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tv   Board of Education 8916  SFGTV  August 11, 2016 4:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it on. that was at the june meeting us about the figure in the minutes to fix that was the target providers. >> how are we doing? >> were doing mailing out regime are doing a phone outreach as well. >> i have something else but is not related to this exactly. to fix if we need to stay on this topic for the moment. >> okay >> i have a question about the item question template on your appendix. that i guess you're the member would fill out if they had a question. >> so, the intent of it is for hss to use it. however, as a special circumstance for the educational meetings we are going to have a hard copy at the meeting. if a retiree can stay together question answered or they don't want to wait to
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speak to someone they can complete it we will collect those and bring them back to our same to respond back to each number individual. >> so this is not an ongoing sort of question template. this is people at the time of enrollment stephen >> is ongoing for hss to use so they can refer questions to our sam to do that higher touch service with a member. it is short-term for the educational meetings whether retiring would actually completed >> so hhs hss staff will have eight better bit of instructions about how to fill this out >> correct. reagan about training for them >> you can just list just say brief discovery of december the drug is. with the communication was because a lot of times drugs may be approved for one indication but not for another. all the staff will have the
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information is required for this form? >> correct cured today hss us does refer questions to us that it's to create more standardization between the benefits analyst so that we get consistent information coming in. whatever information hss staff they'll put it on the form and usually we take that we research to our ability to a lot of things make in our reach to the member talk to them directly to see the specific concerns are. >> i think that was my concern about the standardization of the information being transferred. there would be less upsetting to the member or enrollee as well as our staff, to know in advance what is going to be required in that box . so that there is not further outreach or questions back to
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either >> or repetition >> or repetition judge if everyone had the same sort of destruction this is the minimal amount of data you need in order to cement this form and to make sure the staff has all that cured maybe they do. >> event the question is about coverage or prescription drugs please provide the names of the drugs and the question and the reason they're being prescribed. >> whatever you need in order to make a decision i think, the minimum should be also used the diagnosis and the reason for prescription. one drug for noncovered reason or non-licensed reason and that is your reason for denial than it needs to be stay with the reason really was >> right. we are again doing training with hss that in september so will blow that out a little more sober getting to it >> not to lose sight of the reason. you are trying to get a constant clear stream of information that is somewhat a way you can process it, deal with it and respond to it
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>> correct >> that's what were trying to get at here. so, this form after you used it for a while you may decide to come back and modify it, correct? >> correct >> retirees without a and bo how many >> there's about 114 b only people >> without a or b? there are some old-timers still. i don't even know how many are left but there was i guess i would assume stay in the plans? to fix though stay in the current plans. they're not in a medical plan with the blue shield were grandfathered. we call them grandfathered where they would say in the city plan >> you know how many are left? >> it's a very small small number >> would you bring that back so we have that on the record and what your response was if you could let the secretary know. we'll inserted in the minutes in the spot. it's 10, 20 or 30. their plans will not be disturbed. is that what i'm hearing you say?
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>> that don't have a or b >> that is correct >> if they don't have a or b. we are on the record date. any other questions from commissioners? >> following commissioner breslin's question would that be communicated also to the members >> butler b only >> without amd is our plan to communicate to those members their coverage will not- >> they still have the option >> right. so, the open in rome at its euros they get applied to plan are eligible for. but we will take an extra step because particularly blue shield extra step and working with them and making sure they understand nothing scorn to change for them >> any other questions? commissioner moon-reynolds >> just a comments. thank you. dr. dodd, thank you for working
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with high speed about this is the start i think this answers a lot of questions that were asked during the previous meeting get so, thank you. [inaudible] >> thank you very much. any other questions or comments from commissioners? if you would stand by, there may be public comment that would require your support. is there any public comment? >> thank you commissioners. it has been really wonderful in the interaction that i've had with eu 8c that's in trying to do what we can to our organization to really make this information that distributed to make it work i have a friday deadline for an article with regard to this and
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i can't remember dodd if you're writing network i was writing that claimed. >>[laughing] that's what i thought. that's okay. because i written this out so many times >> arms can assign you the electronic version of the flyer. >> yes, thank you >> there is a bit of a shared responsibility >> we are coordinating here, obvious. through news and views are publishing deadline is friday. we are writing up as much as we can. doing two things. one is to put it in our newsletter which will be distributed toward the end of august but i'm also doing an e-mail blast to all of our members so that they get some advanced operation and knowledge because i'm hearing different rumors out there that are people upset as you can imagine. so, either trying to dispel a lot of that and the idea is that members will get an e-mail blast that will tell them what their options are, what they can do and hopefully i will get the customer service
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phone number and that sort of thing. really encourage them to go to all the meetings. what we find at a regular meetings for example, are healthier and october many of the members who attend do not have computers or e-mails. they come to our meetings so that our newsletter is really critical. that is how they're getting it's good at about 140 that i personally mailed the newsletter to because they don't have electronic service. so, we are aware of that and working with you 8c with all service, with everyone to make sure that everybody gets as much of the correct information as possible. so i want to thank everybody on all sides for the assistance and also to understand the whatever else we can do to help with this information and will retirees feel comfortable about the information and their options we are here and ready to assist you to, thank you
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>> thank you for the comment and your offer for supports the work you've done to date. is there something from kaiser on this point? is there a kaiser represented here? yes? anything you care to offer at this point? on this topic? >> kaiser permanente. i just want to thank hss for allowing us to collaboratively work with united healthcare. it's actually been an enlightening process. it's kind of unique to both vendors on this together but we are coordinating and working so that we can let people know that they do have a choice of kaiser permanente in addition to the blue shield number in addition to that united health to. >> and it's going well? >> so far it's going extremely well, yes. they have been gracious >> thank you. i just want to get that on the record publicly. okay. other public
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comment >> i'm sorry for that one could get there are some blue shield people were being referred to specialists that we been told are not accepting not medicare that has some exceptions to that. so i think it's more than just of four people within the city planted think we have to aware of who else might be in blue shield might have special considerations to be addressed and also our big message to all the kaiser people is that nothing changes for them and that kaiser is an option. >> if you have any specifics would you please refer those folks into the staff or follow-up. any other public comment on this item? hearing none, and seeing none, we will move to the next item >> item 14, discussion item report on it work in health plan issues. if any >> commissioner breslin >> i the question for many represented from united healthcare. i talked to jane
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perrone the other day about the medicare new plan for pain doctors call the macro and she said she don't say she was going on vacation but i was curiosity is how this going to affect members? was a lot of concern may be a lot of doctors would not take medicare people anymore with this new medicare reimbursement plan. it's complicated. there's a lot of questions and answers. i got 3-4 inquiries >> dr. dodd, can you shed any light on this? >> the macro regulations have not been finalized. i reviewed the comments pacific business group forwarded regarding the regulations. macro is designed to reimburse for quality so that there is a mip fund which
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is an incentive fund that if you meet certain quality standard the physicians actually get more money. there have been-i did a literature search after i saw you are e-mail, commissioner breslin, and there've been no articles that have projected that physicians will leave medicare because of macro but it is a new way of financing care that incentivizes quality, not quantity. it probably will likely not be implemented until the middle of next year at the earliest possible and given there were changing presidents, it may not get implemented at all depending on the outcome of the election. this is an initiative that cms has put forward because cms really drives health policy and again,
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it's about quality. but there's no projections about members of physicians who are going to drop out of manager. >> this came from an advisory board >> right. i read the article >> but you are saying- >> its complexes doesn't say who is currently >> regulations have not been finalized on this topic. is that what i'm hearing you same? >> there not been finalized >> any other comments on this item? >> but can i just ask >> please >> i'm willing to suggest if the board wants an update on macro although with the november form it will be a topic and i'll actually talk to him about it but doing an update on what it means >> okay that thank you that would be useful. anything else on discussion item 14? item 15
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>> yes, public comment >> i'm heard it wondered. i hold shares in united health. it had a good performance is weight of their in the fortune 500. i don't see them going bankrupt in any time. so, my concern is because i am in the ppo in united health and presently satisfied with it, other rates going up? other premiums going up? of hope is going up in the future? i think it's very important to monitor their performance. they are not a poor corporation at all. i don't think we should be paying for their high revenues were anything. i would like you to have the levels of copayments
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and premiums remain at the present standards and i would like to see this board do everything possible to do this. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. any other public comment? seeing none, we will go to the next item >> item 15 discussion item opportunity to place items on future agendas. >> i would just note as i did at a prior meeting, in june, we are planning to have an educational forum in november. the november board meeting. our there's a few items that have come forward but if there's other items that are particularly of interest would ask the commissioners, please forward those to dr. dodd. so that we can in preparation if we will get to get outside resources or what have you to present the items fully. anything else on this item? if not, next item >> item 16 discussion item opportunity for the public to comment on any matters within
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the board's jurisdiction. >> any public comment? owing once, going twice. hearing none,, this meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> i didn't o- >> sound familiar do you keep on getting up there's an easier way. >> of course there's easier way get rid of of mosquito they breed whatever
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this is water no water no mosquito mosquito feed on good blood the eggs hatch and stay near the waters san francisco to breathe and the adult underlying mosquito waits on the as many until it's sexuality hardens water pools in any areas and creates places you'll not normally think of budget and any container that holds water and hidden in bushes or else were dump the water and do it over soil not into a drain the larva can continue growing in the pooled water is sewage disthe first of its kind the area if the sewage is two extreme have a licensed plumber assist water
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pools in rain gutters and snaking and cleaning out the water when keep the water from pooling and keep in mind that mosquito breed in other waters like catch balgsz and construction barriers interest crawl spaces with clmg is an issue you may have is week to cause the water to collect this is an sour of mosquito so for buildings just fix the clean air act drains and catch basins can be mosquito ground it will eliminate it as a possible location keep shrubbery and growths estimated any water to can be seen and eliminated birdbath and fountains and uncovered hot tubs mosquito breed but it is difficult to dump the water out of a hot top
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can't dump the water adding mosquito finish rids the source of mosquito there are also traditionally methods to protect you installing screens on windows and doors and using a mosquito net and politically aau planet take the time to do the things we've mentioned to eliminate standing water and make sure that mosquito are not a problem on your property remember no water no mosquito.
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♪ >> welcome to hamilton recreation and aquatics center. it is the only facility that has an integrated swimming pool and recreation center combined. we have to pools, the city's water slide, for little kids and those of you that are more daring and want to try the rockslide, we have a drop slide.
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>> exercises for everybody. hi have a great time. the ladies and guys that come, it is for the community and we really make it fun. people think it is only for those that play basketball or swim. >> i have been coming to the pool for a long time now. it is nice, they are sweet. >> in the aquatics center, they are very committed to combining for people in san francisco. and also ensuring that they have public safety. >> there are a lot of different personalities that come through here and it makes it very exciting all the time. they, their family or teach their kids have a swim.
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>> of the gem is fantastic, there is an incredible program going on there, both of my girls have learned to swim there. it is a fantastic place, check it out. it is an incredible indication of what bonn dollars can do with our hearts and facilities. it is as good as anything you will find out why mca. parents come from all over. >> there are not too many pools that are still around, and this is one-stop shopping for kids. you can bring your kid here and have a cool summer. >> if you want to see some of
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the youth and young men throughout san francisco play some great pickup games, come wednesday night for midnight basketball. on saturdays, we have a senior lyons dance that has a great time getting exercise and a movement. we have all the music going, the generally have a good time. whether it is awkward camp or junior guard. >> from more information, visit
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board of education for august 9, 2016. roll call please be tricks fewer norton walton wynns haney >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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>> >>[pleage of allegiance] >> on behalf of the board i want to welcome the new student delegate for the 2016-17 year. >>[applause] ms. maria zaragoza from june jordan and ms. jessica came from lowell high school. we are very happy to have the week with us at your first meeting and excited to serve with you and learn from you and were honored to have you here representing students here on our board. welcome and its quantity very enjoyable and fun year for you so thank you for serving. it has been announced at the last few board meetings, if you want
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to address the board of education, please fill out a speaker card prior to the item being called and if you please give that speaker card to our board assistant ms. casco. item a approval of board minutes. of the regular meeting of june 28 26 and get a motion and second? >> moved and seconded. >> corrections? nine >> fewer aye mendoza-mcdonnell norton aye wynns aye haney aye six aye >> item b superintendent's report. superintendent carranza >> thank you president mcelhaney and good evening to everybody that's here in person
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and not listening to us out in the community. good evening. i'm very excited to welcome back all of our school site staff our central office staff as well as our port commission could welcome to the first meeting of the news school year. this week is the official start of the 2016-2017 school year and at school sites that has returned to school in preparation for welcoming our students for the first day of school on monday, august 17. i want to say to everyone, i hope you are rested and ready to go. i hope everyone had an opportunity as well to get some rest but also to sharpen their professional skill set as we give up to get up another school year here in the san francisco unified school district. the excitement is in the air as our caregivers gather supplies teachers but their classrooms and curriculum and students get ready to return to school to see their classmates and teachers. i'd like to share some highlights from the summer so that everyone knows what's been happening while you've been taking a little time off.
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first, as usual facilities and the bond program that a very busy summer with over 150 million others a major construction work happening at over 35 school sites across the city could ida b wells high school daniel webster on moving back to school sites that are been completely transformed. students and staff will be returning to the 21st century classrooms and james lick middle school presidio middle school and visitation valley middle school. mckinley elementary school on fellow quarter j lau visitation valley elementary and burden high school will welcome our new facilities and look beautiful. lowell high school also has a brand-new classroom this elite which is replacing bungalows in service for many years. i want to thank on behalf of the board of education, and all of us, the voters and the citizens of san francisco for your support of the bond program. the schools that our children are learning in our direct result of the investment you are making in the future of san francisco. our custodial services also clean and polish over 9,000,000 ft.2 of building
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and 3000 classrooms. the lights are on and doors are ready to open for all of our new and returning students and staff to want to thank all of our facilities and custodial services personnel for their incredible work in buildings will be ready for our students next monday. in addition, extended learning and support college career pathways unit in the office of college and career readiness successfully operated the third year of summer portfolio learning. with over 4500 students enrolled across our district which included high school intervention specific curriculum for credit recovery work-based learning and internships and eight-90 bridge program seen incredible results in helping students make the transition. i added an avid excel for a much language learners that he was language learner villages and innovative elementary learning lab that
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not only serves as both an intervention for students that need the intervention the most, but also as a professional developer and opportunity for our teachers as well. in addition, community-based organizations funded and supported by her excel program in the office of student of family and community support division, provided summer opportunities for over 6600 students in a mix of academic recreational physical and enrichment components open to all students at school sites for low or no cost. the program ran for at least six hours a day for six weeks during the summer so we really strove to interrupt that certain something summer learning loss but also our early education department served almost 2400 students in preschool programs. this exemplifies the astounding partnership and coordination with various offices within not only the district but such as our lead department our innovation in such an social justice department special education department, multilingual pathway department,
4:37 pm
access equity student family commitment support division and xl. it also required us to work in very close relationship with our external partners including but not limited to the mayor's office, our department of children youth and family, young community developers, ccsf beacon ymca and a host of areas businesses and community-based partners. this is truly an example of how a community comes together to serve all of the children in san francisco. i am also proud to announce programming was offered over 25 campuses throughout san francisco unified school district over all school levels this summer. as you can tell, there was a lot of learning happening this summer and her students were well served. this would truly a collaborative effort in order to serve over 13,000 of our students in summer engagement and interrupting the summer learning loss. i would also like to announce that the first administration of the math delegation exam was given 291 rising ninth grade students on july 28 2016. this is important for parents to note of rising
4:38 pm
ninth graders second administration of the exam on august 20, 2016. in keeping with the math placement policy adopted by this board of education on june 14 all students who take this exam will have already completed a course that covers the content in the san francisco unified school district, and core algebra one course. i want to remind the public algebra one no longer exist. we have moved to a much more rigorous course called, and core algebra one. the exam is comprised of seven math tasks that assessed students conceptual knowledge procedural skills and the ability to apply the mathematics. these items were chosen by a phd mathematician and a recognized expert in mathematics pedagogy for their alignment to the common core state standards from grade 8 math and out of the one. each
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item was scored twice. if there was a discrepancy between the scores was settled by a third scorer. additionally, 5% of the exams were randomly sampled and scored by experts from the silicon valley math initiative and the lawrence hall of science. on the july 28 exam there were total 56 points possible. 30 points were necessary to pass the exam and i constituted what is known as a cut score. the families of all students who took the exam been notified of their students score whether the we enrolled in algebra one word geometry in the fall. august 20 administration of this exam will be available to anyone who qualifies to take the exam including those who took the exam in july in which to retake the user. that's just need to log onto the website www.sf regarding at august 20 examination. as i'm sure you all recall, last spring i personally set three bold goals for common core math implementation. just abiding
4:40 pm
way of remembering, the first goal was by june of 2018 we will have reduced the number of students needing to retake algebra one geometry or algebra 2 x 50% from the numbers recorded in june of 2013. this goal will be true for the entire student population of the san francisco unified school district as well as each subgroup of students. i also made the commitment that by june of 2018 we will increase the number of students who take and pass fourth year of math courses post algebra two with a c or better by 10% and thirdly by june of 2010 we increase the number of latino and african-american students take and pass advanced placement math courses by 20%. though it is still early in our implementation of the mike and report progress made on goal one. as you may recall, in the
4:41 pm
past years approximately 50% of our students will be glad to retake algebra one. i want you to think about that for just a moment. 50% of students taken algebra one were required to retake out of the one because they're not mastered the content. yet, the 2015-16 the first ninth-grade class in which essentially every student went through our common core state standards grade eight math and then the eligible one course sequence, 77% of all night grade students received a c or better in the common core state standards algebra one course. and will be moving on to the ccsf geometry in their sophomore year. hence, we have already on goal one reduce the number of repeaters about javaone by over 50%. we are well ahead of the gold of the headset. in addition, there's positive indicators further upstream. such as eighth-grade math the number of their d and f this past rain fell from 80% which result in 2015, 212.6% in
4:42 pm
2016. what this means for us it will much work to do but there can be no doubt were on the right track. more students are learning much more rigorous mathematics content earlier on without having to repeat. this is very good news for our community and i will also add, san francisco unified continues to lead the state of california and the number of students not only proficient but advanced and mathematics in this past administration. so it's good news something to celebrate how about a round of applause for our students? >>[applause] i would also finally like to say that as we start the 2016-2017 school year we meet this choice towns with enthusiasm and total dedication to her students our teachers and our communities. it's a new beginning and a time of great expectations for all of us. this year however, we are faced with new and very serious challenges in particular challenge that is been talked about a great deal in recent years and now is here.
4:43 pm
an unprecedented teacher shortage across the nation and in particular california has been hit hard by this stark reality is we been preparing for even though we didn't are preparing for for over two years. we work tirelessly to fill our classroom teaching vacancies and this year lease periods 615 classroom vacancies and i filled 567 vacancies so far. close to 800 if we count all vacancies in the teacher ranks including non-classroom positions as well. the majority of the hiring season we been filling vacancies as a much higher rate than last year until 53 classroom positions just in the last week and a half alone. i want to give a special thank you to our human capital team our human resources department for their incredible work. if you come on
4:44 pm
saturdays and sundays and they are here processing interviewing and screening and on boarding teachers. we are still doing classroom vacancies every day and will continue to do so until every vacancy is filled. what i certificated staff person in every classroom for the first week of school as continued to fill vacancies. rest assured, we are ready for our students to start this new school year with a qualified certificated highly qualified teacher in front of them. we are asking for public for your support and again, anyone out there who's ready to make a difference in a child's life and wants to teach, speak please visit debbie debbie debbie do we have avis building job for you? so with that president haney that's my report for the human can i will welcome you all to the 2016-2017 school you. thank you. >> thank you mr. superintendent. item c, recognitions and resolutions of commendation. there are none tonight. item d student delegates reported the first one >> hello everyone.
4:45 pm
superintendent carranza president haney and commissioners, my name is jessica inc., one of the student delegates this school year. on a rising senior at lowell high school and then on the sfc since my sophomore year. betwixt hello my name is marie sarah goes up a rising senior in equity and this is my second year >> report back from our meeting is going to be that our next literature training for new members will be this saturday, september 3 through monday, september 5. with outward bound and the location has not been determined.. actually, what would that earlier this year because last year we had it at the end of the year just to build community earlier within the staff members.
4:46 pm
>> another announcement. we have our fac meeting actually yesterday. it was a success. about 25 students came from all different high schools in the san francisco school district. the student delegates wanted to know what students want to work on this year and we got a lot of responses. we also shared some of our own. >> personally, mind one of my goals is to make our own part decisions from century city is to support more undocumented students and find ways to build more communities with police with students from all the districts. i'm not sure how that's going to look like. >> then, for me, the sec has four committees arena. the help committee, curriculum committee,
4:47 pm
budget committee and special city and district committees, but i was interested in adding a new committee called the social justice committee and him working with someone else from the high school and she thinks is interested not easily maria, to because goes to the school of equity. so, we want to start that jumpstart that this year and then another thing i want to work on is the dress code. it came up at my school in a news article and at the meeting yesterday, couple other students also mentioned it and we found it to be something worth exploring. for me come i think the dress code is a bit big so the dress code says some things that can be up to different interpretations such as what are short shorts are they mid-length or ->>[laughing] beneath the you can measure with your finger but
4:48 pm
you know, explain something words more concrete and we can make it more manageable for the administration and students. >> then, will be definitely exploring the new topics further at sec convenes more regularly. >> then, for our next sec meeting on august 22 that it will be the sec cabinet election did so after this meeting will have elected the student delegate president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, pr and historian. >> just to wrap it up, like jessica said our next meeting will be august 22 at 5 pm here in the board room. everyone is welcome to come and if you still want to come these contact our contactor for our agenda and that will be it for our feedback. >> thank you. great report. i believe vice president wasn't
4:49 pm
walton >> one i want to congratulate both of you for being selected to serve with us. hope you take advantage of the opportunity and appreciate the tagteam thing you had going tonight but welcome to serving on the board of education along with us and i want to congratulate you. and thank you. >> i like to extend warm welcome to both the student delegates give you a lot of hard work ahead of you and we look forward to working with you on a variety of different issues and in particular jessica inc., her mother and i met in the third grade at golden gate. so i knew jessica before she was born and then following her ever since. so delighted to serve on this board with you. >> congratulations again get were looking for to working with you. item e, advisory committee reports and appointments to advisory committee by board members that there are no reports tonight.
4:50 pm
either any deployments? item f public comments on consent items. i don't believe there was any. the common on consent items. item g consent calendar. have a motion and second for the consent calendar >> moved and seconded. >> items with don or corrected by the superintendent? >> yes did i like last mr. steed to read those into the record please >> thank you. yes we are to w items for correction. 168 9w 10 on page 82. the appropriation line, change the year from 2017 to 2016 on all appropriation lines. change the object code the last line from 62.70 262.12. then 160-9w 20 page 100, the corporation argument change the number from 11500, 211505. then under the k
4:51 pm
item 168 9k 28 on page 190. under date of service correcting starting date from 71 2016, 28-1026 on 169 per k 32 on page 200, under date of service, correct starting date from july 1, 2016, two august 12, 2016. unlike 689 k 36, page 208, under date of service, ending it should be change from 6 to 16 26-2 16 and finally page 210, under date of service ending date should be change from 5-1916-5-19-17. >> thank you mr. steele. any items removed for first reading by the board? mr. wynns >> i like to remove for first reading 3c 160 9w on page 106.
4:52 pm
>> i like to request that. [inaudible] >> can you say which one i didn't spend >> >> excuse me reading the defendant 3c, one 68 nine of you 34 on page 106. the reason i like it referred to the rules committee it involves the waiver of the board policy that we've not discussed. >> that has never been waived in this manner. for the whole school.
4:53 pm
>> vice president walton >> thank you president haney. i do disagree with commissioner wynns. there are times when we do waived our current rules to vote on something and move something forward. first reading without going to certain committees i think this is one of those cases where we should do that carried >> commissioner fewer >> not on this one i've another one i am polling. thank you. >> do we vote on that or >> [inaudible] >> i will second it. i want to understand the impact of delaying this and moving it to committee, but given that it is a long-standing policy of the district, i'm not necessarily i don't even think i oppose the proposal necessarily but i think you might want further discussion. i would like to
4:54 pm
understand the impact of delaying and moving it to a committee. >> this is your item. how would you like to handle this? >> i think this can be the pleasure of the board. staff is ready to discuss in more detail the impact and the limited nature of this exception. so it's really the pleasure of the board. >> president, may i make a suggestion that we pull this item for discussion and we have a discussion for staff and then we bring the boat back if board numbers via linkage go to so that we've had enough time to deliberate and then bring back this boat that we have a discussion. of course, just so commissioner wynns without the okay with you? >> well, it's not okay with me but if that is what the board once, the procedural way to proceed would be that we would,
4:55 pm
as i understand it, more discussion would be in order on whether or not we should send it to the committee. then, we could take if a member of the board apparently has objects to it being removed from the agenda made into a first reading, eventually we have a vote whether not to do that here this evening. i would like to avoid that. plus i can make a big difference proposal that we -i don't know how to do this parliamentary actually but that will separate have a
4:56 pm
discussion when we discuss items centered on whether or not why i think it should go to committee and white some of what the issues are with the staff. at that time, we could make a decision based on taking an action, motions that come before us, about whether or not to send it to committee >> commissioner wynns exactly what i said. if you're in agreement i feel like we could do that. president haney- >> we will discuss this as a time when we discuss items seven and we consider at the time motions to either pass it now or send it to committee. make sense to everyone? vice president walton >> just one pointed this a motion and second she did not move to separate it. i'll be going to? >> what is the appropriate to the rules actually is to just make a request to make it at first reading it that's all we've always operated. commissioner norton acted like or presumed that was a motion to remove and make a first reading. it could be i think we can just proceed as though there's a motion on the floor >> to tidy things up i can withdraw my second of the motion. >> right >> clean it up over there. come on. i think everybody is
4:57 pm
clear on what is going to happen. so what we are going to discuss this as an item severed. any items-well, yes. >> thank you president tenants. as an item about ratification of personnel and i think it was going to be for c that counsel i think at summer house in the agenda. i'm sorry. >> i do i have a similar request that it be put to the personnel committee unwilling to pull this but this ratification been on the board eight years this the first time we've ever done it. i like more extensive sort of the session around because i don't even know what it is. i'm happy to hear it as a pulled item. i
4:58 pm
also think, that i was going to request we here in personnel because it is a personnel matter and so but i am happy to hear it did the same way that commissioner wynns and then sharing about the warrior thing. you know, then if we need to have more discussion to take it to committee and have it further understanding about it >> i want to support that and i want to to do the same thing. or sever it but because i think this is really the whole point of speaking at this time. it's not the content it's the process we never that needs to be discussed i think. >> if it pleases the vote to have a board out i'm open to having a vote on this right now.
4:59 pm
>> we don't need a vote. we would just i can just refer it. >> okay if were in agreement >> unless there's a staff objection >> otherwise i'm happy to bring it to eight vote >> just note at this point your personal committee needs to be a jedi's. the closed session item which recently can do. >> okay, so commissioner >> is this time sensitive whether not taking action tonight i want to be clear? >> my understanding it is not time sensitive to the board has already approved contracts for all of these individuals. we could actually very quickly describe why it's necessary is procedural and state law. but it's not time sensitive of people not being employed. >> i'm going to grant that
5:00 pm
request and have a go to a personnel committee. we won't need to discuss this further this evening. will call vote will take under section letter o. i don't think there were any other items board members want to sever or the superintendent? that's enough, okay. item h, superintendent's proposal. this was moved and seconded by june 28, 2016. if there is no objection will be dealing with the moment by substitute motion which the board has received copies are available for the public on the table at the entrance of this room. report from the ad hoc student assignment committee. we received and that's the as the chair of the committee, we received two proposals related to one related to assignments
5:01 pm
for willie brown middle school and one related to language pathways. there was a discussion among the committee and a consensus among that we want to alter take an alternative approach substitute motion you have in front of you taken a different approach with willie brown and wayne which pathway assignment. that's why you have amended by substitute and i think we will probably be discussing in further detail now. mr. superintendent >> thank you very much. i would like to ask for the quick report. i'd like to ask our executive director mr. keefe to come forward if she is here. if not, we can have darlene executive director of atc get darlene then to come forward.
5:02 pm
>> good evening commission should this item was reviewed at committee and the concerns raised by members in the committee and based on that discussion there is a substitute motion presented here that would be replacing the original policy proposal. this recommendation would be the original proposal will be replacing and the recommendations that we suspend the provision in the policy that requires that any changes must be approved three months before launching the new enrollment cycle. any changes tonight will not make the three-month deadline. also, we want to continue with the middle school feeder choice process as has been for the
5:03 pm
past five years and remove any line which about automatic assignments into the middle school feeder schools. the process will remain the same as we have been practicing for the last five years. and, we will also continue to allow the students at clever, but part of malcolm x and dr. charles drew to middle school feeders as has been the practice for the past year. the original school as stated in the policy along with a preference to willie brown middle school. the nine 4102 preference will also stay in place. so, based on the recommendations in legal the policy will only address the current practice and will not include any further future action or timeline for change. any plans to change the policy and future commitments will be captured in a separate resolution. so, further changes to the board policy will require us to amend the policy again. >> would you like me to read
5:04 pm
the requested action? >> please >> so the requested reaction that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district adopt the revisions outlined in the attached student assignment policy board policy p5101 as amended here in. that the board suspends its student assignment board policy provision requiring revisions to be made three months before sf ust begins accepting applications so that the proposed revisions to the pop-up 5101 may be effective immediately. >> thank you. i have no public speakers signed up for this item. ic commissioner murase >> president haney, just a
5:05 pm
quick question and i apologize but this is for my information what was the intent for moving the moving willie brown from the automatic feeder pattern after one year? >> doll policy states that we would have automatic assignments into all middle school feeders at this-in the 17-18 school year. the policy states that the policy also states that we will have identified willie brown- elementary to middle school feeders for willie brown. so the original proposal did state that those schools would feed into willie brown did it also allows the opportunity through the choice process to have a preference into their original middle school feeder that was identified originally in the policy. so the intent was to
5:06 pm
actually have the students have the same opportunity as all other students would into an automatic assignment and be promoted into a middle school. >> commissioner murase >> thank you very much and thanks to staff for working on this very complex issue. my understanding of the proposal tonight is it is the utilization of a plan set out two years ago in terms of the middle school feeder pattern to pilot the feeders in the first couple of years and now to actually make it official policy. i want to say this is
5:07 pm
an important step in terms of predictability which is something families have been asking for that they not have to participate in a lottery going into middle school and that there are strong arguments for continuing for example language pathways from the elementary to the middle school. so, i will be supporting this action tonight. i just want to make one clarification the japanese language program pathway i'm most familiar with. there had been instances where people, students, went from the japanese language pathway elementary school to the middle school which is now the designated middle school for japanese but for one reason or another, the student, to continue. there wasn't a good fit in middle school. so, as they [inaudible] that student can automatically transfer to ge at the presidio because they were admitted under the program pathway. they would have to be applied in the transfer process. i just want make sure that families understand that they are applying to a particular program pathway at a school. they have an option to apply to the general education
5:08 pm
pathway but i just want to bring that to light because there were a number of instances of people think and an automatic transfer from a language program to general education and that is not the case. thank you. >> commissioner norton. >> so, i was president in the student assignment committee last week when we talked about this. i support the substitute motion. it was after a long discussion where we all expressed grave concerns about the status original proposal and i want to just be sure that-i mean, i support the substitute motion because it basically does not take anything away from anybody. it kicks the can down the road for a year at least, but nobody loses something that they have right now good families still have the preference to their feeder middle school. the
5:09 pm
willie bound family still has a choice of the dual feeders that are currently in place. it basically keeps status quo for what people have right now and i think we actually have been pleasantly surprised at how the middle school feeders have gone over and all people are using them and seem to have accepted them after some initial pushback did so, for all those reasons i think is the right thing to do but i also am-we will have to contend with this larger question of are we going to go to automatic assignments and if we do, there is a real equity question to make sure that everybody has the same ability to actually access and automatic assignment and there's just some real issues with the language pathways and then also families willie brown clearly articulated to us they felt like they would be losing something if we took away their second feeder. that they needed more choices for various reasons. so, i don't-it's not
5:10 pm
the topic for tonight but i urge the committee and i want to say again, we just need to engage with this issue early not have it come up again in the summer like g, we have to look at this now again. let's actually take that this on in student assignment and think about is the automatic assignment the right policy? we thought was the right policy for years ago when we past however many years ago it was in 2010 but maybe it's not the right policy anymore and we should grapple with that. >> commissioner fewer >> yet. i want to apologize. i was unable to attend the student is on an ad hoc committee meeting. i requested a meeting to have a discussion and i heard the revisions were coming. i just want to say that although what i'm hearing is that we had not discussed the preference, and that i know that last year we did it last year commissioner gordon and i offered a resolution to but ultimately to school from home as a preference about the siege
5:11 pm
at and i see this policy actually doesn't address that. but i just want to note, i think that is a very important discussion to have and to bring up again. so, i respectfully request that at our next student meeting we actually take that topic up and look again at the evaluate also. what i am hearing, summarizing this, is that there are not big changes in this. it's basically maintaining sorted by status quo until the next file were taking it down to the next board and superintendent. okay. i think, though, there's some real issues with our feeder program and also even the way we assigned students in our open choice and almost full choice program. that we have
5:12 pm
student assignments and i strongly recommend this board even though i will not be on this board after january 1, i respectfully request that whoever the members are on this board that we we consider that and look at that again. thank you. >> commissioner wynns >> thank you. i want to thank the staff for bringing this forward in this way. it does, after the committee meeting it does do was a lot of feedback. i know. a lot of concern. i did- there are a couple things i kind of i guess want to report a little bit in more detail from the meeting. not all of it , but things that i think should be heard by the public actually a little bit. that is that because what i think there were some concerns about whether
5:13 pm
walking in place the feeder programs for all the bayview schools into willie brown was what we should do and it brought up the issue about the impact which for my mind, is certainly one of the main reasons i end up supporting the feeder pattern did in fact that was one of the few tools we had to address segregation issues in the school district and even at the time, we believed we were being the modest in our willingness to sort of feed schools into someplace not its close proximity in order to try to a positive impact on desegregation. so, i just really want to-without going into the details of what people thought what the proposals were there which are available of course, just to say that for the public and for the board, i think that that's what were going to want to do this coming year is to be more-is to think more boldly about whether what we would be willing to do some more transportation or really look at assigning, as the
5:14 pm
automatic feeder elementary schools to sub middle schools the will not be in close proximity. and that it could mean we need to consider changing some of the features that exist now because we've always known that was going to be our challenge around willie brown. was, inserting another middle school into a feeder pattern. we're every elementary school already has a feeder school in the middle schools are basically filled with those that feed from existing elementary schools. so, we have to be willing to talk about that, i think, in this coming year and prepare ourselves and to prepare the public for those kinds of discussions. last, i want to say i was interested what commissioner murase said
5:15 pm
because that actually was something we did not bring up at the meeting but was is really perfect example of one of the overarching concerns we had, which was, with the recommendations about the language pathways what is the fundamental difference of access and therefore equity, for those language pathways did not in language pathways and this is kind of sub-subject about which we did not discuss which in a way, even though we don't want people to-we don't want to fail to explain something that causes people to think they have access to something that they don't. that's really terrible, but also their resumption that they have access to that is actually presuming for themselves even more access because there are feeder is into the language pathways and if they didn't have regarded that as being an automatic feeder into the general education in that same school that's the kind of thing we have to clarify particularly as we develop new
5:16 pm
recommendations about the language pack ways. so, again i want to thank the staff for the work that was done on the recommendations and particularly for the work that was done between last week and this week on the substitute motion. i will definitely be supporting its. i will say i forgot one other thing i want to say, to support what commissioner norton said i think all of a sudden please with how successful two now the feeder pattern process has been and how many people are actually going to their feeder schools even though they have to make a request now. doesn't happen automatically. so, that was our discussion that we did not think asking for the way he would really significantly change qualitatively the process for anybody. people are used to get it working well. they are almost all going to their feeder schools anyway. but we do not think this would be a big again, substantive change for people using the
5:17 pm
system rather that it would be a better process for getting to the next step if we do not try to muck around and make a lot of amendments to the recommendations but rather propose that we look more deeply at this next year. thank you. >> commissioner fewer >> thank you i just want to say the last thing that i think what i've said consistently throughout the years on my term on the board of education which we started with student assignment actually the first big topic is i would like the board to keep in mind that choice by its nature is [inaudible] if you need afterschool care or before school care where you have resources to get your children
5:18 pm
school across town then you have choice. if you're able to go visit schools during the opening moments of time and i talk to people that visited 20 schools. if you're not able to do that, because you're working a job and you lose money every time you're not at work in every tort is it [inaudible] mentors are only in english and a lot of them don't allow you to bring younger children with good choice by its very nature is an inequitable. i just want the board to remember that. though we've had a choice system, i think what we have seen is that people self segregates. i would like to keep that in mind when you are reevaluating our student assignment system. that choice, by its very nature and very design, is inequitable. i could show you examples of that if anyone wants to push back but it is. so i would like i did then around the world language staff, i would say that i would encourage the board, as i think that most of you know, i have been pushing several language accessible to all elementary schools. maybe not in immersion but that's another subject
5:19 pm
matter and i think we should look at that having two children, one who's fluent in mandarin another child was wonderfully in spanish and i think it is only appropriate for the 20% rate in this world that so shrinking that everyone according to vision 2025 must be a global citizen and being able to express yourself in another language and communicate in another language is imperative to been successful in the 21st century for our children. so regardless whether in an immersion program the world language should be accessible to every elementary school child and so actually are able to feed in to a larger program in middle school and reach a high level of proficiency in another language by the time they graduate from our schools. thank you. >> thank you for those comments. and for all the comments from the board. i was a part of this conversation on this on the proposal and the
5:20 pm
substitute motion, and i think that what we've seen with our middle school feeders really demonstrates that were moving in the right direction and that her families are responding to the middle school feeders as a model can but it's important we get this right. i think were doing the right thing by moving in a little bit slower of a timeline to the automatic assignment. i think we are going to get there. partly for the reason that we are hearing that this is the direction that families want to go in was enough by the choices they are making. so i think we are going to get to an automatic assignment good it's going to happen soon. but i think this one year of sorting this out, planning this right, particularly around the language pathway, is going to get it to a better place in a lot less heartache when it does happen. the one thing i do want to say, though, two things, on willie brown we have more
5:21 pm
training and more conversation that needs to take place as a board around this. i think we were surprised by the proposal that came to us around willie brown if we didn't believe that it reflected the board's goals around diversity and equity in the fall success of that school and so i want to also as commissioner fewer said relief flag that the board needs to have further really challenging conversations about that. and how we think about the feeder schools for willie brown, the automatic assignment for willie brown, to ensure the success that middle school. which i know this board and district is committed to. so i think does something that came out of the long conversation that we had the student assignment meeting. as well as commissioner fewer said the need to have more regular conversations about student assignment and the many issues we have to figure out what i would commit a not going to be the chairman willing for but i'm sure commissioner
5:22 pm
murase the incoming chairwoman sure we discuss it and as well as the many other issues brought up in the comments this evening. with that, if there are no other further comments were questions, we can take a roll call vote on the substitute motion >> thanks. fewer aye, mendoza-mcdonnell aye murase aye norton aye walton aye wynns aye mcelhaney haney aye six aye >> item i board members proposal. there are 1900 item j public comment on general matters. i have a number of the good cards here. i'm going to call up speakers and live 2 min. each. >>[calling public comment cards]'s
5:23 pm
>>i must've been on vacation. anyway, good evening commissioners present united education san francisco. first of all i want to say to superintendent carranza. i know i will see you but i have not
5:24 pm
seen you since we got the news. it's been productive sometimes challenging and learning experience for working with you my first year as president as usf get back to school is a special time. students eagerly wait find out who their teachers will be good parents started on making sure children have what they need for the first day of school. educators lovingly and carefully prepare their classrooms to be the welcoming learning environment for their students. so, you as board members i hope you, too, have spent the same amount of time as educators and parents think about what we you be doing this year to ensure that our schools are the welcoming learning environment for students and our educators feel supported in all that they do on the first day of the school year to the last. it's an opportunity. every school year is an opportunity to do things better. we have a big challenge ahead of us. the themes you are going to your other themes are
5:25 pm
not new things but we want to continue to make safe and supportive schools and actual-we want to get the resources to our school so that our schools are safe and supportive for our children. and we want to make sure there supports for our children and special ed classes and children in regular classes let iep's their teachers and paraprofessionals of adequate training and as you all know, the big-it's on elephant in the room because were talking about is the affordability crisis. this is the year where the pedal it's the middle. we can't be in the same place next year we are we are now were the opportunities is lost to send out a different message to the educators that are here in that they respected and supportive and we pay them what they are worth. thank you very much. >> good evening commission.
5:26 pm
superintendent carranza. happy new you. welcome to the new student commissioners. good to see you. so, i want to give a little background. last semester teachers were asked to sign a letter of intent as to whether they were going to return that you turn that in by june 30. this is a provision in the education code. they were warned that if they didn't-if they sign the letter they were going to return and then they did not they would be reported to the commission on teacher credentialing. this is something new the district had never done before. we in felt it was in enterprise decision considering there's a teacher george foley also recognizes something that district is allowed to do. so, the one recommendation we did make was to be sure to start the letter with thinking teachers for their services. as the opening paragraph and not the final paragraph. so that was implemented. so, why am i
5:27 pm
bringing this up now? it is because we have now heard from about 15 teachers who been told that in fact they will be reported to the commission on teacher credentialing because they have accepted jobs elsewhere or their chosen to move elsewhere. from the teachers we have spoken with many of them have been affected by the affordability crisis and they can stay. one of them was evicted from her home and she proved outside of the circuit she's going to be reported to the commission on teacher credentialing. now, again that's not against the law. however, we know that a least a couple of administrators would envy leaving the district as well get we didn't know before june 30. as far as i know they're breaking the contracts. i am not advocating that we report them to the commission
5:28 pm
on teacher credentialing and i don't think that's a good idea. i am asking for some mercy for our teachers who been forced to leave and i want this book to show some consistency in to avoid being considered hypocritical. why can administrators leave without report happening and teachers cannot? please consider not only the shortage of teachers here in san francisco but throughout california and please reconsider these reports to the commission on teacher credentialing. teachers can end up losing their credentials for up to a year. that is a harsh penalty because they can afford to live here. thank you. >> good evening everybody. my name is jean robertson. i am the president of united administrators of san francisco. i'm thrilled to be here tonight. i want to address our board of education members who are running for reelection. our union is having a little party meeting general membership meeting, we are inviting you to attend with us on tuesday september 24-7 pm.
5:29 pm
we know it's a board meeting night so we will put you on. if you want to come and mingle with us. have a few moments to share a little bit of your platform of the we don't have a political action committee, we do have street credit in the field. people do ask us how it's going and how we are feeling about our candidates so we be happy to hear from you and share in a knot in an official capacity did so put that on your calendars. e-mail will be going out in the next day or two. i also want to acknowledge the principles and follow superintendent folkman thank you, richard, again for bringing that altogether to our administration is that he was advised that it was very meaningful and the feedback from the principles and the administrators in our district have been overwhelmingly positive this year. even with
5:30 pm
the transition that's taking place among us right now we feel good and we are ready to go which brings me to wearing my principal had today was the day we kicked off. so, i had 50 of my staff for all the days that an afterschool staff coming together today and we moved mountains. we have some very meaningful work that took place. one of the biggest pieces i just have to share, given susan's comments, we share what was in our hearts and with our teachers shared that her landlord reduced her rent $300 this year. believe me when i tell you that was the highlight of our day. last, i want to give a warm and heartfelt thank you to richard for your work with all of us throughout the years you been here. we are good. i think we are fine. we are looking for to work with you in the interim. so, thank you and definitely
5:31 pm
happy new year to everybody. >> thank you. >> my name is bob and jillian a parent of a fifth-grader at sunnyside elementary school. good all the other parents from sunnyside raise their hands to be counted? so i'd say there's about 15 pounds here. parents to get we are here seeking the solution to the issue raised in regards to one of our current fifth-grade teachers whose behavior is created a concern around safety and standards of education. there have been repeated letters and communications with the district staff over the past year from the sunnyside community and we are asking for resolution to the situation prior to the school year starting next monday. in
5:32 pm
particular, seeking clarity between all the parties. so that the district, principal, teachers, and parents are all on the same page. thank you for your time. >> hi. my name is laura. i'm also apparent from sunnyside. with a fifth-grader. as you see there's a number of us here seeking resolution to the issue raised in regards to one of our current fifth-grade teachers. his behavior has greeted concerns around safety and standards of education. there've been repeated letters and communications with sfusd staff over the past year from sunnyside community. we resolution on this. i understand that for human resources and union reasons there might be it might take
5:33 pm
time to resolve this issue. i would really like to know is what resources you guys are going to put in place to ensure that all the fifth-graders at sunnyside have equal access to education and are safe in the classroom? i would like you to figure this out while you are working to resolve this issue. will a be placed in the classroom to ensure children's safety in an opportunity to differentiate instruction? will a substitute be on call for short notice. with creative solutions can you come up with to support our kids? what help do you need from sunnyside parents we are a strong community and are willing to help. thank you for your thoughtful consideration to this matter. >> i will call another batch so folks can come up. >>[calling public comment cards] >> my name is dana club muscle parent of sunnyside elementary a student at sunnyside elementary by the fifth-grader and i also have a recent
5:34 pm
sunnyside graduate. i'm going to repeat a lot of what was just said in the last two speakers, but we have a situation where the fifth-grade teacher is a great concern about safety. i personally written letters to the board and to the people at the school. sf ust staff get it has been at least six months since i personally have been writing letters and i don't understand why this is not resolved and i like to have a resolution prior to the start of school on monday. thank you. >> thank you very much commissioners for your time. my
5:35 pm
michelle rogers. a second grader at sunnyside. i'm also a member of the school site council. in the last year, we've devoted significant time and thought and effort on the school site council to improve the scores and performance of our fifth-graders. in fact, it's even a stated goal on our balance scorecard so we know this is very important for our entire community. it's very important that we have polity instructional support for this group. you know the school district here says we have a goal of providing an equal opportunities to succeed and unless this issue is resolved half of the fifth-graders at sunnyside won't have that equal opportunity. so, on behalf of the parents in the students and specifically the school site council, i respectfully request an immediate resolution to this issue because it is truly our final year before we prepare these fifth-grade students to enter into much more demanding middle schools system. so, thank you for your attention to
5:36 pm
this matter. >> hello. my name is [inaudible] and i'm also a parent of a fifth-grader at sunnyside elementary school. as you guys know, we have a number of us here. seeking resolution to this matter. in regards to the fifth-grade teacher. as you heard before, last year's behavior was very questionable. when my son found out that he's going to have this teacher, his answer was that the teacher was absent half of the school year and did not show up to field trips. so i'm very concerned
5:37 pm
and i would like sf us d and the staff and board to come to resolution on this issue and really appreciate your help.. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hello good evening. thank you. am. i'm also from sunnyside. my name is window on. i have three children at sunnyside and one of them is in fifth grade. i could repeat what others have said but i also am a teacher myself. in an elementary school and fuel that teaching is a profession i appreciate is the most challenging job. but it's not a
5:38 pm
position that should be held if you're unable to hold hardly be present with students. so thank you very much for listening to everybody. >> my name is troy amory also at sunnyside parents with incoming fifth-grader. again, appreciate you listening especially as we repeat the same points that hopefully it counts. over the past eight years or so sunnyside parents, teachers pta, administration, everybody has been working really hard to create a great community for our kids but as you know from letters to you and also sent him to the office of family voice and the principal and other administrators, we are seeking resolution on the issue raised in regard to our current history teachers whose behavior levels of dedication and
5:39 pm
professionalism have created concerns around safety and standards of education. as was mentioned before fifth-grade is an important year and foundation before heading into a more academically rigorous middle school and we want to ensure all sunnyside students are equally prepared when they graduate. where asking for resolution to the situation to the school you which we know is coming up fast were hoping for your help. thank you so much for your time. >> quickly, for all the folks from sunnyside who came out tonight, we want to thank you for coming and i think the superintendent has something to say about that. >> yes, thank you president haney. i also want to thank the parents that have come out from the sunnyside community and believe me, this on everybody's radar. i like to invite you are assistant superintendent richard ricci and david want there to me would eventually do an action plan for support and answer your questions to the extent they can this evening. so at the appropriate time,
5:40 pm
both assistant superintendents will exit if you could follow them the happy to meet with you this them. again, thanks for coming out. >> good evening. my name is brian brooks. i've been before this board before. a few months ago and i spoke about an issue at 473 haight st. were trying to close the cannabis plant open up near john merrill elementary school at this because of a loophole in 2006 by the then board of supervisors. we i'm happy to announce we were able to temporarily close down it until october but again this only temporary. were looking for the commissioners to work with us and other city agencies to oppose" you're working with other folks and we want to give
5:41 pm
opportunity to john muro elementary school not set a precedent come november if something happens with the city will only school in san francisco were cannabis plant is operating under 600 feet per state law. i hopefully we can join us. we have a small band of residents and merchants of the 400 block of lower haight and we are where we are salt small scrappy band have been able to stop a lot of money coming into the neighborhood and again explained this loophole. so hopefully, we can work together. we didn't conduct with some of the stuff and thanks to them for their communication and their quickness and response to this issue. so, again thank you. >> hype should money was not osborne. honestly spying summed up what i would like to speak to you about but we would
5:42 pm
really appreciate help maybe an official position from the board to help prevent any more dispensaries going in closer to schools that are currently allowed. anyone that knows jim muro elementary these kids have got enough challenges as it is. i have a business around the corner. i would do anything for any of the students in this is the least i can do. were hoping we can work with you to help close this loophole and prevent anything more from happening to those kids. thank you. >> thank you. that's the end of general public comment. item k special order visited is not tonight. item l discussion of other educational issue. none tonight. item m consent calendar. none tonight. item n, vote on consent calendar. moved and seconded under item g. >> fewer aye mendoza-mcdonnell
5:43 pm
murase aye norton aye walton aye wynns aye haney aye 60 i >> item o vote on consent calendar resolution seven for separatist iteration under item g. i believe we have one. that was severed by commissioner wynns. >> okay so this item is on page 106. it's item related to authorization of the logo of the golden state warriors to be used on the exterior basco court backwards. centocor paving and adjacent retaining wall by waiving the requirements the board of
5:44 pm
education resolution number 95 25 six commercial free school acted in the case of willie brown junior middle school. so, here are my concerns about this. we have in place for first of all, there's also a question here about paving of the courts. in fact, in some cases it's referred to as we paving. this a brand-new school why are we repeating? i mean this a substantive content question about this much is the policy issue. >> good evening commissioners. hughes made on david golden tee facility officer. sounding somewhat froglike tonight. just off an airplane from the east coast. for those of you who obviously know, we've constructed a brand-new $56 million middle school during the course of doing that work we worked very very hard to develop some partnerships with
5:45 pm
different groups who have offered to do things and form alliances with our teachers, staff, students. and the golden state warriors happens to be one of them. this is the beginning of a relationship that started about two years ago. the scope of the project was for us to finish our normal exterior basketball courts and when it was an appropriate time the golden state warriors were going to come in and resurface the court, put the fancier colored coating probably the best example is valley middle school where you'll see a similar court, put in newark fancier groups and that's and
5:46 pm
paint the logo about the golden state warriors and the willie brown junior middle school on various parts of the courts were the backboards were in adjacent wall. what needs to happen in order to be able to do that is commissioner wynns pointed out, in 1999 there was a resolution passed by the board of education about commercial free situations in the district that had a lot to do with commercial products. it had a lot to do with the sewing of cigarettes. it had some brief conversations with commissioner wynns why obviously co-authored the resolution. in it was a pretty broad and encompassing in scope and it's been in place since 1999. edgerton high school,
5:47 pm
when nike wanted to put their swoosh at the 50 yard line when they did the field the board said, no. i think it is staff's humble opinion there is a difference between a billion-dollar corporation that sells tennis shoes and a major sports enterprise which is part of the community but that's an interpretation that i think board of education needs to make. so, we respectfully put forth this resolution and we would look for you i think the golden state warriors are compared to move forward with the court renovation. irrespective of the decision of the board for the logo or not. >> to clarify the answer to the question, i appreciate all that background. in our $50 million we could not afford to put the fancier nicer surface on the basco court without
5:48 pm
private donor? >> we could have done it but that's not-it's not typically what we do on schools throughout the district >> but we didn't hear? because we did-valley. another donor, i forget who came forward and did that >> okay. so i appreciate that. that answers that question, but now let me say something about the policy. it is true this policy has been in place a long time. i think many people in our community are justifiably proud of it. this was by the way for informational purposes, one of the policies that were advocated for by advocates for children and youth. that's being part of the package of progressive policies at the time including the beginning work on the proposal to create
5:49 pm
a parents advisory council a number of other things in that list of policies that felt were needed after kind of change in administration in a more community-based approach to governance. there were a lot of people at that time-i'll try to make this short. try give a tiny bit of backbone. at the time was a rising tide of privatization and commercialization of public school. it was the time of the-this was actually in response to proposal in our school district to have were then known as exclusive pouring conjugate our district would get a little money in either become a pepsi or coca-cola school district none of the products of the other major soft drink companies would be allowed to be sold. these were sweeping the country. in addition, it was a time when the product placement in curriculum materials strategy started to emerge where instead of saying johnny needs wants to
5:50 pm
buy a new bicycle tire and how long will it take to earn the money to do that, there were proposals and there were in fact textbooks with inside would be a giant two page color photo of a pair of extremely expensive athletic shoes with all the logos and the names, brand names, and that would be the math problem. how long would taken to earn enough money to buy a $250 pair of athletic shoes. things like that. there were a lot of, there were a lot of moves towards advertising in public schools. this was at the time a group called the center for public free for commercial free public education in oakland a national organization, so a lot of these-and this policy was the nations most sweeping anti-commercialization policy
5:51 pm
and was-i don't know still is-many years most requested policy of the school district by others around the country. so, the center actually went out of business because these kinds of efforts kind of stopped that weave of privatization and commercialization and advertising product advertising in schools. recently, at sba, i saw there is a new group called the center for commercial free childhood which has emerged and they knew about our policy. i told him where i was from director commercial free-so, this was important work and by the way, it has remained in place all of this time really has kind of changed the culture of our school district. mr. golden's example of the pertinent field i think is a good one because were in that
5:52 pm
case donors wanted to do, and they donated the surface for the track at burton and it was made out of product that's made out of recycled athletic shoes. we felt like was part of our sustainability program. it was part of our educational program. all of the money for that field was privately donated including a major gift from rosenberg and gifts from the national football league and others. their request, nike, was to put a big logo their swoosh in the middle of the football field to which we said, no. we said but instead we negotiated and this is the point which i think we should discuss at the rules committee that we came up with put a board in the athletic in the field at the side of the field that recognized all the
5:53 pm
donations, all the private donations. including recognizing that this was part of our education for sustainability that we appreciated this and negotiated the placement of a small logo from nike company there. so we sort of modified and waived in that case this policy in a modest way to recognize the contribution of a commercial company for educational and useful to our students purposes. i think that we had other examples we've had major donations and requests for the placement of commercial logos and we've said, no, to them. so this is what i think. i totally love and appreciate the fact that the warriors made this commitment to the school. i think it's a really great partnership for them given the proximity of the school to that neighborhood to what is hoped to be the new warriors arena. and their commitment to the community is something we should all applaud and want to work for. further, i think there is a fundamental
5:54 pm
difference here which i think we should talk about. that is, they are not just proposing to make a financial donation to were to pay for something. they are proposing though it's not yet finalized, ongoing partnership and programming in that school. which i think makes a fundamental difference. but i think we need in a much recognize to our staff here, and to the whole public, remember, it was the board and i was very vocal and still am, who insisted it was time for us to really build our capacity to raise philanthropic and private dollars. that while we work as hard as we can for public money, we need private support to fund our schools. we can talk about whether we think it should be that way or not but it is. the work that we have done the board the staff in particular, the superintendent this administration the staff we have hired to develop the capacity to do this kind of development work is
5:55 pm
fundamentally important. my position is that we [inaudible] we have not talked about what kind of guidelines we need for today for things exactly like this. we have not talked about what would be our criteria for recognition of donations were ongoing partner programming from private donors even corporate donors and what would be appropriate and not too much of an imposition on the educational programs. so that's what i think we should do. that's where i think we should send to the rules committee. i think in this case be interested in because were not going to wait until we should do that or not want to wait until that's fully resolved to make this deal. i understand that and i don't want to do that but what's described to me in here is kind of over-the-top. saying we are going to have-and i appreciate and want to thank the staff are sending us the kind of mockup
5:56 pm
of the court with a warriors logo on the floor and i actually think i'm willing to be convinced that's kind of okay. that's a really good kind of recognition, but i do have a problem with backboards because that has been one of the main targets of advertising for commercial companies in schools. backboards. and scoreboards. i have a problem with-i would like to see what they plan to put on the wall because of that and put on the wall of the schools logo, good. if they are going to put sort of turn it into a mini warriors arena, i have problem with that. i think and i also have to say that i do not expect that the staff would have resulted this because we have
5:57 pm
no policy and guidelines specifically for this. that is my issue with this and why i don't think we should just move it forward. the last thing i'll say is that. the other thing that disturbs me is this policy as i read it, this resolution as i read it reads this policy for willie brown middle school. not just for this purpose. but it would put you would say you know what, we think part of our responsibility is to protect from aggressive commercial advertising. all the schools in san francisco except for willie brown. except for the one which is in the bayview. i think that is unacceptable to me. it needs to be-we need the policy guidelines. we need the discussion and we need to be-to find a way to come up with which i would hope would be helpful to the staff, to be honest, what are appropriate and relatively modest as we have in the past recognition of commercial donors and i'll just
5:58 pm
say that i know nike makes more money than the worst that they make plenty of money. it's-that is a really organization which is both clearly community partner and also a major financial corporation is just exactly why this is something i think should be discussed. if the board's pleasure is that we go ahead with this just like this, my choice would be that we send this to committee and we particularly try to put that out and try to work out some language that says if we agree which i think we would, go ahead with some negotiation and run it past the board so it would be within the guidelines area of something which does not have too much of a commercial imposition on the school in the spirit of our interest in insight commercialization cause. i think they'll be the way to go. that's my whole rap. sorry took so long. >> superintendent.
5:59 pm
>> thank you president haney good couple of brief responses to the questions put forth by commissioner wynns. we staff nis superintendent are fully supportive of the policy insight commercialization cause. i remember it as a teacher in the late 80s early 90s where we had news programs that were being shown in classrooms just chock-full of advertisement >> long past against in california >> right. i remember this is problematic. i'm very appreciative of this pulse. however, in this particular case, the reason that staff is so adamant and so supportive of this policy is that before we broke ground and willie brown middle school the warriors were at the table in a very very conscious way working with us not on a logo good they were
6:00 pm
working with us on how are we going to empower students the community and staff in the bayview in particular and willie brown middle school around connection to being in school, being proud of your school being proud of your community and being part of a stem account for one of the things i think a simple powerful today see the paulo powerful role models in our community i can literally not the one month without seeing a player from the warriors were a member of the warriors organization that is not visiting the school is not helping with the professional development activity, is not stepping up and getting of the organization to the community. i think in this particular case, it's not so much a branding issue because i'd be
6:01 pm
very very personally opposed to that. this is much more opportunity to give students a daily reminder that there is, there are heroes in their lives who actually care who they are. they care so much that they want to have them remember the warriors have your back. and by the way when he said the warriors logo you can see the willie brown logo right with it. i think that's the message we are trying to convey. so, i would ask us to think about it in those terms of understanding there's concern about opening the door. when it comes to in terms of opening the door, i think the way you read this the background and the requested action were requesting the exemption for this one particular logo. i will go on record as a superintendent and i'll ask deputy superintendent lee if he wishes as interim superintendent, that this will not be an ad hominem completely open waiver for willie brown
6:02 pm
for infinity. this is very specific request for a very very committed partner to the community of willie brown middle school in the community in the bayview and quite frankly in san francisco. it's a very specific request and we are happy to make that very public that this is just run the specific request. >> commissioner norton >> thank you. couple things. i actually really support the suggestion that we start working on the donor recognition false. we should have that. i think that would resolve a lot of the issues that are coming up. we're actually is commissioner wynns said would be much more successful at attracting philanthropic dollar could it smart for us to have a donor recognition policy. i don't know if i can ask the
6:03 pm
superintendent to have or the legal counsel to start working on such a policy to bring to us and have us look at as a board. because i think that is the right thing to. i am actually, find with this particular postal. i think i appreciate what you said superintendent about the meaning of the local to the students and i think right now at least the warriors are heroes in our community and i think that is a very positive reminder to students about what is possible. so, it has a very positive association right now. i worry a little bit about the slippery slope. what if there's a time where the warriors logo for whatever reason doesn't have such a positive association and we can't look into the future and think about when that would happen but that does worry me. i wonder if there is a like some kind of amendment or small modification to the requested action to make very very clear the commitment
6:04 pm
you articulated, which is this is just what the basketball court and it just about this proposal but were not proposing any kind of a blanket exemption for willie brown because i think while unwilling to accept this, i would like to talk what the backboard. i think that the retaining wall and the court logo i've no problem with. i'm a little concerned about the backboard just based on what you said. it's a place where advertising is generally sought after. again, not huge concerns with this particular request it truly more about the slippery slope and better recognition policy and if we can really clarify very, in writing, this just about this request for willie brown and not a blanket exemption for willie brown told feel comfortable. >> thank you commissioner norton. just a few things. one, this is a basketball court but were talking about in the warriors do basketball. we are
6:05 pm
not talking about renaming the school. when i talk about plastering the warriors logo all over the school. we are talking about the warriors being able to have a small piece of what they represent at a school that is excited about having this actually happen. two things i want to know. one, we are definitely not trying to commercialize schools. i'm 100% against that. in fact just to give a couple of examples so we are clear on where i stand on commercialization of schools and public ties to schools one my fraternity brothers and i about a year ago we help paint part of the playground at, north slope. the week prior to us going and volunteering and painting part of the playground pg&e had been out there. somebody from pg&e got the right bright idea to put their big pg&e logo in the foursquare
6:06 pm
on the bottom half of the commodore slope elementary school playground. i personally i think you can go talk to mr. greg johns i painted over the logo i personally did that. in terms of commercialization of schools and being in favor of that corporate ties in schools [inaudible] another example, comcast. their internet essentials program, they want to participate and make sure they could be part of putting their marketing materials in a regular school menus and i told him, point blank, i would never support anything like that. because, to me, you will be predatory lending practice and i don't care what they try to promise at some point they would try and upsell the community at some point someday someway. it's the nature of business. this is not about jeopardizing were commercializing. good examples
6:07 pm
of what nike wanted to do. nike may have wanted to do certain things but nike is not in our city right now. supposing to provide hundreds of jobs. nike is not in our city right now making sure that when the developing arena. 50% local higher commitment without being mandated to do so but prior coming to our city and nike definitely is not providing dozens of jobs right now to people in our community which i note the golden state warriors are doing personal get to my point, we have an organization that wants to support our school part of the sports program part of the sports teams. we are people excited about the sports team and sports in san francisco and particularly indiscriminate. there's nothing wrong with a small token of what they're going to be doing. they're going to repave the outdoor courts and i am not sure in a totally most people focused on providing advertisements on the score
6:08 pm
board. not the backboard. but i could be wrong on that. anecdotally, probably being bigger sports fan than some, appear on the dais, i think probably just a little bit more accurate in terms of where things get advertise. with that said, if there is a time period work commitments are broken in the warriors don't do it but they're supposed to we can paint over the logo. i'll be the first one there leading that charge if they don't do what they're supposed to do but in this case it something i support and we should support it. thank you. >> i do not know you had those picking skills. commissioner fewer >> thank you president haney. i think commissioner wynns is like. it's time that we revisited our 1999 policy and i think we heard from the board
6:09 pm
that we stand committed against anti-commercialism in our school and i think it's time actually because we should do this before we open up our new arts center because of her discussions about some of the private donations from our arts center and that is a very hefty actually amount of money were going to have to raise and whether not we are willing to use any privatization of-take money from people and have certain things named after them. so, if that is the intent of the art center then, yes, i agree it is-we should be having this error rules committee and having a good discussion setting parameters for this. i do another when we brought the warriors to the table double in the first conversation was not about possible courts but about the education at willie brown middle school. and how can the warriors be of help to help transform that educational experience for those students the bayview. so, personally, i
6:10 pm
feel like an exemption for this. i agree that probably commissioner wynns, we should say something about the wording of it but this is a one-time exemption for this school and district under these guidelines. i would like to come to consensus with you and with the entire board around what might be a sensible two okay tonight. so, i hear from you that you might be okay with the logos on the ground. i guess that is called the basketball court right? >>[laughing] yes, i know that was good. i actually had to ask the superintendent what is the backboard? i just not know
6:11 pm
the name of it. i understand you have a problem often with the-what i'm hearing from you and when i'm hearing from the majority of this board, i think, the logo on the ground is fine. i think what i've heard from two commissioners now is that may be a little hesitancy about the backboard. and i'm also hearing about this concrete wall that you might be having an issue that is that correct commissioner wynns? yes. what i'm wondering tonight so we can come to consensus on this and tell our generous donors the warriors about what we can do, i am wondering if we would be amenable to having the ground, the courts, with the logos. we hold our rules meeting and then would we be able then to paint the wall, do the law, and also the backboard after we have this discussion. because i do think that the points have been brought up here this evening were very important around with the warrior meetings but the warrior team actually means to
6:12 pm
their youth in the bayview. i personally happen to schools where warrior players have come out and the students are so engaged. i am astounded how they know all the statistics every player, they know what happened at the last game. they know everything did i think that actually having a warriors insignia on the on our school is not a form of commercialization unless they were saying, we want all your uniforms to have the warriors insignia and i told different things. so, because i think it is also a subject of san francisco pride. and what the warriors have meant to san francisco and what a shock in the arm it has been that we have these players that also donate their time but also money to our community. so, i personally i'm fine with all of
6:13 pm
its. but i understand commissioner wynns concerns. so, i just want to put that out to the board if people were open to that to my that we go with the logo on the ground and we have discussion and then i think we can come to some assurance, perhaps, this commercialization, which we are somewhat questioning commercialization, is agreeable to have on our wall and also on the backboard. >> commissioner murase >> thank you very much. i share commissioner wynns consumptive i don't want to give carte blanche for anything to happen at willie brown school. to the language i would propose to make sure this is one-time limited waiver, that
6:14 pm
the waiver is limited to this proposal only for this project only, so that it is very clear that what the waiver is for. though we are not granting carte blanche on the waiver. i support commissioner fewer's proposal-i don't have a problem with the basketball court having the logo. i do think we should have a discussion about the rendition of the what's being proposed for the wall. it's pretty significant and i think we be to have a policy about that before we go down this track and i would also propose that the rules committee look at not only the commercial free schools policy as well as the donor recognition policy, but also our naming policy generally. on buildings and auditoriums and rooms because as we move forward with greater and greater private support that's going to be increasingly an important issue. thank you. >> i'm going to go to our
6:15 pm
student advocate who i think i missed one to make a comment. student delegate >> yes, i would like to know find out more how this goes with the committee but i like to point out where students in the bayview seven knows that being evicted adversely that about that live in the bayview in that area. a lot of them still commute and still regardless of where they live because they really just go to richmond to sleep and that. they do come here in the weekends and i having friends that play sports, they rarely come in on weekends, and practice to the suit. i feel like all of the students mostly in the bayview be targeted by addiction is a way of telling them even though they're addicted there still wanted and i know that of course education is first and we have this as most of you know, you
6:16 pm
must have good grades to play sports and i feel this way for students to have higher achievement on education and looking forward to going to school. people are caring about me so i also see the concerns about it and the advertisement. that's what i have to say for now. >> thank you. i want to ask a question and the go to commissioner wynns. there has been some proposals around doing part of it and then having them come back and do another part of it. i wonder if you could speak to why there's the time urgency around it and
6:17 pm
whether there is any potential to do that? i know there was some question around this needs to get done before school starts the level of disruption. could you also speak item that there's any renditions got on what's going to be on the wall, but i'm not sure what the backboard looks like because it sounds like there's a possibility that some folks want to do for that as well? >> yes. so, the answer to that question is clearly we were looking to do to partner with the warriors to do this work before school started. if some other work that had to happen at the school during summer. we sort of targeted the last couple of weeks before school started to do this work. so there's some incentive to come in and we finished the court, put the logo on the center court . do the wall. same painter, same graphic, same sensible artist. pencil artist. whether or not it happens on the backwards, i don't think this project is and dies over the
6:18 pm
backboard. but in general the goal be to come in once and do the job. suck on a project you'd like to stagger over time. so, my hope tonight is if there's a specific compromise of where the logo goes or we are it doesn't go, i would like to if possible, to come to resolution and have a happy crew out there and go for opening day of school. >> you have a question? commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell >> question about what he said because i want to ask you about the painting the use of the guys would come out and paint this and you kind of want to get all done at one time. is this if we did not do it now would this be a huge disruption for the school? >> we would have to come back
6:19 pm
and repaint >> semi-distractions also have relevant, relative in time. when school is in session and once kids are there, if we have to close down basketball courts and block things off, obviously students can't use the stuff. so, from our point of view, having this be done now and be new and fresh for the start of school is a good thing. i think there is the potential of some togetherness between the warriors and the school in the opening weeks that we like to have happen. all of that sort of would be nice if the work was done. >> we do not hear is the principle in favor of this? >> i believe, so. >> commissioner mar >> i want to say couple of things. i think one of the kinds of issues we need to discuss when we have developed
6:20 pm
owner policy and integrate that into our insight commercialization policies about sort of a about marketing techniques. one of the key marketing techniques is put on there a bunch of times. have it everywhere. right. that is the kind of thing i think we would want to negotiate is how much. do we want to break this and whatever it is, no matter how much we love the warriors which we do. i want to so appreciate what commissioner walton said. it is really true with the warriors mean to the city of san francisco, to students in particularly the students and kids people live in this neighborhood is really important. in fact to be truthful that's what makes me want to do it. i want to say, this is an appropriate place to
6:21 pm
make an exception. but i also think that we need that expertise in that discussion about what we mean by that. what is appropriate donor recognition, even for an extraordinary donor whose meaningfulness to the community is something we absolutely want to recognize. so, that's why it's kind of tough to say. i like the idea of saying but just authorize doing this court and then the others i also appreciate what mr. golden said about how that might be difficult. i guess, i would although i personally would say this is big. this makes here's all the other donor. this makes the warriors this is the basketball court. remember that. different a fundamentally 20 times more important than all the other donors here because the proposal is that that is the donor wall which is a small place with the names of other donors are there. and the warriors foundation. so that's
6:22 pm
the kind of stuff i think we have to talk about. i did have a question. where is this courts on the school? because i was sort of thinking it's not really separated. it's kind of like that. kids can walk through it every day. is that correct or am i wrong? >> two things. my colleague has pointed out to me that the backwards are actually decals. so those can be put on anytime we choose to put on the decals. i suspect if there will be down kids play basketball by commissioner walton plays basketball putting them on several times. because they're going to wear off. so that issue is less critical i think on the backwards. the basketball courts are in the bureau of the school. on the upper level as though wearing
6:23 pm
road drives around adjacent to the gymnasium. >> thank you that is important. so, even though i actually think this wall is a little over-the-top, because but only to compromise the idea that the-in a basketball court it's okay to single out that donor compared to everybody else although if i was the rest of them am i not think i was okay but probably i would because they are the warriors. so, i'd be willing to do that. i am interested in some kind of language such as was suggested by commissioner murase. i suggest we amend this to say in the case of the single action and willie brown junior middle school. so, that we are clear that this is-not appreciate. that was the question i asked in appreciate that this is not meant [inaudible] the thing on
6:24 pm
the floor of the court and also on the wall if we want to go with that as long as we are not going to authorize. that would mean since this is the requested action, we would it would mean crossing out the exterior basketball court backboard words in this resolution. i would offer that as a membership that does not mean we can to a letter just means one of the authors eight tonight if that's acceptable to my colleagues. that would be acceptable to me. >> vp walton >> i definitely appreciate the conversation particularly about coming up with a protocol and process for how we address donors at moving forward. i
6:25 pm
think one of the things that we also need to understand is the work that the warriors attended you on the courts det in terms of the repaving, is something that may wear down over time. putting the logos on the board on the wall same thing. they wear down over time. i guess my point is that this is not permanent. if there's ever a concern if there's ever a change or switch that needs to be taken care of and something we can deal with. we can reverse whatever happens here with the decision we made tonight. it's important to note the logo on the backboard is going to be less than a foot. would talk about 3 feet on the wall. so were not talking about extremely huge logo as well. i
6:26 pm
think that we need to understand that these are things that can be temporary if we feel to make changes in the future. so, moving forward, with this tonight does that mean we cannot fix or make alterations if we need to at a time in the future. >> is that a question? was that a question or did you want clarification on that point? >> would you like me to put that in the form as a motion >> yes >> i move we amend this resolution to do two things. to end the subject and the requested action, strike the words, the exterior possible court backboard, or maybe we should just put-just cross out
6:27 pm
backwards world court backwards because then it would say to be used on the exterior basketball court center corp. eating and adjacent retaining wall. those same, just striking court backwards in the requested action, and then we add on the last line of the subject, the last line would read, quote, commercial freeze act in the case of the single action at willie l brown junior middle school. that's a motion that would require a second >> i second. >> discussion on the motion? >> commissioner fewer >> so started for clarification, what we're saying is that it is just for
6:28 pm
the center court paving? >> and the wall. for now until we have a discussion at this the rules committee taking up the backboard part. >> so you're okay with a retaining wall? >> economizing on the general >> really? after all that discussions. i just want to clarify >>[cross-talking] >> i hear i'm down to the apparent interests of the majority here. >> okay. so what i'm hearing thank you commissioner hwang. for the wall things okay with that design and the court thing is okay with the same on the ground but it's the backboard that is the issue. those i think can be switched out. >> in part because of your question about the difficulty of staging it did is to golden has told us that when it be
6:29 pm
hard since they are decals. the specifics concerned about backboards or scoreboards is one of the things we should talk about with a blood donor recognition >> so thank you commissioner wynns for coming to this compromise. i think it's a good economizing i just want to say i think having the warriors logo on the ground which is now i know the paschal court is going to thrill those students playing basketball on willie brown's middle school. i even think they would jump even higher. so thank you for coming to that compromise. that compromise is in motion. it's been second by commissioner murase. thank you very much. >> okay. >>[applause]
6:30 pm
>> so i think we have a consensus. thank you commissioner wynns both for the compromise and also for bringing forward the needs of a real conversation about this pause. i think this is not going to be the last time were having this conversation. it's better if we don't do it in a one off and next time it's probably going to be even more complicated than the warriors. it's going to be in different types of situations especially big span our private fundraising and i do want to say i agree with everything around what this is going to mean to the students of willie docket think that's what's most important and if we try to build up this cool brand-new school and make it one the students and staff have ownership and pride in the partnerships i think this is very exciting for the school but it does bring up some important considerations for us. i can say, as someone who grew up a warriors fan i would've loved to have this in mind school there's many schools around the bay area especially in the east bay, who very jaws of willie brown middle school at this point in the sport were getting in this community in san francisco. i think that's a lot to do >> is a process question is do
6:31 pm
you want him i now authorized to share the rules committee to put the issue which will have some reference to this? that's only reason of developing a donor policy and in the context of commercial free school policy on the rules agenda or deferred this and some weight even though work and have it tonight acetonitrile the rules committee. you can think about that. >> we're going to pass this tonight but there's going to have to be some continued conversation around this issue specifically the cost of the rules committee edition be anything done on the backboard for example. >> what we need how you can refer something to the rules committee on the agenda when regarding past that? >> i think you'll be need to be a new resolution by ford that addresses the pieces of this there not included in this bid we will not refer it >> proposal [inaudible]
6:32 pm
>> okay. let's take a vote on the amendment >> thank you. wynns aye mendoza-mcdonnell aye fewer aye dr. murase aye norton aye wynns aye haney aye six aye >> now a vote on the resolution as amended >> as amended, wynns aye mendoza-mcdonnell aye fewer aye murase aye norton aye walton aye mcelhaney aye six aye >> thank you. thank you everyone. item p introduction of proposals and assignment to committee. i am going to read into the record the following
6:33 pm
superintendent's proposal for first reading. 160-sp1 adoption of boer policy 1230 community relations. >>[reading ordinance] >>can have a motion as i can on these resolution? >> moved and seconded. >> these will go to the rules committee which is taking place tomorrow night. there's no board member proposals for first reading. item q introduction a proposal for immediate action and was a suspension of board walls. can i have a motion and a second on the suspension of the rules to
6:34 pm
hear this >> moved and seconded. >> rollcall vote >> suspension, mendoza-mcdonnell aye fewer aye murase aye norton aye walton aye wynns aye haney aye six aye >> can have a motion and second? >> moved and seconded. >> deputy superintendent lee >> thank you president haney and superintendent carranza how do step away some filling in for the remainder of the meeting. at this point, we like to ask special assistant to the superintendent christina long to comment on the item.
6:35 pm
>> good evening commissioners. i'm going to first provide some brief historical context that led us to this resolution and the opposition. it would please the board to lead the requested action background into the record. so, in 1998 the california voters passed proposition 227 which was in english only initiative that basically decimated a number of the multilingual pathways and educational programs brought the state. i do not have an impact in san francisco across the state we knew there was a decline in multilingual programs due to this initiative. 2014 sen. laura introduce bill senate bill 1174, which actually started the process of repealing almost proposition 227. what was required since that proposition 227 was about an initiative it basically was signed by the governor and directed that there would be a ballot
6:36 pm
measure in november 2016 election included an initiative which is now labeled as prop 58, the learning good the language education acquisition and ready this now apposite. requested action before the board is the board of education of the sf invite school district supports the california proposition 58 learning initiative on november 8, 2016 general election ballot. proposition 58 learning initiative will be on the november 8, 2016 general election ballot get the initiative recognize the importance of multilingual skills in the workplace and california employers across all sectors are actively recruiting multilingual employees. further recognizing multilingual skills are necessary for countries national security essential to conducting diplomacy and
6:37 pm
international programs. the school districts and county offices of education and consultation with language experts in the field and parents determine the best line which instruction method in which acquisition programs to implement. enable school districts and local schools to better meet the demand for programs to prepare students with multilingual international skills they need to compete in the global marketplace. provide all parents with a choice to have their children educated to high standards in english and one or more additional languages. it encourages local schools to provide opportunities for native info speaking pupils to be instructed in another language. it reaffirms a much proficiency standards and continues in which language requirements in repeals the english only presumptive placement brain which learners removes they must learn her parents waiver requirement under proposition 227, which passed in 1990. thank you. if there's any questions for discussion
6:38 pm
that's all we have >> comment? robert supportive of this. >> a massively supportive of it and i think this is great. i urge a vote for it >> >>[call of the roll] >> mendoza-mcdonnell aye fewer aye murase aye norton aye walton aye wynns aye haney aye six aye >> natalie divac and restate this is going to pass but we all need to work hard to get this passed along with extension of proposition 30 and our own bonnie issue? proposition 55 in the state on. we need that money, too. thank you >> and a lot of other things. okay, item r board members reports. standing committees. i am going to read out the new committee assignments for this
6:39 pm
year. for building and grounds the chairman is mendoza-mcdonnell and rachel norton. for the budget committee, chairman rachel norton members murase wynns. for rules, chairman wynns fewer and murase. for student assignment, chairman murase walton haney. purpose and no and labor chairman is walton and members are murase and caminong to pursue the college committee, joint committee chairman is mendoza-mcdonnell and numbers are murase and norton. weather reports by four numbers, report from the student assignment committee. the only committee whose met the spar i already gave earlier.
6:40 pm
other members want to announce their board committee meetings or other reports commissioner wynns >> i notice you referenced it before but the rules committee is meeting tomorrow night. i want to say particular because it's not a right to their meeting that we propose to change our meeting night. that will be one of the items tomorrow evening is to come up with a regular new regular meeting night. but since we keep on encouraging the public as well as board members to come to the rules committee when we did the legislative reviews which were not doing tomorrow significantly, we i just want to make sure people know it's not the be the third wednesday anymore. thank you. >> commissioner norton >> yes, i want to announce we will hold a budget committee meeting on august 15 at 6 pm.
6:41 pm
we will not hold a september budget committee meeting was likely. if something does get referred to the board we can change that decision but we are going to keep our regular meeting date that the first wednesday so there will be a meeting august 15 and at present the first wednesday in october. >> commissioner fewer >> [inaudible] was more exciting than last. i believe ms. casco is going to see if the availability on august 22 but for sure we'll have a meeting on the second monday of september, which is september 12, because the first monday is labor day. then we will continue to have our curriculum meeting the first monday of every month. thanks >> commissioner murase >> i will be working with staff on the student assignment committee meeting dates. i do
6:42 pm
have one announcement. particularly for our educators. scrap, the beloved warehouse of materials will be having its teacher giveaway materials are free to educators throughout the bay area. it will be held saturday, august 20 10 am-4 pm and again on saturday september 10 10 am-4 pm. it's kind of a highlight for scott and educators who want art material for their classrooms. thank you. >> vice president walton >> i want to announce up the meeting with the team at the districts week and discussed the plan for the year for the ad hoc personnel matters and labor relations committee and also becoming forward the dates for the meeting and i do just want to remind everyone i'm still in the curriculum and program committee. so it's going to be exciting >> i can't wait as a new
6:43 pm
member. any other reports from commissioners? okay. other item c or other informational items. not tonight item t morrill adjournment. we have three. commissioner murase >> thank you for much. i like to share with the audience memorial enjoyment [inaudible] ellen fondren i like to ask today's board meeting be adjourned in her memory. of edition of brief election profession on her life of service to the board in 1935 in mississippi. two immigrants from china who owned a small grocery store in mississippi delta. due to jim crow laws: was prevented from attending local public schools. during world war ii local authorities however determined that young
6:44 pm
chinese-american man from the south were drafted into the army were serving in other wartime industry, ellen and her three brothers were finally allowed to attend public school. after receiving a business bs in business from: ms. mississippi in 1967, she traveled to san francisco with her brother and found work at the hong kong shanghai bank. she then met and married clock from celebrating 55 years of marriage. this past june. ellen was devoted mother to their three children alain, elyse and kent all graduates of sf usd. in the early 1970s school encourage ellen to take a paraprofessional position at debbie stone elementary. later renamed the longtime principal william diablo and also worked at commodore slow. she returned to school at san francisco state university in 1980 earned a teaching credential. ellen [inaudible] substitute teacher for the next 25 years. former
6:45 pm
principal of argonne elementary first hired ellen who enjoyed the year-round calendar creating lasting relationships with her students. i was recalled recently when she and owen were having dinner together former oregon soon first mechanized ellen and then her. this monk man was then in his late 30s is tormented ellen after all easy. now the official of the california state employment, and he offered to take us out to lunch sometime. also worked at the sunny side school before she retired. her daughter a lease by classmate of old called among mostly taught kindergartners to third-graders are favorite was the kindergartners. i think she liked how eager innocent and cute those little five-year-old could be. she was a deeply spiritual and devoted member of the first chinese southern baptist church for 59 years. in
6:46 pm
years recently she traveled the year hong kong china japan europe and recently crossed the mediterranean and through the middle east could cause health affords a to baton in november and she was finally diagnosed with late stage cancer earlier this year. own went into hospice care in mid-june with the help of several caregivers who is able to spend her last week in home surrounded by family and she passed away peacefully on july 17. fong is survived by her husband and her three children. alan fong is a prof. of paralegal studies business law at city college could lisa is the program manager for the office of child support enforcement at the administration of children and families and two grandchildren natalie and just joshua in san francisco jeopardy sure and wife under good on behalf of the board of education said san francisco unified school district of two special heartfelt appreciation for her long service and our condolences to the font family for this loss. >> thank you commissioner
6:47 pm
murase. commissioner norton >> thank you. i'm offering this adjournment in memory of casey jones who passed away last month after bicycle accident. casey was inactive and devoted sfusd parent. thanks to his curiosity involvement and tech savvy he'll spread the word about that spark interest in sfusd issues i cofounding bs of schools listed back in 2000 or it grew to 1800 members and took several years every important issue in sf usd the greater education world was examined and debated there. when a personal note, discovery is of wizard on yahoo late one night became my path into public school advocates agreed overnight it would sit for hours in front of the computer compulsively hitting refresh to hit the sometimes nasty and always passionate debate. later
6:48 pm
casey founded the sf blog and other popular spots for information debate. was honored to be invited by him as a guest blogger for the site. he was a senior software engineer for skype a longtime bernal heights resident devoted husband of that jones and very involved father of anna jones global class of 2009 and sam jones, class of 2012. the san francisco invite school district since our heartfelt and sincere condolences to casey's family. >> thank you commissioner norton. i now offer this adjournment in memory of lisa reynolds more. lisa reynolds more moore was a compassionate leader who served as the site administrator in the early education schools and out of school time programs. mrs. reynolds moore dedicated over 30 years to the san francisco unified school district serving young children supporting families and primarily working with the tenderloin, bayview
6:49 pm
and richland communities. she is served in leadership positions in number schools including charles drew, reading, the coppin, rafael real, just to name a few. mrs. reynolds moore was kind generous optimistic attitude change agent. students staff colleagues and communities will miss her dearly. i will offer this adjournment in memory of marcus sina. on july 8, 2016 longtime sfusd leader and principal markets-senior pastor with. was born march 23 pages of a to mitchell boettcher in california and debra victorino felker of san francisco california. mr. bratcher attended former as you left the woodrow wilson high in 1980.
6:50 pm
he went on to attend morehouse college in atlanta georgia. he graduated from st. mary's college in 1994. he continued his education earning a masters from san francisco state. mr. bratcher had a strong desire for education. he wanted to be a positive influence on the youth in his community and beyond. he was a principal for several sf usd schools including noah maxwell middle school and galileo high school. he also worked in leadership positions at thurgood marshall high school and mission high school. the strip dr. went on to work for pittsburgh unified school district did mr. bratcher was a mentor for many youth and assisted many with obtaining college scholarship he a pulley truly put his heart so and time into his community fulfilled his dreams by leading others to their dreams. he is proceeded by in his death by his father mitchell blackshear, mother, deborah felker, grandmothers, dorothy berry and uncle victor
6:51 pm
felder. he served by survived by his four children marcus junior [inaudible]. he leaves to sisters, tiffany etruria and tamika williams and elyse felder sheila dixon, and one uncle cornelius felder. the board of education and superintendent of school extend sincere condolences to the fong jones reynolds more moore the boettcher families. the board will now go into closed session is a recessed the regular meeting. good afternoon, everyo
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
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6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
and welcome to the special meeting of the san francisco full board of supervisors for monday, august 8, 2016, at 2 o'clock madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor avalos not present supervisor president london breed supervisor campos not present supervisor cowen supervisor cowen not present supervisor farrell's not present supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener
7:01 pm
supervisor yee not present madam president we have quorum. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, madam clerk any communications. >> not o none to report madam president. >> supervisor peskin like to mansion a motion to skews commissioners we'll take that without objection. supervisor avalos is skewed supervisor wiener in terms of excusing the other commissioners and i know that supervisor cowen, supervisor farrell and supervisor campos
7:02 pm
expressed a request to be excused. >> okay absolutely you wanted to make that motion. >> seconded by supervisor peskin colleagues without objection without objection their excused and we're joined by supervisor yee okay. i do have one in memoriam and i think that we may have some members of the public of the audience here today colleagues, we don't have a traditionally 2:30 roll call or accommodation spend for the board meeting i want to take a brief moment to acknowledge someone when from the city family that passed away a few days ago mr. richard shaft that passed away sunld on tuesday august texting section and members of the public who are here for the in memoriam can you please stand.
7:03 pm
>> okay. it's everyone here thank you. >> thank you and i just are there members of the family here today thank you very much and we'll give you a moment to say and few words we appreciate you being here be seated i'll make a few remarks we had the privilege of knowing dick the general manager of moscone center and regional vice president of the moscone center operations since 19 ti he is survived by marilyn of 56 years and two children greg and laura and 5 greater than dick moved to san francisco in 19 ti after working an long beach as a 45 members of the managers he served on numerous committees as
7:04 pm
a member of the board of supervisors and collected as chairman of the i va r foundation if 88 to 89 and severed as president of the organization in 1994 through 95 and received the association highest honor the charles a award in 2002 in 2011 dick was the respiratory of the international conference lifetime achievement are award from the association of venue managers inc. and excellent member of the travel association a member of the san francisco chamber of commerce, a board member of the 5 and mission and a trustee of the i organization t s e 16 pension plan he always listened as one listed as one of the most influential
7:05 pm
people in the industrial industry when we wasn't working dick would ride his motorcycle and cheer on the giants and loved that spending a lot of time with friends and families and especially his greater than grandchildren done so much and honored to have such a tremendous leader and one of the most important industry the tourism of san francisco someone what has made san francisco what it is to visitors all over the country and want to tim he'll be truly missed and with that, colleagues without objection i want to before i open up for any member of the family to comment supervisor peskin did you. >> will madam president want
7:06 pm
to suggest we make that if the entire board of supervisors i knew dick an honor to work with him and my condolences to the family and the entire city for a great loss. >> thank you and boxes we'll do this on behalf of the entire board of supervisors today and without objection if this is a member of his family or someone that he worked with i'll welcome you an opportunity to say a few words at this time. >> the microphone is here. >> thank you for letting us be here and supporting him i just wanted to say thank you to everyone that showed up he loved his work and i think because of you he loved all the people he worked with and enjoyed the work until 77 thank you to everyone, everyone knows
7:07 pm
who he was i don't want to say too much we loved him. >> thank you very much and again, our honor to adjourn 24 meeting on behalf of the entire board of supervisors thank you to his family and friends his coworkers and many people probation officer caught to support him today he will definitely be missed we truly appreciated his work for the city thank you. >> and with that, madam clerk any other communications none to report. >> can we please call the first item. >> item number one is the resolution to approve the that party supplement to the memorandum of understanding regarding the financial commitment to addressing the funding gap for the peninsula electrification and add the public comment requirement for this item has been satisfied at
7:08 pm
the july 27th budget & finance committee. >> with that, supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president and colleagues for giving us a week continuance which really allowed for a productive collaboration on the city does between myself, commissioner chung if the board, ed reiskin and some of his staff tilly chang and maria from the ct a as well as jillian on behalf of the mayor's office and to that end we have a set of protocols in front of you and incorporated in the file which by the way, have been reviewed by caltrain staff and we accommodated a couple of amendments a they sugsd and
7:09 pm
finally, the resolution itself is slightly amended on pages 4, and 5 at the first line on page 4 that indicates that the agreement will be subject to a funding protocol and then the additional further resolves authorizing the chief executive and the director of transportation to sign the president and make any amendments on behalf of the city and county it don't increase our obligations for liability i look forward to san francisco playing a role as the caltrain electrification project evolves making sure we do that within our means and thank you to supervisor tang for helping on the collaborative effort. >> thank you supervisor peskin
7:10 pm
commissioner chung. >> i do appreciate live supervisor peskin i know that was difficult for us to call a special meeting but to make sure that san francisco was going to be able to handle what comes our way in the future regarding the caltrain projects would this o one of the things i'd like to acknowledge our controller's office they did i know that supervisor peskin wanted to acknowledge them as well to have a comprehensive perpetually protocol i want to kick it offer to todd to speak to some of the amendments in the oversight protocol and those changes will be adapted as part of resolution today. >> thank you, todd deputy controller through the wanting to summarize the protocol before you included 10 or 12 donated
7:11 pm
items 15 separate items the four key additions calling your attention is in item 6 is the requirement of a dashboard to be created with dashboard indicators as previously noted in the schedule and budget further in addition to that item number 9 specifically defines significant risk levels with the requirement this the city of san francisco and other partners be notified within 10 days of devacations where costs are increased over 200 and $50,000 and thirdly, the addition of appropriation controls, i.e., in number 11 that funding and financing issues are suggested to each authority to appropriate the funding and finally on item
7:12 pm
15 is the inclusion of the funding partners including san francisco to be able to audit a review any of the project information at any time those are the key changes and thank you. >> thank you, mr. reed i believe that putting the allegations into the oversight pointing will sure hopefully in the future that if any issues arise we'll be privy to that information supervisor peskin if you have something else. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you. i wanted to apologize for not acknowledging the controller's office and add the role of a number of deputy advertising played and acknowledge bryan from congresswoman jackie spier's office i think that he has endeavored to bring this thing together and congresswoman spear
7:13 pm
and president obama administration god speed. >> for clarity who will be permitting the request to amend the legislation. >> the amendments madam president before you i have circulated them and also want to announce we shared all of these changes with supervisor cowen's staff that be aware of them and supportive of them but like to make a motion to put the amendments that are before you before us and make that motion. >> supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend seconded by supervisor tang colleagues without objection without objection the amendments passes unanimously and call roll. >> supervisor peskin
7:14 pm
supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor kim supervisor mar there are 7 i's. >> the resolution as amended it adapted unanimously next item. >> general public comment 80 up to two minutes to include items on the without reference calendar items three and four purntd to the board direct your comments to the board if you want to display your document clearly state to sfgovtv and when you want the screen to return to the live coverage of meeting. >> good morning, mr. yip. >> of holiness and man with true destiny in unit of human
7:15 pm
nature of people into unite with well-nourished - for mission of holy justice with the foam o phenomena will sure the peace and wellness when mankind without individual differences of opinionated bias and mercy of justice to change the destiny for all people to prosperity and security true principles should exist on planet earth and always among everyone's heart for the holy people and shall take an divided statute of limitations of holy religion and have the coloration of all good deeds and
7:16 pm
holy shoed u study is there a preach university shall in the new wealth of our people and one shall maximize the nature in destiny with a special works on publication and mercy and humankind destiny shall work together for the public affairs for the study of holy culture shall be between heaven and man for peace and wellness for justice for all so holy meaning of eternal for hundreds of jashgsz for security god bless the holy mission. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor
7:17 pm
president london breed my name is christopher i rise to practice my ad skills and remark on a number of different things there was some comment several weeks ago what you want to do for old people today is my 69 birthday and amazed to have it personally being the oldest person in the room i guess my observations will hold the permitted thing i want flat sidewalks have to watch any steps my feet don't work quite as well another item my comment about the boilerplates restrictions what you can produce grant fund for
7:18 pm
the actually did a search and on the items on 7 61 is all wrong the bulb out of the money from the state of california the sfmta to you wanted the city to take would liability for building something that is text that requires that inconsistent apply and the state of california as you as the enforcement ininstrument and lastly please do not read in front of use it is really, really rude we've sat with you for 9 hours your task is hard but back there thank you. >> thank you and happy birthday. >> next speaker, please. >> hi laura clark of grow sf
7:19 pm
to talk about item 4 the redondo proposal to once again talk about where they'll oppose by right. i think has been litigated and discuses the city to ready to say we're conflict of interest about whether we'll support buy right this is the message to be pass on i don't understand this is on the agenda it is a deliberate waste of time we could be doing so many more effective things to truly address did housing crisis and old policies permitted like radical things like backyard cottages adding to the housing authority that is spell needed in the city and addressing single-family home only to attached zoning inclusionary zoning hiv racist institutions
7:20 pm
and making progress but instead we are deciding whether we'll pass a motion to oppose something again for no reason i'm really disappointed you guys are not taking more bold action happy with the granting cottage legislation so, so much more potential and hope you'll take bold action soon. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is sonya if the renters federation and here to talk about 4 ask you to vote against this motion yes similar point we already went through this is a waste of time and san francisco as built housing but we haven't contributed housing to the bay area and as we've sort of gone over the governors buy right
7:21 pm
bill was monthly applied in the areas that all san franciscans definitely need to build for housing on the peninsula the best way for the suburbs housing and silicon valley to pass buy right no san franciscans strongly want the peninsula to build housing san franciscans want this and, yes we vote against this motion that's correct. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors tim colen, san francisco housing action coalition. and wanted to express our frustration with that motion back again because it is to us proevendz empty housing in the seasons perhaps we can finally stop producing market-rate and get our arms around this displacement it doesn't make sense but number one governor
7:22 pm
said two things number one local jurisdictions you don't get it for two or three dedications e decades using ours authority to delay and abduct housing no where more true if housing coalition didn't exist i won't have a job local jurisdictions have to stop obstructing jobs and the second one is equally remarkable under no realistic economic scenario possible for the state of california to subsidies its way out of problem think if i remember what we said i read in the newspaper the affordable housing is delivers to the and costs two of no evidence he will change and open the floodgates to fund the production of subsidize housing we're left to our devices
7:23 pm
it didn't doesn't make sense to oppose this because right measure and at the same time keep the production of housing in san francisco we need a lot more of it and urge you to vote against the motion thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> supervisors michael san francisco building trades council on many occasions agree with the prior 3 speakers i disagree this is not a anti housing measure it is a complex question the municipal production of physical buildings and involves serving the needs of the community in variety of ways with the labor like i'm not adverse to pointing out but serving the needs of low income communities and making sure that there is no displacement, and
7:24 pm
making sure there is no unwarranted an urban answered during the course of uncontrolled housing and the current measure that the governor is pushing didn't do missing any of those things it needs to be called into account we need to remind. >> legislators to call the governor into account and appreciate the positive stance towards little legislation i'm convinced that works with the state building trade we're asking you to oppose the legislation and fill it is amend to the point it does what the is spotted to do thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is milo with grow sf i would like you to deny this
7:25 pm
amend item not the way things are settled the governors bill is a good idea one of the stipulations in the requests is to preserve ask the governor to preserve the demonstration controls by the governor already has those preserved this is an example of how we're kind of redundantly doing things again so support the governors bill thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> i was asking one of the officers if it is possible if you guys could provide bottle
7:26 pm
waters we get thirsts i didn't and promised i would do a commercial by a book we robert stone believe it or not i haven't read the book can't comment it came in the mail i went to the computer and found out a special meeting so not able to prepare a speech but you know what? at the name of jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess only a matter of time jehovah has spoken every knee will bow and paul applies that to tfa lips two jesus is a great misery you'll confess and
7:27 pm
joours will stay get down on our impose and acknowledge to everyone jesus is lord a par bell in the gospel of luke those who will not let me lord over them the motor vehicle and lowly lamb of god and judgment day is coming jesus mind behold i go up to the jerusalem and everything written by the son of man will be accomplished he didn't say behold i go up to jerusalem but everything that is written by the proof the will come true mows isaiah and the book of jehovah.
7:28 pm
>> - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilbert building houses by the 98 percent of san franciscans can't afford a dynamic housing project we need to reline and instead of louis the developers to make all the money part of our society we are lucky to have michael a couple of months ago i did a show on happy new year cynicism and any things on donald trump just listen to that show and hillary clinton on the other hand, ask her what happened in 2009 with honduras when america was the only country that relocated central
7:29 pm
america no one else did and honduras mother with children at our gates i want her to release her transcripts to wall street and there's a few things we're running out of time i'm wearing a nice green shirt what do you think gloria stein within that that i mentioned before about the police not wearing their gun belts this is a time i hope some of you get to travel in a country the police are not wearing them we can do better the police in the society everyone will be happier i'm recommending for the first time that we find some safe buildings so drug addicts can shoot up under san francisco supervised
7:30 pm
supervision this is got to be better as long as they do their drugs on site and prevent the lottery loiter /* litter. >> any further speakers line up to the left. >> i request our open patience to replace the matter within the proper economic context the condominium sidelines has sidelined the property owners with the incoming restricted housing supply were a boom towards the corporate dwellings of luxury in scale affordability set aside raise the costs of the aau adjourned unite beyond the 34ri79d people
7:31 pm
who finds themselves innovating not able to make the ended meet we're short 68 thousand hounding and fiscal inflation have respected people in the 3, 4, 5 - in overtime and comfortable elevation of degree and keeping on task with the economic freeze and the economy and the freeze - >> political intervention has added preemptor to the cost of land for the prosthetic contractor and the public in general all those 2w0sz who lack the prevent status to buy excuse me - that buy high over and over not al at all future boards any yield inheriting symmuch
7:32 pm
constitutional heritage to adopt the buy right legislation in the spirit of free initiative courageously or encouraging with the shared values regarding scott wiener economic factors. >> thank you, sir madam president seeing no 09 speakers lining up that includes public comment. >> okay. are there any other members of the public to provide public comment at this point seeing none, public comment is closed. >> sir, i know you're kidding what with that madam clerk the items with adoption no - item 3. >> a motion to approve a final map 8253 located on webster
7:33 pm
street colleagues colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously please call item number 4. >> a motion to urge the san francisco deliberate legislation for the buy right for the trail bill in recognition of 1230z locals planning tools to regional housing development and order the clerk to transmit the position for the buy right housing proposal for the tailor bail to all one and 80 members of the state legislation. >> supervisor president london breed. >> good afternoon colleagues my - i'd like to propose a motion i just want to i'd like to propose an amendment and take
7:34 pm
the opportunity to explain why my concern is not necessarily the substance of the motion but it is a motion there in my view no legal basis for the board of supervisors to impact a position under the section 2.1 of the charter that the board of supervisors shall act only by ordinance resolution except it may act on motion by when the board of supervisors has inclusive jurisdictions by acts of ordinances not inclusive hours positions in sacramento or over the position that we take inclusive position is the paramount will i matters w50e8 sit as a committee as a whole that's why the board narrowly
7:35 pm
defines action by the motion which i won't go over the details of that but again my concern not about the substance of the motion but as board president an objection to protect the rules under the chair functions i don't want to establish the precedent that the board can take did positions by motioned and motioned not subject to single spiritualy privilege to send an item to the committee and have motioned an important policy topics show up on the agenda and noting if a simple majority supports never subject to the public comment pedestrian and not from the executive branch we want to set the policy absent we don't want to set the populated absent the public engagement process or not
7:36 pm
notwithstanding our city charter we don't have the legal authority and not suggest we do and for that reason colleagues i'm asking for a simple amendment at the top of the motion which g will make that clear and that amendment has been passed out to some of you already it says whereas the san francisco board of supervisors can't under the city charter or the boards recusal of order establish the substantive policies by motion, however, this motion simply riltsz reiterates a motion adopted by the board in resolution one six zero 66 zero and the city attorney sports this and supervisor peskin supports this amendment with that, i'll move to approve that particular amendment into the record.
7:37 pm
>> supervisor president london breed has made a motion to amend seconded by supervisor peskin if no discussion on this amendment itself as opposed to the motion can we take with without objection without objection the amendment is adopted unanimously. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> madam president and colleagues this item is resubmit of the extensive discusses in committee and at the full board time is of the essence as this matter is being deliberated in sacramento in the days ahead i want to acknowledge the state senator from san francisco senator mark leno for his work and delegations from across the state that will be visiting with
7:38 pm
lunch breaks in sacramento tomorrow madam clerk i'm hopeful this that motion passes today you and your hard working are get that out to the legislature as quickly as possible and then for me i want to acknowledge the obvious this passed by a majority of this body it is rare but the mayor choose to veto that resolution i think what the gentleman said is actually quite right which is to - in some form a fight over tone the mayor's may 13 substance is not that different than the substance of this resolution are of this motion previously resolution and what i think the gentleman said we should take heed of is
7:39 pm
that the supportive request of the mayors as well as mayor garcetti fell on deaf areas relative to making amendments that will alm that san francisco has been a leader in affordable housing development and would like this bill to be amended we can continue to use the tools in our tool in the toolbox we've paranoia i think that is time for this - we oppose this tailor bill by the way, those amendments now are widespread port in organizations all over the state of california and maybe some not from the sf grow or bar so be it with that, madam
7:40 pm
president i'm prepared to vote on this again. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president so i have to say this whole process i find to be irregular and really problematic as an initial matter i listened to supervisor president london breed's comments and frankly think i supervisor president london breed's comments were on point why we shouldn't set the precedent as we're doing with the amendment that you can introduce a resolution at the board of supervisors you can have that resolution fail whether at the board level or if it is because the mayor vetoes it but through the normal process and fail and then you can turn around and
7:41 pm
say i don't like this i'll introduce as a motion the difference the mayor can't veto a motion it is a effectively a procedural vote within the board of supervisors and the rebate we have motioned and the mayor didn't play a rule in signing or adverting the motion a motion is about those of us within the board of supervisors setting our own procedural rules and motioned can be about 19th century hearings and other procedural matters that's the purpose of motion and the reason the mayor plays 90 no rule in meddling so a motion our motion never been intended to set substantive policies for the city that's never been what they're about
7:42 pm
and but that is exactly what this motion is purporting to do it sour grapes this motion we didn't get what we tloptd the normal process because the mayor vetoed it as a result a regular motion that the mayor can't touch and appreciate supervisor peskin transparency in what we intended to do use this to falsely imply to the legislator u legislature this is somehow the position of the city of san francisco and it's not we sit down policy in terms of the lobbying the legislator by way of resolution and the mayor signs it or lets it become the official policy without signing it or if the board didn't act the mayor can lobby that creates significant confusion and if you
7:43 pm
were a member of the lunch break from some other part of state and all of a sudden someone says well the board passed this the mayor vetoed and the mayor is not allowed to veto it what is the position of the city it creates confusion that's why we have a distinction between resolutions and motioned putting that aside the board will act the way it does and we'll precede from this year i'll be voting against this not because of procedural mechanism but on the merits he's voted against supervisor peskin previous iteration this needs to be a resolution he offered an alternative resolution that basically said there are issues with what the governor is proposing around demolitions and 09 areas and we should work
7:44 pm
collaboratively with the governor to fix the buy right legislation so it works and then we should not just simply oppose and so my position continues to be the same we should be working with the governor to improve his legislation to fix the defects rather than oppose it and i also need to repeat what i said san francisco is not doing well when it comes to housing as reflective in the average rent of $3,500 a month and the displacement as reflected in the number of people living with their x they've been broken up for two years can't afford to move out we have a crisis and not pating ourselves on the back
7:45 pm
there's more work to do yes subsidized below-market-rate housing we want more below-market-rate housing but that will not solve the housing crisis we need more housing overall this is what the governors plan is designed to do not a purpose plan it needs amendments we should work with the governor collaboratively to get those amendments done this is not the right approach in my opinion so you'll be voting no. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president i don't want to budget committee labor this i want to as a matter of collegiality take exemption to the sour gripes graipz this is the policy god above grade of san francisco the mayor has the ability to express himself on behalf of the executive branch i - the mayor has as per
7:46 pm
recognizing recognize not used in modern times to veto a policy of the policy body the policy body any in its soul and saluted corrosion to express itself as the policy body is legal by the admit not often done but really rather remarkable the exclusive executive vetoed this this is the way to timely express the majority opinion to the stated legislature and the 0 policy we've discussed at nasal and why not call the roll. >> supervisor peskin i mean supervisor wiener. >> we're like easilyly confuseable
7:47 pm
i have madam president if i may through the city attorney if this motion passes today what will the position of city of san francisco be it the bill in sacramento. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. as you mentioned supervisor wiener and as the president mentioned the city adapts formal positions on states legislation through resolution or through ordinance dlooul impacted by the board and signed or returned unsigned by the mayor or over ridden part of veto over ridden the board has not adopted a resolution that goes into effective on this bill the city has no formal position on this bill and the motion to not have the position on the bill the mayor under the chapter has the authority to coordinate
7:48 pm
intergovernmental fisherman's wharf the mayor can contradict the body to take the motion. >> so what would be an appropriate use of this motion if it passes again in sacramento in terms of the advocacy around this bill. >> i can't speaks to what will be appropriated the mayor can view it as he wishes in terms of lobbying on behalf of the city in his discretion. >> if it passes today, we could have the mayor lobbying in favor of the bill with amendments and could have others saying look i have a motion from the board of supervisors opposing the bill and others meaning members of the public that take this monoxide o motioned with a public document and say here's the position the majority of board of supervisors. >> or members of the board of
7:49 pm
supervisors supervisor peskin ask the the president to consider sending a letter quickly with the motion if it passes saying the board of supervisors passed this motion. >> that's what the - >> supervisor cohen's. >> that's correct that's the motion asked that the motion be transmitted to all 20 and 20 members of the legislation if we have the mayor of the san francisco lobbying on behalf of the city in favor of the bill with amendments and have the board of supervisors transmitting the motion opposing the bill to the legislators can have that complex. >> that's right beyond the clerk forwarding the motion adapt by the board individual supervisors in their capacity as the residents of the state can lobby the legislators
7:50 pm
but the board including the clerks letter can't take a position on behalf of the city and county of san francisco. >> in terms of the direction in the motion up here it says further resolved this the board of supervisors directs the clerk to transmit this to all one and 80 members when you - the motion itself says opposed and so then the clerk will be directed to transmit that to all one and 20 members on behalf of the board of supervisors not as residents of the state how does that - that seems odd given the mayor that has the charter policy to have the resolution goes into effect any of the board of supervisors saying wait we oppose this. >> yes. the mayor has the power to coordinate the
7:51 pm
intergovernmental affairs for the boards resolution taking a position on behalf of the city has directed the clerk to forward the copies of the resolutions to the legislators or to certain members of the legislators even though the mayor has the power to coordinate the intergovernmental affairs we can advise not the clerk is not prohibited from forwarding a document adapted by the board to the legislators by this is the extent of the boards direct involvement in the legislative affairs. >> to the best of your knowledge are you aware of a situation a motion with the board of directors not subject to any review by the mayor under our 0 - would that be transmitted to the state legislators that's into the challenges that 1k3450e7d
7:52 pm
identified in terms of setting a precedent short circuit the process and having the mayor sign or veto and do a motion and appearing to be taking a position even though we're not allowed to take a position. >> not that i'm aware of of that happening. >> thank you very much. >> thank you with that, madam clerk seeing no other names on the roster, on the item as amended can you please call the roll. >> supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no. >> supervisor yee supervisor breed supervisor kim supervisor mar there are 5 i's and two notices with supervisor tang and supervisor wiener isn't descent the motion as amended is approved madam president.
7:53 pm
>> point of order. >> madam clerk i mean clerk. >> yes. the item at at least needs 6 votes it only received 5 votes. >> not the motion if the majority of those voting as mr. gibner give us the clarity. >> sure under the charter the board must act by majority the board rules on at that particular timey matter the board may act formulation two weeks ago the board continued on item and amendment it by fewer than 6 it is actually at the on ordinance resolution or motion and approve that requires 6 votes. >> so basically this fails if it didn't receive 6. >> correct. >> okay well unfortunately, the motion fails madam clerk can you please read
7:54 pm
the in memoriams. >> madam president i believe that the individuals name is richard dick shaft yes. >> this meeting will be adjoined in memory of mr. dick shaft. >> colleagues this is the of the agenda madam clerk, is there any further business before this body? there's no further business. >> okay. we're
7:55 pm
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>>[gavel] >> item number one call to order. >> dunlop mazzola richardson samaha supervisor kim you do have a quorum. thank you for coming today. to the tida board meeting. we just met with the first item which is general public comment >> item number two general public comments. >>[reading ordinance] >> good afternoon commission. treasure island


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