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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 51716  SFGTV  May 23, 2016 12:20am-4:01am PDT

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comment on items 10 a- b? c without item 11 adjournment. motion to adjourn three get moves that >> clerk: all all those in favor say, aye. we are adjourn. it's 11:50 am. >>[gavel] >> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the regularly scheduled meeting of san francisco board of supervisors for tuesday may 17, 2016. please call the roll. >> sfr visor avalos, present.
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supervisor breed, present. campos, present. cohen, present. farrell, not present. kim, not present. mar, present. peskin, present. tang, present. wiener, present. yee, present. madam prez dent you have a quorum. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen can you join us in the pledge of allegiance? >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you and colleagues before we move on with todays meeting, my
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voice i lost my voice and therefore supervisor katy tang will conduct todays meeting, so be nice everybody. thank you. >> alright. thank you and first before we begin i want to welcome [inaudible] we have a delegation from bejing so welcome. [applause] alright and with that madam clerk any
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communications >> none to report. >> okay. sorry? okay. we will have a representative here from the delegation to say a few words if there are no objections? >> thank you. [speaking chinese] >> distinct supervisors it is a honor to have this opportunity to observe your meeting. [waiting for
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interpretation] we are a delegation of people congress and the chinese people conference bejing community. the first of its kind consisted of local legislators and supervisors. [waiting for interpretation] china and
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the u.s. enjoy a long-history of flendly exchanges. san francisco is a great city [inaudible] we come here to exchange ideas between us and [inaudible] and you are welcome to visit us. if you come we will receive you with warm hospitalality. thank you. >> thank you very much. now, colleagues- sorry, supervisor yee. >> just want to welcome them. welcome the delegation from bejing. [speaking chinese] >> thank you, supervisor mar?
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>> i want to thank you mr. chin shew and delegation. if victor lim can translate that helpful. i visited bejing 10 years ago and it was a honor to meet officials that time but to have come you come here from a city of 22 million people brings us honor to the city of san francisco. >> if we can turn on the microphone. thank you. >> [speaking chinese, waiting for interpretation]
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>> i was going to add as san francisco advances china s frfx and many programs to build relationships and people to people relationships i look forward visits bejing soon to visit the schools is see the great people of bejing. >> [speaking chinese] [applause] >> thank you supervisor mar. i want to join avenue wn welcoming our delegation here from bejing and hope you continue geping our relationship with all of you here. i hope you learn a lot on your visit and welcome you to come back to the san francisco. [speaking chinese].
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>> [speaking chinese] >> okay, with that colleagues now we'll go to approval of meeting minutes. any changes to our april 12, 2016 board meeting minutes? seeing none, 23 if we can have a motion >> student adopt the minutes. motion by supervisor mar and second by farrell and accept those minutes will be approved after public comment. madam clerk read the consent agenda. >> item 1-4 are consent. a item may be considered separately. >> colleagues anyone like to sever any items from the consent agenda? seeing none. >> items 1-4. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye.
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breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. there are 11 aye >> the items for finally passed unanimously. >> item 5, ordinance to amend the administrative code to require prepackaged food and beverages in vendee machines on city property meet standards and calorie labeled requirements as well as oretd requirements. >> do a roll call. >> item 5, tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye.
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peskin, no. there are 10 aye and 1 no with pr visor peskin. >> the ordinance is finally passed. call item 6 and 7 together. >> true resolutions that approve the home detention and electronic monitoring rule jz regulations in the sheriff department and aruv the evidence of financial responsibility demonstrated by the program administrator and leaders in community alternatives. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor tang. we did spend the last few weeks conferring with the sheriffs department on the electronic monitoring program and initial concern is about requiring payment $125 registration fee, $35 a day for a program that is savey the city money giving the jails are far
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more expensive than this program and if a individual is eligible and safe to be in the community with monitoring we should make the program free. after discussion we learned that many participants largely waved their fees because they are income eligible and understanding we have this program income eligibility that lows fees to be waived and there is a not a collection agency when individuals do not participate in the program. i feel comfortable voting for items today but will continue to work with sheriffs department and adult probation to make sure we save money when we deemed a individual safe and figure how to continue insure individuals are not prohibited from being in the program because they cannot afford to. >> alright. thank you supervisor kim. so with that if we can do roll call for item 6 and 7.
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>> supervisor tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 11 ayes. >> these resolutions are adoped. >> item 8 amend it code to authorize to perform public work through best evaluateue process using combination of price and qualifications with bid discount applicable to price. creation and maintenance of a dat ab >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam chair, colleagues this legislation is about making sure the taxpayers get quality
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infrastructure construction and work that they deserve. the legislation introducing a new contracting procedure called best value where both cost and bid amount as well as past performance are considered. best value rewardss the large majority of contractors who do good work for the city, on time and budget and adequate staffing. the legislation maintaining the 10 percent bid discount as we continue to support local business. legislation requires departments establish objectives and transparent criteria defining best value ue for a project and the criteria be established in a public and transparent way before going out to bid. given that we currently
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rely all most exclusively on lowest bid, there is little incentive for contractors to do a a plus job. in fact, right now there is a built in incentive to cut corners for repeated change orders and under staffing and at times walking away from a project before completion. most contractors do not cut the corn r ers because they want to do a good job and do do a terrific job, some contractors do. best value is not a new idea. sit squaez counties in california squu cross the country implemented the system and best value basically means bid price will always be incredibly important a bid could be the lowest price bid and still not be the best value due to change orders or delays or under staffing or not
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completing the job the costs escalate. we will invest 10 of billions of dollars in the coming decades on infrastructure work in san francisco. we are engaged in unprecedented infrastructure investment in the city on the roads, the sewer and water system and parks and health futilities public safety and transportation system and want to create every incentive for contractors do to the best possible work in the safest and most efficient way. for a large majority of contractors doing a great job this will not have much impact. they will bid and work and all goes well. for the small number of crarkters who are a problem this will allow us to take poor performance and unsafe performance, inappropriate behavior into account when awarding contracts in the
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future. the civil grand juree and controllers office audited public works process and both have come to the same solution, the time has #c34 to move towards best value contracting. i want to thank you supervisor breed, tang and [inaudible] also want to thank [inaudible] and my office for their work on the legislation as well as the city attorneys office [inaudible] nicholas king from dpw for working closely with us. i have a small amendment i distributed that i formulated with supervisor peskin to indicate that for very small contracts under $1.5 million best value would not apply. this is in line with other jurisdiction approaches. there is a monetary threshold around a million dollars so
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think this is the appropriate threshold here as well so i ask for your spaurt support with the amendment. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor tang. i want to thank supervisor wiener for bringing this forward and happy cosponsor of this particular legislation. i just want to say-also-i'll support the amendment of course. i think it is time we actually look at this and do this. what i have seen over and over again when i was on the school board for 8 years, there were contractors many of the contractors actually were doing the work, but there is a percentage of contractors that overand over again somehow get the winning bid and ends up doing a lousy job basically. a lot of times we
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end up spending more money than any of the highest bidders because of the going back and redoing the work that want done and having somebody come in to take the place of these contractors. preventing something that could be dejasterous in the long run and feel the city will save money. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i'll switch to english. i think this make as lot of sense, but i actually have heard more from small contractors who have difficulty getting bids rather than the other way around. i'm worried that this new structure could create some disadvantage for local business enterprising and with that doubt in mind i think the rational sounds very reasonable, i also thought it is important to consider
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other factors beside low bid, i don't think enough work has been done to work with our existing system to think the we'll change the system over on them that will be more incomphensible. i won't support this but understand this ordinance. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to the amendment, seconded by supervisor mar and we'll go to roll call for item 8. >> supervisor wiener made the motion and supervisor mar seconded and you took without objection. >> supervisor tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, no. breed, aye.
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campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 10 aye and 1 no with supervisor avalos. >> the ordinance is passed on first reading as amended. call item 9, please >> item 9 is ordinance to appropriate 4.1 million in surplus revenue 20.6 million from salaries and fringe benefit expenses and appropriate 24.7 million to over time in the sheriffs department, department of emergency management, fire department, public helt and public utilities and police department. this requires a 2/3 vote or 8 voters . >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. this one is a
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challenging one for me. i understand that we are not doing appropriation based on general fund reserve, but cost savings within the departments and revenues within the department as with the fire department, but it also calls into question the ordinance, why do we have such a large cost savings in the department budgetsment police is 8 million and every year in the budget process we go through trying to finds the surpluses and looks like we not getting the biggest bang for our buck and that process of scrutinizing the budget. i like to ask the harvey rose budget analyst a couple questions. >> mr. rose. >> yes, madam president. >> thank you for your report.
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i'm actually-i have been in the budget process many many years, chair the budget committee in the past. last couple years i have not been on the bijt committee but have bean been here every night. there is a time when all the officers are trying to find the silver bullet to find magic money and it looks like when we get to the tailened ends of the year we have all this magic money that appears in the department budget. $8 million in the police department is a incredible amount of money. can you summarize by department what we see for cost savings and how those cost savings in the supplemental relate to recommendations that you have made last year in the budget process? >> president and supervisor achb lose, let me make a general statement
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and i'll respond specifically. each year when we go before the budget and finance committee we tell the budget and finance committee the recommendations we make for salary, surplus and savings are conservative, reasonable. departments against that and they consider our remations and what the department says. historically, the salary savings achieved in the city and county of san francisco where you have employees totaling 30,000 employees and have a $9 billion budget, there is going to be a lot of attrition and historically that attrition has exceeded both the mayors estimates and budget analyst estimates, so that when we make our recommendations, we try to
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adhere re to the board policy our recommendation should not impact service reduction and that is why we make conservative recommendations but we go fl to the budget and finance committee basically knowing our recommendations will not result in any service impacts and the possibility is that the departments will have money left over. >> thank you, so every year our budget from our different departments are padded then is what you are saying? >> i'm saying that historically there has been significant savings in excess of those announced we recommended tobe cut from the budget and those amounts are used for supplementals like this as well as used to balance next years budget with the controller takes surplus funds and uses that as a source of funds for next year budget
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but yes supervisor , i believe there are significant savings and all most every budget i have seen over the years. >> last december we had a hearing on the superbowl and tried to ghet a sense of the cost to the city. the city department, police department, mta, dph, rec and park and no one could tell what thatual be. in jan we got a figure that appears to be about 4 and $4 and a half million less than the expenditures that happened. there was no line items in the budget of the departments to say what the cost will be for the super bowl but the over time cost were dramatic and increased cost for super bowl were dramatic. i have
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no choice but to vote for this because if we dont support we scr a hole in the budget related to ovtime but the bigger hole is how to go through the budget process to be much more strong and much less conservative to make cuts in the departments where they can't squirrel away money to make their own initiatives like the super bowl that have huge impacts on every day san franciscan's and neighborhoods far from where these avents occur lose out while the neighborhoodss or financial district get a lot of money from tourism and people spending money at these events. this is a clear example where our city is support the top 1 percent. the corporation jz hotel chain jz left our neighborhood said out and feel this stinks to have the vote on this thing. >> colleagues any questions,
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comment, discussion? seeing none. >> supervisor tang, aye. wiener aye. yee, aye. avalos, i change my mind, no. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, no. mar, aye. peskin, no. 8 aye and 3 no with supervisors avalos, kim and peskin in descent. >> the ordinance passes on first reading. >> that is a 8 vote threshold. >> this ordinance passes on first reading. sorry? >> like to make a motion to resend the vote. s is there a second?
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seconded by supervisor mar. madam clerk-- >> item 9, supervisor tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, no. breed, aye. campos, no. cohen, no. farrell, aye. kim, no. mar, no. peskin, no. 5 aye and 6 no with supervisors avalos, campos, cohen, kim, mar and peskin in descent. >> this ordinance fails on first reading. please call item 10-12. >> item 10 is resolution tew prove a lease between city and bank of
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america for automated teller machines with $365,000 minimum annual guarantee for 5 year term with two year option to extend at discretion. item 11 approve the least between bank of america for automated teller machines at the international terminal. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam chair. i have a question about item 10. my understanding is that bank of america is a company that is headquarter in north carolina and i was wondering if there is someone here who can respond to that. if that is a the case i would like to continue this item to
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our next board meeting because i like to know more about what this company has done relative to the antilgbt law that that stay passed. we have taken steps to ban travel to that state and think if we are doing business with a company that is headquarter out of the state there are certain things we need to know about that company. is there anyone here from the airport ? >> thank you for raising the issue. i think we have pendsing legislation to ban the city from entering into contracts with companies that are headquartered in states that pass anti-lgbt hate laws and working
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through the legislative process now. as i understand it bank of america signed on to a letter and been very vocal against this law. that is what i know, i can't speak for the airport or bank of america, but that is the information that i have. it is all our hope this horrible law is struck down and whipeed off the books sooner rather than later. >> my understanding is-unless i hear anything to the contrary it is north carolina company and so with that understanding make a motion to continue this item to the next board meeting to find out more information about all of those things that have been raised. >> madam clerk and supervisor campos, if i may suggest we continue 10 and 11 and not 12 given those are the only 2 concerning bank of america. second from supervisor peskin and take that without objection to continue 10 and 11
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. let's go to roll call for item 12. >> item 12 is resolution to ret row actively approve execution lease agreement between china air lines limited. 3 year term through april 18, 2019. one three year option to extend. >> tang, aye. wiener aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 11 ayes >> the resolution is adopted. now that
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it is about 2:30 let's go to our recognition of commendations. supervisor campos. >> thank you madam chair. it is my honor to call a amazing lady. hope she is in the audience, gladis jurgens, if you can please come up. [applause] i know we have the entire office of treasurer jose sis narose that is here and if they are not here they are watching on sfgovtv. glad ish jurgens is retiring this week after-34 years of service at san francisco treasurers office. at 93 years old, gladp
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isnever misses a single day of work. she is truly the heart and soul of her taxpayers [inaudible] for many years her friends in the office have taken terms driving her to and from work and making sure she is well taken care of. every inch of her cubicle is covered with pictures and momentoes of colleagues, their children and families. before i present this award of course it makes sense this would be someone who lives in bruno heights, i want to give the treasurer a opportunity to say a few words but know my entire office and i are in ah of gladisjurgens and can't imagine the city continuing to function without her. >> thank you very much. thank you supervisor campos for those
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lovely words and thank you to all the members the board for honoring or dear colleague. gladisis the heart and soulf the taxpayer assistant unit and service the people of san francisco for 34 years and founds time to be the treasurers office point of contact for the fire department holiday toy drive each year. as you mentioned, she is beloved by colleagues in the treasurers office and at 93 years old gladisis a inspuration. we can't imagine the treasurers office without her. on fw half of everyone in our office, we love you and hope you kill visit us often. i would like to invite gladisup to say a few words. [applause]
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>> i want to thank all the people. it has been a wonderful 34 years. everybody has been so kind to me. there hasn't been a person i haven't liked or haven't liked me. i met a lot of people [inaudible] pictures of children, coworker squz everything. i really will miss my job, but i think 93 is time to move on. [applause]
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>> congratulations and thank you for your service to our city. our next commendation we have supervisor cohen. >> thank you supervisor tang. good afternoon everyone. today i'm going to be honoring a man many know vince harris. where is vince? please come up to the podium. [applause] it is my pleasure to honor vince harris who is a current director of capital programs and construction for sfmta is he is retiring this year. mr. harris career expands 35 years in transportation and worked in public and private sectors including being responsible for the delivery of 3 billion dollar
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capital improvement program in washington dc. mr. harris served as executive director of stan isloss counsel of government and almeady county transportation authority. mr. harris holds a bachelors of science in civil engineering from universety of pittsburgh. i want to take the opportunity to they think mr. harris for all his hard work. his dedication is critical to insure we deliver on many capital projects that help improve our transportation system as well as provide a better service to all san franciscan's in every corner of the city. thank you, mr. harris for your work and absolutely wish you the best of luck in your retirement . don't forget but us. >> thank you so much for this
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recognition. i really appreciate it. our division is responsibility i think you know for the delivery of capital projects. i saw all capital projects have some problems but the true test of character is how we resolve those problems and our division we try to resolve them together. together often means working with you, the community, and other agency divisions to come up with what we hope is a solution that is fair, equitable and solves the problem. i want to thank this board for supporting and challenging me and my staff at sfmta to do our very best and delivering quality projects for this great city. my experience is somewhat unique, i was at the agency, left the agency, invited back to work another term and very proud of that. my return has actually given me a even
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greater appreciation for our work and this great city. thank you for this acknowledgment. for me it is privilege and pleasure to serve. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, congratulations mr. harris. our next commendation will be from supervisor farrell.
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>> thank you supervisor tang. colleagues, i have the great honor of recognizing someone today who is retiring after 30 years of service to city of san francisco. someone i have gotten a chance to work closely with over the past few years and that is peter [inaudible] peter, are you here? [applause] so, i got to meet peter and work with him in connection with america's cup and we fought about the [inaudible] in terms of district 2, the americas cup was impactful for traffic and go to community meetings and work along side or camp sate for things other people say. peter was just unbelievable. he is the only person i met that puts residential and neighborhoods as ease. had the most amazing way about him and together we worked on a number of things since then and tome one of the most
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amazing city employees i have come across while on the board. i want to recognize him. today i'll talk about background. he fs head of planning for west bay, transportation authority, cta and planning department. he is retiring as director of planning for mta now where we works on a number of initiatives and most the offices around sustainict, corridor studies developmental related planning and environmental review. he worked on the america's cup and super bowl 50 and bid for olympics in 2024. responsible for bicycle plan in san francisco. worked with commuter shuttle regulations. the list goes on and on. i want to take a moment to say thank you on a personal level for all of us. it is rare breed we get
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to interact from my perspective so closely with someone that does such an amazing job and makes our lives easier. i caents believe you are leaving and but well deserved. i look forward hopefully seeing you on sundays in mass. thank you for your service and thank you for working with my office inside and out of district 2. the city will miss you and thank you for all your years of service. [applause] >> before we get to your remarks we'll grow to supervisor wiener first. >> thank you madam chair. peter, we all sad you are leaving and thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you as a district 8 resident. i know you have been in a lot of ways
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just a jack of all trades but say that in the positive way. when something-a difficult projeththat doesn't neatly fit into a given silo has to happen, you are the guy that comes in and gets it done. who we see a explosion of development in population in eastern san francisco and along the water front, you play such a key role to make sure we think about the future and how decades to come we have enough transit infrastructure to get people around. you never shied away from taking on these important exercises and responsibilities that don't always get the headline or glory, but you always have been able to help guide our transportation function in the right direction and i know you will be badly missed. i'm sure you won't go far and
1:05 am
will be available for consultations to make sure we are moving in the right direction but want to say thank you for your service and i know a lot of the work you have done will bare tremendous fruit in terms of our transpartation needs. >> i have few brief words. this man is incredible to the residents orphdistrict 10. you heard about his professional experience and nauchblg but he has a wonderful soul and tremendous assets to the mta. he helped me are de9 what is a good leader is. one of the key lessons he taught me is to listen to people and always remember the experience that the person that you are talking to or interacting with, the experience that they are walking away with and you
1:06 am
always want to be a positive interaction and experience so that interaction will produce will be positive and i want to thank you for our interaction. it had a positive impact on my life and career professionally. you will be greatly missed and hope you will still remain involved and in the city and grateful for the projects and time and effort you put in helping to figure out many transit condonedrums all the way-i appreciate you always including the bayview community and visitation valley and extending a caring ear and level of thoughtfulness trying to help us figure out our transportation needs and how we can begin to solve some the challenges that exist. i'm forever grateful and indeted and want to say thank you very much and we will miss you. >> thank you supervisor cohen.
1:07 am
i am very shocked to hear you are retiring, you are way too young to retire but want to thank you for your service and it is a huge loss for us to have you leave. i really appreciate how any time we approach you with a problem you thought about it but thought 10 steps ahead and it is wonderful talking to you because your brain is problem solving all the time. thank you for what you have done for san francisco and wish you best in your retirement. >> thank you madam chair, supervisors. i a little overwhelmed about this. i feel like a light weight compared to mrs. [inaudible] happy to be honored the same day as [inaudible] when i look arounds the room and realize i had the benefit to work in every one of your districts and that is the joy i
1:08 am
have. i have been around feinstein as a mayor and [inaudible] on many great projects in the mission and what a joy it has been to shape san francisco and try to solve problems before they good came problems. with your support i felt like i had great-wind at the back but that sound like america's cup and don't want to talk about that. accept for the fact that we proved that when people really put their minds to solving great problems before they become problems they can be solutions. been a pleasure. i leave you with fantastic staff in the planning division and mta and will see great work ahead and i will be around in san francisco to pick up the chronicle and make sure we are still on the right path. thank you. [applause]. >> congratulations.
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congratulations mr. albert. our last comunidation will be from supervisor wiener on behalf of supervisor breed. >> thank you madam chair. so, yes this commendation is from president breed and nothing can truly silent london breed having a vocal cord problem is a challenge so we are relieving your of your responsibility for a moment. colleagues this week is
1:10 am
national emergency medical services week, may 16-21 which brings together local communities and medical personnel to honor the dedication of those who provide the day to day life savings services. san francisco will be recognizing the emergency medical services community with special events throughout the week honoring those who dedicate their lives to saving lives. one is the ems awards. a program that identifies providers who provide outstanding medical service to san francisco. the awardees are nominated by their peers for a variety of ems including emergency medical dispatch, field medical response, hospital medical service, community services, rea-mind lynn excellent ems
1:11 am
award. today during ems week on behalf of president breed i like to recognize all who are dedicated in saving lives through the emergency medical services profession. it is important to acknowledge the amazing work each of these individuals perform for the city. in particular i want to commend each the 2016 ems awardees who go beyond. include don mahoney san francisco public safety dispatchers for 22 years of outstanding performance as dispatcher and dispatcher trainer. [applause] and then gered cooper, emtp and mark santos receiving the
1:12 am
ems field provider award for performance in multiple ems roles including to the uniier square tour bus accident and ems training. [applause] and then dr. clod [inaudible] with university of california san francisco, receiving the ems hospital provider award for exceptional support caring for patients with neurologic emergencies. jason mitchell with 24 hour fitness receiving the ems community service awards for helping two individuals who experienced life threatening emergencies at
1:13 am
the health club where he works. [applause] and then finally, sharon kennedy, rn with zuckerburg san francisco general hospital receiving the raimened lynn [inaudible] invasion to the benefit of the greater san francisco ems system. let's hear it for sharon. [applause] president breed and i are proud to recognize each of you for your dedication to saving lives, so come on up. [applause]
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>> congratulations all the honorees! [applause] so that concludes our 2:30 special commendations. congratulations. now if we can go back to our ajnda and call item 13. >> item 13 authorize the controllers to enter into the 19th amendment of the software maintenance agreement for software maintenance service for the controllers financial accounting and management information system and extending the contract term through june 30, 2019 for contract amount up to 1.8 million. >> take same house same call. the resolution and adopted. >> item 14 and 15 together. >> resolution to declare the fent of
1:16 am
city reimburse proceeds for future indetedness to california debt limit to permit the revenue bonds in a principle amount not to exceed 56 million for [inaudible] issuance of revenue bonds in principle anount not to exceed 16 million for acquisition for columbia park apartments, >> same house same call. without objection adopted >> resolution to reauthorize tax-exempt and taxable lease revenue commercial paper certificates in amount not to exceed 250 million to finance acquisition construction and
1:17 am
rehabilitation of capital improvement and equipment authrgzing replacement of the credit facilities in amount of $150 million >> adopted >> resolution to approve agreement with south beach mariney preserve 101 affordable housing unit not to exceed 59.3 million. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. today i'm really excited to have this come before the entire board of supervisor jz be able to announce with concert with mayors office of housing and community development office worked to achieve a resolution the housing crisis that enable to keep 101 district 6 household in san francisco in their home.
1:18 am
last year around this time, a number of rez dent from south beach marina apartments contacted our office because they learned their middle income unit expired and set to go to market rate. for most of the households who make up senior jz small business owners are every day rez dchbts, this was a effective eviction. many earn good incomes, they don't earn enough to continue to live in san francisco or the neighborhood they lived in for decades. several tenants are here today squpt to acknowledge them for being here. [inaudible] featureed in the examiner was as richck of losing her home. [inaudible] small business owner is oo resident and someone who contributes to the city through public servesis work and they have been living in this apartment camp plex for many
1:19 am
years, cay 25 years. they made it clear if the units go to market rate they cant stay in san francisco. south beach marina apartments located in the rin con point south beach redevelopment area was built with revenue bonds resulting in construction of 414 units. over 25 of the units were deed restricted to middle income house holds inexchange for the revenue bonds however the restriction was left for 21.5 years undill the financing ndsed. more than 20 years passed and the restrictions are no longer in affect and the owners no longer obligated to provide the below market rate units. this agreement preserved 101 affordable housing unit and prevent
1:20 am
displacement of our neighbors. this is the fewest number of unit removed from protective status in any district however without the solution today there will be additional 101 units removed from protective status. i want to recognize the tenants who spent the last year organizing and raising awareness around the issue and irk withic patientsly with our office and mayors office of housing. if not for their advocacy and voice i'm not sure we will achieve the resolution we will get to today. the mayors office of housing came up with proposals to make this work because they care about making sure we don't push out middle class households. nob
1:21 am
nab thank you so much again for coming with these creative ideas that will help the units and today is a victory br fr the city. 101 households and nothing to cough at and so glad we will be able to continue to call you my neighbors. i ask for your support of this today >> thank you supervisor kim. colleagues if we take this item same same call? without objection the resolution is adopted. [applause] now we are at our 3 p.m. special order and the first one that we have here is conditional use appeal for 1066 market street. madam clerk if you call item 21-24.
1:22 am
>> comprise the special order for public hearing of persons interested in the certification of conditional youth authsition for the 1066 market street issued by the planning commission march 17, 2016 to allow square footage for dwelling units that will be affordable who fr households in 90 percent. motion to approve the commissiondition and item 23 is disapprove the commission condition approving the conditional use authorization and 24 is direct the appropriation of findings >> it is my understanding both parties agreed to continue the hearing and we'll go to supervisor kim to elaborate >> i want to make a motion to continue the item to tuesday, june 28. we are still working out all the final deals, settlement in terms of the
1:23 am
appeal of conditional use authorization >> supervisor kim made a motion to continue and second said by supervisor peskin. if we can go to public comment. any members wish to comment on this come forwerward. seeing none, public comment is closed. take that without objection the items will be continued 250 to june 28. if we can call item 25-26 >> m 16-046 approved april 19, 2016 the board will convene in a committee for public hearing to consider objections to a report of assessment cost submitted by director of public works for inspection and/or abatement of blighted conditions. approve the report of cost submitted by
1:24 am
director of public works. >> as our clerk as stated, colleagues today the committee is considered to [inaudible] director of public works for 234 spection or abatement of blighted conditions. first we will open the hearing and hear from the department. >> good afternoon. john riley and hear with phil galley representing department of public works. chapter 80 community preservation and blight reduction act requires property owners maintain the property in a safe and blight free condition. requires public works to inspect and notify property owners to make condition. in cases where they refuse to make
1:25 am
corrections the city has to make the corrections. the is the obligation of the popularity own rbs to maintain the property free of graffiti and blight. majority of complaints come from the public. property own rers are notified and given 30 days to abate. properties on xhrns corridors are subject to a 15 day notice. acamomyed with the mailed violation are [inaudible] they frequently ask questions sheet with all the information how to reach the office. the notice explains the process for requesting a hearing as well as the way to contract the graffiti unit or request an extension. if the graffiti remains on the building after 30 days a blight notice is posted, the property owners are again notified and allowed another 15 days. if they do not remove the graffiti, contact the department within
1:26 am
45 days or request a hearing public works will proceed and bill the property owners. if the invoices are not paird it will be submitted to the board of supervisors for assessment on the property tax bill. most residents respond quickly when they find graffiti and respect the ord nrns and follow through. property owners and merchants understand the importance of removing graffiti quickly and send a message they will not allow graffiti to remain on the property but failure to remove results in additional graffiti. request approval for assist of blighted properties >> i like to share graffiti data with you. last fiscal year the environmental service notified 8, 250 property owners for graffiti,
1:27 am
96.6 notified abated graffiti. 1142 notices wnt out and 91 [inaudible] that leaves 63 in front of you today. >> thank you. does that conclude your presentation? >> yes. >> thank you. colleagues questions or comments for public works department? if not we will open up for public comment. if anyone would thrike speak on the item please line up by my left side by the windows. you will have two mrnts minutes to speak. you will have the opportunity to speak with public works staff individually outside the chamber and have time to discuss your particular situation and then come back to the board chamber after all has been said and done hopefully resolved and we'll take up the action item.
1:28 am
with that, we'll open up to public comment. please come forth. >> i am the owner of the business [inaudible] chinatown and i have all the time to thproblem with the graffiti and tired of [inaudible] metal gate and full of paint. it is like i already [inaudible] every day paint. that is incredible [inaudible] i know i have to deal every day with the graffita but the city has to do something. [inaudible] every day i have to open the store and have a note to paint. i paint today and tomorrow [inaudible] this is what i have to work for
1:29 am
me to the city. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public who wish to speak on items 25 or 26? seeing none at this time the hearing is held and will be filed and we will reconvene otthe board of supervisors. as i stated earlier, if we can give it looks like one member the public the opportunity to convene with public works staff outside the chamber and see if you can come to resolution and we will come back to you afterwards. we can do that colleagues without objection. alright. madam clerk ifee call the next item which is item 18. >> amend the code to require the city to open and operate now fewer than 6 navigation centers within 24
1:30 am
months [inaudible] homeless people and moving homeless people off the street and into permanent housing or transitional or stable housing which leads through permanent housing through case management. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam chair. colleagues i'm going to take a moment to read a part of a e-mail i received from a constituent thrmpt is a large homeless encampment on harrison between 18 and 19. it has grown to a size where it is hard to estimate how many people are there, perhaps a dozen more. individuals have been there nearly 3 weeks now. they said up cooking areas, they use the street and sidewalk as their bathroom, have bike parts coming and going and tents and tarps.
1:31 am
i had to step over bodies to walk on the sidewalk. i walked past a man outside a tent pooring disinfectant over a scab [inaudible] twice its size. the smell of urine permeates the area, is there anything to be done to address that. i read that because i'm reading e-mail after e-mail hundreds of e-mails and calls like the one that i just read from my district calling on the city to do something about the issue of street encampments and homelessness. i introduced the ordinance on the expansion of navigation centers because i believe i would not be doing my job as district 9 supervisors if i did not try to do something on this issue and specifically to do something to
1:32 am
address the encampments that are growing and have grown throughout my district and throughout the city. this is why i introduce this law and this is why i believe that we as a board and as a city need to do everything we can do address this issue. that said, the mayors newly appointed director of our new department on homelessness, jeff [inaudible] approached me yesterday to ask for a continuance of this vote. let me say this, i had to think hard about this because i do believe that action is needed and action is needed now. i have never the less agreed to a continuance with the understanding that a continuance is out of respect to mr. [inaudible] and his new role to give him a opportunity to get up to speed on the issues implicateed in this
1:33 am
legislation, but i want to be very clear, i believe that this legislation as it currently is has struck the right balance in terms of all the conflicting interest and needs the city faces on this issue. i'm proud of the amendment that have been made at the suggestion of supervisor peskin and president breed scr others as well as the amendment that come from the people who do this work on the ground so that we are not only addressing the issue of expanding navigation centers and addressing the issues with the existing shelter system. i believe this law does that. i take mr. [inaudible] at his word he needs extra time to get acquainted with this piece of legislation and i'm prepared to do that, but i also am prepared to move the item forward if this becomes about
1:34 am
more than that. i believe and say this with all sinterity, that the people of san francisco, the residents of district 9, the residents of every single district do not want city hall to delay further action. they will not tolerate we push aside the issue for much longer so with that expectation and clear understanding, i hereby make a motion to continue this item to the meeting of june 14 out of respect for the new director of homelessness so i make that motion and ask for your support. >> supervisor made a motion to continue to june 14 and supervisor avalos is next. >> thank you. i just want to
1:35 am
thank supervisor campos for bringing the legislation forward and highlighting the huge concerns that have arisen in your district and i heard a lot from folks as well who are really concerned about the encampments especially along divisadero and a lot are a result of the people moved from the super bowl. there are relationships to other things on the agenda. i want to also thank you for continuing this. i think jeff [inaudible] joining on the homeless office is a significant move and think he has been a great person grappling with homelessness and supportive housing are a number of years and brings a great deal of expertise and giving him some time to help plan is
1:36 am
[inaudible] i appreciate you doing that. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. there was a motion to continue togeny 14 and take that without objection. the item is continued. item 19. >> item 19, motion to direct the budget and legislative analyst to conduct performance audit of real estate division in 2016. >> thank you. if we take this same house same call. without objection this motion-- this is motion. we take this motion as approved. item 20. >> item twenz approve the additional of the street name gene compten cafeteria. the contribution of transjendser women. >> same house same call.
1:37 am
supervisor kim >> today i have the honor bringing forward this important memorial for our san francisco community in particular our transgender community. 100 block of taylor street is a historic site where in 1966 a uprising by transgender women and others in the lgbt community stood up to unrelenting injustice protesting against discrimination known as the compten cafeteria riots. a precursor to the lgbt movement. long haveicated by the cafeteria, today the site is all most empty as a memorial. only a small plaque exists. this is why i brought forward this resolution to rename the 100 block of
1:38 am
taylor street to gene compten cafeteria way to commemorate this historic event in our great city. this resolution is especially important in wake the state and local government legislation across the country aimed stripping civil rights from transjndser individuals by creating a permanent memorial site san francisco can help remember our role in the civil right of transjendser individuals and we must continue to fight there is still a long way to go to acknowledge the bravery of these women who stood up for themselves. colleagues i do ask you joining me and supporting this historage street signage today and look forward to the unveiling at the end oof transmarch of june this year and want to thank and recognize tremendously fulisha [inaudible] quhoo has been working hard to educate both the board of
1:39 am
supervisor jz community about this historic event over the past couple years. jasmine our transmarch committee, rea, austin and jordan and many others who worked hard to bring this forward and get support from our wide community and neighborhood as well. i also want to recognize my casponsors campos, scotter wiener and aaron peskin. i look forward seeing you at the unveiling june 24 at transmarch. this is a important part of our history and deserves to be recognized in our community and neighborhoods. >> thank you madam chair. i want to thank supervisor kim and her office as well as the members of the community who have moved this important not just commemoration but moment of education forward so that we never forget those who came before us and those who really
1:40 am
blazed a trail to make space for the modern lgbt movement and community. as good as things are for the lgbt community in certain parts of the country, we know that we have much work to do and we know that in the past so many people suffered because of the incredible discrimination and hatred and stigma and lack of understanding for the 92 n tire lgbt community but most specifically towards the transgender brothers and sister and they have taught so much about what it means to stands proud and to fight undur the most difficult and sometimes horrible of circumstances and so this is a very very important moment. i also important reminder that as many strides as we have made as a
1:41 am
lgbt community and strides transjnder community made we have enormous challenges and hurtles as we have seen in north carolina and other states there are parts the cuntsry where elected representatives are absolutely happy to try to cut out the entire lgbt community and the transgender community from the full benefits of rezentially and citizenship. we need to push back unbelievebly hard to defend our community and stick up for our brothers and sisters until we are at a point where lgbt people can live freely and openly with dignity in every scare inch not just of the country but of this world. we must continue to fight. what happened at comptens
1:42 am
cafeteria 5 oyears ago was a incredible moment teaching us how to do just that. thank you. >> i won't belabor the point, i just want to say as a gay man i want to thank supervisor kim for putting this forward as well as cosponsors supervisor wiener and peskin. i'm proud to be a cosponsor. it is amazing how critical a role san francisco has played in the issue of lgbt rights and hear about certain things and know btd harvey milk and jose [inaudible] but think the compten cafeteria played a critical role and preceded anything else in the rest of the country and i think we should be very proud of the fact that you had these jnder
1:43 am
non conforming transgender queens and kings who played a role in that movement and in that very important occasion and i think it is important to celebrate it and acknowledge it and make sure our young people know about that history, so thank you supervisor kim for doing that. >> thank you. now colleagues if we take that item same house same call. is supervisor farrell here? same house same call without objection the resolution is adopted. committee reports starting with item 27, and considered by the land use and transportation commit emonday may 16 at 130 p.m. and forwardsed as a committee report. resolution to approve option agreement for potential sale for northern [inaudible] beale howard main and folsom to san francisco redevelopment agency to transbay partners for $45 million and
1:44 am
make the appropriate findings. >> do we have opening remarks from supervisor kim? this is item 27. if we take this same house same call without objection the resolution is adopted. >> considered by the rules committee thursday may 12 at 11 a.m. and forwarded as a committee record to urge thesuch county transportation authority in partner with mayors office and sfmta to develop a expenditure plan to specify the use of revenue from a potential new half cent sales tax for transportation for consideration for the november 2016 ballot. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much and thank you supervisor avalos and mar for their cosponsor ship. this resolution simply
1:45 am
moves forward and allows to continue working on half cent transportation sales tax to meet the massive transportation needs of the city and region in the coming years and decades. we have billions of dollars in unfunded capital needs in the transportation sent squr the mayor convened the transportation 2030 working group a few years ago that came up with a plan to meet the capital gap over a 15 year period included funding sources one was a half cents sales tax dedicated to transportation needs and so this is a step in that direction in terms of implementing one of the recommendations, one of the key recommendations of the transportation
1:46 am
2030 taskforce. we are continuing to work on this mexer and know there are a lot of conversations and confident it will come to a good report where we move forward with the sales tax for transportation dedicated to transportation with a great expenditure plan to accomplish our goals. thank you. >> thank you. colleagues if we take that item same house same call. without objection the resolution is adopted. >> supervisor farrell. >> i like to make a motion to resend the vote. on item 9. that was regarding our expenditures. >> seconded by supervisor breed without objection. >> so, thank you madam chair. i understand the comment made around this item certainly as your chair of the budget committee i do not want
1:47 am
padding in the budget so look for to robust discussion around some of the items and want to thank supervisor campos because we put together the ordinance that caused the vote to happen a number of years ago and thank you and fl dialogue. i think since we had this vote was work wg city attorney and our controllers office to understand the implication there of and if we do put this forward i know [inaudible] if we vote no these departments including the first responder departments will not have the ability to offer anymore over time at all. i think that is a dangerous precedents providing public safety for our residence, so i would ask my colleagues to reconsider this. i think some of my colleagues expressed a desire to vote separately and
1:48 am
approve this for fire department and emergency emergency management. i may suggest separating the file and voting separately from the other departments and you all have my commitment to work hard on this topic and make sure this isn't a pacts it has been over the past year. >> thank you, supervisor campos. >> i feel conflicted about this to be honest. the reason supervisor farrell and i introduced the ordinance that brought us to this point is because we had a situation where over time was out of control and kapartments were basically increasing over time without oversight from the board and so the idea is they have to knh to the board before they increase over time. of course, the intent was never to have the d apartments respond to
1:49 am
that by essentially providing padded budgets. basically knowing they were asking for more than they needed as a way of actually circumventing--i agree that we don't want to hurt especially first responders and their ability to respond but i also feel like-i think first responders some of the departments because they are first respondser in my view haven't taken this ishee of over time seriously and will point to the fire department as a example. in my district the fire department has a challenge because we have in the mission all these fires and not
1:50 am
really a satisfactory response from the fire department so i'm not prepared to change my vote until there is concrete action to address the point so i'll stick with my no for the time being. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. in the heat of the moment i wanted to-i failed to express the nuance i wanted to express. i went through each of the departments and when it came to department of emergency management that incured 18 resignations, i'm not sure what that was about but seems it was a un expense the department of emergency management had to go through that resulted in increase och over
1:51 am
time use age. i was prepared to make an amendment or allow approval of the dem portion of this supplemental appropriation. i also felt the fire department is one i could let go as well and that is because we saw there was a uptick in emergency response and also the source of fundsing is not within the salary budget but unspected rev news for the fire department. the fire department we have been hiring or approving fire classes but not to necessarily move down the use of the over time. it has been a policy in san francisco to use fire over time and hiring new fire fighters. i know that we just started to approve new
1:52 am
classes but don't think we have gotten to the sweet spot having sufficient staffing that keep over time costs down, so i'm okay with approving the portion of the supplemental for dem and the fire department. when it come tooz the police department i feel my position is still the same. the budget around salary savings was padded and the committee did want do enough to scute synchronize the budget and find cost savings. i worked with department of public health. their cost in over time resulted in not hiring enough staff. i had two hearings in the past couple years at the bumgt and finance committee about hiring practices within department of public health relative to emergency hospital that is now being rebuilt or about to open and i really feel that where got a lot of
1:53 am
lip service from department of public health how earnest they are about hiring hospital staff so i'm not prepared to approve the over time expenditure for the department of public health. we also have the sheriff department, the sheriff department actually had these positions not hired. they had fte positions approved money in the budget approved but didn't hire enough staff therefore therefore they had to use over time and trying to move salary staff funds to cover the over time. i think they just need to hire the staff they need rather than use more over time. for those 3 departments, i would vote against or support a continuance but for me i can go forward with dem and fire on this supplemental. >> thank you. supervisor wiener. >> thank you and glad we are
1:54 am
having a opportunity to further discussion on this. i would actually and appreciate supervisor avalos acknowledging that over time results from various causes and not all of them are nefarious. the fire department required to mandstory over time. we are restafing but that will take time. the departmentf oemergency management is tearbly under staffed and had problemwise people on stress needs and other needs and challenges with staffing and that means sometimes when people call the police non emergency number or 911, they have to wait longer than they should because there are not enough emergency dispatchers so appreciate the recognition for dem and fire
1:55 am
department. what is happening is not at all inappropriate t is what is necessary under the circumstances to run these critically important public safety departments. i would like to know for other departments for example for the police department and department of public health, what is the ram fiication on the street in real life for the communities if we don't approve this and when that will take effect? we know the police department is under staffed and officers work over time because we simp ledo not have enough police officers to walk beats. department public health a important frontline department as well. i would like to know what will be the real life in the neighborhood, in the nun community ramifications not approving and when will that take effect.
1:56 am
i think that is important information. i don't know if there is anyone from the executive branch who can provide that. >> mayor lees office. happy to have the budget director speak to the item if you would like to continue to later in the meeting so she can address the question after being advised by the city attorney. >> later in the meeting today? >> yes. >> okay. >> let's go to supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i was going to suggest we get answers from the budget drether herself. i'm concerned if we are deal wg department heads padding the budget to accommodate over time that is something we should be concerned about. supervisor avalos i'm supportive of
1:57 am
your superating out dem and fire and think it is important for us to look at what sfpd is doing with their particular budget. i'm not sure how i will vote when it comes to sfpd because i'm uncomfortable potentially compromiseing over time staffing levels that are needed on the streets inside district 10 so just wanted to be open where i am on this vote. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor campos. >> thank you. i am open to the suggestion supervisor avalos made on fire and emergency management. on the police, i actually think we need more information on that because one of the questions that actually comes up with police is actually the issue of how we are deploying the staffing we do have. i think there are legitimate
1:58 am
concerns it isn't just hiring more police officers but how we deploy the officers, how many days are they working? i think that is something we need to do, need to look at before we start hiring more and the second point is the issue of civilianization. how many officers are actually doing jobs, desk jobs that should be done by civilians, so could we get more staffing insome of those officers were sent out to walk beat instead of being behind a desk. i'm not prepared to change a vote on policing, i think we stim have more information on that. >> supervisor avalos. >> the police department over time spending flux waited wildly over the past 10 years. in 2008, 9, the year i got here and board of
1:59 am
supervisors their ovtime budget was about $22 million and through the budget process in 2009, 2010 for that fiscal year we brought it down to $12 million and didn't seek more money that year and brought it down to about $10 million dollar in 1011 and started going up to $14 million and 19 $19 million and now it is another $19 million and this supplemental and salary savings of people not hired or who salaries are not paid for, is just like a back door way of increase the ovtime budget and more than anything we need to make sure that we tap down on the budget to make sure it isn't abused and do proper deployment rather than just give agblank check for the department to
2:00 am
deploy however they want to and over time is the way to make that stick. >> thank you. so, at this time then i think i heard a suggestion to continue item 9 to later in the meeting with more information so we'll do that without objection. now if i have seen correctly i believe public works staff returned. prapsh we can go back to item 25 and 26 and have public works staff come up and explain what transpired if you reached an agreement with some of the members of the public who are here today. public works staff, please. >> representing san francisco public works. we conferred with the property owners and have 2 property locations we removed from the list of 63 praurptds. the locations removed are 411 grant
2:01 am
avenue and 999 laguna street. >> ookay. you had a chance to speak to everyone here from the public? >> yes. >> colleagues questions or comments from staff? seeing none any objections to accepting the amendment to the the assessment report described by the department? seeing none, let's take same house same call. without objection. thank you very much. madam clerk if we can go to our next item please and believe that is roll call. >> supervirez wiener you are the first to introduce new business. >> thank you very much madam chair. colleagues today i'm introducing legislation to close a very glaring what should have been glaring and surprising poll in our rent
2:02 am
ordinance and specifically the fact that people tenets who have federal rent subsidy vouchers from the housing opportunities for persons with aids federal subsidy program do not have rent control protection. rathe now if you are one of the several hundred [inaudible] federal subsidy recipients and these are low income people with hiv, largely seniors, if you have a [inaudible] subsidy your landlord can raise your rent to market. you do not have rent control protections. this is something we discovered recently and no one appears to have been aware of it. when yelearned of it everyone was surprised. the advocacy community was surprised and we were surprised and no one knew about this. we still don't
2:03 am
know why the ordinance was drafted this way to exclude [inaudible] from rent protection but need to very quickly close this loop hole. we know we have many long term survivorers of hiv libing in san francisco, people who are aging and people who have gauchb to hell and back who suffer mental trauma from their own health roller coster as well as lost a sig cnts amount of their social circle. they can't afford to pay higher rent. we don't need several hundred long term hiv survivors in san francisco become housing unstable and perhaps homeless. this legislation closes that loop hole, extends
2:04 am
rent control effective today to [inaudible] subsidy recipient. i want to thank supervisor campos and breed for their cosponsorships and also want to thank the aids legal referral panel for bill [inaudible] and jamie rush working with us on this legislation and colleagues look forward to moving this quickly to the board and to gaining your support and thank you supervisor cohen for adding your name as cosponsor. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you madam clerk. today i want to introduce a resolution in support of the ledgeilative womans caucus budget request and legislative priorities of the california womans caucus. so, women in the work force is a
2:05 am
economic realty. in the u.s. more than 70 percent of mothers work and 40 percent of them are the primary financial provider. in order for families to have the ability to provide, they must have access to quality care and education for their young children. since 2009, more than a billion dollars have been cut and less than half of that has been restored. despite our stat economic growth, the california legislative womens caucus is calling for governor brown to invest and restore $800 million that will serve 10s of thousands of children, prevent disruption of care for those children and recognize the importance and professional nature of the work that our early educators deliver to our states working families. today
2:06 am
i'm submitting a resolution in support of the womans caucus and legislative priorities that support quality care for the states ayoungest children and support working families. i wanted to thank supervisor tang for cosponsoring this resolution. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee. and supervisor avalos. >> submit >> supervisor campos. >> submit ft >> supervisor cohen. >> submit >> supervisor farrell who stepped out. thank you. supervisor kim. >> submit. >> supervisor mar. >> i introduce a resolution from leadership of human services agency to proclaim may 2018 cal fresh awareness and action month. thank you to trents roar director of hsa and [inaudible] policy and planning for leadership on
2:07 am
are strengthening the human servicess safety net. the san francisco food security task force testified on the work they are doing to eradicate hunger by 2020 in the city. they identifying the fact 1 in 4 san franciscan's that is over 200,000 people is at risk for food insecurety or going to bed hungry. through my work with a number of great grass root community oregs we target the issue and want to thank project open hand and san francisco marin food bank and [inaudible] many others who have seen the need for programs like cal fresh in the community and promote awareness to sign everybody's up to address inissue oof hujry. in district one we are trying to model interjen railings efforts and seniors
2:08 am
and people with disabilities. especially seniors who live alone at home on fixed income and lack support. last september and participated in the hunger challenge living on les than fifen a day to food stamp amounts and experiencing the struggle hundreds of thousands of people in the city live day by day. i want to say as this month of may is identified as cal fresh month it is a haun r to be a part the coalition. i want to thank supervisor peskin introducing the density done right legislation with our broad coalition san franciscan for community planning to address the needs of affordable housing. not market driven density but community needs density as we preth small business and try to create 100 percent of affordable housing
2:09 am
and preserve our existing rent controlled and affordable housing as well and look at tailored affordability levels of middle income peeping and maintain a process. lastly, i want to acknowledge two important event coming up, the san francisco international arts festival opens thurz thursday night. a arts festival hosted at 40 mason for arts and culture andi eyes and ears foundation. i want to thank andrew wood for 14 years of thifestival. a venue perfect for that. fort mason [inaudible] the festival runs 3 weeks. amazing bringing together the global community of artist. i'll name oo few i will see from jenny lim to
2:10 am
story tellers like brendsa wong [inaudible] to pianest john jang who [inaudible] black lives matter performance to flu minko dancer and comedian like [inaudible] there are a variety of performers. i also want to acknowledge artist like ilana lopez, the partner of [inaudible] and podare performingleders like [inaudible] young performers like [inaudible] amazing performances. another i'm looking forward is to [inaudible] is asian american [inaudible] i can't wait fwr the fest victim beginning this #24urz day 3 weeks. it is
2:11 am
asian heritage street is coming up at the civic center lity saigon saturday may 21. props to organizer tumeeko wong. i have been at avenue festival since it started and moved to the sun set to south of market to mini other neighbors and settled. it is 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. saturday and www.asian fair the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor mar. supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam clerk and thank you supervise r mar talking about the 100 percent affordable option legislation which we will discuss more next week. today i am also introducing a
2:12 am
proposition for november ballot to amend a previously approved bond measure passed many years ago in 1992, prop a, the seismic safety bound. this is the first time we repurpose said a bonds to extend the use. the original bonds use wim be expanded to allow for the acquisition rehabilitation of permanently affordable housing including sro hotels and apartment buildings and smaller sites. in the past 4 decades san francisco's locost residential hotels have dwindleed from 33,000 to more than 19,000 units. in addition, fire and electrical malfunchgzs devastated older rent control housing stock throughout the city. for low income and working class residents particularly single
2:13 am
adults, families and older families, this is the only option for permanently affordable housing. 150 million of the 350 million from the band still unissued this is a opportunity to give non profits and private developers the opportunity to acquire the at risk buildings for the benefit of the city. it won't raise taxes but preserve the housing stock by insureing habitability recollect safety and future preservation for existing residential. ologist introducing a financial award to a individual for providing critical information that led to the reporting of under paid property taxes. thank you to assesser recorder carmen chew for her work on that effort and finally i like to adjourn todays meeting in memory of adawful [inaudible] who passed in the midlt of april: >> thank you supervisor peskin.
2:14 am
seeing no other names on the roster that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you and now if we can open up for public comment. >> the public may address the entire board for up to 2 minutes on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board to include the minutes and without reference committee. public comment isn't allowed when a item is previous subject to public comment at a board committee. direct your remarks to the board as a whole not individual supervisors or the audience. speakers using translation are allowed twice the amount of time. if you like to display a document police state to sfgtv. >> my name is fran cisco decosto . i think you are not blind. in
2:15 am
the city and county san francisco a black and brown unity and i see some of you supervisors are focused on our seniors, the physically and mentally challenged but more needs to be done. this land belongs to the [inaudible] as the weeks go by, some of you supervisors will learn more about this land. stolen from the [inaudible] i think some of the supervisors work ing with me to give recognition to the [inaudible] and for a long time i differed from getting authority from them to represent them but now i will. we have crooks
2:16 am
in this chamber. we can speak about this that and the other thing but you go on the ethics commission and see the mount of the doimations they get. they are not here to represent the people, but to fill the campaign coffers. i was at kaiser the other day and met a gentlemen in his 80's who sees me speaking here and he appreciated what i do here and there are many people at home who don't have a voice but we have very few supervisors who have a heart to do the right thing so you supervisors who are doing the right thing, you are on our side and we with our black and brown unity and bring the seniors and others together we put the others on notice. thank you very much.
2:17 am
>> good afternoon supervisors. [inaudible] protect the good
2:18 am
aspect of social [inaudible] humanity in [inaudible] politics, education and [inaudible] thank you. >> good afternoon. peter alexander. you should join for the march
2:19 am
against bon santo. we know who can afford to live anywhere nice in the seft disdruckting corporation. those who conspired and made sure the lives are completely wired and care not a white if evicted or fired. these are the groups that under mine labor treating hard workers as [inaudible] nor done anything of benefit to others and yet their lives seem financially charmed. [inaudible] google facebook silicon valley and lawyers hardly funny. work not yet cmd the most money and [inaudible] uber to destroy the taxi union and unions need to support each other for uber is supported by your mayor lee who with feinstein
2:20 am
and brown set up senator year who is demanded transparency and authored a [inaudible] under california care they can rev chiropractic instead of dangerous drugs. with respect to national police memorial and acknowledge week, we do not need tasers we need cops to buck up like dirty hairy and stop working for the marshal law. they took a oath to the conssitution when is why labor and veterans and stud chts act on the given resolution and shut down the [inaudible] releasing the u.s. constitution. the greatest warrior and contenor the fires with no limit to gender. the lgbt [inaudible]
2:21 am
>> thank you, next speaker, please. >> eileen bokeen sun set park rez dent. here to read portion from the tear vel park murpants. this was sencht to the clerk the board and small business commission and sfmta board and handed to sfmta staff. the tearival merchants have serious concerns regarding the tearival projict. those concerns include the loss of community stops recollect transpt only lanes, boarding island, replacing stop signs with traffic lights and relocation of business serviceing parks on residential streets. besides the changes proposed in the project itself, the merchant continue to have serious issues regarding the outreach process. both the scope of tub outreach
2:22 am
and public meetings is minimal. also there is no a sufficient amount of time for people to fumly understand the long range impacts of the changes so the tearival merchants urge the board to assist in addressing the unresolved sfmta issues beginning holdsing a board hearing on muni forward matters. we believe the topics are of urgency to avoid the unpleasant experiences. muni sam, president pops. >> thank you chair tang. my name is cristful doll and live at 10 blocks and less than 40 years from sea
2:23 am
level. comment on validation. the universe seems fit to endorse a number of previous commentsism in february the national highway safety administration issued ruling on a commuter program controlling a autoable to be considered the driver. this is the death for big buses. why invest millions in a single vehicle when you can have the same capacity across 10 or more robo cars with no cost for [inaudible] to pay for the damage caused by careless humans. i mentioned this scenario before. earlier this year climate aulgist expressed alarm at the melting of the greenland ice sheet of fresh water flushed into the north atlantic. i mentioned this before. in the
2:24 am
past, [inaudible] validated by characterization of your bahavior at managerial class negligent when she could not bring herself to view the violent consequences of failed supervision. wiener offered sacrifice to avoid adding to the damage he has done to the future of our city and county but that didn't happen. that was a day dream. he did admit his housing policy is a failure and his transportation policy was and is a failure and i certainly mentioned that before. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my father went to oakland tech and lived [inaudible] have connections here. last week the chamber had a
2:25 am
teachable moment about the important california law known as the brown act that gives citizens the right to record public meetings. it is arineic ed lee referred to san francisco as a first smaement city because in the meeting i was removed. this isn't about me. this is about the rule of law and the dangers of supervise rbs select ivly enforcing the rules. the rule of law is a fundamental principleism we can disagree about many things but a look at the video on line shows a woman who appears to be with activist group cosa hoousta came over to violate my right to record the meeting and interfere with me and physically conching the len os of my camera. the [inaudible] created a problem and after i was removed with me not in the room supervisor avalos and campos proceeded to insult and lie about me.
2:26 am
why was i punished and kept from recording when [inaudible] violated the rules. a look at the web page explains why this existed. cosa hoousta supports campos, ask lose and mar on social media and two of the supervisors have direct connectionwise causea hoousta mpts john avlow hired a [inaudible] and jordan mar is brother of mar. your allowed to have plit political supporters but you can't allow them to break rules and punish those you don't like. this is a dangerous precedent for everyone and thank you for your time. >> thank you, next speaker,
2:27 am
please. >> greetings board of supervisors. like to express my appreciation for approval of my position on the pedestrian safety advisory committee for the last 5 years and advocate for the residents and people coming from the city y. i come to you to inform you that the city of san francisco vision zero traffic fatality groups comprised offore members, [inaudible] james nob sfmta, devon morris and [inaudible] have determined to follow the policy established by the police department to only desinginate fatalities from traffic collisions that occur 30 days or under from the collision so fatalities that occurred
2:28 am
afterwards are not counted in the vision zero metrix of how many fatalities occurred each year. it was 31 in 2014 and 31 in twen 15. the reason i come to you is if form you of this and pass electronly or in paper a memo from lalawny schwartz where she says to me effective april 15 public document and pedestrian safety advisory committee last week that they can consider writing a end of the year report of all those who died over 30 days but it is not a decision that they have made. i hope they are authorized to make that decision to inform the public how many people died
2:29 am
from a collision in san francisco after 30 days. >> thank you, next speaker, ple >> where have to speak fast. i was not here first of all last week when all the destruction happened at city hall. i have deputies here [inaudible] say that was the rules put together. the rules put them on the doer. i'm here to say number 1, i'm upset with the small administrator commission and coming to the western addition and fillmore corridor at 1300 madam queen where there is so much crumgz madam queen where all the money is filterated madam queen. i'm upset with that madam queen. i'm also upset with she being a commissioner there prior to getting loans and extremely upset. i'm
2:30 am
the zar of our migration of the negligent of administration of black population. dwindled to mere existence. the black have been in the media all these years are denied coming in there. i'm tired of this administration. my name is ace, dammit, i'm the zar of our migration. every department here to the administration, not one dime is put in the budget madam queen. you know why the black-we dont get no money back then when nusem because the budget was in default. $500 million. the budget we are in the billions. no item line is for the blacks and if you
2:31 am
dont do that i'm gonna have to sue. my name is ace, madam queen. you are on that committee. [inaudible] reverend brown and blacks took the money from the hotel and that is whatia need to investigate. what the hell is going on in this city. my name is ace, i'm the zar of the migration. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> i have kids and they have kids and my grandson got kids. >> mr. washington. next speaker, please. >> mayor ed lee knows me. i have pictures he don't want me to publish. >> next speaker, please. please proceed. >> good afternoon supervisors.
2:32 am
[singing]. did you watch it and view it in the news you see about those dangerous things of killer bees? in the city that you roam, you will never be alone and then my friends, you'll see there might be buzzing buzzing bes. they are always buzzing here and there, and the bees in your district everywhere, if you ever looked behind and don't like the city that you find, and you know what you'll do, you got to be careful won't you? your home for the district [inaudible] you hide from the city buzzing bees. the city that you run, be careful in your city home.
2:33 am
hey hey hayey, are you ready for the mission carnival day, all night long, all night, all night city long. are you ready for the carnival coming your way. hey hey. [inaudible] yeah. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervisors. those in tv land. marijuana is a illegal circculted on california street and now it is prescribed by physicians to provide comfort those in pain. unfortunately our youths have access to the drugs. as long as i can remember under the influence of any narcotic that reduce drowsyness or
2:34 am
impair judgment strongly caution not to operate heavy machinery. heavy machinery includes vehicles. it should bow mandated all physicians prescribing any narcotic to a patient be required to submit that patients contact information to department of motic vehicle who subpened that drivering priskologs in tul they are no longer in need having a use of prescribes narcotic for their medical condition. this would reduce putting the public and pedestrian safety at risk. no one should be able to drive a vehicle smoking marijuana. any one stop by sfpd driving under suspeneded license for vehicle code book the police have the right to remove the license plaitfrom the vehicle if registered to him and her and impound the
2:35 am
vehicle. thank you very much. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is jolaunda jackson executive director of general council. what does [inaudible] it is our mission to promote humanity and provide legal service to disadvantage and under served individuals in san francisco. the purpose i'm speaking of is resolution before you that has to do with adequate funding for dependency counsel for children largely in foster cay. we believe this issue is important to insure justice and serve the vulnerable in the community. [inaudible] workwise supervisor cohen on this resolution and want to thank her and her staff for all their hard work to get the resolution
2:36 am
forward. week whael important is the fact that the state has a mandate to meet the obligations under the law which states children in temporary custody of the juvenile court shall have counsel appointed to them by the court or paincht or guardian if it determined they cannot afford a attorney. due to inadequate fupding to pay for attorneys to provide service there is a risk of organizations and programs closing their doors and no longer offering the services to children and parent. praths lawyers are walking way. there is the racial disparity issue and it is large in san francisco. in san francisco the number of african american children in foster care is 10 times that of the african
2:37 am
american population in the city. this disproportionality is highest in san francisco, it is issue all over the country. alow me to put one final point on what is troubling in san francisco alone. in 2015 our- >> the speakers time concluded. >> may i request to finish the last sentence? >> in twnt 15 san francisco dependency court served over 2100 yuthd, 580 were new entries into the the court system cht 47 percent of people in san francisco dependency court are african american against a 5.8 percent population of african americans in san francisco. that is a huge huge disparity. it is really troublelingism
2:38 am
from 2010 to 2015 funding for the program decreased by $747 thousand with $500 thousand slated to be cut for next year. if this happens children and their parent will not have attorneys to represent them while at risk not having a home to live in and this board should be applauded for considering taking the message on to snd the message to sacramento for san francisco. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. my name is nancy davis and a judge who is assigned to hear-deepancy cases in superior court of san francisco. i have been in the court since january 2013 and while it wasn't an assignment i sought i found to be the most rewarding and heart wrenching. our staff in every
2:39 am
division the court come to believe dependency is the most consquential work the called upon to undertake. what is more important than children and families. every day i and my colleagues on the dependency bench throughout california must make decision that have a efoket on childrens and families. a child at risk they should be premoved from a home, have parent made progress so the children can be returned to them and famry reunified. if they haven't made progress should they be given more time to do so or services terminated now and permanent plan in place that addresses the best interest the child be it long term foster care, legal guardnenship or adoption. if adoption is the recommendation judges are called to decide whether the parent child relationship is permanently severed.
2:40 am
in more than 13 years on the bench i made no more consentialal decision than that of terminated a mother orfathers rights. i dependent on the experience and talented attorneys to provide with the nrgz i need to make the best decisions i can. as one noted, additional decisions are only as good as the evident that informs those evidence. when attorneys don't have time and resources to conduct investigation the system fails. we are >> judge, nancy recollect thank you for being here and appreciate your comments. could you finish with your remarks? >> i will. we appreciate 24 dedicated speerns dependancy attorneys who provide superior representation for our children and families who come brf the
2:41 am
court. we need assistance of these attorneys paid far too little for far too long and result is deparchier and reduce positive outcomes for children i families. i urge you to help us avoid the crisis by supporting the resolution before you. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you, judge davis. next speakers. >> good afternoon. my name is jill [inaudible] president the board of directors and founder of san francisco council for families and children. acourt appointed attorney practice in the city for 15 years until this past year when i had to find other work. decades san francisco has committed to cultivated a culture of excellence representing parents and children. attorneys in the feeltd face
2:42 am
daunting tasks every day charged with interviewing children, making independent decisions and investigates and putting on evidence regarding potentially false yet sustained allegations from child protective service. the public can understand the quality of a criminal defense attorney makes the difference between a persons freedom and incarceration it is true a juveinate dependancy attorney is the difference between remaining a dangerous home vairmt and plucked out of their home, family and culture forever. in either direction is serious and have consequences that indur a family for generations. a few week uzgo this body voted to fund attorneys for legal representation for children and fam plaez who have unknown horrors of countries of origin to insure they have adequate legal representation. today we are talking
2:43 am
about the silent crisis of our own children. families who lived here for generations. the right of physical safety and family integrity cannot be infringed on due to cost. san francisco has a moral responsibility to support and protect our children and parents. i urge you to pass this resolution to support full funding for dependancy council or no futher cuts to the system be taken. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is bonny gordon and license clinical social worker. i am here to speak in favor the resolution supporting fund frg dependancy council. i work for hsa as [inaudible] and retired in 2009. while i was there i found it helpful
2:44 am
and critical to have assistance och attorneys. most of the client are people of color who live in poverty and too over welled to advocate for themselves. cps a bogged down by laws and regulation andpologist and procedures thmpt social workers work hard to help families and children but their hands are often tied by the option available. one of my clients a 16 year old native american boy diagnosed with schizophrenia was unable to be stabilized in the highest level of treatment. with the hetch of his attorney he was place with a therapist foster parent with shady service for additional support. while in that home the boy was able to graduate high school and learn independent living skills. in other case where i
2:45 am
served as private social worker the mothers attorney requested a provide therapeutic visitation. the mother and daughter hadn't seen each other once in the 4 weeks since the childs removal because hsa had a contract with a agency that wouldn't be able to provide visitation for ast least a month after that. wesearch in childcare has shown visitation is the [inaudible] that agency never did provide therapeutic visitation but because the visitation is more flexible it was much more flexibility. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon board orphpr visors. [inaudible] i oversee operations for unified family court in san
2:46 am
francisco. i'm not speaking on behalf of the court but a native ofsuch and citizen. i'm not going to restate what is stated by my colleagues and my friends, i want to talk about the simplistic realization what we are all aware of, the availability of affordable legal assistance for the middle class is often illusion and access for those at the bottom of the economic latter is viewed as a luxury out of reach. as a result, individuals facing crisis that may effect everything from their ability to earn to the right to care for their children find themselves required to navigate a legal system that is largely designed by lawyers, judges or policy makers. or even worse, spanned outside the system
2:47 am
ignoreant or intim naidated by the first steps they need to take to avail to the services that can help them or their families. the inability of some individuals tew fords legal assistance is not a recent phenomenon and not unique to san francisco. the need for our commitment and creativity to come together as a gruch has never been greater. as a citizen i urge you to reach out to your colleagues at the senate and governors office. the ask is simple, urge your constituents for funding to adequately meet the needs the program to insure the families and children have proper representation by adequate attorneys who are trained. sometimes the only person that is their-- >> thank you. next speaker,
2:48 am
please. thank you. >> good afternoon members of the board. abgal [inaudible] exponent tev director for legal service for children. the foster care in san francisco is a system in crisis. one of the little known or spoken about impacts of the housing crisis is not only so many families are because of that crisis unable to remain toorkt but our clinelts end up in foster care are placed all over the bay area and beyond, tur lock, modesto and sacramento. this is not a time where wh we can afford to have less fund frg attorneys for these children. many of you were here about a year and a half ago when i spoke on behalf of funding for imgranlt children and the
2:49 am
board provided funding for the service in recognition the children needs attorneys because of what is at stake and say for our children in foster care equally enormous issueerize at stake. thank you for the resolution and thank you for your support and advocacy in sacramento to make sure the program remains fully funded. >> thank you, next speaker >> good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] and i'm here today on behalf of evea pat rtion and equal justice society. evea sends regards and like to know how strongly she supports the resolution. the goal of [inaudible] is transform the nations conssness on race. as evea
2:50 am
explains more eloquently than i, the approach is bring unconscious bias to the sur #23s to address racial discrimination honestly and directly. you heard speakers site similar data contained in the resolution about how dispro portioninate the numbers are for african american [inaudible] you also read how the vast majority of these cases are negligence cases not abuse. the allegationerize most often related to poverty in terms of lack of stable housing, childcare and mental health service and lack of resources. the second thing we know is this sadiscretionary category allows broad room for individual opinion
2:51 am
judgment and bias to enter into decision making on every level of the system. social science teaches we have these bias and the best intention of people can act unknowingly on our byssus and prejudice just below the surface. we see we are discretionary categories are deployed rather than suspending children or accusing mothers of inglect. the reason of the resolution is so important high quality attorneys are one of the very best safe gaurds against the bias in the child welfare system. >> good afternoon. my name is sharon meadows and a professor at the university of san francisco school of law and director of the criminal and juvenile justice clining and racial justice clinic. i'm here to thank you for the resolution. it is
2:52 am
extremely important. i want to just explain there is a consequences that this funding dependancy council or not fully funding dependancy council is the effect it has on the derink waes system. many kids we represent in derink waes come from the dependancy system and don't know if any oyou had the opportunity to go tupe the youth guidancesenter called the juvenile justice center to the waiting room and wait for their cases to be call by they are by far mostly african american kids. the cis proportionality is talked about but that is relate today the disproportionality in dependancy court. having works for 26 years running this clinic i have come
2:53 am
to know what the good-who is a good dependancy attorney and the difference they can make in terms of steering the children out of dependancy, finding good alternatives to foster care and to helping navigate the children out of is and keeping them out of delinquency. it can have an effect on a chile forever including a strike and sur veer impact on a kids life so thank you for this resolution and urge your support for it. thank you. >> thank you professor meadows. next speakerism >> jennifer [inaudible] long time district 2 redant. i have been the coordinator of san francisco family treatment court since it begain
2:54 am
9 years ago. we bring social workers case managers, treatment providers and dependancy attorneys to helpparence reunify with their children and get the support they need. such dependancy attorneys are a essential part of our team. they share knowledge of law and inshurure participants due process rights are protected at all times. families navigating the process feels like a vast and lonely wilderness. as information slows to the core prepare to make decisions with implication our experience dependancy attorneys make sure each parents voice is heard each choilds interest is appropriately represented and the mandate right to
2:55 am
effective council is met. the dedicated group of attorneys dchd or basic right of human beings. parents right to the support we need to raise our children and childrens roit to be raised in safe, loving and nurtureing homes. they do this on behamp of the cities most-vulnerability families. protecting children and keeping families together is hard work. it is tireless and thankless yet the attorneys rise to thuication every day. is privilege to speak in spofert san francisco's attorneys today and urge you to support in favor of the resolution and do anything in your power to make sure dependancy attorneys remain viable. our fellow san franciscan's deserve- >> thank you, next speaker, please.
2:56 am
>> holeo, my name is patricia seal and san francisco juvenile dependancy panel attorney. i have been for the last 14 years. some checked your inbox you will have read a letter i sent to each yesterday so i won't read that out loud. it does contain very important information but the financial implication of had budget the budget ax that has fall on the panel and across the street. while i'm here today is we had asked for comments from some of our clients. my clients mostly are kids and not coming. but i do have a letter from two parents that they asked me to read to you today. to the san francisco board of supervisors, our names are neal and glen. 4
2:57 am
years ago we decided to adopt. while in the foster adopt licensing process it become evident my partners nephews would soon be seeking new homes as their parent were struggling in many aspects of their lives, this is when the attorneys came into the picture. the process can be ovwellming adopting. we had numerous phone conversation squz melt with the minors attorney inform how the parent are doing, making sure our children receive the services they needed to and kept the adoption process on track throughout the dependancy process which runs parallel. the boys were living in the double rock area of san francisco subject to many bad and hurtful actions in the early years. they saw things including the shooting death of a
2:58 am
neighbor and arrest of their mother. things we can't imagine seeing in our own youth. as a result- >> i like to ask if the speaker can continue. >> thank you. as a result the children had issues in school but are responding well to therapy which is a area the lawyer helped facilitate. there were many tifenls we had questions and concerned and would pick up the phone and the lawyer would be there. after the adoption there were times we couldn't get in touch a social worker or case issue and know one call to the lawyered with get the issues taken care of quickly. it is very trouble to us to see the childrens attorney and others haven't had a pay raise in over 10 years and more troubleling they have not been offered benefits and
2:59 am
facing another pay cut. these attorneys do what they do because they are effected by what these children go through and fight for their best interest often working in dangerous environments. we are sorry we couldn't make it today as we work full time. in order to raise the children in a warm and loving home we could not have gone through the process without the guidance of the lawyer. neal and glean. >> madam clerk and members i apology we have to do this but we will have to take a pause with public comment at the moment and go back to iletm 9 on our ajnda. you may remember your places in line as we deal with item 9 because we have two members of the board who have to leave our meeting very shortly and so we do want to address the issue before we lose our members. with that, perhaps i will go to supervisor farrell
3:00 am
first. sorry, supervisor avalos or farrell. supervisor farrell >> thank you. i think we'll pick up where we left off. there were corrections for the mayors budget director for the implication what might happen if we pass this or don't pass this today and think there is sentiment from supervisor avalos to separate fire and dm and pass that through separately. supervisor if you want to do that first we can do that or have a separate discussion. >> thank you, i would like to separate out fire and rks dem. i also did hear from the sheriffs department that the sheriff had had requisitions boxed for there past 4 years and that is whey they have not been able to
3:01 am
achieve their hiring goals, so i could also consider adding sheriff there as well, but don't want to move forward on dph and police department and i know there is a lot of politics play would the sheriffs department over the past 4 year jz to me it makes sense given that i am okay to add to my motion the sheriff department, dpm and fire to go forward. >> thank you and did we need any explanation for our mayor budget office? >> maybe we can separate out the vote. separate the question and vote first on fire, dpm and sheriff. >> is there is a second. ? seconded by supervisor cohen. take that without objection. did you want to have clarification from the mayors office or take a vote on that?
3:02 am
>> take a vote first. >> now we are going to do a roll call vote for the divided item which is fire, dpm and sheriff >> to the sth chair, only the fire requires 8 votes. pr visor tang. aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, no. breed, >> i may not have understood. >> supervisor breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 10 aye and one no with supervisor avalos in descent. >> this is passes. s
3:03 am
this was the portion regarding fire, dem and sheriff only. >> can we resend the vote, i was confused. it never happened to me before. this is fire, dem and sheriff only. >> supervisor tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 11 ayes >> the ordinance regarding fire, dem and sheriff passed first reading. supervisor farrell.
3:04 am
>> thank you i think at this point given remaining items i know mayor budget director is here mrs. whitehouse. i think the question is the implication of f we dont pass this today and maybe you can speak to that a little bit. >> melissa whitehouse mayors budget office. thank you for passing the ones you passed throughout today so the supplemental is moving pluny one place to the other. i have concerns not moving forward for public of health and [inaudible] because the numbererize large it would have a impact on the day to day service. i don't know what it will mean but think the impacts will be serious and the police deparchlt is very large so worried about their ability to provide service through the rest of the year if they didn't have the puny moved from one place to the other.
3:05 am
>> colleagues any questions or comments? seeing none, is there any sort of suggestion, motion on the remainder of the item? >> i like a motion to vote on the item. i think from my perspective i understand my colleagues comments i think that it is instructive how we'll handsal things but like to see the item move forward today if there are votes and-because i believe the implication in public safety departments. >> we can call the roll on remainer. >> tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, no. breed, aye.
3:06 am
campos, no. cohen, yes. farrell, aye. kim, no. mar, aye. peskin, no. 7 aye and 4 no with supervisor avalos, compose kim and mar in descent. >> [inaudible] >> this ordinance passes first reading and regarding dph, police and puc. thank you. thank you for waiting, we will resume public comment. good afternoon [inaudible] attorney at the juvenile public defenders aufts in san francisco. i live and work in san francisco and resident of the tenderloin. i work at public defenders office i began as a attorney representing children and youth
3:07 am
in the dependancy system in san francisco. when i share with friends and family i work with foster yuket the reaction is surprise and say there are foster youth in san francisco. i'm here to share how this invisible and vulnerable population and families will be underserved by insufficient funding. i can't stress the importance of have agstrong advocate for youth and families. we have partnered with dependancy council to insure youth wremain [inaudible] we far too many foster youth cross into the delink waens system and to keep them served is crucial. attorneys facilitate
3:08 am
collaboration to insure client receive appropriate services such as housing, mental health support and family counseling. in sour experience families of color and poor families are impacted by the child welfare system in san francisco and strong advocacy protects against the unfair division of black and brown families in the city. the state created the right to council in dependancy proceedings for children and parents yet this right a hollow promise if it is not funded. experience and dedicated council who know the clients and advocate for their needs should not be a luxury and we should insure the most vulnerable children and families in san francisco a represented in depancy proceedings. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. [inaudible] i'm exectesk director of san francisco [inaudible] 25 years of service to children and namlies the foster
3:09 am
care system come to the realization budget cuts to dependancy council over the past 6 years give rise to incidence a attorney must choose providing compitant effective representation and adherence to a brujt that grows more immoral every year. more than 60 percent in foster care are african american and 90 percent from poverty. when the right to council is compromised the short and long term effects are catastrophic. high case leads for council [inaudible] issue oof race, poverty and equity
3:10 am
[inaudible] she has provided consistants and highly skilled representation to her clients. over the course of 3 years the attorney represented the [inaudible] group through 7 changes in social workers. 4 placement changes. reabuse allegations, 3 forumal case plans and countsless decision about school, physical, mental health streement, family indpaijment, all while these children have been placed in non relative foster homes more than 90 miles away from san francisco. these clients faced more trauma in the short lives than most with question the attorney contribution on behalf of the children has been significant. san francisco [inaudible] urges the board to pass the resolution urging legislator counsel and governor brown to fund at $80 million .
3:11 am
>> [inaudible] representing the foster youth services coordinating program with san francisco unified school district and work with dependancy attorneys promoting positive edge caigal outcome for student in foster care. dependancy attorneys are integral for advocating. crucial partners for advocating for educational right of foster youth, in particular they are involved supporting school stability that foster youth deent have to change schools if they move. research has shown educational outcomes improve when there is school stability. they work insureing a educational right holder is aopponented and available to oversee the educational needs of youth in foster care. in addition they support behavioral and special education needs of the clients through participation in schools. our
3:12 am
dependancy attorneys are important partners and support thais efforts. thank you. >> translator. >> greetings supervisors, my name is carmen chin and resident of san francisco and also a [inaudible] i'm also a member of [inaudible] marching band. last month we applied to participate in the japan town cherry blossom per aid and practiced a long time and canceled the ability
3:13 am
to participate in the per aid. the reez son the banner says [inaudible] democratic nation of america and multiculture of san francisco i was shocked and very difficult to accept this. i was very successful business woman in bejing and [inaudible] i got a harmonious family. i believe the persecution i was locked in the
3:14 am
labor camp 3 years and tortureed and had to do slave labor. when i was arrested by the police my daughter was 7 years old while in detainment my successful business went into bankruptcy. [inaudible] united states and finally got a right to choose the belief that i want to choose and thankful for this so for that i participated in the [inaudible] marching band and want to brink beautiful music to people
3:15 am
and [inaudible] we par pisitate in the [inaudible] or easter per aid and columbus day per aid and uc davis parade and got number 1. i wish you pay attention and find out why we were rejected by the cherry blossom per aid. i wish you can help us to find the opportunity so more people can see our parade and understand the beauty. thank you, next speaker, please. >> [waiting for translation]
3:16 am
>> in april during the japan choun chair ablossom parade there were dozen of parade units and approved our application and practiced a long time. a few minutes before the parade without a clear reason we were told we could not join the parade. at that time all the parade team walked past us and looking at us in a strange way. at that time i feel very very sad.
3:17 am
[inaudible] i was very weak when i was young. i had to go to hospital to take injection and medicine. in 2003 i was really sick and cannot find a cure. i started to practice in [inaudible] in a few days i was able to recover so i
3:18 am
have been sickness since then to today. [inaudible] also cure my depression so i use principles which is truth, compassion and tolerance to apply that to my daily life. my family become harminous. i benefited building my house and mentally become a [inaudible] however, such beautiful [inaudible] persecuted by chinas government and attacked with defamation and we were arrested and tortureed and some lose our lives for the harvesting [inaudible] i joined this band for the public to know about the truth of [inaudible] i wish to use beautiful music for people to find out the beauty of [inaudible]
3:19 am
in the 3 and dem ocratic united states and open and liberal san francisco and we foun this thing could happen. this is i see this as a shame in our great city. i wish you to pay attention to this and don't allow this injustice happen again in the city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> [waiting for translation]
3:20 am
>> my name is [inaudible] and i was pofessor of philosophy in the chinese college and during the persecution i my family was destroyed. 1999 my 12 year old son was locked up in 6 labor camps.
3:21 am
he was locked up in 4 labor camps and tortureed in all kine of way and northeast china it was very cold and only wore a single layer of clothes and they just bind him up to the board for a long time and also force feeding him with a tube into his stomic. after he was let out of the labor camp finally, he died. then because there is
3:22 am
no way to get injustice for my son i have no where to go then i have to print all the material and let the public know what happened to my son and because of that i was arrested and put in the labor camp for 3 and a half years. [inaudible] manage to escape china and bnch before i left my son told me it is so evil here, can we go outside
3:23 am
of china. he couldn't. i am able to. i want to let people know about the beauty of [inaudible] the meditation exercise. i cannot understand why we cannot go in the parade here. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> i am a resident of chinatown
3:24 am
and refugee of united nation human rights refugee agency. i was arrested twice, when to the labor camp and another to the prison so i managed to come to united states assisted by the
3:25 am
u.n. refugee service. i came and was very hopeful. i thipg this is a land that alos free practice and belief. i can't understand what happened last month at the parade. yfs tortureed several
3:26 am
times. my hand was hung in a tire and come to united states and started losing sleep because my depression came back because i was worried about the persecution of [inaudible] i was thinking all this happened because you were [inaudible] forming secretary general of communist party.
3:27 am
don't believe him, what he says about [inaudible] is lies [inaudible]. that is just lie. what happened -this is ridiculous. i wish to understand what [inaudible] is really about. don't believe in the communist party. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> [waiting for translation] my
3:28 am
name is [inaudible] i live in san jose and job is a graphic designer and [inaudible] member the divine land marching band. what i'm trying to appear here is i wish our band was able to participate in the parade of japan town cherry blossom. we were deeply hurt by the rejection that happened at the
3:29 am
parade at the last minute. the rejection reason is because we put out a banner says [inaudible] everybody know that the banner we used from day one always say [inaudible] you can google and find out we never hide it. this
3:30 am
exercise i have this rheumatoid arthritis and [inaudible] it went away. i'm very healthy and illness never bother me. i'm a member of the american society and want convey the beauty of the [inaudible] use the music design way to slow the society this is a beautiful exercise. however, we were
3:31 am
forced rejected at the parade. the only reez son because of that banner that [inaudible] rejecting our band we just over 100 people which is discrimination and take away the opportunity of the public can know what it is really about and the value, truth, compassion and tolerance. i plea you to help us so that our band is able to participate in the future chiry blossom parod in japan town. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker , please. >> give a follow up on the
3:32 am
navigation centers proposed. the mayor said he wanted to spend $120 million per navigation center. the other center won't take care the homeless problem. the homeless people income is between 18 thousand and 26 thousand a year. the majority have a combination of mental and physical disabilities squz permanent disability income pertaining to jobs and social security income and also our veterans. you have this effect and keep perpeticating the homeless problems you are building thousands of new apartments and new buildings but set the entry level at 55 percent otthe medium. the medium is 41, 485 a year and the people you clake clame you want to help can even qualify. last time i was here
3:33 am
president breed was under the impression people below under 55 percent medium can apply but you need [inaudible] to apply for the below market rate complexes and other complexes you build in the city. further more, the human service agency talking about their addressing housing by means of using city funds to deport and export citizens born and raised in the city is a bunch of nonsense. you are deport citizens and import illegal immigrants given them services and illegal aliens pay 3 dollars a $3 dollars a month-3.25 a month owned by community and housing
3:34 am
organizations and [inaudible] >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisors and i come here to address the rejection of the [inaudible] marching band [inaudible] japan town cherry blossom parade. i like to address the issue from another issue. [inaudible] i'm originally from china. i like to share how i came to [inaudible] when i was a child my grandmother told me the principle of truth, compassion and tolerance, these world were in high heart because yfs certain these princeal ps guide me to become a better person. i went to the united kingdom [inaudible] can
3:35 am
not explains. [inaudible] beautiful way to explain every questions of [inaudible] giving answers [inaudible] the concept in [inaudible] were deep and was deeply touched by it. the boong teaches people how i why to be good a person. nothing the chinese party talk about such as [inaudible] killed themselves or [inaudible] this book is very rational and i know the book [inaudible] about to receive uplifting spiritual and health benefits so urge you to look into the practice so you are better informed making [inaudible] related matter. this is benefit to you and the city. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. karen freshman and a
3:36 am
attorney huffington post blauger and antiracism [inaudible] and mario woods coalition. i was here last week to speak about my wish for you to remove chief suhr and want to thank you supervisor kim, campos mar calling for national search to replace chief suhr. i urge all of you to join them. at the last hearing of district attorney george cas gas con panel [inaudible] racism and lack of accountability in every aspect of sfpd operations including the san francisco police officers association and sfpd are not distinct entities. the most troubling finding is the people who conduct background check frz officererize
3:37 am
retired sfpd who provide to a old school mentality that is best described by the chief culture officer former president gary delaginous. i enter into public record facebook post of may 7. after the findings issued monday, mayor lee said he is spending $17 million to change sfpd culture and said he will restore trust. he issued a press release [inaudible] i want to come to bayview so i can shoot n words and turn in as evidence sfpd isn't racist. [inaudible] response to mayor lee's actions. >> thank you the sergeant at arms will pick that up from you. next
3:38 am
speaker, please. >> [waiting for translation] >> please speak directly into the micro phone >> greetings supervisors. i want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to say what is in my mind. i have a heavy heart. i was really shocked when i first learned by the divine land marching band rejected from the japan town cherry blossom parade. i just cannot imagineen the free land of america, such a think could
3:39 am
happen. in china because [inaudible] i was arrested 4 times, two times sent to labor camp squz tortureed there. it was vaer very suffering i can not look back. i was able to escape china and step on the lands of america and my heart was filled with job because the clean air here but [inaudible] and
3:40 am
phrenliness y friendliness in the country. i no longer need to worry about i would be beaten or lose freedom because i practiced [inaudible] the principle of [inaudible] truth, compassion and tolerance. i believe to safe guard those values and the same right to breathe clean air and water. san francisco as isate with tolerance and freedom [inaudible] safeguard and support truthcome passion and
3:41 am
toleranceism i wish the supervaseers give support and help rectify the injustice that happened to the divine land marching band. allen [inaudible] resident of san francisco and a business man and manage about 200 people and it isn't easy to come up here for 2 weeks and so are the other folks here, however, i want to address the reason behind the rejection. of course clearly because of [inaudible] and then why? fallengong is short, it is meditation exercise that became popular in china in the 90's for health benefit sw moral values and in china when all the good value was destroyed by the cultural revolution people find dear to imbraiss truth, compassion and
3:42 am
intolerance. it is too popular so the communist party [inaudible] try to whipe it out. to whipe it out they have to have a reason. they cant say you are too popular so he created a reason, fallengong is evil cult and crazy people and they are political [inaudible] in order to sustain that reason he have to make sure the [inaudible] seen or heard and know about. so, [inaudible] is a personal friend of [inaudible] she went to china and she got an ajnda from him and come back and [inaudible] because she got that agenda she pressureed the supervisor jz mayor to [inaudible] why would need to change. san francisco known for its tolerance and
3:43 am
diversity and inclusiveness should not do this. think in the future looking back what we played a role assisting [inaudible] to percute killing jews. the same is happening. [inaudible] in the quick time lose power and still doing this. thank you so very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gillburty. i hope the [inaudible] gets resolved and the people get their funding. south beach community departments opened august thousand year ago. i moved in 99, i am market rate, my situation is still unresolved. as a child growing up in
3:44 am
grade school we had jim, you have two sides and flip odds and ends and start picking and usually at the end you take the [inaudible] couldn't catch or kick but they were included. i came once before and said i'm not part the giant parking lot because you are not part of the team if and are a veteran that is mentally disjointed. you are not part of the team if you are a senior outlived social security benefits, pension insure and not part of the team that gragraduated a foster kid. you are not part of a the team if you are section 8. you are not part of the team if you are a convict seeking a new term. nothing for the mentally
3:45 am
challenged, the less fortunate autistic child or adult. you are not part of the team if you are homeless and homeless are living around it right now. we need housing from the private sector that resolves our community and our community needs to be included all the way across the board and planned that way. 30 percent open market rate is the way it should go and that should be rent controlled too. thank you. >> madam chair i believe there are no other individuals in line for public comment >> public comment is closed. please read without reference to committee items >> items 31 and 34, a single
3:46 am
roll call may enact the items >> anyone want to sever a item from the calendar? >> i like to sever item 31. >> 33 from the clerk. on the remainder balance roll call. >> iletm 32 and 34. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, not present. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. there are 10 ayes. >> those resolution jz motions are approved and adopted. >> item 31 is resolution to urge the
3:47 am
cast state legislature to fund deptancy council in the state of california. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. as weclose out our board agenda i like to ask for your support. want to impress what you heard in public comment from the judge davis as well as represent tchbs from the sf bar and a few other advocates that have come to talk about the importance of the dependancy court. dependancy courts are charged with insuring the health and safety of children victims of abuse and neglect. we discussed dependancy court appoint council to represent indujernt parents and minors. the jilsh counsel oroch california is unable to fund court appointed dependancy council state wide and the outidated funding model is based on the case load of 188 cases per
3:48 am
attorney. using this model a minimum of a additional $22 million state funding is required. the american bar association remed a case load of 100 cases. the maximum case load standard is 188, but in california our dependancy case loads are nearly double that. the bar association of san francisco oversees the administration of dependancy representation program of san francisco. i like to take a moment to recognize the members of srk f bar association for their partnership. i want to recognize jewelry traung. she has been incredible organizing. she is director of court programs and she is in charge of helping to highlight the importance of the issue y. want to recognize [inaudible] in my office who is instrumental drafting the language and all the advocates who came
3:49 am
out including judge davis. the consequences [inaudible] profoundly impact on young children and families of color. i hope to have your support on the resolution. i want to thaj have visor kim, peskin and breed. colleagues, before we vote i have mining technical amendments i like to presents to you. i circulated the language. on page 2, line 14-15, reflect accurate statistics the sentence should read, the index for san francisco's foster youth is 8 to 10 times that for san francisco's african american families and index is 1.8 for latino families. at request of supervisor peskin i change the final further result cause to request
3:50 am
a copy of the resolution be sent to the city lobbyist. thank you for your consideration and hopefully support of the measure. >> thank you and so there was a motion by supervisor cohen for this amendment and seconded by supervisor farrell, take that without objection. >> i just want to thank the community based organization, the staff, the dependancy court attorneys judge davis and so many others for raising what should be a no brainer issue that the state and locally we should be supporting the these courts that serve so many children and parents and communities. it is about as the statement red boy evea partertion it is equal justice for everyone and equity for the most needy in the city so thank you supervise r cohen and would like to be added as a cosponsor. thank you for waiting out the meeting. glad
3:51 am
you are bringing the issue up. >> thank you and like to be added as a cosponsor to the item as well and with that, madam clerk if we take the roll call on item 31. >> tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, absent. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. 10 ayes >> the resolution is adopted. [applause]. item 33. >> motion to schedule the board to sit as on june 28 to hold public hearing on resolution approving report of cost submitted boir drether of public works fl sidewalk inspection and
3:52 am
repair program. madam chair, one pager passed out during public comment. a motion is required. the department submitted the incorrect code reference and like it corrected on lines 8 and 15 to strike section 707 and 707.1 and amend on lines 714 and 15 with, section 706.9 and administrationive code section 80 in both places. >> we vamotion by supervisor peskin. or seconded by supervisor breed and take that without objection. colleagues on this as amended roll call. >> supersizer tang rnsh aye. wiener aye. yee, aye. avalos,i absent. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar,
3:53 am
aye. peskin. aye. 10 ayes >> the resolution is adopted. any other in memoriams, and todays meeticing is adjourned by on be half of a daulf joseph [inaudible] >> any other items before us today? >> that concludes the business for today. >> thank you, our meeting is adjourned. [meeting adjourned] >> good afternoon -- excuse me, good morning and welcome to the san francisco planning commission special meeting for thursday, may 19th, 2016. i would like to remind members of the public to
3:54 am
silence any mobile devices during this proceedinging rho, commissioner president richards. commissioner antonini. >> here. >> commissioner hillis >> and commissioner moore? we do expect commissioners johnson and wu to arrive at some point. commissioners, today on your special calenda item 1 public comment on matters to be considered for discussion in closed session. i have no speaker cards. >> any public comment for item no. 1? okay public comment is closed. >> item 2, consideration -- consider adoption of motion on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege regarding matters listed below on your agenda as conference with legal counsel. >> commissioner antonini. >> so moved. >> do i hear a second? >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion then to
3:55 am
assert attorney-client privilege, commissioner ain'tioni. >> aye. >> commissioner hillis . aye. >> commissioner moore. >> aye. >> commissioner richards. >> aye. >> and commission president fong. >> aye. >> that passes unanimously 5-0 and i will now move to go into closed session. so >> thank you sfgovtv so item 4 following the closed session the planning commission will report on any action during the closed session and consider a motion whether or not to disclose any items. >> commissioner moore. >> a motion to assert the attorney/client privilege not to disclose. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners there is a motion there is a motion that has been seconded to not disclosure any part of discussions during closed
3:56 am
session commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> and i will report in open session no action was taken by the planning commission okay. >> so no other items on the agenda we'll adjourn this meeting. >> the meeting is
3:57 am
2016, 2016, disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner antonini is present just not at the place at the momentum commissioners, that places you under your is items proposed for continuance pennsylvania street large project authorization is proposed middle september 2016 and item 2 cambridge street the conditional use authorization is proposed for inner definite
3:58 am
continuance commissioner further on our agenda we've received a request to continue items 10 ab and 1y69d through bryant street conditional use authorization and large project authorization to june 2nd. >> okay. thank you. >> any public comment on this item? now 3 items proposed for continuance? >> i do have two speaker cards for 2000 bryant items 10 ab, however, at this time you can only submit testimony on the matter of continuance.
3:59 am
>> (calling names). >> hi jordan davis he support the continuance one thousand percent. >> david gibson i support of continuance one thousand percent thank you. >> michael san francisco counsel most of i have a copy of the letter i didn't produce 7 copies one is short sorry but we also support the tun we wish it were a couple of weeks longer than or longer but can work through issues with the developer if they're willing to come to the table and work with us we look forward to that prospect thank you.
4:00 am
>> hi commissioners most of you heard from me way two of this week i support a continuance i was here hoping it would be much longer two weeks i thank you for considering that message coming out that the developer should sit down with the labor and community alliance that has formed more resources to bring to the table and also has increased needs for this type of project to really be scrutinized considered on all the impacts that will have between this project and the other 2000 luxury units in the pipeline i urge you to consider postponing this further i've been asking for them to sit down building what the chronicle said do mayor was unaware of