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tv   BOS Govt Audits and Oversight Committee 12116  SFGTV  January 24, 2016 3:00am-6:16am PST

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mentioned in the report, we mentioned that in the academy as an awareness. it's not a line in the sand where someone steps within 21 feet we have the right to use force. it's an awareness. it's a tactic put on a video from the late 80s. unfortunate, it's out there. on youtube and where else but we tell the recruits that it's an awareness. it's not able. a rule. scenario-based training israel. it's the best training the officers can get and whether recommendations bi-. even though there's many recommendations in the perth study, we always improve. that's how i view it here we can always make things better. we can improve upon everything we do and everything we learn from. the role of the supervisor on management and personnel management having a supervisor on scene makes a significant difference, especially in the
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apartment. officers need direction to tell them what they're going to do. and when they should do it, who should be doing what. who should be protecting the scene. those are all things we expect of our sergeants. we also expect this from the officers to maintain that scene prior to the supervisor ryan arriving on scene. another tactic is de-escalation and communication. the negotiations, questions versus commands. when officers arrived to the scene the first question with a first command should not be, talked the night. one of the question should be why you have a knife. what is your name? what can i do to help you? we don't want to hurt you. so, changing the training from commands to questions, especially when you're engaging someone with a mental health crisis, many times the
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protecting themselves with a knife because they're fearful of someone attacking them. not the police, but for protecting themselves. so when officers asked the question what you have a knife in they see because i'm protecting myself because of whatever is going on in the mind, that gives the officer perspective, okay, that person is not here to hurt me. there's something else going on. so those are changes that were going to. in our realistic scenario-based training is asked questions. the last thing is the critical national decision-making model that they use in the uk. we do most of that already were we gather information to assess the situation and assess the risk and assess the front. what policies him a what tools do we have. what we need to emphasize is sanctity of life in that decision-making model. should that life had been taken? what else could we have done? how
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else have we can be escalated the situation to resolve this window force has to be used and that everybody gets to go home and the person in crisis, the person who is the focus of our attention gets the help that they need. that is a shift where we focus on the sanctity of life. so, the holistic approach the policy, training, and development of the officers so that they have the heart and mind to do the right thing going back to value-based policing. we don't need 500 pages of something to tell person was the right thing to do and that's the message we tell the recruits. we know you know the right thing to do. you don't need books to tell you the right thing to do because human nature and ethics in your moral compass will tell you what the right thing to do is. thank you very much >> thank you. we'll have to move this a little bit along.
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lieut. melia what you have to add? >> [inaudible] >> we will hear from the community. >> [inaudible] >> you have an opportunity. in a two-minute interval. the molina would you be brief i appreciate it. >> on the officer in charge of behavioral otto. also accorded her for the office otto. a brief history of it, we have a program modeled after the -program the police commission [inaudible] we have been implementing training everson. we trained about 300 new officers as of today. as of tomorrow night would've had 39 more officers. that's a class
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that graduated last friday. would have 342 officers on the streets of san francisco that have received the training. the training is very comprehensive. [inaudible]. to talk about the neighborhood culture and officers about fences between the police department and the community. so, we have a conference of program. we have a community-based program. we have people from-with experts in the brain. the first day is devoted to how the brain works. developing. we talked about diagnoses. we talked about behavior. this is very important to address the behavior of the person. i don't expect our officers to go in
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diagnoses the bonuses, but i expect them to recognize behavior attached to a persons. so that's the first day. the second day we concentrate on the juvenile brain development. various trauma. this again areas . how about a fact that young person as he becomes an adult. [inaudible] please officers can take under consideration when doing with that person. we also have scenarios. specific to that type of behavior. we do a suicide prevention. a two-hour block. that's conducted by san francisco suicide prevention organization. it talks about how to identify key triggers in a person that's thinking about suicide. we have speakers
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from-coming members [inaudible] we also solve. panel speakers that speak about issues with the police department. [inaudible]. provided to the training to the officers but i think the most important thing they can take away from the cfd is it community-based. i attended the first meeting in washington dc and what i washington dc and what itook abouwith that san francisco is unique about how is carried up your we have a working group. we be san francisco we have occ. we have an array of services and advocates and consumers that take part of that. so, it's not just one person's decision. it's not the police department's decision. but what's being taught to our
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officers but in fact, it's a community model., true believer ought not. in order for a program to work we have to be done by the community and police department. so, we have classes coming up as the captain said before, where training our recruits. right now we have a class going on. we emphasize the training to be a way [inaudible] and the reason behind because i don't want my officers to be distracted by radio cars, by silences or anything going on. so i want to take them away from the police environment and put them in a quiet place and learn about mental wellness. i think what we have is to coach it. you have the law-enforcement culture and you have the mental illness culture and we have to marry the two cultures so we can work together. when we talk about law enforcement, we told
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officers to show command presently we train officers to be commanders. predominate, put down the weapon. if that person, for whatever reason does not respond to that, we are allowed to escalate the use of force. verbal persuasion, physical constraint and so forth. it doesn't have to [inaudible]. we have to assess every time. when you talk about , if the officer does not get a response, from a particular person, he will assume the person is not complying with this office so the use of force is escalated. when you talk about the mental health culture, it's a little bit different. we're trained to go up there, assess the environment. what is causing this person to act this way date
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because one of the triggers that causing the person to do what they're doing? and address the environment. historically, it shows police officers will get involved in shootings with the first minute they arrive >> we need to please wrap up. >> just a few more minutes. >> please, hurry >> so the idea that window of opportunity. i want my officers to slow down, create distance, and that will give them time. so that's the message i have. we are doing-i was glad to hear the attorney was talkative and things that the department is recommending. we are doing that. last week, i was able to meet with the director of the department of justice about how we can assist us in getting money. thank you so much
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>> thank you very much. in the essence of time, i want to recognize supervisors become post is that some compost. supervisor campos. >> i'm still not sure why that she does not here and i appreciate the captain and the tenant resenting but i think this kind of discussion really acquires the head of the department to engage with the elected body and the community. you know, i have a question for the chief and since he is not here we have the ranking captain. there's a lot of talk coming out of the police department and i have to ask you this question because i really feel that nothing will happen in terms of changing the relationship between community and this police department
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unless you actually address and handle some of these incidents properly. for all the talk about training, one of the things-what i found the most disturbing about the mariel woods case is the fact that the police officers are still on the payroll of the police department and so, you talk about the sanctity of life. how does it it advanced the sanctity of life that these officers are still on the payroll of san francisco pd after what happened and the videos that we saw? >>[applause] >> i don't know if you could give me a response but that's what i want to ask the chief. i'm sorry >> i understand your question. i understand where you're coming from but i can't answer that question as the decision
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>> that's the problem. you have is the analogy of a ship going down and you have captain of the ship rearranging the furniture. you're not doing anything to address the underlying problem. with the training on mental health, i mean, even if you take what you're saying at face value, 342 officers, that means 80% of the officers in the department are not getting that training. eight out of the 10 officers interacting with folks out there on not getting that training. there's a lot of issues here. i just wanted to ask a question because i think that how we handle the case of these officers sends a message and i think the message right now is to is a horrible message that actually negates all the
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positive things that you're saying and doing. so long as these officers are getting paid i think that you've got to continue to have a problem and i think it is wrong could i would ask, not only the chief to reconsider, but i would ask the mayor, since he is the chief executive of the city to step in and say, i know the police commission doesn't have control over that. i know they couldn't wait in on that but the mayor and the chief should not be okay with these officers being on the payroll right now. >>[applause] >> i will add, i'm also concerned that there has been a part or not an official position of sfpd but the police officers association going around in the way they talk about this case,, it almost looks like the police of him and doesn't want to take the kind of action that supervisor campos wants to take because they're afraid of the poa.
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these are all nice words about recommendations that they want to do, but until the community has a sense that there are consequences for the use of force, even the use of force that maybe can be justified, unless there are consequences, there's going to be huge sense of impunity that officers face. >> i understand. as these issues are being discussed it doesn't sway me from continuing the pursuit pursuit under my sphere of influence with trying to build the trust with the community through the recruits and provide them with a solid foundation can i understand your concerns. however, at the same time i'm in my swimming lane and try and do the best i can to get the best police officers for the city that they deserve. >> i think the one that
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concerns me about the policewoman it seems his reaction. people in crying out and been hurt and killed for years to past. it's only now, this one incident that the police department has shown any kind of consideration to make any kind of changes. to me, this seems very retroactive it doesn't seem very genuine or reveal all or a desire to begin to implement these changes. the mayor's office is a thing, late to the party as well in incrementing changes, ordering what are those things called, shields. we need to be on the proactive side not reacting. we need to be doing more. we been asking for community the african report to be a moment that for years. it's incredibly fresh mint which are seen on the news on streets certain level of frustration at people when asking for this for a long time and now you're just coming to the table. why be quick because
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increased pressure. because there is a video. because there's mounting documentation and that was frustrating that people have just reached their level their breaking point, and that is the expression of your scene that are stopping traffic, that are protesting and just same timeout. enough is enough. present breed has a few remarks. i think will give her a chance to speak >> actually, yes. i really want to get to public comment. i know there's a lot of information that has been provided and i'd like to echo the comments of supervisor breed. i think what were experiencing here is, sadly, growing up in my neighborhood, police brutality was it happened way too often. with a new agent technology and video, all of a sudden, other folks outside of these communities are seen what's happening and we can't continue with business as usual. we have to make changes and we have to be proactive about those changes
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and we can put our guard up and say, well this is training. this is how it's done. this is what were trying to do change it. we just have to do. we have to figure out a better way. the promise weight may not be the best way to do. because, i think from my perspective, as someone who is isaac grew up in this community i feel there's a real cultural disconnect because often i'm, i think sometimes you look at, or the department looks at may be specifically the african-american community, and especially if you grew up in an african-american community with his poverty, weathers despair, weathers frustration, sometimes the communication and how someone is communicating or how someone feels is not about being violence were attacking the police. sometimes it something you mentioned in your comment. sometimes it's about their own frustration. we don't
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have the luxury to have officers who work at the department who are scared of our communities who don't understand our communities, were not going to know who the people are in our community to figure out how they can best serve that community. just the video and seen like, how it happens in the situation, it just was heartbreaking to me because i felt that apartment should know better and they should've had a better response, but instead it was a response that just was not something i think the department-it's not a way i feel that apartment should be responding to a situation like that. it's really frustrating and i think that's what were experienced. all the stuff now, we have video. we have all the stuff that is put out there and it just bringing to light, sadly, something i've seen far too long in my community. i want to make sure that we are
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going to make some changes and make some significant changes. so, with that thank you supervisor cohen i'd love to hear some comments from the public >> will go to public comments. thank you, capt. [calling names]. please come up to the podium. remember, your 2 min. you'll hear a soft chime indicating 30 seconds time remain. >> thank you, supervise. thank you supervisor cohen for calling this hearing. a lot of good information and yes it was all implemented it really might make a difference. the idea of being on the scene for 2 min. before you shoot somebody, what a concept. maybe even not shoot them. it could happen. we've got to make these changes. 30 odd people killed in san francisco by police. that's too
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many people, too many of our brothers and sisters are being killed, too many children are being killed. so, training the recruits is one thing but there's got to be some massive changes among the regular force. i know you have the goal, obviously the oversight committee has that goal but it has not happened. how are we going to make it happen now? thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for holding this hearing. john avalos spoke at the justice four-this program la has the calls crisis intervention people not police officers to come first. we need to have that. also, with we want have a sanctity of life. for one month the police officers disarm when they're out on patrol and only call in weapons, backup, when they need it. england did use arms for a
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long time. also, in any lopez's gaze in sonoma county the 13-year-old killed carrying a gun, the judges will today that she saw no threat to those officer. that content on a 13-year-old kid with a toy gun. also, we need best for the ptsd test good rehabilitation. and if there's been rebutted that become part of the force not before. they need to earn the name peace officer. we need compassion, metrodome this is not being treated like it did in the past they can say we were defending ourselves and other videos are stopping that policy. 4/5 police commissioner told us that were training crisis intervention. that killed marielle. how could
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that be? wasn't any discoloration attempt did we want to know who fired the first shot speak of was that the rookie that was not trained? we need to know this information. parents are calling the police and the children are being called. i'm a mother and grandmother. thank you so much for caring and they do so much for really getting into this this i feel like were finally, finally getting somewhere in making police officers not cops and killers. >> thank you. [calling names] >> good afternoon, supervise. thank you for holding this hearing. it's with great sense of sadness and also the sense of shame that i've come to realize the sfpd is a very typical police department. like baltimore, like los angeles, but chicago, is a devastating occupying army in communities of color. i'm cautiously, very cautiously optimistic, however the sfpd can and may even will change and lead the way. by
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cameras, the software to analyze implicit and explicit bias, the new training of its officers when they need it, all that is great stuff. i'm very pleased to see two of the police commissioners here if they have a policy overview. but the warrior culture at sfpd is very apparent. especially, with the poa and also important with chief. last night that warrior culture was on stark display. the martin howard had organized a police show of force at the commission hearing last night that i attended. they explicitly called out melia cohen for her remarks about a diverse firing squad could after several poc's, please officers of color spoke
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to the just the viability of the marielle woods hearing, they walked out. on the way out, he said to his cops, good show of force gentlemen. that's how we win. so, the most important thing is going to be the political will behind the effort to change the sfpd culture. so, i'm hoping cautiously optimistic that you folks are going to get the political will, that the commission is going to get the political will and that maybe even the mayor will get the political will. >> thank you for your comments. [calling names]. >> i want to thank the supervisors that came to our coalition meeting. it was good.
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thank you, carolyn, for coming and videotaping us. it's important. when i watch the video the following morning, i was felt such raise. i'm just a hip stopped jumping away from the police department. what stopped me was i know these cops are too crazy. they are psychopaths. the biggest problem is that you can train cops if have a low iq of 105 and below. that's a fact. you can do your homework online. because if you get a higher iq, they won't hire you. and officer did sue the city and one
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won. so, things need to change in the city big-time. no, i don't know which officer had that gun pointed at mariusz had . that first shot him in the back of the head. then a pause. then, 20+-shot in the side of his body. note that had happened in any other way, if you've been shot in the body, then all those gunshots his body would have been other all over the place. but no those body shots were right beside his body. he's laying dead on the ground. bang. bang. bang. he's laying there already dead. >> thank you. we've got a lot
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of speakers, sir. thank you. [calling names] >> thank you for holding this hearing. i would really advise everybody to check out the hayward burns reports that shows that san francisco is among the worst in california for the racism in the criminal justice process, at every step. arrest, bookings, convictions, and sentencing. it's a very important thing to look at. we
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are living in a society where the insecurity of trying to exist is driving huge numbers of people crazy. it's driving him to suicide. it's driving them to drug addiction. it's not surprising that were finding all these people going crazy on the san francisco streets. critical intervention, training, is not going to bank a bit of difference. actually be actual teams that go out there and they shouldn't-they don't have to be and should not be cops. psych tax work all the time with people in a lot of trouble. they are not arms. so that needs to be done. teasers cannot be instituted on this. it isn't an alternative to
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bounce. it is another kind of violence. it's been proven that, they're not to be used in situations, in dangerous situations, so it's not going to reduce officer involved shootings. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, supra my name is patricia gray. i'm a member of a family of san francisco police and my father was a policeman. to my brothers were policemen. to nephews. my husband was a policeman but things have changed. in all the years they served, not one of those men ever took their guns out of their holster. i think
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there is been terrible changes in our police department over the years. i think a major failure is with the hiring. i think people are tired to be police officers have certain standard of intelligence and also a sense of some compassion and empathy. we don't need people that want for some and make you do something. we can't have testing so we do not-and especially i heard preferential hiring for these often illegal wars all over the world. those poor people have been traumatized 24-7. they need to be certain they're not suffering from post to maddock stress which could cause a person to just see it several threat and shoot to kill. kill. kill. the second thing is about training. certainly there needs to be more training on the step back, time back. not shoot to kill. i understand that our
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sheriff's apartment is being trained with some of the israeli defense forces and i fear the police might be also. we need compassionate police officers. >> thank you. [calling names] >> my name is adam's chains, resident just moved to san francisco from the city of arcata near eureka with it some of the problems, which is not new with having lots of police violence. they went to to police chiefs a lot of political turmoil and still not solve the problem. i think one of the comments supervisor cohen made use of force is not a new issue. i believe that's
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true and the question is, why is that. why is it not new issue? there's lots of answers but a lot of people have spoken to culture. that seems to be it's a buzzword. it's not clear what that always means, but i'll explain what i believe. i think culture is something people learn at an early age and people recognize it's very difficult thing to change culture and the type of training and other things. the culture is fairly interlink. in my opinion, i think one of the issues that's a simple solution took off again problem is that the recruiting of the police emphasizes military people, veterans. not people who have learned and taught that force protection and using a gun is the primary solution to lots of situations. i think that the incentive giving a preference, i think it's unfortunate veterans may be good for lots of jobs and they're good people, but i think policing is not something that is really
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suitable for most veterans because of their culture. i think that culture can change but it's very difficult. to start with people who don't have what i-i'm an engineer-weave in a special thing if you have a hammer the world looks like a nail. if your culture has taught you that guns are a way of solving issues, you're going to see is a natural good thing to do. i think the trainer in the police mama said we know you know the right thing to do. it's a statement of culture and that is wrong i think. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> thank you very much supervisor cohen and all the supervisors. it's a breath of fresh air to come to this hearing and here leaders who are compassionate about the sanctity of life. last night was kind of questionable. to see
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70 law-enforcement officers desecrate the sanctity of life and possibly interrupt the healing process for the family was quite devastating for me. i also wanted to emphasize that it took a lot of strength and expertise to get professional panels here today. i was quite overwhelmed with the intricacy of all the information and will take years for some us to digest, but my caution is, that we don't bury that humanity in algorithms and in analysis of data. that we take seriously what-i've been sick i like to quote from his most recent book. it's so easy with people who are preserving society to view the disruption of the
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blackbody as incidental to the preservation of order. we can't be a city like that and today i am refreshed to hear the ways were moving forward in a compassion. >> of >> be speaker next speaker, please. >> i'm a fourth-generation-resin. the ever-present black san francisco. i want to first say that oakland police department is not a reference to sfpd. oakland police department just murdered an unarmed black man in november. so, they're not a reference for sfpd, as was even an example today by one of the presenters. i believe the occ. also, there's no reason that an unarmed man should be murdered in cold blood in front of
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children and none of the children at the academy who witness this young man being murdered have given a crisis intervention team to help them process what they saw that day and that needs to be addressed by the city. these were 11-12-year-olds who made witness mr. mario woods murder. and officers unloaded their clips. there's no reason to unload their clips. there needs to be a conversation about what officers will is and they are there to protect and serve the community, and they are not the jury. they are not the judge, and if they believe mr. mario woods to bleed a threat to himself because of his mental on this, that something for a paramedic to respond to. my uncle is a paramedic for 30 years and he response to 51-50 cases all the time. so we need to reevaluate what officers will is in the community. also
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we need to address racial bias and who is going to all these officers accountable for their unjust actions if it's not the supervisors, if it's not the mayor and the chief could be holding officers accountable good i know the community is organized will these officers accountable but we also need to support elected officials to help these officers accountable and get them fired. >> thank you for your comments. [calling names] >> hello. i'm represented of the [inaudible]. i'm speaking to the supervisors because these particular people at least have an interest and seem like they have a heart. first of all, independent investigation. that's already been done. we've all seen the video and people all over the world have responded to it. so
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that cases settle. i been doing this since 1996 audley from aaron williams killing two mark garcia up to the present. all this has been as a talkshow. procedures, procedures, procedures of handling mentally ill people. procedures on how to better show respect for the people. what does that mean? excuse to make sir, may i assure you? this is a national epidemic. that's what the videos over the country have shown. this open government is going to come to our aid. when it's coming is for people like you to stand up and say, look, chief, you have presided over dozens of killings by your offices. you are also a murderer. the cops to kill our murders. the nuremberg trails established that. you cannot say i was just following
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orders. look, any five of you could've handled the situation with eastern maurya was better than those five cops did. that's the point. we need fundamentally a revolution, but what we need right now in order to get their his mass protests in the street join with people in baltimore and chicago and new york and same forget the procedures. you can deal with the procedures but lee's murder of black and brown and our people must and and we are going to end it. >> thank you very much for your comments. [calling names] >> my name is kurt wechsler and him with the [inaudible] organization. we can't wait to see an end to this murder. i just have a pretty simple observation that people have alluded to, but i don't think has been properly addressed. it
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actually should have been more dominant subject for this meeting today. that is that just people are talking about changing processes and policy, and frankly, let's get real. if people are not held accountable any change in policy is really irrelevant and that was missing it. we all know what happened. we all saw five murders commit murder and what we should be looking at is how we bring officers accountability. that's what we failed. that's where
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the legal system failed because without accountability it's all pointless. >> thank you very much. >> jim jennifer freida mock i'm also member of the mental working group of the san francisco police department. often, in the aftermath of tragedy, committees seek fundamental change to prevent the tragedy from recurring. we have in san francisco, right now to do the tremendous power for sponsoring the community to the woods killing a real opportunity to complete transform the way force is used by these san francisco police department. we need to close that goal golf between what's acceptable in it of use by officers and was acceptable by community standards. a big area big part of the solution is
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the use of de-escalation techniques and in 2012 the police commission passed a resolution in the mentee and the bases intervention team. today, we been making some progress but has not-it is not-been implement it. the training is partially implement it. it's not the 20 hours for all officers. it's important but very little time is spent on teaching and practicing de-escalation techniques. the resolution also calls for a supervisor who is trained to be on the scene them attached response overview of the incident when force takes place with mental professionals incorporate the findings into the training. none of that has taken place. we also need a strong review with data effectiveness of cit. finally making some progress but most poorly is a general orders have to drink. he was given to
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police officers in complete contradiction in terms of what the training is using de-escalation. much of what we learn from cit be applicable to the rest of the department, but we have to make some serious change and we have a lot of work to make those. >> thank you. [calling names]. >> good afternoon, supervise. my name is sean [inaudible]. spokesperson for the maurya with them here a couple things i want to say to the supervisors, thank you so much for showing leadership on this. i do want to say something mentioned earlier how these officers are back at work and getting paid. it's very disrespectful to the family. first and foremost. because my woods is no longer here. and there get back at work getting paid. i want to the commission last night was very disturbed
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from the simple fact the poa is still being very disrespectful and they marched in with 70-80 officers and him are so like a game. and that been in any situation across the city of young black men want marching like that were young gunmen marching like that they be admittedly been told talked about in the papers is being in the game. was very disrespectful. they looked and smiled as if we don't care about how you feel. that's one reason i knew that was one of the issues they were going to do. i come from the western addition. with supervisor breed. i got in that area where it was hard to live. they just finally now has been caught on tape. they been doing this for years. they just now have got caught on tape through cell
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phones and cameras. it is a disrespectful thing for officers to feel it's okay when the young man is walking. if you clearly look at the video he's walking like, leave me alone. let me go. when you open fire and should this young man down it goes back to the mom was in. shooting black young men down like animals. in closing i want to say this. you mentioned about the police- >> thank you very much. it was like to speak please come up at this time. you are welcome. >> thank you for calling this hearing. i'm here this morning representing justice for mr.
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mauer was coalition and i want to be clear that our intentions for a hearing is not to allow the san francisco please apartment to be given cover for them to think that they can just to continue to say that a just policy is a problem. as you noted very well and some people i spoke to, for the last 10-15 years is been plenty of reports and documentation could've come from outside studies as well as internal studies from the city but we been saying for years nothing coming out here since 1994, the will of san francisco is not there. so one gentleman just said we've got accountability and be able to trust you start by firing the chief. this body can pressure the mayor. there's plenty of things that can be done to make sure the mayor understands that until that demand is met it's going to be continual problems and reaching a tipping point that normally
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we celebrate, it's all in jeopardy because this city has not had the will. remember, the san francisco police commission is a part of our charter. we have a right as san franciscans, that they implant policies that affect the will of the people. but people do not want to police department that comes into meeting late last night, 70 deep, look at people crazy, calling people out. one of the officers i grew up with. call me out by name. this is the stuff we have to deal with in this work by the richardson was just saying. we have to deal with intimidation, threats, subtleties, being followed around. they're giving tickets when you're trying to fight for justice for your community. >> thank you. next speaker,
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please. >> my name is albert watson. i like to make a couple of suggestions. one, i've noticed the publications and online postings of white's premise groups the members of their followers to join police departments and other forces to gain weapons and have the authority to kill black people and other people of color. i suggest that before you give weapons or uniforms to prospective officers that you early that them to find out who they are and where they come from and what their purpose is. also, we go through the same process with officers that you already have on the police
3:50 am
department. you don't know who they are. they may come from anywhere. i also suggest that along with the training of the officers you been trained in the use of martial arts. i suggest aikido. it teaches how to protect themselves and victims were the people there arrested. it's a second way of dealing with situation where the other person is not arms. i took a limited course and it served my leg. julie people coming with me at with an eye. don't feel fear because you love choreography that you can perform to save yourself. if officers knew how to save themselves they would not panic. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:51 am
>> supervisors, i'd like to introduce into the permanent record on the borough documents that spell out the hundreds of murders that happened with teasers. a lethal instrument of torture. mayor ed lee has called for the introduction of teasers as a solution. introduction of teasers represents an escalation, the opposite of all of the methods we've been talking about to solve problems to de-escalate, to use the police in their proper legal role as peace officers, not war officers. so, i call on this body to introduce a resolution opposing teasers in the san francisco
3:52 am
police department. i understand you cannot legally force that to happen, but it may be as much as you can do legally. ms. never have teasers must have a moratorium on teasers. this is become before the police commission i believe i'm a four times in 10 years. i testified against it in 2013. that's a terrible waste of time. it doesn't do anything but promote murder and risk of death and injury. these are very dangerous . thank you. >> hi. my name is lynn-my high school history teacher. and i'm also storing of the lack freedom struggle. i'm with the justice for mary was good.
3:53 am
>> sorry mr. chairman we've lost corm of the committee at the moment. >> let's take a quick break until supervisor campos >> i want to atco something supervisors avalos and campos said. i first want to say i really have great respect for police officers who do their work well. i'm always proud of my students when they become police officers, but there's incredibly widespread fear and distrust of san francisco police officers right now. in the black and brown communities. so, to echo what the supervisor said, it's wonderful
3:54 am
to see these day escalation tactics this discussion moving forward, but the ration you have right now in the present moment, the ways been dealt with right now is congenitally to exacerbate the fear and the feeling you are not on our side. on the side of the community. so i want to suggest , if you actually care if the police in san francisco care about rebuilding trust the black and brown communities, first of all, those communities from what i can see as a youth mentor, someone in the community they do not trust the chief. he does not-in fact he does not have a record of emphasizing de-escalation. if you care about black about committees i think the best place to start in building that trust would be by replacing the chief with someone who has a proven track record of building
3:55 am
strong communities and strong connections with black and brown communities is a proven track record of artie emphasizing de-escalation tactics. if that doesn't happen i'm not sure if trust is going to be easily rebuilt. that's my suggestion. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i appreciate you being here. i was shot in the back one time it happened just before otto got chuck. i was rather scared it won't be able to speak that day about the dirty politics that took place. i guess they never got to speak. those dirty politics, the color blue has turned darker than black and it used to be a light blue. we had to fight for that.
3:56 am
with ms. coney and milk, we lost a lot. what we have here today was given to us by our lord. that's technology. with a badge camera are lost, matt rainey, he's our man. because he speeds for the body camera and he speeds for our lord. he's a muslim, i hear. the things that we hear about ross being a wife beater, never. well she might've had an angry moment but was not enough to press charges. so, when they pointed that sheriff, the appointed her from a position
3:57 am
that was appointed to her by our mayor. in our mayor lied under oath when he said, it wasn't politically motivated. he lied under oath. then there was a bomb scare. >> we want to keep the comments about- >> that's what i'm speaking about. the complacency that we have here, about what we do and how we do it, posttraumatic shock >> thank you. are there any other members of the public would like to comment? >> are you going to speak? were about to close public comment
3:58 am
>> i think there are several situations you might want to consider. what if a person doesn't understand what officers are saying? if their death, don't speak the language. they do not address that. so, they think they're resisting and they don't know what the officers are saying. but you can also consider a vote of confidence. they say you can't fire the police, but a vote of confidence would be important. i also want you to consider what can this body and what can the police do within the next month or six months on most like to meet the changing policy.. for me, it would be to put the shields, the riot gear in the police cars that something like this happens they can go get their shields and stop them. the have some
3:59 am
protection. the other thing is the police officers bill of rights. i think you should do something to just you don't have all of those rights to hide your misconduct if you come and work in the city and county of san francisco. in a sense, in addition to that i would also say you would consider the-decision that pretty much says police misconduct is somehow hitting. hitting. >> thank you very much. if there are no other members of the public would like to comment book close public comment. public comment is closed. you can only speak once. he already spoke once. the closing public comments. >>[gavel] >> supervisor campos >> i want to note a couple
4:00 am
points that i think are important as we move forward. i would think the bar association for the presentation. i think the work they're doing is important. and i think that i don't know exactly when their recognition will come out but i think it's very useful tool. it is isn't always said that oakland which has its own share of challenges is ahead of san francisco in some ways. for one thing, eventually managed to have a gaudy camera program implement it and were still waiting for ours. it's been a long time. on the issue of best practices what policies we should follow, i also want to be very cautious about this reliance on-. they are a body that a group of experts but made up of police officers and chiefs of police, and that's
4:01 am
important part of the equation. they have one perspective. every member of their board of directors comes from law enforcement and that's important perspective, but that is not the be-all and end-all in terms of what should be of best practice. then, with the occ, i have a lot of respect for executive director, joyce hicks, but i think their institutional and systemic challenges that the occ has, including the powers it has, but alas the powers, persons to begin its own investigations. there's a problem with the fact that we've had hundreds of allegations of racial bias is been no allegation sustained.. nothing was anything wrong with those investigations but sort of leads as a member of the public a lot of questions about whether or not if there is
4:02 am
racial bias that can actually be fully investigated given the resources perhaps this agency has. on the implicit bias training, i mean, we talked about this for how long. even to this day people recover for just a few members of the leadership of the sfpd. i'll close with this. i am optimistic and i hope that we have the reforms are needed but when it comes to training i'm not convinced this department is where it needs to be an ltv the example my experience with training. we had, a few years ago my office organized a joint meeting of it please commission and a youth commission. first of a kind. a few years back. out of that meeting came the recognition of one of the things that happen at sfpd is
4:03 am
that the specialized training on how to interact with youth. including training that takes into account the physical differences of a youth whose body is not fully developed. we were, at times someone who is an intern who is now a legislative aide, we as a work with the foundation to find money to do that program in san francisco pd, to do the training which at that point, boston was doing it was a national expert that was willing to come and do it for sfpd and we actually found the foundation to pay for it so that sfpd would not have to spend a dime on it. and the department refused to do it. they refused to do it. years later i can tell you i'm sure
4:04 am
very little or nothing has happened on that. you know, the proof is in the pudding. they can come here and talk until they actually do something i think we have to all remain skeptical. >>thank you supervisor campos. i just want to thank numbers of the public for being here. and also want to thank the public for really keeping pressure on the san francisco police department and city hall. we need to create the conditions where change can really happen and that takes a real organizational strength from outside of san francisco because of left the apartment up to its own devices, we wouldn't see things change. so, as we turn the level of outrage and anger into something that can be useful for holding city hall accountable to creating a police department where there really is trust and accountability. that's what's at stake right now for us. this
4:05 am
hearing is one step, one part of a kind relationship we need to form between police officers and their weapons, but also police officers and the community and hopefully we can find the time, a place, a time and a place where you can actually not have to use any force whatsoever good that's a worthy goal. it's not one that is unrealistic by any means. certainly, other countries are able to do this type of policing and we should hold our souls to that as a goal here in san francisco. i want to thank supervisor cohen for bringing this forward. she has several members of the board of cosponsored this hearing as well. i think it's critical that we continue this effort and work towards building these relationships, and also work to make sure there's pressure on the department to really do the kind of thorough systematic training and changeover that general orders create that all
4:06 am
san franciscans deserve and in particular san franciscans of color. if there are no other comments from the committee, we can have a motion to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> cusack >> can we take that without objection? without objection any other items >> that concludes today's meetings business mr. chairman. >> we are adjourned. >>[gavel]
4:07 am
as a society we've basically failed big portion of our population if you think about the basics of food, shelter safety a lot of people don't have any of those i'm mr. cookie can't speak for all the things but i know say, i have ideas how we can address the food issue. >> open the door and walk through that don't just stand looking out. >> as they grew up in in a how would that had access to good food and our parent cooked this is how you feed yours this is not happening in our country this is a huge pleasure i'm david one of the co-founder
4:08 am
so about four year ago we worked with the serviced and got to know the kid one of the things we figured out was that they didn't know how to cook. >> i heard about the cooking school through the larkin academy a. >> their noting no way to feed themselves so they're eating a lot of fast food and i usually eat whatever safeway is near my home a lot of hot food i was excited that i was eating lunch enough instead of what and eat. >> as i was inviting them over teaching them basic ways to fix good food they were so existed. >> particle learning the skills and the food they were really go it it turned into the is charity
4:09 am
foundation i ran into my friend we were talking about this this do you want to run this charity foundations and she said, yes. >> i'm a co-found and executive director for the cooking project our best classes participation for 10 students are monday they're really fun their chief driven classes we have a different guest around the city they're our stand alone cola's we had a series or series still city of attorney's office style of classes our final are night life diners. >> santa barbara shall comes in and helps us show us things and this is one the owners they help us to socialize and i've been
4:10 am
here about a year. >> we want to be sure to serve as many as we can. >> the san francisco cooking school is an amazing amazing partner. >> it is doing that in that space really elevates the space for the kids special for the chief that make it easy for them to come and it really makes the experience pretty special. >> i'm sutro sue set i'm a chief 2, 3, 4 san francisco. >> that's what those classes afford me the opportunity it breakdown the barriers and is this is not scary this is our choice about you many times this is a feel good what it is that you give them is an opportunity you have to make it seem like it's there for them for the taking show them it is their and
4:11 am
they can do that. >> hi, i'm antonio the chief in san francisco. >> the majority of kids at that age in order to get them into food they need to see something simple and the evidence will show and easy to produce i want to make sure that people can do it with a bowl and spoon and burner and one pan. >> i like is the receipts that are simple and not feel like it's a burden to make foods the cohesives show something eased. >> i go for vera toilet so someone can't do it or its way out of their range we only use 6 ingredients i can afford 6 ingredient
4:12 am
what good is showing you them something they can't use but the sovereignties what are you going to do more me you're not successful. >> we made a vegetable stir-fry indicators he'd ginger and onion that is really affordable how to balance it was easy to make the food we present i loved it if i having had access to a kitchen i'd cook more. >> some of us have never had a kitchen not taught how to cookie wasn't taught how to cook. >> i have a great appreciation for programs that teach kids food and cooking it is one of the healthiest positive things
4:13 am
you can communicate to people that are very young. >> the more programs like the cooking project in general that can have a positive impact how our kids eat is really, really important i believe that everybody should venting to utilize the kitchen and meet other kids their age to identify they're not alone and their ways in which to pick yours up and move forward that. >> it is really important to me the opportunity exists and so i do everything in my power to keep it that. >> we'll have our new headquarters in the heart of the tenderloin at taylor and kushlg at the end of this summer 2014 we're really excited. >> a lot of the of the conditions in san francisco they
4:14 am
have in the rest of the country so our goal to 257bd or expand out of the san francisco in los angeles and then after that who know. >> we'd never want to tell people want to do or eat only provide the skills and the tools in case that's something people are 2rrd in doing. >> you can't buy a box of psyche you have to put them in the right vein and direction with the right kids with a right place address time those kids don't have this you have to instill they can do it they're good enough now to finding out figure out and find the future for (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:15 am
i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he
4:16 am
was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on opera. i was leaving behind a little bit which those collaborative dancers i was really trying to focus on opera. a friend of mine said well, what would you really want to do i said opera what is it not opera parallel. why isn't it are that i have the
4:17 am
support now we can do that. i realized that was something that wasn't being done in san francisco no other organization was doing this as opposed to contemporary we are very blessed in san francisco to have organizations well, i thought that was going to be our speciality >> you create a conceptual idea for setting the opera and you spear ahead and work with the other sdierndz to create an overview vision that's the final product felt opera. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i was very inspired to work with him because the way he looked at the key is the way i looked at sports looking at the
4:18 am
daily. >> so much our mandate is to try to enter disis particular work there's great dancers and theatre actresses and choirs we've worked with and great video artists is a great place to collect and collaborate. i had a model they have a professionally music yes, ma'am assemble and as a student i benefited from being around this professional on and on soccer ball and as a conductor i'd be able to work with them and it's helped my growth i had a dream of having a professional residential on and on soccer ball to be an imperial >> it operates as a laboratory
4:19 am
we germ a national the ideas technically and work with activity artists and designers and video all over the on any given project to further the way we tell stories to improve our ability to tell stories on stage. that's part of the opera lab >> i was to investigate that aspect of renaissance and new work so that's why this piece it is important it was a renaissance composer. >> there were young people that are not interested in seeing traditional opera and like the quality and it's different it has a story telling quality
4:20 am
every little detail is integrated and helps to capture the imagination and that's part of the opera how we can use those colors into the language of today. >> so one of the great things of the stories of opera and story combined with opera music it allows people to let go and be entertained and enjoy the music instead of putting on headphones. >> that's what is great about art sometimes everyone loves it because you have to, you know, really great you have to have both some people don't like it and some people do we're concerned about that. >> it's about thirty something out there that's risky.
4:21 am
you know, disliked by someone torn apart and that's the whole point of what we're drying to do >> you never take this for granted you make sure it is the best if you can. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning today is tuesday, september 22, 2015. this is the regular meeting of the building inspection at this time, members of the public may address the commission did first item is roll call
4:22 am
commissioner president mccarthy commissioner clinch commissioner lee commissioner konstin commissioner mccray commissioner melgar commissioner walker quorum and the next item is porments. >> good morning and welcome to the big meeting wednesday, january 20, 2016, madam secretary i have a few announcements reading congratulations to director huey that is invited to view the chinese american mission high school at 88 turk street the school head invited thanks us for our assistance in completing the requirement renovation in record time as part of preparation for the super bowl 50 events that begins in san francisco on saturday,
4:23 am
january 30th and runs to game day on sunday's february 7th the dbi and plumbing inspectors that will helping with the distribution of the flyers that provide the accurate details helpful to all members of the public and dbi will post information on the website for 24/7 assess agency www.sf gavel to to our spectaculars speakers for this service no support of a safe super bowl 50 celebration so thank you for that. >> congratulations to senate file event collin thank you madam president of records management division who received a thank you for your letter of providing excellent customer service and congratulations to dbi management and staff that posted on the website key action
4:24 am
homeowners and project manager to prepare for the storm situation of el nino from the building protection those are inspecting the roofs and cleaning leaves and debree from down swells securing outdoor fortune and construction materials that could be pilgrims more for information invite and get ready for el nino we'll be absolutely commissioners last night in the services for a fungi look forward on today's agenda and convey my congratulations to the newly appointed commission commissioner konstin welcome to the dbi commission and who is joined us here today and commissioner konstin assumes the landowner and suv was sworn in by supervisor president london breed thank you, madam secretary
4:25 am
that that concludes my presentation. >> any public comment on the president's report seeing none, general public comment the bic will take public comment on matters within the jurisdiction not pardon part of the aron part of thn part of tp agenda. >> good morning. my name is a rita a tenant of larking beach place i filed a complaint on december 4th the ventilation to my apartment i share with other tenant that lives underneath me okay they were smoking open yes, i am i have pictures that shows the swelling and allergic to the smoke there your inspector is two friendly with the project manager all she has to say it is building dine
4:26 am
not the design the gas a leaking into any apartment if the basement with a broken boiler pg&e had to cut the hole thing off none have holster water for a whole day i know someone can check the broiler room and ventilation so i don't have to 134e8 was going on underneath me and the wiring on the building i've noticed the project sponsor people don't pay for capable and pg&e none of that certain rooms they go to the building and keep tamper perry with the wiring this needs to be chengd all this is right here for you and plus a work order i put that in i have a breaker box you can switch them and i mentioned that to the
4:27 am
landlord and she said that is just fine so all those things are right here for you and like it if someone will please investigate the quality of life and the safety of my apartment is very important to me thank you. >> excuse me. ma'am, give me the address ford. >> my address is on bay street and the complaint is on this good thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay general public comment seeing none, item 4. >> certify of appreciation and recognize of service so far two people thank you. well we're going to try to figure out this is the first time we've done this kind of a change of the gaud when i
4:28 am
came abroad commissioner mccray and i came abroad inform clue he was a great help and gave me guidance and said chill man and enjoy is to (laughter) so he's always been there the second person for me on issues i have trouble understanding so i know he'll be missed i know he's going to another commission and i'm not sure he knows but with regards to the commissioner mar he's the man on the other side we talk about different tribes i appreciate his honest and great position pa guess for the city fighter for the tenants on the
4:29 am
landlord seat he figured out hard over the years a lot of good work and policies came from that i know knowing him he'll continue in other forum that's all i say fellow commissioner any comments. >> commissioner walker. >> it's been a pleasure to serve with you on this commission commissioner mar engage landlord/tenant issues we worked with the department to move forward in this relationship for our partners in the community i'm hopeful we can count on your commissioner mar input into our permitting system we are interested in you've really gone
4:30 am
above and beyond the call of duty if be able part that have xhflgs we will miss you dearly on this commission and again, i really reiterate i hope we can keep you engaged on the ordinances you're so versed at it this june it is your thank you both for you're amazing commitment what board are you going on. >> i think i screwed up i wasn't supposed to say that. >> too late. >> the human service. >> wonderful, wonderful i know you've been active in you're taking over looftd housing authority and count on our department to make sure that the had been ability of those is up to par look forward to that very much thank you. >> commissioner lee. >> commissioner mar i enjoyed
4:31 am
working with i i find i to be a fair representative of line up on the screen side of the room seat and fair with both the project sponsors and as well as the tenant side and i find i a seat for transparency i hope we can continue that move forward with keeping other department transparent as possible for the public and commissioner mccray i thank you for sharing your sniethsd and discussing our respect communities i i know we have talked about families needs are and he believe that where you're going you'll be playing a big part of improving their lives thank you. >> commission. >> can i make some public comments
4:32 am
(laughter). >> you have 3 minutes. >> (laughter). thanks i'm sure you'll hold me up i want to thank my fellow expirations if so a pleasure working with you guys we've not always agreed we have kept things cordially and having public debates without trying to get the work done the only thing i'd like to say regarding i've told the staff in the back of the room i plan to be here during public comment and be a pain in the butt it is the responsibility of us to get that system europe and not only on the staff side but on tuition side i'd like to be seemed to be much more involved in the policy decision with some the plans for
4:33 am
the project and to my the person that took any place john, i think it is a very important seat to represent lymph gland we get a bad rap i think a lot of time in the city even from our tenant allies i know that some of whom are here because as i've told a lot of tenant advocates the biggest there are no threat in the city is not the old-time landlords and the smalltime landlords like 0 users with rent-controlled unit apartment and will not ellis act people last year a few bad actors the threat we throw up our hands and say we're going to sell and get out of the city that is really and threat when we sell and get the heck out of the city those new people that take you are places are the ones that pull
4:34 am
the ellis act i think we have to fight to make sure that the small landlords can survive not enough public sector protecting housing built in the city as much as i support did lower headstart we're not building outing our way out but preserve what we have we've been losing what we have because people are throwing their hands up in the air and saying i give it up i'm out find here make any hundred thousand and get out of here relosses landlord old-time landlords all the time and i've said that many, many times to our tenant allies but i think that is true so i'm going to leave you with that and be in
4:35 am
the peanut gallery bugging you guys all the time >> commission all following just commissioner mar i just want to indicate my great appreciation for the sensitivity of every single one of you as you demonstrated as served open this commission the great care that you have for the task and for the people i want to also ditto that to the staff i appreciate you're great care and work that you do moving this commission this department into a very new age thank you all it's been a great joy to serve when is for me my third commission board over more years more than i can
4:36 am
remember this is again has been a great experience and i thank you and mr. president, i probably said what you said. >> but i probably said it something like that it is best to live lightly and unknowingly so much of what we do we must handle ourselves lightly and not think too much about the difficulties of journey and keep on pushing or pressing on i leave you saying thank you you've made this experience wonderful and educate active i them after all you are friends thank you very much. >> well said we have some certifies i don't know if commissioner mccray if you have any more room on your
4:37 am
walls i guess can someone take a photograph. >> i have a camera here. >> so obviously on behalf of the all the staff at dbi and all the management and the commission i know from sonya and, of course, the city attorney's office thanks so much for putting up with me and we did a great job i'm proud of this two people are for the great job on behalf of the city for the appreciation commissioner mccray we have the certificates so commissioner
4:38 am
mar. >> thank you for your service (clapping.) don't sneak away does anyone have the photograph. >> i have one. >> good morning commissioner president mccarthy and the commission ones have already left i really appreciate you know one and also commissioner mccray's help you know sometimes, we need to have a different voice know that lots of people talk about x letter i'm the first one want to push it finish line to get it done with the helpful of the
4:39 am
department of technology and maureen making sure we make sure that the program works that's my first priority in my mind moving forward wake up know. >> a nightmare. >> but working together i think that you know last few years we accomplished quite a bit of with your help you know with different ordinances different you know stuff and then all the staff is helping me to accomplish it and then i'm going to send you today with japan for 5 years and see you know you'll see what my open how the road map for the future of the department to go out thank you very much and appreciate you know also commissioner mccray asked about the rec program i promised you from now and then every monday
4:40 am
i'll give you update when you're off the commission you can still call me twenty-four hours you know and then i, respond to it okay. thank you thank you director. >> madam secretary that ends item 4 i have a request by commissioners no objection i'm sorry if we can move item 7 to item 5 and item 6 move and item 5 down after that did i lose you. >> 7 and then we'll take straight back to 5 sorry i take that back 7 and then to 5. >> okay any public comment on item 4. >> seeing none, we're on item 7 discussion and possible action for the proposed ordinance for
4:41 am
the board of supervisors file amending at planning code to require the conditional use authorization for the removal of any residential unit whether legal unit or illegal unit with the surfaces requirements for buildings additions and mergers amending did building code to amend the legalization of a legal unit under the building code with the building commission to talk about the approval. >> where is the staff. >> were just notified. >> yeah. we moved 2 up they thought everybody was in the audience. >> maybe move the minutes or something. >> if you want to two. >> can we move 10 up. >> sure. >> so item 10 is review and
4:42 am
approval of minutes of the regular meeting of june 17, 2015. >> move to approve there is a motion and a second any public comment on the minutes okay. seeing none commissioners in favor>> i. >> any opposed the the minutes are approved. >> so someone here from. >> actually i believe someone from the supervisors office. >> to do the presentation they're not here and we moved it up in fault of them you know so. >> how about 11. >> okay. so (laughter) what we're going to do housekeeping stuff. >> i'll go back to any original plan and discuss the permit and project tracking system number 5 and then take on 7 after that when everyone is in the room if no objection precede
4:43 am
forward. >> on to item number 5 the discussion and cecelia tracking system. >> good morning it's still morning; right? thanks for having me, i'm miguel for the new commissioners congratulations and welcome i'm the c's i owe and the head for the department of technology we were asked as mr. hugh i didn't mention to come in and participate in the cecelia project for the permitting project sometime ago and recently had taken an opportunity to evaluate the project so i'm here today to
4:44 am
give you an update on that progress and take any questions as previously promised we planned to come back and provide you with ongoing just wants as this process moved on january 8th we did complete the rfp elevation panel and they made a selections that pants was comprised of members of the mayors budget office and the controller's office and my department the technology the or not elected was a combination of a comedy called the garden to perform this third party assessment of the project garden is obviously familiar with our contractors process there are an active and ongoing vendor in many departments across the city we expected no issues with the actual contractor steps that's what we're in expect that to be
4:45 am
completed the first week of february garnered greater than timeline was 12 weeks to anticipating that's assessment will begin around the effect week of february that puts us to completion on or about the end of april the assessment team obviously will meet as previously discussions and promised meet with various stakeholder and members of the bid and the department and, etc. so we have again made f it clear we want all represented stakeholder to be given an opportunity to participate to the extent manageable so that's the status update as of the moment and again minimum in the intern between meetings
4:46 am
provide status updates in realtime by e-mail or whatever means it is preferred and would plan at a minimum to come back at the next commission if you see fit for us to provide another update along the way thank you, thank you miguel >> commissioner walker please. thank you. this is g good news and nice to have a data goalpost i want to clarify something as during the scope of this new phase is doing we aren't going to go back and create a whole new processes for submitting we're essentially looking at the current process and elevating the process of the permitting system and figuring out how to get back on track if that is easy enough we're talking about how our business
4:47 am
operations that's a bigger scope then - >> right. right this scope is not to. >> reelevate the system. >> build the process and things like that but important to point out i think that going through this process and identifying how to get this project on track may bring to the surface opportunities or questions about process; right? so i think that those questions will arises in the in the scope of this agreement to try to resolve but i expect some will surface i think all sides of the valuation invites that transparency. >> i know if our department we went over several years ago a whole retooling of our system that we laid to definitively hopefully is incorporated. >> this is not a business
4:48 am
reengineering. >> it is a elevation of the counter state what it getsing us to the current state and the analysis gap what stands in the way. >> thank you perfect. >> commissioners any more questions. >> great i have - so the vendor is gardener and would that. >> g r r t n e r. >> r t n e r. >> a r t n e r. >> okay. >> i presume they've gone into the other municipalities and dealt with situations like this before. >> yes. their response they have to provide certainly background information. >> we as a city and various departments in many departments have different sorts of engagements with them they're aware of the city as an
4:49 am
organization and in some departments kind of deep knowledge. >> okay commissioner melgar no. >> thank you for coming and sorry commissioner walker. >> one clarification in either gi g are gardener were involved in the initial process. >> not that i'm aware of. >> to the system itself. >> i can firmer that definitely but completely understood i'll make sure we confirm that but to the best of my knowledge that's a red flag. >> thank you miguel we'll touch basis through the chair we're happening to respond but at&t minimal we'll accept an
4:50 am
invitation to come back. >> and the vendors will be in contact way when the project kicks off they'll reach out and the general will be included and amongst yourselves who is appropriated to individually engage with the project team but they'll absolutely contact you. >> great, thank you. >> any further questions no thank you for coming out any public comment on item 56? seeing none, are we - >> if no public comment i say i believe we have everyone here go to item 7 please - you have one further question miguel before we go. >> in the theme of speed and agility i have 99 percent confirmation they're not
4:51 am
involved in the initial we'll check the documents and get it to 100 percent but assured they were. >> thank you so madam secretary call item 7 please. we have recall it again, please. >> item 7 is discussion and possible action regarding the proposed o for the board of supervisors file amending at planning code to require the conditional use authorization for the removal of any residential unit whether legal unit or illegal unit and in inclines with the shaping and circumstances requirement for the building residential mergers and amending did building code for the amending of the an illegal unit unit less than feasible under the planning commission approval thank you, madam secretary. >> good morning yelp write
4:52 am
legislative aide to to supervisor avalos has a followup to a previous ordinance that focused on the issue of residential mergers and basically, we've seen with the housing crisis in the city the planning department does a balanced scorecard what's your net gain how much housing are we losing to demolitions and mergers so originally we have received a lot of multi buildings having tenants being evicted and merging those buildings so we have to strengthen those controls to put in more direction to the planning commission to preserve and the existing housing particularly rent-controlled housing and this brought up the residential conversion it as complicated and patchwork
4:53 am
approach and so this ordinance is looking at clarify that and streamlining overseeing proposals those controls and require a conditional use for the roller o remainder and it deals with the issues in district 11 we face in the excelsior and outer mission and also supervisor kim has co-sponsored it for its her concerns around particularly the 109 market street building where we are seeing large-scale threats to rental housing in a commercial building the bottom of the math and now at the toup top wear seeing the landlord wanted to evict to competitor into a residential building and some tenants are here to speak as to the building code of the ordinance it deals with the
4:54 am
notice of violation for unauthorized units and this ordinance there save when dbi issues an nov for an unauthorized unit in order to remove the units the landlord will have to get a conditional use authorization permit otherwise legalize the unit that is the step in how we deal with secondary units and this is urban authorized unit now we've created a path to legalization so you know, i think in the excelsior we've seen the population growth without executrix and in-law units and with the pressures of market-rate rent we've seen heartbreaking stories with 47 eureka you're aware of a classic example we have a perfectly good housing unit that may or may not on our units the tenants have raised the history of the 24
4:55 am
unit we've seen and heard a number of reports you have on a tenant in a nmentd and the business owner no notice to the tenant by the time the tenant knows they're being evicted the timeframe to appeal that has expired and they're given no recourse to losing their home the landlord gets to remove the unit the city losses a rent-controlled unit and it is a double wham i didn't to our housing stock to the code advisory committee we have a discussion again 9 logistics how this works in the building code and in the housing community in the city we have good feedback and kim from the planning department is here to talk about the logistics how we define an unauthorized
4:56 am
unit two screenings process how we deal with the unit that is illegal unit and an unsafe unit we try to capture that to say this is a unit that has you have to go through the garage or other units that that is not clearly legalizing a union user i unit they must be removed the unit is habitualable and we'll see that as a valuable housing stock and we're trying to capture here so commissioner walker. >> thank you for doing that i know we've done action about novelist the tenants already that would be helpful that starts the conversation earlier when you talk about the independence and excluding some that or clearly not legalizeable maybe that is not a word it is
4:57 am
now do we do that or planning does that have to go into the conditional use shoot or expelling our plan checkers to do available the proposal that the planning department staff to make that determination but i'll defer to my colleague to discuss that further. >> i mean, i personally i mean, i kind of like the idea of having planning review these if conditional use but that is combvm and costly i hope it doesn't end up with us moving those units in addition to the process it might be wise to attach to some kind of financial assistance we have a code
4:58 am
enforcement supervisor wiener has put money on reserve initially $4 million for code enforcement issues but the conversation has been possible we can have an ongoing fund to help landlords legalize those units it is costly so it is costly and it is important. >> actually yeah, that was a large part of our discussion the code advisory committee how can we help protecting homeowners and supervisor avalos is definitely looking at that and we have taken the highest ownership in the district and in one of the lowest district a lost homeowners that are renting as a way to keep their mortgage and did you housing trust fund the people passed supervisor avalos was for the homeowner
4:59 am
stabilization fund that transitioned in the housing stable funds we're 2, 3, 4 discussion with the mayor's office of housing to dedicate a portion to help with the legalization process. >> especially the single-family homes. >> yeah. at this point it is good to bring you think my colleague to talk about that. >> hi km planning department staff so i'm just going to go over a summary of what changes we're making in the planning code and talk about more about the planning code changes the two main changes happening in this ordinance one is that making the regulations consistent across the board for
5:00 am
a removal of the residential units we have different regulations per based on zion and the number of unit northbound a building and making every substantive to a cu so the second a basically the introduction of a definition of unauthorized unit in the code and simply creating this path between the building code and the planning code that will require a landlord an owner sorry owner to legalize the unit and that's the planning code commission removing the unit and for that we have a definition for an unthortsd unit we try to keep as broad as possible we know these units are
5:01 am
having forums some of them have kitchens and some no kitchens we try to make it very broad and that is in the planning code so at the planning counter weight of the testimony determine whether or not this will quality as an unauthorized unit and the way it is decided it is an individual living for sleeping area that is has been used independently and as commercial unit and some physical criteria that it has it didn't have connection visible connection with other residential units and an independent assess not through other residential unit to we have also a policy at the
5:02 am
counter that if you know an applicant if an applicant has that building and unauthorized unit is there forever not used as a residential unit or maybe they can sign an affidavit saying this is not used as an unauthorized unit and not go through the process another piece it basically preadditional criteria we put in the planning code for the commission to use in their review when they're making the cu determination the criteria the first criteria is whether or not that unauthorized unit is eligible for legalization whether or not a legal path to legalize that unit and second whether or not it is financially feasible to legalize that unit
5:03 am
in a way we define that is the cost from the cost of legalization is equal or less than the value added to the property as it results in legalization than that's defined as financially feasible we would require a report from the applicant and the third is whether or not the psychologist of legalization is reasonable and the way we define reasonable is basically referring to the data that has been accommodating from the legalization program since may of 2014 for every single application costs of legalization and this is a range a wide range from one thing dollar to as high as one and $50,000 so basically that criteria says if you're costs falls within this range we call
5:04 am
it a reasonable costs because you know it falls remarkably out there and you've been getting so those are the major changes in the building code and the planning code is changes that a notice of violation will include that language and need to legalize that's the planning commission removal and we've heard concerns about the code advisory committee about what about those units that are absolutely they can't be legalized or the city needs to order the removal to the city attorney is drafting the amendments to the ordinances that says if no legal path to legalize the unit then they'll not be subject to the ordinance in this process i won example a single-family unit rh2 of rh1 and two illegal
5:05 am
unit units only it allows one unit to be legalized and the second one no legal path for it to be legal list this exempts the second legal unit to go through that process and addresses the legal language in the code from the city or court orders removal of a unit their exempt from 24 process as well. >> i'm sorry not to truth of the matter but commissioner mar has a question. >> i sorry a request clarification pretty big so the definition of an unauthorized unit that was added then now says that the unit does not have independent assess not going through the principle property that's what you're user it is pretty big we have had
5:06 am
several cases in this definition to so the folks that are separate kitchens for grandmother downstairs that is now defined as an unauthorized unit not a separate egging regress we'll not take action is that the way i'm reading it. >> if it is the rooms that own outgoing the grandmother or the family lives there and you know the two units are connected unite not going to be considered unauthorized unit if they want to remove that it will, big. >> i mean it's great in my point of view but thank you. >> please continue. >> that was actually, the end of my presentation i'm here for any questions. >> yeah. i know there is things i know we've talked about the code advisors that was very
5:07 am
helpful on the comments it was very good dialogue the statistics asked of the planning department can you talk to these on how many permits were orientated and families merge the best you can i know you're limited to what you give to the public can we have that on hand. >> so the 6 i had in my case report that regarding urban authorized units in the past year we had about one and 80 applications for the urban authorized unit so that was pretty big and let me pull up - sorry. >> there was one and 80 how
5:08 am
many were approved. >> the reason they were basically every application in the process for approval no either approved or in a process for approval they're either some are in the planning commission approved and the dbi issued. >> so when you say one and 80 were removed you're saying from a public point of view one and 80 units were unauthorized. >> yeah. >> removed and finished and finalized. >> not finished and finalized but the applications were approved. >> so maybe my next question okay. please continue. >> sure the data i provided to bill yesterday was not related to the un authorized unit but more to
5:09 am
legal residential unit that were removed using the administrative approval so as i said in the beginning of my presentation. >> we have administrative approval one they can price out if we considered that unit that is removed urban affordable and number changes every year to right now i think one .65 more than that and the second it is determined an unsound structure who two processes in the past 5 years we've had 31 units
5:10 am
demolished through pricing out. >> can you destine it what pricing out is. >> meaning it is determined that single-family or that unit that is demolished is valued more than one $.65 million we determine that number as unaffordable. >> so basically it doesn't matter we're using that unit for unaffordable unit then the second is derrick whether or not if it is urban sound structure there has been 16 of them 16 yeah. >> 16 and 31 priced out? >> uh-huh. and 16 unsound this ordinance r is remove all the
5:11 am
processes and making that a cu we support that recommendations because both of the processes are complicated and some of them applications take along the cu process so unsounded applications are been going on if 6 months to years and also leaves the planners with being with those complex engineering things they don't have expertise on so not a very fair and you know effective process to we basically, the planner will write an analysis and the commission will make the final decisions and commissioner mar please. so i'm all for consistency making sure from the the new definition of the unauthorized
5:12 am
unit with the planning regulation dealing with airbnb units. >> is that consistent too. >> once they become legalized then they're a non-conforming legal unit and but if someone explicit legalize it something we're not taking action it didn't have separate egress or renting it out outside of the regulations the airbnb your enforcing does that fall under it. >> i'm not sure my assumes will be that will unauthorized part of a legal unit and that legal unit has already been regulated and that's the part of it but i'm not 100 percent. >> commission. >> so one and 80 units removed
5:13 am
in the past year; right? >> unauthorized unit. >> and how many approvals to legalize. >> i have that number two i believe we're at permitted we're about one 50 and there is another hundred in the process >> that's in the past year; correct? >> that's effective of that legislation which was may of 2014. >> thank you commissioner lee please. i think the proposal is the intent of the proposal i think we can do all we can to keep the affordable units in san francisco but i have one question about the depiction definition of what qualifies and
5:14 am
how our department is involved and the second is about prelims the first question about the legalization how will we determine where we going do let planning determine whether or not the unit is possible or not what about the technical aspects felt unit for example, if the unauthorized unit has the ceiling of 17 feet tall we know it needs to be more than 10 feet is planning going to determine whether the building will raise the ceiling or will they need our departments help. >> the definition of the unauthorized unit it in is in the planning department so the planning determines whether or not it is an unauthorized removing it go to the cu process, however, whether or not they're eligible for the
5:15 am
legalization they'll duo come to dbi and dbi does the screening. >> the second question is implementations now implementing this involves a lot of people including the people that live there and leg allergies a unit needs construction sometime and construction a constructive are we're going to treat those units as new additions to this means that we have to follow the line of the requirements for new additions; right? so we need to add sprinklers those all play into the effect how it effects the project and how it effects the people living there. >> i think someone from dbi can answer that question. >> before i think if i may i'd like to continue the planning issues and get dbi commissioners, if you will
5:16 am
please make sure that it is answered i kind of want to get back before the public comment there are facts we need to get it on the record the ac applications with away was just this year. >> may 2014 and may 2014 and you can't identify if all were conducted i did ask this you said we were; correct? >> the one and 80 applications are for removal. >> not rebuilding. >> just removal but you canned is for all we know 4 could have been removed right now so the 5 years, 31 unit over the one $.7 million threshold so that workout to of a year for the
5:17 am
last 5 years you didn't finish can you finish. >> adopt i think that was 16. >> 16 of these. >> 16 that's right and what was the timeframe. >> the same timeframe the last 5 years. >> so we divide that by 3. >> 3. >> right so 3 of these and the other question commissioner lee was touching on this if i go through the cu process and for a single-family homes with regard to demolition it applies she has nothing on the report it is the judgment. >> are you asking about the current situation. >> the new situation hypothetically you do not need to surround report how in the criteria that is existing in the
5:18 am
code for a cu removal. >> a cu removal. >> right now rae where r have the prigs in the code for removing for demolishing and also removing units and the criteria to use that criteria. >> and that criteria is always under i remember someone involved in the city the idea of demolition do make a quick and clear thresholds particularly in the removal of a single-family so i think i'm trying to get to the why we had that process we never used before and i remember the occasion policy to increase the threshold was higher and higher and it was district engineering very hard to get you know based on the amount of unit
5:19 am
that are improved for a complete demolition i'm trying to figure out. >> i'm trying to understand your concern one thing i want to emphasis those numbers are only the ones that are removed with a administrative approval with a dr or cu those are the ones that are removed with administrative approval and their collective a smaller number smaller portion of what is being down the road our saying we have this process already and it is broad and most of units are demolished into the process to be consistent. >> finally did you do an analysis on costs. >> the cu process permit process that is costing between 45 thousand for the permit
5:20 am
application and the dr that is friendly mostly applying to most of removals for one or two units that is almost the same so the cost doesn't really change that much. >> okay. so you feel it doesn't change and the timeframe you said this is much more faster. >> this is more straightforward not a really like time savings if the administrative approval some have been taking the planners said to me oh, this is for two years and now what is going to happen not efficient. >> so the cu process is. >> the cu process average takes 6 months to now i think the timeline 6 to 9 months. >> commissioner walker please. thank you for this i think that
5:21 am
anything that makes it consistent sort of predictable process around the affordable units this shifts the goals of review to towards one of trying to find a solution to legalize not the case now we need to do that a lot of right work around programs whether from the board or our departments administrative orders have been around that to try to find solutions to keeping the units and even though tenants in those units to the end the issue by the president having the timeframe that is predictable and associated with this is really i on a key to whether it works or not like we want to it work and again, i want to reiterate that we need to find some financial assistance in a lot of those cases we see whether from the
5:22 am
tenant side or the landlord people need help 33 we need to find solutions as we do this so i think we - i just wanted to reiterate that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you one more statistic i think is important to know 11 percent of our evictions in the past 10 years have been due to demolition so i think this is this is an important piece of ordinance that was to fix that problem. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> commissioners do you - so is there more testimony i know did you want dbi. >> my question on the treat it a new. >> before we go to public comment is that okay
5:23 am
commissioners. >> ed deputy director for planning review to answer our question if a portion of building change of use or occupancy it requires the side code that portion of building will have to comply that the building code to with the inspector. >> we have sort of have this worked out with the ada unit we're undergo if you put a unit on the first year we require the entire first year to be a sprinkled and split a unit with two units the one both units will have to be sprinkled and the area leading to that. >> the reason why i bring this up as i said the prelims we have allowance for the units we've not seen the enar fluctuation of
5:24 am
people and i suspect that one, the problems that comes with that the cost and you know like commissioner mar said earlier you know it is probability i give up i'm getting out of business going to go ahead and remove the unit i'm afraid that this may happen as well so we have to another thing these units are already there their people living in the unit why change it to add sprirlz if we don't have to if you do all overseeing things it disrupts people's lives how will you do all the work while they're living there may be some thought in saying maybe do something more minimal. >> we're stuck with the california building code. >> i understand. >> we are getting a lot of
5:25 am
interest in the adu with the lick sheriff's station. >> commissioner lee tom huey first of all, those issues we discussed with you know supervisor chiu a long time ago there are 22 issues one with the r 3gs and r-2 the end of the faur we need to do the sprirlz round 3 a special one you know trying to push people to have less you know costs to legalizing more concern of the electrical part and all those that's why in the our free from single-family unit they don't need to sprinkle the units they're already there
5:26 am
and also the entities for the preservation you tear out the sheetrock and mutt in the installation it is more expensive we have considered all those and information sheet on all the items we have also you know questions and answers for homes on the website they can look at it and also, we create a 1616 missions people can come to give their name and then answer a question try to legalize it hire a contractor, engineer or architect to go through ours is complicated actually our toolbox i tried to convince most of homeowners to legalize it
5:27 am
because it is two sided one specification the fire the insurance will not cover you the plan will not be giving you a loan and then also you know the tenant and that 10 and two they exhaust the money that's why we pay both sides how to make a better one to legalize it. >> thank you director. >> so if there is not more staff presentation on both sides of planning and from oh- >> please rosemary. >> members the commission good morning chief housing inspector based on some of the questions that the commission asked i want to go over a few to clarify what that means in the code
5:28 am
enforcement and the dbi end ever that the first consistency is the fact that commissioner mar you actually identified that which was the existence of one of those units is not the dwelling unit under the housing it is with the planning code planning code so they can have a make sure we address the existence and the planning code so that's one thing the other they know when we are out writing the notice of violation and we get a lot of complaint we're not in a position to screen that unit to determine if it is desirable or feasible were what that is part of building permit to 9 screening point planning department he will personnel was talk about is not the real process we can't do that at the time and keep in mind supervisor avalos legislation we're personally
5:29 am
seeing people kicked out of legal unit and it is per valve so we see whether there needs to be protection but something workable right now on a notice of violation they must legalize not an option on the notice of violation that is in the ordinance so right there a situation they'll go through the process with planning and hire someone someone has to pay for the awe primarily and a lot of time and money that while the notice of violation is going to sit there i have to tell you one thing for a pertaining to have a illegal unit and ootd another things a notice of violation out there they can't comply burglary it is save or health code violations all of this is put on
5:30 am
the planning commission it is the notice of violation that goes to the planning commission with we write that notice of violation we'll say or under the housing code and you must legalize it through the process then the notice of violation will sit while that process occurs if it changes occupancy from a rh3 to wraef within or two single-family zoning or an apartment building we'll not necessarily be able to risk all those at the particular up to this point in time we can't step into the shoes of building process we had a thorough process of identifying those issues but that is something else and the other thing to keep in mind the planning code right now i have a call into the people the language didn't
5:31 am
contemplate if there is a safety hazard that should, addressed this is something that dbi has to deal with in the in the language within the purview of the building official or this commission you have that expertise he has that displeasure it is no, not contemplated and a couple of other things in here but if some of those things are addressed you'll get closer so a workable cost and length of time to make those depreciates. >> commissioner mar and commissioner walker. >> have you been working with supervisor avalos in addressing those legislations and the i haven't the technical services division has i've been dealing with the fire safety task force with supervisor wiener a plethora of legislation i have a
5:32 am
call into judy to see how to fix some of the issues not something i got into last week. >> strongly encourage you or someone on our staff i think that is a little bit different than code advisors but the knowing of what happens on the ground for tenants in particular. >> i don't think it is unsewer mountable things but i want to point out because those are things europe addressing and make a concrete comment i'm concerned about i have to tell you i've got e-mails people want to make sure that the units they have is removed before this legislation goes in so there is that part of it i'm concerned we don't want to lose these units. >> commissioner walker please thank you thank you.
5:33 am
>> in talking about the if legalizing those units changes the zone is there a way to define them as like a junior units or something that i realize it is probably a state code issue but that would be a big deal if all of a sudden its single-family home is a different zoning which requires or a two or three unit and 4 units then requires a different zoning and other upgrades so, i mean with that looked at when we drafted it out to define those differently they are different they're kind of in file they're a different type of construction and a different process. >> let me say for those
5:34 am
listening added home as you may know going on if a rh2 to rh3 this is a building occupancy with the planning code rh3 a 12 single-family unit and with - once he legalize a third unit in a building this ordinance requires us to wro write on the notice of violation it changes other requirements not just from a planning stand point different from zoning i assume. >> i think i'm talking about rh2. >> i see what if legalization of this unit didn't fall within supervisor wiener's legislation i don't know that is a question for the planning department. >> okay. >> food for thought. >> i didn't follow the last question. >> last but not least let's as
5:35 am
a two unit building and want to go to another units does that upgrade the sprirlz and zone. >> zoning wouldn't change. >> so the building. >> rh1 and that is a legal unit so the occupancy from goes an interesting idea i'll have to find out junior i leave that to dbi. >> and also the fact. >> it might be worth looking at because you don't want to incur of costs if someone sells they're building. >> and parking and yeah. >> parking does not get trirld whereas from planning the planning code is amended three or four years ago additional one unit didn't have to have public speaker. >> an rh2 and changing to an
5:36 am
rh3. >> the changing of one unit didn't change that. >> in some cases 2. >> if two illegal units and you're an rh1 right now you can legalize one unit if rh2 legalize both of the units and the second one above the density and the parking will not be triggered because it is beyond that. >> i'm not quite sure i get that fine there's a lot of stuff here i don't understand. >> the one thing i wanted to respond to marie's comment about the concern about the evening dangered the exceptions in the code and we've added unauthorized unit it is that demolition of building and the
5:37 am
removal of units necessary to comply with a court order that directs the owner to demolish the building arrest remove the units and that is an exception. >> from this owners and one additional amendment we were working on a small change but i wanted to discuss here is that all of the novs out there right now will have to be issued include that kind of change in the statement. >> i'm assuming not a number on that. >> i don't have the number. >> i wouldn't expect you to have it every nov that is written in regards to illegal units. >> that's outstanding right. >> will be rewrote to include
5:38 am
this. >> uh-huh. >> okay thank you let's get it out now one more brief comment the question about the status of nov awhile battling is through the cu through 9 citizen's advisory committee i think we're sympathetic and looking a way to modify if you're in good faith and put that nov on hold and give the property owner assurance we'll be facing fines and other acts as though the cu process. >> thank you. >> so if no our commission comments and comments from staff we'll open up for public comment public comment on item 7.
5:39 am
>> welcome welcome john. >> hi my name is tommy i'm with the housing rights committee we're in support 37 legislation i want to give you two reasons why we think this legislation will be good for protecting tenants and stopping eviction in san francisco one part of the legislation that has not been discussed the part that with in case of a commercial unit this is rent as residential to be years and this landlords want to turning into commercial requires the cu process we have tenants that will be testifying because they live in a building which for many, many years was in mid block and a unit anyone wanted to rent commercially for a long, long time so the landlords were renting them out as work loss or
5:40 am
as residential and now that the tech boom as happened it is viable financing to rent those and the tech spaces the landlords wants to convert back into commercial and forces the landlords into the cu process which is fair there are currently just one block of market street there are let's see ton 04 buildings over 200 units that where the landlords definitely want to do that and in one case fighting for two in favor years fighting we've been successful to help the tenants avoid the eviction but it will help them to stay in their homes we're in support of that and not just market street we've got reports from landlords wanting
5:41 am
to return to residential units into commercial we need this legislation and the second thing on the in-law units i just want to remind folks the best protection for the in-law units so have someone else in place where the landlord has to legally make that legal or the landlord has to go to the cu process we're seeing an uprise like mentioned a lot of permits filed for two take to don't worry about those units so definitely a problem that is growing as the rents rise this problem is growing more and more i want to say i don't have concrete prove i know know know in many cases the landlords are removing those units and putting back 9 stove and rerenting them for hire rents this is to get the locking tenants out and
5:42 am
tenants that pay higher rented so we urge you to approve this to vote in favor of that we need to help to protect the tenants and keep people in their homes
5:43 am
thank you - to put on hold the building inspection to trump that and - there are really 3
5:44 am
pockets ever units that are not considered legal not code compliant and the unwarranted spaces within the existing envelopes that may substantially meet the building code innovated permitted bans density and another aspects and unwarranted new construction that didn't meet the building code that increases the magazines and not tenant occupied the definition basically gather those and
5:45 am
forces that into the cu process we think that maybe a better way to do that i want to end up with the aspect we've read the planning department proposed legislation i've read the housing report and they need the legislation to the policy we need to look at how many units are being taken off the market to finish the code advisory
5:46 am
committee passed a motion that requests the authors of proposed legislation to allow the subcommittee to have a look at the proposed language and provide comments we'll do that within thirty days. >> thank you, sir. >> my name is a john strickland thank you for hearing us and put time into this i've been a small single-family bilateral for the past 25 years i want to say start by saying i agree with the overall goals it is truly not a one-size-fits-all and that to remove the
5:47 am
administrative approval process will only force guys like me to hire attorneys and increase the cost of approval process as well as contemplate it and open up to subject active argument not straightforward and confuses the process >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm naomi a retired after-school program teacher and a san francisco public schools and been a tenant think 1049 market street since 1998 a landlord wants to congressman our building from residents to all businesses and if this happens i'll interest have to leave the bay area in terms of the protection passes by the board of supervisors i don't have the legislation in front of me but i just wanted to clarify
5:48 am
a couple of things i'm particularly concerned about apartment where tenants were evicted would like to make sure the legislation says that the landlord will be required to apply for a change of use permit as the last use was residential especially, if it is a large building and the landlord wants to convert to residential a lot of got you evictions going on and he believe that if it can be automatically converted that will give landlord to do more got you evacuees and also a request had the legislation was pass by the board of supervisors if the this will be changed to
5:49 am
commercial i'd like for first floor to be under the same rules by the way, we don't want any other residents in danger so i appreciate the time and effort everything has put both looking at this issue and i really hope that our department the 1949 market street can be legalized and stay in our home thank you so much. >> hello my name is shawn draw i work a the cooperative in san francisco and reside on market street in 2013 after 9 years of residence my landlord attempted an eviction in the building but the way they owned two other buildings about the same none of unions on the same block without
5:50 am
this proposed legislation passing my residential unit is in danger of disappearing in order to change my unit for a rent-controlled unit into a commercial one this proposed legislation will rescue myself but help other tenants throughout the city to be protected also dbi should be encouraging property owners to legalize units or go through the cu process probation officer remove them if they center to go through planning to a safe the unit from the unit really is dangerous and needs to be don't worry abouted then planning will uphold what the landlord wants but the loophole for evictions of rent-controlled united it what this legislation will
5:51 am
address thank you. >> i'm here to approve this legislation that helps us helps people in a situation like our neighbors on 10 61 market street on the same situation and not forced to leave we're seeing a hallow out in building like ours because more money can be made by making it commercial and i know in our building it has just been harrowing seeing a landlord tear the members of the affordable units rent-controlled units unit and move people ♪ and businesses and liltd seeing
5:52 am
affordable housing dying around me everyday this is why i'm supporting this legislation it is so important for the landlord to go through the legalization in this process thank you >> thank you for your comments. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners shawn residential builders association i'm here to speak on the loss of rent-controlled units unit i'm here to speak that merging units or the removal of any kind units not on veeshgsz and commercial spaces and evictions residential evictions i'm concerned because the definition of the single-family home comes there many ordinance for years we
5:53 am
attended a regular basis some of you were here hearing about the illegal decisions the fact of decisions serial permitting we don't hear those words too much and sudden quarrel was a common phrase used at this commission i see smiles people remember this this was a big project o problem not only for planning but dbi but you don't hear about these we've evolved the industry is justified we learn and know the rules people be thinks the rules and it is important look who our demographics are we are dealing with generally people on my side did fence the blue-collar industry english may not be their native language they might not have a college degree they
5:54 am
probable don't a good chance from an immigrant community they need a process to understand they need to know what the rules are and we all agree just getting any kind of a permit to the general public is confusing at dbi it is the native of the beast but take the demolition of those houses and make that a cu and when we speak to the cost not just the costs of application the cost of interning this over to lawyers individuals cannot handle a conditional use authorization and why are we are doing this i support of testimony of everybody here but a small piece of this perhaps unintended consequences the universe 2010 through 2011 in 6 years 55 demos of the 31
5:55 am
that was the $6.5 million and above so talking about 16 there is not a big number of these but we shouldn't over complicate an already complicated thing we shouldn't make that super legal not to give money to the lawyers but a process simple to make sure we understand it and a lot of work into that in the past between planning and dbi it really tightened up the issue. >> thank you. >> thank you you'll get me in trouble for going over your time. >> sorry. >> your 5 seconds it up. >> duly noted. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i see none so at this stage open up to
5:56 am
commissioners are staff or planning. >> there was already the last presentation if commissioners you have future conversation or comments. >> i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say commissioner walker practical >> ractical >> actical >> i think that we as the abatement appeals hear about the issues being feshgd by illegal units and resolution of that i think that i certainly know about 1049 market street over this holidays heard from four buildings full of artist in similar situations and i know from is a lot more knows out they've rent-controlled unit to artist and artists maybe living whether
5:57 am
their supposed to live and then when the market changes and becomes for viable to do something else this is a rude eviction of everyone i literally heard from 4 building over the holidays i'm taking this seriously and appreciate supervisor avalos pitting this forward in the planning department i want to support this i also want to ask that the supervisor listen to the concerns that there is a difference between single-family and the multiply unit buildings and find a way to expedite all of this stuff because legalizing housing should be something we handle quickly and i know that conditional use takes a long time and usually money i get that i get that i mean quite frankly no offense anytime anything
5:58 am
leaves our department and goes to planning goes into a black home so we can't predict when we'll be able to issue permits so i think that i think that there is some things that what happen i don't know what the clock is on this i know that each day we don't act to get control of that we lose tenants and housing so i would rather air on the side of doing it and committing to making changes and getting the supported and funding that will make this really work because it has to happen together we can't put landlords in r and building owners in situations they can't afford we're asking for trouble it is will not get us where what i want you want the issues addressed and findings a way to
5:59 am
expedite the process and cutting costs on conditional use or whatever we call it to make sure we have time certain and don't add to the costs of housing i'd like to figure out how to deal with tenants that need to be temporarily places somewhere else how we fund that putting that on the owner of the building findings a way for help for that. >> and i do think i agree there maybe levels at which to deal with depending on the occupancy load so i mean, i that i want to make a motion i know that is a caveat motion we don't want to approve things not finalized but hear from the staff about the willingness to hear people's concerns and address them and amend this of
6:00 am
some sort of especially our k0ed advisory and legislative aide to to supervisor avalos we've been working on the amendments to the code advisory committee and happy to work with you are the code advisory committee to fine-tune this somewhere or some more and what's the calendar for this. >> it is set up the end or february 1st for the land use commission and put it at february 9th for the first meeting with the board of supervisors. >> we're having and meeting with the about the budget. >> february 3rdrd. >> maybe we could add that to our amendments that could be made to address the issues and hear it again and maybe the commissioners will, better. >> vote on that. >> then. >> vote on that then not voting on something we'll be
6:01 am
changing today. >> yeah. that sounds great. >> i'd like to hear in other commissioners commissioner mar. >> i agree i want to support that i think that not quite cooked my primary concern about the depiction of unauthorized unit i do hear from miguel i think that is too much of a one-size-fits-all i worry about some of the cases we've seen in the field e-mail the burn of this process for you know the smaller homeowner it is seems like we're putting different kinds of properties in one category not quite appropriate i would support whatever our
6:02 am
code advisory committee requests to have more time to get the definitions right and some of the nuances i hear the concern the smaller property owner that speaks to me i want to make sure that while addressing one part of problem we're not creating another so i want to make sure that we do fix the conversion of you know commercial units that have been used as remained residential units this is a priority and a timely one but make sure we're not xraet any more problems at the same time. >> commissioners yeah. i think that commissioner walker summarized some of myself my concerns about this parentheses legislation i want to ask when the staff the staff discussed this with the supervisor or anybody will this
6:03 am
legislation we also take into account the pulse of the community if you see something of a concern bring it up especially like a code compliant it you know it might not a concern to implement say something a cost issue i hope you guys will mention it to the legislators so they'll condition it of a concern. >> well, i heard the lady and over code advisors and i like to table it for thirty days. >> is there anymore diminishes questions or comments. >> continue to the next meeting february 3rdrd. >> i'd like to read a few more comments we're repeating ourselves the one-size-fits-all concerns us with regards to what
6:04 am
is happening in the community tenant evictions and tommy the commissioners with at&t were at market street two years ago i am glad to see the fight is going on and unfortunately changes to this i wish i had for people from you know at the code advisory from supervisor avalos, that we're impacted he worry about i heard more testimony if i understand it right a lot of this was generated because of the going in the right direction and the single-family homes are the ones impacted so with regard to the comments there has been a lot but i think the code advisory was important i was at that merging and i'm a little bit concerned of the staff tracking i get it went is
6:05 am
essential to those laws but we have to be carefully aware of the consequences and the commissioners talk about that a lot legislation comes our way and see how difficult to enforce because it comes back to us our concerns are not header we're trying to do the right job for everybody this is has a lot of goals and i'm concerned we'll not implement it and the point i definitely think and i will not move on in no reason for single-family homes to be ♪ legislation i'm scratching my head i will be firmer from the real intent to protect what we're trying to do i don't see that snaichl h single-family homes and the financial hardship can't afford
6:06 am
to legalize the unit this is an evaluation some really good points brought up the code advisory for this let's say far from being able to legalize and a tenant and they're told to leave and the person that owns the building how will they get the money it can't be done what happens then i think that commissioner walker talked about that and the code i mean this is absolutely a lot of code missing we need to make sure that because after all it is going to be our inspectors out there do get job and a whole bunch the questions and rosemary has a lot
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