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tv   LAF Co 42216 Local Agency Formation Commission  SFGTV  April 24, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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staff leo and jessie larson thank you for your service i'd like to motion to excuse commissioner mar and that can be seconded by by commissioner crews and without objection i'm sorry moved by commissioner crews. >> commissioner crews seconded by. >> actually, i mad the motion myself. >> not very good of me i know. >> we'll take that without objection. and call item 2. >> item 2 approvals the lafco minutes from the regular meeting colleagues, any questions or changes on the minutes okay open up for public comment on the lafco minutes from march 18 seeing no member we'll public
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comment is closed. >> mauve seconded by by commissioner campos and we'll take that without objection. next item. >> >> item consideration of the lafco budget for 2016-2017. >> jason fried. >> jason fried, executive officer last month i presented to you a proposed budget nothing a nothing has changed from the proposed budget to the - requesting the money legally loud for in the city and county we only keep this year and return some monies back to the county for other budgetary needs. >> that's to what department in the city and county of san francisco. >> back to the general fund we don't control how they use it. >> to the clerk of the board or the city and county. >> i'm not sure within their process i think that is city and county
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though i know our budget goes through the clerk of the board but the money from the general fund. >> thank you for those i think lafco didn't help the general fund of the city and county of san francisco there's evidence we do okay we can open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on looufkz budget seeing none, public comment is closed. and commissioner crews. >> i'd like to make the motion that we reserve the full amount of 2 plus and to return the two 57 plus did i get that right. >> a motion from commissioner crews and seconded by by
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commissioner campos we'll take that without objection. >> next mr. chair did you take public comment. >> we the. >> the status on the cleanpowersf program and the proceedings of the california public utilities commission. >> barbara hale welcome. >> thank you barbara hale assistant general manager for powell at the san francisco public works i'd like to share with you outreach materials that we have put together so first of all, we are tracking activities of california public utilities commission we don't have anything to announce or announce in our efforts to insure that costs concurred by pg&e are not inappropriately passed to our customers a number of procedures that touch on that and we've talked about the power cost and
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adjustments and will related proceedings. >> we do have a paper be enforcement form if we've prepared this is start started with the request from commissioner lynn do and commissioner campos has expressed an interest in the ability of having a leaflet for customers to fill out and immoral in our program and also have happy to report in that we have additional folks in our sign up cue waiting to join the program those are folks enrolling prior to service in november one we had 9 additional supergreen residential or total
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residential customers 5 was supergreen and the city hall morning event we were successful in signing up 16 more that brings our number up to 25 we have a number of other earth day activities we're at usf sustainability fair and the tenderloin neighborhood development earth day staff party at others the events and tabling on twittering and and/or they invited us in to market to their workforce and then we also have the all day earth street fair between valencia and mission that's our second city sunday streets event that will
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be marketing the clean power so that's quick update on the marketing and jason perhaps a comment or two before i set up the movie. >> seem jason fried i'm personal be and eco so if anyone available and wants to attend are be and eco center i'll be there but were letting the folks know they can sign up for the properties of paper sign for the internet access we'll make sure we're getting everyone signed up as many people as it possible possible for the august deadline thank you. >> sfgovtv when we're ready i'll hit the go bottom to show the screen if you keep it on us
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sfgov until you hear the blip thanks. >> power is all around us in the sun and wind it is power that can light our home and energize by these it provides more renewal power to all san franciscans less expensive and greaterer and best of you will it offers a 100 percent renewal option called intra the way to arise green house gas emissions and meet the city's goal awe. >> i'm the director of h.r. standpoint at the produce we decided to sign up four supergreen we mirrored our goals after the city of san francisco
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the sites on zero 50 one hundred groups and trying too big figure out how to get solar panels and solve the problem of 100 percent power in the business after years of wondering clean power said if you want 100 percent renewal caliber. >> when you sign up you have a couple of options to sign up for 45 renewal power with the remainder if traditional sources and that's cheaper we tend to sign up 100 percent supergreen we wanted all renewal this is a little bit more expensive but the difference is not large. >> it was clicking a button i took it was super simple. >> we we do through the comment company to grab the energy of sun and wind
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renewal power having clean power to be a partner with san francisco it is like nothing changes. >> i have small kids i think about the roll their inherent and making those decisions are small things to reduce the carbon footprint and support renewal caliber. >> this is affects us in so many ways pollution and we all invent to create jobs so far loss of my neighbors it really is us in control of being locally sustainable it is community over profit. >> the city has been on the forefront of so many things if so the next optimistic objective to be pardon this this we're proud and what's the deal why are we all doing that.
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>> sign up for supergreen. >> sign up 70 for supergreen. >> sign up for supergreen today. >> that was great, thank you. >> are we are doing anything yet. >> okay. >> we're supposed to be filming for 100 percent. >> thank you commissioners so that was the - that movie day viewed at the earth breakfast at the department of the environment hosted yesterday with mayor ed lee telex the zero 51 hundred we can prepurpose the
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sun and showcase and on social media to continue to raise awareness of the offering we have there cleanpowersf. >> how about it there going out on radio or television psas. >> we'll again, that phase of the outreach will begin after we get past the may one date remember this may 1st date has mostly commercial customers the august enforcement deadline with november one that has mostly residential that part of audience wear hoping to reach with the media. >> thank you. great video love it operationally is there a thought of doing that that spanish or chinese. >> i'll bring that back i imagine the staff is working on
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that probably yes i'll double check on that. >> great, thank you any other updates for us from the puc okay. and from our chief executive officer no fantastic okay open up for public comment. >> good afternoon happy architecture day hopefully this is an architecture day people will be cultivatingville let's and things like that in their home purple amplifies the emotional moment so i want to once again i'm eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates and californians for energy choice working declining on community choice statewide i thank the san francisco public works for getting us to that the
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it is spectacular less than one hundred percent opt out and clearing up that video is excellent shows that the san francisco public works staff are dedicated to this program what all the good stuff we've putt together and critique we meet with staff will a local build out no citywide network for efficiency is planned for cleanpowersf until 2020 and we're finding in that meeting the sf puc staff are more conservative than the lafco might be the sf puc is an agency that needs to protect the rate players for economics
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i think this is really important for the board and the lafco to step in and do the work necessary to take what we've got but with the nexus study to the next step for a build out plan for local installations sooner 2020 because the new projection for sea level rise are do you believe we need stuff built right away thank you. >> additional public comment and seeing none, public comment is closed. barbara hale. >> my apologies i forgot to mention one item before our commission on tuesday with our property net metering program for the cleanpowersf customer base this will be up are for vote on tuesday afternoon. >> basically approving that. >> we presented it at the previous meeting at this meeting
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we're hoping the commission will approve the program design we're proposing. >> very good thank you. >> thanks. >> so this is an informational item so we can go on to the next item number 5. >> number 5 draft report only what the city and county of san francisco can do to help increase the voter turnout. >> so we have enrique a policy research intern presenting his work on expanding the voter participation and let's make sure we hear from mr. aguilar first. >> perfect. >> jason fried, executive officer for lafco first i'll give you some highlights and i'm going to turn it over to to enrique the key points are the voting mechanisms that increase the voter participation and have currently loud in california and
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san francisco charter law you what our potential reviews at the state and county level from external factors so we're asked to identify factor that may increase voter turnout and government voter participation because of work i've been doing on psa i talked with the university of california, san francisco with they're political department any - had a great success in the past of finding graduate students for studies we've been working and enrique isemulsification this as a cap stone for his program with that, i'm going to turn it over to the bulk of the presentation and come back with the next steps at the ended.
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>> first and foremost thank you, commissioners for this hearing for the rest of the nation for this as well. >> research for this report includes contributions from john arts of san francisco department of the elaboration and the organizations community organizations and academic professionals at the university of california, san francisco turning to my first point what is allowed by california state law online voter registration was implemented in california in 2012 to register on line 3
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identification requirements to determine the equity and those include a california driver's license or identification card number last 4 dithsz of a person's social security number and the date of birth for voting age english dish and another election data for a set percent of l e p age earlier persons voting against 29 days before protection day and voters are able to cast their plastic bottles in 8 to 5:00 p.m. during normal business housed and the last two weekends before the election at the moment the california
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secreting is reviewing the automatic voter registration and vote any mail the automatic voter registrations gives the government offices to look at the business with the vote by mail all registered voters get ballots several weeks before an election they can mail back and take to a drop off location or polling place santa clara allowed the county in 2015 to hold all mail location a absent i didn't voting is called vote by mail in california not the same since ab at the for a voter to request an absence at the ballot the two bar graphs it is
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increased in san francisco and in california since 2000 now i'd like to discuss voting system reforms discussed in this report that would require an amendment to california's constitution or the enact time of new protective california law allows on probation to reregistration to vote but restoring the voting right to folks in prison requires the enact time of new protective it makes casting a ballot able to connect to any location nevertheless, potential treats and the lack of annunciate make that impossible with the currently technology with organizations like the initiative or experimenting with
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internet protocol masking technology to tackle it and make that secure and amaze those in of favor of lower the voting age to 16 agree it could increase voter turnout for had been actually teen voters that face major transitioned at 18 and they will be less likely to be long term voters. >> it is california were to pass legislation to expand voting rights to nonsense that will be the first state in the nation to do so nonsense cannot participate in local elections in maryland and new york city it reviewing proposing paroles to give non-resident the right to
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vote in the 2020 election. >> turning now to what will require to the san francisco charter in 20159an francisco youth commission passed the resolution advocating for the extension of voting rights to 16 and 17 year-old their evidence from tacoma park maryland have lowered the voting age for a higher participation rates then older voters as a chartered city san francisco has tried to modify it's chartered by putting on ballot the opposition in 2004 and proposition d in 2010 to allow nonsense to vote in school board elections, however, those non-citizen ballot consumers or
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measures didn't receive enough support to pass my final point in regards to external factors outside of the government control the relevance or candidate on ballot can be central to come out to vote and has a advantage as a candidate outreach for political campaigns are instrumental in getting voters and non-voters to the polls mobile listing them there grassroots has proven to be effective as a result of door to door canvassing on election day the community-based organizations and public gleaning in. >> to summarize the main
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points of my presentation i'd like to directing your attention to voting reforms in california the vote cal system is currently in the late testing stage before the launch the california skrairt is collaborating with voters automatically and extending voting rights to nonsense and restoring the voting rights is not allowed by california law a policy decision for the state of california or san francisco if they want to pursue the legislation that allows more people in the communities to par take in the democracy feinstein technology has been the driving force behind any innovations that have revolutions the way we
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completing complete our tasks i urge california to modernize the organized registration so temp like the internet and social media and devices leads to sustainable increase in turnout in minority groups with the status of non-voter. >> now i'm going to turn it over to to jason fried to discuss the next steps. >> jason fried what we've done we have released this out to those we implicit input in other words, to get feedback we've received some feedback i'm expediting anymore we ask the comments turned in today, of course, over the weekend we will put that and rework it there is also a couple of things the go
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legislative will include the incorporated new items at the state level to make sure we have a full report and assuming we don't get and crazy amount of changes or over the weekends we have a final report and upcoming with that, if you have any questions. >> thank you, mr. aguilar for your presentation a good and thorough report i appreciate that one thing that comes up for me we've now you know measuring our ability insure that everyone that wants to vote votes in a this way especially in the country in the primary elections we're seeing there was clark
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community in nevada lotta's fountain earthquake and phoenix and parts of new york city real challenges to make sure there were enough ballots and voting places we saw long lines in many of the places we were turned away i'm not sure to what extent this is you know happened here in san francisco there are a lot of deceptions i've not seen it get to that level but important to assess you know what changes have happened in excess that might be able to anticipate with the situations that happened in the communities. >> jason fried i've been following the things nationally personal interest as well as what we're worked onion we'll see these types of problems we have a strike set of rules you
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have to have per population and number one, the rules have changed we've seen nationally the supreme court makes rulings to metrological up the rules and some says take that actions you'll see a whole bunch of people off the roles or like california has not gone that path we're looking at ways to make that easier for people to vote and making sure that people are able to register like the cal system when it to goes on line it ties the communities together from one county to another the county will move our name if you move out of san francisco so san mateo it will registration you and tell san francisco to remove the person's name california is in the opposite direction california thanks to the
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secretary of state and the city's goals has been doing everything we can to not see as problems, of course, in june we have the june primary but i've not seen that happen in the state of california. >> commissioner crews. >> thank you so much for this report mr. aguilar i thought very informative i have a couple of things to follow up on just to clarify citizens in california can vote as long as they're off parole. >> so people that are incarcerated from or not off patrol. >> right currently two states that allow this vermont and maine and so that's someone i was able to find in the research
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and looking at san francisco we're looking at the number of people of color especially men of color in state prisons it is one of those things to consider giving back those voting rights to people in prison or inmeats. >> if you could include in the next report the version of the report one the why tuesday movement of why changing the election day from tuesday and some efforts or discussion around what it would involve and how it can change the voter turnout if on the weekends and then there was some proposed legislation before in san
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francisco for same day voter registration. >> yes. and there was actually an buff with the office of cal of state of secretary with the new system they're considering and looking at is being able to apply the same day registration system in california so if you - to happen it had have had the opportunity come to san francisco as well i'm not sure if jason fried has anything to say about that you. >> the part about or same day registration has to be a statewide issue the city what potentially off the top of my head do something for local election but not for state or federal level this is one of the
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things the secretary of state now, when we have the statewide system going to san francisco county and going to san mateo can we have the option for the same day reggie know that is forecast down the path i understand the stairts is looking at we didn't reference that but we remember looking at the bigger picture not just about tuesday but saturday with the new voting system the city is looking at doing an open sour system you can have thirty days of early voting not just saturday but citywide in voting - there are potentials there but you once again we need a new system before we can do that. >> great that would be interesting so sort of see what is possible on the state and local level the last question i have is this
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is something you learn already but how would outreach by the department of elections impact the voter turnout in san francisco it is interesting to know that their education and outreach efforts and i know you talked about community-based organizations and campaigns but i'll be interested to know like a public service what we can do within the city of san francisco. >> i mentioned i had the opportunity to sit down with director john he talked about what the department of elections is doing as far as outreach he mentioned the means that happen 4 times a year in which cbos can come to the meetings and express any suggestions anything related
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to civic engagement how the city helped in a non-partisan way to get people out to vote this is a one thing and the other on the website it is calendar of all the community events they do tabling and another thing that was helpful that the city is doing is doing presentations in outreach at the re-entry service programs so once an inmate is out they're able to be registered and to be able to vote again. >> thank you. >> then i'll add on top of the department does a lot of community outreach and going to events the only way to do more if they increased the budget and had more staff they do a lot
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already and did on kwlent job of educating people not only in voting but that forces them to go out and make sure that people understand though to use that system and their educating people in voting in general one of the things not just this report but how much they do out in the community they don't necessarily need to do they want people to get out and vote. >> thank you i definitely agree they do a lot and i just wondered if their were to have that extra budget what the impacts. >> the other question you asked about the bilingual presentation that was mentioned they have centers that present them in spanish and chinese in san francisco. >> thank you
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commissioner campos. >> thank you just a quick comment i want to thank mr. aguilar and mr. fried well done and informative. >> thank you for your great work. >> thank you, commissioners. >> thank you okay we can open up for public comment anyone wish to comment and again want to thank mr. aguilar for your work on the presentation and go back. >> good afternoon again eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates local grassroots orientation really good report excellent especially youth voting is great they have to live in the world should be able to vote and showed - shown in the democratic election there are democratic people in the country and is important to elections some things to consider in
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california we have a particular and other states a problem there is quote/unquote independent party a separate political parties a lot of voters get confused think their declaring themselves an being independent of party and that has tricked any voters in california they might not be able to vote in the next upcoming primary it would be good to clarify that for people and another thing that is this is more difficult but i think important when we're talking about quote/unquote citizens voting i'd like us to recognize the fact that get away from legal terminology of the idea people that don't have legal documents are not citizens the point of voting for everyone is that everyone is a citizen what i
12:38 pm
personally put out there i think i'm hearing from a lot of people folks without documentation or undocumented citizens of the united states and of california and san francisco it would be great even the law makes if difficult to reframe the picture around that and then as a green i want to point out something that will be important to work on at this point you know same day registration would be great for third party's to be able to register folks it is 0 problem of automatic voting to choose the party important if you have explained how this will work we don't want automatic i'm sorry automatic registration to bar people from choosing a political party so especially third party's you might have an answer
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to that so that's i think it those with r my comments thanks. >> great next item, please. >> gadget commissioners and lafco i'm interfering aura student at the university of san francisco i want to commend mr. fried and mr. aguilar to increase the voter participation and turn out this is a very important issue for me when we look at the dismal devastating turn out in the elections it is important to doing everything we can to increase the voter participation in light of the currently approximately primaries if you look at the issues at the
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forefront of the election the immigration policy, criminal justice system reform i mean increasing participation to felons he that their barred from participation so many other ways i think could be a great step in introducing them to taking part of their government and also as far as nonsense of the - again, you look at the election and so many people new voters have come
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out and participated so many young people that is crucial to lower the voting age to keep the enthusiasm, the mobilization of the young people to have a voice in the government so i think - gentlemen, i hope - >> thank you very much. >> to you for public comment. seeing other members of the public coming forward we'll public comment is closed. and this is an information item don't have to accept a report thank you a really great report and i wanted to make sure we can you know look at how we can enact the recommendations madam clerk our next item
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please. >> item chief executive officers report. >> jason fried. >> next month is on the third the friday the third week want to make sure and wish everyone a happy earth day thank you very much happy earth day to you the chief executive officers we've opening up for public comment and any members of the public wish to speak on chief executive officers seeing none, public comment is closed. >> next item please. >> item 7 public comment. >> general public comment is now open. >> good afternoon, commissioners happy earth day the holy studies to the extension of the third world no achieving high-level of our leader one is having the ability
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for speech one enforces great teaching on to holy people two principles of methodologies upcoming mergers of good close to our people of achieving the highest elderly exceency for my leader of - nutures one is it with - of ones own nature one true nature their destiny and realistic aspects to perform the mission of duties to show one having a heart of loyalty and having high aspirations one thing that will help them in perfect destiny in
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establishment that goes beyond our power and the origin the power on earth what happens with the kingdom for all thank you. >> wow. thank you very much. >> good afternoon one more time eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates the other day i was fortunate to bump into commissioner campos we get into a discussion of a particular item it seems like an option to get lafco the sea level rise and it's impacts on real estate development in the bayview hunters point and treasure island for i timely upwards of a decade i and many other people are repeatedly comments on the environmental impact reports and at public hearings about the bayview and treasure island about lennar and mostly land transferred from the navy in
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which we've seen cover ups and corruption and seen contractors lying about their work and testing for radiation and chemicals and also we've had a situation we repeatedly in public hearings and comments said that the sea level rise projections that the bay folks are using and the san francisco folks are using for planning the developments are adequate based on i pcc projections that have now been clearly shown to be wrong james hanson came out with a report that shows that sea level rise will be at least twice as high as we think that will be maybe as much as 5 to 7 meters higher number one, the developments in treasure island and bayview hunters point are being halted to reassess on the
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sea level rise question that needs to happen we need lafco or the board to do a study and show the numbers sea level rise increases liquid faction and chemical is getting lose a serious problem - >> thank you very much any other anyone wish to comment and seeing none, public comment is closed that was general public comment and madam clerk our next item. >> item 8 future agenda items. >> colleagues, any future agenda items public comment on future agenda items and we've heard that. >> and seeing none, public comment is closed. and clerk our next item. >> 9 adjournment.
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>> we're adjourn (shouting.). >> more and more city's high san
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francisco is committing to dislocate to end all traffic death that means improving safety for people walking and driving and safety on our streets is everyone's responsibility people can make mistakes but not result in injury or death all traffic collisions are preventable as drivers you play a large role that will give you the tools to drive safely on streets a recent survey asks hundreds of drivers about save city introduce driving what did they say watch for distracted behavior and slow down and be patient and check for people before you turn the facts about city driving shows how important to be alert
12:49 pm
most collisions happen in good weather allowance even at 25 mile-per-hour it takes a vehicle 85 feet to stop this is almost 7 car lengths slowing down makes collisions less savior when a person is hit by a passerby vehicle 25 minor the chance of death is 25 percent 40 percent that increases inform 85 percent slowing down didn't cost much time driving behind a person takes 9 extra semiautomatic and stopping at the yellow light takes only 30 seconds by hitting someone costs you hours and weeks of our time and maybe a life take a deep breath and take
12:50 pm
you're time cities cross america are being safely for walking and driving some streets are confusing here's what you need to know all intersection kroukz of novelist marked some are marked to make them more visible other crosswalks and intersections are raised to the level of sidewalk to actress as speed bump and people are maybe crossing be cautious and watch for people when you approach any intersection advanced limit lines and pedestrian yield signs show drivers where people walk and stop behind the lines at stop signs and for people crossing bulb outs where the sidewalks
12:51 pm
extends into the street make that tease easy to see pedestrians and remember to slow down whether making reasons and watch for people on sidewalk estimations extensions that maybe closer than you expect and bicyclists may motive to the left to get around bulb outs this gives people a head start allowing pedestrians to enter the crosswalk before transfer starts moving makes them more visible pedestrian scrimmage and stop the vehicles in all directions allow people to cross including department of building inspection scrambles are paired with no light restriction and rapid beacons you turn bright whether the pedestrians are there or the center is activated precede slowly as you approach
12:52 pm
the beacons especially, if their activated a pedestrian crossing light turns yellow before turning sold red back to flash red procedure after making a full stop as long as the sidewalk is empty and, of course, stop whenever the light is red traffic circles reduce conflicts you must stop at the strewn and precede around the raise your right hand of the circle watch for people in crosswalks and people in bikes coming around the circle arrows indicate where people with bikes share the intersections and people have ride to people on bikes have the
12:53 pm
right to use the lane whether or not in the sharing bike lanes are for people protected by parks e.r. parked cars and stay out of separated bike lanes unless an emergency dashed bike lanes are a shared zone four for vehicles to change lanes slow bike lanes allow the circles their unusually sprayed before me from other traffic some bike lanes are built to the level higher than the street but lower than the sidewalk they provide a safe separated space sponsor cyclists are around vehicles the box areas are marked with the stencil at intersections act as advanced limit lines for people
12:54 pm
to garter at a red light this increases the 1r0ir7b9 to drivers people will ride past stopped vehicles at the fronltd of the intersection give them room and stop short of limit line behind the bike without objection and cross only after the green light and people cleared the bike box bicycle traffic lights allow people on bikes to proceed while vehicles are stopped be unaware aware of those bike san francisco general hospital but stay alert and only skrans when the vehicle is cleared the intersection let's take a quiz to see what all of learned here we go number one when do month collisions happen did you say in daytime you're correct question two
12:55 pm
if an intersection is not marched is it still a crosswalk yes did you get it right great job one more before we go on what's one of the best things to do to avoid collisions? you can it take a breath pay attention and slow down city streets are crowded and chaotic so seeing everyone every single everything is difficult here's a test how many times did the white team pass the ball? if you answered 11 you're correct but did you notice anything else also be aware ever you're
12:56 pm
surrounded and remember that is easy 0 miss something if you're not looking for it here's some basic principles driving near peep e people from you're driver's seat it is difficult address our mirrors to reduce blind spots people on bicycles maybe be in our blind spot give yourselves plenty of time to react look out stay on the road from building to building not just curve to curve check driveways and behind parked vehicles for people that enter our path turning vehicles are especially dangerous important people walking and collisions often occur when vehicles are making tunnels when
12:57 pm
you turn remember check for people using the crosswalk before starting you're turn watch for people on bikes traveling in the ongoing direction always check our mirrors and blind spots patience pays off take a moment to make sure you're clear while it might feel you'll save time by driving fast or turning without checking you won't save driving only adds a few semiautomatic to our trip a collision can cost you, your job or someone's live here's important things to remember all crosswalks are legal and pedestrian have the right-of-way people cross the street anywhere children and seniors and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable think city strits give buses and streetcars a lot
12:58 pm
of the space or people returning to catch a train don't block the box this creates dangerous situation for people walking how are forced into moving traffic and people bicycling out of the bike lane and people on bikes most city streets are legal for bicyclists even without signs people biking can fall in front of you provide a safe amount of space when passing someone on a bike a minimum of 3 feet is required by law in california and people on bikes prefer to be in the bike lane in for the this is often to avoid accidents give them room people on bikes will stay away
12:59 pm
from the traffic or watch out for open doors whoops that was a close one expect people to go to the front of the light and pass on the right a tap of the horn maybe useful to make you're preservation known but avoid using the horn it may saturday night be someone vehicles anybody right turns are especially dangerous important biking always approach right turns properly signal early and wait for people biking through the intersection move as far to the right to people on bikes can pass on the left let's try a few more questions who are the most vulnerable people on city streets? children?
1:00 pm
seniors, and people with disabilities why do people on bikes ride close to travel there to avoid car doors what is one of the most dangerous situations for people walking and riding bikes? turning vehicles and what can you do to make sure that everyone is safe in any situation? thartsz stay patient and alert and, of course, slow down parking and loading a vehicle on accredit city streets is a challenge weather parking and unloading always check for people in our mirrors and blind spots and on the driver's side with our right
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turn right hand this causes you to look 40 on your left for bicyclists when passersby exiting the vehicle make sure about opening the door know where loading zones are if not loading zones available use side streets never stop in bike lanes or traffic lanes. >> bad weathering and visible rain and fog or low lighting make it hard to see you're vehicle is likely to slide or loss control in eye i didn't controls and create issues for people walking and biking they tried try to avoid pulled and umbrellas and construction get
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slippery for people the safety thing to do in conditions whether wet or icy or dark slow down and drive more carefully remember going fast may on this save you a few semiautomatic but speeding may cause you a life or you're job people walking and biking are vulnerable people can be distracted or make unsafe decisions as a driver the responsibility for safety lies with you a collision could mean the loss of our life or you're job and dealing with the legal implementations could take years or an emotional toll if someone is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving
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tests your remember we're counting on you
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>> i am joined by the committee vice chair, tang as well as norman yee and i want to thank the clerk, as well as stgtv for covering this meeting. >> please silence all cell phones, and all of the speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk, items today will be on the april, 26, board of spurps agenda, unless, otherwise stated. >> we have ten items on the aagain this morning, we will try to get through them. start by calling item one. >> ordinance, amending the administrative code to codify the process for imposing sanctions for non-willful, failures to comply with the county adult


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