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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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an is eve of our salesforce to have leadership on the board like supervisor farrell leading not only the board celebrations but work with the board and i get to do and use the talent of our irish american communities to help us building on the wonderful history to also have fun with the things you're going to see the irish dancers and like the pipers who i got to invited to the kickoff like the mayors cup and have a great celebration there those are all wonderful things happening with our irish american community from building our city, inform celebrating the cultural to having wonderful talent of people help me run it from the public safety to the elected officials i'm proud of the irish history with that, i'd like to provide the celebrations this morning with a declaration
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to be given to the city council and to, of course, president of our irish united irish communities first to consul general phillip grant and hereby calory this to be relishing or irish american friendship in the city of san francisco consul general. >> (clapping.) >> and to the presidents of our united irish societies let me am come up lee yum . >> (clapping.) >> of course, the greatest cast is my irish and, of course, on the eve of salesforce i've
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got to say aaron go before this is a translation of salesforce, of course, when i first asked about it i had to explain that is not a professional women's soccer cry but salesforce and give it back to charlotte. >> thank you, mayor thank you very much top of the morning now i introduce supervisor o farrell. >> (clapping.) >> he's somewhere. >> thank you charlotte and mayor ed lee and everyone for being here that is a proud honor to be the mc this irish celebration outside of city hall to carry on the tradition of a supervisor that does it inside of city hall as mentioned over irish community has strong roots in san francisco
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for generations going back to the gold rush we continue to sustain the city we continue to work in that and be part of the community. and enblaensz but the cultural center out in the subject and so many things we had a a community in san francisco i'm very much proud to be part of it and have irish heritage and proud to spend on year nature with - and here to be with the celebration i want to start off by introducing someone with us a number of years a greatest friend phil grant was with us since 1992 prior to the poivent appointment of consul general overviews the spokesperson tore the media residents for the foreign ministry for 4 years and in san francisco in september 30th, 2014, when it
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overviews sworn if with us a number of years and we've gone through not only i'll say the normal course from the irish community buses berkley a rock for the community thank you. and want to welcome you >> (clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good morning and thank you to mayor ed lee and supervisor farrell at the board of supervisors and everyone who has came here first of all, on behalf of myself and the council thank you to the grand mash for this week and the we lost two important people of the staff you know worked for the consulate for years here funnel is here our thoughts and prayers with her family that time of the
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year is one we encounter a lot of the people the community that passed away and i find it especially touching because the tragedy that enveloped our community in berkley and before talking about the parade and event that is the opportunity i have i want to extend the biggest thank you to all of you i want to name a few people without them and their assistance and coordination our students and their fascinates and everyone when was involved in what happened in berkley on the 16th of june would be difficult i would like to thank charlotte schultz her team working closely did miracles to make sure that we could bring our students home together with their families and on a happy day i don't know if there is is
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a better report in america they couldn't have done more for us thank you to the police chief and the chief of fire services thai provided honor as the cove i think so went through the city the chief of the fire service helped us in berkley the police and fire service out of the hearing aids for a week the middle of that trauma i'm sure none has managed to say of a foreign consulate will arrive on your doorstep with the immigration center with a one volunteers their students and families and the counselors i don't i don't think there was a door i had to open for myself or get food for myself i don't have to travel the police and fire
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services in san francisco did everything so on my and your on behalf of a real appreciative to all of them thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i have a long line of these in my office some to the 1950s 60s you wonder their words but do they mean anything we found out how much they mean there is a lovely festivity photograph on the facebook of one of the mothers that lost her child in the blockage collapse and her cousins what elita and a photograph of them and airport with libya arrived to start her students and the missouri's pink to hold open to in leave is each other i want to say thank you to
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the city of san francisco to the people of san francisco and to the wider bay area for holding on the us in a difficult periods the lives of the irish community here in the be sure so thank you all. >> (clapping.) >> we're 6 weeks away from marking the one hundred anniversary of the declaration of the proclamation and the easter rising and that was a similar event in irish history that changed the relationship on the 0i8d of the ridership and great britain and the relationship with the united states and relationships with europe i'm conscious it means different things to different people while the irish know about that the refreshing americans know and most americans with not familiar with
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was it stood for i've tried to find the colonel why it is important for everybody and our prayed marks that occasion how to ties to the communities here in america and particularly in san francisco and the word i'll use is in justice what caused the men and women of eastern 1916 to stand up in refwhern a minority and they were told to stay home by something compelled them to take to the streets and even as a time the conflict with the world-class 1 remaining and later on have any rich americans and serving with the american services what compelled them to act that was in justice a history of centuries of
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injustice of being third class subjects to some other people and that resonated very much with the irish experience in america coming here to the first great republic if you read the words finds proclamation they echo the words finding declaration of independence to find the majority of them spent time the america and closest family ties to america america is the only name mentions specifically the irish declaration of independence that's one reason we mark that occasion authenticity the human injustice when necessary rose up they were not welcomed by the population of dunn dublin the first horrible days of sheila's and killings they were insult and spat on what changed brought
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the rest of the country to the point of views and again, we come back to injustice it is what we saw happened the immediate aftermath of the arising the xooigsz and the imposition of mash law you go back to that thing they've stood up to protest we did this we will have to because of the injustice thai had to be responsible for the same hands that led to their dedicate an irish people have had enough injustice the theme of enjustice links us to other people in other parts of word i want to an event with the new york times talked about an irish at the age of 14 and mentioned 1 about the 5 million irish show up on the shores of american one
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.5 million staifrl unwanted no skills having to be accommodated 9 first references had to absorb and wanting to r a part in the american dream i think today you read the newspapers one .5 sitting on the doorsteps of europe he trying to escape injustice and infaurns if i ask myself kwhoo are the enar combithszries of today, i'm proud they're irish people that are running the receiving camps in turkey and lebanon i'm proud to reach out to the community and south american and afghan the lessons of 1816 why people throughout the century laid down their lives is fundamentally this is a battle against
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injustice that inis something that takes place the world around you, we have the responsibility to respond to those in need and respond to the problems of world and find solutions that the people like our people don't interest have to turn outside for help and assistance and they can go home the city of san francisco stands for many things one of the greatest things it stand for it fairness and equality and inclusiveness that the irish experience came out here under e unlike the irish on the east coast they didn't face the same pressures on, on the east coast in finding in their way in america the first thing tax savings started the civil rights mark and on behalf of the irish to say we're here and part of the society and want to be part
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of the society we're broeng you, you something you can cherish and incorporate into the american dream to help you build up your country when i look out today, i see the benefit that is emerged the strength of that relationship between oirld and american i apologize on going on i want to say thank you to all of you and thank you thank you for all you do to other causes and the struggle for injudicious wherever it might be thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you consul general i do want to acknowledge some individuals up here to make sure everybody knows who is standing with us today, we'll bring up lee yum but two of the
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statistical warths angus and commissioners for the city and county of san francisco >> (clapping.) >> i'm sure many don't need introduction but our fire chief joanne hayes-white. >> (clapping.) >> our police chief greg suhr. >> (clapping.) >> our city attorney dennis herrera. >> (clapping.) >> and we've heard from consul general grant and mayor ed lee and ms. shuttling and supervisor yee is here. >> (clapping.) >> who represents o represents many the sunset district and vicki hennessey our sheriff. >> alex from the board of city college. >> (clapping.) >> carmen chu our amazing assessor-recorder. >> (clapping.) >> and scott wiener into
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district 8. >> (clapping.) >> so i'd like to bring up someone that is involved the irish community born and raised san franciscan was in our police department for 319 years retired as a lieutenant and the president of the irish society. >> (clapping.) >> thank you first of all, i want to off the condolences of the entire irish community to mr. and mrs. boiling on the passing of their son tenors at the dinner the other night i coached terrance in soccer at scared high school i looked at terrance and he said i remedy you. you made me run a lot i was open again, it when i got the calls about the tragedy and i was happy that i made that approach to terrance but i have
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a bit of a personal request our grand marshall said he was up near the stage and a picture was taken care of him his son charley and terps he thought i took the picture i didn't it i need to everybody to go on social media to get that picture to jerry please do me a favor welcome to everyone that came down thrombus they named the honored guests i don't have to repeat that i'm happy about that but i appreciate you all scooting here when i got up this morning and saw the rainy thought a light crowd that's not true i'm happy you took the time to come down here and celebrate
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with us celebrating the one anniversary of the 1916 rising and i do want to thank san francisco pipers that caught the wheeling and ken he will sorry and dan thank you for coming out putting on the festivals of the parade is a huge theatre my director of public works and some of the assistants are awesome i appreciate it is pretty easy to sit at the table and take the ac lads and smile and shack machines but the people that do the work and the same thing for the city running are around from the sfmta myrtle did a great job and mayor be proud of your departments everybody stepping up and the individuals that get things done is amazing i also have diane ray and
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telling ma perez from the rec and park and chief joanne hayes-white for her staff getting the permits for the plaza and greg suhr at his staff station that captain lazarus and jennifer jackson and sergeant marin and lynn and pat tobin you know they did a great job i would like to take the opportunity because law enforcement in the country has taken a hit thank you to greg suhr for the job his men and women do everyday for us and offer my congratulations and condolences for the new position that chief vicki hennessey took so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'd like to congratulate
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jerry boiling on becoming the grand marshall and ed and others as well as michael it is a huge honor to be named the grand marshall the honoree graurn but a lot of work and we appreciate that you agreed to not only be honored let us honor you for the work that is involved in that now i make the presentations to the grand marshall is that what i do now by thank you. >> my second year first of all, call of jerry boiling. >> (clapping.) >> this is from certificate of honor presented to jerry boiling whereas on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i am pleased to recognize and honor jerry boiling for the
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contributions to the irish community my great privilege on the selection of the irish society of the for the city and county of san francisco for the san francisco salesforce thank you. >> i'd like to thank the irish society for the honor i'm overwhelmed something i thought i'd never see or be in i would last week to say that san francisco is always been deeply involving in rirld or oirldz strewn for freedom and the rebel the incites of the red branch played their part in building up the rising the 1916 this shouldn't be forgotten i'd
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like to say that i especially am honored this year because it is the citizen neglect of the rising of 1916 and when you look at the irish flag and put it up remember it flew over the cities when the bombs blasted it and the words of frederick we'll envelope be at peace without roirlgd being free. >> (clapping.) >> and our first honoree grand marshall michael during kin i'd like to bring his wife mary up and the whole family if they'd like 2:00 p.m.
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years on the city and county of san francisco i'm pleased to recognize michael to the community it is my great privilege and honor in his memory on the occasion by the unit irish sornt the san francisco as an honorary grand marshall of the one and 60 irish day parade. >> (clapping.) >> and mike's daughter shannon thank you now i'll bring up the family of ed and maggie ma govern here comes bryan. >> (clapping.) >> big family he gets nomad to come up whereas think on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i'm pleased and honored to recognize those folks for the contributions of the rich american community it is my great privilege to hour thei
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memory by the unit irish society as the grand marshalls of the one and 60 grand prayed congratulations to maggie congratulations . >> (clapping.) >> and this is the season to be irish the next couple weeks i invite everybody the city and in the bay area to become irish and celebrate with us honoring the 1916 rising easter rising now i'd like to bring up kevin that has a gift for the mayor. >> just want to say would be quick thank you to who puts this on caitlin thank you so much caitlin. >> (clapping.) >> through san francisco's sister city runs a richer known
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as is lee river every other year we get something from the river we get whiskey for the mayor joy that gift and i know what you're waiting forfeiture. >> (clapping.) >> thanks everybody and i want to on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i want to acknowledge the grand marshall or so and members to your families your dmronz and actually ms. boiling we have something to present to you if you come up on the honor of on the honor of one anniversary what we're celebrating it is really diversifying our condominiums first of all, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco the condolences for your loss this week and on the honor of this one
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anniversary we want to give you a copy of the irish declaration. >> (clapping.) >> so workplace we'll turn to the incredibly fun parts we're blessed to have a number of irish dancing groups and the relishing pepper band first call up the murphy school of rich dancers with 35 members for one and 75 at any time welcome them forward. >> (clapping.) >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ in >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and up next, we have the cheilo ken he will school o
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>> (clapping.) >> well, thank you very much and now i want to we have a few certifies of, however, for the wheeling i didn't kevinly group the irish dancers come on up >> (clapping.) >> and the


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