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tv   BOS Replay Full Board of Supervisors 4516  SFGTV  April 9, 2016 6:00pm-8:41pm PDT

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>>[gavel] >> president breed good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday tuesday, april 5, 2016. mdm. clerk please call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor avalos, present. breed peskin campos, present. cohen, present. farrell, not present, kim, not present mar not present, peskin, present. come tang, present. wiener, present.
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yee, present. kim, present. madame president you have a quorum >> president breed please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> president breed thank you. mdm. clerk, either any communications? >> clerk: i have none to report today >> president breed any changes to the separate 23rd or march 1, 2016 regular board meeting minutes? seeing none,, is their motion to approve those minutes? moved and seconded. going take this without objection? without objection those meeting minutes will be approved after public comments. the gavel
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>> president breed mdm. clerk please read the consent agenda >> clerk: items on consent are considered routine if a member of jets and item may be removed and considered separately breed >> president breed c-note items on the roster please call the roll >> clerk: on items one and 2 campos aye, >>[adjournment] aye, farrell, aye, kim aye, mar absent, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye there are 10 aye >> president breed those items are approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed please call items 34 and 5 together begot items 3-5 ordinance to appropriate specific amounts from the following sources in
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2015-6 and item 3 appropriate 46.5 million of 2015 will be paving and street safety general obligation bond proceeds and a chelated bond interest earnings to the apartment of municipal transportation agency for 3b servicing redesign of tree states. item 4 and 5 appropriate $29.79 and 111 $9 of 2015 for earthquake safety emergency response general allegation bronwyn proceeds in a chelated bond interest to public works for necessary improvements of seismic improvements >> president breed comitatus item same house without objection the ordinance passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed mdm. clerk next item >> clerk: items 6-8 referred without recognition from the budget finance committee print item 6 is an ordinance 2.2.2
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million from the general fund reserve to the recreation and parks dept. for facilities improvements in the geneva ipod in fiscal year 2015-16 >> president the big rollcall vote >> clerk: campos aye, cohen aye farrell nay, kim aye, mar absent, peskin aye, tang nay wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed nay. there are 7 aye and 3 nay with supervisor b farrell became agreed in the dissent breed >> president breed the ordinance is passed >>[gavel] >> president breed please call items 7 and 8 together >> clerk: items 7 and ordinance lamented mr. that code to establish san francisco
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super bowl l impact fund to be used to provide financial support to small businesses pacific we impacted by super bowl related events. item 8 is the ordinance to appropriate $100,000 from the general reserve to fund the super bowl l impact fund in fiscal year 2015-16 >> president breed seen no names on the roster, can you please call the roll >> clerk: on item 7 and 8, supervisor campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar, absent peskin aye, tang nay, wiener nay, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 8 aye and to nay
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>> president breed >> supervisor farrell would like to recall his vote >> president supervisor befell has made a motion to rescind. 2nd by supervisors didn't get without objection the motion to rescind passes unanimously >>[gavel] . breed please call the roll on 7 and 8 >> clerk: supervisors because aye, cohen aye, farrell nay, kim aye, mar absent, peskin aye, tang nay, wiener nay, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye.
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there are 7 aye and 3 nay with supervisor farrell tang wiener innocent breed >> president breed the ordinance are passed >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 9 if the resolution to authorize meniscal transportation agency to execute a lease agreement with industrial park llc for proximally 7.3 acres of space located at 30 avenue south san francisco to be used for a bus operator training course for 9 years by one term through february 28 by one term through february 28, 2026 with an initial annual base rent of approximately $2.5 billion in annual 2% increase. breed supervisor cohen >> supervisor cohen i like to make a motion for one week
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>> president breed it's minor sinning we are considering a three-week continuous? >> supervisor cohen like to make a motion for 3 weeks >> president breed supervisor cohen has made a motion to continue for 3 weeks it can we take this item without objection? without objection the motion is continued passes unanimously the gavel >> president breed next item >> clerk: item 10 and ordinance to amend the ministry of code to establish the san francisco, site reward fund >> president. rollcall vote >> clerk: supervisor campos aye, cohen the eye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar absent, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, ab- the eye, avalos aye, breed aye.
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there are 10 aye >> president breed the ordinance is asking amazon >>[gavel] begot item 11 is and ordinance to amend the pub. works code to clarify graffiti prohibition services all. city assets and to establish accented trade administered penalties for defending party and the number code sections and to affirm the plaintiff permits ceqa determination. >>[reading] can we take this same house, same call without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 12 is and ordinance amend the building code to acquire any existing link with a place of public accommodation either to have a primary entry of passive travel into the building accessible by persons with disabilities which received from the city a determination of the cold and
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facilitation, technical feasibility or leasable hardship. it's also to establish a disability access compliance unit within the apartment of building inspection to establish a fee to offset the cost of the disability access and proven program to further amend the ministry of code chapter 38 to acquire a building owner to give notice of the mandatory building code primary entry and travel accessibility require meds in any new or amended public accommodation from the planning dept. ceqa determination and make appropriate findings >> president breed supervisor tang >> supervisor began: i want to take this opportunity to thank colleagues for support on this legislation. i know may not seem this way but this legislation is actually quite groundbreaking. i would say the first in our entire country where we are actually going to be mandating that all of our public places of accommodation have accessible entrances for anyone who wants to go into that place of business. so, this is been 2 years in the making and it has been supported by small business
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commission. dbi staff has worked hard on this the mayor's office on disability especially carla johnson, public works, planning and so forth. it's been a really collaborative effort to make this happen and so i just want to say that once this passes and implemented we will start seeing improvements to all places of public accommodation do i want to thank everyone for the sport >> president speed read thank you. can we take this item because it would change with mar rollcall vote >> clerk: item item 12 campos aye cohen aye farrell aye kim aye, mar aye, because can aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there
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are 11 aye >> president. this ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 13 and ordinance amend the police code to require employers to provide supplemental condensation to employees were receiving state paid family leave for purpose of bonding with a new child. >> president breed provides her wiener >> supervisor wiener: colleagues, today before us is legislation that will keep san francisco on the leading edge of public policy to support workers and to support working families in our city, which has become increasingly unaffordable or too many of our residents. this specifically, this legislation will make san francisco the first place in the united states to guarantee 6 prepaid weeks of parental
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leave for new parents. whether through biological birth or through adoption. i want to thank supervisor yee for his cosponsorship of the legislation and i want to thank andres power in my office for his incredible work moving this important legislation forward. colleagues, it is surprising and troubling that for every significant portion of people in our country people can give birth, adopt or foster baby today and be required to go back to work tomorrow. for many, this untenable choice is a choice between bonding with the new child and putting food on the table. this is not a choice that any family should have to make. even though studies have shown over and over again the incredible benefit of allowing parents the opportunity to bond with the new child, benefits for the
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family as a whole come and if it's for that child, benefits for the parents when he or she goes back to work in terms of productivity, we are in the united states so far behind. the united states is one of only 4 countries in the world -the other 3 being swaziland and papa new guinea that does not require at least paid maternity leave. instead, while about half of us employees have the right to take up to 3 months of unpaid time off, very small minority of workers in this country actually have access to paid parental leave. particularly, for lower income working class families people do not have the option of not getting paid in order to stay at home and bond with a new child. this is absolutely an issue of income inequality
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where we have higher paid workers who frequently have better access to parental leave and lower paid workers that have little or no access to while we have some large companies here in san francisco and the bay area who are very admirably stepped up to make sure the workers have access to paper and delete, it is time to make sure that all workers have access to parental leave. california is one of 3 and italy note for states with new york actions at yesterday the provide some level of benefits for new parents to take trade parental bonding a good california through the state disability system which is funded entirely by worker payroll that options provides 55% of salary replacement for 6 weeks. this is est. in 2004 and it's been a very beneficial program. but, while this is certainly somewhat better than anywhere else in the country, for many workers to take a 45 to take a $.45 pay cut is essentially the same as being
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denied parental leave. although we have seen some real benefits to this program in terms of parents ability to bond with a child, benefits for fathers who be able to participate more in their child's life, and increases in breast-feeding, and worker him that activity improvement with ashley seen a drop-off in participation in the program likely because it's just too expensive for people to live and to take a significant pay cut to bond with a new job. this legislation will require that employers with 20 or more workers provide the other $.45 so the worker receives 100% wage replacement for 6 weeks. this will move a significant barrier in terms of particularly lower income working class families being able to access paid parental leave and i want to thank the youth commission for supporting
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this legislation as well as the commission on the status of women. he also received a letter last week from planned parenthood stressing its support. since the introduction of the legislation we work closely with the broad coalition of stakeholders. a wonderful advocates working locally, statewide and nationally to expand access to paid parental leave as well as family leave generally. but also with the business community. i know we've heard from some members of the business community about their concerns run the financial impact of this legislation,, and i want to just assure you we worked closely with the business community from before introduction of this legislation and have excepted a series of amendments from the business day to make sure we're taking a balanced approach that supports our business community while also supporting working families in san francisco. as you know, colleagues, in committee there was an man works
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that was adopted over my objection to illuminate private right of action for this legislation. i colleagues today i distributed and an amendment that would restore the private right of action in a modified form. specifically, it will require a worker who believes he or she has been deprived of this benefit to file a complaint with the office of labor standards enforcement could well see love 90 days to investigate and make a determination. if they make a determination then so be it but if they do not act or for whatever reason is not taking action or investigating the worker will then be able to file a lawsuit. we want to make sure will be able to gain access to these benefits. i want to thank the amazing coalition we worked with. the california work and family coalition. the legal aid society. the employment law center equal rights advocates
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and the opportunity to colleagues, this legislation is an amazing opportunity for us once again to show that san francisco leads the way. yes, we wanted to be a federal paid parental leave program. we wanted to be a statewide program. it would be great if the state or federal government stepped up tomorrow and said were going to do this. but, for now we are to do what we've always done and that is to lead and whether it's minimum wage, paid sick leave universal healthcare, san francisco has lived in the state and sometimes even the federal government has followed and i'm confident that will happen again. so, colleagues, i ask for your support thank you very much. >> president >>[reading] is that a motion to amend? moved and seconded. i apologize good i'm going to call on supervisor peskin designer accidentally removed his name from the list. supervisor peskin the one
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peskin: >> supervisor peskin i rise in general support for this measure. this may be ironic on my last time on this board of supervisors we lead the nation in many ways relative to minimum wage, healthcare, station, sick leave, paid time off but in all of those instances i think we endeavor to do what the sponsor supervisor wiener is endeavoring to do which is to allow a phase in period. i related there is a phase in period in this piece of legislation, but i think it could be you elongated a little bit and still ultimately achieve the kind of national we were attempting to do here. i also would like to suggest one other amendment which is when the legislation is currently structured it applies to employees who work for 90 days. i think it would be reasonable to elongate that. i think we've
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heard that from another of constituents. specifically, i rise to make the following amendment that on page 4, line 3, which is to change the 90 days to 180 days. page 5, line 3 to change the number of 20, 2 number 35. so on january 31 of 2017 this would apply to businesses of 50 or more. on july 1 of 2017 would apply to businesses of 35 or more and then to add a 3rd tier which is on january 1 of 2018 to have it applied to businesses of 20 or more. so, those are the amendments that i'm standing to offer. the dent breed >> president breed your copy of those amendments? >> supervisor peskin noted but
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i provided a copy to the attorney. page 3, line 4 strike 90 and insert 180. on page 4, at line 19 it says covered employer as of january 1, 2017, means any person as defined under section 18, the sentence goes on to say, regularly employs 50 or more employees regardless of location. the next one says, covered employer as of . the next one says, covered employer as of july 1, 2017 means somebody employed-this is down page 5, line 3, 20 or more employees. i suggest we strike 20 and insert the number, 35. then, repeat that paragraph and have it say as a jerry one 2018 employees who regularly employs 20 or more >> president breed: is there a 2nd for supervisor because his
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motion? moved and seconded. with that i like to call on supervisor farrell >> supervisor farrell only some general comment. i'd also want to thank supervisor wiener and tang on this issue over the past year. as someone with cerebral children are that we can do enough in this regard. i appreciate the balancing act for all the constituencies penalizing them for their leadership on its whatever form of passes out today i think it's a great thing for our city >> president breed: supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: i really want to say i'm a proud cosponsor and i want to give supervisor wiener some credit for bringing this up. these are issues that may be supervisor peskin, myself in the community for me since the early 80s when we were trying
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to get the family leave act together. that took forever. finally we passed it and this fight has been going on for ever at the national level and this is really shameful thing that this nation doesn't have a national policy around parental leave. just about every other country, every developed country has one. so, this could take san francisco to take the lead and say, yes, you should be ashamed of this federal government we will do that. i am hopeful that like supervisor wiener, the federal government at some point soon will step up and actually follow suit and give parents what they deserve and what they really need in terms of having a bonding with the children and not having to choose between
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not having a job and so forth. to take care of the young child. so, i'm fully in support of this already. i just want to say make that statement, i think all this should be proud of this legislation >> president breed: supervisor cohen >> supervisor >>[adjournment] : actually i think peskin answered a few of my questions. i want to put a question to the maker of the sponsor of this legislation. i definitely would knowledge that tang and scott wiener have demonstrated good i think incredibly important we continue to have this and push this city ultimately pushing the state to get to create an appropriate policy to support families. so, my question really to supervisor wiener how long would employee be employed for leave? the answer is
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definitely 90 days. i did receive some questions and pushback from some of the small businesses in my district and i want to pose some questions publicly. could you talk to me a little bit how you came to 90 days of employment as opposed to what were discussing i think supervisor peskin is introduced and amendment articulating a desire to see it move to 180 days. the could shed some light on that? mdm. chair, if i may have asked supervisor peskin 2 provides are wiener some questions i like to have an opportunity to have them answer >> president breed supervisor wiener >> supervisor wiener: thank you for the class. there's nothing magical about-we want to make sure there's a window of time that it would apply to someone working and when on leave week or 2 later. i think that 90
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days is reasonable. i think when hundred 80 days is reasonable. there's absolute nothing magic. if people would prefer to go with 180 days that would be fine whitney. i think 90, 180 both within a reasonable range. >> supervisor cohen: that answers my question the other elements i like is interesting is that it's scalable. something else i heard concerns for my constituents about it like what we get with another piece of legislation a few years ago those pre-controversial. we had it scaling up to reach to a certain point. can you talk a solo but that >> supervisor wiener: so, when we initially introduced the legislation it would've gone into or initially drafted it would've gone into effect 30 days after the mayor's signature. applying to
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businesses with 20 workers or more. we then changed it so that it went into effect on january 1, 2017 can i send many businesses do their planning on a calendar year basis. so, giving people until january 1 of this coming year. in committee, supervisor tang proposed for businesses that were under 50, was 20-49 giving workers extra time so in committee be made and amendment to say on january 1 it'll take a factor for businesses with 50 or more workers and on july 1 of next year for businesses of 20-49 workers. supervisor peskin is proposing a very modest change to that. to say it'll still go into effect for 50 workers or more january 1,, 435-49 workers on july 1, then for that limited subset of businesses between 20 and 30 workers 5 additional 6 months
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until january 1, 2018 good i'm happy to support that amendments. it's a very modest change and it will start going to effect january 1 in a year later be fully in effect >> president breed thank you. supervisor mar >> supervisor; i appreciate supervisor wiener's leadership on this issue. you mentioned the california working how families plummet lozenge or equal rights advocates. many others on these issues could was a pleasure to work with them on the retail workers unprintable scheduling and copies of on-call schedule and i think the peskin amendment addresses of the concerns by some of the small business commissioners and others. i appreciate that supervisor wiener has spoken to us on a witty and low-wage workers are challenged in many ways and i think this will help as a member of the first 5
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commission understand the brain development from birth-5 to 6 week period is critical in brain development in bonding and emotional the moment her babies and young ones. i think this sets us more on the level of the european social democracy that have more forward looking policies like this. i think the phase-in makes sense. i am glad that we retained the 20 employee threshold, which is really critical and going up to 20 team make sense to give many of the smaller and medium-sized businesses in chance to address their own management issues. i just want to say, too, i think for working families as a father having 6 months of parental leave is supervisor farrell mentioned, that would've allowed me much more of an effort to build a bond with my child. now try to catch up she turned 16. i think this is a really forward looking
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policy. i'm pleased that the leadership that supervisor wiener is showing overly we supported by the sport. him and supportive of the amendment and of the ordinance as amended as well. >> president breed: just a word of caution, bonding with a teenager is virtually impossible. supervisors become close >> supervisor campos: i want to thank supervisor the winner for his leadership on this. i think that this is something that is a step in the right direction and make sense that san francisco would be leading the way. as we have on other issues. as a matter of consistency, i will not be supporting the amendment could him so much sure why we especially with the progressive majority on this board would weaken the law when it comes to protecting workers. i think that increasing the threshold, whether it's
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temporary or not means that fewer workers will be covered by this and i've seen this movie before. as someone who has a different time proposed changes to the healthcare law and the same arguments are made, were made, in terms of the parade of horrible so what happened. i'm open to having a meaningful discussion about how changes should happen but i'm not convinced that going from 90 to 180 make sense and i think if were going to do this that we should do it as strongly as we can. so, i will be voting against the amendment. i think the amendment is watered-down of the protections and therefore committed to this then let's do it. i have yet to hear any arguments as to why these
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changes, these amendments actually make the law more feasible. i know that for many businesses if they had a choice they wouldn't want this passed. if they had a choice they would not have wanted to help the security ordinance have passed. i think if we want to focus on how we make things better for the community there's things we can do. i certainly have tried to do that with proposition j and other efforts but i don't think that watered-down protections for workers is the way to do that. i will be voting no on the amendment >> president breed: the visor beanie >> supervisor yee: i forgot to mention that i know somebody who receive some correspondence or calls from nonprofits in regards to this piece of legislation. certainly, i had. i just want to mention that at the committee hearing we actually did you do some
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language in their 2 address of the some of these issues. so, i just want to point that out that we are asking the controller and office of labor standards enforcement to provide alternative to the board of supervisors airport including the estimate the cost of compliance of this particular ordinance and for nonprofit organizations. to come up with policies and budget options that would enable the city to subsidize these costs through annual budgets. i'm talking about these organizations that get contacted from the city to do work. so, one of the things i want to make sure is that we don't have somebody that would contract with us to do the work and there's no funding for the stricter requirements. so again i just want to point it out. if nonprofits to become contacted
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dissembling virginia. >> president breed thank you. supervisor cohen >> supervisor cohen: i'm interested in hearing his argument as to why or how the moments watered-down or we can the workers protection? >> supervisor campos: even though it's a separate change by increasing the threshold to a larger number of employees that means that from 20-250 even temporary change it means that fewer employees will be covered by this. likewise, doubling the amount of time you have to work to be protected from 90 days to 180 days fewer workers in my view would be covered. i don't know what the numbers are and i think before we start down the path of making these changes that this should be some analysis of what the impact is. i just feel uncomfortable going down this
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path. first of all, i do think as a general rule will be fewer workers covered, and 2nd, even if it makes sense to have it understanding of why make sense, why these specific changes and what are the impacts in terms of how big businesses would be impacted and how many employees would be impacted. >> president breed sadistic clarification. it's minor staining were talking about a difference of a years time in terms of its effect so i just want to-6 month. supervisor wiener. can you explain? i just would like clarity on the difference because what we are talking about here in the number of employees in the hours of the employees, we are talking taking something in effect initially at 20 for a
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higher threshold. at the beginning of 2017, and then the difference for the next threshold of employee is what in particular? >> supervisor wiener: these are minor amendments. frankly, had we in introducing legislation put 180 days and instead of 90 days i can guarantee you that topic would not even come up for discussion at the board of supervisors. because they're both reasonable amounts. so, the fact is we put in 90. understanding whether it's 90, 120, 180, it's all reasonable. supervisor peskin i suggested we go to 180. the board wants to do that it's totally within the range. again, had been put in 180 from the beginning of going to get my lunch no member of the board of supervisors to raise that issue. in terms of the phasing in, it's very minor modification that supervisor peskin has proposed to say that
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for businesses 20-34 workers instead of going into effect july 1 of next year ago into effect 6 months later and at that point every single worker from businesses 20 or more workers will be covered by this. huge step forward. it's just a minor change in of the board wants to go in that direction it does not in any way undermine the legislation. >> president breed see no other names on the roster, we have before us to amendments to consider. the first amendment has been circulated by supervisor wiener. mdm. clerk, on the first amendment which was seconded, can you please call the roll >> clerk: supervisor campos aye, >> president breed supervisor wiener's specific amendment
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>> clerk: campos aye cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 11 aye. >> president breed the unit that passes a man asleep on the second amendment's these call the roll. >> clerk: supervisor campos nay, cohen aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye,
6:40 pm
avalos aye, breed aye. there are 10 aye and one nay with supervisors become us innocent >> president breed passes. >>[gavel] >> clerk: on the amendment please call the roll >> clerk: avalos aye, cohen vi, farrell aye, kim aye, mar aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 11 aye >> president breed the webex passes unanimously on first reading as amended >>[gavel] next >> clerk: item 17 a.m. 13 in the next to the recreation and park dept. to protect the incident improvement project in
6:41 pm
fiscal year 2015-16 breed >> president same housing call we do without objection passes unanimously on first reading >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 15 e lilly to enter into an amended multiyear contract for substance use disorders services the state dept. of healthcare services in the amount of approximately $47.69 from july 1, 2014 through june 30, 2017 and to authorize and is made that the public health county alcohol and drug administrator to sign it said agreement and to approve amendments for less than 10% of the contracted amount. >> president breed same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 16 resolution
6:42 pm
to authorize director of public works to execute agreements with california transit transportation pertain to the 3rd street bridge we have a vision project for the amount of approximately $18.4 million >> president breed same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 17 links to designate once everyone said marcus avenue also known as the towel house, is a landmark designation under the planning code article 10 in making people but finds. >> president breed same house, same call without objection the ordinance is passed on the first reading nervously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 18 to amend the admission of code to prevent certain no-fault evictions during owner move-in's condominium conversions removal rental units capital for this and substantial rehabilitation during the school year a child under 18 or person who works at school in san francisco resides in the rental unit is a tenant or has a custodial or family
6:43 pm
relationship with a tenant and the tenant has resided in the unit for 12 months or more provided however this ordinance would not restrict the timing of evictions performed in connection with mandatory seismic virtual pets and to remove existing exceptions for owners apply to owner move-in admissions during fiscal year. >> president breed supervisor campos >> supervisor speakos: the legislation >> supervisor campos: the legislation before you today is about helping educators remain in their home during the academic year. i want to thank supervisor kim avalos cohen and particular supervisor mar because this logician builds on a prior legislative effort that supervisor demar spearheaded in 2009. it only allows landlords to evict families when your
6:44 pm
children under 18 during the summer not during the academic year. this legislation we've done 2 things. one, we've expanded that legislation to include all no-fault evictions so that families with children under 18 cannot be evicted during the school year for evictions related to condo conversion, removal of rental units, capital improvements, and substantial rehabilitation. the 2nd thing we do, we include educators and we define educators as people who work at san francisco schools directly with students, whether preschools, home daycare's, and k-12 schools, both in public and private schools could this also, this not only includes the teacher, paraprofessional, administrator, counselor, but also includes security guards, attendance, liaisons, cafeteria workers, school nurses, social workers, psychologists. this
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ordinance will help mitigate the impact of displacement in educators and families. the children.. it will help minimize the harm evictions can have on a child and the school community. san francisco then data for one year shows that there were 2120 notices of evictions filed between march 2014 and march 2015. this is a 50% increase compared to 5 years prior. with regard to no-fault evictions the work or hundred 38 evictions on record for that year. but housing advocates point out point out the number is probably more than double. the impact on families with children of evictions is very significant. if you are an educator the impact of an eviction is pretty significant in the sense that if you're evicted him means you are pushed out. not only in san francisco but chances are the bay area. the starting salary for a fully credentialed teacher is less than $3400 per
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month. that is lower than the median rental price for a one bedroom, which is $3620. paraprofessionals make a lot a lot less. $2083 a month. so being evicted from apartment means essentially that you are no longer able to live in san francisco. this is something happening not only in san francisco but in the rest of the state and nationwide. we have a teacher and school staff shortage hi sis and that is playing itself out in our public schools and private schools. last year we had 500 openings at the school district alone. we had also insufficient numbers of substitute teachers because these teachers are not able to afford to live in san francisco. so, you have children in our public school system that must double up with
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other fast mates classmates which is led to overcrowding and having a difficult learning environment in classrooms throughout san francisco. it is not only when a staff member is addicted that an absence occurs. it also happens during the period when that worker is fighting an eviction which involves any appearances in court and other proceedings. so, i also want to say that one of the things that has been said about this ordinance is that this could actually end up humming educators because it would discourage landlords and property owners from renting to them. i want to make it clear that that is simply not well-founded. it actually ignores the law. as was noted by people who are working on this for quite some time, california law clearly
6:48 pm
prohibits discrimination based on source of income, and against families with children. our city attorney can prosecute any landlord was found to be illegally discriminating against a member of any protected group. our families and educators in san francisco need our help. i want to think of following people who up in instrumental in making this legislation possible by chief of staff hillary running. my legislative aide carolyn guzman had big thanks to lita blanc was the president of united educators of san francisco. also to dean preston, the director of-was actually dean's idea to come up with this piece of legislation. i also want to think that youth commission for unanimously supporting this law as well as to the san francisco tenants union, housing rights
6:49 pm
committee, school board commissioners, sandy fewer, and matt haynie further support. colleagues, i ask for your support in making this possible today. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor mar >> supervisor; mar i want to give props to supervisor campos. in 2009-10 lower for the anti-eviction coalition of parents and others, because of a family protection act is very proud supervisors because it has even strengthened our intent to really support the staff and educators and teachers at school sites and really working to minimize the stress on children during the school year. i think him a like a six-week paper and to leave this is a very important policy that makes befriend a family-friendly and child friendly city. i think we do block and united educators of san francisco deserve tremendous credit. this number does one teacher says. facing evictions could we are hearing about it every month. having policies like this not only
6:50 pm
will help with children and families but also many teachers and school staff that are struggling during this crisis of affordability to stay in our city and keep serving the kids and community and the people. so i'm proud to be a cosponsor of this and couldn't continue our work to minimize displacement has supervisor campos mentioned but to allow staff and educators to continue to educate and nurture our kids during the school year. >> president breed supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: i want to thank supervisors because for putting this forward. i specified to thank him for including some language that we encouraged to define teachers and educators beyond what some people would consider to be the only definition, which is from teachers from k to 12. several
6:51 pm
people mentioned supervisor mar mentioned about 3 years in terms of the development and teachers are the ones that would impact that. they provide early childhood education and childcare centers and family child care homes. indeed, these are the people that even paid a lot less the teachers we already mentioned could. these are the ones these are the people that we need to help the most and in the past, i would say that without having such an enlightened composition of supervisors, in the past this would not have never flew in terms of having a lens am glad including that subset of
6:52 pm
educators. i think they're really happy about this. i meant. what of this. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor kim >> supervisor kim: i want to think and organize a supervisor avalos and staff for their work on expanding this ordinance as originally written. i supervisor mar. and expanding it for the types of no class evictions but also for educated. we actually had a hearing at the school district board of supervisors select committee in september of last year with the mayor's office of housing reported that currently zero market-rate homes for sale in san francisco error are affordable to an average sf school district side. their zero homes currently affordable for the average as of side. get 72% of teachers live in san francisco and we loan out roughly 50% of teachers in san francisco leave their position in san francisco after 5 years
6:53 pm
because often citing difficulty of finding affordable housing in the city where they teach being a factor. we know that actually teachers dramatically improve over time. in fact, 5 years is a good marker where teachers are finally really able to utilize other skills, their experience. also, their familiarity with the community to come really really strong teachers and disappoint in time that we want to retain our teachers instead of losing them. i think this will be important to measure in at least protecting teachers in place during the school year. which i think is incredibly important. we don't want teachers to bring the housing and security into the classroom when the teaching our children and this is a good step ensuring teachers will be safe and protected while
6:54 pm
they're teaching in the school year. also spending this protection to families with children in a variety of different profession. i'm excited to cosponsor this legislation and abroad will be moving this to today >> president >>[reading] thank you i want to also add thank you to supervisor campos for bringing this legislation for. our office try to work with you to dig a little deeper and look at affordable housing as well as public housing and the students of possible teachers live in those moments should also the same protections as those who live out there in the open market. so dad my name first of all to this legislation is a cosponsor and then continue to work with your office to explore making sure that we are looking at the broader housing market and were really targeting especially affordable in public housing all over our city. with that, i see other names on the roster. supervisor cohen
6:55 pm
>> supervisor >>[adjournment] can i just like to ask a question question to make this legislation. i'm curious to know what happened to the teacher is teaching during the school year roughly september -june and then decides to go into summer school. does that extension, as teaching? >> supervisor campos: we basically limited to the school year to the academic year so summer does not included in that. how far we can take this is not entirely clear. i think we tried to take it as far as we possibly can. but i would hope this would inspire landlords not to eat at any educator even during the summer but it's only the academic year >> supervisor cohen does it include special education
6:56 pm
centers were about paraprofessionals? and teachers assistance, anyone that's working for the san francisco unified school district? >> supervisor campos anyone that works in the school setting not just public but private schools building a we have a large percentage of san francisco children that attend private schools so we want to protect them as well. >> president breed: thank you. supervisors because >> supervisor campos: i look forward to working with you on expanding production. but amy said rachel sends and i think we can definitely do a better job so look forward to reviewing office. >> president be great is a great step in the right directions we appreciate it. with that, colleagues, we take item 18 same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] . breed item 19 pico item 19 and ordinance to amanda please go to mandate the businesses
6:57 pm
and places of public accommodation designate single-user toilet facilities that are visible to the public or employees all gender accessible to persons of any gender identity to bar enforcement of the signage requirements by the dept. of building inspection to amend administrative code to acquire buildings on land that the city owns or leases to provide all gender toilet facilities and affirming the planet thomas ceqa determination. >> president breed supervisor avalos >> supervisor campos: the next piece of legislation that's common sense legislation that my staff has been working on for many months and we have been doing that in close partnership with the transgender law center as well as senior disability ashley i actually know that supervisor farrell and others have also been working on this but the bottom line is that i think that collectively we should be very proud of the fact that as places like north carolina moved to take rights away from
6:58 pm
members of the transgender community we here in san francisco are doing the opposite. we are actually taking a step in the right direction and ashley protecting the rights of all people to do something as basic and as essential and yet, so critical, as going to the bathroom. i want to thank my cosponsors of this legislation supervisor farrell, kim, avalos, mar, yee. this legislation requires businesses, places of public accommodation in city buildings to identify any single occupancy restaurant is in all gender restroom by changing the signage on that board. the ordinance allows but doesn't require entities to create multi-stall toilet facilities that all gender. a term that means a general neutral or unisex. for city buildings the law will also require at least
6:59 pm
one all gender restroom be provided on each floor of any new construction or renovated building. the apartment also applies to buildings look at our property that is respected city and county of san francisco. the ordinance also requires there's 5 or more toilet facilities that are designed for multiple occupants that one of the facilities must be identified as an all gender restroom. san francisco is not the first city to enact such a bucket washington dc, in fact, was the first and dc was followed by philadelphia, austin, west hollywood, berkeley and new york. however, were actually doing it right. what we are voting on today is the most conference of legislation on the topic that has been drafted anywhere in this country. it is unique in that it includes an enforcement mechanism to the human rights commission, through the dept. of building inspections and
7:00 pm
its uses it uses many mechanisms to actually lead to compliance. this legislation will help ensure all san franciscans can use the bathroom in peace without fear of harassment, discrimination, confusion and embarrassment or physical harm. ultimately this legislation will benefit many people, not only in the transgender community, which is what people usually think about , but also includes parents with the opposite gender children to seniors and disabled people with opposite gender caretakers, members of the transgender community and gender nonconforming people who too often had to face harassment when using the russman. 2 ashley women who -eithertampa to are probably sick and tired of the long lines that they have to wait to use the bathroom growth of demand. i want to thank the
7:01 pm
following individuals who were dismantling making this law possible. sasha we share the transgender law ctr., jessica lehman, director of senior disability action, carla johnson , whose incredible in her role as the head of the mayor's office of disability, which how taranto dept. of building inspection i also want to thank director he we are making this a priority. regina that conducive small business commission. i want to thank mayor lee and his staff bill barnes and john update of the dept. of real estate who worked with us to make this possible. and a special thanks to someone who is been working in the area of transgender rights for somebody years. 2 ashley was the person who came to meet with the idea that is theresa sparks, director of the human rights commission, who approach
7:02 pm
me not too long ago about making this possible. then, lastly, i wonder think the business community could so many different folks who work with estimation that we did the right thing when it comes to this issue could so i want to thank the golden gate restaurant association, chambers of commerce, the hotel counsel . thank you very much and finally, to the commissions inspection commission and the commission also supported it. colleagues, ask for your support. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor farrell >> supervisor chow: i do i think supervisors because a greater first work on this in the coalition. advocates and organizations that operate this policy. i do believe the supervisor become a smidgen of the case as to significance given some of legislation around
7:03 pm
we see around the country especially recently as of yesterday. last night the mississippi legislature passed and the government signed sweeping discrimination bill dies in the cloak of protecting religious freedom which we see quite a bit about the upcoming georgia was different that we also north carolina which supervisor campos mentioned recent. lawmakers indiana virginia south dakota have all offered similar bills.. really do think san francisco we are spoiled that we don't have to deal with those types of legislative ideas but it's really sad to see that type of bigotry still exists across our country. you're just like supervisor campos, i believe everybody deserves the right to use the restroom in peace free from discrimination or restaurant that is long overdue. i do think gender identity and sexual orientation as something witty to protect. san francisco and protect their rights certainly is a legislative body
7:04 pm
certainly as is a good thing is a great piece of legislation and thank you for working on this. equal access any courts needs to be something we buy for every survey on how to support this >> president breed: bt supervisor wiener >> supervisor wiener: thank you to supervisors because and farrell for pushing this forward. please add me as a cosponsor. i want to reiterate how perfect this timing is that were doing this immediately after the passage and signing into law of the despicable law in north carolina that basically announces to the lgbt community that they are not full citizens. the idea in north carolina at this law stands up which i hope it doesn't, that will not have apparently bathroom police who have to do some sort of inspecon to tell
7:05 pm
you which bathroom are allowed to use it it's really just straight out of 500 years ago or something and it's really so out of step where we are going as a society. san francisco has, for many years, led the way in terms of replacing our transgender brothers and sisters . i'm making it very clear that our transgender community is at the heart of our overall community and that we rise or fall together. so, this legislation is a good additional signal that we stand with all san franciscans of all genders of all gender identities and i'm proud to support. >> president breed bt:. super thank you. supervisors because >> supervisor campos on our thank you supervisor wiener and president breed for being added as cosponsors. this is one of
7:06 pm
those things that i think in 5 to 10, 20 or so look back and wonder why were we fighting about this but i'm just so proud that all of us are pushing this forward and i forgot to thank carolyn in my office who just pushed to get this through as quickly as possible. i have the smallest bladder of anyone i know some to me >> president breed tmi supervisor campos >> supervisor campos i asked for your support >> president breed thank you for your leadership on this issue. when i went about with happening in north carolina and what happened in the 1960s to the african-americans a time when things were supposedly separate but equal and they were not an folk stood up and today we are able to use the
7:07 pm
bathroom that anybody of any race can use and i think the same should be for any gender selected shape your leadership on the spirit with that, colleagues predict this item same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 20 and ordinance to make findings and declare the existence of the shelter crisis in san francisco >> president breed: supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: sorry about that. >> president breed supervisor campos >> supervisor chavez i will campos >> supervisor campos: i believe we reached a state of emergency but comes to the issue of homelessness. especially
7:08 pm
homelessness as it's playing itself out within cameras throughout the city. i went to this opportunity first by thinking my staff, hillary ronan, carolyn goossen but i also want to thank someone who i learned a lot from on the issue of homelessness and been working on this issue for quite some time in that is gavin duffy. we've heard from homeless advocates and service providers. we and my office continue to hear from residents. we've heard from small business owners. we've heard from homeless people themselves and the sad thing is in this city that those a budget of more than $9 billion
7:09 pm
a city that has more billionaires per capita than any other city with thousands of san franciscans, thousands of people are left to suffer on the streets of the city. the residents of san francisco, and i can tell use only the residents of district 9, are frustrated. they have been left to deal with the growing encasements in our residential neighborhoods and i believe respectfully to everyone involved, we collectively as city government have failed to address this issue in a meaningful wheel weight. we'll wait. i believe that failure buyers especially those of us who are elected members of this llegislative branch that we act. to address this crisis, to increase our city's capacity to address homelessness and i believe we have to recognize that it is a crisis and it is a
7:10 pm
emergency. that's what this declaration of a shelter emergency does. this legislation allows the city to be more flexible when it comes to structural and habitability requirements. it suspends certain rules should we choose to do so for particular site that makes sense as a shelter were navigation center. it doesn't take away community input and that is very clear. i support the amendment does pay my supervisor yee to make that clear. but, for example the building code says that housing for particular site must have one bathroom for 6 residents at the facility that is identified has a good option for navigation center or shelter is one bathroom for every 7 residents, this would allows to use that space. at the end of the day, though, the declaration of a shelter emergency alone is not going to
7:11 pm
change what needs to be changed. we have to follow through with other action and as you know i have a introduce legislation that follows this declaration with a designation of additional navigation centers tied and connected to housing. this legislation is a tool will help us mordantly respond to homelessness but it will help us more quickly put together temporary shelters whether it's a navigation center or something else but again it is a first step. i would to thank my cosponsors of this legislation supervisor kim, campos, nay, president breed, supervisor peskin, cohen. i also want to note as i mentioned there was an amendment by supervisor yee witchy introducing committee was clarified that this legislation
7:12 pm
does not override the community input or planning process when it comes to this deciding what her particular site is good site for navigation center. community input is absolutely critical in determining whether or shelter were navigation center should be at a particular place. homelessness is the number one priority for the people of san francisco. it's not me saying that the chamber of commerce and others who've asked the people of san francisco can tell you that. people want us to use whatever legislative budgetary discretion we have 20 in on this issue. there isn't one silver bullet and this is a step in the right direction and i ask for your support >> president breed thank you. supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: once again, thank you supervisor campos for introducing yet another piece of legislation to vote on
7:13 pm
today. we've been facing this emergency on homelessness for years now. probably like everyone else district 7 is not any different. the residents are growing pretty increasingly concerned with the homeless population. and how it is impacting us as a society. we really need to be working towards a solution as a collective community there's been a lot of confusion with what's been introduced and so forth and about how sites have been selected and if neighbors will no longer have a say in offering the best options for homeless shelters. homeless residents. the supervisor campos mentioned, introducing language to amend the legislation that's a much amending it. i would say it's claire fine that, yes, we would
7:14 pm
not be bypassing community process. yes, would not be breaking codes to make things happen. so we need to state what the focus of this is. it's really too announce that we understand, we knowledge this is a problem. we need to put more effort more resources behind this particular crisis and we've got to work together. making this a political football game and that it should be really about working together. so, it's important that i reiterate that it is about coming up with solutions and asking the community to work together, people from the neighborhoods and so forth, to work together to come up with what is a sensible and for us
7:15 pm
to view forward on this. with all the cooperation and working together we will find ourselves 4, 5, 10 years now talked not the same things and i don't think people out on the street can afford that. we really need to help them. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor farrell b1 farrell: colleagues, i agree the talking points that were just made an agreement disagreement on what the right path forward is good i didn't publicly stating that are homeless situation in san francisco is reached a state of emergency since last year. i'm talking about publicly time and time again a missionary, speaker homelessness within public or private reality on our streets here in san francisco every single neighborhood of our city. unfortunately it's been a state of emergency for decades the
7:16 pm
supervisor s yee yee mentioned. across the country. when doing resources of the federal and state level for this issue and always asked to bear the burden of dealing with this issue. mostly from a financial perspective and certainly logistical perspective more than ever before. i do believe it's a point to note proposal in front of estimate is declare a shelter crisis and san francisco not a proposal to declare a state of emergency on homelessness. as a key difference here because statements from other folks, colleagues have been conflating the 2 proposals and what declaration of crisis actually conferences. we look at this issue from my office earlier last year in 2015 but the issue was didn't propose any solutions. to the issue or talk about however we can move further and talk about often the question heard in stephen.
7:17 pm
the only entity that can truly declare a state of emergency on homelessness is the state of california. but this ordinance as to consequences. it shows the city from liability for ordinary negligence when using public facilities and emergency housing suspends our requirements to be in full compliance with all local health and safety standards on opening public facilities for the homeless camp. supervisor yee's amendment as a community process took addition to these legal consequences it doesn't open up or guarantee any opportunities for more resources from either state or federal government. i appreciate the legislation. i very much do. that is something i very much the open to support and looking up. during my time as supervisor, i've made addressing reducing homelessness a top priority weatherby hearings additional reports we got on the topic, but to secure funding authored and passed many policy proposals around the issue and real implementation. because of
7:18 pm
this work in the solutions committee that advocated for a fully believe in reducing homelessness has to be housing housing first approach. i do have concerns about the proposal in front of us today to concern is being driven by some folks the way it's been talked out outside of the chambers is politics as opposed to policy. i'm concerned how this broader legislative process with no budget allocation over posted to actually open up any new shelters in the immediate future and consumer advocated today to percy's postwar rubble potentially substandard facilities that are adequate, safe or prepare to become a shelter without hope for the public investment. i'm concerned public is been sold a bill of goods be dismayed to see new new immediate action addressing homelessness or any drastic change in our street population results because of this. from my perspective retreat focusing on solutions that make a difference on the streets and our neighborhoods and not passing ordinance like this. mostly i'm concerned proposal
7:19 pm
today ships us away from a nationally recognized and housing approach, housing first approach to homelessness. potentially cost our city a great deal of money in a different direction. i do believe our city lacks the shelter for street homeless population without a doubt. i'm not sold this proposal gives us any closer to getting individuals or families were anybody on the sheets off the streets and on their way to being on their own 2 feet and in their own lives. i firmly believe we need to advocate for more housing and vest and more housing here in san francisco and to our city budget for homeless. it continues to be the most humane and cost-effective manner to any homeless this promoter here in the city of san francisco. we should prioritize the vast majority of unlimited homelessness resources for housing exit and thankfully we been doing so with the past x
7:20 pm
number of years and hope we continue doing so in the future. i will note from 2011-2015 are budget allocations for homelessness. san francisco and increased 55%. by no means addressing the situation under streets is acceptable at all. i think any event resident were personal works in our city thinks that weight believes it to be the case, but were moving in the right direction and it's time we start acting things. i look for to working all my colleagues . those with type of legislation policy proposal budget allocations are fully support. not to say we should be spending our shelter opportunities. it was announcement of the 2nd navigation center the other week. it's important to note the shelter navigation center is only as good as housing exit on the back in. that's the only way it works. without those
7:21 pm
housing exit several people miss allocating scarce resources lessening our city's ability to positively impact those are cpi very mission we much appreciate the intent of the pros on continue to work my colleagues with advocates on homelessness. san francisco provided concrete solutions that make a difference in our neighborhoods. >> president breed: supervisor tang >> supervisor tang: i think supervisor farrell pretty much expressed my sentiments as well. i think all the supervisors have spent a lot of energy focus on homelessness issues and i don't think any of us during any of the budget processes have ever tried to deny funding to go to homeless services or housing. so, just to add on what supervisor farrell 7 i don't us to lose sight of the fact that back in the example fiscal year 11-12 we were investing hundred $57 million terms of homeless services in terms of supportive housing, whether for medical care, transitional housing, addiction prevention, rental subsidies and so forth and up
7:22 pm
to the current fiscal year 15-16 were spending $242 million on these investments. alcan review more? absolutely but given many of our budget constraints think this is a very good investment we have been making in terms of homeless services. i almost about majority of what were spending is on helping formerly , was individuals stay in housing in a more stable condition and permanent supportive housing which i think is also the trajectory we should be going to try to build more navigation centers that again, will help resolve part of the problem but not all of the problem. it's an improvement. i love the first one. i want to think supervisor campos for accepting the first one in his district i think it's done wonders but of course i think our long-term strategy cannot be focused on just navigation centers. in addition
7:23 pm
to that, i do want to remind everyone also about how much how many units of support of housing was added inner-city. again going back to fiscal year 11-12 we added 173 at the time. fast forward to 15-16 we added 418 units. i think that's incredible and i don't want us to lose sight of the fact we have been making a lot of progress. we have been hearing people who said that we need to do more and do better on the justin addressing homelessness issues. then was ashley very interesting to me was looking at the homeless-i know it's point in time talent and not completely accurate but filling 10 years back to 2005, there were in that document in the report 6248 homeless counted from the voluntary count we usually do every 2 years. fast forward to 2015, 6686 and this not including the use newly
7:24 pm
added starting in 2013 that's about a 400 roughly 400% increase which of course is not good. but, i'm wondering why 10 years ago we had and declared it was an emergency weather was a shelter crisis at that time. again, i want to remind us all of all investments we collectively made in the city to address homelessness. i think that is the past we should continue to go down. then, not to say i think the navigation center the one that we have has been wonderful. i toured it. i think was such a great creative new way to approach this homeless issue. however, i don't think that's where focus should be on. i just want to say that today i want people to support this declaration i think if you were
7:25 pm
doing something differently, if it resulted in funding to our city, to our state, then absolutely i would've supported it does not appear to do so. >> president breed thank you. supervisor wiener >> supervisor wiener: i think we are all in agreement that we do have an emergency situation under streets. i don't care where you are in the political spectrum in the city or where your views are on what's happening is a terrible unacceptable situation. it is an emergency. i also think it's important that we not mislead the public into thinking we're doing something when were actually not doing anything in terms of this particular piece of legislation. it's important we actually take changeable steps to address the crisis under streets with more permanent housing, and yes, i agree with our shelter beds, with more mature of services, with more drug addiction services and with more firm
7:26 pm
efforts to address some of the behavior that were seen under streets but it's a broad ranging issue need to make sure they were actually addressing it. if i thought this legislation would do anything whatsoever to improve the situation under streets i would vote for it in a heartbeat but won't a thing. it will not help anything on our streets. it will not improve the situation soil will not be voting for it today. i'll be honest good with this legislation would supervisors because first introduced this legislation based on things i heard from supervisor campos and others i thought this could actually be a path forward at least for part of our problem. maybe it would open up resources. of coarse that we find out it opens up no additional resources and received a letter from the federal government confirming it opens up no additional resources. then we heard that this will actually allow us to expedite and
7:27 pm
streamline the approval process for new facilities or services for homeless people. in fact when supervisors because announced this legislation, i'm reading from cbs reporting it says quote this a quote from the report, quote, the move would bypass redtape and opening additional navigation centers in the city-owned property. the statement that supervisor campos issue publicly talked about quote, allowing the city to take emergency action to build additional navigation centers on city-owned property.". grade maybe this legislation lastly allow us to act a little more quickly in addressing the problem. then, the amendment that supervisor yee offered in committee and supervisor campos accepted to the extent the original legislation would've actually accelerated anything
7:28 pm
supervisor campos accepted an amendment the complete contradicted negated exactly that. this is not just about clarifying this amendment was not about clarifying that the public will have input. i will read it. in adopting this declaration the board of supervisors does not this suspend wade or the promise of any applicable city laws regulating the process for selecting and developing sites for public facilities to be used as emergency housing pursuant to this declaration. further the board does not suspend the wave or otherwise limits the requirements of any applicable city law providing for public notification community outreach in our public input as part of that process. to be clear i'm not in any way criticizing supervisor yee for proposing this amendment. it does completely contradict the announcement we've heard publicly when this legislation was introduced. if this was gimmick it faster and more efficient and streamlined in this emergency were declaring
7:29 pm
to site new navigation centers or other kinds of facilities. this legislation doesn't do a thing. we need to focus on actually addressing these problems and if we pass legislation that says the public we are declaring a shelter emergency, the public understandably may think this is going to do something this is not going to do anything. as tempting as it was to support this as much as i want to support it, i can supported because i think it completely misleads the public. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor mar >> supervisor mar: i need to get my $.02 and if i was a supervisors because they can evolve by the goodies address an issue that came up during super bowl l is unfortunate things were made want to push the homeless out of super bowl l area but also as division street was cleared i think that supervisor campos is doing so the coefficient on homelessness is a doing a multiservice centers and addressing a serious price. start about rock
7:30 pm
'n roll pushing different groups out. we know there and all of our neighborhoods. i'm lucky to work with park presidio united presbyterian church my own district and oh 37 different sites identified i know some of them have nothing communicate with my office door doing our best to work with churches not only public properties but also with churches and nonprofits that are concerned about humanity of people who live without homes. there are many of them from needing lives on california and 7th avenue many us visit often to see if she's okay or main are migrant lives on function and clement street the people from our community and they need support it clearly the coalition on homelessness is said that the shelter system doesn't have enough support. there's a lot of the rigidity of rules that goes through and i think the navigation center model which emerged out of the idaho sears and not something brand-new for our city but
7:31 pm
should be considered for different public facilities and other spaces that we should be looking at white. 80 which aims temporally could i plotted supervisors because for raising awareness every 180 days travis, so that were not shoving it under the rug and uttering like a mole with addressing a crisis. thank you for taking the bull by the ones with the coalition on homelessness and others to try to move forward with real solutions for sid. thank you. >> president breed thank you. supervisor cohen see no other names on the roster, madam clerk on this item. these call the roll because item 20 supervisor campos the eye, cohen aye, farrell nay, kim aye, mar aye, peskin absent,
7:32 pm
tang nay, wiener nay, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye, there are 7 aye and 3 nay. would supervisors farrell tang and wiener in dissent. >> president be read or express on first reading >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 21 motion to confirm the mayor's reappointment of casino lucky to the missile transportation agency board of directors term ending march 1, 2020. item 21 supervisors because aye, cohen aye, farrell, kim aye, mar aye, peskin absent, tang aye, wiener
7:33 pm
aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 10 aye. >> president breed the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 22 motion to confirm the mayor's reappointment of malcolm hynek he can missile transportation agency board of directors term ending march 1, 2020 >> president breed comitatus item same house, same call treasure without objection the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 23 a motion to appoint angelo: to the ansell point-reappoint them up and i don't wilson to mental health board term ending january 31, 2019 on item 29 supervisor campos aye, cohen, aye, farrell, aye, kim aye, mar, aye,
7:34 pm
peskin aye, tang aye, wiener yeeyee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 11 aye >> president. the motion is approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed supervisors because campos. supervisors because is made a motion to rescind the boat. is there a 2nd? without objection the vote for item 20 have been resented unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: on item 12 supervisor campos aye, cohen aye, farrell aye nay kim aye,
7:35 pm
mar, aye, be peskin aye, tang nay, wiener nay, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 8 aye and 3 nay. >> president breed eddie ordinance is passed on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed let's go back to item number 24 >> clerk: item 24 emotional point amy landgraf presidency requirement term ending april 10, 2017 and gregory dylan term ending march 11, 2010 to the graffiti advisory board on item 24, supervisor campos aye, cohen aye, farrell, aye, kim aye, mar, aye, peskin aye, tang
7:36 pm
aye, wiener the eye, yee the eye, otto aye breed yet the 11th got. he didn't breed up approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed let's go to our 3 copy him special orders. the cut item 25 and 26 comprises a special order through pm for the board of supervisors convened a committee of the whole for public hearing a persons interested in the proposed ordinance which is the subject matter of item 26 ordering the st. vacation of james allie is part of the improvement of chinese hospital approving the quitclaim of the vacation area pursuant to the terms and conditions of purchase and sale agreement between the city and the chinese hospital association preserving various easement rights and private property owners and affirming the planet from ceqa determination adopting appropriate fine. >> president breed colleagues
7:37 pm
were now sitting as a committee of the whole to discuss a street vacation order for james ally. its openness hearing >>[gavel] . breed supervisor peskin as district represented july to make opening remarks? >> supervisor peskin: we are on the eve of opening the 160 million-dollar plus new chinese hospital, a 100,000 square-foot 84 facility with expanded urgency treatment additional operating rooms, 44 private acute-care patient rooms 6 icu beds, 23 skilled nursing units and expanded pharmacy. this is the culmination of many decades worth of work by the community. it's not a city project. there are many many people to thank,, but i want to salute brenda yee
7:38 pm
executive director of the chinese hospital. many doctors, nurses and staff as well as the thousands of supporters who have accumulated that one $60 million in him president capital campaign. the item before us today is to vacate one half of james allie, 6 1/4 seat wide half of the alley, 137.5 feet deep, little less than 1000 ft.2,, which is a value of $185,000 which will be paid for by the chinese hospital association to the city and county of san francisco. and this is a public hearing to hear any comments or concerns or supports for the street vacation. david lim extraordinary project manager for this project is here in the audience this afternoon. >> president breed whether it be a presentation by the
7:39 pm
department supervisor peskin? >> supervisor peskin: not to my knowledge that i believe i just summarized it as a person sale on a think john updike in his staffer cracking that agreement as well as city attorneys office for the work on that. but i do not believe there is any members from the dpw here today >> president breed any questions ? see no names on the roster will open this up for public comment. are there any members of the public would like to comment on the specific item at this time? seeing none, >>[closed session] public comment is closed. see no other speakers this hearing has been held and is now filed. >>[gavel] began breed were now be convening as the board of supervisors. mdm. clerk, we will go to the item number 26
7:40 pm
>> clerk: item 26 has been called. it is the ordinance to order the street vacation the james allie the chinese hospital improvement >> president be great please call the roll >> clerk: supervisor campos aye, cohen, aye, farrell aye, kim aye, mar, aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed aye. there are 11 aye >> president breed new orleans is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: let's go to will call for introductions. >> clerk: first to introduce new businesses supervisor campos supervisor cohen is next
7:41 pm
>> supervisor cohen: today, colleagues, i want to ask that we close this board meeting in memory of a woman when kevin and patricia armstrong watkins. patricia passed away unexpectedly friday friday, march 1 friday, march 1, 2016 at the age of 71. she was born in new orleans louisiana. i move move to the san francisco bayview hunters point in 1945. she was a retired employee of bank of america and a dedicated genealogist and family historian. she was a loving mother to chronicle hodges watkins and the tosha watkins lowery and survived by 5 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. mdm. pres. m a motion we close out the entire board meeting in honor of ms. patricia armstrong watkins
7:42 pm
>> president breed colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection will close out the board meeting on behalf of the entire board. >>[gavel] >> president breed >> supervisor cohen the other thing i want talk about supervisors and i breed will be issuing a statement regarding recent reveal text messages i sfpd officers. it's an interesting position here we are barely a year since the last time we issued a joint statement about the racist and homophobic text messages exchanged by sfpd officers and in that short period of time we have witnessed a tragic shooting in the death of mariel woods which is once more full investigations. we've also seen the death of amicar perez lopez
7:43 pm
and now ask the xo. clearly, there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done. you've heard today in lot of discussion around homeless issues. i like to see more discussion around outrage around our law enforcement officers and i like to see more reform been put forward. my question is when is enough enough? when are we going to get tired of the same narrative? last night bayview captain contacted me. there was a shooting in supervisor campos as district and a border area we should. at silver and san bruno ave. another african american male shot in the head. dead. earlier today was another shooting at and ill plaza. i don't want to
7:44 pm
conflate the 2 issues because they are separate. in terms of what is precipitating this violence. but, i do want to call into question that we have a responsibility as elected leaders to ensure that those that are sworn to protect and serve will continue to protect and serve. again, i don't take the statement lately and i want to acknowledge those members of law enforcement to take their job seriously and executed duties to the highest and fullest level of integrity. thank you. but, to those numbers that are part of the law-enforcement that are sending and continuing and condoning and worse, turning a blind eye to the text messages of a homophobic racist or even sexist nature, you're just as guilty who initiated these messages. i want to stand
7:45 pm
firmly with pres. breed as well as the mayors office as well as the chief of police are all in discussion and were all working very diligently begin to change the culture within law enforcement. i urge my colleagues here to heart of this discussion supervisor campos and avalos have been instrumental in pushing the agenda for 4 new policy on use of force.. but we need to do more of is also spent some time in discussion around diversity and bias training in ensuring our officers patrolling our streets are culturally competent and that they are able to develop a rapport with the community they're policing. i also want to emphasize the need for data collection to ensure that we are supporting and creating garments whether independent and transparent investigations and that we are
7:46 pm
recruiting officers that will continue to fight for-to fight to protect and defend our constituency here in san francisco. so, i want to put a message out to the police commission as well as to the chief of police, to encourage them to strongly to seek the fullest possible disciplinary action the officers involved in the most recent heinous actions . i'm putting my support to the mayors office as well as the department as well as to the community and the stakeholders. to create an action plan to ensure that we are preventing these incidents from ever happening again. they do began breed >> clerk: thank you. supervisor farrell. submit kim submit supervisor mar
7:47 pm
>> supervisor mar: i thrilled to invite you all took on april 16 to first annual: palin on balboa. it will highlight the rich history of the richmond district and ocean beach is a former longtime amusement park proceeding disneyland disneyland was patterned by some on playland at the beach in san francisco had existed until 1972. this festival that i initiated along with the support of richmond district neighborhood center thank you michelle cassano and sarah hawker special but also easy productions which is only a term who does incredible work with the bluegrass festival and balboa street merchants and i want to thank for helping to coordinate the merchants association in the outer balboa area but also lot of great historical institutions that are working with us. the event
7:48 pm
is from 2-6 pm on balboa street between 35th ave. and 38th ave. it features music, arts, arts walk, and community and history of the richmond district. also, throughout the afternoon is a bunch of and he scored arts and entertainment at simple pleasures, voice record store balboa theater and creative iq arts studio. a few of these performers are bohemian, highly, hot pocket use of tucker and dozens of other performers on 4 stages. the balboa theater will show 2 films about my all-time record store tower records and then also distort film the membrane playland at the beach was so neighborhood project are san francisco history resources western neighborhoods project will display original photos in
7:49 pm
the store play van at the beach seaside amusement park that starts from the clubhouse to golden gate park wrong ocean beach until 1970. i actually live no one's father used to be the carousel playland at the beach saw the good, from a carousel now where i live. the playland festival will include and are walk between local artists. thanks much to the richmond district for promoting hearts in our community. a lot of the community based organizations will to educate us about various community issues. the event also commemorates national record store day. i don't know if any of you like i know like i do, even the hbo series about the 70s hip-hop, punk scene, and other types of music that emerged from that early 70s period with love voice record source commemorating national record store day and the public are well supported host a movie and are displayed on the festival and the history of vinyl and records the playland on balboa festival celebrates and commemorates the richmond district history of our website the zika and cultural scene. chet holmes actually had a music place that's kind of like
7:50 pm
a counterculture place for all the bands supply right on balboa and the great highway for period bar history has appeared san francisco website music and cultural scene will be highlighted. from the old outside lan days of the turn-of-the-century to fulton street. town saloons to the psychedelic rock and new age music family.i chet holmes on the great highway and playland at the beach please join us if you want information conduct recover my office. the rest i will submit >> clerk: thank you. proviso peskin supervisor peskin >> supervisor peskin: over the last several months i supervisor kim and i had ongoing negotiations with development community around reforming conclusion i housing requirements, we continually run into the hurdle with regard to state preemptions posed by the states 1979 density bonus
7:51 pm
requirements. i've had a number of conversations now with members of our state legislative delegation, sen. leno, a summary member david chiu and phil tang and hopeful that press san francisco county, which has led the state in affordable housing reduction can be treated differently than the other 57 counties and 481 cities across california. to give you a quick stop shut the last regional housing assessment cycle document that san francisco had contributed 7604 from the affordable low and moderate income new housing units and 13,000 from the affordable low and moderate income new housing units and 13,391 about moderate income new housing units. today, there are couple of assembly bills 82 501 nab 2522 about both of them well intended as intervention
7:52 pm
tools for statewide applications personally i don't believe it appropriate fit for us here in san francisco. we fully understand the challenge with local jurisdictions unfriendly to affordable housing but we have developed here a tool locally that should be allowed to stand on its own. so, i look forward to having that resolution before all of us for a vote on next tuesday. i am also requesting department of building inspections provide a best estimate by may 1 of the concept and scope of the citywide physical assessment of our remaining single resident occupancy housing stock, which is dropped precipitously from some 33,000 units in the 1970s to less than 20,000 units today. in addition, i'm delighted to have cosponsorship of almost every single member of this board of supervisors in renaming james place that we
7:53 pm
just voted on first reading to vacate adjacent to the chinese hospital on jackson street and that piece of legislation is to rename james ally after the matriarch of chinatown and longtime stalwart supporter of the chinese hospital rebuild the one and only those pack. thank you all for your cosponsorship. i'm only sorry that she will not be here for the store moment on april 18 when the hospital is open. i also want to say that congratulations on that incredible project. it's extended to many many individuals, members of the board of the chinese hospital, brenda yee who's the executive director to her many staff, doctors, nurses and of course to the thousands of individuals
7:54 pm
corporations, and others who've contributed to a capital campaign in excess of $160 million. carly, i neglected to say before, that the reason for this street vacation is because there are actually subterranean water cisterns for emergencies underneath that and so those need to be under the control of the hospital but that ally soon hopefully to be those pack way or rose packs away is going to remain open space and we maintained by the chinese hospital that open space requirements will be a condition of the deed. finally, i would like to adjourn today today's meeting in the memory of jack russell stores, the father of our city surveyor bruce stores. that concludes my rollcall >> clerk: thank you. supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: i just
7:55 pm
wanted to thank my colleague supervisor peskin for bringing this resolution to rename james place to rose packs way. from i probably mentioned this before. i'm probably the only supervisor that was born in chinese hospital, i think. if somebody was born there then let me know. it means a lot to me. not just to me but to the community and what i was working at a nonprofit at the time in 1979 or late 70s and it was announced that the chinese hospital was going to close i was so disappointed and then there was announcement this person those pack is going to try to save it in the late 70s
7:56 pm
they told me the price tagged there's no reason for me to believe that one person is going to be able to do this. the community wasn't too sure they were going to do it. this one person says, yes, we are going to do this. but when the ot did it. after many years but it's been done and i can't think of a single person who mobilized the whole community to raise that amount of money and were not talking about a big donor ligand doing or there will say i write a big check and will save it. it's basically a person that was a community activist that believed in the caused and i've got to give her a lot of credit. we just renaming this particular james place to her name is just a small token of
7:57 pm
at least my appreciation. so thank you very much supervisor peskin. >> clerk: bt thank you. supervisor avalos. submit supervisor breed >> president breed: i have a couple of items. i want to thank supervisor cohen for collaborating with me on trying to address a number of issues with the san francisco police department. we clearly have a lot of work to do and i appreciate the support that supervisor peskin has also given to help this address this issue. we are going to be keeping our eyes on this look forward to bringing forth legislation that we think can hopefully hope to continue to address some of the challenges that process with the department. when is enough enough is now enough is enough. any time there is anything that is happening with the department that's problematic
7:58 pm
not only should we as leaders of the city be standing up but definitely the mayor and other elected leaders of the city should definitely come out on the forefront and make it clear that they don't support this behavior and we will do everything we can as elected leaders to address this issue. really proud of the work supervisor public comment is closed. has been doing cohen has been doing that every instance of an officer involved shooting the will be an investigation of this ballot measure passes by the office of citizen complaint in a small step in the right direction but we have to continue working for trying to address this issue. so, without i've just a few other items and colleagues, today. i'm introducing and ordinance creating a dedicated citywide funds 12 san francisco who have fallen victim to a
7:59 pm
fire in their home. i would to thank supervisor campos for cosponsoring this legislation with me and i know there has been several tragic fires in them mission recently and numerous people will been displaced to thank you for working with me supervisor a residential fire strikes without notice and like many other independent life-changing event there's no way advanced panning for a fire. don't expect it will happen to them and many times it's not even a fire in your own unit. the fire starts in another unit or even under the building but suddenly you have no place to live and low and middle income earners are especially impacted. not only do they often lose their belongings. they often lose their homes. given the skyrocketing rents in san francisco fire victims are usually vulnerable to being priced out of the city altogether. this happens to dozens of people every year. in
8:00 pm
december there was a fairly large fire in district 5 but displaced several families. one of the families, middle income earner but by no means wealthy, were able to find another unit. they went from a two-bedroom apartment that had lived for years and where their son was born to a one-bedroom units that created a bedroom for their son in a note under the staircase. the rent went from $1800 the rent went from $1800-$4000 a month and are now struggling to pay the expenses for their child with a disability. the hardship and rent increase is causing him to consider leaving the city. we have another sizable fire in district 51 fulton st. the day before valentine's day amount which displaced 16 people. i work with the north panhandle snowbird association to organize fundraisers for the victims of the fulton street fire but i could not help but wonder where was the city? why
8:01 pm
can't san francisco government provide more help to people who lost everything? the dept. of human services probably doesn't have funds its budget that are used for limited term housing subsidies for fire victims learn ready for percent of the area median income. but there are no benefits for victims earning over 35% of ami and neither that apartment with the city has dedicated permanent funds for assisting fire victims. in other words, if you are an individual makes more than $25,000 the city can't help you. my legislation will change that. it will create a permanent category from a 6 funds permanent category fund 12 fire victims who earn up to 100% of the ami. now 100% of ami might sound like a lot but a librarian who makes $70,000
8:02 pm
were married couple works as a cook and hotel made are not rich people. they are struggling to stay in san francisco just like everyone else and when fire strikes we should help you in keeping with the model est. in my homicide be wharton fund, which only think my colleagues for passing them asleep today, the fire assistance fund can receive by the donations and appropriations by the board of supervisors and the mayor. funds can carry forward from year-to-year. the specific allocations will be made by the implementation department, in this case the human services agency. i would to thank deputy city attorney, i went and my chief of staff connor johnson for all the work on this. to everyone who is been a victim of a fire in san francisco friends, family or former neighbors struggling to recover
8:03 pm
from the fire, i want to say, begin help. the city can do more to support our own in their time of need and with my legislation along with my cosponsored supervisor campos, we will. 2 other items i want to talk about today, colleagues. as you know, april is child abuse prevention month. the child abuse prevention month doesn't just mean to happen in april. it needs to happen every day of every year. today, we had a press conference and my colleagues supervisor wiener campos yee cohen tang and i think supervisor mar all joint in support of this press conference today where we made it clear that gives matter. kids are huge for their future leaders and we will do anything we can to continue to support programs that help to encourage our kids and keep them safe. so, i just want to alert everyone that as a result of
8:04 pm
april and the workaround child prevention violence prevention month, tonight, city hall will be lit up in blue to commemorate this occasion. some of you probably receive these beautiful blue ribbons pins and provided by patty, who is the owner of the visit aral carwash is been actively engaged in this issue for over 26 years. her along with katie albright is the director of the child abuse prevention center locations in the haight-ashbury in the 8000 point community was in attendance and provided great remarks as well as dr. emily rossi is the executive director on the sadness of
8:05 pm
women all these amazing people continue to work every slow they are great city to do all we can to provide the necessary support to make sure that our children have the resources they need and that we continue to protect them. so, city hall will be lit up in blue periods can be a beautiful site so take a look if you are around. i also want to talk a little bit about a bone marrow donor registration that we will be hosting at city hall on friday, this coming friday between 11-2 pm. a few weeks ago i adjourned our meeting in memory of a good friend, chris carpenter, who passed away because of his leukemia because of leukemia. a week later his wife came to testify in our meeting and she is still mourning the death of her husband. she will also be here joining us this friday. today, i'm introducing a resolution encouraging everyone between the ages of 18-44 years old to register as a bone marrow donor
8:06 pm
to help diversify the bone and marrow donor registry. we did this over a year ago with supervisor kim for kevin winston, who also passed away. the husband of latifah simon. they got married the same date that we had an incredible bone marrow drive and we are still mourning the death of kevin. every 3 min. someone in america is diagnosed with blood cancer. bone marrow transplant is the only proven treatments for over 70 of those cancers. unfortunately, 70% of the patients do not have a fully matched donor in the family and must depend on the kindness of strangers. to save their life. more importantly, patients are more likely to match with
8:07 pm
someone who shares their ethnic background. the minorities including asian americans, latinos, and african-americans are dramatically underrepresented according to a national own registry, 60% of asian or specific islanders patients cannot find a donor. the ratio increases to 17% for hispanic or latino patients and increases even more, 2 2524% to for african-americans. for white patients only 3% cannot find a donor this is personal for me. not only did i lose some incredible friends both chris and and kevin my good friend jane bolander was diagnosed with leukemia the day after christmas and she is the wife of a dear friend johnny bolan. she's gone through rounds of chemotherapy but it hasn't helped. i'm committed to helping her and people of all ethnicities were fighting
8:08 pm
cancer. i am grateful for everyone who is joining the fight. if you are between the ages of 18-44 we need your help this friday. we especially need help for minorities who are currently underrepresented.. this friday, we organize the bone and marrow donor registration drive right here in city hall. it will be in the south light cord from 11 am-2 pm at parking has been reserved on the south side of growth street between van ness avenue and polk street so donors can be dropped off and picked up where they can run in and up it only takes 10 min. to just a few minutes to get your cheek swab and sign a consent form and that's it. we will send you on your way. i want to thank my colleagues for cosponsoring this resolution and thank you supervisor tang for outreach to the folks in your district and all over the san francisco and
8:09 pm
for being there at a press conference today. thank you supervisor yee and supervisor kim supervisor mar, supervisor peskin >>[adjournment] avalos. i also want to thank the asian-american donor program for working on this resolution with us and helping us organize the donor registration drive. every life is precious. the persons ethnicity should not determine whether they live or die. we are asking everyone, everyone, to come to the table. especially, those part of the asian community, the latino community in the african-american community to come out this friday and registered. because there is no greater gift than life. i hope to see you all in the south in the s. lake court on friday. on another note on my final item for today, colleagues, as you
8:10 pm
know, he most amazing festival in the city and county of san francisco takes place in my district. what is that you might ask? cherry blossom festival. it is an incredible tradition in japan town at the northern california cherry blossom festival will be held this weekend and next weekend with festivities, with all kinds of food and entertainment and gifts to purchase. it's a great way to come together, a great weight great way to celebrate the blossoming of our cherry blossoms all over the city and some of you have use your lease cherry blossom trees haven't blossoming long before this we can. so, i invite you all to come and join us for the festival. we are also-it's this weekend and next weekend. there'll also be a parade
8:11 pm
which will start here at city hall on sunday which will start here at city hall on sunday, april 17 at 1 pm. we will travel up polk street and will go from hope to post and post to fillmore. so, watch out if you're going to be driving around the city on sunday so, watch out if you're going to be driving around the city on sunday, april 17 at cherry blossom parade will be in full affect. i'm really excited to be participating and i hope to see some of you out in japan town either this weekend or next. the rest i submit >> clerk: thank you. supervisor campos >> supervisor campos: i'll be brief. a couple points. going back to those pack i think the -we don't get in trouble we want to make sure that happens. the 2nd point that i actually meant to discuss the want to
8:12 pm
thank supervisor cohen and pres. breed for raising the issue of what happened with the police department and the 2nd set of texts, what is so significant about what happened is that those actions as alleged happened in the middle public outcry. around the original text messages. i think that the fact that those 2nd set of messages happened really points to this not just being an isolated incident to a culture. because, to me, what does it say about how people see within the department see the significance of this kind of activity if we had every single official in the city condemn the original text messages, and yet, these officers felt they
8:13 pm
felt comfortable enough doing that. what does it say about the culture of this department? that's very serious. one of the things i would ask very appreciative that supervisor cohen and pres. breed are involved and no supervisor to task and is also involved in any windows survey will be happy to be part of this discussion but the thing about the police department is that it's a paramilitary organization. i think that in a paramilitary organization the involvement of the chief executive is key. without this kind of organization functions. i really i asked him for mayor yee, more visible role in this. because i don't believe that the kinds of changes that are needed in this paramilitary
8:14 pm
organization will be effectuated if it's only members of the board of supervisors important is that involvement is. playing a key role without the mayor playing a key and visible role. i believe the strategy of sort of asking the police commission, asking members of this board of supervisors without the mayor himself playing a more visible and engage full will work. in this kind of paramilitary organization. it's top down. it doesn't work like anything else we have. so, the other point that i would make beyond the boards of the mayor being involved is that i hope this is also an opportunity to get it right on the federal review that we've called upon. we
8:15 pm
asked for the department of justice to come in and right now the review is being done by the department of justice community community reentry policing department. the community policing department is important, but what it means is that a review done by this wing of the department of justice will not be binding on the san francisco police department. the significance of us who actually having the civil rights division coming in and do a study and review is at the civil rights division is the only one that actually has the ability and the power to pose a consent decree. if the consent decrees needed. when you have it been done by the department's community of policing office it's not binding. so, i would ask the mayor. i would ask the chief of
8:16 pm
police, i would ask us to collectively ask in light of the recent development with the last set of text messages that we ask that part of justice that they actually sent in the civil rights division. so that whatever happens because of this review is actually legally binding on the department. i think that's the kind of message that needs to be sent but also it will ensure that any changes that are are actually recommended are not just recommended but actually required so the changes actually happened. the rest i submit >> clerk: thank you. madame president see no other names on the roster that includes the introduction of new business >> president breed thank you. please read public comment >> clerk: at this time the public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to 2 min. on the items within the subject to include
8:17 pm
the minutes and items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. i happens 2932 public comment is not allowed when an item has been previous subject to previous public comment. pursuant to the boards was direct your mark to the board as a whole not to individual supervisors were to the audience. speakers using translation assistance below twice the amount of time to testify with you like to display your document on the overhead projector please go a state such to smg tv removed the document when you like the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> president breed first speaker, please. >> testifier: the illicit truth of without objection and applying ultimate [inaudible]
8:18 pm
local visible functions [inaudible]. >> president breed: thank you.
8:19 pm
next speaker, please. >> testifier: good afternoon supervisors. it's now or never. come hold mental health type. i hope you really make it turn out right. tomorrow may be too late. it's now or never. make myself turn out great. i hope you make it turn out right, not wrong. it makes the city where you belong. make it turn out true and don't it make city hall and don't it make city hall and don't it make city hall blue. welcome back
8:20 pm
supervisor peskin. it's time, again when the giants come to town a month to town it's bye-bye baby. when the giants come to town it's bye-bye baby. when the giants come to town its bye-bye baby. it's bye-bye baby. >> president breed thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier: good afternoon supervisors. san francisco motorcycle police officers as a san francisco resident i am urging our police department to come out of hiding and execute
8:21 pm
their responsibilities to ensure vehicle codes. it is not acceptable protocol and again police procedures are officers in groups of 3 or more to congregate in restaurants they should be performing their duties. they only accept the only exception to this would be in case when the president is in town making a visit or in the death of one of their own. if i could point out to one reason as to why our city is besieged by the height cell phone violations and clearly not abiding by driver codes than this would be it. i request that all supervisors mandate that all officers earn their pay and step up their diligence and commitment and take an aggressive approach to motorists that are in violation
8:22 pm
of vehicle codes. we need to keep our streets and pedestrian safety. the poa ignoring the fact that so many accidents that are occurring in san francisco is because of lack of job performance that they're sworn to enforce. not just joyriding around waiting for payday. some motorists were breaking laws and vehicle codes right in front of them. modified existing radios blaring all windows tinted failing to yield to pedestrians emergency vehicles. >> president breed thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier: i was taught when i was 3 years old [inaudible]. he is
8:23 pm
8:24 pm
>> president breed: thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier: name is jessica. i've some handouts, also good,
8:25 pm
owner of a loft that my unit is on the portion of the building overlooking the parks and recreation department. the wanted to convert in a mini department to design adopted by the parks and recreation apartment in 2008 the parts removal of 3 trees. and one ashley. the ashley adopted by the parks and recreation does requires removal of the street. because the design is inefficient. environmentally inappropriate and affects the quality of life for all in my building who benefit from these trees because they're beautiful and magnificent.. i never received any notice of any kind of the 3 community meetings held about the many park during 2008 or the meeting held in 2014 not found anyone my building received any such notice. i've owned and lived in netherlands 1996. the design adopted by the parks and recreation includes lighting
8:26 pm
water features and not tolerance. to doubt. once it with her sponsor would've us the neighborhood apart grooves electrical lighting the sickle water from underground cistern and plan such as ivy interviewed apart [inaudible] listed but is not to make this were supposed to do that. there are can expect residents on england to incur this expense necessary. the plans have been good about this whole thing was going on that or they're going to be cut down to artistry to be designated as a limb arteries and nominated reprieve for these trees that are on the chopping block. that's it. >> president breed thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier:, thomas gilbert
8:27 pm
that either we be surprised when of lease officers that retire never point a gun out of the holster and firing a bullet. that's the direction we need to go. 2nd, i've been serving comments about the mayor about his political dear like iran contra guns for hostages. didn't stick with reagan. i may have been the only person that evacuated to a bomb scare during a committee meeting acknowledging laundered contributions, nothing happens. the mayor associate with pay to play and failing to see the needs of the cities
8:28 pm
communities. the whole bay area is suffering. because of that. on the other side of the coin, we have an editor in the san francisco magazine here from this issue which was the planning commission issue and he writes, running against a clown car of people that stop their names out and try to make a change. very dismayed at that. i can't regret my name wasn't in a clown car, 2. i want to pass out happy-not happy but encouragement by the democratic clubs endorsement of candidates amy farrell. i think that's it direction the city needs to go to. i wish i had a
8:29 pm
little more time but i don't. enjoy the start of baseball season. begin breed thank you very much >> president breed thank you much other any of the members of the public dog provides the public at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> president breed medical, go to the items for without reference to committee speaker items 29-33 being considered for immediate other option. without committee reference a single rollcall vote may not have these items on the main objectives overnight and have it considered subtly. >> president breed >> supervisor mar 31 >> president breed lets us call each item one by one tournament that first item pickup items
8:30 pm
when birds that apartment of alcohol beverage control to deny alcohol license applications nontraditional alkyl businesses in the city. >> president breed supervisor mar >> supervisor mar i moved to continue to april 12 meeting >> president mar >> president agreed as wald's people talk moved and seconded., take out without objection? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed next item >> clerk: item 30 resolution to support the california faculty association into words the california state university administration to give the csu faculty perspective deserve and agree to the reasonable sorry increases the demand. >> president breed supervisor mar b1 mar i encourage everyone to support this. on
8:31 pm
behalf of the 26,000 california state university faculty these to be a member for 16 years really important we don't want to have to strike on april 13 but it's really important issue thanks to sheila tully the president of the cfa at san francisco state. i think this is a critical issue in our sport to be extremely helpful for fair contract for the faculty. i urge support >> president breed thank you. member please call the role for item number 30 because i am 30, supervisor campos aye, cohen, aye, farrell, aye, kim aye, mar, aye, peskin aye, tang aye, wiener, aye, yee aye, avalos aye, breed skype there are 11 aye
8:32 pm
>> president. the resolution is not that unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 31, resolution to urge san francisco initial hesitation agency board of directors and the sfmta director to deny the commuter shuttle program permit applications amended by powers intelligent transportation inc. until such time as bauer demonstrates folk alliance with labor harmony. >> president breed supervisor peskin >> supervisor peskin going so far as mta took action on this last week i sent aboard a boat i believe that this resolution is now moot and i would like to make a motion to table it. >> president breed is there a 2nd? moved and seconded., take that without objection? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. tabled >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 32 resolution does but the california state assembly bill 1887 offered by
8:33 pm
some big number ethan lois prohibits the state agency for requiring its employee officers or members that sanctions or acquire discrimination on the base of sexual orientation and gender identity or gender expression and private [inaudible] >> president breed supervisor wiener >> supervisor wiener: i did we need to strongly be on record supporting a summary member level viii largest economy in the world decide our government is not going to pay for travel to states that relegate lgbt people to second-class status as an important message to send and will help in terms of partnership were seen between government and the private sector in putting our foot down and sending a message to the states that are passing these
8:34 pm
absolutely deplorable discriminatory hate laws that there will be economic consequences for their decision to do so. so, colleagues i ask for your support. >> president breed i couldn't agree with you more. please add me as a cosponsor. with that, colleagues could take as item can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. same house, same call adopted unanimously >>[gavel] begot item 33 motion to approve a final map 8755 and 35 presence of unit 3 commission its mixed-use condominium project located at number one frequency. >> president breed no one wants to claim this? okay can we take as item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed madam clerk, can you these read the in memoriam >> clerk: today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following loved individuals. at the suggestion of supervisor cohen on behalf of the behalf
8:35 pm
of board of supervisors the late patricia armstrong walk-ins the behalf of supervisor peskin the late jack russell stores >> president breed this brings us the end of origin to get madam clerk is there any further business before us the clerk just go giants madam president >> president breed.: we are adjourned, colleagues could have a great day. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, if i can have our attention please thank you all. coming to this joyous
8:36 pm
celebration the fact reopening of franciscan towers (clapping.) its been a long time coming 8 hours short of exactly 5 years with all due respect please give a warm welcome to mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you, don i know that short welcome has everything to do with the fact real purpose that say we need to get people into units and this franciscan towers as you may know and that it was a victim of a big fire in 2011 and you know a lot of victims of fires particularly residents i think very few get the side the fact day tare, is reopened because it take a step back a long time to battle with insurance companies all kinds of things make it difficult again
8:37 pm
that's why we celebrate those opportunities this franciscan towers a hundred and 4 units of affordable housing the middle of tenderloin reopening the middle of a housing crisis and so it is blessed with being is very, very helpful solution to many and i know that supervisor kim understands this she and i have been working to get more affordable housing built if not rehabbed and also the middle of that whether a conversation or working with the fact private developers or work with our city tame family to produce more housing we made a commitment at least 10 thousand affordable units built by 2020 this helps interpreting the fact story is not just about the fact this is rehabbed and reopened lives have
8:38 pm
been here the middle of tenderloin that also need to be rebuilt that's why this investment is too important that's why the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation valued in the city they keep increasing that portfolio of love i call it actually up to 33 different proposals the city in directly helping 6 thousand plus people to make sure they do more than survive in the city this is what the fact tndc does we we partner up so the clerk will take the roll with them and more to come i i know that portfolio they got a lot of projects we've got to announce and we have in a had your we don't want to take 5 years to do this when you look at the building you see how it was damaged and and the units that are very, very small
8:39 pm
studios are one bedrooms 95 e 35 of the one and 35 are dedicated to formally homeless people this is incredible and burglary hips oh, help us with our challenge facing the fact homeless as i this more navigation centers and add supportive housing working with the fact board to make sure we can do with the last round and we're going to get 8 thousand people off the fact streets by the end i finish that will no longer have to be a victim this is our promise behind the fact naefktss and the nexus we're building so we don't have to talk about the fact shifters we have access out of homelessness and that projects like this the middle of communities like the tenderloin are really important to getting that story completed i want to
8:40 pm
say thank you to the tndc and all the corporate sponsors others are are part of solution to make sure that the financial part of this is done because that's when what is it takes creativity initiative financed not just again money but the creative relationship with the fact financial products that really helps to accelerate this housing and want to thank tom dbi and some of the other agencies i know your staff was around and have been inspecting a fire building your probably happy this building will be with good lives thank you, everyone for the fact elephant e tenant and the former building tha