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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  April 18, 2016 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>my name is david-- my wife and i had a chance to move to one of the below market rate developments the previous speaker already covered all of the logistics and the national analysis and all that stuff for sure there must be some issues but i believe they are all manageable and when we're talking about families we must look beyond the numbers. is 44 more affordable housing units. that means 44 more families that have the chance to live in the city and grew up with their kids here and make san francisco their home. thank you so much. >>thank you. speaker please. >>good afternoon everyone my name is angie do amongst i'm 40 years of age in a single mother of 2 harrison keira 3 years ago
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i ended my 14 year marriage it wasn't working out. the fastest way to get out of it was to move with my 80-year-old grandmother in a studio in on joan our neighborhood is full of life in spite of people's miss misconception family that are thriving here i came here in 1995 before my son was born. 3 years ago i came back to the tenderloin and fell in love with it. my kids are very involved in the community i knew i had to do something. i heard about the ssmoh. i walked into the community center and they walked me through the process and they
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they help me the application. if it wasn't for them i would probably be lost. and if it wasn't for the affordable housing program i would've been moved out of the city somewhere where my salary can afford which is about 2 hours east today i stand before you as a living testament of this program and i'm able to get my kids in the community that they're willing to get involved in and take them to the school and 100 feet additional is probably it probably doesn't mean anything to you but it is 44 lives that are going to be change. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>i have been in san francisco
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since 2007 and i just moved to one of these below the market apartments. it was the only racket stay in the city. and has to be wonderful it is. this building is not only beautiful outside but it's gonna make it beautiful on the inside for the people that are going to move there. i don't have to say that we are going to have a catastrophe with housing. we need more of any kind of construction and is not because i'm in construction but is difficult to find anything. thank you. >>thank you next speaker please. >>good afternoon, supervisors and ladies and gentlemen. i very much thank you for the city and supervisors because i got a below market rate unit and the others are supporting this and i will let you know
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that 300 feet is already approved i think 40% is doable for affordable i think we need to support that because most families came in the city and they spend in the city. it is actually san francisco is more than the city. right now, i was talking to someone and in the past 2 years 60,000 families moved out of san francisco and right now there's more dogs and families. i think affordable housing will keep more people here. i think we need to support this particular city more and i think that there's more people here and out in the city will spend more in the city. thank you. >>thank you next speaker please >>i had the honor of giving
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keys of previous speakers today. it definitely makes my day when i'm able to do that. i'd also like to read a letter from a homeowner that is not able to be here today as a san francisco resident who greatly benefited from the bmr home program i would like to emphasize the importance of affordable housing for fostering continuing diversity and community and our city. affordable housing allows people to have a place that people can call their own and grow within their means. this eliminates any daily stressors so that we can focus on being productive members in society. we are the teachers, policemen, researchers, and nonprofit workers of the city. affordable housing allows us to flourish here in our professions and our personal lives. their boundless benefits to the city is a hole. i regrettably cannot speak in person at the board of supervisors meeting but i do
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offer my support for the block 1 project. i'm in the favor of the height increase in adding the additional 100 feet. this will add more affordable housing and 44 units and 40% designated affordable housing to san francisco. the mayor's office of housing had great strides in addressing this in san francisco. thank you for that. this would be part of this incremental push towards the right direction. >>thank you for your time i hope this comes to fruition. thank you for your time. >>thank you. next speaker please >>good afternoon my name is monica wilson i am the program director of c we a baby-based program created to divide provide internship opportunities for young adults
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for construction development and engagement. by way of background i wanted to let you know that for the last 18 months i have been working with tinsman and squire on their small business enterprise program including 2 components professional service procurement and the sce training program. in both instances not only did they design and implement these programs successfully but the results far exceed the program requirements and goals with powerful, economic impacts for san francisco lb's for internships over the summer. this program is designed for grassroots and community-based outreach. and this will incorporate innovative
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strategies to maximize participation opportunities. what does this deliver? the impacts are both measurable and strong? on the sbe professional service they exceeded the program requirement of 15% and delivered almost 90. they had strong participation in women owned businesses and seniors and lb gt programs. they have ultimately 8 internship divisions to allow the design team to create a trans bay experience for the adults >>[timer dings >> thank you. next speaker
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please. >> >>[indecipherable]
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>>[timer dings] >>[timer dings] >>thank you speaker please good afternoon my name is brand demand. i have lived here it in 20 years. i am here because i participated along with a lot of other people in the drafting and the preparation of the original trans-bay redevelopment plan. that plan was a result of a great deal of time and effort by a number of people and they came up with a plan that was integrated and would be beneficial to the neighborhood. i do not believe that any thing has been presented to you today that could be justified at this point of changing that plan. i am here to urge you to not
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proceed with the proposed amendments until such time as there has been a supplemental eir made available to the public so the public has the opportunity to review and comment upon that supplemental eir. the original eir goes back to 2004. 12 years ago. as we all know there's been a great number of changes in the neighborhood since that time. >>[timer dings]
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>> intel the public is equated with what the finances are and have an opportunity to review those figures the board should notmove forward with this. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please >>this is a wonderful opportunity for members. not only to work but also to live in the units they are built in downtown san francisco. tinsman has been a great person work with so far we look forward to working with them on this contain project. that is about it. working together there are some changes that we need to do and some benefits but but i ask
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that you support this. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>good afternoon pres. and supervisors i represent over 3200 carpenters here in san francisco. every day the carpenters are fighting for housing. lately that seems like we have evened up the ante. what this project does is provide homes for 73 more families and 44 those families will be below market rateit also provides jobs for our carpenters and for our apprentices and afuture. we urge you to support this job we are a great friend of 22 and we
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urge your support. thank you. thank you next speaker please. >>good afternoon my name is annie campbell i'm a representative that she workers 114. 29 has been a wonderful all partner with our union. as adrian said the height increase that this plan amendment will what it means is more middle income housing housing like supervisor kim said like teachers and firefighters and like union construction workers are people that i represent. you can hear the speaker saying that that's a great thing. i read something today that union construction jobs are powerful
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anti-displacement tools that allow working-class blue-collar families to continue to live and work here and san francisco. we ask for your approval on this issue. thank you. >>good afternoon next speaker. >>hello my name is harrison i'm your average working student. i felt like you needed a young voice in this so i actually spoke at a supervisors meeting last year when you guys were negotiating prop i. the city officials can develop a plan that will if city officials can demonstrate a plan to house families like mine average
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working class people than i support 100 additional feet. thank you. >>thank you, next speaker please. >>hi my name is can i live in the neighborhood i've lived in san francisco about 10 years now. my big issue with the height increases the cost of the land. i think it's very disingenuous to call this a big affordable housing when because the reality of the situation is that taxpayers are paying for a large portion of it and this is the closest block to the waterfront of all the parcels that are available and yet it is being sold the least amount of money. how does that make any sense. all you have to do is look at google earth and look at the views of those
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units that are going to be there and they are going to try to sell for at least 3000 and 4000 a foot. just one unit alone could easily pay for the stupid land. so, i feel like it's not a very good deal for the city. my other issue is just around the height increases i feel like it sets the wrong precedents it just kind of says that the city is for sale and all you have to do is based the money and you can lease. and there's block to unblock for a more and asked the exact same thing but will be up to say block one got it. i feel like that is just a bad precedents per se. i also just want to point out that i did email oci i about this specific parcel and i just ask them if they could email me [inaudible]
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and they said no would not be possible. is one to point that out. thank you very much. >>thank you very much. next speaker please. >>good afternoon. my name is blake einstein i'll do not make 6 figures a year but i do hope to one day own a home in san francisco. what is the stop the other trans bay developments from taking the same special treatment. i have heard an argument that a precedents is already been set. that argument is set to be these proposed buildings are not part of the transit center district plan. they do not have that significant of the impact on look and feel of our city. there has been no other building since the plans adoption in 2012 rather that
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has received this zoning and this will be a benchmark for all future trans bay developments. this could leave the door open for future projects like those on block to her 12 to get height increases. those are housing issues. it is one that i feel every day and it may last another 5 to 10 years but this trans bay buildings may be here in another 5 to 10 years or 20 years or i know we need affordable housing but we can't throw away careful city plans for something that will barely make a dent in the housing problem. i qualify from affordable housing i personally stand to benefit from these units but i look at what is proposed it does not make sense. it is supposed to be cheaper than the downtown mound and it 400 feet this will lock when will be the tallest building on spear street the argument of this building directly on the waterfront is irrelevant. it's
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200 feet taller than the building adjacent to it. >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. know, i'm sorry to give the same amount of time to everyone you consummate your statement. next speaker please >>i am a neighbor of this outreach number 1 i think on february 13 or the senior project manager for cii had an email that said no, you cannot
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go above 3 and her feet. it is the law. next trans bay development guidelines say that no variation should be given to the maximum height or regulation. 3 in her feet is the maximum but that's the design plan. next, the general design plan calls for tapering down the buildings. despite oci i'm sorry give me a break at the back of the full anybody. developers are not providing 40%. developers not providing the city 20% 19.2 million that land is worth a lot more about $50 million which is really a giveaway of city land that we should earn. the board of supervisors approved the sale of block 9 for a price of almost $43 million. again there is something going on there. finally, the environmental impact report that you're supposed to get there isn't one. based on data more than 12 years old and that
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neighborhood is changed completely. now, is residential. before, it was warehouses and light industrial system. is very very different. finally, i asked oci i for an economic study and they finally said that they do not have an economic study. >>[timer dings] >>next speaker please >>there is no doubt that the additional hundred and 26 feet height increase will alter a number of important san francisco precedents and environmental issues that until now been vigorously protected by thought for visionaries responsible for a safe future. you know that concern about not
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protest allowing building height decay shatters on our citizens. ensuring that an accurate independently prepared eir provides insurances that the proposed building at its full height and mass does not induce and infrastructure problems
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>>1st i want to point out that the provider is not providing the additional affordable
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housing for the height increase. there required by law to provide 35% of affordable housing whether he goes to 300 feet or 400 feet. the additional 5% of affordable housing units that he is providing in order to get the additional 126 feet height increase is not a below market value. 30 units-- of families your earning 120 units of 101 earned $20,000 your addition, we still need to cover our $108 a month in ho 8
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dues. theere are a lot of people in the city who will not be able to afford these housing units, but, policeman teachers and certainly childcare workers who are now earning approximately $77,000 a year. we have learned today that the city has drafted an economic study called the 33433 report. i'm surprised they would've come this far without a previous report. i urge you to postpone or not agree to allow this developer-- >>[timer dings] >>had no supervisors my name is jan chang i asked that you
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allow this zone to increase for the several reasons. this will set a precedent for other developers this will have major impacts on the local residential businesses. the e. bay commuters dr. through this area to get to the bay bridge. that area is highly packed with the bars. many people go to the area for happy hours and dinner. the nearby stadium host events all the time. it is nearly impossible to get home or in and out of there by car. during traffic hours on a daily basis. this can be a problem situation if there is a medical or fire emergency. the
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height increase will also cast a shadow in a nearby cart. our city is known for the lack of sunshine. knowing how important the sun line is for a well being we should not have her buildings to block the sunlight are nearby parks. the people of san francisco voted down the 8 washington park projects just a couple years ago. the city's legacy live in fear that we will not want the cities to live-- >>thank you your time is up thank you thank you. next
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speaker please. >>hello laura clark, with the oss. i asked you to support this height increase. as was pointed out there is a vibrant walkable community in this area already ready to receive people that are happy to jump on transportation and use the city the way that is meant to be lived in. walking around the neighborhoods and enjoying their communities. the only
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way were going to get to a more affordable san francisco is with these type of heights increases in density increases and we need to realize that no, spot zoning is not something you want to embrace and in order to fix this problem we need to embrace density and height throughout the city. we cannot point the finger at this community and the community and say, you know somebody else has to build housing over there. we need to hear when you everywhere. this is exactly the kind of project that i beg you guys to support. thank you so much. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>tom gilberty. we need to build density they need to be the key catchwords. yet, the same time how many people that are working in san francisco can afford above $80,000 or $100,000 gal said and also the condo fees. the real community of san francisco includes teachers nurses if you're living single you can afford those things we do not need to have the density built and
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built until there is a big block. especially on our views and especially on our market there are and especially on our global enterprise. how are we going to protect at property and the flatland that's already flooding a little bit now. will the city be liable we all know that there is global warming we didn't think it was going to be 10 feet high you to take care of us. you planned it, you're afforded it, you let us have it. market rate housing is in the stratosphere of the real estate investment world now. we are building basically units now for market real estate developers around the world to sell there is going to be 156 units below affordable market. only 40 of them are going to be below-market. in south beach marina the only people where i live that really make the neighborhood below market rate
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units that have been there as long-term as possible. i don't agree with going up higher on not in fact i agree with going. i like a tier to assess especially along embarcadero . any other public comment? public comment is closed is hearing has been closed we will resubmit as the board of supervisors. >>thank you representative i think this will be the best we could do with the trans bay plan were we've committed 35% of affordable housing i want to
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thank john burton for his leadership it certainly helps in ensuring keeping my office accountable and making sure we are fighting for every unit that we can get and i do want to also recognize and think the leadership at oci i they do a really tremendous job around i'm looking at the value of what we're building and making sure that the city is getting the best deal and tiffany bohee has worked at my office on negotiating several deals with the trans bay development area plan and am always incredibly impressed by the immense amount of work in detail and analysis that goes into every project and i believe that this department really cares about maximizing affordability in every single development. it was what this office to see achieved landmarks 1 in fremont f8 off-site with regular city policy or paid a little under
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$5 million thanks for the advocacy the oci i did along with their analysis along with the mayors they got close to $15 million on the off-site fee with 11 units that could be built off-site. i think this is just another example of a great deal that has been negotiated and i do also want to recognize trish m's for working on our goals and coming back to the city and make this a true example of a middle income direct project. again, we know were not building enough middle income housing in the city. in fact, that is where we are the lowest in terms of meeting our goals. these are the very families and households that are getting
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pushed out. we've heard it over and over in public comment these are students are artists or construction workers are nurses or teachers or police officers. we want them to live where they work and not commute hours to come in. we know our public transit system is overloaded as well. colleagues , i think the additional density and height is an aesthetic change for an exemplary diverse homeownership project and i just asked for your support. >>thank you supervisor kim. seeing no other names on the roster i want to just touch on to issues that came up not only during public comment butin conversation amongst my colleagues of 12buying the
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application database that is an effort they been working on really really hard on. those who have areas to improve our seniors and have online access again, it's really a matter of connecting for the opportunity that would arise for the ownership opportunities on the site and we are committed to doing that we're connecting to the opportunities i am
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>>you don't live in a certain proximity of those projects you will not qualify for those projects what i'm trying got here is how do we include the workforce in this agreement. how include workforce in this agreement? you will have to give some thought to resources and fair housing to really connect truly ready and have the opportunity to have all the services available for them. i think
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what i'm getting at here will we talk about the fair housing laws on higher mai units and are subsidized by private dollars. why would those units if there housing laws in the same way in terms of how you have to perform your system. it doesn't make any sense. why would those not being a preference for higher ami units for this project. that possibly happen?
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>>for those hundred and 56 middle income homes to the extent that they have other preferences though certainly could help but i do think that connecting people with opportunity we could also as part of understanding market place who is working and we can currently undertake county surveys and understand the existing markers in the neighborhood and through the construction process part of the affirmative marketing and partnering with the developers and the consultants to make sure that we have the data for those individuals to connect
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with these opportunities that they can take advantage of the worker preference. >>thank you. nothing is more important to me that when we build affordable housing that more workers actually qualify for this affordable housing mutombo every time we ask that individuals have a real shot at affordable housing i appreciate that and one other issue that i want to bring out as this happens every time of future developments as well. takes a lot of individuals to qualify. above them are frustrating and
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low income individuals i could disqualify with credit issues. there will be a lot of programs to get us ready for this opportunity beware we figure out a way to make payment and make adjustments and i just want to put that out here to do that is an issue. we are about a different approach your of this particular project about the hoa as compared to other affordable housing and other projects were the hoa's are the same. as what is difficult sometimes for people to qualify
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for these units. you want to know is that happening as relates to the hoa. >>in terms of pricing the initial sales pricing will take into account the mortgage,taxes, insurance and the hla pricing. however, what happens is the sales price is lowered so, for example that 80% ami unit for a two-person household that pricing can be adjusted. and
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part of our staff presentation. that we are looking at innovative structure for 2 separate injuries all that be in my 40% as well as a separate market rate hr and those 2 separate injuries roll up to a come back >>i appreciate that. these are the 2 challenges with housing that i am supporting this for. thank you mrs. bohee. >>thank you mme. pres. >>
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>>when you have the opportunity to actually support something is a great feeling and actually he being a place where i feel that it is a good project to fill this is an example where height can be used to advance that possibility a think it's good to have the possibility of men and women who are building something to actually be able to live in what they are building. but, i also know that it does not happen easily. i want to just acknowledge the work of supervisor kim in the office. i know a lot of time and energy goes into this to thank you for delivering is support today. thank you. i too have been very impressed with the level of detailall the
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time and energy goes into the work that you doi'm very appreciative of that. i know it's not easy to get a project to this point. so, thank you. >>thank you. supervisor kim. >>it would be great if the mayor's office of housing would give us a breakdown on some of our more recent housing projects and we get affordable housing the big response that i guess i'm never gonna get that unit.. i think it will be really interesting that you were doing in a redevelopment area plan products as well.
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one question would ask mrs. around the affordability in other blocks were before he prove the project. blocks 6 and 789 there's other projects and trans bay area plan and we just can cite what levels of affordability we can achieve in this project. >>for blocks 6 and 7 that had 30% of the affordable. block 8 had 20% and block 9 had 20% >>then there was block 11 which
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we completed. >>thank you supervisor kim. and will be helpful that i like to add to supervisor kim's request specifically is getting access to affordable at units is understand the racial breakdown as well. that's always very helpful as well. supervisor peskin. >>for black 9 was that 2015? >>black 9 was proposed in 2015 believe the evaluation was in 2014. >>it be fair to say in this project,there is twice the amount of affordable housing
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and half as much of the lot >>i would like to propose that we continue this in the april 19 meeting with that i would like to entertain a and that motionis seconded by supervisor kim and with that we have a motion we well return to that at that time thank you. mdm. clerk let's return for
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introductions. >>thank you mme. clerk. this week is the week of the young child. there is one thing that i would like to tell you about an invite you to you if you want to see the cutest preschoolers all in one place you can see that on friday at 10 am where they're going to march around city hall to highlight the needs of that age bracket. the 2nd thing is as i've mentioned many times before one of the things that i've done is for district 7,
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provide a participatory budget program and it is our 3rd year engaging in this type of program where we would vote on and decide what we like to be funded. we just started the voting process. this will go on until april 22 is can be done through paper valid or electronically and if you want to do electronically . go to sfpgtv7 at sf god.or so i want to point out that we just started it we already have3 of people voting on it in last 2
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days. we have the record for every other district there wasn't any other district that got more than 500. i'm really excited about the engagement of the residence in district 7. i'm having is he a double of that to 1000. >>thank you supervisor yee. >>2 years ago on king street at a property and they relocated
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the community to a navigation center. today amassing the city try drafting legislation to relocate homeless encampments. this legislation was based on ordinance a for indianapolis and indiana is important to note that with indianapolis the council there was half-and-half between democrats and republicans as they were able to come to a solution without the politics getting in the way. that is something that we need to be able to do here in san francisco. recently we
8:56 am
seen especially on division street many people in these encampments off the side streets and on to people's doorsteps close by many of them did not have a place to go were sheltered as a result shelter available we were and i just would like to thank all those involved with the work in the research of putting this forward does make sure that if were doing a sweep of the homeless encampments that were making a notice in the community and coordinating with the community for a plan for the relocation. we want to make sure that were not just moving people from one place to another but moving people to temporary permanent housing or whatever is
8:57 am
available. if there is no temporary or permanent housing is available. we should be as a city to be able to provide plantation services as well as a facility for showering and using the restrooms. we should be able to provide this so that we can avoid the public health issues that have arisen in the recent months here in san francisco. it seems like we are in on precedented territories in san francisco there's people living in cameron's weather never were before. is an issue over by the infield land where people were fighting place to have encampments are no longer in existence. so they're going to other neighborhoods. it is clear we need to have a sound approach. with this
8:58 am
legislation a moment we can move very very quickly the mayor's office is moving quickly on sweeps across the city and to make sure that we have facilities in place to accommodate people that are living in encampments or moving them elsewhere to provide the shelter for temporary or permanent housing people desperately need i'm hoping that we can have a collaborative relationship with a another colleague to move this forward to improve our lives our neighborhoods across the city. >>thank you colleagues. it is the last weekend for the
8:59 am
japanese cherry festival will go all the way up through post street and end until more the past weekend is the beginning of 2 long events the rain did not stop us. there will be games, activities food activities performance so just stop by this weekend. the other event that's happening in my district is community cleanup for district 5 we will begin saturday at 9 am at golden gate park so if you want to help clean up the neighborhood, and pick up trash and beautify the neighborhood, and plants and trees and participate is a great event
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during nearest together >>good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting tuesday, april 12, 2016 mdm. clerk can you please call the roll.
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>>[roll call vote] >>please join us in the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >>olleagues, can we take this without objection. without objection the meeting minutes are passed after public comment.
9:02 am
let's go to our consent agenda. items 1 through 5 would comprise our consent agenda and consider it routineseeing no names on the roster mme. clerk please read the role on items 1 through 5. [roll call vote]have passed unanimously. >>item 6 is an ordinance as
9:03 am
part of a provement of a chinese hospital pursuant to the sale agreement need to copy these in favor of third-party utilities and private party owners and seqa determinations and adopting and adoptingother findings. >>without objection this has passed unanimously. >>item 7. same house and call without ordinance this has been passed unanimously. roll call vote on item 8. [roll call vote]
9:04 am
>>9 ayes, 2 nos. the ordinance has past. >>next item please. >>roll call vote on item 9.[roll call vote] to visit
9:05 am
thank you >>ordinance passed 9 and 10 together.
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>>item number 16 is an ordinance amending the building code to authorize the director of the department of building inspection to stop all work on a construction project whenever there are repeated violations of city codes on the project; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act. and item number 17 is an
9:07 am
cohenordinance amending the building, housing, electrical, plumbing, fire, health, planning, and administrative codes to clarify and standardize enforcement procedures for violations of municipal codes relating to buildings and property, to require departments to report on code enforcement activities, and to direct the city administrator to coordinate the preparation of standard citywide model forms for code enforcement proceedings; setting an operative date of june 1, 2016; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act; and making findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. question: shall this ordinance be passed onhas been living in
9:08 am
unacceptable conditions for quite some time. what we had we discovered looking into this issue and having an oversight hearing a year or so ago and we have found that there is not enough coordination among the department or the city codes are not consistent with one another and there is no requirement that the department has actually asked to address a code violationwe need serious ones. the city attorney does not have the pool that he needs to go to court when there is a serious violation.they equip the unified code enforcement process for building construction, for the fire
9:09 am
department and to and for the public health and we are taking further administrative action and we are referring problems to the city attorney's office for litigation. second, we will provide the city attorney clear authority to act by going to court and we will 1st require that the department actually asked the city to tourney to act and currently the city attorney typically cannot file a lawsuit in less the case is referred to by a department and this significantly hamstrings our city attorney's ability to act and protect the public welfare.. 3rd our legislation in designate quarterly requirements for accountability i am sure we can all see what is pending and asked why this will not go forward. nation
9:10 am
creates a code
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>>supervisor wiener is proposing it will have a significant impact on those who are forced to live in homes that are notthe legal muscle to
9:12 am
go after the bad property owners. that's what i have just met. thank you. >>thank you supervisor:. >>mme. sec. can we take items 15,17 and 18 same house same call [gavel]item 11 please. >>item 11 is an
9:13 am
ordinancemayorordinance authorizing the execution and delivery of certificates of participation in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $95,000,000 to provide funds to assist in the development, acquisition, construction or rehabilitation of affordable rental housing projects; approving the form of a supplemental trust agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the trustee named therein (including certain indemnities contained therein); approving the form of a supplemental property lease between the city, as lessor, and the trustee, as lessee; approving the form of a supplemental project lease between the trustee, as lessor, and the city, as lessee; approving the form of an official notice of sale and
9:14 am
notice of intention to sell for the certificates of participation, if sold by competitive sale; authorizing certain actions relating to the certificates of participation, if sold by negotiated sale, including approving the form of a purchase contract between the city and the underwriter(s) selected in accordance city policies; approving the form of an official statement in preliminary and final form; approving the form of a continuing disclosure certificate; granting general authority to city officials to take necessary actions in connection with the authorization, issuance, sale and delivery of the certificates of participation; approving modifications to documents; and ratifying previous actions taken in connection therewith. >>same house and call the item is passed unanimously on the 1st reading. next item please. >>item 12 isresolution approving the acceptance of a distribution of vizient, inc. common stock, by and through the department of public health, and authorizing the director of health to enter into an agreement with vizient to accept the distribution of shares, including the 11th amended stockholders' agreement and the joinder to the amended and restated stockholders' agreement. >>same house and call item is approved unanimously on the 1st reading. >>item 15. >>item 15 is a resolution
9:15 am
authorizing a lease between the city and county of san francisco, as tenant, and pbv ii, llc, as landlord, of office space located at 564-6 street, consisting of approximately 17,500 square feet from july 1, 2016, through june 30, 2026, subject to city's termination rights, for use by the adult probation department at $70,682.50 monthly; for $848,190 rent in the initial year with annual 3% increases and four five-year options to extend. >>next item please. >>item 18 iswienerordinance amending the public works code to incorporate changes to ensure consistency and compliance with california's municipal stormwater permit requirements; to revise application of the requirements from projects disturbing 5,000 square feet of ground surface area to projects that include construction or remodeling of 5,000 square feet of impervious surface area; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act >>same house same call the item is passed unanimously. next item please >>item 19 isa resolution
9:16 am
establishing the soma pilipinas - filipino cultural heritage district in the city and county of san francisco. >>do we have any testifiers? >>filipinos represent currently 9% of all of the immigrants here in the san francisco metropolitan area including an additional 2% in the san jose area.the market has been the face of this community over the last 100 years. this is much much more than the separation
9:17 am
of the culture and community of the filipino community. it is also to preserve the ongoing existence of this community in the future. i talked this morning about how i became a beneficiary of so many filipino americans and just ordinary residents and many of them led the fight for the 1st and only multi-use park in the south of market it was named after the 1st filipino to win a gold medal for this country. she was born and raised in san francisco and swam in our own rec centers. we've also increased our elementary school that has the only public school in this country to offer curriculum into tagalege we look forward to the
9:18 am
preservation of existing rent control housing. this morning we celebrated our 3rd acquisition in the south of market. seniors, working class households and families, ardor's 1st responders. they need to live in our neighborhood and these are my neighbors and i'm so proud of the fact that we are working to help preserve the diversity of this neighborhood this resolution just kicks off the process of something we've talked about for many years and we will be working over the next few years and the mayor's office of economic development and the department of public health and many other city developments to make sure that we are creating a district that has real pull to ensure that we
9:19 am
are protecting our organizations and our art. but also that we are protecting diversity in our neighborhood. that filipino/filipino americans can live and thrive in this neighborhood. i want to thank the filipino women's network that filipino art expedition the filipino community center. and for all of your work all for the last several months who crafted this resolution and come up many ways the guide or the plan for work that we need to do over the next year to make this a reality. finally, i do what the recognized one of my legislative staff members to work very closely with my committee to draft and we will continue to make this plan a reality. we will organize and direct the south of market action network. colleagues i
9:20 am
do want to recognize my cosponsors for your support and we look forward to the real work ahead of us. >>thank you and breed as well thank you very speaker. >>long live the high hotel 2 generations ago it would still be there. >>can we take this item same house same call without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >>congratulations. we will skip over or 230 and 3 o'clock
9:21 am
special orders and go to our community reports mdm. clerk. item 22 is considered by the government audit and oversight committee for a regular meeting on monday, april 11, 2016, at 1:30 p.m. the chair intends to request the committee to send the following items to the board as a committee report on tuesday, april 12, 2016. >>item 23 is aordinance
9:22 am
amending the general plan by revising map 5 of the downtown area plan to include a note stating that the proposed height and bulk districts on block 1 (assessor's parcel block no. 3740, lot nos. 027, 029, 030, 031, and 032), on folsom street between main and spear streets, and a portion of block 2 (assessor's parcel block no. 3739, lot no. 004), on folsom and main streets, of the transbay redevelopment project area shall be consistent with those provided in the transbay redevelopment plan development controls; and making findings, including findings under the california environmental quality act, and findings of consistency with the general plan, and the eight priority policies of planning code, section 101.1. >>same house, same call. item is passed unanimously on the 1st reading. >>[gavel]. item 24 >>item 24 isan ordinance
9:23 am
exempting the humidor, formerly located at 275 battery street, from two prohibitions in the tobacco sales permit ordinance on the issuance of such a permit for the humidor's new location at one embarcadero center: the prohibitions on issuing the permit in a supervisorial district with 45 or more such permits, and on issuing the permit to a tobacco shop. >>good afternoon everyone colleagues today i am introducing a resolution requesting that the state attorney geeneral initiate an investigation of the racist practices that are going on in our police department. i'm sure that all of us are appalled and angered to learn that a few weeks ago a new group of police officers had been exchanging racist and homophobic text messages and i think we need to say enough is enough we haven't sat in the chamber time and time again and say we need to reviewthe government law enforcement policy but again here we are confronted with explicit buy bias for those who are sworn to take a specific oath to protect our community.we are asking our
9:24 am
attorney general not just to look into the recent text message scandal but also look broadly into the practices of our police department which suggest there may be racial bias. the members of this board that i spoke with are all concerned about the use of force policies in our police department. the police department's own data shows that in the last 2 years african-american drivers were stopped and searched more than 4 times more than white drivers and latinos were pulled over and searched more than 2 1/2 times that of the white drivers.
9:25 am
the black community are 7 times more likely to be arrested. 11 times more likely to be booked in the communityin san francisco than their white counterparts. officer involved shootings have resulted in the deaths of 4 men of color in our community. these things have real lasting effects on our communities. it is absolutely essential to public safety in our city. collectively, all of these incidents and issues have eroded the trust. it is going to take a collective effort to restore it. our stand with the mayor and our police chief to call and review our department policies. however, the cops team that is currently conducting a review does not have the authority to mandate
9:26 am
changes in policy in our department. additionally, while the district attorney has also convened the blue ribbon panel to investigate the text message scandal and make a recommendation they too are not required to implement or suggest the changes. they had a very unique authority to mandate release and law enforcement in our state if they find those practices depriving people of their constitutional rights. we need much-needed review, investigation evaluation into these issues as soon as possible. i want to take a moment and thank a public defender for calling about our
9:27 am
investigation i urge all my colleagues to join me in this request today. the rest i submitted this time. >>thank you supervisor kelly. >>it is now 230 we will go to our 1st commendation given by supervisor peskin. >>today i've opportunity to celebrate a true san francisco hero. as many of you know i start my mornings with a swim in the bay. i try to encourage my friends and some of my colleagues that many of the officers in central station to join me in these morning swims and one of the individuals that i got to start swimming years ago is it officer pete
9:28 am
mcglocklin that text me the other day to let me know that he had a police officer done with this individual had done that police officer would have gotten a silver star. what is particularly amazing is that this individual did the same thing and was honored by the board almost a decade ago for pulling out an individual who attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the municipal peer. it is my pleasure to honor jeff thunder's in here today. jeff is the most humble, unassuming, person that i have ever met. i have to say 1st of all, he is a librarian at the san francisco art institute as opposed to the academy of art which is an institute that began in 1871 but that is another story. just a couple of weeks ago on march 30 as jeff was swimming out what we call the opening which is at the end of the municipal peer a
9:29 am
fully clothed individual jumped off the municipal peer and jeff struggled to save him while focused on the peer he called the national park service and the police and ultimately 50 minutes later came and jeff help fish that individual out of the bay all the while telling him it's a good day to live and we all have a mission and that people care about him and the strangers on the pier cared about them and the people on the boat coming out to rescued him cared about him so mr. thunderson it is our honor to acknowledge your heroism and as a swim club member is my honor to thank you and honor you today. so i like to give this recognition of accommodations on behalf of the board to you. thank you very
9:30 am
much. >>[applause] >>thank you i am very honored by this is much appreciated. aquatic park is a gem in the geography of our city. i want to thank the board supervisors for their great stewardship of a great spot in the city of san francisco and to think in arrears the federal government for their wpa project to build in the 1st place a place which is a terrific venue for san francisco citizens as well as visitors to san francisco and visitors to california. and also, thanks to people who do their best as the caretakers of aquatic park. whether it's the national park service, or the national recreation area or the sea scouts are the dolphin club and of course the mighty south
9:31 am
rowing club. thank you very much and really appreciate it. >>[applause] >>congratulations again mr. gunderson. well done. >>for those of you who have not been to the south bend rowing club you can see is 1st certificate on the wall maybe we will soon be joined by a 2nd certificate of honor. >>thank you supervisor peskin >>thank you mme. supervisor.
9:32 am
please come forward i want to say that the authority of natalie's protection of our communities is an example of extraordinary professionalism persistence, but also really a keen i for protecting our community. while serving as a call taker for the previous 911 operation ctr., natalie fielded a call for san francisco resident who reported the possibility of a multiple murder in tennessee. after several redirects she found her persistence and found yourself in the right district to use the information provided by then to locate the incident and to confirm that a family was murdered in that state the next day the authorities arrested the suspect in louisiana. this is elected by peers and fellow
9:33 am
dispatchers within the 911 system. and look for extraordinary performance while answering 911 calls. she shares this with her dispatchers that have shared vile support and proved to be a vital team during these critical calls. she has developed 13 years in the city of san francisco. she attended st saint catherine university high and she attended university of california for business management. i hope joining us is and i hope i'm getting these names right her
9:34 am
brother cabrillo, band her and cabrillo. >>basically is 911 dispatch weekend this honor is such a great honor natalie is very deserving every time you hear this story i get goosebumps. we are really proud of her and all of our staff at dem many of us are here here today and as you said really all of the dispatchers that work at 91. here today oand as you said really all of the dispatchers that work at 91. >>thank you. >>now natalie -- that 911 san francisco dispatcher of the
9:35 am
year. >>[gavel] >>it was a strange and unbelievable call that brought me here today i didn't want to think the call was real i didn't want to believe my color because what my caller was reporting was gruesome. it couldn't be true. unfortunately it was all true. as a dispatcher that dispersion of various types of emergencies are broad. you could still get that call and the call that your processing is accessing the appropriate responders and hoping that you don't get the call and that they would be of no merit and it would be okay. fortunately, i handled this call is that was true and unfortunately it was all true. and want to thank the police
9:36 am
department for handling this call with such a sense of urgency. i also want to thank the board of supervisors for acknowledging me today and their support throughout the years and recognizing my coworkers and finally my fellow dispatchers. i could not have been here today if it was not for you. we all go through the same thing on a daily basis. i know that i'm never alone. it is always my coworkers that are the 1st asked me if i'm okay and if i need help. they are asked with me every minute when i'm on a bad call or if i'm on a radio call with unwavering traffic. it is without their jokes and banter and come lottery that i'm able to continue my dispatch career. as dispatchers we are there to help each other of what awaits
9:37 am
us . for my fellow dispatchers with whom i love you and to all of those who support us i would like to say thank you. >>[applause] >>[photograph] >>congratulations again natalie and thank you everyone from and cronenberg and all the folks that are here today to celebrate. you guys do amazing work for the city and county of
9:38 am
san francisco and we truly appreciate each and every one of you. thank you. >>next i would like to recognize supervisor norman yi for our final accommodation of the day. >>thank you very much pres. bree. this is the nationally recognized week of the young child. before i introduce the person i want to honor today i want to make sure that i encourage my colleagues and everybody else to reach outthis week to family childcare providers early educators and programs that are serving infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, in your district in a world that you can find them because we really need to thank those that actually are the ones that are preventing the things from happening so that we may need fewer payrolls
9:39 am
on the other end. the person that i will be introducing is donna cahill. please come up. to me donna is no less a heroine it is just when people like her provide services in the front end and prevent things from happening by having positive types of services we sometimes forget that they are also heroines.. donna cahill most people know where is the executive director of the holy family day home and she has been doing that for 19 years. 19 years she has been there. every year she serves 161 children ages 0 to 6. and, since 1900 this center itself has served over 16,000 families. for me holy family day home
9:40 am
is an example of a program that provides not only high quality care for those over 60 but also a model. the model office services for an entire family. it is their mission that the best way to serve a young child is to serve the entire family. it is a multi generational approach. when you go in there that once you find in there is amazing. what people do not know is that provision goes beyond the typical 730 to 6 o'clock service time. she has attempted and is pushing that the service district go into the evenings so that we can continue serving families. that may be working and can't get these things. where else whichever childcare center that
9:41 am
provides a farmers market mental health services and just a variety of things that you can find there. now, this is something that you've been doing for a long time and she has been actually providing or serving our community and children and family for over 35 years. at the end of 35 years i had several opportunities to work with donna. she advocated for a lot of different things. for example we work together and fought together to make sure that the state continued to provide us the resources we needed to serve the course with our young children. then, donna came to me one day and said you know something i know we fight really hard for our low income families but included in those low income people are people that work in our centers and i said, you
9:42 am
know you are right. that was the beginning of a fight that we took on years ago. where we were able to eventually get the city to understand that by the way, nonprofit pays for the-- but the poorest of the poor are those that are serving our young children. she is constantly they're talking about we need to serve our homeless children. she is one of the few programs in san francisco where they have services for homeless 0 to 5-year-olds. i could go on and on with her. because she thinks that i have only known her since she was a director of holy family day home. in actuality. i think the
9:43 am
beginning of a career 35 years ago as we actually cross past. that was a time when both of us were in different organizations and everybody was saying oh my god, this woman is running around all over the place trying to really provide the services that the newly arriving refugees at the time needed because there were no services at the time and she would scratch and claw for donations anything that she needed to get these people serve. so, i just want to say donna, really, i'm really proud of you. i'm proud that not only are you my friend, not only are you my neighbor, but i think that you make district 7 proud that you live there but you make everyone proud that you're a san francisco and that serves everybody in san francisco. so
9:44 am
want to bring donna oppen i want to thank her and her friends that are here and her husband brian kayhill to honor donna today proclaiming today as donna cahill day. donna. >>[applause] >>thank you supervisor yee it is clear to me with this really is about that the fact that young children are youngest citizens are growing up in poverty in san francisco. and, without holy family day home and programs like holy family day home they will continue to lead the rest of their lives in poverty. we truly are ending that cycle. it takes time. it
9:45 am
takes effort. it takes love. and, it takes a community it takes this board of supervisors it takes my board of directors who gives their free time. my staff who gives their careers. to really and the cycle of poverty. it takes an investment. >>i am proud to work in san francisco with the board of supervisors like this that understands the importance of that investment because in so many ways you have all back to us and supported us. and we have a long, long, way to go. because the state is proposing an affordable system i had and i would like to talk to whoever would like to talk about that with me. because the next few
9:46 am
years are going to be-- we are on the brink of change in the field. it is much more recognized today the impact over high quality early childhood education. we present children from winding up in prison.supervisor yee had alluded to that. we prevent our children growing up with substandard education. in the long run is longevity of living in san francisco for embrace her children have hope for their future. 1 we were having
9:47 am
a little fleamarket at the bay home about 18 years ago and this is one of the stories that really motivated me. it was an elderly gentleman that was shopping at the flea market and he said to me, i want to introduce myself. i went to the school about 55 years ago. all of my friends are in prison. and the only difference between me and my friends is that i went to holy family day home. he said i truly believe that. so i want to thank the supervisors. thank you supervisor yee and i want to thank you for this recognition the most important recognition is that their children are growing up in poverty. thank you. >>[applause] >>[photograph]
9:48 am
>>thank you and congratulations mrs.cahill. alright folks we will turn to our regular business and will go back to [roll call vote] for our introductions we are now at item number 2
9:49 am
>>one of the reasons is we simply have not developed enough housing to keep up with the demand for housing today. we obviously need to do more to help our residents have a fighting chance to stay in san francisco. one other area that i think we need to examine is our citiesdevelopment process recently the university of berkeley the university of chicago and the presidents economic advisers have released studies on these regulations has to impact the nation in terms of equality and
9:50 am
opportunity. ultimately here in san francisco we have to strike the appropriate balance. we have to promote policies that promote sustainable long-term growth. today i am calling our chief economist to present our impact report for ours zoning and land use regulations. typically they have been on economic ability economic productivity and any other areas that the chief economist will think is necessary and important. our city should continue to be a shining example of how to plan for growth responsibly and how to how to nurture that growth.
9:51 am
for the 1st time in our history this report will provide a base analysis on policies for all san franciscans. the report is expected to be released in the fall look forward to having the hearing immediately after. the misse the rest submit. >>i would like to recognize john stone he grew up in petaluma and he displayed the qualities in an early age that many of us know them for. at 4 years old he helped protestto save a tree that was slated to be destroyed in his neighborhood. he passed away unexpectedly last week on april 2. we would like to remember his dedicated service and compassionate up birth here in
9:52 am
our neighborhood. many of us knew his work on in compassionate care. in fact he spent his last days in sacramento defending medical cannabis policies for patients. i know that he spent many, many, many days volunteering i know he spent many days in my committee it in the south of market and he was dedicated and loyal and he was someone who always wanted to be a part of contributing and part of a larger good. he truly believed in building community. he is server by his mother jackie pitts of petaluma his brother sammy and also his son tristan stan pitts as well as event geraldine and uncle bill and a large, large group of community family and friends. he was
9:53 am
involved in the democratic club the access of love and asa john, we are ready miss you dearly and we want to acknowledge how much you cared and how much you gave to improving and strengthening our neighborhood and city. >>thank you supervisor kim.supervisor marr >>thank you mme. supervisor. i would just like to point out the date for the recognition of the various diversity of asian cultures in san francisco and our various 11 districts. i want to thank my 4 cosponsors.
9:54 am
i want to thank wo so low some of us here at the city call him supervisor peskin. i want to thank you for helping to draft this resolution. and i want to thank you for the asa organization because they really stress the unity in our asian american communities. i really support that resolution i also want to remind you that i just handed out the festival pamphlets it's been a labor of love to work on this festival. i want to specifically thank emily durum this is bought by
9:55 am
the brought to you by the richman arts commission in my office. along with many of the merchants in the outer brabant area. the organ aider the culture and art and reminding the history of the district.
9:56 am
>>disneyland days we are also hostessing and art walk on balboa street between 36 and 37th ave. is celebrating many of our local artist. the corner of balboa street will transform into a kid zone complete with a bounce house and yoga demos and a yellow bike swap and thank you woody and the others from the san francisco budget. the highlight consists of a duo of a highlight of songs that will make you feel like you're transported to café in italy for the afternoon. then you could head over to the art
9:57 am
school at 3 pm for some funk and reggae and a cover song but you by rose i am the hot pockets. at 4 pm the hotshots take over noise record stage with their unique combination of jazz and reggae music. i want to thank you for coordinating the jazz performances. and many other performers on that day as well. finally at 5 pm on stage the high in the pop songs they have the quality of dropping a listener midway into some intriguing story. for complete list of all the music, accents at timesat
9:58 am
playland.balboa >>today with supervisor campos, this ordinance mandates independent licensed proposals for every acquisition for a lease above certain value thresholds. in addition requiring appraisers the legislation requires review of appraisals over $200,000 for real property in over $60 per square foot for leases. the
9:59 am
appraised value would set a minimum bar for the board's approval of any real estate transaction involving the city. i want to thank deputy city atty. carol wong for drafting this legislation and i would like to thank the head of our department of real estate for helping us and cooperating with us in the drafting of this legislation thank you mr. updike. next i would like to request a hearing request for the annual single audit management letters prepared for the fiscal years of 14 and 15 and the rest i will submit. >>thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor kim >>today i am implementing resources to reduce bias in the
10:00 am
city or county of san francisco one thing that we are asking dhr to do is to report to us in june 2016 its findings and its plan. i do want to take this opportunity to also thank supervisor cohen and supervisor kim in their work to a lemonade in criminal background history. our city employees more than 30,000 full-time and temporary employees. research have shown that implicit bias is negatively affect all candidates with ethnic sounding names. in fact, in one study the national bureau of economic research applicants with white sounding names have a of a 50% or call back for interviews than those with black sounding names. there is a hiring process based on names associated with a certain gender. there is a study done by yale university that demonstrated that faculty participants rated