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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 13, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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at barbary coast as a doorman that worked my up to the general manager there. being first on every job and a dispensary is the key to being an effective general manager. based on the knowledge on definitely a semi-overall knowledge am deathly a security first guy. patient security and comfort are paramount to running a well having a well-run dispensary. beyond that, i care deeply about the city. i'm a proud third-generation san franciscan raising my family here. when i signed the lease at 1276 market reach out to supervisor kim's office to kind of get advice on the issues that plagued the neighborhood. at her suggestion for my walk the property with house and birth of sf safe as well as cmdr. teresa humans of the tenderloin command and learned a little more of the specifics about the problems that are on the block. at their recognition to secure the best lighting and security cameras,
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and the central market community benefit district. i recommended i use applied video solutions about which currently are being used by public safety for public safety by the sf mta union square and many others. also, the suggestion of capt. humans i form the midmarket public safety group. this group consists of residents of small businesses that are working collectively to affect change down there. in these meetings we come up with some tangible solutions to improve the conditions. these include power washing the streets. which i have donated as well as petitioning the city for more garbage cans along market street. i was also instrument so in getting rid of a problem liquor store on our block and i can happily report that they will now house a not-for-profit executive offices for
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non-perfect not-for-profit. they currently run a dispensary that is as one best reputations in san francisco. receive clean comfortable environment where we have the highest quality meds as well as patient education. i hold myself to the highest standards and am committed to making this dispensary and acid in the community. it is my ultimate goal that this will serve as an excellent example about revitalize market street. thank you for your time and your consideration. >> good evening commissioners took my name is jesse henry. i'm the executive director at barbary coast here in san francisco. i like to take a moment to speak about nate hostage nate has worked with me over at barbary case over the last three years and currently the general manager. he proven to be someone who also sell to the highest standard works with dedication honesty fairness and
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integrity. the progressive was born and raised here in san francisco this community is for important to him and his played a big part of barbary coast community outreach programs. be a very positive presence for the community at 1276 market st. get one of the things i like most about his project is the plan to allow on seconds option. i like it time you fought breast cancer almost 7 years goes medical marijuana played an important part in her battle. her illness was one of many patients aren't many fighting every day. having a designated place a safe clean comfortable for any patient to be able to consume without the threat of being harassed arrested or being a nuisance to others our streets is important for our city in addition it offers a place to medicate for people live in places that don't allow consumption such as new condos, hotels or federally funded housing and offers an alternative to consuming unrestricted mix it up for me and the project that's under to work with someone with his character >> thank you. that includes project sponsor. with open up to public comment. >>[calling
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public comment cards]'s >> good evening commissioners. chris shulman. first of all thank you commissioner antonini. it's been a pleasure speaking before you today. we have not always agreed but i do want to say you've always been very clear articulate. it's clear you're well-versed on the issues. i am employed in the cannabis industry. i consider nate hoss a colleague and have reviewed this project based on land use, location, security plans, designed layout and i think it's an exceptional project. i do want to speak briefly on on-site consumption did i work at a dispensary to that does not have on-site consumption. it is actually one most frequent questions that i receive is asked folks asking where can i medicate. we really just don't have an answer. for
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folks. you know they may-it's a lot of situations where they can't medicate in a safe space. maybe your home work hotel street or otherwise they don't want to medicate in public. some live in housing where they may have roommate situations, federal housing restrictions they may live in sro. hotels at such a. i think this will be a space that safe and secure for them to medicate. it's also way to socialize some folks that may not consume alcohol may not want to consume alcohol. it's a safe place and i hope you will consider allowing them on-site medication. i come here often for my neighborhood advocacy. i told major muscle on the cbd board in lower polk could not represent them obviously here to get i told nate that i would
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elite testified after speaking to the central market cbd and actually spoke to ms.-so do and i called her and eight she told me they were comfortable with this project. i was pretty pleased to hear that. she said the safety component the cameras, the activation of the space the community outreach was very important to me and am pleased to hear that mr. hoss completed so much community outreach and i'm confident that this dispensary will be a beneficial component of the neighborhood. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. >> >>[calling public comment cards] >> good evening commissioners. i am reminded every day of my life about uncommon common sense is. i've been here many times before and i've got to say that even though i don't share your point of view a lot of times, mr. antonini you have brought your own grant
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rant of common sense and it's very refreshing. >> thank you >> i come to support this project. i make medicine for severely ill people. medicine cannabis-based medicine that's non-psychoactive. i find that there's only a handful of dispensaries that care about that. nate and barbary coast they care about that. they have things on the shelves that don't fly off the shelves not the things most popular all the time. it's not of course during this visit has to make some money and pay the bills. keep the lights on but they care about the patient's. they take the time and the effort to make sure they have the medicines that severely ill people need. what they have done on the block with barbary coast underneath general manager ship,
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two years ago you would not want to walk down the street. the way they surveyed and take care of the street it's cleaned up considerably. i strongly hope that you approve this project because i figure be a benefit to the city. and for the patients throughout the city. thank you. >> good evening commissioners. commissioner antonini, as a member of a committee of the branch of city government really deeply appreciate your hard work and thank you. >> thank you >> congratulations. i'm susan gibbons. i grew up on the leavenworth st., hill. a short walk i have a dicey walk sometimes to the proposed pickle cannabis dispensary on market street. during a recent oncology consults it was a discussion of cannabis-based combo mentoring medicine. my
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doctor shared with me his preference for medical cannabis, mentoring medicine and the kinds of places that he directed his patients two. he spoke about dispensaries that were uniquely stocked, as the previous speaker said, things that maybe did not fly off the shelf, but that serious ill people need it. he spoke about a family and a safe and knowledge-based location. his preference could have been a description of the existing barbary coast dispensary. one which is willing to stock items that as i say, seriously ill people rely upon regardless of popularity. over five decades of walking down that leavenworth street 02 the fifth and mission area have revealed a notable change in the cleanliness and safety of the
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area since the existing barbary coast dispensary opened for positive change has exemplified by the transformation that ivory coast has affected on mission street between fifth and sixth augurs well for a new location on market between eighth and ninth. law enforcement statistics indicate that a well-run security minded dispensary discourages unlawful activity promulgates a safer and cleaner neighborhood. coupled with a demonstrated commitment to knowledge-based dispensing of cannabis-based medicine, both popular and specialty items, barbary coast dispensary at 1276 market would be a positive and welcome addition to the neighborhood and for patients on the northern side of the city. thank you very much. >> good evening. thank you
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for your time. my name is making money on the author of a book called medical marijuana 101. i am also the director of a nonprofit called parents for pot. another nonprofit called cannabis response network. i like to speak on behalf. i do a lot of work on the community a lot of work with a lot of cities are rogatory commissions and developing regulations and pretty in tune with all the major players in the medical cannabis industry and these gentlemen have a stellar reputation in the industry for professionalism and compassion. i think there should be taken into consideration. i also want to speak to the need for on-site consumption. one of the groups i work with his parents for pot and it's a group that focuses on family related issues. one of the big issues that people have children can't medicate in their home and have a place where they can safely
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medicate at home so having a place where they can comfortably medicate and user cannabis is important to them. as well as low income people who may live in section 8 housing that doesn't don't allow for this type of medical consumption. so, i strongly consider to allow for this type of use and give people a safe place and a lot of patience idea with also don't have a lot of social activity in their life. they don't get out a lot some have place where they can share with other patients and talk about different types of conditions that they have and how medical cannabis helps them is important to their social healing as would you please, take that into consideration and i thank you for your time >> thank you. any additional public comment? not seen any public comment is closed.. commissioner hillis >> thank you. i think my biggest question was on-site consumption did i appreciate the public comments that were
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made. they can discuss that. i think were seen less as cds requesting on-site consumption but it appears to be a need for that. so i appreciate those comments. with that, i'm supportive. all here with the other commissioners say although i moved to take er and approve the conditions outlined by the target i think that's fitting and in cd commissioner antonini would here. >>[laughing] although on that the building has a strong corner. >>[laughing] >> i like the design. >> i've heard a lot of good things about this organization. i've heard from a couple people who have said they've cleaned up areas where they're located, so that security and those sorts of things very much in favor of it i still have a problem with the on-site consumption because were still
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dealing with medical marijuana, not recreational marijuana. it's like someone going to a pharmacy and getting some vicodin and saying, take it right here and then drive home. that sort of not what we do. you take your medicine home and you take it as needed for pain or whatever that thing is. i realize there are situations where people are not allowed to smoke or maybe with children or something like that, but you guys feature edibles, to, which i find it hard to believe somebody's in a situation where summaries can be watching exactly what they're eating and discovering it turns out to be medical marijuana which if they have a prescription for it's a medicine you would think in most instances it be something. so the other thing is that there's a lot of clustering. there's like seven of these and cds. almost 6, seven within a half mile. but i think this is
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a good one and since it's dr, i figured that a lot of commissioners in favor of it. so my vote is not going to make too much difference but anyway we'll go from there >> mr. moore >> i have two questions. one is the size.. 4000 ft.2 seems very large but i'm not an expert in size. could somebody please speak to the sizes. we had last week a few weeks ago we had one which was 600 ft.2 and i was considered to be quite small. here were having on which is 4000. so my question is could somebody speak to the size? >> it is a large size for a dispenser. i would guess they range from somewhere 600-3000 feet but the larger size also allows for more services to be offered on site. that was part of the thinking behind having a safe place for people to go medicate. dr. be a recreational lounge or anything like that but aside room people can go in
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a transit oriented walking destination to there's no parking that. we discussed this in depth. we do not think those can be concerned a lot of people to be driving there so it is a big space. i mean it's a growing market and it allows them to offer more services to their patients in the and. >> question, to the director, 44 linear feet of this particular facility along market street is a lot of frontage, which doesn't have the transparency participation enhancing the public realm correlation between the use and the sidewalk and what are your comments on that? >> commissioner, there is i know they can have totally transparent windows but there are-there are the actual windows there that will be maintained as i understand it
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and with fillmore something over the winter i can't remember the specifics. it is in the middle of o'clock it is not in the corner. that's an advantage could that is not ideal but i think that mr. tigger case given the nature of the intensity of this project market street, i don't think it's going to be a serious detriment to the block of the street >> the only thing i observed and more conversational, the north side of market street that area is far less animated than the south side. the south side has the stores and basically a lot of fun things going on in addition to the fact that it has some rather than the north side is in the dark and that for the overlay of i assume you have a security is a basic requirement to maintain it from the dollar store. there's something somewhat amiss to help intimate that. the question is has the department had a discussion
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what could be done i cannot come up with anything in the moment, to give this some slightly late appearance. the second question i would like to ask in my mind was jog a little bit by commissioner-standing in front of us this evening quite a few years ago commissioner--was strongly opposed to an and city. we ultimately approved on mission street and one of the comments she made representing nonprofit organizations is really helping the very disadvantage. she said, don't put in and city together with with or near sro. those were very common. you may remember that mr.-because i think you are part of that our application kit that's what sticks in my mind that she consider that to be not a very complementary adjacency. has staff talked about it? have you
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have and you want to address that stewart have you had that discussion? >> in terms of code location with sro's >> that is correct >> that's not a standard the planning department reviews discussion for entities. >> i know it's not regulated and we have it as a discussion a few years ago there was definitely strongly from the neighborhood. i know this and city has support. i don't equate a stumbling block. the positive side is on the north side of market street you really hardly any and cds. i think the with of market street and the difficulty to cross its makes this location okay. i just felt i need to raise the other issues because they are issues. the animation on the north side is there anything we can ask them how the windows are being treated with certain graphics or what ever. i don't know. what is it we can do that
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comes with 44 feet back into the it's a more positive appearance? >> commissioner, i would point out drawing i guess the very back of the packet has the plan. i think the intent correct me if i'm wrong, the intent the windows remain transparent and the waiting area be put in front and you'll see a screen wall inside of that. the waiting area will be visible from the street. is that correct? kris that is correct we work sponsored week to maintain active street frontages. i made a strong suggestion to project sponsor they borrow the great idea they have actually at their existing dispensary operated coast & blinds vinyl window.. we cannot regulate blinds obviously in the planning code. that would maintain transparency per 145 the wall that judge-his opponent also it provides some level of privacy for the
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patients but is not immediately block off the you from the street. so the book achieving both goals. >> it's not that you have not thought about that i think that's helpful you are explaining that >> commissioner richards >> one quick question can you go in brief detail-brief points what you're dated of conduct is for your members even >> standard of conduct >> yes >> tendered of conduct is obviously you're a patient. conduct yourself in a simple way. we don't allow for anyone to consume out on the streets. our security make sure that anyone is caught smoking anywhere near outside the street we 86 memo from the club. in terms of best practices, we want to make sure that our patients are saved in the did >> to when your cameras are
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monitoring the front are you monitoring the footage? >> of course >> of i came in as a patient and in him whatever i bought >> we know who you are and your 86 red white >> i support the project. thank you >> commissioners there's been a motion but i do not hear a second >> second >> thank you commissioner richards on a motion to take er and approve the project commissioner antonini nay hillis aye moore aye richards aye fong aye so moved that motion passes for-one with commissioner antonini voting against. commissioners about places us on general public woman for which i have no speak regards >> any general public comment be one not seen any one final time commissioner antonini, congratulations to you >> thanks to everyone. thanks to all >> >>[applause] >> meeting is adjourned. >>
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>>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>.
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>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general
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manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it
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is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that'sprogram. >> good morning, everybody. i am sandra are excited to welcome you to the intersunset for the fix it lunch in intersunset really excited to be here just really wanted to first and foremost thank you. the mayor for his leadership in the program fix it is a multi agency coordinating the services be
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neighborhood by neighborhoods wroesh focusing on one neighborhood a month it is the interset residents and their neighborhood so without further ado, again, thank you to the mayor for his envision and leadership mayor ed lee. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> sandra has a great dilate called the fix it leader of the city thank you to supervisor president london breed for joining us this more than the leaders on board the board president and for the neighborhoods particularly the ones she represents they wants it fixed yesterday but i also want to say thank you to both the captains of taraval value and the park stations for being here as well our homelessness outreach teams part of fix it teams thank you. this is a difficult job you're helping to improve lives for everybody formatting we put
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together a new department to really be dedicated and focused on the outcomes for our people that on the streets i wanted to say thank you to rec and park the dpw, that i used to head and i know that they're happy because they always said we can't do it by ourselves we need the partners they got the partners the fix it teams as sandra will explain a coordinated multi department this has handles things from our health department and mental health person on the team that is part of outreach team their services were needed just this morning was we remember coming down the blocks we saw individuals that needed assistance and given that assistance not necessary by police officer but homeless outreach our police department is here, too because they're part of this entire effort not
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just the fix it team this is to also say that through the budget and through the leadership of the board, through activists like andre here to remind us our budget is for the people of san francisco and i just had the privilege of signing a $9.6 billion budget this incorporated with the support of board and if the budget we heard our neighbors and they want save and clean neighborhoods they want safe neighborhoods that is reflected we're in a hurry to get to the 19 hundred and 71 chapter officers that the people can stop burning my areas through the chief we need nor officers to respond to dedicate what the residents want let's stop that neighborhood crime
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levels rising and make sure we pay attention to car break-ins to burglars to the feeling of being safe on the neighborhood street like linking or irving or 9 street this is a major thoroughfare day and night without the outlands everyone visitors and residents and neighborhood shops to feel the customers and residents are feeling safe if you don't feel safe this no, not part of our city? the beginning we starred the safe and clean neighborhoods program in castro and market this the the second i know that supervisor president london eed is sxieftd we're taking this to fillmore and divisadero then chinatown and mission and geneva and in the next 3 years cover with sandra leadership and
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you'll see teams lip reads over one hundred neighborhood in the next 3 years to make sure they're safe and clean to make sure the fix it team are there i saw the fiction teams they're working on graffiti on the poles, fixing up the parking meters broken lights be holes in the sidewalks so that a chihuahua won't fall into a sidewalk that recently happened to just neighborhood cleans up everything should be fixed and proud of is city it passed a $9.6 billion budget this is what it means safe and clean neighborhoods is a priority and bringing this to many of the neighborhoods across the city we wanted to demonstrate what a concentrated multi agency kind of coordination can look like
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after we're through you'll see this happen all over the place and i know the residents of neighborhood feel this is the kind of thing they wanted out of this and that bucket will reflect all the things we want to do for the residents to make it safer and cleaner and improve the services within city government i wanted to make sure we have this kind of government i worked in 2, 3, 4 government and now approaching thirty years and always been about improving the way we do things and making sure we don't work in the silos sometimes that is not recognized and by the way, the director of 311 we asked people invest in calling in on the things you're calling in i have the privilege to make sure it is respond to by all the different departments that we are working this is truly a team that we're all
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putting together to make fix it and sofa and clean neighborhood really happen all over the city and glad to support the neighborhood businesses i'll be having lymph in the department and malcolm heinicke did i is on the memo as well as some local ice cream parlor i hope do you get it do i get regards. >> honey cream is relatively new i want to say you'll see obvious us out in the neighborhood it is where our budget priorities and city hall they passed a large budget i want them to feel the budget in the neighborhoods and team members are proud of work and they should get all the credits for connecting up with the neighbors with that, sandy.
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>> thank you, mayor ed lee someone who has been a comment r champion for neighborhood and working hard to fix a lot of things our board president and supervisor london breed. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everybody. and welcome to the entering sunset i'll honored to be here but represent this district thank you to the mayor and the many city departments that will help make the neighborhoods a better community for those to live and tlieft i was a former member of the african-american when we made investments into renovating the place and making that beautiful i noticed the difference when someone would drop something on the ground i saw kids picking up trash i saw kids painting the graffiti that was sometimes get placed on the
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building i saw people from the community planning department staff trees and doing whatever we could to make sure that we protected our space we protected our building and protected our community doing this work is an important part of protecting the community and making the community better when you have pride in our community all of a sudden you notice a difference that's what it is about making sure the dollars we invest that all the city departments make it out to the residents all over the city so the quality of life improves it not just about picking up trash it is not just about covering up graffiti it is about making sure we all play a role and the residents of those communities can play a role in helping us to gnat some of the issues they counter and calling 311 you notice there is something or legally or trash
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when you notice graffiti and want to report something not an emergency call 311 and when there is an emergency when you see a crime happening the car break-ins make sure. >> call but us the police department and report those crimes work together communicating and reporting it is what will help change the city for the better i'm committed to this i know how mayor is committed and our police department is committed i want to thank the folks from 311 and the hot team the homelessness outreach team especially i call them frequently to get services we know we have challenges in the city but we can't criticize what is not happening we have to focus on solutions and make sure we're investing the dollar on what needs to happen in order to get the job done 0 is every single resident can feel the difference that a $9.6 billion
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makes more housing and transportation better quality of life, safety we are investing what we are doing the work every single day thank you you'll for being here and let's keep on working to make district 5 and the city and county of san francisco even better in the years to come thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> so supervisor president london breed touched on is one of the my favorite piece of this job the relationships i get do build in the community that helps me decide and determine where to focus so andrea is a community member i had the pleasure of working with for many years but specifically in the intersunset like to introduce her to you. >> hi i'd like to thank the mayor and the city agencies for coming out and also to stress it
3:42 am
is not about today we are a western neighborhood it often doesn't get attention from city hall but we video problems and we feel powerless and frustrated with repeated car break-ins and watching people struggle with mental illness and i'm happy that sandra and the mayor recognize the problems are all connected not dealt with separately the city agencies need to work together trash, crime mental illness all those things have to be dealt with what we're doing is in the past clearly not working or not working in my opinion so i'm glad to have everybody here the streets all right look way cleaner than yesterday and i hope this will be more than a
3:43 am
one-day event but 6 months from now and want to of the efforts in whatever way the city agency needs to make things happen and reporting 311 is important thank you, everyone for coming today really appreciate it. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, ann debris that concludes our lunch of fix it for the intersunset we'll take a few questions. >>
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>> well, good morning everybody welcome to the transit hub in san francisco that is reeling hub i wanted to say good morning to everybody our san francisco city and county conducted a study and a recognition part of our local and regional transit report viewing 2030 what we all had to do to help the residents our regional would it be fair to say and businesses all succeed using the great notion of increasing and improving our entire public trappings system one of they're very specific recognitions that i had the privilege of focusing on with supervisor wiener's
3:45 am
leadership has been our night life late night and early public morning transportation system you you know we have a great economy in good a great part the 15 thousand people that need to use public transit that are part after a $50 million revenue stream for you will have our night life proclamations hotels, the bars, the hospitals and all the workforces there and everything this is open 24/7 we understand and know that the workforce is not just limited to people to live in san francisco in fact, because of the increasing expensiveness there is for housing and by the way, this is going to be a site of a 100 percent affordable housing in the near future where we move own over to the transbay center
3:46 am
we're trying to build as much affordable housing in the city we need to know where people are living and how they need to get to work and by the way, in this 2030 transit study we had made we knew the workforce regional probably going to be people that are working second jobs and sometimes third jobs question we cannot simply force them to use air cars to help or force them to buy vehicles that is a workforce that needs our support and recognize to make sure that they can get to work or have visitors or all the kinds of things this 50 thousand person industry and $50 million world of revenue stream needs our support on i am especially thankful to the regional transit agencies that we've had the privilege of working with ac transit and bart
3:47 am
and golden gate and along with our own san francisco muni transit agency all ushering together under the umbrella working with the mtc, our municipal transit commission finland funds to extend the services like our outline service i think our drivers are going to be proud of and i know we'll talk about in a minute that's what we're going locally but all the agencies working together have fund funding to reach where workers and people live and those extended hours of operation 4r0k9 routes throughout the bayview and the east bay has been credible part of 24 service to support the
3:48 am
late night shifts and the early morning shifts of you're working folks i get to announced this effort because part of our 2030 vision plan for san francisco was to make sure that we give attention to the programs that we're creating and that the reasons why we're treating e creating this is because we need to sustain this workforce and recognize they're working all hours of evening and supporting their effort through public transportation public transportation throughout all the modes i've identity one of the grandfather equalizer in the prosperity economy we're doing if we don't do this we'll leave a lot of people out of success of our big economy being so hot we've got to get people to work and again, i say a great equalizer those are working families second and thirds jobs
3:49 am
their probably doing and making pretty good money i'm increasing nor night life activities whether mid market street day and night life and all the housing in the city that want to operate at all hours i'm very proud of the agencies the regional transit agencies we're working with and get that bar bonds passed; right? but we need support i need to be out with ac transit and golden gate our own sfmta to make sure that everybody knows we're going to cover those gaps with all levels of transit extensions along with helping bart and helping your regional transit centers with a great transit center we're building and completed in the next few years ago at this time and right now it is about many workforce and the visitors that
3:50 am
use late night transit we have to give them a very affordable addition to the way they get to work and the way they get back to their families safe at night and have is extended you are hours make sure we publicize that a great system with that, i get to introduce someone that is a little bit reason turn around me literally on all things to do with transit and small businesses by the way, i want to make sure i mentioned that our small businesses with the great beneficiaries of this this is their would it be fair to say we're talking about but supervisor scott wiener has been a point person on the vision the 2030 pain and suffering with me on vision zero projects partnering with me on the mtc and all the other agencies that kind of help with the bay area discussion around our transit
3:51 am
needs and making sure that we're do know all the right things in the city let me traffic introduce a great supervisor supervisor wiener >> (clapping.) >> great. >> thank you thank you, mr. mayor this is really exist today because it brings together two of my absolute passions transportation and our night life economy our night life for people having fun and working and two areas that are often been neglected and i have the honor of service on the board of supervisors and sharing our community transportation authority and also representing san francisco on the municipal transportation commission. >> thank you to mayor ed lee for appointing me to the mtc and
3:52 am
for years and working on night life issues what we hear over and over both from business owners from workers from patrons is that that is just two hard to get around at night that our transit system shut down even before the shut down serve becomes incredibly inadequate until ridership came along good luck getting a cab at the 2:00 a.m. when the bars shut down and it was good hard getting around i held a hearing we started to hear from workers that we're talking about how do i goat home late at night with 200 or $300 with tips in my pocket without getting robbed and the anthsdz of getting to bart before that is closed we
3:53 am
started hearing from business owners and from aprons and people in night life and so i authored legislation to create a late night transportation working group to require a planning process a wonderful, wonderful group off people came together for a year it is actually still functioning and putt together a great road map thank you to the entertainment commission and your community transportation authority and the office of economic workforce development for reilly clovis on that plan and recommendations a lot of things including the eventual prize the second bart service that but in the meantime before we get to the promise land dooekd one of those thing is better overnight bus service and make sure that people know about the in fact, habituate and thank you to golden gate transit
3:54 am
and stem tram for coming together to say that is one integrated network we need to move together to expand that overnight bus service and i want to thank the metcalf's forces stepping up to support the martha campaign to promote to late night service to the public to help to fund but but also to provide tens of millions of dollars to help the transit agencies expand they've over night bus service we've seen all the transbay routes create and muni has capacity it's overnight outline services making it easier and easier to get around at night and give people confidence had the bars close at two or three or 4 or 5 in the morning they're actually able to get around that is exciting we need to promote this marketing
3:55 am
campaign that will permanently hope people don't know i thought to housing unit to 511 in helping the public it access this information about the transit service with that, i want to call up people the president of the board of directors of the ac transit one of the key partners in making sure the people could a get across the bay in the middle of the night. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and mayor ed lee my name is chris i'm an elected at large director of at transit and the president we're pleased to be part of the effort to encourage the late night work and play in san francisco and oakland question he provided some service but because former senator included us in measure 2 had service with was inadequate
3:56 am
i want to absolute supervisor wiener's lairp in putting together the late night working groups that vastly increased the service bart paid for it and bart tom who is president of the bart board is the director for the mission area and he was very revolved in that my former colleague now the ocean boulevard city council rebecca helped we have pretty good service on the west side of the east bay we had some problems in the some of the routes that went further out but i think this effort this publicist effort is very important so everybody thinks whether you're coming to pirate or work over here, whether our cleaning up after people that
3:57 am
need to get home at 3:00 o'clock in the morning there the transit available and absolute supervisor wiener for all the work and this publicist effort means many more people will permanently be aware of the possibilities of getting around after midnight. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so one of the things that we when we started to project we were first focused on patrons getting home on the bart and the clubs closing at night and started focusing more than on workers when they get off work late another night one thing we've not focused on originally but know an issue a number of people that are going to work early in the morning to help you city activate and come to life
3:58 am
and the challenges people face getting to work early in the morning i want to bring up karen the owner of mission pie one of the neighborhood businesses that is baking early early in the morning and talk about she's a great participated in the task force and like to say invite her up. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, supervisor wiener and mr. mayor i've been listening to everyone speak i've been stressed by how much u how much has happened not last couple of years this is not a new problem but a problem rooted in historic planning in the region that has maybe only increasing low needed to be inclusive and co- hey a lot of the transit systems are really great individually but we're designed and envisioned at a
3:59 am
time when service workers lived in their community as the affordability in our region changes and the demographics follow that change more and more and more people are traveling longer danced to get to work our records center in our shop coming from vallejo the mission district and unlike large cities like new york that built unified systems we're struggling to overcome the legacy that once made sense and not now i'm so excited we hear other people talk about early morning needs which is sort of a recent quiet voice at the table actually not quite - to reflect on the change that you know a year ago i couldn't tell the people that work in our business
4:00 am
without with who vision i won't function i couldn't give them an answer and the people this they're first week of work uninvariable were late on the weekends and shocked to discover there was no way to get if the east bay to work on time and now there it is a so concrete and incredible but but every relationship including the relationship between a worker and they transit provider is a relationship of trust that may sound strange we have to keep the cheer on about these changes because it will permanently take people some time to really have faith in something not been there before and fundamental issue in the region of economic


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