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tv   Abatement Appeals Board 2316  SFGTV  February 22, 2016 3:00am-3:06am PST

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items you want to discuss under other business? if not, item 10 >> item 10, a report back from the gcc and a brief update >> we met on february night for primary close session in which all reports were reviewed. >> thank you. be difficult to ask questions for a close session. >> item 11 is committee agenda setting a lighter note there's a public comment request. >> yes we want public comment request. you have 3 min. >> this won't take long. i think you heard today our concerns as nurses of the hospital overstaffing. i heard from you yet some questions that are not answered. i would like for there to be open
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public hearing on the issue of staffing so we can hear, once and for all, from all the parties, just exactly what is the plan going forward. so you can question our hard-working managers and supervisors and get some real hard numbers. so, we would like to be able to participate in that and we cannot. under the three-minute public will. we also would like to continue our request to have the labor cochair, which want alluded to, was a working member of labor-management group be part of your discussions at the jcc, where we have a chair at san francisco general and the committee and laguna but we have cochairs at laguna so that person who is knowledgeable can
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participate actively in your discussions rather than have this charade that we are public when we are, in fact we were partners in staffing the hospital and your eyes and ears towards maintaining the safety and care of your patients. so, we would like to become more active and be on the agenda into these discussions, first with a open hearing on ongoing staffing going forward into the hospital because i don't think you have all of the numbers. i don't. and on an ongoing basis be part of the discussions that we've already been part of, but we so far been rebuffed and are still treated as if were part of the public rather than your labor partners and partners in health. thank you very much >> thank you. the conference
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is been taken up the issue of staffing so that is a public meeting in which we've had but we will take this under consideration. any further public comment on item number 11 because >> i believe you're at adjournment >> a motion for adjournment is in order. >> moved and seconded. all in favor of adjournment please say aye. all those opposed? the committee is now adjourned. thank you. >>[gavel] >> wednesday, february 17, 2016, this is the regular
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meeting of the abatement appeals board please silence all electronic devices. the first item on the agenda is roll call. >> commissioner mar commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner lee commissioner mccarthy and commissioner walker mr. bestpitch commissioner clinch is excused we have quorum item b the oath all parties giving testimony please stand and raise our right hand no appellants here today item c is the minutes i apologize but the wrong date was listed on the minutes so if possible i'd like to continue
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the item. >> okay. great. >> through the chair not make the amendment and vote on it. >> i can't it has to be noticed. >> noticed thank you. >> is that - >> do we need to vote. >> all commission in favor of continuing the item 234. >> opposed? no public thank you. >> okay. and the next item please is item d sagging more street. >> commissioners ed screenien didn't that matter was abide by staff this is it are for the hearing no hearing it has been abated. >> can you give a more detailed stipulation. >> it is a threshold old case and staff sawent to the propert address and there was n


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