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tv   Aging and Adult Services Commission 3216  SFGTV  March 3, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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but as we continue hitting the budgets in terms of cuts and resource is helpful from our resources. colleagues, any questions for controllers's office at this point? i know this is just our first meethd and it's quick. but just to have level set of what is trending right now before we get into more detailed reports in the upcoming months. okay. thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll open it up to public comment. anybody wish to comment on item number one? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, thank you for addressing this. we will have a conferences in the mayor's office in the upcoming weeks. i would like a motion to file item number one. motion by supervisor kim and seconded by supervisor tang. we can take it without objection. madam clerk, do we have any other business before us?
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>> no, mr. chair. >> okay. thanks everyone. we're adjourned. [meeting adjourned at 1:23 p.m.] >> good morning and welcome to
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the department of aging & adult services we have the roll call. >> commissioner president james commissioner serlina commissioner itani commissioner loo commissioner ow commissioner roy commissioner sims please note that executive director is present. >> could i have a motion to approval of the minutes of mark 2, 2016. >> so moved and second. >> location that we approve the minutes of mark 2, >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. and that item passes that motion carries. >> we didn't approve the agenda. >> i said agenda.
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>> we didn't - >> that's what i said. >> you said the minutes. >> i'm sorry what i should have said march 2 agenda we just approved. >> motion to approve second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. so the that motion carries can i have approval of february 167, 2016 meeting minutes. >> so moved. >> second. >> it's been moved and seconded. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. so the puc. >> any general public comment? at this time? any general public comment at this time? hearing none, we'll move to the reports number 5 employee of the
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month the department of aging & adult services a internal executive director sherry rewill recognize joseph from the office of ihss yes >> (clapping). >> hello. >> there you go. >> joseph come on up here. >> oh. >> okay. >> come on up and stand here. >> congratulations. >> so i want to say a little bit about joseph just to start off i know we have people from ihss are here to see joseph get honored this morning i'd like to
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deal with action the program so if the people from ihss can stand (clapping.) >> i want to say some things that ihss is working on right now that are causing a huge amount of workload should find things offer the past few months the fair labors standard implementation the overtime it is the ruling that says ihss sorry that yeah ihss providers can assess over time that means think our side internally a lot of work and education and providers and recipients a lot of kind of fixing problems, answering questions to our ihss has been diligent in gearing up and getting ready and on
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february 1st a grace period it give us a little bit of breathing room when may comes we'll get hit hard thank you joseph and your colleagues for the work you're doing on that and will do so joseph i know you i see you stepping out of your regular roll on a regular basis anything when it comes to providing food for staff with celebrations and the work with the alzheimer's walk i see you unsuspicious and participating as a team member that's fantastic to see i wanted to read to you what the person who sent this in said about you i'll give to i joseph sue is an ihss
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caring supervisor his 71 he began working the 71 in 1981 and worked for the school district the public works, and then came to interim supportive services in 1995 with social workers and contributed to the ihss program here is a list of projects that joseph has been involved in ihss policy and procedure committee fair labors standard act and the hemifund-raising ihss dos appreciation and ihss retreat joseph is a firm burn in the action and demonstrates excellent serving with all internal and external clients and provides the best customer service possible and joseph
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never says no, he enjoys helping others and keeps as busy as he can with a variety of tasks to apply his experience and lastly enjoys garden and he is a fantastic photographer so joseph congratulations on behalf of the staff (clapping.) >> thank you joseph for your service in the department. >> now we'll have the director's report zimmermann director's report. >> good morning, commissioners i want to start by talking about tom nolan and my visit to state
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capital last week, i he mentioned the last meeting we last thursday was state capital day for aging services aging california association of association on aging but also the justice service and other folks convened to the state capital in the morning we basically heard from the assembly and senate staff and from the lotta's fountain earthquake office how their handling issues related to older adults and the afternoon tom and i hindu to visit with the staff and the filtering staff and who else did we see david chiu's staff we met with the staff that was great and the things we talked about when we went there
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i know i mentioned too weeks ago the california association of agencies an aging is specifically focusing on the area of nutritious that is the would the ask from the associations that just to focus on nutritious not a big $4.4 million they're asking for to increase the nutrition capacity across the state we definitely relied that message as the members of the association and in addition though the assembly committee on aging is asking for a variety i have things we focused specifically on did you want protective services training i focused on that i know from our protective services director there is an inconsistency across the state for the workers and you know we know in san francisco alone we get 6 hundred reports of abuse a month we
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certainly had to train staff more complex cases this is special need for training around the reviews and the populations so we really hope that money for training passes at the state level and you know this is part of an effort to really kind of make more consistent the support of adult disabilities and the regulations at the state level it varies if county to county. >> we also focused a little bit on the issue of ssi s that no cola for this this year not one in the federal level but distant proposals to increase the ss that the state contribution one big problem for
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older dulls on ssi don't qualify for cal fresh we're the only state level with the barrier they have been come up a lot and there was a legislative analysis report about 5 years ago if they just get rid of of that barrier it will negatively effect children's with disabilities so there is another ask to the legislative analysis what if we split the populations so that people negatively effected by moving that barrier and the main barrier for older adults there are so many older adults that can benefit from the cal fresh we don't know but having the
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legislative analyst report that will be helpful and tom was great at making sure that all the legislators were invite to the golf grand opening we have opened to golf which is our public safety site with staff and serving the county veterans clients in their we have not yielded opened up to the rest of the public but will be march 8 our grand opening is april 13th a wednesday april 13th at 9:00 a.m. you're invited to come we'll send out something more formal and hopefully hoping to get even though mayor and hoping to get a couple of members of the board we were excited a great space by spoke to the staff yesterday there is a huge
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amount of enthusiasm serving the clients in a much more integrateed way more to come on that. >> i think we talked about the needs assessment and area plan as you may know this the little year the area plan due the first week of may i believe you as commissioners asked for extra time so many information for you to go through before you sign off we're going to have a presentation on the assessment and area plan next month the first part of april and a second piece the second week of may you'll so plenty of time to absorb it and make changes if, if you like we'll try to get that out a little bit earlier piece of earlier than the
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regular 72 hours before next meeting and hopefully give you more times it is a lot of material i'm reading through that but it is interesting information i want to make sure you have time to absorb that. >> i had a meeting last week with small business from the u s b.a. with democratic from the administration of community living and a couple of our staff the u s b.a. is interesting in increasing the number of seniors that what benefit from cam fresh ssi is a barrier but people that are not open ssi that are assessing it now the uptake for older adults is actually low we talked about he went from ihss and he's familiar
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with cal fresh and medi-cal 2 a good idea for targeting people so we could increase see the uptake of cal fresh and people on shared cost medi-cal not assessing the cal fresh benefits basically reaps people don't sign up for cal fresh whether this is they interest to do a face to face interview or scared of getting government services or don't think they'll get much people on cal can assess the full amount of the cal fresh benefits we'll trial a pilot to see if we can increase that groups usage and a branch act out to reach out to folks the communities as well and lastly i would like to introduce linda many of you know
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linda she's been the director of the richmond senior center and she's our in any i thought program analyst in may so - >> (clapping.) so she joins the team on office of aging and will be working with monty and dennis us you'll get regular reports she'll be covering a variety of contract and linda has good knowledge of that contracts and the nonprofit community so we're fortunate to have her join us that's the ends of any report thank you. >> any questions. >> yeah. >> thanks i do have you mentioned 6 hundred cases in a more for senior abuse you mentioned 6 hundred.
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>> yes, we get close to 6 hundred reports of abuse the negligent those are the calls or reports that what other line reports to the office it could be for a variety of reasons sometimes their self-neglect and sometime physical abuse but. >> they have been abused by family members or the insurance companies wants to sell them benefits and other you know health benefits if they can't take a shower someone will tell them to take a shower but when they ask for the insurance companies you know for help most of them not getting it and then they will send somebody to the
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one to ask to have an insurance policy and then they will give them a hard time you can do this and that can you give us a breakdown of abuse of the 6 hundred not today some other day when your time is available in different categories. >> absolutely. >> and by family members and by the insurance companies and the finance company they sell them all kinds of finance stuff you know. >> yes. commission when we did the budget presentation a few weeks ago the director spoke said she'll be happy to present an interview and but you're right a lot of scams out there so and she's very familiar with that and the breakdown in terms of what kinds of are reports
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come in come in so we'll set that up. >> thank you. >> i have a question commission. >> can you repeat days for the grand opening and the first event open golf street. >> we're calling a soft opening on march 8 next week and that's for people with disabilities and older adults not a huge amount of outreach we need to workout the kings before we open in a big public way and april 13th is our grand opening. >> thank you. >> what time. >> 9:00 a.m. >> okay. any other questions i have a couple of i want to say something in regards to the, of course, he mentioned the adult
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disabilities protective services the mental and physical abuse so i was interested in m that category because i'm seeing a lot of finance abuse in terms of older people being talked into signing things for their homes so they're under water so i would be interested in that also the other item is you talked about oh, the $4.4 million for nutrition. >> uh-huh. >> what part of invitation are you looking at is it serving more meals, is it self-serving what are you looking at. >> it is specifically for home
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delivered delivered and congregate meals. >> okay. all right. that's when i wanted to know. >> any other questions okay. thank you now we have the advisory report mr. smith. >> good morning president james and commissioners acting director of the staff the advisory committee met on wednesday february 17th, however, due to an issue of low attendance no action were taken a more complete report will be in april a presentation by the supervisor of the institute on amp and gave a presentation on the adrc and the community partnership the education committee next training will be on april 18th at the institute
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on aging the last in a series of financial elderly abuse issues in july usf will provide a 34g9 presentations for the training and lastly a meeting will take place on wednesday march the 9 with acting intern achieve director to boost the mile-per-hour and enrollment we don't want interesting to have one of us having action i know you want to hear what they're doing and sxhavnt looking for new members and working with the staff this is next to make sure that takes place that's my report for right now any questions? >> and if you know of anyone
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we have vacancies on the council's please give those names to bringing he did and we'll move forward. >> i just have one suggestion i think maybe you should maybe we can reach out more to the interfaith councils they see a lot of older people in their churches maybe send out e-mails i'm thinking of that what the african-american partnering they do deal with a lot of older people and know what's happening with the members that maybe a good. >> good idea thank you very much. >> thank you. >> that's our report thank you. >> yes. >> commission yes. >> we'll talk offline about that. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> next report is the jarred legislative committee report. >> good morning we have a our meeting on february 16th i think it was we reviewed the legislation in january, i told you about the california legislative their bills 5 from last year and 5 in any ones one has a number and a spokesperson so that is ab 1645 that is the medi-cal long term care personal needs allowance it raises the $35 a month personal needs up to and indexes it to inflation to the cost of living consumer price index excuse me.
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so it won't get far behind we'll be monitoring that more closely the rest we're that's pretty much where they left but time for the legislator to put bills into place the second bill monitored is the senate bill 447 that is establishing the statewide long term care and cooperating council out of the longer care report in 2014-2015 sponsor is state senator carr local lou the sponsors of that report so we'll be monitoring that and in giving the legislation the summary one and 12 agencies within the state that covers the aging & adult services issue so
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this will tie it together one of the other proposals is from the california melvin decorations when aging & adult services database that can be used statewide that goes to what we discussed interim report so this will be a database for law enforcement that will be similar to child lveng services and looking at the simplification of the legislation a federal proposal for from a colorado senator mr. bennett on lgbt elderly americans act and we're still looking for the retheoretician of the older act in san francisco the lgbt task force is looking at the working on the
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collection of sexual orientation and identity demographics and having a presentation by that group in combination meaning of the joint legislation committee at the our march meeting to bring up, up to speed in april and supervisor cowen is proposing a dignity funding measure which will be a ballot initiative put on the november booklet that sets aside 2 percent of general fund money for the fund that is $32 million per year it has the support of thirty nonprofits and is toward for the november ballot and then there's some increases the federal budget older americans a total of 11 or 12 percent across all programs
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that is support services and home delivered nutrition for the four-.3 percent increase and elderly justice initiative and that gets the biggest percentage increase of 25, $10 million that is because it has not been funded previously 2015 was the first time it was funded and they're looking for hud section 2002 housing for the elderly and increase of 17 percent dollar totals to $72 million those are proposed the next circle anything you want us to look at. >> commission. >> yes. >> you mentioned the dignity fund we're asking for $32 million per year. >> no they're asking for 2
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percent of general fund money per year so it will equal $32 million i'm assuming vary year to year bans percentage. >> what is the regular appropriation you can the general fund gung hay fat choy money to the - and we can look at that that will be part of ballot initiative review that would come out of the - can't think of the person the budget office from the san francisco but we'll follow-up on that one for you. >> any questions. >> oh, commission. >> thank you. it was a very comprehensive report you mentioned a senator from colorado. >> uh-huh. >> introducing legislation for lgbt. >> older americans act is. >> is that to add them to the
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americans act. >> i'll check and follow-up with you. >> thank you very much. >> shouldn't have to- >> any other questions. >> hearing none, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> next report is the long-term coordinating report jessica. >> thanks. >> so many make up options jessica the senior disability act a member of the cooperating or coordinating council at our february meeting we did a couple of times a presentation about a prototype for the coordinating
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council and part of skin gram we're working on for a couple of years to develop that website and we talked about what should our budget priorities be and longer care coordinate and this is an issue not exclusively decides but have an idea of the potential priorities so read those o to those and first those are kind of in order of interests but georgia again, that's not final to prevent evictions through tenant outreach and legal services a couple on housing next to expand the housing subsidies and how kind of like a section 8 more flexible and widely available for senior disabilities in san francisco that basically need help to stay in their home or
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get into a home if their homeless and certainly a huge benefit and then like to create a housing modification fund for someone that helps to build a ram or chairlift and that used to be available we would like to bring that back and develop a home care subsidize program i'll come back to that and two others that creates interest are amp and disability we haven't had funding for the infrastructure for that and to fund the elevator repairs you've heard about the past so at our next meeting next thursday march 10 we will be talked about home care and others cares for senior disabilities the subgroup we sometimes call the poor that
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make too much money to quality for the government services but are struggling to do things other than their own and two reports if the budget analyst office and the controller's office for particularly in their needs and possible options around long care and a group of us along with supervisor eric mar are working to deputy a new program for some kind of home care subsidy people in that population can get a little bit of help and small business that may currently be paying for home care privately but having trouble getting what they need and also for people that quality for ihss but have a high share of costs and can't afford them to pay this will happen and we're developing that a big rush to do it so we can get money out
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of this year's budget cycle so this is one of the issues we'll be talking about at the meeting next thursday that's it thank you. >> commission. >> another comprehensive summary that is careful but a question another option perhaps regarding the middle-income people the upper poor you referred to them raise the income floeflgz are the ihss is that pursued simultaneously along with the subsidies you've out lined. >> that's not directly was more of a state issue and more complicated we are looking at what we can do in san francisco that what about a model for other cities. >> that would be helpful if we could get some of the state legislators to look at that and that will make that easier for the city to reach i did it's
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objectives. >> a couple of things i realize i could have answered that first question wrong but changing the income level for people over 65 but after the affordable health care once you hit 65 the income threshold doesn't make sense but i'm speaking for the seniors the legal support but i'm not sure unfortunately, that bill is having a hard time getting raised and efforts 0 over many years to raise the asset limit that's a barrier for people not doing well but hopefully at some point. >> i'll bring feel up and the next ihss board meeting next week. >> thank you. any questions for commissioners
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next you'll have the tax report kathy staff here i don't see her no report okay and kate. >> good morning, sherry republican the president of the united states i didn't the catholic charities case has been working on the caption in december and we've gotten all we're working on a postcard campaign we'll be doing with the complies and the constituents the community had them trained into russian, spanish, chinese and english i feel like i'm forgetting a language. >> tagalog. >> not tagalog yet there have a need russian, chinese, spanish, and english. >> and we are having an event
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at the court library march 14 the time of the normal meeting we're inviting a lot of the community members to come by and talk about the advocacy campaign and talk with their fellow constituents and even a lot of the community members will be participate in that conversation and work on our campaign take it up to the supervisors and mayor's office in april we had a wonderful discussions with john with the ihss contract office the members appreciated him being able to answer questions they had and moving forward after our event other court library we'll be looking at ways of identifying things within the population we serve the bullying and how to help people work through the process and options for like holistic medications
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and medicines and what he will they can do besides going to the regular doctor and getting acupuncture and things coming any questions. >> any questions. >> yes. commissioner. >> (inaudible). >> uh-huh. >> yeah. it is a topic that came up recently and a lot of people embraced and said how do we help those people when the incidents happen and people don't think of this happening amongst the people with disabilities but it does yeah. >> since you talked about that how do you distinguish bullying
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from elderly abuse. >> it is good to have discussions about abuse and bullying maybe rubdness for some people it is a big conversation i think that will happen more than at the next meeting. >> thank you. >> any old business. >> none? new business okay request for item modifications for the grant agreement with ymca san francisco about community services during the period of july one 2015 through june 30th, 2017, an additional amount avenue 95 thousand applause a 10 percent for the revised grant not to exceed
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$997,000 plus can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved, second and good morning, commissioners executive director madam secretary i'm the project analyst with the office on the angling this item before you the funding will go to two distinguish projects i want to highlight them before i open up to questions from you first, we have $55,000.30 through these in the current and next fiscal year to the ymca stones town grant that funding will expand the hours there they have done a focus group and thought there was demand to have hours during the earnings and weekend the totter go demographics is working seniors and younger adults with exact
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and offering new programming that might appeal to that demographic as well the plan to increase the hours are monday, webs and friday 10 to 8 and saturdays the launch of the in any technology project called the history project at food towns a computerized on site it will be hosted there this is a program that is going to allow a participant to digital lee document their life stories with texts and photos and audio files it is to include the onsite training and class and in order to set that up this new funding is primarily going towards the creation of a new position a new halftime corridor that will be staffing and setting up the new
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programming options we will see some increased services through this and the fifth floor or firefighter we're shooting for 25 new undid you want clients and the fiscal year 2016-2017 the start is one hundred new clients and seven hundred and 50 hours of programming this is not executive exclusive so the people that are receiving services will be able to participate and the other $40,000 from the fiscal year to open a new program at a new sites the ymca chinatown branch not a overly funded site it is excited to have a new partner
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the health relates services will be the focus and the project many say the pilot project focusing on healthy cooking and nutrition and workshops and will have a set of scholarships 3 ymca memberships to the chinatown branch for low income seniors and with that membership they'll be able to assess the full memo of services at that branch including the gym assess and a swimming pool and wellness program i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> the commission might have. >> commissioner loo. >> i'm looking at the bunch of pay for the town we said the new coordinator 2015-2016 is 4 thousand one-hundred and $50 and
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the following year 25 thousand is that because it is pro rated and yes, that's correct the position has not been billed we're hoping to get it built in the next month. >> thank you. >> so then is 17, 18 the position will be deleted. >> this funding will only go through the next fiscal year so when that happens we will check back with stones town and monitoring it to see how this new programming works and we can look at either shifting resources that are the contract currently or perhaps advocating for additional funding for the program. >> thank you. >> commissioner. >> i want some understanding why ymca stands for young men's association. >> yes. >> and if i understand that it is the parents organization is a
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church or religious; right? >> i can't you, you i think that perhaps the ymca is a name of many years of the past i know that certainly the ymca brands itself as the y they've stepped away from that but can't speak to the - >> yeah. now your getting getting into the public funding ymca is nonprofit organization. >> yeah. >> i just wanted to - >> yeah. a nonprofit organization and . >> the activities to join the swimming pool the chinatown activities and pay a fee so those cooking classes and what else besides the cooking class.
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>> some healthy cooking and some preservation and anything else. >> we've got nutrition classes and a series of workshops hopefully with the cohort of a new clients. >> so i those people can go into and take those classes without joining or pay another fee. >> that's correct. >> so there will be free memberships but that will at least other offering will be bulb u public offensive for people to attend. >> thank you. >> any other questions. >> yes. commissioner. >> you might are covered this i was confused by the scheduling. >> yes. >> it sound like the first site you'd like increase the hours but in the document it
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says that the facilities currently opened from 4 to 8:00 p.m. to you'll expend from 4 to 8 but your document says it closes at 2:30 p.m. >> the stone town will end the programming at 3:30 and reopen at 4. >> the only other minor thing a typo under location of the services for the chinatown branch it is open if 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> any other questions. >> any public comment of the
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minutes hearing none, i'll coal call for the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so the pthat item passes reques and theoretician to enter into a new grant with open house for lgbt during the period of july one 2016 through june 30th, 2015-2016 in the amount of of in the amount of in 88 thousand plus 10 percent contingency for a total grant monument not to exceed $97,000.97 delores can i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved and second. >> so this item before you today this is a program and a contractor open house the training program that has been in place for dos with 8 years
8:50 pm
the current contract expires but to continue starting july one 2016 and the purpose to provide tran for the staff the service provider to assist the individual staff as well as agencies as a whole and becoming for culturally sensitive to be lgbt clients they current serve and may choose to assess the services we know that the lgbt are an underserved population and more likely to face isolation the benefit to train our front line service providers in developing safer and more inclusive programs we're hoping to reduce the isolation and share was that this target population the many services
8:51 pm
that are available i'll note in march of 2014 the san francisco lgbt aging policy task force put out a report with recommendations among them the task force specifically mentioned the training of the noted as value and recommend it ongoing funding the training themselves is take place amongst a variety with senior housing and staff with the education program and staff from the community services program typically a two hour training with educational awareness and best practices activity after the training open house provides follow-up technical assistance to each agency to see if if there are questions and provide guidance in developing best practices at that particular agency
8:52 pm
on a personal note in monitoring this program i was impressed with their material handbook that beaked the curriculum and in reviewing the satisfaction surveys it is high with this program. >> commissioner loo it said 15 seconds to recruit the staff and volunteers did that mean they'll recruit 10 folks from each section. >> the idea an average of 10 participant per training. >> how many persons anticipated in each section. >> i believe that 10 is the minimum they collect between 15 and 20 is the best i think that 25 to thirty tends to be the
8:53 pm
upper limit. >> okay. and and then it was says 15 to different agencies per agency or one with the agency. >> that is one hour per agency. >> okay. >> ambiguity there and you said the training and the material are the material 2, 3, 4 different languages. >> for the need of san francisco population? >> they are. >> what kind of languages do you have. >> can you come to the mike and executive director of the planning. >> thank you. we make the material available in variance languages on request depending on the kind of training the agency wants or the modules we make those availability and have the ability to translate those
8:54 pm
upon request. >> what about if i want to get the material okay. and so i want to have it in french do you have it. >> we introduced overseeing for you not available in stock so to speak those kinds of curriculum not recently updated but will be exciting to roll out but upon request we can have those available not in stock that. >> so staff your staff is not ethnic groups. >> we can interpret in spanish and work with the partner agencies to help us do that. >> thank you. >> sure. >> any other questions. >> i want the chair to note i'm recuz myself on this. >> any other questions. >> i have one question the
8:55 pm
training after the two year period do you continually train or train people over is that a continuous training or you'll reach a population. >> i know we have some providers it take that training on an annual basis we encourage the training because of the turnover amongst the staff. >> okay. >> any other questions. >> any public comment on this. >> yes. >> okay. >> i just wanted to thank the commission. >> thank you to dos for the training program as mike said it is in existence for a long time we train the providers on a regular basis year after year for the staff turnover and with
8:56 pm
the additional two year contract we'll expand the outreach and update the materials before rolling that out we appreciate the support and we appreciate the confidence in this program it is a terrific outreach and build partnerships with our fellow agencies so thank you. >> out of curiosity hyatt how many volunteers do you have now. >> on an average one and 50 volunteers coming through the agency per year and they play different roles within the agency there is a speakers bureau that is trained as necessarily precipitating so the directors can hear in the lgbt. >> so those volunteers and more training continue the training because they have to help others people new materials coming and adding to the training how do you monitor the
8:57 pm
volunteers. >> the volunteers who participate the program we always looking for and recruiting new participant in our program that most people that have a good story that what about effective the training and it wouldn't have been possible identifying those and training them as neon public speaking and partnering in those kinds of programs. >> thank you. >> sure. >> commissioner. >> thank you very much this is a very, very important program it is really growing he remember when it start at the commission and it is also important to remind remember we're working on getting people to identify themselves on the squall identity and if this increases training will be more necessary for the services the population and know they're not serving the population it is very important
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thank you. >> okay. >> okay. any other comments hearing none, i'll call for the vote. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. so the that item passes. >> announcements i - okay commissioner. >> good morning madam president and commissioner i want to call to our attention in the chronicle i hiv and aging and a terrific reporter has been working on this a 3 part series i'm not sure how much will be on the first part but talks about the story what happens in those days the 80s and the early 90s and about the last men standing she interviews a number of people with the hiv and aging plan so i want to brought to
8:59 pm
your attention i've suggested to aaron she might consider writing the sexual as the band played on with the indifference of the government so i hope she does that and the second thing if the mta we have a pony i cannot meeting about the young lady that was killed by the public vehicle and a lot of people came to the meeting and most extensive her sister and young baby with there and basically approached the mta we need to do more their grateful because 24 projects a year they've done thirty but the need to do more for those of you two come to
9:00 pm
1560 mission there will be changes on mission street the bulb out for making it easier for pedestrians to get across the street and bus transcript lanes for bicyclists and the dedication of our board to doing everything we can to achieve vision zero note the traffic facilities that is of great interest to the bodies thank you madam president and members of the board. >> follow-up on what tom nolan was talking about the death of a fan and the members of the community throughout the bay area i was amazed a number of people thatho