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tv   Planning Commission 7716  SFGTV  July 9, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PDT

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out and tine continue to look at that. i don'ts worry how to make investment especially in the days having more revenue, with competing things like electronic health records but we have been able to fund this. when new organizations as a example, there is a new several new researchers out of ucsf that feel they can get to cancer issues and get to provide for that. that is one thing we talked about that it is important for them to have a backbone and have funding to bring people together and work with all the other groups in the community versing starting new with the same group of people and that is what we found with health improvement process which we had hospital counsels in the plan separately coming to this commission. we had the community groups coming with their plan and public health and multiple health assessments, so
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i think [inaudible] policy planning area have been able to bring that under one umbrella and structure and philosophy and i think that is important. community partners is one of the most important things because we cannot do this on our own. we have to bring community in and be driven by community responding to their needs. >> is there a process by which new ideas-say the cancer projects and how long does that take to roll forward before we assign the designation or commitment to provide the structure? i assume you get good ideas. >> you started one which was hepatitis c. in one meeting you said can't we
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get to zero and here we are. part is that we didn't have a backbone so that is a a think we had to look at how to do this. you can establish them but you always have to have extra for the issue you are working on. >> i would say it is through our planning process so the community health improvement plan. it has to fit into the priorities because you have to prioritize and can't focus on everything. we are never going to go back to isolatediment pact. it is a waste of resources so complex issues you have to bring people together. i think for us the real challenge is for to develop deep expertise how to do that for all these different problems so it is us becoming experts on convening people and fus sating through a process where we cocreate solutions. >> thank you for this. thank
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you for putting to together because we had presentations about common form systems and lean process to have it all together in this helps me see how it all works. in fact, as you develop and have developed this expertise in collective impact, one thing that would be help fm from my perspective is as we have presentations we continue >> to use this language. this is where we are going with a backbone toward collective impact so that is a good way to see how they are linked. and priorities, this is where we are going now. thank you for that and look forward to continued use of this language. it is very helpful for me. >> i think [inaudible] it was great to understand the pillars you are building to develop a stronger population health program for us and we
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appreciate your presentation. >> your welcome. thaunchg. thank you. >> item 10 is the sfdph it update, eelectronic health records readiness update. >> mr. kim. >> good evening commissioners. director garcia. before i start, i would like to welcome dr. u who is our chief health information officer who has been extremely crucial putting this effort together. there he is. great. so, dr. eu will be available for questions as well but i will
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lead the discussion or presentation. so, commissioners, first of all i like to point out that this is not a update on all of the it, but specifically around the things we are doing in regards to the electronic health record. so, the first few slides i will go over fairly quickly. they are what i call the background slides or more importantly, frame of reference slides. i like to make sure everyone is on the same frame of reference. first of all, i like to go over business challenges and solutions, electronic record procurement status. [inaudible] i will take any questions at the ends. this deck also has a appendix of all the high level timeline of work that is being done today. so, first of all, the challenging solution. this
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is a many people used to see this as a it solution, this really is a business challenge and business solution. so, the challenge that was posed is that we need to have a integrated delivery network to improve operation efficiency, effectiveness and improve patient care and long term vinelt in shifting health care delivering in the financing world. the solution is very sound, the problem is you do need the right tools for people to be able to become what they can be. we must-to have a unified electronic health system, not record but system which is technology, people and process, we need to be able to leverage our information with the organization. so, that means we must have a right tip for
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youth electronic health record, maintain effective it. we can take and get [inaudible] use it effectively. we must also establish and maintain effective people process and governance. all 3 of these areas must be in place to achieve towards the goal. you have all seen this. this is us today. extremely disjointed. you can say this is services broken into little pieces and how our information sits. realty is it is very des prit. we try to force it to fit. what we want to get to is this. if you look at the top, the sitting part, that is the integrated information workflofement there is a blue thing that breaks apart. if you imagine the previous slide coming together as a
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circle. in order for that circle to be effective we need to have an effective it. we also need electronic right fit [inaudible] and also need people process and governance. what have we done? so, i would like to talk-present to you and give an update on the [inaudible] procurement efforts. now we are in due diligence and negotiation. we formed joint program management team that meets weekly. it is attended by dr. eu of ucsf and several key personnel from ucsf and dph. ucsf and dph joint structure is established and had a positive kickoff as well as [inaudible] kickoff
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and i'm happy to say we have a consensus on high level scope, proposition, risk priorities and lessons learned. we also formed workgroups establishes and due diligence is underway. the goal is have a decision which is the question of can we do this? dph, ucsf by end of september 2016. it dozen mean we will have a contract in place but will have a level of confident we can proceed. to give a idea the complexity of the group, the governance groups, i like to show the next slide. i will go through the slide in detail but this shows all the players and key areas that are in play today. they are meeting
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and have met and will continue to meet until we get to the september goal. the next one is a very similar slide but shows how decisions are made and work efforts being done. you can see in red the deliverables by individual groups. how it goes escualated up the chain and decision are made and goes to ucsf and dph leadership and stakeholder. the next slide you have seen before in a different iteration but this is a slide of the timeline. as you can see, the red mark, the red bar is we are here and you can see where go live one and 2 are and you notice that the yellow bar, which is previously reported
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activity. you see on the contract and due diligence we started later part is because we couldn't engage ucsf without boardf supervisor approval. we are tacking to the original timeline and expect to meet the timeline unless our due diligence shows otherwise. the next one is i will say a timeline of the contract due diligence and negotiation component. all these actually can go into serious level of detail and you can see all the work happening, the deliverables that are due and who is working on them. i would like it go at leisure. this can be hard to get a clear picture so what we did is actually put a check list of things and where they are. you can see the checks saying yep, we are
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done with that and the person working is we are in process. you can see what the overall status is as well. hopefully this will give those who are graphically inclined a better idea where we. the workgroups have formed and governance is still in process and the governance is formed where we socialize the different methodologies and approached and the legal team is starting to form as well and have many meetings, but that is still not 100 percent formed so doesn't have a check mark. okay, that is the chart part so we'll get to in september go, no go, can we do this with ucsf? going back to the stool diagram we can put it in the [inaudible] if we don't
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have a it organization that can't support this. as you know for the last 2 and a half years we have worked very hard getting our infrastructure and it ready. what i have is a simplified version of the areas we have worked on. the status will show two things, it will show current and what is trending. you see wide area network-the organizational readiness is also very important. before i go into the slide i would like to make a note that the first bullet dph, ucsf isn't shred, but shared. shared program governance need to be in place and are working on that. that is how to install and maintain and
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optimize what we will share. how to sustain technology innovation? we do not want to-this goes back to dr. aragons slide, how to get on the same goal. we also focus quite a bit on investment in people and as you can see we have a lot of leadership development, talent management, [inaudible] kernly demarcation of ucsf and dp h roles. we work on standardize process. execution and optimation and increased accountability. so, i'll take any-dr. eu and i can take any questions you have but if you allow i would like to show a page from
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an appendix that is a sample of the work group and work effort they have in front of them. going back to questions and answers, any questions? >> no, there is no public comment for this item. >> i'm glad you clarifyed the shred. a very nice presentation on where you are going and commissioners, questions? and this is with-could you explain go live 1 and 2 sort of quickly? why do we have 2 go lives? >> actually i'll sum it in one sentence. resources to support our clinical team. when we go live, you have to have certain number of trainers and certain number of support. to go live for a organization of this
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size we need a army of people. we will build both phase 1 and 2 and start build at the same time but staggering our go live to focus more resources to when we gee live because that is the critical component. >> okay, so i couldn't understand. gain experience from the first go live. if we talk resources the question may be whether or not it would be better to have everybody on at one time. i don't know the plan because and may take units and so forth, but i just want curious as to the two go lives. >> sure, commissioner. dr. eu. the go live two faces is also about the applications we are currently using. whee have a very very time sensitive deadline on all programs and
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systems using in [inaudible] but where we bill inpatient services [inaudible] that group of program said must go live first phase. even there it may not be one big gang go live, it may be multiple mini gangs. the second go live is programs like avatar and behavioral health side, jail programming. that is a phase two go live for those other programs. clearly, we can do that at one time if the resource allow. we don't want to do that from having prior experience of avatar and acw, that would not be a wise strategy technically. >> no. if it were important and going to be better than perhaps the
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question is getting the resources but i think previous experience also says that you probably do better going unit by unit as you described the priorities. >> in future maybe as you develop that you can tell which are go live 1 and go live 2. >> that is exactly what we are working on now is the phases and approach. we do have a pretty good plan but we are revalidating before we commit our sevl said; >> because i think this is modeled on where we had before in terms of the whole rebuild process for general that you maintain what was the baseline so we can see if you are at a advantage or
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disadvantage versus baseline. >> right. it shows 3 bars so the next iteration you will see the yellow go back too match the-if you look that third bar the contracting, due diligence negotiation, the yellow will change to mirror the one and a quarter year but the gay stays because that is the original baseline. >> okay: >> i think you are looking prox mmly at the go, no go decision. how will the decision of go or no go be made from our perspective and what do you see is the biggest barriers or risk that may result in a no go decision? as you get to the date. >> i think one of the biggest drivers for no go is if ucsf can come back with a proposal that is within the budget the board of supervisor jz
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director garcia approved as well as a timeline that meets our deadline which is when [inaudible] and vision is no longer supported by the vendor. a lot is driven by the cost and schedule of what ucsf comes back for contract for implementation. to inform that we have to define the scope, what is within the scope the contract is part the discovery work and probably the biggest risk whether they meet the budget and timeline of what we need. second, ucsf doesn't have a lot of business lines we currently. jail, behavioral health, long term care are examples. how much can they commit to building those modules for us as well as supporting on a ongoing basis is another sort of big determinant driver. we actually want a
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solution that can cut across the enterprise to insure patient flow throughout each piece the department seemlessly. we have confidence they can do this, they have confidence they can do this it is just a matter if it can be done within t cost structure. >> do we have to always work through them as a vener or subcontract with their subvendors if it isn't a area where they have a primary clinical interest or focus? >> that is a select question, commissioner pating. they are partners so we are not contracting directly with [inaudible] so everything we get in terms of installation, maintenance and support and subsequent enhancement and upgrades will be pretty much provided by ucsf because they are the direct customer to epic the vendser, however, in modules ucsf hasn't
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implemented in epic qu it is available, if it looks like-we will-from a cost model and go live schedule, they could very well say let's bring in the epic vendor and come in and build that module as if they are working with us directly through the uc contract with epic so those are options we will be exploring to make sure to meet it within the time schedule we have set assuming price model. >> to meet the september timeline is contingent them doing the analysis and getting back to us. do you think that we will meet the timeline. >> september is coming up quick, we have about 3 months. the goal is for ucsf to come back with a contract proposal within which we can begin to negotiate and get agreement on
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the terms, the schedule and cost model, but the aim is for them to come back us to by mid-to late september with at least the initial proposal for implementation to bring us live by sort of late, 2018 or mid-2019 and have another 3 months to go back and forth through the negotiating committee that director garcia is chairing to finalize the contract by early 2017 or late 2016 because we really do need to begin the planning implementation phase by early next year if we are going to meet the deadlining have first site go live the end of 2018. >> commissioner pating, in our process board we added time. all i have to do is go back and make sure we can extend the time if we have. we are trying to
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keep to a tight timeline because everything will continue to be later down the timeline where we need to particularly insure we are able to meet the fact that some of our it systems will be not be supported anymore. so, in september if we find it looks really good, we are pretty close and need another 30 days that is something we can do in the contract. if we find that seems to be not working out, not going to be in budget then we have to have another process which we already started thinking about in terms of what our next process would be. >> we are still looking at plan b. i can't remember the vendors. >> it is written within the structure of our sole source. >> i think this is a very good update as to the progress made and thank you very much for bringing this
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presentation and i guess our next point would be after you come to the point where you would have a decision. >> thank you, commissions. >> you can see on our calendar we have made a calendar of every commission meeting we will come to so hopefully by september we'll knhoe. >> we'll get a progress report. thank you this is a very important initiative on our part so appreciate the update and the charting that will give us progress. we move on to item 11 is other business. >> so, does anyone have new business to bring up for our consideration for the future? if not we'll go to the next item. >> item 12 is joint conference
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committee report back for june 28, zsfg-jcc meeting. >> at the zuckerburg general the committee reviewed the quality and report resource report and hospital administrateers report. more importantly, not that those won't important but dr. [inaudible] gave a ovview of the plans priorities in a powperpoints i believe the commissioners have already received. she also did reported the transitions in the new buildings continue to go well and showed there were some small operational issues or not unspected and she feels confident that they will be continuing to address those and also work to improve the patient flow throughout the hospital. the hospital staff is under stress because the changes occurring but they are
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coping and expects morale will-good about the new building and not so good about the new flows but are working this out and it is spect expected in such a major change. in the patient care service report, the committee continued to discuss the diversion rates to note they decreased in the last month and this is prior to opening the new hospital. under the medical staff report, the committee approved the neuro surgery clinical service rules regulations policies, procedures and the new emt and pediatrics list that had mine revisions and in closeed session approved the credential reports in the [inaudible] so, if there were no questions about that you will see a more complete report in the
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minutes and we can go on to it the next item >> item 13 is committee agenda setting. >> you want to remind the dates? >> september 6 is meeting in the tender line at [inaudible] church and october 4 is your next planning session which is focus on the 5 year budget. >> thank you. so, is there any other discussion on the committee agenda setting? if not at this point we'll go to the next item >> would you like to consider vote for closed session? >> i think we should consider a vote for closed session which should be reasonably short for the commissioners. >> so moved. >> second. >> there is a motion and second. all in favor of holding closed session please say aye. opposed? we will be holding a closed session for the
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stated purpose and ask that all those that will not be participated please vacate [committee in closed session] >> vote not to disclose. right, and then adjournment. >> are you ready? >> a motion whether to disclose or not disclose the discussion, please we are prepare frd the motion. >> move not to disclose >> this is motion not to disclose the discussion. all in favor say aye. opposed? we shall not disclose discussion. any further business before the commission? seeing none, any motion to adjournment is in order and second? all in favor, please say aye. this meeting is now
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adjourned. thank you. [meeting adjourned]
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>> 7 and a half million renovation is part of the clean and safe neighbor's park fund which was on the ballot four years ago and look at how that public investment has transformed our neighborhood. >> the playground is unique in that it serves a number of age groups, unlike many of the other properties, it serves small children with the children's play grounds and clubhouses that has basketball courts, it has an outdoor soccer field and so there were a lot of people that came to the table that had their wish list and we did our best to make sure that we kind of divided up spaces and made sure that we kept the old features of the playground but we were able to enhance all of those features.
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>> the playground and the soccer field and the tennis fields and it is such a key part of this neighborhood. >> we want kids to be here. we want families to be here and we want people to have athletic opportunities. >> we are given a real responsibility to insure that the public's money is used appropriately and that something really special comes of these projects. we generally have about an opportunity every 50 years to redo these spaces. and it is really, really rewarding to see children and families benefit, you know, from the change of culture, at each one of these properties >> and as a result of, what you see behind us, more kids are playing on our soccer fields than ever before. we have more girls playing sports than we have ever had
2:33 am
before. [ applause ] fp >> and we are sending a strong message that san francisco families are welcome and we want you to stay. >> this park is open. ♪ >> (clapping.) >> start by welcoming our san francisco mayor ed lee.
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>> (clapping.) >> and next, we welcome our retiring be airport director john martin. >> (clapping.) >> and please welcome our newly appointed director art . >> (clapping.) >> all right. we're also going to invite a couple members of the gail labor council please welcome shelly kessler. >> (clapping.) >> representing the sgerm broadly from oregon jeff and tina smith . >> (clapping.) >> representing the terminal
2:35 am
one c project terminal one central john and pencil phelps. >> (clapping.) >> from the new broadly the design belt ralph. >> (clapping.) >> from construction management. >> okay. we'll pause for a moment to take photos and let those gentlemen take us away. >> (yeah). >> all right. ed come on down. >> yeah. >> >> (clapping.) >> yeah.
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>> there we go. >> yeah. all right. . >> (clapping.) >> tin in a. >> come john all right. >> (clapping.) >> there we go there we go. >> yeah. >> (clapping.) >> all right. >> i need to get the range and the colors so sorry i see it down here you know, before we get started it is just a appropriate to recognize the suffering that is
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going on from the terrorist atck yesterday ami i'd like to offer a moment of silence for the victims and families before we start the program (silence) thanks so thank you for everyone being here with us today and i particularly like to acknowledge special guests first linda linda our vice president of the airport commission so glad to you have you with us today. >> (clapping.) >> and we have representatives from congresswoman jackie spier's office thank you for being here raise your hand glad to have you here. >> (clapping.) >> and welcome the members of
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the san mateo labor council we share a strong partnership in all say programs and representatives from the any design and construction firms that is will guarantee the successful delivery this project and so god to have you here as well so i think this is an exciting time this is an excited project and it is signals a trofrpgs and is perfect opportunity to talk about the trofrpgs that happens over the past 20 years as you may know our director john martin is retiring on 21 years as airport director a big round of applause for john, please. >> (clapping.) >> and you know talk about transformers that airport over the past 21 years has seen essentially redevelopment of every facility under john's leadership a tremendous thing
2:39 am
for the airport and the traffic light public as well as the city and county of san francisco and you know, i think about the 1990s and the transformers that occurred in the 90s and john lead a $3 billion dollars renovation a master plan expansion for the rim and a new international train system and bart to sfo new cargo facilities we also have a new rental car center you think the transformers of the 90s and impactful to the customer dmrerns a positive way and the revenues of this airport i think about after 9/11 and john and his leadership through the progress of the leadership following 9/11 and his determination to continue to deliver the exceptional
2:40 am
deliveries and the terminal two an amazing project that set so many new standards for the airport standards for passerby commerce or experience and excellence in sustainability, in fact, did first terminal in the year to get lead gold certification and setting the standards standard for future projects at the airport you know and then i think about the most recent 4 years under john's watchful eye the tremendous amount of work with the growth we've experienced a new air traffic controller tower for this are airport a new icon for the city and county of san francisco and have a renovated terminal 3 delivering an exceptional passerby experience and i think about the future of this airport and this terminal
2:41 am
one program and again an opportunity for that transformation and all of the preparation that it has taken under john's leadership to get us here this is an exist day and i'll excited to carry forward the vision that john establishes for the airport and you know we're standing in the intern broadly facilities b some facts it is a temporary facilities that allows set west to continue to operate we're offering 9 gates out of this facility and essentially building a 24 gate operation around this operation is a challenging and requires just most of our project team it will create a new lobby and consolidated checkpoint and improve the passerby experiences and the shopping and dining serving both broadly areas b and c to that leading edge of
2:42 am
terminal experience worldwide a worldwide facility so interesting i think a key part of broadly b project the capacity to deal with international as well as domestic operations and so that's a tremendous benefit to give us the flexibility to continue to allow for the focusing efficient use of facilities and maximizing new flight and new aircraft types of that is part of our success over the recent past and also provide for post security cocaine activity between 4 of the broadly areas of the airport and in the near future we'll build between t-2 and 1940 t-3 that allows us assess through the broadly areas a tremendous thing for the passersby i think about the terminal program the benefit that provides for the communities and to our small
2:43 am
businesses we're focused on local business participation a goal of 25 percent small local business participation and $300 million of the benefits through the contract wear estimating that will go to local and small businesses in the community and been so successful with the project approach and continue to use a pales in comparison approach with our teams we are in the midst feel having and have conceded $2 billion of work without a single claim and continues to deliver some such exceptional projects and lastly to turn back to sustainability if we will achieve lead gold certification and will make it zero ready so as we develop the renewables program given that leverage of a net zero facility with that, i want to thank the terminal one team and thank you all for being
2:44 am
here. >> (clapping.) >> thank you now, please welcome the head of san mateo council shelly csa letter. >> (clapping.) >> shelly labor coincidental represents one and 10 units and 75 thousand workers here in the san mateo and bay area it is really an exciting time at the sfo with the groundbreaking of term one great opportunities that that will provide thousands of new jobs with local labor getting fair wages to construct and create and populate this state of the art the positive result of this a no small measure due to the cooperation between director
2:45 am
john martin and our labor community as your last major construction project you can be so proud it will be done right with our construction and building trades represents by james of the building trades council and many members here today and john martin has provided credible leadership so the workers in key one will be compensated fairly as they take care of the traveling public that a professional experience is held from pilots to janitors and sfo folks take pride in the work the fact it john martha's understands and appreciates the fact we work hard on behalf of this airport with one of the reasons we'll honor him july 29th and grateful for the partnerships are this airport
2:46 am
and really developed that aspirin with that community that is different and unique to any other airport in the united states united states of america and for that we're proud of you john and for the team lead by the folks that will continue to have the mature respective you've developed over the years on behalf of the labor community thank you and all of you at the airport that are doing this work and in partnership with us who are here serve all of you thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you shelly and new please welcome the san francisco mile-an-hour ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> well, everybody thank you for being here this morning at our sfo i'm in deep appreciation for what is going on at our air traffic controller for a number of reasons you know 201550 million people
2:47 am
came through the airport a records setting number if all indications john and i will exceed that number this year and when they came in we get the compliments i have often international viefrlts shaking their heads how is that like an aren't like a hotel lobby and it is really the thought process the planning that is going on, i as i mentioned that john came from a financial world before we became the airport director and led the airport by kind of i think traded the mindset i got the pleasure of really having this new leadership take on but want to say thank you to the commissioners some of whom have been at the air traffic controller as long and john and the leadership of the commission
2:48 am
and the staff, the vendors that are out here, of course, the airlines that are really have a lot of investor confidence in the airport we've done it right you look at what terminal one means by the $2.1 million investment that is about to happen a four and a half billion dollars capital improvement plan that compliments the kind of planning our city has always been supportive and nurturing every seats like the airport to make long term planning at the center because when you do that planning then you can satisfy 75 thousand people as part of labor council shelly i want to say shelly i've got to say this i'm looking at did unemployment rate and every time san francisco is goes down san mateo unemployment's goes down further
2:49 am
it has got to be that airport shelly and in great part we're glad to do that we don't know and i'm always you've seen my announcement i'm having the plan time after time for any cause case in chief economic downturn that's why we have the incredible infrastructure planning for the city i get to be in charge of a 10 year plan and four and a half billion dollars of an infrastructure 10 year capital improvement plan for all the city departments as we plan those things out and make the proper investment and get the projects on time and on budget and celebrate the leads certification and the green and green house gas reduction that all those designs are part of we not only modernize the infrastructures like the airport by bring in more of our
2:50 am
constituents to enjoy the airport and use it properly so i must say that i'm appreciative of everyone involved in the engineers to the design firms the ones on the financial part and the management and, of course, the incredible work that the commission is doing to make sure that everyone is included this airport is for everyone and contributor to the entire northern california economic such a center of industrial and of job creation and helping people out we also are appreciative that in march of this year our airport received what we called the level 3 accreditation reducing the green house gas emissions it is a very, very high award in fact, i think that we're the only airport in california to received that level 3 recognitions and the second airport in the united states to
2:51 am
receive it so again another accolade that the newower the aviation tower maybe a less than a year away from opening is receiving engineering recognition time after time i love when people say i'm he hotel lobby at the aircraft that gives everyone a feeling of being in a comfortable place not only the routine are reflective of the diversities of bay area but the world-class we have a museum at the airport with a lot of people shake their heads you have an museum at the air traffic controller i have my name saying ed lee welcomes you to san francisco i'm proud of that as well and this entire staff as we need to be congratulated an economic engine when we don't know what
2:52 am
will happen in the future i want 24 to be the shining example of group candidates and a strong investor confidence and the contractors those times and substances are working in pales in comparison want to thank you all for opening your doors and making sure that people go to work that number one thing that people says get to work we're eager to what go to work here just a moment i want to say again to john martin who will go into a quiet life i'm looking at those videos and i'm sure i'm saying i want to make sure my yogurt stand is proilt place john will say and yoga place we're anticipating
2:53 am
how had terminal one will turnout 2024 will be shortly here and complimenting all the other things the airport is doing in the infrastructure so john, i want to say again i know i've going to be a great, great airport director with the team 150e7b8d assembled but we take a moment and thank those who catered the way for over 21 years i know you want a quieted life i want you to be back with me in maybe i'll put in a yoga uniform and stand with the open on the ground of that great term one thank you, john for your wonderful years anticipate leadership and been a star amongst all the department heads we gridlock appreciate that and everybody let's go to work, huh?
2:54 am
>> (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee. >> now a please help me welcome his final appearance retired airport director john martin. >> (clapping.) >> thank you first want to acknowledge a staff person that justice arrived thank you for being here and your support and also mr. mayor a gentleman whispered in my ear this building will be opened in 2019 while your mayor and complete in 6 or seven years 17 dates is that right. >> 17 gates in 2019 so just a little bit of reminiscing i came to san francisco for the very first time a little bit over 95 years and graduated schools for
2:55 am
a job interview for sfo on this building for world airways i looked around this broadly airport and thought that is the worst broadly area (laughter) and it looked a bus terminal so in that time i've been here 35 years a lot of improvements are made to this boarding area but ptz to see it replaced in the last 20 years we rebuilt the whole airport a new international terminal, bart to the airport, train system and new parking garages and terminal 2 that set a standard for arntsdz worldwide and being improvements in terminal 3 but to demolish boarding area b it was a great pleasure to lift
2:56 am
this sledgehammer and tear that place down that was built in 1962 as a temporary structure so 74 years later getting to taking it down so we had to take a projects in a unique way strong finances steering wheel strong concession sales sfta from the san francisco concessions and that allows us to finance our own facilities we don't need third party's developers or ask the airlines to build facilities we insure the highest quality and maximize flexibility and maximize the gates and have new carriers to welcome virgin american and insuring they have the gates and able to welcome
2:57 am
jet blue and southwest and had an extraordinarily high-level of k350e78s one of the highest exception levels in the country that means low fairs much lower fairs is more nights in the hotels in san francisco keeping this airport competitive is very important in our philosophy how and finance and control the airport is a key part an 1250er8d team in delivering the projects that i have been a leader on for 20 years delivering projects on schedule within budget not had a construction latitude over 20 years the envy of the public segment nationally and they look at our model how they should follow as well our model is based on partnering
2:58 am
we embrace partnering and partnering with a construction industry and contractor, architecture e architect and engineers and construction managers and pales in comparison with the airlines our concession folks and other city departments and labor a key partner and that partnering is one of transparency, setting time and goals and insuring clear open consumption and that's what allows us to deliver exceptional projects not just projects on schedule and within budget but projects exceptional from a point of view we aim to surprise the passersby with a level of amenities and services that we deliver we did that in terminal two and confident the team will that here our i'm a review lose and get better i'm confident when i
2:59 am
could be four years from now as as peering i'll have an steroid experience thank you all for being here today and really very satisfying for me as airport director after 35 years seeing this old building torn down and starting a new boarding area and new terminal one thank
3:00 am
>>[gavel] >> the meeting will come to order. this is the regular meeting of the government audit and oversight committee for thursday, july 7, 2016. i'm supervisor norman yee vice chair of the committee today's meeting i'm joined by supervisor scott weiner good
3:01 am
the committee clerk is erica meijer. the committee would also like to acknowledge the that that sfgov tv winnowed the asus and jim smith who recorded each of its meetings and make the transcript available to the public online. any announcements? >> yes. please make sure to sounds all cell phones electronic devices. items acted upon today will appear on the july 19 board of supervisors agenda. >> okay. before we begin can we have a motion to excuse supervisor peskin and supervisor breed? so we will with no objections the motion passes >>[gavel] >> mdm. clerk these: item the first item >> yes. item number one, >>[reading code] it
3:02 am
>> thank you. i would like to hand this off to supervisor weiner the sponsor of this legislation. >> thank you very much mr. chairman and thank you for agenda icing this important piece of land to legislation today. this legislation will be a significant step forward in our continuing quest to bring our lgbt community out of the shadows, into the sunlight and to make sure that we have all the information we need about
3:03 am
our diverse community. the history of the lgbt community is a history of fighting against invisibility. back to as long as there's been lgbt people, society has been trying to push us into the shadows and into the closet pretending that we don't exist. and trying to make sure that we are not fully part of society. our fight for centuries or millennia, has been to not be invisible. to make sure that people know we are here, that we are part of society. without data, we cannot fully be part of society get we cannot have that full visibility. we know that the lgbt community faces significant and disproportionate challenges relative to society at large regarding poverty, suicide, isolation, substance abuse, mental health and violence. there significant disparities with respect to the lgbt community and many of our health and safety challenges.
3:04 am
currently, there is no law in san francisco requiring that our city departments contractors or grantees that provide direct services to san francisco that collect information about sexual orientation and agenda gender identity. there's no requirement whatsoever. there required to collect data for other demographic data is not for our community. so, in general, we don't know how many lgbt people are accessing particular services. we don't know if there are services that are not culturally competent as reflected by a lack of lgbt participation. we don't know if this particular services that have a large number of lgbt people participating which tells us something about the needs of our community. so, this ordinance will require city dependence and contractors that provide healthcare and social services to our residents to seek collect and analyze data concerning the sexual orientation and gender identity of their clients. of course, clients while the right not to provide that data but
3:05 am
our departments and nonprofit partners will have to ask for it. the legislation mr. chairman, was based on a recommendation by the lgbt 18 policy task force which as you will recall, was created by myself and supervisors campos and-in 2012. the legislation the task force met for a year and haven't made a series of recommendations to the board of supervisors to meet the needs of lgbt zenith. the first recommendation we adopted as legislation and that i authored with the lgbt senior bill of rights for people living and long-term care the sorties. we have also obtained significant budget funding to fund recommendations of the path task force. this legislation is the next that in implementing the lgbt 18 policy task force's recommendations. the legislation applies to san francisco department of public health department to services,
3:06 am
san francisco department of children and youth and families. department of aging and adult services and the mayors office of housing and community development. within 24 months of the operative date of the legislation, each department was amid a report to the city administrator including analysis of this data and identifying all services and programs with lgbt people are underrepresented along with a plan to make sure that the services and programs are more accessible to the lgbt community and more culturally competent. i also want to acknowledge that our assembly member and former colleague david chiu offered similar legislation state level last year that gov. brown signed into law. gov. brown has vetoed that law previously and was a great step forward that assembly member mr. chu was
3:07 am
able to move it for. this legislation makes, women's assembly member choose work. mr. chairman, this legislation will help improve our outreach to support of all members of our community particularly the most vulnerable. and i ask for your support. we do have a few presentations today. first, i want to invite up dr. marcy eight woman who is a member of the lgbt 18 task force and i want to thank dr. aleman because she really was one of the people who came to me and to supervisors campos and-4-5 years ago asking us for help and telling us, hey, when not doing we need to for lgbt seniors and so was in some ways her brainchild to do this task force oh dr. aleman, welcome >> thank you supervisor wiener for that introduction and thank you for being such a leader on the needs and services of lgbt seniors in san francisco. the
3:08 am
lgbt 18 policy task force which convened in 2012 and ended in march of 2014 was charged with coming up with recommendations around service gaps and service needs for lgbt senior secured in san francisco. to that end, of course the first thing we needed to do as the task force was to collect whatever data the city had and once we did that we realized we had a wonderful report given to us but we realized as much as is important as the report was for the data it provided was how little data there was. so, we set out to have another study, have a study done, and do focus groups in order to provide the task force with the meaningful information that they would need to make recommendations. you know, for me who has worked
3:09 am
in decades for the field of lgbt aging this was another example of having to use resources and time to-money and time to reinvent the wheel so that we could find out exactly what we needed to know to create the best policy and programs for our community. the task force took this to heart and realized that this was perhaps the most critical recommendation we could make. that critical recommendation was that the city mandate the collection of sexual orientation and gender identity data. now, we could have just gone out and said let's just collect data for lgbt seniors, but that would have been poor judgment come i think at the end of the day because what we decided was that we would ask the city to collect data across departments, citywide good that way, [inaudible] lgbt seniors but seeing aging as a part of the lifecycle of lgbt people.
3:10 am
so, that's what we have in this legislation. there's youth and families, there's adult, data that will be collected on seniors as well. this for the first time, will give san francisco the opportunity to create smart policy and programs not only for lgbt folks living in san francisco today but for generations to come. so, thank you again so much. >> thank you very much. dr. 800 now i want to call up nolan, who in addition to his role at the mta is-was this staff member at the department of aging and adult services worked with the task force, to publicly thank-for being unequivocally supportive of the task force in the very beginning as well is this legislation and working closely with us. so mr. nolan, he
3:11 am
continues to work to move these items forward. so mr. known. >> thank you. is your chairman and supervisor weiner i'm very happy to be here this morning about the department of aging and adult services and total support of supervisor weiner's legislation and i'm joined this morning by the acting director of the department as look at inserting the lgbt community for many many years. in many ways wide variety of services we offer. the department has always been aware of the presence of the lgbt seniors and has supported a variety of efforts to assist them including number one, supporting creation of the lgbt 18 policy task was that supervisor weiner management contributing funding for the major way through the age of lgbt aging in the golden ticket the survey and focus groups that form the foundation for the lgbt passports recommendations provided and continues to provide sport that has forced now implanting this recommendation and the department is and was a key supporter [inaudible] verse in
3:12 am
the kind in the nation bill of rights for lgbt and secondly, were currently about relating to proposals to provide culturally probate services for lgbt individuals around dementia care and isolation. there, and also funds lgbt cultural sensitivity and humility training in concert with the department of human resource. when the major findings of the passports was many lgbt seniors particularly those we see in baby boomers either extends determination or fear of it. still because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. thus, for some people back in the closet making it difficult if not impossible for agents to provide culturally sensitive and appropriate service. supervisor weiner's legislation is a big step forward. the first, google more than anecdotal information about the population and simply second simply asking the question will send a welcoming signal to lgbt seniors in vinton we are are enthusiastically supportive of
3:13 am
this legislation. thank you. >> thank you very much. finally, i want to-sorry. again, i recognize in some of the david chiu's work at the state level. >> hello. thanks very much for having us here to get i'm katie-gunbattle assembly member david should these ugly member is in full support of supervisor weiner's legislative last year he's only member offered 80 ab--[inaudible] they did as they will level that supervisor weiner seeks to do at the local level. to better distribute government funding and resource to address needs in the lgbt community. the community counted [inaudible]
3:14 am
window from data collected on nonprofit sister does exist in the lgbt community. lgbt individuals are more likely to pay certain health disparities faced difficulty in finding and keeping housing and many other challenges than their straight counterparts. however with aggregated dad both used at the local and state government level we can being in sight into the disparities that exist and effectively allocate resources to address these issues. we know this data will save lives help us target scarce budget resources achieve true in quality this ugly member's the board of supervisors will support it. thank you. >> thank you very much. richard chairman, if we may i like to open this up for public comment >> first of all, thank you for being in this legislation to us. i think the five departments that have been identified makes a lot of sense. i am just curious, was there any discussion or in regards to possibly looking at
3:15 am
hsa? also because as you know, they serve a lot of the low income and the foster kids and there's a substantial population around that. >> the hsa is part of this. i think it was referred to as the department of human services but that's the same thing as human services agency. i guess department of human services-is that the official name? okay. yes so hsa is part of this just under its official name >> okay. i see that. >> if you look on page 3, line 6 definitions of departments, dph, department of human services, dos, the cys and moh cd. >> thank. >> i will say the youth commission did come to us and as we include the juvenile
3:16 am
probation department as well and we did reach out and we've had discussions with the juvenile probation department, with the city attorney. thus some tricky issues there around youth confidentiality and the criminal justice system. so, we have asked the youth commission to work directly with department of gen. probation to come up with some ideas and if were able to do that i will it's my intention to carry that as a trailing legislation. >> thank you. >> without mr. chairman, if we may open it up to public comment did i want public comment card. is there any public comment on item 1? please, come forward. >> good morning supervisors. i'm ashley, executive director of meals on wheels of san francisco. i also sfgov tv you today as a former member of the lgbt 18 policy task force and look alongside my colleagues. i think dr. aleman appropriately stated that our work has to be driven by data and that was one
3:17 am
of the first recommendations that came out of the task force. but i actually want to speak you on behalf of being a leader of an agency in my experience with this ordinance and collecting data. i arrived at meals on wheels on in 2007 and as a gay man, when the first questions i asked of my team is, how many lgbt people do we serve? in fact, we do not know. then, i asked her why and ultimately to a long conversation we realize how important it was restarted to collect this data immediately. most people know meals on wheels as neil do what we are is a service provider in homes with supportive services. you cannot do that without trust. so beyond knowing whether or not we are serving people the right way, whether or not we should be changing operatives in the future, the biggest reason to support this ordinance
3:18 am
is we have to build trust with all of our clients. this ordinance goes a long way to sending that signal from the very first interaction with any client in any department. so i want to thank supervisor weiner and also supervisor campos but their support of the lgbt 18 policy task force and thank you for moving this forward. >> thank you. next speaker. >> mr. chairman and supervisor weiner my name is keith baraka. on the from the san francisco fire department and the reason why i'm here to make a statement today is because for some of the same reasons that dr. aleman mentioned that we don't have information that we need to make sure our fire department reflects our community. it's been determined long ago that we best serve our city by having a department that is comprised of folks that are commensurate with our
3:19 am
population are we can collect data on race, for instance, whether people are african-american, native american married filipino and such, but we are hands are tied when it comes to the collection of data on lgbt members. so i think this is a opportunity to also address the concerns that we-that i have had that sf rescue him player resource organization has had with the department and finding out how we can better determine with the numbers are for the fire department. so i believe it would be great if this measure could also cover departments for public safety like the fire department. that's the statement i would like to make and i think that again, this is a great opportunity for us to
3:20 am
voluntarily collect information so we can better our fire department. thank you. >> are you referring to employment? >> yes. >> thank you to this of the first am hearing of this but this legislation focuses on services that are provided to members of the community. this is not require any department to collect employment related data that is obviously a significant issue could i agree with you 100%, but that's-it's important but separate issue from what this legislation is about. about collecting data on provision of health and human services, or services to residents of san francisco. so the employment issue is important, but it's not-it's not the scope of this legislation but thank you for raising that issue because we do need information about how many lgbt people there are in the fire department come in the police department. frankly, in a number of different departments because we know we want our first responders to be as diverse as our city is. thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed.
3:21 am
>>[gavel] >> i just want to say, again, i fully support this legislation. i've done hot-i've been in struggles for trying to get data for other aspects throughout my life and we know how important it is to collect this type of data so that we can actually see what kind of services are provided, who is getting it and when we do an analysis that indeed, there certain groups that are not getting their fair share of services that the city could make some adjustments. whether, in the past, and no data was ever collected, whether it's about age or gender or ethnicity or language. these things have [inaudible] over decades and i think this is important as any of those other categories. so, given that, if
3:22 am
you don't mind, the author of this legislation whether i could be added as a cosponsor? >> that would be great. thank you mr. chairman. yes. i'm happy to have you as a cosponsor. thank you. so, again thank you to the members of the public and to our department and task force presenters for the dialogue today. this is important legislation to improve the visibility of our lgbt community and to make sure that as we provide critical health and human services to summon the most marginalized members of our community, that we are doing so in a knowledgeable and culturally competent way and that cultural competence does not just exist in some nonprofits were some agencies but universally. this
3:23 am
legislation will help us to do that. so, mr. chairman, i move that we forward item 1 to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation. >> okay. no objection to motion passes >>[gavel] >> thank you. mdm. clerk item number two >> item number two, >>[reading code] >> okay. thank you. i call this hearing today to get a better understanding of the city's actions and procedures regarding a winning place on the pentecost church also known as a place to meet jesus. the voice of the pentecost church owned the el rey theater, a historic theater located on ocean avenue in district 7. the city had a lien on the voice of the pentecost for not being
3:24 am
able to pay rent for space on treasure island. earlier this year we learned through the press that the theater was foreclosed upon and auctioned off on a front steps of city hall for $1.06 million. what is perplexing to me is how this property could have been sold without the city's knowledge, especially given that we had a lien against the property owner. furthermore, the el rey theater was also identified as part of the office of academic workforce of almonds neighborhood asset activation program and is currently ongoing the community when marking process. i want to ensure that there is transparency in what transpired because we are not only lost money owed to the city but we also lost a beloved el rey theater to a new entity who as of now has not been responsive to the community. the purpose of today's hearing is to shed
3:25 am
light on what exactly happened and to see if there are measures we can take to increase communication and possibly seize these opportunities in the future. so, the first presenter i would like to invite is bob back, treasure island director. bob, please come up to the podium. >> thank you by chair yee supervisor weiner. bob back with the treasure island development authority and the treasure island developing a 40 did have a lien against the el rey theater. as you said resulting from property that they had leased on treasure island in 2006-2007 timeframe. i will go through the history there a little bit. at the time of the foreclosure, we were actually in discussions with the voice of the pentecost
3:26 am
about ways in which they might be able to discharge the obligation of the judgment that been rendered and we were as surprised as anyone that the potential for closure had not been raised as an issue in our discussions. but i will go through a little bit of the events that led to the judgment being filed and then kind of where we were earlier this year when we learned of the foreclosure. so, the title was approached late 2004-early 2005 about leasing space on the island for the purposes of film production. on june 1 of 2005, voice of pentecost entered into a lease a leasewith one or 40,000 ft.2 and historical hanger three.for
3:27 am
which they were paying a rent of $.12 a foot or little over $17,000 a month. that originally lease was close to run through march of 2006, with the options for up to five one-year extensions. beginning in january of 2006, the voice of the pentecost failed to pay their rent for that month. between january and march of 2006 treasure island made repeated demands for payment of the rent's due and the nonpayment of rent continued. the voice of pentecost did make overtures to make certain improvements and repairs to hangar three in exchange for rent credits and requested the exercise of an option to extend through march of 2007. qaeda declined to extend the term or two exchange improvements for
3:28 am
rent credits. at the end of march with the expiration of the lease and the nonpayment of rent, we sent a notice of default and termination to voice of pentecost. at that time, the accrued back rent were just over $55,000. from april through october of 2006, the voice of pentecost failed to vacate the premises and continued nonpayment of rent. the city attorney during that time filed a unlawful detainer action on treasure island's behalf to vacate the property. in october of october 2006 the city attorney and counsel to the voice of pentecost negotiated a stipulated agreement under which voice of
3:29 am
pentecost would make a payment of $90,000 by november 15 of 2006 and vacate the property by the end of 2006. but then voice of pentecost failed to make that november payment. so, in december the city attorney filed to enforce the stipulated agreement and the superior court entered a judgment on behalf of treasure island four winner $246,000 which is the accrued back rent interest and penalties at that time and the court ordered a 10% interest per annum be applied to that balance. in january 10th of 2007, notice eviction was served and the locks on the sony were changed and in january and february of that year the voice of pentecost was offered opportunities to enter
3:30 am
the building and recover property. at that time, communication between voice of pentecost and the city discontinued. there was no further communication between treasure island and voice of pentecost for a period of several years until 2014, december of 2014 when the voice of pentecost approached treasure island and specifically, myself, at this point i had joined treasure island to discuss the judgment against voice of pentecost and the lien that it placed against the property on ocean avenue. with numerous conversations with course of 2015 and into early 2016 to discuss scenarios under which the voice of pentecost might satisfy or discharge their obligations under the judgment, or format for a settlement that johnck to recommend to the board of supervisors for approval. when
3:31 am
in february of 2016 we learned also from reporters at the chronicle that the property had been sold, it auctioned by the lender in november of 2015--so if that point the lien against the property was extinguished with the sale. the judgment against voice of pentecost is still there and we remain open to dialogue with the voice of pentecost on how that judgment might be satisfied, but we have not had further communication since february. when we are informed of the sale the property. >> so, at this point mr. back, there is no more opportunity to actually collect any of this
3:32 am
from the voice of pentecost? >> i think the opportunity exists . however, the judgment is no longer secured by the lien against the property on ocean avenue. but the judgment against the voice of pentecost is still outstanding can however, we don't have any assets that been identified yet do we could attach. >> i am just curious, this is not completely related to this topic, but it is related. how do you vet potential ec's? >> for vcs on the island they do provide certain financial information to show. credit worthiness for the leases that they are entering into. also, they are required to provide
3:33 am
insurance for the facilities and property which they are leasing. which, in the case of this was a fairly substantial insurance policy that they covered under their umbrella coverage for their church and their facility on ocean avenue. >> i guess this is all hindsight stuff. what else could we have asked in terms of information that could have foreseen something like this happening? >> yes. i think, you know, again, i don't know in detail the depth of the credit check that was done in 2005, but perhaps more in-depth credit check good also, we do carefully monitor and promptly send notices to tenants of nonpayment of rent so that we try to avoid the accrual of
3:34 am
significant back charges of rent. so, we do try and stay on top of rent is there due to make sure that tenants are not falling into a situation where they have a large obligation accrued. >> so, you mentioned that you have attempted to reach out to them and communicate with and what actually have you done to do that? >> as i mentioned, over the course of 2015 we had a number of conversations with representative of voice of pentecost. they represented that they do not have liquid assets to fulfill the obligation and so we were having alternative discussions about alternative ways in which they
3:35 am
might be able to fulfill their debt obligation, including potentially allowing a portion of their facility on ocean avenue to be used for community-based organizations or other purposes. but, we did not-those conversations did not reach the point where we had a specific proposal to bring to the board of supervisors for consideration. >> when was the last medication with them? >> last medications i had with voice of pentecost was in january, just prior to worry about this we were having a dialogue and then, when i communicated with them after learning about this, they said they would get back to us and we kind of have not had further to medications since then. >> is it worth trying one more time or two more times? >> i think we can continue to reach out to the voice of pentecost. my understanding is there current focus has been on
3:36 am
trying to retain or reclaim their property if at all possible. if it's possible that the settlement of obligation could be part of a solution like that, we certainly are open to discussions. >> maybe this is for a question for the city attorney, but if we were to purchase it back are they still obligated to the lien? >> that may be a question for the city attorney. i don't think the lien would snap back but i believe the lien could be placed against any asset whether it's this church or another real property that we were aware of. >> i'll ask the city attorney later i guess. well thank you for your presentation. i hope that you continue communicating with them and see what you could retrieve back from them.
3:37 am
thank you. any questions? the next person i would like to ask to present it would be the city attorney by deputy city atty. john gibner >> deputy city attorney john gibner. i'm here today with two colleagues who have more background on this particular case is matthew rothschild is the head of our claims team and virginia how also on our claims team. we are planning to just run through the background mr. back primarily ran through all of that good i'm not sure how much more we can add but certainly, in terms of answering your questions about how we got here in the unlawful detainer and the logistics of the lien, looking backward and
3:38 am
looking forward, so i wonder if mr. rothschild can speak on the background and maybe ms. ho on the snapback question that you asked about the lien. >> that's fine. >> thank you. matthew rothchild chief of the claims division for the city attorney's office. and virginia ho is a claims adjuster on the team who worked on the abstract and filing the lien in this matter. happy to answer your questions. >> so, what can we do legally in regards to if the church
3:39 am
were to purchase or repurchase. is there anything we can do legally? >> well, i mean i would be speculating but we were, as bob said, we were in discussions with them and they were not exactly candid with us about they were not paying rent and they were about to foreclose on their mortgage. so come i think there's a lack of trust at the moment. i'm trying to be diplomatic because they do not cause they were not paying their mortgage. so there is that just as background. number two, the city has always willing to consider to talk to people we are in litigation with or have judgments against to try to resolve it and what's in the interest of just. am sure we would always consider that. but, as we speak, we have a judgment. it is valid. it can be run in five years-every 10 years-after five years it can
3:40 am
be renewed to add additional interest and we are entitled to the taxpayers are entitled to those funds. if they wish to, if the credit report is on a network that was to go forward our lien will show up. anything else to add? >> go ahead >> the lien is valid and if voice of pentecost decided to the purchase, if they need to refinance or get a loan, it would show on the credit reports and have to pay the city first before the loan would go through. >> i mean, i am just-i guess where the committee and myself including, asking questions how did this happen? this would've happened without anyone noticing? can you think of-what can we do legally or
3:41 am
are their suggestions in terms of policies where we can maybe strengthen this so this does not happen again? >> well they could have paid their rent to treasure island and they would not be in this position. what were they could have during the time when they were not paying the rent on fisher island they could've tried to renegotiate the lease for what they could afford to pay or when there was an opportunity to work with them in 2014, when the lien was renewed, we did send them a document as required to under the law, that we are about to renew the lien and they could've come forward at that time and i'm sure if they had come forward with pain the principle that was do we certainly would've looked at that kindly. but they did not do that. >> yes. so, regardless of this particular situation, in terms of having entities of
3:42 am
foreclose like this and none of us knowing that this was going to happen or happened, is there something the city can do to require maybe the banks to let us know? i just want this to be a recurring-spit >> debbie city attorney john gibner again. that's a question that we just started looking to add your request supervisor, and i think the best way forward is for my office, perhaps mr. rothschild are probably others on our real estate team to continue look into what's possible. there are some are sections under state law that a hamstring us, and then report back to you about what options are might be to pursue legislation on this topic. >> do you have a comment on this?
3:43 am
>> happy to work with you on a timeline. the person who will would handle this is out of the office this week. so i could not talk to him in advance of this meeting to figure out kind of what how complicated this task will be but, i will i'm happy to talk with you later this week, next week, to figure out a specific, so we can give you some options. >> okay. >> just been added, supervisor, we learned about the foreclosure at the same time you did. in the newspaper it was sold at christmas at the steps of city hall. we were hoping that there will be funds available for the city to collect somewhat on eileen. there was not. so, we were as disappointed as you are. i do think there are-i agree with, john and we will research for you i think there are some state preemption issues about
3:44 am
entities that don't pay their rent and there's foreclosure in city hall. i don't know that the city can say we want to know about it before it's sold but we certainly will look into it for you. >> yes. arduously come i think this is one of these things people knew it was in a cell for only $1 million it's worth a lot more than that. whether the community were the city would step up to purchase it as an asset for our community. it could've been done especially at that price. >> the other question i have, which is totally speculation on my part, supervisor, is why they do not sell the building. i mean, they do not have to foreclose on. they could have sold it for more and paid the city arlene and perhaps had some funds left over for the voice of pentecost that they chose not to do that. >> i understand and that's why i think we need to continue to
3:45 am
monitor whether it's 20 be flipped back to them. it doesn't seem very proper whatever was on. i guess i've been better not say any more than that. >> thank you supervisor >> thank you very much. any questions? no. thank you very much. walking tours from oewd, and do a short presentation. >> good afternoon mr. chairman and supervise. the pleasure to be here walking tours from office of economic and workforce development. i want to provide a quick and brief overview with regard to our work with the community and assessing and a level of engagement with the el rey theatre as part of a larger program referenced earlier. our neighborhood as it activation
3:46 am
program that looks at underutilized sites that have a positive neighborhood impact it activator across the city and particularly invested neighborhood corridor. we selected the el rey for a few reasons. one is because we blog setting working with the ocean avenue community through both invest in neighborhoods and the community benefit district program. we knew that was underutilized into disrepair with bacon looking storefronts and news community desire to see more activated and potentially allow for some additional community use. we thought that maybe was going to be way to work with the building owner on these issues. however, we began assessing it like the rest of us, we learned it been transferred to a new owner the option after foreclosure by private lender. after as part of the assessment process, both our partner northern california community loan fund and our office is out multiple times to engage the new owners to learn their intentions engage them positive with you we also reached out to
3:47 am
the church and community stakeholders to find out what their intentions were for the property as well. the church nor the owners have been very willing to engage at all and they are pretty adamant they're not interested in engaging in a conversation with us today. despite our repeated attempts. we've included multiple offers of assistance to property owner to open pursue any kind of renovation redevelopment plans. in march we have learned through i think is important process here in terms of how we monitor these types of sites it takes a lot of kind of gumshoe work in partnership with people of eyes on the street in our community partners let us know issues happening related to construction or renovation that had been properly permitted so we were able to work with your office and your staff on the community to make sure we assigned dbi right away to people that work there was taken an improperly. this work
3:48 am
inbox is another development we been looking at. we do this both to raise public awareness of the value of a site like this and also it will inform the permitting process that we go through this when marking job leave a draft proposal is nearly completed writenow. from our community stakeholders. so that we can have the permitting process with any kind of alteration construction were potential demolition informed by landmark in process. were a much looking forward to working partnership our office with the committing of pursuing that process. i think that would be the best kind of update i can provide at this time. again, we are always very open throttle when marking process to continuing talks with the property owners. should they wish to accept our calls. and have a conversation with us. we have also advised although not required for the community stakeholders to reach out as well to make sure that the property owner can be involved in that when marking process as well. >> thank you very much. at
3:49 am
this time, is there any public comment? come on up, dan. >> good morning. thanks for having this hearing. my name is dan weaver and him representing the ocean ave., association good almonds executive director and el rey theatre is the biggest thing on the ocean avenue. it may in fact be the biggest thing, biggest building west of twin peaks for that matter. it's been there a long time. when the church bought it in 1978 they proceeded to do the wrong kind of restoration. systematically on the front, fortunately, the inside is remarkably intact oh according to the preservation consultants we hired, it's hard to proceed
3:50 am
from here because what i am hearing from the city attorneys staff is that there is no need or law that says the senior lien holder has to notify the junior lien holder when there's more than one lien on the property that's going to be auctioned off on the steps. as a consequence, it just the way it is that san francisco no one in san francisco government learned that this was going to be auctioned off. that's not my understanding of how the law works but are not a lawyer. so, it would be interesting to delve a little bit more into that to understand whether, in fact, the city was noticed or i don't know if this city knows if it was noticed. thank you. >> any other public comment? come on up. >> ace washington. i just
3:51 am
happen to be here at city hall today. on some other business. i could peek in here and see this item coming up. just listening to the back-and-forth rhetoric that the city and county gives me just give a parallel piece of property in the western addition, which oewd and all these departments are involved with. this is parallel with the same situation is where a property went bankrupt and city and county went haywire into it they want the we in our community the building is still run by the city and county we don't know what the hell is going on. i think it's ludicrous. i think it's disgusting the way we are treated in the western addition . that alone on ocean avenue pier on very familiar with the building i used to congregate there years ago to my church used to fellowship years ago
3:52 am
and had changed ownership. but just a parallel to its going on in the western addition of a building that went bankrupt and the city took back over and we the community try to get some parts of it which we can get nothing, can't get information about it. we don't know what is going on from wendy to another because the city and county in the department they are talking about right now is overseeing it. this same department was in here last week with a least [inaudible] yes, they damn sure need oversight on that department as well as others. now i speak parallel speaking that the department and if the owners are here, i would not look at the department get the hell out of it if the city and county does not on. if they do own it they don't manage their own business. they'll manage the buildings they have. what
3:53 am
al is going on here? at city hall. i call it silly hall. where accountability is needed >> thank you. next. >> my name is neil ballard anglicized resident. the el rey theatre is the most iconic building on ocean avenue and the most prominent art deco theater in the whole city. it should be preserved and dedicated to a community use but instead it was sold for the cost of a house i think is the real issue here. so, why that happened is still unclear and if every city department by god about this in the newspaper i think somebody who knows what really went on i like to hear from them especially. thank you. >> good morning supervisors.
3:54 am
i'm alex mullaney and him and angle side resident also good i also publish the neighborhood newspaper. i lead say the el rey when i and other neighbors found out it was old we were very concerned. because as you know, we could eat without for development when it's a landmark and its farthest work product of the neighborhood i interface with a lot of neighborhoods and community. this like conspiracy theories about what happens. there's a lot of concern that people want to feel like the city is on top of it and hoping this hearing could really put a cap on it. i wish the department of real estate had been your two kind of explain the process and i believe this post to monitor foreclosures were they have to the ability to anyhow. anyway, i do appreciate having this hearing and i look forward to coming back bringing the land
3:55 am
marking application. >> thank you. any other-come on up. >> yes, my name is robert creed and i would leak with very closely to the el rey theatre. i'm also the owner of the victoria theatre on 16th and mission. i just want to let the city know that that they had, or did have or may have a golden opportunity to enrich the lives of everyone in san francisco. i took a theater 16 mission st. in 1978. it was boarded up. since that time we've had programs from schoolchildren to musicals to stageplay two dramas and this year we hosted the san francisco international film festival. i mention this because this is a similar thing that could happen in the elegant in fact, the el rey
3:56 am
zone was 10 times better than the victoria theatre and how no one could see the vision behind that and what it could do to enhance not only the neighborhood but the whole city, the school district, it's just beyond me. >> any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> it seems like this hearing was to try to get some answers and certainly we do not get too many answers and none of us seem to know how this all transpired until after the fact and moving forward, i would love to see us emendations, in regards to policies preventing such an action to take place again. i think it is true when of the public comments why the department of real estate was here. i don't know if they
3:57 am
would have given us any more information, but it was something i should have pushed for a living more for them to be here. in regards to this particular item, el rey, i'm looking forward to working with the community in terms of this land marking and the historical aspects of this particular property. and hopefully this will come sooner not later so we can actually move forward with some things where it may benefit, not only the community, but also the whole of san francisco. without any further comments, then can i have a motion to file. >> i will move to file >> no objection. the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> thanks for coming. mdm. clerk please call item number
3:58 am
three >> yes. item number three, >>[reading code] >> >> okay. ms.- >> thank you supervisors for hearing this today. good morning supervisors. for the record my name is mary and ms. ago thompson and i'm speaking on behalf of director todd with photo. we are here today to follow-up on the june 2 gal hearing regarding the legacy registry. we've come a long way
3:59 am
since june 2 but we recognize that we have a way to go. for the past four weeks we have been focused on creating the policies, the procedures, around the legacy business registry. we've been building the of the structure for the program and putting systems into place. prior to the june 2 hearing, director with cocaine to me and asked if i would take the lead on this project and we could on board a manager. without hesitation i said, yes. i believe in supporting local businesses and by way of background, i am the project manager for shop and dine in the 49, by local campaign. it was just one small hitch. that was my vacation. i'm a single mom of two teenagers and i went home and told him that the vacation was on hold for just a small bit of time. my daughter asked me, mom, what are you going to do on this project? i
4:00 am
told her the first thing i was going to do with to meet with all 37 of the businesses would yet submitted their applications. legacy businesses deserve the best customer service and that's part of what i am focused on. so, on google maps is 16-year-old daughter who insisted that she come with me, we went on an adventure. that is to say, we shopped and dimes are way too 37 businesses in san francisco. each and every business and every business owner had iredible story to tell. from roseanne from the anchor oyster bar to billy, from the castro country club canada from fog city market, victoria door restaurant oceanside sheet metal, yes, i even took my 16-year-old daughter to this cinch, why not. these businesses are woven into the