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tv   BOS Budget and Finance Committee 51816  SFGTV  May 26, 2016 2:00am-4:21am PDT

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courtland into what it is today. it wouldn't be the vibrant place that it is without the good life. i'm proud to note that the good life is an employee-owned business. currently employees own 30% of the shares of the company. i know that they're working to get to being 100 percent employee owned. there are currently 35 employee owners at the good life. workers become -- vested in the company after working there two and a half years. many of the employees have been with the company more than 10 years. you can see them here. in fact, in addition to karen and lester, there are 10 good life owners who are here. and i want to make sure i mention that because when we honor the ownership, we honor them.
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samantha, lorne, juan torres. maria navarro. sam yu. jesus hernandez. keith gardner. and sman that, i wanted to highlight samantha's story. samantha started with good life when she was 17 years old. she started bagging groceries. more than a decade later, she is now the store manager and general operator of the store. good life is very proud of offering true career advancement opportunities for its employees, owners, like samantha. and in addition to presenting this honor to good life, i'm very excited to announce that we'll be nominating them shortly to be a legacy business and as was noatd earlier, the legacy
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business registry ensures the protection of small businesses that are as part of -- critical part of san francisco as any. it would not be vernal heights without the good life and it wouldn't be san francisco without so many of these businesses. supporting historic businesses like good life is really what the business -- legacy business registry is about. the other thing i would say about the good life, as a resident of vernal heights, it's not just what the business does as a business, but the involvement in the community. it becomes a focal point for the community. and i think that i got to know a lot more about vernal heights because of getting to know the good life and what it has meant. i know you can't think of vernal
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heights without the good life and i'm honored that it's in my district and in my neighborhood and today it's truly a special treat for me to recognize the good life in small business week here in the city and county of san francisco. i'll turn it over to you. [applause] >> thank you ver very, very much. thank you for honoring small business in small business week. supervisor campos and malia, thank you so much for always being there when a small store needs to know the answers to so many questions these day. when i heard that we were being honored. i asked who do i bring in they said bring all owners. i said i can't bring all owners because my husband tells me there is now 40 plus owners and
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someone has to run both stores while we're here. i want to say that i maybe speaking -- i may be speak, but it's the people behind me that are essential in the day-to-day operations. from lorne and tom who have been with me for 23 years and jesus who has been here 23 years, the others here 10, 12, 14 years, it's a testament to how to run a good business, how to be involved with your coworkers and community. it's these people behind me that are honored today. and i'm honored also to be in the presence of the other businesses that have been brought forward. it's amazing in a world where we think it's always corporate, but small business is the backbone
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and small business is where you really know your community and your coworkers and i thank very much for this honor. [applause] >> come closer now.
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>> thank you an congratulations. with that, i'd like to recognize the supervisor from district 10. malia cohen. >> thank you very much. congratulations to all the awardees being recognize today. in may 2014 we formed a bay view steering committee to promote the vision of the third street neighborhood or door. it contains representations of -- business owners, property own wrs a specific working focus on economic development and the issues that have had an impact on implementing the strategies to support, promote and celebrate local businesses particularly those on the third street corridor in the bayview community. this a amazing collaboration of small businesses has been working day and night to ensure that the third street emergent
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corridor becomes a vital and bustling corridor as it was in the past. i want to recognize the mayor's office who has been my partner this he ever did he ever and working closely with edot to help move the work ford. i'd like to bring forward and standing before you is earl shattucks -- he is one of a handful of many community threersd stepped up to fill in the gap to partner with the city, to partner with my office and partner with the business as long the corridor to chair edot and i want him to' a couple of words on why this organization was organized to just share with us the beginning part of edot and how it came possible about and more
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importantly your mission. >> thank you. real quick, i want to acknowledge the mitchells as well. i have at least 40 pounds of rocky road ice cream on this body here. edot was found as economic development on third. we were informed along with supervisor cohen and the office of workforce development, they reached out to our community, business owners along the corridor to put together a group to figure out how that we can grow our third street corridor. as all of you know, it's important that your business corridor reflect your community and what your community looks like. and we have a bit of a ways to go. we had a few challenges, but now we have a tremendous amount of opportunity and we have incredible board members in place. with supervisor cohen's leadership, of cost.
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joaquin who always answer mice text, thank you to you all and we wouldn't be here without ow or moving us forward and marsha for herding us around. we're all at peace with each other and we have the same goal to move third street along. i hope you'll join us on the third street corridor. if any one of you are looking for an election office, i have two vacancies on third street. please come and see me. >> thank you, it's a privilege to celebrate the 12th annual san francisco small business week by recognizing the economic development on third street.
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>> congratulations. all rightnext up supervisor from district two. >> colleagues, i have the honor to recognize someone in the market, a small business inside district two that is truly the fabric of a neighborhood. that is ellie here, ellie and the van teen valentino market. he immigrated from lebanon and came to the united states in 1988. he has been fabric or part of the fabric of our neighborhood for so many years. he started working on union street as a clerk in the grocery
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store in the early 1990s. 10 years later with the help of friends, he purchased the valentino market where he has been serving and giving back to our neighborhood for the last 25 years. ellie has built a lot more than a corner grocery store. we've been losing so many of them in san francisco. this is one of the true remaining ones which you might think of truly is the heart and soul of our small business community in san francisco. but it's so much more than a place to buy groceries, it's a place for neighbors to gather for people to meet every time i drop by ellie is hanging out and spending time from someone else from the neighborhood and our community. he celebrates local's birthdays in the store and participants in the easter parade. he's all about service to his customers. i first got to know him when i first ran for office. our campaign headquarters was a
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block away. every day i would come down and buy something from ellie's store. itch neve store. i have never met a more mummer humble or salt of the earth person than ellie. he's been able -- i've been able to see what an integral part of the neighborhood he is and has become over the years. ellie, i want to just honor you, to say thank you for all you do for our neighborhood and the city of san francisco. you are the heart and soul of what we talk about when she say small business. i want to thanks for all you do in our city. congratulations can.. [applause] >> thank you supervisors. it's a great honor to be here and a great ceremony. it's great to be in -- to say
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like -- we all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how. and the words are few, but the thanks are many. thank you very much for everything. thank you for your support. [applause] >> thank you and congratulations
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again. now, at this time i'd like to recognize supervisor from district six jane kim. >> thank you president bride and i always enjoy participating in small business week. a little known fact that often many don't know, but small businesses create the most jobs in our country today. they are the foundation, economic engine of our country. even in times of recessions, it's our small businesses that carry own country's economy through. i want to thank all the honoraries today. i actually shop or go to many of your small businesses. i appreciate you being here and making san francisco the city that it is. i have the honor of recognizing one of our businesses in district six. only a block away from my house and i want to recognize kevin mccracken, the executive director of official imprints, a
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brand with purpose here in our strict. social imprints was started in 2008. after being incorporated by shinebin who was the executive director of a nonprofit printing company who hired formerly homeless individuals. special imprints opened with a bang. within the first six months, it generated $800,000 in sales and received san francisco magazine's start-up of the year award. in 2010, the first full year, the company generated $2 million in sales to 400 of the nation's leading organizations including wik peedia, me -- wikipedia. metallica and others. this company is able to make tremendous profits in our city
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while also building tremendous profits for our community by hiring thoars who have come out of our yim nal justice system and have arrests on their records. those who struggle with substance abuse and those who are formerly homeless. we don't often see organizations and institutions that are successful. and social pim print is a role model and also a leading example that we can have companies that do good in both areas and for the lives of many of the individuals, that social imprints hire. they're making an immense difference in the lives of those individuals. family&for the city as a whole. for every individual that has an opportunity to bring themselves economically and not have to resort or lean on a life of
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crime or not have to resort to shelter system or a life on streets. social imprint has been second opportunity for many of those individuals including ketch himself. who hired at the time had been struggling, it spent a short amount of time in our san francisco county jail. had been formerly homeless and is now the executive director of social imprint. several years ago, supervisor malia cohen and myself authored the band a box legislation what we entitled the fair chance ordinance. it had band a box for all private employers here in san francisco. we appreciate the support of the employers and asking but arrests and conviction history at the time of the application deters the hiring of many folk whose want to work and be a part of our community. for this reason, i'm proud to
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hire social imprints. kevin. i want to hand the mic over to you. >> thank you very much. [applause] not quite fair having me come up after the last speech. i come from an immigrant family as well. my great grandparents came to ellis island from cystly. it was good to hear the stories of all the small businesss here in san francisco. san francisco is a city of second chanc chances. we are named after the patron saint of second chance. at this point we have 30 full-time employee 9 o% come from our social commission and we get not only a minimum rage but profit sharing. sa got a check for $12,000 for profit sharing. we were lucky enough to get manufacturing space thanks to people like mark dwight and supervisor kim has been a great
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advocate for what we do. i appreciate all of you being here today and thank you for honoring our business and all the other great small businesses. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you and congratulations again. thank you everyone else here in the audience for or patience. i know it's hard to walk away from a small business to come out for this short period of time. with you bu we appreciate you being here today. with that. i'll like to recognize eric mar from district one.
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>> congratulations to all the amazing small businesses. i want to acknowledge one of our exceptional community builder businesses. i want to say that chet tom of  one of the hideouts i speak ?eek to. it's on balboa and 38th avenue. close to hockey haven and a number of other places. i say that chet and la promenade is exceptional in supporting many of the other businesses in the area. supporting the effort to create a new business association called balboa village merchants association and chet has been a leader in that. la promenade dates back technically over 35 years. it used to be zephyr ca nay.
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he changed the name three years ago in june of 2013 to la promenade. the look now is a little different. it's french-themed entierier. they host countless coffee meetings. there is jazz going on on saturday. music cuban. following saturday is poetry then bringing together of arts and community as well. i wanted to say that it's comfortable because a lot of young people seniors, and others hang out on the coaches or in the back room, you're so generous to the richmond neighborhood as well. as they hosted the first playland festival. chet was one of the anchors of our festival. i wanted to say that la promenade is named because of the proximity to golden gate park and our beautiful ocean
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beach. i wanted to acknowledge that during our balboa playland festival, chet makes sure families and kids are welcome. there a fun art of hot chocolate making demo along with the bands that played la promenade. students go there to study. my daughter is one of them. it's one of the best places that builds community in our neighborhood. they partner with green apple books in their back room to encourage reading and literacy for our neighborhood. exceptional community builder business. it's my honor to introduce chet tong of la promenade cafe. small business of the year. chet tong. [applause]
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june first will be our third year as la promenade. we never thought we'd be a part of a community that is so supportive. thank you to you, especially, supervisor mar. you've been in and out of our place so many times. we appreciate all the support we get from you and the other supervisors as well 8 when he we started three years ago. our mission was to create a coffee shop where people are happy to come to so people feel good about it. it's not just about creating a business, but giving back to the community. it's not just a business. my wife couldn't be here because we're expecting our first
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child. weed a like to say thank you and we're happy to be a part of this community of san francisco. and we know that we can plant our flag here knowing this a great city that has our back that gives us the opportunity to survive and thrive. thank you. [applause] >> thank you and congratulations again. [applause] with that, i'd like to acknowledge supervisor from district three.
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supervisor aaron peskin. p p. >> thank you madam president, colleagues, like many of the other awardees, the district three awardee has managed to stave off the category killers. corporate chain stores. like many other awardees, our honorary has been nominated for legacy business status. unlike any of the honoraries, mr. joseph armerren swims all over san francisco bay because only the bold swim in the cold. it's my pleasure to recognize mr. armerren. for over 30 years le bow beau
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has stood in the neighborhood where the corner grocery store provides quality goods with gourmet prepared food. he found the market with his brother george with an intent to provide an array of products meeting his customer's need. much of the fresh produce comes from the farmers market where joe searches for peak season fruits. what really sets la beau apart is the active role in community outreach and dedication to causes that the community cares about. it's raised money for glide memorial church and throws a customer appreciation day and raised money for new playground structure. the market sponsors regular mond monthly clean-up events in partnership with our department of public works and joseph sits
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on his local police advisory board helping to keep his neighborhood safe and clean. he knows the names of all his customers. he knows all the folks who are there at the bus stop on the corner. joseph was the head of the curve by urging his customers to avoid use of plastic garbage bags. launching a free bag give away program to encourage reusable pa bags. california became the first state in the national to ban plastic bags in the grocery stores. le beau market continues to throif, a fact which is a testament to his business model that puts customers and neighborhood first. it's my honor to award them the high oas commendation. congratulations.
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[ applause ] thank you.
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thank you again and congratulations. [ applause ] all right, last, but certainly not least, our colleague from district 4, supervisor katy tang. >> thank you very much and again, congratulations to all the small business honorees here with us today. i'm so excited about this commendation today. we also have a slideshow. so as i'm talking sfgovtv, if you could please present what is on the screen? today i'm very pleased and honored to recognize three fish studio as our district 4 small business honoree of the year and here today with us are the artists themselves, eric weiser and annie galvan, the husband and wife extraordinary. if you have been to our
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office, you have definitely seen their artwork before and eric a printmaker and may recognize the godzilla destroying the building with his breath and annie, painted "i love you bear," can be seen in shops all over san francisco. annie is also phone her whimsical sign. so they are outer sunset business located on irving street houses their workshop and studio and they are known for welcoming visitors with open arms and offering an expresso or cold beer as they share their artwork with guests. they transformed their business where neighbors and friends gather and create together. for jump just a little bit
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of their history annie born and raised in ireland before moving to san francisco in 1989 just two weeks before the loma prieta earthquake and annie is inspired by san francisco, vogue magazine, comic books and text tile designs, mexican wrestlers and our own dreams and daydreams. and eric was born and raised in the industrial shores of lake michigan. after studying at cleveland institute of art, he moved west. he is inspired by diversity of california's landscape and many facets. the two met in berkeley in 1998 and married and started their studio. i love how they quit their day jobs so to speak to follow their passions, art and building community.
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three fish studio comes from annie's family in ireland which is proudly displayed on the wall as you enter the studio. they offer classes for all experience-levels and taught hundreds of their neighbors how to to do print-making. i have made prints with them and it's just as fun as it sounds. annie and eric are very community-minded and open to collaboration and always willing to be engaged in any event or program and they have a long tradition of donating artwork to support schools and neighborhoods and san francisco public library to name a few. eric served on the art board since 2012 and arts fan as you all know is our san francisco non-profit that has connected artists since 1976. so three fish have also worked collaboratively on two murals in the outer sunset. the first was with our office
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at 32nd. she also worked with muralist to create a nod for the carvell days. so some additional fun facts about annie and eric, annie is also a doodler. at the beginning of the year she embarked on a tremendous project to create a doodle a day. using collage, watercolor and ink and whipped up arts this year and include a drawing an imaginary book "birch please." and a little yellow cat with the words." you got
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to be kitting me." many people have loved how he captured the three world series wins of san francisco giants and i personally love both his and annie's collaboration with paul madonna, who i got to meet today and love their collaboration with our very own small business commission president mark dwight of rickshaw bag works. you have to get one of their bags, it stays in the forms after many, many washes. one fun fact about eric, today is his 50th birthday. so happy birthday eric and in honor of eric we thought we would share other interesting facts:his nickname was tiger and spent time in a vw bus and knows the lyrics from soft rock from the '70s, 80s
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and 90s. so for eric's birthday our office also known as d4 fish studios made him a special gift, which you can seen on the screen and each replicated his godzilla print entitled "godzilla four ways." i want to sincerely thank annie and eric for the vibrancy of business and it's truly businesses like yours that have made our community a better place to live and my job more enjoyable every day as i get to stare at your beautiful artwork. thank you again and happy birthday to eric. [ applause ] >> thank you, katy. thank you, board of supervisors. and thank you san francisco for recognizing the role of art and artists in our communities, and giving us the opportunity to live our dreams in the city that we
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love. as katy mention or supervisor tang, sorry, as supervisor tang mentioned we both here in the '80s as young 20-some things and i think the thing i like to say most to people about san francisco, this is the place people line up and tell you how things are going to work as opposed to giving you adozenyns they are never going to work and for us coming from ireland and michigan, this has become home and it's a great day for us to just celebrate the joy and the diversity that this city brings to our lives. thank you so much. [ applause ]
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>> thank you again and congratulations! [ applause ] again to all the incredible small businesses here in the city and county of san francisco, thank you so much and also thank you to our commissioner from the small business commissioner mark dwight for being here, as well as the executive director regina dick-endrizzi who not only this event, but supports the businesss in san francisco and thank you regina and everyone here today and again, thank you and congratulations. [ applause ] with that, we will return to our regular board agenda. and madam clerk i think we concluded roll call for
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introductions. >> that is correct. >> we also have a 3 -:00 pep order. >> items 24-27 comprised special order at 3:00 p.m. and originally ep continued from january 26, 2016tor public hearing of persons interested in the public works decisions dated september 18, 2014 approving tentative map for two-unit new construction condominium project at 639 peralta avenue. items 25, 26, 27, are the motions associated with approval and disapproval of the tentative parcel plan and preparations of findings. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam president. and no, we're not trying to set the record for the number of times we can continue an item. but we might very well just do that. i know that this item has been continued many times before. and today, colleagues, in the hope that the partis can
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have some sort of resolution, i am asking to once again continue this item open to september 6th, 2016. and i would like to make a motion to do that. >> okay. so moved by supervisor campos and seconded by supervisor tang. and at this time i will open this up to public comment. any members of public who would like to comment on this particular item? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] and on the motion to continue, madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> avalos absent. supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> campos aye. >> cohen aye. >> farrell aye. >> supervisors kim aye. >> supervisor mar.
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>> aye. >> supervisor peskin aye. >> supervisor tang. >> aye. >> this will be continued to the meeting of september 6, 2016. madam clerk, that inbrings us to our second 3:00 p.m. special order. >> items 28 and 29 comprise special order pursuant to motion m16-057, approved may 3, 20169 board of supervisors will convene into a committee of the whole for item 28 a public hearing to consider objections to a report of delinquent real property transfer tax under business and tax regulation code section 1 15.1 c to assessorez parcel located at 561 sutter street. >> colleagues, today as committee of the whole is being conducted to consider objections to a report of delinquent real property transfer tax under the business and tax regulation code and directing transmission of said report
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to the controller and tax collector for collection and deposit into the general fund. so let's this hearing begin. [ gavel ] before we hear from the departments, supervisor tang do you have any comments? >> thank you, i just wanted to turn this over to edward mccaffrey from the assessor's board. >> i'm joined by our deputy over operation, as well as our deputy city attorney, who is sitting next to mr. givner. i wanted to take a moment to thank supervisor katy tang and supervisor aaron peskin. the item before you would confirm or office's report and impose liens for total unpaid transfer tax
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penalties and interest owed to the city and county of san francisco. those two properties are 562 sutter street, assessor parcel 0284-010 and 55 magnum street assessor parcel no. 0 023-03. 562 sutter street a grant deed to transfer title was recorded with our office november 14, 2012. on september 16, 2015 our office completed the valuation. and determined that the entire purchase price which includes the value of the real estate, but excludes the value of tangible property and intangible asset was $10 million more than declared at time of recording and demand letter was issued by our office september 25, 2015 to the new owner for the unpaid
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tax liability plus penalty and interest. having not received a response, our office noticed the owners and again after we recorded a notice of delinquent real property transfer tax in the same letter we indicated that our proceedings if the amount owed was not paid by february 14, 2016. to-date, the amount has not been paid and results in approximately $444,000 in delinquent transfer tax penaltis and interest owed. as for 550 magnum street a grant deed transferring title was recorded february 19, 2015 and that same day the assessor recorder sent a letter to the new owner requesting documentation in support of the declared purchase price. two months later, on april 28th, 2015, our office received documentation in response to our letter. upon review of the material our office determined that what was originally recorded
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at the time of recording was less than what the total value of the real estate was, exclusive of non-realty, tangible property and intangible assets. this was approximately $141 million more than what was declared at the time of recording. on december 14, 2015 the assessore recorder issued a demand letter stating liability plus penalty and interest and with no response to our demand letter january 19, 2016 our office recorded a notice of delinquent real property transfer tax, a copy of which was mailed to the owners. the notice stated that our office would initiate lien proceedings if the delinquency was not paid by february 16, 2016 and to-date the amount has not been paid and results in approximately $5.1 million in delinquent transfer tax, penaltis and interest owed. thank you for your time and consideration, we would be happy to answer any questions
2:45 am
that you have. >> thank you very much for your presentation. colleagues, do you have any questions for the department? seeing none, we'll open this item up for public comment. and public commenters will have two minutes each to speak. please come forth. >> good afternoon, my name is scott johnson. i am appearing on behalf of the current property owner diamond rock hospitality. am i viewed as a member of the public, supervisor tang? >> yes. >> so i have two minutes to speak? >> that is correct. >> okay. it's my understanding that among other things to allow the property owner to raise any concerns or objections that the owner may have? there are two objections that i would like to raise, and i will bring to the board's attention, one relates to the value at the assessor recorder has assigned to the real estate. the second objection relates to the period of time that
2:46 am
has passed between the date the property was purchased in 2012, and the current date in 2016, where the assessor recorder is seeking to impose a lien. first of all, for the first objection we believe that the property was purchased in november 2012 and seller and buyer were unrelated partis with adverse interests. the seller and the buyer are in the business of owning and operating hotels. the seller and the buyer determined that the land and the building had a value of $18.8 million approximately. and the intangible property associated with the hotel was valued at approximately $10 million. because the seller and buyer are in the hotel business, we think the value they assigned to the intangible properties should be respected.
2:47 am
secondly, the matter of timing. it has been roughly three-and-a-half years since the purchase occurred, as we read the transfer tax ordinance, the period to initiate lien proceedings expired in approximately december 2013. in other words, the property was purchased in november 2012 and the tax became delinquent [ inaudible ] and 12 months from that time. >> madam chair, the speaker's time has concluded. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, president breed, honorable supervisors. my name is charles mall for the law firm of winston and strom on behalf of the par 55 hotel. as you know when hotels are sold, they sell real estate
2:48 am
and real property beds and tvs, et cetera and tangible property, concerning value, par the name of the hotel, and things of that nature. the parties here agreed to the sale. they worked out the -- they filed the deed with the recorder's office and they paid about $9 million of transfer tax. subsequently the assessor determined that despite the fact that the courts have said there are these other types of assets not subject to transfer tax the assessor's determination is not an appropriate number. the problem here is that for whatever reason the assessor's notice to the new buyer fell through the cracks and the partis have not had a chance to work that out with the assessor to figure out why there is a difference in value and to get that resolved and request that this matter be put over for
2:49 am
short period of time, 30 days to get this resolved. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of public wishing to speak to this item? seeing none, this public comment is held. supervisor peskin? >> thank you, madam president. if i may through the president to the deputy city attorney, one of the public commenters raised an issue of a time bar of one-year after the transfer, the initial transfer of the real property. would you respond to that for me and my colleagues, please. >> deputy city attorney, moe jamile. we have reviewed the ordinance and the city attorney is of the opinion that the delinquency time clock starts from the issuance of the delinquency noticed by the assessor's office after they completed their audit to the extent the taxpayer disagrees with that, as well as the value they are more than welcome to pay the tax, file a claim under
2:50 am
government code requirements and proceed the matter in that venue. but the rule is that you have to pay first. >> thank you, deputy city attorney jamile. if i may, representative from the assessor controller's office. mr. leg, or either one of you? it's my understanding based on the timeline presented by staff, we have had no contact with the new buyer? is this the first that you have heard? >> on which of the properties? because there were telephone discussions with one -- on one of these two transactions. which with one one are you
2:51 am
asking about, supervisor? >> either one, it seems like this has been going on for some time relative to actions taken by the assessor recorder and i have no response by the owner until their verbal statements made by representatives on their behalf. >> in both cases there was correspondence. i'm now recollecting in both cases there was correspondence between with the assessor recorder division and it's the recorder in this case and the taxpayers. there was disagreement expressed and looking to see if they would pay and we didn't hear anything else. i don't believe we received anything beyond in writing beyond our requests for information as we begin the audit process. >> thank you.
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>> colleagues any other questions? this has been closed and filed and colleagues we have item 29 before us. so i think we'll probably go to roll-call vote on item 29. >> on item 29, supervisor wiener. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> yee supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> there are eleven ayes. >> this motion passes. this measure is adopted. madame clerk if we could go to public comment. >> public comment is the opportunity for the public
2:53 am
to address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on items within the subject-matter jurisdiction of the board to include the approval of the minutes, and item 32, whether or not the board of supervisors should enter into a closed session on the labor negotiations, and on item 33-43, the items on the "without reference to committee calendar." pursuant to the board's rules, direct your remarks to the board as a whole and speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. and if would you like to display your document on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgovtv and remove the document when the screen returns to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. please come on up for public comment. >> i know i don't have much time to speak. my name is ace washington.
2:54 am
this administration has neglected, has disrespected the african-american black race because of a constitutional flaw put together by the lieutenant governor. i'm here to say i'm standing strong as the czar and i'm summoning the department heads to adhere to what they are supposed to do. the other thing, i am the fillmore coordinate ambassador and we have small business coming to the 1300 fillmore, a property that is in discussion in our community to find out whether they take all the money given to them, loaned to them through the city and county, but yet the small business coming back to them telling them the black business do look out for? the mayor came to the fillmore three years ago in 2011, and every business that he visited,
2:55 am
they closed down. so he is committed to our black community, i say foul play. when go to the small business administration doesn't have the minutes and administration to do that and i'm asking for investigation for the small business administration. we're at the bottom. supervisors, i'm looking over in the press and i see lily white, for 20 years, i can't come over there, you have security blocking me from coming over there, but i talked to the clerk and they are going to work it out. that is why i'm not demonstrationing my rights with the city by the bay. i call it "city hall." i call it "silly hall." >> thank you very much.
2:56 am
next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my i have the projector, please? mayor edwin lee, his work is undone. ordering san francisco police to remove u.s. citizens sleeping in tents on division street. mayor edwin lee and nearby merchants choose to have u.s. citizens removed by san francisco police, [speaker not understood] still remain standing that is shown on the tv monitors. call isis street. right where those tents were setup. how could mayor ed lee, one of the major terrorists group's name to remain
2:57 am
standing who have beheaded and killed thousands of human beings, street's name standing? the homeless people on division were mistreated and my question is which side of the fence is mayor ed lee really standing on? the tent city was removed and the street must be renamed just as fast. san francisco is a unique city and must be kept that way. but how could it? when mayor edwin lee isn't moving fast enough on these problems plaguing san francisco? deportation, housing problems, jobs, real affordable housing, displacement plans -- thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
2:58 am
>> thank you chair, and all. my name is christopher and live -- commenting on more bad news. within the last two weeks climate scientists have presented more alarming reports. these are on our southern antarctic ice cap and the reports describe once again how the warming climate and oceans are accelerating the ever faster movement of ice mass the size of california, averaging over a kilometer in thickness. into the world's oceans resulting in multimeter sea-level rise by the end of the century. once again scientists are low-balling the numbers and once again their predictions will lag reality. my prediction is still 50' by '55, that is 2055.
2:59 am
my prediction is that by that time climate change will disrupt food production, that climate change will bring famine, that climate change will provoke war among the nations over vanishing resources. my solution is still using freely available energy to desalinate freshwater to irrigate new trees. what can you do to help? and i would move the absence of a quorum except i have no standing. well, if you can't think of anything to help, than please just get out of the way. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> david told solomon know thou the god god of thy father and serve him with a perfect heart and willing mind for the lord searches all hearts and understands all of the imagination of the thoughts. if you seek him, he will be
3:00 am
fond of thy and forsake him and he will cast you out forever. nobody know whats you are thinking. god knows what you are thinking. he knows what you are thinking. and the bible is a super natural book and there was a great king from babylon who destroyed the jewish temple. he had this dream and didn't know what it meant, and so he said to his wisemen he was going to kill all of them unless they told him what the dream was and the interpretation of his dream. so daniel prayed and god revealed to daniel what the dream was and what it meant. he was so impressed with that, he gave him a promotion. god made him famous so everybody would read his book and jesus called him the prophet daniel, was given the most incredible revelation in the entire old testament because he was given the
3:01 am
precise amount of time there would be before the messiah would come and be baptized and then die on the cross for our sins. and he said there would be 70 weeks, each one of these weeks were actually 7-years long, dead ending in a sabbath year and what christ died in the 70th 7-year cycle he was the 80th 7-year cycle if you back up to the destruction of the temple. the jews kept precisely where they are in chronology and ezekiel, they knew in 56 years they would go back because jeremiah said thus sayth the lord and in 70 years, exactly 70 years and these were thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is
3:02 am
karen flescherman and came to talk to you about saving san francisco lives and much remains to be done and it must be done swiftly to keep the momentum going in the right direction. today britton had an editorial in the guardian about the impact of not guilty verdict of edward nero, one of the officers involved in freddie gray's killing by baltimore police department. president obama spoke about him in his commencement speech at howard, who joined with police and other experts to produce president obama's task force on 21st century policing. if you want our trust, stop killing us. if you want a relationship, stop getting away with it. june 2nd, 2016 will be six months since sfpd executed
3:03 am
mario woods in broad daylight in front of a buses full of school children and it's also the national day against gun violence. the children at my daughter's school want to know why sfpd's shoots so many people so many times? you have an obligation to make sure this doesn't happen again. removing chief suhr is just the first stop to making that happen. sfpd must be made accountable and this is what you need to do by june 2nd, a national search for the communities most impacted selecting the criteria for the new chief? we need an end to the cops -- we need the u.s. department of justice civil rights division and need george gascon to indict the killers of gomez and woods and need the police to discipline and terminate all officers involved in officer-involved shootings. this is urgent and i ask you to please take it very seriously.
3:04 am
>> thank you, next speaker, please. >> madam president and supervisors. my name is abraham. i'm an engineer and work for one of the top general contractors in the bay area. i had the great fortune to attend a fundraiser to honor the legacy of rudy bridges the first black child to be integrated into the all-white school. i couldn't help but feel saddened because here in san francisco, only in san francisco, practitioners are excluded from participating in the annual japantown in chinatown community parades. why and how can this only happen in our great city of san francisco, none known for tolerance? since the illegal
3:05 am
persecution, the communist party has used this -- here in san francisco extends the persecution through the chinese consulate, which directly targets community leaders in san francisco and persuades through them propaganda that it's a political movement to not allow and exclude citizens who practice this -- fallen doffa have no policy aspirations and the chinese communist party fears it the communities include them into their events these communities will see through their lives and realize that the practitioners are good people that have been wronged. i believe that san franciscans do not support discrimination. and influence from a foreign government interfering with the souvenir nation. i look forward to the day one of you will walk alongside us to openly attend the
3:06 am
chinatown and japantown community parades just as the federal agents walked along ruby bridges every day in 1960. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> translator: greetings supervisor, wonder what type of performance would put on? if they were allowed to join the janantown and chinese new year's parade and allow me to show it so you can see it?
3:07 am
this time is set for the individual at the first microphone there, if she wants to say what you are saying, that is fine. >> okay. sorry. i apologize.
3:08 am
>> thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
3:09 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, my name is vicky. and i'm 13 years old and i live in sunset district. i came to the states last august to learn classical at school. and i'm extremely excited to be living here in the usa, because this country has more human -- than mainland china. i have practiced together with my mom and grand mom since i was born and see their practice as helping me focus on being truthful and being kind to other people and thinking of others before thinking of myself. however, we are not able to talk about falun da la in mainland china because of the current persecution. i'm very happy that the practice is legal in the united states.
3:10 am
and i can't even participate in falun parade and marching bands. it would be impossible to do this in china, a country that is under the rule of the communist party. april 27th, 2016, it was my first time to perform in the parade with the marching band. i was full of joy and honor. however, a half hour before the parade was to begin, we were notified that our band was forbidden to join. but we got the permit to perform way beforehand. how could this happen? america is famous for its support of human rights around the world. i wish justice could be done here. seems like a peaceful marching band. >> please speak closer to the microphone, thank you. >> what happens in the united states, i hope the
3:11 am
truth that we can work together that it never happens again. thank you for your time and concern. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is tom borden and i'm here to speak about something that i have observed, i have seen two supervisors speak on proposition b in the last week. and there have been some shortcome ings i would like to talk about. >> sir, i'm pausing your time, sir. there is no election airing in the chamber. if you want to talk generally about issues, but not about campaign issues, please. i will run your time now. >> you are at saying i can't talk about anything that is on the ballot? >> that is correct. >> let me ponder that for my next minute and 30 seconds and see if there is any way i can get across my point?
3:12 am
>> we can move to the next speaker and give you time to come back with your remarks. thank you. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is dewith the san francisco forest alliance. i would like to address in a general way the issue of set asides, and most of you were not in your seats in 2008, but in 2008 the board of supervisors -- i'm sorry, the ballot passed proposition s, which was a local measure that said there would not be set asides unless there was a new source of funding. and that it would be city policy that voters cannot approve a new set aside with a cost of living adjustment or other annual increase of more than 2%. and that the set-asides
3:13 am
could not be for more than ten years. this measure was voted on, and 56% compared to 44% of san francisco residents voted in favor of that. there has been a lot of set-asides that have happened since then. one was discussed today. one is currently on the ballot. and i think the context of understanding how people feel about set-asides is very important. as an example: on our current ballot, the amount of money that is going to go into a set-aside was never discussed, and i don't think that you are aware of how much money was involved in this proposition, which is $4.5 billion over 30 years. i believe that i have a paper i will give you to go on record about this, and a spreadsheet. but i would like you to
3:14 am
understand before you endorse something, that the figures of what ever that you are endorsing that you fully understand what those figures are before you endorse and to understand how the citizens of san francisco feel about set-asides. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i'm back. i would like to speak on board of supervisors' resolution 653-02. in which you forebade the recreation and parks department from implementing the significant natural areas resource management plan until such time as the board of supervisors approved their plan. that plan is still awaiting eir certification. and yet, rec and park is pursuing activities that are part of it such as closing trails, erecting access-control fencings and putting up signs that prohibit walking off designated trails or riding your bicycle in the park or
3:15 am
even walking your bike in the park. and the resolution by this body was quite explicit. it said that they shall not impose access restrictions, cut recreation, kill feral cats, cut any healthy trees and yet, this body has done nothing to stop recreation and park from doing these things, and even the planning commission hasn't done anything about the violation of ceqa. so i'm concerned about this. i have talked to several supervisors on this issue, and nothing has happened. and i really think that the recreation and park needs more supervision more teeth in any kind of measure that might -- that they are involved with. to be sure that the public is protected and their voice and what happens with recreation and park with our parks. thank you. >> thank you.
3:16 am
next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, catherine howard. we have just learned that rec and park is now charging people to sit on the grass in dolores park. rec and park states that this is "a pilot program." but as everyone knows that is rec and park department's speak for "this is what we're going to do, tough." this is the direction that rec and park has taken our parks, continued privatization and monetization and loss of park use for those unable to pay to pay. heaven forbid that a family decides to sit on the grass in a spur-of-the-moment. after the dolores park story broke at least two supervisors according to the press spoke up. all of a sudden rec and park has decided to suspend the program. could it be because that is because the board at this point and for a few more weeks only has budget power over rec and park?
3:17 am
you should immediately recognize that this is a rogue department out of control, mistakes were made in the chamber and i think could be rectified and should place a ballot measure that institutes controls for the department of recreation and park. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors, and thank you very much for this opportunity to speak. i hadn't planned to come speak. i looked inside the door and thought the line isn't so long. i may as well give it a thought. my name is elizabeth delong, i'm a proud member of local 2, united here restaurant workers union and i'm also a neighbor. i am a mother. i am a widow and happen to live across the street from dolores park and i have to tell you, overnight more than
3:18 am
15,000 signatures were put on a petition to stop selling our parks. now dolores park is very particular, because you know we have all of these poor unfortunate intimate technology kids crammed into apartments, sometimes six or seven at a time and not to mention the families in the neighborhoods an long time residents. this is one place you can go and stretch your legs and get a little bit of fresh air. we don't have to pay for that privilege. our parks are our parks. no more pay-to-play. san francisco is not for sale. we love our parks. we fought to keep them nice and we fought and tried to have investments put into the parks to make sure they were beautified and now it's beautiful, you want to take it away from us? no, no, no, no. san francisco is not for sale. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:19 am
>> good evening, citizens of san francisco, and supervisors. my name is mel mel varand i live in the tenderloin district and i'm a volunteer chess teacher. supervisor kim probably remembers me from 5160 farrell, the incident last year, where the dead body was left undiscovered for eight weeks and maybe supervisor farrell remembers me from rumor. but anyway, i have an addendum to my police case number that i reported 48 hours ago regarding a certain david, a resident maintenance manager of 376 ellis. who operates a high-end prostitution ring using this
3:20 am
building and are populated by "squatters," who call themselves "homesteaders." i tend to agree that most of these homesteaders were illegally evicted by the slum lord using thugs and they are claiming that they are just reoccupying their old units. most of them are heroin-addicted and when passed out, their belongings are carted away. now there are foreigners who i witnessed getting escorted inside the room, and there are two foreigners that i saw actually -- you know, engage in prostitution in david's room. one of those trickster's name is maxie and this makes it a federal human trafficking case. i have presented prima facie evidence in order to charge and arrest david, but 48
3:21 am
hours from my initial report to officer bautista, the only thing that happened was this: >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors. thank you very much. my name is lee strayhand, investigator reporter and filmmaker and i'm here to speak out in favor of the rule of law, commonsense and simple civility. that is because we have reached a point people are trying to shut down opinions that they don't agree with. on some issues currently before the board, for instance, supervisors on this very board have resorted to calling critics "racists." everyone who takes logic knows it's simply an insult and has no actual content. calling everyone who disagree with us a racist has another goal, intimidation.
3:22 am
the goal is to shut people up, to make them not want to talk, make them not want to speak out. even though some of the people who are in the other side of some of the issues before this simply want the rule of law followed and believe that you pass a law, that law should be enforced. you may disagree, but you can hold that view and not be racist and to call people racist and overuse that term that is, in fact, offensive and wrong because racism, let's be clear is wrong and to overuse that term is simply awful. i would ask the board of supervisors to strongly consider the precedent they are setting by not addressesing the issues, but simply tossing out insults. our democracy depends on open and free debate and intimidation and insults should not play any part in
3:23 am
that process. thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i want to further highlight and touch base on a conflict of interest, and true and correct way to take care of this immigration reform, illegal immigration, and also, sanctuary law. this type of legislation that you proposed due process for people involved in illegal immigration to litigation and legislation that you should be practicing on is to join mexico and make it part of the united states. you need to bring up their living conditions in mexico, so they won't have to be crossing across the border, cross ing across the deserts because of the poverty-level and living conditions in mexico. the poverty [hrao*-efrl/] in-level in mexico is several-levels lower than
3:24 am
the united states. you know that and they know that and as a result they take the chance of crossing the border, thousands of them die in the desert and nobody talks about it. if you incorporate legislationion to make mexico part of the united states of america, you would eliminate that problem. it's not fair to them. i'm tired of watching them die on educational shows and you have illegal immigration taking place here in the city and you have the human service agency spending taxpayer money deporting citizens of the united states, talking about you helping the homeless problem. and then you turn around and perform illegal immigration and citizens and have illegal immigrants in brand-new apartments paying $25 a month. that is not fair to them and it's not fair to the u.s. citizens and it's also not fair to immigrants who go through the process of becoming u.s. citizens because you are cutting in front of them. here is an example this past
3:25 am
sunday where a thousand immigrants went through the red tape and became u.s. citizens. this is the way that litigation should be done and you are creating a hostile environment. you are talking about developers pitting themselves against each other. >> thank you, sir. next speaker, please. >> madam president, supervisors my name is john jones and i attended the police commission at the elementary school and that meeting as you know was adjourned early because a contingent from the university of california at san francisco insisted on interrupting unless and until the commission added an agenda item concerning the performance of the current
3:26 am
chief stared. steward. a member of the contingent read part of a letter to those of us remaining in the auditorium and described a host of horribles inflicted on the people of san francisco by the san francisco police department and the medical person only read the first paragraph of the letter, which was quite lengthy. i replied to the medical folks and i would like to repeat to you what my reply was. i said i lived in excelsior for 30 years and had not had a car for five years and i took the 14 mission bus all the time. and i told her that i had not seen what her letter describes. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:27 am
>> gilbert, a stroll through the city of small businesses up at 24th street, noe valley, a neighborhood, west portal, a neighborhood. laurel village, hub of a neighborhood. 9th and irving, a neighborhood, north beach, a neighborhood. and a location. castro, a neighborhood and a location. 8, a neighborhood and a location. the mission, a neighborhood and a location. and what is south beach where i have lived for 27 years? five years ago the mayor started with 8 washington as the focus and the future of our city followed quickly by a trip to china offering
3:28 am
treasure island for sale and quickly came into the nba. the stadium on the dock. he said this is the jewel crown of a neighborhood. and at that moment in time that i realized was the death warrant for the neighborhood. we had 40,000 for the baseball games and adding 18,000 and two high-rise hotels were the end of any chance. i figured he doesn't have a vision or a grasp of what is going on the streets of our town. how would north beach like 18,000-stadium and two high-rise hotels? he lacks vision, and grasp of reality. now that started with his
3:29 am
ability to understand "run lee run." but now it's time for lee to leave. lee leave, please, lee, leave. thank you. >> thank you, mr. gilberte. next speaker, please? >> supervisors, madam chair, madam president, my name is otter duffy, resident of north of market by city hall here. i am a neighborhood activist. my biggest area of activism and understanding is election issues from always trying to find ways, you know, to get my neighborhood has a somewhat lower turnout than other neighborhoods. there is a lot of extra names on voter rolls of people who don't live there because it's a transient neighborhood and there is actually a number of issues with voting and to talk about maybe having a primary eelection for the mayor? which has been possibly
3:30 am
maybe might happen or not? depending on things. i think it makes a certain amount of sense, because one of the things that voters don't get with rank choice voting, they don't always get a clear idea who the finalists are, the two people? very often they come in and vote and see that some the votes gets stranded or exhausted and they don't even make a choice on one of the two finalists. in other cases you see them use rank-choice voting and rank both finalists, which if you are trying to make a choice on who the winner should be? it doesn't really make sense to be running them off against each other and indicates uncertainty about the situation. having a primary for the mayor also would make candidates forums much easier. when you have just wave and waves of a dozen of candidates, it's hard to have a forum and it's difficult
3:31 am
to support public financing because you have a smaller field. you could have two or a handful of candidates. rank-choice works good with a handful, but up to a dozen, it really starts to fail. >> thank you. any other speakers left to speaker for "public comment?" madam president. >> thank you, seeing no other speakers for public comment, public comment is now closed. [ gavel ] . >> madam clerk, let's go back to the item that we skipped over. >> item no. 9. >> let's go back to item 9. supervisor avalos, are we ready for that? >> absolutely. >> all right, let's go. >> thank you, madam president. and i want to thank sheriff hennessey and her staff for working with us closely over the past few weeks, and very intensely, intensively today. it was a lot of give and take on both sides and i do
3:32 am
appreciate her flexibility. first off, and i also didn't get a chance to do the writing i wanted to do to do my speech here. so i'm using my phone. as we start, i want to mention honduran citizen, and environmental justice and human rights activist with indigenous people in honduras and recently goldman prize winner a prize she received here in san francisco in 2015. recently she was murdered in her home in honduras. honduras is a country hard-hit by globalization, climate change induced environmental degradation and political unrest and poverty. the u.s. government has been link to the 2009 political coup that oustered president
3:33 am
salialia. honduras is also where many youth who are trafficked to the mean streets of cities across the united states including those of san francisco. and i mentioned honduras because it's an example that migration and immigration are closely linked to the relationships between mother and host countries. and berta casadas has relatives in the bay area. this is known. our sanctuary city ordinance before us today, due process for sanctuary city ordinance are both together here 27 years in the making. as the united states received immigrants from political unrest in central america, mexico, southwest and southeast asia, and other parts of the world, found it necessary to include and integrate waves of new
3:34 am
residents making up our neighborhoods. and sanctuary citis have ensured that people who come here from other lands can feel as close as they can to residents who do not have to fear being denied services, being denied access to housing, being given the support of law enforcement to make their neighborhoods safer. and it's a reciprocal relationship, so that in cities like san francisco, that have sanctuary city, we recognize that for our citis to run effectively, for there to be a place where we can advance the interests of our resides, as much as possible, that we need to have relationships with the immigrants who are living with us. one of the key relationships is the relationship between law enforcement and the immigrant community and our sanctuary city policy is really most effective when we actually have the clear
3:35 am
separation between local law enforcement, and federal immigration enforcement. local law enforcement is criminal and justice enforcement and immigration enforcement is civil enforcement and that is exactly what our sanctuary city policy has done over the years. last year was a really challenging moment, last summer, for sanctuary city policy. we have seen the tenor of the presidential campaign has been one of demagogery and preyed on people's prejudices, from people's concerns about muslim from other countries and people's concerns about other people from other countries in general. and because of the tragic event that happened last year, those prejudices came
3:36 am
to impact our standing together united to support sanctuary city policy. but here today we have an update to our policy that we get to vote on to ensure that as a city, we can unite all together on what the standard is going to be for upholding our sanctuary city policy and ensuring that all residents regardless of whether you are a immigrant, a resident, a citizen will be ensured due process in our justice system and will not be turned over without it this. is critical in san francisco when we have seen especially with the police department's recent officer-involved shootings that have communities of color reeling, believing that there is no trust to have with the police department. because what they see, what resembles police officers using their guns without offering -- providing due
3:37 am
process. and without due process, they could resemble summary executions. we want to make sure, as much as possible that we don't have any lack of due process for people who could be turned over to i.c.e.. so i want to thank sheriff hennessey for her work helping us ensure we have due process through our justice system and our sheriff's department and linking to the police department and our courts here in san francisco. so more than anything, this ordinance before us is updating our sanctuary city political and due process for all ordinance to meet changes that have been made in federal immigration enforcement. up to last year the main enforcement through i.c.e. was changed to the -- providing letters that asked
3:38 am
local law enforcement agencies and sheriff's department with a voluntary request to hold people past their release date up to 48 hours for ice to pick up and the new program is to notify i.c.e. when a person is to be released there custody. for the immigrant community it's the same outcome, that people could be turned over to i.c.e. and to be closing a loophole. this also removes obsolete outdated language from the original sanctuary city ordinance. it was language that was amended in 1993. and that language is no longer necessary, but what that language did is lower the bar completely for how local law enforcement could
3:39 am
coordinate with i.c.e. and removing that language to have the most recent update that we have before us today. so this i will read into the record i have the amendment as a whole that discusses what the new policies will be. and we moved a great distance in 2013 had one single exception to when a person could be detained. and that was for someone who had a violent felony conviction in the last 7 years immediately prior to the date of notification or request. so that language is continuing in the new version. we have new language that we have received from the sheriff that we're including as well. that actually broadens what the exception is going to be violent felony within five years immediately prior to
3:40 am
notification or detention request. and then we have a third exception that we have put in as well. from the sheriff, and so we have come a long way to accept these amendments. and the third one is that individual has been convicted of three felonies, identified as felonis that would contribute -- that would lead to imprisonment in state's penitentiary and reference the penal code. so three felonies subject to trust act exception for notification or detention, that would arise out of three separate incidents in the five-years and really prior to the date of notification. so those are the new carve-outs that we have. and i want to make sure that you are aware of those. they are on page 13 of our legislation. the other language that we
3:41 am
have added that the sheriff has accepted is language that ensures that we're not merely notifying people who are merely booked on a felony, but people for whom a magistrate has determined that there is probable cause to believe the individual is guilty of a felony under the trust act guidelines. so having a magistrate to show that there is due process, that there is probable cause, provides that due process that is the foundation of our judicial system. and so i want to make sure you are aware of these changes and how we have been able to unite with the sheriff. other new language we have is just to provide a reporting requirement that happens once a year. that will be provided to the board of supervisors. >> semi-annually. >> what is significant
3:42 am
about this legislation that we are united on it, the board of supervisors we vote unanimously with that will be aligned with the sheriff and aligned with the mayor and aligned with the immigrant rights community that has helped to work on these amendments and there is no better place to be in. we're going to actually uphold our sanctuary city policy and protect it from wavering under policy pressure. so colleagues i want to urge your support and i want to thank you for your patience today and most of all i want to thank the sheriff for her work with our office, and the sheriff has any words you might want to add to come and share them with us? thank you. >> so before the sheriff speaks, supervisor avalos, are you making these proposed amendments to your legislation? >> yes, it's an amendment of the whole i'm doing and yes, these are the proposed amendments with the support of the sheriff i'm motioning to be accepted.
3:43 am
>> supervisor avalos has made a motion to amend andate circulated and seconded by supervisor. can we take those without exception? those amendments pass. welcome, sheriff to the amendment. >> thank you, supervisor. i think we all agree that the immigration cries for the reform and i.c.e. targets residents and low-level offenders and also agree what is needed is comprehensive immigration reform is that recognizes that united states is home to immigrants. i stood here before you today to talk about this issue and talked tot people i have listened to and those who don't agree on blanket no-notification policy and those concerned that notification will undermine the safety of their community and families. i always looked for a
3:44 am
case-by-case review and what i have now is that case-by-case review. i want to thank you, and our recent discussions we have constructed parameters within which that will occur. this is a longer, rigorous process and talked with many people and particularly my thanks to supervisor avalos and supervisor peskin and others. we learned a lot going through the process and to serve public safety, family unity and bring our communities together and that is what i'm hoping for. thank you so much. >> thank you, sheriff. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president. i just wanted to thank our sheriff, and supervisor avalos for working thoughtfully and deliberatively together to, i think, honor the city's
3:45 am
longstanding tradition of sanctuary city and making sure that the city is safe. i just want to thank sheriff hennessey and supervisor avalos for such a collaborative process. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam president and thank for the comments. this is a difficult issue for so many different reasons, but to me, the fact that we have this agreement and i want to thank supervisor avalos and sheriff hennessey, it's a testament of how san francisco continues to lead, not only the state, but the country on these issues. i especially want to acknowledge the work of sheriff hennessey. we haven't always seen eye-to-eye on this issue and i want to thank you for taking the time to understand the concerns of this
3:46 am
community. and i think it's something that shows that not withstanding what is happening at the national-level, we in san francisco have been very diligent in making sure that we focus on the substance of what we're trying to do, which is trying to strike the right balance between public safety and the rights of immigrants. the thing about sanctuary is that the point of it often gets lost, which it's really about maximizing public safety and i'll have to say to supervisor avalos and the coalition, thank you for putting the time and energy into it. this is not an easy subject-matter, and you have to roll up your sleeves and i know you have been doing this for a very long time. and i'm just very proud as a san franciscan, as an immigrant myself. it's great to see this
3:47 am
outcome. i think it's who we are as a city, and as a country. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. colleagues i'm not going to repeat everything that i have said in the past, last time we discussed this issue. i think i have made my position clear. i do want to take a moment and acknowledge supervisor avalos for spear heading the ordinance before us today and to thank our sheriff, sheriff hennessey for taking time to explain to myself, and the community members, her perspective on this issue. i believe that supervisor avalos and the sheriff have been working collaboratively, to come to a uniform policy and i think there was quite a gap between the two of you, would you agree? quite a gap between the two of you. and so i just want to compliment the leader of
3:48 am
being able to divorceyourself from the emotion, because sometimes the emotions can really cloud our ability to negotiate a position. i believe what you have presented here today i am prepared to support and i believe that supervisor avalos you have negotiated in earnest and in good faith and that the sheriff has been open to receive the concerns that many of us represent, the concerns of the constituents that we represent. and i think it's important that we acknowledge that we can't continue to allow a flawed federal policies and hateful rhetoric from outside of the city to dominate and drive our local policies. and we're living in an interesting time, where there is just so much fear, and people are making decisions based out of fear. if residents don't feel safe to go to the police, because
3:49 am
they have a fear of being deported by i.c.e., if people are fearful of reporting crime or fearful of intimidation or physical retaliation, they are not going report crimes. a lot of challenges happening in the immigrant community mirror what is happening in the community with this level of fear and distrust. we need to collectively roll up our sleeves to create policies that are supportive of tranceparency, and accountability. so supervisor avalos, i understand there will be some outstanding requests, and i believe that we have amended the ordinance proposed by you today to meet our shared goals of protecting public safety and most importantly upholding our values as a sanctuary city. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor yee.
3:50 am
>> thank you, president breed. i would just also want to join the chorus and thanking all parties involved in this negotiation. i think over a month ago when i was able to meet with advocates and also meet with sheriff hennessey separately, i encouraged everybody involved to continue talking. because even though there is language that people are using might be seen as real far away, i just think the individuals involved weren't that far away philosophically in what they wanted and it was just a matter of having enough time to listen to each other and understand their perspectives and hammering out the common language that we can all live with, and not just live with. i think it's more to say to everybody else outside of san francisco, that we're all together in this philosophy that we have, and support.
3:51 am
so once again, i want to thank the advocates, supervisor avalos, and sheriff hennessey, for willingness to work together. i think if nothing else, it just goes to show you, when we listen to each other and try to understand each other, we can actually come up with consensus. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, madam president. i just wanted to reiterate my gratitude both to the sheriff and to supervisor avalos for working really hard to find common ground here. when this first -- when this dispute first started and the legislation was introduced and sitting down with the advocates and looking at the charts and comparing where the sheriff was and where the legislation was, it just screamed out to me as needing a resolution.
3:52 am
the two were never that far apart and it really showed that i think everyone comes from a really good place here, that we want to protect our immigrant communities and we want to protect public safety, and we can do both, and do both graciously and i think we have done that here today and so congratulations to everyone. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to acknowledge the work of the immigrants rights organizations for defending our city's sanctuary city ordinance and working with supervisor avalos and others to prevent any weakening of the principles and the concepts. i did wanted to say i wish we were not printing more exceptions, but i acknowledge that supervisor avalos and the coalition have worked in good-faith with sheriff hennessey as she said to protect public safety, but also to ensure that familis are not ripped apart by
3:53 am
i.c.e., pep, whatever they call it, and that sheriff hennessey will work with the immigrants rights coalition and thank you for humanizing stories of being turned over to i.c.e. for just reporting a stolen car. but i think it's really important that we just not look at the policies, but the human fear in immigrant communities and if we're creating more community-based involvement, to really keep moving this forward and to thank the coalition for standing strong and working with supervisor avalos's office for this comprise compromise and that we have defended our policies and because of the strength of the i immigrant communities.
3:54 am
>> thank you, supervisor mar. >> supervisor. >> thank you again for the work we have done together with sheriff hennessey. i just want to mention my work with the free sf and different communities and coalitions that have come together to support this legislation. i really value the relationships and i hope the relationship is one that can continue and can build with the sheriff as well. because i think that relationship with free sf and the sheriff is going to be important to make sure that we're sharing information, and understanding each other and our points of view. that is important for the relationships that are necessary for sanctuary city. i do want to apologize for losing my cool at times. [laughter ] because i did. and i am really sorry for that. there was -- it is not
3:55 am
easy to -- it hasn't been easy to work on this legislation, because i know it's such high aspirations for what we want, and going through this process. we don't always get what we want and it's been really hard to be in between. i do appreciate the relationship. i most of all want to thank sida huisan for your work and came to the community forum. we needed more of you and there and i'm sorry that was the case. i do want to thank my legislative aide, jeremy pollack who has been seriously multi-tasking and thank you for your work. colleagues, let's vote on this. >> thank you. and just quickly, congratulations, supervisor avalos and sheriff hennessey. i really appreciate you both working together to come to
3:56 am
a great outcome, which is a win-win for our great city. thank you both for your hard work on this. with that, colleagues, let's take a roll-call vote on the item no. 9 as amended. madam clerk. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> ee or yee aye. >> supervisor avalos aye. >> supervisor breed aye. >> supervisor farrell? >> supervisor kim aye. >> supervisor kim? supervisor kimm. >> aye. >> the ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading. [ applause ] madam clerk, thank you. can you please go to the items for adoption without reference to committee. >> items 33 through 43 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a
3:57 am
single roll-call vote may enact these items. a member may object or server an item and have it considered separately. >> supervisor [p-efrbg/]in. >> item 4 6r7/ vi, please. seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk k remaining items roll call. >> srs wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> a ea. >> supervisor farr. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> aye. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> there are eleven ayes. >> those items are approved unanimously. [ gavel ] . madam clerk please call item 43. >> item 4 6r7/ vi is motion calling from the land use and transportation committee, the proposed ordinance amending the general plan to make
3:58 am
conforming changes in association with legislation creating the affordable housing bonus program. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president, i put this on the calendar due to a misunderstanding that the item was not going to be calendared in committee, and failed to speak to the sponsor, supervisor tang, for which i apologize and i would like to make a motion to table this matter. >> supervisor peskin has made a motion to table, seconded by supervisor tang, colleagues can where we make the motion to table without objection? without objection, the motion to table passes unanimously. [ gavel ] >> all right, madam clerk, looks like we have a closed session item. >> yes, madam precioussing pending approval of item 42 which has just occurred, the board of supervisors has agreed to convene in closed session today, may 24th with the mayor's office and the department of human
3:59 am
resources under administrative code section 67.10e and government code section section 5497.6 regarding negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. >> before we move in our closed session, supervisor avalos is it my understanding that you have an imperative item? >> i do not. >> okay, so nobody has an imperative item? good, great. with that, colleagues, is there a motion to go into closed session? >> moved by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor mar. colleagues can we take that without objection? i would like to open up before we go into closed session, for public comment on the closed session specifically. >> tom gilbertee, this was such an interesting and robust session at the board of supervisors, i thought small business week was wonderful. i hate to see this session
4:00 am
be closed. thank you. >> thank you, mr. gilbertee. we apologize for that, but we must conduct business on occasion in closed session. thank you. >> what is the reason why it's a closed session? >> it's public comment, not public question and answer. it's on the agenda. >> that is a poor excuse. >> i'm sorry about that. >> and then i really think you should be doing foundation and proposals to incorporate mexico to be part of the united states, so you won't be pitting us against each other. >> thank you very much. >> because what you are doing with your federal laws that you are talking about. >> we can only comment on the -- you can only comment on the closed session. thank you for being here today. are there any other members of the public who would like to provide public comment at this time on the closed session? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] colleagues can we go into
4:01 am
closed session without objection? without objection, the board will go into closed [ inaudible ]
4:02 am
>> okay. colleagues, the board took no action in closed session. may i have a motion to not disclose any portion of the closed session discussion? moved by supervisor farrell, seconded by supervisor yee. colleagues can we take that out without objection? without objection we will not disclose the items discussed in closed session. madam clerk, this brings us to the end of the agenda and please read the in memoriam. >> yes, madam president, today's meeting will be adjourned in the following beloved individual on behalf of the supervisor wiener for late mr. larry mitch yell
4:03 am
and behalf of supervisor campos for the late mr. legalon ruboon medina. >> colleagues this brings us to the end of our agenda. madam clerk, any further business before you today? >> that concludes our business for today. seeing none, we are adjourned [ gavel ] .
4:04 am
>> are we ready good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon my name is supervisor cowen the chair and this is the regular meeting of land use committee to my right is commissioner weiner the vice chair and our clerk clear and thank to charles kremack and others for broadcasting this meeting electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the june 7, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much call hematemesis one ac. >> amending at planning code for the rooftop screening. >> the planning department is the sponsor of this item we have a staff person from the planning
4:05 am
department to present. >> we're ready. >> good afternoon chair cohen and honorable supervisors tilly chang department staff this is the planning code for the controls to two spate areas of planning code the map controls and rooftop park screening with the clean up of applicability of the controls expanded regarding this roof deck the amendment increases the flexibility of the controls as written it is the large project authorization in the south of market mixed use and over 200 linear feet to create pedestrian friendly zones for expanding the 3 adjacent
4:06 am
districts the fulton nct some and nct and regional commercial district what adapted did controls apply for the district for the mid block alley are - the boards wants to expend them to all eastern neighborhoods south of market mixed use and south of market c-3, however, the 50 percent was not stent for the central district and more xhvn to the city this ordinance amended the planning codes for the mid block alley are applicable in all the aforementioned additionally this may occur on middle-income alley and centralize will be amended so some projects with street or alley frontages are currently the case in the following 3 go things shown in orange are the areas
4:07 am
where the middle-income alley controls apply in blue the additional location for the allocations this graphic is the cemetery running north-south and fulsome nct jefferson east west this map the additional areas where the middle-income that the western nct returning east west and the general northbound finally this map shows other areas the middle-income involves controls with the urban and the mixed use in the southeast parts of city the second part of the amendment is lou gehrig's disease for flexibility to be clear the flexibility is not carolyn's permitted and requires a venue review with the section 309 as written the planning code 0 policies for this is not only adequate for the equipment or allow for better urban design
4:08 am
and curling have an enclosure - this proves consistent with the buildings overall design and projects any choose to provide a screen without a set back r setback, however, it is reduced by 25 or 50 feet it height can - screened and the height of many mechanic features 50 feet or more providing for flexibility allowing third street the height of 20 feet up to one hundred rather than 75 percent and the flexibility is not californian permitted and requires the planning commission for the project and large project authorization that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> public comment thank you for your presentation. >> open up for public comment at this time just as a reminder everyone has
4:09 am
two manipulates a 30-second chime indicating soft chime you have thirty sections remaining public comment is up seeing none, public comment is closed a motion on that item. >> supervisor wiener do you have a motion thank you. the motion to forward workers' compensation and without objection that motion carries. >> mr. clerk i'd like to call items two and three together. >> the resolution for the intention the board to order the vacation of portion of jessie street with the ocean wide in 3 of the ordinances to establish the denounced neighborhoods with the street vacationed of alley for a total of $36 million. >> all right. thank you very much someone from the mayor's office to present on this item.
4:10 am
>> mr. buckly. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm jeff from the mayors staff to talk about the 51 street project as long as ocean wide give you a brief update or overview of the project and in addition that give you an opportunity to hear about an interesting aspect of the project which is the urban rum we'll have the project sponsor come up for that 3 to 5 minutes go through the concept and the need and i think you have a array of city staff to take any questions you may have on the amend e item, however, large or going forward i wanted to start off by talking about the project
4:11 am
so 41 street is a mixed use project at the northeast corner of first street and mission for one million square feet of total office space 200 and 64 units, one hundred and 69 room hotel and ground floor retail and pub opted open space to two towers this space received its approval from the planning commission on may 5th who's before you the street vacation of own alley and a portion of jessie street and also in addition to that some of the details of the downtown preservation fund i'll be happy to with you on so the main reason for the legislation before you the vacation of jessie which is necessary in order to build the
4:12 am
administrator tower to the height contemplated in the district plan that was adopted in 2012 the plan is a comprehensive vision for shaping and growth in the southern side of downtown the transit center focuses on regional growth towards downtown san francisco and in a sustainable manner for the sculpting thought you tower and the extra and improvements to the streets and the open space as the parks downtown in order to make that happen it includes the clarification of parcels in the area to increase height limits and including a landmark tower from the transit center from one thousand feet and several other nearby sites with 6 to 8 hundred and 50 feet the plan leverages the intent to
4:13 am
generate revenue for the transportation facilities including the support for the new transit center and downtowns improvements of the sidewalks and other infrastructure to create a public realm so some of the think interesting aspects of this project just so you're aware of that includes some of the one time fees that are generated from the project again this is not the issue about you but important to understand the project in general estimated to generate one and $17 million fees those fees are die construction dot net for an issuance of november 2016 this is about one $.9 million for downtown parks and 2. $9 million for school and childcare millions and
4:14 am
sustainability fee and talk about did affordable housing consultant in addition to the downtown lease but the transit center is 11 want 9 with the transportation street is 3747 so the issue before you is the street and authorization to create the new downtown preservation fund so the i wanted to first talk about with you the purchase for jessie alley so this is the purchase price is $22 million, about 22.6 to be exact providing the closings doesn't occur beyond or before the effective date which will be $33 million plus and in addition to that in
4:15 am
partial consideration the city's agreement to sell the property the buyer will produce the 20 percent inclusionary fees that maybe applicable under the san francisco planning code section to 33 percent affordable housing fee the affordable housing payment as it is known and the city will waiver the portion the downtown program as well for this the fee buyer will pay for the project under the planning code but we've essentially down is create this fund and fees and kept them one a mile radius to the principle project and dictated those for purposes of acquisition and in that one mile area that fund will be in use for no less than 10 years and acquire administrative code by
4:16 am
the mayor's office of community development that is a brief discussion i think the purpose for us being here i want to invite a representative of the project sponsor to come up for about 3 to 5 minutes to discuss the urban room development and how it relates to the street vacation for the context. >> thank you, mr. buckley welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors with reuben, junius & rose representing the project sponsor for the ocean wide center we're going to keep our focus specifically on the items the street vacation component and the ordinances that allows the direction of some of the affordable housing development
4:17 am
impact fees for the community in the big picture the project has approve patterson's within the past month including the planning commission approval on may 5th when the entitlements were approved it includes the 5 thousand square feet of area that is fronting jesz i didn't street and the additional we're here for the recommendation on the vacation component and as i said on the use of required and voluntary affordable housing impact fee payments so quickly i want to mention on the street vacation the fact we're asking to vacate or with the existing streets and mean we'll have access public assess around the project prompt and in reality you think that is the case with respect to jessie street terminates at one street and in
4:18 am
conjunction with the street vacation creating a number of easements that allows the project assess for a pedestrian cross and throughout the site so one of the key reasons this is this the driving the open room a pubically assessable open space that is on first street and the dedicated parts of jessie street within the urn area the second component before you is the creation of downtown neighborhoods preservation fund that allows the project job linkage fee and the 20 percent of affordable housing fee and an additional 13 percent affordable housing to be directed and used within a mile radius of the site more affordable housing purposes so i the now i'm going to turn it over to to my colleague b
4:19 am
that will talk about the visible where the streets radio located our entire team is here and available to answer any questions you may have. >> hello. >> hello, i'm carmen yee for the ocean wide project can we switch so we're talking about the benefit quite a low the project is part of transbay redevelopment we called the transit redevelopment plan the district plan and two towers two hundred and 65 units actually unit one hundred and 69 hotel and one office space that the whole project is about mixed use project so the project at the corner of mission street on the north and
4:20 am
west corner and the basics design concept we tried to bring create a friendly place for the city so to achieve that together with surrounding environment with the transbay center the south tower and alley we tried to implement our project and to keep the passages through jessie street and the alley and create a connection from the mission to jessie to the hotel so inside of the passage is transit development plan we add more and also, we exhaustive jessie center of the middle-income passenger way so the towers are over