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tv   Planning Commission 2416  SFGTV  February 7, 2016 8:00am-1:16pm PST

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>> thursday, february 4,
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>> thursday, february 4, disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner wu commissioner johnson will be absent today through the chair commissioners i'd like to call commission matters out of order to take up future agendas commissioners due to the increased volume of applications your advanced calendar has ballooned through april the continuance of the affordable
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housing bonus program took to february and other continuance impacted the advanced calendar the additional to stay here until you midnight or 2:00 a.m. so i don't think you want to do that i suggest we reinstate the march 31 to the 2016 schedule and possibly discuss the hearings easily the day like 10 or 11:00 a.m. you could we arrange the agenda to take up certain items for commissioners that may not be able to attend i'll leave that up to you initially take a vote to reinstate march 21st, 2016.
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>> commissioner antonini. >> i've very much in favor of that project sponsors were concerned about trying to get on calendar i explained the calendar is busy you i think that is wise for us to reinstate that day and also whether to start of the mergers earlier not a lot on thursday so might as well start on 10 o'clock it is just a consensus. >> no motion required to start earlier the day but you will need some consensus to open a hearing. >> as far as the 31st. >> the 31st we need a vote. >> i'll move to add the 31st. >> second. >> on that motion. >> comment first. >> commissioner hillis so, yeah i'm supportive of adding the extra day and possible future extra days i
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have difficulty with the 10:00 a.m. start date i go into the office in the morning and just would be impossible to do that and work a half or a couple of hours before coming here on thursday i'm happy to add dates but avoid starting earlier. >> commissioner moore. >> we have been put on notice for a few weeks things continue to be filled calendar so i believe that even at the beginning of the year we left it on we'll be reinstating the 31st i'm supportive but any earlier starting i don't think it is appropriate i'd rather have full other meetings than coming before that. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i also not in supportive
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support of an elder start time but a half an hour earlier and not take a break in the afternoon but more efficient to take a quick break starting at 11:30 verse 12 no lunch. >> commissioner antonini. >> anytime we can gain restrictions some of the commissioners would be helpful i think things come up as we'll hear about later in the calendar probably have a session not as long as usual today and continuance frequently occurs calendar seemed to be jammed they can quickly become less busy but can't put anything in this items are continued to calendar more day is a good idea. >> commissioner moore. >> many of us work and spend the morning i want to hear from
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commissioner hillis whether or not thirty minutes is amenable to you or would that be a problem. >> so i am not i'd like to keep it at noon and moving to 11:30 avoid that move it to dloushgs and not take a break. >> i appreciate that a normal work break is at the noon or one together and one person appealing off earlier is difficult i'll stand in support of what commissioner hillis explained. >> commissioner wu. >> i'm post to the 31st seems fine i suggest we keep it at noon and take a shorter break try tee eat lunch before coming. >> (laughter). >> so jonas may suggest the
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consensus is for the 31st to keep the meetings at noon and not take a long break and commission a couple of few weeks this starts to bloom we're not gaining on the number of items and perhaps one meeting that start earlier to catch. >> we're going to there is a motion and a second we should take public comment on the march cynthia i 31st. >> commissioner moore i'll ask is for the president and the vice president to very careful work with the director for more balanced schedule for the commissioner vice president richards raised that when we came on the commission he noticed an imbalance and there's a reason for coping but not coping particularly you want to tip the scale and leave at 4:30 or 5 and leave at midnight i
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know we can't extend the public comment but think historical experience to be able to kind of guess what we're expecting a lot of people an attempt to get a balance. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i agree with commissioner moore maybe be a little bit more be fine tuning the way we balance things part of public comment i hate to keep cutting public comment down and down and down when people come here for hours and get a minute i'd like to have rather additional meetings i've learned quite a bit. >> speaking of which any public comment on the addition of march 31st meeting? not hearing or seeing any public comment is closed. >> thank you on that motion commissioners to add march 31st to your schedule
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commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us under our continuance calendar item one at sickle is april 29, 2016, and item 2 hill avenue has been withdrawn new commissioners you may have notices there was a lot decorations for the super bowl there is an event held today and as much as i put in a request for found if any disruption with the super bowl to our hearings on monday we received a call requesting that
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our hearing conclude at 5:00 p.m. this is not a hard stop if you choose to we'll go beyond 5:00 p.m. there will be more security due to the super bowl event in cooperation with the officers i will recommend that we continue items 12 ab for cases and market street conditional use and variance one week until february 11th item 15 case at commissioner bassham berry land to the
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reinstated date of march 31st and the two items under the discretionary review calendar items 16 and 17 at temple street a discretionary review and item 17 for case rose mount place a discretionary review for one week to february 11th my understanding that both of the department of human resources may be withdrawn so it shouldn't pose them too much difficulty future for your consideration the project sponsor at 2100 market street is willing to wait to see if we get through his items prior to 5:00 p.m. i'll leave that for your consideration. >> is your recommendation to
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potential propose continuance for items. >> one and two, 16 and 17 to the date proposed and act on those now and market street when it is called in the normal course of business. >> commissioner moore. >> i have a very basic question and it is just adding for clarity could you give me like a short overview of why this particular event tonight is different from any other civic event like the opening of simplify we are observers from the balcony ass are san francisco's finest i might have come into a fully tradition of 50 years nfl give me one
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sentence i'll be more informed to understand. >> well, this is obviously the super bowl 50 it is not so much the event itself but the heeding security around it i believe that there are demonstrations that were scheduled throughout the super bowl week i think the building management including the city administrators is concerned about safety of the building itself with this sort of hi profile of members of nfl membership participating this after that. >> commissioner antonini. >> i think that mr. highland's put it well, it is an event with national significance and a possibility of things that might be disruptive on a national scale that is what separates it if the local events but i am in
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favor of what is proposed i'm going to move to continue item 1, 2 is withdrawn so it is not continued and items number the end of the calendar items 1, 16 and 17 to the following dates the first item is continued until april 28th and march 31st and items 16 and to february 11th and see about the item that might be heard today. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners. >> commissioner vice president richards one question on the process with the 2100 market street if we don't have enough the times we'll move to continue rather than hear it and continue it after that and reopen again next week. >> yeah. when the item is
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called we can't get through it we'll choose to continue is one week until february 11th. >> one question i have we look at the audience and not see a quick show up and they're in route because we're hearing it we want to make sure we understand that. >> and to reminder you that is a public request this is a public building known will will be not limited to to our room if we go past 5:00 p.m. we go past it. >> commissioner hillis. >> just a question parties to those items you know both neighbors opposed and the project sponsor aware we may continue i don't want to set up the expectation the public is not coming so a big event and they anticipate this being continued and we'll maybe hear
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it so save on the public comment side and continue it to make sure that people are able to comment who may want to comment and 0 not say it was anticipated for continued or because i have traffic a demonstration and assess was not possible. >> the project sponsor is fully aware the circumstances and the risk he and his team with taking whatever reason i'm speaking with the representatives of t t n a not ware they're here and prepared. >> commissioner moore. >> i this is a little bit confusing bus i received a response from the public incumbent there was the presumption the commission had continued the item and that is not the case we have been asked to continue culp lane, however, from the staff to the monday e.r. tuesday was responded by
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the mr. president, copy to all of us some living which is communicated or not communicated i'm the middle because of culp lane it is not happening and it puts us in an awkwa situation - the project sponsor assumed it will be continued we can't for a fact say for certain that the commission as a whole will agree with the continuance so if you choose to as a commission you can still hear culp la
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cumberland today - sir, you tells you whether or not you want to continue can you come to the microphone please. >> thank you commissioner vice president richards yeah, we have been working on this presentation for about a month and land use committee assuming it was going to be heard today. >> you're ready. >> not ready at 12 and then we got some last minute flurry of past communications i was the one is wrote the letter to say there might be a continuance we were not at all in favor of a continuance for a week but 6 weeks so a week is not time to deal with the issues with the communication with director rahaim and this was on monday i
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don't know the project sponsor is president the in one week but note that will happen or continue it for 6 weeks and have the opportunity to really discuss the issue. >> thank you, thank you okay opening it up for public comment i do have one card joe h joell. >> the continuance of april 28th it is a notice was not sent the language of tagalog this is an issue we have a large filipino the outer mission and been informed the spanish transmission says the attached document is in reference of the
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address for the compassion a requirement to have the planning commission it may our no where in the spanish transmission it states this proposed combsz and the translation says it maybe be schedule for today, the actual words makes it sound like trifle and the notification was brooushths in spanish and english his neighbors only speak spanish it is also alarming the planning department is not required to send out now noticed but it is continued to a new date and isn't it a fact the official notice on the ourd of sickle as destroyed by the rain it was not covered in a
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protective matter more residents or the members of the public are aware this may be continued interest the improper notification their it is disturbing with a proposed 4 medical cannabis dispensary for the outer mission thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> hi. >> my name is lincoln i took off today, i mean hundred sickle next to my parents only read chinese no notice change anything yes. that lady is right no communication ever and the days before the owner coming say they want to beatify it on the situations 3 times and there is
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a female a baby looking at all those things we went to the committee meeting and the days you know do you notice two parked next to the store she saw where i say lincoln park. >> sir, i'm sorry but right now, we're only speaking to the matter of turns. >> it is like the work never coming out from you i just pop out today okay. >> thank you. >> i understand. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on this item. >> or on the - >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm bruce i support of continuance of item 1 cumberland to march 31st i was one of the original dr requesters we were informed by
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the planner on tuesday that the project was definitely going to be delayed most likely to march 31st it takes a while for the neighbors to come down to the meeting we were appreciative and able to communicate that will not be happening today at least the motion passed we were told it was going to be postponed. >> we touched base with them that march 31st works and a hardship for people to attend we support the parole to continue to the newly scheduled fifth thursday meeting we appreciate when the agenda is over scheduled like today sometimes public comment is reduces and cases don't start until far into the night we appreciate the
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consideration. >> i'd like to add that the planning department previously informed us in writing it was the mayor's office that directed the department to schedule this case despite the departments knowing the agenda was to full and despite the fact we were working with the planner on march so we want to commend you for experiencing your individual judgment for the rescheduling of march 31st thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on continuance? game-changer commissioners i'm tom with the deboss triangle association speaking in regards the 2900 market street we put together a short presentation in anticipation of the reporting to the hearing if so taken off we know want to know when it will
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be as support a continuance for 6 weeks we think one week is not enough time to address the issues we have to talk about with them thank you >> i don't see any public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards i guess one comment on one public comment p public commenter said it was alleged that the planner said on a residential project the mayor asked for is certain date that sound strange do have any comment. >> not that i'm aware of that. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a motion and a second to continue items 1, 15, 16 and 17
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commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to zero he appreciate your consideration to that. >> commissioners, that places you under your commission matters consideration of approval of the draft minutes for january 21st, 2016, commissioners unfortunately, the minutes were draft agenda if you choose to adopted them today i'll note the correction or c. >> commissioner richards as i thought that was a draft agenda i'd like to actuate a week additional look at it and wait until next week. >> certainly commission apologize we can certainly continue this for one week. >> commissioner moore. >> i did the same and overdrive to toss those we have
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the real agenda for next week so i did that. >> so commissioner vice president richards is that a motion. >> continue to next week. >> thank you, commissioners to continue the draft minutes to february 11th commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you on item 4 commissioners questions or comments. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you. so, now that sick eldest is on the april date is there any requirement for the planning department to renotice it and - >> technically with the continuance you don't meet to renotice it but ask the staff to
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get the proper no, sir i'd like recommend it sounds like it doesn't go out but it needs to go out in all the languages again. >> commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i have the good fortune to go to super bowl city and the nfl zone within the last twherng extremely well organized, clean, save diversifies and actually had occasion to dine with one of the restaurants and it was reasonable so very impressed with the way it is done and i think those of you it is interesting particularly the nfl zone find out how faubldz are made and others interesting items good job commissioner vice president richards i'll try to be brief because of the time crunch 3 quick things as you may know you
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read the joe article in san francisco magazine on more than she took the 5m project quotes and ran it through the sausage grinder to find out what the affordability rates interesting enough it is a great exercise i think the director came up with a number like what was percent get you truly but one thing that disturbs me we as commissioners and staff heard of the project that has 33 percentage affordability yet his calculations i'm not saying they're right or wrong but less than 33 percent we commissioners were didn't have the full grasp on the true level of affordability his calculation were based what needed to be given and what was spraubtd out
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so i asked any time we have a demonstration agreement with a threshold affordability the exercise is given to us it is a great transparent to look at it afterward i'd like to a or so a consultant take apart the numbers secondly, there was an article in the chronicle on the 28 that was lecturers hearing, talking about areas being affordable and walkable and now the world wants to live close together and walk to everything the post millennial generation only 14 percent of the country is more walkable and two place the u.s. have those washington, d.c. and seattle a third of maintenance convert to school or work by foot compared to they were percent of baby boomer so we're
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seeing the jarsdz that is impacting where people want to live and we're not able to draft this as quickly as we need to take into account this change and lastly commissioner antonini said this use to be italian and irish and now supply lights bookstore i saw the making of the mists and how much the ethnicity change streetcars with delores and to the 70s and it is interesting i flipped through it and wanted to understand how the out migration happened so during commission comments i'll let you know things that are interesting and start read to tonight. >> cliff notes commissioner moore. >> i would be interested to have this commission have a
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configuration with the house commission and dreamforce i saw on tv about a week ago redwood city has food pharmacy where food panries and banks are advised by public health practitioners about the combination of heath food with the for example, diabetes we have a lot of health clinics pubically supported and supported and it will be interesting to have a targeted program like that so i'll send did article to you director williams you have those discussions but a fabulous idea to have a way of assistance and food and health programs for the choose the foods for the healthy living. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move in
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to the department matters drouchlt. >> i have nothing urgent in the interest of time. >> the board of appeals and historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon aaron starr manager, legislative affairs and lulgd the supervisor avalos ordinance which will require a conditional use authorization for the removal of any dwelling unit the city the commission harder it on december 10th and voted 5 to one to recommend approval and supervisor campos recommended the legislation to include the amendments pe at the land use committee supervisor wiener had several questions of staff related to the implementation of that ordinance specifically how it impacts the homeland security and who couldn't afford to pay for legalization and the change the outreach in response the planning department at dbi noted there
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were fund that may become available the next budget and dbi set aside funds for code violations and some spoke in favor how it stops displacement and speakers in opposition with the builders association and the organizations representing the land use they ask for a exempt that the ground floor in c-3 from 317 controls, however, the concerns by the committee members were not adequately addressed so they continued is one week until techniques hearing and also a resolution for interim controls placing the sustained standards on the showcase square, potrero hill
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and central wasting this passed out of committee and will be considered at the full board next the full board of supervisors the 100 percent affordable housing eliminating cruz u cus pals it first reading on supervisor yee dissenting and also the board was a resolution to schedule a hearing on february 28th from the charter amendment that changes the colleagues, can we take that without objection? requirement the resolution was amended to essentially allow the ballot initiative to pass the rules committee it passed 6 to 4 and continued until february 9th by a unanimous vote one introduction it was by supervisor peskin an ordinance that will prohibit formula retail the polk street commercial district that's all i have for you today >> commissioners no board report and the historic
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preservation commission did meet yesterday only one item on the regular calendar that will be brought to you under our regular calendar for budget they're recommending approval if no questions commissioners on to general public comment not to steady 15 at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when address the commission up to three minutes. address the commission up to three minutes. i do have couple of speaker cards. >> yes. georgia and thoosie. >> ask the starch the recalculation for all pending dr
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cases and the 311 for the rh1, rh3 two excuse me. i think the reason it is important because maybe they need drs southern the executions with mr. sanchez and commissioner vice president richards it was discovered that was a 40 percent issue that 40 percent of time some of these should have been calculated as demolitions and those remodels so i would hope that if you're going to go forward and have the staff consider how they calculate in the future that perhaps at least consider it for pending dr case and thing that these that involved involve major altercations and
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relocation of a unit as i said it was discovered at least 40 percent likelihood they're not calculated correctly the samples i submitted for the case study there they're the ones he had photos of whole process of demolition and the new project that is a lot i didn't get mid process maybe we missed some but at least 40 percent i think that is mandatory drs are necessary it will have a loss of five and six affordable housing so if this is okay with you i'm hand that in i'd like to put that in the minutes thank you very much. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners i'm thoosie i'd like to bring uo your attendance the planners frequently accepting revisions from project sponsors without requiring them to submit them to the planning department this is a problem not knowing what and when provisions are submitted the public is the dark and at transparency is lost how else can we find out if the plans are nothing but in his opinion and tucks and 6 thousand square feet mcmansion a monster home when we complained previously we were told that was the expectation to the rule and only being done with the project
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sponsor was unsure how to respond to the pdr the planner can give me a quick look and submit to the building inspection right afterward this is expanded and it has expanded dramatically to the point that almost may be one 3rd of planners are letting this happen and almost most projects and most revisions if a revision is under review is the concern for the neighbors the opportunity to engage the department and engage with staff and negotiate with the project sponsors and then slapped with a 311 notification what is the recourse file a dr this will add to the volume of drs and you'll
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be more occupied hearing those department of human resources my question is this do we have a standard operating procedure for accepting new provisions in not will we have one and require the planners to follow them that's it thank you. >> thank you. >> any other general public comment closed. commissioner vice president richards i just want to comment first georgia is referring to a meeting the zoning administrator mr. duffy the bring to your attention from dbi and myself and she had an addendum an architect she has been coming to the commission with a demo here's the original house the succeeding house we had a meeting december 18th and we said look at 5 of those and take into account what happened two
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mr. sanchez said they look at the clauthsdz were wrong it is a complicated process and you know everybody you know people that will new they don't say have the experience georgia is referring to you asked for the approval mr. lindsey look at the calculations and just in the case this can be a training issues in terms of planner i think secondly, mr. rahaim was talking about something we talked about and closing the loop and with the threshold i don't know if you took if in k some sort of magnitude with the project with the neighbor so everybody understands what the project is once we get more dr i don't know if everyone else want autopsy seeing nothing further
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item seeing nothing further itemseeing nothing further ittsm 7 no action is required on your behalf only for your review and comment. >> thank you good afternoon miami director i'm here joined by several members of the senior management team as well as deborah you've met your new finance manager who is been on board a few weeks and nevertheless, has done a lot of work we're here to present our new two-year budget that will coffer fiscal years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 no surprise given our workload we're seeing a humble increase in applications and therefore the budget is proposed to there self million dollars over this
8:44 am
year's budget we're therefore proposing the education e addition of staff possessions to address at backlog and the policy issues you've been dealing with and several other positions with that, i i'm going to turn it over to my colleague to go over the details of the bulth we're asking for your feedback and proposing action and next week's hearing and as recorded the historic preservation commission did review the budget yesterday and recommended your approval of the proposed budget you have the item before you today with that, i'm going to turn it over to tom thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm tom i'm the director of the administration for the planning department it is my pleasure to present the departments proposed budget and work program for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 copies the presentation are available on the table to my left for members of the public
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before i begin i'd like to acknowledge members of my staff deborah and donny and others who helped us put together the budget who wouldn't be able to do all the work to help the budget. >> today, i'm going to over the update from the mayor's office an overview the instructions, the current year planning permit volume and revenue, and then the proposed budget plus both the revenue and expenditure does the division staffing, the proposed budget by distinction and the departments performance measures and finally, the budget approval calendar. >> the when the mayor's budget office gave the numbers we were
8:46 am
to assume a two year fixed budget and predicated on that this week the legislation was not approved at the budget and finance so we know right now the two-year budget will continue until further changes to the process the mayors budget instructions asked departments for one .4 percent reduction the general fund since we received on $2.5 million it is a small reduction to the department that represents $38,000 next year and $76,000 in 2017-2018 and budget that is in front of you includes those reductions in the current year this graph shows the year by year increase the building permit and through the ended of december we've had
8:47 am
more than 84 hundred encroachment cases overview they project a 13 plus growth in volume from the current fiscal year as you can see the graph the fourth bar to the right a little bit over 14 thousand cases submitted last year this year we're anticipating over 16 thousand cases so about 2 thousands of growth of 2 thousand the budget for 2030 assumes a 4 percent growth and flat in 2017-2018s from the chart regarding the budget for this year that 13 percent growth in volume translates into a surplus of $5 million that we're expecting in revenue over budget
8:48 am
the - that $5 million is used as part of projection for next year's revenue assumption so going into next year budget for 2016 to 2018 on the revenue side of the house the largest part of budget is kcmo composed of fees for building and planning case as you can see to increase from $35 million to over $42.03 assumptions in that number in the $42 million the volume that will continue at the rate that we're seeing this year that $5 million that we're seeing extra will be seen next year and on top of we're assuming a 4 percent growth and the cpi is 2 housing unit 9, 6 percent the previous 3 years we've not assumed growth over
8:49 am
prior years actuals but multi year growth 14 percent and 12 the year before and we always assume in the budget that we will realize the same level of applications but we continue to see year by year growth we'll assume some growth in next year budget and the 4 percent is consistent with what we're seeing other federal, state, and local and the city is a assuming the 4 percent growth in the general fund and the feds are are assuming a 4 percent so the 4 percent is consistent with at parts of country the next item the grants budget next year the grant assumed to stay stable the
8:50 am
2017-2018 grant we're proposing to reduce by several hundreds thousand dollars that will see from the grant are available two years from now the grant opportunities are vail we'd be appropriate that through the grant accept and expend in front of the board and in a governmental revenues will reduce because of the part time revenue from the transportation authority for geary boulevard and $97,000 for ocii for the revenue work with them and the development impact fees admin fees part of impact fees we collect and implement the impact fee project programming their projected to remain stable and expenditure recoveries are recoveries from others city departments that we received for services we provide to other departments their
8:51 am
expected to slightly increase and the general funds support is going down by the 1.5 percent reduction that was requested the mayors budget directions let's see on the expenditure does the two major areas wear proposing increased expenditures slayer and fringe and contract the salary and fringe line item it recommended to a one percent increase in benefit rates about one $.4 million of thatncrease is related to a 3.25 rate increase that the employees received october and another wage increase that is coming on july one that was negotiated in the current union contract with all the collective bargaining unit the remaining of salary increase for the projected positions we're proposing in the
8:52 am
budget that i'll detail shortly and the next overhead is charged to non-general fund revenues to grand jury the general fund for the city like progressing the employee paychecks and the services include the contract expenditures we're proposing several million dollars increase in the contract budget to support contract for various issues the property like at civically and the public realm design work and analysis of market and street van ness called the hub citywide feasibility studies. >> housing policy work-related to the sustainability program and the city to parks program and the technical feasible study our material and supply budget
8:53 am
will increase due to maintain and the refreshing of it infrastructure replacing the data and supplies like drives and printer and others equipment and to accommodate the staff our budget analyst report will decrease several projects that includes recent channel connection upgrades and work space expansion to accommodate additional instead of this is proposed to reduce by 4 pointed $5 million for projects that at one time funding like add backs introduce the board of supervisors phase of budget last year the parks to pavement program was budget at a capital improvement we're budgeting to
8:54 am
the contracts line item will go away that ending of the plaza work we received one time document review and budgeted in the current years one time piece of information that goes away and the fees for legal services the rent we pay to the department of real estate and citywide technology support will stay stable over the next two years. >> our grant budget this is the detail of what is constituent next year we're projecting a $600,000 for transportation planning, caltrain grant for sustainable and other various projects in the department
8:55 am
we also annually receive this california historic preservation to do accident survey in 2020 we project by project a grant if the union street epa for a streetscape design. >> this chart shows a breakdown of the department south africa levels as ftes proposed in next year budget the 2016-2017 fiscal year as a reminder fetsd are different from head count the ftes calculations is a function of positions must attrition and others good things are 13wr5uk9d from that the fte it decrease and that includes 14 point now ftes in the budget as well as excuse me. 3.6 that are annual lists from
8:56 am
the prior ized from the prior year. >> and have 200 and 21 ftes proposing to increase to 239 in 2016-2017 and 244 in 2017-2018. >> no i'll go over the summary of new positions requesting 14 ftes in next year's budget is annual listed to additional primarily under 4 initiatives, 7 ftes for project review backlog and two for new policy work, 2 ftes that analysis for the process improvements and then 2 ftes for community outreach
8:57 am
this is the detail of those positions fwlts backlog you'll see that the majority of those proposed positions are in the current planning provision there are two quadrant planners to address permit and volume backlog a design review manager and another planner to do design review and an additional planner to deal with the observation volume and the wireless facilities two planners to work on the environmental review team and one transportation planner the environmental planning division and additional planner enforcement in zoning under the policy we're proposing 2.31 ftes that annual listed iz
8:58 am
2017-2018 that includes one it was requested by the one planner to work on housing planning work and a planner next year to work on the new transportation demand management and an additional to work on that program under our process and improvements initiative we're proposing two ftes that annualized the 3 positions in 2030 this includes one planner to work on process improvement in the department, and in fact, in our finance office to work on financial support dealing with the increased volume we're seeing in the department and the graphic artists that provide the graphic artists support to all the departments and finally under the community
8:59 am
outreach initiated we're proposing to add 2.3 ftes or 2.12 that annualized to 2.5 neighborhood outreach mr. larkin planner the exclusive office on the community development projects and community outreach an additional community outreach planner to work on the priority projects coming out of the department and then finally more of a took adjustment we received the specialist port commission position in our budget not fully budgeted the last year but fully to an fte. >> and then finally our performance manufacture for the past several years they've been tracked to share we're discovering services in line with the violation of the department in an effort to improve the measurement of the planning department activities
9:00 am
the department began working with the controller's office 0 evaluate your measures this is in concert coyotes controller's office upcoming design with the citywide metric system so we are proposing a series of new performance measures that focus on the high-level output rather than counting the types of applications like how many residential additions or process within certain timeframes and small residential construction programs 100 percent affordable housing projects, community salutation our parklet 0 program we're proposing i won't go through them all but proposing to report and count the metrics under those various items and finally our budget calendar on the 20 of january we went to
9:01 am
the historic preservation commission on the 3rd of february sorry on the 3rd of february yesterday we went to the historic preservation commission and requested a recommendation to approve the budget there is a comment letter attached to your package from the hpc we're here today to provide the budget information to you next week we'll come back to the commission to ask for approval of the budget the difficulty budget to the mayor's office on february 22nd and june 1st, the mayor will submit it the board of supervisors and late july the board will take final action to adopt the budget. >> that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you tom just commissioners to summarize
9:02 am
quickly the heart of budget proposal is those in any positions that ac that tom went over and the 40 bucket on page 11 of the slide show so those bucket are dealing with the backlog to deal with new policy initiative to deal with process improvements and to fallout grow our ability to do better community outreach those are the issues i've benefit hearing from the board of supervisors and the mayor for the last year we hope those kind of address those issues in an appropriate way i'm just want to under the influence this is the vast majority of the revenues we're seeing going to fund those 14 to 9 positions the next two years with that, weigh close our presentation and anxious to hear our comments as well. >> open up for public comment if there is any public comment on this item.
9:03 am
>> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> this is always different to respond we're not day to day following how the numbers go up and down i appreciate the departments work, however, i have a couple of questions obviously without really knowing i have to say i don't the increase in expenditures with salary and infringes is staggering is goes up by $6 million and the first step and an additional 2 and a half million dollars the second step it's a an incredible amount of money the line item which spriepdz me on the materials and supply side the increase is very, very large between the adopted budget of today and how we're moving into the future three hundred and 6
9:04 am
to $350,000 with the decrease in costs for computers, etc. that and you mentioned a whole bunch of other things there is a huge step on this number as a replacement i understand that for many reasons we need place holder with the certainty of housing will create and complete change. >> of how we use technology i'd like to ask is that under which particular line item are you counting people who are more in support felt commission themselves for example, we have a long list of action items that gets longer and longer i'd like to see at least a certain amount of man power allocated for people to attend to the questions we ask in a timely manner thing on the list are way
9:05 am
over a year old and not been able to note the answers we need to participate in a way that's one question commission yeah. the commission staff is commitment to devolved under the department administration you see think outside the box on the first page well, after 3224 the memo looks like that so you'o you'l you'll4 the memo looks like that you'll see the - >> i'd like to see the presentation laid in how to affect us i'm in no position to question the numbers i'm observing a certain mulch e amount of detail missing
9:06 am
there's the other thing i wanted to ask that the increased confusion with enforcement i want to make sure that the department staffing and we've been supportive of with the mr. sanchez work and his staff work that we are properly covered to connect the newly instituted airbnb and short-term rental enforcement including increase ability to cooperate with dbi particularly because they lost the computer program to help make things for efficient i want to make sure we're covered for the next year or two or three until we have a technical basis to coordinate.
9:07 am
>> fine we'll do that we have 3 enforcement planners entirely tloftsdz to shortly and the zoning administrator has 32, 3, 4 one office and those are 6 full-time city staff devolved to the projeted d we have more double the number a furious we're proposing one more code enforcement. >> in particular worked on georgia said are those particular increases the work cost by what you have listed at the moment. >> well the work i believe that the commissioner vice president richards men's is work by the zoning administrator staff yes and by the current
9:08 am
planning staff one the aspects of the work looking at the code language and whether we can address changes to the demolition rifrlt that is done by the lotta's fountain earthquake staff. >> theotta's fountain earthquake staff. >> thea's fountain earthquake staff. >> tfontain earthquake staff. >> thearthquake staff. >> tuake staff. >> tke staff. >> the last question miff i'd like to see licensed architect to what type of projects we're reviewing it helps the commission and helps the general amount of cus the art we have many of them dealing with the architecture issues and we agree certainly two new architecture positions within this project. >> i hope that is sufficient. >> (laughter) so do i i think. >> and also into a summer
9:09 am
program with architects are assigned in other words, to learn i encourage that very much and see a proper balance in how we contributoattract interns. >> i'm glad you put if positions for that one comment i'll make the measurement section i don't see is a measure for what the for those positions and i'll recommend there is a type of process whatever that will. >> for that position. >> okay.
9:10 am
>> the other thing regarding the measures completely support the measures that you have the only thing i worry about how do you hand the details not due to the staffing this is something either part of project sponsor it can take two years i want to make sure that the numbers don't get distorted you or your staff have to do interesting enough we're zg couple of on our advanced calendar some ceqa reform on transportation once we talk about that will help the process i've been a party to discussions an ceqa reform or ideas of second not reform efficiency in the mayor's office of housing i understand from the documentation there is a desire
9:11 am
to survey the properties in the city to maybe circumvented that historic preservation commission ceqa review the question i'll have maybe i missed it is there any plans to beef up survey team or staff to go out and do that so we can save on the ceqa portion of the ceqa. >> yes. this year's the funding inform a full-time position to work on a survey as well as the funder for the survey itself we're the process of hiring that position. >> i guess to councilmember glover's point on the action item list we're going i'm going to put together kind of a list you itself and hand out a ballot for all commissioners to prioritize to get an idea what is most important for this
9:12 am
commission i don't know if so it too late i mentioned this last year maybe perhaps our be biggest issue is the intern project to tackle two of those items i threw that out there last year i don't know how we are the process of hiring an intern but maybe knockoff one of the projects i think on the i like the two architecture position that commissioner moore talked about it will help and some of the things we'll have potentially a project today where is there an translation of the residential guidelines in upper market street those two architects with the architect and the staff really help make sure that design guidelines and why the project conformed or and
9:13 am
exploratorium and the trade offs and what happened that had been a good investment so not having what we're seeing today and help the public transparent how the design gets done. >> enforcement the short-term rentals enforcement and the on the enforcement i know there is a lot of great people working on that i know wooefsh we'll have a i guess angle enforcement presentation it is yet to be scald but flush out you know, i think the enforcement cases with included the overall cases and highway patrol u how much is the short-term rentals and the etc., ect, etc. to understand how that all falls out and make sure the number of people on that are working on it correctly and some enrollment cases we're in short-term rentals it is so hard to figure out whether there is a
9:14 am
violation or not you don't have a threat they take forever and the process may be a person can recognize ways to curtail that like a valid register. >> understood thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> a couple of questions director rahaim first of all, do we have team efforts or redundancy maternity leave or project do they wait or assigned someone can pick up the relieve. >> they're typicallyy assigned it is i will say that reassignment slows down the work the new planner has to get up to speed but typically reassigned e assigned when an extended leave. >> one suggestion might not at the beginning of every project so have co-assignments you may
9:15 am
not have enough staff to do that but two people are brought up to speed with every project in the case of an absence someone can pickup and not have to be retrained on another efficiency item i assume we simultaneously salute i i know that environmental has to proceed other things in order of approval you can't really approve something for many of the aspects of the project until the environmental has been completed but it would seem as though the project could be evaluated even though the environmental has to be completed before any approvals i hope it is sort of what we are doing. >> the goal is that the environmental review precedes no
9:16 am
parallel. >> rather than sequencely. >> and the advantage of the environmental review can to the project review we're not quite there we were better but trying to get the paralyze and the environmental review takes the long-term minded we time to make sure it happens in that window of time. >> thank you. >> commissioner wu. >> so is it so great to see that that that is all projects review is working well, we're continuing that work and happy to see the dedication of the legacy business and the renewed work on the housing policy those are issues that commission has talked about a lot i'll continue to ask to pay attention the deficit of hiring especially diversity of the
9:17 am
experience like the business legacy program or working on housing it is the different prospective kind of helped to bring understanding to the staff level that something sort of more robust coming to the commission and then i said to ask a specific question from public comment come into ask about the filipino cultural heritage district whether or not that was included the work plan. >> i need some help from any colleague it is included in this year's plan one of the now you mentioned is one the issues the funding that was proposed as part of knowledge approval project and it is not totally clear where the funding which agree or entities is the recipient of
9:18 am
that the bottom line i don't think it is reflected in this work plan if i'm not mistaken but we need to clarify that point about where the funds is coming from to be honest is being tied up in the legal delays over the 5 m approval i'll try to have a better i eyes. >> united states cultural district is not about the 5 m it didn't incapsulate 5 m are removing quickly think central soma it is central to think about central soma so a part of larger work. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i echo commissioner wu's comments if you can grab that money i think that was three hundred k grab it and use it if
9:19 am
not try to use it internally that's important thanks. >> okay. >> no further questions commissioners that concludes this item we'll hear it in two weeks. >> commissioners, that places you under your item 8 the upper market expansion a planning code amendment. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is monique mohan planning staff i'm here to ask adoption changes for the upper market commercial district before i begin someone from supervisor wiener's will be here. >> good afternoon on this on behalf of the supervisor
9:20 am
wiener's briefly the the item before you provides an opportunity for an existing use the planning code we allowed the project sponsor working closely with the organization and craft the controls bra you today that explicit explicitly legalize the use but provide a path though the - the triangle neighborhood association and potrero castro and the castro upper market have sponsored this and briefly in terms of staffs recommendations it is reasonable to me the only concern we have one of the recommendations was expend those controls to the limited restaurant as well i think on the face of it we were open to considering that that has not been part of discussions with the neighborhood we'll be reluctant but we're open to be
9:21 am
back thank you. >> currently in the european market street the commercial the mtc requires the conditional use to work on the greater and not permitted on upper scenarios of the building this is to amend the planning code in upper market to expand with the constructive with the following conditions met one is a if it has been converted two an internal staircase bar use connection exists and 3 no expansion of the building envelope. >> neighborhood commercial district like upper market and mtc was to help the land use controls and support for the additional finding and city to make sure this is not a negative
9:22 am
impact on the validate phone number for the housing stock the city understand to those legalize or lists one bar but this limit restaurant the corridor that maybe good candidates and other restaurant uses because of the behavioral issues associated with alcohol as an expansion to have a bar on the second floor maefrns the department - while specific to say an arrest warrant try requirement for an expansion forecast did planning department didn't hinder the community to provide to make changes to the project sponsors as part of the conditional use authorization the planning commission can impose taeld consideration if the space has not on a roll call
9:23 am
and no expansion of the building envelope and i'm available to answer any questions. >> okay opening it up for public comment. >> hi taifd if the triangle association we are definitely supportive of the entire second story for the particular bar in question they've been a good neighbor and a good special event space for parties and that kind of things we've had enough of that kind of things in the neighborhood i'm weary to lend our support to a general expansion of this for restaurants this is not something we've thought about or
9:24 am
get into the weeds or the imperial staircase might be problematic it is news to be hearing about that in terms of what is actually on the agenda could i we're definitely in support thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> sound like reasonable legislation and as we heard when that was presented of this passes which it should i believe it will require any other establishment to go to the conditional use process we certainly have a good oversight sometimes 72 hour are more problematic then other retail uses and so might make a good use whether there are vacancies or issues for the
9:25 am
rattler and permitted use on the 72 hour second story i think this benefits one particular establishment it it has broad support and this legislation allows that to happen and allows us to consider any instances that may come forward the future but have to be deemed necessary and desirable i'm in support. >> i would like to support the comment the public made leaving out the staircase if i understand supervisor wiener correctly dealt with a particular circumstance which i feel strongly supporting, however, if i had el i'm not prepared and could be amended later this as specific understanding of the district
9:26 am
per say and situations or situations that maybe similar but the broader dafgs definition of the stair i'm prepared to so for the or support it the other thing more a question to supervisor i'd like to see a restriction on the use of outdoor space which we always try to only catch when it is too late this moment to discuss that is that at issue and perhaps you can answer that. >> you say outside spaces. >> a bar they use it and don't have approval and i would like to prevented that from having the gentrification of bar used by not spelling out what is included i'll be remiss of the question. >> this location as i
9:27 am
understand is a second story building a full lot coverage so there isn't a rear yard no outside space that is clear not allowing an expansion of the building envelope not a deck or something created devoted to housing. >> all your address about noise you're making a comment about only keeping the windows clotted. >> that was a recommendation by the staff. >> i'm in support without the recommended modifications or the provision that could be happening later if it is substantive support from the person that created this legislation. >> i'm making a motion to - it is a motion of intent to approve as it is brought forward by the supervisor and - how do i say that. >> we're going or we're
9:28 am
adopting a recommendation for approval. >> it sound like your in favor of the modifications. >> the one i was not in favor of the stair. >> on that particular issue not the issue is whether there is an existing stair but staff's recommendation that someone could put in a stair to connect about it you don't want to go that way that's fine. >> i have to hear the motion gnaw could you help me to formulate the proper motion with leaving out the. >> the establish portion. >> may i have a motion i don't know it was our represents the windows were closed but part of d t and a recommendation we excluded those are an informational item if you want
9:29 am
to approve how how the supervisors proposed it do a recommendation of approval that's all you have to do. >> i'm in support of windows closing i don't want to come back later and say a recommendation of approval that the windows need to be closed during proclamation. >> if i report a disturbance than they'll be an action you're also saying - >> not you. >> the staff recommendation those are proposed recommendation for the church i will bar to expand to the second story d ta has old positions we included the staff to brought to your attention and show you the types of concerns the neighborhood has. >> those are perfect i'm in full support i'll leave out the
9:30 am
stair and in favor of everything must the stair. >> the recommendation not to remedy the d ta approval for the actual approval. >> you'll include those when churchi churchill. >> it will come to you. >> this is complicated that tries to explain and this is the abstract it is difficult to understand. >> okay. >> i think that is clarified we're trying - this is the legislation it is a prohibited use the bar is prohibited use. >> if you don't want to support staff's recommendation do a recommendation of approval that's all that's fine. >> is that your motion.
9:31 am
>> i'll second commissioner moore's motion. >> thank you, commissioners commissioner richards. >> okay just to be clear so the stairs the motion includes the existing supervisor language or not. >> the existing motion is just to adopt a recommendation for the approval for the legislation as proposed by the supervise the issuance of stair will come back to you when the project comes back. >> jonas i'll correct there are dual legislation with supervisor wiener it includes the existing staircase. >> so to recommend approval with the existing legislation so the way it is proposed the first part. >> so i know executive branch i will and occasionally mr. i'm havi
9:32 am
blank. >> i like the legislation we have actually a couple of great bars on the second floor the lookout one around the corner and maybe a future expansion a great long time is eureka they have a great restaurant downstairs and a great bar upstairs i was there and greeted supervisor wiener so i will work with the neighborhood association to make sure you can create for spaces they really work in some cases so support of legislation and happy to have the community room in churchill. >> commissioner hillis. >> not to xhablth the staircase but a staircase in
9:33 am
every building you have to get up to the first story but it is odd to have this? the legislation just the staircase has to exist in the footprint of the bar that wants to expand? >> yeah. so. >> that's how the legislation is written correct. >> so staffs recommendation make sense in that case we're tayloring we might as well put in the named churchill a first story use going up to the second floor. >> snits the basis for the staff's recommendation. >> i be in we're making a recommendation but have to understand we're making a recommendation of the legislation that yeah, we
9:34 am
recognize that churchill will come back and ask for a cu but to commissioner vice president richards point if we want this to apply to something else we should take the staircase language out that will not apply or we'll build the staircase dpaints. >> any concern that by not having that language in there we'll create an incentive for merging spaces we're not ready to do so do the right thing but we're not ready to advance it policy. >> limit to churchill we don't expect any other use but a cu. >> we're not done all the surveys it is possible maybe an existing staircase between them we do know that for sure.
9:35 am
>> likely yeah likely didn't exist. >> like a single-family homes. >> if you do that you wanted to expand to the second story you'll not been able to do that you have to come back and amend the legislation we want to trailer this to churchill that's fine. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> the intent mr. powders to have a formally two flats with we have in the upper market and seen quite a few of the of and a commercial downstairs and a door on the right and formally a residence maybe an office or maybe turned back into housing you don't want to - i have to go out to the front door and up the steps to the second story to you support that because the second story is vacant they can go back
9:36 am
to a second story unit i like the legislation. >> commissioner moore. >> following up on what commissioner johnck's said this legislation speaks to a particular building type not a particular user i think we need to leave the emphasis that smaller create circumstances, which an, an internal stair are suitable for to documentation and not advertise it is confusing the body of text a reference to the body but that's not reference to our discussion. >> commissioners is there anyone from the public that wishes to speak to adopt a recommendations for approval. >> commissioner antonini
9:37 am
commissioner hillis commissioner moore. >> commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us on item 9 sacramento street conditional use authorization. >> game-changer commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm collin clark planning staff the item before you conditional use authorization to allow skin spirit to change from a vacant to a retail and personal service use ton is empowering of on existing second story commercial
9:38 am
building with 4 office units on the floors above and includes minor improvement for the original storefront windows this project is under the community-based pros as a result of written opposition the project was played on the calendar like the resolution that stabbed it the department staff will provide a written response to the opposition for the cu conditional use the neighborhood commercial zoning district a conditional use authorization is required for a personal use at the ground floor to to project includes a traditional service on the ground floor it occupies only 1/3rd find ground floor area and located towards the rear of the tenant space the applicant has chosen to incorporate a retail
9:39 am
formula with the front of the that is a by activating the street medical services will be an vertebrasy component with the raiser treatments and cosmetic injections the zoning administrator had determined this is a permitted accessory use within the mcd and proposed the draft motion that insure the medical uses will be a service at the site also sacramento mcd didn't allow a medical service use it is allowed as a seary use and hence publication the department received one more letter of support address correspondence from 3 people in opposition to the project to date 6 letters of support and are corresponds from 4 people in
9:40 am
opposition to the project with that said, the department is saying it is necessarily and compatible with the surrounding neighborhood the promote skin spirit is a bay area locked owner and operator is intended to serve san franciscans and the spirits customers live in san francisco and travel to asian pacific islander to the project will activate a vacant 24 ground floor that was vacant since 2014 it is the storefront windows and the project is capable compatible with the mcd and in terms of finding that need to be clarified for the basis for approval they need to be clarified state at the commission finds this project is
9:41 am
necessary and desirable and compatible with the neighborhood and surrounding use as follows: and submitted that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> again, thank you. >> we might have questions for you project sponsor please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm tom of reuben, junius & rose on here on behalf of the project sponsor we appreciate the staff report and all the work that staff do the to help us and appreciate their recommendation of approval we really feel this is an ideal location for skin spirit it is comparable and works well with the neighborhood and as staff has 6 letters of support with the project sponsor is our
9:42 am
architect hillary she will speak briefly and talk about the use of floor areas and the improvements made to the property and we have our owner and founder of skin spirit who will speak about the company and this particular space will be used we also have the property owner that is in full support we're i'm available to answer any questions and we thank you for your time and consideration. >> great, thank you.
9:43 am
>> overhead please there you go. >> hello i'm hillary human being arrested architect for skin spirit and explain the design and proposed improvement improvement united states of america it is an sacramento street between presidio and walnut street with 24 ground floor retail space adjacent to an article gallery and the floral shop both in support of project so skin spirit is a skin care business that provides retail and personal services for clients their american people ideal tenant for the space and business for sacramento because retail is a very important part
9:44 am
of their businebusiness as you can see from this slide the sponsor dine as a very strong retail aspect the front of the spates we're aiming to do improvement to transformer a space into a retail fascination heres the slide with an existing storefront right now the proposed new storefront as you can see the existing space
9:45 am
and storefront are very dark and uninviting it is limited because as you see the yellow that is shing shingle. (the following proceedings were held in open court, outside the presence of the jury:)ing and parolee ventilation it is a duchess door with a push button that didn't work how does a push button work on on a danish store skin spirit will encourage the booze and creating a better connection to the retail area wear proposing to do that by lore the windowsills removing the single siding to remove the
9:46 am
windows and creating double industry assessable doors into this space and creating a level situation all the improvements will pull the shoppers in there and the tenant improvements will propose create new attractive open interior finishes with retail fixtures displaying the product to retail is an important aspect in addition to the new storefront and the tenant improvements that skin spirit proposes there are also proposing to add two bicycle parking spaces and a new street tree to the front of the building department of water & power tur
9:47 am
about repaired in terms of the design it locates retail in the front the space and the entire storefront will be dedicated to retail the rear of the spates will conservative of 8 facial rooms and i think rejections with appointments the remaining space between two new assessable rooms and a wheelchair assessable ramp to the higher level and hallway and break rooms and office we we believe that skin spirit a benefit to this space to the street and the proposed building improvements and it's presence
9:48 am
will advance the viability and historic importance on sacramento street thank you. i'll introduce any colleague. >> thank you very much how much time i have left i'll have to really, really cruise this it there i'm a founder of skin spirit and mom i've lived in northern california and we started this in colorado locally owner and operator and a leader the last 10 years one of the reasons we were leader we stick close to the mission of providing products and serves with mooeveng result and that's the part of our business we occur rat the best skin care products not wildly available in drug stores and the front of the space is all dedicated to retail
9:49 am
our beautiful interiors and warm inviting exteriors is a fundamental part of our model and as you can see with the interiors look like it benefits city council spirit to sacramento street we're a designation we feel this could be as successful as our other locations that attract up to 25 people a month we are a designation we know that we have 2 thousand over clients from san francisco already and they'll stay here and keep their taxation dollars here your clients demographics are attractive and to the other merchant let's go to - let's skip over - so we're skipping
9:50 am
offer some because i'm running out of time another thing we're a successful business we think we bring something new to the streets but like to consider ourselves a social responsible business we retain the clients and most a female workforce has great benefits and great employees when this location reaches maturity we can create more jobs that helps the people that live and shop tyler we're philanthropic we getting give back to the community and support our clients passions and we look to our continue doing that in san francisco and we're going to make an expensive
9:51 am
renovation to the building that will make that safer for more people why do we go to the last two slides the community partnerships so one of the things we bring to the party is that we're very good marketers and will be doing an extensive media campaign to get people to know we're in san francisco another tenant to do crotch promotions with other vendor on the street and so we expect to be doing clients events every 3 to 6 months and include the partners withblast whether co-primgsz we try to be a good neighbor we're a good fit for sacramento street we think i'm happy you guys took the time and hope you'll think we're a great
9:52 am
neighbor too. >> open up for public comment (calling names). >> hello, i'm mel the owner of the property let me start by saying not only it this property vacant for 6 odd months but prior to that the former tenant had a grateful difficulty we did our best to sustain him without success the property is indeed of this typographic remediation and that type of tenant will be acceptable but prior to this tenant i went to the adjacent retail stores and said what do you think of this tenant they
9:53 am
would we'll like it i like it i think it will be an additional to the street and an additional to san francisco i live in the neighborhood. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm raul the asset manager for the property but my personal connection to the block and the neighborhood is predated my professional by 35 years as part of jc c and my father two doors down from it there newer how vetting the proposals and the appreciative tenants they rose head and shoulders above the others we spent a couple of months before we thought about that a thorough vetting process we are - we believe skin spirit
9:54 am
will bring much needed foot traffic and business to the block and to the neighborhood so - >> recommendation of support thank you very much. >> thank you. >> any other speakers? >> okay. >> you can put them on the rail there. >> hello. thank you hello my name is tracey a resident and business owner on sacramento street and head of avenue organization thank you, commissioners and commissioner president fong for hearing this case i think that is an interesting opportunity to sacramento street, however, i have problems with the conditional use permit being approved i think that the business is extremely successful
9:55 am
has a large clinic tell and those are great assets i think the medical nature of the business steps into our zoning controls around medical to - we've lost our hardware store and toy store the time changes we're also having the two predominantly large retail spaces are in a change and the hardware store is broken into includes a jewelry store and ready to wear bridle and a question mark not sure of the last piece the formally toy store will become a retail front with 8 private rooms the back medical and aesthetic services me this is a loss to our street and as far as a necessary part
9:56 am
of a enabling neighborhood and residential i think that is a question mark we have a you have a right of services on the street and certainly. >> sorry to interrupt you with whosoever phone that is turning it off it is disruptive to those procedures. >> i'm on the floor as a pedestrian i am a business owner and in my shop everyday except for right now clearly and joy hearing from people what we want to see the neighborhood one of the my responses to this project from the neighborhood from the people that live there is that they would like to be existed about a future use as opposed to oh, and it is not to say that is going to drive a lot of business i completely respect skin spirits business mold model it would be a business center with
9:57 am
a shopping village with parking with with 25 hundred customers a most they could do better with the designated barking parking the back. >> other speakers you'll have to line up on this side that would be great. >> hello my name is marilyn i'm a founder of marilyn skin care and on sacramento and much to what tracey has mentioned while skin spirit is an amazing business model i've been in the neighborhood for 18 years we're purely aesthetic service over the years the parking has become challenging i have many, many clients that reside in our neighborhood and the parking situation just continues to be a little bit more disturb so 25
9:58 am
hundred clients a most coming in and out of the neighborhood. >> i think filter and find parking i'm a little bit opposed to perhaps maybe an oversight but the use of this business as medical it is a medical business if you look at their wednesday night in any of the locations their it is a medical service they all require the majority require r.n. or doctors they'll be professionalism so i know from experience that the retail we offer is a very, very small amount from walk in traffic it is purely from recommendation from my aesthetic team as far as a shopping mechanic can or designation i don't foresee that especially being a medical the
9:59 am
lazer machines to operate are incredibly expensive i can't minimal they're going do change the business model of is a is successful locations to become retail and aesthetics for this purchase on the permit it says for medical services i know that says accessory too i know the business very well and it would be quite challenging for them to even kind of pay their rent the sacramento street based on the percentages of aesthetics compared to medical services so thank you for your time and consideration and for hearing me. >> additional speakers? >> hi i've been on sacramento street for 33 years i have a skin care salon i was - now perhaps we're too in this new
10:00 am
place incorporating the same block so i think that as huge surface they at street level obviously a big competition to have established businesses and open this street we're it in the neighborhood so we are drawing the clients from the same neighborhood and the idea we'll have so many clients kcmo from all over the city being we don't have anywhere to park and i think that some of the products we intend to sell we're already selling this is unfair competition for a small established business that's my concern thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment?
10:01 am
>> open this item? okay public comment is closed. >> and opening up to commissioners commissioner antonini. >> this as a very good project and for my purposes consider sacramento a designation a number of stores and restaurant and other things i will go to sacramento for i don't live ♪ neighborhood nor is my business in that neighborhood that in and of itself it sounds like a very good improvement restoring the windows and making that assessable to two different ways it will make a more attractive frontage and potential for quite a few of the jobs and i witnessed this all the time where people i know will drive out of san francisco for a particular product or service and saving 2 thousand people if driving to palo alto is good in
10:02 am
keeping tax revenue in san francisco so i think this is a very good and their also making street tree improvements and staff has already opined this is a retail are accessory so i think i mean there was one speaker that brought that up if that's a determination that is that type of use and e vertebrasy medical is okay. i'll move to approve >> i know the street very good all the small- as far as
10:03 am
competition i'm not sure we can make a decision on competition this is a good application where maybe having that barrier of 110 blow is put a bright line to me maybe mublt locations didn't take out small businesses but if they're lucky enough to have 11 hundred consumers that will be good up and down successful and ultimately want to see it successful. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a question for staff medical verse non-medical with the bright line. >> the breakdown. >> well medical will not be allowed doctor's office or would. >> it is not permitted in this district there are some - one provision
10:04 am
that allows a business or professional service use to be converted to a medical service on the first floor if inform retail formula is lost the only provision that allows a medical business. >> can you didn't think accessory medical. >> in less than 1/3rd of floor area that makes it an seary use. >> maybe the question for the project sponsor. >> so i don't go got back of the business because i look fabulous. >> you do (laughter). >> people coming in off the street buying products what's the percentage that goes to the medical treatment and buys it versus the people off the street. >> 80 percent of our traffic
10:05 am
includes a retail component so i also that when we that first time started out retail is a higher component of our total sales that's how we establish a relationship with our customers and that over time we convert them to other services so i'll say in the beginning retail will be more than half and more than half of our square footage. >> so are they offered anywhere else. >> our retail products we have a higher level of supervision and products that are not generally valuable in other places we offer that to the neighborhood. >> none of them are prescription. >> no they're just products that have more significant active ingredients and the people make them distribute them
10:06 am
through managing the process of people using them. >> commissioner hillis. >> so one i just i think we have to remind ourselves we're looking at the land use and commissioner president fong comments and concerns i used to go to the arc and i think the street has changed since losing the arc but what is key for me here is the retail component of this i think i agree with some of the speakers that spoke we want to that maintain the retail presence and i was looking at our pictures of the retail component the front you you know the fact it will be a skin care retail space on it's own will be allowed we wouldn't be talking about that if f that were the case the fact the type of business is not really what
10:07 am
we're looking at we're looking at the fact we wanted to arrive and keep the retail an fist storefront with the conditions for the first 25 feet is retail for the street it is good there are more people coming and perhaps less parking that tends to be good for others businesses so i share those concerns but staff has done a good job and that retail continue and function as retail and i think we all the neighbors should be diligent about making sure it it didn't turn to o pack windows we see the cases that close off the retail but given that i'm supportive. >> commissioner moore. >> i think given the length of the sacramento retail corridor generous actually with the
10:08 am
wonderful stores with the storefronts i'm not opposed to closing and the refinishing the storefront that will be better aside very a overriding concerns with i go to that part of sacramento frequently that the city's parking regulations are not at all supportive of small businesses. >> it is like two minutes and 25 seconds or a minute and a half it is almost impossible to do leisurely going around in that retail environment in support of small business owners that needs the parking more relaxed in order for us to be supportive or those who fear competition we need to help the way we're mardi gras the corridors to help those people
10:09 am
that are there obviously when anyone comes from treatment i think someone needs the parking space longer than one coming in one hour this is a push back of how to manage supporting this kind of a store by not tipping the scale against the small business owners that's how i look at it enough said i'm in support but appreciate in planning and staff trying to manages that side of corridor. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you. i think i have a question for staff so on the accessory use the fact that is 1/3rd i'm looking at the planned there seems two types of rooms like a lazer and something of a facial room is that only the lazer room that are are
10:10 am
considered medical or both the rooms. >> right to so the medical room is the cosmetic injections the facial treatment are 9 personal service. >> so the 1/3rd of the square footage is only what looks like maybe 4 rooms?. >> yeah, it is 1/3rd of the total square footage i'll mention with the architect taking a look at the land use percentages the retail is actually a higher percentage if you consider the fact that open the plans the packet it shows the percentage square footage based on all including the common areas so the retail percentages is higher. >> okay i want to just to be clear for
10:11 am
the record those 40 rooms legal cosmetic and lazer treatment that's the accessory use and that is what need to be with the >> schizophrenia i ask the owner one question in this other stores what percentage of the clients are booked by appointment versus walk in so if - >> well again somewhat of an evolution a lot more walk in when we first start and as we develop relationships less but a good i mean, i'll is in palo alto our oldest store we still
10:12 am
have probably 20 percent walk in. >> maybe like a hair slogan 12 chairs. >> yeah. we always have some availability not 100 percent booked all the time but the beginning it will be a lot higher. >> to build up. >> commissioner moore. >> of personal interest how old it the interior of the existing store. >> the interior picture unless the picture is out of context is a lovely picture to it has lovely qualities and the question i'll ask is there anything to the interior or is that much older.
10:13 am
>> people will have to come up to the podium. >> the interior was to look at novs arc a toy story like flat wall on the wall and all the columns are just spurred out to look at are look like the inside of a boat. >> thank you. >> okay jonas. >> all right. there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that with conditions staff actually amended the motion by reading a section into a findings into the record i'm showing you are you amenable >> approve the motion as amended by staff. >> yeah. >> that should be fine. >> and the seconder is okay.
10:14 am
thank you very much on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places us on item 10. >> oh. >> i'm sorry. >> can we take a short break please. let's disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under your regular calendar on item 10 franklin street
10:15 am
this is a conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon president fong and city council members of commission allison park coming down the pike listen the item before you it request for a conditional use authorization to allow pacific heights in to establish a thirty room tourist home e hotel on a four story building located on the northwest corner the n c-3 zoning district the upper floors are a variability of unpermitted use that exist since the 1970s include permanent and medical and service and professional service there is a condition of approval promoted in the draft motion that insures by unauthorized use are vacated between thirty days the restaurants is not part of plan it is worth noting this was built agents a hotel in 1904 and
10:16 am
parades until 1970s when was illegally enforced to office space this is process under the business propriety with conditional use authorization to the condition use the planning commission it considered to consider the following criteria one of the impact the competence of the public transit and childcare and other social services to the extent that the commission shall consider the assessable and part time permit of hotel and two the measures will be taken by the project sponsor to employ residents of san francisco in order to minimize increased demand for regional transportation and three the type property as a quick aside this third feelings with inadvertently left out of the draft motion to commission manager has passed out the
10:17 am
revised draft motion with the highlighting horror our review the standards cu fbld the department building pat kruflgs is nvshl and compatible with the projected shortage of tourists hotels rooms the city the sponsor as committed to hiring local san franciscans through the city's fir source program even though this is the triggered due to the small size of the project total 5 full-time and others apartment no significant increase no housing or childcare or other social services the proposed occupancy will be high year-round by returning this to the did original tourist use it providing community benefits with hotel resumes outside of
10:18 am
the downtown in close proximity to c camtc hospital and japan and other tourist designations duo to date the department has correspondence if two people in oppositions with that said, the department supports this and recommends approval with conditions the participated bay area locally owned hotel is to serve travelers out of hotels in the use activates the upper 3 fleerz restoring the building to the tourist hotel use and staff asks that the planning commission finding be amended to state that the commission finding of feels there project is necessary and desirable and comparable with the neighborhood character and surrounding use and as so forth the application submitted that concludes my
10:19 am
presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioners from mary tell joined by the building owners and operators and a project architect i think or want to thank mr. clark for work or working us with getting if project before you and appreciate his time and effort spend a little bit time adding meat on mr. clark presentation and about the way we will operate the hotel and how we will hire the employees for the most part my a complies are small hotel operators own 10 hoeltsdz in nell most of them from 25 to 75 rooms of small to
10:20 am
medium sized hotel this is within their office space they were told there was basically an office and professional used kind of building and wrote a letter of determinations and findings the zoning administrator opine that all the uses were professional bike sharing were unlawful and low and behold the last legal use was a tourist hotel that is lapd had to seek another cu we filed under the processing program and at the time my clients took ownership of the building of the spaces were fully occupied by a preoperative meeting in july of 2015 tenants said that the property management most vacated by attrition we filed the papers 9 tenant left in the building
10:21 am
prufrt to vacate the building within thirty disof this project approval we so you get the notice of determination and basically, their leaving we have not heard anyone challenging the vacation it will be in compliance with the continuing condition the basis themselves actually, the 33 spaces are anywhereing what was there originally and the changes we're to reduce the size of the spaces to thirty rooms to expand the bathroom facilities for the hotel and provide for assessable rooms and assessable bathrooms the demographics are in basically for travelers and others coming to the city either to visit northern california or the tourist designations or
10:22 am
because of the proximity to 9 camtc facilities they have a loved one that they may end up being a patient the europe style of the hotel is going to fit it demand that is unmet with the transient location and a well run hotel getting people to the place they need and to be the city as mr. clark stated we will video telephone employees apartment and not a big business but use as he said the mayor's office of economic workforce development as a source to find qualified employees and we believe that ms. hester give us a great suggestion in here lessor i'll submit we use the serviced of chinese affirmative action so they'll are qualified folks as well that is a nice
10:23 am
range of organizations to hire folks to work this hotel we're in transient rich location and seeking a parking space permit because of the nature of the democrat grafkdz there is not a lot of folks staying the hotel are are a rental car they'll use muni or take a taxi but not a need for off-street parking to satisfy the needs of this hotel no parking provided there mouse's and in terms of arrive and drop off we are first and foremost changing the address from franklin footage where the existing restaurant to the others building and work with the believable and provide some kind of signage again that bruno heights let's folks know the
10:24 am
intaps is not on franklin and again if agreement with mr. ms. hester's letter anymore robust getting to the hotel available on the hotels website as well as at the management desk people can have a muni map to get around town. >> with that said, i don't need to additional anything if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them. >> open up for public comment any general public comment ms. hester. >> sue hester attorney for united here local two the hotel workers have some concerns their minor and most
10:25 am
they're by project sponsor - our too big concerns we're asking your attention for is the exhibit a to first of all, the resettle who you hire is very important and the addition of camtc program subsistence mission hiring is important that is on page 2 special finding for hotels going to page 5 there is a provision about how you exhibit a to the revised motion a lot of stand up language and changes and modifications that the at the bottom of page one based on be burned by the last hotel that come through the
10:26 am
commission we want the addition of the following language that if the zoning administrator wants to approve the changing unit i understand they're not planning and they'll have a hard time they have do go back to the commission and at least tell you last hotel they came through came through as a 94 room hostile and had large hostile rooms it was converted after you had a hearing to a 200 and 4 room hotel babes staff analysis it says offering we're counting heads of people that will be there in beds no hotel the planning code when the administrative code anywhere the city is other than rooms of a hotel but all of a
10:27 am
sudden it came beds administratively interpreted ass at bed we have 7 and market approval for 200 and 4 room hotel instead of a 94 hostile so the planning commission should pay attention to try get used to depriving the zoning administrator of the ability to change the nature of what was presented the commission i'm glad they added assessment accessibility it good and signage all the issues i've talked to other attorney on the other side and i think they're in agreement and i heard that in their language thank you very much. >> is there any additional public comment? >> - good afternoon commission
10:28 am
cynthia research with the hotels union we're not taking a position on this project one way or another but want to speak to a few concerns one the planning department relies on analysis of project and transportation analysis that has the assumption that hotel employees will be san franciscan as walk to their jobs the conditional use for hotel and molt section requires that the commission evaluates this this particular project might be small in terms of room and employee count given the proliferation of the micro hotel projects you'll expect to see planning must recognize the dwindling hotels as well as the
10:29 am
rapid displacement of san franciscans that work the city hotel business the conversion of rent-controlled to short-term rentals and the growing number of sros that are seeking to go to hotels major help the shortage of san francisco this is a backdrop to the workforce you should look at the analysis given the proliferation of those micro hotel or short-term rentals sro conversion, etc. and the loss of rent-controlled and the resulting impact on the workforce local 2 asked that planning look at the in terms of third floor their cumulative and not project by project i'm submitting pursuant to the sunshine ordinance the written summary of fortune one and 50 words ask to be the minutes as
10:30 am
well as a portion of my copy thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think that is a very good project and obviously as we've heard didn't remorseful any housing i think the last speaker was knowing in terms of general job one is getting a job and it creates job that is most importantly and housing is important but have to have a job to support housing i'm very much in favor of that and converting badge an neuron authorized conversion i know a lot of the bones of the building will remain the same the floor plan shouldn't have to be changed i like the last address that gives it more character we know that i don't know if we have the statistics here i think
10:31 am
historically in terms of hotel workers the percentage of san franciscans residents is pretty high so that is a good thing and there's a shortage of the small hotel this particular neighborhood does have a few of various sizes but a need for that a lot of people will visit and stay in a neighborhood and they don't want to stay downtown not to go back and forth to visit friends they want to be close to where the family and because of constraint of the people they can't stay the house with their friends that is really good especially with the cal pacific medical center that may have a patient foreign a few days they want to be close he this is a really good use to
10:32 am
give us a lot of feel of european types of hotel i think that meets the criteria and glad those annexations were made in conformity with the conditions we have to have and the finding are included the revised draft motion i'll move to approve using the words of the revised draft motion. >> second. >> commissioner moore. >> january i think that is an interesting project and returning to its original use is better a ramon house not a europe partner hotel over there you have the significant attempt on price and at least it included a sink or toilet on their own that's a separate discussion the point i'd like to make when
10:33 am
directed towards the zoning administrator i want to see particular attendance towards supporting the alley and the moving the entrance to a more impressed way the idea find entrance the alley is giving an identity of the address and location because frank it is show along you, you're not knowing which block, however, i would like to see the support for the alley as living space i'm not talking about shared space but one that helps to take some of the unimpressed ideas we super not yet implemented into activating the alley through 9 positive space that can be done to escaping and signage but have an active commitment to the alley that is important we try to build the network and those
10:34 am
moves are the beginning point for helping the department to move from policy into prelims i'd like this particular project to participate otherwise i'm no support and support the motion. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions small property owner one more time and amended. >> as amended by staff. >> can we amend the motion with the address of two attention to the alley i want to make that part of motion i don't know what but give the staff the ability to talk with the owners we're doing more as suggested the plan. >> yeah. that is fine as long as the embellishments to the alley are that good idea. >> very good then on that
10:35 am
motion to approve this matter with conditions as amended by staff with additional attention to the alley commissioner antonini supervisors commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner president fong. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero excuse me. >> and places us on items 12 ab 11 ab geneva and santa fe avenue you'll consider a conditional use authorization and at zoning administrator will consider a request for a variance. >> good afternoon marseille with department staff the item before you request for the conditional use authorization for the use at the power house building within the complex known as the geneva carbarn the conditional use authorization is required because the property is located within the public zoning district historically known as the san
10:36 am
francisco and san ma to it is a city landmark and the building those buildings are together the national california register owned by the rec and park department and are sited along the north west evidently of genevadge of geneva the rec and park department is prototyping american people awe adopt reuse of both buildings the overview is provided in the packet due to the anticipated funding allegations and the certificate of appropriateness by the historic preservation commission and their request by you for conditional use authorization request see will mirror those if phase one the majority of work is proposed within the power house from the industrial to a community
10:37 am
facility as a event of arts exhibition center because the constraint the 0 no parking property the project is not asking for class one bike parking the site altercation are required to support the work at the building and the historic preservation commission approved a certificate of appropriateness for faenlsz work on november 18, 2015, the entire scope of work is included in your packet and the phase one will be before you at a future date i have received the letter if supervisor campos office supporting in project and have copies for the commissioners the project sponsor has more information about the delayed ever details the project
10:38 am
i have end my presentation if you have any questions, please let me know. >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm nourishing with the rec and park department thank you for hearing this item i want to give you a little bit of background did brothers did the geneva carbarn and the power house it is a reminder of the first light rail it owned in 1944 when taken over by muni it was damaged the loma prieta earthquake it was demolished and a group of community members came together to save it was the friends of the given power house and the rec and park department inquired the building and the stabilization building was
10:39 am
completed the vision was development at as community art center it is arts training for underserved use but provides programming for all ages from toddlers to seniors and the cafeteria community meeting room and student lounge and, etc., etc. at that time no designated theatre in all of will district 11 in 2010 the building was listed on the national register also no 2010 darlene design was chosen for the building this design has received part one and two from the preservation office and the national park harvest historic tax credit in 2013 it received a categorical credit and in last fall approved as a from the historic preservation commission the roommate the carbarn for short the carbarn
10:40 am
was compressed of over 25 hundred square feet for the historic places will be applied as well as the best practices and conservatism will achieve the gold status based on the final documentation the project is approximately $29 million the rec and park department in partnership with the office of economic workforce development the office of district 11 supervisor avalos and the san francisco arts commission is pursuing a two-part with the power house and the phase one is the improvement to the office building and the additional improvements not power how we believe that is more feasible and speed up the activation of the building and generate more interest the project the power house is approximately 31 hundred square feet with 35
10:41 am
square foot ceilings that will be exceptionally beautiful it will have the visible professionalism arts and more likely by nonprofits arts providers additionally moving places clay's for senior like joking and others classes can be offered that the space will serve as a community meeting and rent-controlled unit for short term events and performances by other arts groups and accumulate wedding and dances and on the space will have been is a catered kitchen and bar and independent of a moveable stage the power house design was a simplified version and the vast majority of improvements will be reigned in the master plan phase one will be having hazmat
10:42 am
- improved entrances and restored windows and mechanic and electrical system and a new floor with the heating given the historic nature of the building we're unable to change the envelope of the building or the power house and thus accommodate class one bilk the rec and park department has committed to allowing the employees to store their bicycles in their office spaces lastly the planning department has included it is a modification and thus has no effect on the ceqa and the carbarn has sat empty across the street from one of the busiest transportation hubs the city it is a great historic building with the flexibility and to enter jiujitsu the community the balboa station the restoration will serve as an
10:43 am
anchor for the neighborhood that also states the national trust for the historic considers the use of stores for a catalyst for attracting bids the synergy between the car barn will help with the connection and help to create and successful newtown center and arts place the transportations and allow the carbarn for geographic focusing informational point for this district thank you very much any other speakers if rec and park or the project sponsor thank you. >> opening it up for public comment if there is any for this item. >> i'm speaking as a chair of the friends of the office
10:44 am
building and pour, however, house that was created in 2002 we organized to save the building the 1998 and 1999 beginning of the 1999 then willie brown directed the mta to cease effort and work with us to create a neighborhood center focusing on after-school program for youth in 2004 the rec and park department made an off to the mta to take over the building the mta accepted we've been working on this since as i said 1999 not only is the given carbarn in charge of that i don't know anyone the neighborhood it isn't it is great this is actually moving
10:45 am
forward thank you. >> any other speakers on this item? okay public comment is closed. >> and commissioner moore. >> thank you for a thoughtful presentation this is a fanatic idea i couldn't be happier seeing a project this is a long time to have it stand other than but nevertheless, it is there the light at the end of the tunnel i hope the zoning administrator will not stick us with the bicycle requirement but indeed rec and park is helping us deal with the bikes one question i have and that pertains to page 4 of the report and under the issues of consideration mr. woodrow under
10:46 am
item towards the become of the page the third line no formula retail use is proposed the project i hope we'll find encourage to not have formula retail being a consideration for something that in a scale and i don't know what it tries to express the character the community i'm not sure this is possible but there clearly not proposed is absent disturbing to me. >> i understand i think i said in phase one a restaurant and retail proposed i think i'll let the nicole in rec and park answer about the the city proposing retail formula but this will be retail is not actually any formula retail action being promoted at the moment but i'll let nicole from
10:47 am
rec and park speak to you on phase two. >> i'm sorry, i missed part of question from coughing but will the retail space we were anticipating perhaps that was a gallery for local artists are maybe some of the students working this will hopefully have a job training component could work in a june venture they are selling work as part of program at the least people will be connected to the mission of building awning i appreciate usual explaining that the small business commission and the mayor's office has an active program helping the small businesses to reach out to them first, we have a june win city
10:48 am
efforts i'll notice. >> we've been in discussion with the conveyer merchant association and 09 excelsior people working for spaces for local merchants. >> move to approve with conditions. >> second. >> commissioner hillis. >> so thank you for this this is great to see is move forward and thank you to dean weaver that worked countless hours and right-hand side it is debris know that rec and park stepped up and took on this building not up their alley but did it you know for saving that it is not ideally in two phases but getting the phase off the ground is good just a question who manages it if someone want to rent it have a community meeting who is ultimately managing it.
10:49 am
>> two different models we pursue both of which the rec and park department has like something we're doing with bodecker a new clubhouse and the masters tenant managers the business for community uses and sub tenants and other models are multi tenants mo' magic in hayes valley and self-help for the elderly in chinatown and so we've got organization that manage the building part of time and they cooperate with other organizations the third model we have a rec and park staff member we're not at this point providing programming it will not be a harvey milk or rec center but have a staff person there. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> i think this as wonderful
10:50 am
project and yeah. i will encourage you to have when it eventually comes is that as possible allowing it to be used for rentals is going to be a source of funding that helps to continue the ongoing costs of operation of the center so he very good driven uses but good to have the opportunity to rent it out to private parties for events and things like that that will help to fund that. >> our goal to underwrite our partners ability to provide arts use for the people in the neighbors and have an tndc income to do that a great opportunity. >> more reason to do it and some kind of food service is always a good thing it is a source of funding. >> we'll have a 99 black box
10:51 am
theatre sow people will have a bit before a show and stay afterwards. >> the pedestrian access is non-community right now i understand that bart's and muni are revising the area i have occasion to once take the m and a transfer to bart they stopped the m and said this is the end of the line and you walk along the sidewalk and try to get into bart that's how you transfer it might have improved. >> there's a lot of activity going on the neighborhood with the scrape encroachments and required to make our building aids assessable and working with the mayor's office on disability and interest is things we need to get done we're doing it.
10:52 am
>> that's important. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that with conditions on that motion. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero. >> thank you very much. >> commissioners that places us on item 12 excuse me. oh, i'm sor sorry. >> i will close the variance hearing and grants it with the conditions. >> thank you zoning administrator. >> now we'll move on to 12 ab market street conditional use authorization and zoning administrator will consider a request. a evaporates it appears we have time to get through it >> yeah. >> yeah.
10:53 am
>> commissioners i want to introduce you to another new staff member you've not met yet this is jeff horn jeff has been with the department for several months he's in the south west quadrant with 8 years environmental planning experience working with the transportation and infrastructure projects his previous work is with the county of riverside and he's worked on large project like the california high speed rail and planning projects for pg&e of alameda and berkley and san rose. >> thank you director and commissioners jeff horn planning department staff the item before you a project proposing to
10:54 am
demolish a two-story commercial building to construct a mixed use building with 52 dwelling units and 2 thousand 6 hundred space along math and 14th street the ground floor frontage on market street will contain a lobby and leasing office and mail room and bike parking and incorporate an existing muni elevator the footage will include two ground floor unit and a service vehicle bay project will widened the sidewalk and add 6 street trees for the better streetscape plan on the triangle lot within the upper market district and within the market octavia the proposed new construction has been reviewed by the preservation staff for design within did
10:55 am
standard of the upper math ceqa district it requires conditional use authorization to planning code section 3037314 to the lot exploding nine hundred and 99 square feet and the next section to have and in an official bike route it requires a variance from the planning code for rear yard and one 4.1 for ground floor non-residential ceiling height with 14 feet the project is one of the lasting last walks between within the controlled and as much the project has issued the community plan and therefore you'll be adopting the ceqa finding the project sponsor has worked worked with the neighbor groups
10:56 am
to insure that meets the neighbors needs and one of the primary concerns that the affordable housing remains on site and because the project will provide rental units they've entered spots costa-hawkins and a draft has been provided to staff so the materials we triumphed transmit willows end and st. francis luther republican church. >> two letters of concern from a neighboring property so the department is recommending approval because the project creates 62 residential units that makes a studio and one and two bedroom units to expand the opportunity and enhance the district it is appropriate
10:57 am
development as of an in fill and underutilized property the property provides housing including 7 new affordable units on site and it will be destined to comply with the upper market residential guidelines on market street and a short element with the gown units on 14 streets with the neighborhood that fits the market street corridor is provides no off-street parking for residents and provides 62 class one and plus that is figuring out the transit first policy that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> okay project sponsor please.
10:58 am
>> good afternoon, commissioners first i want to thank you for louse us to present was a tight schedule i appreciate your accommodating the project my name is barry from the development i'm a small local san francisco developer the last projects were pled many 2014 where i built market street a one and 50 condominium project as well as 16 market street i built a 24 unit building with 23 bmr units i'm here to present any proposed development for 2100 market street repeating look what jeff said we're proposing to build a 62 mixed use apartment building that had replace a 2 story space vacant
10:59 am
since 2011 i'll give a brief he overview following my introduction i'll ask my architect to go to the design process in detail how he ended you been u up with the current proposal give you a little bit of background various restaurants are been here over the last thirty years the home restaurant closed and been vacant in june 2013 the landlords was turned down i by the planning department to lease the space which would have been been a formula retail and you conditional use authorization the owner was initially designed to lease leasing the restaurant he reached out to discuss other possibility we came to a did 9 year ground lewis lease i'll
11:00 am
develop it never to a condo that was zoned 85 feet with the market octavia zoning after market octavia plan was initially approved also zoned 85 feet and pushed to lower the heights 65 feet so the current height is 65 feet and we're within that envelope a little bit of the planning history we've been working with planning for two years and submitted our initial conceptual design to the p pa to planning in 2014 we followed up with the e e application in august of 2014 and wasn't until january of 2015 that we were assigned a planner and move forward with the conditional use authorization we are complying with the inclusionary housing with 12
11:01 am
percent bmr's on site we're currently working with the city attorney on the costa-hawkins all the time that allows us hocking to continue my a attorneys are here poor as jeff alluded we were going to provide 25 or 15 cars but after a series of meetings with planning and the best use of the neighborhood we decided if this transit rich corner we didn't need to provide parking but better to activate the 14th street cultivation and with ground floor stooped inspires to activate that location per the project has gone through several minor divisions which alex will go to we were to have a third party consultant because of the proposed building a potential
11:02 am
contributor we are working closely with the team and very please line up on the screen side of the room pleased with the final design we feel it is a strong proposal are more conceptual with the fabric of the existing neighborhood the project present logic challenges a muni elevators on the premises and a muni escalator the tunnel in addition we've agreed we're feasible to widen the 14th street sidewalk and setback our building 7 feet from the corner that adds better pedestrian assess around the building is an actual corner with the church street as well i have presented to numerous neighborhood groups including getting the support of castro district and castro merchant and the coalition we presented twice
11:03 am
to they're not currently supportive we fully supported the properties on the immediate west they wrote and letter and support the project in any historical of history it is unusual and jeff mentioned other numerous businesses have expressed support like the bangladesher shrber shop and i currently an eye soar into a vibrant corner with a. >> mixed use this building that provides permanent rental shock i'll present alex. >> i'll give you a brief design how it evolved i'll show you the
11:04 am
first design to planning you know as you can see in this design it has contemporary and conceptual and shows our earth edge and show us the principles we kept celebrating the corner we wanted to market so in here last week the centering central design hug that corner that is grazing and the other part we had sort of wanted to play with the concept of the san francisco bay window and to make it a contemporary feature as all the bay windows comply that the zoning code with the bay so those are the principles that we started with after we submitted this we had some basically comments from the planning as you can see our set
11:05 am
straddles over two heights of district the 65 feet and on 14th street disproves to 40 feet as you can see also the backyard that is tucked the back of the yard facing the neighbors we like i said, it up with their setback to benefit from light and air on market street we were the corner of church and 14 in that corner pushed back the building more room it on the sidewalk in this area we also got some basically comments about the look of the building mostly they wanted to us emphasis that corner i want to say we added height as you can see here and talked about market street as the civic street of san francisco we started is to bring those piers
11:06 am
down to give it more of a formal look on market street and also, we took out the bay windows and placed balconies in sort of back and forth rhythm that you know with we got at the same time looked at that's we were getting commissioner campos comments from the historic preservation commission and you and that's what took us to the next design we are at things like bringing down the piers so the building is more grounded address giving it a top, middle and bottom and generally using better quality materials and the coloring that is more appropriate to the neighborhood so that's where we are right now as you can see for the top middle and bottom the glazing and also, we like how it
11:07 am
actually comes forward and ties into the vertical elements we we brought back the bay windows and alternated the bay windows and the balconies the judea balcony gives people a chance to get air and not store things on the balcony and let me show you the other elevation we have 3 bay windows and two julia balconies that again comes from the rules for the design of the bay windows and as you can see how on 14th street we're sort the dropping the height of this to make that more fine-grained based on the residential quality of 14th street yeah - here on the ground level
11:08 am
one of the things about the materials we had siding on the building and the structure. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> your time is up. >> i think the commissioners may have questions for you. >> okay times up open up for public comment we might have questions for you. >> okay we have a number of speaker cards if you want to line up on that side of the room that would be great (calling names). >> if your name has been called
11:09 am
feel free to please approach the podium. >> my name is sherry king ma'am, if i could ask you to bring down the microphone. >> my name is sherry king i'm an owner of the victorian the first block of 14 i'm here to oppose anything above 4 stories in the first block of 14 there is like a little row of victorians i circled there so i'm open as a building it is allowed to go up past 4 stories i'm concerned that the victorians will be dwarfed the tone of the street will be altered the street as i understand is part of historical
11:10 am
district which i would assume intend to keep the look and feel of the era intact the owners of vindica victorians are to keep this historical it would be beyond four stories not go one thing for a building on math to steady four stories but since this building is part of 14 a suddenly difference in height will not be appropriate and next to the promoted building are two small commercial buildings the laundromat and pizza place i'm imagining if this building were allowed to go above 4
11:11 am
stories it will set a precedent and at some point those two commercial buildings with rise up also i just on the large building should stay an market street and not encroachment our neighbors also it sound like not parking for the residents i know it is present as a transient friendly building but no enclose the occupants don't have cars and add to the parking problems that's it thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commission i'll pull up any presentation on that ground tom will set up the presentation can i pass around now the - >> sure.
11:12 am
>> we was hoping to find a full screen view i'm not sure it will show up i'm tom on the triangle association i've been a resident of the area on 14 between noah for 13 years i bike and walk and drive past this site dale multiple times a big supporter of developer and an architect myself i focus mostly on more than developments i work in and among
11:13 am
san francisco neighborhood so i understand the challenges of working in an existing urban context and the design review i'm not convinced this educated proposal is there yet in terms of the design so i'll speak to the design and also, this is the first of many proposals the upper market area and sets a precedent for things that have groundbreaking or impressive or sets a bar for others to follow so - in the upper market design guidelines words we focused on creative, sorry that i have light incentive and high quality materials i think overseeing things could through a colleague
11:14 am
of mine on the land use commission we came up with buildings that we think are good examples of the architecture around the world and why are we seeing those in our neighbors this berlin random ord of facade and the features i think starts to break down this sort massive quality i think that is graceful and interesting and it evokes emotion this is the tokyo the different size of the massing and show interests this is a corner building that is a building in italy it has four stories a straightforward
11:15 am
destine by the facade treatment beaked the treatment of the order of windows and i think that is good visual interests here's a local example of the richmond apartment in hayes valley interesting roofline the arrangement of the windows and massing break down the large development this is a corner. >> sir, your time is up. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> david troop where the triangle association i'll try to continue here the slide show from - >> so this was another
11:16 am
flatiron building that is more visibly interesting and has more features last project was a project we spent a lot of time on and frankly disappointed on how the building once built like quite a bit different they used shading to try to make it look like there was a lot of articulation. >> sorry but the final project reads flat this is another project on market is also very vertical and didn't read very interesting. >> and we have similar architecture that is proposed in
11:17 am
the inn deboss an sanchnn debo z the inn deboss an sanchnn debod you've seen how the renderings evolved i'm going to move on to retail we've been long proponents of smaller sized retail spaces that provide opportunities for local biz businesses to prosper in those spaces. >> the market octavia plan spells out the development should include a range of retail spaces some that are larger and some smaller. >> we were part of a retail study with other neighborhood groups which found that one of
11:18 am
the problems and one of the reasons we have a high vacancy rate the large spaces of high rents they command so as a case study renée came on board came almost two years ago and right now only one of the 3 retail spaces is occupied the other two never occupied and the one occupied by a h ar block financial services and not a preferred sort of retail. >> thank you, sir, your time is up. >> >> next speaker. >> and dillon (calling names).
11:19 am
>> peter cohen long involved the deboss triangle i don't know they explained the component 8 proximate causes that are moved over the course we were involved in every of them now they're built out a couple in construction this is a second wave this is the first of 6 projects the precedent sets in terms of second wave and we as a community learned from the first wave is important we want to impress on the details some folks say yes, it is good but details matter the issue is
11:20 am
affordability you've heard 12 percent affordable is good these days people are will not argue it as low bar we found the pissing pieces of upper market hat dramatically increased with the new development and only the only tool a onsite available we've not had a project in the upper market so onsite closing arguments is good deboss triangle was part of an effort with a number of community organizations eureka valley and hayes valley and lower hate association all standing and articulating a policy position of 20 percent acknowledge onsite is what the community need how to make that happen is a project by project but we have advocated to the project sponsor and frankly zero interest in
11:21 am
surfing no effort on the part of project sponsor how can that happen we realize the concentration can't force this but that is an issue for us i want to point out one aspect of this particular project flip forward now. >> that i would argue give us a handle there is 7 stories 65 envelope is typically a ground floor of 5 floors above and the market octavia had a 4 foot bum and intestinal exclusively having generous height by a variance request to squeeze in and the upper levels enough space to get a 7 floor the calculations a 20 percent increase the residential floor area that is the threshold of
11:22 am
prop c that laws the city to propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more alaws the cit propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more laws the city propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that morlaws the city t propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more olaws the cito propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more wlaws the cit to propose a higher requirement i suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more propose suggest you eliminate the floor or make that more affordable. >> hi commissioners sorry about the e-mails you got but i was sending overwhelms for director rahaim and thank you director rahaim for coming to the land use committee on monday taking up his evening we presenter the design issues and especially he knows what he is talking about i want to talk about the process and my colleague handled the rest better to be safe than sorry as we expressed on monday we didn't believe they decide the issues this is peter cohen spoke about
11:23 am
the first of 3 developments 21 hundred market and next on market and after that 2201 the industrial site and no one of the developers have been encouraged to talk with us seriously since the designs are getting less interesting and less affordable just to put up our model in the neighborhood 21 hundred market they've engaged and squeezed in 20 percent accountable and turned a profit it's been appointed those are the pipeline for a long time but they've been advocating for affordable housing and no longer than prop k was passed in 2014 asking for 33 percent of all new housing to be affordable and the
11:24 am
center of the city and setting a model of 12 percent hoping this is not a model and as our neighborhood gets built out on market street represents the last opportunity inform create income levels we're asking for sorry i guess i went the wrong way on the last slide the best thing to do i mentioned this earlier postpone the first 6 weeks that may not be enough time to discuss and add the extra story or get rid of and get more affordable it can't be done in a walk welcome back and not done up to now the last minute planning is not good planning i ask you to postpone
11:25 am
this for 6 weeks and give us time to create a building that is beautiful and neighborhood serving in terms of income and there's time we'll sit down with bryan we like him and get something that will be good for the neighborhood thank you. >> hi laura clark staff i think we have two issues and been pled and this happens often in san francisco housing number one it is pretty that's an argument i have little tolerance in 1973 better than all railing that mr. was a anyone extras extras on the horizon that is lovely i really like it on my t-shirts right now, we're in a
11:26 am
housing crisis every time we spend too much energy and too much fighting we all agree on what is pretty we're waste of time there are people being evicted today, we need to create the housing for people moving here tomorrow i urge you to stop delaying overseeing projects the second argument around affordability i have a lot of tolerance i love it when we talk about affordability we need this city to be accountable and maybe chance the laws and make that a higher requirement and spend 25 percent affordable housing fine let's do that legislatively we should be forcing more people to do that onsite fine that's an argument we have citywide something we can't let projects that are lodged on top of muni station to be downsized in the
11:27 am
name of supposing adding a higher percentage of affordability that reduces the number of total of homes we need to think about the total number of homes that we are creating and maybe they have shorter ceilings i'm fine with i live in a tall ceiling space i don't spend much time at the top of my ceilings we need density around transit rich on a place that has been abandoned this is perfect i thank you guys not to delay and delay and delay every time you. >> delay a project is another week a family goes without a home i urge you to be efficient in our process. >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
11:28 am
commissioners my name is dillon i'm the owner of the wood house property across the street from the proposed site and a partner at the swedish-american hello hall i've been doing business in the neighborhood for nearly 10 years and for the last 5 the site has been vacant and a magnet for illicit activity and coasted in graffiti we like to see that building with some activity in that and see that soon it's been a long time i'm not an architect and can't speak to how the building looks at we want to see some something there and something soon thank you very
11:29 am
much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> afternoon commissioners i'm chase chambers the general manager of academy a medical cannabis dispensary serving 50 thousand member patient on market street we take pride in our business and prathsdz since 2011 and have contributed to the improvement of the environment at intersection church and market nevertheless, the by building combined with the large supermarket across the street another several other entry buildings created a volume it is filled with graffiti and other hazards we think this will improve the environment bryan and his development company have been an integrity and a track record of a success and development in san francisco
11:30 am
which speaks for itself i think we are delighted to support this project and urge the commission to swiveling approve the building as a president of guerrero and market street across the street from the other project i understand there is a few concerns about the bottom floor rep i attended the meetings that bryan gave there was a considerable amount learned from that project they're making a very good effort to understand the needs of neighborhood northbound a retail aspect and they correct me if i am wrong but i would building this kind of made changes to the ground floor to address some of the issues i believe that there is already more excitement throughout the empowering retail in this project so i do believe there is a guarantee gave me
11:31 am
thought put into in project i personally support that. >> i've seen the abandoned location glow a lot of really hard times and fires and encampment and it is a hazard we do need to do something that that as much as possible. >> as quickly as possible. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm andrea and the executive director for the castro hill upper market benefit district i'd like to echo what that woman eloquently said about design a few minutes we know that design changes from over the years and over the decades and not so long ago when that space was zoned and 85 feet i remember all the
11:32 am
talk the city about the manhattantion of san francisco we were not concerned about housing but the manhattantion of san francisco and doesn't want density now everyone says we need density and housing and housing and housing it is a shame at the corner sitting over muni that was it was changed because of community pressure from community organizations and so i really urge towing you not to delay it is important that that corner has been a source of blight for many, many, many years the community benefit district and bryan spears has spent thousands of dollars remove graffiti and broken windows and boarding stuff up we have to get that building torn down and the new building built
11:33 am
as quickly as possible and additionally the cv d some folks referred to bryan spears was one of the members of the retail team and the cv d in about 4 weeks will begin implementing the recommendation and to pull the brokers and property owners together at church and market to talk about decreasing the vacancy and bringing in businesses created a vision for 3 corner among the property owners that cv a will be part of that to bring in violate of vital businesses so i'm not worry it is divided into the so to speak spaces that as restaurant that we urge you to
11:34 am
the cv d board and prvrnz irregular to you pass this and pass it now thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners rob pool point housing action coalition speaking for the individual member thank you for allowing me can i please have the overhead. >> walk you through the report card so members reviewed this recently and we're very supportive of it obviously the site is completely underutilized for bad behavior it make sense they take advantage of the studios broken and two bedroom and we'll asked for parking
11:35 am
units we're support in their meeting the letter of the law with 40 first antidepressant we support that obviously the city had a lot of discussions in 2011 and 2012 and now having it discussion again, it was purchased the law was 12 percent a decision that was made and we have to respect that open the developer said that he was open to exploring the inclusionary we'll be more supporter and actually conduct the affordability its an important topic that the transit oriented as you can get cars on top of the muni station is highly appropriate we will support the new bike lane he is open to that idea nothing from the could
11:36 am
urban design this property will encourage active use and widens the sidewalk and the to tell you the picks up on the rhythm for environmental futures they're meeting the basic standard and do anything to help enhance those features we'll be incredibly supportive we have a good job atheism not been in agreement with everyone about is hard to do in san francisco on affordability stand point you know some people say there is precedent for a junior high school level we've seen that in 5 m and mission rock rocking about this is in upper market we
11:37 am
saw it in another plays 12 percent in 2011 and envelope this project has been the work for two to three years we have to respect the law thank you. >> my name is silvia johnson you know i'm looking at your instructions that there's no table i've been looking mission street to you know do this process i've been really sick but getting better i've been feeling a whole lot better those promotions that muni agreed on we rebuilt as far
11:38 am
as the law but it is included on the policies and we need to have more politicians put on the policies to insure that the context were more building construction during other you know procedures open other contracts and i think that is that the reason why smooth those projects on market street has been hadn't regret and no right-hand turn is we - garden, you know, this is a what we need on a lot of these to respect people you know do our you know
11:39 am
- this is what there's a lot of fighting and stuff last week this going on and i am going through high school and college to go ahead and cbo to the university school since i've been better and i'm more you know - really moving on in a car and want that car to be processed and already to be reserveed and it would not be class here because i have you know things that have not been processed on the police
11:40 am
department because they've not - he's a father additional rather have the process in close nearby and that way we get this preened and making the other procedure on the project thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is victor i'm a property owner and a neighbor of the proposed project it was a tough act to follow anyway, i support the project that was proposed and regarding the affordability requirement i speak in general i think that
11:41 am
changing the affordability requirement makes it tough for projects to get you know new projects to be proposed so i think you'll see that 25 percent or 20 percent is a smaller number that will be a lot less than 12 percent of a bigger number. >> commissioners victor goes on a development consultant working on the 2198 market street 6 months away from completing that project it was entitled in 2014 with d t and a-12 percent rental onsite all of a sudden a lot of talk recently recent talk about the housing crisis and always been a
11:42 am
housing crisis the triangle upper market street is half rent-controlled unit and stabilized in if that regard and the other half homeowner for that regard and the first wave of development is the you were market street those are underutilized sites for abandoned homes that need a mixed use development and getting mixed use development under the plan i think that is a great endorse time it is happening with great results when the gentleman was before you i was here i was interested it was urged several times by neighbors and having been d t and a we don't want another retail formula we should tear it
11:43 am
down with onsite affordable housing and that's what the owners took from that hearing and that's what their presenting i'll urge you to support the project and get on with that in our surveys current rents we see the rent stabilize there is a lot of rent control in mission bay that are flael flattening out the rents the argument of supply and demand if that matter we do a lot of work in seattle seattle's relents are dropping they've developed a much larger supply of agreement then we have thank you very much. >> i'm sorry a neighbor the neighborhood for 25 years i pass
11:44 am
that corner for many, many times most of period of time it has not been an eye soar this is perfect if you can upgrade that will would be better for 50 units is great but 18 would be better you've goes to got it in the middle of town i'm fully in support the design is for the holder it is perfect. >> up in the housing the lower-income why we put the burn in the bedrooms this is a problem for all of us the city as lands why the city didn't need the new housing we have all responsible and we all should be dealing not only just for businesses it process would be
11:45 am
approved as quickly as possible thank you, thank you any public comment? come on up. >> other speakers come on up as well. >> yep. >> my name is mccain wall deck it is district attorney gentleman have you i was before you in 2013 with the same group was opposing then as now the design i didn't really listen to them and realized they were the design czars of san francisco sorry they didn't look at tokyo and berlin but picked someone no california i was a representative i'm the
11:46 am
representative of family that dealt with that property for the last ten years i'll tell you we tried ever possible tenants and a number of small restaurants i won't name but i'll disclosure privately dealing with bryan has been a pleasure he's an honest and humble person that is building this for his family and signed a 99 year lease and you know that he will build an excellent building and an design it is worthy of the city i'm with everybody else that the delaying tactics are ridiculous and to change the goalpost like they do the and try to change this goalpost is outrageous so i
11:47 am
hope you'll approve this project >> any other speakers. >> public comment. >> okay public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini. >> i think this is a very good project carefully thought-out i appreciate the arithmetic presentation showed the development and to those who were critical of building that was like one group said it would dramatic enough and showed a lot of examples and bizarre looking buildings throughout the world and others said it didn't fit in with the victorians but it strikes a good balance the only thing i'll say in looking at the pictures i like the julie let balcony i'd like to see these a
11:48 am
little bit darker you have the gray and bleak you need to eliminate maybe in a forest green or dark gray to offset a little bit and make sure those are not interpreted as floor to ceiling windows and make them look at more every solid elements or if you have the railings in at least no weird colors nice rich color would help out that's my design comment on that this is a wonderful site i remember when homes was there you can't get any more the k l m j and n they aligned the t an extension of the k have their large are win a half of block of this site certainly easy to get around those parts of city
11:49 am
served by metro and not far into bart to assess other parts of bay area we passed market octavia after many years like the eastern neighborhood this was an eardrum neighborhood but a better neighborhood and established and certain level of affordability that is what the rule is and onsite makes a lot of sense and the laws are trying to squeeze more of a small development after the fact is no not a way to do business this is well done two years at the site of 124 and the units are onsite it is important and a lot of support from neighboring properties as well as mom and the castro merchant have a lot of groups in favor of that i like the way on 14th street
11:50 am
the building setbacks to accommodate the lower heights i like the tridesign those buildings many of the buildings on upper market are old enough they followed the formula that was around since the 60s probably to it does fit in well with the architecture and i have no concerns about the size of the particular restaurant in there home do very well for the time it was there and a bigger place will do well it is easily assessable for people riding muni and people driving to the west side of san francisco and often stop there for dinner and it was a great place to go on the way home that makes a lot of sense and i'm supportive. >> director rahaim.
11:51 am
>> i wanted to commission mention a couple of things first this is consistent with the market octavia and i think the pardon is correct zoned for 85 needed and after that a discussion of the historic survey that came after the plan and the decision to lower the height limits at this point i also want to among the land use committee we had an interesting robust discussion about design issues and i if i may kind of give you any precipitation what i said to them is i know there is a concern amongst members of the neighborhood our position we thumbs down but the challenge is two-fold one to create a building that is a contemporary
11:52 am
design and i think we all agree that the department's policy for a long time has to design building of our time but at the same time this or building that are conceptual not an easy thing to do the other concerns we've had in the department when we do embrace buildings that are two-fold and very non-traditional it is very challenging to build those building in a way that comes off in a way that really works ultimately with the actual execution one thing to do that here and to look at the buildings that are a conceptual design level but challenging when the bold contemporary buildings are to get them right in terms of the materials not that it can't be done those are good examples in my opinion but that's the challenge we often
11:53 am
have thought department you know david winning closing slow worked $16,000 or hours a day and understands those issues far better than me but to understand creating building contemporary but work in the context without being a building that in 10 years we'll role our eyes why did you let that happen that's the challenge as always with the projects we'll continue to work on the design after you approve that and talk about whether or not your comfortable or not but wanted to give you my prospective with the neighbors discussions i had on monday. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> to the people that were urging us to you approve the project and maybe asking why we'll display it nobody is
11:54 am
disputing everyone agrees whether or not they like the building still a mixed use building we're all starting from the same place. >> speak louder. >> i guess a question for the project sponsor architect i sat through the market octavia you know for 5 years understanding that the 64 feet meant 1 feet on the ground floor and every others floor was 10 feet can you tell him from the design how you got 7 floors and 65 feet please, please. >> you know actually easily he mentioned the building is out of concrete structure so typically the number of floors that you described will have to be a wood construction by using concrete basically we're reducing did flap to 7 inches so basically
11:55 am
floor to floor is close to 9 feet and the 8 by 4 ceiling that's how we psychiatries in the other level and keeping the 14 on the ground level. >> did the grade from church to the muni elevator have has to do with. >> we measured from the center that was yes, if you divide it to two, thirty inches with using accurately concrete as the structure we achieved the comfortable floor to ceiling. >> okay. thank you. >> i guess under t you and i had chufgsz and trying to get in extra floors we have two harrison and another one down 5 feet and project at 6 and clara i think the floor to ceiling
11:56 am
were 8 feet of you mentions a minimum you'll feel comfortable with what is that in height and how does that project relate. >> city administrator. >> it is true the planning code didn't have a minimum requirement for floor to ceiling and nothing preventing the plan for the height granted to it to squeeze in an extra floor if it is probably the question what we're comfortable with the interpretation the policy called from the department and the design team and so personally sanchez we don't have a position on the height of floors but this may be a position that a policy or design level so the director or someone else can speak to that issue.
11:57 am
>> director rahaim a health to floor ceiling pea what is that. >> i think we have typically when this issue came up the last year we typically said 8 feet to the minimum and we prefer higher but that 8 - the building code says 7 feet that's ridiculous in terms of the quality of space but 8 is the minimum my name is in my opinion. >> it is interesting when we did the market octavia plan we envisioned this happening if we used accruals one say was for the project on 6 and clara and aspire design for bill at 12 and harrison so the commission should say hey are we okay with those additional 5 feet height districts what is the criteria we'll be to approve or what should we tell the project
11:58 am
sponsors that we want those to look from the design point of view mr. win slow you have a few comments. >> only if asked i've heard - to up zone the historic survey that identified an are article 10 this parcel is in upper market california likable district around transportation commercial district so given the fact the paper is the district what specific limits it has in terms of design. >> let me speak jefferson so
11:59 am
the specifics are beyond my pail but director rahaim indicated you know what we're always trying to balance and achieve buildings have their time and in this site in a exceptional quality is a transit corridors on the premium street market street. >> so with the drastic angle every architect to have a shape and some kind of discretion and at the same time balance the fabric the city and the fabric of the city every or exemplified by this historic district to there is a kind of fabric that has to be respected and there's the designer that has to be spriertdz so the marriage is
12:00 pm
complicated the upper math and the limousine controls this project does a fair job of doing that almost a fully activated ground floor so it has balconies on the upper floors and you know substantial given the side that was a substantial two ground floor units on the street. >> i guess another question they're asking for a variance by a foot you're more maybe akin to this than me i'll probably look at the manufactures is there a difference between the ground floor. >> you know the cases you've mentioned we look at with great scrutiny the height limits was are for the spaushs ground floor
12:01 pm
we say quote/unquote an extra floor in we take into account the considerations one slope and context and use and quality of life you know are they doing it at the extension of 7 foot 6 absolute minimum and so it is the design as well as a policy call this one was discussed at the upperes lessons of the planning department for some times - from the design prospective as it relates to the prevailing street wall. >> i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> thank you commissioner
12:02 pm
hillis. >> is good to see the property owner here that brought back long hearings you were not happy about the results of hearing but i think we can say i think we got to a better place i hope you ultimately agree in respect a lot a folks the commission and hearing room that day that wanted to see a housing on this site so i'm glad we're here talking about that we did that in a relatively quick timeframe so thank you for looking at this and report to us you didn't find other restaurant but a housing project i appreciate that. >> i know i think it fits kind of bulk in massing works here so i appreciate and your ability to take advantage of that 5 i think
12:03 pm
you do that you get that extra height by take advantage of the 5 slope knocking down a foot on that ground floor to get that extra foot i think that worked not out of context here the two comments i'll bring up one on the overall design i think i like our work architect hanukkah i've looked our website and i think you do great work i think you've gotten a little bit lost within the committee or too many folks imputing what this should be i like our initial design better than the first thing i think that needs for on that corner i mean it's an important corner you enter into the castro and cross two intersection of church and
12:04 pm
market i present our attention but it got lost i'd like to i'm sure others didn't your initials design i'm not saying there are not suggestions a tweak here and there but inspire you to have a design step it up a notch especially looking at what you did initially which i appreciate and then my second question about the 14th street facade you got the two residential units on 14th street did you look at retail on that side on 14 i think you may have height problems you goop or go up but your there's an interesting on classify there is the pizza
12:05 pm
space one block is interesting. >> a couple of thing on the ground floor on 14th street we opposed parking and proposing 25 percent parking we also at that point had a narrow sidewalk we agreed to widen it and put the pg&e transformer and opened up an area to activate 14th street and thought that was a better use to do a nice residential ground floor with a couple of steps and planter if you look at the rest of the planning block you'll see that in the residential units as you move west on 14 he won other comment on the ground floor i'll point out the ground floor requirement is 14 foot floor to floor we maintained that throughout the entire retail space we moved
12:06 pm
look at of 14 from grade so the variance we questioned it the exact same variance on the other two corner lots and couple of points at the get less as and step their floors it is a common request and the exterior on the residential or 8 foot over and over more we're not trying to sandwich in. >> back to my question i was asking bhor about the two units on the ground floor. >> stooping to retail and we explicit see an attractive ground floor location and the necessity for rental housing it fit the residential building up 14th street. >> yeah. i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say i think that is something to
12:07 pm
consider potential if it is visible and appreciate pg&e's discussion on design we had a similar discussion on potrero hill one evening and continued push to kind of elevate the level so thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> the longer you wait pushing the button the more you have to respond to the questions i believe the site is a housing site a mixed use site that comes to the commission pushing back other projects have been consistently been supportive the the devil is in the details but before i get to the the devil is in the details commissioner hillis i'll show you the earlier version was more speaking to me relative to some of the objectives by the public and i'd like to say it is easy to use your european example as a
12:08 pm
analog their harder to build here and it is individual design projects that we can't quite realize to the extent they're built over there we encourage the ideas and that is where i think this project at the moment is trying to two hard to do two of and not sensitive to the champs and the first one i'd like to remind might have i had to go back into my notes when we first supported the development and the details of market octavia plan then followed by the elaboratetion on upper market together with the overlay of the historic district and the commissioner was sitting here
12:09 pm
created a careful 0 overlay on the first height with the provision that their bulk limitations would be b rather 65 x that's something, something to do with the sub conventional - as your local the expression of the flat buildings we want to have a common recall on the massing of those new buildings will have we made a significant attempt tattoo get the massing less grateful than currently proposed this project has the problem that it tries to do too much and by using the 14 foot ground floor height it indeed skips some of the requirements that are very important to many of us this is if we are doing
12:10 pm
liveable ground floor units on 14th street the units we're proposing here will only exist from the curtains are drawn and that's a fact that gets me to speak is about the the devil is in the details the daily is if we encouraged ourselves to ask for activated retail and facades on the ground floor the 14th street facade is relentlessly what commissioner hillis said why isn't this retail pare the blank wall is a question mark and get into the details of the other things the same as the juliette balcony and the sameness of the railings
12:11 pm
basically around the patterson that holds it together doesn't work for me mr. spears motioning if you want to make a comment i'd like to hear from you. >> i'm just asking the question what is the blank wall. >> this element on page 11 there is a long blank wall i know there is no windows. >> so that wall is perpendicular it determines what you look at when you come down 14th street towards market street. >> i don't think commission we're allowed to do a property wall not facing 14th street it is facing - it is an odd landmarking our elevation stand out it is a property line we
12:12 pm
would like to do something that is a property line wall you'll not see it stands out in the renderings unfortunately. >> the wall itself hsa as it is rather large. >> about 3 stories we're 40 feet the neighboring building about 1011 a one-story building. >> the wall itself is not a deal breaker but i believe that the desire facade of evolution felt facade including how the flatiron is in the landmark recognizing feefrn on market street has to do with to be developed more including the differentiation massing and differentiation the facade population i believe that the 24 hundred square feet retail since it only has one point of access including internal liquor as for
12:13 pm
the second one potentially needs to be conceived easing as multiply spaces and it has to have the ability to have multiply spaces we basically need that discussion ero and over and over again. >> the space has been restaurant we think that 26 hundred square feet is larger than a restaurant we'll be open to splitting the space not a concern and create the openings so we'll work with the planning department certainly. >> let me thank you, mr. spear sfoour comment the thing which kind of goes through mid market is th is that potrero hill were the first group of people that spent a lot of time with the boskovich to think about the next
12:14 pm
generation of buildings and architecture it is part of that discussion and i think the same here with the 6 buildings which were mentioned to about them down the line we should give this more time like 6 weeks and let that discussion evolve and address some of the challenges that the commission have talked about i'll make a motion to do that and the support is still there. >> is that a motion. >> i'll second that. >> commissioner johns commissioner antonini. >> i want to the staff it is a continue to work on design this project nooetsdz needs to be approved now it is long enough everyone is in agreement with most of tenants except for speak of the design issues and certainly in the past commissioner moore has been generous and others
12:15 pm
commissioners work with staff and project architects to help the shaping of the final version of the project particularly with reference to the flatiron version of the building you'll see coming up market and it could you know use something look at more staggering of the corners and something on the top with the wall that faces market kind of you know bring your attention to that a little bit more so those are what iceland vote against the continuance and later we vote dune the continuance to approve it today and continue to work on design a couple of design ideas upmarket a lot of new things and get comments from people i don't like had one so the two best are what is a century i think that
12:16 pm
is fits in nicely and bridges the gap between something that is clearly been built recently it fits in well with the context of the buildings on market the practido - the features tha makes it more successful don't overdo the glaze too much glazing makes it upcoming interesting as many of you may know symmetry and articulation are what we share with the older buildings we can make that interesting i think that is the direction to go. >> commissioner wu. >> thank you i agree with a lot of the comments open design i'm especially interested in the retail space and breaking it up the other side of the retail
12:17 pm
spaces and the rhythm feels like a neighborhood and i know that under those an opportunity to yes, ma'am late some of that here i'd like to see it broke down into two to three spaces although the zoning administrator court i'm not sure how i feel about the 14 foot variance is it a trend this is the thirsted one we've seen i would like to see the 15 foot actually across the whole floor not even what is in front of us in any case that gives me pause that's it for now. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a question for mr. t-65 b versus 60 dash 68 x i recall the zoning map the one 60 parcel i
12:18 pm
know that mistakes happen all the time by the way, what if this was not an error. >> essentially an x unbelievable no bulk requirement the way the bulk requirements work depending on the level of bulk requirement above a certain height the measurement with the diagonal of the tower has to be smaller you get a smaller building as you go up so there is no requirement i believe that begins at 60 feet and i can't i can look it up really quick. >> if i could maybe i can clarify the 14 the base requirement the requirements is 14 feet not 1 feet right. i. >> - so when we rezoned
12:19 pm
properties for most of moukd district in the mc-3 the floor to ceiling height it 14 feet from grade and no variance required. >> and then for the associated rezoning that happened they get a 5 feet limit it is 65 or have the ability the district to get extra 5 feet or in a district 5 feet for the ground floor it is a perfect match for ever inch above the height it had a is to be blow the ground floor in you're not automatically zoned for 45 and up to 5 feet that is a one to one trade off if you take it the extra 5 feet all 5 feet has to be on the ground
12:20 pm
floor and the ground floor ceiling height requirement. >> that was the real text project. >> so the one for one so one for one means 15 feet ground floor? >> is - does this project require if i was a 65 height district. >> i think that's the point not the one for one it is the 65 foot go height. >> it says 64 dash x. >> x is the bulk. >> so an absolute 65. >> that's right. >> it is different from the real text they didn't get the extra 5 feet for the baits. >> we couldn't require it is an absolute non-they put the extra floor that was 65 i'm
12:21 pm
sorry 85 feet i thought that was one that requires it the real text the reason we voted on the 9 floors it didn't require it. >> yeah. 64. >> yeah. >> i think the other thing i second the continuance a developer part of the fabric the neighborhood love the guy i think the neighborhood loves you, too brian i bryan some folks in the neighborhood want to have this happen right away and others more time i look at every time every building in the european market they've not opposed one i think that bryan in our listener project you got up and said that was part of progress you've wait a long time but more time working with the rest of the neighborhood and getting things better you'll not
12:22 pm
have a complete winner but we'll be singing commissioner bassham by i can't. >> i want to be supportive- get back to us with design changes quicker i'd like to see that 6 weeks shortened so i can support it i've done the right thing and we've encouraged them so i'm supportive i want to be
12:23 pm
supportive i think that needs some changes not quite sure to continue it for that long. >> commissioner moore. >> zoning administrator did you find the provisions for the upper market street nc t regarding 21st century feet so the letter support for the extra effort followed a year or two later i distinctly remember that was 1 feet in four quarters i must have been strurldz but properly remember verify that. >> i'm not sure i can verify but can get back to the question of how the ground floor lay and a one to one trade off there was - it appeared to be a drafting error it was rezoned
12:24 pm
the only district the one to one apply to 50 and 45 the intent to say the zoning administrator applying applying the intent to 65 district so in this situation not a situation for ever inch above 60 feet to provide that high of a evergreen but the 65 ground floor and the minimum ground floor ceiling will be 14 feet. >> so no variance required. >> yes. a variance required. >> there's a rear yard. >> but for the ground floor to ceiling height where you take that an angle we measured the height if you have a sloping project the down point would be higher than the mid point or up slope so in this situation for this project at the corner where
12:25 pm
the retail entrance is promoted they meet the requirement and up the scale there deficit by 2 and a half feet that had been interesting to commissioner hillis shorter timeline. >> three or four weeks. >> we can do 4 weeks, 6 weeks. >> secretary for the 31st. >> march. >> no four weeks put this on calendar. >> to me 6 weeks, two weeks later. >> march third. >> sure. >> march third. >> just to be clear we have
12:26 pm
two commissioners out on march third. >> well (laughter) i trust this process will hopefully be a 5 zero on march third. >> commissioner richards. >> i'm okay with the amendment if you are. >> i want to make another comment. >> okay hang. >> commissioner moore. >> from the commission votes for the continuance i ask we look at the liveability of the 146 street unit at that moment can only be a full cushion they sit, too close to the sidewalk we're discussing the ground floor height i'll ask and that will really drive it home that the residential unit anticipate what the liveability and the non-drawn cushions on the sidewalk we all know what that
12:27 pm
takes at the moment it sfw happen it's a challenge is in our interest and a lot of things reading at many moment it doesn't work tracking back determine what the ground floor on the side to animate the 14th street the way it is asking for this is like a footnote to asking for a continuance. >> i'm not going to be supportive of the continuance you have the developer with a proven track record in san francisco proven track record if in area responsive to the needs and the questions of area has a history of retail as well as dwelling units above i think by continuing this even three weeks your denying unit to be
12:28 pm
built in san francisco for three weeks. >> i echo the commissioner wu's comments when i met with mr. spears i'll look at potentially commercial spaces instead of housing units. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'll not be supporting the continuance but i think it is very important that the commission make it clear it looks we'll have the votes to continue but in my mind we're talking about the use of 14th street whether this should be residential or should be commercial and perhaps some mentioned of the little size of the commercial space and a lot of that and i heard design concerns with particular reference to the flatiron section and maybe the other commissioners i've made any comments about the design things i 0 thought would add to the
12:29 pm
richness but other commissioners can weigh in what we want the project sponsor to be consider and as far as i'm concerned, this is about affordability over the public comment but we're in agreement this project is doing what it has to do but the design needs work. >> i'll ask someone from the property owner to be clear from the continuance is approved. >> and so i appreciate you're trying to move forward i think everybody is doing that would we're getting a lot of directions it is difficult a couple of things i want to clarify the ground floor residential units will request to activate 14th street we could have been the - they are really nice units and a lot of vacancies the neighborhood we
12:30 pm
didn't want to look for 14th street is not as attractive at market street and from a business prospective on 14th street it is we could consider going back to retail there but the 14 feet height is confusing as heck the problem it is 146 foot floor to floor we're on a sloping triangle very challenging lot we come into the retail space we're 14 floor to floor the sidewalk gradually slopes on market street and in some areas the sidewalk is slightly a lot of the ground floor retail and the exact corners going the other directions users the 14 foot motivation to go back to a wood
12:31 pm
metric building and eliminate stoifrdz 4 feet ceilings is not what we're trying to achieve so i like some direction the reason the variance it is slightly under the grade sidewalk grade measurement i wanted to clarify and get direction because i'd like to get this approved i think that the planning staff we are trying to work but i don't know what i can do different getting approved now didn't achieve that so again, i appreciate i i know we're trying to work together on that thank you very much. >> thank you. >> sdmifks. >> a question for the one more time the additional floor is no
12:32 pm
type of entitlements or up zoning it is achievable and it can happen and works. >> nothing in the code that limits the number of floors they're able to - >> in your opinion concrete construction is better than that wood frame. >> i don't think the place there are different types. >> i mean the concrete is better on our plate. >> okay. >> i'll leave it to commissioner hillis. >> commissioner hillis. >> so to clarify i'm typically supportive and typically say go work with staff if so it is facade design of a project i share commissioner moore's concerns on 14th street especially with the units i think they should be retail if you walk down the 14th street that one block it is rare to
12:33 pm
look someone's retail a garage it is garage would stoop up or rail to you time to have is the dead space because you're going to have people that don't on a busy corner a big muni stop drawing their cushions i mean, i want i want to challenge you and you've got to assess it your below grade so, i mean if we could say do retail in that space i could work on design but i'm not sure you can with that height i'm not sure you could assess that retail from 14th street the way you've built that building if you want to come up and tell me how your residential below grade. >> the residential units are
12:34 pm
below grade they step into the residential there are three or four steps into each residential units we stepped our floor plates you step up to the place and existing stoops going up 14th street and have a turn to - we mimic the existing fabric but certainly open to retail if you think retail is better not a sticking point we thought it was a great addition to the project but and end up with a 10 foot height in there we can put the section. >> put it up on the overhead. >> i don't know how to turn this on. >> it will come up. >> alex you want to walk through as you can see the steps
12:35 pm
coming up into the residential space and see i turn the corner into our unit you notice the planter at the sidewalk with a nice plant to give privacy it is similar to what you'll see around the neighborhood. >> we actually (inaudible). >> sir, i'm sorry you'll have to speak into the microphone and point. >> how tall are those. >> that's the challenge it is a difficult lot 200 and 60 feet find listener footage you have 25 to 50 foot frontage it is we get back there to achieve 14 feet will be difficult if you want a 14 feet height so 10 foot
12:36 pm
residential space we thought about that but certainly look at retail that's the challenge we face but the lot slopes 6 feet. >> i get it. >> typically walk into the front of the building with the adjoining building here we're imposed. >> you walk up 14th street that is a busy well traveled street so well utilized bus stop on 14 and the muni station they're not going to be when commissioner moore said people are sitting outside on the stoop or allowing people probation officer look in it will be absent dead. >> i think you're correct and in widening percentage sidewalk from the to 12 feet it is a ground floor i mean, i think it will be a very attractive unit
12:37 pm
based on the in-law units but i defer to you guys i think it is a great use and pictures of existing buildings with residential ground floor. >> so i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say i think i can be supportive if we ask you to work with staff and the design so do retail on 14th street. >> i'm willing to look at that certainly. >> commissioner wu. >> i just wanted to close the loop on the 14 foot ground floor i think that the zoning administrator has explained that it is 65 feet without a specific. >> correct i'm not sure exactly what the situation in other cases about no
12:38 pm
refrigerates for the additional height additional just to add if we did project does consider retail only the 65 foot it creates the same variance we'll have to meet that with a direct floor or variance as well. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i i guess i would be okay if project sponsor agreed to put retail there i think having did you work with staff on the design with the makers of the motion because 14th street up to bell cher belcher is - i had a coworker that lived on 140 on the ground floor but 3 feet off never had her you curtain open because
12:39 pm
people railroad looking at her so i feel i'll withdraw my second if you can live with that. >> commissioner moore. >> i'm prepared to let creativity decide if it is retail or residential partial because at many moment because the lengthness of 14th street facade together with the fact that the ground floor is an not an maltd enough it is balanced as mr. spear stepped back to reexamine it will answer the questions i'm not going to do as much land use as angle elevated approach to the surrounding of the property on all ends that's pie suggestion. >> commissioner antonini and sound like the motion is no longer seconded and perhaps.
12:40 pm
>> not sauktd sill safeguarded as long as i guess commissioner vice president richards you want to definitely not be residential. >> i don't know the sniff test was residential. >> we'll weigh in whatever feels right that is what it will be. >> you still have a continuance motion. >> yes. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further there is a there is a motion that has been seconded to continue this matter until march third with commissioners comments. >> on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> no commissioner hillis no commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry the first time is 6 years.
12:41 pm
>> (laughter). >> i'm not supporting the continuance. >> very good commission that that motion fails 3 to 3 an alter motion. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i move to approve the project to have the project sponsor work with staff american peopleless proivengsz as well as the overall design to allow the creativity to be unleashed. >> motion to approve. >> that is a motion to approve. >> i'm going to i think i'll defer to the commissioners we'll see what comes out of that our strong sense that is retail. >> breaking down the larger retail space or not. >> can i have input please. can i suggest what i think and heard is that the ability to break it up but have a single
12:42 pm
user the preferred approach is that fair. >> gentlemen commissioner antonini. >> i seconded it i approve to work with staff and work with the commission. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to adds an additional request that the representatives from the communities are able to at that particular time in ongoing review similar on potrero the request that staff could not do it but help to broaden the discussion of what the community seize still port support for the project but those extra voices need to be there. >> i'm fine with the secondeder. >> commissioner hillis. >> mr. cotton and mr. troop we're asking you to be part of design process? is that okay with you
12:43 pm
>> yes. >> okay. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'd like to maybe not part of motion but strongly at least one of the retail spaces for retail i think that 14th street zoned space dr. to be part of the motion i will just ask for a look back and present in the director's report or somewhere more formal than a memo and commissioner moore asking for the retail spaces our thoughts on that. >> i really don't have an answer because my larger questions the space on the corner didn't work you're going up 14 it then takes it's town hall of 14th street. >> i'll change to ask for a
12:44 pm
retail having one residential. >> i'll agree to the project sponsor can i ask you about this before i second this is that going to be we're approving it about apparently. >> i'm awe mental to retamena it is ivy think i can do a nice retail bans the existing fabric and the size of the project i'm more amenable. >> i'll change. the court: excuse me. to add the variance that was mentioned by the mr. t would be required to be i think that is noticed properly for the inspire site by
12:45 pm
14 feet as well. >> i change my motion. >> i'm fine with e cigarette the new motion. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm sorry, i was going to make that same point we'll be supportive so wrap up hearing everyone's comments but from a lay man's point the 14th street side of that building i think we'll asking no to increase estimate that whether that is half retail and half residential that is a full space and like those in new york city both sides of street are equally important so 14th street is the more important. >> on that motion to approve this matter with conditions at amended to include the sponsor
12:46 pm
work with staff on design providing retail on the 14 including did retail size and flexibility and that the community to be a part of design process and there will be a formal report back on the projects new design commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore excuse me. commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and i will close the variance hearing for the rear yard and the ground floor ceiling height and make a note i'll take it under advisement considering the rear yard variance under the planning code section 134b. >> very good that places us on our final two items at market street this is also a
12:47 pm
conditional use authorization. >> commissioner richards. >> yeah. i'm within a property of 5 hundred feet i recuse myself. >> on that motion to rouse commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong commissioners, that motion passes you're hereby recused commissioner vice president richards. >> good evening commissioner president fong and members the commission veronica department staff the the item before you is request for the conditional use authorization to will go lists an existing tobacco establishment on market street the property is located within the upper market neighborhood commercial district and 50 height and bulk district the property is evolved with a
12:48 pm
40 story building with 17 dwelling units on the upper floors and 7 commercial businesses on the greater the project is to legalize an existing doing business as gifts and smoke shop they opted in 2013 without proper planning review the existing tenant space manufacture 4 hundred square feet and a not change as port part of project the proposed hours of operation are between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. detail daily it has gift as american people accessory use and take out and nolo contendere summation on site mrs. not the department of public health regulates the permit for the sale of e cigarettes the item before you is because the business fits the planning
12:49 pm
commission of tobacco paraphernalia more than 10 percent percent of the area is dedicated to tobacco paraphernalia it is not a retail formula and no increase in the concentration of the establishments in the upper market and mcd the tobacco paraphernalia that presents less than 10 percent within the mcd to date the department has one letter in support from the castro merchant you received after your paycheck were delivered although not required for the purposes of this conditional use authorization process the planning department requested that the project sponsor host a preapplication meeting co-authored to department standards adjacent project sponsors and occupant to the subject property
12:50 pm
and neighborhood upper areas were invite the skwort of comments during this meekly were in support of this project. >> the department recommend approval with conditions and buildings it the nvrn for the following reasons the project has the continued satiated business and has the liquidity of the or you will u upper market mcd it will not displace a tenant and would not result in a net increase of tobacco paraphernalia establishment within the area that meets all applicable that that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon. i'm the
12:51 pm
project sponsor. >> this project is so maul what we're asking to increase the let me tell you the story a photocopy tour a couch weeks ago i was listening to the news it was the northeast and they drove all the small businesses out of town and by the time the release shin no profit that location they stutd shut so therefore the neighborhood if have small businesses selling food and goods and suture stuff like this this is the exact they know a block away from a cd pharmacy all kinds of guests and things go and get this is such a small story between 4 hundred square feet we tried to have more tobacco products that gifts
12:52 pm
because nobody comes to the store and buys gifts and i know jewelry are whatever a cards or something so - and the amount of square footage is 4 hundred it is less than one hundred square feet if i go by the code by the abstract there is nothing left no income coming out of that and appreciate if i approve this project and i'm available to answer any questions. >> opening it up for public comment not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> just legalizing an existing use i move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion commissioners to approve that matter with conditions. >> commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to
12:53 pm
zero and places you on item 14. >> for case take care value this is also a conditional use authorization. >> good evening commissioner president fong department staff this is a request for a conditional use authorization to commensurate and storefront into a retail and limited restaurant use the project cancel locked on terryville street and this conditional use is not including a proposal for the other store the owner is looking to find a tenant within the western portion of terryville district zoned mc-3 the property business will operate as a suffer shop and include a x press bar with
12:54 pm
baked goods it is necessary and desirable despite the offer concentration of the drinking and eating the facility it will increase the concentration from 63 to 64 the right increase was changed for the restaurant on terryville in march of last year the concentration there are a limited number of restaurants this presented a - subject storefront was vacant in 2012 when the project sponsor took over the lease the adjacent terryville has a document history of from gadget and possible illegal unit at the
12:55 pm
ground floor that will cavity and contributed to the block since the staff report was published 18 letters of support and an individually owner and operator and recommends approval it complies with the general plan that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> okay. thank you. >> project sponsor please. >> hello and good evening i'm
12:56 pm
sorry a eddy the property owner and project sponsor i'd like to start a by saying i've lived the outer sunset for over 11 years i'm an avid surfer i'm proposing a surfer shop on terryville street the western part of terryville between 46 and 47 avenues last week to start with a short presentation okay hard to see first looking at the beach only 3 commercial activated hubs over a change of the businesses, however, this has ban limited to the northern streets of noriega and relative to the amount of
12:57 pm
housing a need for businesses to serve the neighborhood especially towards the south and the beach now going down to the project site the outer terryville only four operating buzz pizza and fashionable dinner and others on the market for sale so the most neglected block i'm more the surf bar i want to note the " the expresso he - the area for new businesses crux boublsz and
12:58 pm
new landscaping with planting of palm trees and a park in front of the project site and to create terryville a gateway to the city move on to the project site this is a view of the commercial block from 4 avenue as you can see which is special the only commercial block with the beach with the view is unobstructed. >> not onto the actual one of commercial units was rent to an
12:59 pm
illegal gambling place now looking at a renovated building it is two to four iernts we've expand the backyard from studio units to one and two bedrooms and putting currently weight on the new stucco windows for sunlight. >> okay move on to the actual business the surf shop will be called avenues but a broader mess our core customers will be surfers we're targeting a wider audience okay. here we we look at the product mix we'll be selling surfboards and accessories and
1:00 pm
outside gear we're working on a parallel line lastly we will help focusing on the design quality materials takes precedence by placing a small coffee bar we'll be the first shop in san francisco with that gives the community a place to interact when you go there you get something and leave this will cause people to want to hang out that will be better the coffee bar will help support the retail it is heard in the outdoor affordable housing bonus program with limited areas and people's are forced to go to the outer
1:01 pm
part of neighborhood and last as we look at the memo items the core feed breakfast burritos and other things and we're planning for a full coffee and offering food items but you always other things that's it thank you. >>. good evening i live on terryville this conditional use application any represent a mere 2 percent increase for food and drink it represent an approximately 18 percent increase as already been
1:02 pm
allocated to food and bring drink that is unproven to whether the 15 and a half percent that was increased on terryville that was approved last march whether the neighborhood can port that it was boarded up not appearing that anyone is looking at the gentrification of terryville we're working with the expelling and sfmta to correct the parking and traffic safety concrete or created by the terryville project and vng having nuance problems with the food and beverages and the illegal and thinking authorized construction go on now we have 3 coffee shops wanting to open up within a half a block that is not diversity with the food and beverages that will environment each other only one of the 3 that as a history of being the coffee business
1:03 pm
we're dealing with a small commercial cluster a total of 13 storefront between 447 of which 10 of the storefront or 77 percent are already or somewhere in the process of being developed a food and beverages process consider if if any of the properties should be the best for the vitally and liveability for the neighborhood thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is silvia johnson and this the procedures is where health issues and laid down and
1:04 pm
you know preserved i've been looking at the a large evening and trying to protect our neighborhood and when i haven't had that no job to get into that process and i think that this is one of our security reasons of diamond head of also to get any there transfer because my issues this has been a real problem with any - the more have a job to really in this process and when the
1:05 pm
issue to be proceeding more of this health care issues and be more progress and job issues and that this is has been - from all the years i've been you know 6 years of no treatment at all and come back into those procedures it has been automatic that can you know process the miracle process and in contracting and trying to maintain what the
1:06 pm
america and make that better and to where no procures have been done in this situation i went you know wondering why is it has been you know makeshift it and making it very happy we have a procedure for i know health in how we - lobbies other things. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> and commissioner vice president richards mr. troy i want to say thank you
1:07 pm
for taking the reflex to try to open up a business i like the fact you recognized the landscape and augmenting it some with some surf stuff maybe you have a bad season but moving forward creativity because retail is changing i think your project is wonderful when i'm out there i'll stop and see if you have anything extra large. >> move to approve. >> mr. troy do you have mexican. >> what's your favorite surf shop worldwide and i'll give it saturday night i'm from new york city they start the whole coffee thing and grown ever since i like the urban mixed with i know
1:08 pm
the nature side of sandra fewer and creating a part of the urban environment. >> that's your goal as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. in addition to surfsers i walk and from how i've noticed for people in that area walkers and bikers and surfers and the fact that establishment is close as well as other establishments make sense both the traffic is people that are walking along the great walkway and having a variety of coffee shops choices makes for a richer neighborhood i'm happy to see the money that people are investing in some of the places along the great how and making them into nicer looking homes so
1:09 pm
it is a win-win i'm very much in favor. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further under those a there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this matter with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson conceptual commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 4 to zero and place us on general public comment mohammed nuru. >> seeing none, general public comment is closed. and the meeting is adjourned
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