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tv   Police Commission 42016  SFGTV  April 28, 2016 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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something today i'd like to have heard in byron and others 5 minutes a piece they went to washington, d.c. with the chamber of commerce what they did and met with and what were the issues i'd like it going to the future that would make things clearer and one other thing going forward commissioner woo ho said if david chiu is carrying our water we want to commend report in sacramento they're lobbying on our behalf i think we deserve some clarity someone came up to me and said they're in sacramento lobbying on behalf of you guys giants i would say what we need a heads up and be involved i know they're not doing anything wrong
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david chiu is a friend of mine but i'd like them to send a representative they come down and let the commission know what they're doing we are clear when the technicalities we need to know as a commissionhank you. >> amy motion to adjourn. >> second. >> one other bill commissioner woo ho is going to be gone in may so thirty 32 can we do it in june that's her issue i want her here i'm sorry, i want to say that. >> appreciate it. >> you know what i'm going to be gone one of the may meetings it is planned a long time ago tuesday the 24.
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>> all right. know that thank you a motion to adjourn has been said. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? 615 we're adjourned thank you. >> and thanks sfgovtv thank y you. (laughter) >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in
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investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government
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services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the
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level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. >> good evening welcome to the wednesday, april 27, 2016, meeting of the san francisco board of appeals the presiding officer this evening commissioner honda he's joined by commissioner ann lazarus. >> commissioner wilson commissioner fung will be here momentumly and commissioner swig will be absent to my left is tom a city attorney and provide legal advice at the controls it did legal assistant gary and i'm
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cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we have also joined by representatives from the we're joined by representatives from the city departments that have cases before this board. sitting at the table in the front is scott sanchez the zoning administrator and also here representing the planning department and planning commission and we should be joined by senior builder inspector the please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. out in the hallway. permit holders and others have up to 7 minutes to present their case and 3 minutes for rebuttal. people affiliated with these parties must conclude their comments within 7 minutes, participants not affiliated minutes, members of the public are asked, not required to submit a speaker card or business card to the clerk.
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the board welcomes your comments. there are customer satisfaction forms available. if you have a question about the schedule, speak to the staff after the meeting or call the board office tomorrow we are located at 1650 mission street, suite 304. this meeting is broadcast live on sfgovtv cable channel 78. dvds are available to purchase directly from sfgovtv. thank you for your attention. we'll conduct our swearing in process. if you intend to testify and wish to have the board give your testimony evidentiary weight, please stand and say i
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do. please note: any of the members may speak without taking you. do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> okay. thank you very much item number one is general public comment this is an if you wanted for anyone to address the board on a matter within the board's jurisdiction but not on tonight calendar money here to speak under general public comment okay. seeing none item 2 is commissioners questions or >> pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. madam director i have a prior engagement i'd like leave at 7:30 what that means we're missing one commissioner commissioner swig is absent we'll try to get through everyone's cases prior to that
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we may are a quorum issue any other commissioners questions or comments. >> any public comment on this item? seen item 3 the boards consideration and possible adaptation of the minutes of the boards meeting of april 20, 2016. >> any additions, deletions, or changes from the three of us move adoption the minutes. >> i do. >> okay any public comment on is minutes seeing none, then 53 we have a commission to adopt the minutes commissioner fung is absent commissioner honda and commissioner wilson that that motion carries and at this time then commissioner honda. >> i belief we'll have a slight pause to have a commissioner show up. >> if you want i can read the
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next item and . >> item 4 is jurisdiction request the subject property on florida after the board received a letter if ken and dennis and dan and t.j. and charlotte and others requesters asking the board take jurisdiction over the case which was issued on october 21st, 2015, by the department of building inspection the appeal period end in 2015 and this jurisdiction request was filed in 2016 the permit holder is urban design here to remove one story sheriff's deputy and replace the stars and one-half bath with stairs to yard the public
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hearings was was held in 2016 and continued to allow time for the department of building inspection to research and report to the board any neighborhood notification was required for the permit and if so whether such notice was issued okay. >> he's parked his vehicle. >> so commissioner fung should be here within a moment or two. >> i wish to disclose i've hired and retained reuben, junius & rose their representation and entity will not have any effect on any decision today. >> so we will wait for a few minutes until vice president is here. >> he'll be out of breath but will be here.
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>> i apologize for the delay
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people. >> okay. so we have our vice president has joined us we're ready to start with item 4 which has ban called i believe the president is agreed we should hear from inspector duffy if you could step forward. >> i apologize for being late. >> good evening commissioners joe duffy dbi and ucsf last week he needed to, back to dbi and check we did the proper notification for structural work and we did indeed do the structural add notice that was sent out if i could have the overhead
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this is a printout of a characterizations from our permit tracking system this is an internal thing i checked generally have this with me doesn't have this last week. >> let's see there it is on the bottom it says structural notification yes, so- it was done and then we have a copy of the letter that was sent to the appellants by dbi overhead again are we done. >> face it in the same direction you'll look at it there we go. >> is that better yeah. this is a typical letter the data of letter on 21st of october 2015 we sent out 11 letters to different build around the property where the
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work was done so i got this in the central permit bureau i'm happy to report that was done and other thing i did a site visit this morning and all of the work seems to be as we normally see in a concrete foundation in sections looks to be done presidential from what i rectified our inspectors are up to date on the project i'm available to answer any questions. >> did you view any issues i guess the appellant was indicating there was - >> you can't tell about the issues but a foundation on the property line i think that was mostly what it was about. >> okay. >> thank you so commissioners unless you have questions for the other parties we can take public comment and then move into deliberations any
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public comment on this item? seeing none, commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> no questions no comments? >> submitted. >> yep it it does i mean - the questions we had the reason we continued it at least for myself was to hear from the departments the concern was that the proper notification was not issued although the work had been done already i wanted to know if this proper notification had been given out at this point, because it had
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although i think the neighbors have concerned i'll be concerned if i was a neighbor seeing the dig out or evacuation to the property - i feel the city departments have not erred and that the proper disclosure and notification was right and the - it is correct excuse me - >> okay. this is just a reminder f this is a jurisdiction request so the question is. >> did the city cause a late filing i don't find it did authoritative i'll not support the jurisdiction request. >> make a motion. >> move to deny the jurisdiction request on the basis the city did not cause the late filing. >> okay commissioner fung that motion to deny the request
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commissioner lazarus commissioner honda commissioner wilson okay commissioners that that motion carries with a vote of 4 to zero the next item item 5 appeal maria versus the department of building inspection with planning department approval the property on ma drone avenue appealing the issuance on march 3 of an alteration internal remodel of kitchen on main level and bathroom and launders and foundation replacement at grade excelsior patio good evening would you accept some photos and sketches. >> have they been supplied to the permit holder. >> no, but i have a separate. >> in your - i can use the
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overhead we'll see that way. >> okay. that's good. >> my name is mar, i live on ma drone the property adjacent i have serious concerns the construction and therefore request the commissioners to deny the permit request my reasons are state and federal while the permit the city agencies didn't investigate the soil and not take into consideration the environmental impact of the neighboring houses and number 2 the code violations by the respondent and her contractor is a keemgs of complete error and it opens the door for easy conversion to a secondary unit for future homeowners and the current
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zoning duo don't permit a secondary units in an rh1 i want to extend these by adding the construction first neighborhood was built by cut into united states existing hill to - i provided i didn't provide but will put on the overhead a picture dated 1919 that is a large - >> okay. thank you very much the picture is from 1919 when the west portal tunnel fierce opened my property is marked and that is the magnum the first three houses and 68 and 72 addresses 68 ma drone 4 houses is on stilts their renovating
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the foundation over the years the soil pushed the house away from the hill downhill basically this el nino season pushed the house to a point they had to completely renovate and doing many to the tune of 200 and $50,000 my home ann had an inspection in on a had the inspector said the hill has separated from the foundation substantial falling concrete with the retaining wall st. paul the deterioration or flaking of concrete at that point, i had an engineer and foundation engineer inspect my house he recommended if we couldn't afford to completely replace the foundation he recommended the drain along the
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perimeter of the house we did and since then no water intrusion and even the home inspector tell them the house didn't sflt settle it was in good condition except for the foundation it will increase the flow of water and the water might flood any basement and bedroom second the construction the retaining wall will need american people evacuation the removal of that soil will unsettle the foundation and the proposed evacuation will be sustainable 20 feet wide and standing the whole length of my property line my current retaining wall is on the - removal of architecture can
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damage the wall they foundation could result in ultimately the requirement of replacing the whole foundation thirdly, the construction of a 5 foot cement wall 3 feet from any basement bedroom window will deprive any northern exposure of the daytime and enter personnel to enter my downstairs bedroom i wanted to show you first - yeah. first a sketch this is from the appraisal on any house as you can see the sketch lanltd first floor that is the permitted bedroom and isn't it a fact my daughter is finishing her master's degree and moving home
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this space will be used the on egress from that bedroom is one window and he will show you that window next as you can see can you see that oh, i think this is how it is; right? >> you see the bedroom there is a window underground this is my bedroom window the proposed wall should urban design 5 feet tall in front of the front you know - this one that's already not my property 2 feet is all i have on that does the proposed wall will be 5 feet tall and will channel all the water and run off into this space between my property foundation and the wall because
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it remains ungraded also i'm worried about 0 o the egress from my bremd bedroom if there's as wall no or nothing at all it is so the space is take a look two people cannot move through that let me talk about the report for it was - the inspector didn't do any soil investigation he looked at the side yard and said in his opinion nothing bad will happen to my property on february 22nd he somehow observed water pooling and declared the property was built on a sandy fill everything will be okay and at the end no responsibility for
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his opinion nor does i have any warrant on his work. >> your time is up. >> >> i received the last report on 5:00 p.m. with 3 business days i did contact a republicable firmer and spoke with the owner he looked at. >> i think you can finish the rest on rebuttal. >> you'll have rebuttal. >> okay may i and we're on a tight schedule so stay one. >> it was important what the engineer said. >> you'll have time on rebuttal. >> okay. >> ongoing we'll hear from the permit holder now. >> >> i wanted to say that the
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downstairs and patio are design of that was in part from my ex-husband and my aging parents and family he has a condition that means he is several years hopefully more but we designed this downstairs space when we can't take care of himself he'll more often and i'll take care of him here so the patio was designed to put in a temporary ramp come into the french doors i'm going to turn it over to my attorney. >> good evening commissioners mr. gladstone i'm glad she gave me this report we've been asking for it for months and saw it tonight approximately the
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inspector maintained with a refinance or something and i could comment how it but not had time to review is it a little bit of prospective by showing you a photograph first it is lined up. >> overhead please. overhead. >> what i want you to see if i can expand to the property thank you the property in question my clients property is right here 34 dr requester is here at 38 you'll notice the distance between the two houses is greater than go anything on the block that is fortunate for both of them we learned get a letter yesterday that is a dazzles filed with the - they have a
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setback of 12 feet and 4 feet at that point but the bigger setback is here with the appellants and if you look at a close-up you see the setback closer this is our building and this is appellants building and even closer you see this again, our building and appellants building and the biggest concern of the appellant we understand why in this yard area 15 to 20 feet between appellant and our client is response time on the property and it is falling down a good i think four or five feet from the property line that is about here what's being done to make it simple is this is at evacuation
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that will be done the back of my clients property is here and the front of my clients property it here this is a brick garden wall appellants property is represented by the line in the backward what my client does digs down 4 feet and a foot slab and by deciding down right here but we don't understand the remark the appellant the appellant saying we're filling up against this window she points out we're actually going down not up this is at window and we're building down what is created is a retaining wall
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parallel to this wall only my clients property here that will serve as a wall of the patio that is going in and the patio is going in from here to where my clients building starts over here it will not come near this retaining wall and i'm glad that appellant showed you that report because the report from our own inspector said st. paul concrete we know that note a structural defeat mentioned the vertical graph and says in his report over and over the settling of homes is to be expected we worried about that appellant had hired a consultant my client hired 3 they're all 3 here a civil engineer and soil engineer and structural engineer along with the architect to answer any
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questions they've taken this seriously hired all 3 ask them to be here tonight and further they went to the department of building inspection of building department and met with willie you don't know he's one of the strictest and most detailed of the people that plan check and really asked to see a across section of what was going on with the patio i was made aware the appellants wall is crumbling by appellant when he talked about a bunch of times to the appellant willie asked for the drawing that was the second meeting and willie approved that drawing in front of you again to take all precautions this was done properly my client is concerned this is done properly and appellant mentioned stain
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glassed window that is the plastic of the front room of my clients residence this is of great value and wants to make sure this is dysfunction absolutely right and she's gone to the best professionals to make sure that happens as to the alleged illegal evacuation illegal work the building department came out and looked to see from the allegation of the logically removal or addition of a window was true they find it was an additional excuse me - removal not an additional no violation issues they came out and saw that the demolition for the destruction of the lower level was a little bit too wide in the wall and in one area suggested a permit obtain for destruction and which was obtained and no
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notice of violation. >> thank you. >> mr. gladstone. >> yes. >> the sketch you showed the section you had that in your brief give us the distance that is there. >> sure i'll take out another drawing to do that. >> heros a close-up i can show you in the bigger plans but it will be hard to read and perhaps john can correct me excuse me - scott. >> mr. gladstone where in your brief. >> excuse me - sure. >> that would be - one part is
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on exhibit g and that's from one direction from another d from birds and view i'll locate the page it is a little bit clearer it's on this page so if you look at on page exhibit h the second page in exhibit h you'll see the patio from a birds and view it is on the overhead scott with the explain oh, it's on the plans this is the page showing the distances scott would you like to show him. >> scott would you come to the micro. >> i'm the architect of record
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on the project it is 19 foot 3 wide so it wasn't along the whole propelling as stated and i'm interested in the driechlts. >> from the face of her building to our response time is approximately 3 foot 10 inches i have a section on that. >> the section was in g. >> so - >> as you can see this is 3 feet 10 inches and based on the survey we commissions her home is one foot 10 from the property line so as you can see this section also shows the wall is actually sunken into the ground we're not building up to block
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that window. >> less be clear i want to be clear their luke steps and rear. >> correct it is an up slope lot from the drone to the back of the property what you're looking is steps to the backyard that's - >> that will not be assessable. >> is that your answer. >> not yet the section you showed earlier was a longitudinal it was parallel to the property line. >> that's correct. >> i thought from the presentation you said that was the section between the two properties it didn't look right. >> i meant longitude my fault. >> thank you. >> okay we'll hear from the department now. >> mr. duffy.
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>> it's right there inspector duffy right tell you okay. okay (laughter). >> it didn't look right (laughter) commissioners joe duffy dbi the building permit under this was a form 3 permit which means taken in and reviewed by planning department, planning department actually looks like it was over-the-counter dbi looks like it took it in and reviewed it as an intact permit and probably because of the amount of work that was proposed but think plan it was what we needed to give it more review so
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as you've heard that was plan checked by one of the dbi engineers and the are two other building permits around the same time one for explore try it costs 15 hundreds that recent in october 2015 and then there was another one in october 2015 for an interior remodel of upper bathrooms and waiting through the brief and looking at the all the notes and they like whenever we come across an sexual abused we take them seriously the department and it was reviewed by one of the engineers
7:45 am
i state looks like they addressed the water it was important and the appellant brought that up she was concerned of water into her property we have that it is done incorrectly without a permit from what i'm reading it has been dealt with we hope the work goes ahead in accordance with the plan and overseen by the architect or an engineer so - there are special inspectors a third party inspector as well as from the for the placement of concrete and the foundations and the wood framing so that's another lay
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out of inspectors on the project on the complaint issue we did receive complaints our builder inspector went out there asked them to obtain another permit that was of the color try permit and coffer yourself and get another permit it didn't resulted in a stop order or a notice of violation apart from that there is nothing else but if you guys are questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> the permit holder brief referred a geotech report was that submitted to the building department for review or - >> that's a great question i saw that note i don't know that
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will warrant for this type of project to be honest geotech report they come in but i don't think this in this case that was warranted we may have asked for the letter the other thing during the project if it goes ahead from the neighbors have concerns it could be speaking that the inspector can ask we get some for scrutiny from geotech but i don't know, there was a type report that's not something we see documented in any of our systems it is done by plan check and the engineer address that later but i don't have any information. >> thank you.
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>> mr. sanchez. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department just to be brief the subject property within the rh1 or limited to a single-family they're proposing rooms on the ground floor that is complying to the not the separate they're allowed to have a wet bar or a full bath given their connection to the street and to the floor above so it complies and not credit card a separately residential unit. >> so it's not in regards to the wet bar. >> with direct access to the street it is for the wet bar so in this case they've chosen not to have a wet bar but a full bath and that's our approval well. >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item?
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seeing none, we'll start our rebuttal. >> oh, there's public comment please step forward feel free to step forward. >> i'm gary live on this street and a homeowners on this side the property ♪ direction first of all, let me show you we did not receive any formal notification or plans of foundation work evacuation i don't know if we're supposed to but seen nothing sent to us concerning what they'll do as a homeowner of thirty ma drone 34 we my wife and i we support of the request for denial we've
7:50 am
lived there for on ma drone this is the first house we bought and only house we've owned it is over 90 years old so we're concerned that the proposed foundation work that includes evaluating the lastly we're talking about talking about my side not marys it is a concern because the separation along the room will be to your knowledge is only 40 feet the property line is 3 feet into theirs that's 12 inches there and going down you know i'm not an expert but going down 5 to 6 feet in a small area
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assuming we had access to my property to the slope and the way i see the water flow the houses behind us are higher than us we're on a hill i don't know if you know the neighborhood you know our concern is this work would exacerbate the downhill settling and the soil compact to potentially lead to our foundation weakening and potentially major damage we will and not allow to have access to our property unless an individual good lost or serious
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- we only will allow assess for insurance policy or whatever >> sincerely can you repeat what you said about the distance between our home and this home. >> our house half the distance is driveway is unique we have a driveway in san francisco that holds 3 cars but from they're back you know the house against and between that's the room where you know the halfback of my house is 3 feet, 4 feet from theirs. >> in the back. >> yeah. that's. >> how about in the front. >> in the front. >> you said tlbs there's a
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driveway. >> when you pull in there's a driveway that separates our houses my house extends north to 4 feet of their house halfway and the property line is 3 feet beyond that of the 4 feet so in other words, you know that is a foot behind a foot on their survey oversees because i appreciate i did enough. >> thank you uh-huh. >> thank you any other. >> hi, i'm tomas i live across the street from the project my reason for coming here a
7:54 am
neighborhood density we've owned our home since the 1980s and seen an uptick and renting out basement and renting out rooms illegally recently high next door took up a argument and where the police had been called and partygoers more logically construction is up the street the neighborhood is already decreased by airbnb i'm not accusing the owner of a rental i know once unit with a separate entrance not for families to rent it out perhaps the reason for the rooms to increase the value of the property to be sold so if so the new owners will have not alliance and create a
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rental unit i share that with other neighbors that couldn't be here today. >> is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, we'll take our rebuttal. >> would like to call your attention to this drawing from the architectural plans by the architects attorney the window initially took out a permit to remodel two upstairs bombards and the demolition downstairs began they came in the department and said that there be an colory - i watched a western edition climb up the deck and cut out with a power tool an illegal window it is right here i submitted pictures of that window so you can see where it is it was never a place there so
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when the department of building inspection came over i don't know how he can see how to remove it i'm troubled i think there is a coverup he verified that there was never a window and say it with my own icy i want to talk about the soil inspection so i contacted the what is is it the engineers i think and the guy told me the rule of thump if you're near the foundation for every 2 feet separation one foot down they're digging 3 feet 10 inches in front of any house with you know two the foundation of my home and built 5 to 6 feet he also said the water flow of the
7:57 am
underground streets and that might wash my foundation out it has to be mapped before you do dig because of the loss of feet also ms. kern is saying she'll build this apartment for her husband i understand it'll i sympathize but looking at the proposed plan she is going to build so many stairs because she's going to sink the patio and the whore will not be able to pass to the house through the house outside of the house to the backyard there are only two steps it is very assessable to wheelchair she is going to put french doors next to another door instead of that why not enlarge that and make that ada
7:58 am
compliant the purchase of building her apartment is not to accommodate her oiling husband. >> we'll hear from the permit holder now. >> i said inform mr. duffy was no soil report but exhibit j i pointed out that to mr. duffy i believe is that right mr. duffy and i wanted to point out that there will be a section a 32 notification people forgot i remind my clients they have to provide a thirty day notification when they do evacuation as little as three or four feet and as much as three or four feet from someone's property it provides the
7:59 am
neighbor has a right to thirty days to come in and inspect and have their own consultants and has the right to the neighbor to do the work themselves and not do - it will have a notice closer to evacuation that is the as a matter of law and my client will put on the records on the side where they'll do everything by. (show of hands) tools want to make sure no reversions we can't speak to our foundation we know there is an inspector that observed her foundation and maybe when they moved on not recently and said it could be fragile but those cracks are consistent with what goes on around the city and said
8:00 am
nothing more on the uphill side mr. sebastian miss states his property no evacuation only an additional wall being put inside of our clients exist lower level here is mr. is a shuns home and this is the reasoning the wall it looks like it may not be a great wall he's on this replacing between here and here in evacuation going on outside of this property and look at the huge distance finally i'd like to suggest that the board if it has the power to recommend there be consultants to do a survey both using lazer and photographs
8:01 am
of both homes to make sure any problems during the evacuation is caught when it happens before you go too far although we don't think we needed one but if a party makes a complaint for cracks and so forth we have a record thank you >> thank you. >> you talked about interior lazerably and interior photos would be best anything further from the department mr. duffy. >> on the notification we require a notification in the previous case that was issue last week dbi didn't do a structural notification maybe it should you have been down or
8:02 am
done we request the civil code that requirement be done which mr. gladstone addresses i ask them to do a start work inspection with dbi so we can look at the conditions we still may have concerns regarding the ence of evacuation of the property lines all the things we do in the field and it should be covered under the design and i did see the report and read it their encouraged in the report to hire that company during construction and hopefully that will happen regarding the ladies comments on the cover up i'm not sure what that meant i'm the actual builder inspector supervisor i'll encourage her to contact me if she thinks someone is not doing their job especially the
8:03 am
building inspectors. >> i'm sorry you can't speak. >> follow-up with dbi and if there is something with the windows that shown incorrectly or something that has been done we are happy to look at that. >> can you address her comment about how dope the dig will be. >> i don't see the structural drawings there is architectural plans so there's different depths of that but that is all part of design i said that along commissioner wilson we do those are licensed professionals their reviewed by dbi engineers their supposed to be meet all it structural code for water and loads for - so we'll expect it is designed to comply with the codes and it is just a typical thing we've seen many projects i
8:04 am
tell people i know their nervous but the code addresses that a in regards to the notifications, the design the waterproof all the things we can't have water running off your property and intruding others that should be incorporated into the plan i saw the drainage the code that's what it is there for . >> does the offer to do that with hand tools does that help. >> yeah. that's possibly somewhere i - to get it done that is some go that monitored closely during the work as part of special inspections it is done a lot it depends on the soil conditions and the thing about those projects until i get
8:05 am
into them you don't know sometimes that's when they need to stop and do a start work inspection inspection and have it monitored i know i hope to improve on that with the neighbors i expect those issues are heard with the board decisions with made during the process of the project that that's what you have dbi for they're there for that we can put to it on the people to give us some additional like requirements from the geotech it is not unusual to ask for something else during construction based on someone's concerns. >> thank you so mr. duffy the - they're
8:06 am
required the permit holder are required to collect water on the surfaces especially surfaces they've created and disturbed how about on vertical surfaces of the retaining wall they show a fabric. >> they don't show it going and connecting anywhere. >> it is supposed to have a drainage blow the retaining wall we gravel and supposed to be different designs as you may know there's a way to design that and that we'll expect that is done there is a waterproofing on the drawing. >> they don't show the the vertical. >> this is a required. >> it will be exactly yes and any water going down a retaining wall has to be built 13w09s design they have an engineer
8:07 am
here maybe they can address that but definitely something i didn't see the structural drawings i imagine there is i'm not sure that's the whole set of plans i didn't see city stamps on the plans so - >> i will have a look at the plans and see that there is anything on them. >> as part of inspections that's the part we'll ask for as well so h. >> maybe they can. >> commissioners unless questions. >> they can address my last i don't see any drainage. >> there are - there is an engineer or engineer some of the drainages are shown and on the
8:08 am
drawings he's not yet done. >> can you describe that for one minute and as mentioned drained to the public sincere underneath the patio as required by law if you want us to put hand tools on the revised drawings i'll be happy to do that. >> we've been a round of applause to provide a drainage my intent to take all the surface and sub surface of the retaining wall and collect those and turn the water from the surface and sub surface and eventually a sewer to collect that to the city's system so - >> okay. >> simple as that my questions. >> commissioners. >> i have one more question
8:09 am
for the appellant. >> step forward. >> you know nobody can force you to allow them to go inside our house one of the simpler ways for sflt to allow monument to be placed on the faces on the interior to manager the evacuation. >> commissioner fung i tried to negotiate with my income tax neighbor and keep our relationship neighborly i property to her and also to the architect as several requirements one of them will the the indemnity policy i would be happy to open my doors to the interprets knowing they'll protect me
8:10 am
none of them after i spoke with an architect he said let me speak to my folks and didn't hear from him and my goal was not to deny this permits at all at first. >> all right. >> circumstances make me do that she had to do survey of the land 3 times i spoke with the third surveyor and said he didn't know they did something illegal. >> thank you so the survey and the bound lines survey. >> i don't expert - trust the expert. >> commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> the question is whether the
8:11 am
amount of evacuation for both of the foundation and the patio are excess and require more stringent determinations whether it is structural or waterproof it would be nice if at the have arrived at some type of agreement like the documents of existing conditions because for both of them down the line to become litigation is extremely difficult to determine who is right or wrong i see no basis to either condition or to revoke
8:12 am
this permit. >> i concur i heard a lot of auditoriums on speculation that might happen in terms of the use of room i don't think that is relevant thought issuance of the permit. >> agreed. >> i concur we are not going to alter the permit or condition it strongly recommend the appellants allow some type of monitoring so that you guys are not in courts 4 years down the road probably our best size. >> move to deny the appeal and grant the permit on the basis it was properly issued. >> thank you. we have a motion to deny the appeal uphold the permit it was properly issued. >> commissioner lazarus
8:13 am
commissioner honda commissioner wilson okay commissioner swig is absent that motion carries with a votes of 4 to zero thank you. >> move on to item number 6 case victor and robert and others versus the department of building inspection with the planning department approval property on twiblth street appealing the issuance on february 29, 2016, of on alteration permit for the garage and firefighter to have family room and second story and dining room and kitchen and third floor more and replace the enter stairs appellate court. >> i need to make a disclose seems there's a lot of reuben, junius & rose cases i retained the counsel reuben, junius & rose and their representations
8:14 am
of appearing before this board are will not have an effect on any decision. >> you have 7 minutes you can begin. >> okay. thank you very much hello commissioner honda and members of the board i'm a resident of 3800 21st street one of the appellants i'm here representing the residents vourd or surroundings the property on 21 street we are appealing this issuance and the developer tells you he's dropped the project at the february 10th preapplication he's on this preceding with the original dbi project here you see are the dbi permits we've reviewed our presentation demonstrates this should go to the process significant impact the proposed project effects the
8:15 am
privacy allotting and noise number two interrupt the design elements are incomparable with the residential design guidelines and the historic character and 3 it doubles the size of the home and qualities for planning review due to the scope and size of demolition i'll begin with the impacts on the neighbors the plans filed with dbi has a significant impact on privacy and light and air and the gentleman is correct many of the properties have wooden decks none the anderson homes have a roof deck or decks above the main floor the proposed roof
8:16 am
deck willful length rear yards windows is invades the neighbors privacy this is a direct view of my became in any home just adjacent those looking north see through the bedroom windows of our neighbors 32 feet away my became is 4 feet away also plans for additional roof deck is in the plans given the small size of the lot noise will carry across the mid block open space to the adjacent neighbors they have decks off their main floor and placement is a better choose is takes care of the
8:17 am
privacy issue and number two the windows the proposed windows face east with a view into the 38 hundred street office during the april merging with the developer we requested redesign of the asked adding obscure glass we're highlighting those two changes as examples of impacts on the neighbors and the character of the houses you can cite any examples to the planning department thank you. >> hi my name is a victor i reside at 776 noah street i'll talk about the second reason for the project frankly the project doubles the size of the home and qualities for a planning review the property per the information database of the city is a three story basement plus two floors
8:18 am
single-family home with 1784 square feet of habitual living space with the size slopes this project proposes massive changes it adds two new floors and rebltsz the existing floors the lowest level will be excavated - this raise via donor a windows to create a new fourth floor all the existing floors are gutted and rebuilt to a new floor plan the plan exterior are being reconstructed with new
8:19 am
window designs all across every floor and the rear the size of the house will double the estimate cost is list on the permit at a staggering one million dollars it is unbelievable that all of those changes were approved as one alteration given the massive scale and scope and the demolition and reconstruction it requires we ask the city if they reviewed the calculations with the plan what is the total percentage of the demolition does that meet the threshold this morning he spoke with a dbi representative tells me the structural engineering report is no it in the file so that critical information is missing it project effects everyone where people resides and individual neighbors the large roof deck and the three story
8:20 am
balcony effect light and air and noise of the eastern block see of the block we all agree on that we understand the board of appeals is not the appropriate place to raise those issues we have no other forum at the moment we wish to discuss that with the developer and city planning by having an alteration permit we're deprived of our procedural rights to add interest to the project our request is simply be sensitive to the neighbors and for those historic homes by roving the roof deck and the protection of privacy and light and require the city plan review we ask you as board members to direct this the san francisco
8:21 am
planning department for a full review thanks. >> thank you, sir. >> good evening board members tom reuben, junius & rose on behalf of the permit holders mr. neil i'd like to first address a couple of the comments raised and then i'd like to talk about how this project was submit and promoted and reviewed and i submit that we followed all applicable requirements in the planning code and building code as to privacy and light and air impacts we met with the appellants on april 20th and we made proposal for reasonable modifications to the project
8:22 am
that would address those concerns we can talk about those increasing the habitable floor areas of the home didn't trigger any neighborhood notification or planning review on its own this project has been reviewed and determined in compliance with the planning code and building code in august 2015 the gentleman submitted an environmental application due to the evacuation proposed and the exterior changes to the building planning reviewed that application and determined no significant impacts they determined that all of the proposed modifications, in fact, restored and enhanced the historic character of this home the accordingly redemption determination was issued no october and in november the
8:23 am
gentleman filed for a building permit for his alterations that permit was approved in a couple of weeks and at that point having an approved permit the gentleman came up with the idea of some additions to the original parolee could have pulled that permit at that point and let the appeal period inspire and talk with the neighbors about the proposed addition but in the interest of full disclosure he filed for - he sent out a notice for a preapplication meeting with the neighborhoods to discuss with them having gotten their feedback on the additions he decided to hold-off on the addition and move forward with the full permit and pull the permit and appeal ensued we had our meeting on april 20th at
8:24 am
that meeting we proposed changes to bro both the roof deck we could protect the privacy of the lady the neighbor to the east and we would obscure the windows and the dormers also to enhance the privacy we're willing to make those changes with me tonight i have the gentleman our architect bill eagle on and partner we're available to answer any questions you may have and thank you for your time and consideration. >> sir how old is that building. >> i believe 1926. >> thank you 1904. >> thank you we'll hear from the department now. >> mr. sanchez.
8:25 am
>> thank you scott sanchez planning department so to clarify for the record the planning department has reviewed this project as said and we completed that environmental review and issued the determinations and substantially they sought a building permit application reviewed by the staff over-the-counter the scope of the work generally reduces elements of the building and envelopes except for the dormers that is a neighborhood notification under zoning administrator interpretations dating back to a decade now and donor merry windows that are. >> can i speak laboratory louder we've revised it to make it more restrictive over the
8:26 am
last couple of years but this complies with the stricter requirements the donor merry windows are exempt from neighborhood notification the property roof deck that was created by cutting back the building envelope didn't require a notice itself decks are triggering notice within the buildable area and not triggering neighborhood notification so other project was properly reviewed and approved the plans don't come near the 317 calculations to be triggering the review under 317 and bans our records and assessors oversee office since 1907 and i think that is all to say it is a code compliant project i'm available to answer
8:27 am
any questions what's the hr e analysis. >> it is of the an hr e that was required the building given it's age was listed as a historic resource now known as a historic resource and given the fact the work with generally at the rear the building and that the work proposed for the front generally improves the building closer to the secretary of interior standards no additional part so the initial review i don't think a full hr was required nicole. >> i thought they provided hr e for 35. >> it depends on given the dormers are set back 3 feet and rear it was reviewed and approved by the senior preservation team that resolves those and is confident the proposal is compliant with the secretary of interior standards with our preservation and our
8:28 am
requirements. >> just a question aside you know what a cricket is. >> i didn't look for them. >> you call it a donor merry, huh? what will trigger and 317 notification and the 317 neighborhood notification is generally an expansion of the building envelope but exemptions to that for example, from the permit obstruction like bay windows if it meets the neighborhoods notification and further certain things under section including donor merry windows meets certain requirements those are outlined and provided by the permit holder in this case but generally that expansion except for minor physical expansion
8:29 am
like donor merry windows, etc. >> okay. thank you. >> anything mr. mr. duffy. >> joe duffy dbi i didn't hear many building code issues brought up it seems to go from 3 stories with no basement and 4 stories with a basement 5 levels that triggers a strictly requirement noted on the building permit we did provide the structural at notice to the neighbors so that was done and i don't see anything else on the belief for the building code issues unless anyone has any questions. >> how so the building
8:30 am
department look it it. >> how does we look at it. >> does that become a 5 story building. >> the basement is - and four and one we call it 3 and 4 and zero to one it is a 4 level. >> and the basement though with a structural work would have triggered a notice to the adjacent neighbors; right? >> that was done the structural notification was done according to what i read in the tracking system. >> that should have been done at the issuance of the permit. >> thank you mr. duffy. >> and will have to be careful with evacuation adjacent to the property line but it is important. >> thank you any public comment on this item? please step forward and madam director keep the public comment
8:31 am
to 2 minutes per speaker we're losing our quorum. >> my name is robert i live on nov street i want to speak to additions that effects the character the whole neighborhood and visual as far away as market street? the proposed roof deck most rear yards are visual on by a few neighbors but that is not the case here i have a couple of postcards part of exhibit i'll put them here i'm trying to save times now i have 2 minutes it shows 21 street from the market and castro area. >> overhead please. i'm sorry oh, no please continue. >> and this shows a smooth lines of peak hours jefferson sloping i think the hill and to
8:32 am
lob off one of the peaks will dramatically change the character and the beauty of line of homes from near and far and this view like this that makes san francisco so unique and this beautiful city we love from the purchase of the roof deck can is spectacular view it can be viewed from any window in the purpose of did deck to provide a space for gathering it is had a lovely backyard to provide a very cozy respite from the cold winds that come into our neighborhood from twin peaks i've been there 3 seven years believe me few people use their decks so i believe whoever will be living in that building
8:33 am
misinformed can thor enjoy their view without disfiguring the peaked homes please don't allow the rear of this home to be fattened keep the peak thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is mr. henry on nov street next door to one of the appellant's first i need you want to add this if i may in the discussion so far i've not heard a good description how the interior of this 1904 is changing two things you've heard about the roof deck and the house nothing off the back making it flat when i picture a dormer i see it setting on the side the road the back of the highway right
8:34 am
now is a 1904 victorian typical noah valley the windows have taken out and their replaced with four floors sliding glass doors few windows all doors that's the way it appears might may that interest this house is visual from my home and my backyard second briefly i heard that i'm sure it is important i heard several times that the changes are not visible they're in the back and, in fact, the changes are visible up close by pedestrians in the corner of noah and 21st street the pedestrians casca see this chopped off with those too big boxed sitting there this is
8:35 am
briefly a section of the residential residential design guidelines section 7 i'll request this bill be considered under section 7 it is listed as 1977 architectural survey and listed in here today my understanding section 7 is that these are two qualifications qualifying surveys for this building to get the additional - >> it is a historical research thank you. >> sir. >> one more thing can i enter documentation into the record here's the copies of the surveys. >> give to did clerk. >> when you researched the 1976 survey how was the building rated they have different ratings. >> i have a copy if you care to look at it go yeah. a whole series of ratings and there is a copy i could put it here.
8:36 am
>> that's okay. i can ask the officer. >> i think the highest rating was a 3 and i believe the 3 was on its contribution general contribution to the neighborhood thank you. >> and exhibit has a picture of those real houses. >> thank you. >> any 0 other public comment. >> hello commissioner honda's and members of the board i'm carolyn kennedy i think or live on 21st street i chair the planning for the delores heights improvement club an association with the properties for over 40 years i attended the preapplication meeting and the april 20th meeting with the gentleman and would like to address the statement that the appeal to the neighbors simply about the part of plans that
8:37 am
have been withdrawn suggest to the discussion of the preapplication that's not true we have been clear throughout the issue the original dbi approved project is two large to go to the over-the-counter permit process the size and scale the process requires greater review two reasons why one the project was issued a permit for conditions and alterations a complete we build not a set of resolution the plans we got last week despite the statement will the projects are double the size of the home adding two floors and squattiexg below - reconstruction for the
8:38 am
fda facade to increase the number of windows and total we build no size and the over-the-counter review was insufficient had there been site visits the planning department and other departments would have identified the errors in the testimony in light of the time limitations i'm going to cut to the chase and ask tell you we'll have more questions than answers and we will ask that did you commissioner honda and the members of the board in addition to the full planning review delay this permit until we get the answers to the issues we raised and resolved thank you for your time and consideration. >> any other public comment. >> i'm a plea bargain the delores heights club i live on
8:39 am
21st street about three quarters a block away i attended that meeting on the 20th of february also, we thought that was going to be a route get together with the neighbors together and we appreciated that was as open conversation we were surprised it is revealed there was a plan already approved seemed to be approved not clear whether that was approved or not we've been trying for the last for two months to get the details on this plan we wanted to work with the neighbors from the builders we wanted to support the neighbors in working with the billiard now we're here not asking you to decide whether this permit should go forward or not we're not asking you to contribute to the size whether it entrudz on the neighbors view
8:40 am
all were asking you give us more time to work with the builder no time to work that them this is the large project shouldn't have been over-the-counter it is a very large project we need to set policy to force those projects to go through the neighborhood review we need to participate in that thank you very much. >> thank you any other. >> hello, i'm jan. >> bring the mike down. >> i'm jan an obtainer and a couple of comments i heard was that the property is resource b or something like that but heard the comments from something else that the property is then here today my understanding an preservation building 16 is that on the second there are a number
8:41 am
of potential reasons why a copy maybe clarified as a resource a that property appears here today and/or the architectural resources i know in 16 is states that the property is here today it is one of the criterias for being a historic resource and go to planning department and the property map it shows up as property b's i was wondering if perhaps this property should be taken into consideration that is a property historically. >> any other public comment. >> seeing none, then we'll move into rebuttal starting with the appellants 3 minutes. >> the overhead please.
8:42 am
okay folks the first one we wanted to show you is the regular corner where we are this is the permit holders. >> move the microphone. >> thought permit holder property are here and this is where we live we are nested and mr. egan on spoke with the - he has this large building we're tucked away in under and they're doing this rebuilding here but if he had a larger piece of property remember the back of the building is 32 feet away from the property and if he puts the deck on top it goes into my bedroom window into any kitchen and deck and into my yard if you look at this way here all those
8:43 am
homes are one hundred feet from the front of the building to the back a one hundred to one hundred and 50 feet he would have been better off to build one of those buildings i want refer to the rear yard to minimize the impact to light and air and privacy the administration can help to reduce the impacts and make the building compatible with the neighborhood so once again if you look at the distance between this permit holder home and my home and compare to what everyone is a unique property. >> i'd like to add to what plans said about the decks outside the envelope yes, their staying within the building envelope but only one deck currently adrc 3
8:44 am
additional will be changing everyone o everything else for the neighbors and they want to add one deck to the shut out not in the plan but won their adding in the future - currently the plans will be doing the feud with wood paneling that didn't go help with the historical character every single vic victorian on that side back to do overhead you look at over our garage from the student and finally with the addition of the garage they will have to take out the street trees this is part of our argument how this community-based organizations through so quickly without looking all the factors thank
8:45 am
you. >> thank you. >> mr. tuney. >> thank you i just have 3 points i'd like to make percentage as to the historic issue it is a historic value of the residents is not in question this is has been considered a potential historic resource and that's true under it is here rating today as well as it's age what matters is what is property and changes to the residents and planning reviewed that and determined it didn't trigger any additional environmental review. >> the zoning administrator can explain that further if necessary as to the roof deck and first of all, there are not 3 roof decks a reference to what is proposed
8:46 am
and considered but not part of the approved permit the roof deck was an attempt by the permit holder to minimize the intrustness of that project and cut into the attic space within deck if they put a deck and extended out from the building we will have complaints about looking into the windows of adjacent homes we're willing to take measures to protect the privacy of the adjacent neighbors and as to the rear architect you are that's a question of taste this is a delipidated home we greatly enhance by the new designs there is new glass in the back and the roof design will be cleaned up
8:47 am
it is a worthy project for the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. >> mr. sanchez anything further. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department not too much to add only the phone on the architectural survey report looking at again, it is listed in our records as b which is that has not been finally determined to be a right away rows we're have abc and listed in here today and 1936 survey it is rated looking at the details between zero and 3 it is noted a unique visible feature received a it out of 5 for roofs stepping
8:48 am
up the hill that is maintained because the proposed arms are subject from the front wall and in terms of the being sfroishl from a public right-of-way from the corner and so i can pull it up on google street view if i can have the overhead please so this the subject property that element will be visible from the public right-of-way i can confirm with the preservation staff that was not an issue primarily viewable it is this is from the corner around the corner yeah. >> excuse me - >> so i can review that with our - but in terms of the character of the block and
8:49 am
anguish i think there's a fairly strong argument other decks and i think the photo was stone of shown of other buildings on the blocks and other decks found on other buildings at the rear not 3 decks on the subject proposed there is the proposed upper level at the attic now habitable space under the proposal and now a landing which they'll remain and keep as a smaller deck owe lower level and the proposed patio at grade so wrrt. >> mr. sanchez looking at a small lot could the project sponsor are they maxed out. >> they're close to the maximum rear yard will be yes. i think likely any expansion at
8:50 am
the rear triggers a variance. >> the second thing has anyone filed a b b n pull that up here if not explain what that is. >> i don't see that is a block of the notification someone would file with an notice of reviews by the planning department and good for one year it is only $26 that trirgdz the b b n notice because it was reviewed by the planning department. >> okay. thank you i thought i saw one reference to a three story deck. >> is that what was removed there's saying only two decks one on the roof and one at the
8:51 am
bottom a cover up. >> a second story projection into the rear which didn't have a roof deck proposed over that that progression would be within the required rear yard and adding a deck triggers notification that would have been part of the previous proposal but not part of that proposal they have is a eureka valley yet railing to give but didn't provide access to that area nor a roof deck. >> let's go back to 1976 survey can you repeat again what you indicated you were talking about both the hero today and that together i thought. >> yes. it goes on the 1976
8:52 am
survey which was here today 1976 is here today same survey. >> but one time. >> 1976 survey the junior league survey that was referred to the 1976 survey they're one and the same i believe. >> (inaudible). >> okay. >> certainly. >> so i'm putting on the overhead the actual survey form from 1976 listed as a summary of two out of 5 would be the highest ratings the fact that something has a survey the 1976 survey didn't mean we find it to be a historic resource today certainly changes since that time the surveys we're not
8:53 am
conducted staff perhaps - >> an argument made by permit expediting. >> but it is one obviously. >> (laughter). one by your staff >> i understand i heard - consistently as a point to approach greater analyze analysis. >> and because something is not in a 1976 survey is not a resource we have this information. >> i understand the point. >> thank you mr. sanchez. >> thanks. >> mr. duffy anything further. >> commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> you know, i was going to raise with the va it has not
8:54 am
happened that often we've had had cases with respect to dormers the addition of dormers to create a greater habitable space you know and obviously my memory is not as good as it used to be but in general recall that the planning department has always been built to be strong in terms of the to those projects and how they crafted their dormers in this particular case i don't see any craft man of dormers you know - it would have appeared to me if one wanted to create reasonable space and maintain the existing building to a certain extent you know one would have provided
8:55 am
dormers on both sides to create the habitable space and create an architecture all that is more compatible with the existing but i'm not trying to get down on planning but there is an element my mind of a consistency how far they take their analysis i don't think i say that here and will say that my initial opinion i don't find that the dormers will quite match the type of analysis that would have occurred based on its rating and not that the rating was - it would have triggered some greater analysis. >> so what are you recommending.
8:56 am
>> where does that take us. >> i'm not in favor of this. >> so in my shorts 3 and a half years we've seen lots of folks get free space through the dormers not seeing a large process and the same things we spoken about on this board quite often is the outdoor space should be included as habitable space the city departments have not so i'm interested in hearing what the commissioner fung is - >> proposing. >> not quite sure i was looking at the documents in light of a different thought than when i reviewed it
8:57 am
previously at issue is - their issue even with the dormers their approaching a clearance inside the attic space that is a little bit police have what is code required and i think there is an issue there in terms of how they would normally locate and size the dormer because the attic space and therefore create a habitable space within that would - what is more difficult at a minimum not the dormer to approach the roof. >> i do have a question for i'm not sure if it is dbi or planning in regards to the access to the attic i nodded a spiral
8:58 am
staircase is that code compliant. >> i guess. >> it is from the radius is large enough. >> thank you mr. duffy. >> thank you commissioner honda. >> yes. spiral stairs are allowed. >> from the radius is large. >> yeah. a code there's not effected by the shop and haven't came into many problems their difficult sometimes to you know like get from level to level are you part of the code. >> i've not seen many come before me. >> there's a space safer in a house like this doesn't take up up as much space. >> back to you commissioner honda. >> i thought i'll add one more
8:59 am
point people are wondering what the illegal i'm talking about a circuit even though is where you have two sloping surfaces come together not at a right angle or wolfed and 80 degree angle therefore it creates when a traditional dormer has a sloping roof on the dormer like a shed so as the sloping roof of the dormer then engages the slope of the dormer roof is created a circuit even though. >> you learn something everyday. >> you know i hate to totally reject a permit without letting the permit holder have an
9:00 am
opportunity to respond to our comments and the question is whether it is our comments are consistent throughout the entire board i would ask them to come back to us and see what they they would propose any modifications. >> shall i continue it. >> i am. >> okay oh, my god okay with that. >> i can live with that. >> okay. >> madam director i'd like to move to continue this let's find on appropriate date for the parties whether they want to create any modifications or whether their schedules will permit what would you suggest. >> perhaps depending on how
9:01 am
much time may 11 or 18 are meetings for the boards than the june. >> is that - it the 18 available for both sides. >> of may. >> may. >> does that give you enough time. >> counselor come - >> whether you want to address some of our comments. >> could you clarify what are modifications and the dormers to your proposing i think you should revisit it. >> it's on ouyour table. >> we'll submit something by the thursday prior to that to
9:02 am
the 18; is that right? >> would you want additional plans. >> only if you so choose to submit it i'll accept it at the last minute possible. >> we'll need them the thursday prior to get them to the board in the packet. >> right he can do that sorry if you need to speak. >> the appellant should address. >> the appellant should address. >> one is the availability. >> i'm going to be out of town and june 15th is best for me. >> no meeting. >> well, what close to june 15th do you have. >> we don't. >> june 8th? >> we're not going to be here.
9:03 am
>> you know i'm not going to look for the most convenient valuable time. >> well, i would love to accommodate everyone but i paid tickets and so forth i'm not trying intentionally to do that. >> you're not here the 18. >> i'll be here june 18th. >> may. >> i'd rather do that june 18th. >> is it suffice to have other appellants in may. >> or counselor are you under any schedule pressures with this? may 18 works >> no, if we put it off to the end of june is that okay.
9:04 am
>> that seems like a long time to the ended of june. >> that's not fair to the permit holder. >> what is the 22 we have so many academy of arts. >> oh, yeah. yeah don't touch that and also a medical cannabis dispensary. >> oh, i thought we- >> how about may 11. >> may 11. >> please step forward to the microphone. >> are we creating the schedule over the negotiations of the dormers. >> that's one of the issues the question whether we have issues this is the question. >> okay. >> i don't. >> commissioner wilson. >> i think the party should be
9:05 am
free to account any issues they have. >> we'll try. >> we'll try. >> at the boards request in particular. >> the board is opening it up to all new york city. >> i'd like to say that last week's meeting we proposed a - and the question your availability. >> if nothing happens. >> we'll make that happen thank you. >> may 11? >> may 18. >> i'm trying to work with you folks counselor. >> one more clarification about the order for the motion did you suggest that dormers on the other side were a good idea. >> i was making an architectural comment. >> so i will leave it up to
9:06 am
you what you folks can live with and not to do and look at it and see what this board wants to do. >> do we assume that planning looks at those also. >> planning should. >> planning is shaking their heads yes. >> okay may 18 then. >> thank you so commissioner fung the motion to continue this to may 18th to allow time for the parties to discuss a redesign of the dormers and any other issues they want to engage in; is that correct and simulate or submit a redesign submit revised plans there are prior but no other briefing that's your motion. >> on that motion commissioner lazarus commissioner honda commissioner wilson. >> okay to that motion to
9:07 am
continue this does carry a vote of 4 to zero we'll more often move on to item with the on ninth street to for a, llc of an alteration remove the doorways and changes as required by code sir please step forward. >> is the permit holder here and i believe see. >> i didn't hand in a brief sorry about that i saw the other side didn't hand in a brief i filed at suspension of the notice of violation because without a twenty-four hour notice the management company
9:08 am
the people working for the line up on the screen side of the room were tearing out my door while i was in fwherpdz because of these and many notices on any door they never showed up so i don't know what you call it they came to do work without a twenty-four hour and don't show up whether when this is a twenty-four hour notice a lawyer told me it have them andrew's i didn't want to go to that esteem and the way they were going about could go business in the this i think he or they were oblivious to peepholes and doors to see who is on the other side of the door we really needs people in our building because the managements is no longer at the front deck checking people in and out
9:09 am
and so - this overhead it is work very good this shows the license to practice in the state of california is suspended the company vera text the company that puts twenty-four hour noticed on boards and the same company doing the work throughout the building i don't think i need 7 minutes i have pictures and can waste time on the details my lawyer said this might be outside the scope and this is a way to stop them from doing illegal things such as i'm in bed asleep and cracking on
9:10 am
any doors and no notice in advance and i'm awe woolen to someone breaking down any doors i opened the door and said what are you doing we're replacing your door without a notice is that how you on that is done. >> we gave you a notice 3 weeks ago for one day between a few hours and never gave me a twenty-four hour and a lot of people let them in and do the work but twenty-four hour is not enough time to you know if they want to replace the door 6 hours to work on that the peep has to be considered and the threshold to be saviors that inconvenience for the tenants they didn't have a permit
9:11 am
whether i first got the twenty-four hour notice they were going to change the notice they didn't have a permit 33 doors i'm not trying to stand in the way of legitimate alterations and reasonable requests but those particularly people are doing things not reasonable and unsafe not continuing - we have asbestos problem in the building the it highest hive the previous landlords tore out the hallways without preliminary and we found out it was asbestos they tore out the aesthetical ceiling where the dust accumulated and a lot of it was on the floor i
9:12 am
don't see any filter and vacuum cleaners just sweeping and a lot of time not doing that so and like i said this is for essential can you see the details on the thing on the overhead. >> i can't i'd like to see them up close so this is current but on the internet for everyone to see thank you. >> i was you know that's a liquidity reason for stopping them not having a license and this is my first time doing the board of appeals. >> are you finished this is interesting and yep. >> do i get to rebut something. >> go ahead with the permit holder. >> how's it going i'm representative of the owner
9:13 am
that's not the right vera text property there is a company that didn't have that might not true but not true i'm with the property management they provide a twenty-four hour notice and is general contractor was hired we purchased the property with 7 notices of violation and abatements and issues we had dbi and hours and electrical fire inspectors over 12 times sins we purchased the property we conform with the professionally managed property with vera text and as far as the notice goes overhead please when we purchased the property there's you can see in some of those on all the doors i want to go through this
9:14 am
quickly. >> the doors don't have colorers not fire rates many of the fireplaces were off and the department of building inspection asked us to open up a fire deer permit we accident immediately, the next day those are the fire rated doors and those doors except for the one after the permit was stopped we didn't have peepholes all the doorways have peepholes and automatic closerers that was in serious disrepair and to create a fire barrier between the second doors that was dienld so that's all been replaced and electrical inspectors have been there and building inspectors
9:15 am
and the department of building inspection has been through maximums and plumbing many times we've conformed with every order and every question they've asked that's it. >> thank you did you say what you folks the year you purchased it. >> december 22nd of 2015 about 4 months we've owned the property. >> okay we'll hear from the department now. >> commissioners joe duffy dbi the building permit under appeal to rove the doors in 33 rooms and change to commercial fire rated doors by code the building permit was a over-the-counter permit filed on the first of march issued on the first ever march and suspended on the 9 of march by the board of appeals request
9:16 am
the contractor is construction and there was a complaint filed on the 26 of 2016 clanking all the doors in 32 rooms with permits the placement was unanimous we're showing the complaint is open there's not really didn't say the inspector ordered them to get the permit it sounds like that is what happened and not documented in the tracking system the complaint is open pending the approval of the permit and the work we'll close the complaint there are other complaints as well and i will agree with the gentleman it looks like their cooperating with the department and trying to get a deadbolts only doors the house inspector went out there at the time of
9:17 am
the inspection all the work to install the dead bolts can continue the permit is not required so it looks like a good permit it is putting in fire rated doors that's a good thing and i'm available for any questions. >> just to clarify the complaints was opened because the complaint was appealed. >> the inspection has not gotten around to close it. >> probably a technology cattle. >> there are exemption in the codes you can replace a door but except a fire rated door those need a permit and taken off the hinges and replacing the doorsz those doors are fire rates they require a placement because of
9:18 am
smoke and gas those things we need to check but if it was a regular door in the house not a fire door you don't need a permit. >> who's the inspector. >> the builder inspector is jeff barns. >> thank you any public comment on this item? seeing none, sir, you have your 3 minutes of rebuttal. >> after i got the notice twenty-four hour notice to enter february 26th i did call to see if they had a permit to do the work i'm the unanimous party will i'm not against fire safety doors but against people abusing not giving tow truck drivers
9:19 am
notices and turning up to people's homes i found out today, i was seeing the fire alarm was dysfunctional making a troubled sound for of hours yesterday and the manager the building one of the managers tell them you need to call 9-1-1 we don't have a fire alarm system there is a bit of mismanagement not against progress and safety but not taking care of certain things necessary there's was a fire from the building a few years back and underneath any unit sheetrock fell and it was the building on 9th street and howard they never replaced the sheet rescue rocking no barrier between the club i can see the club through the cracks in my
9:20 am
floor i thought that would have been on the list of things to do properly and definitely needed a fire alarm system abuse of twenty-four hour notices when i don't get them they show up i understand some sort of game or harassment to drive people out of the building to make for money. >> so how long have the lived on the prop at 3 years. >> you filed a complaint regarding the replacement of the door when they were lifting up the asbestos tile did you file a complaint i was there when inspector showed up he said wow, that is bad and david. >> since those people vucht
9:21 am
took over the property in confess if any memory serves me a foreclosed property they seem to be making major improvements to the property. >> their improving well, actually some of the people think they're not i mean, i think their some cosmetic without a fire alarm system that is pretty bad. >> and that's been making bizarre sounds for the last year so certain things we have our different priorities and fire safety i have a concern i've been through a couple of fires. >> they've had the properties for 6 months and working as fast as at the. >> i'm for the building getting better but not for the tenants getting abused with the lady there lead there is ways to
9:22 am
deal with dust. >> thank you very much thank you. >> okay rebuttal from the permit holder if there is anything further. >> we've had a fire system replaced with the sprinkler and the fire panel with all the smoke many times. >> we've gotten that that's one the notifications of violations in order to have that cleared we had it inspected and tested that's been addressed. >> has any other tenant complained they get a notice and someone didn't show up. >> there are 33 units we did the notices in wafsz there is a chance that the knowledge or building is very difficult 1907 construction and many things a good chance it didn't make it to his room or did make it and started at 7 o'clock and went to
9:23 am
the next one we've gotten afternoon notices and mr. murphy didn't answer those we tried we tried many, many, many times i think 6 times in total trying to get an hour after hours or late we tried a good chance they especially\show up. >> and a gas station blow up. >> isn't our building leaning. >> excuse me - >> leaning. >> i don't believe so i hope not. >> it is sawyer. >> anything further mr. duffy commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> i think the appellant knows some of the issues are not
9:24 am
handled here the permit is for those doors and life safety i think they were appropriately issued and therefore i will deny the appeal. >> i also concur i mean new owners i think there are a few tenant issues but going going in the right direction so would you like to make a motion. >> move to deny the appeal the permit was properly issued. >> on that motion from the vice president to deny the appeal on that basis it was properly 0 issued commissioner lazarus commissioner honda commissioner wilson okay skiing absent that motion carries with a vote of 4 to zero. >> would you mind i'll leave to get a break. >> a 5 minute break. >> okay. >> i have to loaf at 7:30. >> we'll take the last case
9:25 am
after the break okay. >> working with to the wednesday, april 27, 2016, meeting the san francisco board of appeals calling item 8 potrero boosters neighborhood versus the planning department on protesting the issuance to martin building company of a lack of foundation land use and transportation to allow a 5 story building with units with the exceptions for a rear yard pursuant to code and dwelling unit to sfgh loading for the planning code and mix pursuant to 2076 start with the appellant you have 7 minutes.
9:26 am
>> thank you. i'm j wanting boosters neighborhood association a point of order we've been in discussion over the bacteria and twiven given two members the board absent we'll to request a may 18 date if possible. >> we'll agree to that continuance. >> so commissioners, i know the normal practice it you will typical continue the cases if a anything's commissioners vote might make a difference. >> since about parties want to continue unless you feel this is on the 18 is difficult i can tell you to continued
9:27 am
cases on that night and - 5 additional matters. >> personally i don't have a problem with continuing it. >> i don't either i think both of them. >> both you know. >> through the chair i'll grant a continuance. >> take public comment. >> so is there pigmented on the issue the continuance only. >> the limited to whether or not the issue should be continued. >> it was confusing on the website so i wanted to know can the members of the public submit letters or something you know that basically, the record didn't close and members of the
9:28 am
public can submit written comments at any time >> the week before is just for the parties. >> there are different deadlines the turns thursday for the public to have the material in the packet otherwise the night of hearing. >> would you care to state your name sorry okay and other public comment? >> my name is silvia johnson. and i would like for this supervisors to hear marry hear been is continuance of this hearing you can is not you can necessary in saving their lives what they're doing is literally trying to make things for
9:29 am
difficult because the world does not you know shafrt by leading us with the root of money i'm telling you this needs to be changed if they're not cooperated and trying to feel better you know, i could a continuance on this matter because right now, we're trying to get a job with the city and this ordinance and approximately going the wrong way but i think i can exactly how it gets there and stay up for 3 days on the contracts with the health department and contracts the task force and the police
9:30 am
department and you know, i have already a book i got here in planning commission he needed to redo it so i'm trying to do it faster i can with this and you know i'm turning into the health department and police department and the task force contracts and i will you know tonight - i think i need more time you know my office is - thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> okay. seeing none a motion from commissioner fung to continue this matter until the 18 i'm sorry please stewardship. >> i believe all 5 commissioners a schedule.
9:31 am
>> not correct 4 commissioners. >> okay i'll call the motion to continue this to the 18 of may commissioner lazarus president absent commissioner wilson and commissioner swig is absent that motion carries with a vote of 4 to zero and vice president. >> there's no further business. >> thank you and this meeting is >> thank you and this meeting is adjourned
9:32 am
announcer: b dreams and good grades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to listen, your story line, it makes for incredible tv drama. thing is, your drug use is too adult for the kids, so i'm going to have to block you. oh, man. yeah. [inhales] well, have a good one. you're a nice lady.
9:33 am
calm down. i see so many friend here today, so many wonderful people. it is warms my heart to be with you. i want to start off as all events do with the thank you because no event happens by just talking heads. so, i 1st want to thank the mayor, mayor ed lee and staff at the mayors office. he will be here
9:34 am
very shortly. [applause] i also want to thank my colleagues, the department heads and i see so many of you elected and appointed so if you would stand up and be recognized, vicky, mohammed, come on you guys. [applause] thank you guys. these are not my goals, these are the cities goals. they are all of our goals in the room. i also want to thank our commissioner from the commission on the environment. if and are in the room will you please stand up and be recognized? past commissioners as well. i know we have past commissioners. and finally, i want to thank mystaff, the colleagues
9:35 am
in the department of the environment who are phenomenal. [applause] and of course our sponsors. normally you have a slide full of logoes. this is the logo of telegraph hill. this is our nob nab thank you david [inaudible] i want to acknowledge the companies that made today possible. nesty, sales force, united air lines, blue shuld of california, star bucks, [inaudible] urban fabric and venivate american thank you for your leadership and support. and of course friends the urban forest. [applause] so last year
9:36 am
we celebrated earth day out in san francisco at giant stadium and this year we bring it back to city hall to reflect the year gone by. this is a year of tremendous intensity of the effects of climate change, indonesia, california, so many areas had record break forest fires and fiji has the largest typhoon in history, here in california, elnino and a dud and not getting us out of the drought. everyone in the room knows the problem statement so won't spend a lot of time bringing us down. instead what we want to do today is talk about the things that we are grateful for i'm truly grateful for what happened in paris in december. the first time in history, 195 countries came together and
9:37 am
made a commitment, they made a public commitment to reduce their green house gases and did so not just by signing a document but saying we are coming back in 2 years, we are coming back in 5 years, and we'll tell the world how we are doing. so there is a element of accountability that will drive the action we need to see and tomorrow as i understand it, president obama will sign the united states of americans commitment to reducing green house gas emissions. [applause] another point of inspiration has come from a unlikely place, pope fransss turned into one of the most effective climate chamians in the planet and what i truly
9:38 am
appreciate about the pope is he reminds it it is not only vt environment, environmental justice and social justice are linked. he says we must hear the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor and that is a reminder for all of us every day whether we think the work we do. i'm inspired by the work of callees and city departments. i was at a talk given by john martin at the airport and told the audience san francisco international airport reduced green house gas emissions 38 percent at the same time air travel has grown by 40 percent. that is amazing. there are stories like that in every city department. today we recognize there is lots to celebrate and of course there is more to be done. but today this morning we are going to celebrate the people that have been the
9:39 am
people pushing, the leaders. the people who wush their organizations, push their communities and push this city to do things a little differently. frangly, a lot differently. we call it the mayors earth day breakfast but this is everyones earth day breakfast so it is my chance, our chance to thank all of you for places the value you do on the environment, on our future, and on our communities wellbeing. you inspire all of us. it is not only of course everybody earth day but will take everys action from the large bureaucracies like ours to the small-if you are part of a green team will you raise your hand? thank you. those are the people and organizations who are moving the organizations. [applause] from faith based communities to grass root organizations every person, every
9:40 am
business, every individual we all have to take action. tim obrian i don't know how many read the book, the things they carried, it is a standsered book in schools these days, he said very moving to me. he said story telling is the essential human activity and the harder the situation, the more essential it is. i can't think of anything harder or daunting than the challenges of climate change so perhaps what we need most today in these times is to embrace the art embrace the ancient art of story telling. i so the theme of today is what is your story. because it is going to take all our
9:41 am
stories collective lay to create that hope and they will be stories not of dispair but of optimism and action and there are so many stories in this room today. and some people have name tags that say ask me about my story. ask me about roots, ask about [inaudible] and encourage it is a great way to get to know somebody is be inspired. read their name tags and ask for the stories. there are so many stories we can share but it is urpth day breakfost, not lunch and dinner so we had to choose 4 stories that reflect our cities climate goals setting [inaudible] land fill inseneration, 50 percent of trips. [inaudible]
9:42 am
100 percent renewable energy and starting to tackle natural gas for heating kwr cooking and looking at fossil fuels in the transportation system. finally, rooths, roots, the power of nature to pull carbon out of the air. how we plant trees stwr put com post on the lands and how to increase fertility. here is my favorite zero story, kcvu diz a story an the postal service and looked at san francisco post offices and said there is a lault they are throwing away so our commission on the environment said they can do better than that so wrote a letter to post master general and said we are disappointed and here to help. contact us, come to the table and we'll help you make a change. the post
9:43 am
office gave us terri balcum. tery you here? we'll do thisen your honor. the post office gave us terri and we gave them stephen, stephen [inaudible] from the commercial zero waste team and the two worked tirelessly together and it paid off. zero waste was implemented in all 3 2 of their facilities to the tiny ones of [inaudible] to the evans facility and you can imagine what that took. they trained 3500 employees and put 300 new stations in all of their facilities, all of their offices and that led-reduced to trash service by 70 percent, saved $200,000 in waste bills, that is a success. [applause]
9:44 am
what this proves to me is even large organizations which are not known for being agile and responsive can make a difference because at the heart is the leadership, the commitment and no how and we have the ability to bring all 3 of those thengs to the the table. 50, this story about 50 is a special one to me because it doesn't stop at the transit it grows and grows and shows how a leader with vision can start with a nugget of idea that can have ripple effects throughout a communesty. jackie [inaudible] i know jackie is here. jackie, where are and? there she is, yay jackie. jackie is a very special member of excelsior community. she isn't content to leave
9:45 am
things as she finds them so leaves her job after 25 year jz says how can i make my community better, what can i do empower people and show people their actions matter. she understands one person can make a difference and that even small actions can have a profounds impact. she noticed something, she noticed the local part was in walking distance from 3 schools. that seems like a nice consequences so brain stormed with safe routes taschool folk squz out of that brain storm came the excelsior walk and roll hub. tuesday mornings kids from all those schools with their parents come to the park and jackie isn't just leaving them there she brings food, snacks coffee for adults, prizes, and their communethy is made and
9:46 am
when it is time it go to school, they lease the hub. some parents go to work and others take kids out or walk or roll or scooter to school. jackie took this idea of building communities and healing the planet and took it a step further because she said i'm not convinced this is all we can do, we can do more. so, what does she do? she gives those kids supplies to collect litter on the way. mohammed this has to warm your heart. [applause] she is out there making sure that those kids while they are healing the planet walking are also healing the planet through zeery and sure she sorts everything in the bags and makes sure it gets in the right place. so, let's hear it for jackie. [applause]
9:47 am
here is a story about strong leadership and what the will can do to change the world. geo hawj, providence baptist church in bayview--so i think if you ask him he wouldn't self declare as a radical environmentalist, but he is a real pragmatist and he is helping move close toor 100. providence baptist, huge community asset, notices a need. there is a lot of homeless around them so they create in their church a homeless shelter for 125 people. the problem is it got to be expensive. their energy bills went up, the cost of giving that service was not budgeted for, so he had a idea. why don't we take a look at how we can save
9:48 am
money and so what he did is convinced his skeptical congregation of over 700 people it is wurkt to install solar panels. our document environmental justice program worked with the church to identify funding. the solar panels were installed and the church is a 7ing $40,000 a year on electricity bills. [applause] so that money that was spent going to pay for electricity instead went back to support thg community service. this is what it means to be a climate action environmental justice champion. of course [inaudible] doesn't stop there because he understands that if just providence baptist does this nothing realally changes and so he is the chair
9:49 am
the interface counsel which is over 800 clergy and teaches congregations beyond his own fwht impact of climate change and understands climate change will impact low income communities and takes it on himself to be the teach squr inpersation and be that leader. geo lodge like pope frances understands the nature of climate environment, social and it is that spirit that is truly going to heal this planet so thank you [inaudible] hawj. [applause] final ly, roots. many of us the noise of a jackhammer early in the morning isn't music to our ears but there is one guy who believes this is beautiful music and that is a guy named marks
9:50 am
major. markus, are you-[applause] every time markus or climate action now hears a jackhammer they get excited because that means concreate is broken up and asphalt is leaving and permitinantly removed and have a opportunity to put in a organic garden, a sidewalk landscaping so that loud sound which drives me nuts for markus and his colleagues makes all those late nights and meetings and public aexperiences worth while. his leadership with climate action now he is transformed 21,000 square feet of concrete into organic gardens. [applause] i also notice when i put the slides together
9:51 am
something else is growing for markus major, check out the facial hair. there, there. clearly all that organic mulch must be good for growing beards. he is transforming our landscape and he is supporting our roots goals. and, he is teaching our youth. he is teaching the youth in the community the importance of this work, the importance of caring for the planet and the power of capturing carbon. markus major has a special place in my heart and it isn't just because he educated youth, promotes bio diversity and takes action on climate change, the thing that brings markesclose to my heart is he worked for us. look at the facial hair here. clearly this is good for facial here. he was on the school ed team and he was [inaudible] whatever he 92 eded to be to get the message to
9:52 am
kids. so, thank you markus major and climate action now for supporting roots. [applause] what markus is doing is not only heal thg planet, but building the leaders of tomorrow because the student that he trains, that he inspires will be the teachers and decision makers. and that is a common theme for zero 5100 routes. all these leaders didn't stop with their action, they decided to go way beyond. way beyond their own [inaudible] so we are fortunate to have those inspiring leaders as our models because together they make lasting change. i want to share one last story about a leader who trully inspired me
9:53 am
who is here and that is our mayor, mayor ed lee. [applause] i know as city administrator and hepd of public works but when i met him as mayor two years ago while applying for this job, i was struck by something about this leader and didn't even understand the significance of it perhaps until now. like some of the other leadhairs we heard about, like pope frances and gl hawj and markus major, he understands the importance of caring for people and the planet. those ideas are bounds together mpt the choices we make on our environment impacts people and people matter to mayor ed lee. as
9:54 am
public works director and city administrator he kept our city running. as mayor, he knows we need to plan for our future now, today, and he understands the role climate change will take in shaping the city of today. he knows that the policies we put in place, the goals we set, the investments we make are what will make the difference between a thriving city and a catastrophic mess. we got examples of both to look at throughout the world and he understands the power of cities on that international stage. in fact, he is incredibly proud to stands up and talk about the zero 5100 roots goals and his
9:55 am
eyes light up whether in the vatican or talking to city staff or talking to children. his eyes light up because he understands the critical importance of cities. the importance of leadership whether it is local scale or international scale. so before the mayor joins me on stage, i want to welcome the mayor in a little bit of different way. i would like to introduce the reding elementary school second grade who has written the mayor and all of us a song. [applause]
9:56 am
[children single] [applause]
9:57 am
9:58 am
[applause] >> does that make you feel a obligation? yeah. wow! thank you! mr. mayor. >> thank you. wow! i finally found a group of people i'm a little
9:59 am
taller than. [laughter] wasn't that nice? thank you very much for reding elementary. that is a great song. [applause] debbie we'll have to adopt that as the department song. i want to welcome everybody to our vatican in san francisco, the epipooals palace, thank you for attending the 16th annual earth day event in san francisco. congratulations everybody. [applause] to the second graders what a great perfornlance, i love those t shirts. look like we will get good score frz the warriors too. this is one of my favorite times of the year, it is not just because it is a time when the warriorerize setting the record season when it is a even year and everybody knows what that mean frz our
10:00 am
giants. we want to address all our responsibility which is climate change. i want to thank debbie and entire staff of department of environment for not only doing the work but reminding every department we can work together and do if better for this entire city with our business community, our non profit community, with our entire relationship of the world and yes, debbie i was excited to join other world city leaders in paris and the vatican, not only to discuss but make our own contributions and announcements to the worlds recognition that climate change is serious and real and scientific and all must participate. that is why we understand the importance of taking action and
10:01 am
witness it first hand through our work on zero 50 and 100. with zero waste, i know we have been at 80 percent for a little while. it will be in our life time i truly believe we'll get to 100 percent if we work together and do everything we need to do. would you like to do that in your life time everybody? 100 percent deversion. [applause] we are at 80 percent and this is still why our city is gow gring and growing at a rapid place and it is remarkable we keep that percentage there and figure out the rest in the very near future. we are proud of the other goal. did you know we have already reached 50 percent sustainable travel just this past year? one year ahead of schedule. thank you everyone, the
10:02 am
transit authority, transportation authority, muni, all of the people in car sharing, ride sharing. want to thank everyone for accomplishing a year ahead. that gives great incentive to do even more and we know we can do better. it does want stop there. as you heard when we were in the vatican we took the opportunity to announce that our entire diesel fleet will move over and has in fact with the cooperation of municipal transportation agency and buses and dpw and heavy trucks we now are all on renewable diesel. [applause] that's a great step forward and working to support of course our electric vehicle market. in fact, san francisco is the most successful electric
10:03 am
vehicle market in the united states and will continue to be so. thank you for all your support. [applause] we will be increasing availability and use of electric vehicles and also the infra structure it needs to have particularly focused on the under served. we will double the current level of access to electric charging station tooz city owned property and improve access to charging stations in multifamily buildings throughout the city. we are also going to change our municipal light duty vehicles purchasing policies to support this very goal. when we say the city is green, we mean our brick and mortar as well. how about a city that has now over 6 million square feet of lead certified municipal
10:04 am
properties. thank you to the building owners of san francisco and developers that wirk with them. last year city hall became the oldings buildings in the nation [inaudible] thank you to city hall managers. our good city work force working with department and environment. when we welcome the record number of visitors particularly this past year with superbowl and ever increasing conventions that we have, we welcome them to our world class city each year as they fly through our airport. we just recently refurbished one of the major domestic terminals of the airport, terminal 3, it is now lead certified. thank you very much
10:05 am
to sfo. [applause] not only that, but all the lights you see here today and every municipal building in the city are powered by 100 percent green house gas 3 hetch hetchy, puc. thank you very much puc. we get more water up there too. and of course i want to thank you the puc and leadership because we have now begun implementing the clean power sf program for san francisco. we already starting with our commercial and move into our residential very soon. we are doing this smartly and create local jobs at the same time. thank you to the puc. [applause] stopping climate change requires we reduce carbon emissions and
10:06 am
manage our eco systems that remove carbon from the at mosphere and that is why we created a very aggressive but very realistic program of zero 50-100 and it is achievable. it has achievable goals to mitigate climate change and adapt reality of our changing climate for our city. we have seen in the last few years our planet earth is changings a well. our sea level rise is truly rising. we are experiencing more intense storms and i want to give up a blessing and thanks to the people in houston because they in the heart of it and see people trying to get out of their home jz get services. that is a example of the severity of climate change and the sea level rise.
10:07 am
more frequency. we will see more of that. we will experience more flooding across the country and erosion of the beaching as we know alock the pacific coast and our own ocean beach. the days of ectreme heat are common acurns. ladies and gentlemen for the earth day let us pledge we will note sit in inaction. inaction, the cost will be 75 billion dollars in infrastructure alone that by 2100. inaction doesn't just put our city budget at risk, it puts all of our communities at risk. to me these very kids ask us to make sure we do our best to lead them a better planet to live and work on. that is why in
10:08 am
collaboration with many of you and our departments as well, we convene the sea level rise coordinating committee to develop a sea level rise action plan. earlier this week i released the city wide resiliency strategy called the resilient san francisco as part of a grant from rockefeller foundation and we established the office of resilience and recovery and thank you patrick for your good work in that and our on a national scale. in june our city will host the 7th clean energy minterial and bring the international community and business community together to help accelerate a global transition to clean energy. we are making progress, we have lot of work to do but inspired very much by the very kids that tell us we got to do this and we got to
10:09 am
get it done in their life times as well. i want to say again, a big thank you to everyone and before i close, i'll take this opportunity to announce that i'll be hiring or having on part of my staff tyrone [inaudible] who many know and work with at the puc, they will become my environmental senior advisor and vooa chance to work with all of you. he rill bring in 12 years of speenchs and work wg water and energy issues and especially as they relate to climate change issues as well. [applause he may entice me to have chinese new year costium representing a animal of some sort. also want to take this opportunity as well, i want to acknowledge and
10:10 am
thank a friend that has been a frnd to the city for many years. department and environment know him well but everybody here knows him and it is somebody who just announced leaving of the epa, gerled bloomenfeld. gerled are you here? he is probably riding on a bike. he will take a pacific coast way trek that all of us will probably watch and learn from him and definitely invite him back to speak with us and continue to be a great council. to all of you congratulation on 16th earth day, thank you very much for coming together and working but most-importantly thank you for helping implement 0, 5100.
10:11 am
congratulations. [applause] >> okay. well now my presentation. we are all most done but may need some help on the presentation side. things are frozen. okay. so, that was amazing. i also have one more thank you and then we'll wrap this up. this is a partnership. what makes san francisco amazing is that we got phenomenal residence, phenomenal businesses, motivated city staff and leadership. we also have some of the most bold andadacious elected officials in the contry and i saw supervisor peskin and know the staff and colleagues of many supervisors here today so let us give a big thank you to all of the board of supervisors
10:12 am
for helping adapt the policies we need. [applause] so, in closing, this has been a day about stories. we have heard some stories-thank you, wow! nope, not going to-i can wing it the last two minutes. this is a day about stories. we could have told so many but we only told a few, but we don't want to luce the power of the stories of every wnl in the room. i'm not going to make yoi come up and speak because that would be incredibly painful. instead i'll ask you to do something right now. we believe in reuse, we believe in sorting so want everyone to take their name tag
10:13 am
off and i want you to take the paper part out of your name tag so you do a separation exercise here between paper and plastic. notice on one side it should look familiar, have your name on it. if you turn it around it says, what is your story? on tables around are pens you can borrow a pen from a neighbor, and this is what we ask. because what we have got is create a chorus of action, a chorus of stories not the silence of appathy and dispair. in order to create that chorus it starts here. tell us, tell us something you are proud of. tell us something you need from us of the department of environment ear city to make it happen. tell us a barrier you overcome and you are proud of. tell us how you
10:14 am
have committed to zero 5100 roots so we can share your stories and we'll know they are yours because they have your name on it. take a few minutes before you leave, before you network and close out this amazing day to share your story with all of us and the world around. thank you so much for each of your leadershipsment . thank you for joining our department today. [applause]
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> here we are at the embarcadero. we are standing at one of locations for the street
10:17 am
artists. can you tell me about this particular location, the program? >> this location is very significant. this was the very first and only location granted by the board of supervisors for the street artist when the program began in 1972. how does a person become a street artist? there are two major tenants. you must make the work yourself and you must sell the work yourself. a street artist, the license, then submitting the work to a committee of artists. this committee actually watches them make the work in front of them so that we can verify that it is all their own work. >> what happened during the holiday to make this an exciting location? >> this would be a magic time of
10:18 am
year. you would probably see this place is jammed with street artists. as the no, there is a lottery held at 6 in the morning. that is how sought after the spaces are. you might get as many as 150 street artists to show up for 50 spaces. >> what other areas can a licensed street artist go to? >> they can go to the fisherman's wharf area. they can go in and around union square. we have space is now up in the castro, in fact. >> how many are there? >> we have about 420. >> are they here all year round? >> out of the 420, i know 150 to sell all year round. i mean like five-seven days a week. >> are they making their living of of this? >> this is their sole source of
10:19 am
income for many. >> how long have you been with this program. how much has it changed? >> i have been with the program since it began 37 and a half years ago but i have seen changes in the trend. fashion comes and goes. >> i think that you can still find plenty of titis perhaps. >> this is because the 60's is retro for a lot of people. i have seen that come back, yes. >> people still think of this city as the birth of that movement. great, thank you for talking about the background of the program. i'm excited to go shopping. >> i would like you to meet two
10:20 am
street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color. >> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed artists.
10:21 am
the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you. what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i like talking to mentum people. talking about art or anything
10:22 am
that comes to our minds. there is more visibility than i would see in any store front. this would cost us relatively very little. >> i am so happy to meet you. i wish you all of the best. >> you are the wonderful artist that makes these color coding. >> nice to me to. >> i have been a street artist since 1976. >> how did you decide to be a street artist? >> i was working on union square. on lunch hours, i would be there visiting the artist. it was interesting, exciting, and i have a creative streak in me. it ranges from t-shirts, jackets, hats.
10:23 am
what is the day of the life of a street artist? >> they have their 2536 in the morning. by the end of the day, the last people to pack the vehicle probably get on their own at 7:30 at night. >> nice to me to condemn the -- nice to meet you. >> it was a pleasure to share this with you. i hope that the bay area will descend upon the plaza and go through these arts and crafts and by some holiday gifts. >> that would be amazing. thank you so much for the hard work that you do.
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10:37 am
thank you for letting us have time with you. everybody has questions about what we are doing and how we are getting the navigation centers started and some of these improving the [inaudible] but it is about
10:38 am
[inaudible] i think all of you are interested in that. i want to let you know [inaudible] also answer any question you have and how you [inaudible] operation here and working citizen center and how we help you do what we can do make sure that we have permanent housing and what we need to do to protect that. i want to say thank you to the soccer team and if everybody want s have to have a seat [inaudible] i will have sam talk about the standards of the navigation center because we are opening up another one. [inaudible] we have one at civic center and market street that will convert to a navigation sent squr have a temp raer shelter, about 150 people and building
10:39 am
yet again another navigation center and going to a community [inaudible] navigation center is our cities best effort to have something that is better than a shelter. when you go to the it shelter system [inaudible] have to line up and then have to leave and while you are at the shelter there isn't a lot happening there. maybe at next door center you may get [inaudible] foobe able to [inaudible] what we are trying to do is use [inaudible] on a every day basis to make sure you got [inaudible] and make sure you can visit the dentist and make sure you get a nurse to check up on you what is going on with your health and get your benefits together and make sure you have access to [inaudible] and all the other
10:40 am
programs that state has along with the city. healthy san francisco. [inaudible] the main think about the navigation center is we try to [inaudible] shelter group jz bring a partner in. you can bring animals, we have pets, we have all [inaudible] shower and 24/7 access to water and bathroom services. [inaudible] we want to do more of the navigation center, they cost a lot because we have 24/7 services on site and it is all [inaudible] the ultimate aim is once you get there and we provide you with all the benefits qu case management we will also be inviting you to take [inaudible] permanent home somewhere in the city and in addition to the navigation centers we are now opening up
10:41 am
some 200 additional units on top of the 500 unit we did last year, we have another 200 opened up. we have to open when we can find them. right now the 200 units are parts of master leasting the single room occupancy hotels and refurbish them and make sure all the bathrooms and working and water and fire exits are working and master lease them so they not just owned by the property owner but we actually control and manage them. i want to have sam go throall that with you and how you can qualify. we invite you to the navigation center when we can have a bit of your background and information and from there the navigation centers open up to permanent housing. we have hundreds of new housing going on and now-whautd what we have done,
10:42 am
i'll talk about why we created a new department on homelessness so we can coordinate all the stuff that happens amust just [inaudible] >> thank you, mayor. [applause] it is real a a honor kwr privilege to be here today and the amazing work that [inaudible] a model to how we are look and approach homelessness in general and approach it in a way that is respectful, understanding and people are in crisis and people that [inaudible] will be the ones making the big change and that is [inaudible] we need to create those opportunities so people can take advantage of it kw support people. [inaudible] so much we can do at any one time so we need to work together to make sure those opportunities are available to
10:43 am
everyone. work strategic and smart how we make the opportunities available. right now as the mayor said we had one year with this exairmt at the navigation center and the idea was people speenchsing homelessness that are on the street and not being able to take advantage of the housing opportunities like you do right here. i have 3 seconds to talk with the staff here and they explained how they take advantage of the coordinateed entry system and work we are doing with them and that is a asset for helping people get into housing. [inaudible] and make the opportunities available to those who most need them and not just if you are in a certain program or
10:44 am
certain [inaudible] to get them anifd you are not you don't get them at all. one of our core things is we [inaudible] beautiful program like this one here that works today. we have amazing outreach teams. we have people working very hard in shelter jz make them as humane and good as possibility. we have navigation center [inaudible] they are linked into one system and this is the opportunity we have norming a new department. let me tell you, it isn't easy to change thing s for a city. that is what we know, right? everybody is used to how we have been doing it for a long time but my experience is we can do better and have to do better and part is getting our ducks in a row [inaudible] only one department [inaudible] really help us get
10:45 am
our act together and keep very strategic and [inaudible] as much as we can and create as many opportunity as we can. there is tremendous demand for shelter in our city and we know that people want to get into housing. how do we build the system that helps us make homelessness rare and brief event in someones life and had they return to housing and stay in housing and never center to come back to homelessness. this is our goal. we know it isn't a easy journey but got to get there and so today we have a opportunity to do some brainforming brain storming and have done this around the city in different shelter jz housing because your expertise will help us make sure we are headed in the right direction.
10:46 am
it isn't a one time thing but this help uzus-now we collect all the different program jz look that different parts of city government service homelessness and try to gather them together into one department and while we do all this work and things are up in the air we want to make sure we get your input about-we will make changes, what are the previous changes and the most meaningful change s for you. i appreciate it today and [inaudible] do you want to say [inaudible] >> i think we ought to get to know each other, that is the main thing. if the city government or amount your landlord then tenet landlord has to know each other and think that is the way to approach is it is everybody in the shelters deserves a end goal,
10:47 am
which is permanent housing so that is what we are trying to do. it isn't easy. [inaudible] very expensive city. you see a lot of construction going on and we are trying to get the profit from that to support our low income housing and make sure we also have enough to have a housing for the homeless and it is beginning to work. we are getting more resources bought it is difcult to find the land sometimes. we will run out of sro's and thinking how we can [inaudible] it will take time but we are talking with labor unions and make sure we have [inaudible] i will have to say [inaudible] we can prioritize and prioritize for [inaudible] any of you veterans we are prioritizing
10:48 am
veterans. people got children, families off the street, we will be helping them very quickly. we have most of you who might already have a place but maybe you are under some kind of stress, maybe there is eviction going on we can help with that as well because part of our program is also keep people in the places that they have as long as they are doing their part to make sure they can stay as well. we have priorities that we can help and [inaudible] benefits you didn't know about [inaudible] we can do all that. i want to make sure you feel welcome in the city and we will do everything-we hope that you will not have the only choice of staying on the street. we believe staying on the street is
10:49 am
dangerous, unhealthy. even if you find a good place you always have to look over your shoulder to see what will happen and don't want that stress on your life even though some may have experienced that, that isn't the end game in the city of san francisco. the end game is we want to help people off the streets and into supportive long term housing with the city continuing support to make sure you are stable in every you do from food to health to the benefits that you have to a place to live. that is what we want. that is why we have this department of homelessness . [inaudible] educate about the complexy of local government, that is my job but one reason we haven't been able to move fast enough in getting more housing is we have 5 to 6 different departments and nobody said i'm responsible
10:50 am
to ending your homelessness, not one department said that was their purpose. now we are creating a department when we touch you and help organize and give you support, we will say you and i will work together and will end homelessness for you at some point in time and do everything we can do to get ready for that. [inaudible] rather than, it is up to you or go there or go there or sorry that didn't work or something happened to work, sorry can't help you. that is what is going on [inaudible] they are doing this. i worked in city government for 25 years and [inaudible] understand how that feels. i want to make sure when we have this department as we are doing it, everybody who you come in contact with i have a
10:51 am
how can i help you and your homelessness situation. how can we do that together? this is what the department is all about. and hopefully we get something where your pets are welcome and partners are welcome where you and your personalty are welcome. we'll work together on all the rules. so, maybe at this time we'll open it up for your questions and input and we have a few things that- >> we have structure later so maybe this is the time we can ask questions [inaudible] questions? anybody? >> anybody want to introduce themselves? >> [inaudible] fascinated with the [inaudible] appreciate it and help you out all the way. >> how long have you been without a home? >> [inaudible] 10 years.
10:52 am
>> that's is your end game too [inaudible] >> [inaudible] i have a catch 22 thing where [inaudible] i can feel it is hard -diversify city. [inaudible] off and on-on-[inaudible] good job and
10:53 am
[inaudible] i can understand [inaudible] >> [inaudible] make sure you understand we are sensitive to that. [inaudible] >> section 8 works in the same way or how does that work? >> section 8 is a housing authority and we can make sure-we are working on all section 8 certificate members so if you have a section 8 certificate we can help you, but the challenge now is even with section 8 voucher it is really
10:54 am
hard to find unit in the city. we actually have been placing people outside the city with a section 8 certificate as long as they have that certificate, but if you want to apply for it there is a long waiting list but we can assist. >> i want to get the city. >> we work to make sure there a prefference for people that are homeless [inaudible] >> i just want to be a tourist. >> [inaudible] i want to thank the city and the people that have been helping with the outreach team to help the homeless with animals. [inaudible] it makes it rough for the animal, so i
10:55 am
have to say the team has been really helpful as far as helping him with shots and getting him healthy and [inaudible] as far as resources there is a lot available for pets and that helped a lot. >> thank you, >> thank you. [background noise, unable to hear] >> sometimes it can be daunty to go through that especially people that have been out of [inaudible] people to get back into that and get [inaudible] need that assistance [inaudible] might need something that moy may be too much for them and may need that
10:56 am
extra hand [inaudible] help do that and help them through those stages so they are not overwhelmed through the process and may help empower them as they go through the steps s they can do these things and may help in the housing process. >> yes, [inaudible] dart team which is community service so when they do the coordinateed entry like here, they give a short application, a one pager but in order to take advantage of the federal government subsidies and all the [inaudible] we do to open up a building, they come and help do all the application and walk it through so that it isn't all on-the government [inaudible] is the government. [inaudible] we take responsibility for that and the eligibility is
10:57 am
basically how in need you are. how long you have been homeless and health condition you face see we take responsibility for that process [inaudible] work with people off the street and give them the services. part the idea is learning what is working now, what the strengths are and think those are some the strengths but they are in pockets and need to broaden it out to make it more successful. >> it isn't just the brick and mortar. i think you are right [inaudible] can we make sure everything is going okay even when you are in because i think checking up and have two way response on that and making sure everything is right that not another death happens where you are on the road to where you
10:58 am
want to go, that is what we are trying to do here. before, [inaudible] everybody said you go there and you go there and i think [inaudible] >> [inaudible] >> i appreciate places like this where you can talk honestly about what we are trying to do and get information out. i want to thank christine because she and the center is valuable to north beach and a place where people feel comfortable but who they are and what they need and we'll come back and answer more question squz hopefully we'll nob nub get you to long term housing. alright? thank you very much. appreciate it.
10:59 am
[inaudible] [applause]
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