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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Subcommittee 4616  SFGTV  April 26, 2016 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i am joined by the committee vice chair, tang as well as norman yee and i want to thank the clerk, as well as stgtv for covering this meeting. >> please silence all cell phones, and all of the speaker cards should be submitted to the clerk, items today will be on the april, 26, board of spurps agenda, unless, otherwise stated. >> we have ten items on the aagain this morning, we will try to get through them. start by calling item one. >> ordinance, amending the administrative code to codify the process for imposing
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sanctions for non-willful, failures to comply with the county adult assistance programs. >> thank you, madam clerk, so colleagues, when our voters of san francisco passed, we made a commitment that we are going to provide benefits for housing and services that will keep people stabilized it was one of the biggest innovations in addressing the homelessness, and the success has spoken for itself thousands of individuals have found, housing stability, since the implementation, more than a decade ago, and we have a long ways left to go on the streets in san francisco. but in working with a lot of departments last year and i want to note that joyce and i believe that scott and someone else from hsa are here today to answer any questions, that we may have, we found a minor flaw in the program that has enhanced to individuals being evicted which causes them to cycle back into homelessness and cost our city more resources in long run, than if that individual, continued to remain housed. currently, after
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an individual, has hit, non-compliance with the program requirements for the third time, hsa notified the individual that the benefit may be discontinued. in some circumstances we are able to get back them, but after a third non-compliance where no source and security threatened. dozens of individuals a year could face eviction, due to the non-payment of rent. so i introduced these reforms a while ago, for the housing practice m that will create a three year, rental assistance project for the participants and codify the process for imposing the sanctions for the requirements to keep the vulnerable populations secure and lower the risk of eviction, the intent is to reduce the homelessness. the
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intent of the reforms that we introduced to significantly reduce the risk that our cash participants will be ee viblt vikted or become, insecure. under the proposal, a three year pilot program, participants who reside in hsa funding supportive housing and have engaged in three acts of failure to comply with the program requirements will be ineligible for receive the cash assistance for a month. but make a rental payment during that month on the behalf of the client. hsa will collect the assistance under this project and the annual report to the board of spurps describing the effectiveness and the recommendation foz improvement. and the individuals who receive rental assistance under the project, must do a few things, they must reinstate the cap during the first month of the
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sanction period in order to reestablish the income source to allow them to resume the payments the following month and reestablish the participation in a fair party rent service in the cap. individuals will not be able to qualify for rental assistance under the pilot project, if it is due to fraud, willful, non-compliance, with the requirements or the loss of program inelbility due to reasons, including increase in income or assets for another cash assistance program. homelessness, ko nts to persist on our streets here in san francisco and it has done so for years. i do believe that we can continue to talk about here in the city hall that providing housing opportunities for the homeless can be an important thing to do and keeping those that are housed that were homeless in the houses i believe
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that it reconfirms to keep the people in their homes and i hope to have your support. with that, colleagues, are there any questions? for hsa? at all? push push there is no report on item one. snechlt okay. in ewith that we can return if there are any questions, we will open it up for public comment, anybody wish to comment on this item? snechlt okay. seeing none, public comment is close supervisor tang? snechlt one question is how many the pilot is estimated to cost? >> i think that, i will bring it to say that the answer and i imagine that she will have the same answer that i will is that, we expect it to be the amount, and obviously there is no budget analyst report. but we don't have a secure number at this point. because data has never been collected. but we know that the people have been evicted for this reason. >> they have been and it will be
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a minimum amount and we will keep track when the pilot is implemented and so we will have a sense of how much it is. but hopefully with the reach out after the third discontinuance, it will avoid people being evicted and having to pay back rent. >> we have the numbers as to the number of discontinuance, but not the dollar amounts that i am aware. >> the mayor's budget often. thank you. joyce you would know this best. but the amount of rent that each
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individual is paying per month is somewhere around, 100 or 20 a month. >> exactly, >> so the subdy would be for that amount, and we are not projecting an impact but collecting the data going forward. >> because no budget impact then it is not going to be included in the up coming year's budget. >> correct, it will be included in what we already have in the ongoing base for the contracts. right now we are not thinking that it needs to be increased. >> thank you. >> just to add the color on that also, we anticipate the cost savings to provide through the eviction path and we will have more reports on this going forward and it is actually more costly, than the month of rent, which is why we are implementing this program to actually save the dollars on one side and also to keep the people housed. that is the win-win situation that we are looking for. supervisor yee. >> what are the plans in terms of reporting back about this
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pilot project? is it at the end of three years? annually? >> i believe that we are going to collect data quarterly. and roll it up. and like the eviction report, sponsored by supervisor farrell we will report out at the end of each fiscal year. >> that satisfies me, i think that we need to know at the end of the first year if there is an impact or not. if there is a fiscal impact because it makes the adjustments. correct. >> any further questions? >> discussions? okay. so i would ask for the folks support. any motion on this? all right. >> through the cha, their, i wo like to make a motion. >> the motion by tang and the second by supervisor yee.
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you can call number two. >> resolution making changes to the city and county of san francisco special tax district no 2009-1, to amend authorized financing purposes for including accessibility for access financing for persons with disabilities. >> thank you this item was sponsored by supervisor tang. >> thank you, supervisor farrell and so this was to amend a special tax district that our city has set up for green financing. what we want to do is to allow those who are making accessibility improves to their buildings to also be able to participate in the special tax district. and so, there is an amendment that i need to offer today. which i have passed out to you and our city attorney. and it is on the third page. basically what the amendment does is that it references an ordinance that we will need to adopt in the future to authority the levy and the collection of
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special taxes within the special tax district to finance a cost of accessibility improvements. we had previously made it seem like we had already done so. but we actually need to do that in the future. so colleagues, if there are no other questions or comments, i think that i would just like to make a motion to amend this legislation as such. and then send it forth to the full board. >> okay. motion by supervisor tang, we will take the public comment before we vote on that. if know other questions or comments, open this up to public comment. would you like to comment on item two? >> seeing, none, public comment is closed. motion by supervisor tang to amend and the accepted underlying item to the full board with recommendation. second by yee and take it without objection, would you call item three. >> resolution, authorizing the director of transportation of san francisco transportation, to enter into a contract with skidata for the equipment and software and professional services required to install and
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maintain new parking access, to not-to-exceed, $20 million. >> we have the mta to speak on this item? >> great, good afternoon, supervisors my name is ted graf and i am the director of parking. i am here to present this parking contract for the equipment and 22 of the parking facilities. with the preview was late yesterday, at the long mta board meeting around 5:30 last night. quick introduction, this will effect, 22 parking facilities and one lot and parking fa tillties, they collect, 94 million in gross revenue, in the net, approximately, 47 million for the city. the current system has passed the use of life and there are concerns, primarily, revolving
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around the pci requirements and the service issues as well. provided a map here, hopefully you can take a quick look at it, and it might show up here. but you will notice that a number of the facilities in the blue, and those are the primary parking facilities. and our locations, in gray are our off street surface lots. and this will primarily effect the locations in blue. however, this new system will allow us to expand the sf park, pricing model, throughout the city, through the off street, facilities. and what is parks? it is not exciting as some of the on street policy and it is not as exciting as some of the neighborhood planning that we have been doing, but it is a necessary part of what we do and protects the agencies and the city's revenues, hardware and software, and gates and computers, and familiintercoms e life span is usually 7 to 10
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years, some was installed as late 90s most in the early, 2000s and not produced and it is no the supported. the benefit of the new parks for the consumers are numerous, however, it will really allow the secure payments in providing increased payment options for customers. benefits of the new park for the city, and our parking operators, are really real time reporting, auditing big data, analytics and a global view, with the cds, or the central monitoring station, we will have all of the data and be able to come back in real time to get a view and make the decisions based on data. a few of our central monitoring stations. we have already begun some of the work. we have already started installing some of the fiber optic cabling throughout the streets. and we have initiated the designs for the facilities for accepting the equipment.
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and we have executed with the rec park who is our partner and the department of technology. and our public works division. if you choose to support this contract, the next step will be to actually schedule to be at the board of supervisors next week. and then to issue an ntp with skidata to kick off the install. >> projected time line, is about 33 months, starting in may. and the end of the warranty period will end in 2029. happy to answer any questions, or concerns that you may have at this time. >> you supervisor tang? >> thank you. so i saw on the budget analyst report the list of the garages. and i was just curious as to how you went about selecting the order for the installation. >> sure. we started with a couple of the smaller facilities it is a large project. this is one of the largest projects in the history of parking equipment, as i know in north america. so there is a process in vetting
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this out. the equipment and there is always a learning curve and we want to make sure that everybody is happy with the new system. there will be lpr in these garages. and as we are going through the construction phase. and it will effect the ins and out of the traffic. so we are starting the smaller and rolling out the larger. and we have the flex in the contract to move the facilities around in that order but we will try to stick that time line as best as possible. >> so my other question that i think that this probably answers why, i was going to ask, why it was going to take the course of 3 fiscal years to install the equipment, but i am guessing that you want to make sure that you are not impacting the flow of traffic in each of the gaurgz. >> correct. >> and then you mentioned that the typical life span of the equipment is about seven to ten years, is that going to be about the same for this new equipment that we are going to be installing as well? >> that is correct. we have negotiated the preventive maintenance contract, as part of this and so we are
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hoping to squeeze it, it is typically seven to sen years. >> that should be it for now. >> supervisor yee? >> so, this 19 million is this a -- is this a one time only? >> correct. yeah, it is staggered out and so that includes the hardware and that will be retained software, that will be retained as well as a preventive maintenance and warranty period. >> so in regards to the 94 million that is generated, and verses the 27 in net, it is not going to impact that much is it? >> we are hope thag it will actually increase the revenue with the new equipment. it will be able to actually expand our validation programs and be much easier for customers to use and it will be much quicker. we will have better customer service through the central monitoring station and intercom
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system. so we are hoping to see an impact or a positive impact. >> okay, thank you. >> okay, colleagues any further questions? >> mr. rose, could we go to your report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman. and members of the committee on page 3 of our report, we report that under the proposed contract, skidata will begin to deliver the parking access and revenue control system equipment to the sfmta beginning with the capitol monitoring station and then in fiscal year, 15/16, they will deliver and install that equipment in the central monitoring station, and then 22 parking facilities in the fiscal year of 15, 16, through year, 18/19, across of 13 million, and then in addition, provide warranties and mant nens in 18/19, through 27/28, at 6
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million, and so we have total contract cost as has been mentioned of 19 million and that is over the 13 year and that is shown in table one on page 3 of our report. we also note at the bottom of page 3, that the table two on page 4, shows the budget for installation of the equipment. and again that is the $19 million. since the sfmta it is our understanding that the board of directors has now approved the contract that was not done as of the writing of our report we recommend that you approve this legislation. >> okay. thank you very much. mr. rose, colleagues any questions? >> okay. we will move on to public comment anybody wish to comment on item number 3? >> all right, seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, do you have questions or motions? >> go ahead and move this to the positive recommendation to the full board? >> second. >> we have a motion and a second
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and take it without objection. >> mat m madam clear, will you call four. >> resolution declaring the intent of the steet and county of san francisco to reimburse the certain expenditures. and submit the allegation committee to permit the issuance of the tax exempt residential rental housing bonds not-to-exceed, $175 million, and the finance costs of the construction of 311 rental housing units to be located at 510 folsom street. >> thank you, we have the mayor office of housing to speak on this item. >> good morning, chair farrell, and supervisors i'm paul simz a development specialist. and the resolution before you, will authorize the applications for bond proceeds to pay for the construction and related development costs for transbay block 9, affordable housing located at 510 fulsom street and
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a mixed income rental project. a portfolio, and bridge housing corporation are the project developers, the block 9 is located between, folsum and clemitena and first and ekart street, established in june of 2005, when the board of supervisors approved the transbay, redevelopment plan. when completed, block 9 will have 43 stories, 246 market rate or 20 percent of all units below market rate, for a total of, 445 units. the 109 bmr, 42, studios, 61 bun bedroom, and affordable to households earning no more than 50 percent of income. or 48,500 for a three person household. this development will be financed together as mixed bond finance project.
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and the mayor's office of housing and community development will issue the tax exempt residential housing bonds, and these transactions are financing that do not require the city to pledge, the repayment of the bonds. we anticipate the submitting of the applications to the allocation committee next month. and if awarded the allocation and we will return, to the board of purposes for approval to issue those bonds in the summer of 2016. >> and construction is schedule to begin, late summer and construction is anticipated to be completed by late summer, 2019. and here with me today, representing the developers is kerry and we appreciate your support. that concludes the staff presentation. >> colleagues any questions? >> no budget analyst report, for four and move on to public comment, anybody wish to xhebt on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed.
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>> any other questions? >> i would like to make a motion to send this forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> motion by tang and seconded by yee and take that without objection. thank you very much. >> madam clerk, call item 5. >> motion authorizing the execution and performance of an amendment to the 99 years in length between the city and laurel gardens of bethel and ame and located at 1555 tushg street. the mayor office of housing speak. >> legal lohello, i am a projec manager at the mayor's office of housing and community development. i am here to seek your approval for the amendment for the long term ground lease. for the property located at 1555 turk street. it is known as laurel gardens it is affordable housing, 52 units.
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this amendment updates the original, ground lease which was executed with the former redevelopment agency, in 1998. to today's current standards in our office. and we are doing this amendment in connection with the refinance, in the substantial rehabilitation of the project. and also, accompanying that refinance is a 20 year renewal of the section eight, contract. the updates to the ground lease acommendment that we are updating are the payment structure, this will include a $15,000 annual payment. and then, any residual ground lease payment is split between available cash flow after expenses, one-third to the sponsor, and two-thirds to the city. the city's portion is capped at $250,000. and that is ten percent of the appraised land value. and a new appraisal in connection with this refinance
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and the land was appraised 9.5 million dollars. after having included the exterior and the interior up grades it will be a new hvac system, electrical system, fire, safety system, and other up grades including ada improvements. and this concludes my presentation. and i am here, if you have any questions. and as is john up dike from the real estate department and the sponsors here as well. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> colleagues any questions? >> okay. again, we will move over to mr. rose's report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page eight of the report, they have applied to citibank, a private bank for up to 13 million mortgage loans to refinance and redevelop the 52 units at 1555, turk, will pay the bank fees, and use the proceeds to pay off four
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existing loans and fund construction improvements of $6 million for a total cost of $11,722 stsh 845. so the net difference of a million that is the 13 million loan, less the 11.7 million cost will provide, one-third to bethel and 424,000 in two-thirds of the city, 855, which the city will hold in a reserve account to be drawn by bethel for affordable housing purposes subject to approval by the mayor's office. and with the loan proceeds, they will provide, 6 million of improvements to the 1555 turk street property. on page nine of the report, march 17th a private evaluation, firm, issued a report, for the acre and which, that appraisal determined that the as is, market value of the leased
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property was 9 million, 500,000 or 138 dollars per square foot and we recommend that you approve this proposed resolution. >> thank you very much, there rose, colleagues any questions or comments? >> okay, we will move on to public comment. and anybody wish to comment on item 5? >> all right, seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you for the presentation. and colleagues any questions? comments in motions? >> move it out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> we can take that without action. madam clerk, will you call six? >> resolution approving the second amendment to a lease at pier one with amb pier one including an option to extend, and approving the first amendment to the port of san francisco sublease at pier one, each approved by the port commission. >> thank you very much. we have support here?
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come on up. >> good morning, supervisors jay edwards, and senior supervisor at the port of san francisco. i am here to seek your approval for the second amendment with the amb pier one and the subways between pier one and the port. and we appreciate the recommendation here by the budget legislation analyst office. and i would like to provide just a summary of the key points to the agreement here. and we seek your favorable approval here. so the first item is that as outlined in the budget legislative analyst report is a $500,000 of additional participation rent and the support that we received. by entering into this equipment. and second key term is the agreement by amb pier one for lodges to mitigate certain sea level ride protection in the pier one level structure.
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and the third key is to remain responsible for the management and the capitol required to maintain the premiseses during the extension terms. and a fourth key benefit is outlined the agreement to pay it, and to pay, the minimum fair market value rent during the extension term and that includes no event less than the kcurrent rent and to continue to pay the participation rent as outlined in the report before you. during that extension and another benefit is that it will comply with all of the current city requirements. in addition, for the dodges, pier one will invest, $10 million, and $10 million into the pier one facility with another least, 2 to 3 million dollars of improvements. and then in terms of the port's benefits we received a 1 time right to terminate the lease. and in the year 2031. and that concludes my presentation, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> colleagues any questions for
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the port staff? >> look forward to having the gga lease come up for the port some time soon. you don't have to comment if you don't want to. >> mr. rose, would you go to your report for item 6? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee as shown on table one of page 15 of our report, amb pier one is to pay the port $6,808,538 in total rent, in 2011, 2015. including 100823 in participation rent, and in table two, the estimated rent to be paid to the port is $7 million. and that is from 2016 to 2020, which includes the approximately, 500,000 in guaranteed participation, rent. and we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> thank you there rose. any questions comments? >> okay. we will move on to public
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comment. item six? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, do we have a recommendation to approve? >> i would like to make a motion to send forth the resolution to the full board. >> we have a motion by tang and seconded by yee and take that without objection. >> would you call item seven? >> resolution authorizing a director of property on behalf of san francisco public works, to execute a lease of 9900, rental kwar, feet, and costing the city, $3.2 million. this is sponsored by dpw and mr. up dak is here. and we will turn the mic over to you. >> thank you chair farrell. so this item seeks approval of relocating the material assessing lab to 2000 oak dale, that is a property owned by 1030, polk associates lt and our
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apoll guapology being different than the name that owns the property, and that is controlled by matthew as the general partner. the materials pesting lab was actually formally located in city hall. if you can believe that. or not. then, it was moved to this current location, at 2099 kearny or the noerlth point plant, that is puc, property. and in order to make way for a new hydraulic pump project at v and they have respectfully requested the public works relocate this operation and so we have been engaged in that process. and so i am joined by both puc and public works officials who can address any questions that you might have about both of the nexus and the reason for the move as well as why this location works very well for public works. if you have questions? >> this item is a ten-year, lease. and it has three, five-year renewal options and so assuming
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that the renewals are approved that takes care of this location, until may of 2041. i probably will not be back here for that renewal discussion. >> come on. >> well you never know. rent for the property, is set at 15.15 a square foot and it is an industrial gross rate and the city pays the expenses beyond that bait for the 9900 of improvements. increases are bracketed no less than 3 percent and month more than 5 percent per year. when we did a search with the assistance of both cdre and the calco company of the industrial properties in the area, rates ranged from 18.60, to 25-80, and again we are at 15.15. renewal rates are at 95 percent of fair market rent. with respect to the budget analyst recommended changes, we
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have no problems with those changes. we will revise the tenant improvement project cost to cap it at 2.7 million dollars. there is an additional 99,000 contribution from the landlord so it is actually 2.799. as the total delivery cost. and then with respect to the purchase opportunity should it arise, and that is how it is drafted if there is an opportunity, we have and we can pursue a purchase at this site. and we had anticipated that it would not happen any time soon. certainly, depending on chapter 23, amendments would likely be processed by the board. >> which dictate the appraisal requirements and so the an advertisetation an advertisetation that it would be raised. and so again, colleagues at the puc and wubl works here to answer any questions that you might have, otherwise i will handle in any lease questions that you have.
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>> supervisor tang, thank you. so just a question, so the puc will be occupying 2099 kearny indefinitely. >> that is correct for the new project. >> and then you mentioned earlier in your statement about kind of the nexus between why this particular arrangement would work out for both departments could you elaborate on that? >> puc can speak to their plans and you will sort of understand why the material testing lab is not a fit in those plans. >> good morning, i am from sfpuc. and i am aa senior project manager there. this is one of our critical sources for the upgrade project and this existing pump station is 36 years old, with aging and electrical and mechanical systems. the existing pump station, treats about 150 million gallons a day in the wet weather and the
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new pump station will allow us to maintain the compartment compliance, and the delaying this project is upstream, flooding, and so we need to, we need to meet our level of service goals, that were endorsed by our commission and so this is the project for us to build. and we add in the design phase and we anticipate to start the construction in 2017 on this site. do you have any questions, i am happy to answer. >> supervisor yee? >> what are you designing the new pump station to handle? >> we are adding design page at 35 percent design. we will be completing our design, early next quarter of 2017. put it out for bid. and then start construction later that year. >> let me rephrase the question.
7:37 am
the existing station, pumps about 160,000. >> no 150 million. >> what would the new one? >> the same capacity. 150. >> okay. i just, just a comment. i am really glad that we are actually anticipating that there is a possibility of purchasing in that we are going to actually get somebody to appraise it ahead of time. thank you very much for that. >> colleagues any further questions? >> okay, mr. rose, could we go to your report, please? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee o page, 19 of our report, the estimated rent to be paid by the city to the landlord in the cities offering in the cities over the year, the lease term are $2 million, and in that is shown in table two as a stated on page, 19.
7:38 am
on page 20, the estimated design and construction costs are 2 million, 799,000 in which the city share is 2,700,000 and that is on table three on page 20. we do have a series of recommendations as mr. up dike indicated. they are shown on page 21, and we recommend that you amend the ordinance, that she shall do it prior to making an offer to purchase the property in the event that the lan lord offers the property for sale. and we recommend that you amend the proposed resolution, to the estimated tenant improvements. and further, we recommend that you amend the resolution, and that the city's cost will not a, and that the city will not advertise any of the costs for improvements and finally we
7:39 am
recommend that you approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you, mr. rose, any questions on those amendments? >> proposal by our budget analyst? and i want to confirm mine as saying, dpw and real estate are okay with these? >> okay. with that, why don't we open up to the public comment, anyone wish to comment on item seven? anything none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any questions or instructions that i think that we have a number of proposed amendments and then the underlying item. >> i would like to make a motion to accept the budget, analyst recommendation and send it forward admitted with the positive recommendation. >> and motion by tang, and seconded by yee, and we can take that out without objection. >> could you call eight please. >> resolution designating those agencies qualified to participate in the 2016, annual joint, fund-raising drive for officers and employees of the
7:40 am
city and county of san francisco >> thank you very much. >> chair farle and members of the committee i am from the office of the city administrator and we have reviewed the seven applications to participate. and all meet the criteria of the administrative code. linda from the black united fund is with me also, if you have questions. >> okay, thank you very much. >> colleagues, supervisor tang? >> thank you. would you mind just maybe, stating for the record the new applications that have come in and are being approved today? >> the 7 are the asia pacific fund, bay area, black united fund, local independent charities of america, earth share california, global impact, united way of the bay area, and the community health charities of california. >> thank you. >> >> okay, colleagues, any further questions? >> okay. much appreciated we do not have a budget analyst report for this. so we will move on to public
7:41 am
comment. anyone wish to comment on eight? >> good morning, i am the vice president of public policy and community investment for the united way of the bay area. thank you for your consideration of the resolution. we are very much honored to be part of the joint fund-raising campaign, with the other esteemed organizations, thank you so much. >> okay, thank you very much. >> any further public comment? >> okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues? any discussion or a motion to move this item forward? >> i make a motion to move it out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> motioned by yee and tang and take it without objection. >> will you call nine? >> resolution authorizing the director of risk management to enter a second amendment of a contract with alliant insurance services. for insurance broker and risk management consulting services. to increase the contract limit from $32,288 t 248 to $59.8
7:42 am
million, from june of 2013, to july, 2018. >> thank you. >> thank you chair and supervisors, matt hansen, and the resolution before you, authorizes my office, to extend a contract second amendment, with alliant insurance services for the provision of property insurance for the city and county of san francisco's majority enterprise facilities. as well as the city owned art collections in the three museums. the proposed amendment is similar to those exceeding in the past and provides for not-to-exceed values, in our annual insurance renewals. these renewals have gone up in the last couple of years due to some lost activity, within the city. and as well as increasing values the.
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we brought the new facilities on-line, which increase the total value for what we are purchasing. what we have here before you, are amounts that are intended to be included as well as in the participating departments annual budgeo this is not a new amount, it is something that you will be seeing coming before you in the annual budget process. and i will be happy to take any questions. >> thank you, colleagues any questions at this time. >> mr. rose, could you go to your report for item 9? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page, 25, we have a table one which shows that the budget of 29 million, for the requested contract amendment with alliant and the total expenditures to date, are shown in table one, on the previous page and that is page, 24 and the requested contract increase of 29 million, 819,487 and so that provides the total
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contract not-to-exceed. and we recommend that you approve this resolution. >> any questions for the budget analyst? >> okay. seeing none, we will move on to public comment. anybody wish to comment on item nine? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues motion? >> i would like to make a motion to send to forward with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> from tang and seconded from yee, and take it without objection. >> will you call last item ten. >> resolution approving the issuance of waste water revenue bonds to be issued by the puc in the amount not-to-exceed $621 million, to finance and refinance capitol projects benefiting the waste water enterprise. >> okay, thank you very much. madam clerk, i know that there is a presentation that you are loading up. >> yes.
7:45 am
eric sandler, and cfo of the puc. >> i have a brief presentation for you today and the items the transaction and the use prove he seeds and i will be talking about the board resolution and what is contained in it as well as disclosure items. >> so, the transaction is a 621 million dollars not-to-exceed. issuance of long term fixed rate debt. we are pending a green bond certification. and the interesting thing is that we will be the first issuers of green bonds under the water climate bond standard, which is the highest standard for the green bonds. and we will be financing all of the waste water enterprise, capitol projects. and as well, the transaction will refund, 135 million of commercial paper. this next slide contains the
7:46 am
sources and uses of the bond issue. and you can see the proceeds of 621 million and you can see the project fund deposits that includes, the 125 million of the paper that will be refunded as well as the cost of issuance of the underwriter's discounts. now the board resolution, approves the issuance of the bonds through prop e. and afirms the covenants in the waste water, bond and including the rate covenant. and which obliges the commission to set the rates and charges to cover all of the expenses of the enterprise. we will approve the form of transaction documents as well as delegating the authority to the general manager to conclude the sale. for this next slide, outlines the various transaction documents that you will be approving. the preliminary official statement is the most critical document. it is the offering document that sets forth to investors all of
7:47 am
the material information that they would need in order to make an investment decision. we went through a thorough review of the tos, internally. to insure that it is accurate and up to date. and the other transaction documents, items 2 through six, or a standard set of documents required for all bond issuances. so, we went through a fairly rigorous training process with the commission recently, about the disclosure requirements, and here are the vital questions, to ask and answer when approving any bond issue. so the purpose of the issuance we have discussed, is structure, is a long term fixed rate debt. and with all of our existing debt, and the method of sale will be a competitive sale, and the repayment will be waste water, service charges. and now the waste water enterprise has about 700 million dollars of debt outstanding this
7:48 am
will ee shally be close to doubling the amount of debt and have the i am when fully hitting the rate base of $8 a month and as long as the commission and the board approve rates and charges, as outlined in the ten year plan, the issuance of this debt is not anticipated to impact the credit rating of the enterprise. so this next slide, is the transaction schedule. the commission has acted on march 22nd, where we are before you today. and assuming that you approve the item for passed, and passage to the full board, and it would be the action taken on the 26th and price the bonds and close in may. thank you and i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. >> colleagues, any questions or comments? okay. could we go to your report on
7:49 am
item ten? >> yes, mr. chairman and members of the committee, on page, 28 of our report, we report that the uses of the 621 million, in bond proceeds consist of 577986 and funding for waste water projects. and additional 40 for the remaining 13,000 for the related bond costs and that is shown in table one on page, 29 of our report. >> on page 30 of our report, we report that the proposed issuance of 621 million will increase the sfpuc total debt to $1 billion, 290 million and increase the debt service plans to $80,17,981, when the repayment begins in 2018, 19, the debt service payments are included in the puc's ten-year, financial plan. puc expects to pay a billion, 7
7:50 am
million, 9,000 in total debt service costs through the firscl year, 46, 47, and we also note supervisors on page, 31 that in order to meet the increased cost, for the bond issuance, the sfpuc let me clarify here in this paragraph, there are two errors that i want to kreblth, the first one is in the third line down where it says 17, 18, it should say 18, 19, and in table three where it says annual increase it should say monthly increase. so with that, in mind, i started to state that in order to meet the increase costs in the bond issuances, the sfpuc plans to increase the rates resulting to increases to customer bills by approximately, $8 a month and that is in the fiscal year as i stated 18, 19. and these increased rates were
7:51 am
included as part of the sfpuc ten year financial plan, table three. which is on page 31 of our report, shows the total estimated changes in the sfpuc waste water rates for the next nine years and that is from fiscal year, 16, 17 to fiscal yeerp, 24, 25, we recommend that you do approve this resolution. >> okay, thank you mr. rose. colleagues any questions for our budget analyst? >> okay. we will move on to public comment. anybody wish to comment on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> okay. we have this item in front of you. recommendation, by a budget analyst. thanks for bringing it forward. i understand that it is going to be a real uptick in our water bills. and so be it. colleagues any questions or motions? >> sure, i make a motion to move it out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> second. >> motioned by yee and seconded
7:52 am
by tang, and we can take that without objection. >> okay, madam clerk, do with he ve noo other business in front of us. >> no other business. >> we are adjourned everyone. thank you.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> you know i've always wanted to do this job that drives my parents crazy we want to help people i wasn't i did not think twice about that. >> i currently work as cadet inform the san francisco
7:57 am
sheriff's department i've been surprised 0 work within criminal justice system field i had an opportunity to grow within that career path. >> as i got into the department and through the years of problems and everything else that means a lot i can represent women and in order to make that change how people view us as a very important part of the vice president you have topanga you have to the first foot chase through the fight are you cable of getting that person whether large or small into captivity that is the test at times. >> as an agent worked undercover and prevent external and internal loss to the company it was basically like detective work but through the company from that experience and the people that i worked around law
7:58 am
enforcement that gave me an action when i came to be a cadet i saw i was exploded to more people and the security he was able to build on that. >> unfortunately, we have a lot of women retire to recruiting right now is critical for us we gotten too low faster the percentage of women in the department and us connecting with the community trying to get people to realize this job is definitely for them our community relations group is out attempt all the time. >> in other words, to grow in the fields he capitalized any education and got my bachelors degree so i can current work at city hall i provide security for the front of the building and people are entering entering but
7:59 am
within any security or control within the building and checking personal bags is having a awareness of the surrounded. >> there is so month people the brunet of breaking into this career that was every for easier for me had an on the with an before he cleared the path for laugh us. >> my people he actually looking at lucid up to poem like he joe and kim and merit made they're on the streets working redondo hard their cable of doing this job and textbook took the time to bring us along. >> women have going after their goals and departments line the san francisco sheriff's department provide a lot of training tools and inspiring you to go into the department. >> they gave me any work
8:00 am
ethics she spider me to do whatever he wanted to do and work hard at the intersection. >> if you're going to make change you have to be part of change and becoming law enforcement i wanted to show women could do this job it is hard not easy. >> finds something our compassion about and follow roll models and the gets the necessary skeletals to get to that goal with education and sprirmz whatever gets you there. >> if this is what you want to do dream big and actually do what you desire to do and you can go vertebrae far it is a fast job i wouldn't do anything
8:01 am
else. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the regular meeting of the board of supervisors budget & finance committee for thursday, march 17, 2016, my name is mark farrell chairing this committee joined by supervisor tang and supervisor yee and supervisor scott wiener i want to thank the clerk clouks as well as charles kremack and nona melkonian for c co-this meeting mr. clerk, any announcements? >> >> yes. electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 26, 2016,
8:02 am
board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you very much mr. clerk, call item one. >> item one ordinance amending the administrative code to require the prevailing wage for loading or unloading products for city park property and driving of commercial vehicles for that purpose. >> thank you. this item was supported by supervisor wiener i'm going to turn it over to him. >> we're continuing to work with all folks and looking this so we need more time and i move to continue this item to the call of the chair subject to public comment. >> colleagues if not other comments anyone wish to comment on item one seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we a request from the motion from the sponsor to
8:03 am
continue to the call of the chair and without objection so up next 3 departmental hearings we'll at the request to share the hearings to the call of the chair but we'll handle it first fire and police so mr. clerk, call item 2 >> a receive a budget update for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> thank you very much mr. clerk and welcome chief joanne hayes-white and cfo and other members of the budget committee a power point i don't know if so it loaded up i'm going to turn it over to to chief joanne chief joanne hayes-white we have 11540 role through it to the
8:04 am
extent we'll recognize a busy schedule but heterosexuals at the end a general overview of the operation and a few issues and open up to question the departmental challenges the main challenge facing the fire department is deal what population growth and increased demand for services the city's growth will continue with large developments the department over the station 4 in the bayview near at&t park as well as we support other issues with regards to homelessness i want to give you a slide on the trend as you can see the population growth has contributed to increased call volume for the department for the most part this is especially in the past two fiscal years resulting in increased demand
8:05 am
for department services and specifically increased pressure on the ambulance the larger driver is the overall is the medical calls projected increase of 12 percent with regards to medical calls what this meant in light of the additional resources there is a strain on the ambulance side as well as the suppression side skim chief. >> do you have a further back to the drawing board breakdown for medical calls in terms of what portion overall of your calls relate to alcohol and drugs and mental illness issues play out in the streets there are quite a few of the of those calls. >> those contribute to a number of the calls i'll get that breakdown and give it.
8:06 am
>> geographically those calls are reoccurring. >> one of the things we think has been a great support for that is the reimplementation of the program where we have two dedicated captain paramedics so people that call 9-1-1 and not the appropriate resource to working closely with the department of public health and certainly give you a geographic look and the number of calls recommended to alcohol and drugs. >> thank you. >> next slide this is something that was provided to you by is controller's office so we put in two slides i believe you have it in usual packet regarding the performance measures for the fire department basically this slide shows you as you may know we had struggles in the sum of 2014 it is our goal to have an ambulance on scene to transport to any of the
8:07 am
9 receiving hospitals we're doing much better within 10 minutes to have an ambulance on scene for an emergency so we're happy to see the improvement in that area mainly given even though an increase in medical calls and population we have medical resources are showing a positive thing similarly this is not too much of an issue we're showing you how the first paramedic on the scene whether in an ambulance or fire munition the threshold to have an advanced life support paramedic within 7 minutes and we've been meeting that goal pretty consistently we've gotten
8:08 am
investment as in the economic downturn we appreciate the go back of the board and the mayor's office in recognizing the need for improvements and investments in the san francisco fire department like i talked about the two dedicated paramedic captains working in alignment with the department of health to address some of the instances you're referring to supervisor wiener we've received additional furnished for more ambulances on the street to address the increased population and call volume and with the local 798 the paramedic is patterned after the hospitals for research capacity you can call someone in in a apartment, if you will, a lot of the folks during superbowl week to go maintain our response times throughout the city we continue to have a working groups working
8:09 am
closely with the amr and king american the strategic go planning a committee that cuts all across the department and nearly finally draft with tweaks we'll be proud to present to you in the near future and investing i appreciated our support on it infrastructure much needed in our department that is paid off and continues to pay off and received funding for will recruitment coordinator and some dedicated to work with the human resources h.r. and outreach to the community as it relates to recruitment and continues to be one by one one of the most diverse fire department's we're proud of that and received funding for - >> sorry supervisor tang. >> i apologize on the recruitment you mentioned a coordinated position it is that
8:10 am
in the department. >> we rested funding in the current year budget and in the latter part of 2016 with lieutenant keith he said have appreciated this he's doing a good job. >> i don't want to get into this but this is a budget hearing this can you please with this position on board to coordinate recruitment what radio some of the hangs you see with the person's helping on that front. >> so because we entered into the hiring plan in conjunction with the mayor's office since 2012 we're hiring not only retirements but brings our department in line with staffing levels more appropriate and have a lessor reliance on overtime firefighter baraka has been
8:11 am
helping our department by attending recruitment fairs with dph and once a month in different areas and the different district a night members longer than learn about the fire department so generally more outreach to talk about the process to become a firefighter or emt like i said, one of the goals we're nearly 20 years which calls for a definition indication as - to have a department that is reflective sorry that the community we serve and the workforce we have a number of members both men and women speaking different languages which maybe is less important during a fire call but
8:12 am
getting critical medical information be able to call family members is a really good thing. >> thank you. >> with regards to hiring we're grateful for the public safety hire plan in 2012 but plan to throw 2020 our division training a kept busy due to 3 classes we received fell funding we put on an additional class and anticipate hiring approximately 200 plus through 2020 and also to make sure we have adequate sfhsa in the ems division we feel very confident and we're grateful for the much needed funding to restore staffing in our department it continue to meet the demands on
8:13 am
our services as you may know related to facilities and capital we operate about approximately 50 facilities most twenty-four hour facilities and we want to make sure we have a workplace that is safe they're working most of them twenty-four hour shifts and as much as of the repair air maintenance has been deferred over 7, 8, 9 fortunately, we've been the recipient from general funds 2010 and 2014 and easter bond and emergency response with another currently scheduled to be heard in 2020 or 2021 and in addition june of this year, the health bond will pass we're looking forward to building an ambulance deployment facility and continuing the go back if that bond passes as a reminder
8:14 am
the fire department will be a recipient of $44.14 for continued fire station upgrades as great i wanted thank you for the opportunity we're working with the department of public works we have hundreds of million dollars of backlog we're currently working with dpw to do a comprehensive assessment of the facilities of our true needs the grond has been huge and an overview of our budget 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 this is the second year we've convened a budget committee some members with us we're grateful for their participation and worked well to have a budget committee from all clarifications as well as areas in the department to come up with different ideas about
8:15 am
priority tigdz your needs and that has so far been worked well in relation to the budgeted continued the key priorities and this is something i'm proud of because there's been times we don't agree huge priority by all facets of the department including the administration and fire commission and the presence of the fire commissioner hartman and of the 798 tom o'connor is here all the rough lean economic years question made sacrifices we're all in it together unified asking for doing everything we can to talk about the vehicle replacement plan a plan that went into place in 2009 and passed by the fire commission the men and women did a phenomenal job they make that work but out on the street we're
8:16 am
spending a lot of money to keep safe and maintain similar to the great work the mayor's office budget office we're mirror what we've done with the hiring plan we would like to continue to let you you know that san francisco is unique in so many was hills those are are expensive 5 thousand dollars for a fire truck their worthy their weight negative impact gold we get that not from pointing point a to b but a safety the engine and truck are an interval part how we can be safe performing our jobs we continue to work with the mayor's office to have a funding plan for the apparatus to recognize and let the members
8:17 am
of the department ride safely in the newer rigs that are important representative of the rigs that can get around the city i know that supervisor wiener we're working closely to modify them to make them as- to modify the size of the rigs more agree agreeiilagile- we're hope those rigs get replaced and push forward it is metabolic and checks the box with vision zero we're committed to. >> let's see has to do with to do with a training to with the hiring plan and the ems to support all that happens from
8:18 am
that division in terms of taking care of the residents and visitors to our city and the last slide i want to highlight present we have representatives for a program i'm a huge champion as you may know out of the 1989 loma prieta earthquake and had 25 years last year, i want to share the program was awarded the 2016 governs volunteer and serving award for the program of the year we have a wonderful as you may know community of people that are willing to volunteer their time to make that community as safe as possible their messengers for this and that is something we want to continue to maintain trained approximately 25 thousand people and nert is a modeled program i'd like to acknowledge all the
8:19 am
volunteers the advisory board another in the matter shelly one and 50 the perfect segue my last comment we're produced and thank you for your support of our one hundred and 50 year the fire department was a paid professional department in december we have a host of events throughout the year - the bottom line to thank the men and women of the department that serve with dedication and make green great skwas sak fizz my cfo worked hard proud member they wear the uniform it is as important we have a website we developed we partnered with the academy of art came up with with logo a kickoff celebration in union
8:20 am
square i'm proud to pass one and 50 years we want to continue to commit to serving our citizens with the level of service they've come to expect deserve that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, chief i want to thank you and your budget committee for working hard it an awesome step in the right direction that we have a consensus so thank you i look forward to having those discussions and want to thank the nert members many of the folks were founding members of nert i'm very happy to see that continue and thanks for all your support supervisor yee. >> thank you chair farrell for the presentation chief chief joanne hayes-white in regards to the trucks what's the general life expectancy of
8:21 am
those vehicles. >> so supervisor yee there's national fire protection guidelines for any given city in america the fire trucks that carry the hose the recommendations from the national fire protection they don't have they're not a front line after 10 years of service and the fire aerial truck that not steady 15 years in front line apparatus that far exceed those guidelines. >> and these guidelines are based on flat to rate. >> absolutely so 10 years is a stated that is established whether you're in phoenix which is flat or in san francisco the hills kind of a medium fulsome
8:22 am
we've gotten the most use of apparatus i than any city in america we're spending a lot of money taking them to shop for maintenance. >> what's your average sort of age of our fleet. >> i actually have a spreadsheet from the early 1990s from the apparatus and trucks over the 10 years. >> we're due to replace them. >> we had a replacement plan on the books, if you will, since 09 and understanding the city had an economic crisis not about placing blame or going back there but moving forward we see that an opportunity and obligation really to provide our members with more safe modern equipment like i said, it
8:23 am
addresses the issues from think economic prospective and other things agrile our specifications have changed because of the need for more safely to in fact, navigate there the street. >> i was imagining there was a call for engines to put out a fire and also that engine stops two blocks away from the go fire station so this is one budget committee member we supported aggressively for the replacement plan. >> thank you. >> i have one other you didn't mention a program like a police cadet can you talk about that
8:24 am
and who we what it's like and - how many people from san francisco are actually entering that. >> sure so a san francisco fire department reserve program different than a police cadet you have to think 18 years of age and volunteer only program we have about 50 active members and our reserves they don't great work they arrive on scene at greater alarms morning of egress to assist with the fire ground reloading hospitals for the firefighters and just working in conjunction to support the operation and they go through a training program oftentimes reserves that are interested in taking the test and end up becoming firefighters or emts we support the work by
8:25 am
and large of the firefighter association the fire academy is like the police departments program in that they target youth i believe high school age between 14 and 18 and talk to them about the career in the fire service but also more about the importance of kind of life skills being on time and properly wearing uniform with pride and give them first aid and fire skills and give them sort of a snapshot of what is it like to be a firefighter that's the program we work with the black firefighters but per say not a cadet program with regards to the - >> would the members of the reserve reflect pretty much the young people population of san francisco. >> i'd like yes. the average
8:26 am
age is early to mid 20s for a fire reserve. >> are they ethically. >> yes. and beginning to be with the fire department looks like. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you and we have been talking to the department and the mayor's office about the vehicle age issues and i think their unacceptable condition of the vehicles in the department i know that the department is working with the mayor's office to come up with a funding plan to gradually bring the fleet to where it needs to be in terms of national standards we're working on prevention to try to set the standards for san francisco as
8:27 am
well as codifying the work the department is doing in terms of making sure the trucks will be agile in narrow city streets and move in that direction with the vision zero goals and so we're waiting to see what comes out of departments discussions with the mayor's office but i think really is critically important that we invest in the fleet and that we have vehicles that are really up to the task of public safety issue. >> thank you. >> all right. colleagues, any further questions or comments okay. thank you, chief and thank you, mr. corso and thank you for being here we'll be back latter in the budget season thank you for coming appreciate it open up for public comment first anyone wish to comment on item 2.
8:28 am
>> good evening supervisors my name is jeff i've been a proud member for 26 years as you may know members of our department railway speak at meetings regarding the budget i feel i'll speak about the aging fleet our engines and trucks as stated the agency that sets national standards in our entry to the length of time the equipment should be left in service important to note the recommendation forage or front line apparatus it 10 years they represented an apparatus between 10 and 15 years only be in a relief states u status that's a back up their clear any apparatus over 15 years should
8:29 am
be removed from the fleet those standards were you made without the consideration of the typography and run volume we experience this is the reason i address you today over 50 percent of our front line fleet 50 percent is over 15-year-old we're presenting spending $500,000 maintaining our anchoring fleet each month is this the approximate the cost of a new engine and this brings me to my final points the budget our fleet includes outline vehicles if point a to b. >> the total vehicle budget not the city last year between 10 and $15 million i believe our fleet has to be removed from the vehicle wuktd u budget we're comparing apples and oranges our vehicle aerial ladders are $900,000 a generous give of one
8:30 am
to $3 million is not scratching the surface those get us if point a to b they're also the equipment that we put water on the fire and raise an aerial ladder from a person from a burning building i think you'll agree some things we can't miss on thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> mr. o'connor. >> tom o'connor president of the san francisco firefighters i'm here, here to echo what we're here to ask you for isn't more or better but the pencil and tools to do our job and as you can see from the operational charged call volume is over 31 percent over the decade one the cranes come down and the keys to the office buildings that causes
8:31 am
an increase expeditiously i support the needs for equipment and restate our battalion chief and specialists to manage more and more complex incidents and training positions to staff and train the new people we're hiring and as demonstrated last weekend the tragic ocean beach two teenagers lives were lost we need to think about a dedicated recuse unit for the increasing population so thank you for your time and consideration and looking forward to future confuses. >> anyone wish to comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed thank you for everyone within the department of working together this is helpful like my colleagues i'm supportive of this fleet program that has been discussed i think that is public safety is paramount we no idea to support this here so look
8:32 am
forward those those continuing discussions with that, claergsz colleagues can i entertain a motion to continue to the call of the chair without objection thank you mr. clerk would you call item 3. >> item 3 hearing to receive the hearing budget update with 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 a executive officer we'll be calling occ and ms. hicks afterwards but chief suhr thank you for being here. >> thank you budget chair committee i want to thank captain my cfo and assistant carolyn for putting together this presentation as always this couldn't get down moving into the presentation first 5 demonstrates all funds
8:33 am
revenue and our budget for 2016-2017 this includes $51 in the public safety tax the balance of a combination of other grants from various safety programs so this slide is pretty self-examinationy they're all - this make ups the lions share of our salary and fringe and the supplies and services by other departments make up the difference some of those work orders obviously goes to the airport they have an entire san francisco police department bureau they also fund two xruts
8:34 am
and pay for their own smart phones we implemented years ago and the mta work order is million dollars and see the work orders make up the difference as you mean we're in the middle of a large hire the large of hiring we've been in this reflects the positions total ftes funded about 2 nine hundred and 88 that includes civilians if we go to the next slide is beaked breakdown it as you may know 19 hundred and 71 fleet officers the reason it show us 2200 budgeted plus we have about three hundred officers that are in some stage of other than full duty that could be at the academy we mentioned by the
8:35 am
airport and then whether it is family leave or disability or temporary modified duty the administrative leave that explains the difference this next mislead again every year since implemented i actually have the tuesday for your support and for the mayor's leadership on that i think there is animosity a member on the board didn't want for police officers for their districts as quickly as possible we've had the trailing line your action in 2012, we now be below 15 hundred officers instead we're quickly climbing towards 19 hundred and 71 we but put in our fist academy class on the accelerated hiring plan i spoke to the class in april so with this accelerated plan as you can see we're hoping to get to full
8:36 am
staffing by the imagined of 2017 whereas the plan that was originally adopted in envelope wouldn't have goal us to the stage until the end of 2018 we're on track i have to thank mickey callahan and others for the 24/7 online application period that replaced what was a very archaic that electricity what san francisco looks like we're a police department that looks like san francisco a police department everyone seize themselves in the police department at every rank i think that is critical to our success. >> chief supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. chair a couple of things first of all, as i know you're aware last year
8:37 am
the board of supervisors did adopt a resolution making that city policy we're hiring goal is somewhere between 2200 officers i know the charter is 1971 but the board of supervisors voted to go beyond that to reflect the fact that 1971 number was set by dianne feinstein when had close to two hundred thousand people in the city we'll have areas not residential neighborhood that are now residential neighborhoods fewer daytime population so i want to suggest for future presentations that be noted that the board of supervisors did make that official city policy the 2200 number now how many full duty officers
8:38 am
are there today, i can't tell by the graph. >> thank you go to the next slide we've hired 8 hundred and 76 police officers since 2012 what we did as you may know with the sunset have reported retirements at the same time 6 housing unit and 15 so right now fuel duties 18 hundred and 6 so depending on retirements and the hire that is how we get to this estimate we should be at 1971 number we appreciate the recognition by the board that we could well use more officers but we still have 200 officers i'm a chief wouldn't know what the 1971 offenders or officers in terms of the hire not fall off at a low points 4200 he now
8:39 am
18 hundred i'm starting to get responses from captains and community meetings their can put a beat officer somewhere it was embarrassing before a beat officer went on leave and couldn't be replaced when we're back to 1971 more but in terms of providing a level of service i think that san francisco expects having a robust beat officer program people see police officers walking in their neighborhood and robust traffic is worse than 1971 ain't going to cut it that's why the board made the pre1971. >> supervisor we appreciate those officers coming back are
8:40 am
the beat officers and anybody we get back on top of will going to the same effort i know that the people that on the board and the mayor wants to see police officers present and readily available. >> i think sometimes, the this came up on the debate on the resolution he asked you any member of the board of supervisors not asked you to have more police officers present in the district and the answer was no everyone asked for more policemen but we have divisions on the board whether we should be hiring enough officers to do that so this is a disconnect sometimes more offers no my be district but don't want to be the - to hire officers but taking more officers out of your
8:41 am
neighborhood into our district keep in mind. >> thank you, mr. supervisor. >> i put this next slide in there i want you to note when we are at the low points supervisor wienerhe officers did work with me to energy scheduling changes and many officers knew they'll have to go away from the 10 hour day we're were having trouble radiologist up 200 and 66 officers since then and restored some of the officers back to a 10 hour day we will be able to put the balance of those officers in special operations back to the 10 hour day, however, officers are assigned to administrative positions will remain on the 8 hour day as a standard shift for an administrative assignment
8:42 am
supervisor yee you were asking - chief joanne hayes-white about their cadet program argue cadet programs are robust we reinstated the p l program on for high school kids and in 2011, 2012 that continues to be a very, very good program all city kids volunteer and then when we get to the point theirs off to college in a partnership with salesforce ceo benioff we have more cadets many, many successful police officers chief fong and captain bruce and others railroad police cadets before he they were leader our beat programs is reflective of the city and those young people
8:43 am
are really helping us working on projects we try to reengineer the way we use force and increase transparency and be a good and better police department. >> supervisor avalos join us you have a question. >> thank you and i appreciate making some time for me to come in with questions and chief welcome to budget committee i had a couple questions regarding staffing levels i wanted to see cleared up i actually want to ask the controller's office to provide analysis as well i think i saw that we're reaching the staffing level that was mandated in the 90s but on trajectory for next june. >> 1806 they should be in the academy and out next year. >> there was a statement i saw
8:44 am
on the slide i don't have in front of me three hundred officers that are not on the streets not in the airport but. >> yeah. in some other stage of capacity other than full-time. >> i saw that three hundred number was something that was kind of a ball park finger figure you have staffing that is not on the street on patrol that is the first time i've heard that number to me that's a key number to move staff into the field you know, i think i saw the three hundred number generally, you have three hundred staff at - not on desk duty either returning from
8:45 am
illness or whatever. >> how long. >> it is not three hundred right now it is closer to two hundred but when it is in the state of fluctuation between two to three officers are in some stage of status not on administrative assignment those officers again, we chased all the officers we could from administrative assignment to practical with scheduling changes like pretty much every agency and department in the city we have officers that are unfortunately false sidewalks situations we hopefully only for a short time and status less than full-time duty. >> i understand i never seep that number before i'll be doing is asking the controller's office to assess the 1971 number and also this number that fluctuates between two and three
8:46 am
people how that has been you know calculated in the past i've not seen this before the budget & finance committee in the past but different circumstances people are in this educate but like to hear i mean, i asking can hear offline what policies and procedures but others will have decisions about the status but it is important to know what are the policies to move people into full - >> i want to say that number is discussed annually during the presentation there is a number i try to explain why we're low even it is what it is also supervisor wiener had mentioned a resolution that was passed by the board of supervisors that the board of
8:47 am
supervisors by a majority vote had authorized or said we would like to see a larger mrovk above the 1971 number i want to make sure that resolution was not passed unanimously was not passed without controversy and the policy that was put in place was bays the size of police department on the population of san francisco when we voted on that resolution i had requested the budget analyst to do a report one of the best practices for looking staffing and in police department and population based staffing was one of the things not considered to be a real critical way to set the staffing levels it was more luke to assess you know the deployment measures and other practices that are in the field that leads to those staffing levels so the
8:48 am
above the 1971 number i believe the city needs to deliberate on certainly i made a commenting commitment with every colleague on the board of supervisors to unanimously support 5 academy a classes to the 1971 nuke i want to make sure that is what it is clear we're working towards we were doing the same resolution about the population based it likely wouldn't have passed with the configuration of the board of supervisors but i believe we're still in this controversial area what the actual staffing levels but we're in agreement of 1971 so that's why i want to get to the controllers question how we assess getting to that number and have a common understanding of the 1971 number is i'll be asking for that that's a heads-up. >> okay. >> so the -
8:49 am
>> supervisor yee. >> oh, a couple of comments yes, thank you for reisn't it true the police cadet program for people that grew up in san francisco the police cadet program has been around a long time i was recruited i wasn't good enough but that's besides the fact. >> our loss. >> but when i saw people like myself from the community entering those programs and becoming police officers you mentioned chief fong, of course, she's came way after a was recruited and to have it program again and to have people from
8:50 am
our communities entering this pathway or having a pathway anguish like 100 percent behind it i'd like to see more if possible i do have a question about how were budgeting. >> i'm sorry. >> budgeting looking at our slight slide 6 at the bottom it says budgeted of 2000, 200 and 41 because the part that i have questions about is if we're not fully be up to the 1971 until the end of 2017 will we be making adjustments so that the budget is not two inflated in terms of you're not paying for
8:51 am
people that are not there yet that's the question. >> supervisors katherine maguire san francisco police department as you may know recruits are paid once they start at the academy so the fact they are not full duty while they're in the academy takes away from the 1971 number but it means we still have that position funded under the 2241 number so starting in you'll see we need all the funds to peaking pay for the recruits and the full 2241 starch left and any and i transition we make it in our budget presentation. >> okay. i want to know the
8:52 am
chief said in the last class in 2017 are the numbers that will bring us up to 1971 if it class didn't happen until june we 0 don't have the one hundred people to pay. >> it is scaleable how much of that salary is kids against which fiscal year as we go into fiscal year 2017-2018 everybody will be back. >> when we look at. >> it will be an adjusted presentation. >> i'm going to also maybe from put my $0.02 in the number before 1971 did we cuss discuss
8:53 am
you're saying at the end of 2017 so that would have been two years in the past going forward would have been two years and i would you know i'm very supportive and i've said it we need to look at it and i know this is a budget hearing but we really need to look at what the actual numbers mean besides population and so forth so indeed we need more police officers we don't know until we had a better study i'll be inclined to support a better analysis not to say cut it it would be we actually need more so that's my statement on that. >> okay. thank you supervisor yee supervisor kim. >> thank you chair farrell and
8:54 am
you know, i have not served on the budget committee for a few years i know when i was on the budget committee before conversation that came up a lot was some of this has been addressed over the last couple of years the organization requests on this board and recommended and so that answer didn't have to be today, i'm curious how the police department has been working towards civilian ingress situations we don't need to train the police officers and it the department has made ahead way we want the officers on the street patrolling as we hire for officers closer to the 1971 numbers those numbers are officers dedicated to public safety so that's one question and the second question i have i
8:55 am
know that continues to be something that we bring up and certainly i care about in terms of our outreach in exist and local hire to be local residents to be hired they understand our city those are great employment opportunities we want our residents to assess those positions we can't require or set a baseline i'm sure you'll have that work going on as well. >> i'm happy to put out a more thorough report i know that was a particular keen issue for formerly budget director chiu, i think you'll see we made a lot of progress in that area as far as focusing on young people all at knead programs a lot of the outreach our summer
8:56 am
jobs are concentrated on the high schools in san francisco because it is pretty much who live in san francisco and look like san francisco so we're very, very great deal aggressively in the schools some of the kids were hired in 1994 for the first jobs program in the mission are now police officers the cadets that become police cadets in the academy that farm system fulsome u, if you will, of the public high schools in san francisco is actually the bulwark of our recruiting efforts to get young people from san francisco into the police department we agree they make the best police officers for san francisco. >> and you don't have to have the numbers day i'm curious of the numbers of the beat program that make it through the academy
8:57 am
and become police officers. >> maybe i can tell you who is in and planning to be in. >> that would be great. >> our next slide on body worn cameras none can get body worn cameras nobody wants them out fast enough they were funded in last year's budget thank you very much the department drafted a body worn camera policy for the police commission the police commission lead a collaborative process and adopted it that policy was voted on in the current draft 6 to one and in the required process between city h.r. and the poa while at the same time the it has was assisted by the office of contract administration in contracting a vendor
8:58 am
they work with dpw do make upgrades at the district stations to support the body worn camera systems and uploading the requirements ongoing we finally listed this contract and the cameras are on the way and hopefully the policy will be adopted and begin to outfit the officers with cameras no matter than july 1st with the inning would do station and every officers in the center streetcars outfitted with a body worn camera by year's end other things people are snarnt president realtime data we have a continued expansion of our web-based functionality once we
8:59 am
get the body worn camera program we'll move to east e east side presentation and data on all traffic stops and pedestrian stops and fielded interviews in realtime an officer will not complete any of the forms without completing all fields and again that will be immediately recoveryable out of the whatever and we're working on upgrading the activities for the mode he means in - leads into the next slide our vehicle replacement needs based on the law enforcement practices and the shop recommendations we should replace one and thirty vehicles announcing that current budget year fund 23 motorcycles
9:00 am
and in answer to supervisor yee question we should be replacing the vehicles every 5 or one hundred thousand miles currently out the float half the fleet has one hundred thousands millions and over half the fleet is 10 years old so obviously liquor chief spoke to the class of maintenance are really driving this issue as well as i know we're very rightly so a clean air city the way that police and fire keep the the vehicles on the street and not as clean as they should be through the emergency vehicle exemption we prefer not to use that and have cars that are cleaner fuel burning for efficient and not in the shop all the time and in addition to vehicles we have capital improvements in the
9:01 am
budget in process mission stations a security fencing program, there are security camera replacement are ongoing and several stations with roofing and painting and h factor systems for whatever the system work in reverse it comes on when it is cold and won't work when it is hot making it uncomfort inside the bayview station the funding has more improvements and an additional request will i evidence storage and lake merced training facilities in the willie brown, jr. dock the dock replacement are ongoing the upcoming ongoing we're also looking at the 21st century policing recommendations make by president obama task force we are in lion with just
9:02 am
about all the recommendations that were only that we couldn't agree without of over one hundred two of them involve officers being operate active in discipline in schools i don't think anyone wants it i i don't want it the mou we entered into that the san francisco unified school district prohibit that so that is two of the things the third one is mentioned by supervisor kim recommended that everyone go to a local hire we're not allowed to but we're in complete agreement and trying to reengineer the way we go to you use of force we have upcoming training to address any sort of bias with procedure and country's and deesclation skills and currently have reengineered completely the way we train
9:03 am
about firearms out of our range and have a piece we use at the academy i brought up the technology we need to be better as far as realtime to be in line with supervisor cowen's proposed owners and the assembly bill and those are coming as well body cameras we're getting to the end we received the goals and objectives review in the mou for sign in from the department of justice for the review that recent kicked off in february community meetings have been held they just completed their assessment phase and now thai they will be giving you us or their goals and objectives -
9:04 am
thank you. the voter for the easter bond that gives us argue new public safety building and the new application and the passage of the bond that gives us a new crime lab and for investigation in the traffic that had been at evans construction to start next year and hopefully, we'll be able to open that building in the that all of 2019 and with that, that concludes my presentation. i'll take any for the purpose questions. >> thank you very much chief any questions for the chief. >> okay. thank you. being here looking forward to working on the budget this year with that, i'd like to call of joyce hicks from the office of complaints i know she has a small slide to walk through with
9:05 am
us >> good afternoon supervisor farrell and members the committee i'm joyce hicks the executive director of the san francisco office of complaints and chair farrell pointed out a small slide deck the first slide shows how occ expenditures are allocated 92 percent of occ budget is for personal expenditures moving to the next slide smorz shows a comparison between 2015-2016 the baseline for next year and the property enhancements
9:06 am
the following slide shows why the occ needs the enhancements and that would be to accommodate officer-involved shooting investigations and also the increased workload that will occur once body worn cameras are implemented and the investigators are reviewing the footage from the body worn cameras to evaluate them in conducting their investigations in addition the for the enhancements the okay will need additional staff a budget for training and additional office space we're busting at the seams as well as equipment including faster computers and laptops
9:07 am
when the office of complaints conducts an investigation of an officer-involved shooting the investigation requires much more staff time the investigator is immediately removed from in take the investor is for the receiving more cases and the investigators have to assume the in takes encourage 3 for the officer-involved shooting investigations their caseload are about 50 percent of the aot other investigators caseload did 3 who are investigating officer-involved shooting have a caseload of 13 and the others 28 as you may know from the controller 2007 report analyzing
9:08 am
the occ operations 16 cases is best practices for an occ investigator should the charter all the time to the administrative code be adopted by the voters where the occ would conduct investigations in all officer-involved shootings that would be up to a 5 fold increase in officer-involved shooting investigations excuse me - real quick supervisor tang. >> so you mentioned there are encourage 3 investigators to who work on officer-involved shooting cases it and say in the presentation i'm curious let us know in terms of the ftes nltd of the proposed charter amendments the future answer to our question those there are other investigators who are also assigned to officer-involved shootings from from time to time so there, there is not a
9:09 am
particular investigator at the occ who specifically it dedicated for officer-involved shootings, however, the occ is looking for an additional 6 staff persons senior investigator as well as 5 line investigators the 6 plus the 5 specifically for officer-involved shootings or for they can handle others types of investigations as well. >> they're not specifically for officer-involved shootings this is a way for the occ to handle all of the cases. >> okay. thank you. >> and moving to body worn cameras the occ also anxiously awaiting the body worn cameras for the police department but we know that that is going to increase the time it takes to complete an investigation because of review of the footage that will have to be done by the
9:10 am
investigator that will require in addition to equipment upgrades and increased that training time also an enhancement to the training budget so we, insure our investigators are trained both properly for officer-involved shootings as well as the all of its investigations. >> one thing the okay has not been able to take advantage of in the voter majority of it's cases you're going transcription services for the interviews that the investigators conduct the investigators at the occ conduct over one thousand interviews a year the way that they currently handle
9:11 am
memorializing those interviews which are recorded in our database they summarize them and enter those summaries best practices will provide that we use a transcription service and this is particularly important in our higher profile cases as well as cases that we sustain and so we would want to enhance our professional services to provide for transcription and then finally the topic of vehicles is an issue for the occ as well we curling have two vehicles one of them is 16-year-old the other one is two years old and with our current investigation staff two vehicles are simply not enough the occ investigators need to do
9:12 am
fold work and most recent officer-involved shootings the investigators took a car out to canvas the neighborhood and their was a meeting the same day the other car was in the shop we're under resource with the vehicles and finally deputy director eric balthazar the chief of the investigations stand here today does have a car dedicated he takes home he roles out to officer-involved shootings no matter when they occur, of course, when he is in the office the car is available but one of two cars so that concludes my report. >> excuse me - thank you, ms. hicks i know there is a lot to
9:13 am
discussion you discuss with our budget just to be clear the basis of our budgets and enhancements did you submit that enhanced budget. >> yes. the mayor's office is looking that and balancing with the other asks. >> okay. thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> comments okay. thank you i know we have a lot to discuss thank you for being here we'll see you back shortly. >> thank you very much. >> colleagues if not other questions or comments open up for public comment to item 3 anyone wish to comment on this item. >> okay seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues a motion to continue to the call of the chair without objection mr. clerk, call item 4 >> a hearing to receive a
9:14 am
budget urban design from the sheriff's department fiscal year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. >> okay. thank you very much again colleagues as i mentioned we'll continue this item so first take public comment anyone wish to comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues california i have a motion to continue it to the call of the chair objection? mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that plain clothes the agenda. >> thank you, everybody. we're
9:15 am
>> mayor lee: welcome to the public laggard on not going to ruin the morning by my spanish but i want to at least say, hola, welcome. we are here i merely because of supervisor scott weiner and he's been a champion for working families and i want to say, thank you, supervisor for doing this and bring us together. we are here at our san francisco name the library for the good reason that our librarian and all the wonderful friends and people that he serves to our public library process system has said that we need to have libraries that are connected to all of our communities. this is one way that the library is connected.
9:16 am
there directed and so many other ways, but one way is really to have a room dedicated to our spanish-speaking families and people who want to make sure that they can learn the languages that are appropriate for here, so they can better themselves. have their kids have places where they can go and emerge into other languages. this is another example. it's an example just like our wonderful perk system. of cose, our library system, our world-class school systems, where all of them are dedicated with a lot of support from our city hall to make sure their family-friendly, and to make sure for servicing and building stronger families in san francisco. you know, we've always been at the forefront of a lot of great programs and progress for our families and
9:17 am
workers because of the legislation like the one that supervisor weiner lead and that his staff helped draft and create. that god done for the benefit of all the people here in our city. we recently passed a similar piece of progressive good legislation like increasing our minimum wage can highest in the nation. we also wanted to make sure that not only did we do that here but that we don't rob the talent and competition from other smaller towns so mayor with the shaft and i headed a statewide effort and i'm glad the state listened and governor was there to sign with the legislature another higher minimum wage for all working people in the state of california. we know that we need to do more. with accomplished great things together to ensure that our parents and children, like those in the room here today, can succeed in this very
9:18 am
expensive city to make sure that they have the resources and the ability to be successful. so, after i sign this piece of legislation today, we will be the first city in the united states to approve 64 weeks, fully paid leave, for new parents. from others and for our parents and of course for same-sex couples. i want to make sure that our city is ensuring the bond before parents and whether biological or adopted, grows strong from the very beginning and sets our children up for success. i want to say thank you again, to the commission on the status of women. emily is here with friends of the commission, as well because they have been lockstep in this legislation in advising the supervisor and making sure we
9:19 am
get this right. and because of the value of the bond that i speak about between parent and child, i want to make sure that all growing families understand that we want to make this family leave fully paid policy one that they can really touch. so were going to be adding more resources to the office of labor standards in order for them to fully enforce the paid parental leave ordinance as envisioned by this legislation. as of yesterday, i was lucky to announce our new director of the office of labor standards and that patrick mulligan and who will ensure that families get the full benefit of this new law. while we lead as much as we can and help working families and helping families in general, and helping parents, we also want to take the opportunity to take our good friend gov. jerry brown,
9:20 am
because he's he has voted to complement this law very similarly. as you may know, we've had a family leave policy in the state and in the city for quite some time but it only paid about 55% and then the rest would have to be done by the families. this legislation closes that gap, and again thankful to supervisor weiner for doing this.. but in addition, the governor and the legislature decided they would also increase the state's portion so that in a couple of years the state will be covering about 60% of this family leave and the rest of it to a staggered process will be covered by employers on a staggered basis depending upon the number of employees that they have. these efforts provide the kind of basic security and support that should be available quite
9:21 am
frankly, to every family in the united states of america. we start it right here in a very proud that everything that we do here, everybody else watches, and they need a copy, maybe they don't, but if they do, they know it's because we do it for the right reasons. thank you supervisor weiner. thank you to all the community embers, to the parents, not only here but the number of parents who engaged in the adoption of this legislation. and also want to say thank you to companies of already stepped forward and say we can do that. we can make sure our employees are covered whenever there's a family leave that necessitated. the companies like by-right, associations of businesses like the bay area council represented by jim workman. they are identified business leaders who put their hands up
9:22 am
and say we are going to take care of our work force and support families in the city and in the region. i'm very proud of everybody who's been working on this because again, it helps our city say, yes, we can do things and we can implement them and we can embrace our families. at this moment, i'd like to introduce the author of this legislation and summons leading this conversation with us and i'm sure he's been asked to speak on a number of different national stages and rightfully so. supervisor scott weiner. >>[applause] >> supervisor wiener: thank you mr. mayor, mr. mayor, thank you for making a big deal about this signing because this is a very very big deal. the step that we are taking today in san francisco to once again show the way toward not just our state but our country, about what you means to support
9:23 am
working families, to truly support working families, what it really means to address income inequality and not just talk about it and so mr. mayor, thank you for doing this. you know, it was an editorial this morning in the new york times that i think beautifully encapsulated why this legislation is important. imagine the legislation but it didn't have to. the editorial talked about how in california we pay 55% of wage replacement for parental bonding lead. going up to 60-70% of new york state is starting at present and will escalate from there. but the editorial mentioned what we all know. that, when you are lower income, your working-class family, it's not realistic to take a 50% or 40% or even a 30% pay cut and in this country we are forcing families to choose between
9:24 am
bonding with a new child and putting food on the table. no family should ever ever, have to make that choice. we want new parents to spend time bonding with a child. we know and it's not disputable that families that have time to bond are healthier families and more successful families. parents are more successful. workers are more productive and children are healthier and have better educational achievement over time. we know this is true so why is it that we as a country are one of just a handful around the world that don't actually put our money where our mouth is and value parental leave and encourage and support families in establishing these strong bonding relationships immediately after birth or adoption. so, what we are doing today is eliminating the need
9:25 am
for that choice and telling families, you can spend time forming a healthy strong relationship with your child and you can pay the bills and were going to support you in doing that. this legislation also in line with california's approach, it helps us to start really tearing down some of the gender stereotypes around parenting. that both parents are responsible for clearing a child. it's not just about the mother same staying home with the child. the father should to were both fathers were both mothers that everyone has a role to play in that also makes for healthier stronger families with everyone develops a relationship with the child. so, i'm just so excited that we're moving forward today and this is a growing national movement. we know that the president is committed to expanding family leave, better leading democratic candidates
9:26 am
for president are committed to it. i think we're moving in a good direction. i want to really just thank a few people and organizations for making this a reality. first and foremost, i want to thank, in my office, my legislative aid ontario power, was actually on his first day parental leave today, but came to celebrate with us. so, welcome back on today's. >>[applause] >> supervisor wiener: this legislation was andres's idea. he came up with it when he was researching his own parental leave benefits and what he saw was that as city workers, we get decent, pretty good actually, parental leave benefits but what he saw was that in the private sector, particularly lower paid working-class workers, don't get those same benefits and so
9:27 am
he came to me and we decided we were going to move forward and close that gap. so i andres, thank you. i also want to knowledge some of our amazing partners in moving this legislation forward. equal rights advocates, legal aid society, employment law center, opportunity inst., california work and family coalition, banned parenthood, which is spontaneously endorsed the legislation. we didn't even talk about they just went ahead and did it so thank you planned parenthood department on the status woman dr. murawski avenue commission the bay area council, for helping us work really through some of the issues with the business community. and by right which was doing this before they were required to do it. so this is a great day and thank you by much everyone. >>[applause]
9:28 am
>> mayor lee: the faster i sign this the faster entrées will get reimbursed. >>[laughter] >> mayor lee: there you go. >>[applause] >> all right. good morning, everyone welcome to the to the
9:29 am
transportation authority plans & programs committee of thursday, march 17, 2016, i'm katie tang to my left is we have supervisor avalos and commissioner peskin clerk steve stamos and i'm sorry. >> aaron peskin on the far left and from sfgovtv we have charles kremack and nona melkonian and with that if we can call item one. >> item one roll call commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner farrell absent as commissioner peskin commissioner tang we have quorum. >> item 2 advisory committee report this is an informational item. >> thank you. we have chris our cac chair. >> good morning, commissioners two items to brought to your
9:30 am
attention on today's agenda item 6 allocation of the property regarding this treasure island portions we have a short agenda and a lot of comments from people on all these things i ask asked about the feedback the cac received they've done a 2356 job of doing outreach affordability and subsidies for protecting residents on the island were addressed quite well becky that represents treasure island said they've been doing a great job in making sure the concerns are met and regarding the mba sell vice chair period of time asked about the lag the time between the meetings and the residence are made aware of the lack of funding i happened
9:31 am
to be at the meetings in 2010 and rec and park indeed you know told us that there were going to be a lag time in funding we're expecting to wait and we're all glad to see that moving forward regarding item 7 on our agenda the bay area bike sharing peter saks brought this up concerning the expansion bike sharing was not adequately dispersed understanding that part of city are busier but many areas in the southeast, west of twin peaks and southwest radio without station the questions between phase two through 4 they'll be expanding and address that today so that's all i have. >> thank you very much i think that is commissioner avalos not
9:32 am
commissioner farrell. >> yes. thank you for your presentation and thank you for your work on the mann sell corridor is great project the paving and it will have a dramatic improvement in that area bring a lot of public safety measures and calm traffic and just wonderful project so thank you. >> thank you for that i saw the photos i think that is will be very novice all right. so seeing no other questions or comments item two to public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. item 3 and we're joined with commissioner farrell >> item 3 approval of the minutes of the march 2016 meeting an action item pooh-pooh r thank you. any public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed commissioners we have - >> thank you moved by
9:33 am
commissioner avalos and seconded by farrell we'll take that without objection. the minutes are adopted item 4. >> roll call vote. >> i'm sorry now we have roll call vote think outside the box minutes commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner farrell commissioner peskin commissioner tang the minutes are approved. >> thank you. >> item 4 sorry item 4. >> appointment of one member to the siding this is an action item. >> our chief deputy director one opening on the advisory committee which is due to the resignation of whitney by practice representing the district 3 go note the common roster of the cac candidates on
9:34 am
attachment 2, 27 applicants we accept applicants at appear once before this committee at least one cac member or candidate and thank you very much do we have any questions or comments before we precede to the applicants. >> madam chair, i want to acknowledge whitney. >> thank you him for his service we'll eastbound hearing from mr. bradley as well as others and i look forward to making a recommendation after public comment. >> thank you so tiements i'm going to ask if anyone is applying for this, please come up and make a presentation and state your name before you make the
9:35 am
presentation. >> good morning. my name is a bradley a 39 year resident ever san francisco i live in district 6 on the line with district 3 i have lived in many neighborhoods and interested in advocating for transit systems and for our many communities i am a state of design urban design and architecture and i have worked for architectural historians and current a home health care aid i got into that with research with elderly architectural historians they needed help as well as
9:36 am
daily experience so i am doing that now and through that i deepened the commitment to labor in the city people with special needs, the attacked and seniors and i'm concerned about their assess to the city and the amount concerned about the complexities of the city we make sure we're looking for all the communities and very glad that the city works to extend positions so that we can make sure we're not overlooking any of our population groups and their transportations needs. >> thank you very much do we have any questions or comments for this applicant seeing none, thank you for your presentation any other members that are here from the public politically for
9:37 am
the seat seeing none, we'll go to public comment on item 4 anyone wish to comment on item on item 4? okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner peskin >> madam chair colleagues i'd like to nominate bradley weigh the mirror for the cac. >> thank you sixth district by commissioner avalos and we'll take that without objection. all right. so approved congratulations item 5 now. >> item 5 recommended appointment of two members to the bus rtc committee. >> thank you, maria second we have established a speciality fee to advise us on the geary brt project in the discussions and the current structure includes thirteen or 13 feet a table on the memo that basking
9:38 am
seats along the corridor and large seats 3 a responding seats one of the vacancies to the term of expiration of john not he seeking reappointment and 3 encourage filled in the chinatown and two in the tenderloin downtown area we have 5 at large the other is the expiration of one seat that is occupied by margie and seeking a reappointment she is in the responding and commissioner mar - we have continuously accepted applications with an advertisement on the cac and attachment two in your packet you see the list of tentative that are available and the authority cac the candidates don't need to appear before this committee and i understand one candidate that is expected to attend to speak in the
9:39 am
interests. >> thank you very much at this time i'm going to ask if any of the applicants are here today please come on you will up and remember to staurment full name joined by commissioner london breed. >> i'm honored to have the chance to serve on the cac committee i've been a resident of richmond district so far over 40 years i don't drive muni is my transportation so i use the muni everyday and i can add a lot to what is happening on the muni i talked with a lot of operators and shared information that is promoted and many our mother aware of proposals knowing what the operators deal without proposed changes is important in any discussion we see all sides as a senior i have
9:40 am
observed issues that effect the seniors insisted richmond district where i live and like to see that any changes take into account many changes that will effect the seniors or disability people in the richmond i've also regularly attend the committee meetings i've kept abreast and involved in the senior center in the castro and gone to every session and given the reports that is what is proposed on geary i remember many years ago there were community meetings that talked about the possibility of having a light rail on geary nothing happened i'd like to be on that to be a member of the j pa c committee for the geary
9:41 am
thank you for the opportunity to serve on the cac committee and represent the richmond >> thank you very much. next applicant autopsy my name is stan ferreted i belong in san francisco as a thirty plus residents of richmond district i'm interested in serving i ride the bus everyday don't care took the bus here today with the brt in our neighborhood is a complicated deal involves in the richmond district a couple of banks and a couple of walgreens but all p&z businesses are mom and pop or locally owned businesses and we are discreet to get a better source of transit would think that is in the community that survives
9:42 am
construction i as a neighborhood residents can walk down and walk down and take my laundry in and go to restaurant and such so it is complicated the issues of the under pass further downtown east are complicated i understand those issues i feel like i can play a constructive roll in accounting i'm a lawyer by training but work as a mediator i make sure that all parties have their voices are heard and they participate meaningfully in the process and can be a constructive add to bring those so i urge you to consider in the meantime, me for the position. >> thank you very much next applicant. >> good morning. my name is a alexander post i live in laurel
9:43 am
heats and moved to san francisco 12 years ago to law school and ditched my car i rely on muni to get to and from work so transportation is an personal i'm a regular yours the 38 l not r and i'll existed by the regional transit is really long time solutions to the problem of needing more mass transit in the area we're a national center funding is drying up so and tweaking that infrastructure rather than gambling a capital doesn't even project is smallest but i've been subject to the same sort of changes rapid changes happening so i
9:44 am
understand that those sort of large infrastructure projects are lightning rods for the rapid change i think going in with that knowledge will make me a good ambassador for changes that are impacted by the bus regional transit and be an effective communicator so i will urge you to vote for my candidacy thank you very much. next applicant. >> my name is jay i live in the richmond i shop and commute, i'm here everyday and i will show up and participate at every meeting on the agenda thanks. >> thank you any other members of the public that are politically to the seat geary cac seeing none, oh, now
9:45 am
is that really farrell sorry issues with the screen commissioner avalos. >> i want to express one request from the district one supervisor mar is interested in supporting maggie for the at large seat and considering would to appoint for the richmond seat and there is consensus on the committee like to proposals that thank you commissioner farrell. >> sure actually but i'll comment that commissioner avalos has turned in happy to do that i think mr. post and mr. kingsley i'll support them and happy to do so i support people that come to those hearings i understand people can't but for
9:46 am
tenderloin for the district supervisor with the at large seat i'll support but understand a discussion and happy to support. >> commissioner peskin. >> sorry commissioner london breed. >> one of those days the back of my name mayor faulkner was was a restraining order disposals. >> i think that i would support commissioner farrell's suggestion that we potentially put the recommendations of commissioner mar in the richmond district seat and we appoint someone what has attended the meeting and commented that is here that will fit into the richmond district seat in the at large seat that is my recommendation i'll open to
9:47 am
that. >> thank you, colleagues if that's the case i would be supportive of 3 too is there a particular applicant you want to put into the at large seat i think the one applicant at large was mr. post. >> okay is there anyone else or seconded by commissioner breed so i think we would probably if it is amenable to the rest of the committee amend the motion for maggie in the district one appointee and then mr. alexander post for the at large seat. >> is that okay. >> i. >> i wanted to follow the wishes of the district supervisor it was to keep the richmond seat open and appointing margie to the at large seat i realized she
9:48 am
couldn't be here i'm not sure it is difficult to come here i don't know what they're doing during the day it is not necessary to or makes sense to use that as a rule you come to the meeting and have a shot to be on the committee she's been on the committee a lot of important experience that will continue the continuity of the work on the gr it that's where i'm at and i believe if we can have a roll call vote. >> i'm sorry double commissioner peskin so commissioner breed. >> i wanted to know i mean the at large seats and the district seats have equal say does that matter i want clarity on that. >> i see maria lombard coming up. >> one vote one seat. >> thank you. >> okay
9:49 am
commissioner peskin thank you, madam chair colleagues ms. brown has appeared before this body when she was originally appoint the fact she's not here and seeking reappointment is kind of business as normal if someone wants to continue that seat and have the experience why change that out i know that the way this commission and this body has conducted itself over many, many years to keep the desires of the district supervisor with the brt with various district and appointees the pattern and practice of that committee as i said over a a long time to honor the wishes of the district supervisor i will vote to keep that seat vacant actually commissioner mar has a say. >> thank you commissioner farrell.
9:50 am
>> just to be clear i agree with that sentiment did richmond seat we should respect the wishes of commissioner mar and i got the comments of someone that showed up i will be willing to give people a chance to come back but support someone from today that rolls through district 5 and i'm sure district 3 that's my inclination but the other way i appreciate and respect my colleagues but be supportive mr. kingsley if it came forward in terms of district one that's my opinion and want to make sure i was clear. >> thank you commissioner breed. >> thank you. i want to say i'm really very sensitive about people who show up to committee and also show up to meetings
9:51 am
i do know we've had challenged in the past with many bodies we make decisions on in terms of people that serve on the bodies and had challenges with attendance i'm not saying ms. brown has an attendance issue but as far as i'm concerned, it didn't matter which seat shows showing she holds but individuals that are qualified and capable and showing up and we should make a decision so we can continue with the business of body and so with that, i wanted to continue to support commissioner farrell's suggestion and we can moving forward and make our decision and vote on that. >> contemporarily. >> off i'm sorry the irish one
9:52 am
(laughter) relish nuns groping in school makes me feel irish. >> i'll give you that one. >> i (laughter) ms. brown is actually been an actual member the cac not missed meeting a great contributor so it will be a loss we'll have a compromise and continue is one month and come back to it. >> okay. >> i'll support that. >> i think we've come to an agreement. >> both of the seats. >> if i may i want to thank all the folks who came out today and hang tight for a month. >> thank you very much for your patience okay. so 80 a motion by commissioner avalos and seconded by commissioner farrell we'll take that without objection. to continue. >> the house has changed. >> that's right ann did we take public comment. >> we didn't okay.
9:53 am
>> so, now we'll actually take public comment on item 5 item 5 only are you here for item 5. >> i can stick now. >> only about the geary bart cac. >> okay. we have a general public comment later so we'll call you up then all right. public comment is closed. and we'll do a roll call. >> on the motion to continue commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner farrell commissioner peskin commissioner tang okay. >> all right. to be continued item 6 please. item 6 recommended allocation in prop k funds and one million dollars plus in prop a with conditions for requests and appropriation of 200 and 62 prop k fund subject to the cash flow distribution an action item
9:54 am
>> thank you good morning, supervisors ann deputy director for policy and practice writing programming for the ta we have requests for $2 million we're having some technical difficulties getting up the slides they'll be up in a moment the first request is on the to for 200 and $10,000 for the treasure island management and this is for fiscal year for 2015-2016 and related improvements the two phases would be done our ban planning to be done by june of 2017 and the work b will support the project being open for start of operation in 2019 and the leverage fund from the treasure island authority as well.
9:55 am
>> okay still working on the slides but to continue the next request is for the district 6 neighborhood improvement planning fund this is one thousand dollars request and also it is split between the sfmta and i'll go into the both of those requests the first portion is from mta and it is for community-based planning and fulsome and howard the vision zero are the busiest routes in san francisco this portion of the request about allow mta to gadget with the leadership and representatives from the soma zone and both of those projects are focused on work in the zone and this is to address the public safety and says to community assess in particular such as community centers and
9:56 am
recreation and school the planning work will be done by 2017 that addresses outreach to the work as part of those street designs. the second portion of the sf for district six the building zones for to the vision zero studies project and this is also from the transportation authority this will allow for us to be work with stakeholders and the district supervisor to develop recommendations from improving safety of up to 5 off-ramps the locations are shown on the slide that is being loaded into the overhead projector those are amongst the top 20 intersections frankly the injuries sorry between 2005 and 2012 the approximately assess to
9:57 am
the users in the zones schools, etc. and good candidates for additional recommendations they're likely improvements that can be implemented in the next 3 years or so so the next 3 projects are projects that have come from the prop w a recommendations that were approved the terrace is the bulb outs at walk first, the process of a light rail registration free for under 5 hundred thousand that funds the base of the intersection that currently have painted safety zones and will have bulb outs those are locations on the pedestrian high injury corridors. >> we're in clubbing mode.
9:58 am
>> laura our all right. so the construction would begin in spring of 2018 and this fund the design work to prepare for that. >> the next is the corridor improvement and this project is under construction a prop w a for by the transportation authority and amongst other agencies to complete the improvements and funding will cover the higher than anticipated projects sxholz. >> hi a question this is actually this was one hundred and 63 thousand dollars is closing the final gap. >> that's correct. >> great just a question the bike lane going east and west
9:59 am
towards perishing and dublin what happens when we get close to the curve an accident last year someone was coming out of the hill and hit by a car is that intersection will be worked out to have a clearer signage for people to yield the bike lanes i see the sidewalk you have to cross over to the 09 side to assess the bike lanes. >> i don't know particularly about the intersection improvements i think there is a bike on the uphill between dublin and brazil but more specific location improvements maybe we can follow-up with our - >> okay. >> thank you okay. and the final request is from the let's see here -
10:00 am
is from the department of public works i see it on the top of the slide for the chinatown broadway this project is also a high priority for fined by the tenant/landlord and it is a complete project from the columbus to the tunnel so at the march transportation authority board meeting at the request of commissioner peskin the board approved a condition that the department of public works work with his office and some community stakeholder who have questions about the design prior to awarding the contract to at - our understanding is that those issues are being discussions and several meetings are taken care of they'll not
10:01 am
been resolved as today, we're forwarding this with a tentative recommendation pending the outcome of the discussions which we are looking to see if those resolutions can be reached by the board next week. >> further to that and thank you and to ms. chang for corresponding those between mta and the dwp and the committee one thing i will add for the record a notion it a start at the columbus side and move in a westerly direction to the intersection at powell and broadway with that tragedy pedestrian fatalities and the hit and run at a meeting one individuals from the project manages from dpw or mta said
10:02 am
they couldn't tell the contractor to start at one end i substantially talked to detrimentally that said he if think that will be a problem to have them start at the eastern side and move in that direction any other comments or questions on this item okay. i'll i mean, we'll go to public comment first, i'd like to ask commissioner peskin i think there are several options so with that he'd like to move the package of prop k to the full board. >> yeah. to the full board. >> full commission. >> thank you any other questions or comments seeing none, okay open up for public comment okay anyone wish to comment on item no public comment is closed. and on item 6 and the house has changed a roll call. on item 6 commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner farrell
10:03 am
absent commissioner peskin commissioner tang the item is approved all right. item 7 please. item 7 the bike sharing update on informational item. >> thank you. we have emily staple ton. >> from mode. >> good morning, supervisors thank you for inviting me to update the bargaining a short presentation to walk through and welcome our questions or comments. >> as an update on where we are in the big picture of
10:04 am
implementing a extension of the bargaining from seven hundred to 7 thousand a bikes we've seeing none an agreement 2015 it will be motivate the provider of the bike sharing and the mtc and an agreement with mtc including san francisco and santa fe and berkley and oakland to provide this expansion over over the course of the next couple of years again, the project programming will be provided at no cost to taxpayers and 20 percent of stations will be located in mtc communities briefly to get a sense the scale of the expansion today san francisco has three hundred and 26 bikes in a program that covers the financial district and an expansion of 45 hundred bikes that covers the district and again 20 percent stations in
10:05 am
communities of concern touching the communities of concern in san francisco the scale of the program in san jose will have - to date we've begun the process of soliciting public fooeb e feedback for san francisco's expanded bike sharing system this is included a multi step process with a data analysis of locations that will be about that includes residential and commercial density and transportation infrastructure, typography and public feedback we've collected online when the agreement was annunciate last may from there once we determined the locates viable for bike sharing we identified over 200 locations that are
10:06 am
technically viable for bike sharing and brought these after the elected officials for bay one to the public foyer review in those sessions neighbors were able to community with their fellow neighbors and figure out where the bike sharing will be and drafted the maps and feedback and the feasibility of those on review. >> in terms of status around the public it went live 3 thousand places that san francisco community members would like to say bike sharing and incorporated into space one researched to 2, 3, 4 fattens three and four we had over 70 stakeholders meetings including outreach to each of the supervisors or their offices as well as community
10:07 am
stakeholders neighborhood associations, merchant association, and, of course, other stakeholders like bart and rec and park that may have stations that are located near their property. >> when did they happen over the course 2015 and for the extension. >> i got here in january but we should visit. >> i believe we have should - had an update to your office so in addition to those ones of outreach i mentioned 3 public workshops one in district 6 and 8 and 9 those are the district that will be receiving bikes in the phase one and this is a phase approach 25 percent of bikes will be kept to be permitted in the round of
10:08 am
outreach and station placement to make sure the system is continuous it thrives on proximity so 9 in the first phase by the reach all the phases of the role outs as i mentioned the phase one some primary sites that have been select based on the public feedback and these maps have been posted online as of about a month ago and since then one hundred comments on the portal so that lifted those maps in public libraries and you'll get additional information from people in the community and relative to sighted sighting can you put them anywhere is that a process how does that work. >> that's a great question we
10:09 am
working closely with mta from sighting this service areas to station locations bike sharing stations can be located on street and on streets and privately held properties and their sighting guidelines from the mta. >> the reason he asked is through the chair that i've been receiving a lot of complaints when one of them recently moved from grant avenue at columbus to grant avenue to the south in chinatown and everyone flipped out they didn't have any, no, sir, or merchant upset the community-based organizations and i mean, i didn't know that was going to be yanked and police said there i was told no real process and they're pretty
10:10 am
upset. >> understood that particular movement station on the ground was a temporary move that station is being relocated to a different location the point is well-taken that merchant in the surrounding areas and residents should be notified when a station is move forward the new stations are going through a thorough process right now of going to the awe budding locations are residents to notify them a station site has been identified in front of their property and to answer any questions about that so we definitely are available to answer any questions or concerns. >> i'm asking is there a process for objecting of appealing can someone go to a commission meeting saying we have issues with alternative sites is there a process.
10:11 am
>> yes. through the workshop process again through - okay i may keith from the mta has additional perspectives but in terms of our high-level process in the public workshops we council with a preliminary location bans convections a secondary locations if online and going the permitting process we're hearing feedback this in the working in the community and an each time station we reach out to the community groups throughout the process. >> i know we're on the dawn of 21st century but a lot of any constituents need this. >> all right. if we can have mta respond. >> i'm keynote speaker maddox
10:12 am
to respond to commissioner peskin questions about process we have a detailed guidelines for relocating stations and relocating them i want to be clear columbus was relocated on an emergency basis temporary moves we move them but if this is when in the location longer than 90 days we have to back up and go through the full legislation process that takes the community only will be there for under 90 days no process other than no specific legislative process other than due diligence talking to the neighborhood i understand they were consulted on that but perhaps didn't get full notification but there is a process. >> for many, many decades as chinatown has had organization
10:13 am
that deadly with transportation chinatown trip i can give you their contact information they were definitely not consulted. >> understood. >> thanks. >> so i'll pick up on outreach and draw the presentation to a conclusion with additional comments just really quickly on where we are assistance this is the phase one of 4 phases i detailed the stages listed on the lower part of slide 6 so we've identified locations for phase one and found the public workshops and have posted the proposed station online we're accepting additional feedback from the public and in the process of delivering the station to sfmta for permitting we will replicate that through phase two and phase three and
10:14 am
four by the time we have finished all the phases we will have stations in each of the lovingly districts of concern in san francisco so i know there is a question about exactly where we are going next we expect the survey map will be in the next couple of months and certainly share that with the supervisors offices when we have that. >> the final yeah. >> how long is the time between the permits and the actual installations of the station. >> it depends on how long until the permits are approved a permit may take somewhere between 4 to 6 city approved and to order the stations it go takes approximately 5 months so somewhere is between 7 or 8 months something like that
10:15 am
and then finally on the some of the objectives that bargaining is to achieve to a role out the membership assess option were changing the profile from the current profile to a single rate for a whole year monthly installments approximately $15 per month which may make membership more assessable for more people and make it easier for more people's budget on a monthly basis and have a discount $5 per most forego a year and disability 40 o for care of care we'll roll out the extension. >> what guidelines for discounted participation is that federal guidelines or local. >> the california rate for
10:16 am
energy so the utility lifeline program. >> right. >> and i believe just generally bike sharing our goal with that expansion to encourage to move people from cars to hopefully, a combination of transit train and bicycles and i definitely think there is a huge opportunity to get people thinking about more active transportation and lincoln their trims across where they're going rather than using a motorist vehicle this is the over arching goal and having this system that fosters active transportation is the health of the city we look forward to making it easier for people along with the bike sharing the vision zero they have been zero fatality to date in the united
10:17 am
states with any bike sharing podium that is an expressive status i hope lasts forever and we'll continue to inform our members and our casual riders how to stay stave on the bicycle handlebars 5 safety guidelines in yerba buena island to pedestrians and staying off sidewalks when riding a bike that something we'll continue to make as an important part of the program and finally our commitment to local hiring as we scale up more people that are rebalancing their bikes and working as bicycle mechanics and checkers and proving the hire channels like first jobs and source now and including fairs to goodwill and wherever we have a job liz we're sending those to the stakeholders to get to the
10:18 am
constituents we hope to have outreach with our hiring. >> great, thank you i know you're not getting city funding for that in our local hiring legislation is triggered by city funding projects so not tax dollars necessarily but we have tried to expand to the private sector as well right now, we're generally about 20 percent local hiring and i would like to make sure that we are able to hit that number when it comes to hiring local residents using the system that to me - we have a lot of examples of the first source program not yerba buena island that type of participation so i think that. >> thank you in terms of timeline we spoke about it you
10:19 am
know in private briefings but objective our cac chair representative from district 4 also is we would like to see this in other parts of city i understand why they're clustered in certain segments of san francisco but do you have a better timeline as when i know you will role this out to all 11 districts eventually but a better sense of wanting to the west side. >> the meeting is 25 percent of bikes in the phase one we're seeing 15 percent in the next phase those permits this fall and thirty percent of bicycles will be permitted or delivered permits next spring and fall another 15 percent of bikes will be in our system but likely the stations that are further west will be permitted in the spring of next year and fall with the
10:20 am
timelines for dloilt earlier the time to receive the equipment. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner avalos. >> thank you so just interested in payment oppositions and what will be available supervisor peskin was talking about how folks don't have access so internet or but one of the things the cash payment options available for people. >> do date not one plan but this is a long term program we're working with regional partners to bad actor e make that as assessable to people to have that xhfbz with the stakeholders the program right now the bicycles are expensive we need to link it to an account if a bicycle we have a way to follow up our bicycles don't leave the street that could involve
10:21 am
something as a capital account that procures the cash payment something like that could be discussed in the first deployment we are making sure as many people as possible know about the options. >> that's important for us to talk about i think the cash option is super critical for moving a barrier i understand that the bikes are expensive and that might not be enough cholesterol to back up a bike as cash the other issues are the clipper cards useful as payment. >> that's something in the agreement to be rolled out i believe in 20 months after the deployment in the horizon but a requirement within this agreement we're looking forward to integrating that. >> thank you for your
10:22 am
presentation any other questions or comments from colleagues commissioner breed. >> thank you. i just wanted to know when the program is scheduled to roll out in hayes valley. >> hayes valley is likely we'll move hayes valley for the next 15 of sighting that is taking place through the summer and look for the permitted through the fall and bikes will be expected to come finding in the fall or early spring of in charge. >> so a year from now. >> approximately. >> thank you for your work this is an exciting thing coming to san francisco a lot of us wanted to be in the district right away 2 take a step back but what you're contributing is significant thank you. >> commissioner peskin no. >> commissioner breed.
10:23 am
>> okay. thank you very much so at this time open on item 7 to public comment anyone wish to comment on item 7. >> the chinatown only a way to bike sharing on a grand avenue street amenable and the avenue to chinatown a good idea because grand avenue is a great link for the tourist area. >> thank you. next speaker, please okay. are you coming up for this item. >> yeah. >> well, i wanted to put one thing on the board could you in fact right here oh, i got to turn it the other way my bad this is what does that say can you read that
10:24 am
that is hard to understand sometimes some people don't know how who understand languages at all so that's enough of that if you can show me you can't understand what it says it doesn't make sense i'm here to speak about today is if you don't stop depending on oil to begin with you're going to have problems in china they've never hardly ever seen a motorist vehicle now, when you tunnel a tunnel like muni you make this city weaker i've spoke about the weakness the structural stuff you've got to quit doing muni tunneling duo into san francisco start taking for like maybe ancient china you have to think that way because
10:25 am
if you keep doing all the modern modern buses i'll collapse the city on top of itself you can't tunnel there is under toe by the way, i'd like to take the rest of my time from two tyrannies from vallejo. >> sir this is about bike sharing this has a lot to do with that sharing things from around the city i met a person from west virginia vallejo - those kids came from vallejo to teenagers in the papers this brings out what aim talking about any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed that was an informational item now item 8. >> item 8 on the district 3 transportation improvement program an informational item.
10:26 am
>> thank you. we have greg from mta here? morning commissioners greg with the mta and project manager the corridor multi level improvement project i'm the manager once that gets going and yeah to answer any questions to the sf funding and recently returned on a pedestrian scramble on kearney and craig with the interests in the community so, yeah i'm excited and saw it turned on the scramble and two other sgshgsz to the north with leading pedestrian integrals and pedestrian improvements i wanted
10:27 am
to recognize my colleagues greg in the municipal transportation agency and is important to give her and other communities members for pushing for the immediate pedestrian improvements a team member yeah here to answer questions we're looking to kickoff the larger corridor project soon through the planning and design effort and the intent to do similar low cost quick implementation pedestrian improvements and other mode improvements and in the corridor on montgomery street and working to get a goes to assist us with outreach and once we have that wrapped up over the next few weeks we'll be scheduling our first public hearings open with a listening section about what the community
10:28 am
wants this is a brief overview we don't have anything to share other than the scramble we enjoyed it any questions or comments >> commissioner peskin. >> if i may through the chair any update on the late early scramble. >> that's a great question to keep it quick and simple without a conduit or trenching foundation chances we unfortunately we're not able to install a traditional head not all scrambles in san francisco skrnl more pedestrian ordinary by install those but unfortunately, the signal kearney is old and the conduits can't carry additional wires so the plan
10:29 am
we've put it button capital improvement for the comet update of the signal at kearny street so i imagine in a year are two the full signal will be upgraded and more for everyone and curve ramps at the corners that lack the curve ramps i'm sure that people are familiar with the infrastructure it is challenging to do more curve ramps and installing one neutrality a million dollar to redo the whole thing that's why it can't be a quick fix and part of any corridor project do all these improvements like stripz and signage but the curve ramps as well their unfortunately challenging to do but that's my plan priority. >> great we look forward to
10:30 am
working with you with the outreach to the community. >> all right. thank you seeing none, in the other questions or comments open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item seeing none, public comment is closed. that was also an informational item we'll call item 9. >> update on the san francisco municipal transportation agency muni quality strategy an informational i'm item. >> julia from the mta here. >> good morning. i'm julie the proclamations scheduling manager anothers sfmta i had an opportunity to address you at the full board when we were vetting the quality strategy and since an approval by the mta board and hsa have had the proposals integrated into the operating and capital budget
10:31 am
i was going to do focus my presentation today to some of the nuances of work and talk about the next steps and any questions you may have. >> the the reason i'm compassionate about this work i feel 3 the equity strategy is a tremendous foundation of affordability and assess within the system we have one of the densest systems in the country you can absolutely live in more neighborhood in san francisco in a car within a quarter of a mile within a corridor stop and launching the final service increase on saturday as well as
10:32 am
investing in new buses and priority streets the affordability programs are a model in terms of progressive funding policy around transportation we have almost one hundred thousand poem signed up for the free passes as well as another $80,000 that take advantage of the monthly pass so the equity strategy build on this what it didn't try to create transparency about the service transitioned one it is easy to - we want to make sure it is performing to par because if you're going to for example, minimum wage job you don't have a lot of flexibility on when you get there and so oftentimes the liability problems is a travel time problem someone that a trip
10:33 am
takes one trip of 20 minutes one day and 45 the next day their padding their trip everyday we are focused on all kinds of data it is just as likely that someone will be working on a swing or an oil shift as a 9 to 5 worker so in addition to transparent the service is doing we looked at the yaeflt data we still did an incredible amount of data for every route we are serving the community of low income and community of color we look at how the routed is performing in the neighborhood and citywide and look at how it was comparing to its peer outreach for example, we didn't compare the eight day shore liar
10:34 am
eureka we be looked at other routes and the results varied for in some cases we found it was quicker or more reliable on route in these neighborhood and in other cases we found about on par by the way, par was not where we wanted to be as a city and in some cases real issues that's the strategy that is so powerful we're identifying these issues where looking at capital and solutions those treatment got folded into the budget and will be implemented we also used this document as the first of what will be an annual assessment of conditions in the neighborhood this is really important to the task force that we were working with particularly chinatown, cd
10:35 am
was helpful in shaping this not only a diagnostic but an accountability tool we saw first from 2014 to 2015 in almost every metric we saw improvements and i'm not surprised we've made a citywide investment in vehicles and hiring enough operators but not only like performance is up 7 percent and breaks down are down but in these neighborhood a significant reductions in crowding we saw reductions in gaps of service, we saw improvements and on time performance so in our cpi there is
10:36 am
$3 billion of big stick out items that help muni consumers be a customers are disproefrment low income they'll help people about people with disabilities and households across the board those include the biggest ticket is the vehicles and projects like central subway that will have a inherit connection between visitacion valley and chinatown as well as moving forward with investment but more credential like the city priority that almost every neighborhood will benefit from spending less time stubborn stuck at red lights in buses we also identified $21 million investments including programming, a muni forward type of project on the route 27
10:37 am
bryant the 27 bryant comes every 15 minutes not initially met the highest peer priority for things like buses or other transit investments but when you look at the neighborhood is going through an incredible amount of congestion in tenderloin and congestion through soma it is still needs those types of treatment if we provide reliable services and then on the service side we also identified what is about $8 million in annual investments we firmly believe that over the next two years those services can be delivered through a combination of reinvesting travel time so as we speed up 2 allows us to free up the buses like crowding on the 29 line and
10:38 am
the new connections between the bayview and missions as well as identified routes cigarette butt seethe not performing approving and redirecting those services in the neighborhood and that's essentially the list here in some cases the recommendations are cost neutrality and some cases they require additional resources so moving forward we really just at the beginning the outreach process of this our work to date is preliminary focused on data analysis, working with the task force to shape the process we have a transporting grant that will allow to go into the neighborhood hey, this is what we are seeing those are the recommends we have moving forward do those align with our experienced would the r what other issues because this is a
10:39 am
living document we'll then refine and improve the strategies based on that feedback we also will do the 2015 to 2016 analysis of improvements and come back to the board on the ta as well as the 34569 board with the this is where we are at report in kind of january, february timeline of next year so the way this works is that on our - we have a two year budget on the budget years ear focused on developing new recommends and evaluating the recommendations on the off years we're focused on are we seeing those investment and the trends e trends do we need to make corrections so that's where we are at i appreciate particularly the support of the sxholz who really kind of up think kicked off and created it this process
10:40 am
and allowed us to locate our service i think this is interesting and positive way and in general you've all been very supportive to you know make sure we're talking with the right stakeholders and help us and continue to reach out to our office as we red e head into the outreach piece we have an opportunity to have interesting conversation because of the resources one of the things we'll actually have focus groups where some of the operators a number of operators either grew up or live in the neighborhood we're focusing on at the sort of have a a dual prospective they're driving the service and part of community we like to do focus groups with
10:41 am
all outlining /* riders and get- we have the lifeline transportation for that we'll be launching two new services on saturday but over the next year we plan to be making a continuous judgment and reliability improvements to make the connections for the late night services thank you thank you for your presentation commissioner avalos. >> thank you, ms. kirsch bomb i appreciate your work on the will equity strategy we launched this through a cheater amendment proposed in my office i authored and i thought it was a possibly good way but it was two bureaucratic and create an oversight body and a handicap
10:42 am
that makes it difficult to have flexibility and instead of creating the bureaucracy we used the staff to create this policy it was very well done yourself and many members of the mta have been great working with the stakeholders all over the city that are low income and that participation gave was very highly favored by the community groups thank you for that as we're creating this dynamic approach we analyze the public input and utility 9 public resources not from advocates in creating the strategy but everyday muni riders will be essential to making sure we're hitting our marks want to encourage that as we move forward. >> thank you for your effort. >> thank you before i get to
10:43 am
the next speaker i want to acknowledge mta's work and schools leadership in strengthening this equity strategy report because muni travels through many district are; right? oriented from a noncommunity concern and vice versa i want to better understand how i mean in terms of matrix i'll give you an example is it i'm coming from district 10 and it takes met agree a long time to hop a bus or a connection to get to another part of city or from one part of city the western part takes time to get to a community of concern i guess i have trouble understanding how all of this is
10:44 am
muttered because for any given line it could be again with going from a really strong neighborhood with a lot of strong connections how are you measuring where the maybe ink3wi7b89s e eligibility lie. >> your hitting on two key things one is that those are - one of the reasons we took this neighborhood approach some lines are critical to neighborhoods that are low income that don't necessarily show up in our stylist 6 analysis because their critical the majority of customers do not moot that profile so the 22 lombard is an excellent example and critical for the western edition and the mission but also incredibly well utilized in the
10:45 am
eastern and the pacific heights so it is a mixed demographics the benefits by shoring up how the route is performing in the mission and the western edition it is actually going to help the improvements across the entire route the other thing and this is something that is really key from the leadership the task force the reason neighborhood by neighborhoods the issues differ in chinatown the biggest issue is crowding and reliability on some of the route like the a that is going on the freeway and absolute best day or worse day in the bayview is about travel time we're able to tailor its approaches the way we looked at travel time not what's the speed
10:46 am
but we picked agree kind of central location for the neighborhood in visitacion valley we took the library leeland and loveland and said you were going by car or if you were going by bus honk would it to you to get to city college or downtown or the san francisco general or the grocery stores or the nearest big park you know basically focused on mclaren park or presidio we looked at how those travel times and looking at each neighborhood how much of the city can. >> says by a transit in the reasonable amount of time and how did the transit versus driving compare. >> are you looking at the number of transfers it might
10:47 am
take two or three transfers at any time to get to the more - >> well utilized designations. >> it is built both that analysis because the transfer certain time part of the overall time you're having to make. >> scheenz or no sorry commissioner breed. >> thank you so i wanted to thank you for the work that's been done to get us to this point or having a better understanding from members of the community about their challenges with muni i think i'd be able to not only attend the meetings in the community but get february from people who were not able to participate and i know the challenges of getting information from those individuals that unfortunately, because of their work schedules and family candidates and the challenges just surviving in san
10:48 am
francisco it is very difficult to participate in those meetings i know there was a small group but a very effective group at freedom west that talked about some of their issues and they were concerned that there were individuals that really needed to have a say in this process were not able to participate is there a better way besides a community meeting were there could be surveys or a way in which to reach out to individuals either at their jobs or schools or places we know families who definitely have limitations with their time would be able to talk about their challenges or even this might be a long shot even on the buses themselves hsa as
10:49 am
commuters are commuting i want to insure we're using a diverse system to develop an analysis so we are actually getting this information from the people who are having the challenges of getting to work and getting home and getting around the city and they pillow rely on public transportation without the ability to take a taxi or uber or use alternative modes other than walking or public transportation i want to make sure we reach overseeing individuals in a way that gives us really good data to make the right changes to our system. >> i think that that's really the key as we start the outreach we are going to look for ways to
10:50 am
connect to our customers in a way that is convenient for them. >> whether that's on the bus, or an survey or working there the community-based provider sometimes that is an effective way to reach people so we do intend to use much anywhere out of the box especially this isn't a project per say as a traditional community workshop this is a much anymore wide topic we'll be more positive. >> last but not least the high schools are great resource because you could also take a look at qualifys for a free or reduced lunch those kind of students and the neighborhood
10:51 am
that the students come from and as a way to maybe use students data to help develop the right system as well i want us to be more creativity with our outreach efforts to have a diverse group of opinions to develop the right plan i want to put that out there and thank you so much this is you know the first time we've gotten to this point we really have a better understanding of the challenges are and sometimes it is really hard to quantify that and this is the first step in the right direction thank you commissioner avalos for helping to lead this effort as well. >> thank you commissioner breed. >> and just a couple of more questions because i know that as we're leaking introduce an equity lens a few things to look
10:52 am
at i know for example, in the west side and the sunset you don't necessarily quality but we have a high population of senior riders; right? many of whom are low income families so how did you look at maybe the community such senior populations through that lens and again which may not necessarily in other ways that the community is concerned because you know when i go to meal site where seniors go monday through friday free meals with an elderly site i was shocked 60 to 70 raised their hands they got to the site by the terryville and maybe four projects that will help the populations overall are you looking at factors like the age
10:53 am
and population so maybe we'll speak to the senior issue first. >> we did we had 0 apply a citywide lens one of the kind of benefits of having so many people with disabilities and seniors on the discount passes we're getting much better data where their riding and the routes the most and proportionately the most in addition to identifying routes in the neighborhood we focused on we identified the route that are heavy ooutsdz used by seniors and preponderance and came up with additional recommendations and we will continue to re-evaluate those roulettes to make sure that as the population ages and the
10:54 am
demographics shift we're focusing on the right information. >> and i'll follow-up with that directly because i think that sometimes, the goals expedite with each and everyone and we're trying to provide assess but focuses on the jobs seniors have complained about i don't know how to reconcile those different interests but you know again, i'd be interested in following up offline and the last question i have is in terms of i think you kind of touched on that earlier with any other question how are you determining whether the performance is compared to the overall line with the it worse or better how is it when you
10:55 am
implement improvements that will help to improve the part for the community. >> data like on time performance we measure the on time performance do ourselves no favors the gps on the buses change to the schedule about every hall mile to a quarters of a mile when we look at on time performance we're looking at millions of examples per day it allows us to look at how on time the route is in the neighborhood, versus how on time the route is on average versus how on time the category so we started micro go looking at you know is the 14 mission on time at 14 and 16th street and
10:56 am
throughout the route and t how it compares to other routes every 10 minutes and carrying you know 50 to one hundred people okay. >> all right. any other questions or comments on this marry okay. thank you for your presentation and again i'll look forward to following up on this with you so with that, this is an information item but i'll open up for public comment wish to comment on item seeing none, public comment is closed public comment is closed. and if we can move on to item 10 >> introduction of new items this is an informational item. >> any new introductions seeing none, public comment. >> oh, i'm sorry commissioner avalos. >> we have a presentation on bargaining i like to get a point of presentation from the transportation authority or the mta on the whole biking network
10:57 am
how this disbars with the bike sharing program it is time we're seeing phases a phase approach for bike sharing how we are accommodating it on our streets. >> thank you commissioner avalos now this is public comment for introduction of new items item 10 seeing none, public comment is closed now item 11. >> item 11 general public comment. >> thank you. good morning commissioners methodology embodied nature is peaceful of ultimate truth of ultimate sincerity with consistent with consistent mighty self-nature of self-nature with truth in heart with the cultivation of force being the ultimately strong and encompassing heaven and earth
10:58 am
therefore we should who were holy religion we follow cultivation in holiness of pertains and work on establishment of virtues with one objective along the lines with our happy destiny and abide with our true self-nature together with you'll areas of values for great we must reason on holiness invieshdz for the virtues with enforcement with focus and mediation and mercy the wisdom and well-being market-rate housing the lives as one establishes the virtues and credits and speech of great benefits having prosperity on earth like kingdom of forces with fall thank you
10:59 am
thank you very much anyone wish to comment on item public comment is closed clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> no other items item 12 adjournment. >> we're
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