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good about the deal. >> next speaker. >> hello all, my name is marcelo rodriguez and here to speak for my two daughters, one is 13 and the other about to turn 11 and both are at school. my daughters are chinese, argentine partially jewish but one thing they are 100 percent is san franciscan and soccer fans. one of them is a junior and the other is [inaudible] and we have huge sites at home, people in the audience who fallpo soccer would know what that about. each of them can tell you every member the starting line up of barcelona. they can even tell you the starting line up of madrid, boo. soccer is passion in our home and passion
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is ramped for soccer in my neighborhood, the mission district. we need soccer erhoo. we cannot drive to san jose to watch high quality soccer so my kids can learn how to play better. television doesn't work. my kids need to be able to recite every player on the delta team with pride as san franciscans. that is what soccer is about in our world where we come from. i will say i'm in agreement with one point that the haight ashberry neighborhood council made, it is really hard to get from the mission to kezar so i encourage you to please help get muni to provide the service that we need. it is that simple.
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don't stop soccer, improve muni. that is the right way to go about it and thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning commissioners [inaudible] 22 years. and san francisco has a baseball and basketball team but don't have soccer team. soccer is a inclusive sport, anyone can play, boy and girl, young and old. soccer brings families together. i have a 14 year old son and he plays soccer since 5. sports keep our kids out of the streets and out of trouble. i believe san francisco benefit from having a local soccer team. [inaudible] i support the kezar stadium for the delta. >> next speaker.
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>> hi, billie fort and the orner and general manager of the east bay stompers. we spent the last 4 years as the san francisco stompers ball club. i'm in support of the delta's because them coming to san francisco gives every soccer that grows up playing in the bay area a chance to excel and go to the next level. in the national soccer league we with the northern american soccer league. 7 teams have clubs in our league. having the deltsa's here is there is no presence on the west coast so they will be doing a big justice to soccer by having them come here. with that, my grandparents owned a home on 44th and nor egga so i remember riding past kezar when it was a hole in the ground. i grew
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up with san francisco giant and 49ers. having kezar it may present issues to the community but having a professional soccer team and giving san francisco provide and putting a foolt print on the map is a good thing and if we can approve for kezar it is the right fit for the stadium and right size so i want to support for the delta's and say my piece. thank you. >> next speaker. if there is anyone else whos name i haven't called whether in here or north light court and you want to speak on this item, please line up on either side of the room now. thank you. >> good morning commissioners. privilege to be here today for
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many reasons and most everybody mentioned it. i am left with a few things to say which i think is so important. one is the fact that i'm a san francisco resident, 20 years and have the privilege to marry a soccer player that went to [inaudible] and have a 1 and a half year old daughter that i hope will follow the same stepsism i love sock squr raised in south america and in south america i had the opportunity following all the different leagues in different countries and cities the opportunity to see how soccer changes the community in each community where they go in the most positive way. there is enough bad in the world for our kids to get distracted and derailed and throughout my life i have not seen
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enough of good things that soccer brings to the community. i understand that residents from the area have some concerns regarding logistic and alcohol and a few other things, but one thing that really makes me feel good about this project and organization is the people behind it. it isn't by accident we haven't had a professional team. it is san francisco and a hard city to implement such a gijantic project, but i feel very happy and confident to say years from now will tell how good this project will be to and for our community. one other thing that also makes me super happy about this is not only do i have a place to take my daughter and wife, the people behind are super humanized and
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community oriented and just one other thing, i read a article muni is the only agency in the u.s. where it is a public transportation system losing users so this is a opportunity to take the buses and help people get toand from the stadium. >> next speaker. >> good morning park and rec. i want to say, green green, it is green they say on the far side of the soccer hill. green green and good luck park and rec with this city bill. green green it is green they say on the far side of the kezar stadium hill, green green and i know you'll fix it, i know you surely will. green green kezar valley
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or rocky track or soccer road and i know you are going to fix it, let it unload. delta dawn, what is that soccer ball, it is gone, you kicked it long. could it be a faded kezar ball fly went up high. and did i hear you say it is going to be there every day, and it will take you to that soccer match in the sky. delta dawn, what is that soccer ball it is gone long. could it be a faded soccer ball from days gone by. and did i hear you say it is going to be there and we are going to fly away? it is gone, it is gone away.
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[applause] >> tough to follow. good morning. >> what are you going to sing? >> green green--[inaudible] 17 years in the bay area, none in san francisco. 13 of those knowing brian [inaudible] the ceo of the delta's and i can echo what others have spoken of his cairktd and integry and deep desire to support the community. he is one i see the most and rarely seen him in rene months because he is so busy meeting with the community members he can both to build up the sport and meet with people in close to kezar to hear about their concerns and try to address
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them. and i like others have a one year old daughter and new son on the very and very excited bringing them to professional games. i think it is important to have these proteams in san francisco and love to see san francisco be the center of the bay area as much as possibly. also i was brought here when i heard it would be at kezar and that is through the eyes of my dad who was a resident in the 70's and moved back to the mid-west where i was born. i remember a few years in san francisco he asked me to take him to kezar and asked how often i went there and said i never went there. i could see surprise and also sadness in his eyes because he had told me all these stories about all these great memories he had and that wasn't my experience as a san
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francisco resident and for many people it wasn't and would like it to become that way again and know he would too and revitalize it. i think a professional team is a good way to dothat, so thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. [inaudible] business student here in the bay area. i'm sure you all got already the passion and all the feelings that we have regarding soccer, but the point i will make here is a different focus. i was reached-me and my friend were reached by the delta's and we are a business school in north beach and more than 50 nationalities and 400 students to try to analyze the scenarios and operation jz logistics to make the plan
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viable and count on passion and also make sure that all the conditions and all the aspects between the kezar stadium are specifically and positively addressed. so, the message i want to leave with you guys is that delta's are doing a very big effort to make sure that this is going to be a viable plan, not only lot of people get to the stadium, but this has to be done in a very good way and very flow of people has to be very good, so i'm sure this will be a very positive step toward a good show, a good entertainment attraction and also a good environment for families, soccer players, foreign people and everybody here in the bay area. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello everybody. it is my
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pleasure to be here again. my name is [inaudible] i'm a brazilian american. my experience as soccer, i was a former player for foothill college. as a coach i was coaching for the city of san francisco parks and recreation 2002, 2003 [inaudible] that is why i come here to ask you guys to support also san francisco delta's. the is very important to have a professional team on the bay area. we have a top baseball team and football team and we need soccer. we need a professional soccer [inaudible] please, you know, give us the opportunity to have
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the quality of soccer in san francisco and the opportunity for all of us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else who would like to plake public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> thank you very much. in the hands of the commission. any observations or comments? >> i'll offer a couple different thoughts. this became before us at the operations committee commissioner burny and buell sunched with me and heard many same arguments on both sides and didn't have queeus robust turnout in public comnlt but that added a lot to what our position was that day. and that is that our job as a recreation department is provide
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recreational opportunities. you have seen the public comment this morning about the demand on our fields and obviously the demand is great, but one the charges is bring people to a sport and to increase peoples interest in a sport and if that means we can do that by facilitating a professional team in a park facility and make that affordable i see that as much of our responsibilities as anything we do. that isn't to say we don't have great sensitivity to the concerns of the neighborhood. i know we kbet numerous requests for kezar stadium and the department is sensitive to what some of the requests are and many of the requests have been turned down because they are not compatible with the neighborhood. we have taken into the consideration of the impact on the neighborhood and feel good what brian and the delta's will do
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relative to some of the concerns and think overall this will be good for it neighborhood and if it is not, that isn't-good for business oregon business either and will work on that, but in the end we need to try something different and something that will serve so many people in a sport and activity that has such incredible interest and demand in the city. i think about in my own house i have a 6 year old and 13 year old and the difference in interest in soccer between my 13 year old started and what my 6 year old is going through is exponential. i'm excited for what this can mean for the city and department and encourage us all to support the measure. >> thank you. mr. genzburg. >> it is soccer day here at the commission and want to say a couple
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things. the department worked very hard to create community and we do it in a number of ways and one way we do it is through sport whether if is civic center world cup celebration or 12,000 kids, 1 out of every 8 children in san francisco is playing youth soccer which is a amazing thing. or through a idea like this. our parks are fantastic because of the community they create and whether that is for [inaudible] or civic center or a performance day in mclaren park, parks create community and following off something you commissioner levitan is this will create community in our parks so we are excited about it. we are also extremely sensitive to the neighborhood concerns which are articulated and
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commend the community for all of the robust input in both direction jz from that comes a better project. we are listening and will continue to listen to issues as they arise. we are excited to try this and want to cu-mind brian and the delta's for taking your community responsibility as seriously as you have. this is a lot of months and there a lot of meetings and dialogue and have done that with great empathy more listening then talking and that gives great optimism you will be a strong partner with us. i also want to cu-mind dana ketcham. between this project and a few others on her plate and the noise surrounding the grouth in youth soccer which a few folks have taken their eye off the ball
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and forgotten is about the kids, dana managed all the projects with incredsable grace and also a profound commitment to our park system and neighborhoods and really want to thank her for that. >> thank you. commissioner bonilla. >> first of all, i want to say, i am so impressed with the strong sense of the family that has been created here. i think all of you should be commended for creating such a strong soccer-such a incredible soccer family. i think this venue will continue to
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strengthen the fabric of our community and will fill an incredible need that exists in the city. i trust that all of the outstanding issues will be addressed and that the proposed venue will be in really strong hands and that-when all is said and done, this will be a very good venue for our city. >> thank you, commissioner. seeing no other comment let me say before the vote that i think it is very exciting proposal and i think the people who put it together have done a very good job reaching out to the community and
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taking into account their concerns. what you see today is not the initial proposal it is negotiation and consideration for those opinions voiced in community meetings. i do share the concern about alcohol, but i believe that with the understanding that the police department has some jurisdiction here and can revoke a permit and keep us aprized of any conduct following games and the fact that alcohol won't be sold in the last 10 minutes and there is a intermission in the half it isn't like you can keep going the bar if you have interest in the game played on the field, all those things mitigate to a point where i'm excited about this and would ask for a motion. >> so moved >> second. >> all in favor? >> eye rr. >> see moved, thank you very much. [applause]
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>> commissioners- >> hopefully this isn't breaking rules, but if i can borrow commissioner bonilla words, invite you to the football family. people that know me i mean what i say and mean what i say. i believe you can do good and well and that is what we are trying to do so thank you very much. >> we will take a 5 minute break so people can reorganize their life and we'll be back shortly. [commissioners taking a 5 minute break]
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>> [gavel]. let's geback to the agenda and is tonia here to give the zoo report? >> commissioner i think we are going back to general managers? >> i don't see the general manager. >> we won't do that. let's go to the consent
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calendar. is there public comment on the consent calendar public comment is closed. move to approve. >> we are on item 6 of san francisco zoo. >> hello commissioners. >> powerpoint, please. >> hi. lively day so far. >> you have soccer at the zoo? >> we are getting [inaudible] for march madness so that is good to hear. [inaudible] forecast of bay area as a whole and come up with rainy day funs at the zoo. rainy day fun include giving out 100 free ponchos.
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we have indoor spaces like the tropical aviary and talking about animals that are active in wet weather such as the polar bear and sea lions. year to day with hits in january and march we are about 2,000 visitors shy of the budget. sping is in the air we have a couple new babies, woo have a black howler monkey. the names are [inaudible] and robin williams. >> may want to change lenscomes name. >> we'll leave that up for debate for other people. the fastest non human primate is a [inaudible] monkey. they are out in the exhibits. with string
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bird walks are back so we have a master birder named allan ridly but offered to do bird walks started with volunteers but we expanded to members so there is one today at the end the month and start at 8:30 in the morning and allan takes people around the zoo and it is a enthuse astic group of people who love seeing the bird in natural spaces. pie day, the international day to celebrate that number. we offered free admission to all students regardless of age, they just showed a idea and gave the pi theme enrichment to animals. there were pi for the cang karroos. a nob of people came out so had over
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1200 people. march madness is happening and givingbasketballs to ram buxs goats and mir cats. for easter weekend we do our big bunny spring fling and work with 106 fm. there are crafts and games and pictures with the bunny. >> any public comment on this item? being none public comment was closed. this chs discussion only. we are item 7, open space fund undesignated contingency reserve. >> do we want to go back to the general managers report? does the general manager want to wait?
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>> let's keep going. >> i appreciate that. commissioners president buell, the item before you is discussion and action to apruchb the alge allocation of $40,000 to fund improvement of the tank hill trail. this item went to capital committee and wanted to mention [inaudible] kauffman who is a strong supporter for the project offered to be here today and told her i didn't think she need today bother given the way we expected the morning to ge. tank hill is near twin peaks boulevard and [inaudible] about 4 years ago i was approached by the community organization specificallyilia work wg the area plan to solve a trail
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problem. in 2012 when the 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bonds passed kw receive funding for the community opportunity fund we encouragedillion and the group to apply and around 4 of the [inaudible] in 2014 the selection committee recommended approval of 36, 210. in november of 2014 the commission approved design development viremal review for the project. last august the environmental review and concepual design were completed and approved 51, 210 on the project to be used funding from the 2012 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond. following that commission meeting we authorized the bid packen last year. our
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estimate was $36,000 and the lowest bid was 69, 320. we studied the bid and believe the overerage is due to the specific type of work which is building stairs where there is a trail that is eroding. the relatively small contractor pool because of the specialization of the work, the need for doing work in sensitive areas and the requirement for experience and also the fact no mu shinery can be used and has to be hand tools. in the time between us recommending this dollar amount and the bidding melinda is experiencing overerage on a couple other trails programs which is why a capital committee there were grant for twin peaks and bernal. the
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expensive piece is the only piece. the good news is even though the bids were opened in october 2015 and typically only are able to commit a contractor to 90 days to commit to that price, alta engineering committed to the price as long as we move in the next month so we will begin construction in late april. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none public comment is closed. >> would like to move for approval. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you very much. >> we are now on item 9, the mothers building san francisco zoo. >> good afternoon commissioners. stacy [inaudible] deputy director of the planning unit. i am here today
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to step you through condition assessment we had for the mothers building at the zoo. my first couple of slides show where the mothers building is. the first one shows in 1925 when it was used at the original intent as a actual building for mothers to relax with their young children when the families came to in the he [inaudible] now it is middle of the-the northern edge of the san francisco zoo. here it is on the zoo diagram. the context of the building is how it intended for monthers is a amazing building. buildings designed in the wpa in the 30's and painted by two women, 3 women actually. the building was
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initially created in 1925. it was used as a mothers building in the 1960's when it was decommissioned and used as a ancillary building for the zoo as a gift shop mainly and [inaudible] until 2000 when it was decommissioned and hasn't been used since. these are images of the mural. they were painted in egg tempera which is unusual. different from a typical fresco that is painted on wet plaster, this was painted on dry plaster. you can see it is a incredible asset we have. the conditions assessment was funded by the historic preservation fund committee. they provided a grant over $100,000 to do the assessment. they went out and did a survey to identify the
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issues with the buildings and what would be need today bring it up too [inaudible] and restore it. they broke down the assessment into 3 categories of work, short term work that needs to be done soon tostabilize the building and long term work that would restore the murals, provide ada access and bring the building tupe working condition. the next slides go over the detail of the immediate needs, the short term needs are long term needs. for next steps the zoo has been a fan stastic partner i have undertaken the immediate maintenance needs identified by this report and have recently put in dehumidfires to help protect the murals. the arts commission has been a strong supporter. they have started to start the process of
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photographing the murals which is another wrun one of the steps from arg to make sure that we have good documentary evidence. at the moment we lost a portion of one of the murals on the western side of the wall so want to make sure we have all murals documented as soon as possible. and then our next step is identify funding. first was the immediate and short term stabilization which is approximately $400,000 and for the long term restoration of the building and the murals which is about $5,000,000, both in todays today. we have a lot of gotten support from [inaudible] historic preservation committee and commission president is here as well as some prosac members.
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[inaudible] i am here along with- >> can i get you to speak into the microphone? >> here with the arts commission if you have any questions. thank you. >> i do have public comment. commissioner wolfram. >> president buell and commissioners andrew wolfram the president of historic preservation commission. the historic preservation commission held a hearing march 2 where stacy bradley presented the same nrgz you have today. the mothers bimding is a incredible assets a treasure orpha building that is in the zoo but one the few remaining fwildings of the [inaudible] it has fantastic murals painted by dorathy putsch nely and [inaudible] from the wpa period and very significant
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architecture by george cell um. since twnt 02, it is boarded up and the murals crumbling and detear yireating. this report which you commission give a great path forward. it identified ways to remediate the deterioration for immediate need but also points a way towards the fact that the building has amazing potential for adaptive reuse. the location in the zoo and its character the beautiful character of the spaces within the building really are a tremendous opportunities for social gathering and educational space and classroom use and fantastic assets that i think will be one the most popular buildings in the zoo if it were
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restored. we urge you to move forward with a two pronged approach. first identify funding for these immediate needs that are all most emergency needs. the building is at a cristical point in the history and the deterioration needs to be remied and futhder deterioration needs to be prevented. the second is identify the long term plan for reuse the building. we believe there are a lot of potential partners interested in the building. the building is a great assets and think there will be donors interested in participating. i think the capital plan needs to be started, the profile of the building needs to be raised and more puplicity needs to be made. we believe if we work together we with bring the mothers building back talife. thank you.
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>> thank you very much. >> anyone else? richard? is there anyone else would like to make public comment? i couldn't see him so couldn't tell. >> good afternoon commissioners, richard rothman andime oroon park and open space advisory commitry and also with friends of the mothers building and thanks to dave and woody at the western neighborhood projects, we had a booth at the history day and caught over 350 post cards of people want to support the building and most of those people remember the building either as a mothers where they went in there as a small child or later was a gift shop and happened to meet the lady who ran the gift shop for about 25
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years until it closed in 2000 and she gave me documents and photographs of it. the city [inaudible] i was in there before it was renovated and it was pretty bad condition and fixed coit tower so think now is the time to get started on the mothers building. some significant things, this was the only building where the murals and mosayics were done by women. most of the artist in that time were men and also, the area is now open even though it isn't the entrance, the zoo opened the childrens play area again so the building is accessible. with the grant and help from the art commission and rec and park and the
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zoo, they received a grant for probably the largest grant from the historic preservation fund to do the study and this leads to a road map and i understand the zoo has been working on some of the immediate needs to make sure the building is secure and the art commission is ready to go out there and start photographing it. and realize we won't get all the money at once but think it would be good to start appropriating some of the money so we can finish up the immediate needs and do the short term needs and do the soft cost of the planning so then we'll know how much and then we can figure out how to raise the bulk of the money. thank you. >> thank you. >> anyone else like to comment on this
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item? this is the mothers building. want to make sure. go ahead. >> hi. john wild with office of economic development. good afternoon. among other things i staff the historic preservation fund committee as mentioned was the primary funder of the work along with yourselves and the arts commission. both oewd and the advisory committee are very happy the work is more farmally gotten to this stage and back in front of you. the community [inaudible] and high priority to them and the recommendation to us to fully fund this assessment which we did. two quick points on behalf of my committee, one, they are very impressed with the quality of the product. i believe you had a quick summary of that
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today. they were comp lmentary of the consultant staff who researched and [inaudible] as well as your department and staff who helped manage the contract. secondly, want to emicize the pornts of implementing the reports and recommendation as far as preserveeration and retention and there urgency related to that need given the buildings condition and the sensitivity of the murals to whether conditions which are somewhat intense. also just a [inaudible] very much appreciate the direct engagement from your staff on the early stages of this. reviewing the grant application. we look forward to maintaining that active dialogue as we discussed in the grant review process as we go through implementation fund raising the stages of the
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project. oewd and advisory committee are here to help in whatever fashion as we move forward so thank you [inaudible] >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is hethy [inaudible] district 4 representative on park, recreation open space advisory committee. >> good afternoon, my name is jordan [inaudible] and i'm another committee member for the parks recreation open space advisory committee along with heather and witchered >> we are here to convey or support as well as katy tangs office for the renovation project. it was the early advocacy that got the ball rolling. the zoo isn't our district but across the street and a part of the
12:54 pm
neighborhoods. the mules are open to the public and beautiful and historical asset that should be preserved and celebrated. there murals were painted by women which is a historical find and it is womens history month so it is moment to celebrate the [inaudible] the space is also unique the murals are higher on the walls which allows the space to be used for a variety of things which potential damage is limited. >> since visiting the zoo as child it remains one of the most spectacular places for families and children to learn and have fun. it wasn't until i got older i discovered the zoo and history represent the cultural values of western neighborhoods in san francisco. the mothers building decorated murals and mosayics by women for womens as friends, sisters
12:55 pm
and mothers row side as a place for [inaudible] and accomplishments within our lively city. [inaudible] story of noahs arc [inaudible] based on the original condition assessment completed. we strongly and respectfully urge departments to work collaborativety along rec and park, prosa crrksc and supervisor tangs office as we preserve the site in san francisco and womens history. we believe it is important to plan for the futures of the mothers building so this community gem isn't destroyed or becomes too late to turn the building into a useful community asset. >> anyone else who would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is close said. >> commissioner low. >> this is really a spectacular
12:56 pm
building. i do have to thank staff, not sure the general manager knows who snuck me into the building last year and gave me a tour. it really is a inspiring building and the murals are fantastic. my question is, while we are doing the immediate preservation, what are we going to do-what is the strategy for the long term goal? how do we adapt ivly reuse the space? it is okay we are doing the short term, but what is the long term plan? >> i will give you help on that in a minute. if you don't have any other questions i'll ask commissioner bonilla to weigh in. >> the question i wanted to and ask be sure this is the case that it
12:57 pm
will continue to be called the motherers building no matter what use we put to it in the future? >> we need you to speak into the microphone when you come up. >> i don't know of any plans to change the name the building. >> great, i just love the idea of a mothers building in the zoo and how it was used was just terrific and hope we find some really good uses that in some way relate to the murals that are there. >> so, first let me congratument or thank richard rothman for the dedication to this of pushing this forward. i too share a keen interest in this building and think it should always remain as the mothers building and be fully restored. there is lots of interest from departments
12:58 pm
and advoicates. the real question is what is the youth and i want to direct the comments to the zoo. this morning at the zoo committee meeting, some uses were identified and so what i would like the message is ask tonia peter son to schedule a meeting, initially it can be with me and i want to pursue some of those uses and some of the funding that may be associate td with it and then to all the parties that are involved, the mayors office and the staff and that i believe that we need to have a proposed use before we can do a propose said fund raising program and that will help identify funders and some of the pro posers would be acompcompanyed
12:59 pm
by partial bullet substantial funding. having all that in place the next step is meet with tonia and some of those who might be interested in supporting a particular zoo use that would restore this building fully and then we'll meet and make sure we get a bigger body together of interested parties because then a real capital program can take place and start to find the solution. >> absolutely and like you had seen this morning, early discussions with a donor that has interest and like director peter son said, our donors are animal donors not building. >> we will make this building a animal and they will lover it. >> i will let director peter son know. >> this was discussiononal. would you like to go back to general managers? >> with baited breath.
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>> thank you, commissioners. alright. there were a couple other things other than the beautiful game happening in the park system this past munt so thought i would take a moment to comnlt. last week more than 1500 park and rec representatives joined for parks and california society conference in long beach. field trips, wub shops but two highlights that were particularly interest to us. first, jim wheeler or recreation manager for aquatics and [inaudible] voted as the new president elect for cprs and spend the upcoming year working alongside the current president and take over as president following next years conference. awarded the [inaudible] two of the most recent
1:01 pm
renovation projects [inaudible] the cpr program recognizes outdstanding achievement [inaudible] marketing and communication and [inaudible] we wanted to thank all our community parltners, sister agencies and staff who devoteed time and nrjs to getting the projects right. a shout out to the capital division and it is [inaudible] more great news out of the capital division, this month the rec center which opened in 2013 after a $21,000,000 renovation project under the 2008 parks bond received a gold [inaudible] the leadership energy and environmental design goal designation is the top standards in theerating of a wide range factors including sustainability, water and [inaudible] we have a gold building on the property. in just a few
1:02 pm
hours we will be at 17 and folsom. the acquisition and planning the park was a multiageagency [inaudible] supervisor camposs office, mission district community, with funding primarily coming from the california recreation and park state wide park and revitalization grant. park space is a premium san francisco families and residents need open space, this will be a assets to the under served neighborhood [inaudible] adult fitness equipment. community garden, wild life habitat [inaudible] we break down on that projethafter a long time today at 3:30. this saturday march 19 at 10 a.m. begins summer day camp
1:03 pm
registration. people start lining up friday night. now you can do it on line at sf rec on this summer we are offering over 80 camps. we have our traditional camps like silver tree and pine lake [inaudible] word play camps, [inaudible] we got a catalog and parents can register at sf [inaudible] spring time family [inaudible] in golen gate park featureing egg hunts recollect carnival rides and rec and park staff will pit its bbq skills against those of the san francisco police department and san francisco fire department in the annual rib cook off competition. i will be out there smoking something. commissioners as always, all of you are
1:04 pm
invited to enjoy family fund-that got away from me didn't it? -to enjoy >> show the video at your trial. >> sulubty judge at this years bbq cook off. and then last as commissioner buell mentioned earlier we are proud of the city [inaudible] not just the terrific approval ratings in a difficult year. rec and park was a lot of sunlight. one thing i'm most proud about is one question the poll asks is about city service and if they are better or worse than the preechbious year and we were the leading department and leading function just 1 point behind the local economy. 48 percent of san franciscans think our parks are better than last year, only 14 percent
1:05 pm
they think they are worse and that is a 10 point improvement in 2 years. in 2014, [inaudible] my favorite part of this which i'llened with before showing the video is that the chronicles covererage of the story about the poll yesterday said ", not the unbeatable golden state warriors could vest the rec and park department ". this team was the second team to beat the warriors and that concludes the manager report. we'll do this month in [inaudible] honoring womens history month.
1:06 pm
>> making history is so thrilling to me. my name is rochelle henry and i work with for the san francisco recreation and park department for over 22 years now. right now i have a special assignment and i'm so excited because i do what i love to do which is be around baseball. so, i lived the dream. when i was 7 i went to giant games with my parents and grand parents and said i would be the first third
1:07 pm
base woman. at 22 years old i was able to participate and play for the colorado silver bullet squz we were recognized by major legal baseball at the first all girls baseball team. my picture is in the baseball hall of fame. i live my dream, now it is my term to reciprocate and have these girls live their dream. >> my name is jackie snideer and i have played baseball for 10 years since i was 2. it isn't likely girls play baseball at a high level and want girls to play baseball. boys may think girls can't play, but that isn't true. we play just as good as them. >> [inaudible] i have been playing baseball for all most 9 years. i always played with the boys and last summer i was oxe sited to know
1:08 pm
san francisco rec and park was setting up a all girls baseball team and go to the first national girls baseball tournament so played ball as hard as we could and represent the city welove. >> [inaudible] he said [inaudible] i would like to do this here in san francisco. so, now san francisco rec and park is hosting the baseball national, the second annual. [inaudible] we can look at all the women back in history but we can also look forward and look at the young girls making history of their own and maybe be in the baseball hall of fame too.
1:09 pm
>> thank you, i would just add one post script since there is discussion about fields and permit in addition to the 900 soccer team we accommodate 446 baseball and softball teams on the same fields adding to the complexity of the rubric on field allocation. that was the general managers report. >> thank you. anyone who would like to comment oon the general managers report? public comment is closed. we are up for commissioner buell going to
1:10 pm
general >> if we have general public comment before executive session we won't burden the public sitting and waiting for us. >> did we approve the consent calendar? >> yes. >> we are only item 11 which is general public comment. eileen come up and also have [inaudible] if anyone else wants to make general public comment. >> my name is eileen bokeen and here to read a resolution from the coalition for san francisco neighborhood into the public record. to phil ginsburg from george [inaudible] regarding resolution on the palace of fine arts. the palace of fine arts housing the rotunda and performing arts theater and
1:11 pm
expedition hall where the hall was the site of the exploreatorium, rec and park department sent out request for concept proposal, rscp to lease out the exhibition hall and theater on a long term basis with up grades to the site being the responsibility of the lease holder. where as the [inaudible] received 7 submissions of which 3 were selected by rdp as finalalist who can respond to the request. two of the finalalist proposals contain a for profit lodging component. the land and building are under the administration of rec and park department and should therefore used for activities and programs shat serve the general public such as arts, education and cultural programs and recreation or open space
1:12 pm
oriented activities. where as the hotel of commercial use that is unrelate today the mission of the rec and park department. where as opening up rec and park land to commercial use with nominal rec components sets a dangerous precedent for rec and park properties. the 55 year lease that removes rec and park property from public use and control for a long period of time when new needs and uses of the facility to serve the public could occur within that time period. where as san francisco's popules is increasing at a high rate with projections over 1 million resident in future years and all those residents need open space sw recreation opportunities. therefore, be it resolved the coalition for san
1:13 pm
francisco neighborhoods opposes any use the palace of fine arts that is not for the primary use of use for arts, education, cultural or recreation purposes and activity as opposed the use of for profit lodging components. i have a copy of the resolution. >> thank you. >> if anyone else would like to speak under general public comment. >> i know there is a gentlemen who is about to step in who would like to address the commissioners. wanted to say i have never really testified before you but before i say anything else i want to thank you for helping me raise two daughters in san francisco and say that from the bottom of my heart. i'm here to again to speak for them as a soccer dad. my name
1:14 pm
is [inaudible] as i told you before. i help start a program for the public school that may children have one still attend called star king elementary. it is a school that benefits greatly from the rec and park ability to provide fields so that it brings families together. people from many walks of life. the most diverse school in the san francisco school district is star king and we were able to bring different programs together through soccer and that program tunes continues and thank you to your support and phil ginsburgs support a lot of kids are served and served well. before we spoke about it
1:15 pm
delta's and sorry i'm bringing up soccer but it is clearly a passionate thing in many of our lives. there were people here representing private soccer clubs that believe things are not well in the soccer community. i'm deeply bothered by what is going on. i believe that you as commissioners phil ginsburg as a terrific public servant, are doing something that is vital to the children of san francisco and that is providing playing opportunities particularly soccer. let me tell you, it is a huge game. i don't want to sound like that orange guy but i mean it, it is important. it is very very important. the problem we have now with youth soccer is that it has become a multimillion dollar industry. private clubs like those who came to
1:16 pm
speak with you before are participating in a level of price gouging that is making it impossible for middle class and working class families to actually participate in the game. they want to take over the league that now manages things and provides opportunity for all children. because it appears that their greed knows no bounds. you as good public servants are providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies to these private clubs. >> [inaudible] >> just about done. as you consider the cuminitary which you got which is item 12, please understand that is a very small number of people that play
1:17 pm
or participate in soccer represented there. the vast majority are families that care deeply about doing this right. >> anyone else want to make general public comment. if there is anyone else please come up now. thank you. >> commissioners sorry i wasn't here urldier. my 99 year old grandmother died. >> sorry to hear that >> thank you. i serve the city and sf youth soccer as a volunteer. i board did meet yesterday with legal counsel and deliberated at great length, you listen to the full audio of the board meeting about our disputed election. we discovered many serious election irregulararities and detailed those on the website. after a longer deliberation the votive 12-0 to
1:18 pm
nullify the election and hold a new one april 22. we felt like democracy was meant to be served in our organization and did not occur. we will act in good faith in the elication and be as transapparent and inclusive as possible. since you have heard from the people we made progress on many of the core issues. we are also working act ivly with the mission youth soccer league to have access to all leagues while preserving equitable use of city fields. every club thought of breaking away to escape the hassle of cooperation. every program, every aloo ins would love to break away and apply its own public benefit program. if any of them did so the burden would be on them. the birdsen would be on them to prove the following: to prove
1:19 pm
they have no history of violating your permits. paid coaches can not promote undue influence and control. to prove the clubs held annual elections. to prove that they had not earned millions using the cities free fields. to prove they are financially sound. to prove that low income children can play for free at least no more than $50 a season. the burden is on that to prove all this bauds because this is what sf youth soccer does now year on year. the dispute or election is proof of one thing, it is proof sf youth soccer is working. it is proof that paid programs are being regulated much as they might dislike it. it is proof that some protections are in place though more are needed. thank you for your time. >> thank you.
1:20 pm
>> is there anyone else who wants to make public comment. we are going to item 10, closed session. any public comment under closed session. this item is closed. commissioners we need a vote as to whether to go into closed session or not? >> entertain a motion. >> move to go into closed session. >> all in favor; and we have to ask members the public and staff to leave. thank you. [commission in closed session]
1:21 pm
praef >> now we need a vote
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
1:24 pm
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
whether to disclose all discussions. >> move to not disclose. >> we did item 11. item 12 any
1:29 pm
commissioners matsers? >> nope. >> new business? >> nope. >> no public comment. item 14, communications no public comment is item 15, adjournment. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you. [meeting adjourned] all right. on 5, 5,
1:30 pm
2, 1 you innovation on or was on over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901,
1:31 pm
a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent the golden gate park laid out the bowling green are here sharing meditates a permanent green now and then was opened in 1902 during the course the 1906 san francisco earthquake that citywide much the city the greens were left that with an ellen surface and not readers necessarily 1911 it had the blowing e bowling that was formed in 1912 the parks commission paid laying down down green number 2 the san francisco lawn club was the first opened in the united states and the oldest on the west their
1:32 pm
registered as san francisco lark one 101 and ti it is not all fierce competition food and good ole friend of mine drive it members les lecturely challenge the stories some may be true some not memories of past winners is reversed presbyterian on the wall of champions. >> make sure you see the one in to the corner that's me and. >> no? not bingo or scrabble but the pare of today's competition two doreen and christen and beginninger against robert and others easing our opponents for the stair down is a pregame strategy even in lawn bowling. >> play ball.
1:33 pm
>> yes. >> almost. >> (clapping). >> the size of tennis ball the object of the game our control to so when the players on both sides are bold at any rate the complete ends you do do scoring it is you'll get within point lead for this bonus first of all, a jack can be moved and a or picked up to some other point or move the jack with i have a goal behind the just a second a lot of elements to the game. >> we're about a yard long.
1:34 pm
>> aim a were not player i'll play any weighed see on the inside in the goal is a minimum the latter side will make that arc in i'm right-hand side i play my for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy
1:35 pm
bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log >> (speaking foreign language.) >> shop and dine in the 49 promotes local biz and challenges the san franciscans to do their shop and dine in the 49 within the by supporting the services we help san francisco remain unique and successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine in the 49 san francisco owes itch of the charm to the many neighborhoods
1:36 pm
people coma greet and meet it has an personality these neighborhoods are economic engine seeing the changes is a big deal to me especially being a san francisco native and it is important to support the local businesses but also a lot to over here it is nice not to have to go downtown i think that is very important 0 for us to circulate our dollars the community before we bring them outside of the community for the time we have one dollars in the community is the better off we are it is about economic empowerment by apron ingress the businesses that are here. >> shopping local cuts down the
1:37 pm
cyber foot you'll find cookies and being transported the world where everything is manufactured and put on the assembly line having something local is meaning more the more we support our local businesses the more i can walk down to where i need to be. >> bridges contingency bye like west portal it is about city and san francisco may have a big name but a small city and a lot of small communities shop and dine in the 49 highlighted that and reminded people come outburst and i love that about
1:38 pm
this city i'll always be a
1:39 pm
>> i want to welcome everyone here today and today, we are signing this very important piece of legislation and let me begin by thanking supervisor wiener so far his instead of leadership the sponsoring the legislation that will raise the minimum angle for anyone purchasing tobacco products and e cigarettes to the average 24 and that will take effect on july 1st of this year i know that supervisor wiener along with his co-sponsors supervisor mar and supervisor cowen and supervisor farrell and ultimately the entire board had a adopted this and this i know that the supervisors with working closely with our duty 0
1:40 pm
who has been documenting why it is showing so important to continue our efforts as a city if not as a state to continue be rooiktd the access to cigarettes particularly at journeying or younger ages that is advocated by the groups like the tobacco free coalition i want to thank them they're not just here in san francisco but the entire region and all over the country working with the health department making sure that supervisor wiener and not only pay attention it the science and data it is going on but that we do our best to end the suffering that is brought by by long-term smoking that obviously is the cause of cancer and asthma and heart
1:41 pm
disease we do our best to educate the public in doing so if not the industry that sells overseeing products and ultimate our kids are your family when in their 18 and 19 is shown that the coalition has shown over and over you're putting that some 95 percent of long term smokers had begun smoking at the age of 18 perhaps younger and as certain under the age of 21 those habit are so hard to end voluntarily so that's why we have to go to many other front to try to do this and that's why i think that the supervisor wiener has found a person cause and public health health cause if the violation kriebs the department of health
1:42 pm
to make sure that we do what we can to end our these diseases as much as we can to make sure that we also reflect as the mayor of the city if we can save a lot of money if we are able the medical systems we have to have in place it treat cancer and asthma with smoking is an incredible experience to the public safety the cleaner air with the coalition work on families that second-hand smoke impacts this has another critical reason why we want to do as much as we can and i think we're on the overview we know that supervisor wiener is already in contact with the governor's office as we are and with his the 1184
1:43 pm
particularly senator leno and senator henry's to insure that the state which maybe hopefully in our minds the second to join hawaii to end the sales of tobacco products and less people under 9 age of 21 it doesn't make it right because your 21 you buy tobacco products wild to end it. everyone hopefully with the adult level of age 21 that people make better health decision tore themselves and their family so i take this opportunity to thank the coalition i know that in looking at the data as they have done in working with us this year was a strong sense interest the data it the smoking rates are higher amongst people of closer and
1:44 pm
amongst the let the record reflect community and other xhucht we rank it with a hard impact sales work that is done by tobacco industry the may or may not lgbt community that's where we really have good data to show that the more we do to educate your communities be about this the better off we'll be so with all that background i want to say to supervisor wiener you have again showing the good leadership i'm going to give the pen avenue we sign this your accumulate more pens than anyone but thank you for your leadership and also working with such important groups like the tobacco free coalition supervisor wiener i'd like to invite you up here to say a few words
1:45 pm
>> thank you, mayor ed lee i'll give that pen to the advocates and the district for they're really horroric work tutor sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; 24 legislation in a way that highlights this critically important issue san francisco for many years has been on the cutting-edge of public safety whether around hiv or led pant and sugar sweetened beverage whatever the case weave been from the forefront and once again we are in the fire hydrant of what i hope will be a tile waive of proving health legislation that eliminates tobacco use in this country this is a huge problem we've been involved in a 50-year struggle but with the tobacco
1:46 pm
city that produces a product with no benefit whatsoever that kills a half a million people every year 34 is a serious issue and serious punting kiss i'm proud we live in a city where we can be on the cutting-edge where the politics of this city allows us at city hall to make good progressive policy i also want to say we know we're up against a very well financed component the tobacco destroy for decades has fought ever effort to try to control tobacco use and enemy linkage between their pursuit and the health we know that hillsborough tried to do that they have spent their legislation after an expensive
1:47 pm
lawsuit by the tobacco industry we in san francisco are willing to fight that fight that is amount about our city thank you to the department of public health we sometimes don't roles e releases how lucky with the best putting department that supports our efforts to make good laws that vascular critical exercise an amazing agency and our advocates for give us the political spouse space to to be able to do this and as the mayor adu u. >> you allowed we passed that legislation a week and a half good and the law jam the state assembly broke we that republicans willing to raise the tobacco age to 21 to pass
1:48 pm
senator leno's forward-looking bill to make sure that cigarettes are tobacco are still a way to get addicted to nicotine and will you the tobacco tax it is a huge step forward i hope goes to the governors desk thank you, everyone (clapping.) so are we ready to safe so far lives i'll add one mount reason not in my notes or the legislation but it is about my history about 10 years ago a mayor asked me to pick up cigarette butts as a public works decorator i say to all the public works staff that work hard if there was less settings that's another reason to sign on the legislation; right? yes all
1:49 pm
right. (clapping.) (laughter). >> today's date is - >> 16. >> that's it all right. (music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal.
1:50 pm
i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions, the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was
1:51 pm
a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music)
1:52 pm
>> the bay area knows the orchestra. you maybe take things for granted a little bit. that is simply not the case will go on the road. the audiences go crazy. they don't see vitality like this on stage. we are capable of conveying joy when we play. msk(music) >> any performance that we do, that a program, that will be something on the program that you haven't heard before. string orchestra repertoire is pretty small. i used to be boxed into small repertoire. i kept constantly looking for new repertoire and commissioning new arrangements. if you look at the first of the program you have very early, young vibrant mendelson;
1:53 pm
fabulous opener and then you have this fabulous concerto written for us in the orchestra. is our gift. msk(music) >> and then you have strauss, extraordinary piece. the most challenging of all. string orchestra work. 23 solo instrument, no violin section, now viola section; everybody is responsible for their part in this piece. the challenge is something that i felt not only that we could do , absolutely could do, but i wanted to show off.
1:54 pm
i can't tell you how aware i am of the audience. not only what i hear but their vibes, so strong. i have been doing this for a long time. i kind of make them feel what i want them to feel. there is nobody in that audience or anywhere that is not going to know that particular song by the fourth note. and that is our encore on tour. by the way. i am proud to play it, we are from san francisco. we are going to play that piece no matter where we are.
1:55 pm
patrick. >> welcome to another episode of stay safe i saw us prepare our crawl space on this episode we'll saw the sheer wall you'll see the finished product hi, i'm patrick and welcome to another episode of stay safe? the second part we're retrofitting the triple wall as you can see we've installed one
1:56 pm
of the sheer ply wall on the first episode we provided blocking to secure the ply we'd and bolted and provided the connection with the floor i'm joined by thor madison. >> thor structural engineers and thor knows more about sheer walls than anybody i've met in my life. >> it provides the stable ability that would rock before and after during around earthquake the nails along the edge of the plywood will reduce the chance of the building falling down. >> what else should we consider in getting ready. >> one thing about plywood a natural material that absorbs
1:57 pm
moisture and the panels can swell depending on the moisture if they swell they'll bulk out it is important probation officer leave a gap between the panels so before we install the next panel we'll drive in a couple of nails used to as temporary spares. >> what are the nails. >> 16 penny singers a good saying that and we don't need to be concerned with the exact nail size only the gap the next panel will be held with the existing panel we'll pull those down. >> we have peter from the construction why not go outside and cut our second panel
1:58 pm
so, now we've got the plywood let's go ahead and get it put up see if we can get it in place. >> by looking at that a perfect fit why not get peter in here to nail it down. >> so peter did a great job with the nailing but important to know this work requires a permit in the department of building inspection whether you're doing the work or a left
1:59 pm
hand contractor make sure you have the proper permit and additional to the nailing anything you want to talk about thinking about the plywood. >> the more plywood to install the better and make sure that the nails along each edge of each panel so you can't forget and hedge and had it perform the same thing. >> another example of little money you can substantially rusz reduce the
2:00 pm
good morning today is thursday, february 4, 2016, this is the regular meeting of department of building inspection commission i'd like to remind everyone to please turn off all electronics and the first agenda is roll call commissioner president mccarthy commissioner melgar commissioner konstin commissioner clinch commissioner lee commissioner president mccarthy here again >> commissioner walker. >> and i think. >> did i call everyone. >> commissioner gilman i apologize everyone is present and accounted for we quorum and our in relation item is item 3
2:01 pm
general public comment i'm sorry president's announcements. >> good morning and welcome to thursday, february 4, 2016, the day before st. patrick's day i want to welcome everyone and wish everyone a st. patrick's and early happy st. patrick's day for you who enjoy enjoy the annual event and thank you. the staff for joining camp mather tang in her district and answer people's questions about permits programs like legalization and soft story retrofitting and
2:02 pm
other matter the neighborhood dbi welcomed the opportunity to inform homeowners and tenants and customers about the policy procedures and program and supervisor tang conveyed her appreciation the newsletter they tagged tom chu and others as well as william strong so thank you special thanks to why who is one of the key managers at dbi central permit bureau who was singled out for appreciation and praise by mr. vera the consul general of s f museum of art she sent him a letter in providing new addition on tom ma what an official address and wrote in part we have a new level of admiration for the dedication and attention and the efficiency
2:03 pm
of dbi staff in issuing the address on the same day of the appointment so thank you thanks also to depending upon ed screening with the city college for assisting with their projects motivation so deputy director and the management decision who received a letter of appreciation from our customers on the excellent conferring e customer service and helpfulness while assisting to complete the records request form take the opportunity to let everyone know that dbi will send auto a out a reminder notification for the stocks and bonds retrofitting property owners in tier 2 of the mandatory program 0 ross are the owners of buildings with 15 or more units that have a deadline for permit application by
2:04 pm
september 15, 2016 six months from now, one and 75 of the 5 hundred 85 or 84 the tier two have respond roughly thirty percent are night owners not acted the communication manager and other dbi staff will soon be launching a media campaign in addition to the reminder to make soft story building tier 2 property owners of the rapidly approaching deadline and at the request of supervisor peskin dbi will join representative from other department public works in an april 14th at audit and oversight committee to explain the permitting process for this and supervisor peskin called for the hearing the aftermath of the
2:05 pm
new york city we're lowering a large crane the crane fell and crushed a person sitting in his car on the street below and cal osha has the responsibility of investigating should you construction sites in california the supervisor didn't want to hear - does want to hear with the local departments do for crane safety when the city continued that to have a robust construction a reminder to the supervisors it is once again time to submit our nomination for dbi quarter one 2016 so, please send those to william strong at in next week or two so that the employee recognize may convene and select a winner to be announced during the april 6th meeting madam
2:06 pm
secretary that concludes my remarks. >> any public comment on the announcements seeing none, item 3 general public comment the bic will take public comment within the jurisdiction that is not part of agenda. >> good morning, commissioners i live on montana street i'm here because in may 7th i finally wag called if the discretionary review after 9 months waiting i'm sorry this is. >> take your time. >> so they took the commissioners some discretionary review they took it because they
2:07 pm
thought if they took the discretionary review was going to be faster than my neighbors on anyo on montana and ms. chin they did commissioners thought that way it would be faster they roach the portion of the illegal buildings they have retransacted and it's been how many months they've not done anything we're getting long ills asthma a bronchitis i've been fighting for 6 years and this is the sixth time goes from planning department, to building inspection and none does anything i've met with mr. laura
2:08 pm
write and mr. duffy everyone at the department mr. putting are was the one in charge of the planning department he has closed the case and not told we're getting very, very sick and we've been sent to the pulmonary doctor from ucsf because my neighbors mr. leon on montana massachusetts has taken the light and air from my house it is - the way is smells is disgusting you want to run out from there, there is no pictures that i can show you guys this is i don't know if you can see. >> here it is. >> that is the view i have
2:09 pm
from the bedroom they have enclosed every inch and taken away with an easement i presented every little document i had and none has done nothing they say i make no sense my pictures don't match with what may neighbors are presented so, please i need your help before we die it is criminal what my neighbors are doing and a lot of - people here employees and of the building department and planning department that will happen at this address no one is doing anything please help me. >> thank you thank you.
2:10 pm
>> any additional. commissioners i'm sonya and i'm here on behalf of my sister-in-law and the family and the kids her kids and when are any nephew and necessarys this is how long this has been dragged and the conditions they're living in no light and air and to see my little nephew i will at all the time and the stress that is come not only physically but mentally and seeing my sister-in-law with headache and here depression and her family this has changed the entire family we can't really visit them much anymore because the way of the living right now that is just not right that
2:11 pm
we're pleading to you all of you to please look at this matter and give me her some peace you know and not right this is going on for 6 years now >> this is not correct we're living in america and this is a matter of an easement shouldn't be reaping happening in the private house like this thank you. >> thank you. >> excuse me. i'm an architect and retired architect and a friend of ms. peps on mark 10 i came to the department of building inspection the city of san francisco for the purposes of this visit so review the plans as per that concludes my report.
2:12 pm
incorporated the planning commission mandates as a result the discretionary review process dated may 7, 2015 i also wanted to say i have parkinson's and that's the reason he clear my voice if you don't understand me ask me i'll try to clarify the most current documents dated july 10, 2015, with a right thing to do message subject to the conditions of the - there was a title sheet that stated per planning application this note was signed by adrian there was no indication of restrictions the drawings of changes that understanding of the requirement of the discretionary review to summarize i've observed no drawings that indicated even the slightly recognize of the
2:13 pm
corrective and a.d. clinic doctrine snatch was incorrect and misleading and such as delays for the project considering the project was issued in permit 6 years ago mr. peps was filed on december 10th that was one week after it started the project construction other additional complaint were not given a response be until one hundred days later because of the failure of the building department to act in a timely manner two questions when will someone accept the responsibility for the injustice for an unbelievable 6 years and two when mr. they recognize that mr. peps has health problems
2:14 pm
that didn't exist before the process began we have a been very patient and the city has let the peps household down for a serious amount of time 6 years is much too long for anything to go on and the planning commission spoke directly to that. >> thank you, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> hello good morning. my name is a kathy i work with senior disabilities with the coalition in san francisco i'm here today, i met isabel there ace the alliance of californians for community combrfrment came to us three years ago with that
2:15 pm
outrage situation i've been in here home several times you know which case no. i don't have to give you the number today no so this neighbor has built right into her property it is unbelievable and we've done everything to try to get the attention of the city the city in fact had a discretionary review on may 8th and the city said additionally the as built rear staircase will be demolished and replaced with a new establish setback 7 feet if the western property line that's not happened inform permit for dog this has made this family families life terribly disturbed and her galvanized is sick the
2:16 pm
smell the house is retained someone home the greed and selfishness of the person next door someone the planning department is giving this guy a green light we don't know why this is corruption on a minor scale i don't know what happens with the really bigwigs i think he is a smalltime operator we want this thing down if not were going to the examiner and the media and raise holy hell i mean it i'm sick of it. >> any additional public comment? okay. seeing none we're on to item 4 scott presentation and the overview for the single room occupancy the residential
2:17 pm
demolition and hotel ordinance >> commissioner president mccarthy and members of the commission rosemary chief housing inspector chapter four 1 of the administrative code has been in that code since approximately 19812 started as a moratorium in 1979 and then was adopted or approved by the board in june of 19 ti been with us a long period of time it is not to be confused with chapter four 1 a of the administrative code which deals with short-term rentals now that particular ordinance is only seeking to provide protection for single guest rooms the 1980s i want to thank lilly our communication director she's
2:18 pm
assist me lemon tell you what is a is in the packet we have the power point presentation and included a flow chart of the permit process that is provided by chapter four 1 of the administrative code and then what we did this was a suggestion of lilly's i think was excellent we have another come of the flow chart if you want to take that off the back of our page and look at that i think that will make more sense as we go through the process so let me also talk about how this describes the agenda talks about single room occupancy or sro units not a term in chapter four 1 everyone understand we're talking about residential hotels the sros that is a term the planning code and not in chapter 41 calls the units residential
2:19 pm
unit they're really certified guest rooms how did that happen when you look at the slide we're talking about the origin it explains to you the origin and the purpose hospital those rooms are designated if a person uses a guest room for at least 3 two days and/or september 23, 1979, and provided the san francisco ethics commission with information to that stent though the annual report without any kind of appeals that was designated they got if you look at today, the list of residential hotels that fall under the administrative code you'll see that the majority of hotels have the combination of residential and tourist rooms the tourist rooms that are certify under the observance those rooms were opted out for less than 3 two days continuous
2:20 pm
with september 23, 1979, and this property owner or perimeter operator didn't condition test that many moves to 2016 i've been associated with the ordinance since 1995 it's been about 26 years and there was a procedure within the ordinance that talks about if you want to remove or want to change the use as a certified remain guest option a residential unit you have to file a permit to confer that permit has nothing to do with with the building permit process a separate process depending on the option for replacement of the room building permits maybe required to implement that use they're a separate processes and i did
2:21 pm
share some of the hearing from last month and there was some comment by one of the commissioners they thought this was really a plan it was the responsibility of then director of the bureau inspection and the director of department of building inspection to do the final approval now depending on the method you choose for replacement the certain city agencies will be involved and certain information required gone through the origin and the purpose in 1979 brought to your attention to the board of supervisors at that time that residential guest rooms were created or during or afterward were used inform elderly and disabled were converted and down the road and this is a crucial amount of residential unit for in target population so the more
2:22 pm
turn went into effect when we talk about the guest woom room we're talking about something other than a dwelling unit this will typically have its own bathroom and kitchen not part of protection under this origin only dealing with guest rooms certified and some that have private bathrooms and kitchens but they were approved with the amenities so that is what the protected the dwelling unit is not tourist and those are not as well the next slide the workload i've mentioned when someone files a permit to convert their selected one of the options there is about 5 options they can choose they select one or a combination of methods to replace those reciprocal guest rooms depending on what they choose certain
2:23 pm
agencies will be notified before you get to that i know that the city attorney talked about that a certain determination is made by dbi the completeness of the file so, now let's go to the next slide so on this particular slide we have and one of the things we did we give you the exact ordinance so you'll have that a reference excuse me - so subsection ac and d you'll see subdivision in a moment west portal talks about the owner to convert those rooms or don't worry about those rooms they have to file a permit to convert this talks about that the next subsection y can he check for completeness and once we send it to the city agencies the first absolutely is the
2:24 pm
planning department because they have to tell us whether this application is permitted by the planning code. >> now the next slide subsection b in the application notice it didn't say you need proof this is consistent that is permit by planning that's what we do when we get a completed application goes to planning and every case someone has though the chosen a fee it is usually a two stage approval that is a condition of approval from planning and the project usually gets changed every single one of those projects usually required a conditional use hearing before the planning commission and an appeal by an interested party once they get transmittal and
2:25 pm
they have one 50 days to appeal to the planning commission for the purposes of soliciting whether it is the appropriate application or conflict of units let me say the ordinance repaitd dates this commission by 14 years built within the language the planning department and other city agrees look at the compactor and when it comes back to dbi to look at that as well so where are some of the agencies we triumph transmit we transmit to the mayor's office of housing, if they choose a certain method that requires in lui fees we transfer to the division of real estate they center to work out the formula and a combination of that that is what happens so the slide has the replacement method and this is slide 7 and slide 8
2:26 pm
so in this instance we have the cause to construct united states units we will have this typically the past used to cite the units in an existing building once you construct the building it is used the past for a situation where you're taking a number of rienl guest rooms and taking them out of one or more building and it says that buildings with the provision eligible for the replacement unit can't be a building previously under the ordinance that means if it as one or more in the past 70 applications have chosen a combination of in lui fees or
2:27 pm
building new units or citing unit in an existing building with building permits, etc. within transfer into a residential hotel housing units so in looking at section or slide 7 as you can see item number a-4 and slide 8, a 5 those are the types of methods chosen that will require that type of financial formula i know there was some talk about this at the last meeting that's where that comes into play and question by one of the members has to say a building comes in and wanted to convert to the residential guests rooms to toughest one of those previous works they did all in lui fees with the amount is based on a filing fee to us the project
2:28 pm
proponent pays and filing fee to the division of releasing e real estate and looking at the underlying formula in 4 and 5 and then hire two independent awe april's and they submit speedometer the letter to the property owner and it will be 1.5 or 1 the $7 million at least that much and the project proponent has to counter that check within so many days otherwise grounds for denial of the application when someone files we look at this for thoroughness to make sure the items on the file number in file number 6 are coming filed and something missing we ask for that if in the in a this way denial grounds and if you look at the flow charts the process
2:29 pm
so there is some thought conveyed with respect to that. >> a person can weigh the file with dbi and go through the process with planning to get the conditional use when in their not choosing and going to housing units or new construction since i've dealt with that for the last 20 years most of the projects change a number of the unit which was as you go got process they can file we see a complete application and transmit to to 9 agencies i've mentioned depending on the method chosen and wait to see what is happening with the planning they approve the conditional use application which will be when our looking at 7 and 8 it will be one, 23
2:30 pm
and 3 essentially methods so we'll get back to planning the conditions of motion for the conditional use application and a set of conditions then we look at the conditions and add our conditions to those make sure there is a sunshine provision within the two or three years depending on the options and from the director wishes to approve the application get an approval say you have to convert our building to housing replacement units and get our building permits if over and over those are required and make sure you have the building conditions met and get the certificate of final completion and occupancy for the final approval and a new certificate of use and protected under that
2:31 pm
ordinance that is essentially the process but as i say i can file with us and make sure you have to a complete package or not file with us and go through the process with planning and come back to us now we have all encouraged the property owners to file from the case is held in abeyance whether or not their permitted by the planning department pr and the planning code that is as you can see we have it in our cells in front of you a fshlt before our director can approve here's a couple of reasons in a lot cases we have rooms occupied by occupants and part of progress to us what is the relocation and who are the people and where are they won of the things from the slides it tells you the first one we do we send it out for the
2:32 pm
city attorney reviews and the interested parties review that when we have a complete application and want that because we've seen that the past the interested parties go to the individuals and tell them about their voting rights and represent the individuals it is better than saying don't come to us fill you're finished with pricilla chan that's helps us the other thing the past people will go to go the planning process and come back and say guess what we're sorry your building as a replacement is not eligible under the ordinance because it had residential guest rooms we want them to have the dialogue with discussion back and forth about financial information but i think has to do with if someone picks item one, if you look at cell 7 let's talk
2:33 pm
hypothetically it talks about construction typically when we've seen this the past one of the applicants in this process has to own the building that have house the replacement units and a nexus for us we're going to condition it building but you've not got the final approval if we decide to approve until that believe is built or converted through a certificate of occupancy and has the guests rooms or dwell units now it is rehaven't had a situation at least in the 20 some odd years i've been involved someone has used this item a-1 to address the conservation with the replacement from guest rooms to dwelling units without those restrictions that are provided in subsection c they can apply
2:34 pm
and we've got a long way to go we'll look at that to see what the application looks like and whether or not we need additional information because a dialogue when we're looking at the applications commissioner walker. >> through the chair. >> the conversion from a guest room to a dwelling unit is that the addition of plumbing and what is- i'm take the opportunity that specific thing guest rooms to dwell not tourist but guest to dwell. >> if someone choose that opposite. >> what's the. >> the definition definition of dwelling unit and dwelling unit has a kitchen and bathroom a guest room typically doesn't, however, there are with both but if someone comes in and saying
2:35 pm
says we'll replace the existing guests with studios or a typical studio or something like that we'll look at the to see see comparability the other thing from the department of building inspection is if we go from guests rooms to dwelling unit are repricing out the elderly and disabled that's why we have those particular methods here so we're going to look at that type thing that's the target outside that audience it the owners is to protect. >> so again to follow up on that if someone came in forensic with a permit to add plumbing to a sro room would that trigger a change into guest room to dwelling unit. >> it depends on if they wanted to do that to the entire building we'll look to see what in their proposing if they have hypothetically 50 residential guests rooms no tourists and
2:36 pm
they had the room to add kitchen nets and bathrooms we will look at not necessarily require a permit to convert depending on what was happening one of the things we'll look at is are the rooms becoming smaller where is that space coming from are rooms being deleted to do that there is a provision and the definition of conservation under chapter four it talks about sometimes the residential guests rooms up to the discretion of the director can be deleted for the purpose of creating an amenity for the inclusive use of the tenants and not for tourists tourists use so when someone want to say dbi we want to delete a couple of rooms to create a lounge or
2:37 pm
community kitchen we'll look at it and the tourists rooms first and look at whether or not that amenity truly can be used conflicting for the use of residential occupants if it didn't it if z fall with that conversion we a long time those cases and look at the floor plan and the exist uses and whether or not the rooms that are housing the residential guests rooms will be impacted now we should talk about the number of rooms in chapter four 1 part of story thought as commissioner walker that's this is a we have a residential hotel with 50 rooms certified and protected under the ordinance and 50 guests rooms as i said a lot of buildings have a combination if someone wants to reduce the number of rooms we'll ask them
2:38 pm
do that to the tourist rooms first do the residential guests rooms have to stay in that exact location and the answer no. you, move them around if you a unit is a tourist room and want to make pa residential room you may do so if you maintain and protect the residential guests rooms, however, it if you make that change under the report you did it on annual basis or get that in writing by the next business day you can't violate the ordinance in terms of if you have a room it is bigger and force them out to a smaller room that's a violation of the ordinance make sure that it you move people out to make that change you do so lawfully this is what we explained to the
2:39 pm
hotel operator you can move those rooms around but if opted out by someone protected you have to do so lawfully does that answer your question. >> if you do convert a guest room covered under the ordinance into a dwelling unit is it still covered under the ordinance. >> yes. it is that believe houses residential unit and if that is an existing building and that particular building is then converted say it is a tourist hotel and they want to now be the residents of all or the part of guests rooms one of the things that building will have to do over 20 units or more spiritual it under the provision under the fire code one example of something they'll have to do
2:40 pm
that believe will now fall there that ordnance and we will condition it as such if a newer building to cap the amenities required by the building code and the fire code and those are supersede what is in the housing code. >> commissioner melgar has a question and i wonder if you can clarify whether under chapter 41 any mention of the income of the occupants so and whether conversion the distinction of definition of a conversion is the same but the population changes so in a sense where a building is sold and the new owner did no longer want to rent to the existing tenants but much
2:41 pm
higher than income tenants but not change the occupancy whether any of this applies. >> that's a great question commissioner melgar and i have a lot of this commit to memory i can't point out the exact section it talks about what that rent was on or before the time of the applications filed so the language is not that strong. >> i remember the giving up a.m. this was the housing of last resort or something by payment fees or anything but the actual occupancy as we've defined it as the building changed. >> it requires a relocation fee it is as you can see in some
2:42 pm
of the information. >> pardon me. >> yes. it is not that much. >> generally what happens in those situations is interested parties that's why it is important they get this at the beginning work with the tenants that are there to get lifetime leases or first right of refusal from the building is built we want that relocation but here's the answer to your question what if most of the units were vacant prior to the filing of the permit application so, now we have - we don't have a lot of information except the annual report an average not the actual business records as to what that was and as we know with this market the amount that someone is charging for a residential guest room is up
2:43 pm
exponential so while in here not like 9 language that is the rent or - a completely different thing keep in mind that chapter 41 didn't establish the rents but only for profit owner to give us a snapshot once a year on or about november 1st but i completely agree this is a an issue with the way the ordinance is written. >> so to proceed we then transmit this to the planning department and the slide so and then we wait for it to cock it they've chosen one of the options 1, 2, 3 what happens is that we also look at this
2:44 pm
application to see whether or not something is happened that will trigger a mandatory denial in our package which is the second to the last item that is cell 13 we included the inspection check list and the apparent violations now the reason we've included that as a reference to give you a quick summary and list this is the second to the last item on the power point presentation of those types of ways the ordinance is weighed so if we see something like that that could trigger would be the items cell number 9 of subsection c the applicant has commit on unlawful action with the initial permit to convert so in that situation if we see someone has done something unlawful we can go in and deny that permit has
2:45 pm
to be something that wasn't an error in bookkeeping they converted to keep 9 records we go in and do inspections to look at the books if we see we don't have all the information we had an audit and issue the notice of violations and we can solicit the help of the city attorney because the records that are required to be kept a daily log cooperated receipts and the filing of annual usage report so when we you know look at those records we'll not say are you the person on in the annual report are you the person the daily log to get a sense if anyone of the situation you can spend a lot of time get a clear picture how the building is eyed
2:46 pm
this is what the afforded to do those inspectors this is market-rate denial other positions that are there if they don't comply with the provisions as i said if they don't give us a check within a timeframe prohibited and didn't provide a one by one or ultimately provide us with information which question get directly the planning department showing their application is permitted by planning so with that, the other thing to note when we send out a complete application any interested party has 15 days from the notice on the building to file an appeal with the planning department we have that exact language for you that is in your package that is if you want to refer to that that is
2:47 pm
cell number 5 any interested party any submit a written request win 15 days of the notice pursuant to the city and planning commission for a public hearing on a proposed for public opinion to convert or don't worry about residential units and to determine replacement units are compatible. >> now it comes back to our director for final approval and within that respect i will tell you where we have a complicated application when we have cases to solicit input from the stakeholder and public hearing we were told by deputy city
2:48 pm
attorney it you don't have a direct position within this process but you can definitely give input for people attending the hearing to the director for a final approval or denial let's talk about the approval or denial if you're director disapproves a permit it is a appealed to the board of appeals if someone wishes to appeal a conditional use or approval or a discretionary review for the planning commission it is goes to the board of supervisors it's my understanding and i'm remiss let's say we have deputy city attorney rob chaplain and from the board of supervisors for a discretionary review and the appeal; is that correct. >> it is that appeal able to the board of supervisors and discretionary review to the board of appeals. >> somebody wishes to appeal
2:49 pm
the - thank you. >> the conditional use they'll go to the aboard or discretionary review goes to the board of appeals is that appeal body of where this was going from there with that, if you director paragraphs this and choose the option then as i said it is a double step process we add the motion and the conditions of approval by the planning we put a cover letter and say there is confessor the conditions approval pending the conditions preceding the day they've placed on it and the ultimate is getting building permits to make sure that the buildings are house o replacements including the certificate of occupancy and at that point we come back with initial approval they'll get the final approval with all the conditions met and vet the
2:50 pm
process we seek guidance from the planning department's for them to tell us if their conditions precede that so with that, i think i've glutton the whole work if you have any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. this was helpful he had a couple of questions and a dated example use the example i thought you said the palace hotel with the conversion i guess my concern from our conversation at last months is that the in lui fee are being calculated on a formula with with all due respect with all the multiple units my concern is we're having people pay and i an in lui fee
2:51 pm
not compatible for the replacement of the units. >> let me tell you about the ball park that ended with cpmc we started this process 20 some years ago and about thirty thousand units and 55 thousand a unit whistle blower we finished with cpmc that was over one and 50 thousand per unit it goes up because what happens two dependent awe appraisals come back with on amount so dbi has to put that into a special account the mayor's office of housing we can't touch it they use it more affordable housing maybe commissioners at some point the ordnance needs to be amend but i'll tell you at one and 50 thousand a unit for a guest room it didn't have maybe has a sink you know the issue is
2:52 pm
whether or not you feel that was compatible or not the adequate amount of money the dbi didn't touch that as far as the construction cost has nothing to do with with the formula with the deliberation and premeditation, however, if it came back and felt that was not adequate we'll ask that question of them and anything beyond that will require a chapter 41 has not been all the time in a number of years this is something that the board can look at but i understand your concern and again, it only applies to those particular issues, however, let me say if there is an instance someone want to go from guests to rooms to dwelling units the property owner that house has to be part of application i know this is a discussion whether or not to be a financial information and that
2:53 pm
concept is the case of a first impression my understanding this has not happened in almost 20 or thirty years look at it and see if we need more information unless their choosing subsection the last two subsection typically, we're looking what is build out they don't get their permit a question comes up entertain this question before the hearing that is how do you protect protecting elderly and disabled if those units are market-rate we're seeing that happen with the remain hotel unfortunately, that ordinance if speak to that only rent control only under the rent-controlled unit this is something that came up with the task force we're actually looking to change the make up with the task force to
2:54 pm
change the make up to address this quite frankly we need to look at this and chapter 41 until that happens this is before you. >> commissioner walker. >> this issue the value of one thousand don't nothing we need to encourage the board of supervisors modify this i'm interested that would be helpful to go through the process but it is clear we have to update it. >> so - if i could thank you. >> commissioner president mccarthy. >> the commission may ask why hadn't this happened we need to understand that the city and county of san francisco invested a number of years protecting this ordinance a lot of
2:55 pm
litigation and went to the united states supreme court and the california supreme court ones protecting it while it was undergoing that amount of litigation changes were made today, we need to look at this ordinance and see whether this should be additional changes to it i have my wish list i'm sure you have yours. >> commissioner gilman. >> i guess to the city attorney if we want i guess any skew question is technically how to amend chapter 41 is that by the board of supervisors or this commission. >> john from the city attorney's office. >> the building inspection couldn't independently make the changes under the charter the
2:56 pm
building inspection commission has tort to hold hearing on any amendments to the building inspection the housing code or plumbing code any issues that dbi deals with in this case if there were changes to the administrative code this is where that particular law exists there's not a specific requirement that item will come before the building inspection commission although i'm assume that the legislative sponsor will want to get the input from the building inspection is effects the department but the way that that law needs to be amended it would be legislation will be sponsored by a member of the board of supervisors or is mayor, the department can act as a sponsor for the legislation as well it is a little bit slower
2:57 pm
process but department do have the ability to propose lotta's fountain earthquake changes. >> does that answer your question. >> i'm sorry if you could departments are the right to introduce the legislative changes that's not us. >> so we could influence or work with the department as commissioners to draft that? i understand technically this body can't but couldn't we direct the director i'm making this up to work with staff to do that and have the departments theoretically >> john from the city attorney's office theoretical yes. i could a couple of ways to do it could form a subcommittee that could call the hotel conversion
2:58 pm
ordinance by the and usually your committees are 3 members that go up could meet they be public meetings and come up with proposals for how you would want to change at hotel conversion ordinance the full bic could hold harley's on that and come up with consensus position eaten ask the department department to address the particular amendments that the commission or a subcommittee wanted to do you also can individually work with the mayor's office or a board member to come up with your own ideas on how you would want to be amended. >> sorrows mar i'll close thank you first of all, for the presentation it is a lot more detailed than i first
2:59 pm
overwhelming thought i see a lot of mechanisms in here that gets you to what you get i he was interested in you know coming in and applying for the application the smart person will go and apply for the full application the particular cases i don't want to get into that but that's not the case they went to planning. >> they filed with us and amended that we're looking at the new applications. >> so i've gotten that. >> they can go to mr. brown kind of put my street hat an here i understand why people miter be doing this seeing the financial possibilities that are attached it seems to me that the current avenue you're working off is like the highest number is one and 60 thousand or something; is that correct as far as the salutation. >> when one and 50 thousand
3:00 pm
from the last application. >> kwha which was how long ago. >> 24 months. >> what the department of education do a determination of the awe april's. >> for 16 units. >> that even worries me i question the mechanisms in mass to apprised that that didn't sound right based on the building developer and knowing the construction costs and knowing what the in lui fees with didn't sound right that 24 months. >> we presently do have applications that selected that application and to see if that
3:01 pm
is amended. >> that's where we should start the other part of situation would it about be opposed to actually doing one a make up one we can see for study purposes. >> and let's find out what the mechanisms are in place. >> we'll solicit the information from the department of real estate and definitely take some hypothetical situation to see what that will give us and get input from yourselves and others with the development experience that's how i see as far as some kind of support from staff or a working group. >> you want to have really good data for the mayor's office and supervisor jane kim and supervisor peskin new housing measures and a lot of data will be coming out of that talk to
3:02 pm
apples to apples on the construction costs with you know one hundred or be a lot more i think even if i were someone trying to do that if i had the information you know it is relevant might change the outcome and approach thou how they go after that if you can do it it as great mechanism. >> the will that and the people are looking at i'm getting a lot of calls from people that are concerned about this type of housing. >> we had those discussions with people that come in whether or not depending on the method and a lot of cases it didn't because one of the last amendments to the ordinance so increase that cost so for a long period of time we got permits in and very few in lui fees it's
3:03 pm
not adjusted to the current economic so very definitely needs to be looked again. >> commissioner walker. >> again, this is so helpful this whole configuration and this is only agendized for a staff presentation maybe when we get to determining the agenda for the next hearing let's agendize this for the working group and do a working group and a hearing after the process. >> i have a question. >> yes. >> how many square feet to the whole rooms. >> they were studios very small i can't remember i submitted a new application i'll have to look at that and be careful that was not the agenda i can't get out there but at least one of the new ones we're looking at going from guest rooms a to a self-contained unit we like those but make sure we
3:04 pm
have those other issues in place too. >> out of 16 units your refer to each have a bathroom and - >> something that a project proponent they have a couple of omission from guest room to guest room or go from goicht room and build into something they can add and we'll look at the project how many units, how many buildings where they are and what their public trust on the application as far as construct them are b be in an existing building and do get if so it the type of option where tare going into an existing building we also get that's where the malice and the planning has a lot of expertise those are not the in lui situations so they'll look at the size and look at the
3:05 pm
location we'll do that two but they've put conditions of approval by the time we get that. >> i want to bring this to a close but last comments. >> commissioner gilman. >> most of voefr rooms are 20013 plus square feet that's what you're question was i'm sorry for option number one on slide 67 cause of construction of a possible unit when they submit that information not talking about the present application before i do they have to attach directing amounts. >> not depends on how they're doing that from guest room to guest room that's pretty straightforward if their do you go something else we have to look at the application to get more information. >> i want to flag that we might want to look at every
3:06 pm
option for conversion how they'll fund it is a gap right now. >> thank you very much. >> it's very helpful. >> thank you commissioner president mccarthy for interrupting it is a complicate ordinance i was going to lose any train of thought. >> thank you, rose mary that's a lot of information appreciate it. >> public comment on this item. >> okay. next item. >> i'm a program manager the collaborate over the last few years we've seen sros renting from one 4 hundred to $2,000 for a small room and the section 41 point it at the housing code that's the part that says the purpose to protect and important housing stock for
3:07 pm
pope people with disabilities seniors and vulnerable populations and that is not the reality we've seen right now we work with dbi and you know rosemary has explained this is something that needs to go through the rent board i'm glad we're trying to get the rent board on the task force when it comes to the tourist hotels there is some things about the conversion limitations only replacement if an sro has 100 percent residential some hotels are 100 percent residential others have variety depending upon what unit was issued at the time of the ordinance it is hard to keep track if landlord are general written about renting those they
3:08 pm
can he'll manipulate their numbers and ordinance them in a way to do like i have gone with inspectors to check in some hotels and some of the logs can they they didn't have the receipts and it is pushed forward with the city attorney you can only catch the dump wantonness sloppy the ones that are good ide basic cooking their books is hard to capture them we have to figure a system for logging that information and giving that information to dbi to make sure the residential unit are not rented for tourists we've seen an increase in hotels trying to rent for tourists rather than residential and another thing she mentioned about the at some point so you don't get a clear understanding of how many united are being
3:09 pm
tourist or residential in addition bans the landlords good faith they're trying to rent for residential but we have landlord that advisement on airbnb and line up on the screen side of the room owe if you go online you'll find hotels that are mixed use purpose and not using their rooms as well as for example, the 1906 the mary bell hotel is rented for tourists purpose and also the 7 days in other words, to be considered residential and not tourist in 7 days we have a lot of hotel owners that rent for 7 days if they're coming from san francisco out of country you'll stay for long we need to figure percentage 7 days information thank you. >> thank you. >> hi tom mecca it the human
3:10 pm
rights committee i want to agree with ever that was just said we've certainly seen the same thing we're hearing complaint in people in sros when a room become haven't the landlords is remodeling and making it fancy and refrntd for a lot more money we're seeing this happening we know that as physical situation those are rent-controlled unit so no vacant control so the landlords has a right to rerent that and a right to remodel the question of permits i'm not sure about but we are definitely seeing a huge problem right now and in an addition to the fact that the sros are the places where people can find housing dating people from sros they're adding to people that are adding to people living on the streets of sros are a way that homeless
3:11 pm
people get off the streets if only two weeks a month they canned afford more but still the sros have been are housing stock where people can avoids homelessness even if for a couple of we can see a month so it is adding to our homeless problem in san francisco i don't know if we can how we deal with that but it is certainly there is a task force and to commissioner melgars comment cabin income levels of people that live the sros any way to keep those places for poor people of certain income levels i'm not sure how we do that but that on a the to be looked at and dbi has the ability to do any of that the reality we need to keep those buildings as places for poor people that is
3:12 pm
the only stock we have for people of this protect level and finally i'll throw out there something i want to see the purchase of sros and turning the sros into permanent affordable housing and maybe land trusting them or something some way the city can guarantee sweet spot future that those buildings will be available for the people that need them the most this is a fantasy but great ideas come out of infancies thanfantasies than >> thank you, john with reuben, junius & rose on behalf of the applicant for the that's been discussed in front of the commission i first make the point we have serious concerns
3:13 pm
the brown act and the sunshine act and it was the commission directed the director to take action with no mention the agenda and with no director notice to us as well i need to put that on the record with that said, we're happy to be here to discuss and clarify some of the issues that the commissioner has been discussing first. >> city attorney if i could ask you this is an informational item from the department and we are not talking about any particular project now are we. >> that's correct. >> based on our opening comments you know, i think i need to point out you seem to be we've not mentioned the name and address of the project but not here to discuss in general terms
3:14 pm
would be more appreciated rather than your specific. >> respectfully commissioner president mccarthy i'm not here to debate the notice but put that on the record there was a direct action taken last time directing the director with a continuous for the project our project was discussed by commissioners as well as members of the public so i'm here to provide information to this commission and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i really am here to clarify. >> i'm not trying to be connotational. >> john i'm not sure. >> i know we were go to have a general examination about 41 now we tend to be talking about specific projects and getting information about a project that
3:15 pm
is not on the agenda at this point. >> will you have the ability as the chair in the member of the public is sort of speaking over the topic of the agendize item y request they are keep to their 3 minute time and focus on the agendas item ranch some particular project although again, this individual has a client that has a permit to convert starting the process so it is topicly can be related to the agenda item. >> i'm fine with that but you know the question i want to make sure in particular to his power point in other words, to the bruno heights and the sunshine we are not violating anything if he should discuss fully about
3:16 pm
this project even though it is not calendar. >> as a member of the public he can talk about the permit to convert and if a particular project that is the speaker has in mind to touch upon that i think what the speaker was raising was not about this hearing per say but about last month's hearing. >> i'll start your treatment. >> thank you, president i'm not making that there the notice but i want to put that out there and wanted to provide and clarify what was discussed last so liam give you a quick overview the project that is out there with a permit to convert with the department the planning commission approved the 200 and 31 group housing project on turk and leavenworth last summer those are guests rooms under the building code and housing under the planning code the permit to
3:17 pm
convert is dealing with guest rooms to guest rooms not dwelling units as i said they've filed the application to transfer 200 and 25 residential hotel from 6 hotels in the general square feet to the buildings at turk and las vegas worth and moving the residential hotel rooms into those two pblgz are the 6 hotels will operate as 100 percent tourist hotels with the expectation of one room that has a permanent recipient that will live there with a lifetime lease and constructing new units for residential hotel rooms is one option in compliance under the hotel no in lui fee that applies here only the replacement of the old unit i want to make dealer on a
3:18 pm
permanent residents are challenged all the rooms are vacant right now they were the planning code and the think residential hotel residence you can't rent them knittedly but 7 days at a time their weekly rental for the vast majority coming out of town again both permitted by the planning code and the residential hotel ordinance the dbi discretion to disapprove is striking by the residential hotel ordinance it can be denied if not complete or comparable units are not provided and in lui of the situation or an unlawful action prior to the application so what happens is that when our applications get filed the planning commission gets notice and then the office send out sro
3:19 pm
invitations to any permanent residents they have the opportunity to request the planning commission hold a hearing on outlets comparability issue as to whether or not the rooms property for the restrictions are comparable this is generally the connection between the similar type of housing stock so we've got a positive project proposal and 12 percent bmr of the new buildings that is close to thirty percent rent restricted unit we look forward to having the opportunity to provide that in more detail when the mom arrives thank you, commissioners. >> any - >> hello, i'm the families coordinators with this sro corroborative thank you for the comments for those who are
3:20 pm
conscious and raising issues regarding affordable housing and families for folks in the community and also one of the comments i want to do make for the working session we make sure that we have advocates but tenant represented in this for them to speak and have that space assessable in terms of language barriers and sgablts languages in terms of those conversations that is important to you, you us to make sure the tenants are represented the decision making cigarettes and make sure that sros rooms are affordable for folks the community and we want to make sure with we advocate for sro choices to keep in mind that the city looks at exploring affordable housing purchasing of sro properties more affordable
3:21 pm
housing for protecting families and tenants the communities thank you. >> thank you your comments. >> i see no more public comment is closed. >> okay. we're on to item 5. >> just before we go on to item 5 i'm glad that council is here on this i want to reinsure that the commissioners when the presentation happened we didn't understand the full 41 you know after the presentation this morning convinced that are strong mechanisms to keep this a fair process allowed by chapter 41 and i on the big concern was evaluation and so one on with other things i am retrecht i was trying to get educated to a process that was bringing this to our attention and due process to all parties it is important to recognize that so i have no
3:22 pm
more comments if there is any more close. >> on to item 5 the dbi staff update on the 22 fire from late january 2015. >> good afternoon, commissioners dan deputy director dbi. good morning or good afternoon. today i'm here to provide you with the chronology of the fire that occurred on mission on 22 street since january 2015 seconds on the chronology dbi staff issued notice of violations to the owner of the damaged front compel them to take steps and make the railways we attempted to get in touch with the owner but not
3:23 pm
successful we sent the code enforcement and the property in order of abatement the property owner filed a police station for the repairs for the fire damage rooftop, however, this permit was not issued the owner failed to respond to the staff because the owner continued to fail to do the order of abatement the city attorney sent a letter to the owner was able to schedule an onsite inspection it was then that dbi staff with the representatives and contractors observed the conditions the property dbi observed there were several water damage caused by the fire hydrant to control the fire the
3:24 pm
fire destroyed large portions of the roof bans the lack of structure for the attachment an updated second engineers report was turned in dbi in early february it stated that the building has populated a safety public hazard the engineer agreed with the assessment thus on emergency letter was posted for a partial demolition of the property to address the public safety hazard since the emergency order dbi staff happens been in touch with the dbi contract and the structural engineer to make sure that the partial demolition occurs to insure public safety is protected and work occurs to expedient immediately after the fire in 2015 the property was boarded up and the property owner is responsible for keeping
3:25 pm
people out of the property as for the fire that occurred the past weekend two notice of violations have been issued by dbi one to the fire damaged property and to the other property on 22 street while the fire department investigation for the cause of fire is underway the fire department started it suspected homeless transient broke into the building in terms of cooking which may have resulted the 3 alarm fire the owner contractors with taking steps to secure the building with inference boarding the doors and taking down the fire escape today commissioners we spoke to the contractors yesterday they startled yesterday by rebuilding they have to do asbestos and handwork it is supervised by the
3:26 pm
structural engineer >>okay sorry >> thank you. any indication of what the - the owner - what is the process for replying the building i mean is there a process that he is going through to rebuild or - >> do we know what is happening. >> we don't know at this point all we know we issued the emergency and we're taking portions of the building to the base level and the ground floor is concrete we're removing the wood portions of the building. >> is there as an informational informational question a time limit when
3:27 pm
something burns down it as loss of housing the people that were displaced were not - >> we went through the code enforcement process - >> fires the past is where been did the after a fire with the insurance burning up the property 4th district at large the conditions to start to rape because the homeowner or the property owner i know is slow on that they're fighting with the insurance companies in the past we try to keep in touch with the owner and start the process the past there was like a fire treatment where the prophet was not that severely damaged but it
3:28 pm
took a year we get calibrated the fires no perfect repair due to asbestos or hazardous materials we went through the code enforcement process the case was opened in january 15th for the case was opened and then the first nov was the amended nova was sent february 2nd and amended the issue by inspector karen and then the second nov on march 2 we have to follow the code enforcement process we were not first getting in touch with the owner and he stopped responding to us we spent district inspectors but the property was boarded up i mean this recent claim where the transient are the building not necessarily they went through a sidewalk and opened on a door on the sidewalk and it
3:29 pm
was since then this kind of welted that shut it is toward harvard to go in and assess the building when it is boarded up we got inclines from the owner of this project we referred to the code enforcement process scheduled director hearings and order of abatement and we get a demand letter and then got access but have to follow the code enforcement process. >> i'm aware i think we're limited when someone that intentionally wants to demolish housing units they have to glow a process and usually present a replacement plan and in the case of a fire we're limited to not have a whole lost influence over the timeline. >> we discussed this with a fire task force recently
3:30 pm
rosemary was the host and then the propositions we have a contingency plan from the owner and get back to the begin entry into the building with a incarcerating maybe she can speak briefly this was brought up the fire safety task force. >> thank you. >> thank you deputy director i'm pleased to report within the 3 to 6 months with the code advisory committee you'll be looking at legislation that is coming out of fire safety task force and supervisor avalos is going to be sponsorship and one of the things we looked at i know that da and myself and pat looking at this when you have a fire damaged building and realize it is difficult for the pertaining to deal with insurance and fight with the insurance company should i say
3:31 pm
that everything else. >> about it is a difficult time but people are displaced how do we go about trying to help to encourage the pertaining to give us information not to chase after who is the structural engineer and notified people the building people the building need to know what is the property owner generic plan initial we know that the insurance a.d. gestures go out there it was supervisor kim asked about this we drafted some language we the department are pro-active with them and the directors support that when a notice of violation is written with the language you the property owner has to give us an ax plan with so many days who's the structural engineer and the people that were displaced and have to give them information as
3:32 pm
to what part of building was damaged so they'll know to make the decisions and after you've looked at this building for thirty days maybe thirty to a 60 type of building excuse me - an action plan to let's us you know what the plan for the building are you going to demolish it or partially and how long for you get our insurance money toe people have a sense of get back and how long will they be out to notice in this post the building and it will be part of that notice of violation so we can leverage that, yes it could act period of time so gives information you're in tahoe that was a recent example of another building that brpd it was a serious situation the property owner was out of town so within
3:33 pm
that period of time they have to give us information we're looking at that and other legislation we are looking at as well that supervisor avalos has taken the leadership on supervisor tang also had a portion and i imagine introduced and you'll get it to have input and those of you who are developers and large landowners and things like that this might not work this will since we given it to the supervisors they've made changes but we really don't want to have to chase after the information the property owners to give us information so we know who is involved so we can get in and get assess to the property and those adapted have some information right now there is nothing so that's one of the items. >> great. >> the past a lot of times after a fire it is important to
3:34 pm
get the information and the owners information when we do profiles it the, llc they're out of the country we have issues to get ahold of the owner that is a great solution the future. >> great. >> illness commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkersllness commissioner melg director please. >> so answer commissioner walkersness commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkeness commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkeess commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkess commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walke commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walke commissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkerscommissioner melgar director please. >> so answer commissioner walkers question - this may be successful on the ocean avenue west portal and mission bay fire this job or other fires damaged building you know is all need he had cooperation from the owner on the insurance not as clean cut the timeframe but from our
3:35 pm
stand point in trying to help them to you know to be rebuild it as quickly as possible that's all we can do. >> commissioner melgar. >> my request to staff there is looter chat the neighborhood about the visible corners the fast gentrifying neighborhood with worry and anxiety the community part of chatter is the transparency of information not only to the property owner by the communities i know there's been at least two town hall meetings i don't know, there is be represented all i'm request to have that dialogue with the folks in the community you know it is a worry about the tenant that you know are out of hair homes but also great anxiety the
3:36 pm
community about the loss of this building as an affordable housing option. >> hi existence dreeshg while make sure to be at the future meetings thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you staff for the update. >> next item. >> any public comment on item 5. >> morning i'm the city lead for rights based services we were one of the first organizations to support the tenants of the 22 street fire and currently have been at the task force commission with the recommendations that are reviewed by the board of supervisors it's true they've state with the upcoming legislation wasn't we'll address
3:37 pm
some of the sailors to voluntarily comply i want to highlight and reiterate what is a warning lesson the 22 street fire the current that's a great question process that exists in dbi unite not fit a model that might fit; right? so it the kind of turn around and discretion can be used at the department and commission is something we can consider you have an argument for negligence that is you think ability violations for january 2015 a building that has numerous numerous outstanding violations that were not followed through to be abated when you have a landlord that has practiced negligence and continues to not properly secure the building with fires we'll see it again, i
3:38 pm
think a lot of things will be considered an emergency response from the commission i think one of the things i suggest to see one of the failures is you have permits that have been begin to the landlord in february 2015 that will expire soon those permits were given without plans; right? awarded without plans any idea of what the scope of the work looks like we have fire cases of fire in some partial construction can happen some of the units may not be if i did for occupancy some that may a one-size-fits-all is something to be reevaluated properly securing the building is a major issue not written in a local ordinance this thing you know the process
3:39 pm
we are holding each other accountable with the groups the existing departments i want to say that a lot of the chatter in the neighborhood actually from people that are noticing not doing casework so dbi has been acceptable to them the two tells you were not organized by the tenants or for the tenant in some ways responding to emergencies we welcome any pressure that is needed for compliance to come about but i want to state that another part that needs to be regarded i'm sorry any time is out if you can wrap up. >> the one thing that is missing the active support and the active documents by the fire department so there is a transparency system if exists at the dbi levels we have access to we part
3:40 pm
of code enforcement outreach program, however, the from time to time even though they have the froungsz provided to the wrafrdz their say a huge gap how we take into account the derivatives from the fire department and things that are the compliance i recommend you consider to ask for plans from the landlord and perhaps re-evaluate the permit and welcome you to be in touch with the legal representatives of the task force. >> thank you and before you go we'll give you a little bit more time your hoover on an important time supervisor wiener's will be here to present on item 7 to talks about the fire gap and connecting to the things thank you for your comments next item, please. >> thank you. >> hi tom from the mecca human rights committee it seems that one of the things that come out of all that the
3:41 pm
city needs to find a way to deal with uncorroborative landlords and seems like nothing in the current law that gives us the power to dole dole what those folks to give you the power to deal with those folks maybe add that into the legislation proposed i'm familiar with supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos legislations but maybe an emergency powerful to get to the city attorney's office sooner a year a little bit over a year and the fact that the city attorney's office doesn't get involved in a year it needs to get to the if the that the city attorney's office a prosecute that is a needed power to prosecute the landlords that who are not doing what they should be doing let's face it details are take advantage of the landlord the situations in either way neither
3:42 pm
here nor there the lass less changes they'll return when they have to wait two or three years for an apartment it is the a.d. advantage to delay it is the landlords advantage to delay and we have a great concern about the fact if the majority of places people don't return they relocate and not leave that place and come back to the unit i think that the fire legislation has a lot of good ideas one of the things i'm really particularly excited about the fact it sets up an action plan that requires the tenants to be
3:43 pm
notified as quickly as possible as to what they can come back and retrieve positions it is the hurting committee sometimes they have to wait a long time it get a fire department report to determine they can walk in and retrophy what they can retrieve to be able to get in there and get what we get there's a lot more work to do but the most important piece looking at how the city can get those incorroborative landlords to comply. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> with the mission clove we have been hearing that from some of the sro tenants about the chatter and little confusion you know folks are interested in when their displaced have having
3:44 pm
had several fires the 80s and fire safety when they pass the sro ordinance they passed this spiritual ordinance they were able to make sure that sores are provide outreach and training to the tenants the tenants are soon tobacco aware of what to do in case of. >> fire and one of the recommendations to the fire task force was to provide like maybe the time you sign a lease or because you know if tailor familiarity of the tenants to make sure that things are in place and also, they know their emergency exits and know what to do in the case of a fire it is logic but not when it is pending but provide an education for the tenants and also, we really need
3:45 pm
for transparency and accountability from the fire department when conducting the investigations and sharing that information between agencies and with dbi as well i feel like dbi shares a lot of the information we can guess and track the constraint we don't get the same response from the fire department thank you. >> thank you for your comments next item, please. >> she has a question no important public comment we'll close public comment. >> so if no more public comment is closed. and on to the next item. >> public comment is closed. for that particular item. >> item 6 discussion and possible action regarding proposed code amendments for the
3:46 pm
multiple dwelling units and control of values to have unnecessary waste of water and major disruptions of the units for remodeling occurs in an individual units of a larger building. >> steve chief plumbing inspector i was asked to come to talk about the proposed plumbing code in regards to the section. >> well, that active thank you for coming out so, i mean we had a chance to talk offline i would like you to i mean for me, the impact that will cause and after talking with you i felt we had a good discussion i do get the intent of this and i if someone in my buildings
3:47 pm
i want to they need help and many of the newer buildings their definition of shut offices talk about that he the other aspect what is the tint consequences to existing buildings and you know the cost to small property owners and so on and comments why you think this as good policy in reference to the water conservatism. >> i'll address many of those that i remember you asked to make it long and short one of the question is shut offices for new projects being built existing projects will have remodels we know that the next year's to come a lot of the boom
3:48 pm
of the high-rise buildings can stop owe the building improvements will start and offline a lot of the buildings shut down their water systems and shut down buildings and the supply to the units to the area that the work is done and dumb the water and basically redoing the cycle over and over the men's and women's side with leaks they shut down and leaks and a problem those issues happen so having to shut down the water is a waste of resources first of all, you have thousands and thousands of gallons with the high-rise buildings on a smaller scale if you're looking at remodels for existing buildings we the way we describe it for major remodels at locations where the supply is coming usually from a main to
3:49 pm
multiple units and single-family home not effected at all on for military unit where multi dwelling units where you have supplies off of main goes out to the different units and branched i shut down the main your effecting everyone on the floor for a remodel if you're talking about respectfully and sink or toilet or bath tub those are isolated you shut down those and it shut down the fixture a remodel you're taking 24 to this location that didn't work for that kind of situation you have to should you the main supply and your piping over here and obligate whole area and testing when you turn back on as a
3:50 pm
developer you've done this they're putting sheetrock up and so shut down the water and dump the water and if there recent last week's do it over and over again, the will that before that shut down for the angle this is not the case it is really a bitten wasted of water i looked at our supplies the largest supplier that are off the branches one inch to the penthouse units the supply might not a two inch on the main but the branch think two locations will be 3 quarter maximum one inch i've not seen them higher than to one area so the shut offices will be one value for hot and one for cold i looked one it was $13 a value was the
3:51 pm
highest it would be higher the lowest one was $11 that part is not the cost but it don't say take care of it saves us precious water to anything else i can add. >> this value is inside of the condominium project it is inside your unit not the common area. >> you could have it in a common area as long as it's assessable by the hoa where they have assessed to service for that if you're unit is over here you have access the hallway or in a lot of hotels are assess panels the hallways we can it can take that and shut off our for that area or make it need inside your unit to shut off the unit as long as is comes in into
3:52 pm
the units that depends on the developer or the owners what they want to do i have no position. >> it doesn't matter if we can shut it down. >> can they put the shut offices on the first inside the building you can spend a lot more money for piping that defeats the purpose but you don't think i don't mind that you can turn it off we've seen the people are talking about doing a small little metering promising room some places are doing sub metering you have to have shut down values maybe a mechanical room it works just as well, thank you. >> any other questions no further comments thank you. >> comment. >> public comment on item 6. >> okay. seeing none
3:53 pm
item 7 commissioner. >> i have a - commissioner walker. >> i move we supported that. >> i'm looking this is not an action item. >> yes. it is an action item. >> move to support can i get a second. >> i'll second. >> no objections. >> there is a motion and a second to support this item. >> roll call vote complaint commissioner melgar commissioner clinch commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner walker that motion carries unanimously thank you for that. >> madam clerk i think we'll call item 7 and would it be - >> if we could call 7 and 9 together that would be helpful
3:54 pm
thank you for your patience so. >> so if no objection we'll call 7 and 9 together. >> agenda item discussion and possible action regarding the proposed ordinance for supervisor file amending the electrical and plumbing and administrative code to clarify and standard device the procedures for the multiple code recommending to buildings and property that requires fire department to report on code enforcement activities and condition to other requirements and regulations also item 9 discussion and possible action regarding proposed ordinance file amending did building code to authorize the director of department of building inspection to stop all work on a construction project with wherever there are violation codes on the project. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jeff i'm here on behalf of supervisor wiener
3:55 pm
i'll address the item 7 and my colleague will address item 9 but they're all part of a aboard package through the city's code enforcement we introduced this to crack down on code violators we all want save building and a process that works across the building health and fire keyed and planning code to basically to achieve the same goal or making the building safer for neighborhoods and tenants they're forced to live in low standard conditions one of the challenges to the code system lacks the communication across the departments we held a hearing on a year or longer all the departments came and talked about the different processes
3:56 pm
and in that we basically discovered each department addresses the code enforcement in buildings differently and basic out of that we wanted to focus on was through the departments are different their processes should be the same deadlines and procedure how to improve cooperations to work together and respond to the public and in terms of where code enforcement you know code violations are in other process we put together and took the building code specifically the housing stock procedures ross are the best models moving from issue an nov to referred to the city attorney with the model we mapped that model on to the health and fire keys before you
3:57 pm
but you're aware those are basically now following the same procedures but just we really specifically i know the legislation before you basically includes the orientating the nov for the administration action to the city attorney but also grant the city attorney's office the authority to pursue the corrode violations without the departments action this grants the attorney in egregious case the department refers the kate case to them for instance, the city attorney's office is referred a case by dbi and their pursuing that case and find out a significant health code violations this allows them to put this into a lawsuit action and i know there are obviously dbi and it is better he
3:58 pm
referring cases to the city attorney's office so it is not - it is basically about making sure that tool is available it also refers quarterly reporting from the departments on case that are referred for administrative hearing for problematic cases where they were how their abated or referring to the litigations and cases are not stuck additionally this is legislation before you in your packet was the most recent to the board in the interim between then and now working with the dbi to tweak the legislation i sent that to dbi to the commission yesterday and hopefully, you'll read it ahead of time changes with dbi to kind of tweak it to make sure it gets out what we're trying to do i'll briefing go over those making sure the changes for the
3:59 pm
notice of violations from certified to regular mail we don't want certified mail we don't want the administrative hearing process for the nov issuance not have overly burdensome for dbi to issue the notice but meets the requirements to follow up open any action it wills clarifies and allows to the a cases are received to the administrative hearing is being made the discretion of the department can delay the administrative hearing be held for instance, for the permitted is pulled and the work is ongoing then the inspector can grant them more time and not refer them to the administrative hearing they're on track we clarify that is in there and
4:00 pm
again, i mentioned the quarterly reporting requirement issue for every nova reporting requirement that is pretty voluminous we kangd changed it for every administrative hearing for the administrative hearing, talking about the problematic and one change we're requiring all the department heads get together and create a model form so all departments are collecting the same data it is currently the same form we're trying to collect the same data therefore their templates basically the bulk of the change and other highlights tweaks again, they're not worth going over i thank dbi staff it is helpful in terms of achieving
4:01 pm
our goals and last week the code advisory committee asked for approval i explained the amendments they've not seen but they looked those amendments as well i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and let my colleague talk about item at just a few commissioner melgar has a question. >> i just afternoon this is great thank you so much i'm wondering if there is anything you can have the legislation to standard disingenuous the forms from a public prospective anything go the legislation that addresses standard dizzying the electronic data systems from the departments i see as you may know you watch us every month right like the other departments are had that i'm wondering if
4:02 pm
anything addressing that the legislation and i've had discussions with people who work on this issue with the mayor's office how to address the electronic data issue to achieve that the first step has everyone the process to have the data to include that here we want to get the procedures and the issue is something we are interested in. >> you're thinking about it. >> definitely. >> thank you. >> why not if you want to you're talking about the same item; right? >> sorry to interrupt you i want to read commissioner lee's comments regarding item 7. >> i'll let them finish and i'll be super brief on item 9 with the supervisors office the second ordinance authorizes not
4:03 pm
require the dbi inspector to have a stop order for projects with serious and multiple violations we had a case in glen park where typical had a series building permits and the project without building permits when dbi was informed a lot of issues back and forth in terms of the contractor ultimately the most recent permit was superintendant but the other ones were not the project shifted and it was a frustrating experience and the neighbors association and park association was cross and quite frankly so we we another project knowing they're not likely to get permits to remove street
4:04 pm
trees part of project they did it anyways and preceded and continued continued with their project we hope that will not be revoked hopefully the dbi director didn't feel obligate the requirement to stop the permit by the dbi project to have the authority to send a strong message and strong deternlt we want the people to follow the rules not the dairy land complicated nature of the code that is about those 0 rare observances that are are egregious cases we agree are problematic thank you. >> so we'll work backwards i read the station for the enforcement we had conversation about i think we got a better understanding of what you're trying to do here
4:05 pm
i would just and maybe a hypothetical situation so let's say you have a building in my case i'm getting graffiti notices and extremely efficient to get a notification to step over the homeless i got 4 of them i'm complying by the time i get rid of the graffiti i'm charging other violation even though i comply another one the next two days how would if i'm a multiple violator will someone school my permits by the director because i'm not complying with dbi. >> two aspects one that relates to other departments addressed the other what happens to the project the legislation provides the
4:06 pm
language that provides which is what happens today but basically other department directors that any request the dbi director to have the authority for the dbi director to do that this is the language in the ordnances so never mind in this case ultimately i hope that the dbi director, will use his or her discretion whether or not a project needs to be stopped and in the case of the gravel graffiti but to provide the language f to testify a serious violations or something to that effect but the supervisor is open to that point. >> i'm finish i was hoping you'll is that i don't know from the legislation is open to the amendments i think it is in the page 2 somewhere around 11:00 or 12:00
4:07 pm
i belive i'm the same b. >> it says i don't know if you catch up out to me officially the building official may stop all work ever portions of the work depending on the severity so. >> your, of course, the commission is welcome to make the recommends i think the supervisor open to considering them and whether or not he'll accept those. >> the next steps will be to just forward them to him and see before they go back up to the board go back to land use. >> the requirement of the charter the building code heard by the commission at the hearing prior to an item schedule and land use that today is the charter required hearing if you want to make a recommendation for edits we'll be happy to
4:08 pm
consider those in advance. >> i'm if i could get that language i mean, i'll be supportive of it today. >> i suggest you make a motion to support the amendments. >> commissioner walker please. thank you for that bundle of legislation on this particular item is that not under the purview of the director of our department to already do this. >> the position of the city attorney's office is that, yes it is the current the dbi director at the building hopeful has the authority today to stop everything on a project the message we receive from the department urging did the two cases i've explained requester somewhat different the intent of the legislation to clarify and be clear and so it is the position this really didn't create a new authority it clarifies the issue.
4:09 pm
>> it sort of it rats an tension and it makes it clear and understandable not only only the city but the public side. >> thank you so is there anybody any more questions i have a million can i go back. >> oh, forgive me frank lee's comments do we inform of the nov or request a hearing what their give an nov if not i'd like to see a process that allows the residents to appeal or request a hearing on the onset. >> this types is into 7 correct. >> well not that i know of and this legislation is based on dbi
4:10 pm
current practice so that is an issue that the commission wants to make a recommendation to dbi staff not changed the process and not brought up they need so you know. >> yeah. unfortunately commissioner lee is not here to defend it but basically, he - you get the notification one of the things about we hear complaints about the notification just sits there until it is time to deal with that he's trying to get at the nov the outreach is done you have you can appeal and request and hearing right away and so on. >> can't you do that already. >> i guess is there - if i read the question did we to the residents of the nov to request
4:11 pm
and hearing when given an nov. >> if he could i'll read the rest. >> the rest of it operationally is kind of i mean, i think we can't get past the rest of them i'll recommend this is something i think to our point it is a bigger policy issue we have and something we wanted to amend your legislation will not object. >> the legislation will not prevent dbi from the practice to create an administrative outreach not permit dbi but the timeframes certain things must happen. >> i'll set this as a spate issue. >> can we talk about the city attorney's written. >> we have a situation which we have a lot of mental health
4:12 pm
issues and more of 0 fire and health issue we didn't write on nova in this particular case and the city attorney choose to prosecute no movement would we be billed as a department for the nov work. >> so for the portion that effects dbi the portion that effects yes, but the rest noting no, not the majority of the case by case case is built around the health code but the department. >> we have a - to pay their position and fire but i'm sure we'll be involved in more a point of order he wanted to clarify any, any more questions. >> an objection action. >> an action item. >> open up for public comment; right? no more presentation. >> you have a comment?
4:13 pm
>> dan dbi on a notice of violation currently if we have a notice of violation they want to appeal the notice of violation they can come to the staff and we'll investigate 9 violation the notice of violation has to be amended or if it was issued in error it would be. >> is that on the notice of violation the instructions that you can appeal it. >> i don't think that is, i, look both that into the notice of violation there's a lot of language and report back to you. >> okay. great. thank you. >> public comment on item 7 and 9 okay. seeing none is there a motion? >> okay commissioner walker. >> i move to support items 7 and 9 do we need to do it separately or together. >> commissioners.
4:14 pm
>> don't we have an amendment. >> yeah. >> help me out folks all the academics can help so on if no objection i'd like to off of a friendly amendment on page 2 of the 100 had a i believe that is in item b and it reads enforcement of the building official an official may stop the work our portions the work depending on the severities are the language i want to add what's the language you want to add may request the building official to order all work or a. >> portions of the work depending on the severity. >> okay. >> and continue on the code of
4:15 pm
violations. >> the motion includes the amendments. >> i second. >> it's been moved and seconded on this item. >> roll call vote. >> commissioner president mccarthy commissioner melgar commissioner clinch commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner walker that motion carries unanimously and thank you, supervisors staff and for working on that i know that is a long prosecutes but good work thank you very much. >> back to item 8. >> next item please is item 8. >> i want to acknowledge we have two commissioners that left us but we have quorum still. >> item 8 discussion and possible action regarding a proposed ordinance board of supervisors file amending the
4:16 pm
green building code for certain new building construction with the development of renewal energy and updating the green building requirement for city weekly a date of january 1st, 2011, and other requirements and regulations good afternoon, commissioners again with commissioner wilson office sports legislation thank you for considering that was a considered and supported by the committee last week this is a simple ordinance today's building code does requires that most new construction designates 15 percent of the rooftop as solar ready the context it means free of obstacles and construction at some point other equipment can be installed
4:17 pm
billed off the solar requirement requiring the 15 percent is already solar asphalted solar in his context is solar panels for electrical generation or hot water heating that is a popper aspect in this era of uncontrolled climatic change we have to doing the best we can respectfully yours, the empower consumption and a significant aspect of the more sustainable city we've reached to the legislation to a broad array of parties with people that construct buildings and manage them and received support from those folks we'll be honored to have the commissions support as well the department of the environment has been working hard and we have the colleague here this is the phase one of a
4:18 pm
more broader better roof ordinance that will be expanded at some point to include other elements such a green roofs and stormwater issues and the idea for this to be a grab bag of pick and choose every project can choose to satisfy the requirement so in some cases solar make sense and in some cases solar didn't make sense but before you is the solar aspect that's what we're considering today thank you. >> okay so if no more presentation on that we'll go straight to public comment. >> any public comment on this
4:19 pm
item. >> a any public comment? >> no presentation staff is here to answer questions. >> commissions any questions and searing any pima motion on the item. >> commissioner walker. >> move to you approve. >> second there is a motion and a second roll call vote on the item commissioner president mccarthy commissioner melgar commissioner gilman commissioner konstin commissioner walker okay. the that motion carries unanimously item 10 update on the annual cost of construction increase supply to the department of building inspection cost schedule. >> good afternoon kirk dbi technical services i'm here to talk about the annual update to the cost schedule and give you a
4:20 pm
little bit of background currently san francisco building code permits issuance fees states that fees were based on the construction value and that construction value as determined by the director the building department and in addition that the building department publish our schedule make that available to the public and that between the cost schedule and the actually costs whatever it greater that will be used to vault and determining the issuance fees and then the last item of the section it gets updated annually that's what we're here this is our annual update as you recall last year there was a major reenforcement of the cost schedule and that's been going on to date only a few minor
4:21 pm
changes were made the first one changes include on page 2 under tenant improvements there is two added item 5 and 6 to addressing add the items for energy upgrades to building one for lighting and controls the other for lighting and controls at our energy management system two different kind of scales of work under the tenants improvements and to address at least those two page 29 there's an added section for electrical equipment primarily added so next year we plan on a bunch of items incorporated to have a place holder for those kinds of items coming up and temporarily move solar thermal and other item to that section and on page 29
4:22 pm
under plumbing fixtures adrc the green fixtures with one and 50 gallons or less with the rate one and 50 or more is another rate currently the provision of the state architect from the state of california uses 20 city major u.s. cost construction costs index in order to determine their disabled assess cost valuation threshold we've found out it is previous effective index to use as well the state architect published it on their website labor it was 2 percent that is what we added into the cost for this cost schedule by step up to the plate. >> 2 percent increase the
4:23 pm
overall construction costs. >> it goes up every year and the valuation fails both that the code requires us to do. >> an automatic 2 percent. >> where the commission has asked to waive that underscores the construction to get going again and it is sometimes higher and sometimes lower trike trying to track the costs even our cost valuation is no way the actual construction costs we want to track it so as people are problems are the amounts there is a reason. >> commissioner walker. >> how does that compare with other cities the state are with
4:24 pm
we consistent. >> are we under two different systems. >> right. >> i don't know about all the cities that is san francisco as done that for a long other cities use i think there as schedule that is published by the international code council and they've adopted versions of that i think we were using something else we had to change to this; correct? >> we reformulated>> correct. great. >> it's the same general system based on this. >> great, thank you. >> okay. thank you for your presentation. >> any public comment think item 10 seeing none, 11 director's report update on the dbi
4:25 pm
finances. >> good afternoon, commissioners deputy director before you your february 2016 year to date financial report i'll take a couple of minutes to go over the highlights we're doing well, i remember in january we depressed in january but february we've increased a lot this is basically has to do with with a variety of things primarily the increase once again in permit valid over one million dollars and above an increase and if you look at page 2 here if you look at page 2 you'll basically see your revenues are $13 million more than what it
4:26 pm
was the same time last year and using you'll see the salutation is up 64 percent and almost all categories evaluation has changed and once again the main reason with for the increase in revenue has to do with with 3 primary revenues based on evaluations so building permit and plan and premium plan check if you look at page a series called the department of building inspection for 2015-2016 if you look at page three or four look at the first revenue that is calls building permits as you can see our budget is 119 we've collected 10.8 and page 4 for as you can see the revenue for plan
4:27 pm
checking revenue budgeted at 20.7 we're at $26 million that's the increases for the revenue increase side as i stated before it is difficult to make projections not a real pattern in january it went down drastically look at the same reports on page one and two and see the revenue dropped and went up it depends on projects through the pipeline on the expenditure side our expenditures are roughly the same at the same time last year with 1.2 percent increase we've expect that building to go up as we hire as more departments start to bill work orders and that's really a summary of where we are i want to give you a quick update on the budget no
4:28 pm
longer june one but moved up to may one we talked about the board possibly considering the dbi and a host of other departments with the true two year budget we'll continue with the way we've done with a two year budget so that's all i have i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> what's the thing on the vote on two year. >> i did not get the vote so the fire department will not be two year's budget and one or two departments were two year budget are not two year but the library and another one i can loop that.
4:29 pm
>> commissioner walker. >> an some level it would be nice to plan that far ahead but the case from the workload in the department went down it changes the budget and may need to act so i think we should assume we need to do something more than that annually i guess the revenue is tied to the activity level of the big projects so we know we're in a boom. >> uh-huh. >> so you know - >> gives us anymore flexibility i think. >> thank you. >> all right. >> item 11 b sulfate and local legislation. >> good afternoon bill strong legislative and affairs i've circulated the update i'll talk about a few of the items such as the commissioner avalos ordinance did pass that is the
4:30 pm
one calling for the in-laws that passed and september to the mayor for signature i don't know from the mayor has signed did he say out of the country traveling assuming he signs it when he returns we're looking at an effective date in the middle of april the thirty days following his signature you've fully heard about the code enforcement item and those are the pleasure so i'll refer to those i'll say with respect to the soft story program we recently remind owners in all four tiers about the you mean deadlines we're specifically after as commissioner president
4:31 pm
mccarthy mentioned at the beginning of the meeting of those in tier 3 the 5 hundred and 84 which we only had a thirty percent response to begin a motivate the other 4 hundred plus owners they need to take action and obtain a permit before the middle of september and doing paid 41 media the coming months take advantage the mayor's office of safety is having a fair that dbi will participate in at brooks haul or the pacific uniform on 1906 san francisco earthquake we the evidence will then show the awareness of seismic safety and motivate owners of the soft story buildings to act so that
4:32 pm
notice has gone out i think the only other ordinance supervisor tang's mandatory assess improvements orientals will be heard on march 23 we expect the committee to refer that to the full board in probably the four or five weeks when dbi is working closely with the supervisor and structuring it in such a way we think the firefighter small business owners will take the steps need to help to protect them from this flurry of drive by lawsuits one of the supervisors critical motivations in putting this forward but other than that i'll
4:33 pm
be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, bill. >> item c update on major projects. >> good afternoon commission tom huey director of department of building inspection this is dropped down minus 6 percent the revenue you know the deputy director, you know, of finance you know mention you know is coming in more money but all you can this up and down have control we may are more projects coming in next month but right now that money that less than last month any questions. >> thank you director. >> leveling d update on code enforcement. >> good afternoon dan deputy director services code
4:34 pm
enforcement with the dbi monthly update for the bring to your attention 5 thousand plus claimed received three hundred plus complaint response be 24 to 72 hours was 200 plus the complaints of finishes notice of violation was 50 and complaints without notice of violation was one and 51 abated containment of in violation were 21 and second notice of violation referred to code enforcement was 9 the housing inspectors 5 hundred inspections performed and three hundred plus complaints and the complaint response within 48 hours to 72 hours containments of notice of violation issued one and 32 abated containments and notice of violation were three hundred and 3 number of cases sent to the directors was orange county inspections three hundred and 8
4:35 pm
for the code enforcement's cases welcome back was 53 the number of order of abatement were neuron and the number of cases under advisement were 3 and abated were about 40 and code enforcement inspections performed one and 6 thank you. >> any public comment on the director's report items 11 a through d. >> okay seeing none, item 12 discussion on the tracking system. >> good afternoon, commissioners director i'm here him henry from the department of technology and ma gill sends his regrets for not being able here he was with the weekly update on the assessment project for dbi here's the updates since i came before you last month the
4:36 pm
project has started, the work on the project started february 29th with a formal kickoff with the dbi staff on march 8 also the date of the first interview the garden team has conducted 25 combrufz with stakeholders we predominantly dbi they've also had interviews with commissioner walker that choose to participate and commissioner president mccarthy is participating most of the chief financial officer the which have management all the interviews will continue this week and we'll be wrapping up next week sill still to be interviewed on the stakeholder list with the administrators is tomorrow and with the 21 tech the partners
4:37 pm
from the project and then gardener said the interviews have been going very well people are sharing their experiences with the project i do want to commend all those i reached out for giving me time on their calendars and been able to schedule those without a lot of urban due effort and in parallel gardener has a team of 5 folks working on the other the folks are conducting the interviews and the background there is folks reviewing the documents and contractors and change orders all of the written documents associated with the project that has been accumulated since 2011 their powerfully through the information and gathering details from that and all of
4:38 pm
this assessment phase is to conduct or continue for another three weeks which they will have gathered all the information and the analysis as to ask the questions and follow-up and then start the analysis phase basically pulling out with gardener calls the common theme from the document reviews and start formatting their recommendations with the cause and the recommended plan that will be in a draft form before finalized that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioner walker please. >> just for the record when will we have that next month or - >> the analysis phase is scheduled to last 5 weeks and during i don't have the exact
4:39 pm
schedule but during the 5 weeks process we will have the draft set of themes and ultimately a draft report a few weeks into that next phase so timing wise that is he trending towards the end of april. >> okay. >> that would be great. >> i want to say from my experience of the interview i'm xhovend by the conversation and the questions and the knowledge not just of the system but of our process that the gardener group has i felt walking out we will actually be able to find a path forward and feel more comfortable about that i appreciate >> you're welcome there is one item i want to touch on one of
4:40 pm
the staff members from gardener has seven years of direct hands on with the implementation and so she also one of the background activities meeting with staff members to go through how configured for dbi just to get that keeper look and not done the most fiscal way. >> one of the questioners was involved with your business reprocessing system we went through with so many people that created the system that we have so i felt confident they know so we're not redoing that in this process. >> yes. >> that was good to know. >> and thank you for rescheduling. >> you're welcome. >> he totally apologize. >> you're not the only one with scheduling conflicts.
4:41 pm
>> commissioner gilman. >> i'm sorry henry as a new commissioner, i have a quick question and one question could you clarify for me, the planning department and the dpw already have their systems through excel up and running. >> we call the dbi project but a joint project radio dbi and planning and x cell management together. >> with they're data. >> and isn't the department of public works open that. >> they're using a product it is a company that excel is requiring over the past year it is an "x" sell product. >> but they will be. >> and sorry. >> i was going to say yes, we
4:42 pm
know that dpw they want to see dbi launch successfully and then they have in their minds to leverage the policeman and excel was leveraged for that the whot whole city in 2011 they bought citywide perpetual licenses. >> thank you you answered my questions. >> if notice more presentation public comment. >> any public comment on item 12. >> yes. i'm jerry the next time i'll bring my lunch to the meeting. >> i have two concerns one is clarity around the scope of the work and specifically clarity around the deliverables it is highly recommended the next meeting that be presented so from the bic commission has any
4:43 pm
concerns about final product they can raise those concerns well before they see a draft of report that is common practice otherwise it is a moving start and second a specific concern that the gardener group address the adequacy of the documentation that has been provided by dbi and specifically is there adequate documentation to properly configure on connecticut sell a. >> thank you, mr. burke you've given me my too good questions and henry. >> heroin department of technology in terms of the scope and the dleeshlz the rfp which listed the dleeshlz was provided to the commission i believe a couple of meetings ago and it is
4:44 pm
a public document and in addition, we now have a detailed contract between ti g gardener that details the deliverables and the timeline. >> we'll certainly provide that. >> send it to the commission and update us. >> okay. >> well, i'll tell you what you can come up and ask that question. >> but then - >> how would the public assess that document if it is a public document and go ahead. >> lilly i said sally and lilly communications director i deal with the reports we can provide that, sir and talk after this meeting. >> it might be good to put it
4:45 pm
on the site as part of document as part of agenda. >> so the public can - >> we can do that. >> all right. good. >> one more question jerry that's it i'm going to get in so much trouble. >> i want to clarify pa was said that was a public document if you know that exists and you have the knowledge to request that that doesn't meet anyone's definition of a public document. >> item 13 review and approval of the minutes of august 2015. >> move to approve is there a second. >> i'll second. >> any public comment on this minutes. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? okay. the minutes are approves
4:46 pm
item 14 commissioners questions and matters 14 a at this time commissioners may ask the staff about various policies and procedures that are of interest this witness to the commission. >> commissioner walker. >> following up our discussion sros and the issue of the fire we wanted to set up a side committee maybe we could get some language from commissioner gilman that we can put on the next agenda to discuss the formation of the commission and vote on that. >> sure maybe we can this can be discussed and explore the issues of performing a subcommittee with the art 41. >> are we talking about 41. >> 41. >> okay
4:47 pm
yes dually noted. >> and i think that is. >> yeah. >> it needs to be looked and . >> then did you have something about the fire no? the fire issue is the issues that came up about our process of notifying the public being involved communicating with adapted tenants, and i know that isn't necessarily our purview but good to talk about expediting replacement especially housing if housing is lost especially affordable housing is lost rent-controlled unit >> i think one of the good points commissioner walker was that you know in a fire there is certain procedures for instance, we know go that the bucket is set we need a clear understanding of insurance issue with dialogue going on this is the - i know this happened
4:48 pm
outside but some sort of a rule that you have to at least let the property owner know i can't do that i'm under investigation of a fire. >> anything to secure the property is secure maybe we need to have a sheet that gets handed to an owner i i mean, we, talk about that. >> the security and so on right. >> and maybe timelines as to we have to revisit a fire damaged building on a this basis to go over the issues and revisiting the issues to stay in line this will be a big one. >> just put it on the agenda. >> i'd like the asbestos was in issue that delayed the process more we need to make sure we have all the facts
4:49 pm
commissioner. >> i wanted to amend what i said we have an sro subcommittee i think you are role is really to look at the fee schedule for rebuilding i want to caution if everybody in article 41 the subcommittee will be meeting for years but found the most troubling or we can - i suggest we form a committee after a discussion to prioritize whatever so not have the discussion now. >> so we'll work on the language of just having a commission discussion how to prioritize. >> that's specific to one part of it that's correct. >> perfect. >> item. >> sorry one more thing commissioner lee comments in
4:50 pm
regards to the notification through the nov for the people given the information they can request a hearing immediately or next steps for them rather than waiting for them; is that correct and something like that. >> all right. >> and he can fine-tune that. >> okay. >> item 14 b future meetings at this time the commission can seat belt a meeting or determine the items and other future meetings with the other observing on april 20, 2016. >> any public comment on item 14 ab? seeing none, item 15 adjournment >> move to adjourn second. >> second.
4:51 pm
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we're not adjourned it is on >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon this our favorite time of the
4:52 pm
day for the this land use and transportation my name is supervisor malia cowen i'm the chair tomato is supervisor wiener the vice chair and to my left is supervisor peskin our clerk is alicia i would like to thank jim smith and phil jackson in sfgovtv for broadcasting this meeting madam clerk, any announcements? >> all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the march 22 board of supervisors officer involved thank you very much call item one. >> item one an ordinance amending did health code for the definition of the health care for the water source system. >> ladies and gentlemen, supervisor wiener is the sponsor of this item and supervisor wiener i understand you'd like like us to continue perfect.
4:53 pm
>> all right. any remarks i would like to make no supervisor wiener wants to continue this item before we continue this item i'd like to open up for public comment and so this that there is any members of the public to speak prelim come up to the podium any public comment? is item one finks for projects requirements all right. seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor wiener. >> i'd like to move we continue this itthor madam cler item two. >> to public works provide the public assess to the roads and trails the water shed trail supervisor wiener is the author and my understanding supervisor avalos is sick today asked this
4:54 pm
matter be continued to our april 4th meeting i wanted to check in with supervisor wiener with any remarks. >> no. >> no remarks let's go ahead and move to public comment. anyone from the public wish to comment on item 2 sir, i think this is what you're interested in. >> if this is going to be postponed until april 4th maybe i'll speak at that time. >> all right. anyone from the public wish to comment on item number 2 okay public comment is closed. at this time thank you very much supervisor wiener. >> yeah. i know that supervisor avalos requested april april 4th. >> right. >> i've not spoken and today i don't know if this is a possibility to do that on april 11th instead of april 4th. >> i don't know the answer to that question madam clerk.
4:55 pm
>> i'll suggest to the call of the chair. >> we will continue to the call of the chair and check with supervisor avalos is there a motion for that to continue to the call of the chair motion carries madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> no madam clerk, any other business before this committee? mshz /* /-. >> no. >> thank you very much this meeting i
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
(shouting.). >> more and more city's high san francisco is committing to dislocate to end all traffic death that means improving safety for people walking and driving and safety on our streets is everyone's responsibility people can make mistakes but not result in injury or death all traffic collisions are preventable as drivers you play a large role that will give you the tools to drive safely on streets a recent survey asks hundreds of drivers
5:00 pm
about save city introduce driving what did they say watch for distracted behavior and slow down and be patient and check for people before you turn the facts about city driving shows how important to be alert most collisions happen in good weather allowance even at 25 mile-per-hour it takes a vehicle 85 feet to stop this is almost 7 car lengths slowing down makes collisions less savior when a person is hit by a passerby vehicle 25 minor the chance of death is 25 percent 40 percent that increases inform 85 percent slowing down didn't cost much time driving behind a person
5:01 pm
takes 9 extra semiautomatic and stopping at the yellow light takes only 30 seconds by hitting someone costs you hours and weeks of our time and maybe a life take a deep breath and take you're time cities cross america are being safely for walking and driving some streets are confusing here's what you need to know all intersection kroukz of novelist marked some are marked to make them more visible other crosswalks and intersections are raised to the level of sidewalk to actress as speed bump and people are maybe crossing be cautious and watch for people when you approach any intersection advanced limit
5:02 pm
lines and pedestrian yield signs show drivers where people walk and stop behind the lines at stop signs and for people crossing bulb outs where the sidewalks extends into the street make that tease easy to see pedestrians and remember to slow down whether making reasons and watch for people on sidewalk estimations extensions that maybe closer than you expect and bicyclists may motive to the left to get around bulb outs this gives people a head start allowing pedestrians to enter the crosswalk before transfer starts moving makes them more visible pedestrian scrimmage and stop the vehicles in all
5:03 pm
directions allow people to cross including department of building inspection scrambles are paired with no light restriction and rapid beacons you turn bright whether the pedestrians are there or the center is activated precede slowly as you approach the beacons especially, if their activated a pedestrian crossing light turns yellow before turning sold red back to flash red procedure after making a full stop as long as the sidewalk is empty and, of course, stop whenever the light is red traffic circles reduce conflicts you must stop at the strewn and precede around the raise your right hand of the circle watch for people in crosswalks and people in bikes
5:04 pm
coming around the circle arrows indicate where people with bikes share the intersections and people have ride to people on bikes have the right to use the lane whether or not in the sharing bike lanes are for people protected by parks e.r. parked cars and stay out of separated bike lanes unless an emergency dashed bike lanes are a shared zone four for vehicles to change lanes slow bike lanes allow the circles their unusually sprayed before me from other traffic some bike lanes are built to the level higher than the street but lower than the sidewalk they provide a
5:05 pm
safe separated space sponsor cyclists are around vehicles the box areas are marked with the stencil at intersections act as advanced limit lines for people to garter at a red light this increases the 1r0ir7b9 to drivers people will ride past stopped vehicles at the fronltd of the intersection give them room and stop short of limit line behind the bike without objection and cross only after the green light and people cleared the bike box bicycle traffic lights allow people on bikes to proceed while vehicles are stopped be unaware aware of those bike san francisco general hospital but stay alert and only skrans when the vehicle is
5:06 pm
cleared the intersection let's take a quiz to see what all of learned here we go number one when do month collisions happen did you say in daytime you're correct question two if an intersection is not marched is it still a crosswalk yes did you get it right great job one more before we go on what's one of the best things to do to avoid collisions? you can it take a breath pay attention and slow down city streets are crowded and chaotic so seeing everyone every single everything is difficult here's a test how many times did the white team pass the ball?
5:07 pm
if you answered 11 you're correct but did you notice anything else also be aware ever you're surrounded and remember that is easy 0 miss something if you're not looking for it here's some basic principles driving near peep e people from you're driver's seat it is difficult address our mirrors to reduce blind spots people on bicycles maybe be in our blind spot give yourselves plenty of time to react look out stay on the road from building to building not just curve to curve
5:08 pm
check driveways and behind parked vehicles for people that enter our path turning vehicles are especially dangerous important people walking and collisions often occur when vehicles are making tunnels when you turn remember check for people using the crosswalk before starting you're turn watch for people on bikes traveling in the ongoing direction always check our mirrors and blind spots patience pays off take a moment to make sure you're clear while it might feel you'll save time by driving fast or turning without checking you won't save driving only adds a few semiautomatic to our trip a collision can cost you, your job or someone's live here's
5:09 pm
important things to remember all crosswalks are legal and pedestrian have the right-of-way people cross the street anywhere children and seniors and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable think city strits give buses and streetcars a lot of the space or people returning to catch a train don't block the box this creates dangerous situation for people walking how are forced into moving traffic and people bicycling out of the bike lane and people on bikes most city streets are legal for bicyclists even without signs people biking can fall in front of you provide a safe amount of space when passing someone on a bike a minimum of 3 feet is required by
5:10 pm
law in california and people on bikes prefer to be in the bike lane in for the this is often to avoid accidents give them room people on bikes will stay away from the traffic or watch out for open doors whoops that was a close one expect people to go to the front of the light and pass on the right a tap of the horn maybe useful to make you're preservation known but avoid using the horn it may saturday night be someone vehicles anybody right turns are especially dangerous important biking always approach right turns properly signal early and wait for people biking through
5:11 pm
the intersection move as far to the right to people on bikes can pass on the left let's try a few more questions who are the most vulnerable people on city streets? children? seniors, and people with disabilities why do people on bikes ride close to travel there to avoid car doors what is one of the most dangerous situations for people walking and riding bikes? turning vehicles and what can you do to make sure that everyone is safe in any situation? thartsz stay patient and alert and, of course, slow down
5:12 pm
parking and loading a vehicle on accredit city streets is a challenge weather parking and unloading always check for people in our mirrors and blind spots and on the driver's side with our right turn right hand this causes you to look 40 on your left for bicyclists when passersby exiting the vehicle make sure about opening the door know where loading zones are if not loading zones available use side streets never stop in bike lanes or traffic lanes. >> bad weathering and visible rain and fog or low lighting make it hard to see you're vehicle is likely to slide or
5:13 pm
loss control in eye i didn't controls and create issues for people walking and biking they tried try to avoid pulled and umbrellas and construction get slippery for people the safety thing to do in conditions whether wet or icy or dark slow down and drive more carefully remember going fast may on this save you a few semiautomatic but speeding may cause you a life or you're job people walking and biking are vulnerable people can be distracted or make unsafe decisions as a driver the responsibility for safety lies with you a collision could mean the loss of our life or you're job and
5:14 pm
dealing with the legal implementations could take years or an emotional toll if someone is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving tests your remember we're counting on you top of the morn
5:15 pm
well. >> top of morning. >> all right. all right. . >> elected officials i have a lot here and where are all the supervisors and the police department and the police chief and police chief and all the people are part irish the city attorney and the consul general and there is supervisor oh, farrell what happens to the o on behalf of the mayor, i want welcome this on the underlying the irish flag and the kickoff
5:16 pm
of that long but wonderful celebration of salesforce it is a few days off; right? and also welcome the fwrand marshall and also the court committee for our city i see sow many wonderful places out there that come every year i guess you drink it or use it rich cream you're a day older so thank you all for being here we love underlying the flag the irish leaders and communities that are up here during the gold rush and some of you are still here when our first mayor was born in richard and had a lot of irish mayorss with sheryl we register and gavin newsom doing his job he had another irish baby so i don't know why he
5:17 pm
named him duchess so you look at around san francisco and see all the streets named for wonderful irish americans that made san francisco what it is mclaren park and o'farrell street and ongoing so, now you're keeping up the tradition with the police chief and the police and irish and the sheriff he she is part irish and your part irish; right? >> yeah. >> so we honor all of you by underlying our flag in front of our city hall and starting the clock there is a word they use your mayor was named the river river lee it is my great pleasure to introduce our lord mayor, mayor ed lee. >> thank you charlotte i want to extend my warm itself welcome to all of you and the elected
5:18 pm
officials here our deciding tars and supervisors our assessor-recorder came in nice green carmen i have no problem finding my green tie it says when you are going to wear it yelling at me i want to say congratulations to everyone including the labor unions i say mr. o'connor and some of the labor union it remind me how our city has been built with the history of the our irish americans throughout many, many years and this is a time an opportunity not only to celebrate the staifrz but to review what the community has done for this great city over many, many decades that is incredible you look at the history of our city and how people have built this city and make sure that it reflected the
5:19 pm
diversity and history where people came from i know that consul general will mention things we are reminded about the easter rising centennial or the hundred and 605 anniversary of our parade and efforts the city that is another great history for the 32 celebration of our sister city and again, i want to say thank you to the united irish community for leading the efforts and the parade and having the graushd mr. boim and others that are here today and being part of volunteers that keep our celebrations alive and the history alive over the jim considering the john boyle's or the deferring admit our part of our celebrations of the sister city and charlotte said earlier anita
5:20 pm
and i have a great trip on behalf of the city to celebrate the sister city and treernd things that help our city for example, the first direct flights between san francisco and dublin e bin gosh what wonderful (clapping.) and from what i hear it is more successful than we knew that was going to be a groundbreaking thing it is more successful and continue this wonderful flight and it brought kids from other parts the city to help us with technology and help exchanges culture exchanges it has brought trade and more cultural and educations challenges and, of course, through that all we're able to have the t kenny come and visit, of course, timing
5:21 pm
mike hig goes on and several carbon monoxides with him and the cultural center and talk about the international significance of those exchanges that is so many things have happened as a result of the the sister city work and the united irish communities i want to say an is eve of our salesforce to have leadership on the board like supervisor farrell leading not only the board celebrations but work with the board and i get to do and use the talent of our irish american communities to help us building on the wonderful history to also have fun with the things you're going to see the irish dancers and like the pipers who i got to invited to the kickoff like the mayors cup and have a great celebration there those are all wonderful things happening with our irish american community from building
5:22 pm
our city, inform celebrating the cultural to having wonderful talent of people help me run it from the public safety to the elected officials i'm proud of the irish history with that, i'd like to provide the celebrations this morning with a declaration to be given to the city council and to, of course, president of our irish united irish communities first to consul general phillip grant and hereby calory this to be relishing or irish american friendship in the city of san francisco consul general. >> (clapping.) >> and to the presidents of our united irish societies let me am come up lee yum .
5:23 pm
>> (clapping.) >> of course, the greatest cast is my irish and, of course, on the eve of salesforce i've got to say aaron go before this is a translation of salesforce, of course, when i first asked about it i had to explain that is not a professional women's soccer cry but salesforce and give it back to charlotte. >> thank you, mayor thank you very much top of the morning now i introduce supervisor o farrell. >> (clapping.) >> he's somewhere. >> thank you charlotte and mayor ed lee and everyone for being here that is a proud honor
5:24 pm
to be the mc this irish celebration outside of city hall to carry on the tradition of a supervisor that does it inside of city hall as mentioned over irish community has strong roots in san francisco for generations going back to the gold rush we continue to sustain the city we continue to work in that and be part of the community. and enblaensz but the cultural center out in the subject and so many things we had a a community in san francisco i'm very much proud to be part of it and have irish heritage and proud to spend on year nature with - and here to be with the celebration i want to start off by introducing someone with us a number of years a greatest friend phil grant was with us
5:25 pm
since 1992 prior to the poivent appointment of consul general overviews the spokesperson tore the media residents for the foreign ministry for 4 years and in san francisco in september 30th, 2014, when it overviews sworn if with us a number of years and we've gone through not only i'll say the normal course from the irish community buses berkley a rock for the community thank you. and want to welcome you >> (clapping.) >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good morning and thank you to mayor ed lee and supervisor farrell at the board of supervisors and everyone who has came here first of all, on behalf of myself and the council
5:26 pm
thank you to the grand mash for this week and the we lost two important people of the staff you know worked for the consulate for years here funnel is here our thoughts and prayers with her family that time of the year is one we encounter a lot of the people the community that passed away and i find it especially touching because the tragedy that enveloped our community in berkley and before talking about the parade and event that is the opportunity i have i want to extend the biggest thank you to all of you i want to name a few people without them and their assistance and coordination our students and their fascinates and everyone when was involved in what happened in berkley on
5:27 pm
the 16th of june would be difficult i would like to thank charlotte schultz her team working closely did miracles to make sure that we could bring our students home together with their families and on a happy day i don't know if there is is a better report in america they couldn't have done more for us thank you to the police chief and the chief of fire services thai provided honor as the cove i think so went through the city the chief of the fire service helped us in berkley the police and fire service out of the hearing aids for a week the middle of that trauma i'm sure none has managed to say of a foreign consulate will arrive on
5:28 pm
your doorstep with the immigration center with a one volunteers their students and families and the counselors i don't i don't think there was a door i had to open for myself or get food for myself i don't have to travel the police and fire services in san francisco did everything so on my and your on behalf of a real appreciative to all of them thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i have a long line of these in my office some to the 1950s 60s you wonder their words but do they mean anything we found out how much they mean there is a lovely festivity photograph on the facebook of one of the mothers that lost her
5:29 pm
child in the blockage collapse and her cousins what elita and a photograph of them and airport with libya arrived to start her students and the missouri's pink to hold open to in leave is each other i want to say thank you to the city of san francisco to the people of san francisco and to the wider bay area for holding on the us in a difficult periods the lives of the irish community here in the be sure so thank you all. >> (clapping.) >> we're 6 weeks away from marking the one hundred anniversary of the declaration of the proclamation and the easter rising and that was a similar event in irish history that changed the
5:30 pm
relationship on the 0i8d of the ridership and great britain and the relationship with the united states and relationships with europe i'm conscious it means different things to different people while the irish know about that the refreshing americans know and most americans with not familiar with was it stood for i've tried to find the colonel why it is important for everybody and our prayed marks that occasion how to ties to the communities here in america and particularly in san francisco and the word i'll use is in justice what caused the men and women of eastern 1916 to stand up in refwhern a minority and they were told to stay home by something compelled them to take to the streets
5:31 pm
and even as a time the conflict with the world-class 1 remaining and later on have any rich americans and serving with the american services what compelled them to act that was in justice a history of centuries of injustice of being third class subjects to some other people and that resonated very much with the irish experience in america coming here to the first great republic if you read the words finds proclamation they echo the words finding declaration of independence to find the majority of them spent time the america and closest family ties to america america is the only name mentions specifically the irish
5:32 pm
declaration of independence that's one reason we mark that occasion authenticity the human injustice when necessary rose up they were not welcomed by the population of dunn dublin the first horrible days of sheila's and killings they were insult and spat on what changed brought the rest of the country to the point of views and again, we come back to injustice it is what we saw happened the immediate aftermath of the arising the xooigsz and the imposition of mash law you go back to that thing they've stood up to protest we did this we will have to because of the injustice thai had to be responsible for the same hands that led to their dedicate an irish people have had enough injustice the theme of enjustice
5:33 pm
links us to other people in other parts of word i want to an event with the new york times talked about an irish at the age of 14 and mentioned 1 about the 5 million irish show up on the shores of american one .5 million staifrl unwanted no skills having to be accommodated 9 first references had to absorb and wanting to r a part in the american dream i think today you read the newspapers one .5 sitting on the doorsteps of europe he trying to escape injustice and infaurns if i ask myself kwhoo are the enar combithszries of today, i'm proud they're irish people that are running the receiving camps
5:34 pm
in turkey and lebanon i'm proud to reach out to the community and south american and afghan the lessons of 1816 why people throughout the century laid down their lives is fundamentally this is a battle against injustice that inis something that takes place the world around you, we have the responsibility to respond to those in need and respond to the problems of world and find solutions that the people like our people don't interest have to turn outside for help and assistance and they can go home the city of san francisco stands for many things one of the greatest things it stand for it fairness and equality and inclusiveness that the irish experience came out here under e
5:35 pm
unlike the irish on the east coast they didn't face the same pressures on, on the east coast in finding in their way in america the first thing tax savings started the civil rights mark and on behalf of the irish to say we're here and part of the society and want to be part of the society we're broeng you, you something you can cherish and incorporate into the american dream to help you build up your country when i look out today, i see the benefit that is emerged the strength of that relationship between oirld and american i apologize on going on i want to say thank you to all of you and thank you thank you for all you do to other causes and the struggle for injudicious wherever it might be thank you.
5:36 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you consul general i do want to acknowledge some individuals up here to make sure everybody knows who is standing with us today, we'll bring up lee yum but two of the statistical warths angus and commissioners for the city and county of san francisco >> (clapping.) >> i'm sure many don't need introduction but our fire chief joanne hayes-white. >> (clapping.) >> our police chief greg suhr. >> (clapping.) >> our city attorney dennis herrera. >> (clapping.) >> and we've heard from consul general grant and mayor ed lee and ms. shuttling and supervisor yee is here. >> (clapping.) >> who represents o represents many
5:37 pm
the sunset district and vicki hennessey our sheriff. >> alex from the board of city college. >> (clapping.) >> carmen chu our amazing assessor-recorder. >> (clapping.) >> and scott wiener into district 8. >> (clapping.) >> so i'd like to bring up someone that is involved the irish community born and raised san franciscan was in our police department for 319 years retired as a lieutenant and the president of the irish society. >> (clapping.) >> thank you first of all, i want to off the condolences of the entire irish community to mr. and mrs. boiling on the passing of their son tenors at the dinner the other night i coached terrance
5:38 pm
in soccer at scared high school i looked at terrance and he said i remedy you. you made me run a lot i was open again, it when i got the calls about the tragedy and i was happy that i made that approach to terrance but i have a bit of a personal request our grand marshall said he was up near the stage and a picture was taken care of him his son charley and terps he thought i took the picture i didn't it i need to everybody to go on social media to get that picture to jerry please do me a favor welcome to everyone that came down thrombus they named the
5:39 pm
honored guests i don't have to repeat that i'm happy about that but i appreciate you all scooting here when i got up this morning and saw the rainy thought a light crowd that's not true i'm happy you took the time to come down here and celebrate with us celebrating the one anniversary of the 1916 rising and i do want to thank san francisco pipers that caught the wheeling and ken he will sorry and dan thank you for coming out putting on the festivals of the parade is a huge theatre my director of public works and some of the assistants are awesome i appreciate it is pretty easy to sit at the table and take the ac lads and smile and shack machines but the
5:40 pm
people that do the work and the same thing for the city running are around from the sfmta myrtle did a great job and mayor be proud of your departments everybody stepping up and the individuals that get things done is amazing i also have diane ray and telling ma perez from the rec and park and chief joanne hayes-white for her staff getting the permits for the plaza and greg suhr at his staff station that captain lazarus and jennifer jackson and sergeant marin and lynn and pat tobin you know they did a great job i would like to take the opportunity because law enforcement in the country has taken a hit thank you to greg
5:41 pm
suhr for the job his men and women do everyday for us and offer my congratulations and condolences for the new position that chief vicki hennessey took so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i'd like to congratulate jerry boiling on becoming the grand marshall and ed and others as well as michael it is a huge honor to be named the grand marshall the honoree graurn but a lot of work and we appreciate that you agreed to not only be honored let us honor you for the work that is involved in that now i make the presentations to the grand marshall is that what i do now by thank you.
5:42 pm
>> my second year first of all, call of jerry boiling. >> (clapping.) >> this is from certificate of honor presented to jerry boiling whereas on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i am pleased to recognize and honor jerry boiling for the contributions to the irish community my great privilege on the selection of the irish society of the for the city and county of san francisco for the san francisco salesforce thank you. >> i'd like to thank the irish society for the honor i'm overwhelmed something i thought i'd never see or be in i would last week to say that san francisco is always been
5:43 pm
deeply involving in rirld or oirldz strewn for freedom and the rebel the incites of the red branch played their part in building up the rising the 1916 this shouldn't be forgotten i'd like to say that i especially am honored this year because it is the citizen neglect of the rising of 1916 and when you look at the irish flag and put it up remember it flew over the cities when the bombs blasted it and the words of frederick we'll envelope be at peace without roirlgd being free. >> (clapping.)
5:44 pm
>> and our first honoree grand marshall michael during kin i'd like to bring his wife mary up and the whole family if they'd like 2:00 p.m. years on the city and county of san francisco i'm pleased to recognize michael to the community it is my great privilege and honor in his memory on the occasion by the unit irish sornt the san francisco as an honorary grand marshall of the one and 60 irish day parade. >> (clapping.) >> and mike's daughter shannon thank you now i'll bring up the family of ed and maggie ma
5:45 pm
govern here comes bryan. >> (clapping.) >> big family he gets nomad to come up whereas think on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i'm pleased and honored to recognize those folks for the contributions of the rich american community it is my great privilege to hour their memory by the unit irish society as the grand marshalls of the one and 60 grand prayed congratulations to maggie congratulations . >> (clapping.) >> and this is the season to be irish the next couple weeks i invite everybody the city and in the bay area to become irish and celebrate with us honoring the 1916 rising easter rising now i'd like to bring up kevin that has a gift for the mayor.
5:46 pm
>> just want to say would be quick thank you to who puts this on caitlin thank you so much caitlin. >> (clapping.) >> through san francisco's sister city runs a richer known as is lee river every other year we get something from the river we get whiskey for the mayor joy that gift and i know what you're waiting forfeiture. >> (clapping.) >> thanks everybody and i want to on behalf of the city and county of san francisco i want to acknowledge the grand marshall or so and members to your families your dmronz and actually ms. boiling we have something to present to you if you come up on the honor of on
5:47 pm
the honor of one anniversary what we're celebrating it is really diversifying our condominiums first of all, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco the condolences for your loss this week and on the honor of this one anniversary we want to give you a copy of the irish declaration. >> (clapping.) >> so workplace we'll turn to the incredibly fun parts we're blessed to have a number of irish dancing groups and the relishing pepper band first call up the murphy school of rich dancers with 35 members for one and 75 at any time welcome them
5:48 pm
forward. >> (clapping.) >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
♪ ♪ in >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much and up next, we have the cheilo ken he will school o danci
5:51 pm
>> (clapping.) >> well, thank you very much and now i want to we have a few
5:52 pm
certifies of, however, for the wheeling i didn't kevinly group the irish dancers come on up >> (clapping.) >> and the murphy school of irish dance. >> (clapping.) >> >> (clapping.) >> as well as for the irish pipers band in san >> (clappin) >> as well as for the irish pipers band in sa (clapping.) >> as well as for the irish pipers band in san francisco. >> (clapping.)>> >> (clapping.)>> (clapping.) >> as well as for the irish pipers band in san francisco. >> (clapping.)(clapping.)
5:53 pm
>> as well as for the irish pipers band in san francisco. >> (clapping.) (clapping.) >> as well as for the irish pipers band in san francisco. >> (clapping.) > well, thank you again for coming today, we'll wrap up a huge thanks for charlotte schultz the best dressed woman in san francisco and never fails to amaze amounts happy heritage month in san francisco and thank you, everybody for wearing green. >> want to say a tradition starts by supervisor el balboa park welcome to my office there is food and drink as well please come and enjoy it and happy happy salesforce
5:54 pm
>> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works right now our power is from pg&e from non-renewable systems that comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy
5:55 pm
about think generated by caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines >> 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1. cut. >> we are here to celebrate the opening of this community garden. a place that used to look a lot darker and today is sun is shining and it's beautiful and it's been completely redone and been a gathering place for this community. >> i have been waiting for this garden for 3 decades. that is not a joke. i live in an apartment building three floors up and i have potted plants and have dreamt the
5:56 pm
whole time i have lived there to have some ability to build this dirt. >> let me tell you handout you -- how to build a community garden. you start with a really good idea and add community support from echo media and levis and take management and water and sun and this is what we have. this is great. it's about environment and stewardship. it's also for the -- we implemented several practices in our successes of the site. that is made up of the pockets like wool but they are made
5:57 pm
of recycled plastic bottles. i don't know how they do it. >> there is acres and acres of parkland throughout golden gate park, but not necessarily through golden community garden. we have it right in the middle of >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also
5:58 pm
accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide
5:59 pm
information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
6:00 pm
>> please call the roll. >> commissioner buell, here. commissioner low, here. commissioner bonilla, here. commissioner harrison, here. commissioner mcdonald, here. commissioner levitan is on the way. we have a couple announcements. we are-the order we are going in today we are going to start with the presidents report which is extremely short. we are then going to item number 4, which is general public comment. after that we are going to item 8 which is ceez arstadium and then the other things on the agenda. if


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