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tv   Board of Education 51016  SFGTV  May 12, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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i think is compliant i think that is more than maybe what some schools have but i want to say it didn't i think what we're looking at for in engagement for parents to be understand and navigate the system how it works but we are looking for parents to have been a little of checks and balances to punish what they think their children and school needs i think this is why we have parents engagement pea why we have a school counselor a collective voice by there are a little bit of tension we believe that is activates a better product so you can respond do you want to respond go ahead. >> well, you make a good point we're discussing the regulatory
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compliance component in addition to the score card in the entire section with the community type with the combfrments take the engagement and really something with trader but this is an outdoor side above and beyond what the policies say. >> thank you thanks we're working on it as a district so thank you for that clarification. >> sorry i have two questions so why are we are doing this just for the two schools are they the ones that need chinese we call them a general templates with all the comploents according to federal regulation they need to have and when we look at the template we thwart
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it and sometimes they leave outs language their reviewed for a federal program and looking at those 20/20 and felt they will left out the components. >> does that mean all the other schools whether or not this language is in all the policies. >> and look at them internally. >> all the other schools. >> - >> not just the 7 under review. >> and then is it standard for us to name apparatus programs we're working with i ask that because of the programs come and go and change like hillcrest is didn't they are organization i'm curious that did that mean they morning work with the participates or that we have to come back and change that or something that just has to be
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get checked regularly. >> as part of imbalanced score card this is to approve that by the school council you'll see side language surveyor from years and years and in a particular years sooefg the offer laptop with the balanced score card. >> commissioner wynns we've talked about that what school is that. >> the county school. >> okay. we've never seen that before so i wanted and, of course, this is exactly what people are complaining but with the federal government you know that nitpick i didn't i don't
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want to our staff to spend a lot of time 2 makes us believe which is true they're not paid attention to the big picture and they're about - we have to make sure that everybody in terms of instead of going back and changing policies to be compliant what we be better as our framework are instructions about the compliance as well as substance what is more important. >> absolutely. >> what is more compliant. >> like i've mentioned we have item placed with the ordinance we ask them to focus on the parents ties of the s r t for
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the 7 or 8ably 9 they're reviewing this is pretty good we have only a couple of lines to taylor. >> how much do we want to avoid encourage them to do what is right as opposed to our to ourselves. >> thank you. okay. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> consent calendar thank you item m consent calendar resolution were removed for a second reading and action there was one withdrawn and item n vote on consent
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calendar. >> thank you ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell yes except for items k-4 through 12. >> a lot of from k f w. >> dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and mr. haney thank you. >> item organization wait - >> item organization he guess the calendar. >> severed for board discussion and o. >> item o. >> this was at partnerships are the new teacher center so new teacher center is what? >> thank you so the district
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had a partnership with new teacher center for a dedicated. >> this is the santa cruz that's all i need to know. >> nothing new about the teacher project (laughter). >> right. >> shall we vote on that. >> okay. >> ms. fewer. >> tell them to change their name. >> we're going to vote can we do it oar thank you ms. fewer sorry. >> what am a voting for oar the new teacher consent calendar. >> the new teachers projects okay yes. >> thank you yes. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell recorded they are vote, vote as i
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dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns and mr. haney 7 i's. >> item p introduction of assignment to committee is where we have superintendents proposal for first reading board policy personnel leaves for certificate and board policy personnel leaves by the salesmen board policy personnel leaves for clarified unrepresented supervisorial and management not necessarily a motion and second for introduction. >> second. >> for that referred to the rules committee no members, there is none tonight. i just want to say that i don't know how much those policies
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address technicality we're not having a rules committee in may that's the same as a legal outlet and one other item referred to the committee we'll wait for the protective position until june does if matter when this comes up at the second meeting in june mr. vice president. >> it will keep until the second meeting. >> item q for actions, there is none tonight. and board members report standing committees report from the ever exciting augmented curriculum and program committee i can't wait to hear. >> vice president walton. >> i think i need to do a better job we actually had less attendance so i encourage you to come out onion the first monday
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of the month but we just had informational items that he last meeting so we discussed the school quality index and the ethic studies the skvp and our teachers support and assessment update 0 we had a good meeting great content and again, the excitement was not due to the fact of the presenters not a big showing at the last meeting thank you. >> commissioner norton report from the budget committee. >> i feel like a i have to talk about up my committee the budget and services committee met on the fourth we talked about one of the action item the other act item with the percentage for sfusd co-chaired by ms. fewer and president haney
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and mr. walton was given a positive recommendation and we also have been an interesting presentation on the curriculum instructions site a very complex department i think we learned a lot about the- it is our laced department review for the year and i think that is been a productive exercise to vote through the department budgets and certain questions thank you to the staff for helping us 80 add to our understanding and the next budget committee will be on june 1st something a little bit different we usually do a committee as whole for the budget committee in june we'll still do and discuss the proposed budget but the sneak in one more budget committee under the wire. >> thank you ms. norton and
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report from the ad hoc committee own labor relations commissioner fewer. >> oh, a report on teachers of america i think everyone received that report in their mailbox thanks. >> and we gave it no recommendation. >> great other reports by board members or announcements committee commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell autopsy i said to remind everyone we're having your engradual helped at the palace hole and honoring all the folks for innovation and teacher
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awards a lovely event and please visit the spark sf gala website we're look forward to this event thank you, thank you for all who pulled this together a task for a fundraiser and your diners have about think wonderful we're recognizing them as well. >> might be a warriors dwam and might be later vice president walton in shows you a super exist each and everyone sinking and dancing bracketing out we're south the bar high and
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honoring the seniors an invaluable for students of '86 they're going on to a four-year program and we're asking the public to support the unified school district i want to graduate the professionalism arts on the leaders 8 percent 4 birthday with the appearance from justice brewer and contribute the greeting on may 1st, it was fantastic that was by the aluminum to benefit the frolics society i learned was founded in 1892 the old
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institution in the united states and finally wanted to give out the registration for the welcome day with the superintendent referred to family welcome day 2016 a free event we want to know if you're come please r.s.v.p. >> tomorrow night the filipino organizations is will be honor their scholarship award i want to mention that the students had that maintain a 4.0 tomorrow night and 6:00 p.m. >> no more denouncements by
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board members and other things for the quarterly report item t memorial adjournment. >> thank you permeating i'm going to ask anyone who please take a moment of reflection this honor of being able to read the memorial adjournment we're honors to have gail koffman the wife the berry koffman thank you for being here gail so i'd like to read the in memoriam in adjournment the fold of item has lost the pianos of berry koffman tonight we close in miss honor 40 years of positions a teacher and research and writer a minute of teacher association the dean of education alters cljz and
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helped with the alameda the staff education fund and his on consultation work with the sfusd dr. koffman spent a decade on behalf of our students providing clear guidance and with the isp grant that focused on the impacts of our strategy reform effort to pep help under performance schools and up to a month ago to assist us in monitoring the support to address the needs of the most vulnerable homelessness population and the eyes of resources in his work they helped the students at the center and challenged us to not to accept the status quo and recognized his peers from a great many of articles it is
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appropriate to cite a quote i quote schools need to provide initiative that have continuous development of students and educator unquote our deeply 0 condolences to his wife gail and daughter who have left their own recommendations and she was a teacher on behalf of the entire unified school district and the board of education please accept our condolences berg what about a colleague and refrain he was in my professional a friend but he was witty and a renaissance man will be missed but the impact of his work in the sfusd about to that continue to be with us for decades to come in generations of students with
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this intelligent. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i just wanted to spend my condolences to berry he was a wonderful friend of the fairmont community and jan was my daughters kindergartener teacher at the time and so delight to be around and i know that berry's going to be incredibly missed he was just bubblely and smiley and could talk about you know the evaluation and assault riffles they were interested in what the assault riffles were about but he just never skipped a beat and so wonderful to be able to catch how the kids were doing and the grandchildren were doing hole be
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deeply missed and so thank you jen. >> i also want to say that when i first came on the board 8 years ago i was chair felt curriculum committee i saw berry a lot and have to say he was also a critical friend i could trust his (throughout the committee on the curriculum committee for many, many years and he was at person and a gentleman but i have to say very kind very gem very i think tuff and the last time they spoke to any about the parents and the concerns he had and i assume i think that he was a lovely man
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and completely a gentleman. >> my condolences. >> this meeting is now adjourned parks and places of communicated and thanks to the mayor and the department of technology and supervisor farrell and google. we had a very very
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unique partnership that was able to bring wifi to our most heavily used parks and squares. >> parks in particular are really important way of life and quality of life and so is connectivity. bringing those two things together in a project like this is right on target with what san francisco is and wants to be. >> it's all about breaking apart the divide. the people with expensive data plan can have access to information and economy. this is really breaking down the digital divide and giving people across the spectrum the opportunity to information and giving them mobility and freedom. >> particularly by investing in connectivity in park spaces we are also ensuring the connection to digital inclusion opportunities and parks are designed for all neighborhoods. >> people are on the move. they
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are no longer chained to their desk tops at home. people can accomplish a lot and we prefer them being here an enjoying the outdoors and nature. given all the mobile community and mobile information that's available. we thought it was important to make it for our parks acceptable for everyone and give everyone the opportunity to live and to work and be at the parks at the same time. >> our full mission in life is to give them access to the internet, give them access to information. in san francisco you don't have to be bottled up in an office. you can be around and enjoy your work anywhere. it's great for the local community here and it means a lot to me. >> in the park, you are people that can teach you about the trees in the park
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and you can go to parks and recreation .org and having wifi in our parks makes it more accessible. if you want more information about how to enjoy wifi in san francisco parks, go to >> all right. good afternoon, everyone i'd like to call this meeting to order the regulars meeting of the land use committee my name is supervisor cowen the chair of the committee to any right is supervisor wiener the vice chair of the committee and supervisor peskin will be joining us and sitting on the left clerk victor young thank you, mark and phil jackson from sfgovtv for brovrt
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this meeting marry mr. clerk, any announcements? >> all electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the may 17, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you call item 2. >> carrying on the first sewer place property to the transferred to the mayor's office for identifying the properties under loyalty for the department of real estate under the requirement of the administrative code and rigging the port san francisco municipal transportation agency and san francisco public works and the san francisco unified school district to report. >> all right. thank you very much i want to take a moment and thank the dozens of neighbors that written my office and those who joined us this afternoon in
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the committee and thank you for your time so colleagues what we have here today i'll recognition and received a packet from the letters from the clerk from the neighbors for the outlet castro police department a beautiful building has quite a presence on the corner on third street i wanted to go on record and pubically acknowledge i chair that the castro station on third street centers is no the most feasible site more affordable housing development the current site a occupied by the dog patch will historical district and that the building needs substantial investment in order to a restore it to restore it and also to - 0 so the recess
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central station will be back to the historical lose take care additionally the building it occupies a large lot not an opportunity to build housing adjacent to the police station it is highly unlikely we demolish a high building in other words, to have a high development and due to the historic nature not likely we'll spend the affordable housing resources to renovate it so the dog patch as you may know is a community doesn't the building more than it's fair share of the affordable housing inside of san francisco and it is a provided of mine and the community that developers in the dog patch that dispensaries in the dog patch develop projects that have onsite affordable units which is
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why the vast wrarts will be building onsite affordable housing and additionally the community worked with the department of real estate and the police department on the possibility of transforming this buff site into an asset for the community that includes community serving spaces like the media space i know the mayor's office of housing and community development and the city administrator will vault but look at this and hear in public comment this afternoon and you'll recognize the realistic constraint that site has i ask you move it from the list of properties transferred to the mayor's office of housing and community development at this time i'll call that naomi who will shed light on the
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beautiful building thank you. >> absolutely good afternoon, supervisors naomi kelly city administrator i want to kickoff this presentation it is myself and john updyke director of real estate and the hoechlz today, i want to give you insight of sewer place by prop k in 2002 impacted by the board of supervisors and amended by the volunteered in 2015 prop k with the city administrator to report back to you on the march first, the surplus property that we have identified as the city and mohcd is required to do the feasibility analysis by june 1st, the short timeframe a quick overview how we'll since 2002 and the amendments from the
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november 2015 real estate were collecting the data from the department that identify the surplus properties and they will provide that information to reality the realty will report and produce a report that report came you on march 46 and 46 properties - located in the city what is new this year is a new prop k standards further independence what surplus property is and size requirement of 10 thousand plus one quarter of on acre that xmths spaces that were demonstrated open space and that became operative that reduced the list we - that list is being reduced to like 8 properties now that is reviewed by mohcd we're thinking how to clean up
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the process in the future to get this this is new and we want to incorporate the future reports into the capital plan process because the new amendments to the surplus property ordinance is ask his to address the schematic and hyphenating needs things of that nature the capital process is better to analyze than just the self-recorded data from the department i'm going to turn it over to to mr. updyke to go through the remaining items remaining properties we'll discuss today. >> thank you city administrator john updyke director of real estate good afternoon chair cohen so take into account the first set of properties where no study been performed by
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the mayor's office of housing and community development i'll briefly note those the first group are zoned po s is open space designation with the prop k language the amended ordinance for chapter 23 those will be exempt so this is the perry tool and clipper and those parcels along bos worst you'll recall prior board action ♪ 2012 a specific requirement relative to the potential sale to the mohcd and a sale to nonprofits to preserve open space so if once again didn't necessity a study and the omits the surplus assets under the definition in the code we're
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moving quite nicely with a proposal process and intern activation that began before the end of last year and continues today so then those parcels left for review that are above the threshold of one quarter acre are simply as the supervisor noted on castro police department take to heart the neighborhoods concern i personally heard concerns and in dog patch over the last couple of years in conversation with the police commission that had affinity with the respect to the older use and connection with the community and lastly a proportionality at assemblage of 55 and 240 van
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ness those 3 lots when combined with we have a map up steady the minimum quarter acre site are not designated historically as an due diligence object our department in collaboration with the planning department an opportunity for further study and could perhaps when we look at the next slide thank you, john afford an opportunity for a joint venture with the two properties sort of book ending the city's ownership on van ness i want to entertain the discussion with that, i'm going to turn it over to to amanda mayor's office of housing next steps >> forgive me i want to give supervisor kim who's the author
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of this hearing an opportunity to speak if you like supervisor kim. >> thank you. i believe that april - i didn't see her earlier but district 6 is represented. >> thank you this is my hearing i appreciate april was here to give my talking points in november of last year the voters passed prop k that the surplus land ordinance more affordable housing measure it makes ava priority when a public agency worries about to sell or lease unused sites appropriate for housing and sets the housing affordability when public land is very old all from homeless families and senior and transitional loss to
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working-class and sfoolgz that are struggling to stay in san francisco to pay market-rate rents in this legislation we put in more details in terms of the types of housing and development we would like to see in parcels that we believe have the capacity to hold more than 200 units not less than 1/3rd 33 of the residential unit must be be affordable for any rental projects that means we expect a minimum of 15 percent to be affordable to households aribnb 55 percent of ami and blow and home overflow room not less than 15 percent for households for 90 percent of original medium area income this is feasible go feasibility but like to see 50 percent has passed by voters in 2014 the residential unit on the
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property to be affordable to working-class and middle-income household all restricted housing projects should be affordable for the youthful life the project the measure set forth a measure for the city's requests and many of what we found since the passage of the surpassed ordinance of 2012 of the 15 sites identified that only two have been development into affordable housing and in fact, departments were often not listing properties in the surplus property report because they didn't want to see it utilized for other uses and want to expand the west the projects we look at so we weren't looking - we looked underutilized properties or opportunities for example, there might be a public
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use for plus storage but we can build on top of the bus storage for audible and market-rate housing i want to thank the department of real estate and john updyke for issuing this report since it passed the voter in 2015 that was distributed to the board on march senior citizen second this is a public resource and should go for being used for the public good and without this measure much of our pubically owned land is underutilized this is sold for manifest development with that, a discussion of inclusionary housing on site that's the first hearing annual hearing to provide the board and public feedback on the surplus property list i should add during this process we want san francisco make sure we're getting the full list of real estate by our departments not only ones that
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are deemed surplus this is something that so go examined by the board of supervisors, the mayor's office of housing and the department of real estate to determine which ones are underutilized given this jurisdiction the departments themselves often leads to little land and potential sites more affordable housing and finally i'll mention why this ordinance is too important we know in the development of any housing in san francisco that land is often a single contributor highest line testimony of any development here in the city if we take it cost away because the fellows own that land we should prioritize the things our voters made 2 clear they want the city to produce affordable and raishg housing we want to look at the balance of the opportunity this is an opportunity to look at the
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reality opening statements to see if a there are sites the board wants to move forward and have the mayor's office of housing do more work we had a presentation given by our department of real estate and next, we do have the mayor's office of housing we have teresa to comment on the feasibility methodology. >> great, thank you supervisor kim and supervisors teresa from the mayor's office of housing and community development we wanted to briefly talked about the feasibility we'll be utilizing to be able to look at these sites to see if their feeble for the development of housing. >> so first, we would look the housing use including historical use and how long as a community
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garden if community historical use whether that be for community purpose for open space if there is community support for conversion to affordable housing next would be looking at the size and configuration of the lots is it oddly shaped meet the criteria to truly have a financial project and look at the zoning the housing loud will it recur a laborious process important housing what the zoning and even though height and density how many unit can be built and open space required kind of open space and how much eve in a commercial district the opportunity for commercial veblth development with the affordable housing we use the revenue will have gone for retail to supplement the
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population next we'll look at site conditions is it occupied by buildings what the topography for example, the corbett site in 2004 prior to the transfer over to dpw a steep site and physically not - costly for us to build housing with retaining wall and such and accessibility both by public transit or is it a site not assessable because of a lot of ramps will be required andville and toxic site a lot of remediation will be required that adds costs what are the surrounding use and the neighborhood like schools and grocery stores and, of course, access to transit especially for housing for the homeless and low
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income families they need cars for transportation lastly the development we'll look at the physical site to see how many units we can build and sufficient space for developing not only the housing when you support services and community rooms and offices for consulting and support and commercial use again, i've mentioned when we have commercial used and the potential for revenue and alternate used can it be used for housing if not housing can we gain from the economy of scale from the site is small sometimes, it facts and circumstances into our feasibility will it cost us a lot of subsidy and a outdoor capital resources is it feasible for other source of funding and
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how much capital money required to - with that, i'll turn it back. >> yes. i have a question. >> of course. >> so over the last 14 years the district plus ordinance is if place prior to the update in prop k a few months ago and since 2004 only 2 of the 15 properties transferred to the mayor's office of housing were actually are converted into housing for the formally homeless and supervisor peskin district on broadway and samson we recently opened last year and in my district on otis street which we converted to housing for formally homeless veterans i love to hear our recommendations how to improve the distribution so land can be expeditiously
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sold for the usage of affordable housing given this rate of production. >> both can we what can we do to actually implement this this. >> one of the recommendations looking at the property that are given to us a lot of the properties from 2003 were small or they were sandwiched between other residential property that have not physical benefit depict for the neighboring properties or ram amenities of paralyze that mother viable again, a gain from the economy scale we found cumbersome but that was useful to a certain extent the advisory committee that we had to form
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and had to actually go through a laborious progress with the feasibility in the process. >> how many years was the cac in place i'm aware the cac in place required by the ordinance. >> right so the cac was in place for at least 3 years so. >> so the last time they met in 2013. >> no, it was back in 2008, or 2009. >> the last time the cac met was 8 years ago. >> exactly. >> eve it was required by the ordinance to continue. >> we were innovate necessarily getting properties to evaluate a. >> so and so these 15 button-up were evaluate in 2008, you mentioned one of the challenges there are no go back through the feasibility with the somewhat cumbersome cac they did then examine the properties since 2008 what's been the holed
4:47 am
up or challenge to building affordable housing on the remaining properties. >> we remember not getting a lot of properties to evaluate we were still - >> i'm asking about the - you've developed 2 out of 15 that were transferred otis and brautd. >> i'll let donna talk about that. >> what i'm asking about the disposition those lands were transferred to the mayor's office of housing and community development so when did it transfer what is preventing the mayor's office of housing from building housing on the remaining parcels. >> supervisor kim in 2004 there was a mass jurisdictional transfer of assets pursuant to then in effect the zone requirement from various departments library public works to the mayor's office of housing
4:48 am
and as teresa mentioned what we're happy this prop k has corrected the crossing process is now in the right orders in terms of we'll do the study for land for the proper - 2, 3, 42004 the properties were transferred and then mohcd contentions with the advisory committee and my staffs help as well a review the of the property and that frankly is why a number of properties signatures as eld mri and vermont, ecchymosis of those were to small or possibly sold to the adjoining owner were
4:49 am
hostage, if you will, to accounting a transaction we can't dispose of anything less than market-rate or not developableable and they remain in the mohcd jurisdiction we've not retransferred them to the departments. >> i get it and i'm hoping this process will provide transparent and move forward with some entering depositions or alternative ways. >> of the 13 remaining properties transferred to mohcd in 2004 how many were sold as you said to adjoining property owners. >> there were no sales effected of the adjoining it is was outreach in 05 and 06 but at a point if you on of the market dynamics in '06 the peak of '07 before the great revision not a
4:50 am
way to structure it make sense with the city and the potential buyer. >> all 13 properties are within the jurisdiction of mohcd all the remaining 13 and there awaiting transfer back to the departments that originally had jurisdiction because none of the 13 sites are developable. >> or with new outreach will be coming on to my staff in the solicitation process for designation for the surplus properties an agents who's sole purpose to deal with those properties and structure agreements not to transfer them into private ownership and put them on the tax roles that's our goal. >> okay. it was that would be great so get an inventory of remaining 13 properties and what
4:51 am
the department of real estate is suggesting we put them for sale go into the fund for building for middle-income housing and you know maybe some other proposals for the others i should ask because i walk in the mission street of our presentation mr. updyke and the question has come up several times but how you identify underutilized sites and an example you know a hearing held over the summon summon thirty van ness the property you're familiar with a site that currently is used by the city but, of course, is proposed for sale to convert into office or potentially housing bylaw but north yet no noticing not oxen's the surplus property talk a little bit about i see naomi
4:52 am
kelly the city administrator here to answer. >> supervisor as i state earlier this is a whole new process what i'm proposing is move this to the capital planning their 2, 3, 4 a much better position working with department of real estate 0 close in hand and mr. updyke is getting a staff member to focus on this issue working with the capital plan we'll address the size and the historic needs and many more to determine if this is a appropriate site. >> thank you, ms. kelly. >> i'm happy to add for this particular report those underutilized sites rather than look at a new list we decided to consensus this and look at what we've uncovered from the two civil grand jury and the lyric
4:53 am
report looked at over 5 hundred report and identified questionable properties underutilized not vacant but underutilized we began our process with that list and directly with the departments when we were convinced through observation and or reports provided that utilization was stepped up sympathy didn't make the list for the properties not the case they're on the list i hope that background is he felt. >> thank you complooup. >> next, we have presentations by your enterprise departments not within the jurisdictions of the ordinance so we do understand those departments have significant land holding that maybe appropriate more affordable housing development a good example the site on 12r50er9 and fulsome that is owned by the puc but we'll be
4:54 am
built more affordable housing next to the brand new park that is under construction and that area under eastern neighborhoods with respect to our enterprise and sfusd and city college the board of supervisors may make recommendations of surplus properties and transfer but ultimately our enterprise departments and education district have a right to determine if 23 that property is underutilized we wanted them to work with our department and thank you to the departments and sfusd for being here to present and we do have the self-and fold by christen and sfusd i saw david golden that will be presenting on behalf of the school district thank you. >> thank you to the committee
4:55 am
members michael with the san francisco public works we have quite a few bit of land holdings in san francisco but the majority with outside of san francisco we do look at 0 the properties ones an annual basis how their utilized and underutilized we like to call them and repuncture r purchase with the hetch hetchy and the waft department to see if they will be lied by one of the utilizes this was the water department parcel that we actually traded with the city college for and we did he will that to the rec and park department and to the mayor's office of housing so will be development into housing in the future we conditioned to look at ways we could utilize some of the property that are not needed by the utility and worked with the
4:56 am
office of economic workforce development and other entities as we move forward but the majority of our focus has been property outside of san francisco where we were looking at some of the remnant property the legacy properties from the purchase of the water company in the 1930's we can answer any additional questions but it is something we continue to do within the personal property department looking at the dollar utilized properties. >> thank you. >> i was incorrect been a lot of on behalf of self-mta. >> my apologies. >> ray no problem i have a quick presentation i'll pull this up.
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>> on behalf of the real estate this is something the idea of users public housing is a goal we support and i know as a city agency with the land throughout the city in addressing the housing crisis one of the challenges we face is the fact we have a different property in different locations and first step is reilly coming up with crepe to determine which properties are culpable that teresa discussed and for ourselves given we have such a core important function providing the transportation services the first criteria we had was the current function and operation of the site not from a - and in certain that instances looking at did potential to enhance the transportation and
4:58 am
the ability through substance from the development on those sites we looked at the potential for that new generation as well as others site constraint zoning and from the transit use facility those were outlined in 2013 there the division report implemented in 2014 some of the candidate sites were the upper generated that is adjacent to the park and mta muni station that property is in the process of transferred to mohcd so development process is underway there for first and fulsome adjacent to the moscone center there is parking garages not operating we have parking garages on 50 percent occupied we're looking at those and 20
4:59 am
surpass parking lots may some of the developments sites this present the poeblths and complex some of the muni yard we're looking at we have as an agency 2ke79d question and answer want to effort and ask the managers like myself come from the avenue background we hired an analyst to support in and continuing cooperating with oewd and ncd and meeting on a monthly basis on a formal call and speaking with them expertise and skills to the effort a number of feasibility analysis a quibble i'll go through the upper yard with the geneva and san jose with the affordable housing development we have excused with the mohcd was recently updated and in the
5:00 am
process of working with bart on a lease option a portion of the facility into the bart station and mohcd actually issued a developer goal in late june at the fourth and fulsome at the northwest of intersection with the ultimate use of family and seniors 85 unit to one hundred and 5 of affordable housing we have to work with mta because the federal transit administration the funding was involved so the custodial in charge review and received an updated proposal with the federal funds because they're involved in the affordable housing site and continue to negotiate the in terms of the mohcd and done pulmonary outreach as the process move
5:01 am
forward and after moh is excused with mohcd there will be outreach and other things to follow surpass parking lots 20 and procured the architecture services as well as the financial consultant and we've completed this month and they'll recommend the housing and public parking for 5 sites one in the market octavia area adjacent to the garage there are two lots in the castro and two in the west portal neighborhoods and do primary public outreach as the draft study is released with the outcome being what affordability levels and feasible and whether or not it is feasible given the size of the sites and then finally the muni yards really the critical piece is the
5:02 am
operation needs and constraints of the agency all the sites are very much functioning with storage and maintenance and the fleet and facilities are expanding the services, of course, we've done service expansion in the past year and all the projections with the light rail vehicles and buses increase the site we're landmarking is currently evaluated as the overall update in the capital improvement plan and taking this facility offline enduring the construction from to years fits within the capital needs in terms of providing transit services so following the assessment of how these developments will fit into that capital program follow-up with the feasibility analysis and look at it everything from the
5:03 am
financing to how like the residential use or mixed use will help with the facilities and to various code and architectural considerations so with that, that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you and first of all, i do want to appreciate that sfmta has been working closely with planning and the mayor's office of housing and our office to build affordable housing on the fourth and fulsome site we really appreciate that collaboration and partnering over the last couple of years and it is great to see that sfmta is really looking at the portfolio to identify sites so far affordable housing given that mta has amenities so it is appreciated i think that is we're looking at surpass parking lots and
5:04 am
actually interested in the moscone third street garage and some cases building on top of the lose like the kirkland bus yard in supervisor peskin district so really use the full possibility of the sites by potentially building sites on top of i know that sfmta has hair it process of identifying the sites that are underutilized talk a little bit about that. >> they were old as part of 2015. >> i'm sorry. >> a study done for basic the entire sfmta facilities and the criteria i was not part of the discussion as they were reviewed it preceded my time in the
5:05 am
department but the first criteria and one of the most important is the use of site and talking to our transit folks whether or not the site woke potentially taken offline was critical and the continued use was critical and another factor for the need of upgrades where the yard there's a need we know the older facilities substantial upgrades so we know at some point those facilities will have to be shut down for an upgrade for major capital investments the idea of very well investment is part of that rebuild to make those candidates those sites for candidate sites and other factors are location within the neighborhood zoning, and again size and development capacity similar to the alice in the mohcd they have not all
5:06 am
properties are create equal so, so those are the criteria to look at the sites and the fact that has we have development - and some of the sites are transitioned so a mixed use with the mta uses we'll do another tasks at the land buildings and see if there are other candidates to be added to that list. >> you may be users one hundred percent but building on top of that use. >> yes. in the case with the all sorts of engineering challenges and the complex development sites but actually there is things we can look at. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> next we have david goldman in the director of real estate at sfusd thank you so much for
5:07 am
being here we appreciate the school district being here to present on this item regardless of whether or not the ordinance as jurisdiction. >> my pleasure i'm david the chief facility over for the school district. >> as you may know we're one of the major landowner in the city we own about 9 million square feet over one hundred and 50 sites the interesting thing about us temporary to public prospective most of the sites are pretty full these days if you look at our surplus property list we've created about 9 years three of those sites are returned to active 1k8 sites some of the properties have in fact, resulted i'll talk about that in a minute we're
5:08 am
actually now pursuing new locations for new schools because we projection over the next 20 years we're going to have anywhere from 6 thousand to 14 thousand new students in san francisco unified school district out of by a eve bayview and mission bay and other areas an existing time for us you should know we're an agency you notice of the state how we dispense it operationally is governed by the education code and set up to protect go school district from fireside sale so it makes it difficult to sell properties need to declare property surplus and once you sell the property the school district can only use it for facility purposes so the continued the school district might want to build a school but
5:09 am
if you want to buy textbooks you have to find another way what is not used in the portfolio i'll pleased to say we're working approving for the first time in many years with mohcd and the real estate office you may know three or four years we sold a major piece of property back to san francisco state on font street last year we close swore for 1950 mission with mohcd with an affordable project in the works and last month one of the properties we closed escrow with mohcd in real estate 110 is connecticut and part of hope sf and we're currently working
5:10 am
collaboratively with the mayor's office of housing on a joint workforce and future housing project where we sort of have a site in mind we're not ready to go public but hopeful that will come to pass as well so the collaboration is strong if you look at our portfolio of empty land we have only one lot left 7 and lock ton we sell christmas trees and pumpkins. >> pumpkins. >> i'd like to do something we've not made that much money from christmas trees and pumpkins but our community sees it as a preservation of open space with that, i'll open up for questions if all the housing gets built we're hopefully, we'll have a lot more kids in the schools. >> uh-huh thank you, mr.
5:11 am
golden a different conversation we were on the board of education we were looking increasing enforcement and not quibble growing population it is exciting to talk about building schools versus closing schools that was a conversation 10 years ago so i want to be cognizant of the fact that sfusd needs to consider conserving the sites for population growth and one of the questions maybe not a question but for dissolution with the mayor's office of housing to look at the you know multi use on a single contributor site we're restricted by the 7 by 7 bound so identified a site mission bay is not a great example but other sites we look at schools and housing or maybe other uses that benefit the school district as well
5:12 am
i also appreciate the tremendous work our department is currently collaboratively with the mayor's office of housing and how we increased housing for our teachers who we learned i think in september through the defendant there is not a single contributor home that is affordable to a 40ur8d where both income earns are teachers in san francisco i think that is stravrl data for the board to hear in the fall and we certainly need to do a lot more to address that crisis for quality teachers here in sfusd we want them to be able to afford to live here we looked to working with you and able to be more creative about the limits existing lands here in san francisco thank you for the presentation. >> thank you, supervisors. >> and finally our office sat
5:13 am
down with city college of san francisco they were not able to present today but had me clear they were only 3 parcels in their surplus this is the the campus on eddy and balboa so all the other sites are utilized for education and certainly affordable housing is slated for tsites. >> madam chair that's all our presentation we can open up for public comment. >> thank you very much. >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, i have a few public comment cards 5 i'm going to call them if there is anyone else that wants to speak on the topic item number 2 have not
5:14 am
filled out a card feel free excuse me - >> i've been bring to your attention are art is joining us are you speaking on item 2. >> are you speaking on item 2 please come up and john you'll be following the mayor and (calling names) mr. mayor, thank you for being here and i want to thank you for your leadership on the issues and our collective leadership but do you think the two minute going on. >> you have a soft gong. >> i'll remind the clerk a rare and not often uses rule that former marries get an extra
5:15 am
minute for every year in office and we may of follow-up questions mr. mayor. >> thank you, again i don't think i would respectfully suggest my history was affordable housing and both low middle and affordable of all kinds it has been shared with you with of course, my career will be aware of the acute problems your discussing i'm here to lend the credibility and respect open an theodore roosevelt high school woman a leader in the dog patch community as well as the great castro hill that's been one of the most structural community leaders i've ever experienced indeed was with three and four when i was anywhere mayor, i would still be the mayor you'll hear here talk about work in the
5:16 am
community the old historic castro police station and hospital which we need to convert to a community facility and open space while protecting and preserving it's historic facade this is a balanced needed facility what i'm we're properly adding to the stock of the affordable housing and housing in general in this part of the city with enormous projections and continue in the pipeline for the next 10 years we're keeping pace with the other kinds of facilities so say you listen to here her i want you to know the entire community is following her leadership in this important project thank you very much. >> next speaker
5:17 am
(calling names). >> greetings my name is john a business owner that has a corner to the site and wanted to reiterate the initiative of dog patch neighborhood and other communities members will advocate for community e risk nonprofit uses of space regardless of what direction it goes in we'd like to ask the city to consider expediting any type of solution so that the property will at least urban design utilized as opposed to i've experienced for 5 years as a business owner across the street and definitely want to reiterate the importance of the historic fabric of the neighborhood and specifically
5:18 am
retaining that property and the building restoring it as opposed to building something new. >> david. >> greetings david of the castro hill and spend in dog patch a veteran part of my immediate community and to urge you to not use the castro police station in oswald for affordable housing ask you make it available for another purpose when i was a boy and teenager my family and i would across the street from the and the kids in the neighborhood knew we had a safe place for ping-pong and billboards and arts and creativities attended event with
5:19 am
any patent with low budget musicals prepared by children and adults in the community and exactly how this location will be used in any context will be determined san francisco is in spite need of affordable housing but probably should not turn every square inch of space into housing only people of economic braushld we need places to keep us safe and make life interesting to share with each other and create time together and supervisor cowen piloted out quite a bit of affordable housing still coming in dog patch and also especially appropriate given the historical communities nature of this - the police station and hospital used for community purposes like the community center thank you very much. >> thank you, david good to
5:20 am
see you captain and (calling names) good afternoon horrible land use committee we're asking the castro hill should be removed from the conservations for the following reasons dog patch has an making xheerms contributions to the affordable housing we agree needs to be addressed navigated the eefrment planning doed code is riskier in our neighborhood any development larger than 5 units have to provide 5 percent of the units below-market-rate let's go do the math of the 25 hundred units that are being built or scheduled to be completed by
5:21 am
2020100 percent their transbay between 2 will the and 50 affordable housing land or funds and as supervisor cowen mentioned earlier the dog patch association encourages the developers to build onsite for the desegregation so despite this robust pipeline of development in dog patch we're miss teller lacking the public benefits that were promised in 2008, eastern neighborhoods that led to the sonoma of development i quote each plan proposes to provide a full array of benefits including open space and public transportation, improvements, straight improvements and facilities but to date the city made little progress the community did the work
5:22 am
themselves in 2008, the boy's club built a basketball and built a new preschool and open space 2012 progress park and many others so my point being this property especially due to the historic status been a tremendous affordable housing in the neighborhoods should be dedicated to the community and we have done a lot of work on the property ourselves. >> did you want to speak. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm angelica i'm with soma thank you supervisor cowen you're leadership in having this item on the agenda today you know san francisco is a small city 7 by 7 mile and land is definitely extremely precious
5:23 am
it's been adopted by the development that's why a no-brainer that city and county city sites comes back to public goods this is right now, we're in a housing crisis it is important that affordable housing is built for san franciscans and remind the public at this housing crisis crisis like fourth street and van ness and other sites are very important to be dedicated back to the community land is more valuable for the long term public good than the money from selling at soma we've seen evictions and tenants getting hazarded but people begging to find housing like one family who was forced to live in an sro and due to the
5:24 am
sro units have maximum amount of people being able to live there here fame had to divide itself and move into two or three other buildings therefore their family is not together and the children are away from the parents and the oldest children are watching e siblings this is not the kind of families we not to see families grow in san francisco how county look forward look forward to working with mohcd on transferring the site of 4 children for investigating the - thank you. >> thank you. >> jerry. >> was not faster enough good afternoon members of the public thank you for your time i want to continue on what carting
5:25 am
republican was seeing with the italian building it could be fabulous it is mirandize into - we in the 15 years we've lived in dog patch nothing has been done to help that building other than a fence up and reactions to fires set by homeless people living in the building and it is definitely a building that needs to be saved and the time is well past for it to be done we have funding lines we've identified and think we can get this done and ask you remove it from the surplus list i have two letters one from the dog patch and another from a neighbor who
5:26 am
was not able to get it in. >> all right. we'll take those letters and put them in file. >> perfect, thank you. next (calling names). >> good afternoon, members of the land use i'm charley with the viral and economic all rights thank you for holding this hearing we've heard over the course the ordinance has been relatively modest over the last decade but learned it is successful that results have been impactful over the last 6 months the mayor's office of housing has been in a unique position compared to the last decade with the issuance the public land in the xhoishg and 1950 mission a formally school district you site a puc commission sites in the balboa
5:27 am
that is formally an mta site this came about after years of advocacy efforts to win the city as a partner to develop new affordable housing open space now that that is happening it feels weight that is exactly what we should see more howe how to keep the momentum doing we need tools to make that happen the city to reours like the planning efforts and candidates that the city for the privatize the lands keep them in the public realm and turn to the mission and expertise to develop the affordable housing and the city to land bank eve we don't vote resources a prime example the balboa reservoirs why not the reservoir on the list 17 pubically owned public education facility with many work families
5:28 am
severely impacted by is the housing crisis is once in a generation yet the city is proposing manifesting development on the site we understand the policing requires the fair market value but not fair market value housing and make sure it is considered as public lands thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> thank you for your time i'm jessie and i'd like studio say i'm excited to be able to move on the development sites so far affordable housing much needed affordable housing not only for the opportunity for the housing of people like teachers that can't afford to live in the city but the parents of children in my area of work in district 11 an immigrant and low income with a lot of families with children that be going to the schools and from the housing that is development
5:29 am
not assessable and affordable to the families we risk a lot more than - we risk losing the culture diversities it is under attack by the housing crisis in fact, according to an article in the examiner we've exceeded the market-rate housing and way, way below the hours assessable for low income and moderate earns one sites i want to highlight piggybacking on what the previous speaker the balboa reservoir this is going to have potentially hi impact on the ability to provide affordable housing for protecting very protecting folks in san francisco but to date the process is double they're not regretting the community pressure i want to highlight the high profile of this pubically owned site and echo as
5:30 am
development of the affordable housing assessable to protecting and moderate income earns and not market-rate thank you. >> thank you, supervisors and thank you for hearing this item thank you also to the enterprise agency represents for coming forward and speaking about properties under their jurisdiction i wanted to give my name is fernando with the community housing successors e organizations we working closely with the supervisor kim office and worked on the prop k one thing from the folks from dog patch as advocates more affordable housing we want to respective the work you're doing to preserve that building as a community center one thing i'll add if you want to see fantastic work the affordable workers did i'll invite you to look at the
5:31 am
third church of science it is run by tndc with the work as a compensate lyric for having the community check out booker t. washington in the western edition i think one of the things about prop k it talks about prioritizing affordable housing but talks about other uses and one of the things we've heard is how critical across the street if - as a indelible opportunity site for developing affordable housing right here in the vicinity of city hall we need to look at alcohol what i think i'll hearing as well as the mta put for the tremendous resources that are available under the mta in both bus yards and parking garages and parking lots that might be
5:32 am
co-developed as affordable housing while maintaining the critical uses been the ground floor a lot of work to be done finally want to reiterate what we wrote in the capillary mrs. don't prioritize public lands please keep public lands public land. >> i want to give you a foul and reiterate the fact that every time supervisor kim and the land use committee talk about affordable housing you set the rate for protecting and protecting housing the percentage of medium at 55 percent which is a total of 41 thousand plus a year in order to be eligible to apply for the building people in protecting brackets range from 18 thousand to $30,000 a year we're not eligible to move into
5:33 am
those apartments you did the same thing with the civic building that is about two blocks next to the department 9 public housing the percentage rate is 40 thousand plus a year people in the income brackets are not below protecting housing rates and you did that would be 5 m claimed as protecting and affordable housing and the lot income at 4 and mission is $71,000 a month and the seniors and females from the filipino community accompanying her for 5 m and have them thinking because of this measure they'll be able to move both affordable housing you built that building after completed the same seniors
5:34 am
filipinos deaccepts that applied to move in and told not enough income that was 71 thousand a year it's not fair i'm still upset and disappointed you advertise protecting but you set the in case for accessibility at that high rate it's disgusting. >> supervisors i'm jim i'm on the board of the civic center i want to make a couple of comments and in the civic center historic district now the historic district is not a bunch of buildings but includes the 1912 plan by john howard and has restrictions it calls for all the buildings facing city hall to have a 70 foot cornice line
5:35 am
above and architectural requirements what i'm getting at that property can't be used inform build a cheap building because of the requirements of the historic district so that is a concern so i want to bring to your attendance safety they're growing in the area and includes the housing people many of whom or older and some from out of the town and the area at night is insurer secure and that corner is trouble so many it is dark and your honor, development later in the evening a criminal syndicate operational a facility they pay cash for cans and bottles that property need to be developed in a way that accommodates all the different requirements including housing
5:36 am
our nblgd has written a letter because of the odd configuration of the private and public lands and other things that is a tricky situation you can't impose any particular percentage of what you you require there it requires working through the design. >> what not and coming to a consensus of what can, appropriate in terms of affordable i urge you to get on with this project because that corner sits there vacant and insecure and needs attention thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors peter cohen, san francisco council of community housing organizations. i too just want to remind folks great leadership supervisor kim you had that measure last november and passed 75 percent folks like the idea of using the resources for public housing
5:37 am
under the nuts and bolts of implementation certainly what we're looking for a current list of sites not recycling it repab habituates the department go through a process of comping through the vicinity and make sure that list is updated and current and thorough and not just recycling as we go into this next cycle we hope it is done but the kraeltsd of underutilized site i like to hear the departments talk about that about but we need to be creative we are in had 49 course of the trial city we have to maximize the efficiency so let's figure that out we have two properties we have affordable housing an bart illegal let over the garage it fits nicely and a third point get the enterprise
5:38 am
agencies to work with us to do the annual reporting if we can sink that up wee bit we're doing the same with the same process that treats all the departments and enterprise is not only part of family but the civic project and lastly the public needs to know what is going on one of the things in working on the measure we treated more transparency it is a bureaucratic process that people don't follow having a notification list it is automatic sent out it key and establish that list with automatic notification and lastly to the previous speaker balboa is an example why not to approve its on this 17 percent is scheduled for that i have housing market-rate those are precious opportunities thank you. >> thank you, mr. cohen.
5:39 am
>> seeing no further public comment chair wiener close public comment. >> yes. public comment is closed. >> thank you to the members of the public coming out to speak on our surplus property ordinance list the purpose of today's hearing to have a public housing on what is recorded as surplus and underutilized by to get community input how they want to see the properties utilized i want to thank the different residents how they want to see the sites utilized not only more affordable housing perhaps for community center and openly small property owner open space i want to recognize some of the affordable housing advocates who did work with us on crafting the surplus property ordinance last year in 2015
5:40 am
thank you for your work this is an ordinance that is many places in 2002 and work to strengthen but also articulate some of the specifications of the process so we can have better outcome with our existing property our existing pubically owned properties we know we're in the midst of a housing crisis despite building more housing since the 1906 san francisco earthquake and an vast and majority of residents all the way to middle-income san franciscans that make good income can't afford to live here in fact, 75 percent of san franciscans are shut out of houshth so administratively that earn between 80 and wofdz are
5:41 am
not confident they can live in the city i want to address one comment in regards to this ordinance we do prioritize first housing for the formally how else so we offer a range on a property a that's the first priority and move on to affordable housing at 55 percent of average medium income and middle-income housing in the senior in the i'm going to turn it over to they have seated a parcel within their ownership to be built for low income seniors and it would be available to seniors at a third of their income regardless of their income so housing for senior that see not f d e to average income and seniors on fixed income and only expected to pay a 3rd of their income for
5:42 am
rent on the site and friendly quote if from the san francisco business times that didn't always agree but an article quote affordable housing developers have an easier time building on public land the city what transfer the land and have affordable housing on privately owned now private developers have to compete end quote it is a come down we should be thoughtful in terms of how we utilize it and maximizing this use to consider multi uses on a site whether housing public purpose or community centers so i want to thank everyone for their involvement and the enterprise department and the school district for attending and the deadly weapons and john updyke and, of course, the city
5:43 am
administrator naomi kelly we know as we move forward with the exempt surplus property owners we looked to working and making our vision a reality chair wiener may i suggest we make a motion to file that item. >> we'll entertain a motion to file can we take that without objection? without objection item 2 is filed and mr. speaker, call item number one >> item one resolution for the addition of the street name to the one hundred with the anniversary of the turning point for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders questioning and entering sex people with the
5:44 am
transgender women. >> thank you, supervisor kim is the lead sponsor i'm a co-sponsors supervisor kim. >> thank you customer service chair wiener and thank you for your co-sponsorship and supervisor campos the resolution that is before us is to rename the one hundred block of tucker in the tenderloin neighborhood the jean compton's cafe commending the august 1966 uprising of primer transgender leaders this sparked the remove the compton's marks the hoengs where an all knitted the jean compton with the tenderloin neighborhood where 50 years ago exactly a group of outraged transgender men and women set up and marked a transgender liberation this commemorative signage on this 50
5:45 am
anniversary is designed to immortalize the compton event to remind us we have much more to do how far we've come and how much to combat the thinking sufficient institutional infrastructure and lack of tradition for the trains women the staves e statistics are stalling 41 percent of transgender yields report suicidal thoughts and 26 report losing a job over their identity and 97 percent are recorded abuse and in the realm of lgbtq transgender women especially transgender woman of color the brunt 72 percent of victims of
5:46 am
anti lgbt homicides are transgender women and 67 of anti lgbtq victims are transgender women of color and this is a statistic that is held true every year transgender people of color 6 times more likely to experience violence from the police compared to their white sister jaerndz survivors the number of states are placing protections for transgender individuals other state governments are explicit impacting laws for transgender law by preventing transgender oriented i discrimination bills passed in their states i want to recognize chair wiener for his work that dan says all of the states are not accepting our brorlgz as the
5:47 am
compton riot approaches and as our transmark approaches in june we wanted to commemorate this event by renaming the one hundred black blocking of turk to jean way and recognize the public works in their efforts to 34e7 to expedite this in time for the transmarch in june of this year and want to recognize many members of the public in particular felicia flames here today and for her leadership in educating the members of the board on this important event and in fact, my first year in office they came with an poster to equate me on this site of the district i represent along with other members of the board
5:48 am
so colleagues if there are no comments comes. >> thank you (calling names) thank you for taking the lead on this rename which is really a positive step forward embracing any community like the present and past how the past led to today an extremely for this recognize which generations of san franciscans going forward will be able to see and remember and go educated is critically important i agree particularly what is going on in other parts of country in terms of attacks on transgender people it is more important than ever for san francisco to remain in the lead
5:49 am
embracing the transgenders brothers and sisters and we know that now that we won in the supreme court on marriage equality those who want to determine con news are that i haveing to other issues that is attacking transgender people we need to rally and show unity and this is a step forward. >> open up for public comment. >> thank you chair wiener. >> hi my name is felicia i'm a screaming queen a pioneer a 29 year survivor the aids and last year 2015 lifetime achievement grand marshall and this year, the brother kelly
5:50 am
collins serve award by tndc i want to thank supervisor kim and supervisor wiener for being here it is important for the transgender community and it would a transgender community but queers sister i didn't and chair female impersonates with the jean riots we were thrown out like trash we were sick we were mental and non-nobody wanted us so the tenderloin wasn't a words of mouth not in the media it was word of mouth girls could be who they were were without be screwed we were murdered and raped, beaten up,
5:51 am
thrown in jail because of who we were meant to be and not going on millionaire but the tenderloin and very happy to be there although we had toe do prostitution they wouldn't hire us for work i wanted to jean compton's cafe we want to commend give memento all the girls and boys that stood up for all of us at one time to be who we were meant to be we were fighting for our rights and fighting for who we were meant to be and i want to honor all who died who have been killed murdered and raped because of who they were i am the only one other than tomorrow susan cook and oh, my
5:52 am
manager i forgot her name got a senior moment i want to make sure that our history as queers sister i didn't see - we were the gay community blacks asians afghans and latinos fighting for the right to be who we were were and meant to be regardless of who cared for us and who didn't care for us we had to be who we were meant and hopefully, i get to celebrate the biggest anniversary at city hall thank you. >> thank you for your leadership and also for your leadership of the renaming of
5:53 am
vicky in the tenderloin two years ago a historic street renaming and proud to work you and proud to present you next tuesday you'll be awarded - >> hello i'm jasmine thank you for hearing us i heard the one hundred block of turkey it was renamed as one hundred taylor. >> yes. i'm sorry this was the one hundred block of twair thank you. >> a friend of mine of felicia and work with john one of the vice chair and also part of community that having conference
5:54 am
in this lows two weeks the howard elderly conference on the jean compton cafe so we're getting the word out to people know about compton's and not just stonewall so we want the whole city ate bay area and the country to know about compton's cafe so thank you for getting this done for us. >> thank you and thank you for your leadership on the marlene way as well vicky mary lane.
5:55 am
>> good afternoon. i'm a transgender woman is lives in the tenderloin obviously a lot younger it happened before i was born and support the rich women by name a street of the compton roitsz yet riots because the freedom fighters has in terms of trained rights, however, transgenders women of colorfast too many initials library murdered and unemployment and criminalization of sex working, working and not asking for a surgery program and gentrification and incarceration and police violence i believe if we take a lesson from this event that it is relevant so there was a time and place for diplomacy when we're pressed we are willing to put our digit over your decorum liquor jeanette did
5:56 am
in the interruption of his speech the builders folks that will not support lgbt rights no matter but comment come to the support of racism and age of don't come to any transit marches and i'd like to talk about the fritz could 5 and it is happening outside those two events 50 years approved or disapproved by police violence thank you. >> thank you, ms. davis. >> my name is austin i want to get up here and is or is as as gay man that is queers and people are make up that i was able to get involved with
5:57 am
supervisor wiener and on the more research he did there are no sfpd files on the case moving i can't they paid off the sfpd to destroy the files on behalf of what is coming in other stats but what was happening outside of city hall right now the fact that transgenders women are murdering 346r79d in the tenderloin and people in the city don't know what jean compton's cafe is representing in the community mission bay anything else we can do from inside oswald's we can remember the history thank you for supervisor kim and for her leadership on the com ration. >> thank you supervisor kim and members of the committee. >> thank you, mr. pa did i.
5:58 am
>> i'm a proud transgender woman and currently a line attorney in supervisor jane kim's office thank you for entertaining this proposal it is important to have a in memoriam for the site in the tenderloin because it is important to memorialize what transgender women have done and i hope you pass that thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. any is there any additional public comment on item one. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> okay supervisor peskin can i have a motion to forward item one to the full board with recommendation. >> so moved. >> can i sorry. >> sorry supervisor my apologies i didn't press the
5:59 am
bottom i want to thank chair wiener for your co-sponsorship and supervisor peskin has joined on as a cory want to thank public works for expediting this and recognize sfmta did i live on here and working closely with our office to expedite this so we can do this in time for tran march and led by supervisor peskin for renaming the chinese hospital and able to utilize this to expedite this and finally i want to thank bobby lopez and others from my office to make it happen we look forward to doing much more to commemorate this important event and certainly in the tonight and thank you committee for your support. >> okay. on the motion to
6:00 am
forward number one with the objection mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> just to restate the recommendation without objection to supervisor cowen being absent tlbz there's no further business. >> to ford forward with a positive recommendation. >> okay we're adjourned thank you