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tv   Police Commission 21716  SFGTV  March 9, 2016 12:00am-3:16am PST

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express my appreciation for working with them they've been committed to work with rec and park and expelling and this commission i think this is a wonderful way to honor the gentleman and hope so it inspires the people from the north beach community and criticizing to roll up their sleeps sleeves to get involved. >> thanks to and your colleagues and the folks at sdpep for working with my staff and the friends of washington square and colleagues when you go to washington square and see the lighting set up that was herb at work madam chair can we open up for public comment. >> please join us public comment 2 minutes you'll hear a soft
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chime come up. >> you'll have 2 minutes. >> thank you. i canned add much to what airbnb said he's a wonderful imply and friend of mine for 35 years and a neighbor and z done incredible things for washington square i hope we will succeed in getting the installation costs waved. >> thank you thank you for all your hard work june appreciate our perseverance and jane. >> thank you in my cousins was passionate about many changes e things family and architecture among them he served as a family patriotic amongst the last of his generation in our family and will find by all which includes 4 generations his friends were
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considered family to him and the circle herb loved his work as a architect and didn't retire until a year brother he died he loved washington square park as you know he was the founding member of the friends of washington park and was involved herb knew so much people that was impossible to walk to washington sequoia and not stopped several times to be introduced to the police officer and merchant and other neighbors pga by herb's commitment of many decades to the preservation of the neighborhood and community should be pubically recognized and celebrated on behalf of his family we're great to have to plaque to honor
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herb's legacy and serve as a reminder to everyone of the importance of being actively involved in communities wherever you are thank you. >> thank you jane. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on item 3 all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> a motion. >> so madam chair i'd like to on page 2 line 11 insert two words permits and so for the resolve be it therefore resolved that the board of supervisors hereby urges the department of public works to waive all costs with the permits and the installation of commemorative plaque. >> thank you very much it is easy. >> is there a motion to accept the amendment all right. motion made we'll take that without objection. to accept the amendment is accepted thank you. >> and i'd like to send this
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matter to the full board with recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. that as well thank you madam clerk, is there any further business before this commission? >> no, that concludes our business for today. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, our meeting is adjourned. >> shop and dine the 49 challenges residents to do they're shopping with the 49ers of san francisco by supporting the services within the feigned we help san francisco remain
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banishes there are homemade recess pesz and ingredients from scratch we shop local because we have someone that is here in your city or your neighborhood that is provide you with is service with quality ingredients and quality products and need to be know that person the person behind the products it is not like okay. who
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda please rise for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioner mccarthy's call roll commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus is executed commissioner wong and commissioner melara superviso david chiu's we have quorum with us is greg suhr police chief and joyce hicks the
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director of the office of citizens complaints. >> thank you, officer and welcome to the wednesday, march 2, 2016, meeting of the san francisco police commission i'm going to start off with one change to the agenda i'll be moving the first item the sfpd occ status report commonly known as the sparks report and move that on for another date for a larger discussions that's one sergeant, next line item. >> consent calendar receive and file the police chief to accept a donation of $500 from the health district for the police league chief anything to share. >> a request from captain lazarus the hilton hotel wanted to donate $9,500 to charity so
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it would be the worthy of the police activity league i'm entertain a >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> consent calendar passes sergeant, next line item. >> item 2 general public comment this time, members of the public may address the commission items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or occ personal under police commissioner rules of order neither the occ or commissioners are to respond to the questions but may provide a brief response the ocii and police commission should not enter into debates and please limit our comments to 3 minutes. >> general public comment welcome. >> good evening and welcome
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clyde. >> good evening, good evening i'd like to address the poa i was disheartened today had i heard that gary is accusing the da of being a racht you were here when the person was sitting here that's environmental that's environmental the sub text to call - i do back work i called the arkansas yeah. i worked with him and he's not a racht i was his boss for that to come out that is vial and marty will support it some club in cambridge he was drunk he said
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this and that why would we go public with something like that that is another greg like throwing mud ball in a play pin let's throw mud balls let's grew up it is a disrespect to the law enforcement agency of the san francisco thank you. >> thank you clyde. >> next speaker. >> good evening mr. crew welcome. >> my name is a john crews no obligation do answer questions do you have a plan to calendar the neutrality to sb 12 senator leno's on the record transparency. >> okay. let me go on i strongly encourage to do that the commissioner vice president turman speaking in support that
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have bill we are doing to inform our public confidence and the theme in the mayor and the achieve is transparent all through the 21st century task force support that is what this bill provides provides transparency over records that exist as public records and most of the rest of the country a more expansive bill that was tried and supported by this commission unanimously if you're saying to the public were going to reform those policies the use of force transformational policy if you, you want the public to building your enforcing those policies you should support the transparency of the record if you have nothing to hide take a position in transparent otherwise our reform efforts we'll be perceived and something to heidi ask you to take the
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load of bill before that time even he said this was crazy around the misconduct overseeing records should be public a poll out the research center published in the l.a. times 80 percent of the california public building those records should be public so you have a choices to make are you going to be on the side of transparency and accountability or are you going to be on the side of sxrety the da has chosen sides that will violate the office of private we're talking about public police officers do in public to members of the public with authorities begin to them by the public with public resources if there's a losses to the public the public pays for it everything has to be secret
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that's nonsense in most states those have 2 to 3 adverse to public communicates if you want your reforms your working hard i know how hard you're working i can't imagine but if you want to say to the public not only trust us we'll show you that's how you earn trust not by asking for it i hope you put that on the calendar and chief suhr lead. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners my name is david the first thing first thing i want to do is hand this to you guys. >> it is an article from the
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bayview news about a particular san francisco police officer while a 0 police officer in south san francisco killed a 15-year-old kid killed a 15-year-old kid and was substantially hiring by sfpd how on earth did e did that happen what makes the decision to hire a killer cop and put him on the streets of san francisco this officer is notorious sued by the aclu and had a lot of incidents of police brutality, one minor one just recently during the super bowl so that's my question and i'm putting you on notice that the officer is a bad apple if we find this out given the police officers bifurcating surl
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your hiring staff can thought this out and reject those kinds of officers from department that have already killed synonym and is department of justice i was there and director hicks i kptd 60 people of which at least 2/3rd's maybe 40 were from the justice for mario woods commission so whatever the mayor thinks he's doing in terms of bringing the doj for this basically, we're calling it the b team not the people that do the serious investigations the public is not engaged and especially singles the you know the first session was basically two bring in bayview residents it is a failing move the final thing i'd like to ask
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you will the public have the opportunity as required by law to comment on the agenda items when they come out we need to tighten up the way we run the police commission so the public had an opportunity to speak to you guys when you know when we it is die thank you. >> sir there's a deputy director from the office of citizens complaints and if you have very specific allegations he can help you i do not personally on breaking and entering to your attention. >> hearing and seeing none, oh, i'm sorry, sir no, no, no problem. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you, again, for all you're trying to do and hope we can see some improvements last time i was here there was a
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discussion i brought up some targets and there was a question i think from wanting to chief and the chief respond using the fact of the matter my issue was embedded the blackness when we're talking about the fact of the matter i tried to make that it really results in the same thing we're talking about non-white images so if their gray spur gray light glare whatever the issue is there is a memory muscle memory parcel that includes the shape, size, and color. >> especially non-white and i ask you to notice when there are white tatters marketed they look like humans their facial expressions and the mood and
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even try to project the density if you're looking ateplacing the fact of the matter explore this ask the officers and the chief why not shoot for the legs the answer is we don't train for the legs but the torso and last week, a picture you're sitting there what we see is from here up there are taerthsdz being sold it include legs there are tax o altercates one can be rewarded for shooting another legs and tatters being sold it include apparent ethnic images i'm not here advocating more shooting only to say since you're going to shoot and train to shoot explore the absence you know the issue of the property
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gained we sent folks to vietnam dehumanizing the world-class the other the other so those images depict the other in many ways i would hope you'll think about exploring some options that humanize the human process i handed out something i think - >> okay. >> 30 seconds. >> you have 30 seconds. >> the ways to other than say shoot don't shoot not just shoot and take a few seconds and give thoughtful consideration that's the language many more options and training i spoke to the training captain to help high school graduates maybe on the police force to understand there are ways to engage so not the
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bye in their shoot don't shoot i'll be happy to to share we're concerned about police officers that have mental issuesism. >> thank you, sir any public comment on this item? come on up. >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is bob i think that was commissioner hwang who brought up concerning the tasers with the separation of the reform into the package and having it be a separate issue a lot of people last time that spoke about that or to with they were against having tasers introduced i spoke about the
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reality of whoops what happened with mario woods tasers were not necessary i brought up the point that under the conditions he'd been hit 3 times with the beanbag at one and 50 mile-per-hour and blind with pepper that is a all a policeman had to do take out their night stick and hit him he's not a threaten tasers are not the answer and about 6 hundred killings of people through tasers i think over the last 10 years throughout the united states so that's my hope that people will sort of respect all the people that showed up last time and i have to say that the citizens of the san francisco have three or four times said they don't want tasers so i
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respect that. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you good evening, commissioners police chief and members of the public i'm the outreach for the party of san francisco i'd like to thank the commission for forwarding to the board of supervisors your recommendation that the office of citizens complaints review all police shooting incident this is a good accountability measure i notice i don't know if there is another item regarding the patrol special i guess a couple of police officers regarding networking with the beats i'd like to remind the commission the patrol has tried to have new officers approved from the police department and sat on the
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applications and stone walled the ability of new potrero special officers to get the proper approvals to start their jobs so i think that you know what you're seeing the case of patrol officers not working their beats is directly recommended to that i also want to remind you of a serious conflict of interest of having chief suhr sitting here on the panel with you because as a sfpd he's the head the organizations your supposed to have oversight it is inappropriate for the you know the head of the agency being on the job to be on the panel of the over serge especially the closed session where the public is not permitted the body being organizing shouldn't be the closed session and having the office of citizens complaints
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representative it appropriate that is an oversight body as the planning commission mr. johnson having did sfpd i feel it is inappropriate and also the officers that come before the commission not specifically requested we the commission should not be in uniform and not on the taxation payers dime finally echo what was said about the tasers and the public eminent opposition to them mario woods killing didn't change that if anything that reenforces the problem with having police officers having regular recourse of and the tasers are not for people thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed.
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>> 3 h chiefs report and discussion this item to allow the police chief to report on recent police department activities social and media policy and presentation of the limited english proficiency not to my knowledge report. >> commissioner director hicks and members of the public i'll be brief i know we have an lapd presentation and members of the public here to speak only that our social media draft is finished and we are now entering into the help within thirty days to be able to present that draft to the commission for your consideration and vote and as well our c i p draft is finished between 35 to 40 days that policy comes before you for a vote a couple of announcements we met
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with both commissioner charles the co-chair of the presidents 21st century task force and berry arrested if scotland and tom a form achieve o chief from the department out of battling for the reengineering the use of force and the department of justice that - the physical training and defensive tactical staff and commissions all the police officers from the rank of lieutenant that is pretty much the same presentation we put together that was heard by the chief in late january good conversations all about the draft use of force policies that is before this commission and considered by the working groups i think will get us to a better
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place we had a new academy with cadets and thank benioff for his dollars for a 3 year portion that pays for half of the people's salary we building we have room for 15 more applications we encourage anyone that is carrying a minimum of 12 units preferably 18 to 24-year-old want a job while they're going to school especially a career in public safety. >> how much is the hourly rate i don't know off the top of my head but i think that 19 or $20. >> that's good for school how
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can people apply and go to the police sfgov and look for cadets also our captain was certified 12 people were notified those will be fiscal a week from saturday 11 are will be new captains the 12 is deputy chief chaplain that accepts that as the survival service ensue will remain with the standards and pay with that, president's report i'll ask for lieutenant danger fields or sergeant king to make the lapd presentation. >> chief can i ask you one question that would be helpful for the commission to get a presentation on some of the material that we you know we were able to benefit director joyce hicks and myself at some
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point it that would be helpful if someone can just walk us through the key parts we've read the engineering and use of force and given the policy the commission has to some decisions that would be great for everything to be as informed as possible is that possible for us to do. >> sure i can do it myself having run through that but certainly i can find out if any of those panel will be back i know they all left assistant chief higgins had to get back to scotland it was really a flight out here to do that and chuck they went to so - but anyway yeah. >> we'll talk about that what the mix is it would be good okay lieutenant danger field. >> lapd from 2015 and then our
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future where we're going interest we have a total of three hundred and 26 bilingual members up 200 and 56 in 2014 most in spanish one 98 you guys have a copy of it as well from the language contact of 4 thousand plus contacts through the language line our lapd clients majority were in spanish up from 2014-2015 and lieutenant can i stop you did we start off on what lapd is who is watching are familiar. >> the limited english proficient persons people that don't speak english as their first language or have difficulty in understanding the finer point and need to do daily operations boutique things under
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the circumstances and need our assistance those are the people we're trying to service that is the basic lapd there were approximately 20 open cases through occ some were resolved and 3 sustained were not sustained and then 12 cases are still pending. >> there were several new department bulletins regarding the lapd and tracking was a major thing to track the people we actually serviced and one of the bulletins required comments being put in to the computer system by the officer or the dispatcher under the comma and saying which language and identifying who the officer was and the psa or the languages on one person. >> by using the characteristic
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comma retriefr it by researching that there are issues we're working on from the dispatcher put the dispatcher comment sometimes, it didn't show we're working on the issues but the policy is in place and they're trying to retrain the xaefrnz to make sure they know to use the k comma and not the dispatch comma. >> another major point with the pocket cards so the officers can know step by step to use the language line it tells them step by step the numbers to use and dealing with training of those officers to make sure they know when they're using the language line if things are not going appropriately that by looking at the person they maintained understand or not a direct interpretation they can request another language line operator
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translation of documents you have documents that need translation before they can be booked to the officers know what to put the report we have a clear understanding of what is actually what was said by the person we're trying to train the officers sorry excuse me. trying to test officers identifying the academy for the - we know who we can test before they get out to increase the number of bilingual officers to test them this is done by the department of human resources we test them before they leave the academy they don't get paid nail i until their scorn in pill being tested because of 2016 that's the requirement so, now we're testing for people and raising
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the numbers to have more bilingual officers out the second they start the s t l and identify them how they were hired they were self-identified which language they spoke and where we're trying to go looking forward across the number of officers that tagalog a new certification for tagalog we're trying to reach out to those officers to make sure their tested to h.r. and the other issue is we've increased the training for psa and for the cadets from one to two hours and trying to incorporate the training for the basic course the policing area the same person will be teaching it and trying to teach it the
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report writing section they use scenario based on training so we can write mclaren how to write the report using the lapd interpreter that will be important they can recent the physical and looking at the person and giving body clues based on what the interpreter is saying and - i think some of the main things the roll call for the lapd watch a new video the video we had we're now made an a priority everyone has to watch it and ask questions and refer to us officer if they have any questions or any additional information we can get that to them and the report writing data the system is going to go live in a couple of weeks after we make sure everyone understand
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how to operate it drop down boxed to clinic or click on an with an interpreter which language and have to say whether a passing or a language line and can't moved in the report until that is done and going live later this month we're securely working on somewhere basis training we're using autopsy the advocates the working group is vast bunch of people we appreciate that helps. >> to figure the issues and try to resolve them we've been working together and made a lot of progress in 2015 and looking forward to 2016. >> even better. >> even better. >> i would the lieutenant went over it quickly but that box that has been asked about over many, many months about
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automatically the use of lapd and the compliance with the general order on children and parents both of those will be live and in place by the end of march. >> so it was a its been a long time coming but welcome. >> okay. colleagues do you have questions for the lieutenant commissioner - >> start. >> commissioner melara. >> my question has to do with with the data and some of the total of the occ complaints that are open 20 cases were opened and in 2015 i'm confused as to the 3 sustained cases and then to the right it says involving total of 9 officers sustained two not fined because of retired
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so 3 cases by 9 officers. >> i'll have to refer to the. >> same from the office of citizens complaints i first want to say if you thank you for having this on the agenda but i'm happy to address did occ complaints that - we've had cases that involving more than one officers there is gas stations for the language for each the officers that's why you're seeing 9 officers each individual officer has a role and sustained against those officers the other two no findings those individuals we made sustained feelings i've retired so no jurisdiction. >> it was not the math adding up. >> sure. >> thank you.
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>> okay that would be great there is a number of members from the group lieutenant if you want to welcome any of the community members that would be great. >> maybe i can do a short introduction we've been working with the person going on 3 years in terms of this working group we meet every month at the mission station a acholic beverage process with many do know assault service provider and language assess advocates the department of emergency services comes and the commission has a representative and active for the last year it is a really vibrant group and what is wonderful about it is the advocates they're in the streets and their teaching english and providing services for the sexual assault victim additions ding how to enhance
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the services and what is working correctly and what we can do to raise up and making sure the people are getting little services all the projects liken the box incident report we've been working with the depended 6 or seven years to get the boxes it is the tireless is on trackcy of the folks that come month after month a volunteer thing their relentless and precedent all the projects the department bulletins and the boxes that mean information at the end of the day the data collection from the hard work and they're working with the department ear able to move forward with that, there are many advocates that wanted to address so thank you. >> the advocates are helping in the training and coming into the academy and training.
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>> they helped to write the video an language assess come on up. >> handful welcome. >> hi my name is arrest i didn't an attorney at asian pacific islanders outreach i sat on the sfpd language sees working group and happy to be here today, i want to say how happy we were to be at the training and it was a really good experience for us i hope for the recruits i think it can only get better i have to thank may partner in that we kind of wi7kd it it went okay and i also want to thank captain yee and others and daren when helped to push it and facilitate it we've been talking about but
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the execution when people put they are will i understand had it happened fast and the next date for the level will be trying to expand to the field officer training we can have more situational practice and i want to thank chaplain that has encouraging to help to expand it entertaining and make that more of a curriculum and looking at the post certification for language says there is not that right now but i also want to talk about i do want to say thank you both to lieutenant danger field and ken i don't know if you were here last year the report was cyanide poisoning two or three pages it is definitely clear that a lot more thoughtful and activity went into the report we've accomplished more and that is encouraging i want to talk about
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briefing the implementation and effectiveness 3 bulletins having the does want bulletins that great but how the details workout and their implemented is where we keep on getting stuck for example, the translation department bulletin in certification or training in los angeles for sfpd bilingual members those of us that be with the lapd's folks the interpretation and translation are different so assume that someone that is a bilingual certified member will be able to translate a 0 document is a huge risk there is a bulletin that which is created a process without that extra peak so kind of putting a situation on officers that they may not be able to fulfill the idea was
12:45 am
good but the actual details how 24 hemispheres when you don't certify from translation or training translation is risky the department wlilg on the languages card it is a missile not onlyer not a card a big sheet not convenient and it requires a survivor to look at it and make a choice what size it requires them to figure if in their situation a emergency and even with you'll that not being given out and even though it is supposed to be at the front and says in the belittling bulletin a police ever psa will take the report with an interpreter but other advocates can tell you too many survivors are told none it available no officer is
12:46 am
available so you can tell someone they'll do that but if you say no officer is available what's the point; right? that's the implementation issue i was very happy to see this recent bulletin of the mandatory training on the video we talked about this at the last report how do we know the video is working and people that seen the video are not visitacion valley complaints against them we've pushed horde hard work for this survey and on top of to have it mandatory everyone has to do it within thirty days we're looking forward to the result easy last thing of prelims i want to say about police station there is a lot of things you can do broadly but things come down to who is the leadership at the police station we have advocates 3
12:47 am
don't refer to certain stations our clients will have a bad experience that sounded shouldn't be happening and central station we've reached out to i'm not doing anything wrong and other stationed they're doing a really good job it is possible it tells us it is not just something that all the stations can't do you indicated those breaks down in communication. >> yeah. to an stent i'll want to thank captain santos for those kinds of things i think he's been the longest serving captain of s d u that has helped and sandra has been helpful but those survivors have to go back to the police station again and again so the survivor it
12:48 am
complains about no one not taking her police report each time she got the same officer and was treated like she shouldn't be filing a report. >> did they file an occ complaint. >> i don't know if they will not my call as advocates we can encourage our clients but not an easy prolgsz for them a lot of the clients have unstable housing and dealing with language issues and get a house and job and gets some stable situations to say they need to go though the occ process even though the process maybe user friendly is daunting a lot of people don't come from a history like the occ process is not possible or something that is
12:49 am
corrupt so. >> i appreciate that but we need to know where the problems lie to fix them. >> i understand that but i think that is relying on the fact those are isolated incidents and as community members we've repeatedly talked about incidents that are happened as specific stations and talked to indirectly talked to captains it is not a question of being aware of the problem and didn't require an occ complaint to be aware of the problem. >> i completely hear what you're saying let's not be the burden on people that are not involved but - >> i think the issue for us is that it is difficult for us when it is a story we can't get it investigated and sustained and hold that officer accountable that's what we do you're saying
12:50 am
on a policy we're aware of the issues and continue to say that in order for us to do the best job it helps when part of the what the support for that survivor we have a system here in san francisco the police officer are held accountable and to be listened to the rules need to be followed so that's where we are coming from not suggested only on that individual but. >> sure. >> we can make sure we this who the officers are it is difficult we don't want to paint them all with a broad brush. >> but it speaks to the fact that certain stations are a culture and top down process i didn't come here to say you have to do something that is more of a awareness at the ground level
12:51 am
with individual captains and stations talking to heart the general work and the experiences we've been talking about and that's not something the commission can do. >> i'll follow-up. >> maybe if there recent just you said there are stations that are doing a good job how about a shout out to those stations. >> i shouldn't. >> absolutely absolutely but it is to show it is possible and k0r789 to the individuals in the station that wants to do the right thing because it is the rules that's it i think i was over actually. >> thank you. >> hello my name is anna i'm
12:52 am
the language coordinator thank you for focusing on language assess and lapd issues today, i'm part of language assess working group that meets monthly with the stakeholders and this past year as we've mentioned to my here my colleague she's mentioned a chief important milestone to name a few we participated in the d go for academy recruits a good experience we hope to continue participating the trainings and not only the training for the recruits but for the fields officers advanced officer training and lapd a material part of every layer of the training including the written tellers to make sure this is something that didn't
12:53 am
change with leadership changes and take advantage of the thank lieutenant danger field and everyone involved in including the training and i want point out really the report that the report provides the number of bilingual members as well as lapd contact we hope i know there is a new step with gathering information through the k comment we hope the future also, we are informed because there is a missing piece how many contracts were respond to by an officer only 9-1-1 dispatch but ivy pointed out all of those incidents wouldn't have been possible without the encourages community members that share with the u.s. the
12:54 am
complaints it is a very difficult fright full people are afraid and intimidateed because they don't know what will happy only want the services services and the victims leaving a abuser and having families to deal with much take a step back /* takes a long time and understanding understanding if we had as well - as well complaints that also a data we can see about different stations and which ones are providing the services that lapd community members deserve and which ones are not need more transparency in that and another way to know about the situations
12:55 am
well, that's all and also just a reminder that for the survivors having access to police services and language is key to over coming violence on the other hand, the lack of response e roads the trust in the communities so thank you very much. >> thank you for your partnership. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners and chief bev domestic violation we were three years ago, i told the story a woman was here trying to get her police reporting and she waited for 3
12:56 am
hours at the station and 4 hours at another station and ultimately referred to us this still is happening people are going to our district stations and not getting their police reports taken i can oxen echo we have to shore up the district station and where we report monthly the anecdotal information about the clients we're working with that haven't gotten the police reports taken generally in community a lot of lapd residents so it is you know it is still a big issue when we think about three years ago none of those things we're talking about today were in place wife come a long long way be proud of advocates and the be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. and the occ that continue to meet once a month at mission
12:57 am
station and are really dedicated to making a huge difference but a public safety issue in somebody calls 9-1-1 and afraid they'll be arrested this is a public safety issue for everyone and then will they ever call again maybe not; right? >> the other thing i know this not a conversation conversations when ice if their call and their lapd and afraid in ice detention another chilling effect we need to have as many bio cultural and bilingual officer bus get out there and make the department look like the community and going to the stations and not having a police reporting taken a strenuously it's what their abuser saying the police will not help you this proves it to
12:58 am
them they'll go back we can do better and i look forward to working on this for as long as it takes thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. upton commissioner wong. >> a couple of questions and thoughts i want to echo i think the use of bio cultural is better than using the language line look at the the first page of the report didn't seem like it was broken down in 20154 thousand plus lapd clients and the line below that it says that 4 thousand 200 plus the same
12:59 am
numbers were using the phone interpreters so not using the bilingual officers or. >> the tracking with the are from the language line those are the numbers you see those are all you see those are not done properly so hopefully with the police reporting the click down box they'll be are accurate dispatchers will continue to do it the old way of putting in dispatch comments that can't be tracked and another agency we're trying to retrain they're working hard to retrain attire dispatchers one or more of the issues they're going to try to speak a particular language and have the list in the computer and shows who is working right now that has the language and a dispatcher - so it is continued
1:00 am
training have to go over and over until they get. >> so put it into place for the bilingual officers on that shift. >> the dispatchers has it there they're used to the old way and it it takes time. >> so a bilingual officer that is free some requirement they respond to the call? >> if they hear it they can respond if their certified but the dispatcher can call them they know who is available if their tied up on another run they're not to stop their priorities but let them know as well. >> i've talked with the some of the bilingual officers they don't like to respond to the calls they don't want to be
1:01 am
interpreters but not using them as a interpreter or they get stuck with writing the police reporting so they'll hear the call and not respond they don't want to interpret for another office is there a way to centralize so the bilingual officers will respond. >> if you do go and be the interpreter you don't center to write the report they don't want to ask their own questions but you're not switching people to ask the officer the question and give them the question not for the officers to ask their own questions that we want to restrict it the report which officers interpreted and click on the box for language and we'll be able to track that.
1:02 am
>> my final thoughts i'd like to see if we can breakdown station by station and maybe do what we've done with vision zero the competition about the stations help those two matching the demographics and the informant i don't know if we go out to the community and do the district meetings we can make that part of each report you will get to the demographics the district and get report on so how often have bilingual officers and using the language lines and similar to vision zero. >> okay. >> thank you. >> that's a great idea to track something in control of the captain and some of the issues that have been raised so chief if you, you can let us know the data pieces i know we're trying to find a station
1:03 am
to be the community the next couple weeks to indicate we can start as quickly as possible other anyone else colleagues. >> just want to say thank you does that look like the numbers have gone of significantly since last year thank you for that. >> i want to thank all the advocates can you stand up if you're participated and helped the subtract subject thank you to all of you (clapping.) i have to say the example you've set with working collaboratively with the department and clearly issues on the table not like anyone has a banner this is a work in process i can't say enough about the integrity and the partnership the department has respond in in kind and again
1:04 am
you know we're continuing to work on those issues this stands as an example on many issues we've moment off of what you started let's start by sitting around the table about things not working and do something about it we want to reiterate we're grateful for your partnership and let us know where we letting you down and the situations definitely what we're looking for so thank you. >> commissioner yes. >> all right. thank you. everyone sergeant i'm sorry chief are you done >> sergeant, next item. >> item 3 occ director's report to allow the occ director to report on recent activities at presentation occ audit of san
1:05 am
francisco police department records pursuant to over 8.1 zero. >> good evening director hicks good evening commissioner president loftus and members of the public i'll make brief announcements i'm happy to report back in a more detailed under the agenda disitems should you decide on february 19th occ lawyer and i attend the monthly bar be association of san francisco criminal justice task force meeting last wednesday occ attorneys manny and donna and i attended the first community listening session posted by the doj community ordered staff and consultants to gather information from the members of the public for the acholic beverage initiative report the
1:06 am
information they received will help the doj in making goals trust between the community and the police department this listening session was held at the marshall high school and members of the occ staff will attend one at mission high school and one at gateway high school last wednesday, i testified at the rules committee at the board of supervisors supervisor cowen ballot measure which was adapted went into the administrative code to require the acknowledging to investigate all officer-involved shootings and eric balancing discharge attend and to forward to the full board of supervisors and the acholic beverage reform initiative i met with the department of justice community oriented policing staff and one
1:07 am
consultant to describe the acknowledging yesterday morning eric and i taenld the ballot certification committee on the proposed ballot language for the measure to amend the administrative code for occ to investigate all officer-involved shootings this committee worked the city attorney to prepare three hundred to 4 hundred jurats for the information pan let that is mailed to each voter this committee has at ballot descriptions with the title of the measure that is chosen but the direct of elections i described the function of the occ and finally yesterday afternoon the director and i attended the board of
1:08 am
supervisors meeting they adopted the rules committee report for the measure on the ballot that concludes my presentation. and varied activities as well my staff and moving to the first amendment for the general order 8.10 you have the report in your packets i'll briefing grow glow that deputy director balancing discharge reviewed the audit records the department of 8.0 in addition all documents and records for the investigations subject to section 3 and under public techniques including the
1:09 am
records and logs and investigations and for the intrusive techniques and infilter and request for arrests and prosecution all agencies assistance in addition information the result of the audit as following no records of investigations authorized under 2015 no records of any requests for investigations that was denied and no records of noefrz or infilter used and no unlawful records for the investigations no records of arresting or proceedings that were the directors and a proximate cause under the guiles 9 requests by made by the public for the stingray but none pursuant to the guidelines for seals to the records there were 6 requests from
1:10 am
outside law enforcement agencies and that was documented by the agency form and those agencies wanted access to information or assistance that recorded the subject to doj guidelines by the request 5 requests were grand and one denied with the united states department of the commerce for information on a suspect with correspondence with an employee and county of hawaii police department acting to interview a person and u.s. secret service requiring a subject that a threat against a dignitaries and san francisco police department of a person making threats against an athletic and washington requested a copy of the 1978 burglar report and
1:11 am
requested documents neither deputy director balancing discharge or marion found any violation of guidelines during the audit looking at the training that was required lieutenant provide the documentation that 8 members under the division participated the training the audit identified no areas of concern there is a police commission log and the contemplation is designated police commissioner find the law and testing that officer had the authorization for the initiation or continuous of an investigation by the department of a general order
1:12 am
and result the housekeeping has no recommendation and deputy director and you are here if you have questions. >> colleagues, any questions for director hicks. >> yeah. commissioner wong can do you on a issue to have something review the suspicious activity reports i'm wondering what you think of having occ reviewing the audit as part of your review >> you don't have to answer right now that was just a thought. >> i'll reserve comments until i have the opportunity to look both that commissioner wong. >> okay. >> okay. so any other questions for director hicks?
1:13 am
so director hicks the tack way no violation found and no recommendations at this time >> that's correct commissioner president loftus and does that conclude our report. >> yes. that concludes my report. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 3 c and commission president report property reforms sent to the mayor testimony before the blue ribbon panel and schedule for use of force draft policies and commissioner report. >> colleagues i'll start off you should have the letter that the commission sent to the mayor this wraps up a number of months of informal and formal meeting listening to community meetings a number were run by the young people to the safety initiate and got look good february on some specific reforms as well as the direction around the deesclation creating distance
1:14 am
that letter reflect our priorities and discussion as well as i should have noted the language assess we included other pieces not directly reflective of the commission work but raised one example of that was commissioner melara that d h.r. has to certify other officers in languages we see that was included as well public health advocates share with use it is really important that as we're looting changes in police reform looking at agency and the dcwf and the changes we're making are important but not address many of the issues we've witnessed under the bayview and some other neighborhoods in san francisco so i think that is one thing i'll let folks know we have deputy director chaplain will be
1:15 am
tracking the process and i'll schedule early next week where the reformed are for the commission, and, secondly, he testified i think testimony at the blue ribbon panel on february 22nd and think commissioner marshall and i were asked to testify from the commission or are you going to testify. >> they requested but you know. >> yes. so commissioner mazzucco was there and commissioner vice president turman was there so the areas of inquiry has to do with with the workload there were a few things i was asked about has to do with with the workload and how we balance the discipline calendar as well as the demands on the commission it was somewhat clear we serve as the finder of fact was not
1:16 am
completely clear at this point that we were asked how we saw the sknlz and we walk through through some of the disciplines and both new and they seemed to think that was a tremendous mulch the work and asked point workload and caseload we don't have a balance of 5 to 7 cases pending i did indicate that i was asked if i was king what i would do i clarified i prefer to be queen that doesn't go over well but in the event we could use some support on the policy side which commissioner dejesus brought up and other advocates we fluted i excluded included that to the mayor and a big time lapse continue our ability to get in
1:17 am
there to see policy reform that's my update and then the schedule for the use of force draft policy i have what i think that really tremendously good news which is we have an incredible engaged group of stakeholders their raising to the occasion of looking at the full draft policies the occ is involved thank you for that and at aclu is involved and the public defender's office so there was urban night time in one area with such a diverse group but to give them more time to spend on discussing where we might get for consensus we have a con 12rik9d schedule we're give this group more time the department wants to take some of that feedback and go to a second
1:18 am
draft extending that to date and the discussion everything we love to do so ended up with the best policy and thanks to the cops office we were supposed to the sendoff the idiots and supportive of level of stakeholders engagement we are going to take that time and get it right and then hopefully bring it back in add a couple of weeks to the decision in early april i've invited the cops office to come they get our review and make the recommendations to the commission so those are any updates and my report colleagues. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> thank you commissioner president loftus i have a few comments i attend the blue ribbon panel with commissioner vice president turman commissioner vice president turman and commissioner president loftus did a good job the panel is well tensions and
1:19 am
the attorneys working hard but here are any concerns one the panel on bias one of the judges asked commissioner president loftus she insist on queen for the day with the appropriated power there was a little bit of battering we were witnessing that and commissioner president loftus did an convalescent job there was a problem and the secondly, a misunderstanding about the funding for the occ and handling the budget in fact, did crowd was riled up when the police commission controlled the budget commissioner president loftus clarified that was the supervisors and, in fact, microfilm i have a commissioner president loftus voted to the board of supervisors to ask for more funding i saw a supervisor after award there was a miss understanding how the commissioners were chosen and
1:20 am
how we're going through the process and fortunately, this panel was in existence they didn't know how we are made up of 3 members but one of the gentlemen in the crowd eastward answered that about the amount of commission and how we're appointed i appreciate that and so there seems to you urban design confusion but understanding about the workload and commissioner president loftus did an excellent job supporting the commission i was proud those are the concerns that the judges predominantly in southern california didn't didn't have an understanding i suggested to the blue ribbon panel you educate them i've been interviewed and every commission has been interviewed that was a tad bit bernie madoff to see that that's my report and two other things to report on i
1:21 am
attended the police academy graduations last friday for the 4r5er7b8 class police officers from other jurisdictions extremely diverse and many bilingual officers 13 from morris town new jersey and others that joined the sfpd and chief suhr welcomed them i want to journey in honor of the san francisco police department who pass with away while at lieutenant secretarial a 25 veteran and san francisco police department assigned to currently to the tenderloin task force he suddenly passed away in school and leaves a wife and 10-year-old son and like to adjourn he served that he tenderloin task force and central station and want to thank the chief the chief presided over a good portion of
1:22 am
the funnel like a good catholic and adjourn in his honor tonight. >> commissioner wong. >> i want to reporter within the chinese-american community a lot of issues with officer at negotiation that o new york that was counted of second degree market-rate that was on routed patrol and thely killed a girl and counted at trial within the chinese-american there is an issue on the day of the lunar new years prayed reporting between 6 plus thousand that led a separate march on market street and end up the plaza. >> it started at - >> it's been a big issue i've gotten a lot of calls and like
1:23 am
to speak to a number of county groups and again, i wanted to highlight it is a big issue a first page issue the newspapers and the second events i attended the c pack community police siding meeting last night and well attended event the captains and members that participated were very personable i want to one take away i said to the chief officer j.j. johnson. >> jason johnson. >> he talked about some of the difficulties he's had since the mario woods incident and that his children other officers are remarked faced problems at school because their father is a police that is a consequence i
1:24 am
personally have not yielded heard before i wanted to raise that for the commissions thinking. >> thank you, commissioner. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> so thank you. i wanted to just chime in on some things commissioner mazzucco was discussing i attended the blue ribbon panel and commend commissioner president loftus on what we do at the commission and also just answering questions in a straightforward manner and being there it was i'm very proud to serve on that commission commissioner president loftus but i will say the blue ribbon panel raised issues for me well size e aside from the things that commissioner mazzucco mentions more were troubling a specific question about the
1:25 am
mayor relationship to the poa we do - we - which i don't - and talking about bias i would really like to understand the general genesis of much is question we don't govern the poa we certainly don't govern the mayor and i don't understand why it question would be put to commissioner president loftus there is also a question about having non-lawyers serving on the commission how we can do our work i'll remind the blue ribbon panel that soft fibers the most crucial cases of the in this country have ordinarily citizens that sit on juries and listen to faxs and come away with decision
1:26 am
i'm proud of the two non-lawyers we have on the board wherever the closed session begins i'll tell you they are interest rate oversees and analysis in a way that a makes serving on that panel worthwhile so i don't understand the bias they have against ordinary citizens or folks not lawyers there is a question of commissioners too close to the chief and having served on this commission too long. >> i will tell you that we're all humans and no one who sits on a panel like this and on a weekly basis understanding the motivation behind the decisions
1:27 am
that are made both in public session and in closed session you don't come away with impressions of an individual not knowing the level of district and the ability of that person to serve in their role and that particular instance it is an ability to comment on whether or not they believe that person does their job well, however, there are times in which even people do their jobs extremely well, you have to criticize those folks and everyone has done that as well i am looking forward to the blue ribbon commissions vrnltd i would like to hear what we they have to say if there is something valuable they can passed on to us to help us to do a better job i'm more than
1:28 am
relying willing to accept 24 i heard that the district attorney's office sunshine should serve with us on disciplinary matter that is beyond the mandate of any office and find a logical law but (laughter) so he's on a role. >> and maybe i am but i'm proud of the work i do here i dedicate a lot of time to it and listen carefully to the public, and to the people process and listen and they act in different ways and i welcome the input of anyone that has something constructive to say but not welcoming of input that is tracking down a boy's track before it has begun so let's all try to be a little bit more
1:29 am
conducive constructive when asking questions and informing the public. >> thank you commissioner melara. >> a couple of things i want to thank people for giving me information i didn't have before and because i was one of the people that were interviewed and asked questions information you have provided before us today that gives me clarity i was hearing the questions about even my capacity of being on had commission because i'm not an attorney pr i was not appoint because i was not an attorney the mayor was clearly interested in interthe commission was balanced with people from the variety of skills but that's not the reason we want to talk i left at the
1:30 am
california partnership against drongs o domestic violence a bill that is in their promoting that will effect the police departments in a way that is that that at this point, i building that domestic violence survivors are not charged for police reports the bill would require police departments to waive the fee for other forms of domestic violence not necessarily included as much as elderly abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking if that is what the alleged so just want to
1:31 am
bring that us u up as a piece of information being - going through the process of the legislative so i wanted to let you you know any further report. >> didn't say anything about the blue ribbon panel. >> commissioner marshall will not say anything about the blue ribbon panel but what you have annunciating commissioner vice president turman and i attended a meeting the tenderloin with community members and have a question from a parent she is having difficulty taking her children to bart because of drug dealing and a number of community members were there we'll update there this and explaining some of the issues warrant broader look by this commission at this point, i'll call for public comment on items
1:32 am
3 a there 3-d welcome. >> john crew i'll speak about the cc audit and commissioner turman's as a resident of san francisco thank you for your service and try to be - i'm assisting a variety of groups on the officials including the caucus and the california aclu and to the i'm speaking for myself the roll we hear i think they agree first thank you to the police chief for meeting meeting with us to resolve the issues we know from the sfpd compliance report from lieutenant full board of supervisors testimony that officers san francisco officers participate in the f d i interviews representing the clients is quite common as the complaint with the occ the
1:33 am
questions are i couldn't do is about first amendment and that complainants was not an aberration the san francisco police department has participate in a number of interviews we also know from the lieutenant testimony she apparently buildings because of the collection of first amendment for the f d i was not done in the guidelines that somehow the authorizations are not required that's not what the policy said we pointed out weeks ago it is contrary to the clear language and exactly that activity that the 8 point one 0 and subject to the form of your monthly reviews and the idea that explains why year after year the 8.0 no
1:34 am
authorizations whatsoever naturally because the head of the department is making sure it is followed apparently under the mistaken belief the activities of this tie don't have to be authorized they're being off-the-books off the 8 point one 0 beyond the reach of the occ and this commission and, of course, the point of the ordinance and the chief bureau the mou and with the fbi didn't trumpet the policies to make sure all the police work is in strict experience with the policy it is most importantly to meet to try to resolve and thank you commissioner vice president turman for doing what the commission does to resolve doing everything we can we've look forward to the commission to address those issues but this report or it says no violations
1:35 am
really mention nolo contendere severed violations it is off the book and your to audit to address this compliance not just the occ. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. >> michael i'm here representing government assess project and have to get back to the sunshine ordinance task force we're one of the matters they are hearing has to do with with my complaints against the police commission and want to address the police chief that the recent activities included going to the district attorneys blue ribbon panel on police accountability i had this sign i was showing at the forum i believe that the district attorney is corrupt i believe that is blue ribbon panel he's convened no power is a real
1:36 am
problem because it is not looking at the problems win the police department that existed when george gascon was chief i believe what we're seeing with the blue ribbon parental that part of krurmthsz with indulging is he looking for a higher elected office i'm sorry commissioner president loftus you were not there when i was you were on the agenda for the blue ribbon panel he question what exactly the district attorney is doing with his collaboration with the fbi and salt lake city much the pane no documents from the district attorney about this blue ribbon panel who is paying for that he is had an organization called policy link that is running the mediates a memorandum of
1:37 am
understanding or a public record request nothing received and a law firm their and a at the sunshine ordnance task force their representing the district attorney in terms of getting documents out of the police department i filed a records request to if they had how much the city a paying for them to do the sunshine ordnance work on behalf of the attorney we have a ambitious district attorney i believe is using police accountabilities issues to build his resume for his next campaign and i don't think that enough questions have been asked of the blue ribbon panel not having any power to effect change i don't know why the chief was there talking at this thing the middle
1:38 am
of the day it that would be great to have that meeting at night there needed to be scrutiny about george gascon and the district attorney's office in terms of police accountability because the blue ribbon panel is nothing but window dressing thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> on item 3? >> welcome. >> thank you, commissioner i don't think i'm out of balance to talk about the blue ribbon panel but brought to your attention to the article the sf display the title a chief is in conflict i'll disagree with the previous speaker acetate blue ribbon panel any panel that is asking questions of the sfpd is a good thing and especially, if
1:39 am
they're not tied into the department it's the way this commission unfortunately is tied in very, very closely i'll looking forward to george gascon report i think seeing a little bit of a tension as far as turf unawares wars between you. >> george gascon but again whoever is looking at the police department at a deep level it has gotten my support so, anyway the questions whether there is a old boys need not the police department i hope the doj will address old boy networks unfortunately do lead to you know situations that can cause a tremendous amount of trouble thank you. >> further public comment? you have to come up, sir to the mike so everyone can hear you
1:40 am
>> okay. >> good evening and welcome sorry. >> i got a letter to be here for business is this still going on. >> we're not at your item yet. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay hearing and seeing none. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 4. >> vote on whether or not conducted energy devices should be separated from the support and consideration at a at a later time action. >> so colleagues as you recall when we proposed having a discussion of use of force the department indicated that part of their request will be more or for on authorization for tasers use that has to come before the commission the department put out 3 proposed d go the bulletin is
1:41 am
the request oh, i'm sorry bureau order for clarification and does request this commission to allow authorization for a - that bureau order which is i believe for a specific set of officers. >> special officers. >> special officers regardless we're not talking about the merits of order tonight but your colleague commissioner dejesus who unfortunately not able to be here bog of a work commitment i ask recall what here argument was that it is the request that we separate out the discussion of the bureau order for tasers and we heard public comment at the last meeting that suggested that giving a tasers at this
1:42 am
stage a departure from the other orders and have the discussion of orders first make a decision that tasers is off the table and can be brought at at a later time and my request we do what we said whatever the department request is we discuss it as a whole and go to the review by the community and the doj and full public process and so that is what item 4 is about if anybody i've neglected to sort of give proper consideration to the commissioner dejesus request please jump in i'm doing any best to represent what her request is discussion? >> you don't have a motion on the floor so you can't have discussion. >> that was my concern. >> i will at this point
1:43 am
commissioner wong i'll invite a motion. >> unless you'll make a motion you can't discuss it. >> a paramount has spoken. >> let me see if i can do that it seems like that was borrowed by commissioner dejesus i powerful to continue it or agendize that when she's present. >> second. >> is that allowed. >> of course if that's a motion you want to make you have to say having a second and move on voting. >> okay. so before we vote let's - >> actually now you can have a discussion (laughter) whether the motion should go forward. >> i'm relieved of a par telethon. >> the motion to continue this when commissioner dejesus is
1:44 am
present we agendized it for today, we is it on the agenda is there a question how to fulfill it and take it over. >> i mean and that's my first question why it is on today's agenda. >> it was at the request of the commissioner dejesus. >> i need to speak into the mike dr. joe. >> normally when it happens a person is here. >> so is there any further discussion before we take public comment on this motion? >> okay. >> any public comment on item 4. >> commissioners thank you interest indulging i want to support as an individual you'll separate the tasers and endorse
1:45 am
the comments and the arguments why have an controversial issue entrenched with our good work and have a similar usf to instigating those issues if you're bringing a new weapon into the department a highly controversial one to make it a transparency one for it is fair for the public to ask and at this point not clear you have that offender is affordability and it's not just discipline i see not resulting in sixth discipline but most importantly appreciate commissioner vice president turman that is an outdoor that is critical to tracking the use of force and it was passed after a acholic beverage process 9 years ago and not clear if it is implemented or work or they came in and made recommendations 7 years ago and we still don't know that is respect to the community to make
1:46 am
sure you authorized unit have a hearing but make sure that is working before you introduce a new weapon respect to the transparency that is a question of data which this department used to the old days put out dlaltsd use of force data reports and breakdown by use of force and station and trends i couldn't find that online anywhere missouri anymore it seems to me it is consist with the 21st century task force and the chief doesn't address really appreciate the capitol hill initiative but if i go to that website it didn't have the use of force data up there but the shootings if we could get data but it is important if you're going to tackle tasers and ask it this community to give their consent to the weapon i'll argue for a reason you have this in place the transparency and
1:47 am
should it seems to me touthd to get two years of use of force data the numbers are not that high but to have that transparency in place to make sure your consist is working and not even a report and yet suppose to be reports you'll supposed to get every 6 months i'll respectfully y request you make sure that all of that is in place before you decide to go for tasers that's only common sense thank you. >> okay. >> further public comment on this particular matter. >> thank you, again commissioners i would like to say it very important to separate the tasers out from the entire package you know in you know in politics you you know folks say you don't
1:48 am
want to say how bills are made a lot of times you know things that are would create a great deal the conflict would be put in one package so i think that the community deserves a full opportunity to come before you guys and comment on the tasers issue and the only way to have it separate so i'll stroelg in support of separating is it from other issues thank you. >> hello, again if we have the definition of active uses so include any other all instruments and body parts that can be applied to another person 2, 3, 4 use of force
1:49 am
i'm concerned that you will leave out an instrument the controlled entity a fancy word 38 caliber weapon so a car a bumper on a car the question when is the under the circumstances of use of force should apply to anything you bring to the table whether it is a b 52 bomber or a peashooter as you implement new weapons technology allows you to create new weapons for use the use of force policy should be there for all i don't get it otherwise separate our automatic 9 millimeter from the 38 and the baton and have a different use of force policy for all use of
1:50 am
force it should be universal. >> i wanted to hand those from my last - >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> yeah great welcome. >> thank you. can you hear me. >> yes. >> as a medical profession i really would like to see physicians input on the use of tasers and you know from what i've read and the statistics i've seen their dangerous the wrong hands disastrous to the public you need to examine that before you have further discussions on these thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay. colleagues commissioner melara.
1:51 am
>> just to clarify what the motion is the motion is to take it off the calendar. >> so the motion we're not here to discuss tasers but here to discuss the motion if we want to keep on going on this yes on it if we wanted to say we'll not going to entertain it again we'll vote no. >> uh-huh. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> anyone else. >> okay. so we there is a motion and a second to vote whether or not to take this item off calendar given commissioner dejesus is not present pursue sergeant call roll. >> on the motion to continue item 4 when sxhoz present
1:52 am
commissioner president loftus commissioner, how do you vote? commissioner vice president turman commissioner, how do you vote? dr. marshall. >> my concern is taking this off because the next time you'll take it off again, however, i want to establish this is not the best way to do things abuse the commissioner is not present but i'll vote yes to take if off calendar. >> are that mazzucco commissioner, how do you vote? commissioner wong commissioners, that places you under your x commissioner, how do you vote? >> commissioner melara no commissioner, how do you vote? yes are the majority the that motion carries. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 5 assignment of commissioner and setting a date for the disciplinary charges
1:53 am
against the special parole officer action. >> all right. good evening. >> good evening, council state your appearance and special assistant special officer raisi >> i'm here on behalf of the san francisco police department good evening. >> and mr. reece and i'm here honorable commissioners and chief and secretary as you know i'm sammy workout of the bayview hunters point and as you can see i'm not used to being here i probably would adjourn the meeting i apologize
1:54 am
for that it is in our hands. >> we're on for sergeant killing shaw you're up commissioner mazzucco that handles the special cases. >> thank you very much so council if you provide special officer reece a copy of the charges we provide this complaint to officers brown and she serves the officers. >> officer reyes are you going to schedule only it is with our council for the police department and discuss the charges and discuss the disposition the chief gets
1:55 am
involved down the road in setting the conference and the whole commission will decide whether or not there is he merits and decide we apologize i know it it takes time to find council within the next 5 days please leave our phone number with officer carr la brown and with sergeant rachel killing shaw we'll set this for a status conference on friday actually next friday does that work for you and we'll talk about where we'll go with the case and any disposition ms. killing shaw did that work friday at 2 o'clock p.m. a telephone phonetic call and sergeant killing shaw and
1:56 am
basically discuss the matter. >> the telephone conference. >> yes. question die need to bring anything. >> you should talk about with your council i've not seen the charges you may want to talk to the council what you can bring and discuss those issues that is what you need to do i strongly suggest he residential council. >> a john ann draz are we filing charges. >> i've not had contact so i believe next wednesday officer brown and myself will be back here to address the special cases. >> that's right and commissioner president loftus with carla brown and officer andrew's is not responding to any question if the san
1:57 am
francisco police department regarding those cars or other matters essentially not responding and in violation of the all the orders related to this is on calendar for next week officer carr la brown will make a presentation to reach him to mail and registered return mail and if he is not present and not responding as he's responded to do there will be a motion before this council to terminator him. >> anything further. >> thank you. >> thank you, officer reyes i'll take public comment on item number 5 and hearing and seeing none, public comment is closed. >> sergeant, next line item.
1:58 am
>> item 6 public comment on all matters closed session including the public comment on vote whether to hold item 8 in closed session. >> any any public comment on this matter? >> hearing none, public comment is closed. sergeant, next lint item. >> item 7 vote on whether or not to holds item 8 in closed session administrative code section action. >> colleagues do have i have motion to hold item 8 in closed >> we're back in open session and we're adjournedgo.
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine the 49
2:01 am
hi in my mind a ms. medina
2:02 am
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2:07 am
>> please silence your mobile devices that may sound off, when you are speaking before the commission, if you care to state your name no the record. i would like to take roll. >> wolfin. >> here. >> highland. >> here. >> john. >> here. >> johns. >> yes. >> matusta. nhere. >> pearlman. >> hawis absent today. first on the agenda, is the general public xhept, at this time the members of the public may address the commission, on
2:08 am
items that are within the subject matters, except the items respect to the agenda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the itting is reached in the meeting each member of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes. i have no speaker cards. >> does any member of the public wish to come and speak at general public comment? >> you have three minutes, and there will be a warning bell, 30 seconds before your time. >> where do we place the card? >> you can put it on side there. >> you can come and speak now. >> okay. all right. >> right. >> so does any other member have general public comment? >> seeing and hearing none we will close, general public comment. >> very good, it will place you under department matters, director's announcement. >> good afternoon, commissioners i just wanted to give you a brief report on the planning commission's item with respect
2:09 am
to the housing bonus program. as you know it has been in the kind of the development stage for a long time and it has been controversial and the planning commission, did take an action last week, what they did, a little out of their normal routine is actually to take the separate votes on several, topics within the proposed ordinance. and then they took an over all action to send it to the board of supervisors with an out of recommendation, either proor con. but what i can do without taking too much time is briefly summarize the position on various topics. one is that they asked us to go father in terms of the sites that we would not consider for the program and asked that we remove all parcels that have any residential units whether they are rent controlled or not. if the site has any of it under the proposal it will not be eligible for using this program. and they ask that we secondly adopt a phased approach,
2:10 am
implementing it, starting with the sites that are vacant, or have gas stations on them. the third would be to evaluate the remaining sites, with an emphasis on retaining small businesses, and historic properties. the fourth was to evaluate further evaluate the financial analysis of these project and of this program to look at the area immediate and income limits and there was a lot of discussion about the middle income, portion of this program, and whether it was too high and so they have asked us to take a new look at that. and fifth they asked us to conduct the further out reach and planning with respect to the program, and they also, asked us to look at how projects would conform to the design guidelines, that we have put forward, and you may recall that we have proposed specific, design guidelines for this program and they have asked us to make sure that when we do the case report we will do an analysis of how the project meet
2:11 am
s those guidelines or not. they asked that until those guidelines are finally adopted we will prohibit the merger of lots to accommodate this program. so that we could not merge lots to accommodate a project site. until new guidelines are finally adopted. and they asked us to look at refining the guidelines with respect to the adjacent properties. with respect to the review process, they asked us to change the review process to require a conditional use for all projects that use this program. with respect to the small business, there is a certain about the impacts on the small business in our neighborhood, districts and they asked us to give the planning commission the authority to reduce the size of commercial storefronts within a new projects, so that you could maintain a small storefront character in the buildings. and they asked that we would with with respect to affordable
2:12 am
and looked at to establish the rates that are particular to a neighborhood. and because some neighborhoods clearly are more affordable than others and look at rates that are lower to the median incomes in those neighborhoods. and with all of that, and the discussion which, i think went on for about six hours, they did take a vote, to pass it on to the board of supervisors, with no recommendation. i am happy to answer any questions, thank you. >> commissioner pearlman? >> just in your opinion at this moment in time it sounds like so many properties have been eliminated from consideration. are there muf properties to actually make it work through all of this effort? >> our analysis, we, you know, it applies to, and i am not going to get the numbers, exactly right, but i think that it will apply to about 30,000 parcels across the city. what we did was look at parcels where it is most likely to occur and that is a list of 240, those 240 don't have housing on them any way. so those 240 parcels we think
2:13 am
will still work. based on the recommendations that they have made. and they don't have, they don't have housing they don't have the historic resources on them. so that was our first cut any way about where it will most likely apply. and so, they did recommend going ahead with that portion and with that first 240 sites, but then asked us to look more carefully at the remaining parcels. >> thank you. >> if the board does not approve this proposaproposal, since thi state requirement, what will happen at that point? >> well, the way this is a very good question, you know, the state bonus program has been on the books for a long time, but because of a recent, napa city, and i think that it is an napa city court case and it will apply to the projects that are pro-he vieding any level of affordable, such as san francisco, even if it is just the base requirement of affordability. so the way that it will work is that the projects could evoke on
2:14 am
their own, the program on their own and asked for additional density and height by providing affordable housing units even if it is the 12 percent that is required in the code. that will be entitled to the state law under the additional density. >> you are not confirmed of that yet. >> actually we have, there are five or six projects in the office that are provoking the state density. commissioner? >> yes, could you just clarify again, i think point number three, related to historic properties did you say to exempt them? >> no, >> what they said was, what they said was, you know, they would support a phased approach, where the 240 parcels that are largely vacant, could move forward but asked us to take a second look at properties that do have resources on them to see how we might shape the program better. >> they were not just exempt, >> that is correct. >> to make sure that there was an evaluation.
2:15 am
>> correct. >> any other questions? >> thank you. >> there is nothing further, commissioners, item two, and the review and the planning commission and announcements. >> tim frye the department staff, no formal report, other than director ram's report on the program, and i did want to follow up with a couple of items related to that, and one is that in mid june, on your advanced calendar, you will see the neighborhood commercial district survey, will be coming to you for adoption along with the neighborhood commercial, historic context. this is also intended to clarify which properties in these areas that generally accept greater densities. are historic and which ones are not, under the local, program, what is being proposed at this time, is buildings determine eligible as an individual resource will not be eligible for the, or to the program. meaning that you could not redevelop one of those sites if
2:16 am
you had an individual, resource, however, there was a district and you had a district contributor, that property may be eligible, if removing that property, from the district would not cause a significant adverse impact to the district. as you know, in a district, we look at the district as a whole, as the resource, rather than the individual, buildings. and so that is something that we hope to have more information on by the summer, where we have just begun our neighborhood out reach, effort related to the survey work and it will be back to you, in mid june, with the findings. >> if there is nothing, further commissioners we can move on to the commission matters and through the chair, seeing that the president has stepped away, if we could potentially take item four out of order? >> skipping over the president's report. >> okay. here he is. so item 3. president's report and announcements. >> the only announcement that i have is that i wanted to
2:17 am
announce that the california, preservation evaluation is having the annual conference, in san francisco and so i encourage all members, and commissioners and members to attend. >> commissioners item four? consideration of adoption draft minutes for the arc february third, 2016, hearing and draft minutes for the cha february, 17th and regular hearing for february 17th, 2016. >> comments? commissioner highland? >> yeah, i have two comments, on the cha minutes. since it occurred, and the minutes from that. >> the paragraph is essentially the same language as the agenda, and that does not change. >> and that is okay? >> yeah. >> and then on the hpc minutes,
2:18 am
and on the public speak, and the general public comment, there were three speakers on the first speaker we listed the presentation and on the last two, we didn't give any further information. >> the reason for that, commissioner is georgia has begun to invoke a section of the sunshine ordinance which allows a member of the public to actually submit their comments in writing to be included in the minutes and they are limited to 150 words. >> perfect, thank you. >> any other comments? >> does any member of the public wish to comment on the draft minutes of february, 17, the arc, for february, 3 ird? and the cultural heritage committee for february, 17th? >> seeing and hearing none we will bring it back to the commission, do i have a motion
2:19 am
to adopt? >> i move to adopt the minutes of both. >> second. >> thank you. >> thank you commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes for february third, arc, february, 17th, cha and hpc hearings, commissioner johns? >> yes. >> matuta. >> yes. >> pearlman. >> yes. >> highland. >> yes. >> and so moved that passes unanimously six to zero and places you on five, comments and questions. >> we can move on. >> excellent, commissioners that will place you under your regular calendar for item six, the mother's building condition assessment informational presentation. >> we need a motion to recuse commissioner highland. >> i move to recuse commissioner highland. >> second. >> thank you on that motion,
2:20 am
johns? >> yes. >> thank you, john. yes. >> matsuta. >> yes. >> pearlman. >> yes. >> highland. >> yes. >> and president. >> yes. >> highland you are so recused >> thank you very much for hearing this item my presentation is on the assessments that the arg undertook and it was funded by an hpfc grant on the mother's building at the zoo and joined by don from rec and ma park and david and richard and the friends of the mother's building and also allison comings with the arts commission will be
2:21 am
joining us as well. quick reminder, where the mother's building is. on the left you can see the arial view from 1925 when it was constructed. it was part of the -- and it provided a space for mothers and young children to relax while enjoying the pool activities. today, it is located in the zoo. it is a yellow circle shows you where the mother's building is in 1925 and today. i am sorry. here, if you know the zoo well, you can see it here in the upper left. it is right by the new elenor friends playground and the gardens are close to the mother's building. >> quick, review of some historical context of the building. so mentioned it was built in 1925, the murales were painted as part of the wpa program. that is the most historically
2:22 am
relevant, piece of the building, and so we will be going into that in a little bit more detail. they are mostly painted in the 30s. and touched up in the 60s and the 70s. the building was used throughout most of its life as the mother's building until the pool was removed, the youth of the building changed in 1960, and the 70s and the early, 2000s it was used as the zoo gift shop, and some of the other activities in the zoo and it was decommissioned in the early, 2000s. here are some of the images of the mural, the top image, richard actually took these photos, the top image shows a large view of the mural and then the bottom one shows some detail images. they were all painted with egg temp ora and so on top of the
2:23 am
building, within the west plaster is this typical of these murales during this time period. this is another one. here is some close up views of other aspects of the murals. and the conditions assessment that arg undertook, did both a survey and the photographic evidence and they had a number of consultants to pull together all of the information that we needed. the conditions assessment, ended up with immediate, short term and long term goals for building reconstruction, and the immediate is really the building, and the protect what is there right now. and the and we estimated it to be about 200,000 dollars and the zoo has already helped with some in-kind aspects of this which is, you know, sort of removing some of the trash in the area, the cleaning the gutters and
2:24 am
cleaning some of the vegetation in the area. short term is a little bit more intensive. it is estimated to happen within a couple of years. as soon as we can find the funding. and this is really destabilized the building. the long term project which is almost, five million dollars, this is all in 2015, dollars. the 5 million dollar project would work to seismically retrofit the building and reserve and protect the murals one of the biggest issues of the seismic retrofitting is how to, how to retrofit the damage without damaging the murals which are along the interior wall that ajoins the exterior of the building and so one of the ideas as you can see in the bottom left-hand image is to do some unusual illustrating on the outside and butressing with perhaps some animals, and
2:25 am
something that look like the zoo and brings in the new youth of the area. so this is the next couple of slides just sort of detail some of the issues for the immediate needs, on the upper right-hand side, is the plywood and the protection that was placed outside of the building to help protect the inside mural that you can see here from the further degredation it is the on the western side and it gets hit by the storms and rain and it has not faired as well as the rest of the building. so this was a temperatu tempora. so some of the work and this is also what the zoo has done to mix this area that has been sort of taken apart in this picture. short term needs again as i mentioned is to really stabilize the building and long term needs will do the seismic retrofitting and the ada access.
2:26 am
okay, that is all for my presentation. we are very excited about this. the murales, and the mosiac from the outside of the building are spectacular and we are glad to have this structural assessment so that we have a better p understanding of what is needed to preserve and restore this great asset. >> thank you, commissioners? questions? >> commissioner, john? yeah. >> commissioner johns? >> thank you. the wrong line. well, that was a great report. i don't know whether it was you or mr. wesle but i was interested in a couple of things, actually historically on page 3 of the report, it talked about a 1988 grant application for it, and archaeological grant program for the california wild
2:27 am
life and park land and con certify administration act to resoefsh the mother's building, was that just an application or did -- it grant, successful, did you, did the parks department receive the grant or was it just an application. >> i don't know that information, i imagine that it was just a grant application. do you know, david? it was not awarded. >> it was not awarded. >> yeah. and i guess that over all, what i am interested in, is knowing where funding can come from to take care of the both the immediate needs as well as the long term and so, i am interested in how something like that could be pursued again. >> right. >> offer what other information you might have. >> yeah, i think that grant opportunities would, or potential source of funding for this. do you want to? >> sure. >> and along with that too, would you need i would like the commission to be as proactive as
2:28 am
we can, under the procedures. including the potential landmarking as well. that is my whole thread of interest here. >> yes, thank you, thank you, commissioners, and aven and i am the director of planning and management at the recreation and parks department. >> in terms of the question about funding it is a good one and the $5 billion question for us on this project. in terms of the long terms. the first step for us, was really completing the assessment so that we could have the sense of the magnitude of the ask and also the time frame in which we might need the different investments. and so we have divided into the short term and the longer term needs, in terms of my first priority is to try and support, mr. ross man in getting funding for the building to take care of the immediate and the short term needs and so we have met with the zoo, and who while not having much in the way of
2:29 am
financial resources to commit, nonetheless, did undertake a number of using their own in-kind, resources and the important, main nens activities to deal with the list and there are things that on the l is that need to be done. so we are presenting to the rec park commission, to give them the same information up date, and with the hopes that we can begin problem solving with them about how to tackle the short term needs, including the fact that in the coming year's budget there is money set aside for emergency, projects and stabilization and etc. and that maybe, that could be a funding source for this project. that is a decision of the rec park commission, but we do hope to talk with them and explore that in more detail. from there, if we can stabilize, and focus on the needs in the short term, our hope is that we have been very effective as a department, in seeking out other grant funding streams for projects like this. we were able to get several million dollar grant for the museum and we have done, you
2:30 am
know, for other, similar properties and so it is definitely on our priority list. and we also have now that the assessment is done, that we can be more competitive for some of these funding streams and there is something called the opportunity, funding program that the rec and park department manages which also might have some funds, you have to go through, again, a community reviewed process. but i think that this report is a very positive first step in setting us up to compete, more effectively, for some of the funding streams that are out there. >> can you tell me when is the rec and park commissioner hearings. >> it is the third thursday of every month. whatever this month's third thursday. >> the 17th. >> we would like to, and i or somebody on the commission could come and represent the commission at that hearing and speak about that. >> that would be fantastic. >> that would be great. >> very helpful. >> we will figure out who will
2:31 am
attend. >> that is the great assessment. i thought. >> yeah. >> any other questions before we do the public comment? i would like to comment that it was a well done, report thank you very much it is an amazing building. and we would definitely like to support ways to help to preserve it. because i think that with the assessment really points out is that that, really a critical point now in a certain and if we have a really bad, winter continuing the building is going to be vulnerable and we lost the pool building and we don't want to lose this one. >> we will take the comment at this time. any member of the public wish to speak, come forward. >> yeah, thank you, commissioners. my name is loren jones and i am actually here on another matter and i have no idea that this was going to be happening. but i am a native san francisco and i grew up swimming in the pool as well as spending times in the mother's building. and ill think that it is just
2:32 am
great that you guys are considering helping out, saving that building. and i am also a guardian at the zoo. so i see the building all of the time. and i have been watching it slowly deter ate and so i just wanted to add my support that. thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. ross man? >> i am richard ross man with the friends of the mother's building and i give the tours up at the tower and i just wanted to put these murals, in context, they originally applied to work at great tower, but they decided since they had worked at the zoo, went out to the zoo. and most of the artists in this time, were mostly men. i think of the 27 artists at the tower, only, four or five were
2:33 am
women. and so it took them over, they started in 34, but it took them to 1938 unlike the tower and the beach chelt which are fresco, wet plaster, this building is a temp er and so it was dried plaster and for a number of reasons, because they made too much money, or in between they went and did painted the post office in merced california if you are ever going down yosemite stop and see these murals, and one thing that i like to tell people, beach chalet and the tower and the mother's building, they were not designed for murals like george washington or the stock exchange. the artists there just needed a place, or a wall to work. so that they could get paid.
2:34 am
and whether you know, they are supposed to last permanently, they have. and except for the west wall, the other murals, if you sort of, and the pictures are really in good condition, and because, these murales are higher off of the ground than like the ones at the tower and they are just really, spectacular and so, i hope and then the other thing is that the children's you know this used to be the main entrance into the zoo where the mother's building was, but they closed it off and made the entrance on the side of the building, but now that the zoo has opened the children's area, up, so the people can see the building, you can now walk right up to the building, so it is accessible and the zoo wants to open it up and as an educational center. and i hopefully that maybe there
2:35 am
could be events there in the evening. and so the people can really enjoy these murals, and so i look forward to getting this project completed. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello, i'm the deputy director of the san francisco heritage and we are here to offer our support for this very important initiative under score the significance of this resource. and congratulate, you know, richard for all of his hard work and advocacy. and our partners of the rec and parks department and arts commission and the zoo. on that we are here to be a resource and a partner on this long term effort to restore the mother's building. and we also are excited to announce that we received funding from the historic
2:36 am
preservation fund committee to undertake historic context statement of the new dealer ra resources and in addition, that includes, funding to complete, 3 landmark nominations for the sunshine school, george washington high school and roosevelt middle school. $10,000 of those funds is coming from the budget on behalf of the request of supervisor eric mar and that was really work that we have richard to thank for that too. he has been a wonderful advocate and we just you know thank you for a great example of the community activists thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak? >> seeing and hearing none, we will close public comment. >> commissioners any final comments? >> i guess that i would like to make one final comment, which is obviously this is a building in need of a patron. so i would encourage the rec and park department to publicize as much as possible this pro-yekt and consider starting a campaign
2:37 am
for this building because we have about a big donor pool in san francisco and it seems like a prime candidate for a donation for that. for the restoration. thank you. >> thank you. move to the next item. >> i wanted to talk and have another comment here. and you know, i could not help but think of the gray brecon does he have this on the website? he must. yes. and i am just thinking about more ideas that where we could help not only in terms of thinking about making sure that gray has this on his website but in terms of these historic preservation commission. if i am in san francisco on that day, i may have to be in washington, d.c., but i would be happy to go to the rec and park commissioner and speak on behalf of this, if that would be appropriate. >> yes. thank you. we will discuss that separately.
2:38 am
thank you. >> commissioners seeing nothing further we can move on to item seven, 2015-004228 des at 235 valencia street, this is a landmark designation and you have received a request to continue this matter. so as it is on your regular calendar you can hear it and then consider the request for a continuance at the end, or take up the matter of continuance. >> i am going to recommend that we believe that there are members of the public here that we hear the matter and determine whether we want to continue it, and the request for the continuance was based on the owner's building owner's request for more time to do additional research. it seems like a reasonal request, i think that it would be good to hear the matter now. >> very good.
2:39 am
>> good afternoon, the item before you is the designation, application for 235, valencia street. following the draft application for the landmark designation in may of 2015, the historic precertifiation commission, requested additional information, and directed the staff to provide technical support and the revised application was submitted in december of 2015. the program was documented in the north, historic parcel survey, at that time it was determined, ineligible for a local listing on are a designation for the government, review process or that it may warrant the consideration or
2:40 am
planning, it may be noted that it focused on architectal significant significance, under the oth events under the person criteria. based on the new information, provided through the community, sponsor landmark, application, staff was determined that the subject building is eligible under the person's criteria for the california, register, loren appears to have been a pioneer in motorcycling and played a role in the development of motorcycle cultural in the bay area and nationally. however, the landmark application lacks a broader historic context of the motorcycle community. making it difficult to fully evaluate the level of significance in that context. and the building does appear eligible for the california, register it does not appear to meet the historic preservation for the priorities for the local, landmark, that are part of the landmark, designation,
2:41 am
work program and the four priorities are the designation of the under represented including the land skapz and the designation of the buildings of modern design and the buildings located in under represented areas and the designation of the properties with the strong and cultural or ethic associations. >> even with the information on the motorcycling community, the building may still not meet these designation priorities. based on review of the landmark, application, the department does not recommend to the historic commission, initiation of the subject building for the article, ten landmark, and this concludes my presentation and i am happy to answer any questions. >> may the applicants come forward. then? >> thank you for taking up the
2:42 am
bill for the former jones dealership, and the 235. valencia street. the possibility of the attention of the historical planning and this commission, because we like many others in the community know the legend of jones and his place in the history of motorcycling, and we felt that it was important that this new information be brought forward before the building was lost from the historic fabric of san francisco. and in the valencia street, corridor and once the epi center of motorcycle business, for those in the greater motorcycling community, he is loved and reveered for fostering the culture through the great depression, world war and modern times, what started as a form of recreation at the turn of the 20th century, became for the half and the lifestyle that he promoted through the birthday parties and leadership in the san francisco, motorcycle club and the national event, sponsor
2:43 am
ships and both, amateur and professional, and throughout the life, he never missed an opportunity to promote this lifestyle, and including making sure that he was the first person, across the golden gate, bridge in 1937, or with his indian motorcycle. and in 1951, he created the motorcycle, blue book and 235 vlencia, street, with this first, distributed publication of its kind for motorcycle, he sought to provide a guide of new and used values for dealers and insurance, companies and municipalities, and the motorcycles, as a main stream, form of transportation. he grew the dealership into the largest distributor of motorcycle and scooter parts and accessories in the nation, and enabling the riders with all makes and models regardless of where they lived, and where they had and what you needed to get on the road and ride.
2:44 am
he didn't care what you rode. he wanted you to know about the experience of riding and with the great people that shared that passion. we encourage you to continue this landmark process. and yes, the city needs new buildings, and there are several coming to the same block and more to follow. but the city also needs old buildings and facades to maintain the sense of the cultural history of the area and the people regularly visit this location to reminisce hap and what he and his dealership meant to the motorcycling. this is the only, early, motorcycle dealership that remains, unaltered and representative of an area where they filled the corridor, and it also happens to be that of one of the most significant, pioneers of motorcycling culture. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon i'm brian, and
2:45 am
i am a resident of the city and a member of the san francisco motor club and i serve as a chair of that club's district. >> historic committee. the san francisco motorcycle club founded in 1904, over 112-year history, included the mayor mccarthy, and lincoln beachy and the members of the hall of fame than any other organization anywhere ever. and our members pioneered this sport of motorcycling and has excelled in every aspect. we are a family oriented club and the ranks continue to include, the families that span three and four generations of membership. and today, i am speaking in support of the application, and recognizing the historical experience, and within the relm enjoys the success, and later the national distributing company. and hap jones is imminent among the hall of fame, and we are grateful for the contributions of the club and including
2:46 am
serving as an officer, and as the president, in 1928 and 1942, and in world war 2, and led the founding of the messenger, core and the member of other clubs and civil, organizations and i also note that he personally negotiated it on fulsom street where we resided for an organization, for 70 years. and but it is more than the local, business, and the community member, he made a contribution in motorcycle sport and innovation in the industry and shared the success by launching the career of many others, he got a start in the motorcycle, competition in 1927, winning the class in the san francisco event. and he quickly became one of the leading riders on the west coast, and riding large motorcycles and he excelled on the courses and in 1926, he beat an exceptional slate of national riders to take the ama national tourist championship and he
2:47 am
earned several before retiring in 1928, and as she mentioned always a show man and a bencher in 1 may, 24th, the first day that the golden gate bridge was opened for pedestrian an traffic, and due to the crowd and piloted the first vehicle, and in 1987, at age, 82 he roo repeated that for 5th anniversary, he accompanied on the ride across the bridge to commemorate the 70th anniversary, all during this time, he agreed in the several businesses and among these was the motorcycle dealership and despite the great depression he thrived. in 1946 he began to sell additional brands, including sun beam and norton and that as a part of the dealership, he operated the company. and after world war 2, he has become an industry, standard,
2:48 am
the blue book, that provided pricing for the motorcycle became the industry standard. he had an eye, for business and racing talent, throughout the 1930s and 40s, and champions. they were some of those that were at some time worked for hap jones and were sponsored by him and went on to succeed in their own businesses. >> over the following generation, it continues to sponsor races and racers, and including that second wave and the legendary, dick man, in the 60s and 70s. in the prominence of the world of motorcycling and he received, the countless, honors from the groups and the manufacturing honors and the organizations, and in addition to being appointed to the ama hall of fame, he was also recognized with the perkins award and was the motorcycle, industry, man of the year in 1987. and hap jones is a motorcycling
2:49 am
legend, but more importantly he was a generous, innovator who shaped the large role that he loved. like the home of television he works off on green street like the side of the ppie where he lived his last moments, and it was part of something big, something that the impact is still felt and brings honor to the city. like very few of those locations 23, is still existed and should be awarded pride of place as a place of pride, thank you. >> thank you. >> >> hi, commissioners my name is loren jones and i am a native san franciscan, and the only surviving heir of hap jones and his son and i have brought along some photos that were much more interesting than just listening to me talk. his first business was out on the street, near the golden gate park and the bicycle rental and the repair company. one of four races that he won.
2:50 am
just kind of a historical picture, i think that brian may need more details about this than i do, but we are currently, working on preserving a lot of these trophies which are going to be on display at the san francisco, motorcycle club. you can load these in for me. so this is an early picture, the early picture of my mother and father on a motorcycle. and my mother was also very involved in the motorcycle industry. and the motorcycle races and various events. and oh, here this one. briefly, they took a trip across the united states, on a motorcycle and the car in 1937, you can imagine what that must have been like across the states and back. he had these, these yearly events, for almost 20 years, called the hap jones motorcycle the birthday motorcycle
2:51 am
birthdays. and he they had all kinds of, they left the city, and went out into the country for a full day of all kinds of motorcycle events, and bbq and this picture just shows some or one of the woman's races and he was very supportive of the woman's races as well. just a picture of my mom, she was also very active in racing, and not necessarily a champion like my dad, but very involved in the motorcycle events. he was there for 2 years before he moved to 235. valencia. this is a picture probably in the very early 40s.
2:52 am
my uncle who took over the business. >> and you can continue. >> thank you. i will disregard that. and so as brian said he was part of my dad was part of the motorcycle civic core. he was probably still young enough to be drafted or to join, but he had a serious arm injury and so this is how he was able to serve his country, during world war ii. this picture was taken and this is a typical group photo not taken in the normal place, you guys might recognize this location, right in front of city hall, on the way to one of the hap jones birthday party annual events out in the country. and here is a picture of, here is a picture of my dad with the evil kanevil he did sponsor all kinds of celebrities and he was an early sponsor of evil,
2:53 am
kaneval and here is a picture that i just located and i just kind of dug up out of the files of evil, kaneval doing one of his early jumps right here in front of city hall. and this is his, the office building of hap jones distributing company which he began the wholesale business after he moved out of the valencia street location, and this is the building just to the back of the street. and he moved back there and my uncle golden took over the motorcycle company which continued on for about another 20 years. this picture was taken in 1970. and i think that there should be one more.
2:54 am
so thank you to your time, commissioners, and i enjoyed showing you these pictures. >> and thank you very much for the pictures. >> do you have any questions before we go to public comment? >> at this time, we will take the general public comment on this item. any member of the public that wishes to come forward. you have three minutes. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is kelley, and i have lived in san francisco, for almost, 22 years, i am an architect by trade and i live and work on the same building, and these have gone to deeply appreciate the character and more importantly the character of one of the most prominent people to own and share the building with the public for many years, hap jones, as a
2:55 am
motorcyclist for most of my adult life i was familiar with hap jones and the purchase from the distributing catalog, a two inch volume of the parts and accessories that one could order from the nationwide dealerships in 2002, mo my partner and i fo us moving our business, in a building adjacent to 235, and the people regularly stopped on the streets and reminisce, in the motorcyclist from the area and increased our knowledge about hap jones and where the institution started and grew. in history, we soon researched and collected the memorabilia. a couple of years ago after a fire in another adjacent building, and the research, we discovered there was new information to the building. we originally brought this information to the attention of a historic planning in september of 2014, and were encouraged by that to continue to bring the new information forward and creating the landmark report. and the motorcycling community as you heard from a couple of
2:56 am
people today, some of the speakers has benefited greatly from hap's life as a figure in the area of motorcycling, through the research, we have met, many great people who knew hap and every story gets better. and it recounts a time when the community, and community, inclusion and in the course of a little bit of reverly were the constants. >> the landmark, report shows a lot about hap and help to pop that person off of the page to an mate this story. this landmark has nothing to do with stopping the new development. i am very much in favor of new, positive well conceived development and also have a deep affinity for the contemporary architecture. this is not a hard core, group of recertify vagpreservation, a this is a group that knows the value of preserving and we are here to lead in and ask the commission to see this cause and strongly consider to take action to not destroy more of the
2:57 am
irreplaceable culture of the city's history. and i and many others, would not be standing here today if not for the encouragement of the planners to proceed with this landmark report, we as private citizens invested countless hours and resource to bring this to the public light and now we encourage the commission to do the part and move the landmark forward and there are more stories about hap joans that you will want to hear. thank you. >> thank you. >> does any member of the public wish to speak to this item? >> members of the commission, i am the representative, and we are focused on the process, obviously and we were actually working toward a march 16th, no the for today and which is why we are not ready to go, which is where the continuance came and we have a great analysis in the work and we will be ready to share that, and we hope that you will continue to that date and
2:58 am
give us an opportunity. hap jones is a great guy, though. >> thank you. >> any other member of public that wishes to speak on this item? >> we will close public comment and bring it back to the commission. >> commissioner pearlman? >> i am really torn here. because, we don't have something sort of in between landmarking the whole building and just creating some kind of a way to, partly, we don't have a way to honor people like hap jones, unless we know about the new building that is going to be there. and in other cases we have incorporated you know, historical information in the lobby of the building or something like that. and what i am torn about is that, you know, when i look at all of these pictures and i hear the stories is that, very little of it related to the building itself. you know, so hap jones is a man and the fact that he sold the motorcycles there is really just a small part of the story about who he was.
2:59 am
and the culture he created. and being the first one on the golden gate bridge and all of those are the stories about the man and he could have been in any building and as you showed he was in different buildings over the course of his career. but to landmark this and to saddle the future with this particular, building that was not considered to be, you know, worthy of note, certainly, it is a nice building and it is, you know, a handsome building of its time so i am very torn about whether we landmark this and then you know, and then, the project sponsor, who is going for come forward in the future, will have to either incorporate that and we don't know what that is because we have not heard the other side of the to ary or know what is going to be coming. if there is a way that the project sponsor, for the ownership, could incorporate this building somehow?
3:00 am
in the future building, and then it might, you know, be a way to kind of bridge between the history and the present. but, i am not there yet, in terms of landmarking this particular building. relative to its personal history. >> i think that the things that i am working. >> and commissioner, and commissioner johns? and both of you try to hit the request to speak, button. >> well i didn't want to say something. which is, that there is has been a request, and not only we don't have the whole story in front of us, there is a request for that we continue this. and give some somebody else an opportunity to present more information. and before, i am prepared to make any kind of a decision, i would like to hear the entire presentation. and so that there may be something in what is to come,
3:01 am
that would be influential and the commission-making decision. so, it is appropriate, for me, to move to continue this then i would do that. if it is not, because there is already been a request. then i will support the request. >> commissioner johns do you have a comment? >> i agree. thank you. >> commissioner highland? >> well, i was going to actually say my opinion and unlike commissioner pearlman, i think that i don't agree with planning department's assessment on number four, the designation of properties with the strong cultural and ethic association. i think that if this were some other culturally significant person, we would be having a different conversation. and for whatever reasons without getting into any kind of labeling or assessment of why we are not considering this a significant cultural person, i
3:02 am
do, and i would think that it is. and i would support further information and i support the continuance to hear the other side of the story, and if the business was still in existence, i think that it would be a perfect candidate for the legacy building, registration. so, you know, i am not on board with planning department's recommendations. but i do support a continuance. >> great. >> if you want to make a formal motion to continue? >> yes, i move that we continue this to our next meeting and the one that mr. julius wanted. >> yes, commissioner if i may, march 16th, you have a very full calendar as it is. i don't mind moving this to march 16th, but just keep that in mind if you choose to. and what is the meeting after the march 16th?
3:03 am
just after? >> april sixth. and that would be fine. >> i would like to know from mr. julius whether that date in april would be appropriate? and mr. julius? >> april, 6th? yes, yes, we can do that one, yes. >> and so then i move that we continue, until april the sixth. >> okay. >> second. >> and that is in terms of the timing of responding to the landmark initiation, is that meeting and the requirements that we have for that. >> i believe so, and it would, and we would be ready at that time and i would ask the applicants if that date would also work for them. >> yeah. >> yes. >> yes. >> okay, mr. highland. >> yes. i would just want to point out the request or the comments the staff in the analysis and that
3:04 am
is that the landmark designation, application, lacks a broader historical context of the motorcycle community in which to evaluate jones' importance, and the extent of the scholarly or the public knowledge about this is unknown to the department. but because pertinent aspectses of the community history and the basic facts of the development and culture are not detailed in the application, it is unclear, why the motorcycling community is important to the bay area. and so, maybe between now and then, that could be addressed? and that could help to move this thing along a little bit furt r further. >> okay. and so i think that we heard a motion for april 6th? >> second. >> second. >> yes. thank you, commissioners on that motion then to continue this matter to april 6th. commissioner johns? >> yes. johns? >> yes. >> commission, matsuta. >> pearlman. >> yes. >> highland. >> yes. >> and so moved, that passes 6-0. and commissioners that concludes
3:05 am
your regular hearing and there is a review hearing that will follow this. >> okay. >> the hearing is adjourned. - working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrant and dynamic city that's on the forefront of economic growth, the arts, and social change. our city has always been on the edge of progress and innovation. after all, we're at the meeting of land and sea. - our city is famous for its iconic scenery, historic designs, and world- class style. it's the birthplace of blue jeans,
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>> amen of the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors - thank you bob. >> i'm trying to get there. >> it says it's on but. >> let's try that one. >> does that work. >> good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors and parking authority commission call roll. >> director brinkman director borden director ramos director rubke chairman nolan mr. chairman we have quorum pier 70
3:08 am
great, thank you. >> please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, phones, devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room microphones set on vibrate caused interruption we respectfully ask they be turned off item 4 approval of the minutes. >> motion to approve. >> any further discussion? the i's have it. >> communications directors please be advised there will be no closed session today and also posted online an item are regarding 330 stockton it is not on the agenda today to we apologize for any confusion to the public 3 may have caused it
3:09 am
will be brought to you at a future meeting any unfinished bus. >> director heinecke and i on the board knows a fatality only market street about a month ago and rally by the community before this meeting a letter september to director reiskin and copied to us asking for improvements with the person the wheelchair that was struck by a left turning vehicle and as improvements we can do to make it safer on market street and i appreciate if staff could report back on any on those particular items as well as short time and long term improvements we can make there. >> thank you director heinecke. >> anything on the new or unfinished business.
3:10 am
>> director's report. >> director reiskin good afternoon members of the board and public and staff just a couple of items one as i mentioned last night we want to acknowledge on behalf of literally hundreds of mta employees that contributed to the success with the super bowl that happened just about a month ago you recall our goals for that event for the transportation associated with that event make sure that people could get to and from the event safely and everything else could continue to get around the city whether they were going to the events or not and i think that by and large we achieved those goals it is - the result of a lot work from a lot of people both from within the agency and the public again both
3:11 am
people that were participating and not just so some of the highlights we encourage folks to take transit and people listened and heeded our transportation ridership on muni was up the day before super bowl and tens of thousands of additional riders on the light rail and buses i'm sure you saw bart had record breaking numbers folks listened it made a difference and kept the carr geology folks talked about but it was prevented by the fact we had our parking control officers out in force and as i mentioned before the mayor you know himself told me they were doing an outstanding job and gotten a lot of feedback the last couple of weeks folks
3:12 am
were surprised how well, the function of the street and not only that but the transportation getting around well there was a lot of communication that went out particularly from us from our website and in the course letters and text and a lot of staff about all the communication but i think that really worked in this case it helped the folks to understand what was open and closed what their options and how to get around that made a difference and i would say that really a lot of this is attribute to the planning extensive planning it was modeled a after previous large events the city and have large events the city this is a city that we are and it's our job as the transportation television station to make sure those events work and
3:13 am
particularly that people are safe as i mentioned last meeting there were during the event related to the event there were no significant safety incidents which is something we're very proud of and it really was across the agency and across the city and region effort that made this work we will acknowledge some of the folks one of the key partners the planning and the lesson i can see was the super bowl host committee i believe stephanie martin is here before we recognize the staff i'll invite her up to say a few words on behalf of the host committee. >> good afternoon ms. martin. >> thank you very much for having me, i'm stephanie the
3:14 am
vice president of the marketing for the super bowl 50 host committee couldn't urban design more thankful to be here we have so much to be proud of together as a city and an organization we came together toy define the super bowl that was the goal and together we did and heard that repeatedly from members of the public, from visitors from cio and the nfl owners from the team the experience they had in san francisco police commission o san francisco was one they had nowhere else and super bowl was the biggest celebration to be able to have the super bowl as a significant here to not only post something that was great but also do it in a way that reflects the value of san francisco was important to us we truly thank the residents and the entire team from the nfl and
3:15 am
leadership a and put together a transportation plan that was considered by many flawless it was something not been seen before across the country when it comes to super bowl but it sends a terrific model we come together and region can work to collaborate and in particular when it comes to transportation how to take care of our residents and the investors make sure they're safe they know how to get around and meets the transit transportation was amazing there were hundreds of people we had the honor and privilege to work with in this o i wish i could name them all but truly thank every single one of them for the hard work and it is hard work over a long period of time to pull off something of this nature and again,


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