes available for acquisitionism we note there is usually a 90 day period before loan closing and so we recommend that the board of supervisors approve the 2.6 million which they have given complete budget details for of requested 3 million and you not approve the 399, 997 until an additional project is identified and the budget details are then present today the board of supervisors and the recommendations are stated on the bottom of page 11 you amend the
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resolution to authorize nub nob expend 2 million 600 thousand for the community stabilization fund instead of inrequested 3 million and approve the proposal as amended. >> i wond if someone can explain the response to mr. rose's recommendation regarding the 400 thousand dollars that has not been completely shown in terms of budget details, maybe explain ing the process and how it works so we have a understanding why there was a request for the full 3 million. >> brian [inaudible] mayors office of housing and community development. i think part of the process we have been working with soma community
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advisory committee learning the best way to be able to respond strategically to the changes fluctuations of the market. we went to committee and encouraged them to set aside the appropriate amount of funding for the overall program. one of the challenges is when we go forward with these deals, things can change from one day to the next. you may think you have a project set up and ready to move and a something comes up with underwriting. you need to be able to pick up and move to the next property right away so it was better to approve an overall amount without tying to a specific project. it may be true that loans typically a 90 day closing period, it is also necessary
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for us to be able to respond to a developer right away with the commitment that is meaningful, so one of our concerns is that if we need to go through the overall committee in order to be able to give any kind of formal letter of commitment to the developer, it may just take us out of the mix. we realize that overall in a ideal world it may be useful to have very specific projects picked up every time and come to the board to identify the project, that is simply not the way the market is working, especially now which is why we are asking for the blanket permission to utilize up to 3 million dollars being we have been able to demonstrate the ability to manage this type of program and set up appropriate application guidelines and reviews in combination with [inaudible]
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larger small sites program that extends beyond the soma stabilization fund. >> thanks. also, is there another set of approval process for once you see a deal may go through? it isn't necessarily through had board of supervisors i believe, but through another body. >> ruby harass is here fraump ocd and manages the small sites program. i think she can speak more to the process of approval and i can add for the cac's rules >> ruby harass and project manager for the #1345u8 sites program. basically we go through a thorough underwriting process and it is a 90 day process, the first 60 days are spent looking at the building itself and making sure the project underwriting guidelineerize met and the tenets are income
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qualified and all that stuff. then we write up an analysis of the building and it goes through an internal process of review all the way up to the director so gets signed off by several people in the office. the program has gone through had city wide affordable housing loan committee so they reviewed the underwriting guidelines and approved it as a program so we have a couple different lays of approval in there. the properties getting funding at the soma fund goes through the cac so they are reviewed and approved through them which i'll let claudine talk about >> the cac discussed this at length and one reason why they chose to recommend this is allow [inaudible] to move quickly because they understand the conditions of the neighborhood and
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market. they talked about approving the small sites program and the guidelines and comfortable going through their approval process and vetting the project. when the applications are submitded for a particular project they come to myicism squh ruby so we look at them from both lens and let the cac know a project has been identified and eligible and they have given us their blessing to move forward with anything that does fit both guidelines. they are notified within the first 30 dayoffs underwriting quh it is closer to approval they are given a update. they have given us their blessing to move forward with any project that meets both and don't require they go through aortvoting process. they want to allow it to move quickly. >> thank you >> seeing no other comments we'll open
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up to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item number 3? >> good morning, my name is keith coolly and the asset manager at the san francisco community land trust t. the community land trust has been active in soma stabilizing communities by purchasing residential properties on the threlt of eviction and we are participants in the mayors office of housing small sites program. we support this proposal because it enables us to move quickly where buildings and residents are under threat of eviction. we acquired property using the soma
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stabilization fund and we are in the process of proceeding on another couple of projects. in this kind of market we really need to move quickly, so the community land trust supports this proposal. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> [singing brash. ]. we are going riding on the soma freeway. [inaudible] holding nothing back. we are going riding on the freeway of gov with a budget wind against our back. we are going riding on the freeway, we are holding nothing back. and-tell me why budget, is it so ma. we
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are never going to let you go, we will never say good bye to soma. ngo no, we are never going to say good bye. >> thank you, next speaker please >> good morning supervisors, my name is angelica [inaudible] with the south of market community action network. we are the partner organization that workwise the san francisco community land trust to actually identify buildings in the south of market to purchase in the small sites program. i'm here to encourage you to please support the recommendation of the staff from the mayors office of housing including the stabilization fund cac. it is actually 90 days sounds like long time to purchase a building,
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but in acuality we have lost a lot of buildings due to a 90 day closure. a lot of landlords or owners want to be able to close deals right away and you are dealing with speculators in the south of market that has the money to throw down to purchase a building right away or close esgrow within a month or 2 so wree lost a lot of buildings so we hope the 399 thousand or 400 thousand that is recommended that you actually approve and supported by you because we really need to make sure we are able to purchase buildings right away. every week there is new buildings up for sale, we lose some and win some but need to make sure the city fund
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sg available right away for the community to be able to work with the residents to stable ilize them in the neighborhood and the city continues to help residents stay in san francisco. thank you >> thank you very much. any other members wish to comment on item 3? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i think i share the sentiment of the last speaker during public comment trying to give mohcd the flexibility during competing in the market and so i also am comforted by the fact there is a cac that has their eyes on this completely. so, i would actually like to recommend we just authorize the full 3 million original requested and send to full board with positive recommendation >> motion by tang and second by wiener and take that without object.
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item 4. >> item 4 is resolution prevailing wage rates for workers performing work under city contracts >> thank you very much. we have ose here to speak on this item. [inaudible]jerk good morning. dana levelt office of labor standards enforcement. this is the annual approval of the california department of industrial relations wage determinations for public works as well as the adoption of prevailing wage rates for local non construction prevailing wage ordinances. there is nothing out of the ordinary here. >> thank you very much mrs. levt. seeing no comments or questions mr. rose can we go to your report?
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>> yes, page 15 of the report we note attachment 2 which is on page 17 and that was prepared by our office summarizing the type of contracts, leases or operating agreements to pay prevailing wage. the collective bargain agreement and labor union, the amount of wage increase in 2016 compared to 2015. [inaudible] the proposal hourly wage rates. any incraes is a result of the prevailen wage rates are dependent on contracts or bids and the extent the wage rates result [inaudible] the city can not estimate at this time we can serve approval of this legislation to be a [inaudible] >> thank you very much mr. rose. seeing no or questions we'll open to
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public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 4? >> [singing]. i get a peaceful easy city feeling and i know you won't them down. with all these city contracts, all around. >> okay, anybody else wish to comment. seeing none public comment is closed. love to entertain a motion to move the item forward >> so moved >> motion by supervisor tank and second by wiener, we take that without objection. can you call item 5. >> resolution establishing the appropriation for fiscal year 15/16 for 3 billion [inaudible] article 13 b. >> we have the controllers office to speak on this item. >> good morning supervisors.
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alex [inaudible] with the controls office and analysis division. i have a electronic presentation. before you today is a resolution establishing the annual appropriation limits otherwise known as the gam limit for fiscal year 15/16. this will limit appropriation for tax for formial a as in the state constitution. if exceeded the excuss must be returned to the taxpayers with tax rates or refund and the only way to raise the limit is by voter apruchbed ballot measure. the next slide shows the prior year limit and the inflation factors provided by the state department of finance. we use
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these factors to calculate the 15/16 limit which is nearly 3 billion. we also calculate the amount of city appropriations subject to the limit and we determined that city appropriations are approximately 62 million dollars below the limit. and the final slide shows the past 7 years historical value of the amount city appropriations are under the limit. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? seeing none mrs. rose can we go to your report >> we recommend approval of this ruzlution >> thank you we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 5? seeing none public comment is closed. >> like to make motion to forward out
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positive recommendation to the full board >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. madam clerk can you call item 6, please and 7 together >> item 6 is resolution authorizing amendment to the [inaudible] 2.2 million in the first year of the february 1, 2016 through january [inaudible] item 7, resolution authorizing a amendment to master terms and conditions [inaudible] which extend the term for 2 years with [inaudible] >> okay, thank you. mr. updike is here to speak. >> good morning, happy new year. these 2 items involve extending the occupancy of data center at 200 paul
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avenue until 2021. data centers are rated on a classification. they are tier 1 which has les [inaudible] up to a tier 4 center which has the great est resiliency. 200 paul is rated tier 3. it has seismic resiliency and power and cooling [inaudible] 99.982 percent uptime availability. so, we have been at 200 paul for the past 8 years following rfq selection process. our license agreement with united [inaudible] expire at the ends of the month. firstilever speak to united layer agreement it is for 5 years. it has the ability to flex up or
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down with up to 6 cabinets. rent is adjusted of course if we took either of those options. we propose a decrease [inaudible] it takes monthly rent from 208, 954 to 185, 624 a month. that is a 11 percent decrease. it is seldom i come before the committee with one of those deals. rents increase 4 percent a year under the agreement and the power cost are under 30 thousand a year. we secure a right to lease from united way or cloud service to replace vacated cabinets. the price per rack which is the only way to look at compareability to other facilities or locations within this facility compares favorbly with 2 other
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agreements [inaudible] which is their main competition. those are also provide today the budget analyst office to assist with their report. this agreement is at least 25 percent less than all those compareables. the other license agreement is with tell x for the meet me room. that provides conductivity to the internet and fiber in the street. that agreement is 2 years with 3, 1 year renewal options and doubles the connections so we can carry twice the amount of data. the prior year was 5151 a month and this increases that to 9 thousand a month. that is a 75 percent increase in rent for a 100 percent increase in services provided. rent with tell x increases 3 percent a year. it is all incluse v, there are no other monthly
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cost. i'm joined by a plethora of dt staff so if you have questions regarding the program or vision of data suvs service they are happy to answer the questions >> seeing no questions we'll move to the budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman, supervisor tang on page 27 of our report we note the total estimated 5 year cost [inaudible] 200 paul avenue is [inaudible] that is shown in table 3 on page 28 of our-27 of the report. we recommend you approve the resolution. >> thank you very much, mr. rose. seeing no questions from colleagues we move to public comments. anyone wish to comment on 6 or 7? seeing
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none public comment is closed >> make a motion to move 6 and 7 to full board with positive recommendation >> motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor wiener. before we call 8 can we resend the vote on item 5? a motion by supervise r wiener and second by supervisor tang and take that without objection. can we refake roll call on item 5? >> item 5 the motion is to recommend to the full board for positive recommendation. supervisor tang, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. farrell, aye. there are 3 aye's >> motion passes. item 8 >> approve thg amendment to the lease with [inaudible] planning department determination under the california quality act and making
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[inaudible] with the general plan and the palss of planning code section 101.1. >> okay, we have rec and park here and mrs. [inaudible] >> good morning. cusandra [inaudible] with rec and park department and here to seek approval to amend the lease between rec and park department and quoit tower llc. the new operator began may of 2014 after the renovation and restoration of quoit tower. he has done a exceptional job with customer service and enhanced the guest experience. today i have a number of proposed amendments to the lease and want to highlight the substantial ones and then i would like to propose additional amendments to the ordinance and lease amendments i hope you will adopt today. i would like the
6:41 pm
screen police. please. the credit will provide 9500 dollars per month to the lesee for enhanced staffing. for the first time since quoit tower opens they had the staff needed to [inaudible] pleased to say this amendment is supported by the san francisco arts commission and approved -recommended for approval by rec and park commission last month. the other element is on line mural tour ticket sale that provides on line ticket sales to control the flow. additionally we propose the lesee to open a hour early to offer mural tours for school groups seniors and youth groups.
6:42 pm
providing a credit for credit card fees for elevator tickets. finely we have a flb of amendments regarding food and beberage. the first authorizes the sale of food and beverage from a kiosk outside the tower and authorize the [inaudible] shows and location. it will also authorize a negotiateated 10 percent cut of percentage rent to the rec park department by the lesee and provide a credit until the kiosk is up and running or the summer, which ever is sooner. by the number of amendments to the ordinance in addition to what i just presented. the first set are recommendations from the budget analyst and we are proposing to incompass the recommendations. the first is
6:43 pm
page 3 line 21 through 24. the department will evaluate the effectiveness [inaudible] make a report [inaudible] any future increase to the the mural staching credit shall be approved by the board of supervisors. the second on page 3, lines 24 and 25 and continues to page 4, lines 1 and 2, removing the amount of the credit may be adjusted by the general manager of there department if as a result of the future significant increase in siz aretership or [inaudible] the 10 tenant determines it must provide staffing beyond the staffing contemplate frd mural protection. i want to note the copies of the amended ordinance rin the packets for supervisors and have copies for the public. page 5, line 4
6:44 pm
corrected a typo in the food credit will expire from july 31, 2017 to july 31, 2016. page 5, lines 8 to 22 adding a new section. in addition to rent based on elevator ticket the tenet must bay a prertage of gross receipts for murchen dize sale, audio tours [inaudible] the department proposes to amend the lease to require pay 10 percent on gross receipts from the sale of food and beverages. on page 5, line 23 changing section 8 to 9. page 6, line 10, changing 9 to 10 and page 6 line 4 adding the text percentage based on the food and beverages. i will summarize the amendments to the
6:45 pm
lease amendments these are incorporated based on counversation to the community. the first is remove the [inaudible] the second is allowing the before hour tours for a k-12 students, non profit enrichment program and non-profit senior program. insure [inaudible] before hour tours. we propose to remove the prepackage edible items from the museum shop and require to remove the sweet and beverage key aunge at the end of the term. lastly we propose to modify the pr language. that concludes the presentation and happy to answer any questions you have, thank you. >> thank you mrs. cosstelo >> a quick clar fiication and know i'm jumping ahead because we will
6:46 pm
go to [inaudible] there was a recommendation the general manager should not [inaudible] it looks like on page 3 you had changed that to board of supervisor approval, is that correct? >> correct, for increase in credit we remove the generals manager ability to increase the credit and come to the board for approval >> mr. rose, can we get your report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman and members the committee. on page 34, the bottom of page 34 we note table 2 on page 33 of our report-on page 35 of the report shows the net rent credits of 360, 150 paid by rec and park department and that is over the r lease from february 2016 to april of 2019. the credits include 1 time credits paid by
6:47 pm
rec and park department totals 123, 150. [inaudible] and then you dedect the estimated percentage rent to be paid by the tenant to rec and park for food and beverage sales totaling 231 thousand dollars. on page 35 of our report we note it is shown in table 3, the budget and legislative analyst estimates the total rent received by the rec and park department over the remaining 39 month term of the lease is 3, 528, 526 to be paid by rec and park department to the tenet. the deerment received revenue of 3, 168, 486 over the remaining term of the lease. supervisors, as i understand what the department is stated and i look at our recommendations and compared with what was stated they are consistent
6:48 pm
with all the recommendations on page 36. i with repeat them but otherwise i recommend that you amend the proposed ordinance as we state on page 36 of our report. >> thank you mr. rose, i think we are good with that. colleague any questions? we'll move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 8? >> my name is ken maley, long time [inaudible] resident and participant in preservation of quoit tower. i strongly encourage the knhit committee the changes in the lease and the change jz amendments will continue to assist the [inaudible] to develop a good project and keep quoit tower as it should be. >> thank you very much. anybody else? next speaker, please. >> good morning supervisors, my
6:49 pm
name is richard rothman and give tours at quoit tower once or twice a month. i support the vendor, i think [inaudible] is doing a great jaup job up there and support the amendments that harvey rose made. i hope i have in the online service and selling the kiosk on the tickets on the outside of the kiosks that will lessen the lines inside. quoit tower wasn't designed to have murals needless to be a museum and have to deal with narrow passages so if the vendor can set up a system where people wait outside until their number is called if they buy tickets on line i think that will enhance the viewing power for people to see the murals. also, in the staff recommendations adding more staff, i would like
6:50 pm
to make sure that the staff walk around and make sure the murals are protected and making sure no wandering hand get on the museum or other things. finally, is make sure that the staff is trained by the art commission and the rec and park set up guidelines and just to make sure the staff is aware of the murals and appreciates the importance of these murals. thank you. >> thank you very much. anybody else wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. key have a bunch of amendments we have an agreement with from the budget analyst. entertain a motion to accept those items >> yes, i would like to make a motion to accept all of the amendments that were stated by rec and park. >> okay, motion by supervisor tang. take that without objection
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>> i want to thank rec and park staff. we had a good discussion about this. i know it was challenging to get to this point, but i can see a lot of hard work was put into this so appreciate that. i would say from a visitors perspective it is great that now hopefully affthis approved people can buy tickets on line. this is wonderful and i can't wait to see how we can better serve visitors to ko irks t tower. i would like to make a plosion to approve the ordinance as amended with positive recommendation >> motion by supervisor tang and want to echo thank you to rec and park and take that motion without objection. call item 9 >> item 9, resolution approving the lease with u.s. government for office space to acpied by the u.s. federal of investigation at the international
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terminal of san francisco international airport with rents tote aelg 1.6 million for [inaudible] lease of january 4, 2016 through january 3, 20 19. >> and think we have cathy wagner from the airport >> thank you. cathy wagner from san francisco international airport. the item seeks approval for new 3 year lease betrene airport and federal bureau of investigation for 2396 square foot of office space. rent payable to had airport under the new lease is 519, 429 dollars with [inaudible] in operating cost for annual payment to the airport of 542, 766 dollars. this lease is for the same square
6:53 pm
footage that is occupied by the [inaudible] international terminal for the past 5 years. as the budget analyst office notes recollect there is a ret row activity required. we request the lease start on reto active to january 4, 2016. happy to answer questions if you have them >> thank you very much. seeing no questions mr. rose let's go to your report. >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page 39 the total payments over the 3 year term is 1, 628, 298 including a [inaudible] that is shown in table 3 on page 39 of our report. we recommend that you amend the [inaudible] >> thank you mr. rose. colleagues any questions? we move to public comment on
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item 9. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. can i entertain a motion to accept this recommendation? >> so moved >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. >> madam clerk can you call item 10 >> resolution approving a early term ination of domestic terminal food and beverage [inaudible] >> okay. thank you very much. mrs. wagner is back >> thank you again. cathy wagner with san francisco airport. the airport is seeking approval for a early termination of a lease with sunina operating as piq backry for 2734 square feet for food and beverage space in terminal 1. the early termination comes at the airports request as part of the terminal 1 redevelopment plan. you have seen a number of these items
6:55 pm
come before you and in this case the specifics of the terminal 1 projject wasn't in place when this lease was set. the current lease is cept to expire in july of 2017. this early termination means the airport will forgo 288 thousand dollars in rent revenue, but the tenet is amenable to the early termination request and budget analyst office supports the request. happy to answer questions. >> thank you very much. mrs. rose can we go toyour report >> on page 42 of our report the early termination date of february 1, 2016 of the lease between [inaudible] and the airport results in a 287, 710 consistent with the department stated in reduced revenue the airport
6:56 pm
and shown in table one on the report. however, i note with the air ports break even policy there would be no fiscal impact on this legislation-if you approve the legislation to the airport so we recommend that you do approve the resolution >> thank you very much. we'llope toon public comment. anyone wish to common on item 10? seeing none public comment is closed. motion to approve. >> so moved >> regzlution approvering agreement between city and peninsula [inaudible] joint powers board regarding administration of [inaudible] positive train control project and [inaudible] for amount of up to 39 million for a term through december 31, 2020.
6:57 pm
>> good morning supervisors mpt [inaudible] sfmta. the item is a resolution approving an agreement between city and county oof san francisco [inaudible] regarding capital fund for design and crukez of communication [inaudible] train control project and peninsula cordder [inaudible] formed in 1988 the joint powers board owns and operates cal train. the members are santa clara valley transportation authority, the san mateo [inaudible] and city and county of san francisco. [inaudible] track train locations and prevent unsafe train movements. the joint powers board [inaudible] which will eelectrify the cal train corridor [inaudible] to convert most
6:58 pm
fleet to electric trains and reduce emissions and increase service by up to 6 trains per peak hour. in a 2013 memorandum, the city agreed to identify resources to support train control and eelectrification project. [inaudible] the mayors office, sfta and sfmta work in partnership to secure the funding to cal train. in november 2014, voters proved a 500 million dollar transportation road improvement general obligation bond and [inaudible] 39 million of the 60 million dollar commitment to the positive train control and eelectrification project comes from bond proceeds. [inaudible] dispersement of bonds to cal train. in
6:59 pm
june of 2015 the board approved 7.76 million dollars of the geobond [inaudible] a portion the city contribution to the positive train control project. this sets for the condition frz the dispersement of the bond proceeds and future dispersement for eelectrification up to 39 million dollars. dispersement beyond the 7.76 million will only [inaudible] the board of supervisors fines the environmental impact report to be adequate, specifically the resolution conforms to [inaudible] which is pedestrian improvement adjacent to san francisco [inaudible] happy to answer questions. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? okay. seeing none
7:00 pm
mrs. rose can we go to your report >> on page 45 of our report we report the estimated cost to implement the communications based overlay signal system positive train control project is 231 million and peninsula cor door eelectrification project is 1 billion 5 [inaudible] the cities share of cost to implement bogets project is 60 million. 31 million are [inaudible] general the balance of 21 million was authorized by the san francisco county transportation authority. on page 46 of our report we recommend you approve this resolution. >> okay, thank you very much. colleagues questions or comments? open to public comment. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is
7:01 pm
closed. colleagues can i entertain a motion to move the item forward? >> so moved >> motion by supervisor tang without objection >> [inaudible] telecommunication for [inaudible] property located at 887 [inaudible] initial 5 year term at [inaudible] 70,000 per year >> we have real estate to speak on this >> good morning, claudia [inaudible] director of real estate. the resolution approves and authorizes a new lease with sprint for the continued use of approximately 189 square feet on the roof of 887 potrero in the san francisco general hospital campus. it is replacing existing cabinets with [inaudible] and wiring. sprint is currently on a hold over and
7:02 pm
has been since september 2012. the 5 year lease commenceed in 2002 and had a 5 year option exteneding through august 2012. real estate negotiated with sprint and the department and san francisco general hospital specifically with several issues coming up due to the unique use and access restrictions that the hospital desired. base rent will be 69, 600 a year or 5800 a month which is at the higher rent of the fair market rate of the aria and population, the number of antennas and square feet. the negotiated lease rate exceeds the minimum lease rate. the first year rent is less than the hold over rent because hold over rent is 15
7:03 pm
#0e percent of the base rent. in addition the new lease provides for only tupe 3 antenna decrease [inaudible] and cabinets from 2 to 5. the term is 5 years with one 5 year option or total of 10 years to 2026 and annual adjustment to base rent is no less than 3 percent. if you have specific questions i'm happy to answer. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? mrs. rose can we go to your report >> on page 49 of the report at the bottom shown in table 2, which is on page 5 othe lease agreement will generate estimated 369, 516 in rent paid by sprint to the sate over the initial 5 year lease term and that includes annual adjustments of at least 3 percent for consumer price indexes. on page 50 of the report, i would note to you that according to the
7:04 pm
resolution the board of supervisors find it is in the best interest of the city to enter into the lease [inaudible] that competitive bidding in this situation is impractical or impossible and recommend you approve the resolution. >> thank you very much. colleagues any questions? we'll open up to public comment. anybody wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed >> like to make a motion to forward item 12 with positive recommendation >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. can you call item 13 >> item 13, resolution ret row actively approving the 2015 grant application from united states department of housing and urban development [inaudible] 33 million >> thank you very much. we have hsa to speak. >> good morning supervisors. my name is dale semore and the coshare
7:05 pm
which a irofsuch locless homeless coordinating board. i'm here to encourage you to approve the resolution we have for this grant from hud. as you probably know the san francisco local homeless board oversees san francisco application for federal department of housing and hud funds [inaudible] continuum of care grants for the homeless grants. in 2014 hud awarded san francisco over 27 million dollars in competitive continuation of grants. so, in 2015 the resolution to authorize the homeless coordinating board to apply for funds not to exceed 33 million dollars. this go tooz city departments and non profit to provide homeless individuals and families with permanent supportive housing. [inaudible] and miscellaneous supportive services. the
7:06 pm
grant was [inaudible] and has been submitted. this years application includes over 4 million in funds for new permanent housing for homeless adults and families. the local homeless coordinating board undertake a community process for determining priorities in the competition process each year. this years competition to review the process was discussed at 5 seperal local homeless board nob nub the local homeless accordinating board considered community priorities and designated and the scoring tools to the homeless board for approval. the homeless board considered and imprived scored board and materials. hsa and homeless accordinating board [inaudible] in accordance with the
7:07 pm
rubric created in the community process. a panel scored and ranked applications for projects. after the scoring results delivered to applicants any process at risk of not funded has the opportunity to appeal. this years application included a tier 2 list lower score renewal project rem recommended for funding but not guaranteed to be funded by hud. due to the [inaudible] all of the grants in tier 2 are recommended for funding. whether or not they will be funded is determined by hud. we hope all the projects will be selected. [inaudible] to improve the chance of being funded. if you have any wegz question we are open to that now. >> thank you very much. seeing
7:08 pm
no questions we do not have a budget analyst report so move to public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> happy to support this application and like to forward item 13 with positive recommendation >> motion by supervisor tang and take it without objection. >> item 14, resolution reto actively authorizing department of public health [inaudible] approximately 2.9 million [inaudible] >> thank you very much. we have dmh. dph >> susan [inaudible] san francisco is one of just 6 cities and 6 states awarded this funding through a
7:09 pm
competitive grant process last year and the funding is in 2 parts. san francisco was awarded both. the first is for hiv prof laxs for those at risk for hiv in san francisco. the second is [inaudible] improve care outcome and prevention for people living with hiv. both are aligned with dph's goals for decreasing hiv in san francisco and align would the city wide collective impact of getting to zero hiv and deaths in san francisco. i'm happy to answer question but we are excited about the opportunity and hope you will authorize to improve our hiv prevention efforts in san francisco >> thank you very much. no budget analyst report so move to
7:10 pm
public comment. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. item 14 sponsored by supervisor wiener. >> we have a motion by supervisor wiener and take that without objection. can you call item 15 >> resolution authorizing the office of district attorney to a grant in amount of approximately 100,000 from the california governors office of emergency service for human traffic program from the period of october 1, 2015 [inaudible] >> i believe we have someone from the da's office gina rodriguez so i'll give her the opportunity to speak on this. >> good morning supervisors. my name is [inaudible] chief of victim service for the san francisco district
7:11 pm
attorneys office and i'm here to speak to the grant for human trafficking. as part of our strategy to look at child sex traffic, sex and labor traffic and this is the second year the grant. the first year we dedicated a trained and experienced advocate to work with victims that can carry a smaller case load [inaudible] in the trafficking case charged and uncharged. we are able to collaborate with partners all over the city and bhai area around service, policy and any actions or resources for human traffic victims. we are part the department of human service response for dependency system involved children. we build capacity and resources for target population of 18-24 year old youth engaged in traffic and exploited and limited to resources. we trained key partners all
7:12 pm
over the bay area how to work with victims. engaging on the treat to providing clinical support and treatment. we are doing policy work looking at decriminalization, how we engage in charged victim squz how we help witnesses. we are gearing up for work around the superbowl because we know will be some increased activity, but it is challenging here every day in san francisco so we will use it as a opportunity do a campaign to help people with a see something, say something stow bystanders can be a part of looking for children who are trafficked and need of smoret. support. >> thank you so much. i'm glad the district attorneys office is going after these grants and
7:13 pm
hopefully you will continue to get the grants and the outcomes of what you can do with the money so thank you vaer very much >> no budget analyst so move to public common. seeing none, public comment is closed >> motion to forward this out with positive recommendation to full board >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. madam clerk can you call iletm 16 >> resolution reto actively authorizing the san francisco public lireberary to accept a grant in amount up to approximately 700,000 of [inaudible] andkish monies from the friend of the san francisco library for direct support for a variety of programs and service in fiscal year 15-16. >> thank you. >> good afternoon chairman farrell, members of the budget and finance. [inaudible] city librarian to
7:14 pm
ask for your support and approve the resolution that authorizing the library to accept 738, thousand from san francisco public library. just to highlight that the monies granted each year compliment our goals which are [inaudible] youth engagement and access to technology and again, it makes library a world class library by offering so many programs in childrens areas over 16,000 young people participate in the summer learning last year. provides also stem programs, a lot of health initiatives in our branch libraries along with a variety of cultural programs at each neighborhood whether it is black history month, latino month, asian pacific. some of the soret
7:15 pm
other events include 1 city one book as well as celebration och branch anversesy. we celebrated the centennial for the mission library that was a program supported through the friends technology and invasion which allows us to push the envelope on initiatives such as mobile hot spots. just in brief, they do great work supporting high level programs at the neighborhood libraries and main library >> colleagues any questions? no budget analyst report so move to public comment. anybody wish to comment? >> very quickly, [inaudible] interim executive director of friends of san francisco public library. wanted to say hello and think the city librarian outlined what we support so won't go through that again but did want
7:16 pm
to let you knee know we are revising the library gala event on march 18 and it is the 20th an versery of the main library where we honor 30 literary figures and authors and poets [inaudible] thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. seeing none, pub lm comment is closed. >> make a plosion to send forwards with positive recommendation to full board >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. can you call item 17. >> resolution reto active authorizing department of public health [inaudible] 30 thousand from state water
7:17 pm
resources control board to participate in [inaudible] period of july 1, 2015 to june 30, 2016. >> supervisor tang? >> good morning. [inaudible] san francisco department of public health. the grant for 30 thousand dollars for the protection of public safety along san francisco shoreline beaches. 411 requires to [inaudible] test beach waters for fecal indicators. the grant will fund that program. thank you. 15 beaches will be sampled weekly and taken to the public utilities lab. samples exceeded state limit will close beaches and warn beach goes it is
7:18 pm
unsafe to enter the water. samples will continue until it is safe to get back in the water. >> any questions or comments? we will move to public comment. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor tang >> thank you again for doing this work and so i would like to make a motion for to forward with positive recommendation >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. can you call item 18, >> resolution reto actively authorizing the department of public health and expand a grant in the amount of 300,000 [inaudible] health care strategys to participate in a program titleed [inaudible] >> okay. thank you very much. >> good morning supervisors. doctor emily [inaudible] assistant director the children youth and family
7:19 pm
system of care part the department of public health. trauma is a critical public health issue here in san francisco and nationally. the purpose of this 2 year grant from the center for health care strategys is build on the work led by barba garcia director of public health to train the dph work force on trauma understanding to alleviate the impact. this grant is focused on supporting leadership in health care and social service to translate the understanding into day to day practice to shift organizational culture to better support the workforce so we can offer the best care for those who need it the most. the participating agencies are lugeena hauna, mu turn child health, children youth and family, children youth and family care [inaudible] i am happy to squr any questions
7:20 pm
>> colleagues seeing no comment for questions we'll move to public comment. anyone wish to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. have a motion to send forward? >> motion by supervisor tang and take it without objection. item 19 >> item 19 resolution adopted a fixed 2 year budgetary cycle from multiple city departments >> thank you. colleagues i would like to entertain a motion to continue this item for 2 weeks wile we work on the underlying policy. first i would like to take public comment. anybody wish to comment on 19? seeing none, public comment is closed. mr. rose has a report and he can save that, motion to continue this item for 2 weeks >> motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. any other business before us today
7:21 pm
>> would you like to entertain a motion to excuse supervisor mar >> thank you, motion by supervisor tang and take that without objection. anything else in front of us? >> no, sir. >> thank you everybody, we are adjourned. [meeting adjourned] behalf of a the staff at st. anthonys it is great to have your here this morning.
7:22 pm
[applause] >> here at st. anteanys work with people who are homeless and those on the virj of becomes homeless and what we have sheen more aunch unforch-footly than not is people that feel isolated and excluded so very happy to see when the mayor has something to say about the homeless pop ylgds he comes to the tenderloin and st. ancyanys. we insisted those we serve the homeless in particular are not the problem, they are brothers and sisters. the problem has to boo with us and the way we structure our liferb jz cities and thijsss like that see great to see when we want to do something about homelessness the mayor is coming forward and making good proposals for how we can solve our problem,
7:23 pm
not fix the homeless. >> [applause] >> there are a lot of people here working for years on that problem. it is a problem for the whole community but it is also one we need to thitsy to step forward to help us do so we welcome the mayor in his remarks today. without further ado, i would like to recognize a couple people here that have come and been long involved ing these issue. angela alota is here today. from the san francisco interfaith counsel we have mikem pops and rita chimal. supervisor marc farrell is here. supervisor jewel jewel yechristensen and all the
7:24 pm
department heads here of the city and all the community based organizations that are represent. thank you for coming and welcome to st. anthony's >> good morning everyone. thank you all for being here. let me begin with just comment about some things that have occurred in the last 48 hours that i know are on peoples minds and want to address that right off before i get fl to had body of the speech. but i want to start out with some words about the officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the bay view and rutted in the death of a man. let me first say that any time, any time, there
7:25 pm
is a officer involved shooting i take that extremely seriously and so does our chief. i have seen the video too you know, you look at the video and you just-before my words came out, we were yelling drop the dam knife. i already spoken to the chief and there will be a thorough and transparent investigation of this incident without delay and know the public deserves this and expect it and i expect it as well and will make sure the community knows all the details about this. i also want to take a moment of silence with all of you to remember the victims of the tragic and sensely shootings in san dern bernardino yesterday. our thoughts are with the victims
7:26 pm
and families and the people of san francisco grieve with them. but you know, you know what they really deserve? those families deserve action. deserve the congress that will stop this madness, stop and by enacting sensible limit ozen deadly fire arms and they need to do that now. [applause] we cannot just accept this. we cannot just accept this. thank you. thank you. and again, good morning everybody and thank you for being here. first again i want to say thank you to the [inaudible] and barry for hosting us this morningism barry you and the
7:27 pm
staff for helping the needy and velinable throughout the city is a inspiration to me and it is never tiring to cut turkey with you bury. i also want to say thank you to our elected and appointed officials and community leaders and pleny of the non-profits providers are here this morning, thank you for joinsing us today. i'm very proud for being reelected your mayor. this is a wonderful city and want to say thank you to the voters of san francisco who believe in our solutions oriented and collaborative approach to solving problems and have asked us to return to do more. thaupg for placing your trust in me for the next 4 years. this is the greatest city in the world and i'm honored and humbleed as the mayor to serve another term. you know,
7:28 pm
i often said and will continue saying i love the city, i love it as much of any of you and also with you. i love that we never run from the challenges. we confront them with our progressive optimism and something that has come to define our city in all of us. we tackleed a whole lot this last 5 years and some the most complicated and intractable challenges remain and i ran for a second term so we can work on them together. foremost among the challenges wrun we struggled with for decades is homelessness. let there be more doubt, the collective best effort like service providers like all you in the room today have certainly made a difference. i know that because i have
7:29 pm
been paying a attention to this for many years. while i may be a little silent sometimes, i watch, i talk to people, i engage and once in a while i might be lucky enough to hand out a key. you are the ones, everyone in the room, you are the ones giving the hor heroic rfts at front line staff on a midnight shift at the shet ers and do the outreach and are case managers with a challenging loud. or you may be the one cleaning up the streets so people might have a cleaner street to be on because that is the only place they have. the best evidence of all of the work collaboratively is the over 20,000
7:30 pm
formally homeless people living indoors. living independently and with the social and emotional support that they need and that the needs that are met with our city services or they might be back in their home towns. but, despite this we haven't eliminated homelessness. as we house and serve thousands, they are replaced by new thousands. people, people who fall in homelessness here, people sent from other states or people who arrive every day seeking a better life in our city. as a result we continue to have people living on the street, under the freeway, in tents on the sidewalk and some even without tents. all together,
7:31 pm
more than 3500 people are street homeless in san francisco. human beings. human beings with hopes, with fears, susceptible to cold and rainy weather. human being who deserve or compassion. we know there are nearly the same number of people without homes that are living in our shelter, treatment programs or temporary situations. friends , this isn't a healthy way to live, you know that and i know that, especially if children are a part of that family. it is not just a growing problem here in san francisco by the way and we all know that as well. major cities across our country, la, new york, honolulu, seattle and more and the state and federal governments offer us too little assistance. that's why next
7:32 pm
week i'll join at least 5 other mayors on the west coast and our federal government representatives to explore federal funding opportunities and policy changes in the area of homelessness. i know we look at the streets sometimes and the encampments and the depth and complexity the problem jz to some it all might feel hopeless, but as your may frr the next 4 years i'm optimistic because today in san francisco all of the ingreedgents of success are here to end homeless for thousands of our fellow citizens. thanks to a historically strong economy we do have resources. we certainly have creativity and know we got the passion. for our serviceers providers and city
7:33 pm
staff, we have the energy that is required. we have public support to try new more effective approaches. but you know what is missing? what is missing is the ingredient lacking for generations, it is what we call, real cooperation. we can't solve street homelessness, but it will if we want to , it will require cooperation. we have seen this cooperation at the place called, the navigation center at 1950 mission street. when community providers work with city departments, when the private sector in the surrounding community all come together with us, we actually are creating a national model for ending homelessness. so, next year we are going to
7:34 pm
do something bold that skills up the cooperation and coordination this requires and we see at the navigation center all of that happening across the board on homelessness. i will call apauss all the departments to work together with our community based organizations, advocate and national expert to ert change and reform or government and other, and will create a department with a mission to end homelessness here in san francisco. [applause] i begin by not just making-i know people have worked on this for years and want to acknowledge first the great work of our past mayors, feinstein and agnos, mayor jordan and willie brown, of course gaveen
7:35 pm
newsome. i want to build on each of their legacies for addressing homelessness. of course our former supervisor alota talks about passion. she dedicated a life time to the work and want to say thank you for being here and thank you for being a trusted advisor and advocate and one that reminds everybody we got to get to better solutions. i want to also acknowledge the good work of our former supervisor bevan dufty and director of hope for the last years for tireless work with service providers and client to move people into better lives. i learned a lot with bevan, but i felt his passion avenue day he has been on the job. and today, building on the work that came before we begin a new agency, a
7:36 pm
agency with a budget and mandate to solve homelessness. we'll bring together under one roof the multitude of homeless outreach, housing, shelter and supportive services that exist across many different departments. over the last 20 years, we increased our spending on homelessness because the crisis got worse. but because we didn't have a central department for homelessness we layered program upon program across a dozen different department said and then we expected the better outcome. no one agencyies mission was homelessness and today we fix that. with greater coordination we expect better results, more efficiencys and deep er accountability. to make this new department a realty next year
7:37 pm
i'll be calling upon the leadership of barbarager seea director of public ehealth, trent roar director of human sunchss and [inaudible] director of hope. together we have aurltd r already implemented some the most forward thinking progressive homeless policies in the country. we created the nations first navigation center, which is just 9 months that we have successfully moved more than 250 people off the streets into healthier settings. great progress towards ending chronic veterans homelessness is done these last few years tackling family homelessness we made great progess. a new investment in supportive housing of 29,000,000 this year. i want to saw they think to tren, barbara and sam and all
7:38 pm
your team said for pourer your hearts in this work and thank you for joins forces with us to take it to the next level vlt i want to say a special thank you to public works. i know that department . you kept our streets and have done your best and for always having a positive interaction with the homeless people and compassion and thank you for taking on the smelliest dirtgist jobs in town. i also want to say thank you to all of the people who are own single room occupancy hotels in the city thmpt hotels that are cooperating and working with us to make these units available for people transitioning out of homelessness. that is stock of housing. we never thought through our past loousts and insistence to get code enforcement, we didn't realize
7:39 pm
how valuable they are to us and a valuable assess they can be. i know some people will say, a department to solve homlessness mayor. 93 eve. we can't solve homelessness in san francisco. i know that will will be peoples comments. i say we will end homelessness every every single day for @ least one person. for at least one family. for at least a veteran every single day. i know because i have felt the power of giving keys to people exactly in those situations. we will end it for every 1 for every day for someone who suffers on our street. that is what the purpose of
7:40 pm
creating this department is about. i want a staff at this new department, each person on the staff will come to work every morning with a single minded focus on ending homelessness for people on the streets. i want the measure of the work of this department and my office to be answering this question, what did i do to end homelessness on our city streets today and what did i do to give people a stable shelter, a home and a path to a healthier life. that is what i want them to ask themselves every single day. i want that to be the question that they ask of themselves. you know, ending homelessness in a very simple way is a matter of priorities. to get there we have to double down on programs that truly work. we have to coordinate with partners, federal, state and other cities. we
7:41 pm
have to share and do the best practices and we have to also share our challenges with each other. and you know, i always am focused and concerned about congress and as you know, congress is largely abandoned homelessness in the country and we in san francisco can't wait frathe politics of waug wash dc to arrive, we have tolead and we lead with values. our san francisco values. that is what being a san franciscan is all about, isn't it? it is our values. to be fully able to achieve this vision i'm inviting a group of national experts to advise how to create and set the mandate for this new department. i have spoken to president obamas point person on homelessness, matthew dorty
7:42 pm
and he agreed to come out and advise and has the expertise of looking at programs across the country to see what works. we want to be egressive on this but want to be practical at the same time. how will we define sausking street homelessness? what are the investments we are making and how can we double down on this? is there something that we can be doing that we are not already doing? i aults want to invite the local homeless coordinating board to serve as a formal advisory body during the process. we convened san franciscos best and brightest on that commission and definitely need your input. i invite all of you here, every one of you, the people working hard every day day in and out to join in defining the new effort as well because i'll present this plan with the budget this coming year.
7:43 pm
foremost among the efforts of the department are expanding the successful navigation center program. we learned that by removing barrier tooz entry into the shelter program and pairing ever navigation center with a housing exist we are making a difference. we already committed the funding in the budget this year to double our capacity at the navigation center and the department will significantly increase to this model. we'll coordinate outreach and build more centers and secure more housing exists. certainly this requires serious funding. since i took office we have spent all most 100 mil yen more every year on homeless services and housing and my commitment today is this, to never let our
7:44 pm
city slip backwards on our funding priorities. that means movering forward we'll spend at threes 250 million a year on outreach and housing for 10s of thousands of people. we know success isn't mesered by how much money we spend, you know that. accountability matters. we are measured by the number of human beings we lep off our streets and into a better life and by conditions on our streets also improving at the same time. so, i'm setting a ambishish but i believe an achievable goal for the second term. by the time i leave office we will move at least 8 thousand people out of homelessness and we'll remove them out of homelessness forever.
7:45 pm
[applause] and we'll build a system that ends a persons homelessness before it becomes chronic. that is another thing we learned from the navigation center and we'll do this and achieve this all together. we'll do this by housing families, veterans long term homeless to homeward bound program and long term care for the seriously mentally ill. i also need cooperation for the private sector and philanthropic partner tooz participate as well. i already started conversation with san francisco's business leaders on this particular goal. business leaders, big and small, about a multi-year partnership to add additional navigation centers to the cities portfolio. to them across the board i say thank you and begin
7:46 pm
by saying a personal thank you to our first anonymous private donor to the the first navigation center. i'm excited for our partnerships to develop more in the coming months just like the way we started our first navigation center. it was a partnership with faith and funding sources and community in the mission and then everybody else. we need more partnership models like our effort to end family homelessness in the elementary schools which is the focus of [inaudible] 2 great civic leaders. no less different than our technology leaders like nob nub who also became a partner to end veterans homelessness by funding a viable new housing for them in mission bay. letting people live on our streets
7:47 pm
exposed to violence and whether that isn't compassion. it isn't healthy, it isn't safe and it does want represent who we are as san francisco and it is not our san francisco values. you know, i'm also proud of our city coming together over something that used to be controversial and i'm talking about lauras law. thank you for visor marc farrell, thank you for your leadership in this effort on a issue that used to divide a lot of us, now it units us with a comma causs because we are figuring it out. since we launched our consensus program just last month we have already received 28 referals from ern concerned family members and
7:48 pm
service providers. some of the most severely mentally ill they are finally getting help. laura's law is one the many compassionate programs we should be doing in partnership with our courts and district attorney and justice system. san francisco values means we won't lock people up or persecute them just for being mentally ill. that won't happen and won't happen as long as i'm mayor, but we can use the resources our justice system to make sure people are getting better heltier outcomes. i want to challenge the courts, our public defender and district attorney and health provider tooz come together in the same spirit of collaboration that i proposed today. coming together with your diverse responsibilities and your legal mandates to better serve those desperately in need of our help
7:49 pm
because i will challenge you with the same outcome i'm calling upon everyone else. let's talk about not just our legal mandates, lets also talk about outcomes for people. [applause] it is not compassionate and you will agree with me on this to let people suffer silently, to medicate with drugs and call and live an unhealthy life on our streets, that is not compassion and we are empowered to help the seriously mentally ill people but first have to agree to coperate. in a new year i'll invite all our gurchlt stakeholders and mental health and criminal justice to convene with me. i bring this group together to get past the reasons we cannot do things and figure out a way we can do
7:50 pm
it. let's say for example, you take this program, some of you in the room know what the 51/50 program is. it is a program with people in personal crisis and danger to themselves we take them to the hospital for 72 hours, but you know what is the challenging part of that 51/50 program? once they come out they go right back on the streets and into the same unhealthy situation that they were literally 48 hours ago. we pulled them out and bring them right back in. that is 51/50. let's redesignthality program for a better outcome, a sustained outcome for those individuals. let's redesign conservativeship programs to serve the intended populations while
7:51 pm
respecting their civil liberty. we can have a better outcome on that as well. the seriously mentally ill deserve our best efforts. it is complicated and that's why we take that challenge up. as we focus on getting people into healthier settings, we also need to refocus on the people who are not homeless. the people who prey on our homeless. drug dealers who target the addicted and mentally ill contributing to serious health problems. i'm calling y i am calling for stepped up enforcement for predatory drug dealing around our navigation centers and shelter and homeless service locations and every place we house our homeless. [applause] we need to clean up drug dealing
7:52 pm
around the buildings where homeless people are trying to clean up their lives. we are not criminalizing drug addictions, we are enforcing existing laws to protect the most vulnerable. i want to thank supervisor and president of the board of supervisors president london breed for being a leader on the reforms. she is a strong voice the quality of life and reforming our treatment of the mentally ill. that's why friend i am optimistic. a new department, ambitious goal, a will in our city to succeed on this. we can make homelessness rare. we can make it brief. we can make it a one time event in peoples lives. we can move at least 8 thousand people out of
7:53 pm
homelessness forever. for too long deeply held and ideological differences divided all of us. some say we are not tough enough. others say we are not compalgzinate enough. some say we spend too much money and others say we haven't spent enough. it is time to reconcile these disagroogruments not to set them aside but work through them. if we can cooperate to solve homelessness the sky is the limit on what else we can achieve together. i want to say to you again, we can end homelessness for each individual that we touch, for each family, for each child, we can do that for them. that's what we can define as ending homelessness. if we do it together, we will have demonstrated that collaboration and cooperation is the best way to move forward.
7:54 pm
so, i want to end by saying thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to me. i'm excited to work with you, this will give a struck chur to work effectively with all of us. we can do better and will do better, i'm excited and we are san francisco. thank you very much. [applause] >> just a few steps away from
7:55 pm
union square is a quiet corner stone of san francisco's our community to the meridian gallery has a 20-year history of supporting visual arts. experimental music concert, and also readings. >> give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day. and lead us not into temptation to often on weekdays. [laughter] >> meridians' stands apart from the commercial galleries around union square, and it is because of their core mission, to increase social, philosophical, and spiritual change my isolated individuals and communities. >> it gives a statement, the idea that a significant art of any kind, in any discipline, creates change. >> it is philosophy that attracted david linger to mount a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your
7:56 pm
work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an inch thick. >> it took about two years to get it down. i would say i lose 30% of the pieces that i made. something happens to them. they cracked, the break during the process. it is very complex. they fall apart. but it is worth it to me. there are photographs i took 1 hours 99 the former soviet union. these are blown up to a gigantic images. they lose resolution. i do not mind that, because my
7:57 pm
images are about the images, but they're also about the idea, which is why there is text all over the entire surface. >> marie in moved into the mansion on powell street just five years ago. its galleries are housed in one of the very rare single family residences around union square. for the 100th anniversary of the mansion, meridian hosted a series of special events, including a world premiere reading by lawrence ferlinghetti. >> the birth of an american corporate fascism, the next to last free states radio, the next-to-last independent newspaper raising hell, the next-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter]
7:58 pm
the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the
7:59 pm
crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music, compositions that are innovative, experimental, and sometimes challenging. sound art is an artistic and event that usually receives short shrift from most galleries because san francisco is musicians have responded by showing strong support for the programming.
8:00 pm
♪ looking into meridian's future, she says she wants to keep doing the same thing that she has been doing since 1989. to enlighten and disturbed. >> i really believe that all the arts have a serious function and that it helps us find out who we are in a much wider sense than we were before we experienced that work of art. ♪ good morning today is tuesday, september 22, 2015. this is the regular meeting of the building inspection at this
8:01 pm
time, members of the public may address the commission did first item is roll call commissioner president mccarthy commissioner clinch commissioner lee commissioner konstin commissioner mccray commissioner melgar commissioner walker quorum and the next item is porments. >> good morning and welcome to the big meeting wednesday, january 20, 2016, madam secretary i have a few announcements reading congratulations to director huey that is invited to view the chinese american mission high school at 88 turk street the school head invited thanks us for our assistance in completing the requirement renovation in record time as part of preparation for the super bowl
8:02 pm
50 events that begins in san francisco on saturday, january 30th and runs to game day on sunday's february 7th the dbi and plumbing inspectors that will helping with the distribution of the flyers that provide the accurate details helpful to all members of the public and dbi will post information on the website for 24/7 assess agency www.sf gavel to to our spectaculars speakers for this service no support of a safe super bowl 50 celebration so thank you for that. >> congratulations to senate file event collin thank you madam president of records management division who received a thank you for your letter of providing excellent customer service and congratulations to dbi management and staff that
8:03 pm
posted on the website key action homeowners and project manager to prepare for the storm situation of el nino from the building protection those are inspecting the roofs and cleaning leaves and debree from down swells securing outdoor fortune and construction materials that could be pilgrims more for information invite and get ready for el nino we'll be absolutely commissioners last night in the services for a fungi look forward on today's agenda and convey my congratulations to the newly appointed commission commissioner konstin welcome to the dbi commission and who is joined us here today and commissioner konstin assumes the landowner and suv was sworn in
8:04 pm
by supervisor president london breed thank you, madam secretary that that concludes my presentation. >> any public comment on the president's report seeing none, general public comment the bic will take public comment on matters within the jurisdiction not pardon part of the aron part of thn part of tp agenda. >> good morning. my name is a rita a tenant of larking beach place i filed a complaint on december 4th the ventilation to my apartment i share with other tenant that lives underneath me okay they were smoking open yes, i am i have pictures that shows the swelling and allergic to the smoke there your inspector is two friendly
8:05 pm
with the project manager all she has to say it is building dine not the design the gas a leaking into any apartment if the basement with a broken boiler pg&e had to cut the hole thing off none have holster water for a whole day i know someone can check the broiler room and ventilation so i don't have to 134e8 was going on underneath me and the wiring on the building i've noticed the project sponsor people don't pay for capable and pg&e none of that certain rooms they go to the building and keep tamper perry with the wiring this needs to be chengd all this is right here for you and plus a work order i put that in i have
8:06 pm
a breaker box you can switch them and i mentioned that to the landlord and she said that is just fine so all those things are right here for you and like it if someone will please investigate the quality of life and the safety of my apartment is very important to me thank you. >> excuse me. ma'am, give me the address ford. >> my address is on bay street and the complaint is on this good thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay general public comment seeing none, item 4. >> certify of appreciation and recognize of service so far two people thank you. we're going to try to figure out this is the
8:07 pm
first time we've done this kind of a change of the gaud when i came abroad commissioner mccray and i came abroad inform clue he was a great help and gave me guidance and said chill man and enjoy is to (laughter) so he's always been there the second person for me on issues i have trouble understanding so i know he'll be missed i know he's going another commission and i'm not sure he knows but with regards to the commissioner mar he's the man on the other side we talk about different tribes i
8:08 pm
appreciate his honest and great position pa guess for the city fighter for the tenants on the landlord seat he figured out hard over the years a lot of good work and policies came from that i know knowing him he'll continue in other forum that's all i say fellow commissioner any comments. >> commissioner walker. >> it's been a pleasure to serve with you on this commission commissioner mar engage landlord/tenant issues we worked with the department to move forward in this relationship for our partners in the community i'm hopeful we can count on your commissioner mar input into our permitting system we are
8:09 pm
interested in you've really gone above and beyond the call of duty if be able part that have xhflgs we will miss you dearly on this commission and again, i really reiterate i hope we can keep you engaged on the ordinances you're so versed at it this june it is your thank you both for you're amazing commitment what board are you going on. >> i think i screwed up i wasn't supposed to say that. >> too late. >> the human service. >> wonderful, wonderful i know you've been active in you're taking over looftd housing authority and count on our department to make sure that the had been ability of those is up to par look forward to that
8:10 pm
very much thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> commissioner mar i enjoyed working with i i find i to be a fair representative of line up on the screen side of the room seat and fair with both the project sponsors and as well as the tenant side and i find i a seat for transparency i hope we can continue that move forward with keeping other department transparent as possible for the public and commissioner mccray i thank you for sharing your sniethsd and discussing our respect communities i i know we have talked about families needs are and he believe that where you're going you'll be playing a big part of improving their lives thank you. >> commission.
8:11 pm
>> can i make some public comments (laughter). >> you have 3 minutes. >> (laughter). thanks i'm sure you'll hold me up i want to thank my fellow expirations if so a pleasure working with you guys we've not always agreed we have kept things cordially and having public debates without trying to get the work done the only thing i'd like to say regarding i've told the staff in the back of the room i plan to be here during public comment and be a pain in the butt it is the responsibility of us to get that system europe and not only on the staff side but on tuition side i'd like to be seemed to be much more involved in the policy
8:12 pm
decision with some the plans for the project and to my the person that took any place john, i think it is a very important seat to represent lymph gland we get a bad rap i think a lot of time in the city even from our tenant allies i know that some of whom are here because as i've told a lot of tenant advocates the biggest there are no threat in the city is not the old-time landlords and the smalltime landlords like 0 users with rent-controlled unit apartment and will not ellis act people last year a few bad actors the threat we throw up our hands and say we're going to sell and get out of the city that is really and threat when we sell and get
8:13 pm
the heck out of the city those new people that take you are places are the ones that pull the ellis act i think we have to fight to make sure that the small landlords can survive not enough public sector protecting housing built in the city as much as i support did lower headstart we're not building outing our way out but preserve what we have we've been losing what we have because people are throwing their hands up in the air and saying i give it up i'm out find here make any hundred thousand and get out of here relosses landlord old-time landlords all the time and i've said that many, many times to our tenant allies but i
8:14 pm
think that is true so i'm going to leave you with that and be in the peanut gallery bugging you guys all the time >> commission all following just commissioner mar i just want to indicate my great appreciation for the sensitivity of every single one of you as you demonstrated as served open this commission the great care that you have for the task and for the people i want to also ditto that to the staff i appreciate you're great care and work that you do moving this commission this department into a very new age thank you all it's been a great joy to serve when is for me my third
8:15 pm
commission board over more years more than i can remember this is again has been a great experience and i thank you and mr. president, i probably said what you said. >> but i probably said it something like that it is best to live lightly and unknowingly so much of what we do we must handle ourselves lightly and not think too much about the difficulties of journey and keep on pushing or pressing on i leave you saying thank you you've made this experience wonderful and educate active i them after all you are friends thank you very much. >> well said we have some certifies i don't
8:16 pm
know if commissioner mccray if you have any more room on your walls i guess can someone take a photograph. >> i have a camera here. >> so obviously on behalf of the all the staff at dbi and all the management and the commission i know from sonya and, of course, the city attorney's office thanks so much for putting up with me and we did a great job i'm proud of this two people are for the great job on behalf of the city for the appreciation commissioner mccray we have the
8:17 pm
certificates so commissioner mar. >> thank you for your service (clapping.) don't sneak away does anyone have the photograph. >> i have one. >> good morning commissioner president mccarthy and the commission ones have already left i really appreciate you know one and also commissioner mccray's help you know sometimes, we need to have a different voice know that lots of people talk about x letter i'm the first one want to push
8:18 pm
it finish line to get it done with the helpful of the department of technology and maureen making sure we make sure that the program works that's my first priority in my mind moving forward wake up know. >> a nightmare. >> but working together i think that you know last few years we accomplished quite a bit of with your help you know with different ordinances different you know stuff and then all the staff is helping me to accomplish it and then i'm going to send you today with japan for 5 years and see you know you'll see what my open how the road map for the future of the department to go out thank you very much and appreciate you know also
8:19 pm
commissioner mccray asked about the rec program i promised you from now and then every monday i'll give you update when you're off the commission you can still call me twenty-four hours you know and then i, respond to it okay. thank you thank you director. >> madam secretary that ends item 4 i have a request by commissioners no objection i'm sorry if we can move item 7 to item 5 and item 6 move and item 5 down after that did i lose you. >> 7 and then we'll take straight back to 5 sorry i take that back 7 and then to 5. >> okay any public comment on item 4. >> seeing none, we're on item
8:20 pm
7 discussion and possible action for the proposed ordinance for the board of supervisors file amending at planning code to require the conditional use authorization for the removal of any residential unit whether legal unit or illegal unit with the surfaces requirements for buildings additions and mergers amending did building code to amend the legalization of a legal unit under the building code with the building commission to talk about the approval. >> where is the staff. >> were just notified. >> yeah. we moved 2 up they thought everybody was in the audience. >> maybe move the minutes or something. >> if you want to two. >> can we move 10 up.
8:21 pm
>> sure. >> so item 10 is review and approval of minutes of the regular meeting of june 17, 2015. >> move to approve there is a motion and a second any public comment on the minutes okay. seeing none commissioners in favor>> i. >> any opposed the the minutes are approved. >> so someone here from. >> actually i believe someone from the supervisors office. >> to do the presentation they're not here and we moved it up in fault of them you know so. >> how about 11. >> okay. so (laughter) what we're going to do housekeeping stuff. >> i'll go back to any original plan and discuss the permit and project tracking system number 5 and then take on
8:22 pm
7 after that when everyone is in the room if no objection precede forward. >> on to item number 5 the discussion and cecelia tracking system. >> good morning it's still morning; right? thanks for having me, i'm miguel for the new commissioners congratulations and welcome i'm the c's i owe and the head for the department of technology we were asked as mr. hugh i didn't mention to come in and participate in the cecelia project for the permitting project sometime ago and
8:23 pm
recently had taken an opportunity to evaluate the project so i'm here today to give you an update on that progress and take any questions as previously promised we planned to come back and provide you with ongoing just wants as this process moved on january 8th we did complete the rfp elevation panel and they made a selections that pants was comprised of members of the mayors budget office and the controller's office and my department the technology the or not elected was a combination of a comedy called the garden to perform this third party assessment of the project garden is obviously familiar with our contractors process there are an active and ongoing vendor in many departments across the city we expected no
8:24 pm
issues with the actual contractor steps that's what we're in expect that to be completed the first week of february garnered greater than timeline was 12 weeks to anticipating that's assessment will begin around the effect week of february that puts us to completion on or about the end of april the assessment team obviously will meet as previously discussions and promised meet with various stakeholder and members of the bid and the department and, etc. so we have again made f it clear we want all represented stakeholder to be given an opportunity to participate to the extent manageable so that's the status update as
8:25 pm
of the moment and again minimum in the intern between meetings provide status updates in realtime by e-mail or whatever means it is preferred and would plan at a minimum to come back at the next commission if you see fit for us to provide another update along the way thank you, thank you miguel >> commissioner walker please. thank you. this is g good news and nice to have a data goalpost i want to clarify something as during the scope of this new phase is doing we aren't going to go back and create a whole new processes for submitting we're essentially looking at the current process and elevating the process of the permitting system and figuring out how to get back on track if
8:26 pm
that is easy enough we're talking about how our business operations that's a bigger scope then - >> right. right this scope is not to. >> reelevate the system. >> build the process and things like that but important to point out i think that going through this process and identifying how to get this project on track may bring to the surface opportunities or questions about process; right? so i think that those questions will arises in the in the scope of this agreement to try to resolve but i expect some will surface i think all sides of the valuation invites that transparency. >> i know if our department we went over several years ago a whole retooling of our system that we laid to definitively
8:27 pm
hopefully is incorporated. >> this is not a business reengineering. >> it is a elevation of the counter state what it getsing us to the current state and the analysis gap what stands in the way. >> thank you perfect. >> commissioners any more questions. >> great i have - so the vendor is gardener and would that. >> g r r t n e r. >> r t n e r. >> a r t n e r. >> okay. >> i presume they've gone into the other municipalities and dealt with situations like this before. >> yes. their response they have to provide certainly background information. >> we as a city and various departments in many departments
8:28 pm
have different sorts of engagements with them they're aware of the city as an organization and in some departments kind of deep knowledge. >> okay commissioner melgar no. >> thank you for coming and sorry commissioner walker. >> one clarification in either gi g are gardener were involved in the initial process. >> not that i'm aware of. >> to the system itself. >> i can firmer that definitely but completely understood i'll make sure we confirm that but to the best of my knowledge that's a red flag. >> thank you miguel we'll touch basis through the chair
8:29 pm
we're happening to respond but at&t minimal we'll accept an invitation to come back. >> and the vendors will be in contact way when the project kicks off they'll reach out and the general will be included and amongst yourselves who is appropriated to individually engage with the project team but they'll absolutely contact you. >> great, thank you. >> any further questions no thank you for coming out any public comment on item 56? seeing none, are we - >> if no public comment i say i believe we have everyone here go to item 7 please - you have one further question miguel before we go. >> in the theme of speed and
8:30 pm
agility i have 99 percent confirmation they're not involved in the initial we'll check the documents and get it to 100 percent but assured they were. >> thank you so madam secretary call item 7 please. we have recall it again, please. >> item 7 is discussion and possible action regarding the proposed o for the board of supervisors file amending at planning code to require the conditional use authorization for the removal of any residential unit whether legal unit or illegal unit and in inclines with the shaping and circumstances requirement for the building residential mergers and amending did building code for the amending of the an illegal unit unit less than feasible under the planning commission approval
8:31 pm
thank you, madam secretary. >> good morning yelp write legislative aide to to supervisor avalos has a followup to a previous ordinance that focused on the issue of residential mergers and basically, we've seen with the housing crisis in the city the planning department does a balanced scorecard what's your net gain how much housing are we losing to demolitions and mergers so originally we have received a lot of multi buildings having tenants being evicted and merging those buildings so we have to strengthen those controls to put in more direction to the planning commission to preserve and the existing housing particularly rent-controlled housing and this brought up the
8:32 pm
residential conversion it as complicated and patchwork approach and so this ordinance is looking at clarify that and streamlining overseeing proposals those controls and require a conditional use for the roller o remainder and it deals with the issues in district 11 we face in the excelsior and outer mission and also supervisor kim has co-sponsored it for its her concerns around particularly the 109 market street building where we are seeing large-scale threats to rental housing in a commercial building the bottom of the math and now at the toup top wear seeing the landlord wanted to evict to competitor into a residential building and
8:33 pm
some tenants are here to speak as to the building code of the ordinance it deals with the notice of violation for unauthorized units and this ordinance there save when dbi issues an nov for an unauthorized unit in order to remove the units the landlord will have to get a conditional use authorization permit otherwise legalize the unit that is the step in how we deal with secondary units and this is urban authorized unit now we've created a path to legalization so you know, i think in the excelsior we've seen the population growth without executrix and in-law units and with the pressures of market-rate rent we've seen heartbreaking stories with 47 eureka you're aware of a classic example we have a perfectly good
8:34 pm
housing unit that may or may not on our units the tenants have raised the history of the 24 unit we've seen and heard a number of reports you have on a tenant in a nmentd and the business owner no notice to the tenant by the time the tenant knows they're being evicted the timeframe to appeal that has expired and they're given no recourse to losing their home the landlord gets to remove the unit the city losses a rent-controlled unit and it is a double wham i didn't to our housing stock to the code advisory committee we have a discussion again 9 logistics how this works in the building code and in the housing community in the city we have good feedback and kim from the planning department is
8:35 pm
here to talk about the logistics how we define an unauthorized unit two screenings process how we deal with the unit that is illegal unit and an unsafe unit we try to capture that to say this is a unit that has you have to go through the garage or other units that that is not clearly legalizing a union user i unit they must be removed the unit is habitualable and we'll see that as a valuable housing stock and we're trying to capture here so commissioner walker. >> thank you for doing that i know we've done action about novelist the tenants already that would be helpful that starts the conversation earlier when you talk about the
8:36 pm
independence and excluding some that or clearly not legalizeable maybe that is not a word it is now do we do that or planning does that have to go into the conditional use shoot or expelling our plan checkers to do available the proposal that the planning department staff to make that determination but i'll defer to my colleague to discuss that further. >> i mean, i personally i mean, i kind of like the idea of having planning review these if conditional use but that is combvm and costly i hope it doesn't end up with us moving those units in addition to the process it might be wise to attach to some kind of financial
8:37 pm
assistance we have a code enforcement supervisor wiener has put money on reserve initially $4 million for code enforcement issues but the conversation has been possible we can have an ongoing fund to help landlords legalize those units it is costly so it is costly and it is important. >> actually yeah, that was a large part of our discussion the code advisory committee how can we help protecting homeowners and supervisor avalos is definitely looking at that and we have taken the highest ownership in the district and in one of the lowest district a lost homeowners that are renting as a way to keep their mortgage and did you housing trust fund
8:38 pm
the people passed supervisor avalos was for the homeowner stabilization fund that transitioned in the housing stable funds we're 2, 3, 4 discussion with the mayor's office of housing to dedicate a portion to help with the legalization process. >> especially the single-family homes. >> yeah. at this point it is good to bring you think my colleague to talk about that. >> hi km planning department staff so i'm just going to go over a summary of what changes we're making in the planning code and talk about more about the planning code changes the two main changes happening in this ordinance one
8:39 pm
is that making the regulations consistent across the board for a removal of the residential units we have different regulations per based on zion and the number of unit northbound a building and making every substantive to a cu so the second a basically the introduction of a definition of unauthorized unit in the code and simply creating this path between the building code and the planning code that will require a landlord an owner sorry owner to legalize the unit and that's the planning code commission removing the unit and for that we have a
8:40 pm
definition for an unthortsd unit we try to keep as broad as possible we know these units are having forums some of them have kitchens and some no kitchens we try to make it very broad and that is in the planning code so at the planning counter weight of the testimony determine whether or not this will quality as an unauthorized unit and the way it is decided it is an individual living for sleeping area that is has been used independently and as commercial unit and some physical criteria that it has it didn't have connection visible connection with other residential units and an independent assess not
8:41 pm
through other residential unit to we have also a policy at the counter that if you know an applicant if an applicant has that building and unauthorized unit is there forever not used as a residential unit or maybe they can sign an affidavit saying this is not used as an unauthorized unit and not go through the process another piece it basically preadditional criteria we put in the planning code for the commission to use in their review when they're making the cu determination the criteria the first criteria is whether or not that unauthorized unit is eligible for legalization whether or not a legal path to
8:42 pm
legalize that unit and second whether or not it is financially feasible to legalize that unit in a way we define that is the cost from the cost of legalization is equal or less than the value added to the property as it results in legalization than that's defined as financially feasible we would require a report from the applicant and the third is whether or not the psychologist of legalization is reasonable and the way we define reasonable is basically referring to the data that has been accommodating from the legalization program since may of 2014 for every single application costs of legalization and this is a range a wide range from one thing dollar to as high as one
8:43 pm
and $50,000 so basically that criteria says if you're costs falls within this range we call it a reasonable costs because you know it falls remarkably out there and you've been getting so those are the major changes in the building code and the planning code is changes that a notice of violation will include that language and need to legalize that's the planning commission removal and we've heard concerns about the code advisory committee about what about those units that are absolutely they can't be legalized or the city needs to order the removal to the city attorney is drafting the amendments to the ordinances that says if no legal path to legalize the unit then they'll not be subject to the ordinance
8:44 pm
in this process i won example a single-family unit rh2 of rh1 and two illegal unit units only it allows one unit to be legalized and the second one no legal path for it to be legal list this exempts the second legal unit to go through that process and addresses the legal language in the code from the city or court orders removal of a unit their exempt from 24 process as well. >> i'm sorry not to truth of the matter but commissioner mar has a question. >> i sorry a request clarification pretty big so the definition of an unauthorized unit that was added then now says that the unit does not have independent assess not
8:45 pm
going through the principle property that's what you're user it is pretty big we have had several cases in this definition to so the folks that are separate kitchens for grandmother downstairs that is now defined as an unauthorized unit not a separate egging regress we'll not take action is that the way i'm reading it. >> if it is the rooms that own outgoing the grandmother or the family lives there and you know the two units are connected unite not going to be considered unauthorized unit if they want to remove that it will, big. >> i mean it's great in my point of view but thank you. >> please continue. >> that was actually, the end of my presentation i'm here for any questions. >> yeah. i know there is things
8:46 pm
i know we've talked about the code advisors that was very helpful on the comments it was very good dialogue the statistics asked of the planning department can you talk to these on how many permits were orientated and families merge the best you can i know you're limited to what you give to the public can we have that on hand. >> so the 6 i had in my case report that regarding urban authorized units in the past year we had about one and 80 applications for the urban authorized unit so that was pretty big and let me pull up -
8:47 pm
sorry. >> there was one and 80 how many were approved. >> the reason they were basically every application in the process for approval no either approved or in a process for approval they're either some are in the planning commission approved and the dbi issued. >> so when you say one and 80 were removed you're saying from a public point of view one and 80 units were unauthorized. >> yeah. >> removed and finished and finalized. >> not finished and finalized but the applications were approved. >> so maybe my next question okay. please continue. >> sure the data i provided to bill
8:48 pm
yesterday was not related to the un authorized unit but more to legal residential unit that were removed using the administrative approval so as i said in the beginning of my presentation. >> we have administrative approval one they can price out if we considered that unit that is removed urban affordable and number changes every year to right now i think one .65 more than that and the second it is determined an unsound structure
8:49 pm
who two processes in the past 5 years we've had 31 units demolished through pricing out. >> can you destine it what pricing out is. >> meaning it is determined that single-family or that unit that is demolished is valued more than one $.65 million we determine that number as unaffordable. >> so basically it doesn't matter we're using that unit for unaffordable unit then the second is derrick whether or not if it is urban sound structure there has been 16 of them 16 yeah. >> 16 and 31 priced out?
8:50 pm
>> uh-huh. and 16 unsound this ordinance r is remove all the processes and making that a cu we support that recommendations because both of the processes are complicated and some of them applications take along the cu process so unsounded applications are been going on if 6 months to years and also leaves the planners with being with those complex engineering things they don't have expertise on so not a very fair and you know effective process to we basically, the planner will write an analysis and the commission will make the final decisions and commissioner mar please. so i'm all for consistency making sure from the the new
8:51 pm
definition of the unauthorized unit with the planning regulation dealing with airbnb units. >> is that consistent too. >> once they become legalized then they're a non-conforming legal unit and but if someone explicit legalize it something we're not taking action it didn't have separate egress or renting it out outside of the regulations the airbnb your enforcing does that fall under it. >> i'm not sure my assumes will be that will unauthorized part of a legal unit and that legal unit has already been regulated and that's the part of it but i'm not 100 percent.
8:52 pm
>> commission. >> so one and 80 units removed in the past year; right? >> unauthorized unit. >> and how many approvals to legalize. >> i have that number two i believe we're at permitted we're about one 50 and there is another hundred in the process >> that's in the past year; correct? >> that's effective of that legislation which was may of 2014. >> thank you commissioner lee please. i think the proposal is the intent of the proposal i think we can do all we can to keep the affordable units in san francisco but i have one question about the depiction
8:53 pm
definition of what qualifies and how our department is involved and the second is about prelims the first question about the legalization how will we determine where we going do let planning determine whether or not the unit is possible or not what about the technical aspects felt unit for example, if the unauthorized unit has the ceiling of 17 feet tall we know it needs to be more than 10 feet is planning going to determine whether the building will raise the ceiling or will they need our departments help. >> the definition of the unauthorized unit it in is in the planning department so the planning determines whether or not it is an unauthorized removing it go to the cu
8:54 pm
process, however, whether or not they're eligible for the legalization they'll duo come to dbi and dbi does the screening. >> the second question is implementations now implementing this involves a lot of people including the people that live there and leg allergies a unit needs construction sometime and construction a constructive are we're going to treat those units as new additions to this means that we have to follow the line of the requirements for new additions; right? so we need to add sprinklers those all play into the effect how it effects the project and how it effects the people living there. >> i think someone from dbi can answer that question. >> before i think if i may i'd
8:55 pm
like to continue the planning issues and get dbi commissioners, if you will please make sure that it is answered i kind of want to get back before the public comment there are facts we need to get it on the record the ac applications with away was just this year. >> may 2014 and may 2014 and you can't identify if all were conducted i did ask this you said we were; correct? >> the one and 80 applications are for removal. >> not rebuilding. >> just removal but you canned is for all we know 4 could have been removed right now so the 5 years, 31 unit over the one
8:56 pm
$.7 million threshold so that workout to of a year for the last 5 years you didn't finish can you finish. >> adopt i think that was 16. >> 16 of these. >> 16 that's right and what was the timeframe. >> the same timeframe the last 5 years. >> so we divide that by 3. >> 3. >> right so 3 of these and the other question commissioner lee was touching on this if i go through the cu process and for a single-family homes with regard to demolition it applies she has nothing on the report it is the judgment. >> are you asking about the current situation. >> the new situation hypothetically you do not need
8:57 pm
to surround report how in the criteria that is existing in the code for a cu removal. >> a cu removal. >> right now rae where r have the prigs in the code for removing for demolishing and also removing units and the criteria to use that criteria. >> and that criteria is always under i remember someone involved in the city the idea of demolition do make a quick and clear thresholds particularly in the removal of a single-family so i think i'm trying to get to the why we had that process we never used before and i remember the occasion policy to increase the threshold was higher and higher and it was district
8:58 pm
engineering very hard to get you know based on the amount of unit that are improved for a complete demolition i'm trying to figure out. >> i'm trying to understand your concern one thing i want to emphasis those numbers are only the ones that are removed with a administrative approval with a dr or cu those are the ones that are removed with administrative approval and their collective a smaller number smaller portion of what is being down the road our saying we have this process already and it is broad and most of units are demolished into the process to be consistent. >> finally did you do an analysis on costs. >> the cu process permit
8:59 pm
process that is costing between 45 thousand for the permit application and the dr that is friendly mostly applying to most of removals for one or two units that is almost the same so the cost doesn't really change that much. >> okay. so you feel it doesn't change and the timeframe you said this is much more faster. >> this is more straightforward not a really like time savings if the administrative approval some have been taking the planners said to me oh, this is for two years and now what is going to happen not efficient. >> so the cu process is. >> the cu process average takes 6 months to now i think
9:00 pm
the timeline 6 to 9 months. >> commissioner walker please. thank you for this i think that anything that makes it consistent sort of predictable process around the affordable units this shifts the goals of review to towards one of trying to find a solution to legalize not the case now we need to do that a lot of right work around programs whether from the board or our departments administrative orders have been around that to try to find solutions to keeping the units and even though tenants in those units to the end the issue by the president having the timeframe that is predictable and associated with this is really i on a key to whether it works or not like we want to it work and again, i want to reiterate that we need


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