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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 4416  SFGTV  April 9, 2016 9:00pm-11:11pm PDT

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are very happy it have franciscan towers to call home my wife and i were homeless for a year people are homeless for no reason i believe you don't kick people when they're down we working hard to keep her healthy from diabetes she's lost both of her legs we tried to stay off the fact street and stay clean and healthy we have no family to support use it is just we have we found a place to say for 450 question had be out at soubs and ask for a shower it was better than the fact street but not good we got a connection to 3 social workers with them working together we got a wheelchair for
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my wife and best of all a home we're happy to have a home we work hard and my wife says she's never leaving with our new home we get healthy and stable who knows what is possible (clapping.) >> now my turn for a few concluding remarks there are so people people i'm not xaefrg hundreds and hundreds the aftermath of a fire but putting together the new franciscan towers rather than call anyone out i want to direct you to a program recognizing those who contributed
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and we want to commend i guess replenishment on a couple of things because identify cabin sleeping by myself in my bet bed the first we tndc can't do anything alone we exist in a community that part of community and the community depends on us our success is he really a function how we work together and one can't see that anywhere better than the fact franciscan towers the other thing i've learned i want to share with people is that affordable housing is a safety net i really only understood how true when i saw what happened when affordable housing was jagged from flaerths people's lives so thank you all for coming question appreciate everything you've done and enjoy your lunch
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>> good afternoon, everyone good afternoon the meeting will come to order this is the regular meeting of san francisco land use & transportation committee i'm supervisor cowen the chair and supervisor wiener to my left is commissioner peskin i'd like to thank the folks from sfgovtv leo
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and jessie larson for helping us and assisting us in broadcasting this meeting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated excellent call item one the public works code to have been xhfblt with the stormwater permit supervisor wiener is the author i believe a few opening remarks thank you, colleagues this ordinance updates the san francisco stormwater management for the returning requirement to insure the controls are consistent with requirements of california state law the ordinance updates and modernize which kinds of projects that trigonometry of compliance with
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stormwater the san francisco stormwater giles are an solution to make sure the new developments in the city deal with stormwater onsite and in doing so minimize the contribution of stormwater to the sewer system this minimize the discharge of contaminated water into the bay and from the san francisco public works is here with a brief presentation. >> all right. thank you for that introduction thank you, supervisors for having us to r here to talk about the stormwater i'm sarah i work with the sfpuc the water shed policy with the projection
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and programs to implement the green water structure to manage the stormwater i'll briefly talk about the ordinance that has achieved in the first 6 years and the drivers of the supervisors original in 20104 thousand square feet and the stormwater management ordinance requires that projects implement green infrastructure to manage stormwater on site we have a couple of conditions the city that merits the stormwater management the sewer our concerns to treat the san francisco entertainment commission before that is in combined with the system areas we want to slow down the water for the commissioner makras to the system the first 6 years of implementation we've had two hundred and 40 projects and one and 4 final approvals
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and as you can see that the ordinance is really having a positive impact on the urban sheds you'll see the pictures in the presentations are all projects succinct to the we're getting urban habitat and removing millions of gallons from the system getting great projects with green garden and other tools today's briefly is really about the amendments that are proposed to consensus the regulatory experience with the new new permit requirements from the water control before do that is issued every 5 years and a analysis to see what changes to remain in compliance where we had the opportunity for feedback if stakeholders and so we're using this update to also implement our lessons learned as
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well as coming into compliance the main changes to know about the changing trerd in 2010 small promotions blow 5 thousand square feet were not regulated in this new all the time projects between 25 hundred and 5 thousand square feet will be regulated per the permit this will only be applied the separate sewer areas we believe this will have a low impact overall the other important change is the change in threshold language in 2010, the language was based on ground disturbance now we're replying that the creation and imperfect surface clarifies the language in alignment what the boards language our analysis really shows this won't make a huge distance but
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fewer open space projects for the stormwater maintenance those main changes we want to brought to your attention thank you for letting me speak and any questions i'll be happy to take your questions. >> thank you very much any questions for elizabeth no okay in case we'll go to public comment on item number one any public comment on item one seeing none, we'll close. madam chair, i will move that we forward item one i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation and thank you for your leadership on that supervisor >> all right. we'll take that without objection. moderator madam clerk two and three together >> to permit the suspension of construction when there are
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repeated violations and item 3 ordinance amending the electrical and plunge to clarify the enrollment procedures. >> supervisor wiener is also the sponsor. >> thank you very much madam chair colleagues this is pretty board legislation that is long overdue to reform, restructure and sitting improve the cities process in other words, to make the buildings safer and a crack down on code violator to make sure that people are living in habitable december sent housing to remove nuisances and create a revolving loan fund to help people correct code violations they impact the neighborhoods and recipient all over the city
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we all every one of us seen buildings with boarded up windows and broken stairs and major incomplete construction work that is there for years obvious extreme hoarding and portions of buildings that are missing those extreme and obvious violations can sometimes last for years without correction without enforcement and they can lead to serious hazards for occupants and neighbors we have also seen situations where construction projects are not voigt or not complying with the codes we want safe buildings this important for neighborhoods and residents particularly for tenants forced to live in below standard conditions and violations and code enforcement too often
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inspections occur but unfortunately, no action or extremely late action by city departments repeated complaints about inflated conditions and too often property owners incur the violations and any violations to enforce against them the complicate system lacks the coordinates and communication amongst the city departments that leads significant gaps and albeit and follow through in addition the departments are reluctant to pursue the enforcement because of funds the last 5 years we've seen referrals to city attorney very widely from year to year or across departments continue 2010 and 2015 for example, the department of building
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inspection made 87 refers to litigation and the health department u public health department 56 and the fire department 2 and the planning department 4 referrals that is difficult to track what is going on with the buildings and complaints the system is not working for the neighborhood for the residents along with supervisor cowen a year or year and a half ago i held an oath hearing when the building and health fire and planning department all recorded on their code enforcement with the recommendation how to improve the system after the hearing showed a lot of work that needed to happen i began to work on prevention which is now before the committee today, the legislation is broad impacting our building code and fire code and heeding and provides better
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coordination and stronger enforcement tools i want to thank jeff in any office for working on this and arrestgraphy debris as well is it creates a unified code process for the dbi and the fire department and the department of health including the deadlines for issuance of administration action and problematic cases to the city attorney's office they did did not have different timelines and limitations on whether the visioning even have to be issued we need to set strongest standards of accountability it improves the cooperation cross the departments and the system we based the progress on one employed by the department of building inspection this is a good model for registering the complaint and specifically the
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process will when the department official as an inspector determines a condition renders the structure or building unsafe they need to serve a notice of violation they must serve one within 15 days the code violation is not corrected or a significant process is not made the case b will be referred to a administrative hearing at the hearing the hearing officer shall either determine the violations is have been abated or issue a written order that specifics the scope of work and the timeline to be implemented it shall not steady one and 80 days notice the use of the word shall we've no longer the discretionary uses but this process will move along once our deadline has passed the case can be referred to the city
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attorney's office if not brought into compliance there are a few slight derivatives between the codes to count the very well procedures for example, the fire department is never been required to issue a notice of violation and not required to hold an administrative hearing but a notice of corrections not part of fire code so lack any enforcement mechanism and generally, the fire department is not held the enforcement hearing while the requirement of noigdz will change how the fire department practices enforcement i believe it is necessary we create a true process for insuring abatement of violations the fire department handles a eventual good news amount of violations some significant and some minor two tier did
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violations priority complaints that are safety issues and egress and other issues must be addressed those are treated by the mandatory process and second cart for the fire department of standard complaints more minor exclaims so far those complaints the department will have a window of would restraining order one and 80 days to allow for corrections before that an administrative hearing this will give the fire department the flexibility and making sure the process move forward so the legislation in addition board of supervisors the city attorney and grants the city attorney the authority to file lawsuits without deadlines action or exhalation of the administrative processes that applies to the department of
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building inspection deducting and fire department and planning department currently the city attorney can only take action against seerlt code violators if it is retired to the city attorney's office as we've seen many, many times the departments appear to be hesitance to refer to the city attorney's office and it takes them so long to refer that the violations are stale and, of course, of course, a report by the city attorney's office as i've described earlier shows a number of referrals by each department and varies drastically of the departments and with the planning department and others fire department in particular referring to extremely few cases additional times the city attorney gets a case referred through one department but then can't pursue violation by at departments for example, a dbi referred the case to the city
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attorney is it may turn out there are frier code violation not addresses under the law the city attorney can't include those under this ordinance the city attorney's office can hold all violations into one lawsuit and not by with an department or another has failed to refer a case for litigation in in this case each department will be billed separately orders homelessness violations and referral not be charged with the work contributed to other departments that didn't make referrals this allows the city attorney to proactively go after the code violation is establishes a quarterly report for all departments and each report includes every single case that is referred. an administrative hearing or an outstanding order specifically
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the department shall report whether the issue was resolved along with the costs paid and the matter has been or will be referred to the city attorney for review or other explanation of how the matter is handled this will insure the cases don't linger and the public has full transparent at the various departments the legislation also provides the dbi department of building inspection be clear the authority to suspend all the repeatedly violations within the planning code it is unclear the director of department of building inspection has this authority we believe this the director does so the can i have an egregious violation so they have the power the director will be able to step in and address
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all the violations finally the legislation and this will actually be the budget committee creates a code enforcement resolving low fund for the property owners to help bring buildings up to code the goal of code enforcement program to bring compliance this will allow us to help the pertains to achieve that goal this legislation has received the unanimous support of planning commission and the planning inspection we want the code enforcement to be safely and more habitable building colleagues, i do have minor amendments in a few sections we neglected to include the director of planning as having the powers to take certain steps of other departments have specifically on page 41 line 4
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we would like to add the director of the planning department be listed after the director of the department of health on page 41 - that's page 41 line 4 just one amendment we have to make and so at the conclusion of public comment i will make that motion so colleagues, i do have a few presentations today but i see that chair cohen may have additional comments >> thank you, supervisor wiener so far this important legislation i would like to be added an a as a anchoring co-author it may sound boring but has an impact on the buildings it will streamline the enforcement procedures across many departments not seeing a lot of the bureaucratic tape every department dbi and health
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and planning have their own unique process but this change standardized the violations complaints and the other portion of what we're talking about here today it is that is important that will reduce the extension time that timeline what about granted from three hundred and 60 to 90 days if you're a property owner you'll not have 360 but 90 days to make the corrections and this change is critical it allows the city attorney to initiate a lawsuit of the department didn't refer the case for litigation as it stands right now no litigation happens but after the slumlords if no litigation now it eliminated that extra step is a very, very big deal and so
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streamlining the lengthy administrative process with the neglect property owners have been take advantage and frankly have been abusing it is incredible supervisor wiener i applaud you and add me supervisor peskin. >> i concur with the chairwoman's comments i'll suggest supervisor wiener subject to public comment on item 2 at page 2 line 13 make that aversion for referral. >> happy to do that when we close public comment amendments thank you. >> okay. we'll now move to our city departments first ask the department of building inspection to come up. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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bill strong legislative public foyers we're pleased to have arrived where we are right now we look forward to implementing. >> thank you very much. next from the durability karen senior environmental health inspector. >> thank you. we have reviewed the current draft and have no further comments. >> thank you very much we also have diego sanchez from planning and from the city attorney and we also have our fire marshall dan i want to give them an opportunity. >> thank you, supervisor you mentioned on january 28th the planning commission heard this and approved it amazing they commented they support the corporation with the city on the grounds they believe this ordinance represents a
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significant stepped with the origin and we grateful supervisor wiener thank you. >> thank you very much from the fire department our fire marshall is here. >> thank you supervisor. >> good afternoon, supervisors excuse me. thank you take the opportunity. >> if you could speak into the microphone. >> is that better we are in agreement the fire department supports this protective, however, one portion of it slightly amended we're in agreement about compliance and the fire department is most successful when we partner with the community and partner with landlord and tenants and so we our requested to amend the section for other complaints the standard complaints to may and not shall the reason we have
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i'll back up we issue novs for all priority complaints and act on them right now we do that the other complaints that are not immediate life-threatening we issue a notice of correction we feel that in partnership with the tenants and landlords we have been successful with that part of progress with the nov are not successful is he transition to an nov and follow that path we recommend not remove the option for standard complaint the option for an nov where were the n oc will be the first step and if those issues are not come applied or abate while transition and others 5 m will fall into place that's our recommendation with come compliance and the partnering
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with the residents of san francisco and the landlords and then in closing we do support this legislation with that minor amendment thank you. >> thank you very much and we have spoken with the fire department about this issue i've spoken with chief joanne hayes-white and or not the fire departments point of view open this i do stand by the legislation as drafted we included as i described a special provision for the fire department for those lessor complaints they have one and 80 days before an administrative hearing for correction but i know this is important that you know i mean whatever department it is important to keep those things on track so that is my prospective on it i do appreciate the fire departments feedback okay
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so those are the departmental statement and colleagues if this year no additional comments open up for public comment and i'll do that is there any any public comment on items two and three let's see if we have any cards just line up. >> good afternoon, supervisors jan san francisco apartment association we are here to support this legislation and applaud supervisor wiener's efforts in streamlining i wanted to address a question section one 02a .6 i wanted a clarity in that whoever issues the inspections or the nov can not also be the hearing officer and i think we need to have clarity around that
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also, we wanted to give you computed that in some of the egregious cases that get forwarded to the city attorney a lot of times you have a business owner it is in capitated and the city might want to consider a receivership process they can put the property temporarily into the hands of a management company are a third company to get the building in step and observing deed it back to the person a lot of time i have on a building owner this has millions or something and the biggest thing the department of building inspection and fire department don't communicate we think that is not a relationship but we want to speak in favor of this board doing whatever it can to
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accelerate the action so dbi and the fire department can communicate and see the novs the same location thank you very much thank you and perhaps dbi can answer that question ms. walker commissioner walker. >> thank you deborah walker the on the inspection commission i've worked with the city attorney's office and supervisor wiener on this very important set of reforms and also the funding to help move forward and implement it code enforcement issues are at the root of most of the emergency situation we have the city fires and collapses and displacement we have many things around the
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building code but planning code of using buildings beyond what the zoning allows all of those things could be eased and a a bit if we have more effective code enforcement so those efforts to coordinate under one umbrella and one set of rules is important it will go a long way to help to protect the aging building and renting building i concur with the main part of this is going to make it more effective and the most effective is our permitting system update we're the process of so we will constantly come back for support on that we've having issues hopefully being resolved but the success of this program and the reforms will be
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this data management system we're currently undergoing so the issues around fires, the issues around, collapses and displacement and unforced zoning all can be remedied i want to thank you, supervisor wiener for putting in forward and ask that supervisor peskin that knows well, what happens when we don't codes enforce and chair cohen appreciate our support of this better reform so thank you very much so if there's a question i can - >> could you or mr. strong respond to the question about whether the administrative hearing officer will be the same person. >> currently, we don't have the same person that issues the notice of violation either a supervisor or delegated people
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that know the board codes that we enforce so if a person has a written notice of violation they're not the ones being the hearing officer. >> thank you very much. >> and thank you for your help with that resolution. >> if i may through the chair to supervisor wiener the way the building official is defined in section one 02a .3 subdivision a and is provisions for a administrative hearing conduct of an administrative at one 02a 6 are set forth is not anything that precludes many person from being the same person maybe including the sentence that makes it abundantly clear the inspector and the hearing officer can't be the same person. >> i have no problem doing
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that so we'll take that as an oral addition to the motion make it after the public comment thank you supervisor peskin. >> next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors brooke with the coalition for better housing i want to thank supervisor wiener for this powder legislation for the life safety of all the tenants and as property owners we appreciate our effort and appreciate the the work that dbi and the fire department did on this and bringing this around and want to thank the supervisors co-sponsoring and we appreciate this very much and look forward to working with all of you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm here to sorry i'm here to support the
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legislation i'm here actually on behalf of any children 3, 4 and 12 and living next to distressed property we moved in three years ago this was a severe hoarding precipitate next to us piles and debris that is lying around 60 foot into the hillside our neighborhood can't walk out of the brown backyard we've been working for 3 years with various city agencies including the dbi and the rec and park and the city attorney's office and process had not been extremely extremely slow because there are a lot of bureaucratic process and i've related to this legislation to clean up we had
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dbi right now 4 cases referred thanks to the help of commissioner walker and other people back to the city attorney's office they actually came out originally and dwp a miscommunication between the city attorney and the process there so they actually ran through the same process 3 times and you know while this is going on we have to live next to are dents and fire hazards so i think that is overdue the city does something and really appreciate supervisors you're pushing this legislation forward thank you. >> thank you very much is there any additional public comment on items two and three seeing none, particular may we close public comment is closed. >> public comment is closed. >> thank you. i want to thank everyone that helped with the
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legislation and everyone that came out this is important it really does a trendable aspect of neighborhood quality of life and you've heard from the last commenter about a vacation on juice the district i represent where we have terrible situation of this health and safety problems and not a lot has happened in terms of enforcement and you know it shouldn't be that way we have another situation the district several years ago we were alerted by the city attorney's office they having had extreme hoarding on grand view the tenderloin box and various departments westbound in and out of that home for years and some issues notice of violation and no department was taking a lead to do something about that we were able to call the departments to
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have that cooperation and the department of building inspection was able to green house gas address it and the services got the residents into alternative housing and the situation was remedy ed is it shouldn't take the involvement of an elected official to get the departments to talk to each other we hope this legislation will allow us to have a effective code enforcement not to have a situation where the front of the building is removed and three or four years community-based organization by and leaves the neighbors to wonder what what the heck is going on not to mention the all two common situation a building with tenants is delipidated and inhumane conditions and you wonder what is going on why are we not pro-active colleagues i believe this legislation will
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move us in a positive direction to improve argue code enforcement system here in san francisco so i'll first say and adopt the amendment i described at the beginning in addition to the typographical action that commissioner stephenson's and the oral amendment that supervisor peskin mentioned regarding the hearing officer not being the same person as the inspector that issues the ethics commission i make that motion. >> if i may before. >> yes. >> before we precede just to be clear on item 2 line 13 at the end of the violation par seize and on relative to my verbal amendment to one 02a i'm not sure it if belongs in the a or 6 i think it is in the 6
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perhaps at the end of sub a and i'm looking at deputy city str the person can't serve as the hearing officer. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney the building official is as the term referred to throughout the code i believe it referred to the head of the department through i don't have that in front of me how about the hearing officer suggest that the hearing officer shall not be the same individual that signed nov something like that. >> that works. >> all right. >> so that's my motion. >> there is a motion and a second we'll take that without
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objection. this motion passes. >> now madam chair we forward items two and three to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> without objection that passes unanimously thank you madam clerk could you please call item 4. >> item 4 a resolution establishing the filipino cultural district. >> supervisor kim is the author of that wonderful piece of legislation i'm sure she has a few opening remarks. >> i do first of all, thank to the members of the community for being here but your years of effort to begin to get us to the point we're initially this process today as you may know filipinos are the largest asian-american group in the state of california and in corresponding to the 2011
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consensus there are two other geography areas to the filipino that is historic filipino town and the menorah and were figure out by the community and both areas highlight the presence and the history of the filipino-american and their contributions to the area it is important that we here have a location in the bay area 9 percent of all filipino-american immigrants to the u.s. reside the metropolitan area and 3 percent the metropolitan area south of market is the home of many of the filipino and filipino-american cultural assess those faces and organization provide a context to the community more than one year history in san francisco and the district we're working to establish not only represents recognize and preserves the hefty of this community and all of their contributions to the
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neighborhood and the city and county of san francisco as a whole but also highlights the needs to stable listed the existing residents in the face of ongoing department here in san francisco and the changing environment in all our neighborhoods, in fact, since 2002 according to the consensus the filipino population has been lost to other outlying areas south of market is a home to many of the institutions we're proud of home to becoming the first and on elementary school to teach filipino as part of the curriculum and the first park named after victoria first filipino gold metal lift and the recreational center of san francisco the filipino corporation veterans equitable
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center and, of course, others and our prayed and really countless others beyond the cultural institutions filipino-american have been leader and shape what we see the city we live in either through fight for jobs, kwblts, affordable housing and many of the things we're proud to say we've preserved in san francisco and the filipino-american communities continue to contribute to continue to advocate so far the seniors for our families families and youth and families special use district we don't have anywhere the city and have been often at the forefront leading the fight for more affordable housing and preserve rent-controlled housing on april 9th we have the day of
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valor and recognize 76 thousand filipinos and chinese-american soldiers that surround no world war ii this was the battalion death march for corridor and given the allies to prepare for the battle of co-sponsor rose and midway the american and filipino forces retook them in 1945 we can draw the similar scenarios to the boards community in support of formation of filipino i'm proud to support this driven plan for out of the south of market plan that began in 2007 i'm - and to hasten the impact of the filipino-american immigrant community that plan is not only important for the
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filipinos and the filipino-americans but if san francisco as we preserve the culture character of our diverse communities so we do have a number of members of the public that are here to speak today quibble i would want to thank the countless organizations that sponsored the filipinos the filipino-american foundation and veterans quantity center and filipino women's network and the filipino position and the action network and well-being and the filipino center and the studios that first filipino performances venue the country and cool arts i want to recognize dr. dodi was an under graduate with the social professor at university of california, san francisco history department for working with us to review the
9:48 pm
legislation and got our history correct i have a lot more to say but its in the resolution and give the members of the public an opportunity to speak about why this is so important here in the south of market and, of course, my colleagues on the committee if they want to make any opening remarks. >> supervisor kim congratulations i know this is a heavy lift and years the making and members of the public that are here this afternoon congratulations this is a true designation of what it yields i'm happy to be a co-sponsors with that, open up for public comment at this time please step forward. >> good afternoon. my name is a helen i represent the international hotel senior housing corporation and i would like to congratulate supervisor
9:49 pm
jane kim for doing this enormous push for accepting and honoring the filipinos in your section of town i want to remind you that filipinos education supervise started the 60s because all the filipinos made here and the children came when they were 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and to teach them there were tagalog speakers the city the - district decided to put a physically education center and part of that center was betsey carmichael they started to hire filipino teachers because of the children didn't understand english so i was involved with the betsey carmichael and i was teaching fourth and sixth grade but i want to remind us that because
9:50 pm
of the convention center these homes were taken out and most of filipino families had to move out that started the degradation of families anyway, i'm delighted they're building the center again, thank you. >> thank you. i actually failed to read the speaker cards i see most of you in line but for the sake you read them out feel free to speak burnett made this happen
9:51 pm
(calling names). >> first of all. >> supervisor jane kim and all the supervisors that given their leadership and support for that legislation i'm here speaking on behalf of and support as a resident of san francisco since 2000 i'm a member of the business community of san francisco some of my venues the past the summit the incubator the mission district and helped with the lounge that was over by usf and currently i have a venture to help startups grow but before i came to san francisco one of the things that happened when i was growing up in la there was a lack of visualized the community and the chinatown and japantown no manila towns when i saw the
9:52 pm
pilot consciousness the filipinos were the forefront of fighting for the rights now were having our recognize so i'm here to speak as a business leader the community to let you know when we build the filipino centers we'll be tapping into the values that make san francisco greater the inclusion and innovation where we lack the skills and resources to build this world we'll reach across the aisle to build this in terms of renovation we want to some of the filipinos is in one of the most 3w4r50ig9sd areas we want to build a new entrepreneurship to build a new community and also develop economic development in that area and some of the initiative was
9:53 pm
we're looking in bringing in leaders in our community to train our future business leaders and two - >> thank you duffey. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is berry national i'm - so many community members have working hard the filipino cultural heritage district in san francisco as began the work to establish the filipinos in 2000 to bring to the forefront the violent filipino community living in south of market the coalition a began to psyche
9:54 pm
the historic e historical buildings and the arts and the neighborhoods serving businesses and the cultural celebrations the festival and we are proud to have this long and rich history amongst the san francisco community and we look forward to continue being an integral part of growth the san francisco neighborhoods it is is time our communities are recognized and our presence be known 1932 the first step in making sure we do all we can to protect the rich cultural heritage we thank you for your leadership and recognizing the importance of filipino community in san francisco with your support and establishment in the district i think everyone is the community is to share the physically culture and keep filipinos in soma we support our culture together.
9:55 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> thank you ms. c. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is marily mondejar one of the commissioner of the commission and community investment & infrastructure and a board member of the physically hoint i recipient i've been living in district 68 for more than 20 years to thank you for the resolution and hopefully the amount approval establishing filipinos the filipino cultural heritage district in san francisco finally our physically town and a acknowledgement of the contributions of the physically community to the rich diversity have to the rich diversity of san francisco you may know that san francisco is the tagalog official language in 2014 but this resolution is an
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important step it establishes the strategic and economic plan for the filipinos as an original center for commerce this resolution will help extend auto the migration as you may know the contents of 2000 over 40 thousand filipinos and it has decreased to 36 thousand three hundred 47 with about more than 5 thousand filipinos in district 6 clustered in the filipino area we lost about almost 10 percent in 10 years and stilt losing filipinos leaving san francisco this is the solution a major step in stabilizing the filipino residents. >> thank you but the businesses have is to be nourished and established i hope we can put together a vibrant and exciting
9:57 pm
soma filipinos in san francisco. >> thank you commissioner mondejar for your support and leadership. >> good afternoon. i'm july 4th i live and work the south of market i'm very happy to be here to express any support for the filipino cultural heritage district resolution filipino and hope you'll join me in this historic time with our support and positive resolution we recognize the soma filipinos it has a community full of people like me it is like a home a new home away from home so like where i live soma is the family and get together full of food and laughter and singing it has organization that i trust to help when i need it the most soma celebrates the filipino cultural we have lessons it
9:58 pm
teach our students filipino language and that welcome all the bay area to celebrate with us i know people may not see or excellence that the way i see that is it is no a neighborhood but the streets you have to get to or from the highway and to build high-rise and for big development it is the address ventures capital lift look for when dishing out money the city's fight against equality soma it the fine line we appreciate the leadership of supervisor jane kim and will be looking forward to all our continued leadership 2, 3, 4 making sure to keep the filipinos the soma and not just a way to remember what they choose to be as the filipino is an opportunity to make sure that our organization our businesses and our residents can continue
9:59 pm
to live the city an opportunity to make sure that everyone can see soma how i see that a neighborhood of beautiful culture and rich heritage - >> thank you. >> thank you good afternoon, supervisors i'm the executive director of t s rc filipino research center i'm here on behalf of the filipino and filipino-american seniors we're supporting the soma filipinos our seniors play an important time of the bunch of soma it is one of the reasons we're proud to say we're filipinos we have something that the nations will not have that is our culture i believe that soma filipinos create an environment where all the seniors what
10:00 pm
enhance their sense of dignity and self-worth inspiring and enabling them to be more involved the community actives thank you very much supervisor jane kim. >> thank you. >> hello good afternoon, supervisors my name is charm i'm with the after-school programs and i wanted to share we have been with the betsey carmichael at the physically educational center the south of market for over many years we provide quality guidance and care and protection for the kindergarteners through eight grade through cultural and language and we highlight the development of the students identity and fulfilling e instilling fried the filipino and american cultures and working for over seven years i've witnessed families working hard for their children and
10:01 pm
appreciate a safe place and a communities they can lean on to nutritious the language and cultural of their children i believe this cultural heritage district the filipino-american will strengthen the filipino community and fill it with pride we've been here for in generations to help to build the city and want to see our children grew up and live the city thank you very much for supporting and supporting this legislation we hope to continue working with you and strengthening our filipino communities. >> thank you charm. >> hi, i'm diane from the south of market community action network i really look forward to some of the filipinos be a turning point for the way the city addresses land use issues when it comes to filipinos there is a lot of land use issues that brought the
10:02 pm
filipinos to the way of displacement from redevelopment and the fillmore and be yerba buena and others district to destroy the manila tinseltown adjacent to chinatown all of the policies you know have brought the filipino communities to the low level that it is soma despite displacement is still the touchstone in the bay area and much of the u.s. and some filipinos with the long island policy will be important the enrollment of community within san francisco also look forward to working with the city and fire chief land use policies which teach ongoing plans as we embark on the policy for 9 and we look forward to having the proper resources be allocated to some
10:03 pm
of the filipinos and attention so we can be ceded with other filipinos is an important part. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is desiree i'm the deputy director of san francisco heritage i'm here to express our support for the filipino cultural heritage district this legislation is an important first step to develop some of the filipinos oozed a regional center recognizing historical and present contributions of the community and to stabilize the filipinos and community institutions half this sets in motion the strategy and implementation plan for the community development and stabilization and increase the viability of the district such a
10:04 pm
strategy helps with the nonprofit and the business registry and nominating the land use and developing over promotions or establishing a land trust or important properties to insure the future properties much work has been done by the community along with the planning department and other allies the comprehensive strategy and implementation plan is necessary to translate the judge's and establish a vision for the district moving forward 2014 the heritage issued a paper entitled staying in san francisco living histories many of the reports were generated with the - with the center in 2012, 2013 we identified did filipinos currently district and
10:05 pm
hope our report hems the districts congratulations to everyone that had a hand in making this legislation happen and we're committed to supporting this important legislation thank you. >> thank you, ms. smith. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is steve and i'm a resident at south park for those of you who don know this building was purchased in 1920 by the grand filipino lodge we have owned this property unfortunately, when we're the process of selling 3 one of the goals to preserve the property the legacy in california we also have a ten on jack london we have archives going back one years i invite the supervisors to come
10:06 pm
and see our archives it is a beautiful, beautiful picture this hotel was purchased by physically men that came from the philippines and farm workers or sea mann men or domestic helpers to worked to buy this 24 unit hotel i remembered back in the 70's when i he was the a county organizer going down the alleyways of mini in a and other streets smelling the beautiful filipino foods in the alleys people cooking and playing in the alleyways that was a beautiful thing back then today with gentrification many of our families have moved out as you may know the timing has been an
10:07 pm
informational point of newly arrived immigrants they stay and move to daily city and west virginia and santa fe we need to preserve this area for the future for future and we want to commend supervisor kim and april for they're hard work and dedication thank you. >> thank you for you're work to preserve the grand hotel in south park. >> hi, i'm carolyn work with the veterans quantity center but a teacher at the university of california, san francisco through an organization called north educational partnership part of my role as a coordinator is to enact students with the filipino community south of market i myself started as a student at usf and i volunteered as a tutor at students and
10:08 pm
betsey carmichael's elementary through my excellence as a student i learned about the history and studied house impersonally and gentrification have impacted the filipino community worldwide and especially in san francisco the filipino cultural heritage district is so essential for myself, my students and the senior citizens seniors and families if acknowledges the history of the displacement of filipinos in other community whether manila town arrest western edition to yerba buena to the south of market it also understands the history of resiliency of filipino in the grand workers and is long time residents of san francisco despite the history of displacement in the filipino communities students from all over the expressway and worldwide continue to come to the south of market to long run about the history and people and murals like the bio community center home to not only the
10:09 pm
veterans equality center but the book store the only filipino-american book store the country we have a lot of first in san francisco so the students if city college and on the bay area universities come to our organizations to learn what is bog con to preserve the history of the neighborhood i ask you continue your support for the establishment of filipinos and i believe your support not only acknowledges this history of displacement and resilience but building that is a symptom of solidarity thank you, thank you ms. caldron and thank you for bringing up our beloved book store. >> good afternoon, supervisors kim wiener and cowen and wiener and peskin i'm the founder and director of the san francisco
10:10 pm
filipino-american jazz festival to promote and preserve contributions by the filipino and filipino-american artists the jazz and blues and world music the very beginning our presentation which include concerts and educational forums and seminars have been in a culture and historical context historical ifhat we spoke about jazz in new orleans and the filipino presence the 17 hundred certainly we were present for that formation and creation of that art form and jazz the philippines around 19 hundred by the african-american buffalo soldiers and was the ambassadors of jazz throughout ace and here in san francisco where our presence included the music an integrate part of our culture we celebrated jazz the
10:11 pm
chinatown, manila town and the fillmore the 40s and 50s and 60s when this was a jazz district and also the tenderloin one of the very first weaponries allowed to live we're not not allowed to crow market street in the beginning in 2008, we were already in the soma the first was the concert with the yerba buena island r ygd our third in the fillmore and 7 and 8 years at the international manila town center we want to continue our mission statement in an accurate - >> thank you carlos i should
10:12 pm
call the rest of the cards physically to mr. kelly. >> thank you for co-sponsoring this i'm tony kelly the vice president of the boosters neighborhood association we're witnessing the settlement neighborhoods with the fighting years of eastern neighborhoods plan and the creation of youth and family zone the south of market and worked closely with the studio they rebuilt in 2011 and 2012 that in particular is maybe useful to recall or recall for a no time for this measure the late 80s or early 90s south of market and went to other places that were for ruflgz the 80s they discovered their neighbors and brought them into
10:13 pm
workshops and particularly a strong filipino artists group and ended up taking over the theatre from the dudes and turning it into the institution you know today, the fact it out late and lived the san francisco redevelopment agency is a testament to their small resiliency and suburbanness and their motto never give up and it is exciting to see the proposed district to recognize with the jazz festival with many years and with the theater and created the professional out of the arts group a strong heritage already the south of market the filipino communities the history of displacement and defense and great growth and great creativity they don't need the heritage history it is there but great to have a heritage with the city that recognized
10:14 pm
their commitment and tried to match that so thank you for year ago are years to come. >> it reminded me the first time i performed was at the base pop. >> hello supervisors actually, you i saw that picture on facebook oar i'm jason born and raised on 24 and mission street i am one of the founders of the bay center but my working young and adult life is here in soma i worked in 10 companies i've worked with agricultural centers and worked and plaza and when it comes to the family all our kids went to betsey carmichael the great thing of betsey carmichael it was k through 8 and made sure
10:15 pm
your kids were is safe and their friends in kindergarten were the friends in high school one of the beautiful things of soma is like the people that spoke people come back and helped them get to places they want to be and one of the challenging things we can look at when they graduate to high school their dispersed like my daughter right now graduated and went to bubble school the great thing at k through 8 they are together i work and in charge of the development and one of the great things about the employment and workforce practical we're starting to give everyone in the neighborhood it is really like - it can caterer to them and not out of soma and working, working with different partners the
10:16 pm
south of market and it is just we would love to be replaced will i every other place in san francisco we have chinatown and this italy and great to have it in south of market thank you. >> thank you and thanks for being the sound guy at all our events. >> good afternoon. i'm vivian i'm did executive director of well-being multi center we represent the resource immigrant families and seniors it is my pleasure to support in resolution for creating a filipino heritage district in san francisco this brings san francisco at par with other major cities with spectacular districts like the historic town in los angeles and in vancouver that is long overdue we're the currently the biggest asian
10:17 pm
population filipinos live a high rate of migration into the united states this community supervises will continue to grow in numbers we hope that san francisco will honor there to a heritage district that means number one protecting the original filipino that reside in soma from the high cost of living perhaps to a set of gentrification protection policies and creating centers to attack this filipinos into the area in much the way they're provided to other sector to protect the businesses and number 3 providing funding to highlight the area as a filipino heritage district for example, through artwork and the tagalog signage. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> supervisor kim you're living room on this matter. >> thank you for representing
10:18 pm
well-being filipino center. >> hi my name is teresa imperial i'm here as a boards of manila town organization and case manager for the veterans kwb89 center as a board of manila town foundation we continue to retell the story of the struggle and the evictions we continue to have a tour for the students to know about the history of the i hotel and also the history of manila town the i hotels as you may know we support of the tenants rights movement and for asian-american movement as staff a case manager for the equality center my father was a
10:19 pm
world w world war ii and struggling to live here in san francisco i've seen the struggles it is most cases it is very inhabitable the place we are living in that's why we decided to establishment the program so we could protect and give education to the filipinos veterans and also their families and now to citywide as well so we hope that the soma filipinos is a bittersweet kind of recognize we've struggles for i hotel, the yerba buena redevelopment, and other developments fights but we're still here and fighting we're still here willing to stay here in san francisco 0 so has to good recognize thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. imperial. >> i have handouts i'd like to
10:20 pm
presents. >> thank you, commissioner for being here. >> thank you, supervisor kim and supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener i'm al a 35 year recipient of san francisco i'm a commissioner in the san francisco entertainment commission but here in my faculty as a community organizer i would like to thank everyone the communities that are were involved isn't effort for working together to be they're the soma as the filipino cultural heritage district i took the liberty to create a map a guide to show you the contamination in the central soma i support this resolution because soma it the home of the filipino community the o that i lead produces several cultural events in the south of market
10:21 pm
including the 23 annual prayed and festival at the time general manager center for the arts and other places including the giants heritage night at the park f a used to have a headquarter at the mall on 5 street but they had to move our office over the last 8 years in search of affordable republicans as a gloo kangaroos nonprofit we can't afford the increasing relents in the soma now i'm working out of my home office and putting my materials in storage and many of the residents are driven out of the soma due to skyrocketing rents i believe the filipino will bring energy and excitement and community pride to the
10:22 pm
neighborhood and bring the attention and necessary resources for the communities in the south of market that they spell need. >> thank you, commissioner perez and the map it's beautiful. >> my name is neil gus guzman i worked the south of market for many years and a member of the filipino i want to give another angle or take on that resolution he certainly support it as someone who was evict nearly 40 years ago on the street that was for that community that is after the eviction of the filipino and chinese elderly theirs nowhere else a manila town for years we've come up to another era that era is kind of
10:23 pm
like now socialism is more acceptable and is it i think so i read the papers but what i'm saying we are a new generation of young people and a number of community basis groups and a number of active people the south of market i think that my take on it is not about now but the next 5 to 10 years a greater gentrification of cranes and more high-end housing and homelessness in a city concentrated the south of market so the board of supervisors can take responsibility for that as for the fire extinguisher community we're fighting for our life the displacement will continue as land use values go up for the land here we have to be able to protect our community and the working families the
10:24 pm
population thank you. >> thank you and i'm going to call the rest of the cards i do have (calling names). >> good afternoon supervisors my name is raymond i'm with the south of market community action network i have a piece to share to you guys but you know unfortunately, some of my youth couldn't be here because of school time they prepared a video if you don't mind i'll share the video before my speech if this is okay. >> how do you get the sound on
10:25 pm
this? >> do you mind if we have someone to speak while you are setting up. >> maybe we can have ricco speak. >> good afternoon district supervisors i'm a long time retained in soma since 1973 from the philippines we want to bring everyone back how excited i was 11-year-old and scared coming from a third world country to the united states we ended up south of market we lived on rust street and i didn't want to come out i
10:26 pm
was scared didn't want to go to school couldn't speak english when i finally came out i founds filipinos the neighborhood and my teachers were filipino so i felt good you know, i didn't feel like and was somewhere else to far from the philippines he felt i was the philippines in a different city i wish my mom could speak english so she could tell you how for the some i hope my dad is alive so he could tell you guys how appreciative he is to live in the south of market i seen a lot of filipino families work hard you know with the working-class people the south of market and i'm all over the city and i see about 90 percent
10:27 pm
of filipinos live the south of market you know i'm just thankful my mentor when i was grouping and annette sanchez they made it easier to make an adjustment and do the right thing you know, i remember when former moscone was the mayor in san francisco and a rumor he was going to make soma a filipino town but sadly he was murdered and that plan died with him thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> yeah. let's try to - >> it's not working so - >> it should be working now. >> try it again.
10:28 pm
>> i - i'm from the excelsior i lived in soma and part of the south came in an area from sf i lived the mission district born and raised philippines are very important thing to do here the soma just so many families lived in this area i went to school at betsey carmichael and building that he there are so many filipinos a lot of everyone there. >> it is important to currently preserve our culture and important to continue our tradition. >> this soma should be made into a portrait district of filipinos a lot of the districts
10:29 pm
from sf know the demographic like the mission would be known for the filipino and the soma would be known for the filipino population. >> it is important to have a frame a figure to distinguish our culture. >> it make sense for the filipino culture to have their own community the soma because soma is highly are xhartdz. >> this should be an emphasis people should know what is happening the city because the people that live the district are the people that are adapted so should be a place you know that they can call their own and the city will support it that is essential and great because of japantown and like you know we can be part of that
10:30 pm
and everyone will get to know what we are here. >> thank you, supervisors is it okay if i share my piece or can i no - >> yeah. we can give you one minute. >> i appreciate it. >> well to the south of market sf c with the community and families where would he be you can found with the children of the walk with me to the dpw is the place to be we've got children in betsy and cultural to our homeland man, i could could f this all day quite a while living and not having the privacy so-called development and people out here to represent let it be known this is soma
10:31 pm
we'll fight for our home thank you. >> thank you raymond. >> next speaker. >> i can't do any better than that i'm tony rob less pointing of the manila town where would to be without the filipino it would be pretty damn dull; right? does everybody agriculture it contributes to our city and in housing justice the arts, in civic government and education we're talking about this community equality and to echo with ms. guzman we need to plan for the next gyrations or generations i support of establishment of soma filipinos but i want to say that it goes yonder ornlttion our
10:32 pm
cultural is not just orientation a treasure in soma a treasure the work that we do the values we represent as a filipino community as a soma filipino community and a collective community concern for the elderly and working with the elderly and entering generational work and advocacy true agency of our community so that our children what grow we saw the video it is our future the establishment of this community will send a proper message overtime our community feels like it is overlooked you know and taken for granted we contributed profoundly to san francisco in every field in our level and i just want to make that clear as being a part and
10:33 pm
speaking for manila town heritage foundation long live the i hotel thank you, mr. rob he lives. >> i'm ada chang thank you so much for your office space supervisor cohen and supervisor wiener and supervisor kim thank you, very much there are many people not getting up to speak the young woman from the equality center is here and watched your leadership and support you in doing this with us and other founder the brainchild of that project is also here he wanted me to poet the society in san francisco police department o new york printed auto a tour book and talk about the filipino community more than the jeans community and we're looking forward to helping you make soma a more visible place for
10:34 pm
visitors and the residents that live here lord to working with your staff and others departments we've started meetings with the planning department and we have working groups that are looking at the issues that we'll be working with the departments on thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. chang. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is angelica with the south of market community action network born out of gentrification that was happening to the filipino community and to in the 90s and i'm here to express my support for the filipino resolution it took the city 8 years to move forward this is a great first step of the city to partner with our communities to not just remember a contribution about insures the continued we grow and live here we talk about our history we have a saying in the filipino communities if you don't know
10:35 pm
history you don't know self if you don't know your history you don't know where you're going we definitely know where we are going we want to stay here and be not just remembered by acknowledged and we want our rich culture to continue in san francisco. >> so we hope aside passing in lisa resolution that your leadership the city continues to partner so we can enhance the life hood of our families and seniors and youth and everyone in san francisco thank you. >> thank you, very much is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item important piece of legislation seeing none, public comment is closed at this time supervisor kim any closing remarks you want to make. >> i want to recognize this
10:36 pm
entire ludicrously committee are co-sponsors so thank you for your support and want to thank commissioner mondejar and supervisor campos and supervisor yee who doesn't sit open the committee are supportive of establishing the soma filipino i would like to say i want to recognize this community and their efforts to put this together it is not easy to putt together a culture history it is easy to slap a name on the street or neighborhood we're endeavoring to actually do much, much larger than this yes, we want to preserve the history and recognize the achievement but also the work of the filipino filipino-americans that are making san francisco the city beyond the filipino community we're trying to do beyond that we're trying to work to support the existing filipino
10:37 pm
residential and small business and nonprofit community continue to stay in the south of market that is a heavy lift i'm looking forward to working with the working group and the planning department along with a variety of other departments the city to insure we're creating things different and new in terms of what a cultural district will be and following on the red light district the lgbt social cultural district that is identified as part of plan there is a lot of work ahead of us and it is it will be difficult and challenging i know we can do this together and thank you to the community for putting the effort and kick starting this process after close to 8 years of us in discussions about what that hallows so community members thank you and acknowledge you for your support and love from the committee will
10:38 pm
pass this with a positive recommendation. >> i see depreciate city attorney john gibner, deputy city attorney just oh, i'll step back then. >> thank you city attorney i have a number of amendments to submit that clarifies and adds some of the data points and important history and i do encourage everyone to read this resolution it is very editing in terms of the enormous history but i've distributed those amendments to the committee members and the city attorney did he need to read into the record? there's a lot of them. >> family i understand you distributed the amendments that changes whereas clauses to reflect the history for fully.
10:39 pm
>> the resolve clauses. >> i understand you're changing to - so the resolution no longer mandates the working group but as that needs the department to prepare the strategic plan in consultation with different community members and other city and county departments that they look at the whole resolution. >> most of whereas clauses you've mentioned don't fully state the history of the filipino-american communities in the south of market we have some minor amendments to the resolve clauses for example, that the filipino is the culture and commerce and we include the entertainment commission and the rec and park department with the other named agencies under the resolution and finally we're asking the planning department to convene the working group over the next 6 months to bring
10:40 pm
forward those recommendations to the full board. >> all right. one other question the original resolution required the board to hold a hearing following the synonyms of the plan by the working group and the clerk's office are requiring the submission the plan and leave it up toville supervisors to call or hearing or otherwise amend the resolution to require the department to submit a new resolution to the board can accept. >> my understanding the amendment was made the language is not before us today in the copy i passed out to the board it says that the strategic plan shall be developed and presented i see what you're saying at the hearing for the board of supervisors so the request from the clerk's office so the
10:41 pm
planning department shall submit the strategic plan to the planning commission and the board of supervisors and then the commission and any supervisor can call for a hearing to actually be sure it is heard in public. >> or you could require that the planning department submit a resolution it the board of supervisors which will insure that the board of supervisors hold the hearing before the plan. >> i'm not worried about the board of supervisors having a hearing we'll certainly have it so i'm comfortable with changing the language that the planning department shall submit this report to the planning commission and the board of supervisors. >> supervisor kim. >> is that it are we - >> would you like to make a motion. >> that's my amendment. >> so moved.
10:42 pm
>> so my colleague has made a motion with a positive recommendation. >> the amendments first and i as i articulated and city attorney gibner. >> why not make it simple and make a motion to approve as amended. >> and move to the aboard with a positive recommendations thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping). >> okay madam clerk it's time for call item 5. >> item 5 is an ordinance amending the general plan for the downtown plan for the portion of the transportation block one and two.
10:43 pm
>> okay madam clerk. >> madam clerk i want to just reiterate that i can't push my buttons and commissioner peskin can't either i'll appreciate if it is fixed. >> we'll could through the old-fashioned we've supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener we have item 5 before us ladies and gentlemen, can you please clear the chamber quickly and quietly i believe a staff presentation from ocii before supervisor wiener excuse me - supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam chair and supervisor wiener i'd like to address an issue
10:44 pm
that is not directly on point relative to this item number 5 but is deeply troubling and without casting this on staff i can't to help but note on february 25th the planning commission considered two planning amendments one before us today, the other general plan not related to this at all has to do with with the affordable housing affordable housing bonus program what i find to be extremely troubling is the fact that planning department staff for whatever reason has chosen to forwards one general plan amendment and sits on the other and i have theories about why this is from the commission acts to recommend a general plan amendment or a piece of
10:45 pm
legislation i expect that the department staff forward those to the board of supervisors for claurpd in our deliberations and considerations the fact that the department is choosing to selectively forward actions that the commission has deliberated to me is extremely political and i for one am not going to vote for this particular issue today until or unless the department forwards this other issue and, sir i'm not pointing fingers at you the reality is not up to define staff to set this elected bodies calendar the as a matter of fact the affordable housing bonus program was introduced last year as compared to this legislation
10:46 pm
that was only introduced earlier this year and the fact that the department is selectively forwarded legislation to this body and by the way, i note as is affordable housing bonus program i don't want to get the city attorney not speaking about something not on the calendar this board extended our commission time to consider is that extension expired yesterday april 3rd technically this is a negative recommendation you can't sit on prevention for general planning amendment with that, i'd like to make a motion subject to public comment to continue this to the call of the chair when you bring us other things in a timely fashion we'll calendar those those are straight issues of public policy
10:47 pm
but you guys forward that the commission has deliberated and make recommendations on. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin it's okay supervisor peskin thank you supervisor wiener is remarks. >> we look remarkably the same. >> two judiciously guys. >> i'm curious to know whether the planning department has a response to that that's that's a good question. >> i don't want to put the gentleman you don't speak for the entire department by i'd like to have a response. >> supervisor josh with the planning department staff i'm not prepared to comment i've better late than never not been directly involved with that legislation that is related to it i can certainly take your
10:48 pm
questions or comments to the senior management of the planning department and find out the story for the timing. >> thank you and madam chair if i may to the call of the chair supervisor peskin i'm wondering it sounds like if i'm not mistaken what you're sailing you don't want to vote on this item unless and until the planning department forwards everything that made its way through the planning commission and my question how many items fall under that category i think all the members of the committee should be voting on the merits of items before us so i am concerned if we have a member not wanting to vote on any or all items forwarded by the commission if there are other items that the planning department staff has not formally transmitted i want to clarify our position.
10:49 pm
>> i'm only aware of that one other general plan amendment he previously referenced but i think the larger policy issue before this committee and before the entire board of supervisors is that the planning department is setting our calendar by forwarding whatever they want to forward wherever and in the perfect opportunity for this land use committee to say to the department look when your commission acts within a reasonable amount of time which means like a couple of days the department staff forwards the commissions remedies and then the chair of that committee can choose to calendar or not calendar as is the chairwoman's prerogative i want to send a message it is the best way to sends is that you can't pick and
10:50 pm
choose we do the politics you do the policy when you do policy don't play games with the politics we'll set our own calendar. >> okay. >> equal supervisor tang and i think the mayor of the sponsors of affordable housing bonus program not the planning department so we don't calendar items until requests. >> we can't say calendar it i understand it is physically not in our possession. >> supervisor wiener. >> madam chair do you know when that came out of the planning commission. >> february 5th the same exact day 5 weeks ago as the general plan that was before us today. >> the question why move forward with one and not the another other. >> right now as the madam chair scheduled the general plan
10:51 pm
amendment on the affordable housing bonus program abused staff has refused to send to this this body refused for 5 weeks to treatment i'm saying transmit i'm asking you to pass a law to pass the january plan amendments within a reasonable time to take action. >> thank you supervisor peskin we'll take a 5you. >> all right. good afternoon we're calling this land use and transportation from recess back into session on item 5 we're going to take a moment and give the deputy city attorney an opportunity to speak on the
10:52 pm
questions that supervisor peskin raised prior to the recess. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney i can speak on this on the motion itself. >> pleas to the call of the chair we'll have to renotice this special adjoin plan if you continue to a date certain the clerk will not have to renotice the item that is one factor to consider if you want to continue the item the second factor to consider the general plan amendment is tied up with the redevelopment plan that is noticed for the full board on april 12th if you continue the general plan amendment beyond next monday than and the general plan didn't get to the board by april 12th
10:53 pm
we'll recommend the board continue that item supervisor wiener has a question. >> excuse me. i notice that supervisor kim is no longer here this is her district so obviously her feedback i know she's not technically the sponsor but talked about the one 60 fulsome project and 40 percent affordable even though we know the taxpayers are paying for half the 40 percent of affordability this an, an important discussion so i think that is important for supervisor kim to be here i would be open to a one week continuance on this and could be recorded out of the committee report next monday not interfere with the transit plan just to be clear not taking the position to bobble planning commission items up until the density bonus item
10:54 pm
is formally presented to the board i'm tying that to the affordable housing bonus plan i'm saying this for the planning department to walk away i have no idea what supervisor cowen's position my position this item we should have the district supervisor to discuss the issues but i'm not lincoln this to those the density bonus. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you make i think when john gibner, deputy city attorney in her said for the noticing requirements if we continue this to a date given the 10 day we'll continue to the 19. >> no city attorney said no. >> so we can continue this for a walk through. >> continue to the to the call of the chair but to a date certain will not require. >> i'll make a motion to continue for one week.
10:55 pm
>> we're going to sorry ocii probably going to skip your presentation and go ahead and move to public comment pub noticed meeting because people have taken the times is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item come on up come on come on. >> san francisco housing coalition speaking on behalf of three hundred more businesses when our members reviewed the project about a year and a half ago we saw this 35 percent for a single private investment that was unheard of at that time,
10:56 pm
between 18 and 100 percent ami that was within the ami of the proposed chart amendment this coming june i think when you look at this project and in a general plan amendment the zoning district we're asking for the value caps and what the extra one hundred feet with this we get 73 homes we indicated was a benefit to the city in and of itself but 60 percent of those 73 homes are permanently affordable for the middle-income for the teachers and firefighters and postal clerks and whatnot this is tremendous a clear benefit to the city especially in a time when our conversations are around housing how - can we create more housing and have private investment contribute for to permanently affordable units 0 that angle the permits
10:57 pm
the city has taken over the chamber this is a project we absolutely of the president to support and slowing down the project we're delaying the precaution of 4 hundred homes with 40 percent that are permanently favorable the working-class that didn't help anyone to look forward to seeing that before you invocation and hopefully move forward thank you for your time. >> great, thank you next item, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is carlos i'm a field representative with the xafrnt union local 22 here in san francisco thank you for your time in allowing me to speak in favor the general plan amendment i recommend 41 thousand and 3 thousand for the local 22 local 22 supports in general plan amendment for the following
10:58 pm
reasons first amendment will raise the height restriction from three to four hundred feet for more stories more units of housing and bmr units this will address did housing crisis that great city is placard by and second tishman used the gentle contractor or contractor they'll pay living wages not only our members and local san franciscans for the apprenticeship program to build a career that continues after this exciting project is completed tishman is a great partner we looked forward to work together on this and future projects in conclusion we're asking the committee to support this general plan amendment and push
10:59 pm
this project forward local 22 are anxious to go to work and swing their hammers and build san francisco approving that amendment creates more opportunities for local residents and future carpenters to live and work in this great city by the bay thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm robert i'm a sales society on mission i'm helping one and 67 families with affordable housing in san francisco and like to help more i port this amendment i'd like to read a letter from one of the homeowners anothers 14 hundred mission san francisco is a great city it is forward thinking diverse and techie and walkable and beautiful now, please make more of it i was one of the lucky winners to a move into 14
11:00 pm
hundred i will be moving there in a couple of weeks after the final paperwork i implore you to approve that height increase for block one that as 200 plus market-rate units and bmr condos like the one i purchased to a city that balanced needs more housing i haven't moved in yet i've met my neighborhoods or neighbors that are equally enthusiastic about ownership property in a city we love their teachers and nonprofit workers and retail sales person and writers and more they represent the diverse cultural and identities and backgrounds they're the ones that make san francisco special and exist wee bit we'll abandon our parts of bay area and be residents of san francisco
11:01 pm
but finally being able to afford housing in san francisco i can cut down on any commuting time and more time to volunteering with the disney family museum and volunteering as a teacher at the ymca which will have volunteers for after-school programs that the tenderloin community schools density is great it allows us to save energy - >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm peter hartman a long time south of market homeowner and chairman of the transbay advisory committee at our meeting no january the cac supports of heights on fulsome street doing is the cac noticed adds 73 more units 60
11:02 pm
percent are 44 had are permanently below-market rate units the effect on shadows an roifrp the higher building height fits in with the surrounding neighborhoods and many taller buildings on nearby blocks when the original transbay plan was developed in 2004 the area xhftsdz of vacate parcels at that point even a 3 hundred feet height was bold for the site with subsequent height is now modest the additional units strengthen the transit character the project and finally the additional height enhances the eloquent design from gang studios we have i urge you to support this planning adjoin plan amendment to increase the heights thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors
11:03 pm
my name is learning i'm vice chair the transbay citizens advisory committee and the greater rincon hill but i'm speaking in support of the general plan change i'm unfortunately you'll not been able to see the staffs presentation you'll see that next week but a head up you'll find a comprehensive comprehensive and thorough report the project will be 40 percent affordable it is astonishing and go for the neighborhood we hope to bring more families into the transbay not just at all luxury high-rise and the fulsome project will do a lot for the diversity and the quality of life for the neighborhood another feature you'll hear about techniques presentation the below-market-rate housing will be spread throughout the project not concentrated in one area
11:04 pm
that be be a new model and something else you'll be hearing about the developer is going to submit intents hoa dues for the below-market-rate housing at the cac we've struggled to reconcile that how to have families that can't afford the high hoa dues to enjoy the in advance that building officers to say it is serving as a models for mixed use projects in san francisco please support this height it will do a lot for the city and neighborhoods as a whole thank you. >> nancy pelosi. >> i'm jerry with safe rincon park and to the board of supervisors not to approve this one foot extension the plan the land is zoned for one hundred feet the plan reads
11:05 pm
as follows: the various shall be grand for the constraints or circumstances no various shall be give to the height regulations 4 hundred plus tower will be a negative impact on the beautiful waterfront i urge you for the to do it and also the environmental impact report is 12 years old this neighborhood has changed from industrial whatever to residential it is out-of-date and not should be relied on also this will overwhelm of waterfront are for a 26 foot tower a negative impact including shades and increasing the traffic and making the winds blow more than that don't now and advertisement below-market rate for the developer this is not true the developers are receiving 19 point plus million
11:06 pm
dollars that will take care of 80 percent however, that 19 two millions that land is worth more you as at the board of supervisors approved 4 blocks away for $43 million that one is much nicer fulsome is much nicer and should be worth more if taking into account really the developers is not prenup the - it is a gift it the city is making to the developer so the financing is poor at that point and finally the study was never submitted called the 3343 and that has not been presented - >> thank you is there anyone else who wishes to speak on this item colleagues, any of you that would like to speak public comment is closed. at this time i'd like a recognize supervisor wiener. >> thank you so you know, i think before we
11:07 pm
decide whether we'll continue i want to know the position of district supervisor and commissioner gilman is not available perhaps someone in the office can come in i think as supervisor represents the district it would be good to know supervisor peskin wants a continuance i don't agree with the separate issue has nothing to do with with one 60 fulsome i'm curious to know the position of the district supervisor. >> thank you, supervisor wiener i too am interested just so you know i've asked supervisor kim office and she's left a message for supervisor kim's it was understood that supervisor kim was not staying for item 10 i don't know if april in her office is able to join us in the meanwhile i want to see in supervisor peskin has million to add.
11:08 pm
>> no, i have a motion on the floor to continue. >> in the venture we've not heard from supervisor kim. >> do we know if they're available. >> can we take a 5 minute rec >> the next schedule meeting is april 11th; is that correct. >> without objection. >> supervisor wiener. >> you know i this is a close call like i said, i want to hear from the district supervisor i'm concerned that supporting this motion will be construed i'm buying into the affordable
11:09 pm
housing bonus plan i'm not going to support the continuance so - >> supervisor wiener that's fine you've made it clear argue not tying we'll do a roll call vote on this motion supervisor peskin i supervisor wiener no and chair cohen. >> two i's and one no. >> thank you very much that item will be continues for one week additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> all right. this meeting is adjourned thank you. >>
11:10 pm
>> good morning and welcome to san francisco county transportation authority. i'm scott wiener the chair and we'll call the roll. >> item 1, roll call, commissioner avalos, present. commissioner breed, present. commissioner campos, present. commissioner cohen, present. commissioner farrell, absent. commissioner kim, absent. commissioner mar, absent. commissioner peskin, present. commissioner tang, absent. commissioner wiener, present. commissioner ,


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