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tv   Abatement Appeals Board 51816  SFGTV  May 27, 2016 11:00am-11:36am PDT

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>> good afternoon good afternoon julia atm for external foyers i'm presenting the 2020 strategic plan for the requirement of our charter i presented an overview of the plan at the commission meeting in march poeblt and today, i'm walk you through through the plan again in your packet and talk about the alignment with our current agency and next steps as we shift into implementation. >> so i want to take a moment to look at the purpose of strategic plan in march general manager kelly was the driving force and felt we needed a high-level agency wide road map to prioritize our efforts across the agency not an operating plan
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but a high-level strategic plan and looking at looking at to go align our work with a watering that functions as an organization and an opportunity to you improve to look at best practices nationwide to share information across the departments and approving the efficiency nationally and the mayor this past year required all departments to provide a strategic apparently that works welling well, we embarked on the properties in this request and lastly we want to commend build on the sustainability plan the executive team began this essentially firmly our existing value so as you recall our mission statement to provide our
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customers with high quality and reliable water and services and in a manner that values the environmental interests and our future focus we are an initiative stewardship the volumes are unchanged, however, our core values the bedrock of what we stand for and supporting those are felt it is easy to remember and describe no leads or changes but an important place to start and leading us to closer to our vision with that, i'll jump into the goal areas. >> so this slide lays out the 6 goals we decided to focus on i'll spend a lot of time on the details on each one
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so the first goal around reliability and assess this goal maintaining the service level to our customers and perform our core communications as efficiently and a as possible and apply the asset practices consistent so we can manage the risk or failure and make the decisions in a cooperated and strategic fashion and obviously about make sure the sfpuc can provide for urban certainties as we think about major priorities we don't call out the capital improvement and the water system in the plan those infrastructure projects are under this goal as we upgrade our system the water enterprise is a way in addressing obviously one with the level of goals and obviously forbids the service
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our organization of excellence addresses how to institutionalize and approve the efficiency we want to consistently look at the best practices and areas that are prioritized are health and safety and customer service both core values for the technology to approve effectiveness much of the work is underway with the customers and a strategic plan the technology strategic plan and executive workshops we'll had to increase and approve and expand the health and safety protocols the next is the effective workforce for the sfpuc to have an engagement in a workforce we
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are facing challenges as a significant workforce nears retirement and those objectives focus on suhr the future employees require the skills and experience to continue to provide a high-level of service we want to create stronger pathways in the agency and develop a culture of high performance again, some of the work is underway the workforce division under the leadership of within person has a competent model for clarifications and with our human resources are looking at the employee orientation and working at the employee orientation with commissioner courtney we we'll come back at the end of july the next area is financial sustainability
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the utilities is capital intensify and require ongoing funding of not only operations and maintenance but significant capital investment this area is about backbone the organization and critical for making sure we have financial foundation for each the goals and be able to keep the mission for example, our ability to weather the drought and revenues without reopening the rate is in the financial planning that happened years ago and in the strategic plan that goal focuses on at loernlt financial plan with the costs if this fair and provided more comprehensive methods and the stewardship entrusted to our care- the replacement project is a major endeavor that effects the enterprises the business services that are also look to
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build on the work of asset management to refine the process we're really proud the sfpuc got a bond upgrade from the s&p that was raised to a did you believe a with millions of dollars it is critical as we embark on the multi billion dollars funding of ssip the upcoming rates to prepare for the new rate package is good. >> the next goal the stakeholder and community interest that speaks to the values of services we are seeking proactively for the communities to understand the needs and concerns and implement the changes and also striving to build a stronger relationship with the stakeholders so as we move forward with future rate chang
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allies to understand the needs for investment in this system through our work in the southeast around the improvement program and community facility with the roll from cleanpowersf and end with the neighborhood impacts we are exploring and testing new methods for the community and lastly this goal is improving the internal consumption as we grew up into the strategic plan other major initiated will be implementing new ways of engaging with our employees go such internal surveys and use of share point which is like salesforce and increased subcontractors between the staff this work will help to support our workforce and gave me us with our mission as well our last goal is viral stewardship the stewardship is
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one of the core values that addresses management and adapting to climate change and go pro-active in national resources for the operations through ssip we're investing in new temp for preservation and providing green infrastructure and while sanborn map is not specifically called out in the - will provide customers to be one hundred - all 3 enterprises will continue to address climatic change and last but not least as we move forward we'll be readvancing our sustainability at our last preservation presentation there were questions about the agencies
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priority and the matrix that is in all the packet on the table connects our top priorities across the combridz that enables the priorities that are strategic plans and parenthesisal plans that support our higher level goals we want to commend give a quick several examples to talk about the enterprises priorities and the overall strategic plan and thank commissioners that asked for the exercise we asked for all the enterprises and bureaus to make those connections with the work in the bureau connecting the agencies so the first example is around cleanpowersf the prelims of cleanpowersf is one of the agencies top priorities and a business plan for the implementation you've seen and approved cca as we build
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relationships with supplies and provided venues with on the clean power and make the stewardship goal for the 100 percent green house gas emissions free san francisco with the watermelon and infrastructure with the sewer improvement project is guided by levels of service goals and we will be working towards the reliable service and - through ssip we'll be supporting our stakeholder with interested goals with the outreach to the community as well our viral stewardship to have more improvements in research recovery as well as the green infrastructure programs underway and fenlt in the wastewater in the water system improvement program we'll also allow us to
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have a level of reliability and this is with our service goals around the service reliability and water supply clearly drought management is a priority for our agency and will continue to be in the coming years our water enterprise findings is around the maintenance of our water supply and alternative water sources and commercialism that support our stewardship goal as part of financial sustainability goal we'll be analyzing this to influenced our plan last but not least we must support of efforts a number of objectives in financial sustainability with the excellence and sfrrld and community interest addresses investing in the analysis and demonstrating our effectiveness in public support and capacity rates to sustain sour system again, the nature has a bunch of
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priorities and really a request for the enterprises and bureaus to antiapartheid top priorities and make the connection and part of this conversation is it in strategic process but the higher levels of road maps in the operating plan not specifically identified and called out through cleanpowersf ssip, etc. or the rates campaign. >> so as we look at the next steps we're working with the communication team on developing strategies for sharing this internally and extraordinarily and thinking how - we presented the draft plan at the advisory committee and this summer focused on building the structures to implement the plan and outreaching to and originating new staff members
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responsible for that the action items to support the objective and supporting consulting for the priorities identify two performance indicators and the work plan and put in place to monitor the share quarterly update with the executive team with that, i'll stop and take questions that you may have. >> commissioner. >> i hate to do this in my two hours identify taken office but this issue i'm going to raise you mentioned at the end of july i'm proud to sit here and say if not for you're good work and general manager leadership we wouldn't be where we're at in rigorous and readable and successful apprenticeship
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program but talk about is real workforce program and the needs for the utility the 4 that percent or whatever had are retiring. >> huge conversation and hard for me to gaufrmd i'm concerned about who is engaging this conversation and experts and community input we're getting if we're going to get this is thirty thousand feet it is great product but something that is a sign off by the end of july i'd like to have stakeholder and people like somebody now running i think that dj i want to meet with folks that understand the language and how important it is you know, i i get it the track retain bias but the development piece that burn all of us those careers especially in the public
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sector those careers last for decades and when you just kind of convert that into a monetary value we're talking about an incredible amount of money sounds like i'm being an aggressive advocate with respect to our part actually our part is coming up done really well, you have to recognize the design the mayor's prelims of the fix it program last week, i think he rent-controlled housing that out something we should pay attention and that's the need the city has to the citizens that were today to make sure we're working with one another and i don't see that cross the line not relationships with public works and rec and park rec and park have this beat system like their frigging bible
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it ties their hands i'll give them this credit when it comes to apprenticeship you look at the strategic plan they at least have a commitment to closer that and planning to engage a long heavy road harlan you know about the contracts one line item is about making sure there that's our bad do union saying you know don't use this and do this and that but i guess that's the problem but there's two pieces julia i want to participate fully engage in this is substantive number one and physique we have a quorum and obviously number 3 and processes that go into that because if you bring in 200 folks under the
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guise of some programming the question how many are we will id and who will make that determination right now we either dedicate and not ongoing the mechanisms or assigns those folks to come back and i feel for them sometimes some of them are really good but signed up for a career in a particular trade whether electrical or plumbing or labor and all of a sudden their assigned this workforce piece this social piece you will; right? and then you either embrace that and execute or don't and too many times it is not embraced by current staff so there are mechanisms that we can consider in a collective bargaining agreement i know that tommy has good relationships with the
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stationary engineers but mechanisms where those folks what volunteer and be identified as a smell to mentor those population of individuals and that's from the public segment side before we get into the tip off i want to let you you know uniform available and really, really, really for or important for me the great work we're the leaders; right? rec and park with the apt and mta they have to follow suit in the presidential election one 0 hand is a burden and on the other hand, for all of us to succeed and do right by the workforce. >> thank you. >> a couple of things i would want to add in the workforce it is definitely complicated i mean, you have city forces,
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contractor, you have workforce and you know trying to work with the trade unions and just the professional staff which you know for us we're also very concerned about so to try to put this together and look at it opportunity for a chain analysis you look at everything we touch in the jobs so we're taking a deeper dive so as we do that labor information and a lot of opportunities to make a difference as we look at workforce because we're spending - we'll spend $7 billion we'll spend a lot on jobs and opportunities. >> thanks harlan. >> like i said your leadership and ellis and tommy too it is great work up here the questions are we're going to close ourselves to a greater burden and you know my ask another that
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at this point in time to be fully involved and engaged there are folks we know that are doing this work that i think should be involved ♪ conversation if we attempted to have like i said hard to put words in a box those words have pages and pages of matt haney; right? so i'd like to meet with young developers and ralph do have and those folks and we're targeting a particular community and other folks because it is not rights to include the other populations in san francisco and how do we do that so thanks harlan >> we'll definitely engage i appreciate your feedback everything behind the word on all the page it is so complicated and a shout out to
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the general managers and head of h.r. andlipid and others and i did that. >> i know you did that i see tommy in the back and kathy and steve richie i'm forgetting people barbara hale i said. >> barbara hale. >> i would all the cloufz have engaged around this issue and have been talking about this opportunity stand point and talking with the utilities companies as an opportunity to really on the construction side and the permanent job site. >> and my understanding is this is i mean this is thirty thousand feet; right? i'll imagine there needs to be a work plan and a set of tests my hope the champions have been identified and the agency wide opportunities and programs the
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devil is in the details; right? so working groups will convene around every single goal and executive team members and folks that will be part of this you're completely right the next step is a originating people on the committee because people actively worked on this and go with that group around the indicators and coming up with a work plan that had been for each of them this is what you can expect and who we partner that. >> through the chair. >> my goal to make sure whatever we without the possibility of parole with we tell the other departments this is right; right? why as government would we have the same conversations ero and over and over again about the consistent workforce in the very
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exact clarification performing the exact same task so it is like on one hand you know this is what we do this is our burden but a lot of things to get it right you change lives >> okay other comments is there a motion to approve the strategic plan. >> so moved madam chair. >> any public comment on this item? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries thank you ma'am, eirs next item, please. >> item 12 approval the selection of award contract number - and authorize a cpmc amount up to $244 million plus i'd like to note that the contract amount was changing from from what was overflow room
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in your packet there was a contribution of the contract amount and the correct amount is what you have new copies provided for the public at 200 and $44 million plus. >> great. >> good afternoon, commissioners the purpose of a new headwork facility to build a headwork facility at the southeast plant for grit removal and sure the operational reliability and seismic reliability on july 14, 2015, the commission authorized the general manager to be issue a request for qualifications and subsequent for the cpmc methodologies the r f q was advertised in 2015 and requalification packages were received on october 13th
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from pc l construction, simon with the construction and sun with wavls sfpuc prequalified them and permitted them to synonym proposals we alleviated the proposals on miracle 25 of this year and conducted oral interviews this year based on the results of the cost proposals and community proposals and interviews the sfpuc staff recommend watching and joint venture loose the contract is for 200 and $44 million plus we are asking the commission to authorize
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$3 million plus for preconstruction services we will return to the commission upon completion of the environmental review for the authorization to approve the construction. >> thank you. >> is there a motion to approve. >> so moved. >> second. >> any comments on this item public comment. >> corin. >> i have made comments about the this form of contract that is something relatively new to the city and ultimately total puc identify spent a lot of time talk to puc staff and others about the challenges of doing this kind of contract and i'm convinced of the merits of doing this contract, however,
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it has it presents particular issues as well i grew up in the era of design bid build contracting and that feels good because you have a public process where ever we can stage of the crack an analysis by the staff for action impacts and of him implications that gives us a very public process and give us the feeling of oversight and control i say feeling that oversight and control is real so the benefit, however, it is public you get a see a lot of the bidding process and one of the aspects of this kind contracts less we didn't know who the contractors are and i think that makes the
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process and the integrity of the process subject to both reporting and auditing this is something the staff had conversations with the controller's office as well but i can't emphasis the importance of making sure this precedes in a way that that is every bit as transplant as other forms of contract and that if parties or rate payers or contractors feel the process is making that known and if there are any concerns that we have about some of the product of contracting process in terms of fairness or financial efficiency that we have a chance to address those so the staff develops is reporting processes i will be
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looking at those closely to make sure that process is met there was a memo back in march that explained why this contracting was appropriate this particular bit of work i think that was a convincing memo i think that should be needs to be part of public record i don't remember a couple of the concerns but it should be and that ever point we're making decisions that effect the public value of contract and the public interest in the contract those decisions are made clear and justified as well so between auditing and reporting i think we have a high standard to meet we have a great history in our audit program with the capital plan it is open and executive we have a good record and that kind
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of contract presents challenged so i have no problem with that but want to take the opportunity to say that about transparency. >> we hear our message and agree every bid package will be pubically bid and make sure we have at least 3 bids and also be cpmc will work with us to establish the goals for those. >> good. >> the other thing because you know dpw in the dpw but public works mta is doing a lot so we are working with the other departments to kind of see those so we'd like to go probably bring those as other projects are you know using the same delivery method. >> i was pleased to see that
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the controllers all of questions they want to look at are identified all the agencies as far as i'm concerned, so this is something i think we have our eyes open. >> and then the last thing i want to point out for your information my maybe eileen, speak to is one of tt admin cod more complex and you know cpmc. >> let's not talk about that now (laughter). >> you know we're you know pushing it out there and using more delivery methods and traditionally methods. >> thank you. >> other comments on this
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item? >> public comment? >> yeah. my name is silvia johnson. on this issue i will put emergency response and disadvantage control and management assisted with the areas what major procedures do in for you know mainly terrorists emergency and more border history and sensitive works in management and other process pours poufr /* /- power
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controls and murphy tax for safety for our children and that more processes as we proclaim we'll know how building in the infrastructure and if different areas that we can have all maps in public and sickness and this is really serious matter and thanks for - >> thank you in favor of approving item 2012. >> opposed? that motion carries. >> next speaker, please. >> approve the terms and conditions between bayview plaza and, llc and the city and county of san francisco at at initial rate of thirty thousand plus per
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month. >> second. >> public comment? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> that motion carries thank you, mr. carolyn. >> next speaker, please. >> item 14 authorizes the second amendment to the memorandum of understanding between the public utilities commission and alameda county district for an amount of invited $3 million plus. >> move it. >> second. >> public comment? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you mr. richie that motion carries. >> next speaker, please. >> 15 and 16 together please. the second stepgz 24/7 the city and county of san francisco and this turlock irrigation and item 61 approval the second extension the witness the city and county of san francisco and the modesto irrigation district. >> i'll move both