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tv   Treas Island Devel Authority 81016  SFGTV  September 2, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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because of the lbe certification it open many opportunities to work with sfpuc. and, i significantly helped the business. it is one of the major contributors to our success. >>[gavel] >> item number one call to order. >> dunlop mazzola richardson samaha supervisor kim you do have a quorum. thank you for coming today. to the tida board meeting. we just met with the first item which is general public comment >> item number two general public comments. >>[reading
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ordinance] >> good afternoon commission. treasure island [inaudible] there were two really awesome community events that happened on the island last week. one was the annual national night out the lead organizer being mark connors, but i will say that it really showcases strong a community really exist on treasure island is all the various entities including the tiger woods of course as was the villages and charities and partnerships and job court and everyone came together and the police officers as well, fire department and everybody really come together to support the
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community safety and community building aspect national mike out represents. then, we also on saturday at the annual back-to-school backpack get giveaway and that the lead organizer for that this year was justice christiana from the ymca who did an awesome job. that was supported also by catholic charities treasure island home development initiative, and we got the y got a donation for the backpacks and we got us donation for the school district for all the school supplies and the of center was there to promote their programs for the youth on the island. of course, the y after school and was there in the treasure island parent counsel was involved in both events which is residents from the island while playing a leadership role for families on the island. they participated both in national night out and also organizing the backpack giveaway. it's everybody really working together i think to build a stronger treasure island community and also it's of aspects whether the community safety, or education,
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and supporting youth and families on the island so just want to share that piece of good news with you. thank you so much. it's really wonderful to hear about those activities particularly building the spirit in the community >> i'll say your staff is real big part in leading that kind of relationships. thank you. are there any other comments from the public? yes . hearing none,-yes i just want to thank everybody unfortunately i to work that night but i've heard great things about it. i guess on a sadder-whatever note this was mark connors last year doing it. he's been doing it for years and years so i just wanted to put out a thank you to mark and thank you.
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and the community and staff thank you, cheryl, for your leadership on treasure island. we also want to congratulate and thank mark connor. overly, some of you residents will step up and try to keep this going because this is very important in it shows the community at large. treasure island in san francisco that there is still stability on the island and this kind of activity helps join hands the quality of life of the residence. for us, also, we need to extend our gratitude and thanks to san francisco. i know personally the superintendent does this kind of thing all over san francisco. he's making it a point to be supportive of organizations like-and so to extend the reach of the unified school district. it's very well
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noted so thank you for your leadership. >> hearing no other comments, report by the treasure island director item number three, report by treasure island director thank you, shelley and mark mentioned those two big events that we had last week. we will be having a stewardship day on saturday, august 20 coming up as well. this is been helping in organizing is coming from the department of environment, peter rasco, whose presented to you before on abbott it management plan. there will be trying to attack some of the invasive plants along the beach area. it will be 10-1 pm and inviting the community to come out and be a part of it. gloves, tools, water will be provided. the
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-this last july 30-31st was another successful treasure island fleet on the great lawn. at the end of this month, 27th-28 will be the last treasure island flea on the west side of the island. starting in september they will be relocating to a new location on the east side of the island. as we prepare to move forward without demolition. on august 16, the navy will be having an event on the island to name new vessel after four first san francisco supervisor harvey milk. that will be the morning of tuesday, august 16. also, the department of environment will be conducting a workshop next week with our
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landscapers, i landscape contact with a con, as well as dpw. the developer staff, on cities integrated pest management program and ordinance. to help bring all of this up to date on those programs and requirements. the tida staff and pic staff will be meeting later this week with sfmta eight to begin planning for impact on muni treasure island 2025. locations. as we start moving into construction and how we will move those stops as we move through the construction. there was also a meeting held last week with san francisco dem, fire and police. to brief them on the upcoming opening of the ramps, westbound
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ramps, and what those traffic changes will have on the island. this last month, we also submitted reports to the state department of public health. complying with drinking water permit provisions. when we transferred the property from the navy to tida in may of 2015, california department of public health asked for us on our new permit to conduct a number of surveys of the existing infrastructure and provide documentation of standard operating procedures and other response plans. the grocery store. work week continues on the relocation there. those are sent out to residents that there been a
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begin this week to start relocating materials from the existing store location to the new location on avenue h. next week from tuesday until sunday, the existing location will be closed. the market at the main entrance will remain open. and beginning on monday the 22nd, the new location the market will be open in its new location and should be fully operational by monday the 29th. in terms of construction, the demolition of structures on why vi is complete. fences were going up this week around the star barracks. with additional area around the grocery store, and other facilities, to go up around september 1. the developer is also in the process of bidding the utility
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and roadway work along the corridor as well as a package to preserve and relocate some of the trees that are in the first sub-phase of construction. there are also moving forward to begin planning for the next sub-phase of work and is soliciting engineering subconsultants for that stage to work that will be along the southern waterfront including the areas around hangers to and hangers three. that we are next application that will come to us next year. finally, the work is beginning this month to excavate a number of small areas along the western area of the residential neighborhood and these are very small excavations that will
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take half a day-one day each to complete. so they will excavate it, take their clearance sampling, backfill the sites and residents should see very little disturbance or interruption from that work. they're also doing work in the howard court area which is an area that has been not available for leasing since the navy first transfer the property to us but they're in the process of beating those buildings in that area prior to the demolition and getting cleanup done in that area. so, that was the activities happening in my report this month. thank you. commissioners stephen any comments? >> yes, some questions. where are we with the rich grants opening. at? i knew it was slated to be in september and what are we doing. it's a big event so how is the planning and who is there? what-what
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role do we need to play? >> the sf cta is taking the lead on the planning. it still tentatively scheduled for friday, september 23 and probably the confirming that around 1 september and sending out flyers and information to the general public. >> yes because we want to make sure people are invited and are we actually make publicity. this is a major major grant >> yes. the sf cta has been coordinating with the mayor's office on the planning and scheduling of that, as well as monitoring progress of the work to make sure everything will be in place for the ramp at that time the debit dedication of the naval vessel on tuesday for late harvey milk good what time is that?
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>> i believe that that 10 am. but i will make sure to give all of you the information on. >> that certainly is something to celebrate that the navy itself is naming a ship after a gay supervisor. that's quite wonderful news. okay. other comments from the public? i'm sorry. >> just one question on the. he said the utility work on why vi will be did object to the puc have any of that or is it it out on every phase? >> all of the new infrastructure will be bid out by the developer for construction. all of the design is it is being reviewed with sf puc and to be providing some of the inspection services, but in
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terms of the construction contracting it'll all be bid out >> in every phase? >> yes >> the one element that can be constructed by the city is the wastewater treatment plant itself. that will likely that will be bid out as well but did out by the qc rather than the developer. >> that's on why vi also? >> that's on treasure island and that will be probably in construction around 2019 or that timeframe >> okay. >> is there any public comment on the directors report? next item please >> item number 40 medications from and received by tida. it was medications from the navy. also several [inaudible] and newsletters media publications among others. >> directors any questions on the communications? any public comment? if not, next item >> item number five, ongoing business by board of directors.
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betwixt directors? >> directors any ongoing business? yes, mark >> i just want to make another comment about the part which has been going wonderfully. it's not quite completed yet but i assume when it is fully done we will have some sort of celebratory event, but as is right now, it's pretty great. lots of people, lots of dogs and lots of neighbors getting to know one another. so it's a great. i just want to thank the staff are all their work and certainly, the people at jon stewart's. great thank you so, thanks >> and when will the official opening be? >> we are looking later this month to try and schedule something to we don't have a date set yet but we will as
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mark indicated, when work is comfy we will have a evening opening get-together for residents and dogs. >> yes, great, wonderful. >> i just did want to correct the event on tuesday is at 2 pm. not 10 am. sorry. >> thank you. let's see. >> item number six, consent agenda. >>[reading ordinance] >> moved >> we have a motion >> seconds >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed?
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the ayes have it. next item, please >> next item, please >> item number seven authorizing treasure island directors to submit resolutions of intent. >>[reading ordinance] >> thank you germans and members of the board. so, we are at that point where we completed our work with our consultants and prepared to move these formations forward. just wanted to bring it up one more time to see if you have any questions and seek your approval to move forward with the formation process. again, under the dda and financing plan, the developer treasure on community development to finance and construct. public
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and private improvements on the island. the city is to provide public finance for the reimbursement of eligible island wide public improvements delivered by the developer. including forming and infrastructure financing district or districts, and community facilities district or districts to reimburse qualified project cost. some of these list here are some of the examples of what are considered island wide cost. the geotechnical land preparation of sea level rise protection causeway improvements, utilities, water reservoirs, parks, open space, rights-of-way, very facilities, police and fire facilities aand the related design engineering construction management permits and fees for these improvements. so, the resolutions of intent
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represents the first step in the formation process for either a cfd or ifd. again, these are separate formations but were moving them forth in parallel to simplify the conversation around them and the process of them. on august 29 of this month, along with the office of public finance, we will be presenting on the resolutions of intent to the capital planning committee. again, the capital planning committee is a city body makeup of the directors of the major capital departments as well as the penn comptroller, the president of the board of supervisors. and mayor's budget staff they review all bond measures and financing measures before they go forward to the board of supervisors as well as oversee the cities year capital
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plan. following approval of the resolutions of intent by the board of supervisors, there will be a public hearing held on on a formation and then a separate vote for each district of the qualified electors before the board of supervisors would officially take action to form the districts. the qualified electors for these formations are the property owners within the districts tida and treasure island community development. on the ira ft there are as we discussed previously, multiple models within state legislation now for financing the infrastructure financing district. the format we will be
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moving forward under his infrastructure and revitalization financing district and i are ft. our reasons for doing that include ir ft has greater flexibility and provides preferable government and administrative requirements. the other models. most important, our development will be taking place over a 20 year that give or take the ir ft allows for multiple project areas, each with their own unique time limits for the collection of tax increment. and permits post formation and annexation into the ir ft. so, our initial formation of the ir ft will cover the initial sub
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phases on why vi on treasure island and as we move forward with subsequent subways as we can continue to add to those districts. the ir ft, again, caps the property tax increment of the 1% property tax that will flow to the city and county. under the financing plan roughly 57% of the total tax increment coming out of the cities share of just under 65% would be committed to the pop project financing and the ir ft in terms of facilities of communitywide significance is pretty strict. it does require useful life of 15 years or more. but, most importantly, compared with cfd, we can utilize these funds to finance affordable housing and 17.5% of the total funds generated by
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the ir ft are committed to the development of affordable housing. also, worth noting the ira ft cannot finance services. so, this is the areas over which we are forming the ir ft's . again, as i indicated the initial surveys area on your bubbling up island and treasure island and excludes all of the properties that will be owned by tida. so the public properties will not be taxed and so they would not be tax increment flowing from them into the district but it does cover all the development parcels in those first two districts and as you can see from the color coding on the map, we are proposing five separate project areas which
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would provide us with five separate tax increment clocks or windows of collection. within the district so that each area as it is developed, we will start the collection of tax increment rather than having to start with the initial properties which are expected to be goes on treasure island while the properties on--i'm sorry starting with the initial properties on the euro buena island or the properties on treasure island not yet improved and therefore are not generating substantial tax increment yet. the community facilities district is a supplemental tax that will be applied to the properties within the district. it again will fund eligible infrastructure expenses with the life of five years or more. it can finance services and
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maintenance activities and is expected to be our long-term source of revenue for parks and maintenance open space maintenance. further financing plan the first 42 years are dedicated to the reimbursement of eligible expenses by tic be on infrastructure and public facilities, and then we will continue to collect revenues from the cfd to establish a capital reserve for sea level rise adaptations. then, when the adequate reserves have been established, we will convert the cfd to a maintenance cfd for the ongoing parks and open space maintenance. this little washed out on this diagram, but the initial parcels over which the cfd is going to be formed
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are just those parcels on you or your book buena island. but all of treasure island is identified as future annexation act areas and as the properties on treasure island are improved ,, then they will be incorporated into the cfd so that the supplemental tax can be collected to help fund both the infrastructure reimbursements and the parks and open space maintenance. so, here we are. we've had the included the formation timeline in prior presentations now, as we are moving to the third quarter of 2016. we are ready to submit the resolutions of intent to the board of
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supervisors. we will schedule public hearings later this fall and validate the voting pool is moving into the fourth quarter to we will hold those public hearings and have the election of the qualified electors before submitting the resolutions of formation to the board of supervisors. then, after the formation is complete, we will want to take the formation to a judge for judicial validation before we move forward with the bond issuance is. so, as i mentioned earlier, we be presenting at the end of this month to capital planning committee the intent to introduce it when the board reconvenes and hopefully be scheduled a committee in september with approval in
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october holding a public hearing and the election prior to your and. then taking the resolution of formation back to the board of supervisors. in parallel, we are continuing to work with the mayor's office of housing and working group of city departments the office of public finance, mayor's budget staff and comptroller on additional revenues to close the gap on affordable housing financing and hope to be able to come back with some progress on that arena in the coming months. so, i'll open up for questions you may have. >> thank you. comments, questions from the commissioners? think you mr. beck for your work on this. i know you have taken this assignment from the word go and rallying around all the stakeholders to get
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this far. thank you. this is very significant. here we are. in agreeing to move forward with the formation of the cfd and irf to get either question for you. i know you have listed all the projected [inaudible] qualified island wide cost. one in particular has to do with facilities and the infrastructure. again, talking about only the cfd because the cfd has restrictions. they cannot provide for substitutes but what if we decide just like the last meeting, that we needed eight community facility and the community facility with residents and the board decide to issue part of the mixed-use on that structure. is it legal? again, try to find how we can fund here, use this to fund here that you can ask the
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attorney under that scenario, can we then on the cfd am a use, allocate, some of those funds for this community facility? because is island wide benefits. the only thing is where it's going to be located i need to help you decide that. >> yesterday under the development agreement, there is a body of facilities and infrastructure that key icd has been obligated to develop and deliver to us. including that is the community facility's plan and to meet facilities obligations, which does include like a description of a community meeting space program space. it is a little icon that is one of the areas that was not highly fleshed out
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in the community facilities obligations and it may be incorporated into building one. it may be incorporated into another project. but generally speaking, the parameters of the facility but tic be, are obligated to deliver are laid out in the dda and the accompanying plans. then, the revenues from the ifd and the cfd are committed to reimbursing tic be for those eligible costs with the recognition that if the cost end up exceeding the amount of public financing that comes from the ifd and cfd, then that's an element of risk that tic be theirs. on the flipside, to the extent they are reimbursed for those eligible costs, and there are remainder
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revenues collected under the ifd or cfd, then those are billable to the city to use for any eligible costs. so, we are -that is one potential down the road source to help out with you forever housing gap as an example good so, to answer your question, to the extent of what we are trying to accomplish this within a larger framework of the infrastructure plan and community the silly spring, those are costs that we could ask key icd or program to deliver and be reimbursed for, but they kind of have first claim to the that is from these , the city. the city if the puc brinson's, decided they wanted to bring in some other facilities that didn't directly serve the island, then that would be something we would not
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be able to fund with this >> okay. i'm interested again i asked that question because i'm going to be looking at this again. again how we can think outside the box and how we can work [inaudible] into trying to or something we can do actually for the structure. the other question that i have has to do with the formation. you did mention the formation election has to go to the judge. after the judge, "looking at the process good so the board of supervisors will vote at a public hearing and after that it goes to a judge for the formation election. is that the next step? no. the next up after the public hearing is an election by the property owners within the district. that again is absolutely gobbled that i question. >> than the board of supervisors after the election
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of the board of supervisors passes a resolution of formation, and when the city has completed all of the steps to move forward with the formation, that's when we would take the completed formation package to a court for validation did for the public year because of the next ups for this particular question, for the property owners to hold election and scheduled, what are we talking about their? when would this happen? that would probably happen in the november or early december time frame. of this year? yes. then the proper outreach good i'm sure we'll have the opportunity to talk about that because the property owners and how we deem that that will be great. okay. then, last question. right now, you mentioned there is this ongoing dialogue with the mayor's office of housing, of public funds, trying to get the
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funding. we just want to make sure that the tie-dye project is promised. i know there are lot of projects in the pipeline but hours has been in the pipeline now for decades. some of these other ones that are coming out, yes, everybody can justify it for theirs. but i would like for us to really be able to. we have to go there in by those to those meetings we can justify that ours should be in the pipeline for such a long time and some of the ones we note that are coming into the pipeline we can ask questions good outcome they're jumping and we are still here. so, please, keep us advised of how that is going and even to get us a list of what is being funded now citywide and we would be able to look at that and maybe see if they can stake in the tie-dye project should i think this is very significant for us. yes. we had another good meeting last week with tie-dye
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and mayor's office of housing. starting the process of really looking at those first 7-10 projects and when we will, and the projections for the pace at which tax increment will start to accrue to identify both our project generated funding sources as well as what supplemental sources of funding we may be looking at. the mayor's office of housing to help provide. and when we be able to move forward with each project. the good news is that tentatively, we are looking at starting to fund predevelopment for the first two projects in the next fiscal year's budget. so in fiscal year 18 budget. that would allow us to move forward with the first project beginning in 2018. and the following project probably in 2020 timeframe. but we will, as
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we continue with that work, we will ask the mayor's office of housing to come and help present to the board on the schedule for our projects and also that so you can ask questions about where we fit in the broader citywide contacted thank you, sir. thank you. thank you for the presentation. just a quick question. you said sub phases will be added into the irs the. does that also then take one of supervisor approval or once we had the whole package approved, we can add at will? yes. the irs dnc of the our little bit different. but in both cases the board of supervisors will be the governing body of the district. but for the irs the, as long as
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the properties can be annexed there's a petition from all of the property owners that would be annexed. and no other parameters of the district were changing were being modified, then, that would be an automatic annexation there were not require supervisors approval. under the cfd legislation, and action by the board of supervisors would be required each time properties are annexed. then, looking at that cfd, would be less often because it looks like it's larger chunks? the cfd right now is actually being formed over
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fewer properties then the irs the. but, yes, that would be it would require multiple annexations, but again, as long as we are timing it's well, all of the properties are commonly held by tida and pic to get it should be relatively simple process to administer. i guess a little concerned at the board of supervisors gets some whatever holdups the process. yes. the irs the, again, is the pledge of tax increment. so, i think on that one to the extent there was concerned that the board of supervisors might not want to continue the pledge of tax increment, that one is supposed to be automatic. it would be this cfd or supplemental taxes being
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applied but presumably the board would support additional revenues coming to the project that would not otherwise accrue to the city. but, but for the formation of the cfd. okay, thank you mr. beck, i have a question in terms of the public hearing after the introduction of the resolutions of intent by the board of supervisors supervisor, are those public hearings here at the tida board words that at the board of supervisors? they would be at the board of supervisors thank you. my question is about the affordable housing if you could elaborate about that because certainly, tida has an obligation to finance and build affordable housing. that is something which we want to do in the city wants to do. can you tell us the amount that is being set aside of these tax
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increment for affordable housing? 17.5%. can you tell us how we have arrived at that 17.5%? that figure was stipulated in the financing plan. that figure comes to us from the 2011 dda and financing plan. that was the figure that was settled upon when we moved from redevelopment public financing to the our ird or ifd public financing model. as we discussed previously, because of particularly in escalation and construction prices, and the loss of some revenue streams, we do have a significant gap in the affordable housing financing.
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we have completed an update of the fiscal analysis that was done, which looks at the total general fund revenues flowing to the project and the additional general fund obligation but that that the city will incur because they will be higher level of police and fire staffing on the island and so forth. there are other revenues that are currently going to flow from the project area to the city. most notably as we discussed previously the motor vehicle license fee and the remaining 8% in tax increment, and those are the primary sources. we are looking to first as potentially being able to to dedicate to affordable housing. but we need to fully work that throw with the controller's office and mayor's budget staff before we are able to conclude whether or
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not or in what form, we might be able to commit those revenues when will we have a plan for the affordable housing financing? i know this discussion is going on right now but when the staff expect to bring to this board a plan for the financing of affordable housing and send it [inaudible] we'll would like to achieve? >> and sums up percentage were pursuing the 17.2% affordable and as i mentioned last month, the good news is we can deliver that number of units on only 17 of the 20 parcels that are available to us. so, we do have the opportunity that we can move beyond 27.2% but that would require potentially additional environmental work at the time we move forward
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with the deponent of those last three parcels. so that we could potentially achieve percentages as high as 30% or greater but we want to be modifying develop its agreements with key icd to develop to meet that we would be taking it upon our own obligation to do the additional environmental assessment if required to increase the number of total units developed. so, but right now the base within the 8000 unit approved project, within four days on 27.2, and we are working with tie-dyed communities economics and bond worth consulting program a parcel by parcel how many units were proposed about, on which parcels, and i would expect
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probably the october board would be a good time for us to bring to you an update with moh on at least the first, as i said, have a dozen or so projects because beyond the next 5-7 years it's very difficult for us to project what resources might be available to them in those outer years. that is too. 5-7 years is a long time. yes i think we do want to have regular reports on what's happening with the housing side on the affordable housing side, on the financing particularly. and reports from the mayor's office of housing as well. 17.5% as committed as a set aside for housing. i understand that was part of the financing plan.
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is that then, also part of the development agreement that we have? this figure, 17.5%, of the tax increment financing, is that a number which is part of the legal obligation that we have? yes, the financing plan is incorporated as an exhibit to the dda and so, yes, that lays out the structure of the public financing project between key idc and ourselves thank you very much. are there any comments from the public? i think this is a very important-it's only the financing of all the public improvements in all public and fit, the open space, the parks, the infrastructure, it is-it needs to be done good the developer key icd has forwarded some of the costs to get us to
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this point and certainly this is the way to continue the reimbursement and then the financing of these improvements and the maintenance of these improvements. so, this is a resolution before our board. a motion i will make a motion to approve this resolution write a second? moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye opposed? the ayes have it. thank you. next item please. item number eight, discussion of future agenda items by directors. some questions mr. beck. at some point we like to know how the logician with the marina is going forward and who are the stakeholders. as previous meetings some members of stakeholders were here
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[inaudible] and they also expressed interest on being part of any kind of negotiations going on with the sailing team. at some point, it would be great for us to get an update a chronological type of update, where we are because at some point, were going to be part of all the activities that have taken place for a year now since we started the negotiation of the sailing center so we can present to our stakeholders to my to the city, to all the [inaudible] how we adjust this particular issue and again, i will leave it to you to come back and tell us here how the other stakeholders are being pulled into this engagement because everyone
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needs to have a voice as to part of these before we make our decision. i will be looking at that in particular when we are ready to make that good we also need to let us know, we have monthly meetings, how are you making introductions. is it by-are you writing to the stakeholder? do you write them and say let's go to a meeting of view:? all those things need to be there so we know which are the parties are responding to your request. we don't want you to spend anymore time [inaudible] but were open to the ongoing negotiation. and in good faith. we want to know basically where what is going on. in a couple of months we are going to be ready to make our decision and all these information needs to be presented to the public as to how we are doing with this matter. >> we have conservative considerable amount of work to do and focus on last month has been on some of the public financing discussions, but i do need to reengage with the parties and with the idea, with
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the idea towards hopefully coming to some sort of resolution of bringing those agreements forward towards the end of this year. we will bring both the itc and to this board updates as we move forward. thank you very much i think on that issue, we asked the parties involved have conversation and discussion and try to come up with resolutions amongst themselves. before coming to the tida board as much as possible. certainly, staff can help that process along. that would be helpful. are there any other items? hearing none,, what is next on the agenda? the german wonderful. >>[laughing] one of the biggest meetings we've had. thank you very much. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >>
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