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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  June 13, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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information will be kept confidential. all right. so i'm ready to entertain a motion that we accept the item as described. >> so moved. >> second. >> it's been properly moved and seconded that we accept the action item as described in item 7 regarding the employee engagement survey and it's confidentiality with a summary of responses to be provided in open session to this board at a subsequent date. is there any question by members of the board? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are ready to vote. the all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? passes unanimously. item 8. >>clerk: item 8. action item. consider
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signing on to the campaign for sustainable drug pricing. director dodd. >> i didn't get the handout in my campaign. did this get added? there is a resolution but also a campaign? >> i didn't see that. as i tried to click on the link to get a copy of the resolution, it didn't pop-up. it would send me back to the site map and i didn't want to do that. so i just ask that we fix that if we can. >> thank you. claire slavssky, she corrected it. >> good. >> so, i was alerted to this by the pacific business group on how there is a national coalition to
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educate the public and physicians and others about the importance of drug pricing. i was again advised by our council that this board can't take positions on things organizations are doing that are lobbying. that that's the domain of the board of supervisors so we are essentially supporting their efforts and they are being done through a 501c 3 the national organization on healthcare that doesn't lobby for the campaign against drug pricing. this is supported by the international coalition on healthcare to work fore drug pricing and ask the board of supervisors to pass
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assimilation and share it with the state c sac. >> the state association of counties. >> yes. the state association of counties to begin continue to build a momentum on drug pricing which is estimated by 2020 we'll make-up 50% of our medical spend. >> are there any comments or questions about the resolution from board members? >> you are signing onto a campaign? >> no, we are stating our support of the international healthcare coalitions educational effort and we are urging the board of supervisors to sign on to the actual campaign for the sustainable drug pricing. >> we have to clarify that. it sounds as if we are signing onto the campaign an that is not what we are
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doing. we are encouraging the board of supervisors to engage in this. >> we changed the resolution, but we didn't change the agenda. >> right, it needs to be consistent. >> i apologize for that. >> all right. any other questions? >> yes, i have to plead some ignorance because i didn't go in and look at the campaign to see who is made up of and who is sponsoring and where they get their funding. do you have a summary? >> i can tell you many large employers and kaiser is sponsoring. it cost $25,000 to be part of the campaign. so that pays for their lobbying efforts. it doesn't cost $25,000 to be part of the national coalition on healthcare which doesn't lobby. we are supporting the international coalition on healthcare that doesn't lobby. i imagine if the board of
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supervisors sign up, they will be part of the campaign. >> all right. any other questions? i'm ready to entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> the wording will be adjusted in the agenda. is there a second? >> second. >> it's been properly moved and second that we endorse the resolution as printed. any other questions from members of the board? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are now ready to vote. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? passes unanimously. all right. we are now down to action item no. 9. i will turn the chair over to the chair of the governance committee and past president of this board for that item. >> thank you. item 9.
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action item. election of health service board officers, president and vice-president for fiscal year 2016-2017. >> the nominees for president would be commissioner scott and vice-president would be commissioner lim. he's not here, but i'm assuming he would want this position. nobody has heard to the different, right? so these are the nominations. anybody have any questions or anything? >> so do we? >> you don't have to second it. this is not a situation where we are asking for a nomination by the board. >> you need to vote on it. >> we have two candidates
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for one position? >> one is for president and vice-president. we are doing both of them together. >> okay. great. >> so i have to say >> thank you. i was suggesting that they are running as a slate together. [ laughter ] >> so, i think president scott has been doing quite a good job. with the exception of the rate relativity stance he took. [ laughter ] i will give everybody one mistake. [ laughter ] >> be prepared if it comes back. >> i understand. so anyway, all those in favor of this
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slate for commissioner scott and commissioner slate for vice-president. is there any public comment on this? all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? >> it passes unanimously. thank you commissioner breslin for presiding over that portion of the meeting. as i indicated if i were reelected to this office that we would spend one of the fall meetings as an educational forum meeting. so i'm putting us on record that we will probably do that whether it's the november meeting as we did last year. we'll work with director dodd and her staff to do that. it would be profoundly helpful if any of the commissioners have specific topics that they want to explore during this forum to please submit
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those either to my attention or to director dodd to again put together the agenda for that meeting. some of those will take preparations by our health plan partners or others to provide information or background if you will on some of these topics. as soon as we can clearly identify them. we can do it all, i will remind everybody, but it should be those things that are going to be near term or longer term issues that we may want to get background on and better understanding in more detail of understanding. so we will plan to style one of our meetings this fall to do that. i also wanted to take this moment of personal privilege to thank the commissioners for working so diligently in the committee work during the course of the year in attending these meetings. i'm going to put a ban in
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month of june. i strongly encourage people to look at the other times of the year as we get near the rates and benefits process because we do need to have everybody here to hear the result of this work. so, hopefully that could be and we can attend to that. i know that vacations for both of these members were long planned before this time. lastly, i would like to thank a lot of the advising council that i have received from a variety of sources as i have tried to preside at these meetings and prepare for them. i put at the top of the slate director dodd and also our actuary as well as my active council eric rap port. i have gotten counsel from my predecessor, some of which i
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have welcomed and some of which i have completely ignored. i plan to follow that same charter in the coming year. again, thanks for all the work that you have done and i have very much appreciated working with each and everyone of you. we'll now move to action item 10. yes. oh, i will certainly defer to her. will you please identify yourself? >> herbert weiner. retiree. i would just like to make a friendly suggestion to the board. one of the topics should be "how to be your own advocate". like for instance sometimes certain medical test aren't provided for people and it can have a fatal result. i know a personal incidence of that. how to advocate, how to actually understand even though the diseases you may have, questions to ask the doctor. i think this should be
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interesting and i think this should be an on going aspect of the health fare. so people can real use this assistance to their advantage to get maximum medical care and especially important if you are retired. >> thank you very much for that suggestion. >> no others. we'll move to action item 10. >> >>clerk: action item 10. vote on whether to cancel july 2016 health services board meeting. >> we have in the past canceled this meeting because board of supervisors is on vacation. we will be meeting. the board of supervisors isn't on vacation. they are doing the budget. >> i move we cancel the july meeting. >> is there a second .
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>> second. >> universally second. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? unanimous. >> okay. discussion item 11. >>clerk: report on network and health plan issues if any. presenter: good afternoon, cindy, from kaiser permanente. i wanted to give you a two 1/2 years notice for us to give you the amount of time for this concept. this was announced a year ago. i will give you more information. kaiser permanente will be opening it's own medical school in 2019. it will be located in pasadena. it will start with roughly 50 physician candidates.
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and essentially it's really expanding our current foot print to the first year of the medical school. we already really do a significant amount of years two, three and four. we are adding the first year. any questions? >> well, the only comment i would add. we know the primary care physician pool in this country is drastically low and the demand is increasing given the expansion of the accountable care act. you are commended to taking that forward in a step in that area. >> i appreciate that. i will pass that along. >> in terms of value of medical care, but the medical school is being perceived in a format that will encourage primary care development or because, you know, because
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of the obvious concern, no offense to any specialty, [ laughter ] those specialist that clock in at 9:00 and leave at 5:00. >> i know of none of those. the mission of it is to provide a different focus and approach to those physicians in their early stages of education, and to inspire a different way of thinking about how to deliver care in an integrated model holistic approach that we hope will inspire more primary care physicians. its mission is not to just funnel physicians for our own. it's all about spreading this perspective throughout the country, and
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the deficit in primary care physicians is at the top of mind for this. did that answer your question? >> yes. i just want to remind kaiser that there are many many physicians and nurse practitioners and nurses throughout kaiser currently throughout the areas who do teach, and it might be that an important impact would be to enhance the activities of their own teaching and give them some credit for their teaching so that it is not just add to their burden of work, but actually because you know, i had medical students throughout my career at kaiser permanente and frankly it just added to my. there is no acknowledgment from the organization in terms of work load or anything. >> great. thank you. >> thank you very much for informing us and please plan on updating us on the progress on this activity.
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are there any other health plan or network issues? public comment? public speaker: i have a public comment. i really commend kaiser permanente for doing this. i have one request, that is that kaiser permanente open another school and they do it in the rural areas because those areas are really under served in the state. if you live in the central valley, i think you are at the mercy of physicians here in the city. it's a question of getting to them. the transportation aspect. sometimes the medical care in the rural areas isn't exactly the best. so, i think there is a real demand for primary care in the rural areas. and i would like to commend kaiser permanente of the attempt to switch medical plans but i won't go
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that far. >> thank you very much. >> may i just comment really quick? >> yes. >> it's interesting to know that kaiser has had a medical office present in stockton for some time and in fresno. so when you think about the valley, but that they are and correct me if i am wrong, they going to co- oenown dignity. they are working with dignity to straighten out the hospital which otherwise would close. of all the hospital chains, kaiser is i think taking your advice to heart. in terms of being proper in rural areas, the california office of managed care, governance how long people have to drive in order to call yourself a managed care organization. we talked about this yesterday at the
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customer advisory group of kaiser. and because of telemedicine and because of so many things, those regulations really need to be looked at. it might be something that we ask our state elected officials to ease up on to provide access to integrative healthcare because it is hit and miss when you are in a rural area. very good point. >> thank you. any other public comment? public speaker: thank you, claire von'sky. when they look at driving, they look at how many members they might have in an area to determine that. but, i strongly support that because of our twaul me mess because i'm concerned about stockton because they don't reach fresno. but stockton and if kaiser
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has presence in those areas, it helps members who are in tul me that -- help with that. we have been working with the retirees. i have been getting a number of complaints from our members with regard to medicare services for our retirees who are blue shield members. i have been working with mitchell and with staff on these issues. they are unresolved at the time but in lieu of the june 21st meeting coming up and seeing the rates that are coming down from blue shield, we really need to be concerned about what's going on in their rating of i think they are over rating. they continue i believe to over rate through their underwriters. they over rate their premiums and the risk coming down from cms and i think we really need to work hard on those rates and also the service
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delivery because i think they have miss coded some members and i don't know if they are wrong in premiums but they are being wronged with balance bill and harassed by the blue shield system that are refusing to affect the fact that our members are in fact hmo members and shouldn't be harassed over these bills and really deserve a better level of service from blue shield. they have an obligation to provide medicare services. we have a history on that where they have tried to get out of that and keep the cob plan for years. they are required to provide the medicare advantage. if we establish more competition because there is a different playing field, i think blue shield will be forced to take a look at different rates. this is a very important
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issue particularly for medicare retirees. i would like to thank the hss staff who work on behalf of retirees who are really struggling with this issue. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. >> commissioner? >> is anyone here from united healthcare? >> no. >> i had a person who had a problem with the plan. >> all right. are there any other comments from network representatives? if not we go to discussion item 12. >> item 12, discussion item. opportunities to place items on future agendas? >> i'm concerned about nutrition counseling because it came up at the last meeting that blue
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shield doesn't have nutrition counseling unless you are diabetic. that is not correct. you can actually get nutrition counseling for other things than being diabetic. i thought that was good news. the only thing you have to cover now are the ones that are not involved, i think it's important we demand nutrition counseling be included in these benefits. we are paying a lot of money out for wellness and they don't even have nutrition counseling. so united healthcare doesn't have any at all from what i can see. i checked on 3 places with them and they don't cover it unless you are diabetic. the idea is to stop this before it starts. so, i mean there are so many list of things that could be helped with diet, and so many people are
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unaware of what to eat today. what the right thing to eat is a real thing. i think this should be added onto our next month's agenda or is there someway that this needs to be included in our benefits for next year. >> i think it should be included in our planned design change and next year. >> it shouldn't really cost more when you consider the cost of obesity and consider the cost of cancer. >> blood pressure and so forth. >> on and on. so it shouldn't be an extra cost. >> all right. thank you. we will add that to our listing going forward for our benefits discussion next year. next month, we don't have a meeting next month. >> so they go all year without nutrition counseling again? >> we can make clear in our open enrollment materials which of the vendors have nutrition counseling and then next year, this board
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can say, add to the plan design. when you open the book or open the web page and it list all the different services, we can expressly say we want nutrition counseling. >> it's so important that it should be there now. you might be able to suggest they put it in our benefits at no extra cost. >> if you were prediabetic, it would be nice to go all the way diabetic. >> well, i will ask the director to take their advisement what we can do in this year's benefit cycle with our vendors and certainly do whatever we can in terms of publicizing the result of that. all right? okay, is there any other public comment on item 12? seeing none, we'll move to item 13. >> item 13.
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discussion item. opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within the board's jurisdiction. >> is there any public comment, seeing no public comment, this meeting stands adjourned until august. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address
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wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez
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deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to
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continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www.
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>> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, happy monday to you this meeting is call to order this is the regular meeting of land use and transportation i'm supervisor cowen chair of this committee to my right is supervisor wiener the vice chair and to my left is commissioner renne's our clerk is andrea ashbury and thank you phil jackson and jesse larson for broadcasting this meeting madam clerk, any announcements? electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the june 14, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> >> item one an ordinances the administrative code for registering for persons with
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aids program. >> supervisor wiener is the author of this item. >> thank you, very much. madam chair this legislation will close a pretty glaring and troubling will that in our city's rent ordinance one that denies full rent control protection to a population of long term hiv survivors low income hiv survivors who do in the receive rent control in connection with the federal subsidy as many of you may know be locking people living with hiv aids are some of the most vulnerable residents several hundred operate in the housing opportunities for persons with
12:32 am
aids. >> substance program for low income with hiv those are frequently long term survivors and frequently seniors those are people who have gone to hell and back as part of hiv aids epidemic and deserve our support they need housing security and can't afford a dramatic increases in the rent doing everything we can to protect those residents and assure they remain stable in their housing and community currently within our rental ordinance any recipient of a induce is excluded in the protection that exists for other recipients of federal vouchers this means that two nibdz in a regulated building one that receives a subsidy and one that receives a section 8 subsidy has
12:33 am
different protections under the rental ordinance where the hopping pa recipient getting fewer restricts max no sense people living with hiv aids need housing and rent control and it is unclear why this exception was included in the ordinance back in the day when it was adopted as federal law did not in any way require the loophole exists when we learned about this will that loophole none recently why it is there regardless we know about that and have it within our power to limit 24 loophole spending rent control to hopping pa recipients hopping pa a based on the difference of the lower of the established rent of the
12:34 am
reasonable rent of the unit and thirty percent of the tonight's in case the rent of a studio is $1,500 a month and thirty percent of the attendants income is one though dloors dollars the difference however, that same tenant seize there are 15 hundred rent increased to 2000 thousands the hopping pa didn't cover that above the ceiling the tenant is responsible for the $500 tha that can push people out of the hours through probation officer ordinance that will not be included that ordinance will close that loophole we've made the effective date of the legislation may 17, 2016, which is a day we introduced the
12:35 am
legislation wanted to make sure there was there was not a small window of time for landlords to learn about that and take advantage of that i want to thank sxheepdz for waving the thirty day rule open this to allow you to expedite the passage and the chair more quickly and expeditiously calendaring the item i also want to thank my co-sponsors supervisor campos, supervisor president london breed and i believe that particular you added your name if i'm not mistaken so add supervisor cowen as a co-sponsor and the aids panel for its advocacy on this issue as well as the san francisco apartment association which supports the legislation as well colleagues, we have an opportunity to take a step forward and protecting some of our month vulnerable residents
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and making sure we close the loophole i ask for your support. >> thank you, supervisor wiener would it be all right to go to public comment i'll note the mayor's office of housing is here to answer any questions. >> i have 3 speaker cards (calling names) if anyone else that wants to s.p.c.a. after the 3 speakers. >> first up jamie and next will be bill and others. >> my name is jamie. >> staff attorney with the eyes referral pageant and speaking in support of the proposed amendment for the last ten years i've safety clients living in hiv and aids for in their housing i i have to tell you when folks are at the point ever seeking an attorney they're scared and many
12:37 am
of my clients are con fronting a reality they didn't contemplate as surviving of the aging we all know for people knowledge with hiv and aids the ability to maintain their health a only possible to have long term access to stable and affordable housing and at the same time this population is facing immeasurable gallows in remaining much housing loma prieta like programs like the hopping pa address the hiv positive tenants with the stability they need to stay healthy the unprecedented surgery in the rental market is facing decided and supervisor wiener said the protection for the hopping pa are unequal to other subtracted tenants imagine being told you receive a funding source that there is no legal
12:38 am
protection against massive rental increases your neighbor has a section 8 can fight those increases but you can't and you're only choices are only to stay in your housing and with your subsidy or move without your subsidy and facing new housing the language that supervisor wiener amendment targets is just a few words but those having a life-saving program in the hopping pa program. >> thank you. next speaker. is bill. >> good afternoon, supervisors thank you, supervisor wiener for your leadership on this issue the aids referral support this moiftsd amendment that creates legals protections for assisted tenants living with hiv and aids as it stands the ordinance makes a distinction been low income tenants with rental assistance with the federal section 8 and
12:39 am
those federal assistance through the hopping pa program while neither class of tenants enjoys the protection under the ordinance section 8 assisted tenants are afforded protections under some circumstances pursue hopping pa assisted tenants are completely exempt from protections under all circumstances supervisor wieners proposed amendment will get rid of of this ini ill logical thing so they can maintain theory health an having stable housing an amount 2kr0r79 to this that forced them out of their homes thank you. >> thank you. next speaker is just for the record. >> good afternoon. i'm a housing rights i'm just for the record thank you for considering this for rent protection for
12:40 am
hopping pa understanding i 100 percent support it and it may not be too light the two late i may try to help i'm a transgender woman and building in the stabilize and acknowledge any sisters have history and aids being homeless is no fun and homeless can be deadly but especially for people with commodity immune i'm glad this is considered only applies to current tenants those are are gentrified are out of luck it is a silence equal that equals jurisdiction and equals death and homelessness equals death and criminalization equals a death that message is relevant as in the 80s having said that, i one hundred support this legislation as i meet the sponsors so they can paint wash
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to gentrify and general fizzing the poor and shell for the sfpd and these things are bad for people with hiv and aids and the lgbt community supervisor wiener you've only card about those who line our pockets with the dirty money now doing something nice too little too late for the did not movement we stand in solidarity and see right through you go back to new jersey. >> wow, that was incredibly mean and unprofessional. >> good afternoon. i'm charles i am with the apartment association we're asking for you to support this legislation to not mississippi make mementos and with a positive recommendation we firmly believe that make sense and appreciate
12:42 am
your support with the outreach to supervisor wiener's office. >> any public comment on number number one seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time and thank you colleagues, any discussion if not and guess entertain and motion. >> thank you, madam chair and thank you, colleagues for hearing this i move we forward to the full board with a positive recommendation motion made that motion carries unanimously madam clerk item 2. >> the property open a parcel two known and a as admission park. >> we have from the supervisor kim's office and presenting on this item. >> thank you chair cohen and land use committee i'm april i will have very, very brief
12:43 am
comments today as to what is before you but that is formal acceptance to accept mission bay park as many of you may know a new and emerging neighborhood a former redevelopment area with many, many new families and children and many of the families have been anxious to have this park opened this is an important step in that process to have the city accept the park on behalf of ocii and mission street mission bay park it is also be a unique park for totes to school-aged children i just want to thank supervisor president london breed who is waved the regular thirty days and knowingly for switzerland this is a committee report so we could have the ordinance passed and so that the park can open
12:44 am
i also, we do have one amendment to the legislation that i believe supervisor peskin will move and that is to make the operative date july 1st when this park will open i believe that dpw is here if any other questions from the committee thank you. >> supervisor peskin. >> oh, supervisor wiener. >> yes. just a question to i guess the supervisor kim's officer who is going to be operating 24 as a park but my understanding not a rec and park who is going to be managing and running this. >> yes. barbara from dpw in the mission bay redevelopment area from the redevelopment area that will be maintained and managed by the mission bay park because i believe that it is go
12:45 am
m j m will be managing the park. >> good afternoon barbara from public works at the m j m under contract to ocii and the management parks through a funding mechanism that will help those parks stay alive and vigorous. >> why is not rec and park involved here. >> this is been the way they've been managed for at last 15 years it was a redevelopment ear and to be managed by the agency it is up for discussion ocii vufrn will be dissolved. >> okay i know there is concern has been expressed to me and this is i've
12:46 am
never received a briefing on this and needed to have every item on the agenda i know that there is some concerns i think rec and park learned about this or they starting to be briefed like last week and my understanding m j m is terrific and it is we have a rec and park department and everyone assumes all of our parks are under in their jurisdiction but parks not under their jurisdiction i think that brings some challenges along with that. >> it as solid polarizing discussion that should be continued. >> agreed? >> okay. i'll, curious to know what the authors i don't want to put you on the spot. >> staff from ocii is here if
12:47 am
they want to address that. >> just because there is several former redevelopment areas and current ocii areas in our district most of the park activities within those areas are managed through m j m or some similar i think actually m j m the one off the top of my head is the yerba buena gardens a similar structure as well as the coming transbay park in the transbay area and all of the parks within mission bay of which there are several also have the similar structure where ocii continues to hold the park while the management company m j m manages and maintains it.
12:48 am
>> supervisor mark with ocii i don't know all the legislation process but the way that ocii and mission bay has their parks they have appendixes has a lease with the city and the department of real estate and from that they hire m j m to manage all the parks and ocii is still responsible for the park area i know there is discussions at a higher level with any deputy director has been talking about with people. >> whenever he get an express of questions from rec and park how properties will be managed i think there are briefed and i just a little bit confused with the city family is not
12:49 am
necessarily i hate that phrase but for reference not on the same page i don't i've i'm a little bit confused by that. >> i don't expect you to answer. >> there have been discussions but discussions with rec and park and they've been talking with the director my director about the future. >> okay. >> i'm sorry i don't have more. >> this is a committee report. >> yes. >> is there something magic will tomorrow as opposed to to the efficiently or. >> we can open up for public comment i think corin wants to speak. >> i do have an amendment it is a very similar amendment on page 5 that speaks to the length
12:50 am
of time it is actually taken to open that facility i'm proposing on behalf of the chief sponsor supervisor kim to add a section 5 that with read the action so forth in the ordinance and section 3 with the acceptance of p-6 and ocii maintenance should be open active as july 1st but that speaks to the fact this has taken quite a bit and the subject of many details i actually asked a similar question that supervisor wiener is asking of dpw staff that's why this is not entitled up to rec and park and i maybe coming at 2 from a slightly different reason he actually think that going forward as we create those new parks in expanding the areas the city they should be parks under the jurisdiction of rec and park which is subject to the voter
12:51 am
approved mandate proposition k with shadow impacts i'm interested in over the long term having a policy discussions about transferring this to the rec and park department but given the evolution of mission bay given the fact that there are many people that have been parkinson's waiting for this dpw is still in the process of accepting streets around that park that have to not think pubically accepted the scheme proposed by the staff ocii and dpw is one that i'm prepared to move forward that didn't in any way preinclude us from working with rec and park and ocii and dpw to add a transfer to rec and park although i have to say i know there many residents that
12:52 am
are worried about rec and park ability to properly manage the facility and given their funding and other constraints with that section i'd like to move the amendment and respectfully accepted this forward as a committee report to get this park open for people moving into many part of town. >> did you read into - and i read it was that simple. >> thank you for those comments which seem very reasonable and appropriated to make i appreciate that clarification. >> all right. thank you supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin let's go forward and open up for public comment at this time if you like to come up i have one card from corinne woods join us
12:53 am
for 2 minutes at the podium. >> good afternoon chair cohen and supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin my name is corinne woods i chair the corinne woods chair of the san francisco redevelopment agency's mission bay citizens advisory committee and have been working very hard for a 4r07b9 with the community to get this park open and want to thank supervisor kim's office and the ocii staff and barbara mirrors infrastructure task force for pulling this altogether nothing in mission bay is simple there are 17 agencies that have to sign off on everything it is extremely frustrating as is every acceptance in anybody to watch hundreds of children looking at park from the outdoor i really appreciate your waving the waiting period on this and i
12:54 am
don't quite understand supervisor peskin amendment does that mean 2 will wave the thirty day after enaction time and open by i up by the end of july i'm having a party you're invited we've planted it waiting to get the park open on a larger issue of park management the community has some definite opinion about the future and very much like to speak to you all or any that are interested in hearing how we feel about this transition thank you. >> if i could ask thank you for your advocacy and incredible work in mission bay is there any
12:55 am
supervisor peskin reverend brown a concern about whether rec and park has the resources to care for the parks has that been a discussion about who is ultimately managing. >> there's been a significant discussion where we've been working with ocii for a couple of years the communities facilities district that funds the mission bay park is the money actively is controlled by office of citizen complaints has to defervesced itself by the order of state department of finance we're hoping that we can workout something like the yerba buena gardens is not going to go to reply workplace r rec and park we don't want the money entering 34igd and putting together a nonprofit that has community stakeholder involvement in the
12:56 am
management of the parks we're happy with the m j m management they do an excellent job with the janitorial security and park maintenance in general and we want to be sure this doesn't get - become an ugly sanborn map child mission bay has a very vetted interest to insure that works well, after ocii goes away the community is very engaged and would be happy to speak you to about that. >> thank you, ms. woods. >> any other members that want to speak on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time thank you >> all right. supervisor wiener >> i spoke from before. >> thank you to supervisor kim's office for bringing this
12:57 am
before us to the corin thank you for being an advocate on this item colleagues a motion agenda ed. >> ultimately move the amendment. >> without objection the amendments are accepted thank you. >> and ms. woods it does exactly what you asked. >> and so this item moved as a committee report forward to the full board as amended. >> can i comment first of all, thank you supervisor peskin for answering some of the questions and ms. woods for answering some questions as well obviously this a terrific project and i think i'll support moving forward with a with a positive recommendation i'm glad there are conversations going on long term health manage those parks
12:58 am
relative to what supervisor peskin said about questions whether rec and park has the resources to manage those parks for the other 200 and 20 park properties it manages that is really a statement about how we as a - how this building has starved our park system and really, really frankly even with the copies it passes our rec and park is valve under resources and a sad state of affairs how they'll have the resources to take care of additional parks it is just that shouldn't be are factor we need to make sure our parks have the support they need and that includes expanded parks i know that conversation will continue and obviously is a broader policy discussion around the whole set of parks thanks.
12:59 am
>> all right. thank you very much so madam clerk the motion is made and with a positive recommendation a committee report. >> as recommended by supervisor wiener. >> that's correct without objection thank you. >> any other items before us. >> >> there's no further business. >> thank you this meeting is adjourned
1:00 am
>>[gavel] >> president breed: good afternoon and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of june 7 3016. today is election day and the polls will be open until 8 pm. in your neighborhoods as well as 8 pm at city hall. mdm. clerk, please call the roll >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor avalos:, here. >> president breed:, here. >> supervisor campos:, here. >>[adjournment], here. >> supervisor farrell:, here. >> supervisor kim: pier, here.
1:01 am
>> supervisor mar:, here. >> supervisor peskin:, here. >> clerk: >> supervisor tang:, present. >> supervisor wiener:, present. >> supervisor yee:, present. >> clerk: you have a quorum all members are present >> president breed: please join us in the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> president breed: all right. mdm. clerk any communications >> clerk: none to report mdm. pres. >> president breed: any changes to the april 26 or may third 2016 board meeting minutes? seeing none,, is a motion to approve those minutes?
1:02 am
moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection those meeting minutes will pass after public comments. >>[gavel] >> president breed: please lead lead the consent agenda >> clerk: items 1-8 are considered routine. the member objects by the may be removed separately >> president breed: seeing no names on the roster mdm. clerk please call the roll. >> clerk: on item 1-8 >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye >> supervisor tang: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> clerk: there are 11 aye >> president breed: those items are passed on the first reading adopted finally passed an approved. unanimously
1:03 am
>>[gavel] >> president breed: item 9, please >> clerk: item 9 is a ordinance torment the ministry of code to prohibit the use of city funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of federal immigration law, except for individuals who been convicted of a violent or serious felony and held to answer for that violent or serious felony. >> president breed: supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: i just want to again thank everyone work together to come to this agreement. we have that unity as a city as to what our century city policies will be. so, i want to thank most of all [inaudible] for working with us till the very last minute last time. and i want to thank her for her flexibility in helping to move this unity. i also want to thank, of course, free sf the coalition that worked on this legislation with my office and with the sheriffs office. in particular, the agent log copies, sarah-and counselor-. similar organizations to also mention but i think it would be
1:04 am
best to mention-and of course, jeremy pollock in my office to work on this. so, colleagues this is our second meeting and i want to thank you for coming together unanimously to support this united policy we have here in san francisco. >> president breed: thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the what finally passed unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: item number 10 please >> clerk: items in a ordinance to appropriate $207 million of revenue bond proceeds to the municipal transportation agency for transportation projects and women in this we are 2016-2017 >> president breed: same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: item
1:05 am
number 11 >> clerk: item 11 a ordinance to appropriate approximately $60 to the municipal transportation agency consisting of 3 million two total gem contribution and commendation with several other sources. to support planning, design and outreach for the transportation capital for the project in connection with the proposed old and state warriors event center and the mixed-use development in mission bay. the great supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: thank you. i was the only person who voted against the special fund for the warriors arena facilities and i do have to vote against this again. this is actually what comes down to the subsidy for the warriors arena i believe that the warriors should be paying more for the uses of funds to manage transportation and traffic impacts around the arena. so, this is to me a symbol of how places that don't have a lot of development, that don't have a lot of economic activity, lose out in how we make decisions
1:06 am
about where we allocate funds for facilities and transportation projects as well as housing. so, i will be voting against it. i expect that i could be on the short end of the stick, but id to stand up for what i think is a wrong way that we do our budgeting across the city where places in the city that are seen robust development tend to absorb a lot of general fund dollars that could be available for other places that are not seeing back on development. speed that you supervisor avalos. see no other names on the rochester mdm. clerk please call the roll. >> clerk: item 11, >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: nay >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye
1:07 am
>> supervisor tang: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> clerk: there are 10 aye and one nay. the ordinance passed on the first reading >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 12 and ordinance to appropriate approximately $7.69 in surplus revenue designated for the general reserve from the library and to reappropriate as debt service payment in fiscal year 2015-16 >> president breed: seeing no names on the roster mdm. clerk please call the roll >> clerk: on item 12, >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: >> supervisor yee: >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye >> supervisor tang: aye
1:08 am
>> supervisor wiener: aye >> clerk: there are 11 aye >> president breed: the one that passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 13-19 mdm. clerk please call them altogether >> clerk: item 13-19, utilize revenues and multiple reboots two different years so bear with this little reading these items are very dense. item 13 is 81 looks to appropriate a total of 272 million a proceeds from revenue bonds state of california water resources control board involving loan funds or grant funds will revenues and water capacity fees without san francisco public utilities commission or s.f. puc water enterprise capital improvement program for fiscal year 2016-17 at $150 million for fiscal year 2017-18 at $122 million and to reappropriate proximally $84 million for water capital improvement project appropriation $57 million in fiscal year 2016-17 and 27 $2 million-27 nine
1:09 am
dollars and physical your 2017-8 injured in placing two and 21 male dollars of revenue bonds and single funds or grant funds proceeds and $5.3 million water capacity proceeds by project on controllers reserved item 14, and ordinance to appropriate a global proximally $1.2 billion a proceeds from revenue bonds state of california water resource control boards revolving loan funds were grant funds wastewater revenue and capacity fees for the s.f. puc's wastewater enterprise capital improvement program for 2016-17 and 39 $13 million for 2017-18 at $902 million. to reappropriate seven the dollars
1:10 am
and approximately $10.8 million in wastewater revenue bond projects in this we are 2016-17. pleasing $1.1 billion in revenue bond was a loan or grant funds and $14.6 million and capacity fees by project on controllers reserved. item 15, ordinance to appropriate a total of $150 in hetch hetchy revenue. capt. trade revenue and power water revenue bond for the as a pc hetch hetchy capital improvement program to reappropriate 11 point 3 million in power revenue bond fund project in fiscal year 2016-17 and 2p-appropriate 424.2 million and cz loan and revenue fund projects in placing $32.5 million of our bonds and $44.39 of water bonds and $4.2 million of cap and trade revenue on controllers reserved. item 16, and ordinance to authorize the issuance of sales tax exempt or taxable wastewater revenue bonds and other forms of indebtedness by the s.f. puc. in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $1.1 billion to finance the cost of various capital wastewater projects benefiting the wastewater enterprise pursuant >> item 1706 two authorize the
1:11 am
issuance of the sale of tax exempt or taxable water revenue bonds in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $265 million to finance costs of various capital water projects benefiting the water enterprise. item 18, ordinance to authorize the issuance and sale tax exempt or taxable power revenue bonds and forms of indebtedness by the sf puc in the aggregate principal amount amount not to exceed approximately $32.5 million to finance the cost of various capital projects benefiting the power enterprise and authorizing to issue refunding power revenue bonds declaring the official intent of the commission to reimburse itself with one or more issues of tax exempt or taxable bonds and ratifying treaties actions taken and item 19 as a resolution to approve and authorize the conveyance of one
1:12 am
prominent easement to the city of modesto for $35,000 to be paid by dwg mchenry and llc to allow the widening of a portion of mchenry avenue and other improvements for property owned by the city under the jurisdiction of the san francisco public utilities commission. >> president breed: thank you. on those items, colleagues, and we take them same house, same call? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. those ordinance passed unanimously on the first reading and the resolution is adopted. >>[gavel] >> president breed: mdm. clerk please call item 21-26 >> clerk: mdm. pres., item 20 is a standalone item. should i call the one by itself >> president breed: oh, yes thank you >> clerk: item 20 resolution to authorize the sale issuance and execution of one or more series of san francisco municipal transportation revenue bonds in amount not to exceed 207 nine dollars >> clerk: colleagues, same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the resolution was adopted unanimously. >>[gavel]. now please call item 21-26
1:13 am
>> clerk: item 21, a resolution declaring the intent of the city and county of grand to reimburse certain expenditures from proceeds of future embodied indebtedness in amount not to exceed $50 million for 455 s. st. item 22, a resolution to authorize the execution and performance of an option to ground lease in connection with a parcel located at 455 s. st. at no cost to item 13 is a resolution to declare the intent of the city to reimburse certain extent years from proceeds of future bonded indebtedness in amount not to exceed $140 million for 2060 and 2070 fulsome st. item 24 resolution two authorize the execution of forms an option to ground lease a parcel located at 2070 fulsome st. for no cost. item 25 is a resolution in amount not to exceed $249 for 1601 and 1677 mariposa st. 35-497 carolina st., 395 and 420 wisconsin st. and 210 arkansas
1:14 am
street. burn aggregate principal amount not to exceed $240 million and 26, a resolution in amount not to exceed two and $22 million for 909 and 921 howard st. 206-2 25th st. and 414 and thomas st. resolution declaring the intent of the city to reimburse certain expenditures from proceeds of future bonded this indebtedness >> president breed: thank you. supervisor campos >> supervisor campos: just a clarification for the record, i think the clerk said that item --item 13 is that item 23? i just want make a clarification. >> president breed: thank you. are we clear mdm. clerk speak
1:15 am
with >> clerk: yes >> president breed: with that colleagues, can we take these items same house, same call queen? without objection the resolutions are adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: mdm. clerk please call and 27 >> clerk: item 27 a rental resolution to approve a cooperative agreement between the city and state of california department of transportation concerning the design and construction of the 19th ave. combine city project including pedestrian safety transit improvements in utility upgrades along 19th ave. between you the paris hour boulevard and lincoln way >> president breed: same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] read item 28 >> clerk: i didn't item 20 admission code to require the installation and use of telematics vehicle tracking system in all motor vehicles owned or leased by the city and other than the close use for law enforcement and submission of an annual report by the city administrator on vehicle use based on data derived from those systems and to affirm the planning departments ceqa determination >> president breed: supervisor yee >> supervisor yee: thank you. the legislation before you for
1:16 am
you to consider today is about increasing public safety and accountability of public dollars. in 2014, san francisco adopted these vision zero policy, where we have committed to work toward the goal of the zero traffic deaths by 2024. we have a long ways to go. every year about 30 people lose their lives and over 200 are seriously injured by traveling on our streets. these deaths and injuries are unacceptable and preventable. vision zero is about city officials, city employees, and community members working together and committing to create safer streets. what is been brought forth for your consideration today is to extend telematics into the majority of our cities leads of more than 3000
1:17 am
vehicles. in the last five years, we have spent nearly $77 million in litigation and settlement directly related to our cities fleet of vehicles. as elected officials, we are charged with an expected to be accountable for a public dollars. this is why last year i directed the budget legislative analyst to produce a report and old a hearing on this report and i was cosponsored by many of you. the benefits shown on this report in terms of safety improvements, savings and environmental benefits are clear. undeniably beneficial and proven. telematics has been used as a correct trained to improve driving habits, decrease inappropriate or unauthorized use, and has shown to have environmental benefits in reducing emissions in many locations in the united states.
1:18 am
telematics sometimes are first added a black boxes. it is a technology that has gps along with capacities to collect information and data such as speed, hard braking or acceleration, mechanical diagnosis, could this technology is currently in early 9% of our city's fleet of vehicles. it has already proven to have increase safety by reducing the number of collisions. for example, mta conducted a pilot similar to not technology in one year reduce collisions by 50%. i want to thank the advocates who have the support of this legislation, including lot sf but by coalition the and vision zero coalition. i would also like to thank my staff, erika mae born, we saw this legislation through. now, what
1:19 am
i'd like to mention here is that we are not including law enforcement officers at this point because there was some details to be worked out and i didn't want to start this process anymore for the rest of the fleets, but rest assured, i will be working with the-our city administrator google come up with airport in the next few months so we can move forward to include the law enforcement officers in this particular item. to follow legislation should it's critical we work towards our vision zero goals by changing our culture to smart and proven policies and to our language and how we speak about our goals. so, this is the reason i am making a motion for two minor amendment. you have a copy of that and that will be better aligned.
1:20 am
these basically are minor language amendments, better align with our vision zero goals. so, on page 1 line 24, to reduce all traffic fatalities, and on page 2, line 13, the word accident, which may not be avoidable, is changed to collisions. so when i talk about accidents could talk about collisions, which we can work to address and reduce. so, colleagues, i hope you will all the joining me to support this. >> president breed: supervisor trini has made a motion. second? second by supervisor peskin. can we take that amendment without objection? without objection the amendment passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: supervisor kim became i would have my name as co-sponsor and think norman yee for his office and his work.
1:21 am
to put this into implementation get when we attended the vision zero conference in new york, over a year and half ago, this vehicle traffic and system was viewed as were the key and critical components to ensuring vision zero by city owned and city driven vehicles of which about many here in san francisco. so i'm glad to see that we are moving this forward and i want to thank supervisor yee for his work. >> president breed: thank you. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call as amended? without objection, this ordinance passes unanimously as amended on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 29, please >> clerk: item 29, corridor look amend the medicine go to our appraisals and appraisals with you for sincerity city jurisdiction transfers acquisitions conveyances on lease of real property required appraisals conform to the uniform standard professional appraisal practices and be
1:22 am
prepared by qualified appraisers and to increase the rent limits the director properties existing authority to enter into leases for the city. >> president breed: colleagues can we take this item same house, same call-supervisor peskin >> supervisor peskin: first of all, i would like to thank my staff we have heard, as well as the head of our department of real estate, john update, for working on this matter for the last several months. the legislation before you is really an update to chapter 23 of the administrative code that will standardize how the city acquires and conveys real property as well as how we deal with leases. this is modeled in many ways after state and federal law, and will ensure that the city gets at least 100% of the appraiser market value when it sells or leases land. it also provides for third-party appraisal review of appraisers of certain threshold
1:23 am
about you could i also think our enterprise departments further engagement on this legislation. as we all know the enterprise components which include the mta, the airport, and public utilities commission have some discretion to conduct a real property transactions on their own outside of the purview of our department of real estate. this legislation provides standard procedures for leases that enterprise the parties enter into without interfering with the core functions of these enterprise departments under the city charter. to that end, i have some brief amendment based on our conversations with court staff which you can find on page 8 of the subject legislation did i previously distributed copies to all of you specifically at page 8, line 7-10, we would like to amend to add the following language quote, unless the executive director of the port determines the real property
1:24 am
under cold that the rental rate for the proposal lease meets or exceeds port commissions annually adopted parameter rental rate for such real property, at line 14, on the same page, remove the language, executive director of the port determines applying the market rent requirement would conflict with the port commissions annually adopted parameter rental rate for the proposed leases. that was dealt with in the previous amendment. finally, on line 12 of the same page, add a the language, the board of supervisors on high-resolution lesser a proper public purpose or three, and skip two line 16, commission or agency determines with director of property concurrence that an independent appropriately qualified real estate economic expert is beer suited than
1:25 am
appraiser to perform the rental analysis. if there's any questions, the representatives of the ports one hand with regard to those amendment. if not i like to move those amendment and adopt the legislation as amended on its first reading >> president breed: just for clarity supervisor peskin, you don't have those amendment for distribution? >> supervisor peskin: yes they didn't previously distributed to your offices and i've asked her copies. >> president breed: okay. supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend? second by supervisor peskin. colleagues, can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the amendment passes >>[gavel] >> president breed: i just had a point of clarification, question, supervisor peskin. i apologize but i did not get a chance to talk to you about this before. but we in my district have a situation with a property that's under the former successor agency the redevelopment, which is appraised property but there's a high expectation of significant community benefits. that will be attached to this
1:26 am
property. we are required under state law to dispose of the assets. yet, there is going to be a challenge to hold any property or future property owner accountable to providing a significant level of community benefits without attaching that somehow to a price negotiation and i want to understand how this legislation could impact a project of that nature. >> supervisor peskin: so, first of all, we have counsel here but i do not believe that our chapter 23 provisions apply to ocii, the successor agency and the indeed invoke an appraisal statute under state law as you previously referenced. but relative to an appraisal process, the value of
1:27 am
the property is what a knowledgeable buyer would pay a knowledgeable seller based on comparable sales of similar property. if those community benefits were to be deducted from that value you'd have to-derby and appraisal problem and somebody would have to assess the value of those community benefits which presumably would be a deduction from the praise for market value. >> president breed: okay. so if that happens, in the case of the successor agency which definitely has its own process, that happens for example in the case of the city is closing of any assets in the same capacity we are talking about making sure there's clear-there is a clear match to the appraised value though that the city ultimately doesn't lose any money? >> supervisor peskin: corrected ultimately it's a function of how the city through its department of real estate instructs an appraiser. for instance, in the case of what actually started this whole ball rolling 30 van nuys, if the city is demanding that the property include 20% of for
1:28 am
the housing on-site, that is what a appraiser would have to about you wait in conducting that fair market value appraisal. >> president breed: grades. that clarifies it. thank you so much. colleagues, seeing no names on the roster, for item number 29, as amended, can we take this item same house, same call? without objection to the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading as amended >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 30, please speak up item 30 resolution to a seat and approved and/or ports for the central market committee benefit district for calendar year 2014. >> president breed: colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 31 >> clerk: item 30 1a ward asked to amend the planning code to offer greater fax ability in the screening and enclosure of rooftop mechanical equipment modifying the block
1:29 am
alley controls and their collectibility to the south of market neighborhood commercial transit district fulsome street neighborhood commercial transit district, and the regional commercial district and see-three district to affirm the planning department's ceqa determination and make people but findings >> president breed: same house, same call? can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 32 >> clerk: item 32 a resolution to clear the intention of the board of supervisors to order the vacation of a portion of jesse street and a portion of alum aly northwestern of mission and for street in connection with the ocean white center project at 51st st. subject to certain conditions and set a hearing date for all persons interested in the proposed vacation of said street areas. the breed supervisor >> supervisor cohen: thank you good i do for item number 32. this a technical amendment. colleagues at the request of our clerk i want proposed amendment to this particular items are we for both the resolution and the companion ordinance of the may 23 land-use committee. at that
1:30 am
hearing, we do not amend the resolution to include the date for the committee as a whole hearing for the proposed street vacation. i like to move we amend this item to include this that the date, which is july 19 . the clerk has circulated copies to you >> president breed: okay. supervisor >> supervisor cohen: has made a motion to amend. is there a second? second. can we take the amendment can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed: supervisor peskin >> supervisor peskin: colleagues, i just rise to let everybody know why i am dissenting in this vote and that is because i think it is terrible planning policy to abandon our streets and alleys.
1:31 am
i think we probably all learned that in the 1950s when jane jacobs wrote about the life and death of great american cities and so i will be dissenting on item 32. >> president breed: thanks. mdm. clerk please call the roll >> clerk: supervisor trainee >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: nay >> supervisor tang: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> president breed: the resolution is adopted >>[gavel] >> president breed: please call adam 33 and 36 together >> clerk: item 33 is a motion to confirm the controllers appointment of james boyce to the local homeless correlating board term ending the 21st 20 good i'm 34 appointing joseph mcglade to the assessment appeals board number three term ending september 4, 2017. item 35 is a motion to reappoint
1:32 am
howard bloomberg and howard strasser to the pedestrian safety advisory committee terms ending march 28, 2018 and i'm 36 is a motion to appoint marilyn discovery to the mental health board term ending generally 31st 2019 >> president breed: mdm. clerk, on those items please call the roll. >> clerk: item 33-36 supervisor >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye >> supervisor tang: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> clerk: there are 11 skype >> president breed: of those items approved unanimously >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 37 motion to appoint zero and brent-to the
1:33 am
public park station committee advisory committee terms ending separate 24th 2017 >> president breed: proviso avalos >> supervisor avalos: can this citizen advisory committee is in my district and since the rules committee and the today we've talked about to the mta about actually working towards reauthorizing this citizens advisory committee to enhance and increase the scope and mission of the advisory committee as well's jurisdiction. so, i will be going to the last-the next advisory committee meeting at the end of june and be discussing with them reauthorizing the actual committee and coming forward at the end of july with a new authorization that would change the configuration and structure of this committee. so, today i'll be requesting that we table this item and come back
1:34 am
with a new version of it that will cover other issues that include bus rapid transit as well as jurisdictional issues between city college and the balboa park station area. >> president breed: supervisor avalos has made a motion to table. moved and seconded. colleagues can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. the motion to table passes unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: we are now at our 2:30 pm on additions. today, we have one accommodation from supervisor from district 1, supervisor eric mar >> supervisor mar: thank you. i am honored today and i think supervisor campos for joining me as well, well been the chairperson of the-tribe rosemary-who is here good i want to first also say she is a credible scholar and a great granddaughter of--who is baptized at mission san jose in 1864. i won't go into her whole
1:35 am
record of service to not only the-people but many other types, bows eight chairperson,, thank you for keeping the history of legacy and ongoing struggles of the people alive here in the san francisco bay area region the behalf of the people of the city and county of san francisco, we honor the--tribe diverse peoples of this land this commendation from the board of supervisors. i want to also say that the tribal administrator ms. norma sanchez is also here with us in the chambers thank you to her for joining us today could i respect him is also acknowledge and thank two of chairperson -liaisons in san francisco who represented her really incredibly in san francisco. the late dr. estella jackson who we honored in a previous board meeting, but she can we continue to celebrate and treasure her work on behalf of the-a few hunters point
1:36 am
communities and all san francisco, but also we are grateful for mr. and cisco the cost this continuation of the legacy and struggle of the people here at san francisco that. so, what is in behalf of our city and county i call upon chairperson rosemary camera to address the people san francisco but before she speaks like to allow san francisco's to say a few words. >> testifier: supervisors, today is a historical moment. where to supervisors, david campos and arrow mar both have chosen to honor the first people of san francisco, the--. so i call upon our rosemary [sp?] to speak to the supervisors and also address our mayor why suppose is
1:37 am
missing to this deliberation. >> testifier:[foreign language] rosemary-.[foreign-language]i
1:38 am
am here today to show my respect to each and every one of you. i also request of you respect and peace. my first grandfather,--, was born at the presidio. and, he instructed his children, or our previous relations, that we should love
1:39 am
and work with one another, especially his children, his grandchildren, not to allow others to suppress us. for some reason, he knew that with time, people were going to change and our fight for freedom, or even for one to survive on our holy lands, would be a struggle, but not only for our people, but for each and every one of you here because you have to make the decision to acknowledge us. you would have to make the decision to respect our people for being and having assets in this area, and also having
1:40 am
birth rights to all aspects of economic assets good and have the opportunity to work with you as a partner. so, with that i want to thank each one of you, please, create a partnership where we can complement one another. so we can allow one another to make individual religious opinion, or express, their belief as well as allow our tribe to exercise their rights to economic development on their holy lands. so, with that, i would like to end by saying i am here to help the homeless. i am here to help those in need. we all need somehow. but some more than others. but i am
1:41 am
here. and i believe in taking care of our communities. i made that promise, spiritual promise, to my sister, aspinall of jackson, who held my hand and said don't give up and i said, okay, baby just hold her hand could give us strength. as you said you have mine. but when i pass don't forget my work. don't forget my name. to this day, i carry babies name and good work for the people thank you. and very much appreciate it. >>[applause] >>
1:42 am
>> president breed: thank you for your service and again, congratulations. with that,
1:43 am
colleagues, we will return to our regular agenda and move two committee reports. >> clerk: item 42 considered by the government audit and oversight committee at regular meeting on thursday, june 2 and was forwarded to the board as a committee reports and recommended as amended with the same title. it's an ordinance too many ministry of code to revise the residential unit conversion ordinance to acquire hosting platforms to verify the residential unit is on the city registry prior to the listing to acquire hosting platforms to respond to notices and requests for information, to provide for civil administrative and criminal penalties against hosting platforms for violations of the residential units conversion ordinance and to affirm the planning department determination. >> president breed: supervisor weiner you have a amendment supervisor supervisor
1:44 am
>> supervisor farrell: i like to ask to be recused >>[reading code] supervisor farrell like to be excused. is there a motion? moved and seconded. colleagues, get this can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. you are excused supervisor farrell >>[gavel] >> president breed: supervisor weiner i'm sorry. supervisor campos >> supervisor campos: thank you good ideas only appropriate given mr. nature that today i'm wearing i lay as i'm talking about this piece of legislation, which has been long come on time coming. i want to thank my cosponsor supervisor peskin. i want to thank a very broad coalition that includes a very diverse group of people who normally are not on the same side of this type of an issue. but, how we got here is after a long fight, including a pretty, i
1:45 am
think, difficult fight at the ballot, but we decided to do and think about how to address the problems that clearly remain on this issue is to present as we have presented a pretty modest and a pretty simple proposal that essentially, try to preserve san francisco's housing. this legislation in a very simple way, mandates and that what web platforms that engage in short-term rentals reports, not hinder, the enforcement of our short-term rental object again, as a repeatedly have said, it's not about changing the current law. it is simply about enforcing that law. that is what supervisor peskin and i have put forward. also want to thank supervisor mar supervisor avalos for the cosponsorship. this proposal mandates that hosting platforms like airbnb
1:46 am
their firehose has registered with the city before advertising their short-term rental on its website. if a hosting platform fails to do so , the platform itself will be penalized for up to $1000 a day . while the current law has set rules for hosts stipulating that all closeness register with the city, more than 75% of airbnb 7000, plus in san francisco have in fact not registered. in fact come up we have only received 1800 applications to open since the launch of the program and that's essentially 26% of the 7000 airbnb hosts we know. short-term rentals that have been issued are 1300 24 or 18.9% of the 7000 host with airbnb to last year's budget analysis report found that airbnb alone has taken up to
1:47 am
2000 entire units of housing, 2000, completely off the market. this is why we need to bring the hosting platforms into compliance. the one thing from our perspective that has been missing in the existing airbnb short-term rental law is corporate accountability. the weakness of the law is that corporate accountability is essentially nonexistent. it's not surprising, given that corporations that ultimately controls a large part of the market is the one that actually broke the law as we know it. i have met with many home shares, and let me say, once again, as we have repeatedly said supervisor peskin and i throughout this process we
1:48 am
support capital host, mom and pop hosts, will not be impacted in any way because of this law. we are simply focusing the law and enforcement on the corporations. i want to address a couple of misconceptions about the legislation. some have claimed that the legislation would force platforms to police short-term rentals. that could not be further from the truth. if your rental car agency and you have to make sure the person that you rent that vehicle to actually has a license before you run them a car. that's exactly what we are asking the short-term rental platforms to do here. second, on a huge support of internet freedom and we were carefully not only with the city attorney, but also with online advocacy groups to make sure that this legislation passes legal muster. again, i want to thank the broad range of people who have formed this
1:49 am
coalition. again, microsoft or supervisor peskin and his chief of staff sunny and glue, the tenants union, local two, juju, tenants together, san francisco apartment association, senior disability action, share better, housing rights committee, and many many more. also want to thank the city attorney especially rob koppel [sp?] for the phenomenal work they've done and i especially want to highlight the incredible work over the years on this issue from carol guzman in my office and i don't know if carol is in the room, but we would not be able to be here today without carolyn. with that, before i turn it over to colleagues and your other comments, i do have a final point to make and is by way of a question. if i made through the chair, i would like to ask a question if i may to the city attorney. mr. deputy is sen. john another people gibner a
1:50 am
number people have been raising concerns about the committee's indecency at. can you explain how we have addressed that issue and how you feel about the legality of what were putting before this body today? >> city attorney: deputy city attorney john gibner. first of all, as we do any time members of the public right litigation to challenge any ordinance proposal for the board, we've advise you confidentially regarding legal issues, but generally, following your direction, we drafted this ordinance in order to avoid the medication decency act issue that is been raised publicly that you mentioned. essentially, the ordinance does not regulate the content that hosts post on the website, the
1:51 am
listing platforms should rather, the ordinance merely regulates business activity of those platforms that engage in hosting services. >> supervisor avalos: thank you mr. gibner and thank you to the city attorney for the amazing work it with that i respectfully ask for your support. we believe this a pretty modest piece of legislation and this is one of those things where we should not be fighting about this and my hope is we have as much support on this board as possible. thank you >> president breed: thank you supervisor campos. supervisor weiner >> supervisor wiener: all be supporting this legislation today. as i've said many times, we need improved enforcement and i think this, although i know there are potentially some legal issues here, it is a step in the direction of more enforcement did i do want to just note a couple things and one thing in particular. i do not agree with the i think
1:52 am
sometimes that characterize agent we hear that no one is registering. the fact is, and we heard this as you know colleagues, i hold quarterly oversight hearing on short-term rental enforcement at the land use and transportation committee. what we saw in the last presentation from the opposite of short-term rental is that we are seeing an acceleration of registrations. last year, unfortunately, was a partially lost year because given that basically immediately after we adopted the legislation at issue, it was announced that was a failure within like 3-4 weeks. and proposition fc thereafter was proposed. not surprisingly, a lot of posts decided they were not going to run ahead and register when they would not even know what the rules were going to be. once proposition f was defeated by the voters and
1:53 am
since then we've seen an acceleration and the number of hose registering. there has been a steady increase and it has been a significant increase compared to what was before. when you have this many hosts it's not going to happen overnight but were moving in a positive direction with that said, improved enforcement is a good thing to enforce the law. i do have a amendment which i've shared with supervisor peskin and supervisor campos which is distributed. when is a technical amendment on page 4, line 8, adding the words, providing reservation and payment services for a listing of. this is recommended by the city attorney a technical amendment. a amendment i'm also offering directs the office of short-term rentals to both promulgate wools and regulations be simplified and streamlined the host registration process, and also within 45 days of the effective
1:54 am
date of the legislation to report back to the board of supervisors with recommendations about how the registration process can be improved, expanded, streamlined, made simpler, made more user-friendly. the process right now is quite cumbersome for many hosts could especially, when you talk about those that are only engaging short-term rentals for say a few days of the year or a week or two a year. it's a process to go through for not doing very much short-term renting. so, in order to get those numbers off and to keep that momentum we need to make the process more streamlined, less cumbersome, and so, the legislation, the amendment on proposing would direct the opposite short-term rentals to come back to us and to say or tell us what regulations they've issued to try to improve the process and if we need to do eight legislation, to make it a more streamlined
1:55 am
process to recommend to us how to proceed and so that is the minutes i make and that is my motion. >> president breed: thank you supervisor weiner has made a motion to amend and the medics have been circulated. they then seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues, can we take the amendment can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed: seeing no other names on the roster, i'm clerk please call the roll on the item >> clerk: on item 42 as amended >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye >> supervisor tang: aye
1:56 am
>> supervisor wiener: aye >> clerk: there's 10 aye >> president breed: the one that says amended passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: item number 43, please >> clerk: item 43 considered by the land-use and transportation committee director meeting on monday, june 5 at 1:30 pm and was recommended as amended with the same title and it's a ordinance to dedicate city jurisdictional property located on a portion of state trust parcel to commonly known as mission bay park p-six as open space public right-of-way and naming the new part mission bay kids part accepting an irrevocable offer the acquisition facilities that comprise the park improvements the main site facilities for public open space and park purposes except in the park for maintenance and liability purposes subject to specified limitations adopting the sql findings and making other appropriate finance. >> president breed: rollcall vote the clerk on item 33 >> president breed: excuse me. supervisor kim speak >> supervisor kim: i want to emphasize the point of this expedited legislative we have a
1:57 am
children's playground built by our master developer in mission bay and due to several different hurdles and agency bureaucracy, we've not been able to open this part. i do want to knowledge many residents who've seen this playground and been incredibly frustrated by seeing a resource they can use, given the growing population here in this mission bay and the which we expect that 15,000 new residents by 2017. many of whom are young couples and families. you can see this when you go to the mission bay library branch. the afternoon storytime is packed with young children with their families and this part is an additional resource that holds us ensure we are building complete neighborhoods on behalf of our communities. i do want to recognize and thank ocii. i see mark-who's been working closely with our office to expedite this process did we can open this playground in the summertime and ensure that this resources available to the
1:58 am
public. we will be working very closely with our multiple agency to see what we can do to expedite this process for future conveyances of parks and streets as we continue to build out this new neighborhood. colleagues, ask for your support >> president breed: thank you. i'm clerk please call the roll >> clerk: item 43 speedy aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president breed: aye >> supervisor campos: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye opposed? aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor peskin: aye >> supervisor tang: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> president breed: the item passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: was go to local introductions. >> clerk: supervisor >> supervisor yee: your first to introduce new business >> supervisor yee: submit >> clerk: supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: thank you. today i'm submitting a
1:59 am
carbon tax could pay tax on nonrenewable energy that will be used to support the expansion of seeing san francisco urban forest. this tax would also help to incentivize or make an incentive for people to move to our clean power sf program. so it's a very timely that in that way. over the years, the city has relinquished its responsibility over maintaining street trees. i believe that is an act that has disproportionately affected working-class communities where single family homes are predominant and many people in my district struggle for pain that so this tax is also linked by an effort to take carbon out of the atmosphere by creating disincentives for people to receive their electricity from nonrenewable sources, as well
2:00 am
as to incentivize the trees that will help pull carbon out of the atmosphere. the way that this carbon tax would work, the controller would generate about $80 million a year and there are exemptions. anyone who receives at least $.50 to 2% of their electricity from a new will sources, clean power sf customers would be exempt from this tax. this tax would continue the broad exemption for low income customers better in the current utility users tax and that would include all tier 1 customers would continue their exemption, which would represent 40% of residential customers in san francisco. care customers, as well, would it be exempt, the ones that receive a family electric rate assistance.he


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