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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 12016  SFGTV  January 23, 2016 5:00am-8:01am PST

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reference proportional. was a force proportional to the threat or the situation? the words we choose our policies make a difference on how the officers read and interpret it. the big importance, the big thing is slowing things down and that she has made things clear to the officers and my training staff is that, time, distance, cover and report. so it things down to assess the situation to make sure the decisions be made by the right decisions not only for the department both of the community. we take that very seriously. that although there is the 21 foot wool, which is mentioned in the report, we mentioned that in the academy as an awareness. it's not a line in the sand where someone steps within 21 feet we have the right to use force. it's an awareness. it's a tactic put on a video from the late 80s.
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unfortunate, it's out there. on youtube and where else but we tell the recruits that it's an awareness. it's not able. a rule. scenario-based training israel. it's the best training the officers can get and whether recommendations bi-. even though there's many recommendations in the perth study, we always improve. that's how i view it here we can always make things better. we can improve upon everything we do and everything we learn from. the role of the supervisor on management and personnel management having a supervisor on scene makes a significant difference, especially in the apartment. officers need direction to tell them what they're going to do. and when they should do it, who should be doing what. who should be protecting the scene. those are all things we expect of our sergeants. we also expect this
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from the officers to maintain that scene prior to the supervisor ryan arriving on scene. another tactic is de-escalation and communication. the negotiations, questions versus commands. when officers arrived to the scene the first question with a first command should not be, talked the night. one of the question should be why you have a knife. what is your name? what can i do to help you? we don't want to hurt you. so, changing the training from commands to questions, especially when you're engaging someone with a mental health crisis, many times the protecting themselves with a knife because they're fearful of someone attacking them. not the police, but for protecting themselves. so when officers asked the question what you have a knife in they see because i'm protecting myself because of whatever is going on in the mind, that gives the officer perspective, okay, that
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person is not here to hurt me. there's something else going on. so those are changes that were going to. in our realistic scenario-based training is asked questions. the last thing is the critical national decision-making model that they use in the uk. we do most of that already were we gather information to assess the situation and assess the risk and assess the front. what policies him a what tools do we have. what we need to emphasize is sanctity of life in that decision-making model. should that life had been taken? what else could we have done? how else have we can be escalated the situation to resolve this window force has to be used and that everybody gets to go home and the person in crisis, the person who is the focus of our attention gets the help that they need. that is a shift where we focus on the sanctity
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of life. so, the holistic approach the policy, training, and development of the officers so that they have the heart and mind to do the right thing going back to value-based policing. we don't need 500 pages of something to tell person was the right thing to do and that's the message we tell the recruits. we know you know the right thing to do. you don't need books to tell you the right thing to do because human nature and ethics in your moral compass will tell you what the right thing to do is. thank you very much >> thank you. we'll have to move this a little bit along. lieut. melia what you have to add? >> [inaudible] >> we will hear from the community. >> [inaudible] >> you have an opportunity. in
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a two-minute interval. the molina would you be brief i appreciate it. >> on the officer in charge of behavioral otto. also accorded her for the office otto. a brief history of it, we have a program modeled after the -program the police commission [inaudible] we have been implementing training everson. we trained about 300 new officers as of today. as of tomorrow night would've had 39 more officers. that's a class that graduated last friday. would have 342 officers on the streets of san francisco that have received the training. the training is very comprehensive. [inaudible]. to talk about the
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neighborhood culture and officers about fences between the police department and the community. so, we have a conference of program. we have a community-based program. we have people from-with experts in the brain. the first day is devoted to how the brain works. developing. we talked about diagnoses. we talked about behavior. this is very important to address the behavior of the person. i don't expect our officers to go in diagnoses the bonuses, but i expect them to recognize behavior attached to a persons. so that's the first day. the second day we concentrate on the juvenile brain development.
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various trauma. this again areas . how about a fact that young person as he becomes an adult. [inaudible] please officers can take under consideration when doing with that person. we also have scenarios. specific to that type of behavior. we do a suicide prevention. a two-hour block. that's conducted by san francisco suicide prevention organization. it talks about how to identify key triggers in a person that's thinking about suicide. we have speakers from-coming members [inaudible] we also solve. panel speakers that speak about issues with the police department. [inaudible]. provided to the training to the officers but i
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think the most important thing they can take away from the cfd is it community-based. i attended the first meeting in washington dc and what i washington dc and what itook abouwith that san francisco is unique about how is carried up your we have a working group. we be san francisco we have occ. we have an array of services and advocates and consumers that take part of that. so, it's not just one person's decision. it's not the police department's decision. but what's being taught to our officers but in fact, it's a community model., true believer ought not. in order for a program to work we have to be done by the community and police department. so, we have classes coming up as the
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captain said before, where training our recruits. right now we have a class going on. we emphasize the training to be a way [inaudible] and the reason behind because i don't want my officers to be distracted by radio cars, by silences or anything going on. so i want to take them away from the police environment and put them in a quiet place and learn about mental wellness. i think what we have is to coach it. you have the law-enforcement culture and you have the mental illness culture and we have to marry the two cultures so we can work together. when we talk about law enforcement, we told officers to show command presently we train officers to be commanders. predominate, put down the weapon. if that person, for whatever reason does not respond to that, we are allowed to escalate the use
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of force. verbal persuasion, physical constraint and so forth. it doesn't have to [inaudible]. we have to assess every time. when you talk about , if the officer does not get a response, from a particular person, he will assume the person is not complying with this office so the use of force is escalated. when you talk about the mental health culture, it's a little bit different. we're trained to go up there, assess the environment. what is causing this person to act this way date because one of the triggers that causing the person to do what they're doing? and address the environment. historically, it shows police officers will get involved in shootings with the first minute they arrive >> we need to please wrap up.
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>> just a few more minutes. >> please, hurry >> so the idea that window of opportunity. i want my officers to slow down, create distance, and that will give them time. so that's the message i have. we are doing-i was glad to hear the attorney was talkative and things that the department is recommending. we are doing that. last week, i was able to meet with the director of the department of justice about how we can assist us in getting money. thank you so much >> thank you very much. in the essence of time, i want to recognize supervisors become post is that some compost. supervisor campos. >> i'm still not sure why that
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she does not here and i appreciate the captain and the tenant resenting but i think this kind of discussion really acquires the head of the department to engage with the elected body and the community. you know, i have a question for the chief and since he is not here we have the ranking captain. there's a lot of talk coming out of the police department and i have to ask you this question because i really feel that nothing will happen in terms of changing the relationship between community and this police department unless you actually address and handle some of these incidents properly. for all the talk about training, one of the things-what i found the most disturbing about the mariel woods case is the fact that the police officers are still on the payroll of the police
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department and so, you talk about the sanctity of life. how does it it advanced the sanctity of life that these officers are still on the payroll of san francisco pd after what happened and the videos that we saw? >>[applause] >> i don't know if you could give me a response but that's what i want to ask the chief. i'm sorry >> i understand your question. i understand where you're coming from but i can't answer that question as the decision >> that's the problem. you have is the analogy of a ship going down and you have captain of the ship rearranging the
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furniture. you're not doing anything to address the underlying problem. with the training on mental health, i mean, even if you take what you're saying at face value, 342 officers, that means 80% of the officers in the department are not getting that training. eight out of the 10 officers interacting with folks out there on not getting that training. there's a lot of issues here. i just wanted to ask a question because i think that how we handle the case of these officers sends a message and i think the message right now is to is a horrible message that actually negates all the positive things that you're saying and doing. so long as these officers are getting paid i think that you've got to continue to have a problem and i think it is wrong could i would ask, not only the chief to reconsider, but i would ask
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the mayor, since he is the chief executive of the city to step in and say, i know the police commission doesn't have control over that. i know they couldn't wait in on that but the mayor and the chief should not be okay with these officers being on the payroll right now. >>[applause] >> i will add, i'm also concerned that there has been a part or not an official position of sfpd but the police officers association going around in the way they talk about this case,, it almost looks like the police of him and doesn't want to take the kind of action that supervisor campos wants to take because they're afraid of the poa. these are all nice words about recommendations that they want to do, but until the community has a sense that there are consequences for the use of force, even the use of force that maybe can be justified,
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unless there are consequences, there's going to be huge sense of impunity that officers face. >> i understand. as these issues are being discussed it doesn't sway me from continuing the pursuit pursuit under my sphere of influence with trying to build the trust with the community through the recruits and provide them with a solid foundation can i understand your concerns. however, at the same time i'm in my swimming lane and try and do the best i can to get the best police officers for the city that they deserve. >> i think the one that concerns me about the policewoman it seems his reaction. people in crying out and been hurt and killed for years to past. it's only now, this one incident that the police department has shown any
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kind of consideration to make any kind of changes. to me, this seems very retroactive it doesn't seem very genuine or reveal all or a desire to begin to implement these changes. the mayor's office is a thing, late to the party as well in incrementing changes, ordering what are those things called, shields. we need to be on the proactive side not reacting. we need to be doing more. we been asking for community the african report to be a moment that for years. it's incredibly fresh mint which are seen on the news on streets certain level of frustration at people when asking for this for a long time and now you're just coming to the table. why be quick because increased pressure. because there is a video. because there's mounting documentation and that was frustrating that people have just reached their
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level their breaking point, and that is the expression of your scene that are stopping traffic, that are protesting and just same timeout. enough is enough. present breed has a few remarks. i think will give her a chance to speak >> actually, yes. i really want to get to public comment. i know there's a lot of information that has bee provided and i'd like to echo the comments of supervisor breed. i think what were experiencing here is, sadly, growing up in my neighborhood, police brutality was it happened way too often. with a new agent technology and video, all of a sudden, other folks outside of these communities are seen what's happening and we can't continue with business as usual. we have to make changes and we have to be proactive about those changes and we can put our guard up and say, well this is training. this is how it's done. this is what were trying to do change it. we just have to do. we have to figure out a better way. the promise weight may not be the best way to do. because, i think from my perspective, as
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someone who is isaac grew up in this community i feel there's a real cultural disconnect becausi'm, i think sometimes you look at, or the department looks at may be specifically the african-american community, and especially if you grew up in an african-american community with his poverty, weathers despair, weathers frustration, sometimes the communication and how someone is communicating or how someone feels is not about being violence were attacking the police. sometimes it something you mentioned in your comment. sometimes it's about their own frustration. we don't have the luxury to have officers who work at the department who are scared of our communities who don't understand our communities, were not going to know who the people are in our community to figure out how they can best serve that community. just the video and seen like, how it happens in the situation, it
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just was heartbreaking to me because i felt that apartment should know better and they should've had a better response, but instead it was a response that just was not something i think the department-it's not a way i feel that apartment should be responding to a situation like that. it's really frustrating and i think that's what were experienced. all the stuff now, we have video. we have all the stuff that is put out there and it just bringing to light, sadly, something i've seen far too long in my community. i want to make sure that we are going to make some changes and make some significant changes. so, with that thank you supervisor cohen i'd love to hear some comments from the public >> will go to public comments. thank you, capt. [calling names]. please come up to the
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podium. remember, your 2 min. you'll hear a soft chime indicating 30 seconds time remain. >> thank you, supervise. thank you supervisor cohen for calling this hearing. a lot of good information and yes it was all implemented it really might make a difference. the idea of being on the scene for 2 min. before you shoot somebody, what a concept. maybe even not shoot them. it could happen. we've got to make these changes. 30 odd people killed in san francisco by police. that's too many people, too many of our brothers and sisters are being killed, too many children are being killed. so, training the recruits is one thing but there's got to be some massive changes among the regular
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force. i know you have the goal, obviously the oversight committee has that goal but it has not happened. how are we going to make it happen now? thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for holding this hearing. john avalos spoke at the justice four-this program la has the calls crisis intervention people not police officers to come first. we need to have that. also, with we want have a sanctity of life. for one month the police officers disarm when they're out on patrol and only call in weapons, backup, when they need it. england did use arms for a long time. also, in any lopez's gaze in sonoma county the 13-year-old killed carrying a gun, the judges will today that she saw no threat to those
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officer. that content on a 13-year-old kid with a toy gun. also, we need best for the ptsd test good rehabilitation. and if there's been rebutted that become part of the force not before. they need to earn the name peace officer. we need compassion, metrodome this is not being treated like it did in the past they can say we were defending ourselves and other videos are stopping that policy. 4/5 police commissioner told us that were training crisis intervention. that killed marielle. how could that be? wasn't any discoloration attempt did we want to know who fired the first shot speak of was that the rookie that was not trained? we need to know this information. parents are calling the police and the children are being called. i'm
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a mother and grandmother. thank you so much for caring and they do so much for really getting into this this i feel like were finally, finally getting somewhere in making police officers not cops and killers. >> thank you. [calling names] >> good afternoon, supervise. thank you for holding this hearing. it's with great sense of sadness and also the sense of shame that i've come to realize the sfpd is a very typical police department. like baltimore, like los angeles, but chicago, is a devastating occupying army in communities of color. i'm cautiously, very cautiously optimistic, however the sfpd can and may even will change and lead the way. by cameras, the software to analyze implicit and explicit bias, the new training of its officers when they need it, all that is great stuff. i'm very pleased to see two of the police commissioners here if they have a policy overview.
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but the warrior culture at sfpd is very apparent. especially, with the poa and also important with chief. last night that warrior culture was on stark display. the martin howard had organized a police show of force at the commission hearing last night that i attended. they explicitly called out melia cohen for her remarks about a diverse firing squad could after several poc's, please officers of color spoke to the just the viability of the marielle woods hearing, they walked out. on the way out, he said to his cops, good show of force gentlemen. that's how we win. so, the most important thing is going to be the political will behind the
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effort to change the sfpd culture. so, i'm hoping cautiously optimistic that you folks are going to get the political will, that the commission is going to get the political will and that maybe even the mayor will get the political will. >> thank you for your comments. [calling names]. >> i want to thank the supervisors that came to our coalition meeting. it was good. thank you, carolyn, for coming and videotaping us. it's important. when i watch the video the following morning, i was felt such raise. i'm just a
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hip stopped jumping away from the police department. what stopped me was i know these cops are too crazy. they are psychopaths. the biggest problem is that you can train cops if have a low iq of 105 and below. that's a fact. you can do your homework online. because if you get a higher iq, they won't hire you. and officer did sue the city and one won. so, things need to change in the city big-time. no, i don't know which officer had that gun pointed at mariusz had . that first shot him in the back of the head. then a pause.
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then, 20+-shot in the side of his body. note that had happened in any other way, if you've been shot in the body, then all those gunshots his body would have been other all over the place. but no those body shots were right beside his body. he's laying dead on the ground. bang. bang. bang. he's laying there already dead. >> thank you. we've got a lot of speakers, sir. thank you. [calling names]
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>> thank you for holding this hearing. i would really advise everybody to check out the hayward burns reports that shows that san francisco is among the worst in california for the racism in the criminal justice process, at every step. arrest, bookings, convictions, and sentencing. it's a very important thing to look at. we are living in a society where the insecurity of trying to exist is driving huge numbers of people crazy. it's driving him to suicide. it's driving them to drug addiction. it's
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not surprising that were finding all these people going crazy on the san francisco streets. critical intervention, training, is not going to bank a bit of difference. actually be actual teams that go out there and they shouldn't-they don't have to be and should not be cops. psych tax work all the time with people in a lot of trouble. they are not arms. so that needs to be done. teasers cannot be instituted on this. it isn't an alternative to bounce. it is another kind of violence. it's been proven that, they're not to be used in situations, in dangerous situations, so it's not going to reduce officer involved
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shootings. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supra my name is patricia gray. i'm a member of a family of san francisco police and my father was a policeman. to my brothers were policemen. to nephews. my husband was a policeman but things have changed. in all the years they served, not one of those men ever took their guns out of their holster. i think there is been terrible changes in our police department over the years. i think a major failure is with the hiring. i think people are tired to be police officers have certain standard of intelligence and also a sense of some compassion and empathy. we
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don't need people that want for some and make you do something. we can't have testing so we do not-and especially i heard preferential hiring for these often illegal wars all over the world. those poor people have been traumatized 24-7. they need to be certain they're not suffering from post to maddock stress which could cause a person to just see it several threat and shoot to kill. kill. kill. the second thing is about training. certainly there needs to be more training on the step back, time back. not shoot to kill. i understand that our sheriff's apartment is being trained with some of the israeli defense forces and i fear the police might be also. we need compassionate police officers. >> thank you. [calling names]
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>> my name is adam's chains, resident just moved to san francisco from the city of arcata near eureka with it some of the problems, which is not new with having lots of police violence. they went to to police chiefs a lot of political turmoil and still not solve the problem. i think one of the comments supervisor cohen made use of force is not a new issue. i believe that's true and the question is, why is that. why is it not new issue? there's lots of answers but a lot of people have spoken to culture. that seems to be it's a buzzword. it's not clear what that always means, but i'll explain what i believe. i think culture is something people learn at an early age
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and people recognize it's very difficult thing to change culture and the type of training and other things. the culture is fairly interlink. in my opinion, i think one of the issues that's a simple solution took off again problem is that the recruiting of the police emphasizes military people, veterans. not people who have learned and taught that force protection and using a gun is the primary solution to lots of situations. i think that the incentive giving a preference, i think it's unfortunate veterans may be good for lots of jobs and they're good people, but i think policing is not something that is really suitable for most veterans because of their culture. i think that culture can change but it's very difficult. to start with people who don't have what i-i'm an engineer-weave in a special thing if you have
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a hammer the world looks like a nail. if your culture has taught you that guns are a way of solving issues, you're going to see is a natural good thing to do. i think the trainer in the police mama said we know you know the right thing to do. it's a statement of culture and that is wrong i think. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much supervisor cohen and all the supervisors. it's a breath of fresh air to come to this hearing and here leaders who are compassionate about the sanctity of life. last night was kind of questionable. to see 70 law-enforcement officers desecrate the sanctity of life and possibly interrupt the healing process for the family was quite devastating for me. i also wanted to emphasize that it took a lot of strength and
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expertise to get professional panels here today. i was quite overwhelmed with the intricacy of all the information and will take years for some us to digest, but my caution is, that we don't bury that humanity in algorithms and in analysis of data. that we take seriously what-i've been sick i like to quote from his most recent book. it's so easy with people who are preserving society to view the disruption of the blackbody as incidental to the preservation of order. we can't be a city like that and today i am refreshed to hear the ways were moving forward in a compassion. >> of >> be speaker next speaker,
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please. >> i'm a fourth-generation-resin. the ever-present black san francisco. i want to first say that oakland police department is not a reference to sfpd. oakland police department just murdered an unarmed black man in november. so, they're not a reference for sfpd, as was even an example today by one of the presenters. i believe the occ. also, there's no reason that an unarmed man should be murdered in cold blood in front of children and none of the children at the academy who witness this young man being murdered have given a crisis intervention team to help them process what they saw that day and that needs to be addressed by the city. these were
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11-12-year-olds who made witness mr. mario woods murder. and officers unloaded their clips. there's no reason to unload their clips. there needs to be a conversation about what officers will is and they are there to protect and serve the community, and they are not the jury. they are not the judge, and if they believe mr. mario woods to bleed a threat to himself because of his mental on this, that something for a paramedic to respond to. my uncle is a paramedic for 30 years and he response to 51-50 cases all the time. so we need to reevaluate what officers will is in the community. also we need to address racial bias and who is going to all these officers accountable for their unjust actions if it's not the supervisors, if it's not the mayor and the chief could be holding officers accountable good i know the community is organized will these officers accountable but we also need to
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support elected officials to help these officers accountable and get them fired. >> thank you for your comments. [calling names] >> hello. i'm represented of the [inaudible]. i'm speaking to the supervisors because these particular people at least have an interest and seem like they have a heart. first of all, independent investigation. that's already been done. we've all seen the video and people all over the world have responded to it. so that cases settle. i been doing this since 1996 audley from aaron williams killing two mark garcia up to the present. all this has been as a talkshow.
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procedures, procedures, procedures of handling mentally ill people. procedures on how to better show respect for the people. what does that mean? excuse to make sir, may i assure you? this is a national epidemic. that's what the videos over the country have shown. this open government is going to come to our aid. when it's coming is for people like you to stand up and say, look, chief, you have presided over dozens of killings by your offices. you are also a murderer. the cops to kill our murders. the nuremberg trails established that. you cannot say i was just following orders. look, any five of you could've handled the situation with eastern maurya was better than those five cops did. that's the point. we need fundamentally a revolution, but what we need right now in order to get their his mass protests
5:41 am
in the street join with people in baltimore and chicago and new york and same forget the procedures. you can deal with the procedures but lee's murder of black and brown and our people must and and we are going to end it. >> thank you very much for your comments. [calling names] >> my name is kurt wechsler and him with the [inaudible] organization. we can't wait to see an end to this murder. i just have a pretty simple observation that people have alluded to, but i don't think has been properly addressed. it actually should have been more dominant subject for this meeting today. that is that just people are talking about changing processes and policy,
5:42 am
and frankly, let's get real. if people are not held accountable any change in policy is really irrelevant and that was missing it. we all know what happened. we all saw five murders commit murder and what we should be looking at is how we bring officers accountability. that's what we failed. that's where the legal system failed because without accountability it's all pointless. >> thank you very much. >> jim jennifer freida mock
5:43 am
i'm also member of the mental working group of the san francisco police department. often, in the aftermath of tragedy, committees seek fundamental change to prevent the tragedy from recurring. we have in san francisco, right now to do the tremendous power for sponsoring the community to the woods killing a real opportunity to complete transform the way force is used by these san francisco police department. we need to close that goal golf between what's acceptable in it of use by officers and was acceptable by community standards. a big area big part of the solution is the use of de-escalation techniques and in 2012 the police commission passed a resolution in the mentee and the bases intervention team. today, we been making some progress but has not-it is not-been implement it. the training is partially implement
5:44 am
it. it's not the 20 hours for all officers. it's important but very little time is spent on teaching and practicing de-escalation techniques. the resolution also calls for a supervisor who is trained to be on the scene them attached response overview of the incident when force takes place with mental professionals incorporate the findings into the training. none of that has taken place. we also need a strong review with data effectiveness of cit. finally making some progress but most poorly is a general orders have to drink. he was given to police officers in complete contradiction in terms of what the training is using de-escalation. much of what we learn from cit be applicable to the rest of the department, but we have to make some serious change and we have a lot of work to make those.
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>> thank you. [calling names]. >> good afternoon, supervise. my name is sean [inaudible]. spokesperson for the maurya with them here a couple things i want to say to the supervisors, thank you so much for showing leadership on this. i do want to say something mentioned earlier how these officers are back at work and getting paid. it's very disrespectful to the family. first and foremost. because my woods is no longer here. and there get back at work getting paid. i want to the commission last night was very disturbed from the simple fact the poa is still being very disrespectful and they marched in with 70-80 officers and him are so like a game. and that been in any situation across the city of
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young black men want marching like that were young gunmen marching like that they be admittedly been told talked about in the papers is being in the game. was very disrespectful. they looked and smiled as if we don't care about how you feel. that's one reason i knew that was one of the issues they were going to do. i come from the western addition. with supervisor breed. i got in that area where it was hard to live. they just finally now has been caught on tape. they been doing this for years. they just now have got caught on tape through cell phones and cameras. it is a disrespectful thing for officers to feel it's okay when the young man is walking. if you clearly look at the video he's walking like, leave me alone. let me go. when you open fire and should this young man down it goes back to the mom was in. shooting black young
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men down like animals. in closing i want to say this. you mentioned about the police- >> thank you very much. it was like to speak please come up at this time. you are welcome. >> thank you for calling this hearing. i'm here this morning representing justice for mr. mauer was coalition and i want to be clear that our intentions for a hearing is not to allow the san francisco please apartment to be given cover for them to think that they can just to continue to say that a just policy is a problem. as you noted very well and some people i spoke to, for the last
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10-15 years is been plenty of reports and documentation could've come from outside studies as well as internal studies from the city but we been saying for years nothing coming out here since 1994, the will of san francisco is not there. so one gentleman just said we've got accountability and be able to trust you start by firing the chief. this body can pressure the mayor. there's plenty of things that can be done to make sure the mayor understands that until that demand is met it's going to be continual problems and reaching a tipping point that normally we celebrate, it's all in jeopardy because this city has not had the will. remember, the san francisco police commission is a part of our charter. we have a right as san franciscans, that they implant policies that affect the will
5:49 am
of the people. but people do not want to police department that comes into meeting late last night, 70 deep, look at people crazy, calling people out. one of the officers i grew up with. call me out by name. this is the stuff we have to deal with in this work by the richardson was just saying. we have to deal with intimidation, threats, subtleties, being followed around. they're giving tickets when you're trying to fight for justice for your community. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
5:50 am
>> my name is albert watson. i like to make a couple of suggestions. one, i've noticed the publications and online postings of white's premise groups the members of their followers to join police departments and other forces to gain weapons and have the authority to kill black people and other people of color. i suggest that before you give weapons or uniforms to prospective officers that you early that them to find out who they are and where they come from and what their purpose is. also, we go through the same process with officers that you already have on the police department. you don't know who they are. they may come from anywhere. i also suggest that along with the training of the officers you been trained in the use of martial arts. i
5:51 am
suggest aikido. it teaches how to protect themselves and victims were the people there arrested. it's a second way of dealing with situation where the other person is not arms. i took a limited course and it served my leg. julie people coming with me at with an eye. don't feel fear because you love choreography that you can perform to save yourself. if officers knew how to save themselves they would not panic. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, i'd like to introduce into the permanent record on the borough documents that spell out the hundreds of murders that happened with teasers. a lethal instrument of
5:52 am
torture. mayor ed lee has called for the introduction of teasers as a solution. introduction of teasers represents an escalation, the opposite of all of the methods we've been talking about to solve problems to de-escalate, to use the police in their proper legal role as peace officers, not war officers. so, i call on this body to introduce a resolution opposing teasers in the san francisco police department. i understand you cannot legally force that to happen, but it may be as much as you can do legally. ms. never have teasers must have a moratorium on teasers. this is become before the police commission i believe i'm a four
5:53 am
times in 10 years. i testified against it in 2013. that's a terrible waste of time. it doesn't do anything but promote murder and risk of death and injury. these are very dangerous . thank you. >> hi. my name is lynn-my high school history teacher. and i'm also storing of the lack freedom struggle. i'm with the justice for mary was good. >> sorry mr. chairman we've lost corm of the committee at the moment. >> let's take a quick break until supervisor campos
5:54 am
>> i want to atco something supervisors avalos and campos said. i first want to say i really have great respect for police officers who do their work well. i'm always proud of my students when they become police officers, but there's incredibly widespread fear and distrust of san francisco police officers right now. in the black and brown communities. so, to echo what the supervisor said, it's wonderful to see these day escalation tactics this discussion moving forward, but the ration you have right now in the present moment, the ways been dealt with right now is congenitally to exacerbate the fear and the
5:55 am
feeling you are not on our side. on the side of the community. so i want to suggest , if you actually care if the police in san francisco care about rebuilding trust the black and brown communities, first of all, those communities from what i can see as a youth mentor, someone in the community they do not trust the chief. he does not-in fact he does not have a record of emphasizing de-escalation. if you care about black about committees i think the best place to start in building that trust would be by replacing the chief with someone who has a proven track record of building strong communities and strong connections with black and brown communities is a proven track record of artie emphasizing de-escalation tactics. if that doesn't happen i'm not sure if trust is going to be easily rebuilt. that's my
5:56 am
suggestion. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i appreciate you being here. i was shot in the back one time it happened just before otto got chuck. i was rather scared it won't be able to speak that day about the dirty politics that took place. i guess they never got to speak. those dirty politics, the color blue has turned darker than black and it used to be a light blue. we had to fight for that. with ms. coney and milk, we lost a lot. what we have here today was given to us by our lord. that's technology. with a
5:57 am
badge camera are lost, matt rainey, he's our man. because he speeds for the body camera and he speeds for our lord. he's a muslim, i hear. the things that we hear about ross being a wife beater, never. well she might've had an angry moment but was not enough to press charges. so, when they pointed that sheriff, the appointed her from a position that was appointed to her by our mayor. in our mayor lied under oath when he said, it wasn't politically motivated. he lied under oath. then there was a bomb scare. >> we want to keep the
5:58 am
comments about- >> that's what i'm speaking about. the complacency that we have here, about what we do and how we do it, posttraumatic shock >> thank you. are there any other members of the public would like to comment? >> are you going to speak? were about to close public comment >> i think there are several situations you might want to consider. what if a person doesn't understand what officers are saying? if their death, don't speak the language. they do not address that. so, they think they're
5:59 am
resisting and they don't know what the officers are saying. but you can also consider a vote of confidence. they say you can't fire the police, but a vote of confidence would be important. i also want you to consider what can this body and what can the police do within the next month or six months on most like to meet the changing policy.. for me, it would be to put the shields, the riot gear in the police cars that something like this happens they can go get their shields and stop them. the have some protection. the other thing is the police officers bill of rights. i think you should do something to just you don't have all of those rights to hide your misconduct if you come and work in the city and county of san francisco. in a
6:00 am
sense, in addition to that i would also say you would consider the-decision that pretty much says police misconduct is somehow hitting. hitting. >> thank you very much. if there are no other members of the public would like to comment book close public comment. public comment is closed. you can only speak once. he already spoke once. the closing public comments. >>[gavel] >> supervisor campos >> i want to note a couple points that i think are important as we move forward. i would think the bar association for the presentation. i think the work they're doing is important. and i think that i don't know exactly when their
6:01 am
recognition will come out but i think it's very useful tool. it is isn't always said that oakland which has its own share of challenges is ahead of san francisco in some ways. for one thing, eventually managed to have a gaudy camera program implement it and were still waiting for ours. it's been a long time. on the issue of best practices what policies we should follow, i also want to be very cautious about this reliance on-. they are a body that a group of experts but made up of police officers and chiefs of police, and that's important part of the equation. they have one perspective. every member of their board of directors comes from law enforcement and that's important perspective, but that is not the be-all and end-all
6:02 am
in terms of what should be of best practice. then, with the occ, i have a lot of respect for executive director, joyce hicks, but i think their institutional and systemic challenges that the occ has, including the powers it has, but alas the powers, persons to begin its own investigations. there's a problem with the fact that we've had hundreds of allegations of racial bias is been no allegation sustained.. nothing was anything wrong with those investigations but sort of leads as a member of the public a lot of questions about whether or not if there is racial bias that can actually be fully investigated given the resources perhaps this agency has. on the implicit bias training, i mean, we talked about this for how long. even
6:03 am
to this day people recover for just a few members of the leadership of the sfpd. i'll close with this. i am optimistic and i hope that we have the reforms are needed but when it comes to training i'm not convinced this department is where it needs to be an ltv the example my experience with training. we had, a few years ago my office organized a joint meeting of it please commission and a youth commission. first of a kind. a few years back. out of that meeting came the recognition of one of the things that happen at sfpd is that the specialized training on how to interact with youth. including training that takes into account the physical differences of a youth whose body is not fully developed. we were, at times someone who is
6:04 am
an intern who is now a legislative aide, we as a work with the foundation to find money to do that program in san francisco pd, to do the training which at that point, boston was doing it was a national expert that was willing to come and do it for sfpd and we actually found the foundation to pay for it so that sfpd would not have to spend a dime on it. and the department refused to do it. they refused to do it. years later i can tell you i'm sure very little or nothing has happened on that. you know, the proof is in the pudding. they can come here and talk until they actually do something i think we have to all remain skeptical. >>thank you supervisor campos. i just want to thank numbers of the public for being here. and
6:05 am
also want to thank the public for really keeping pressure on the san francisco police department and city hall. we need to create the conditions where change can really happen and that takes a real organizational strength from outside of san francisco because of left the apartment up to its own devices, we wouldn't see things change. so, as we turn the level of outrage and anger into something that can be useful for holding city hall accountable to creating a police department where there really is trust and accountability. that's what's at stake right now for us. this hearing is one step, one part of a kind relationship we need to form between police officers and their weapons, but also police officers and the community and hopefully we can find the time, a place, a time and a place where you can actually not have to use any force whatsoever good that's a
6:06 am
worthy goal. it's not one that is unrealistic by any means. certainly, other countries are able to do this type of policing and we should hold our souls to that as a goal here in san francisco. i want to thank supervisor cohen for bringing this forward. she has several members of the board of cosponsored this hearing as well. i think it's critical that we continue this effort and work towards building these relationships, and also work to make sure there's pressure on the department to really do the kind of thorough systematic training and changeover that general orders create that all san franciscans deserve and in particular san franciscans of color. if there are no other comments from the committee, we can have a motion to continue this item to the call of the
6:07 am
chair. >> cusack >> can we take that without objection? without objection any other items >> that concludes today's meetings business mr. chairman. >> we are adjourned. >>[gavel]secretary. >> it is thursday, january 21, 2016, welcome to the rec and park commission meeting will the jet call the roll commissioner vice president low
6:08 am
commissioner president buell commissioner bonilla commissioner harrison commissioner mcdonnell is and commissioner president buell ann has an excused absent housekeeping if you have any sound producing devices turn them off and secondary conversations please take them out in the hallway if you that want to speak on an item fill a imply card wooul you'll have 3 minutes to speak on each item thank you and it you have an item under the jurisdiction that is not on calendar must may speak under general public comment and continue on item 10 please address attire comments to the commission during public
6:09 am
comment to mou allow the commission and staff will respond to by questions but the commission may ask questions and with that, we are on item to the prosecuting attorney. >> okay. the vice president report commissioner president buell has an excused absent will not be here today so the election of officers will occur in february when we will have a full commission want to wish everyone a happy new year this is 2016 promises to be a very open space and reaction year and we hope to work with everyone the department and park users on making our parks even better so happy new year and best fwoishz healthy happy new year that's all for the president's report i
6:10 am
see the general manager is looking for dapper than usual let's move toe item 3. >> before we do is there any public comment under the president's report? seeing none, this item is closed one other announcement i need to make item h the budget will be heard after item 9 the annual controller's office report on park maintenance standards we'll switch those two around around and with that, we'll go to the general manager report >> good morning, everyone and commissioner vice president low thank you i'm not the general manager but phil was called to the rules committee i'm sitting in and have the general manager report i'm deliver not with the enough of them for which phil does every month
6:11 am
the first item is the basin design competition a design competition for two properties on the idaho basis an and indiana shoreline park and the trust for public land and sponsored by bill inc. in partnering with the parks lines or lineups 5 internationally design teams were for the arc site the finest a e coming and guthrie and surface design and darling design and s w a and stanley the architect and tom leader studio so, please the public we invite you to join us think saturday the 23 from an open house at the echo center at
6:12 am
heads park posts by the partners and an tuesday, january 26th the design 25e7b8 team two pregnancy for the two new parks as spur if 12:30 p.m. to two and bernal height elementary from 5 to 7:00 p.m. the final smimsz will be on line american people i b wart and at hearing ton park in the news next wednesday january 27th from 4 to 7:00 p.m. please join was or us in deploring for a rooms to the parks advisory committee which completes a renovation fund by the 2008 clean and safe parks bond the highlights ada
6:13 am
assessable pathways and overlooking the southwest corner the park and if you don't know please come and find out and new barrooms and brings the total numbers of stalls to 27 from the dismal 4 we had before the renovation and continuing on the other matters later that same everybody january 27th next wednesday the city's empowerment network has it's 8 neighborhood empowerment award at city hall celebrating the organizations that improve their communities throughout the the or year the outstanding group will be awarded to the friends of joouj that advocating for the renovation of that great site for more information invite
6:14 am
empower on january 30th full month again at the echo center at the head parks loots going on the next class of young teenagers graduates into improve the city's green space and green space are teenagers that live are go to school in the southeast neighborhoods of san francisco as green ages they have workshops and teen building experience and environmental education and projects we're extremely proud of the addition for the park stewards and then that takes us to february and february around the corner that means we gun to celebrate black history month and chinese here are a few of the diversity events we serve per february 6th
6:15 am
chinese new year middle school basketball on rec center and february 7th chinese new year senior dance another the recession and he february 27th the black history month community celebration at hampton rec center with spoken word. >> music and food lastly in february if means at the beginning of the obviously our budget process we as the department will host two budget meeting from february to discuss our focusing 2016-2017 and fiscal year 42017, 2018 and the budget instructions from the mayor's budget office on february 3rd if 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 and february 9th at the recreation center south of market at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 so
6:16 am
hope to see many of you there as we present the budget submission we're building for the city budget to the mayor's office in june with that, elton you can role this. >> power point. >> my name is sonya i'm an assistant to the supervisor i work for the reaction and parks for 8 years in favor of the maintenance of the mission and the bernal height complex so thousands what i do delores park is one of the most important parks those people when they come this is my park i grew up here he come here with my family and now greater than? my park. >> during any 8 hours i can go through all the sites and speak
6:17 am
for any repairs and the site requires and the owners supply community bathroom and playgrounds and inspecting all the facilities i love when i come here this is really motivated me to come in and clean and say okay. this is what i bring to the upticks park. >> welcome everything o everybody to to glorious day this is going to be a ceremonial month we don't start soon but
6:18 am
54321 yeah. >> and that concludes the general manager report pursue anyone that wants to make public comment on this item. >> okay. seeing none public comment is closed. we're on item 4 general public comment up to 15 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may i have 5 cards i'll go ahead and read off the names (calling names) if you could come up you'll have each 3 minutes.
6:19 am
>> good morning commission and thanks for your service a professor of social metrological at usf a volunteer other mission high school it was what with the city's help we turned a parking lot into a farm and created a second kitchen the kid can cook the food it is transmitting to see those kids understand where you are food comes from the longshoreman a rec and park person moving on i want to emphasize how important 3 position to us in the school system most of the schools have a farm i want to encourage the commission to doing everything we can to get that position replied and find someone as awful as she she is a goddess.
6:20 am
>> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning commission stage topic again the urban argue program it is great and my name is elias i work with the food and agricultural we want to make sure that position gets filled under those monument and the second annual report that was releases it 40 percent increase in the center a lot of great work but right now don't know what the plan is we're looking forward to the department it give us an update preferring in february as possible what the timeline and for phil that position we want to help, however, we can in terms of spreading the word to get like kevin said get someone good not
6:21 am
clear who to reach out to when people in the the public have a need for a community garden but it is no longer clear who is point person is humanitarian in a served that position and i'm afraid we might lose the momentum thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hello commissioners kind of missing the flees adjudicate i'm andrea a long time consultant guardian on the west side of town he advocated for this position when we started to work on it i was cynical about the results they've exceeded my exceptions particularly in leadership you might not be
6:22 am
apparent that hannah produced with the community gardens see everyone want to grow their own food but not enough available spaces to the schaj you'll not make a lot of the land available to move the people out of the gardening and not participating and bring in 9 new folks and educate them with the materials to start gardening effectively han 2345 was doing a great job holding meetings and tubbing u talking to peep and changing the room so it is better in the gardens a gap of 2, 4, 6 months that govern will say lost i'm hoping that didn't happen i'm expected the position is available and hopefully rec and park will fill that effectively. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> hi commission in my mind a
6:23 am
adam a san francisco resident and i work part time in volunteer an urban be garden cio i chris, thank you very much for the work in making in program great over the last couple of works as my colleagues have mentioned i also want to second the request for perhaps the february meeting the position so the public can know the ball is rolling we'll get another great person as soon as possible if you haven't seen the annual report that hannah put out last week or this week is shows the effect on tens of thousands are garden is look at this as soon as possible and thank you very much for all the great work thank you.
6:24 am
>> next speaker and christine to follow. >> good morning. >> my name is lauren losing here we go he, he representing the alliance with my colleagues he want to point out one statistic that came from if that report several people mentions but 90 percent of people that responded inform to survey that hannah did in the past year said they especially\have space to grow food it illustrates the need for public space people can grow food and also this the cooperation of those space provides more than just resources it provides community it is way for people to learn from each other that is active what keeps people going in terminations of growing their food it is well cropped i'll
6:25 am
advocate for phil if position quickly hopefully about the summer growing season thank you. >> thank you. >> christine and morrey did i want to speak under general public comment and mariay will be last. >> is there a way to connect this to the screen sorry. >> that's okay. >> good morning i'm doing everything i can a christina member the neighborhood i want to speak briefly about the nine hundred competition i think that is off calendar we're up against deadlines the general manager has invited me to come and express any concerns i have quite a few of the i'll go through a few as quickly as i can one of the lack of the historic representation as you may know the entire land marking
6:26 am
is historic preservation not one person that represents this position he did acceptance there is a violation of the competition own rules this is that the continuous class one bike paths goes through the park site i'd like to show the improper traffic planning i'll be happy to to should you literally the night of last task force meeting a major car accident directly across the street from the park amazing none was injured but serious consequences and a general complaint the planning code needs to fit 13w09s existing neighborhood and designs with the echo center with the commercial buildings and condo vacation of public streets, e
6:27 am
razor of private homes and this clearly is well beyond the boundary and in general, i think that it maybe wise to kind of reset we're rushing to the end of the competition it reflects planning for the mta housing, economic development has been going on for decades and there's a well established pertain in place so i would ask specifically that one we create a spaced for historic recommendation on the task force and two any design that fails to show the bike lanes and hudson should be removed and similarly any design it exceeds the gourndz or boundaries the park property
6:28 am
should be removed from competition and lastly we take a pause i feel this commission will not meet before the design jury is scheduled to make its decision i'm not sure it is not posted i'll ask you request to sort of we consider whether this competition is reflective to the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> morrey. >> is that morrey or mary. >> mary. >> thank you for this opportunity to speak great again, i was here at the neighborhood meeting regarding the fine arts and the request for a proposal process and i'm coming here to you know, i of the there at the meeting i've also reviewed the recording of the process and find nothing wrong with the process other
6:29 am
than the perimeters that were set if in the request for the concept proposals the burden of the $20 million upgrades to the building is on the potential - i don't see this as being a proper perimeter for the best future use of building because the public has come affordability in the past to raise millions to you persevere the palace why now not on option the commission i respect over desire to get a tenant that you know can produce a stable management future the the use of a hotel or restaurant the only 3 proposals in the running is not the best use of this ironic space so i'll asking you reject
6:30 am
all proposals currently on the table and determine in project will be pursued at this point, a better use for the palace of fine art a better use except for the expedition consider that and thank you for your time. >> is there anyone else that want to make a general public comment at this time. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner mcdonnell i want to follow up i'd like to echo the request from the public realm on the hiring is that posted on the website now. >> commissioner, i building it should be posted and, of course, we're down by the civil service requirement it is a civil services position we'll get you
6:31 am
more information what it looks like the timeline. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. we're now on item 5 the consent calendar is there anyone that want to make public comment on consent calendar seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners we need a motion to strike. >> is there a motion? >> second 0 so moved. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> that item passes. >> we're on item 6 the san francisco zoo. >> good morning tan job director the san francisco zoo i have to agree this is the most dapper general manager in city hall i'll start with a quick update el nino is having the impact negatively in the water
6:32 am
the rain reduces the attendance the visitor for the most of december is 51 thousand plus visitors versus a budget of 52 thousand we're slitting under budget for december by 3 hundred plus visitor prior great most in our fiscal year and year to date attendance was 4 hundred and 33 thousand plus visitors we exceeded the budget by 35 visitors so close if i can have the power point there we go. >> we did have a great effort with supervisor yee over the holiday weekend this was an effort to encourage community service and the program we actually choose was mercy housing and it was a transitional foster care home
6:33 am
for children to transition to the duplicated hood if you brought under a donation we were honored to participate if that effort we've had significant birthdays andes list is the most probable news worthy she's named eleanor after the friend family and if you know about the rhinoceros i cutdown them in it is an necessary we saw 3 one come in from kenya so as you can see how significant she is not only in her longevity the oldesty no, if captivity it is about her proclivity she's had 14 caves
6:34 am
and 15 grand calls and one great, great grand calf all over the world in africa so illustrious she lives with her groaned son i 49 eerie building (laughter) with the autobond society a lot of efforts to make that a species they're on the coast coastal birds and other animals that make use of the ground user grounds but certainly an effort to do so with the awe been society a count of species this is a small bird an eastern phoebe the first time she's been spotted in northern california and there she was at the zoo those sighting are led by the by
6:35 am
the audubon and others that are known as the forefront birds so i invite you to take advantage of allen about he reserves. >> okay this is been a lot of fun as you may know we have had our first lion cub in 12 years the big guy was the last lion cub at the zoo as you may know this is tricky to introduce cubs to male alliance in the zoo any sense of threat the larger male lion will attack the cub do is he carefully introduced the 3 and interesting the mother on the left she brings the small cub to the mesh that separated them so the male on the right started to feel comfortable with the cub
6:36 am
and at 8 weeks the staff allowed this 24/7 the cub and lion and increased the longevity the cub bitten the tail and era and feisty and no reaction we feel confront to have all 3 out i'm proud to have the pride in the older days come out to the zoo and see them before the cub gets go big okay. we'll have other problems; right? every year we have fought how many amen this year we'll invite the young visitor a fun way to make counting fun we start yesterday with the penguins that was national penguin day we gave the kids they can fill out
6:37 am
counting cards and work with the zoo and yesterday, the visitors helped us count 44 penguins i don't know who will volunteer for the snakes but a fun way to enter into a raffle for behind the scenes over 2 thousand animals at the zoo we're still counting with that, i finish my report >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed 24 was discussion only so we are now on item 7 jackson playground shadowing shadow. >> i want to make sure about the public know this matter is before the rec and park commission only to determine why the shadow has an adverse impact
6:38 am
we have no jurisdiction of the design of the project public benefits of the project, etc. we're only looking at the combafkdz shadows by jackson playgrou playground. >> good morning, commissioners my name is bryan i'm a planner with the rec and park department and the the item before you today is on project 88 south of market that casts shadows an jackson playground as you've mentioned as you may know the proposition prop k in 1994 created the ordinance that protects rec and park property from shadows from buildings and the 1989 is guidance for the criteria into a sense of project shadow here you have a map of the park
6:39 am
in the center with the project site dribble across 17th street from the park and right now, i'm joined by planning staff who is going to join me kate connor about the project itself. >> good morning, commissioners kate connor planning staff thank you for having me. the project before you on arkansas street is new construction of a 5 story high building with one hundred and 70 units the project is located in the unzoning district dribble north of jackson playground within the showcase square potrero hill area plan the project is providing 98 parking spaces one and 28 placing class one biking and
6:40 am
class two bicycle spaces that exceeds the planning code requirement a combination of courtyard and patios and balconies and artificial turf and a roof deck to meet the open space requirement and approximately 31 foot wide parklet on this 17th street near the southwest and the property owner will have to apply as part of large project authorization 72 hours seeking interrogation from requirement including the rear yard and the dwelling unit for 14 of the monday, november 9, 2015, and off-street loading 20 percent of the units as affordable units this exceeds the requirement which was set in the planning code section in addition the project includes many streetscape elements like a
6:41 am
bulb out at sfreert and bilk parking racks and street trees and the widening of the arkansas street to incorporate a planting strip and sidewalk fewer than that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> the project sponsor is also present and can answer some questions as well thank you. >> can i get - power point. >> power point please. >> so the jackson playground is made up of two ball feeds a tennis court and clubhouse 4.4 acres in size the existing nearby building currently shade 6 percent of the parks annual available sunlight the new shadow that will be cast
6:42 am
by the project will fall in the modernize before 7:19 a.m. and in the evening after 7:07 p.m. from the late spring through midsummer the shadow will be cast up to 27 minutes maximum an june 21st the solace and on average last 15 minutes the shadow cost casting on the northwest edge of the park will be a very, very small on the northeast corner that you'll be seeing in a moment the largest size of shadow will be 4 thousand 200 and 48 square feet on that june 21st date the guidance we received in the 1989 memo the parks is 2 acres has a one percent additional shadow
6:43 am
load it's permissible when it shadowed less than 20 percent overall the park is shadowing shaded at 6.48 percent in theier or year and the project increases the shadow load by .003 percent less than the two percent threshold is an aggregate of shadow cast on the park from the project and as you can see there are two blue circles on the upper left in the northwest corner on the park in the more than these modernize and in the barley in the upper right hand a shade that is cast in the evening and we'll be seeing this in the animation in a moment here an animation of the shade on the project
6:44 am
and now you go seeing it on the corner around 7:30 or 7 o'clock in the evening there are several new bio projects 5 of them the 1601 mariposa to the south adds shaipd shade up to 4 stories in height of the 13016th street will not cast shade and the additional nearby projects two in the lower edge and one 43 arkansas to the right are no longer than 40 feet they does not fall under the sunshine ordinance although some of them may cast shade so overall with combined projects including the arkansas it will be an increase
6:45 am
of .470 percent a new total of 6 point plus percent you saw as a project sponsor and sponsor we're available for questions thank you very much. >> okay. we have one card for public comment patrick as reminder on the shadow. >> good morning, commissioners patrick with martin building company i'm another project sponsor for 80 this project and briefly wanted to inform you who martin building company we are a certainly an advocate and creator of public spaces one of the book the plaza at 5 and mission we single handedly have
6:46 am
a public outreach in the city involvement we ultimately designed and then individually funded and created the new plaza and now participate in the nonprofit so the creation of quality open spaces on the procession is highly important we've taken an active roll in participating in the ideas and the of hopeful the jackson playground much more diverse neighborhood and playground area and participating with the neighborhood activists or stakeholders and also have discussed some thought possible participation with the supervisors office so we hope to be revolved in the creation of or expansion of the uses at jackson playground that are similar to the leadership we provided for the plaza and offer
6:47 am
c funding for it the enhancement of jackson playground we're glad impact to the jackson playground is so what we view insignificant but 0 hope to participate our involvement with the stakeholders is much greater park than will exist today thank you. >> anyone else to make public comment on this item. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners well, i had a question to bryan he described to me the project open space that is provided onsite i'll defer to the planning project manager. >> the open space excuse me. kate connor are the planning
6:48 am
staff there are several types of open space provided the planning code requires open space be satisfied as private or common open space so there is private open space that is satisfied there patios and porches and balconies and common two kwrldz the southern courtyards counts for the open space and the northern is the private patio areas in addition there is an artificial turf often the roof along with the roof deck and then also a part on the floor. >> and the common spmz is only restricted to the tenants of the building? or the residents of the building >> correct i mean it is for the residents not a public open space. >> and that was clear on the public outreach by the project sponsor can you elaborate on some of the results of the reference to other potential presentation in late january i
6:49 am
don't know whether? preponderance of the evidence some additional public input. >> for what i've heard from the project sponsor they may address that more accurately i believe they've had 3 meetings with the potrero passports a potrero hill meeting with the friends of jackson park and i think they've had separate meetings with individuals within the community negation the project received support from liveable city. >> so who was the result of those meetings in the staff report there's a respect that the project is supported by unknown and opposed by unknown can you elaborate who support that. >> maybe i can invite the project sponsor 0 elaborate on that. >> okay okay. >> i'd like on a the future from our staff there there is a
6:50 am
better identification of the public support which certainly we'll hear in the project sponsor but want to see where that supports the opposition from the supporters. >> one quick comment we didn't receive me sorry we didn't receive any letters of support of official support or opposition for this project that's why we didn't have anything included. >> not even from the district supervisor. >> no, not in that way. >> just to reiterate what kate said we've done quite a bit of neighborhood outreach and community mergers we not aware of specific opposition to our project certainly mr. rogers office is aware the project but
6:51 am
i don't know of any opposition. >> you mexicans or mentioned about the potential future involvement in the jackson playground can you elaborate. >> yeah. i made public to the jackson friends of scombraks playground in the supervisors other was i was volunteering once seed money in order to - more of the leadership role we create at at mid plaza we will help in concert with the rec and park as well as friends of jackson playground and the supervisors office and any stakeholders actually work to do a project that is not unlike what was happening but we will fund that part that community outreach objecting an rvp and shareholders we determine the
6:52 am
design team and from there the design team will do the design with the civil engineer we'll fund that a full outreach we're not in the decision-making process and from there ultimately work with rec and park to establish the program for improvements and budget components and then we will like to be again in the actual construction so it is leadership but help with obtaining the rvp and bids and ultimately constructing the improvements we are able to fund at jackson playground that is carrying the banner all the way through. >> thank you. >> general manager. >> commissioners, i should offer laboratory of a that, of course, on jackson playground happening close with supervisor cowen and
6:53 am
her staff about strategies to and frankly friends was jackson playground and the community members will strategies to improve and augment jackson playground and this is one small piece of puzzle there is a public mean that's been allocated it is available for elements of improvements at jackson playground already depending on where we end up in the planning process this project i don't know that will say fully funded but desires to renovate the playground and a lot of discussion about a creating more capacity for basketball in jackson clubhouse a small half court and a floor that is primarily used as a after-school program and so there is a lot of thought i'll encourage the commission and the developer i
6:54 am
think that is whatever support they offer jackson playground scioto port the superintendant and the community and not the support we want to provide and heap that is it duly noted there is a specific suggests suggestions about how the company wants to get involved and we welcome that support if working with the supervisor in the community but we would encourage them to take our lead on that. >> thank you. >> commissioner mcdonnell looks like you want to state and i'll move approval. >> so moved. >> commissioner secretary would you like to do a roll call. >> sure. >> hold on a minute and commissioner bonilla
6:55 am
commissioner harrison commissioner levitan commissioner mcdonnell and commissioner vice president low. >> the motion passed unanimously thank you we are now on 9 the annual report for the fiscal year 2014-2015. >> go ahead. >> good morning, commissioners my name is steve i'm the centering administrator in fact, of analyst based on the phil's in the controller's office will be joining me in making this
6:56 am
presentation are we up? 10 years after the demonstration of the park standards the year milestone i'll share with the implementation of retool and park elevation the standards together with a means of results designed decide the controller were implemented a after two years of feedback by the custodial and staff supervisors and managers and the administrators the changes aim at recapturing the data strategic plan today's report the first increased in the escape of the new standards you'll see that drooifldz within the past we only recorded the outcome of courts in general so here's how we did the orange area is in this chart
6:57 am
indicates most parks scored between 80 and 90 more in 90 percent only four parks escorted below 70 percent the overall city average over 85 percent threshold for good park maintenance as anticipated the toughest standards resulted in slightly parks scores direct with previous years given the more objective and comprehensive survey questions are being asked and scoring is using a better outcome in the all in all it is a great success despite anymore stringent standards provide parks parks that are well maintained we look forward to using this report to see how we
6:58 am
can do better >> we continue to provide quality conditions where it matter within the neighborhood where the citizens play and a natural demand for a wider base hover near the threshold the green space and trees scored the lowest by the resources to other areas areas like restrooms and court and playground that are actively used are our highest concer concerns. >> as steve mentioned i'm claire point controller's office the slide is the supervisorial district the citywide average was 8.25 and most district fall
6:59 am
at or above the citywide average the highest was district 2 with district 5 being a very close second and you'll see at the offset at the spectrum with district 10 and 11 decreased significantly we're not comparing to prior years this is a pattern in previous years the district 10 and 11 escorted blow the other district district 11 was over 9 point lower than the highest scoring district and in prior years we have seen a larger gap than that so this year with the standards changing we've seen a reduction in the gap between the highest and lowest district they were closing that difference but there is still significantly lower with district is 78 point
7:00 am
lower between district 11 was although district 10 has the lowest scores district 11 has more scored less than and so 2 brought down that average for that district so the department uses the resources so this chart shows the regions or park service areas and golden gate park as you can see those park scored well with the high to 40 percent with psa 3 the lowest 78 point accomplice psa 3 includes the spoiler district 10 and 11 so the scoring parks i mentioned gilman and bayview and on the hollywood park those were the parks that are were bringing
7:01 am
down the psa average but overall the region has a relatively high score in the district excuse me. in psa 3 that psa had the most parks that scored below 70 percent compared to the other regions and overall you'll. >> the different between the highest scoring and the lowest this map shows the highest are in the northern half the city and ma of the lower have in the southern half with a few expectation starting with the highest in the blue circles then out of 10 were rammed with the 2012 parks bond and you'll see that in the report the one expectation that was the tenth hive scott weiner
7:02 am
didn't receive the capital improvement from the bookend funding so the high skooerg park what the - the recent reopened renovated father bodecker was a close second to the highest scoring parks on the off opposite end in the eastern part of the city the lowest skooerg parks none of that have recent bond renovations and so you'll see for the second year in a row gilman what the the lowest and followed by the playground both of the parks scored low in children's barks the lowest standards take a deeper dive and so we will see elements and
7:03 am
criteria within the evaluation are driving the impact of the scores so as you can see that the children's play areas are two of the 12 rated in each park with some on the left shows the features with their scores on the right you'll see the children's with the lowest scoring feature with the 8 point percent 9 most failed criteria within those features elevated were issues sands and a vandalism and paint and this is the maintenance improvements are needed to address those specific issues most features are between 82 and 90 percent on the high ends the trees and then restrooms is actually doing well, you'll see
7:04 am
that is litter and debris and cleanliness elevated within the restrooms are elevated and one other thing i want to point out here is the outdoor court that respectable now to get a debate look at which court are doing well of the recorded features the fourth highest was 94 percent the basketball was 94.6 percent that's the level of detail i'm going to turn it over to steve to talk about the report recommendations >> yes. as in past years the city services office has represents i'll briefly outline in those areas the first recommendation so access to
7:05 am
prove park maintenance we have a database targeted for implements in 2017 will provide newport that expand our ability to bring the useful data to the staff and two consistently improving areas we'll use the report to help to identify the needs and there 3 classroom with updates to staff we're take the for the final recommendation we have to continue to update our features with the maps they're a combination of table of content that help those sites and their updated quarterly at each time
7:06 am
site change and the renovation occur we're one of the first departments to have the satellite mapping previous were maps that failed to give you the direction the park acceleratorers need the elevation maps show what the acceleratorer needs to have the boundary and provide the names of the areas and changeable assets lake trees and beverages no longer part of map taking steps to have more maps like that. >> and they're a significant process and the gi s to use them are generally appreciate that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> general manager ginsburg.
7:07 am
>> thank you commissioners a couple of comments from the controller's office their partnership in this project you know we through this program we have collected really important data transparent data that helps hold us accountant queer pleased and pleased with the controllers willingness to work with us to make the program function in a manageable and productive way and went to a journal to develop parks standards more tallied and deeper dive so to my second comment this report is the not people don't know this is not about cleanliness and picking up litter but diversity maintenance in the park system and the scott weiner is reflective of the deferred maintenance and some of the
7:08 am
parks with the lower scores are parks with different maintenance issues and so 24 will continue to guide your capital investments but the program is a low scott weiner park under renovation so we hope to see that the skiers for that park that district 10 alice a low scoring playground with merced that is typically a challenged park and bayview is slated it get phase one of commissioner mcdonnell talked about this we need strategies to invest it was brought up over the weekend so i'm not sure what the funding by the way, a track for equipment and more ball 2350e8dz 3 don't
7:09 am
take care of the playground but some investments it has been helpful tool perhaps we mind or want to thank lydia and others it is really helpful in getting into the weeds us and very, very proud of this report. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> just briefly a appreciate the report and the diligence around the transparent and the commitment to the accountability it calls for it lob helpful goord not only the mechanism the rhythm of wanting to have ongoing updates for the annually is good so have it closer to realtime like you just did you know each of the parks are so quite candidly to see the
7:10 am
parks on the southeast side of city and kind of want to win that race (laughter) and so to have again, i don't know the right rhythm not every single meeting but as capital planning happens and here's where parks are in the cue that would be helpful in response commission we're happy to cook with you know we can provide a marrow and a bed-and-breakfast package but the annual report comes out once a year but come back in mid-year with an update in the next item you'll hear an overview of the ballot measure and one of the things we've committed to doing in the ballot measure to lay out what are called metrics and we'll end
7:11 am
upbringing them to the commission in the next year and we will before i applying apply those equality measures to the expenditure report that are tied to the strategic plan and those equality metrics call for a little bit of a deeper dive into you know areas in parks where we have been caged so you'll see that in a mr. haney and requirement we have to embrace as part of revenue stabilization like this morning that feedback loop came back built into that you'll see a lot more of that. >> i know this is a discussion only item i wanted to add i'm sorry commissioner bonilla. >> oh, i wanted to ask how do
7:12 am
we disseminate this report and request feedback from all the park users on this report and commission the report scores are very public but the one the website and the controllers website the board of supervisors will often have a hearing about them so feedback on the scores is absent tricky bylaecause those serious methodology to actually doing the elevations you are staff and the staff r is trained to do them a lot of these feedback loops about the conditions of our parks and that includes 311 and a
7:13 am
myriad of feedback mechanisms when things are wrong the report is discussed by the prozac representation and it is out tell you so it gets okay - great that's all i wanted to hear and i want to echo commissioner mcdonnell remarks although he didn't want to say it we love you are district but show for love to district 10 and 11 it is starting but have to embrace that i share commissioner mcdonnell concerns that district 10 and 11 the third year of the report they're showing they need more attendance more love whether through more community involvement or engagement be open and focus on those two districts what we can do more in those areas. >> thank you, thank you we're on
7:14 am
item 8 the rec and park budget for fiscal year 2016-2017 and 20 2017 and 2018. >> indulge me as i set up my power point. >> good morning, commissioners kate happy new year to you all. >> happy new year i'm here this morning with our initial presentation on the our budget development for 2016-2017 and 2017, 2018 i'll start with the summer of mayors budget
7:15 am
instructions talk about the interim control amendment and take us to a high-level of the current fiscal year. >> the two year outcome was a little bit mixed the mayor's office it projecting that revenues will remain strong is growth in $75 million in each the next two years, however, the mayor is anticipating that growth and expenditures will steady the growth and revenue as the wage increases all told her the mayor's office anticipated there will be a 99 mom and dad's scombrvd shortfall next year and a cumulative deficit of 200 and $40 million the year after that
7:16 am
given those shortfall projects the mayor's instructions asked the general fund support in each the next two years in the form 6 ongoing not one time cuts the mayor has issued policy instructions including the guidance that the dptsd should reflect their strategy plan priorities and goals the department support the modern responsive and engaged government that the departments minimize any service impacts from budget reductions we pursue the costs departmental collaborations. >> so the department is actually in a pretty unique position this year as we prepare our budget sums there is a charter amendment spends at the board of supervisors navigate that's where phil and i were at at rules committee to create a
7:17 am
general baseline for the department the measure guarantees the department a stable level of general fund support by saying the substance about not drop blow the level the general fund support in the current year furthermore the measure increases the general fund support by $3 million a year fyi for the next 10 years and then the general fund support will grow e.r. decrease based on the percentage that the overall general fund grows or contracts the department will then be protected if having to make reductions to our general fund support in order to help balance citywide diversities however, 24 protection comes with a cost the department must absorb all the revenue changes within it's new baseline and all one time
7:18 am
expenditures such capital and equipment that that previously funded by the general fund but now be covered within the base bulb in this? approved placed on the ballot for june at june election so the mayor's office has instructed to us develop our budget with the assumption that the charter amendment passed that means we're exempt from making this one and a half percentage cut to the general fund the savings of about seven hundred plus thousand dollars in the next two fiscal years so this charter amendment puts us in a new budget world and changes the way the staff and i track our budget and accountant account for the changes in the budget we prepare to sentiment
7:19 am
to the mayor's office instead of reaching a cut target has been the case in the past we are balancing now to a total enhanced amount of general fund support and this is what this table lace out but before i walk you through the table i encourage you to ask questions as i move through the presentation we want to note from my standpoint what i think the benefits of the proposed charter amendment first and foremost this will provide the stability to the department and make us master in our destiny one of the city encounters the next session rec and park will not be required to reduce the general fund subsidy you been to balance the general fund deficit so gone the day's of making a
7:20 am
millions of or 12 millions of dollars to help the city balanced the general fund budget and secondly, the charter amendment gives me the department the opportunity to maintain our general fund capital budget antes at $15 million year after year after year a historic amount and the level the will not likely achieve under the general fund so walk through first of all, we start the amount of general fund the department will be guaranteed in the next two fiscal years $67.2 million next year and 70 plus the year after that the general fund is 64 million dollars if you add $3 million to that it is $67 million next year and $70 million in year two
7:21 am
right now in the city's budget system we have $47.9 million in the base budget in general fund support for next year and 43 plus million dollars after that so if you do do basic subtraction that leaves us with over $9 million in general fund expense we can add for next year and $15.7 million the year after that so we have to as i said cover our costs increases in a a base including the equipment the department proposing to budget at least $15 million in general fund in each the next two fiscal years and we are also proposing an equipment budget of one
7:22 am
million dollars to achieve those goals we have is allocate approximately $8.9 million of the available $9.2 million in 2016-2017 and $16. million of the money 2, 3, 42016-2017 and absorb those cost increases and budget corrections in each the next two years that leaves us what a small deficit of $42,000 in 2015-2016 and a slightly larger surplus in 2017, 2018 please note those figures don't include the cost increases in the work orders like heat and power and workers' compensation and gasoline we will know more about what those costs look like in 46 weeks the bottom line will
7:23 am
change so to boil all this did you observe once the department has covered it's wage and benefit increases and if you wanted the capital and equipment at at proposed levels largely extended owe expended the resources by the charter amendment the $3 million in guaranteed growth in the general fund will not fund substantial increases inform our operating budget in the next two years, however, has we have in the past several years assess the congregate in the earned general fund revenue and the open space fund and be able to apply that growth to increase in our operating bud t budget. >> got that and (laughter). >> one more time. >> the open space portion one more time. >> we know there is as
7:24 am
property tax increases we know there will be ungrowth in the open space fund that is not currently budgeted uh-huh. >> so the controller's office will give us a sense in the next couple of weeks what we anticipate the open space fund to look like in the next fiscal year and the year after that if there as i expect some under budgeted grow in open space revenue we can budget new operating expense against that new revenue. >> so we can use open space revenue to offset the operation expense. >> enhancements. >> okay. >> if we wish you know this a policy conversation new expenditure items we want to add to the budget increase the number the garden apprentices.
7:25 am
>> this is uses for a variety of purposes for some for referred for maintenance but to support. >> operation and maintenance for open space so basically what katie is flagging you if look at the hectic 3 bucket of revenue that is general fund, subsidy, open space growth, and earned revenue the general fund bucket is now going to have a baseline and it will grow by $3 million a year and can't fall blow the baseline 3e7b8d against that we'll absorb our own expenses the other two biscuits will
7:26 am
eaten into operation as over budget into operations does that sound accurate katie. >> we're obviously aware that just as much we plan for increases in revenue and increases in the open space fund just as possible there decreases that can come from those two sources as well. >> the way the charter amendment is structured for the next 10 years baring official budget news for the city the department guaranteed $3 million a year every year an additional growth in the general fund baseline open space yes is the it is fluid certainly over the history of the open space fund and we've seen pretty extraordinary
7:27 am
growth. >> katie as you're being the director a decrease. >> yeah. so, you know, in the great recession. >> 08, 09 and 10 that is because the controller's office is conservative they know that people will be affected like the brotherhoods. >> there's a lag time too. >> there is decreases in value that decreases in revenue is realized sometimes later and later yeah. >> commissioner harrison yeah. thank you katie actually, i don't know did we interrupt our presentation. >> i'm certainly not done but definitely a new way of looking at the budget it has taken me a
7:28 am
while to get our heads around. >> commissioner harrison. >> so with funds like our earned income at open space dollars i have the flexibility of putting that into capital or into maintenance. >> i do as the department we could make the decision we want to take some amount of growth in open space and budget that for capital. >> budget it for operations. >> can that go into an acquisition. >> sureality the open space fund as you may know were charter mandated for acquisitions but it is within the department and the commission purview to make the recommendation go to the mayor's office we spend more on an acquisition if we choose to do
7:29 am
so. >> thank you commissioner bonilla. >> yes. i certainly hope that is not happened but the question is with regards to charter amendments i know what the reductions or instructs are you're planning around the passage of the charter amendment than what happens from the charter didn't pass are we put in a situation we have to ref down the expenses for the next two years where do we go from there. >> commissioners to the twaushth twaushth it will not look terribly different but if whether we had the
7:30 am
charter amendment not on the table a percent and a half in instruction to be cut we will probably solve for that through revenue so as katie is explaining with the $3 million in the first year we're going to have to absorb our expenses not like $3 million to spend so really over budget our operating budget really will not look dissimilar this year regardless over time if i summarize we get our arms around our budget this year and generally might be the 3 strikes of the measure long-term stability and the growing you arguably we're still coming out of the decision that you were challenged to support as a commission that can only 09
7:31 am
were some of the worst budget years this will smooth that scenario from happening a really good thing and a planned small credential growth to our general fund subsidy over time we'll see how that pans out in year one not allow us to make significant investment but the based on grow over a period of time 3 340r7 a lot ofs you've touched on the maintenance and capital the baseline includes what was for 2015-2016 a very, very healthy be year of support in of that is achieved through the city's capital improvement plan committee i think your history has shown we have averaged somewhere in the 6 to
7:32 am
$10 million of general fund capital through that process in 2015-2016 the department was supported in the general fund of 21st century million dollars of capital and that allows us to do is as we plan for that to have bigger buckets of funding for many of the deferred maintenance needs some are sexy and some not allow bigger buckets and to you know we do grass fields and things like that some are less sexy allows us more erosion issues and other things but all in all this is actually this is a good part of this measure we will be having frankly have a bicker pot of dollars to tackle some of the things and result in some of the
7:33 am
issues in the parks scores you saw. >> i've heard the grumbling about this charter amendment not park equality allocation that this funding will provide how do we address that concern and coordinate an allocation of funds. >> through a series of no more than 15 series now a amble language that again calls for us to develop a set of equality metrics which we might end up being one of the first rec and park. >> what's the equality metrics. >> a data point we have we're going to be relying on some assistance from them in
7:34 am
developing some benchmarks for example, commission you sat ants playground commissioner mcdonnell. >> commissioner mcdonnell. >> and when you were slaement which playgrounds you know scored the highest i were considering how to allocate those dollars looking at the protecting and we're looking we don't know but come back to you by way of just so you know what at charter amendment says we'll not going to develop new equality metrics that will guide us develop and bring them to you for approval the plan calls for some of this was in old language in the charter we went throat strategy planning conversation by update it every 4 years we have the
7:35 am
liberty to amend it between the 5 year circles that will ended up go the board of supervisors for upside down vote they'll support it or say go back and try it again and developing an annual operations plan and an annual capital expenditure plan that comes to you so we are taking on and embracing a significant amount of planning and reporting and other all of those plans needs to incorporate some of the equality analysis in the planning. >> sorry did we take you off your presentation. >> absolutely not this is all very important. >> let's get back on track. >> moving right along so just to remind our budget in the
7:36 am
current fiscal year is if we did for a context as we made choices around the changes for the coming two fiscal years in the current year our total budget is one and $78.7 million a with an and $47 million of that is operations and $31 million capital and this budget support nine hundred and 33 budget and funded positions as phil discussions our budget is support by a 3 legged stool the open space at 26 percent and 36 percent of our budget supported through earned revenue and 38 percent is supported there general fund subsidies and saving you are digesting subsidy
7:37 am
is at a 20-year hive of 64 $.2 million this is a particular good year in the baseline. >> the. >> (speaking chinese.) fund continues to grow as you can see just on this slide between last fiscal year and the current year we added 2 about the $1 million in the open space fund the general fund subsidy $14 million more this year than last year and then prior revenue and savings down a little bit this year versus last year as you may know for many, many years generated revenue to support our operations from the parking facilities and outland and nationals in the park and
7:38 am
many more 63 $.6 million in earned income budgeted in the current fiscal year our actual earned revenue this shows not the budget but where we end the fiscal year excluding the other category shows a very strong growth since 2008, 9 we did experience a slight downturn between 2014-20152013-2014 and 2014-2015 as a result the reduced income from 9 stadium and a reduction in whereof at the marina. >> so how do we spend you'll that money well, alm0 percent of our budget is allocated to park maintenance gardener and integrated past management etc. and reaction programming is about a quarter of our budget
7:39 am
and the maintenance and facilities by the structural maintenance yard is 12 percent or 11 percent beg your pardon we allocate for administration it andth and payroll, etc. the general manager and property management etc. one percent of budgeted supports the marina and the zoo and two percent for planning and volunteers and 3 percent for park safety the vast majority of our bucket thirds support salaries and fringe benefits and i'll say that there were the mayor's office is expecting significant growth in benefits in the coming fiscal year primary in preparedness this is a result of
7:40 am
a couple of factors the city lost a lawsuit by retirees and so we're now required to provide cost of living adjustment at at a higher level than anticipated the city's retirement system as retiree employees are living longer so the cost of retirement is going up for those folks so pension is definitely going to be a cost driver in the next few years the mayor's office and the controller's office office anticipate the pension costs will level out and then see the benefits of that we next largest slice of pie at 15 percent of services of other departments we've talked about that everything we buy from the department telephone services and sewer and water and light,
7:41 am
heat, and power and workers' compensation we allocate 5 percent of uh over budget on the supplies and equipment 5 percent on debt service which is we are are repaying a loan for the reconstruction of western part of the marina and the debt service that on the earner revenue bonds for the open space in 2006 and 2007 3 percent of our budget goes to help support zoo operations through our management an agreement with the zoo metrological society and to the clubhouse operation so the restaurant, all the starts associated with the golfer and then 4 percent of budget for services garbage pickup and software licensing and copyers etc.
7:42 am
as you may know we completed our 5 year strategic plan many past june the plan includes 5 strategies and 16 objectives and services as a road map that helps the department prioritize the staff time and resources the stream plan will be the primary document that guides our decisions as we make the investment in the next two fiscal years so strategy one to inspire public space, strategy two inspire play, strategy 3 inspire investment, strategy 4 to inspire stewardship and stream 4 to inspire our team as we talked about a little bit earlier we expect going to be revenue growth in open space and in our earned revenue to help us
7:43 am
fund enhancements in our operating budget my early analysis suggests that we will have growth in concessions and japan tea garden and to keep on growing pretty remarkable a tower elevator i supplemented e expect we'll budget additional revenue and have some good news in the parking garage particularly the civic center that is jammed and then growth in the open space fund as always we will reach out to the staff and stakeholders the community and city policymakers as we work through our budget this year we'll do brown bag lunches with staff and be more
7:44 am
informal hopefully folks will come out and hear about our good news and then two community budget meetings the first budget community meeting is on february the 3rd at play from 6 to 7:30 and then the next meeting is the week after that jean friend from 6 to 7:30 i'll be back front of the the operations committee with an update on february the fourth and back to all of you for your request for your approval at the bucket before we anytime to the mayor's office i'll be here unit february 18th and the budget is due on february the 22 any public comment? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. >> just wanted to say thank you to the general manager and
7:45 am
particularly katie for keeping us balanced. (laughter) we're on item 10 general public comment continued from item 4 is there anyone that didn't make general public comment on item 4 that wants to seeing none, public comment is closed. you have commissioners matters commissioners. >> none. >> public comment? >> none any public comment on that item? item 12 new agenda setting. >> any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed item 13 communications is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed and 14 is adjournment >> so moved. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> thank you.
7:46 am
>> thank you. >> patrick. >> welcome to another episode of stay safe i saw us prepare our crawl space on this episode we'll saw the sheer wall you'll see the finished product
7:47 am
hi, i'm patrick and welcome to another episode of stay safe? the second part we're retrofitting the triple wall as you can see we've installed one of the sheer ply wall on the first episode we provided blocking to secure the ply we'd and bolted and provided the connection with the floor i'm joined by thor madison. >> thor structural engineers and thor knows more about sheer walls than anybody i've met in my life. >> it provides the stable
7:48 am
ability that would rock before and after during around earthquake the nails along the edge of the plywood will reduce the chance of the building falling down. >> what else should we consider in getting ready. >> one thing about plywood a natural material that absorbs moisture and the panels can swell depending on the moisture if they swell they'll bulk out it is important probation officer leave a gap between the panels so before we install the next panel we'll drive in a couple of nails used to as temporary spares. >> what are the nails. >> 16 penny singers a good saying that and we don't need to be concerned with the exact nail
7:49 am
size only the gap the next panel will be held with the existing panel we'll pull those down. >> we have peter from the construction why not go outside and cut our second panel so, now we've got the plywood let's go ahead and get it put up see if we can get it in place. >> by looking at that a
7:50 am
perfect fit why not get peter in here to nail it down. >> so peter did a great job with the nailing but important to know this work requires a permit in the department of building inspection whether you're doing the work or a left hand contractor make sure you have the proper permit and additional to the nailing anything you want to talk about thinking about the plywood. >> the more plywood to install the better and make sure that the nails along each edge of each panel so you can't forget and hedge and had it perform the same thing. >> another example of little
7:51 am
money you can substantially rusz reduce the >> i'm your host of "culturewire," and today, here at electric works in san francisco. nice to see you today. thanks for inviting us in and showing us your amazing facility today. >> my pleasure. >> how long has electric works been around? >> electric works has been in san francisco since the beginning of 2007. we moved here from brisbane from our old innovation. we do printmaking, gallery shows, and we have a fabulous retail store where there are lots of fun things to find.
7:52 am
>> we will look at all of that as we walk around. it is incredible to me how many different things you do. how is it you identify that san francisco was in need of all these different services? >> it came from stepping out of graduate school in 1972. i wrote a little thing about how this is an idea, how our world should work. it should have printmaking, archiving, a gallery. it should have a retail store. in 1972, i wanted to have art sales, point-of-sale at the grocery store. >> so you go through the manifesto. with the bay area should have. you are making art incredibly accessible in so many different ways, so that is a good segue. let's take a walk around the facilities. here we are in your gallery space. can you tell me about the current show? >> the current show is jeff
7:53 am
chadsey. he is working on mylar velum, a smooth, beautiful drawing surface. i do not know anyone that draws as well as he does. it is perfect, following the contours and making the shape of the body. >> your gallery represents artists from all over, not just the bay area, an artist that work in a lot of different media. how to use some of what you look for in artists you represent? >> it is dependent on people are confident with their materials. that is a really important thing. there is enough stuff in the world already. >> you also have in his current show an artist who makes sculpture out of some really interesting types of materials. let's go over and take a look at that. here we are in a smaller space. project gallery. >> artists used the parameters
7:54 am
of this space to find relationships between the work that is not out in the big gallery. >> i noticed a lot of artists doing really site-specific work. >> this is a pile of balloons, something that is so familiar, like a child's balloon. in this proportion, suddenly, it becomes something out of a dream. >> or a nightmare. >> may be a nightmare. >> this one over here is even harder to figure out what the initial material is. >> this is made out of puffy paint. often, kids use it to decorate their clothes. she has made all these lines of paint. >> for the pieces we are looking at, is there a core of foam or something in the middle of these pieces that she built on top of? >> i'm not telling. >> ah, a secret. >> this silver is aluminum foil,
7:55 am
crumbled of aluminum foil. her aesthetic is very much that quiet, japanese spatial thing that i really admire. their attention to the materiality of the things of the world. >> this is a nice juxtaposition you have going on right now. you have a more established artists alongside and emerging artists. is that something important to you as well? >> very important in this space, to have artists who really have not shown much. now let's look at other aspects of electric works operation. let's go to the bookstore. >> ok. >> in all seriousness, here we are in your store. this is the first space you encounter when you come in off the street. it has evolved since you open
7:56 am
here into the most amazingly curious selection of things. >> this was the project for the berkeley art museum. it was -- this is from william wiley's retrospective, when he got up onstage to sing a song, 270 people put on the cat. >> it is not just a bookstore. it is a store. can you talk us through some of your favorites? >> these are made in china, but they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you
7:57 am
might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there we go. >> besides the punball machine, what do you produce in limited edition? >> there is the slot machine. if you win the super jackpot,
7:58 am
you have saved the world. >> what about work? >> the right design, it was three volumes with lithographs in each volume. the cab of count dracula with 20 lithographs inside and lined with beaver fur. really special. >> let's move on to the print shop. >> ok. the core of what we do is making things. this is an example. this is a print project that will be a fund-raiser for the contemporary music players. we decided to put it in the portfolio so you could either frame at or have it on your bookshelf. >> so nonprofits can come to you, not just visual are nonprofits, but just nonprofits can come to you, and you will produce prints for them to sell, and the profits, they can keep. >> the return on investment is
7:59 am
usually four times to 10 times the amount of investment. this is for the bio reserve in mexico, and this is one of the artists we represent. >> you also make prints for the artists that you represent. over here are some large prints by a phenomenal artist. >> he writes these beautiful things. anyone who has told you paradise is a book of rules is -- has only appeared through the windows. this is from all over coffee. we are contract printers for all kinds of organizations all across the country. >> thank you very much for showing us around today. i really appreciate you taking the time to let me get better acquainted with the operation and also to share with our "culturewire" team.
8:00 am
good morning today is tuesday, september 22, 2015. this is the regular meeting of the san francisco health service board at this time, members of the public may address the commission the first item on the agenda is roll call commissioner mar commissioner clinch commissioner mccarthy sxhons o commissioner konstin commissioner lee commissioner mccray commissioner walker we have quorum the next item is item b the oath will all parties give testimony today please stand please raise your right hand you solemnly swear or affirm the


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