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tv   Health Commission 42016  SFGTV  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:28am PDT

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as much as of the repair air maintenance has been deferred over 7, 8, 9 fortunately, we've been the recipient from general funds 2010 and 2014 and easter bond and emergency response with another currently scheduled to be heard in 2020 or 2021 and in addition june of this year, the health bond will pass we're looking forward to building an ambulance deployment facility and continuing the go back if that bond passes as a reminder the fire department will be a recipient of $44.14 for continued fire station upgrades as great i wanted thank you for the opportunity we're working with the department of public works we have hundreds of
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million dollars of backlog we're currently working with dpw to do a comprehensive assessment of the facilities of our true needs the grond has been huge and an overview of our budget 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 this is the second year we've convened a budget committee some members with us we're grateful for their participation and worked well to have a budget committee from all clarifications as well as areas in the department to come up with different ideas about priority tigdz your needs and that has so far been worked well in relation to the budgeted continued the key priorities and this is something i'm proud of because there's been times we don't agree huge priority by all facets of the department
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including the administration and fire commission and the presence of the fire commissioner hartman and of the 798 tom o'connor is here all the rough lean economic years question made sacrifices we're all in it together unified asking for doing everything we can to talk about the vehicle replacement plan a plan that went into place in 2009 and passed by the fire commission the men and women did a phenomenal job they make that work but out on the street we're spending a lot of money to keep safe and maintain similar to the great work the mayor's office budget office we're mirror what we've done with the hiring plan we would like to continue to let you you know that san francisco is unique in so many was hills
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those are are expensive 5 thousand dollars for a fire truck their worthy their weight negative impact gold we get that not from pointing point a to b but a safety the engine and truck are an interval part how we can be safe performing our jobs we continue to work with the mayor's office to have a funding plan for the apparatus to recognize and let the members of the department ride safely in the newer rigs that are important representative of the rigs that can get around the city i know that supervisor wiener we're working closely to modify them to make them as- to modify the size of the rigs more agree agreeiilagile- we're hope
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those rigs get replaced and push forward it is metabolic and checks the box with vision zero we're committed to. >> let's see has to do with to do with a training to with the hiring plan and the ems to support all that happens from that division in terms of taking care of the residents and visitors to our city and the last slide i want to highlight present we have representatives for a program i'm a huge champion as you may know out of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake and had 25 years last
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year, i want to share the program was awarded the 2016 governs volunteer and serving award for the program of the year we have a wonderful as you may know community of people that are willing to volunteer their time to make that community as safe as possible their messengers for this and that is something we want to continue to maintain trained approximately 25 thousand people and nert is a modeled program i'd like to acknowledge all the volunteers the advisory board another in the matter shelly one and 50 the perfect segue my last comment we're produced and thank you for your support of our one hundred and 50 year the fire department was a paid professional department in december we have a host of
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events throughout the year - the bottom line to thank the men and women of the department that serve with dedication and make green great skwas sak fizz my cfo worked hard proud member they wear the uniform it is as important we have a website we developed we partnered with the academy of art came up with with logo a kickoff celebration in union square i'm proud to pass one and 50 years we want to continue to commit to serving our citizens with the level of service they've come to expect deserve that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, chief i want to thank you and your budget
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committee for working hard it an awesome step in the right direction that we have a consensus so thank you i look forward to having those discussions and want to thank the nert members many of the folks were founding members of nert i'm very happy to see that continue and thanks for all your support supervisor yee. >> thank you chair farrell for the presentation chief chief joanne hayes-white in regards to the trucks what's the general life expectancy of those vehicles. >> so supervisor yee there's national fire protection guidelines for any given city in america the fire trucks that carry the hose the recommendations from the national fire protection they
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don't have they're not a front line after 10 years of service and the fire aerial truck that not steady 15 years in front line apparatus that far exceed those guidelines. >> and these guidelines are based on flat to rate. >> absolutely so 10 years is a stated that is established whether you're in phoenix which is flat or in san francisco the hills kind of a medium fulsome we've gotten the most use of apparatus i than any city in america we're spending a lot of money taking them to shop for maintenance. >> what's your average sort of age of our fleet. >> i actually have a
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spreadsheet from the early 1990s from the apparatus and trucks over the 10 years. >> we're due to replace them. >> we had a replacement plan on the books, if you will, since 09 and understanding the city had an economic crisis not about placing blame or going back there but moving forward we see that an opportunity and obligation really to provide our members with more safe modern equipment like i said, it addresses the issues from think economic prospective and other things agrile our specifications have changed because of the need for more safely to in fact, navigate
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there the street. >> i was imagining there was a call for engines to put out a fire and also that engine stops two blocks away from the go fire station so this is one budget committee member we supported aggressively for the replacement plan. >> thank you. >> i have one other you didn't mention a program like a police cadet can you talk about that and who we what it's like and - how many people from san francisco are actually entering that. >> sure so a san francisco fire department reserve program different than a police cadet you have to think 18 years of
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age and volunteer only program we have about 50 active members and our reserves they don't great work they arrive on scene at greater alarms morning of egress to assist with the fire ground reloading hospitals for the firefighters and just working in conjunction to support the operation and they go through a training program oftentimes reserves that are interested in taking the test and end up becoming firefighters or emts we support the work by and large of the firefighter association the fire academy is like the police departments program in that they target youth i believe high school age between 14 and 18 and talk to them about the career in the fire service but also more about the
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importance of kind of life skills being on time and properly wearing uniform with pride and give them first aid and fire skills and give them sort of a snapshot of what is it like to be a firefighter that's the program we work with the black firefighters but per say not a cadet program with regards to the - >> would the members of the reserve reflect pretty much the young people population of san francisco. >> i'd like yes. the average age is early to mid 20s for a fire reserve. >> are they ethically. >> yes. and beginning to be with the fire department looks like. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you and we have been talking to the department and
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the mayor's office about the vehicle age issues and i think their unacceptable condition of the vehicles in the department i know that the department is working with the mayor's office to come up with a funding plan to gradually bring the fleet to where it needs to be in terms of national standards we're working on prevention to try to set the standards for san francisco as well as codifying the work the department is doing in terms of making sure the trucks will be agile in narrow city streets and move in that direction with the vision zero goals and so we're waiting to see what comes out of departments discussions with the
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mayor's office but i think really is critically important that we invest in the fleet and that we have vehicles that are really up to the task of public safety issue. >> thank you. >> all right. colleagues, any further questions or comments okay. thank you, chief and thank you, mr. corso and thank you for being here we'll be back latter in the budget season thank you for coming appreciate it open up for public comment first anyone wish to comment on item 2. >> good evening supervisors my name is jeff i've been a proud member for 26 years as you may know members of our department railway speak at meetings regarding the budget i
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feel i'll speak about the aging fleet our engines and trucks as stated the agency that sets national standards in our entry to the length of time the equipment should be left in service important to note the recommendation forage or front line apparatus it 10 years they represented an apparatus between 10 and 15 years only be in a relief states u status that's a back up their clear any apparatus over 15 years should be removed from the fleet those standards were you made without the consideration of the typography and run volume we experience this is the reason i address you today over 50 percent of our front line fleet 50 percent is over 15-year-old we're presenting spending
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$500,000 maintaining our anchoring fleet each month is this the approximate the cost of a new engine and this brings me to my final points the budget our fleet includes outline vehicles if point a to b. >> the total vehicle budget not the city last year between 10 and $15 million i believe our fleet has to be removed from the vehicle wuktd u budget we're comparing apples and oranges our vehicle aerial ladders are $900,000 a generous give of one to $3 million is not scratching the surface those get us if point a to b they're also the equipment that we put water on the fire and raise an aerial ladder from a person from a burning building i think you'll agree some things we can't miss
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on thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> mr. o'connor. >> tom o'connor president of the san francisco firefighters i'm here, here to echo what we're here to ask you for isn't more or better but the pencil and tools to do our job and as you can see from the operational charged call volume is over 31 percent over the decade one the cranes come down and the keys to the office buildings that causes an increase expeditiously i support the needs for equipment and restate our battalion chief and specialists to manage more and more complex incidents and training positions to staff and train the new people we're hiring and as demonstrated last
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weekend the tragic ocean beach two teenagers lives were lost we need to think about a dedicated recuse unit for the increasing population so thank you for your time and consideration and looking forward to future confuses. >> anyone wish to comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed thank you for everyone within the department of working together this is helpful like my colleagues i'm supportive of this fleet program that has been discussed i think that is public safety is paramount we no idea to support this here so look forward those those continuing discussions with that, claergsz colleagues can i entertain a motion to continue to the call of the chair without objection thank you mr. clerk would you call item 3. >> item 3 hearing to receive the hearing budget update with
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2016-2017 and 2017-2018 a executive officer we'll be calling occ and ms. hicks afterwards but chief suhr thank you for being here. >> thank you budget chair committee i want to thank captain my cfo and assistant carolyn for putting together this presentation as always this couldn't get down moving into the presentation first 5 demonstrates all funds revenue and our budget for 2016-2017 this includes $51 in the public safety tax the balance of a combination of other grants from various safety programs so this slide is pretty
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self-examinationy they're all - this make ups the lions share of our salary and fringe and the supplies and services by other departments make up the difference some of those work orders obviously goes to the airport they have an entire san francisco police department bureau they also fund two xruts and pay for their own smart phones we implemented years ago and the mta work order is million dollars and see the work orders make up the difference as you mean we're in the middle of a large hire the large of hiring we've been in this
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reflects the positions total ftes funded about 2 nine hundred and 88 that includes civilians if we go to the next slide is beaked breakdown it as you may know 19 hundred and 71 fleet officers the reason it show us 2200 budgeted plus we have about three hundred officers that are in some stage of other than full duty that could be at the academy we mentioned by the airport and then whether it is family leave or disability or temporary modified duty the administrative leave that explains the difference this next mislead again every year since implemented i actually have the tuesday for
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your support and for the mayor's leadership on that i think there is animosity a member on the board didn't want for police officers for their districts as quickly as possible we've had the trailing line your action in 2012, we now be below 15 hundred officers instead we're quickly climbing towards 19 hundred and 71 we but put in our fist academy class on the accelerated hiring plan i spoke to the class in april so with this accelerated plan as you can see we're hoping to get to full staffing by the imagined of 2017 whereas the plan that was originally adopted in envelope wouldn't have goal us to the stage until the end of 2018 we're on track i have to thank mickey callahan and others for
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the 24/7 online application period that replaced what was a very archaic that electricity what san francisco looks like we're a police department that looks like san francisco a police department everyone seize themselves in the police department at every rank i think that is critical to our success. >> chief supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chair a couple of things first of all, as i know you're aware last year the board of supervisors did adopt a resolution making that city policy we're hiring goal is somewhere between 2200 officers i know the charter is 1971 but the board of supervisors voted to go beyond that to reflect the fact that 1971 number was set by
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dianne feinstein when had close to two hundred thousand people in the city we'll have areas not residential neighborhood that are now residential neighborhoods fewer daytime population so i want to suggest for future presentations that be noted that the board of supervisors did make that official city policy the 2200 number now how many full duty officers are there today, i can't tell by the graph. >> thank you go to the next slide we've hired 8 hundred and 76 police officers since 2012 what we did as you may know with the sunset have reported retirements at the same time 6 housing unit and 15 so right now fuel duties 18 hundred and 6 so
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depending on retirements and the hire that is how we get to this estimate we should be at 1971 number we appreciate the recognition by the board that we could well use more officers but we still have 200 officers i'm a chief wouldn't know what the 1971 offenders or officers in terms of the hire not fall off at a low points 4200 he now 18 hundred i'm starting to get responses from captains and community meetings their can put a beat officer somewhere it was embarrassing before a beat
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officer went on leave and couldn't be replaced when we're back to 1971 more but in terms of providing a level of service i think that san francisco expects having a robust beat officer program people see police officers walking in their neighborhood and robust traffic is worse than 1971 ain't going to cut it that's why the board made the pre1971. >> supervisor we appreciate those officers coming back are the beat officers and anybody we get back on top of will going to the same effort i know that the people that on the board and the mayor wants to see police officers present and readily available. >> i think sometimes, the this came up on the debate on the
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resolution he asked you any member of the board of supervisors not asked you to have more police officers present in the district and the answer was no everyone asked for more policemen but we have divisions on the board whether we should be hiring enough officers to do that so this is a disconnect sometimes more offers no my be district but don't want to be the - to hire officers but taking more officers out of your neighborhood into our district keep in mind. >> thank you, mr. supervisor. >> i put this next slide in there i want you to note when we are at the low points supervisor wiener the officers did work with me to energy scheduling changes and many officers knew
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they'll have to go away from the 10 hour day we're were having trouble radiologist up 200 and 66 officers since then and restored some of the officers back to a 10 hour day we will be able to put the balance of those officers in special operations back to the 10 hour day, however, officers are assigned to administrative positions will remain on the 8 hour day as a standard shift for an administrative assignment supervisor yee you were asking - chief joanne hayes-white about their cadet program argue cadet programs are robust we reinstated the p l program on for high school kids and in 2011, 2012 that continues to be a very, very good program all
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city kids volunteer and then when we get to the point theirs off to college in a partnership with salesforce ceo benioff we have more cadets many, many successful police officers chief fong and captain bruce and others railroad police cadets before he they were leader our beat programs is reflective of the city and those young people are really helping us working on projects we try to reengineer the way we use force and increase transparency and be a good and better police department. >> supervisor avalos join us you have a question. >> thank you and i appreciate making some time for me to come in with questions and chief
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welcome to budget committee i had a couple questions regarding staffing levels i wanted to see cleared up i actually want to ask the controller's office to provide analysis as well i think i saw that we're reaching the staffing level that was mandated in the 90s but on trajectory for next june. >> 1806 they should be in the academy and out next year. >> there was a statement i saw on the slide i don't have in front of me three hundred officers that are not on the streets not in the airport but. >> yeah. in some other stage of capacity other than full-time. >> i saw that three hundred number was something that was kind of a ball park finger
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figure you have staffing that is not on the street on patrol that is the first time i've heard that number to me that's a key number to move staff into the field you know, i think i saw the three hundred number generally, you have three hundred staff at - not on desk duty either returning from illness or whatever. >> how long. >> it is not three hundred right now it is closer to two hundred but when it is in the state of fluctuation between two to three officers are in some stage of status not on administrative assignment those officers again, we chased all
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the officers we could from administrative assignment to practical with scheduling changes like pretty much every agency and department in the city we have officers that are unfortunately false sidewalks situations we hopefully only for a short time and status less than full-time duty. >> i understand i never seep that number before i'll be doing is asking the controller's office to assess the 1971 number and also this number that fluctuates between two and three people how that has been you know calculated in the past i've not seen this before the budget & finance committee in the past but different circumstances people are in this educate but like to hear i mean, i asking can hear offline what policies
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and procedures but others will have decisions about the status but it is important to know what are the policies to move people into full - >> i want to say that number is discussed annually during the presentation there is a number i try to explain why we're low even it is what it is also supervisor wiener had mentioned a resolution that was passed by the board of supervisors that the board of supervisors by a majority vote had authorized or said we would like to see a larger mrovk above the 1971 number i want to make sure that resolution was not passed unanimously was not passed without controversy and the policy that was put in place
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was bays the size of police department on the population of san francisco when we voted on that resolution i had requested the budget analyst to do a report one of the best practices for looking staffing and in police department and population based staffing was one of the things not considered to be a real critical way to set the staffing levels it was more luke to assess you know the deployment measures and other practices that are in the field that leads to those staffing levels so the above the 1971 number i believe the city needs to deliberate on certainly i made a commenting commitment with every colleague on the board of supervisors to unanimously support 5 academy a classes to the 1971 nuke i want to make sure that is what it is
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clear we're working towards we were doing the same resolution about the population based it likely wouldn't have passed with the configuration of the board of supervisors but i believe we're still in this controversial area what the actual staffing levels but we're in agreement of 1971 so that's why i want to get to the controllers question how we assess getting to that number and have a common understanding of the 1971 number is i'll be asking for that that's a heads-up. >> okay. >> so the - >> supervisor yee. >> oh, a couple of comments yes, thank you for reisn't it true the police cadet program for people that grew up in san francisco the police cadet
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program has been around a long time i was recruited i wasn't good enough but that's besides the fact. >> our loss. >> but when i saw people like myself from the community entering those programs and becoming police officers you mentioned chief fong, of course, she's came way after a was recruited and to have it program again and to have people from our communities entering this pathway or having a pathway anguish like 100 percent behind it i'd like to see more if possible i do have a question about how were budgeting. >> i'm sorry. >> budgeting looking at our slight slide 6 at the bottom it
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says budgeted of 2000, 200 and 41 because the part that i have questions about is if we're not fully be up to the 1971 until the end of 2017 will we be making adjustments so that the budget is not two inflated in terms of you're not paying for people that are not there yet that's the question. >> supervisors katherine maguire san francisco police department as you may know recruits are paid once they start at the academy so the fact they are not full duty while they're in the
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academy takes away from the 1971 number but it means we still have that position funded under the 2241 number so starting in you'll see we need all the funds to peaking pay for the recruits and the full 2241 starch left and any and i transition we make it in our budget presentation. >> okay. i want to know the chief said in the last class in 2017 are the numbers that will bring us up to 1971 if it class didn't happen until june we 0
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don't have the one hundred people to pay. >> it is scaleable how much of that salary is kids against which fiscal year as we go into fiscal year 2017-2018 everybody will be back. >> when we look at. >> it will be an adjusted presentation. >> i'm going to also maybe from put my $0.02 in the number before 1971 did we cuss discuss you're saying at the end of 2017 so that would have been two years in the past going forward would have been two years and i would you know i'm very supportive and i've said it we need to look at it and i know
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this is a budget hearing but we really need to look at what the actual numbers mean besides population and so forth so indeed we need more police officers we don't know until we had a better study i'll be inclined to support a better analysis not to say cut it it would be we actually need more so that's my statement on that. >> okay. thank you supervisor yee supervisor kim. >> thank you chair farrell and you know, i have not served on the budget committee for a few years i know when i was on the budget committee before conversation that came up a lot was some of this has been addressed over the last couple of years the organization requests on this board and recommended and so that answer didn't have to be today, i'm
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curious how the police department has been working towards civilian ingress situations we don't need to train the police officers and it the department has made ahead way we want the officers on the street patrolling as we hire for officers closer to the 1971 numbers those numbers are officers dedicated to public safety so that's one question and the second question i have i know that continues to be something that we bring up and certainly i care about in terms of our outreach in exist and local hire to be local residents to be hired they understand our
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city those are great employment opportunities we want our residents to assess those positions we can't require or set a baseline i'm sure you'll have that work going on as well. >> i'm happy to put out a more thorough report i know that was a particular keen issue for formerly budget director chiu, i think you'll see we made a lot of progress in that area as far as focusing on young people all at knead programs a lot of the outreach our summer jobs are concentrated on the high schools in san francisco because it is pretty much who live in san francisco and look like san francisco so we're very, very great deal aggressively in the schools some of the kids were hired in 1994 for the first jobs program in
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the mission are now police officers the cadets that become police cadets in the academy that farm system fulsome u, if you will, of the public high schools in san francisco is actually the bulwark of our recruiting efforts to get young people from san francisco into the police department we agree they make the best police officers for san francisco. >> and you don't have to have the numbers day i'm curious of the numbers of the beat program that make it through the academy and become police officers. >> maybe i can tell you who is in and planning to be in. >> that would be great. >> our next slide on body worn cameras none can get body worn cameras nobody wants them out
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fast enough they were funded in last year's budget thank you very much the department drafted a body worn camera policy for the police commission the police commission lead a collaborative process and adopted it that policy was voted on in the current draft 6 to one and in the required process between city h.r. and the poa while at the same time the it has was assisted by the office of contract administration in contracting a vendor they work with dpw do make upgrades at the district stations to support the body worn camera systems and uploading the requirements ongoing we finally listed this contract and the cameras are on the way and hopefully the policy will be adopted and begin to
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outfit the officers with cameras no matter than july 1st with the inning would do station and every officers in the center streetcars outfitted with a body worn camera by year's end other things people are snarnt president realtime data we have a continued expansion of our web-based functionality once we get the body worn camera program we'll move to east e east side presentation and data on all traffic stops and pedestrian stops and fielded interviews in realtime aofficer will not complete any of the forms without completing all fields and again that will be
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immediately recoveryable out of the whatever and we're working on upgrading the activities for the mode he means in - leads into the next slide our vehicle replacement needs based on the law enforcement practices and the shop recommendations we should replace one and thirty vehicles announcing that current budget year fund 23 motorcycles and in answer to supervisor yee question we should be replacing the vehicles every 5 or one hundred thousand miles currently out the float half the fleet has one hundred thousands millions and over half the fleet is 10 years old so obviously liquor
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chief spoke to the class of maintenance are really driving this issue as well as i know we're very rightly so a clean air city the way that police and fire keep the the vehicles on the street and not as clean as they should be through the emergency vehicle exemption we prefer not to use that and have cars that are cleaner fuel burning for efficient and not in the shop all the time and in addition to vehicles we have capital improvements in the budget in process mission stations a security fencing program, there are security camera replacement are ongoing and several stations with roofing and painting and h factor systems for whatever the system work in reverse it comes
6:48 am
on when it is cold and won't work when it is hot making it uncomfort inside the bayview station the funding has more improvements and an additional request will i evidence storage and lake merced training facilities in the willie brown, jr. dock the dock replacement are ongoing the upcoming ongoing we're also looking at the 21st century policing recommendations make by president obama task force we are in lion with just about all the recommendations that were only that we couldn't agree without of over one hundred two of them involve officers being operate active in discipline in schools i don't think anyone wants it i i don't want it the mou we entered into that the san francisco unified
6:49 am
school district prohibit that so that is two of the things the third one is mentioned by supervisor kim recommended that everyone go to a local hire we're not allowed to but we're in complete agreement and trying to reengineer the way we go to you use of force we have upcoming training to address any sort of bias with procedure and country's and deesclation skills and currently have reengineered completely the way we train about firearms out of our range and have a piece we use at the academy i brought up the technology we need to be better as far as realtime to be in line with supervisor cowen's proposed owners and the assembly bill and those are coming as well body
6:50 am
cameras we're getting to the end we received the goals and objectives review in the mou for sign in from the department of justice for the review that recent kicked off in february community meetings have been held they just completed their assessment phase and now thai they will be giving you us or their goals and objectives - thank you. the voter for the easter bond that gives us argue new public safety building and the new application and the passage of the bond that gives us a new crime lab and for investigation in the traffic that had been at evans
6:51 am
construction to start next year and hopefully, we'll be able to open that building in the that all of 2019 and with that, that concludes my presentation. i'll take any for the purpose questions. >> thank you very much chief any questions for the chief. >> okay. thank you. being here looking forward to working on the budget this year with that, i'd like to call of joyce hicks from the office of complaints i know she has a small slide to walk through with us >> good afternoon supervisor farrell and members the committee i'm joyce hicks the executive
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director of the san francisco office of complaints and chair farrell pointed out a small slide deck the first slide shows how occ expenditures are allocated 92 percent of occ budget is for personal expenditures moving to the next slide smorz shows a comparison between 2015-2016 the baseline for next year and the property enhancements the following slide shows why the occ needs the enhancements and that would be to accommodate officer-involved shooting investigations and also the increased workload that will occur once body worn cameras are
6:53 am
implemented and the investigators are reviewing the footage from the body worn cameras to evaluate them in conducting their investigations in addition the for the enhancements the okay will need additional staff a budget for training and additional office space we're busting at the seams as well as equipment including faster computers and laptops when the office of complaints conducts an investigation of an officer-involved shooting the investigation requires much more staff time the investigator is immediately removed from in take the investor is for the receiving
6:54 am
more cases and the investigators have to assume the in takes encourage 3 for the officer-involved shooting investigations their caseload are about 50 percent of the aot other investigators caseloaddid 3 who are investigating officer-involved shooting have a caseload of 13 and the others 28 as you may know from the controller 2007 report analyzing the occ operations 16 cases is best practices for an occ investigator should the charter all the time to the administrative code be adopted by the voters where the occ would conduct investigations in all officer-involved shootings that would be up to a 5 fold
6:55 am
increase in officer-involved shooting investigations excuse me - real quick supervisor tang. >> so you mentioned there are encourage 3 investigators to who work on officer-involved shooting cases it and say in the presentation i'm curious let us know in terms of the ftes nltd of the proposed charter amendments the future answer to our question those there are other investigators who are also assigned to officer-involved shootings from from time to time so there, there is not a particular investigator at the occ who specifically it dedicated for officer-involved shootings, however, the occ is looking for an additional 6 staff persons senior investigator as well as 5 line investigators the 6 plus the 5 specifically
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for officer-involved shootings or for they can handle others types of investigations as well. >> they're not specifically for officer-involved shootings this is a way for the occ to handle all of the cases. >> okay. thank you. >> and moving to body worn cameras the occ also anxiously awaiting the body worn cameras for the police department but we know that that is going to increase the time it takes to complete an investigation because of review of the footage that will have to be done by the investigator that will require in addition to equipment upgrades and increased that training time also an enhancement to the training budget so we, insure our investigators are trained both
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properly for officer-involved shootings as well as the all of its investigations. >> one thing the okay has not been able to take advantage of in the voter majority of it's cases you're going transcription services for the interviews that the investigators conduct the investigators at the occ conduct over one thousand interviews a year the way that they currently handle memorializing those interviews which are recorded in our database they summarize them and enter those summaries best practices will provide that we use a transcription service and this is particularly important in our higher profile cases as well as cases that we sustain
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and so we would want to enhance our professional services to provide for transcription and then finally the topic of vehicles is an issue for the occ as well we curling have two vehicles one of them is 16-year-old the other one is two years old and with our current investigation staff two vehicles are simply not enough the occ investigators need to do fold work and most recent officer-involved shootings the investigators took a car out to canvas the neighborhood and their was a meeting the same day the other car was in the shop
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we're under resource with the vehicles and finally deputy director eric balthazar the chief of the investigations stand here today does have a car dedicated he takes home he roles out to officer-involved shootings no matter when they occur, of course, when he is in the office the car is available but one of two cars so that concludes my report. >> excuse me - thank you, ms. hicks i know there is a lot to discussion you discuss with our budget just to be clear the basis of our budgets and enhancements did you submit that enhanced budget. >> yes. the mayor's office is looking that and balancing with
7:00 am
the other asks. >> okay. thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> comments okay. thank you i know we have a lot to discuss thank you for being here we'll see you back shortly. >> thank you very much. >> colleagues if not other questions or comments open up for public comment to item 3 anyone wish to comment on this item. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues a motion to continue to the call of the chair without objection mr. clerk, call item 4 >> a hearing to receive a budget urban design from the sheriff's department fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> okay. thank you very much again colleagues as i mentioned we'll continue this item so first take public comment anyone wish to comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues california i have a
7:01 am
motion to continue it to the call of the chair objection? mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that plain clothes the agenda. >> thank you, everybody. we're .
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring
7:27 am
patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc meeting of the commission on community investment and infrastructure occurring on april 19, 2016 will begin shortly. >> it is 105 p.m. this is regular meeting of commission on community investment. the successor agency to san francisco redevelopment agency for tuesday april 19, 2016. welcome to members of the public. madam secretary can you call the first item
7:28 am
>> item 1, roll call. please respond when i call your name. commissioner pimentel, present. commissioner


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