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tv   Abatement Appeals Building Inspection Commission 42016  SFGTV  May 13, 2016 3:00am-4:36am PDT

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>> (clapping.) >> >> good evening. i'm a speech education teacher in any second year and department head i the can talk about how unify affordable to live in san francisco i'm here to speak into how the current crisis of staffing is effecting our 138 kaengs everyday quality teacher and staff support is providing education overall safety the students for the overall education this year it took 6 months for for paraprofessionals vacancy that's 2/3rd's of the school year with not a lack of quality candidates but paraprofessionals vacancies are an understaffed their resulting in increased safety concerns and effects learning and quality staff for more - i see no bay area way to have an educated
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staff we're in spite need we're entering the year and the teachers are not receiving the materials for the effectiveness of teaching in the classroom. >> (clapping.) >> good evening commissioners students and superintendent carranza i'm a family liaison at a community course and here to urge you to invest in the extort of staff to insure the students success and to fully support the safe and supportive resolution in our unified school district and most parents earn an average of $25 a year half to rent a two bedroom apartment currently the average rent for a two bedroom apartment is $4,700 it is
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imperative to give the monitoring and groernl growth for us to provide quality education and the appointees low wage salaries has an negative impact in the community and informs us to leave our unaffordable city and the work we love as a champ a high percent the latino rely on the relationship not only with their teachers but with they're the parents and support staff remember the personalities are and support staff the last line of defense tonight, you have the opportunity to fully support our students and educators so the sfusd can confront the quality that our city is facing thank you. >> my name is lisa i'm the
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secretary of sfusd i'm going to reader a short exert from a letter from someone that was ill quote i'm a special ed teacher and will not be russian to the fall and it brakes me heart i've found a supportive community with the san francisco unified school district and in the past two years transformed our special education program from mostly self-contained to inclusion programs we've started school awareness and integrated technology is semi with the videos and student led i e p and started with the circles every wednesday unquote and continue what has happened to this wonderful teacher my name is julia i teach and he
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co-teach with is a i didn't i've been teach for over thirty years and have to say that hands down she's the best special education teacher i've ever worked with we're losing her because she and area boyfriend tried and tried to by the way, buy a house in san francisco they cannot food but bought a house in richmond she's gotten a job next year and it is such a stated thing you've seen the copy video and seen what s.a.d. i didn't can when autistic student wouldn't look at anyone in the eye and had to use an ice pad came to me for the copy card look at me and
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is said copy your tonight that's because of s.a.d. i didn't we've lost her . >> (clapping.) >> good evening president haney and vice president walton and the board of education and supreme court my name is a carolyn the vice president for paraprofessionals for sfusd and especially special education educators like todd i didn't my aunt and siblings and my children. >> now 367 now grandchildren went to sfusd i want to thank all the teachers and parents that spoke in support of the stable save and supportive schools we're committed to our schools and care deeply about our students screed we ask for the tools and the pay we need to
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do our job i wanted to speak tonight to let you on that paul revere will loss 9 teachers maybe more at the end of this school year because of the affordability crisis 9 teachers last a couple of permit holders this has the potential of up ending the process over the years i'm worried about what will happen to our schools and students in the coming year if we don't meet the crisis head on tuesday for hearing us out. >> (calling names) and good evening. i'm a parented of two students at sfusd and i was told to speak
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i've heard passionate words about the affordability how many members of the audience would like to live in san francisco if you get afford hands up how many what vote? okay so the sole point i want to ask for more transparent we have bond measures certificate of occupancy for $7 million in the first reading and second reading and the end of june in many bond measures one $100 million was allotted to the arts center that is a discussion about transcript i would ask you to look at the numbers from the audience and consider in developing a bond do you consider affordable housing for your employees and consider other things but in an effort to
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expose and be transcript i'd like to mention that there is a measure to move this through the art center that is presently spending over $20 million that money can be used for something else so, please vote and consider the bond measures how their created thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is paul i'm a teacher another fairmont elementary i'm a product of sfusd education he time to here when i came up hero and went to stockton and mission high school, and that's my own personal story as many discussions the difficulty for the living in a community they
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work negative impact come to my attention maybe a lot of folks don't go understand what it takes to be a teacher and hearing the master plan in air traffic controllers seems like a lot of you guys want to add requirement to the date for teachers and so you know to help you guys out what a teacher does everyday i procrastinate brought of copy a letter we sent out to the community when began the contract and didn't give us the raise we were promised basically anyway so here's our samplers and responsibility we do after
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our i think structural time and what we intend to do after we stop getting paid willing but at the same time replaced for that time for a particular raise we actually receive it because that is what we bargained for you guys agreed to and that's all thank you . >> (clapping.) >> >> hi my name is stephanie a 7 year entertain at lowell i love any job and worked hard to become an educator i had no support when my mom died i put myself to college this past fall i implemented any matters of to put microfilm in the highest pay bracket with a
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credit but still live paycheck to paycheck on a teacher inpatient it is impossible to live in the bayer between rent and student licenses i have to find additional jobs to sprout any income i'm not the only single contributor parents educator and my experience with one hardships talented teachers are forced out of their homes to get more sustainable incomes i hope to serve sfusd so far the next 40 years but we can't afford it i love any job and hate to give it up but if cost of living didn't improve i need to do that more my family thank you. >> (clapping.) >> yeah, so i want to thank all the leaders and everyone
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that spoke and your patience (calling names) yes. >> hi, good evening. i'm carl and my wife is a teacher she can use more money a few weeks i gave a ticket to see documentary which is playing across the street from the - did any of you get to see that it's really that's a shame because it is
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really a great film i missed features the accommodation of a whistle blowers the senior survivalist and at cdc that revealed that his team destroyed the bacteria between the shots and neurological study it was published in 2004 for 12 the cdc has told the parents the showdown are free and will permanently hurt some skids if you care about the healthy it the playing until thursday everyone watching and hearing the children and parents need to see how the government is lying bye about the vaccines saying they're not effective go see the
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movie things. >> good evening, everyone and thank you i'm here been on behalf of the willie l. brown middle school as a parent and advocate for all the parents that keep a look out make it out to our preliminary goal to advocate for the students at willie l. brown middle school that was the letter to the commissions have signatures i'll give it to you tonight represent many more volunteers in the willie brown, jr. community that are concerned for the education not only in the by way of but process had an has been made we feel other areas are deteriorated and concerned another class will be coming in into the class with the proper structures to address the needs of our population your goals to make sure that the program that was promised and the students are imploded to positive responses to this problem we feel that an open
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forum with maximum transparent before the end of the year that allows parents to rate their questions and concern is an predicament begin to this throughout the sum involving the staff so willie brown, jr. can match open the inside what is it is on the outside we're hoping the board commissioners and superintendant carranza and the middle school team attend this monday if not as quickly as possible before the pend end of the school year. >> we hope this matter can be on calendar at the next board meeting to share what process was made i'm sorry in setting up an ongoing resolution for this problem thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening nominees a
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wendy lee a program coordinator at the youth center in the bayview branch was here when a group of folks they have gone home to prepare for fnltz but i want to opportunity to speak on a project talking about the racial harmony of the bayview and hunters point and areas in the southeast they created a series that was distributed including a postcard of a pledge in chinese and spanish and english as well as 3 posters of a story line of what racism looks like instead and also in everyone and spanish and chinese their hope to ask you to also support their pledge of allegiance number one but number two to sit down with you the board of education and
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superintendent to talk about this issue this group is an english language learn group to came up with that idea to talk about racial harmony i hope to be in touch with you all sitting in the malia cohen thank you. >> (clapping.) >> i believe that's all the for general public comment thank you all for your patience find my place here public comment on consent items item f, there is none tonight. and item g the consent calendar can i have a motion and second on consent calendar. >> so moved. >> second. >> any items withdrawn by the supreme court.
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>> mr. steel please. thank you mr. superintendent yes some items withdrawn under section m consent calendar removed for second reading and action the consultant services and contract 57 a, teachers of america on pages 17 and 18 and withdrawn 3 a-11 on page 53 this is a duplicate and already adopt by the board and 2 f on page 39 correct name of university to republican university from brad man university in the requested action and next on page 45 in background with the original monuments to reflect 4 hundred and plus instead of $80,000 and 9 hundred plus the total should be corrected to 4 hundred and 67
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plus from one hundred and 44 plus 3 a-165 on page 61 costs should be 100 percent and plus not $325 plus and next on page 100 percent and 11 the amendment to the resolution at the top the page to the listed amendments thank you. >> all right any items removed from first reading by the board or severed by a vote ms. wynns. >> i'd like to sever 2 g on page 70. >> roll call will take place
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under section o superintendent proposals, there is none tonight. and item example board members proposals there is one it was there is a motion that has been seconded on april 9th can i have a report from the budget committee. >> commissioner norton. >> yes. so the budget committee met on may 6th we got in a very in depth memo about the property resolution it is very complicated to summarize the budget and practices the resolution so some component so the impact of they're there is bucket impact to the resolution particularly where we need to increase the number of
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instructors needed at various sites, the 20 to comply with the recommended staffing as part of program, this year also will be assuming the board were to list the prohibition on the centraled funding what the office is covering right now, and several hundred thousand dollars pr the simmer of fiscal year act is 4 hundred plus thousand dollars if all the components were impacted by the committee. >> committee did not make a recommendation on those but offered it without recommendations.
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>> all right. >> can i have a reading of resolution oh, did you want - >> well, that will be up to you i wanted to ask the deputy superintendent to make clarifies the fiscal year analyze you want to do that after the comments. >> i'll allow public comment as well so why not have a reading of the resolution. >> thank you very much it what rather lengthy to summarize the whereas provision your direction to clarify that pe requirements and the option to meet the pe requirements and secondly, we wanted to take into agent the policy that permits the instructors to each having students with the credits and to change the lift the
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restrictions from the program that prohibited from the fund we'll going to recite the resolve clues therefore, be it resolved that the board of education hereby adopts the board policy physical ed activity that outlines a requirement for the sfusd physical education program for the pe credits for the identified criteria excluding appropriate teachers identifications and structural course comments and authorizes the use of violent study for the students in specific alternate programs and adopts the provision of ab 1391 and therefore, be it resolved the board resends the policy physical ed exception and hereby incorporates the it possible
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residents instructs into board policy as well as the athletics exemption authorized by the exception code and therefore, be it resolved that the board resents sends any inconsistent resolution and amendments and reconfigurations of resolution that claim felt with the physical ed board policy and . >> therefore, be it resolved that the boards specifically resends the provisions that require the instructors to object the instruction along with deadline associated this requirement and the provisions that is encompassed fund for the programs or compensation and therefore, be it resolved that the further education shall have the y oc students in conform
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with the regulations adopted for this purpose are regulations and therefore, be it resolved that the school sited principal shall determine when school certificates that have at independent study in the noticed of school. >> all right. so i'm going to call up comments there's a lot of so i want to thank you for your patience so i'll call you up jason s
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(calling names) we'll start with that try to keep our comments to one minute there's a lot of people yeah. >> mostly look like students over there (laughter). >> hello, everyone i'm crystal the bringing glad commander another lowell 9 battalion commander as well at lowell high school and at many of the other programs at the the southern high schools in san francisco a lot of us have an entrepreneurial support system through the families before he have cadets that are not just fellow classmates we reach out
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for tutor ing one of the things my friend i help her out with math she's comfortable with me helping her and we have a mature relationship there and to support that we have gpas of 3.3 throughout the program awhile at the other students in the district might have something similar to a 2. 7 we're able to support students within our program and gradually also brings more students into our jc c program a lot of benefits that my fellow peers will mention thank you . >> (clapping.) >> come on. >> hello, i'm jason been in the sfusd basically as long as
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i've been in school one thing to focus on we're focused on service i remember in elementary up to now volunteering the first time and this is a focus in this service and something i wanted to tall one today is how jc c is viewed as an altered for pe it is completely different you have a lot of different opportunities to be a leader be a follower and give back to the community i want to highlight we do a lot of physical activities most of my friends don't have life physical activities by the way, talk about the special drill teams we commit how time to they put us
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in physical conditions we want to work out and be stronger it is really tedious to fill obvious paperwork and take up time for any instructors that have to sign off on the paperwork they know i'm doing it thank you . >> (clapping.) >> hi, good evening. i'm marsh i'm a graduate from lowell high school 2, 3, 42011 i'm currently you could say a senior at university of california, san francisco and minor no education and i've been volunteering back and forth since 2011 at lowell high school and i don't do it for the hours but because i care and just yesterday i was viewing a video 5 years ago me speaking and sighing showing how much i've grown and learned from the program and since being in the
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program i've entered into city hall with supervisor tang or fiona i get involved and not updated any resume doesn't matter i get recognized it matters he come back and show those students that i'm 23-year-old and advertised not about given back to the community and doing something for your community and family my mom emigrated in 1976 and being a filipino-american we graduated from lowell high school and i was graduating there is so much i owe this program for the support during lowell's and after i know i'll go great things and some do to serve the community and help all the asian-american leaders and show someday i'll be there and show
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the young people they must get engaged and vote and know what us going on because things happen and you got to keep on paying attention we want to commend show the young people you have to shut up and be present thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, commissioners i'll be brief i'm here tonight to support the children and students here to speak narrator of 3 program i've known michelle since the 7th grade i've seen her grow and bloom i've seen did work with others have up stilled in the students and their leadership they provided to them i think there is a lot of argument here about funding about credentialing and not about pitting pe against another
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program but unique there is a lot of programs that don't often get matching funding i understand that will be nice to have 100 percent from the federal government but fund the teachers positions and lineup positions for the rotc instructors i'm trying to say that makes it nuclear and a program with we should support i know dr. murase and commissioner norton important sponsoring and hoping we get the other aspects of this program back on track. >> (clapping.) >> hello, i'm a junior at lowell high school i'm glad i had this year so this year i was able to be the junior commander the girls drill team i've
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motivated a team of the girl's we're able to, you know, create drills and create performances so arithmetic together and you know get our physical fitness up we're together to be a great team i never how the of thought i'll be in position to motivate overseeing girls to drill but do better in their grades and account and deal with their personal problems and it is draining i'm glad i have the other people to be in a leadership position where they can help that he out they're times i breakdown and other people but we have each other to arithmetic things and the same for the instructors you get not one instructor at each school but have to have two and work
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together to have things go well and have a co-he has group that gets things done thank you. >> >> (clapping.) >> hello, i'm a sophomore at lowell high school coming from an superintendant guerrero city community i grew up in lakeshore my whole life and i've also noted help grouping in apple inner city you don't center access to after-school programs that will be able to help you my graced were not perfect trust me by was able to have people that had any back and helped me, me commander that helped me and my grades improved and having the support system it is there when you need it and cornell i'm thankful for all the instructors here when you have a team you also
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still have think outside the box one person; right? you have that person who is that commander back that's how we need to be instructors one instructor can't control everything you have so many kids your teaching and instilling lessons you need more instructors in this program thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hello, i'm under galileo a fourth year cadet under this commander i want to thank them i was venezuela having one instructor that was hard to manage a wide range of students awhile managing a class and other pe class not just our class but brought his heart not as easy that is hard to manage and right with me i have letters
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from any classmates about what it means to them that's it thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, everybody my name is drew i'm a cadet sergeant major of a battalion and because as sergeant major had the honor of working closely with the non-restricted commissioners offers and listening to their opinions he how it is great to see in regards to physical if theness we adopted a appreciation for physical fitness and encourage the cadets for self-confidence of recognitions with one progress to understand what they need to improve and what they're
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doing and better self-understanding of the process and develops a unique discipline process and character and teaches the bold or bodily cooperates and obstacles to overcome challenges and curriculum to insure the physical health provides or a community serves a great foundation for the healthy and mental health and after working closely and talking with many of the people in any battalion i can sure you this program changes the lives of so many others and perpetrating that is a program that honors any family members that served if the military i urge you to support this program it is important to me thank you.
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>> (calling names). >> are those folks here that's a lot of people it read. >> i understand i understand i apologize for that alfonso perez and natalie and alexandra gun and wilson and vivian wang. (calling names)
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here we go we apologize for communication for the folks that had to leave we apologize for that. >> good evening, everyone i'm al perez serve as the president of the filipino-american and serve as commissioners of entertainment commission i'm here in support of arts rotc i went through the program many moons ago in 1945 u 85 was a shy gay man and learned so much about personal responsibility how to be a group leader and teamwork that the o rtc lead me to be the community organizer he was extremely shy but i excelled
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i got steady promotes he applied myself and became the highest ranking cadet and a and was not out there but thought i my being gay was an issue i belonged to the drill team and other teams to belong to a group of people he bonded with the r o t c was a great part of my hostile experienced and urge to support this program so all students with this can find their voice and grow from student cadets to active members of the our communities thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is michael from abraham
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lincoln high school and freshmen and rotc has given me the confidence to speak my mind and pretty much try to you help everyone around me improve their lives and my life as well essential skills that learned in class like cpr and first cascade and living colors anything that helps me to become a better citizen mr. and mrs. please support of general rotc. >> please support this program - >> (laughter). resolution thank you .
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>> (clapping.) >> i'm in the look and i port this resolution because this program is a what keeps me glouth any school days from the morning i wake up in bed to i fall asleep i spend all my time the community gives us a chance to practice leadership skills outing outside the classroom and i know that myself will appreciate this well, thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and good evening. i'm a student at abdominal high school when i joined this i didn't think much of the benefits for myself i really joined for a team and i kind of grew as a person through the program
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itself and i think that benefits not only me i have become an mentor to many students on the team and throughout the program itself i feel like you guys should support this because it supports people to open up and not be to shy but open up to their peers and community and that is given me the opportunity to speak to many people and meet new people and it also probably helps me development friendship i hope you support this program thank you . >> (clapping.) >> >> hi, i'm a freshmen at abraham lincoln high school the rotc gives us a family that we can lean on tuesday .
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>> (clapping.) >> hi i community-based to abraham lincoln high school and i would like you guys to support the resolution for rotc thank you . >> (clapping.) >> hi my name is albert i know i don't look like it i'm a fresh at lowell high i'm sure as you may know being a freshmen at a brand new school that is competitive it is hard. well, you know my number one fear into high school i without the possibility of paroleable about make friends and communicate and not a strong leader well join the rotc has helped me to bond with everyone
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and if could see the effects an everybody you'll be happy we were stressed out about a lot of homework and not the juniors but we are stressed out about you know family, friends and a lot of things happening in our lives but the vicinity study forces us to go out and spend the mind we could be hanging out with friends and serving the community and trying to take that time i think that time is due outside of school with pe could really be done inside of school where we could integrate tv into the rotc courts course
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course thank you for your time. >> i'm gordon i'm a high school eerie might be tell you with no hair all i want to say what is my experience with j rotc eight grade went to willie l. brown middle school and lowell is a big change it is like lowell is, you know, one of the most expensive schools in the mission and having j o rtc the first time walking in as a 1941 hundred and 50 pounds student but walk into j rotc looked like
3:47 am
military like the train everyday and like walking in was a different experience walking in there was different like you could feel like the sorry feel that there was a bond this family that there was a support system and everyone was not there to challenge you to multiple 11 times 32 the faster but a support system and i joined the riders challenge team a special unit which pushed you to our potential helping you not to settle but push for the extra push-up and before i hit eight grade i couldn't do push-ups now i can do about 50.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> we're not going to make a demonstrate we can have a competition well, thank you everyone for your patience i want to excuse the student delegates if you want to leave are say something first before you leave but if you need to leave student delegates. >> we would like to pass the resolution first, i highly support the j rotc especially from mire school they're looking at it and personally i had a friend or shows still my friend laura i have a friend who enters y o rtc she was intimidate byfield at the j o rtc stretched out had
3:49 am
your arms to her and she was intimateed through her warm experience helped me to hear that she is striving through high school i highly support this resolution. >> sociolemon open to commissioners for questions or comments pr i know their a this year maybe amendments but have folks to speak before the amendments happen first. >> commissioner wynns i want the classifying about the fiscal year analysis. >> so ask the deputy superintendent the main thing is
3:50 am
the phone page 2 of the physical analysis section 4 independent sued so at the budget committee i found if confusing i think i clarified most of the things if confused me if you can possibly talk about that i'll let you say what you want to and maybe ask another question. >> thank you, commissioner i'd also like to thank two deputy superintendent for presenting the memo and doing one way or another a lot work to analyze always scomploern described the physical impact as commissioner wynns mentioned at the budget committee last wednesday there was a discussion about the summaries that are described in the section 4 of the memo and in particular this has to do
3:51 am
with with whether or not some of the instructors the j o rtc don't have the credentials that will permit the students taking the j o rtc sections to be award to the accessible credit with a few other conditions 4 conditions described in the board policy one that talks about an appropriate credential and two instructors that have crewmen and the impact memo talked about the other 5 sites in the instructors didn't acquire the credentials than the assumptions the credentials will be through the vicinity study
3:52 am
option the committee discussed whether it should be assumed those credentials had been acquired by the 5 instructors or some portion therefore or not i believe that commissioner wynns was stating correct me if i am wrong commissioner that the authors thought that was appropriated to assume that the credentials would be acquired and if that were to happen then the 100 percent and $89,000 of the section of memo was mute no need for other teachers to supervisor the awarding the instructors them would possess the credentials for the pe credit to be awarded that's a
3:53 am
hypothetical by commissioner wynns talked about her prospective that it had been assumed overseeing cost will not be necessary so in this case, the total fiscal year impact that is summarized on the last pam the memo will be reduced by up to $189,000 almost $189,000 brings it down $187,000. >> does that make the summaries that people don't retire or live forever. >> vice president walton i'm sorry necessity to the. >> so the teachers need credentials and once they received the credentials no important cost to provide the
3:54 am
credentials for any other teachers or individuals because the teachers will not retire or live forever. >> because the policy if we pass it requires that the peace day in the district we'll have to have the new defined j ot c that's the teacher credentials. >> commissioner wynns for classification you know the j over and over rtc will not be able to teach unless they have the credential. >> yes. >> immediately. >> and the decision was of the commission on teacher credentialing in order to teach pe or a subject class that fulfills the pe requirements the currency j o rtc i understand
3:55 am
been to ballot and the instructors are in the process of taking the subject matter and then the commission has to issue the credentials but, yes they'll have to have that credential. >> so that mean that only two instructors have it. >> no currently the two instructors are the ones that have full pe credentials. >> you're saying then they must have it or they can't team a domino effect. >> they can't have it until it is available. >> it eliminates 7 teachers i mean that can eliminates 7 j o rtc teachers that are with us. >> so allow me to manage this
3:56 am
a little bit if you want to generally council. >> i wanted to clarify i think as and read the resolution to receive pe credits a student will have to be taken if an instructor that has a new credential which is like a ct e pe clash credential or taking the j o rtc in are credentialed teacher oar there will be the option of an independent study an elective through the extinct study 3 possible ways to receive the credit from the j o rtc. >> it's not quite if you'll have to have the credential or else not teach in the district; is that correct or not correct.
3:57 am
>> i think and i you could not teach the j o rtc unless the board eliminates it as a an elective. >> so i think commissioner wynns then what you told me is actually not correct what is correct that they can teach j o rtc but not give credits not the credential you can't teach thank you. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so further classifying so the new credential has been issued but not been provided yet i'm sorry approved but not issued yet; is that correct that's my understanding. >> in order for a teacher to receive or the j o rtc to get the credential we have to wait until it is issued we don't know
3:58 am
what this is yet but in our resolution your excusing to allow them to provide pe with the new credentials in the in the meantime will they'll be doing independent study i guess my question why are reapproving something we don't know what the what's going to be allocated what's the credential going to be i think one of the questions many of us have whether or not? able to satisfy the pe credit or the pe requirement through done this way. >> just to clarify two issues the p t c as approved. >> new credential similar to the credential for technical education for pe rotc we know that is come and teachers need to do to satisfactory that and
3:59 am
your instructors will be doing that in order to receive the pe considerate the additional component that the course substance needs to meet the pe requirements for as well as the substantive requirements under the education code that's the second issue. >> which we don't know yet. >> respect that's part after the staffs responsibly to make sure we before we issue the pe credits but - >> so in the meantime the current instructors will not be able to provide did pe credits and students came back can't take that. >> not until their properly credentialed in the department. >> one other clarify we've heard a lot of the students
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asking to participate this is not eliminating j o rtc it is classifying whether or not our instructors what teach as a pe course and keep it through independent studies we're talking about how we can allocate it and whether or not you can take the pe course or not and not eliminated. >> vice president walton. >> oh, other clarifying questions or - >> okay vice president walton. >> thank you, commissioner president haney so just there's a few things that i wanted to discuss in regards to this resolution the first one thank you to anyone in the audience that served in the i's military we definitely appreciate our service and applaud you so thank you for
4:01 am
that >> (clapping.) >> i'm a little bit confused by this meeting in terms of of the what resolution is presented i swear this resolution is a physical education but all the testimony was about j o rtc i'll confused with the resolution we have a lot of people that came and testified about j o rtc a program i support i've spent a lot of time giving drill and talking with the students and been to the classmates and visit the j o rtc program i support that but an issue hero one j o rtc in the destruct district is not under attack but pitting this against pe to try to export
4:02 am
the district saying we'll not fit the guidelines unless we lift the prohibition of funds for the j o rtc is selfish what is taking place with j o rtc an attempt to hijack this provide large false information about the j o rtc it is working in the dissented eir district we haveer heard the students talk about 93. 4 gpa this is not suffering but i'll tell you who is suffering in the district our black and latino and asian pacific islander and pardon or bhrn or which shall with special needs if you want to take the resources away from those i say shame on anyone in that proposal we have children now graed reading and homeless children
4:03 am
and children living in sros and disfranchised place any funding gaps that exist it is due to the federal government and their lack of funding and support for t the department of the defense what they've budgeted with $3.3 trillion so we don't take the money out of the mouths of the children and lift the prohibitions create the vision and stirs up the extensions the decot of those versus with means shame on that i don't know who is spreading the rumor of j o rtc but who of needs to look at the families and the sulfurs in the face and lemon them you know
4:04 am
you've created a false base your 40s the people to highlight false issues i can't accept this resolution one i have an issue why we're trying to dummy down and two they could get the had minutes of and not the expertise or the capability with two credentialed teachers j o rtc is a federal program we're not responsible we've paid for half of the salary for the instructors we just heard our teachers make a plea for more resources for hire wages we're talking about the possibility of using go discretionary resources to address our gaps to provide funds opportunity o the website
4:05 am
says the union street department of defense we have students are test below average for the state and district our money needs to go towards supporting the students not supporting programs we carry all the benefits and half the salary. >> our students are doing well, if we want to commend improve the outcomes by the chauvinism gap we can't support policies that adversely effect our utilizing and african-american and obesity and others diseases are in our children we have the outcomes for the black children worse disguised and set up for more support of this program that again shame on us i want more teachers in every classrooms and
4:06 am
list state penitentiaries in the market and science and pay higher salary so settles will be conceive in the program it is shameful to pit this against the reform in the form of j o rtc support that already exists with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the district thank you. >> commissioner murase and i see commissioner fewer and . >> the resolution was to bring rational outlet to our schools their unclear what is 23450e7b9 meet the requirements and a component of the pe requirements is the program so i do feel that
4:07 am
it fits under the umbrella we want to commend reminded any colleagues this is a program that serves the black and latino and african-american 8 percent african-american and 2 percent asian pacific islander i wish my colleagues could have seen the dedicated students on saturday we are heard system how the program does contribute to a successful mainstreams. >> commissioner fewer and commissioner bobbie wilson. >> so i'd like to also i'm looking at the two teachers to the program i'm looking at the numbers i'm looking galileo high school as 57 students and
4:08 am
abraham lincoln permanent has with an and abraham lincoln has 383 ask the students and lowell one hundred and 2 students but let's see how many instructors lowell has two instructors that is ongoing i wanted to say that the math teacher one and 50 students that are correcting homework and pga management and having 57 is students in gold in a program that would be a significant period of one hundred and 57 students 10 students per class and putting in an infrastructure instructor i would say an extra instructor in math class especially the students that mr. walton spoke
4:09 am
about it you had seen the error we got on achievement of economic achievement you would put your money there i know this issue has been coming political and but i think that has a school board we should be a firewall between the politics and programs that we have for your students we note this is not about the eliminations of j o rtc but personally that myself i think to have j o rtc walk through the political issue for a political gain is just not right but that's- i know that probable is not the same for everyone but not right that it is what you offer to politicians
4:10 am
so they'll support the program it is wrong i mean, i know i'll different than politicians i have to i want to put that out there i have been hearing from folks that is happening and credit just don't think that is right the j o rtc program p will stand on its own merits obviously many, many students who benefit from this i also want to say that if we're allocate funds the schools and those are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 schools we're allocating fund for a program to serve in schools we should allocate to every school in san francisco they can create programs of their choice and that means last
4:11 am
week john o'connor, walberg i think we should be looking at then if we are talking about eligibility that is what equities equity when we said ethnic studies we give them want 2 to teach we said all of them this is really what equity is so we heard some great testimony and appreciate the students coming out but want to say that when i'm looking at those numbers of actual enforcement to ask for oath teacher for two teachers with 47 students gold we've heard from teachers at the podium tells you how over worked and reiterate a math teaches one hundred and 50 students and day and held to a poor curriculum
4:12 am
that is an course that is needed for congratulation that will be effective for college when we look at the math scores that's part of the reason we changed on that speaker point a lower percentage of students are actually at advanced algebra not passing or able to you know assess the complete curriculum and so i just think it is gotten political if it were my wish i would firewall but physical education the other half the resolution and a lot of things unanswered about this part of education and have a sense that mr. walton when we mentioned will particularly drilling down on the education this board amazing passed a with a positive
4:13 am
recommendation policy are nutrition people were great opponents and no more sodas and no more cookie bake sales i've read about that we will have no vending machines okay. not sell bag he lives who does that effect the most and the study shows it adversely effects blacks and latino and asian pacific islanders students and into their adulthood a long lasting effect students don't have areas to exercise or gyms and not taking swimming loneliness they're not on sports teams there's a gpa requirement
4:14 am
for sports teams so i will ask everyone to think about that i'm looking at the second the first part of resolution which is about pe exemptions and again, if we're talking about entity we have to look at the overall health our black and latinos and asian pacific islanders to be healthy too do i want them to have strokes and type 2 diabetes but pe is physical instruction that tells us how to experience and exercise is important for your body so i have questions about this actually and i don't really have much data in front of the me about the first half of the resolution only this fiscal year impact around the j o rtc i
4:15 am
really want to hear the impacts of the fell effects when we before eliminating the pe requirement or raising it for certain students and what we're proposing can have lifelong negative effects so, anyway we should have a discussion and i have no data and what to vote what is this - what are the psychos and showing if we eliminate pe for p students what happened i mean, we're asking for research from outside groups we have nothing generated from your education folks he that we need to be conscious of that we're preparing children for the 21st century that need to be
4:16 am
healthy we want everyone to live long and healthy and thriving lives in the 21st century that's part of vision 2025 thank you. >> commissioner wynns and i want to thank everyone for coming out and take a second to say that i - while we've had this debate close to years it has been an enormous privilege to listen to students that paraded in the program and meet with them and some of them with long gone now and gone into wonderful careers but i have had the his own and privilege of being able to interact with the students the thousands that have testified as those students did
4:17 am
this evening about the importance of this to their lives and their success in school so i whatever and i know we could talk about that some other time whatever our feeling about the military, about we've been through the debates we are everything was having real downtowns and questions about the united states going to war but for me this was always been so i thank you. i want to say a couple of tings about the resolution itself you know, i will say that i think that is, you know, it is sort of one of the self-evident but that issue is politicalized forever not getting political now this was
4:18 am
all about politics and not about students but i have to take worry about that program it is fine this program thrives because of the dedication of supporter of the particularly of the instructors of the performance of the students and actions of this board over the years have been designed to and ruled in making it much, much harder for them to succeed that's been the purpose if we cannot kill the program have our own political futures not me but other people we'll try to identify said it seems like torturing students make it difficult for them to screed that's one of the things we are righting the wrongs to make it logical and work as a
4:19 am
reference before we've done work for years and years and years to get to to clarify the position without credentialing that's larger why it is come up now so doing this is something that is setting right in my view the wrongs done to the students in the last few decades. >> (clapping.) >> i'm so i want to say one thing i appreciate the deputy superintendent classifying that issue that was confusing and have a part that have fiscal analysis we're approaching to change to that's a little bit unusual in the fiscal thinking i want to particularly not to the board members and the members of the public but the kind of you know we have said we have two
4:20 am
schools out of inclines because they don't center two instructors but yet other schools have used the funds to hire an instructor we have that researched the private money not as much, etc. but looking for american people equitable way to look at a way to fund what we might think about other programs to fund that is to say we'll put an amount of central funding needed but divide it so every school that has j o rtc will have to have some of the money for the second instructor and therefore has skin in the game and has to
4:21 am
make that priority if they want the point out of podium for more quickest and afford that and discussed it seems to us before the proposal was made that the if western going to be getting into compliance needed funding for certain schools like that that commissioner fewer has referred to as that wouldn't be fair to the other schools without the money i think that is a benefit we have hit upon here thank you for that to come up with a way to equitablely fund and i'll end by saying that i we have, in fact, continue to make funding the students to whom mr. walton referred our highest priority all the enthusiastically authorized the
4:22 am
spending of a significant money of central money on the african-american initiative we have had accepted multi tier support system that target more funding at the schools we think are in the most need for the formula are basically funding distribution formula works i for one will continue to support that not only generally but specific to some of the issues that were raised this evening. >> and also, we have fought and had success finally and thank you for the staff raising private dollars weep focus on the students and should continue i think that to comply that our motivation is to take something away from the highest needs students and is not true and in fact, 40 percent of the students
4:23 am
in this program are those are the students - and the last thing about the pe part this in fact, is something that i mean, i have no intentions i don't think anyone will dump down the pe curriculum and supervisor the independent studies for students in small schools have little assess to the pe gives them a focus to the instructional program not exactly the same by that challenge we also have how within limited resources especially with the small schools and students can you do all the things you feed to do that is one of the ways that in a way will meet the requirements the states and the regulations but meet our goals and candidates to make sure that all
4:24 am
students have what we can provide i urge you to vote for this we need to resolve the issues some pe policy issuance we have to fix and have to update this is overall the fact that the staff came forward and said we should integrate this sfotd general part is part of long term to integrate those and make them compliant and be more useful i hope we will pass this we can it includes the principles we want with the equitable resources and addresses the commitment through the program and it's students and very last thing i want to say none mentions this i wanted to thank and praise to the j o ot c instructors they've been
4:25 am
understaffed and work so hard to get advance the education and also get degrees and get overseeing credentials and working on the new crewmen it is in fact, in existence it takes for the process to move forward they're in the process of taking the subject matter and it takes to issue it so the process is there we should trust that will happen and fall back the independent study i'm hoping we can minimize the replying steps and vote the way we should. >> (clapping.) >> oh, you next? >> yeah. just making comments.
4:26 am
>> so i first want to thank all the students and everybody that came out and staying for so lastly late you have finals coming up we appreciate you and proud of everything you're doing i want to speak a bit to the sort of the broader questions raised by this resolution i think that is important to remember and i'm sure that for many of the folks in the audience sort of thinking why are are we talking about those things how does that have to do with j o rtc but that effects the approaching not has to do with with the j rotc how we'll approach it will building amendments that come up a number of other things we have to do that as well
4:27 am
one of the things that actually, this is an aspect of this resolution he found a bit circuitry at the same time we were saying he didn't want to rely on the extent study with the j o rtc but in the school day insuring the physical activity two greatly expanding an independent study doesn't make sense we wanted the physical education a problem of independent study or we didn't i was confused from the defining my prospective on this this i hope i take it not the only one is to be consistent around this that this district as commissioner fewer said and mr.
4:28 am
walton and others have said truly has the commitment to physical go education during the school day an integral part ever how school we need to comment and need to make every effort to make sure that is happening in our school for that reason the aspects of that that most of us toward independent study a brother do stroke without the data about the students that are impacted and who they are and not only that have we exhausted all the options we're basically saying this category of studentsfield is not a required course during the school day so what if we did that with math and science and english as a second language you do it independent study outside of
4:29 am
school none would accept i'd like to see from the district a plan for overseeing schools that we have those categories to pure mary you are that physical education is happening on an independent study a necessary we're thinking about outline our options and using how creativity as a district how we can actually looking at physical ed is happening during the school day for that reason i could not support it independent study and with that said, when it comes to j o rtc expanding the principles i agree we should explore authorization credit for j o rtc that allows us to bring this go
4:30 am
a conversation what is happening around the school day if they need 4 hundred minutes in addition to that cover 8 areas of study with the physical ed and our district will work to do that and authorize that with that confidence then i actually think that is moving us towards this philosophy you're getting an elective credit and the dependent study and having thefield outside of school for that reason for the same principle we're leon not to support the report i'll support the pieces of this resolution that authors us to explore whether or not j r the program
4:31 am
can - and, of course, with that credential that associated with it i think is an update the piece that j o rtc parts i don't support and not moving in the right direction i think that commissioner wynns pointed out that is schools are skin in the game she used is that a different context but i think that we have a model right now where schools are stepped up and sailing we want that has part of our core curriculum we'll commit our funds nobody is trying to take away their ability and that in some ways it funding versus the school funding is acting like the school board is not funds but lawful of the funds they have the large majority of sfundz we allocate so not we're not allocating funding, in fact,
4:32 am
upwards of $800,000 benefits we are providing essential some funding here's some of the reasons i'm concerned about upsetting this balance we have now, one i hear the point about this program constantly being called and brought in as a political football. >> tossed and stds students have to feel they're under attack i don't time that to happen at the end of the year if you bring this to smoking your relying on central funding we'll center this conversation an, an annual basis and not helpful to anybody it really will not the reason it won't be helpful nothing that says the funds come from the sites sunshine has to
4:33 am
be consistent you can the get the money go fight them and get funding if elsewhere that leads to a lot more political fight over this program and lastly the fang that is a federal program as mr. walton said this leverage to go to the federal government and say this is a program that is working this is the program you have regulations around a number of teachers help us fund it and help us get the additional fund and maintaining negotiation involved and parrot that had been loud loud /* allowed i think through is an- i'm happy not 2, 3, 4 a position to be eliminated and i think
4:34 am
that is potential of offering a pe credit is the right thing to do and my e-mails and people that come up everyone that spoken from the students prospective that is what will make our lives easier and impact our lives that's why the thing it jumped out to me this central things from my prospective not only will it not for all the reasons you've heard up here not forward to the district but help you and not help the program that's my honest prospective i'll support something that took away the pe to move forward on some of the pe credits i'm not prepared to support this. >> can i respond
4:35 am
actually there isn't i am not remember the funding part only says list the band not authorize the funding it will center to go through the budgeting process it wouldn't be up to me but the proposals to do that match does would require the schools to keep that up or not get the funding and have to write it in that way but the proposal will have to be split so - >> i think this is a proposal to allocate fund for the programs essential it should be done at the same time and clear about the purchase if because people are talking about certain programs all the analyze you might find good this is part of lack of clarity and what that means it is unclear and no