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tv   [untitled]    March 14, 2016 4:01pm-5:30pm PDT

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stabilized in the community. >> the teacher has to make 142,000 or [inaudible] >> that is the maximum. these affordable housing programs generally are available for a band of people up to a certain limit and talk about them in the limits. >> not many teachers will make 142- >> it can be a 2 person household. >> thank you >> commissioner yee riley, >> and a question on the moving fee. is it 10 thousand no more than 20 thousand and that is the relocation act? >> correct >> so 10 thousand, 20 thousand is a lot of money these days so i know if businesses have to move it will probably cost more than that. is there any chance you can reach out to the business owners to see if the
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number is realistic >> that seems like a good recommendation to come from the commission is take a deeper look at the number. >> i don't know if that was born in the 70's or 80's those are law >> the are location act applies to anything with federal dollars so the 100 percent affordable housing non profits use that as the standard when they do their own construction. >> those limits were established decades ago then clearly it is more expensive today anywhere and let alone here in san francisco to do relocation. i can imagine 10 thousand dollars would barely pay for the trucks to show up at my place let alone move all the equipment >> that is a great recommendation >> maybe looking at what numbers would make sense just so we understand what the degree of the challenges for a small business to pick up and move.
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i had a question, a couple terms were used today that are striking fear in the hearts of small business owners one is the whole sale up zoning and don't know what that means frankly. are we going upzone 30,000 properties and open the door to some future unknown play to enhance development rights outside of this whole affordable housing issue? the second is, this notion of mandatory demolition. there are certainly opportunities where someone can build around an existing structure and may be desirable to to preserve certain historic even if it isn't designated historic but the look and feel the building and maintaining facade. it is hard to live in a construction project but people do remodels all the time and live through them. they may get divorced in the process but live
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through them. and so this idea that demolition would be mantory, that is a odd requirement to me where i think it would be preferable to say on a case by case basis. maybe that is federal or california law. i'm looking for clarification on the motion of mandstory dim ligz requirement and the notion of whole sale upzoningism maybe you can explain that. >> those are not terms in the document but i'll try to respond to the spirit of them. mandatory dim ligz we were trying to limit the program to only projects of new construction. we didn't want to enable is a number of existing buildings adding two stories for a lot of reasons. we are not sure the affordability outcomes there are the right ones for us so we may get more unit but won't generate 30 percent new affordable and may generate
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a small amount and creating a lot of uncertainty in the neighborhood about what places that will happen. and someone hinted at this when they brought up the idea of demolition, we don't want to create a tool that enables somebody to remove all of their existing tenants under the theory of adding two stories and refilling with a new set of people. we saw this as a way to prevent displacement for rel tivly healthy buildings that wouldn't be demolished otherwise. the intent is to protect the helthsy buildings stock that is using most of the development capacity. the planning code and building code have definitions of demolition and i believe you can demolish a building while
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maintaining a certain percent of it. demolition is a technical term here but if there were characteristics or elements of the buildings that were neighborhood contributing they can maintain those while still qualifying the program and a recommendation we can get to out of this is for us to parse out the details to the point you are making without opening up those bigger questions that we were trying to resolve by making it limited to new construction >> as part the process the demolition has to be vetted. it is sort of if i heard right the requirement for demolition is in effect a requirement to require the justification of demolition. >> it is a much higher bar than the baria need to cross just to do a addition to your building, correct. >> alright.
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>> upzoning, i'm not sure how much i respond to that, i think this goes back to the maps i walked through and the concern people have that this is going to have impact on a great number of parcels and what we are really trying to help break down that message and explain to people there are a number of eligibility criteria. the one we spent a lot of time talking about is zoning district. you have to meet all those other criteria to participate in the program so we see it as a more strategic infill program >> right, so it seems to me that if i could look at the zoning-again this is getting back to determining whether my particular business is at risk. could i look at the zoning of my building and determine whether i'm at risk or not under this program as you
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defined the zoning restrictions? >> to put it in terms of risk i say if you are ah 1 degree of risk is no because it isn't a program area. being in the zoning district is just the first criteria then you have to pass all those other things. >> zone pdr i'm also excluded, correct? >> correct #9d >> there is a algorithm i look at the zoning excluded and permitted and maybe the gray yiria and look at the zoning in my build{say i'm in the clear, the gray or the sites. >> right. you get more-you get a lower or more precise calculation of your risk but to your point and put it in these terms, there is never that clarifying moment until you talk to the
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property owner or landlord and heard they are interested in a change of use for the site because that is actually the hardest thing for us from our data perspective to really predict or understand. whatever your lease agreement, that is certainly information that is providing to the small business. >> we discussed if you have a least in place your lease prevails until up for renewal and every business owner because there isn't rent control for commercial property facing being exposed to currents lease rates once their currents lease is up. i'm one of them. renegotiateating my lease this week. also, there is the point we made last time and this time that these things take a long time. all of the approvals-there is probably more than 18 months once you start down
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this path and i think that we do have-do we have the provision in here that if a owner will go down the path they have to tell their tenet the minute that they know? when the process starts however long it takes the tenant is notified when the process starts is that correct? >> correct. >> this is exactly the question that i was going to ask about the start of the 18 figuring date for the 18 months. so, let's take the example that our president submitted to you, the owner changes the zoning and comes to you, just give us in this example the time when the landlord is supposed to
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contact? should they wit for a answer or when there is discussion send the 18 month notice to allow the tenant to be part of that discussion? >> that is a great question. at the planning beapartment we have several stepoffs review. we start with a preliminary review so the project sponsor may write and say, interested in building housing and want to do it on this site and it is like a refined back of the napkin sketch so we can tell them all the requirements they are subject to. planning code this, design that, all the details. that is a preliminary project assessment and often still in the maybe i'll do this and sometimes we get a letter that is change that i'm thinking about something different. the next step is to file with the planning department their environmental revie document so
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that is when they decided what project they would like entitlement for and first review with ceqa. before we accept and process that application, we need to see proof they wrote a letter to all the tenets that said i'm thinking about this and on file with the planning department, here are all the people you can talk to, small business commission, oewd, i'm sure there is more, all the people you can talk to about this to help get technical assistance. the project sponsor still going through environmental review, planning code review, design review then has to go to dbi and then construction would start. there needs to be a minimum of 18 months between here and here. this can be 3 to 5 years for many new construction projects so that 18 months is a minimum. >> one area where the way
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things work in san francisco [inaudible] >> just mentioned a example of notice. in your recommendation the notifications and [inaudible] are going be included, correct? contract, this and that- >> correct. sheila is working with renina and diana drafting a template letter we would provide. >> i wanted to speak to how we came up with the 18 months and how it works and the reason we came up with some the recommendations. currentsly if a site is up for redevelopment we on the service end have a really tough time dealing with how much time does this business have to plan to relocate. there is nothing in writing. the lease is mentioned already and that is the one thing that protects them. we have
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many trying to get business es to be proactive for negotiating their leases. absent of commercial rent control currently the site is redeveloped or up for redevelopment it makes our job really tough no matter how many services, no matter what we can provide in terms of lease negotiation looking for sites, the market is really tough and so the 18 month would be a minimum. most likely as mentioned, it would take much longer than that but at least we are asking for our businessicize s is it make take longer but what is are on a rantee, what if they month to month squlees the property owner can say i will redevelopment. it enhances the protection beyond the lease so in case there is no
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lease what we hope is that 18 month is a minimum notification for us to be able to work with them to provide our time to -so we can try to make the most use of our program and everything in place. it is no guarantee recollect , there are many challenges when a business relocates but currently we don't have that. we don't have a minimum notification period or other programs impacting small business or if they are privately redevelopmented a lot of times wedon't know so in this case we get notification and conduct the outreach. it is also tupe the business to create that relationship with us, but that is the thinking for some of these proposals or recommendations that we made in terms of the service provision is also assist us in providing making those services available to give a better chance to help them relocate and find a space. >> thank you.
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>> commissioners any other questions? commissioner zouzounis. >> i wanted to pose a question for discussion among all of us and something we haven't talked about like the incentives developers may have and it is their benefit to have mixed income buildsings and if they would rather have luxury housing and not have these incentives to make it a mixed income building. whatever anybody had ideas if this is something that is enticing to developers or may got get a bite. >> the whole ledgesation is about [inaudible] this whole ledgeilation is about enticing developers. build higher and more affordable units and you get some considerations on
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other things north in order to do that >> there isn't a aumgz to put the housing somewhere else like every building has to have mixed- >> yes. >> did you want to respond to that anyone? well, this is a great discussion. i feelilateal like i have been 31st in front of a speeding freight train with only a few weeks to think about this. our role here is to advocate on behalf of small business and to try to create a environment where we can vet things like this in a comprehensive way and everyone gets to weigh in on it. i have been to two meetings, the council district merchant association meeting last week and my own potraro
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hill dogpatch association meeting last week and the responses i have witnessed with unfavorable because i think people are worried about the potential outcome for their own businesses. i think i know i have been benefited from the last two sessions we had discussing the issue and think we had productive outcomes in terms of potential recommendations for the legislation and potential considerations even in todays meeting i think where you are going away with fresh ideas how we might address the concern on the part of small business owners. we have stated both times we all appreciate the intention here of creating affordable housing because it benefits us as small business
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owners. effects us as small business owners probably than any other business in the city because we are the employers of people challenged to live here. we are not the high tech companies or venture backed companies, we are the large corporations that dont employ pleny people at this level. we benefit and are also at risk and so i'm-we made a lot of progress, i personally am not in a position where i feel that i could categorically state in favor of it just because i think i wouldn't be doing my service to my constituent to go back and say here is what we discussed in our commission meeting, you didn't all show up but can watch it on the web or on television, but why don't we have more dialogue because i think the most important thing for getting buy
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in is people feel they have been heard and given enough time to come to terms with whatever is on the table, both the positive and negative. i think we have to accept change will happen and change will not always be in our favor but i think today we have a obligation to go back to some oaf the groups we talk to on a reg i recall base squs say here is where we are at and here is what we heard and continue the conversation. for us to say no or yes today will take us out of the conversation because everyone says we checked that box, small business commission weighted in on the matter and said yes or no. this is a item for potential action for us today but i guess i feel that i don't want to say one way or the other today. i would like to continue the
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conversation. >> i want to agree and feel the same way. hearing from my constituents in castro and noe valley, they appreciate this and know we need it but i can't vote one way or another today and think we need more discussion and dialogue. -and more talk with small business owners. i think we make progress in the last couple weeks and i was very much sproized how many people watch this on television a couple weeks ago because myself my phone has been ringing off the hook since proand con. we need this and the spirit is out there but how we come to the end we still need to talk about. redevelopment back in the 60's took years and here i also feel like
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within a couple weeks we have to make quick decision and don't want to do that and don't want to make quick decisions where we made with the soft story ret row fit and agreed and see problems now. i want to keep the dialogue open and very happy you have taken into account and talking with some of the other groups that are represented here today, but i still need some more questions answered before i can vote yes or no on this and will leave it at that and take no action today >> commissioners excuse me if i interrupt. one thing that is very appreciative is because the planning commission is hearing this on thursday, is to separate out the entire legislation but the proposed mement so if provides direction around
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the support unless you say no. okay. if there is any direction you want to provide just want to make sure that or if it is just straight up and when this is finalized with the board of supervisors or when it goes back before do you want to hear it again? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i think it is going through its funnel now and it is going to go through other discussions at planning commission and ultimately end up with the board of supervisors so there will be more discussion. i think i would like us to keep in the discussion. >> the reason i am asking is because as i have been meeting with the planning department and office of economic and workforce development around the small business support it wood good to know if we are heading in the right direction whether you want to take official action and direction being
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taken around providing some of those and then also there was some-do you want follow up with like some of you have brought up say around the first right of refusal. you want follow up to some of your questions and clarifying around some of those amendments that are being proposed by the planning staff? >> i think as pointed out there are a lot of nice and potential sides and until they are written into whatever legislation is proposed we conet know what they look like. we could all walk away saying great ideas and approve and find out next week none of those things were adopted in the legislation. >> if i may have your permission that in terms of some the direction or in clarity i can continue to work
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with the planning staff on understanding some of the direction that you are interested going in or asking to get more information around that dollar value and what is the relevant dollar value? i'm looking for direction in terms of things to continue to work on. this does set precedent we haven't experienced before in providing supportive services in legislation. >> we still want to keep the conversation going because this is too important and need to engage oewd in this because that is a critical component. anyone that knows how to do
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it and do it well it is oewd so definitely continue on that. >> there is no question a 20 thousand dollar limit if that is the federal limit and proposing for us to adopt is insufficient for certain businesses. it may be more than enough for certain kind-in todays environment that is a pretty small move. >> we asked them to look into it. >> i think if collectively if we want to look in-i dont think it falls on the sholders of the planning commission, falls also on oewd to survey or business stakeholders sooewhat is the cost to relocate a business or look-there are probably statistics on this, i have no idea and they probably come from disaster from
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probably from various disasters that are caused relocations. so, maybe there is bench marks we can find readily. i'm not sure but imagine there might be so that is certainly one specific item where we can get a little more quantitative about it and determine whether the city is in a position to offer additional assistance, i don't know whether it is or not. how do you go about quadifying that. >> if you allow me to interpret what the president is saying, saying we are not ready today he says, to give a final opinion, however, i think this process was very helpful today. the presentation was excellent. i think the recommendations were set forth. questions were asked about a lot the
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recommendations. suggestions were made and take squn hope they will be addressed and think what the president is saying we want to be part the discussion so that we can evolve the recommendations, we nail them down- >> yes and i know it is a tedious process, but we are here for the tedium and excitement and tedium is part of creating good laws. what we are doing here is legislation there are laws and as i said many times need to get them right first than fix them later because we all move on and if we do things in a sweeping fashion we often bare negative consequences from that so we are just i think trying to make sure everyone has their say. those who
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want to weigh in on it i think we have the small business community has often happened come to this a little late in the process because i think the community outreach has often does though it seems like we are outreaching we are not targeting small business so we have come to a quick realization that while we may have outreached to communities, neighborhood associations are not merchant association so now that the merchants had a opportunity to weigh in we had a fairry re-sounding opposition as proposed and pending any amendments to the the legislation, so i'm not entirely clear on what the amendments are whether they are ratified and will be included and until we sort of see the next round of vetting of the legislation that we can move forward on that. now, i
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also understand that there is a great deal of moementm here because there is a lot of political will behind solving the affordability housing issue and clearly this doesn't solve the problem, it is a step in the right direction and don't want to abinstruct the best intentions of everyone but have a duty and obligation to make sure our constituents don't feel they are been trodden on. >> the proposal is we wait and see or-- >> if i can recap what i heard to make sure i am hearing currently. i heard recommendations around understanding what the space requirements will be and taking a deeper look at the are location dollars to see how it lines up with the needs the business community. but what i heard overall was, a
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heading on the small business issue is the right direction and this commission would like to see the exact language and exact ordinance of the ideas we proposed. what we are brin toog the planning commission thursday are recommendations. if they support those that is recommendation to the staff and city attorney to develop them and can bring that back to the this commission and continue to work with regina in case more ideas come up. >> that is a good articulation. >> i believe that it is. >> we are on the same page. thank you so much for your time. >> regina do- >> since it is a action item you need to either take- >> i make a motion to continue this item as is in support of this or just
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skip this part-take action item to continue and give regina the authority to go ahead and work with oewd and planning on the specifics. >> okay. alright, so commissioner adams made the motion do we have a second? >> i'll second. >> seconded by commissioner yee riley, and commissioner adams, yes. commissioner dwight, yes. commissioner ortiz-cartagena, yes. commissioner tour-sarkissian. yes. commissioner zouzounis, yes. that motion passes 6-0. >> thank you for the members of the public who came out to comment. >> we move to item number 5. this is discussion on post superbowl 50
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survey to small businesses. president adams brought this up as a new business item so i will turn it over to you now president dwight. excuse me. i didn't have lunch, i think my blood sugar dropped. >> the-what did you just--what we asked for or interested in is i think a timely survey of small business community as to how they were effected or perceived they were effected by superbowl 50 and the activities that occurred here in town. i think what i'm reading the press it is quite likely that we will make another bid for a superbowl in the future and it is probably one of the largest and most intensive events the city has
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seen in a long time so it is sort of a perfect case study how big event effect the city. i think we can learn from our experiences on the last one for all kinds of event boleth localized and intense inside the city and global and intense inside the city. there is nothing-there is everything to be gained by doing a timely assessment while still fresh in everyones mind. there is a survey done by one merchant association that i'm interested to hear the result jz also the minute you throw a survey out you are like, i should have asked that question but it is out there so i can't. what is great if we can hear what feedback we are hearing from this particular survey so if we create a survey of a broader audience we can add in the questions we urfrgot and rephrase ones that
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confusing and get at the meat what we want to know and think there is a great deal of interest in the broader small business community of taking the survey. there is a lot of activity out there so maybe if we could coales it based oen-i think there is a second survey also circulating and it had a technical problem where you were told you already answered the survey even though you hadn't. before we get 20 surveys out from 20 different merchant associations maybe we can use what we are learning already to coales around a single survey we can all then get general information from. that is why i suggested we can ajndize this so the is part the discussion >> mr. president you have kim cope sack and pat valentineo here from south beach mission bay merchant association. >> fantastic, thank you.
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>> thanks again. pat valen teeno south beach mission bay murchsent association. i'll let tim talk about the survey. we worked together on developing and got it out to the merchants. i think one thing that struck me as i talked to the people on the board and the merchants in the neighborhood and we are in south beach for the most part, there are folks in the mission bay area, we are kind of too close and too far at the same time from superbowl 50 activities. nobody came to superbowl 50 and the nfl experience to check out the rest of san francisco but we did see some businesses do really well. i think high tops reported in the castro they did well. certain businesses in the bayview did well. i had conversations with folks from oewd and it was
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a hypothetical question, why don't you do your own event and we were too close. every building in our neighborhood had sign up whether it was a corporate building, office, residential building that said here is the zone, stay away. everybody was hunkered down. people were not coming to work or doing what they may usually do or come tothe neighborhood. the way i thought of this is what if you went and said superbowl 50 is coming to town and put in 4 and a half million and make 10, 12, 15 million. hotels and tax is great but need to take a 30 percent pay cut for those two weeks you are okay with that? that is what happened. these guys got shit on bad. i felt bad about-did they say that on the screen? >> i ft to emphasize the
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point-this didn't effect me personally but these guys thought about what to do. how to step up, how to get-they thought they would have all these people coming to the business squz rearranging things and some were hair or nail salons and some like kim business, restaurants and places that serve the public, all had a pretty bad week, so i'll let kim talk about it. i think the details, it is important-nobody came away saying don't do this but it is the cities obigation to finish the last piece. either they were too differential to the nfl and think the city should have thought of this because this isn't the first time where we had event where we dispaired impacts in the
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neighborhood. it is one thing when you have a ball game-the merchant will adjust and get used to them and know what happens on game day and different innings. before and after the game. there is work to do on the cities part and have to take it seriously and not come back with general circumstance but get down and figure how to door to door help the businesses. we are working hard to make this a vibrant commercial corridor in the south beach area and it is hard. it isn't 24 street and noe and castro. i will let kim talk. >> thank you. >> hi, thank you so much for having us and including this in your agenda today. again, my name is kim [inaudible] i'm the copesdant with
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patrick of the south beach mission bay business association and also the coowner of the brick house caf e in south beach. as patrick said, there is a lot of levels in the preparation and for planning for it and the week of that have to be taken into account. so, we took a meeting with the representative of the superbowl 50 host committee who-the dramatic impact it will have in the marketing area and how we have a karma geten-that word was thrown around. traffic congestion. we were told that deliveries would be all most impossible and lucky if staff can arrive on time sometimes if at all, so we prepared accordingly. we also prepared with the very high
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expectations we were given for the swarms of people in the city and especially the direct area that we were expecting. basically we lost out due to over staffing with the people we were expecting that we never saw and then we also over staffed because we were fearful staff wouldn't be able to make it. businesses, sses also turned away potential business that we thought might not work such as catering deliveries. my business turned away a couple thousand at least in potential catering deliveries because we were afraid we wouldn't be able to get around town. there is also immediately effected area of course was
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directly effected around superbowl cities like [inaudible] pet store were not able to deliver at all so their weekly delivers-there is businesses of course more retail salon to depend upon reservations and appointments. they had massive cancelations. one salon owner said not only did he have so many cancellations he had to continue to over staff just to keep up and manage the phone system for all the cancellation jz changes that were continually coming into the business. that is just a example of some of the over staffing that went on. obviously as patrick said so many local communeers stayed home from work. some of the small offices closed down. some of our business in the south
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beach area is dependent on the tech community to -they work from home so they did. there is a 3 day weekend we saw my business in particular so 40 percent. our overall survey as all the businesses specifically retail and restaurants saw 32 percent drop in business compared to what you would usually see during that week, january 30-february 7. let's see, very few businesses in the area saw additional sales from superbowl 50. adam smith from fox city news invested in a 7 foot tall sign welcoming customers, tended hours as many did and saw absolutely-at most we found our survey to show about a 1 percent increase in additional
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revenue from the sb 50 tourist. [inaudible] we have seen absolutely no additional superbowl increase in sales. they also lost their weekly business in the ferry building which from what i understand is empty throughout the week. i guess lastly we would strongly recommend whether it is the demographic of the people coming in from a situation like that from what we can see and this sawn official assessment, it didn't seem like the majority of people were into explore san francisco, so if we were to have another superbowl in the city we would strongly suggest some type of marketing outreach or incentive program
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to get people to see superbowl buy superbowl products and go to places that are easily accessible. a incentive city funded to get them into other neighborhoods let alone other businesses that are not-off the beaten path. let's see, our findings of the 25 plus businesses that responded, there were many more we talked to unofficially on average they saw 32 percent loss over that week and 1 percent additional business from superbowl tourist. lastly on a personal note as a small business owner, i just want to say it was disheartening, we lost about 40 percent of business throughout the week of what we normally would have seen. that
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isn't including the extra product and over staffing. so, it is disheartening we not only saw the loss but still have to pay for the party and it seems like a partty we were not invited to so i hope that is kept in mind for the next big event. thank you so much >> thank you for sharing that. your experience in observations i had similar experiences. i have product in the castro and at the ferry building and i know that our partner in the ferry building their business was down and go to the ferry building every weekend for farmers market and go to restaurants there and the restaurant business was down. their report off the back of the envelope was 30 percent and we went the weekend after it was over and they were thank you god, it is back to normal and get tips again and our seats are full. these are
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very popular places and they were in the blast zone and people did-locals avoided it and whether it was the dem graphic for attendees of superbowl city they didn't overflow and not the halo effect hoped for and think that is important for us to acknowledge and really dig into that and quant ify it so going forward we know that we go in eyes wide open next time and brain storm with the people who are putting on the event and endorsing the event both on the superbowl side and city side, how we try to get more benefits for all businesses in san francisco and how we try to mitigate the negative impacts because sometimes you just will be too close and have to know how to
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prepare. shut your door and take a vacation, what do you do because you incured additional cost by having to over staff and you don't think about the additional cost that are incured. it isn't just the loss it is the additional stuff-we built more product to make sure that our local retailers wouldn't be short. it was highly unnecessary because they sold less than they normally do and we sell a lot of product at the farey building and it is very consistent and have multiple years of data so can easily quantify the effect over that period of time. >> even [inaudible] the chart er yacht companies were down. they closed the office. they were not having-you think a company like that would have just have their [inaudible] they left considerable revenue >> i think there was a lot of
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just sort of-it easy to wave your hands and say it is all good for san francisco and in fact it wasn't all good for san francisco. i think we can all talk about the benefits for the city as a whole and think as was said by someone in the press, great cities throw great parties. i'm totally down with that and we are a great city and should be a host for great events but understand-if you have a great house and want to make it available for parties you want to know what the damage will be because there will be damage. don't treat your house the way they treat their own house. they love going to other peoples houses- >> considering the demographic does it make sense to have it so squarely in the sent center of town where it interrupts commerce? >> that is the biggest thing we need to learn from is-you could argue
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if we distributed throughout the city we distribute the pain but it was very intensifyed there and in fact they probably-it became known that the voneue got too full and they turned people away and talked about how difficult it was to get through the security gauntlet. i think a lot didn't show up for that reason. i would love to go but won't go because i may be one standing there after being in line for a couple hours so there was that problem for those people that would attend. for me made the mistake of getting off the-getting off at the embarcadero station instead of going one station up or getting off a station earlier and got in the mix of the security and was late for my appointment thinking i was smart where i got off and got off at the wrong place so there were no advisory
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how those of us who did need to conduct business maneuver around the venue. >> hands were constantly chaipging and couldn't depend on any set plans. i think the big thing for bed wiser and union square, i don't think that was planned until 3 weeks prior. we were told hour by hour everything was changing. >> obviously it was a new venue for them so they didn't know what they didn't know, now we know a lot so again, fortunately we are all still alive. we have pain to get over but in the process we should definitely be putting together a good objective report about how we were effected and offer up suggestions how to change things or convene a discussion well in advance to the nex event like this how
4:52 pm
to address some hof the issues. >> thank you for comments. i lot had to do with the media and road closures. i work downtown. i went to work and did drive downtown but it was a cluster you know what downtown. it was, the traffic was horrible and every time you turned on the tv or radio traffic jam downtown and tell you don't come to work if you work downtown which i thought was crazy. thank you for your report, it is very informational and that needs to get out there. they do want to come back and think they should come back but no superbowl city at market street. keep embarcadero open. if you had that open i think people would have gaunl to the ferry building but everyone was freaked out. stick in the att park or civic center.
4:53 pm
>> superbowl city was a celebration of superbowl and the nfl, it wasn't a celebration of san francisco and i walked through there and found there was a way to get in very easily, you went up stairs at embarcadero. as i walked through it i felt this isn't about san francisco. i'm all for championtion games, not a huge fan but okay, someone coming into the the environment are not experiencing san francisco superbowl, they are experiencing superbowl. pure and simple nfl experience. it was the nfl experience and sure it was very carefully coria grched as that. one advice to any city hosting the superbowl it needs to be turned inside out and needs to be a celebration the
4:54 pm
city in addition to the nfl. >> right and hopefully nfl funded. >> i think that again i think we can in going through this cathartic post game show that we can provide some guidance to the cities to come after us and our own city as this is forgotten in the past and say it fs so awesome. it wasn't so awesome in every dimension. in no way do i say we dont invite events like this to the city but knowing how to best host them and that we understand it is to the benefit of the event as well as our city that we celebrate san francisco for the uniques quality because that was the stated reason for coming here. we lucked out on the weather but we didn't i don't think get to show case our city
4:55 pm
the way we like to. thank you so much and getting your survey started and quickly outd there because i talked about it at cdma and the commission and said we whether we sponsor it ourselves we take the survey to the the not only the merchants association but small business community. >> sure. it was a ref draft so it does need a lot of work. >> we would like to support you in doing the survey and getting it to a big group and convene a working group where we collect ivly put the results together and feed it back into the system >> thank you. >> so- >> commissioners i'm happy-in the binder under number 5 is copy of the
4:56 pm
survey that the south beach mission bay merchant distributed and happy if you want to start jotting down ideas of things to ask in the survey to collect them and- >> i would like to recommend that we-whether we author a survey ourselves which is totally fine with me or whether we do a [inaudible] on what is already done. i don't want to take over the effort from anybody else who wants to do t i want to say we are available here as a place to convene that study and that we are here to assist in any way we can whether it is actually being the people to push that survey out or whether it is collaborating with someone who has already doing it or wants to do it. but i do think we should do a city wide survey of small businesses to understand and all small
4:57 pm
business, not just merchants, to understand what the impacts were and to convene a working group discussion of what we would recommend for future other cities and ourselves to consider changing some of the things that were done. what was good and what wasn't so good >> how would we as a commission spread the survey? if we can help in the drafting of it, i just out of curiosity for- >> we can all go to every merchants association. regeneina attends the merchant community. it turns out like in our merchant association we have a lot of other business practitioners there that know the small business owners kind of association and so i think first going there. those are the
4:58 pm
organizations that and some better organized than others where people come together and getting the people who are coming regularly to those meetings to reach out to those they know are not attending. dogpatch isn't well represented at the potraro hill dogpatch meeting when i have something can go into dogpatch and talk tabusiness owners they can spread the word. getting someone to take a on line survey is a easy thing and there are a bunch of mailing lists out there. >> we use our mailing list and organization. >> right, so we have not only merchant organizations but business organizations. we have a list of the small chambers in addition to the chamber. and then of course our own outreach list. >> i think also we could use the survey done to get leverage in the press. the small business commission
4:59 pm
is conducting a broader survey and maybe will get-there is a survey coming, great. i want to participate in that so see what we can do. >> maybe-there were some programs-i think one the benefit of the commission convene thg survey or providing some direction to the city as they meet with these folks to design agreements when we go to bid is i'm interested in hearing the program of the super communities. it roles out a little late, but there is a concept like that work? like super castro . >> [inaudible] brilliant and other than high tops getting a booust with michael sams, the rest the weekend was dead other than the regulars. >> it is good to know because
5:00 pm
if we talk about neighborhood engagement then what is some of the-what are some of the recommenditions if we have any that we can provide to the city entities or individuals who engage either start putting together the bid packages or whatever have you to start engaging in the activities much earl ier on the in process opposed to later as we get close toor the activity happening >> a lot of the changes came fast and furious. whether they were road closures or organizational things or whatever, so i think also again -there was a lot of controversy around certain aspects so it caused last minute changes so we all watched it play out like a slow motion train wreck in some regards. so, let's conduct a
5:01 pm
survey have a report with results of the survey and recommendations and i think if the commission can play a role in convening that i think that is fantastic because i think that is a good role for the commission. >> as i said, i'm welcome to-willing to collect your ideas and aggregate it and figure out how that we as the commission can send it out or partner with other entities to design the survey. >> if you would like taparticipate that is fantastic, not to distract further from your business but-. thank you >> it would be good to get those probably in the next week or two if you have any ideas so we can keep them going. >> we need to get on this quickly while it is still fresh in our minds because this is wrun one we want to push!
5:02 pm
>> it sadis cushion item >> like to make sure we keep it on the agenda for continued discussion and action-by action i mean authoring a survey and get tg out and promoting it and putting a timelineoon it so it is done >> the time line is within 2 weeks the commissioners give you their ideas and you spread it out? >> and we can work with those in the community that we already know of that are already active in the area. >> the process is to get back the feedback and do what with it? >> i think probably to really make it useful is to do maybe a written report to the mayor and board of supervisors office of economic and workforce development >> this is a great agenda item for the quarterly meeting with the
5:03 pm
mayor. debriefing because it was a big deal. i think that would be a good venue once we have put together a good solid survey and report to start that dialogue. because the next two years a already decided whether we come back in the short period is 3 years is probably unlikely but we will be a candidate again within the next decade. >> it isn't just for the superbowl too >> this is using the superbowl as the best case and worst case. the biggest case we have seen and how does this apply to other large events whether it be oracle world or dream force or large
5:04 pm
concert or sporting event that we have the regular ones with the giants and hopefully soon with there warriors but lots of events will happen in these venues and other venues in the city and think there are best practices we could use even in the smaller blast zones, if you will. >> alright. so , thank you kim for being here and providing that information. we will move to item number 6, which is directors report. commissioners, i will just provide due to the sake of time and us needing to be out of the room for the ethics commission to meet i will provide you a report in writing. item number 7 is presidents report. >> i don't have anything to report this week. thank you >> item number 8 is vice
5:05 pm
president report >> i have nothing to report this week, thank you. >> item number 9 is commissioners report. >> commissioners any reports? seeing none. great. >> item number 10 is general public comment. >> this is the time when we allow for general public comment on what you heard today. not what you heard today what you would like to consider in the future. have at it. we have someone. >> my name is irene boke squn resident of sun set park side district. i am urging the commission to request that the sfmta make a informational presentation regarding its muni forward projects. particularly the proposed [inaudible] geary bus rapid transit and van ness bus rapid transit
5:06 pm
projects. indications is the proposed [inaudible] project would have a significant impact on neighborhood serving businesses. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public like to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. >> new business. >> any new business anyone want tooz propose? i don't. >> seeing none. sf gov tv if we can have our slide again, please. >> waiting for that slide. live #23r5u78 city hall >> we begin and end each small business meeting with reminor the afs of small business is sth only place to sfart your business in san francisco and get answers about doing business in san francisco. the office of install business should be your first stop when and have a question about what to do next so if you need assistance
5:07 pm
with small business matters start here at the office of small business. thank you. >> and we shall move to item 12 adjournment >> motion to adjourn >> i second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> adjourn at 4:41. [meeting adjourned] light for o
5:08 pm
streets illuminating our ideas and values starting in 2016 the san francisco public utilities commission is xhoefl that light with new led with the did i audits for better light for streets and pedestrian and they're even better for this vitally lasting longer and consuming up to 50 percent less energy upgrading takes thirty minutes remove the old street light and repeat 18 thousand 5 hundred times while our street lights will be improving the clean energy will remain the same every san francisco street light is powder by 100 percent godfathers hetch hetchy power in one simple word serious as day turns
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5:10 pm
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5:15 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local biz and challenges the san franciscans to do their shop and dine in the 49 within the by supporting the services we help san francisco remain unique and successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine in the 49 san francisco owes itch of the charm to the many neighborhoods people coma greet and meet it has an personality these neighborhoods are economic engine seeing the changes is a big deal to me especially being a san francisco native and it is important to support the local
5:16 pm
businesses but also a lot to over here it is nice not to have to go downtown i think that is very important 0 for us to circulate our dollars the community before we bring them outside of the community for the time we have one dollars in the community is the better off we are it is about economic empowerment by apron ingress the businesses that are here. >> shopping local cuts down the cyber foot you'll find cookies and being transported the world where everything is manufactured and put on the assembly line having something local is meaning more the more we support
5:17 pm
our local businesses the more i can walk down to where i need to be. >> bridges contingency bye like west portal it is about city and san francisco may have a big name but a small city and a lot of small communities shop and dine in the 49 highlighted that and reminded people come outburst and i love that about this city i'll always be a >> i want to welcome everyone here today and today, we are signing this very important piece of legislation and let me begin by thanking supervisor
5:18 pm
wiener so far his instead of leadership the sponsoring the legislation that will raise the minimum angle for anyone purchasing tobacco products and e cigarettes to the average 24 and that will take effect on july 1st of this year i know that supervisor wiener along with his co-sponsors supervisor mar and supervisor cowen and supervisor farrell and ultimately the entire board had a adopted this and this i know that the supervisors with working closely with our duty 0 who has been documenting why it is showing so important to continue our efforts as a city if not as a state to continue be rooiktd the access to cigarettes particularly at journeying or younger ages that is advocated by the groups like the tobacco
5:19 pm
free coalition i want to thank them they're not just here in san francisco but the entire region and all over the country working with the health department making sure that supervisor wiener and not only pay attention it the science and data it is going on but that we do our best to end the suffering that is brought by by long-term smoking that obviously is the cause of cancer and asthma and heart disease we do our best to educate the public in doing so if not the industry that sells overseeing products and ultimate our kids are your family when in their 18 and 19 is shown that the coalition has shown over and over you're putting that some 95
5:20 pm
percent of long term smokers had begun smoking at the age of 18 perhaps younger and as certain under the age of 21 those habit are so hard to end voluntarily so that's why we have to go to many other front to try to do this and that's why i think that the supervisor wiener has found a person cause and public health health cause if the violation kriebs the department of health to make sure that we do what we can to end our these diseases as much as we can to make sure that we also reflect as the mayor of the city if we can save a lot of money if we are able the medical systems we have to have in place
5:21 pm
it treat cancer and asthma with smoking is an incredible experience to the public safety the cleaner air with the coalition work on families that second-hand smoke impacts this has another critical reason why we want to do as much as we can and i think we're on the overview we know that supervisor wiener is already in contact with the governor's office as we are and with his the 1184 particularly senator leno and senator henry's to insure that the state which maybe hopefully in our minds the second to join hawaii to end the sales of tobacco products and less people under 9 age of 21 it doesn't
5:22 pm
make it right because your 21 you buy tobacco products wild to end it. everyone hopefully with the adult level of age 21 that people make better health decision tore themselves and their family so i take this opportunity to thank the coalition i know that in looking at the data as they have done in working with us this year was a strong sense interest the data it the smoking rates are higher amongst people of closer and amongst the let the record reflect community and other xhucht we rank it with a hard impact sales work that is done by tobacco industry the may or may not lgbt community that's where we really have good data to show that the more we do to educate your communities be
5:23 pm
about this the better off we'll be so with all that background i want to say to supervisor wiener you have again showing the good leadership i'm going to give the pen avenue we sign this your accumulate more pens than anyone but thank you for your leadership and also working with such important groups like the tobacco free coalition supervisor wiener i'd like to invite you up here to say a few words >> thank you, mayor ed lee i'll give that pen to the advocates and the district for they're really horroric work tutor sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 24 legislation in a way that highlights this critically important issue san francisco for many years has
5:24 pm
been on the cutting-edge of public safety whether around hiv or led pant and sugar sweetened beverage whatever the case weave been from the forefront and once again we are in the fire hydrant of what i hope will be a tile waive of proving health legislation that eliminates tobacco use in this country this is a huge problem we've been involved in a 50-year struggle but with the tobacco city that produces a product with no benefit whatsoever that kills a half a million people every year 34 is a serious issue and serious punting kiss i'm proud we live in a city where we can be on the cutting-edge
5:25 pm
where the politics of this city allows us at city hall to make good progressive policy i also want to say we know we're up against a very well financed component the tobacco destroy for decades has fought ever effort to try to control tobacco use and enemy linkage between their pursuit and the health we know that hillsborough tried to do that they have spent their legislation after an expensive lawsuit by the tobacco industry we in san francisco are willing to fight that fight that is amount about our city thank you to the department of public health we sometimes don't roles e releases how lucky with the best putting department that supports our efforts to make
5:26 pm
good laws that vascular critical exercise an amazing agency and our advocates for give us the political spouse space to to be able to do this and as the mayor adu u. >> you allowed we passed that legislation a week and a half good and the law jam the state assembly broke we that republicans willing to raise the tobacco age to 21 to pass senator leno's forward-looking bill to make sure that cigarettes are tobacco are still a way to get addicted to nicotine and will you the tobacco tax it is a huge step forward i hope goes to the governors desk thank you, everyone
5:27 pm
(clapping.) so are we ready to safe so far lives i'll add one mount reason not in my notes or the legislation but it is about my history about 10 years ago a mayor asked me to pick up cigarette butts as a public works decorator i say to all the public works staff that work hard if there was less settings that's another reason to sign on the legislation; right? yes all right. (clapping.) (laughter). >> today's date is -
5:28 pm
>> 16. >> that's it all right.
5:29 pm