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tv   Police Commission 12016  SFGTV  January 25, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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>> >> flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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>> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll at this time. please do sergeant commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman is in route commissioner marshall in route commissioner mazzucco commissioner president fong commissioner melara commissioner president loftus you have quorum and also greg suhr and director of the office of citizens complaints joyce hicks good evening, everyone and welcome to the tenderloin community meeting for the police commission as many of you know, who meetings at city hall and a third one out to the community that is intends chance to talk about issues impacting the
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community suggestion and ideas so we do those mayor edwin lee's housekeeping items one is you're here from each of the commissioners we'll talk about the day jobs and the second thing we hold public comment to the end after we have a chance to hear from the tenderloin captain and begin the large number of folks public comment is two minutes i want to hear if everyone so, please do respect the two minute limit a requirement of the law so we'll be having it across the board so everyone honor the two minutes that ca we can hear from everybody with that said, i'll start is commissioner mazzucco thank you my name is commissioner mazzucco a commissioner about 8 years a form assistant da and the
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attorney appointed by mayor ed lee and mayor noouchls. >> commissioner president fong i'm the deputy superintendent of the asian pacific islanders each a nonprofit in the city that provides free sliding scale services to the human trafficking and immigrant right and elderly law dr. joe dr. joe marshall the administrator in the school district and abstains. >> i'm sonya the executive director of rally families with the stations services and serve million hospital and on the faculty of usf school of social work and i already introduced myself and suzy loftus a lawyer at the torlgz i used to be a prosecute in san francisco i
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lived in the sunset and raising my 3 girdles and a nachtd san franciscan so let's go ahead and get started inspector, next item. >> reports to the commission discussion one a chief report review of recent activities as good evening commission community i'll be brief for the captains time and a lot of people want to be heard we were not here at the last meeting as director hicks and myself and staff from supervisor cowen's office from you are training division and our cit trainer traveled it wondering to participate in a national reengineering the use of force with an emphasis on the sanctity of all human life and the existence and desolation and all aspects of training
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we will go back again and or i will at the end of japan to receive a formalized curriculum we hope to entertain not only in the stopped san francisco san francisco police department when you across the country as other agencies such denver and los angeles and new york philadelphia, all presenter at that discussion in addition next week the department of justice and the cops office we have to ask san francisco to start a neutrality discussion with regards to the review process was san francisco police department with regard to policies training and procedures and will be significant community input meetings i'm holding told we'll know more will be that next week many of the members of the department parent in the mlk parade and we had another meeting today with
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the african-american community citizens advisory committee board we are working on the i initiatives some of the members are present and will also met on saturday with a group of millennium lift that are concerned with helping the city move to a better place tomorrow morning the members of the department will did you say the current situation an property crime in san francisco and steams at the a board of supervisors community meeting and the measures award to use of force that concludes my report. >> colleagues, any question for the chief on his report sergeant, next item. >> item 1-b occ rights activities. >> good evening director hicks. >> good evening commissioner president loftus and
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commissioners and chief suhr, captain and the members of the audience i'm joyce hicks the director of the office of citizens complaints in addition here this evening from the occ is senior investigator edward mcmann in the adu audience if he'll stand thank you for the opportunity to describe the functions of our office the occ is a third largest civilian offsetting o oversight of law enforcement agency in the united states the may 2015 final report of president obama task force on 21st century mrool and the march from the civil rights from the united states department of justice on civil rights violation by missouri police department acknowledge the performance independent oversight of law enforcement and even though community policing
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the office of citizens complaints was created by a board of supervisors initiated chart amendment daughters by the voter in 1982 the occ become operational in 1983 we're 33-year-old originally in office of the san francisco police department but were later placed in the direct inspiration of the police commission as an independent agency separate in the police department the police commission is also a seven body the occ foundation assist the police department in building rust with the community by being the bridge westbound it the public and the police important conduct and police policies to that end the occ mission is to share police accountability by conducting fair this and
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unbiased investigation making recommendations on police policies and practices it also conducting emotions between complainant and the police in california law enforcement agency must have a procedure to investigate complainant by the members of the public against peace officers san francisco has designated the occ to serve that purpose the occs staff currently of 35 of civilians and who have never been san francisco police officers when we received a complaint from a civilian we conduct an investigation to find out what happened question follow the evidence by interviewing the person who brought the complaint and the involved officers witnesses, and
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subject matter experts from the complainant or witnesses have others documents or evidence we will object that from the complainant is injured we're photograph the injury and ask permission for medical recorders we have subpoena power to compel testimony and object evidence we object additional evidence from the police department in the form of police reports and others documents we visit the sight felt occurrence for two reasons first to canvas for that's to look for witnesses and stationary body cameras that might be located in the area and photo of persons or places and make diaphragms our goal to complete the investigations within 9 months with limited exception we must complete within a year once we complete the
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investigation we make a finding of whether the complainant officer avoid police department rules or local state or federal laws we use a standard of previous of the evidence that that means that the probability of the complainant conduct occurred is more likely than not the probability must be greater than 50 percent our investigation are confidential their protected by state legislation by the public safeties bifurcating by the penal code that investigations complaints against officers are part of officers personnel record and confidential the investigation we do advise the complainant under general terms of our findings on each
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allegation but not name the officer more don't we advise what discipline was imploded we're preincluded by state law the occs website provides the statistics on find open complaints and it has a 134ir78 of each case we investigate o also known as reports again their redacted in the areas of discipline after an investigation the occ feels an officer vivid a rule we forward the report to schufr for further action the chief can comboips to 10 days anything greater than that goes to the police commission for their determination the staff of the office of citizens complaints engages in outreach i've asked to give a
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presentation on body cameras merry on october 23rd we distribute the materials in the tenderloin at various centers as well as the police station and generally for outreach we have a community you outreach extravagant plan by the adopt announcing and communities of color and communities that are altercation not linkage likely to use the services or have conflicts that the police in the complainant and the officers agree the occ will provide emotion as a alternative to discipline in that 2015445 emotions that's 70 percent of 29 cases we closed last year that allows the migrants is resolve the initials with the officers in a dispute resolution
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forefront or format to bring the involved parties together and no one an effort for those party to chief and mature findings a partnership with community boards and also are with the san francisco bar association to provide neutrality meters for how our mediation program we do conduct emotions in lawns go other than english i'll give you a few statistics our 2015 statistics are not full could laid down but have from 2015 as well as 2014 to provide you with some trends in 2015 the occ received 6 hundred and 73 complaint and found the conduct in 47 of them
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that means we found wrongdoing or neglect of duty in the percent of cases we investigated last year i have detailed statistics the a.m. received and how we resolved them in 2014 the occ received seven hundred and 28 complaint we sustained allegations in 8 percent proper conduct in 19 and 3 percent of the allegations were unfounded or not true the largest percentage of the allegations we received for unwarranted action that means that an unlawful search or arrest followed by conduct of miss credit 4 percent the allegations we investigated and we sustained 4 allegations
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of unnecessary force or 3 percent of allegations we sustained the majority of the allegations we sustained were for neglect of duty and looking at the demographics of the complainant 24 percent of the complainant were african-american and caucasian were 28 percent and 27 percent of the complainant 2014 declined to state their race and also our complainants included asian-american and latino 11 percent and others at pointed 3 and those statistics are from 2015 and not 2014 the occs staff speaks several languages the languages cantonese, councilmember marcason burmese tagalog and spanish two investigators on our staff bilingual spanish speakers that's important the largest
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number of non-english meetings are for native spanish speakers 4 languages other than the ones i've mentioned we can object interpretation services and we do the way that you can file a complaint with the office of citizens complaints is to come to our office located on the 7 floor of 25 van ness near the corner of van ness and market street he'll assessable by public transmitting transportation and receive walk under complainant between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. another way for you to call us to e-mail us mail us, to fill outer the online complaint form which onlts the website or fax we have an answering serve for
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after-hour complaints another way to file at the district constitution of the united states stations and the personnel will forward to us that concludes my remarks senior investigator edward mcmann is in the audience if you have questions about filing dlament point acknowledging. >> thank you director hicks senior investigator mcmann identify yourselves you want to talk about complaints talk to him members of the audience any questions. >> sergeant, next item. >> commission reports and commissioners report. >> yes. evening i'll be brief i want to update everyone on the status of review of the enforced policies as as you may know following the
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use of mario woods on december 2nd, '24 commission indicated we'll under go a use of forced policy this has on the books the equipment the training and all of that is under review i want to point out that is happening separate say apart from the 3 investigations that are happening into that ended this commission said we'll look at our policies and identify whether they're the best practices and identify if we can do better to get everyone home safe that's the process we've endeavored to do i want to update you on the trip back to washington, d.c. we were with 20 other agencies i will note we were the only agency that had seven oversight represented and a board of supervisors we had a conversation about reengineering the use of force specific around suspects with edged weapons that
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was other law enforcement agency talking about the need to do this better and to take lessons from place like ending and scott land and northern islander they can deploy policy of desolation and relief other things that keep the officers save and the members of the public save is a number of pro tem aspects and realtime policies that this commission is bringing back in asking for many to be included in sfpd use of policy in terms of process moving forward this commission set up 3 informal community meetings everyone is welcome to come and give solutions, ideas you'll hear are more about the recommendations and the reengineering use of force and the remedies that were made to this commission and the
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chief in the african-american advisory board and give feedback and ideas solutions those meetings will happy the first with an is january 21st at the third banting church offering on mcallister park street from 6 to 7 and the next with an january 27th the bayview alliance and in january 2, '77:30 to 8:30 at boo decker clubhouse 246 eddy street it is important we hear from the folks about their ideas and solution they'll are that representing the department it will include the aspects of training and equipment and we said want to make sure that everyone can contribute to this big shift in.
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>> use of force is perceived and used because 72 hours an issue that effects all of us so that's my report colleagues, any other reports for tonight? okay sergeant, next item. >> item one d commission announcements and scheduling of items for consideration at other future commission meeting action. >> colleagues, any items you want to add to the agenda hearing none seth item 2 teresa from the tenderloin to address the commission on police activities in the tenderloin district discussion. >> thank you. good evening captain. >> first if anyone needs to see this we'll get you a chair the chairs are right over there we'll help you with that. >> all right. >> welcome everyone commissioner president loftus
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and commissioners chief suhr and director hicks thank you to my community for the board and members to be here i can't speak for highly of this group that putt together one of the most excuse me. memorable events in the city for the giants trophy the basketball and ice cream that shows the incredible fist of the tenderloin to the tenderloin businesses we thank you for being here and thank you to the salvation army for providing this facility your continued support and collaboration is important my pleasure to present the overv w
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overview. >> as you may know the expansion of the district you see the new boundary up on the screen from geary to mission street to third street to van ness out of order we breakdown the district into 5 segments with those are handled by the foot beat and bicycle control tenderloin southbound a very different district and getting on foot and bicycle is
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the best way of traffic and one of the most important way to deal with the issues 2 to 3 the tenderloin i get drug dealing in different areas and the foot beat is essential for that my feedback group has alone key to my ability to have a larger picture our response it bans data and officers observation our board of supervisors for the district is supervisor jane kim and supervisor peskin the station itself is broke down into let's say 3 shifts day watch and night watch and have a foot feat e beat market street foot beat that was established
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prior in over at southern and absorbed it with the boundary as you can see with additional officers spread spread the resources across all watches as you can see through the years we've been steady about 4 years the number of officers we have now with an and 8 that is the graduating classes wife been having and that won't be he said but continue to increase our demographics for the district i know that is hard it is overall one and 40 officers at tenderloin station male officers one and 15, female 8, and spread out between pappas and african-american officers and caucasian and filipino and latino and middle eastern and females same mix
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the population in the district itself population of about 26 to thirty thousand ravages from asian pacific islanders african-american and caucasian and filipino and latino and middle eastern when we examined the community we see. >> diverse station in line with the diverse community we work and live we also have many languages that your officers speak besides the languages that my officers speak we use in a lot of the station they have them in the language line at the front window we have oozed our cell phones and assess any language we need over spfld training for some of you field training officers that is important for the new
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graduating classes to center a lot of officers that can refrain we have the crisis intervene is extremely important everyone of the officers are trained and sergeant and specialists and hostile negotiation anybody's many of the our officers have specialized training across the watches as you can see the numbers in the coming year the goals to increase the categories cit and h n t now our numbers are crime statistics from 2014 to 2015 ann an increase bans the expansion the district itself so homicides went if 2 in 2014
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to 4 majority of our big increases has to do with 80 with auto burglary. >> 2014 there was 200 and 84 and next 200 and 43 we are he spreading out the officers due to the increase of officers have officers in the areas that be most effected received from the data and also the stations the reports that we look at weekly review weekly. >> due to cooperation the riderships with the community we're able to respond quickly when an i want occurs because of cameras and the public our officers are able to identify the suspects quickly and place them into into custody quicker after numerous shootings we were there one twenty-four hours and
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our goal for 2016 to decrease those numbers by 10 percent this will be accomplished slow the movement of our resources based on our observation trend and the community and the data focus on the 4 and devastation has been very important for us our numbers have fluctuated through the years right now, we're down on citations themselves and higher other than the focus on the 5 the areas in which most of actions are occurring we cite the diddles based on vicinity mainly an bike you see a decrease in red light, and other moving speeding types of violations we have a lot of officers on foot and binding we
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decreased our overview - a lot of the groups in the tenderloin itself are were able to partner and have different events for kids and young people one of the unevent is books and badges to have the officers read to kids if english or their language they then leave with the book so they read with their family members in the language of their dhoiz that is community outreach but encouraging reading at home our goals for and reduce crime and creating save corridors with community members that are here we constantly talk about those corridors need to be safe and secure so skids and ireland anyone can walk safely.
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>> (inaudible). (clapping.) (chanting) (fire chief suhr). >> i'm almost done i'm almost done. >> ) firefight- to be fair if understand everybody wants to say speak you'll have the time to speak under public comment. >> you'll get your direction
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okay. >> there's a lot of people that want to speak. >> okay. >> all right. so let's go over the goals for 2016 we're to enhanced the programs we have a pilot program in which we mesh that the juvenile we match kids with a couple of the offers an expanded pilot program we're going to train the officers to be mentor and assist the kids through the juvenile justice system the programs will be coordinated in partnership with the groups from the district as well as local artist and musicians officers participate or direct the activities to build trust and community the partnerships
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are aviated ♪ district hospitality house and st. anthony's and the american academy and larkin streets and local two and bianca's and the ymca and the family housing clinic and many, many more we feel we can build berlin program for the people in the district i want to thank the tenderloin for trusting me to give me me time to make 24 a safer place for everyone there is much work to do thank you commissioner president loftus and commissioners for coming to the tenderloin and at salvation army thank you again hosting us. (clapping.) >>
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(clapping.) >> okay ladies and gentlemen, as is our practice we would withholding the questions for the chief to hear in the public move into public comment i'll ask you line up sort of in the area of reverend brown for public comment. so we can get to everyone in an older fashion we don't need to run everybody we're here as long is as you guys are sergeant, next item. >> >> you go item 3 public comment the public is welcome to address the commission that are
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within the the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda. >> excuse me, sir. >> the commission. commission nor the brief response. any individual and the police department should refrain from debates or discussions with the speakers during public comment. hold your comments to 3 minutes, please. 2 minutes. >> okay. we'll begin public comment reverend brown welcome and good evening. >> chairperson commissioner president loftus and members of the commission and chief suhr members of the police officers
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association i've discovered are here tonight and in her absence ms. gwendolyn woods who shouldn't have experienced the loose of her dear son what is happened in this town shouldn't have happened john depositing was right no man or woman is afghan island to himself but a part of humankind never since ask for whom the bell told us for the dedicate of any human being dmishsz us all
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i came to this night tonight to say justice must be served however, with the provision that the wheels of justice about mother move slowly but with deliberate speed therefore the national association for the advancement of colored people the oldest and largest civil rights organization in the world through the national office is calling for a fair, justice sdpirnt investigation. >> thank you, sir.
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>> next speaker. >> thank you, sir > thank you. next speaker, please. >> > thank you. next speaker please. >> thank you reverend brown. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, members of the community and police commission and command staff and chief suhr and my brothers and sisters i'm officer out of bayview station a current cit member hostage
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notable and teach at the police academy innocent until proven guilty under the current system we're innocent until proven guilty x beliefs are very old. >> hold on. >> officers we've got a long ways to go please stop please stop everybody gets two minutes guys everybody gets two minutes everybody gets two minutes i don't want to have to adjourn this meeting everybody gets two minutes two minutes (talking). >> if you want to be heard we'll get to hear from everybody officer williams. >> officer williams. >> under our current justice system we're innocent until
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proven guilty from our board of supervisors the men and women of law enforcement the men and women of san francisco police department took an oath to serve and protect and in a time sacrifice your lives we are the san francisco police department we are what you are we are brothers and sisters, mothers. >> i'm giving a warning the collapse i'll adjourn this meeting if everybody didn't get two minutes you'll get your two minutes please give everyone your two minutes i'll ask everybody (multiple voices) help us hear if everyone
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(multiple voices) all right. officers williams go ahead. >> sorry. >> i will tell you what we are the san francisco police department we are all the same we are brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers all brought here because we share the sense sense of community we give to our community in ways rarely spoken, toy drives and read to kids at elementary schools and feed our homeless and seniors did i tell you about the little boy that was robbed of his ipod pies position the police officers of the bayview chipped in to reform that item we didn't ask for not right i didn't. >> all right.
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(multiple voices). >> thank you very much. >> have you ever held a mother in your arms while she cried you think controllablely have you dropped to your knees to administer cpi we're no a difference firing squad but put our lives on the line everyday. >> yeah. we come back day after day this is our calling we ask for the police commission not to pass judgment not be another ferguson and not building in the words hands up defense attorney i don't think johnson if we
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pauses and wait for an independent investigation we would have seen those facts were not true thank you very much. >> next speaker >> letting say something can you hear me in the back i not to the microphone up now we want to talk to the police we want an independent investigation we want to fire chief suhr and everyone of the officers that the the at the scene of the crime we want them charged with murder we want you to know the pain the pain that that young broth was killed in the community feels pain and want responsibility taken none says their sorry to the mother i want the justice to know the coalition that is good for me to see you eye to eye. >> you need to take a seat so we can hear from everybody
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everybody take a seat on the full 2 minutes. >> you guys take your seats please. go ahead. >> hello is the mike on look we want accountability for the murders of alice and lopez and who was shot in the back and the one that laid that on the ground dying and mario woods i all shot him over 40 times and you all should have different tactics we're here to express our dissatisfaction to the san francisco police department we feel you get away with murder and every step to make you don't if my black byte were here doing this - we want to say we want to be transparent and talk to you
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and hear i man 345r i don't words that was a murder and the san francisco police department did that murder nothing else that was murder if i shot a white boy 46 time i'll be in the electric chair by next week we wanted justice for mario woods i want this out of respect the meeting let's listen to what they got to say and the dialogue i want to say a mario woods murder was a murder we something got to be in charge so everybody that's what you're hear for we want justice for mario woods. >> thank you, thank you.
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>> (multiple voices). >> appreciate it we want to be fair to everybody take a moment. >> take a moment before the next two minutes i appreciate over patience we'll get to hear if everybody. >> okay welcome and good evening. >> let's leave the mike. >> turn the meekly back on this kwhoel thing is 0 ill liquidity you'll it is trying to do it through confusion and derail the people for justice for mario woods and those unjufl murdered by the police and bringing out one hundred and 50
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hundred pigs the brutal or the poa whatever it calls itself intimidated when quinton tara 10 he had to call the murders the murders and they were threatening quinton terry tennis life that's what they're trying to do sdamentd us this is mario woods and 11 hundred people in the last year that is a lot of mothers across the country that are grieving for stolen lives i want to say why it is the happening the role of the police not to serve and protect the people but the system is it rules over the people to enforce the exploitation and the conditions of poverty and degradation in which this system
3:49 am
is determined to keep people in with the police brutality is a law it enforces all the oppression but it is not have to be this way there is a way to fight to end this oppression not to find a what better way to live we do have the title captures the streams the leadership for an actual resolution revolution and a radical new society on the road to emancipation and tariff the people to revolution we don't have to live in a world where slow genocide is going on against blacks and latinos. >> next speaker good evening and welcome.
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>> good evening my name is arbitrarilycy a sergeant and the bayview a native san francisco who grew up in public housing i know i've been and i know shawn we grew up on hampton recreation center i joined the police department because i felt i wanted to make a change i've been at bayview for 10 years the fto and housing sergeant i work with officers williams and officer eat e eastland and thomas and work with the officers that were there that day to me i want all the facts just recycle everyone here you want justice and know what happened i say you i saw what you saw on tv because i wasn't
3:51 am
there. >> okay. you can have whoever you want to come in and do on investigation the fbi or the o o.j. i did any part everyday and go to the bayview i walk up to potrero hill and grew up in west side you don't have to tell you but being black i'm black but have another family a blue i protect them and protect the citizens so despite that what your trying to put on me i know who i am so you can say guilty by association but i know i go out and do my job i do my job for the city i do this job for the city of san francisco to make lives better i have been
3:52 am
to many crime scenes black and black crime we have this issue this young lady lost they are son she have stops know the truth but can you actuate far it to come out ? there you go >> next speaker (clapping.) >> no, no, no, no >> next speaker >> next speaker >> next speaker. >> >> next speaker. >> >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you, commissioner i'd like to say that my name is basing could the sergeant of the san francisco police department i worked for over 19 years currently signed to the
3:53 am
tenderloin and throughout my career several assignment swatting and approaching patrol i've been a member of the police officers association my whole career by choice as a member of the committee i was a witness to all the community of the city i'm here to speak on support of fellow police officers put in possible position of having to fire their weapons in the line of dutd dud no officers want to use deadly force. >> everybody gets two minutes. >> we've gone to tour access without having to fire. >> guns tasers might have effected the case the san francisco police department is the big city police force i'll not do this job in any other city i act
3:54 am
offense to this officer involved shooting when is a stabbing suspect telling us tells us you'll have to shoot me it is the officers in the woods case were using the tools they were allowed this is in a position to show you leadership and encourage to remind the citizens you will examine this case please don't rush to judgment thank you. >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker. >> can i ask everyone to return to you your seats there're a line with everyone getting 2 minutes we want to hear if everybody if you could take our seats appreciate it. >> first of all, i'd like to
3:55 am
say that mario woods soul rest in peace and the victims of the san francisco police department do not walk out now because one of you houston me to a fence and struck me in my mouth officer louie struck my mouth in board daytime and none didn't mission bay anything to you start about - having excess force your criminal. >> your - >> i want you to have your two minutes. >> hold on. >> you're just - you've been on the force for years officer louie i had a letter to george
3:56 am
gascon and he if do anything about it it he was the police chief do use it favor. >> (chanting). >> hold on one second sir. >> again, we want to hear if everyone (fire chief suhr) we'll still in public comment again, we're trying to get through hearing in everyone if you want to scream go ahead outside we're here to listen i will put adjourn the meeting we will not hear from those
3:57 am
people thank you. next speaker. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> yes. i'd like to say that those police officers over there in the bayview district not all of them i grew up in the bayview district right down there on the corner everybody know that section well but i want to say that those police officers symshot mario woods you will have to say to yourself how could you shot a man down like that shooting him with one thing but to continue to shoot a man while he's down on the ground like this and to pump bullets into hills backside what is wrong with those police officers you will say if i'm the chief
3:58 am
this is my tribe i need to address them i'm not going to take the easy for what i see them on video i didn't train you all to do that continue to shoot a man while he's laying down on the ground you hear pop, pop, pop public school he's already dead mario woods is shot he's shot in the back of the head and then i'd like to say what happened to the police officer who mario woods turned his back he has his back to the police officer remember that tv show the streets of san francisco where the police officer has heed tell his officer go around back well mario woods has his bank whether where's the police
3:59 am
officer hey, we explicit even see that you've go on got one day coming mario woods the god coming we're not going to try to save you, we done shot that man with beanbags and the only thing is the wall to protect him only the wall thank y thank you. next speaker. thank you and good evening. >> you know i'm with the justice for mario coalition i'll tell milestone my people i wanted to hear with the police officers to justify that murder and for the mint police officers who are hear standing up and being used as a tooelgd token for sfpd the word are shame
4:00 am
think you shame on you i came into from a family of law enforcement i came into from sfpd and what i saw other than that, video is murder and for you too run and hide and the mayor to run and hide and not be men it sets a tune your police officers is walking outburst like curds that's the position you've fostered under all the circumstances as the chief of police i don't feel safe with you as is schooef where's the community policing and the oobltd where is the honesty that used to exist with sfpd when i grandfather was interest an honorable police department you've tafrnd it, sir i'm done. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> my name is nick a san
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francisco resident a member of the action coalition and a member the justice for mario woods on january 1st martin the president of the police officers association released a letter about the murder of mario woods the truth shall be known a quiet there is no nice way to or a arrest a combative suspect there are times for guns we pay them to do do dirty work and the work we're trade to do to do we expect them to keep the bad guys out of our businesses and such and take care of the problem we don't want to see how it's done those are the words that are the words after a white subpoena mist and the police department and all police departments
4:02 am
around there this country's their gentrifying police department murder of mario woods we demand the firing ever renovation of chief executive officer and demand murder charges for all overseeing officers involved. >> good evening and welcome. >> i was look forward to speaking before those murdering police and their cheerleaders but like the brothers of doing their crap they hide away covering the badges those are the police officers we're talking about look on the other hand,s those cops are with the fact they can justify every unwanted murder in the country from the civil rights to mario
4:03 am
woods to oscar graham they stand together like thick of the old century i'll saying this a look we don't have to take this this is ill liquidity around 5 people old young mean men and women we have could have dealt with mario woods better than those killers i'll a member the - i'm a proud supporter ladies and gentlemen, tell you it this constitution the people's police and this represent would rather take the bullets themselves than harm with an the people not like this slavery owners constitution those people are working over so i say let's take the national
4:04 am
this is not one city or one murdering retreat a genocide proportion if we take to the students over the country's the ill 4r0ig9cy that parades around the world talking freedom so i say let's stop incarceration and get with our congress for a tour no more stolen lives thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> my name is steve i'm with the united public working for action the problem is not in the room mayor ed lee appointed chief suhr and he appointed him after chief suhr had actually obstructed justice keeping you
4:05 am
informed he covered up a domestic violence and not followed the rules and filed a report and a police attorney was having him and as soon as he emigrate police chief he fired the attorney about the obstruction of justice by a chief suhr the city of san francisco the citizens of san francisco had to pay $750,000 because of obstruction of justice and they had to pay millions of in attorneys spent in addition to the lives of young people being killed and millions of by the citizens for police violation and illegal activity this commission was appointed by the mayor has begun long with that there's been no responsibility accountability what is happening in san francisco is that the one
4:06 am
percent doesn't want the blacks and the latino as the developers and aspect last year's that's who the police are working for and the officers for justice the police are protecting property and the weighty of san francisco not pacific heights and arrest the people ripping off this country the billionaires have not yielded arrested the people are the poor and the working class that's who you are arrest we have had to demand an independent commission and the working people of san francisco take control of country as long as the bloinld mayor ed lee represents the cancun way as this billionaires that give subsidies to the rich you'll spend millions of dollars of our money for the people not for the working class of san
4:07 am
francisco and the blacks. >> thank you. >> next speaker can you sound guy we need to get the mike back in there and steady thank you. >> thank you. i think they got it good evening and welcome. >> now it is set in there just make sure it is turned on. >> i'm a christian and he live in the tenderloin i have something to say when i was young from the age of 5-year-old and up and before police have been the issue on every american mind all the tim changed because african-american working as policemen that thing has not chained the minds of those hired has changed not
4:08 am
guaranteeing people the liability they were told they should have this country corrupt in the top to the bottom starting with the police and the mayor and the supervisors we have to change that this is the last thing the police should already know the policy around the use of force there should be no revisions of any kind they should be following that procedure nothing more to tell me you'll have the - this is a bunch of crap not the truth it is a lie not - is it not the part of training to know these things all the rules all the regulations how they should behavior and rack and
4:09 am
respond to every situation i've seen this all they're good at doing is drawing their guns not to protect and serve they're drawing their guns you walk down the street they shot you a lot of the african-americans have been shot that had no gun at all and no cops on the police force in in the city sir, you are just as guilty as the rest your men do what we do and get away with that. >> thank you, sir next item, please. >> sir. >> thank you, sir thank you, sir i said thank you, sir thank you, sir we actually need to hear from the next speaker
4:10 am
thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (inaudible). >> thank you, sir thank you, sir we don't want that to happen please, sir, next speaker speak. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> okay. >> we're going to sit here are for a second and shine light in the tenderloin i'm joanne this is my daughter we'll lived in the tenderloin as residents we are that accepted into an awful school and every morning we take the end at civic center and there been an issue with in
4:11 am
front of the the entrance i reached it out to the police and captain teresa and i talked to her about the police escorts during rush hours all of a sudden and sdwoir we didn't know when of the going on so she told you their collecting evidence and building cases and arresting and chair mar but the da is not interested and i just don't understand how you guys can't do anything about that these are kids trying to go to school i'm trying to raise a great citizen in the community we're going to the bart station and blocked by jugular who was arguing and doing in nothing to contribute to the society bringing their problems and
4:12 am
customers that are passing out in front of city hall on the steps of city hall this is not fair you guys with giving the kids of tenderloin a change we need to walk down the sidewalk and get to the bart station to function and build a better future for the kids we are asking for walk down the sidewalk and not in fear. >> ma'am, i think are you wong from the district attorney's office are you ash i didn't wong a representative from the district attorney's office captain i'm sure you have her contact information next item, please. >> hello my name is freddie a member the latino community first of all, i'm with mr. we'd
4:13 am
and here we go again in 2011 herman was killed and i contained to the incarnation they'll not investigated anything about him, i have a complaint against the community because when the latino member is killed by police department nobody cares no ones cares when you all of it not the media in the latino community i blame you, too not because of what happened but i blame you for not selecting the right person believe me nobody cares not even the members of the community they see as and evil persons i want to plead to the commissions and everyone please not use guns on nobody and so we can survive
4:14 am
handicap or something like that but actually for me and for everyone my life is beautiful i really love any life i'm so sorry so far mario woods who was killed i'm not a judge a life is a life for everyone i feel the pain that this mother will go through for the rest of her life i want a quality for latinos within the community within the media because the media is important for the latino the bias none protects when a latino is killed thank you thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> please.
4:15 am
good evening. i'm jeremy miller with the foundation i believe on the police project i want to repeat over demands we demand the termination of greg suhr we demand the arresting and chair mar of the officers involved in this san francisco police killing of mario woods and the san francisco killing of mr. lopez in the san francisco killing of alex and the san francisco please killing of dan no and others and we demand an independent private investigation of all of these and second point we don't need any more of this token itching we know what happens in the community noble for the 0 police by the commission as well
4:16 am
we were told by a police commission joe marshall at a community meeting he only represented himself i thought it was honesty wasn't okay. would the city police commission by artificial ignorance didn't know in mario lopez is that makes him unrecent to sit on the police commission chief suhr i don't know in you directed the police officers that vandalized my truck we are going to move forward we will not surrounded our position we have the right to is it demonstration to live without molestation from our police services and furthermore if we do not receive our justice there will be no peace final
4:17 am
point marty the police officers association is not a union. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> thank you for your comments thank you, mr. miller. >> thank you, mr. miller. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi hello hello. >> i've never spoken before but the anger i'm witnessed the angry i've reiterated i widow and the lack i have humanity i've witnessed coming from the city officials from the police and in terms of this murder that considered you've worked in public health and the second i
4:18 am
saw the shooting of mario woods this was not appropriate for anyone chief suhr to say immediately that it was appropriate is not okay and so - i feel along where the mario woods coalition an independent investigation it is clear the handing of the department has not been okay i do not feel safe i don't want feel with the intamentsz that the police are a viable resources in any city that also when people kill someone else's they should be charged with murder and cops should be no expectation we're going to have boo body cameras on every cop when that occurs people need to
4:19 am
be account for their actions i care about people that have been murdered by police we need more every individual regardless if new comment a crime to go through the criminal justice system we can't be murdered on the street so, please listen to our demand and please consider them this is not okay to happen in our city thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is gloria when i was trained will use of force in the military by the military police
4:20 am
and what i was trained when i was in law enforcement i was taught inform not kill unless my life was in danger to match force with force yet nowadays an officer kills us they get away with that by saying they're scared i could have taken mario woods down by myself i know this because i have done it i've done it with a man bigger than me physically trying to attack me i didn't want him killed i just wanted him cuffed i have a question for the commission is this scareness bans an individual basis when an officer is scared is the policy that
4:21 am
determines if you are scared to be on officer is there some kind of hiring policy if you're two scared you can't be hired no matter what people necrstrength is about on the force and put on the streets with a gun? it is not a question and answer i can permitting provide a brief response is hiring how we hire and make sure that the officers are doing well throughout their criteria >> the officers were too scared shouldn't be on the force another question i have relates to the tenderloin my daughter in the tenderloin had a gun pitted to her head i by the san francisco police
4:22 am
department they made her lay on the ground with her face down cuffed her left her houston for 6 hours. >> ma'am, there's a senior investigator from the office of citizens complaints i ask you speak with him and he'll help you good evening, sir and welcome. >> 2011 prince bush i never say anything about one but the chief suhr is a coward i say to me the police chief is a coward i see you on television talking about a police officer killed an african-american you told him what you going to do in the uniform it is over 200 and 117 bones most of them you hit the
4:23 am
right place i killed bigger men i spent 20 years in the rangers and the fbi and the 4 years in other places you don't have to kill people you are to protect and serve when i was born i knocked out 12 of you police for knocking out us i. >> saw a white policeman and his name a mohammed awe willful eli i was with malcolm x and a few told us this never start a fight but make sure they don't use the hand against millennial to me if i'm want to kill i could kill 35 of you in 27 minutes get a place there is one way in and call the police
4:24 am
there's a black guy shot a police you would come into you can set c-4 it is a danger exposure it flows about 5 feet off the ground you can be killed if you mess with us there's a war against timing men i have a son if he is killed by a police officer. >> sir, thank you, sir>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> sir there's people that want to speak. >> good evening and welcome. >> sir. >> good evening commission
4:25 am
i'm so glad to see other people from the lgbt community here tonight the tenderloin was one of our homes and transbay's squalls celebrate in the tenderloin the tonight is city gay i came in here i thought that was a judge and fair city for people like me tonight, i'm addressing the justice system is r if justice is our goal i object to the manipulation for mario's woods dedicate to talk about the introduction of tasers the commission has called for a pilot study by the police before allowing tasers into the police
4:26 am
force and that's not employment overview implemented he object to the claim that training will be fix the police problems is hadn't yet and the training that has took place is minimal why should i have safe in the training that is promised i object to the excessive use of force by the san francisco police department against young adults and of color and in particular i object as a teacher to the historic and enduring violence. >> keep it down. >> and another community of color a persistent situation nationally it is my shame to report to any students as a member of the harvey milk club that last night joined the justice for mario woods coalition i object to the lack of judicious for mario woods and
4:27 am
his family i demand just as our goal. >> thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening and welcome. >> hello, everybody my name is a, sir i'm going to say this quick first of all, a lady came up her with her little daughter and nobody clapped for her second thing i totally get it i'm on childcare with the african-american i mean a lot of of us meet with him once a month we're helping him to implement procedures to mobbing treat the police officers differently i get it is not right what happened to mario woods let me say this this is not right for the drive by shootings and not right let me finish it is not
4:28 am
also not right that a blacks that are shooting each other. >> no, no, no. >> you are not. >> everybody gets two minutes guys everyone gets two minutes. >> hold on. >> everyone gets two minutes. >> thank you say what you need to say. >> this lady i seen this lady at damn near every meeting talking about the justice for her ms. short son not a by a police officer from the police department needs to change and this is what chief suhr is working on with the training and procedure but - >> it makes her time go longer. >> please let her have her two minutes. >> go ahead. >> what i'm saying is that
4:29 am
you're putting all this be able energy i understand where is our energy i'll stop talking again and wait where's the energy when our youth are out there dying. >> as i said at the beginning of the meeting we actually want to hear from everyone work together to give we have been two minutes. >> where are we at when the youth are out there dying and selling drugs. >> (multiple voices). >> i live in potrero hill i want to make a difference the young man wants to sit down with the chief and make things better and not worse all of our youth we have coming up we have youth
4:30 am
in here what are they being charged they don't have a voice nobody will listen this is what our youth is sitting here a taught by the adult you are back there talk about the drugs in front of a school but nobody said anything about any of that thank you. >> hold on you guys i'd like to say this to everybody this is waiting the folks in the line have waited a a long time we're better a than this because you don't agree please give everybody their two minutes we're better than this. >> hi, thank you i'm a tv prouder for public assess my family gave him here in 1929 to get away if oppression my dad
4:31 am
this is a violent culture with a lot of guns in swede they don't have guns in swerd or ass transmittal that is the oncivil rights this is my dad's death certificate instead of staying in sweden shot by a police officer attempting to haul a subsequence said chest wound justifiable homicide chest wound you have to be running towards the officer this is a sense also i'm asking for justice for mario woods the cops are wearing protective
4:32 am
gear if they are afraid of us to protect the gentiles they think we're crazy to have all those guns with other countries they think they ask me why we have so many guns they are running the show officers should chase the spreadsheets rather than shot them in the back that was what happened to my dad they ran him down. >> if cops have to arm themselves what are they trying to protect them or us or protect themselves from us i don't understand i'm not clear on this but thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker.
4:33 am
>> thank you. good evening and welcome. >> first, i want to speak in support of justice for mario woods (clapping.) i want strongly support of solid independent investigation by the department of justice i believe with all shootings should be investigated either the department or the local prosecutors handling that and second while i hope you are proposed with the view of the use of guns your focus is far too narrow that is about systemic issued and how minority and poor people are tread and i think ever aspect of how the police department functions and what incentives needs to be reviewed independently
4:34 am
and finally on a human level i'm disappointed in chief suhr that your early reactions to ask the authority to use more lethal weapons i think that of we're applause all the guns with our country's shooting rate will be higher than if you other countries that is not an acceptable solution but this is a larger issue than just the use of force or the police shootings about the police department culture generally and about the incentive within the department i on a full independent review is very important. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is m j isabel i this in the tenderloin and came to
4:35 am
this meeting i want to say one to the commission thank you for having the meeting one to the chief thank you for accept and expend captain gracie and last but not least thank you, captain grace i didn't and the tenderloin police station for doing a great job of trying to clean up our streets we still a have a long ways to go in the tenderloin we don't have a problem of police brutality as much as people allowing their kids and thugs to come to my neighborhood to sell drugs to other people in other neighborhoods my angry will not be with the police department i live long enough and i'm a criminal justice major to know that a community make ups a
4:36 am
police force in the police force didn't want like you, you're not encouraging your community to join the police force it is in the grand jury didn't look like you, you're not registered to vote and the grand juries are chosen from the registration if you don't like what justice do you're not educating our children the community is at fault if you raise tour child to disrespect the law your child will be killed. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> i happened to be sitting where the police officers association were sitting i knew he were they were plotting to walk out of the meeting tonight from the police officers association a reflection of the san francisco police department
4:37 am
we are in a bad way if somebody can't come to this meeting unless they're paid to listen to the community and have a dialogue with the community we are in the bad way and i will contend as the police officers association is not interested in a dialogue the poa police officer that executed mario woods were not interested in a dialogue i find it incredible that 5 cops can't take down one buy with an alleged knife what kind of training is that i have a question the commission are the police officers trained to talk to people or i can't believe that 5 cops can't use a baton i can't believe it i don't
4:38 am
mind vice chair a conversation are chief suhr but it should be held via cypress with him listened bars with the murder of mario woods. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm dwayne one thing i've learned as young african-american is to hold myself accountable what i do and conduct myself how can i sit here and trust you people the police department of san francisco to premier and protect as you know took act oath without the integrity to hold yourselves accountable it make no sense how can you expect the
4:39 am
public to hold themselves accountable i need answers may 15 no, no november 1st i was assaulted my wife was assaulted by a transgender and i was assaulted after being called a nigger your officers pulled off after we flagged them down we went to jail by the grace of god all the glory but what is going to hold you guys abdominal for the countless life-saving lives interrupted that's all i have to (clapping.) thank you. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> sorry i'm little my name is
4:40 am
rebecca november 15th on a street walking towards mission in the evening my partner and i were walking and a transgender twice my size and twice my weight that bargained there the middle of both of us and called my fiance i said what the hell is the matter with you the sidewalk was 2w40 this and too many people passing this person was drunk and admitted medical examiner dreng this individual declared we had phone call comments we asked others officer on the scene we flagged him down when
4:41 am
when i fiance went up to the vehicle a large 91 good reason african in medical examiner the officer reached for his gun was afraid and intimidated it would have taken a second for my fiance what was engaged i was subtract in the face for that officer to draw down and he could have been another mario woods my condolences to the family any of us could have been mario woods i think an internal investigation should be conducted with the police department conducts themselves morally and you, sir how do you sleep at night amen and god bless you. >> an officer from the office of citizens complaints make sure
4:42 am
if you want to file a specific complaint. >> i have a make that happen moment there needs to be independent investigation into the murder of mario woods and make that happen number two you know as a mother i feel your pain about your son i see you but it was a a specific racism that murder would have been about sold you sitting on the board whatever you do for african-americans you're sitting there, yes something done about drugs the point if you're sitting there while you're sitting and listening to the staff and the chief and to make that happen in our community how come those murders are not investigated now and then what are you doing to speak to our community and the
4:43 am
homelessness and the highest rate of homelessness in the african-american community this would not be going on. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is taking tammy bryant a resident of the fillmore i raised three children in the city i'm here to talk about the systemic racism in the state and spell your name for the record the san francisco police department should set the tone for the cultural and philosophy better recruitment i heard as a u.s. graduate he didn't know how to talk with people when he was assigned to the street what kind of an up bringing up to reach adulthood without a relationship with black people that's the problem
4:44 am
the sfpd needs to not hire officers that don't love humanity none needs to teach me how to talk with black people and now mary woods - his achievement deserves recognition he didn't live to see it and celebrate it a young man that was shot by a firing squad he could barley stand up and one person's account a victim was killed and not helped i said that before i'll not call the police i'm scared it is a chance i can't take the last time i called the police we we were treated like criminal and the crime criminal was treated like the victim we need the
4:45 am
investigation of the shooting of mario woods and can't happen again ever thank you. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is frank williams director the program representatives justice for mario woods i want to start off by saying that is a shame that the good police we do have to suffer under ass consequences of police that make bad decisions there are good officers i work in the bayview they work with our seniors but there's more to say about being afraid and i hold you city officials accountable for
4:46 am
allowing the bifurcating for allowing the bill of rights and continue to shoot 72 hours mind blowing for the commission to say now i'll make a change is too late for you, you need to go you need to go. >> just this is about systemic corruption not just about mario woods our mayor a corrupt he's a gangster you got people on the board of supervisors who are afraid to speak out because of that man, you have people on the board of supervisors who are afraid to speak out because of the poa president who is sending out e-mails threatening the board of supervisors you have a president as a poa
4:47 am
that is threatening the officers they better not say how can i hold you accountable i'm holding you accountable you so happen to be the chief of this city that as racist people and govern by the body that is afraid to deal with gangsters and enough people with a country that has blood for the people of the bodies of our people slain. >> thank you thank you, sir and>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you thank y thank you thank you, sir. >> sir, please let the next speaker speak. >> thank you, sir. >> good evening.
4:48 am
>> next speaker. >> welcome. >> judicious for mario woods my name is taken place with the justice for mario woods and with the manila town heritage foundation our foundation reminders the eviction of the elderly chinese and filipinos of theic hotel alternate the gentrification that was fueled that cause that eviction filipino community was impacted because of the text gate there was disparkinson's texts about latino and black few weeks i take that personally that is a personal affront mario woods didn't deserve to die and his motto be without her son and
4:49 am
child not see mario grew up we know the cultural of the white subpoenay with the dna look at the brown and black youth and brown and black men and if their hearts and minds innovate every cop but the majority they look at us and we have we are crap when you look at us you see no value that's the bottom line if you don't need no degree to figure out that i've been accost by police officers i know exactly when they run up on you what's on their minds the way they're looking at you, we want a thorough investigation into the death of mario woods and the submittal of the chief an independent, independent investigation as to what happened he echo one of the brothers saying about the mayor
4:50 am
that mayor is a disgrace to the city and being a part of manila foundation a part of iowa hotel that effected many, many people deeply i'm deeply ashamed of the mayor. >> what this - >> thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. next speaker, please good evening and welcome. >> make sure the mike is on i think it is on good evening, commissioners the question here tonight what is going on and i'd like to tell you one hundred cops busy the poa did to show of force that is what martin luther king said i personally heard him, i think i got it on my record good show of
4:51 am
force that's how we win before that the poa of color he sent them out to read exerts on the poa website as you may know your received his letter and with poa the mostly white cops clammed up and stopped until they did arrest arrogant removal having grand standing i was waiting for the violins to begin as the cops talked about the good and far peace officer the sfpd do no harm by killing any brown and black brothers thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please good evening and welcome. >> yeah. he overheard those
4:52 am
exact same comments i arrived as that incident was occurring i want to reiterate that and speak out of profound respect for people putting themselves in out of harm's way a in harm's way and looking at the officers that are listening and count for the city but the lack of accountability and the lack of humanity that was demonstrated by that action completely unacceptable has to start from the top and be through training and accurate recordkeeping and transparent we've known for a a long time of challenges in the police department racist texts about mario williams and black woman will be more likely to be stopped than white people and 40
4:53 am
percent of the blacks in the jail i was with 60 thousand asian and white people i didn't see of any of them go to jail when i worked in the bayview the density and the vera city and the number of officers and how quickly is escalates is easy for something like what happened to mario woods to occur we have to slow down and get to know each other we have love each other we have to work together that's what makes the city great and san francisco be the city that shows the rest of the country to take a terrible incident and use it as a turning point and demonstrate the values that made this city so great.
4:54 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> oh, i'm sorry good evening sergeant williams. >> good evening i'm sergeant williams 26 veteran and wanting for the police officers association they grief they grief my heart this day to have witnessed a display of total division where we had officers on one side and the community on another side that's not what policing is supposed to look like that is not what you're city looked like i want to say to you today, i serve proudly offender the african-american chief advisey forum a representative for my community a native san franciscan i grew up in potrero hill i had a home in the bayview for over 2 o 20 plus years i get
4:55 am
it was a tragedy situation, however, what do we do? we try and find solutions and recover from this incident and the way we recover by finding solution today before this meeting we sat in the room and a had heart to heart communications with the chief we were specific about the way we feel he took it to heart and did his work along with some of our 09 police commissioners and came back with a plan for some changes and use of force and the way we handle situations i assure you it is something i'm looking forward to because it is a way to insure that an incident never happens again and to the citizens of san francisco i want to tell you that as police officers we truly
4:56 am
want to be your guardians not ever officer is racist only a few but those few magnify to the point you feel like you have no other ultimate but we need to support the changes about to be implemented by the current chief and i look forward to it. >> thank you, sergeant. >> next speaker welcome and good evening. >> thank you my name is dearly rogers i'm a native san franciscan i support in city in ever way i can but there is something that we really need to look at and that we really before i go there let me say to the police officers that are in the room thank you for your service it is not about you not serving but about how you see yourselves serving the situation is that when a
4:57 am
police officer is on the job and he seize that force is necessary when that happens there is one thing he needs to say to himself and that is that's my brother would i shot him if that's my mother what would i shot her if that's my child would i shot her the reasons the patrol officers first and foremost are not judge and jury more executioners i have heard here earlier, one of your police officers say don't rush to judgment but what i looked at what happened to mario woods i saw a lot of rushing to judgment a lot of rushing to judgment. >> when i see what happens in
4:58 am
my community i see officers coming in and what they're doing is acting like judge jury and executioner all in one form and until the police decide and chief suhr i understand you've do done a lot i was in your corner for all the stuff you've done in bayview and i've been supporting you. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker good evening, sir and welcome. >> good evening, everybody
4:59 am
and please giving me our unundivided attention what i'm going to say is something to you folks what has happened in the killing of some people in the city must be investigated with independent people i was an inspector generally in the federal government we know it has to be done that way or your ever going to get the correct report, and, secondly, if you can't obvious the relationship community relations of the police department or the people that live here has been terribly eroded you must look at the curriculum that the police academy uses if they're not doing a good job we're trying people how to use
5:00 am
community relations enough instead of guns it is very, very bad and whether get worse in the city so i recommend to you that you all independently look at the academy training curriculum that you all dpipt be interviewed by an independent investigator and then come up with what really happened i'm not saying with an way or another but your community relations are eroded and no for force nonetheless you it. >> next speaker, please. >> first of all, justice for mario woods i'm terry jones an
5:01 am
active member of the coalition for mario and every person that was murdered at the hands the police i'm a 5 generational residents on a san francisco basically my prospective i'll in a nut shell i'm very very disgusted and disappoint as a young man in the community of san francisco something i always took pride in and wanted to be a police have i heard a woman talk about that peep being raised as police to be like christopher today, i want to step back i see the division been coming here and seeing division of the officers leaving here and not been incentive, sir my message to you i believe you should step down by the way, you are the highest paid officers
5:02 am
you should have no room for mistakes when you come from the finest police departments in the nation you've guilty by association along with everyone on the board i'll take that back i want to say that give you the benefit of the doubt i've been watching since the time i stepped in here i've been watching you all as a young man and i'm trying not to cry i knew mario woods and every thing it traumatizing i know your police officers deal with post traumatic stress but deal with as come backness you're a man and arrogant and the racism this is business this is murder we're talking about and it hurts my
5:03 am
soul. >> sir. >> sir, thank you. >> thank you, mr. jones. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is keith mohammed i'm here in support of coalition for justice for the murder of our brother mary i don't woods i have to say what brought me to the microphone the sad display by the san francisco police department officers that came into this room attempting to imitated the public sat in front of the microphone and asked your residents to give their opinion of the murder of mario woods and act as though show you they were in opposition cupping harm on the streets of tenderloin we
5:04 am
want the chief who watches who anyone wonder what is the position of police chief is he sat and said nothing while his officers tried to intimidate the people of the san francisco to give their opinion on the murder of mario woods and marching out one hundred strong and left you here with the community to stand for yourself while we're standing let's be clear that this community is demanding 3 principle things first and foremost sir, must go retire or resign or be fired the mayor must demand this be done
5:05 am
and the charges be brought in the murder of the mario woods every officer finest of this body because this body is proving itself by the way it allows these officers to sdamentd your public they claim they protect and serve this public has proven themselves and i as we speak to a great grandmother. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, mr. mohammed. >> thank you, mr. mohammed (clapping.) good evening and welcome. >> so my name is felicia john's and he. a member a
5:06 am
leader of justice for mario woods coalition and we stand before you as intelligent peep not refuge or criminals we stand before you for justice justice so far mario woods in that again, our demands are one to have you fired chief suhr or you to resign one of the reasons we want that is again, the display of your refuge cops they displayed and intimidated and tried to bully a community this is what they do on the streets working in the paramilitary organization the orders come from the top and no way that you didn't know how they were going to perform
5:07 am
and act together and so what happened was you just reiterated and confirmed that you are not capable of being the police chief we want you fired the display of the refuges of the body of police say came in here a divided body it was pa divided body their stapled was with an that if you come up to me i've got something for you that's what they sent out the message and that's your message that's your message because it is your message because when mario woods was shot over 25 times you got on tv immediately and said that was justified and the thing of it is you and the text message the racist text
5:08 am
message. >> ma'am, thank you, ms. jones >> next speaker. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank yms. jones thank you. >> thank you, ms. jones. >> we've got to give the rules 2 minutes for everybody and i know it is two minutes for everybody thank you, ms. jones we've got more people we need to hear from. >> (chanting). >> we're going to adjourn the meeting if we can't hear under
5:09 am
everybody. >> (fire chief suhr) fire chief suhr) (fire). >> i think we've heard from everybody we want to continue. >> there are still people in line we would like to hear in >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >>. >> thank you. next speaker, please if we can't move on to the next speaker we'll will have to adjourn if we want to hear from everything last chance and i'll have so adjourn the meeting the rules don't allow me to
5:10 am
afford more time thank you. next speaker. >> thank you. >> i don't have o i don't want i want to hear from everybody. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, ms. jones we heard from you, we want to hear from everybody we want to hear if everyone we want to hear if everyone i have been to the community i want to hear from everybody who spent a lot of time waiting we'll hear from everybody can the in the course speaker. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay. we're going to take a recess and could be if everyone want to wait and be heardback. >> okay. we're going to we're
5:11 am
going to reconvene i'd like to finish public comment i'll say we need to respect the 2 minute limit if we're not able we'll adjourn the meeting i hope to hear if everybody. >> next speaker. >> hi is this on. >> yes. >> i want to take advantage of the community meeting to represent some of the seniors that have's a lunch at the senior downtown senior between jones and taylor most of the people i eat with this is the only meal they get they have this and around the 3rd of month when narrowing checks come in very little protection for the seniors they don't leave the home until 4 o'clock i've been going to the center never seen a
5:12 am
cop walk between jones and taylor i also go the the park and many times see a couple of cops it seems save we want that safety and maybe a way to incorporate the kind of volunteers or community people to help out the seniors living here so they can be safe i would say heavy of the people have been mugged at least twice i'll asking you as part of tenderloin to come a couple blocks down to 0'farrell give us the protection we need thank you. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> hello, everybody hello. >> you know there is a lot of energy here i'm very sorry about mr. woods
5:13 am
i have to also remind everybody you white folks. >> black folks san francisco community - black kids have been killed for 200 years at the slavery the black people chief suhr here is if you fire him you think that will change no they got good cops in the city and they've got others and when i saw that shooting on tv i said where's harry truman we got to work together as a community the police department and chief suhr and the black community
5:14 am
- and get rid of of the racist cops executive officer is the only chief i've been here 64 years that complained about a racist cop. >> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> i noticed all the news media have left i don't know whether my words make a difference or not chief suhr should be fired the question when you again down a person like the person on the video it is cold blood sickening nobody should be protected for that but chief suhr is is not special the mayor is not special this goes to the top deeper than
5:15 am
chief suhr the mayor is not here tonight there are people in the crowd my friends i see them all over the place paulette brown and others i remember how her son was killed and i think there would be a change. >> in all those years but no change none this is why this, please system is no good i came home and on the corner of eddy and john's i saw a police on harley davidson's what is that about i can walk ten seconds from this place i live and they want to tell me this is all a joke this is all a joke within the
5:16 am
block of the police here there is something drastically wrong not about race or batterer but people need to wake up to 24 if they understand this then he understand who our enemies and friends are that's all tonight >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening clyde and welcome. >> people that is only a san francisco problem look at nationwide, however, black males are killed by the police it is new york look like chicago the young cop shooting that victim 26 times and the film in nasdaq the man was running away and the cop 0 shot i am had if the back and baltimore they fired the
5:17 am
baltimore police they fired him did that change the baltimore police no new york yeah, he give them credit we got captain bret but that will not change the culturally culture this is not right just because you have black didn't mean you'll kill him hate the culture nationwide just look at those cases and chicago look at new york he was shot 51 times by i nypd 51 times if have a weapon we've got to change the culture in the police departments thank you. >> thank you clyde. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> look at how our people sat here and watched to smirk and look at it how my people and my
5:18 am
community of san francisco sat here and watched as your officers who are supposed to uphold and protect look at the how high people are sat here and been peaceful and kind don't node your head at me speak with the smaller voice you're not listening to those who need to get their message across with yelling let any people speak downloads downed time is a concept we don't have to get deep but i came come to you about, about 25-year-old black woman in 2016 with epilepsy 3 percent black people left in the city i stand here before you with a younger brother who was afraid to die at our hands my
5:19 am
mother worked for street soldier back in the day before joe marshall that seems to have left i don't see him in the building that's right i stand before you and see that over 14 cities in machinery or america last year every single killing was a black person on your watch shall i talk about it on your watch cutting-edge technology harvard was murdered by your officers you do know what they told the people at the killed himself mario woods was shot by bullets for every year of his life we'll not be moved i'll talk and sing about 2 i'm 26 this could be years.
5:20 am
>> thank you, ma'am for your comments thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> (clapping.) my name is mike evans a question due know what they say it is a popular phrase it because we think you're not working for the people we pay taxed and stuff to - with the idea about you guys will protect us we would rather stay stick together you feel like you have to work there are two types of police the ones that don't know what is going on you don't know because the media tells us you're an authority figure because 200 media a brainwashing between the brown and black lives don't matter but the ones that is not new in the system so far a a long time you
5:21 am
guys don't care we hear the same stories man, if you really care and know and care you'll intricate the programs that will help strengthen the private properties between the people and the police it is now all messed up fix it thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> fire chief suhr and charge the cops with murder. >> one point of clarification i think most folks know this the charging situation is up to the district attorney that's george gascon. >> cowards are disgusting and body language is - just playing the game of psychology i know
5:22 am
you guys don't care the point use the intelligence to reach each other we know how the economy works with the police officers and others civil servant work offering off the citizens somehow people that work to protect us from individuals 1240u this is corrupted and going against the people in actually outlet pays the salaries when i'm saying is i good here for the paramilitary march i heard about but the fact that you guys know that people are coming to express they're feelings of corruption and know that people are unarmed and unconstrained we have the admitted standard of tradition and of ethical cleansing we don't start using intelligence
5:23 am
into a higher forefront chief suhr carr ma is 360 degree in a circle that point can come back i'm not saying nothing about but when you point a mouse they're scared they jump out in the path if we don't have some kind of public relations there's going to issues in the country and that's not just me saying that that is not what i want to see but we know how things go who people want to abuse others people fight back we don't want that but make sure we are working in the right frame sir, thank you. >> next speaker. >> i'm bryan i live in the
5:24 am
neighborhood a problems are - i'm poor and live on a fixed income i get they assume people are poor and at fault potential criminals and i resent that the discretionary enforcement i got counted of panhandling because of my appearance they the nothing after those o oscar shooting but police need to be professional there should be a minimum of 4 years of college before a person enters the police force and medication was professional listed and the law was professional list and everything is professional listed in our society except law enforcement you only need a few works of police academy many
5:25 am
police are literate i was in we were i traveled poor and homeless no problems and i was in eye land you can city hall stick your thumb out and get a ride within 15 minutes and get treated with respect whatever happens with dhufr i want the next chief of police to be brought in preferring western europe no law we have to have an american law enforcement that is dysfunctional thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> i've been standing here trying to figure out what word to describe the migration south america at st. mary's cavity
5:26 am
where a relative of mario woods september the dilemma i didn't know what at chvrl i wasn't aware but i noticed a large sheriff present and as it is here and then i noticed a lot of kids that were black and brown that he and thought that was in bad taste to have that kind of presence while mario woods was ref his dilemma because he did receive it that experience watching mrs. woods get on the stage and stand there with the dilemma in here hand absolutely speechless
5:27 am
barley able to get off the stamp and as they said afterward they held that dilemma and gazed at it and finally some soft life came back to here let me get to where is the knife i can't find a picture of the knife over the internet that mario woods stabbed a person with okay. i noticed when i did see the picture it was red perhaps ketchup from a burger king when blood of blood dries it turns ma run and where's the person that was stabbed, third was mario woods defending himself as the people on the streets do and 5 why is that.
5:28 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> i represent the justice for mario woods coalition (clapping.) and i am san francisco's son understand that i come from this soil before you were chief i was here you understand me and my friends we
5:29 am
are probable for breaking up did go inauguration it will not stop until the day i die do you understand you might scare someone else even if you stepped down that didn't scare us you, you need to know that when i'm aware of the police officers are the arms but are you aware every pig in here aware of i heap you are you're getting used you're trying to do good you need to step down with us you're not going to step down at least we'll get you fired you need to walk with us and understand our demands i know a human life is more important than your criteria than anybody's a career and are
5:30 am
you know what i'm talking about we are gone i'll not stop fighting brother understand that and understand those people are here for a reason we're fed up we don't want people abusing you are brown and black people we need you to step down and someone worse after you, we need someone better and help us find someone be a real person and know you're doing a horrible job when i had a horrible job i admit that if a person in the back taxes $20 they get fired for justice for mario prepare for us to obtain on your doorstep everyday power to the people. >> good evening and welcome. >> if you say you want to
5:31 am
build relations with the community and the community want that two i believe that progress can only be made through dialogue and communication and the display of the police force that was here tonight was unnecessary per and if you wanted to build positive relations with the community you did just the option of that tonight with the showing of police force tonight, you widened the gap between the community and the police department you showed us that the police department did not stapled with the people the police department stand with the police department and that you are separate from the people you have to understand why we feel the way we do like we're not an angry protesters we have reasons we have facts i have a
5:32 am
list of facts here of your track records as a police officer chief suhr now the police chief if you were the eco of a company you would have been fired even if you doesn't perpetrate those crimes your employees did you have to understand why question feel the way we do and as long as our chief we'll have feel that way and once again what you guys did tonight having all the police officers what did that show us we don't want to fight we want to peace we want to work out and have resolution this is not what we want you know you don't want to do this either so, please i'm begging i'm begging on behalf of all my people my city i'm a san
5:33 am
francisco native. >> sir, thank you (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome juicy. >> hello my name is juicy larry juicy edmond i'm over 26 years from san diego and i want to tell you that san francisco will always felt happy being here but things are coming to the intend to . >> thank you for showing up because we know that we do have a problem with speeds and drugs in your neighborhood and thank all the people that stand for to the justice of more and more you can't i don't woods but we know and this country and this world
5:34 am
9/11 there are take care all over the world i've heard hem phonetic and we have a lot of things as a family need to know we're on the earth together and i hope you come other tenderloin on this one occasion many black people he never see you, you don't speak to us it is a shame that the 3 percent in san francisco something has to happened you and you are the two people that attend the police commission it is time to come to those events and participate like many people and participation you change the community and you know it is that minded don't let this be
5:35 am
the time to come out for a killing love over hate, you know, i want to talk about the martin luther king jr. do you know in 1944 he spoke at the billy graham and before and after should be significant. >> thank you juicy. >> next speaker. >> good evening sir, and welcome. >> thank you very much i appreciate the opportunity i'm not from san francisco but i guess a transplanted san franciscan i appreciate that worked in the penitentiaries across america and pennsylvania interferences as law enforcement people and so forth i don't know any of the persons on the commission or anything
5:36 am
but i do believe in the divine a creative being so i also try to let my conscious about b be my guide where you were a thousand years from now or less and i try to use that to be my guide as i believe i will stand before the almighty i didn't and give an account for how i tried to love any brothers and sisters of all races of all whatever he believe that first of all, we if ask to be born we didn't ask to be before and after green or gray and who our parents were going to be without the geography location or male and female he do building in the
5:37 am
almighty i didn't i not understand the complexity of people's jobs i believe that one thousand years from now or recess we will give an account for our actions before the almighty i didn't that's all i have to say. >> next speaker good evening ms. brown. >> hello, i'm paulette brown and i've been coming to the police commission for the last 8 and a half years been under 3 mayors, four xooefz and several homicide investigators concerning my sons says my son was murdered ru7 next year it will be a decade and as a mother i grief and as a mother and we
5:38 am
want to bring up mary why woods mother i feel for her and think of her all the time he stood with her and feel here of an i say that xoornt where the bullet or where it came from that pain ain't going to change but stay there never going to pend look at me look at me, i'm still here i'm still fighting what do i do. (clapping.) >> i'm not ashamed i want justice for my son it is is ashamed so say i'm jealous for 345r i don't woods mother i wish wisp doing this more my son and black on black crime children are dying in the streets i want closure for my child also
5:39 am
all of those young men all of the unsolved cases are not only only stand more my child but consolidated with those mothers who are victims of black and a on black crimes not just please killings i say you don't want your mother standing offer over like this this is probably what mario woods mother had 0 do this is my son on the generous lifeless. >> ma'am. >> thank you. >> not just for police crime but our children also. >> thank you ms. brown (clapping.) if 340b hear or at home has any information into the murder of
5:40 am
aubrey brown merchant in the western edition in ru7 call (415) 575-4444. any - is there any additional public comment? >> >> next speaker. >> i wasn't going to speak tonight but i feel i have a obligation to say something because you know everyday i think about mario and everyday i think about his mom i've seen her at meetings and rallies and
5:41 am
i put myself in her shoes, you know, like god everything i want to say is going want i wanted to say would it make a difference because it seems like san francisco is all about money it is about profit people profit over people; right? >> would that make a difference every time the sfpd killed someone murdered that someone in broad daytime pay for the funnel and give $500,000 to the family or community good that make a difference seriously that will be pinching our waltzes you know, i know your human and there are so we are reaching out i've been at city hall speedometers i've only lived here over a year sometimes
5:42 am
times at city hall for homeless population, we're trying to help and that is the reason we can't be at the tenderloin meetings overtime we're out there spreading ourselves thin trying to make our city better and fighting you guys you guys are as opposed problem leader of this city leading itself being role models for us so i just not to to look in our heart and see the compassionate wear human beings i don't know if it will help it might not weird if i have to look at a black person or mario woods - >> thank you. next speaker. >> (clapping). >> good evening welcome.
5:43 am
>> yeah will good evening? emotional i'm here for the justice of mario woods i need to say that and i like ms. brown earlier she was on location with mario's mother with 5 kids graduation you know and that was you know, i feel you but the point we trying to make right now in regards to justice what happened to mario woods in the 21st century we can face because of video was criminal
5:44 am
now take it from a criminal i can be pub say i'm a criminal i was raised as a juvenile and state raised as on adult before i was 14 been to the penitentiary 14 times i did my time for my crimes them police was criminal what they did and how they did it was criminal some of them laughed at the situation some of them laughed at the people that were there they put out their emissions about the conviction we not going to sit here and stand for you all to kill somebody pubically in front
5:45 am
of the whole world on tv and not stepped e step up and do something about it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> sir your time is up. >> two imaginations for everybody we have to follow the rules than you. >> no, i said the chair mar decision was the da i started the meeting with exactly what we're doing. >> thank you. next speaker.
5:46 am
any further. i got >> next speaker. >> please, sir. >> next speaker please sir there's another speaker (clapping.) so we got any further public comment if not we'll adjourn the meeting if not we'll adjourn the meeting okay did he have a motion colleagues to adjourn this meeting do i have a second do i have a second. >> i move to adjourn. >> okay i'd like to hear from everything. >> i move to adjourn. >> next speaker >> i want to say one thing that is, i work with children
5:47 am
i'm a preschool teacher in san francisco my name is daas i can't i am shaping for this community did anyone have any - i take classes for child department it your brain didn't stop developing until our 25 i'm 26 i just got there did anybody have any regards for what children were watching this you know how it effects them for the rest of their life i speak to my children i had it i shouldn't have to feel afraid to walk out of my house by the way, u because you guys want to bullying people he teach my kids not to bullying people why is it okay for you to do that how can you be an example of society and
5:48 am
subset when you over here shooting people in broad that day light who's child. >> i lucid in the eye so many times but everybody around here that is sitting area sluch and rolling your eyes you do you, too ma'am, you, too you need to get it together this is a perfect example how we should be conducting ourselves as leader of san francisco you should clap for i've or calm down this is ridiculous that's all i got >> is there any additional public comment? >> (clapping
5:49 am
(clapping.) >> so i'm a san francisco nature been here all my life and growing up i've never seen some much violence until now in is so sad you're killing like all our people minority people and the fact if my maximum has to tell me oh, be careful and being sure or be sure you come home safe i watch any bake base of your pigs killing our people and it is disgusting okay it is so sad that i have to tell my cousins watch your back because of the pigs it is so disgusting i'm glad people are coming to speak today it is so sad so thank you. (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker. >> and by way of carr ma will
5:50 am
get you just retro you know you don't deserve to a chief your disgusti disgusting. >> greetings i want to first stop to thank all the whites, hispanics that play support to this moment i want to first say that to let you know that all whites ain't bad i want to speak at this i've heard everyone speak tonight and everyone give an opinion therapy and getting rid of of the chief i don't foresee this to happen you know you all dealing with something bigger not god but it is powerful and big and dangers it is dangerous if so racism on a global scale this is a dangerous
5:51 am
cyclist man, you take the gun that gives him his manhood a pistol he can't be a man without a pistol i spent 21 years in prison i know how you act when you get put in our place i'm out doing a good they know i love any people i never want to be a criminal again in my life but this situation is going on for something i lost a charge card you're trying to get blacks of the planet i don't know whoo what you're doing it as mystery i feel sorry for
5:52 am
because you did a dangerous cyclist thing blacks - they were police but these people come from iraq and force and effect if in a are an amount kill him (clapping.) thank you, sir good evening, sir welcome. >> you know the last time you guys were in the methodist church we were talking about the report this is prehomicide of mario woods i've been doing this work for a
5:53 am
a long time every time something happens you create overseeing african-american study panels we so i can safe that we got so many reports and studies we are trying to - the man of criminal justice i think at that time hired an independent study to come out here and tell you that san francisco police department was racism i have that study before the peace officer report all those report all those studies ain't nothing been done how are you sitting on the panel i don't care you guys get to fetish the agenda report and the african-american report all those reports the chief getting
5:54 am
those so-called leaders to sit and the all of a sudden representatives for the community they don't represent the community i'm tired they say and represent us they don't represent us we've been out here marching up those streets for 20 years they ain't said smoke to me they don't represent me i've been at every table and report we had the community regulations 3wr8d you didn't implement that plan but want to take the african-american new study plan you create for something from the community you don't support when you implement something you do that. >> >> is there any additional public comment? >> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> salutations
5:55 am
i wish that you would send out some of the e-mails you sent regarding any 67 dash 20 a i did an information you sent 3 e-mails i'd like appreciate you if send those out to the community i think some of the solutions are in the e-mails the ideas basically hand in hand techniques they talk about how to defend someone with a rifle, a gun a knife i mean officer dunn didn't have to pull his gun or a sword were what will happen is my ideas and my and solutions
5:56 am
to this panel will come through this you'll have twenty-four hours to respond you failed the last two hearings with the sunshine ordinance task force so i look forward targeted our date i guess some of the things it needs to be said in that this african-american forum policy committee organization joe marsh said he represents himself so by representative represent the chief or community he represents him and how much money he can stick in his pocket the other thing that bothers me is mr. joe marshall comes here and says to us and he says, i.e., didn't know
5:57 am
who amelia who that the police show in the the back and said he was lounging other them. >> thank you, sir is there any additional public comment? >> >> dolores park. >> just one time, sir. >> so - the community a hurt we want to find a way someone is not as opposed to be shot by the san francisco police department ever (inaudible) we're asking for (inaudible)
5:58 am
humanize the situation we won't be here (inaudible) community policing so where you have a suspect and you have 56 police around him where one gets out a gun and puts him to the ground old school policing. >> got it. >> (inaudible) he's a black person are a family and this community is outraged by the lack of sympathy oh, well another brother dead work with us in any way you can and (inaudible). >> thank you. >> i'm going to jail this is some type of transparency (inaudible)
5:59 am
some type of human basic. >> thank you. >> it is please i do have heard everything you want to say i want to say this is why i started the meeting the rules require two minutes for everybody it is my job when you say about the law i have to follow it, too so, please don't request judge the fact we are following the rules we want to make sure that people got their comments public comment is closed. i'll invite if any of my fellow commissioners i'll say use of force for sftv is on the fabl table and they've made changes the chief how said how they train it is no longer boom, boom, boom but shot once or
6:00 am
twice and fundamentally changing a number of pieces this is the work this commission is doing we have a meeting at third banting and the ymca and have a meeting at both deckers so judge if you don't believe me and hear that judge us by the actions we take sergeant, next item. >> item 4 adjournment action. >> do i have a motion. >> i move we adjourn. >> second. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? this meeting is adjourned thank behalf of all
6:01 am
the staff at st. anthonys it is great to have your here this morning. [applause] >> here at st. anteanys work with people who are homeless and those on the virj of becomes homeless and what we have sheen more aunch unforch-footly than not is people that feel isolated and excluded so very happy to see when the mayor has something to say about the homeless pop ylgds he comes to the tenderloin and st. ancyanys.
6:02 am
we insisted those we serve the homeless in particular are not the problem, they are brothers and sisters. the problem has to boo with us and the way we structure our liferb jz cities and thijsss like that see great to see when we want to do something about homelessness the mayor is coming forward and making good proposals for how we can solve our problem, not fix the homeless. >> [applause] >> there are a lot of people here working for years on that problem. it is a problem for the whole community but it is also one we need to thitsy to step forward to help us do so we welcome the mayor in his remarks today. without further ado, i would like to recognize a couple people here that have come and been long
6:03 am
involved ing these issue. angela alota is here today. from the san francisco interfaith counsel we have mikem pops and rita chimal. supervisor marc farrell is here. supervisor jewel jewel yechristensen and all the department heads here of the city and all the community based organizations that are represent. thank you for coming and welcome to st. anthony's >> good morning everyone. thank you all for being here. let me
6:04 am
begin with just comment about some things that have occurred in the last 48 hours that i know are on peoples minds and want to address that right off before i get fl to had body of the speech. but i want to start out with some words about the officer involved shooting that occurred yesterday in the bay view and rutted in the death of a man. let me first say that any time, any time, there is a officer involved shooting i take that extremely seriously and so does our chief. i have seen the video too you know, you look at the video and you just-before my words came out, we were yelling drop the dam knife. i already spoken to the chief and there will be a thorough and transparent investigation of this incident without delay
6:05 am
and know the public deserves this and expect it and i expect it as well and will make sure the community knows all the details about this. i also want to take a moment of silence with all of you to remember the victims of the tragic and sensely shootings in san dern bernardino yesterday. our thoughts are with the victims and families and the people of san francisco grieve with them. but you know, you know what they really deserve? those families deserve action. deserve the congress that will stop this madness, stop and by enacting sensible limit ozen deadly fire arms and they need to do that now.
6:06 am
[applause] we cannot just accept this. we cannot just accept this. thank you. thank you. and again, good morning everybody and thank you for being here. first again i want to say thank you to the [inaudible] and barry for hosting us this morningism barry you and the staff for helping the needy and velinable throughout the city is a inspiration to me and it is never tiring to cut turkey with you bury. i also want to say thank you to our elected and appointed officials and community leaders and pleny of the non-profits providers are here this morning, thank you for joinsing us today. i'm very proud for
6:07 am
being reelected your mayor. this is a wonderful city and want to say thank you to the voters of san francisco who believe in our solutions oriented and collaborative approach to solving problems and have asked us to return to do more. thaupg for placing your trust in me for the next 4 years. this is the greatest city in the world and i'm honored and humbleed as the mayor to serve another term. you know, i often said and will continue saying i love the city, i love it as much of any of you and also with you. i love that we never run from the challenges. we confront them with our progressive optimism and something that has come to define our city in all of us. we tackleed a whole lot this last 5 years and some the most complicated
6:08 am
and intractable challenges remain and i ran for a second term so we can work on them together. foremost among the challenges wrun we struggled with for decades is homelessness. let there be more doubt, the collective best effort like service providers like all you in the room today have certainly made a difference. i know that because i have been paying a attention to this for many years. while i may be a little silent sometimes, i watch, i talk to people, i engage and once in a while i might be lucky enough to hand out a key. you are the ones, everyone in the room, you are the ones giving the hor heroic rfts at front line staff on a
6:09 am
midnight shift at the shet ers and do the outreach and are case managers with a challenging loud. or you may be the one cleaning up the streets so people might have a cleaner street to be on because that is the only place they have. the best evidence of all of the work collaboratively is the over 20,000 formally homeless people living indoors. living independently and with the social and emotional support that they need and that the needs that are met with our city services or they might be back in their home towns. but, despite this we haven't eliminated homelessness. as we house and serve thousands, they are replaced by
6:10 am
new thousands. people, people who fall in homelessness here, people sent from other states or people who arrive every day seeking a better life in our city. as a result we continue to have people living on the street, under the freeway, in tents on the sidewalk and some even without tents. all together, more than 3500 people are street homeless in san francisco. human beings. human beings with hopes, with fears, susceptible to cold and rainy weather. human being who deserve or compassion. we know there are nearly the same number of people without homes that are living in our shelter, treatment programs or temporary situations. friends , this
6:11 am
isn't a healthy way to live, you know that and i know that, especially if children are a part of that family. it is not just a growing problem here in san francisco by the way and we all know that as well. major cities across our country, la, new york, honolulu, seattle and more and the state and federal governments offer us too little assistance. that's why next week i'll join at least 5 other mayors on the west coast and our federal government representatives to explore federal funding opportunities and policy changes in the area of homelessness. i know we look at the streets sometimes and the encampments and the depth and complexity the problem jz to some it all might feel hopeless, but as your may frr the next 4 years i'm
6:12 am
optimistic because today in san francisco all of the ingreedgents of success are here to end homeless for thousands of our fellow citizens. thanks to a historically strong economy we do have resources. we certainly have creativity and know we got the passion. for our serviceers providers and city staff, we have the energy that is required. we have public support to try new more effective approaches. but you know what is missing? what is missing is the ingredient lacking for generations, it is what we call, real cooperation. we can't solve street homelessness, but it will if we want to , it will require cooperation.
6:13 am
we have seen this cooperation at the place called, the navigation center at 1950 mission street. when community providers work with city departments, when the private sector in the surrounding community all come together with us, we actually are creating a national model for ending homelessness. so, next year we are going to do something bold that skills up the cooperation and coordination this requires and we see at the navigation center all of that happening across the board on homelessness. i will call apauss all the departments to work together with our community based organizations, advocate and national expert to ert change and reform or government and other, and will
6:14 am
create a department with a mission to end homelessness here in san francisco. [applause] i begin by not just making-i know people have worked on this for years and want to acknowledge first the great work of our past mayors, feinstein and agnos, mayor jordan and willie brown, of course gaveen newsome. i want to build on each of their legacies for addressing homelessness. of course our former supervisor alota talks about passion. she dedicated a life time to the work and want to say thank you for being here and thank you for being a trusted advisor and advocate and one that reminds everybody we got to get to better solutions. i want to also acknowledge the
6:15 am
good work of our former supervisor bevan dufty and director of hope for the last years for tireless work with service providers and client to move people into better lives. i learned a lot with bevan, but i felt his passion avenue day he has been on the job. and today, building on the work that came before we begin a new agency, a agency with a budget and mandate to solve homelessness. we'll bring together under one roof the multitude of homeless outreach, housing, shelter and supportive services that exist across many different departments. over the last 20 years, we increased our spending on homelessness because the crisis got worse. but because we didn't have a central department for homelessness we layered program
6:16 am
upon program across a dozen different department said and then we expected the better outcome. no one agencyies mission was homelessness and today we fix that. with greater coordination we expect better results, more efficiencys and deep er accountability. to make this new department a realty next year i'll be calling upon the leadership of barbarager seea director of public ehealth, trent roar director of human sunchss and [inaudible] director of hope. together we have aurltd r already implemented some the most forward thinking progressive homeless policies in the country. we created the nations first navigation center, which is just 9 months that we have successfully moved more than
6:17 am
250 people off the streets into healthier settings. great progress towards ending chronic veterans homelessness is done these last few years tackling family homelessness we made great progess. a new investment in supportive housing of 29,000,000 this year. i want to saw they think to tren, barbara and sam and all your team said for pourer your hearts in this work and thank you for joins forces with us to take it to the next level vlt i want to say a special thank you to public works. i know that department . you kept our streets and have done your best and for always having a positive interaction with the homeless people and compassion and thank you for taking on the smelliest
6:18 am
dirtgist jobs in town. i also want to say thank you to all of the people who are own single room occupancy hotels in the city thmpt hotels that are cooperating and working with us to make these units available for people transitioning out of homelessness. that is stock of housing. we never thought through our past loousts and insistence to get code enforcement, we didn't realize how valuable they are to us and a valuable assess they can be. i know some people will say, a department to solve homlessness mayor. 93 eve. we can't solve homelessness in san francisco. i know that will will be peoples comments. i say we will end homelessness every every single day for @ least one person. for at
6:19 am
least one family. for at least a veteran every single day. i know because i have felt the power of giving keys to people exactly in those situations. we will end it for every 1 for every day for someone who suffers on our street. that is what the purpose of creating this department is about. i want a staff at this new department, each person on the staff will come to work every morning with a single minded focus on ending homelessness for people on the streets. i want the measure of the work of this department and my office to be answering this question, what did i do to end homelessness on our city streets today and what did i do to give people a
6:20 am
stable shelter, a home and a path to a healthier life. that is what i want them to ask themselves every single day. i want that to be the question that they ask of themselves. you know, ending homelessness in a very simple way is a matter of priorities. to get there we have to double down on programs that truly work. we have to coordinate with partners, federal, state and other cities. we have to share and do the best practices and we have to also share our challenges with each other. and you know, i always am focused and concerned about congress and as you know, congress is largely abandoned homelessness in the country and we in san francisco can't wait frathe politics of waug wash dc to arrive, we have tolead and we lead with values. our san francisco
6:21 am
values. that is what being a san franciscan is all about, isn't it? it is our values. to be fully able to achieve this vision i'm inviting a group of national experts to advise how to create and set the mandate for this new department. i have spoken to president obamas point person on homelessness, matthew dorty and he agreed to come out and advise and has the expertise of looking at programs across the country to see what works. we want to be egressive on this but want to be practical at the same time. how will we define sausking street homelessness? what are the investments we are making and how can we double down on this? is there something that we can be doing that we are not already doing? i aults
6:22 am
want to invite the local homeless coordinating board to serve as a formal advisory body during the process. we convened san franciscos best and brightest on that commission and definitely need your input. i invite all of you here, every one of you, the people working hard every day day in and out to join in defining the new effort as well because i'll present this plan with the budget this coming year. foremost among the efforts of the department are expanding the successful navigation center program. we learned that by removing barrier tooz entry into the shelter program and pairing ever navigation center with a housing exist we are making a difference. we already committed the funding in the budget this year to double our capacity at the navigation center and the department
6:23 am
will significantly increase to this model. we'll coordinate outreach and build more centers and secure more housing exists. certainly this requires serious funding. since i took office we have spent all most 100 mil yen more every year on homeless services and housing and my commitment today is this, to never let our city slip backwards on our funding priorities. that means movering forward we'll spend at threes 250 million a year on outreach and housing for 10s of thousands of people. we know success isn't mesered by how much money we spend, you know that. accountability matters. we are measured by the number of human
6:24 am
beings we lep off our streets and into a better life and by conditions on our streets also improving at the same time. so, i'm setting a ambishish but i believe an achievable goal for the second term. by the time i leave office we will move at least 8 thousand people out of homelessness and we'll remove them out of homelessness forever. [applause] and we'll build a system that ends a persons homelessness before it becomes chronic. that is another thing we learned from the navigation center and we'll do this and achieve this all together. we'll do this by housing families, veterans long term homeless to homeward bound program and long term care for the seriously mentally ill. i also need
6:25 am
cooperation for the private sector and philanthropic partner tooz participate as well. i already started conversation with san francisco's business leaders on this particular goal. business leaders, big and small, about a multi-year partnership to add additional navigation centers to the cities portfolio. to them across the board i say thank you and begin by saying a personal thank you to our first anonymous private donor to the the first navigation center. i'm excited for our partnerships to develop more in the coming months just like the way we started our first navigation center. it was a partnership with faith and funding sources and community in the mission and then everybody else. we need more partnership
6:26 am
models like our effort to end family homelessness in the elementary schools which is the focus of [inaudible] 2 great civic leaders. no less different than our technology leaders like nob nub who also became a partner to end veterans homelessness by funding a viable new housing for them in mission bay. letting people live on our streets exposed to violence and whether that isn't compassion. it isn't healthy, it isn't safe and it does want represent who we are as san francisco and it is not our san francisco values. you know, i'm also proud of our city coming together over something that used to be controversial and i'm talking about lauras law. thank you for visor marc farrell, thank you for your
6:27 am
leadership in this effort on a issue that used to divide a lot of us, now it units us with a comma causs because we are figuring it out. since we launched our consensus program just last month we have already received 28 referals from ern concerned family members and service providers. some of the most severely mentally ill they are finally getting help. laura's law is one the many compassionate programs we should be doing in partnership with our courts and district attorney and justice system. san francisco values means we won't lock people up or persecute them just for being mentally ill. that won't happen and won't happen as long
6:28 am
as i'm mayor, but we can use the resources our justice system to make sure people are getting better heltier outcomes. i want to challenge the courts, our public defender and district attorney and health provider tooz come together in the same spirit of collaboration that i proposed today. coming together with your diverse responsibilities and your legal mandates to better serve those desperately in need of our help because i will challenge you with the same outcome i'm calling upon everyone else. let's talk about not just our legal mandates, lets also talk about outcomes for people. [applause] it is not compassionate and you will agree with me on this to let people suffer silently, to medicate with drugs and call and live an
6:29 am
unhealthy life on our streets, that is not compassion and we are empowered to help the seriously mentally ill people but first have to agree to coperate. in a new year i'll invite all our gurchlt stakeholders and mental health and criminal justice to convene with me. i bring this group together to get past the reasons we cannot do things and figure out a way we can do it. let's say for example, you take this program, some of you in the room know what the 51/50 program is. it is a program with people in personal crisis and danger to themselves we take them to the hospital for 72 hours, but you know what is the challenging part of that 51/50 program? once they come out they go right back on the streets and into the same unhealthy
6:30 am
situation that they were literally 48 hours ago. we pulled them out and bring them right back in. that is 51/50. let's redesignthality program for a better outcome, a sustained outcome for those individuals. let's redesign conservativeship programs to serve the intended populations while respecting their civil liberty. we can have a better outcome on that as well. the seriously mentally ill deserve our best efforts. it is complicated and that's why we take that challenge up. as we focus on getting people into healthier settings, we also need to refocus on the people who are not homeless. the people who prey on our homeless. drug dealers who target the addicted
6:31 am
and mentally ill contributing to serious health problems. i'm calling y i am calling for stepped up enforcement for predatory drug dealing around our navigation centers and shelter and homeless service locations and every place we house our homeless. [applause] we need to clean up drug dealing around the buildings where homeless people are trying to clean up their lives. we are not criminalizing drug addictions, we are enforcing existing laws to protect the most vulnerable. i want to thank supervisor and president of the board of supervisors president london breed for being a leader on the reforms. she is a strong voice the quality of life and reforming our treatment of the mentally ill. that's
6:32 am
why friend i am optimistic. a new department, ambitious goal, a will in our city to succeed on this. we can make homelessness rare. we can make it brief. we can make it a one time event in peoples lives. we can move at least 8 thousand people out of homelessness forever. for too long deeply held and ideological differences divided all of us. some say we are not tough enough. others say we are not compalgzinate enough. some say we spend too much money and others say we haven't spent enough. it is time to reconcile these disagroogruments not to set them aside but work through them. if we can cooperate to solve homelessness the sky is the limit on what else we
6:33 am
can achieve together. i want to say to you again, we can end homelessness for each individual that we touch, for each family, for each child, we can do that for them. that's what we can define as ending homelessness. if we do it together, we will have demonstrated that collaboration and cooperation is the best way to move forward. so, i want to end by saying thank you to all of you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to me. i'm excited to work with you, this will give a struck chur to work effectively with all of us. we can do better and will do better, i'm excited and we are san francisco. thank you very much. [applause]
6:34 am
>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began
6:35 am
20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to
6:36 am
include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was
6:37 am
done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just
6:38 am
digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is
6:39 am
amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that
6:40 am
hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional?
6:41 am
maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and
6:42 am
bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪ patrick. >> welcome to another episode of stay safe i saw us prepare our crawl space on this episode we'll saw the sheer wall you'll see the finished product
6:43 am
hi, i'm patrick and welcome to another episode of stay safe? the second part we're retrofitting the triple wall as you can see we've installed one of the sheer ply wall on the first episode we provided blocking to secure the ply we'd and bolted and provided the connection with the floor i'm joined by thor madison. >> thor structural engineers and thor knows more about sheer
6:44 am
walls than anybody i've met in my life. >> it provides the stable ability that would rock before and after during around earthquake the nails along the edge of the plywood will reduce the chance of the building falling down. >> what else should we consider in getting ready. >> one thing about plywood a natural material that absorbs moisture and the panels can swell depending on the moisture if they swell they'll bulk out it is important probation officer leave a gap between the panels so before we install the next panel we'll drive in a couple of nails used to as temporary spares. >> what are the nails.
6:45 am
>> 16 penny singers a good saying that and we don't need to be concerned with the exact nail size only the gap the next panel will be held with the existing panel we'll pull those down. >> we have peter from the construction why not go outside and cut our second panel so, now we've got the plywood let's go ahead and get it put up
6:46 am
see if we can get it in place. >> by looking at that a perfect fit why not get peter in here to nail it down. >> so peter did a great job with the nailing but important to know this work requires a permit in the department of building inspection whether you're doing the work or a left hand contractor make sure you have the proper permit and additional to the nailing anything you want to talk about thinking about the plywood. >> the more plywood to install the better and make sure that the nails along each edge of each panel so you can't forget
6:47 am
and hedge and had it perform the same thing. >> another example of little money you can substantially rusz reduce the
6:48 am
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6:54 am
>> hello, my name is jamie harper. in this episode, we are featuring the park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special.
6:55 am
golden gate park's largest body of water is this lake, a popular spot for strolling and paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed foreboding and -- for boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flores. a pleasant trail follows the perimeter past huntington falls, 110 foot waterfall. two bridges connect the trail to the island. the climb to the hills summit, the highest point in golden gate park at more than four hundred feet. you can get quinces of the western side of the city through -- glimpes of the
6:56 am
western side of city through a thick trees. the lake is ada accessible. it has a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy a warm day. walk along the lake and watched many ducks, and swans, and seagulls. it is a tranquil spot to stroll, enjoy each other's company, and sail away. many couples come here to take a ride around the lake, floating under the bridges, past the pavilion and waterfall. for a quiet getaway, it makes for a memorable and magical experience. located on 19th avenue, this grove is the place to wear your hiking boots, bring your family, and bring the dog
6:57 am
because it has so much to offer you and your loved ones. it is a truly hidden gem in the city. the part is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy this base and the history behind it. the diversity that exists in such an urban city, the concrete, the streets, cars, we have this oasis of a natural environment. it reminds us of what san francisco initially was. >> this is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available to get you there easily. and the part is ada -- park is ada accessible.
6:58 am
there is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is the place to find some solitude from the city and appreciate what you share with a wonderful breath of fresh air. , an experienced this park and enjoy the peoples, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located in the middle of pacific heights on top of a hill, lafayette park offers a great square a of a peaceful beauty. large trees border greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for
6:59 am
football, frisbee, and picnics. it is very much a couple's part and there are a multitude of experiences you can have together. bring your dog and watch the mean go with the community or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all of the park has to offer. many couples find this is the perfect place to put down a blanket and soak up the sun. it is a majestic place you can share with someone you cherish. it is located along the 1 and 10 buses and is accessed from the 47 and 90 buses. it is ada accessible. for more information about reserving one of these locations, call 831-5500. this number is best for special events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair building.
7:00 am
for any athletic fields and neighborhood parks, 831-5510. you can also write us. or walking in and say hello at old lock cabin, golden gate park. and of course you can find more information and reach us at of the san francisco ethics commission i will first call the roll commissioner vice president andrews commissioner hur commissioner keane i don't know whether 0 commission will make it we'll precede 4 of us before we precede i want to mention


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