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tv   Board of Education 82316  SFGTV  September 3, 2016 7:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in whatever way the city agency needs to make things happen and reporting 311 is important thank you, everyone for coming today really appreciate it. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, ann debris that concludes our lunch of fix it for the intersunset we'll take a few questions. >> all right. welcome everybody the regular meeting of the san francisco unified school district for tuesday, august 23, 2016, is now called to order roll call
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ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase per ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns ms. wynns? here >> thank you mr. haney ms. wing and please join me in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> can i have a motion and second on approve the minutes on august interest so moved. >> and second.
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>> corrections roll call vote. >> thank you ms. sang ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> i want to welcome everyone that joined us in the chambers that evening for those who want to address the board please fill out a speaker card according to the board rules speaker cards will not be accepted for items before the board we're going to do something unusual we have a i think a bit of a bittersweet evening
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honoring someone that the record will show to our unified school district so i'll skip over item b and go to c resolutions and accommodation and start with commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so richard our last evening on in the boards meetings we wanted to just take a moment to thank you and honor you for all you're amazing work on behalf of mayor he asked me to represent him together and to wish you the very best i know you'll see him next week but he wanted to do another proclamation on your behalf i was looking at the clock you have time to have free parking and but i think that is note worthy to raise some the proclamations because the impact aha on the school district has
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been tremendous i know that he really appreciates the partnering that the two of you had over the last several years and we get a lot of visits from a lot of cities with a lot of marries how partnerships library yours and mayor lee's are developed has to do with the belief you as an education leader knows what the best and he's been following our leads in the initiatives we've done together and he's grateful so tonight proclamation is from the city and county of san francisco and we want to honor you richard fewer seven years of serving as our deputy superintendent and as our superintendent since september of 2016 our dedication and commitment to the public
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schools has helped the high school rate increased the enforcements and dropped the suspension since 2012 and supermarket an ambitious plan to make sure our students graduate with the skill and living of the post secondary education and productive and members of society and where superintendant championed the enrichment funds for funding for early education wellness centers and family services through 2041 and whereas superintendant carranza was chief executive officer for the our children, our family council and citywide collaboration as city education business and community leaders
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to develop and implement an institutionalize policy agenda agenda for all youth and families in san francisco and whereas, he cultivated a strong and full partnering with the philanthropic to combrn our young people and support our educators through initiatives such as the mayors middle grad and kindergarten to college and the mayor's job plus and cooling and pathway my brother's keeper initiative and whereas superintendant carranza will always be known and sfauftsd first mariachi superintendent in the city and county of san francisco whorled appreciates him a supporter of our 58 thousand public schools students
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therefore, be it resolved the mayor ed lee wishing him all the best in his future endeavors of the 1ri7b8d unified school district pro claims tuesday, august 23, 2016, the city and county of san francisco richard carranza day. >> thank you you'll be missed >> (clapping.) >> deputy city attorney lee and yes mraens and letting us shoe horn our way into our meeting we want to say a little bit to honor superintendant carranza to superintendant guerrero on behalf of all the colleagues on the staff brought a little bit of something we wanted to take
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our turn to thank and celebrate our leader for the past 4 years and really a wonderful colleague for the last seven years to superintendant carranza has been - it's hard to believe many the last time we'll be in the room together and we'll try to spare the emotion we worked up a friday night superintendent but we do finds it hard to belief this is the last time we'll be together we know that houston independent unified school district has it's meetings during the day when you finish you can tune in into sfgovtv going into the hours and on behalf of all the staff we
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wanted to make a special presentation of a little token of our appreciation. >> any successful organization is really clear about what it stands for these core values are what guide policies, practices our goals what we're striving for this past spring members of the broader district and community educators support staff and central office leaders came together over several sessions to define and many to contentious; right around our own core values we wanted to make sure that as you go off to take on challenges in a new setting that we know those are values you pose and bring to a new community and feel confident
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those are core values that will continue to guide your work here we have for you a little frame of our core values students centered united, social justice and diversity driven our core values and many of our leaders signatures to remind you. >> oh, wow. >> i want to open up from k34789s from the board commissioner norton. >> i wanted to thank you,
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richard for all of your years here you you know your first year as the superintendent was my first year as co-president we sporptsd each other i'm grateful for your championing of our disabilities and all say things you provided on that issue and wish you well and we'll always be your friend. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you. this is a superintendent when we taught in tucson and not allowed to teach mexican-american study he instituted sf studies in every single one of the high schools this the boldness and i think we always knew that perhaps he may move on but we knew you were a
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larger big part of public education for the nation and you know, i always say in san francisco we do things first and then people think we're a little bit crazy and follow because we're right. i think richard will lead the way in the nation around the education for our children richard i know that houston you might have ups and downs that is not san franciscans but i think as someone that knows you as a leader i think you'll be just fine and you will open some eyes there and hopefully, this hearts as you've done here thank you richard. >> dr. murase. >> i want to echo the thanks from my colleagues for the amazing tenure and deduct there are no vision zero a productive path we know exactly where we
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header in the near and long term and thank you also for really creating a renaissance in the school district so that folks who had a very low opinion of our district have come to know it is as one of the top performing urban district in the state thanks to our leadership and that of our team we have enjoyed a really period so for of a lot of goodwill if unprecedented relationships with different sectors of the community and the private city because of our leadership i'm not going to say governor brown but see you soon i know you left our heart here and will be back at some point. >> commissioner
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mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so richard i had a unique position as the mayor's advisory and colleague of many of the wonderful people supporting the work you've lead it has been such a pleasure to be able to come into a district being lead by someone with who has been as courageous. >> thank you for that but the areas i've been really focused on you've always been supportive whether there have the innovation and the computer survives or the college and careers all the real estate and the development office that has - people invested in us because of our leadership because of you and because of beverage we have
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in the unified school district so out of fostered those relationships you've guided the staff to be strong leader and you transition out you know i have the utmost confidence in the staff to carry us out so we until we find your replacement we are very, very lucky to have had you for so long having lived in texas for 6 years i hope you have a pool and air conditioning and that your skin gets thicker there will be things you, you don't hear you'll hear there you know we had this very odd interaction with the trustees from houston public schools and you know we had to pass the baton and talk about what we did in our district we're proud of but makes you look at great they hired you but we couldn't help
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users we're really proud and on a personal note a true friends you know moments we've talked about a variety of things we feel your we're your farther child you've been fair that means a lot but the more importantly one thing with me and for me when any husband came and proposed you helped with that and allowed for that time to happen this is a place that is really important for me but important because of the people that come into the board room we wish you the best of luck love you and will miss you. >> commissioner wynns. >> we want to commend say first, i'm very, very sorry i'm not able to be there to this special night richard and for
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the district only true family emergency that keeps me away so i want to give you my sincere thanks for the leadership to our district it is - you are the first superintendent that i have worked with who has not been a superintendent before he came to san francisco and i think that is an important thick to note that has been our pattern in san francisco that we hired experienced superintendents from other urban executes it was a really good departure and appreciate this the whole board was willing to take a chance on that and you were willing to serve san francisco in our first superintendent position so i do
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want to say i think all of the things mentioned here are important i so appreciate our leadership of so many things but truly the relationship that you have nurtured and developed and actually have inspired and produced i did leadership to flourish we've had with the community outside of the school district is something unique and extremely important to the future the san francisco unified school district so i want to give you the highest praise for the work you've done in communities leadership and also that includes the works that you've done with our city partners, with the extracoronally demanding huge number of community community-based organizations that we both in our community expect our superintendent to develop and keep and positive relationship
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with that is something that is much more demanding in san francisco than anywhere else in my opinion you've done a stellar job and the more important work in the future and the last thing i have to mention i think that the ability it you had to clearly articulate to the internal and external audience that we have our collective commitment to the entity agenda that we've made true progress and everybody being together on pursuing what we are committed to which is all children will have what they need to achieve those are different i want to be clear i wish you all the best i don't
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have to say good-bye and will labor day look forward to the professional leadership in the future. >> thank you, very much. i wish you only the best thank you. >> thanks vice president walton i'll keep this short and succinct i want to say you could have chosen to focus on the population in the schools with the highest numbers of ask the you have chosen to focus on the schools and the students doing well but you choose to focus on the populations that need it the most for that i want to say thank you and thank you for putting up with all of us i know that is not always easy. >> you descend who below the
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mason district line remembered us in the equity for the students houston a lucky to have you we'll remain focused and initiative and strong thank you. >> i guess like vice president walton you're the only superintendent i've worked with i don't know to work with anyone else this is a difficult time for our board we are incredibly thankful and i've sat beside you and learned from you and see your leadership first hand you know more than anything when we think about our superintendent but think about the person who is the embodiment of who we are as a unified school district who everyone can look to and is
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whether our core values or violation or every conversation in the boards chambers that you're the person that lives it they lock to you and say i disagree with him but i know more than anything he cares and know that is fighting for every single kid so it is hard it been losing you because you've been that for so long in the school district and i want to say this is a very difficult job you had many many boards have very contention relationships with the superintendent have a superintendent that works with some and not on the way you collaborated with us has been extraordinary a model where a school district is lucky to have you and any school district
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should strive you've mad made that a priority the vision of what education can be in san francisco and the fact we're in this together has been so much that has driven you, you there's no turning back san francisco has so much incredible potential when the city is involved and the community that engages the function you've laid down internally and extraordinarily to do that is just for us now just the way things will be so i think that has a unified school district we are grateful and thankful and proud of our staff and everyone who has supported you and continue to lead in the model you've left us here and we are confident and proud of vision of this district and where we'll go in the future because of the function you've laid and we're excited for our future and existed for the
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future of houston i'm trying to think of a some sort of thing houston you have a problem joke but not try to do that (laughter) houston has a probing problem they have san francisco values coming their way thank you, richard we were grateful for your services and good luck. >> student delegates. >> hello so, yes echo everyone has said i want to personally thank you. the sfusd students for having the service and helping out in the community youth and families but also i want to say for me personally is that i'm not going to serve next to you next year but take with me a lot of your values and many of them and also how my school goes be the change you want to
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be and - sorry we're the ones that you showed us strongly and as i'm very happy and i think it is important that showing them the change and make the most of your time over there and looking and learning from your legacy we have left. >> i'd like to extend a big thank you to superintendant carranza for your dedication to youth and names in san francisco i've been in public schools my whole life and witnessing what you done for the district heartwarming and honored to serve right now as the vw on your last meeting and hope you don't a lot of great things in the future. >> item c student delegate
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report. >> oh, laughter okay. >> we're over it richard. >> moving on (laughter) all right. superintendant carranza. >> you know i don't blame you a bit we're going - i'm a little bit of a weepy mess i'm sorry but i want to thank you sincerely for all your kind words everyone that shared a little piece of your heart with me i have absolutely loved being part of the unified school districts and the community of san francisco and i'm extremely proud of work we did together this is really not about me this is really about the work that is happening in the community and the ability to come together
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eastbound when we disagree to keep the bigger picture in mind. >> i do wants to give thanks and remiss not to thank my very first teachers (calling names) may they rest in that case blue-collar works my father a sheet metal workers and my mom didn't know what to go to college and my dad's insulated the sheet by the way, not thinking his sons would community-based to school and get a degree in the university they're my first teachers the dad said the one thing you can not be staining it your name i'm incredibly are honored you'll honor me with your words dad, i
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have not soiled your name today. >> thank you to my patterns and my twin brother rubin we were identical twins in you see him in an airport and he didn't say hi that's him but my husband jim we've endemurred a path for individuals who love each other and grateful i've been in san francisco when in the national conversation that's been possible that human beings what about together and be in love and it is relocated by the state i'm incredible proud of that and incredibly proud of my brothers and monique gary's in the darkest days of my life thank you for the incredible job i'm about to take on i only do i have your support with that, i want to say bye bye far the most
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talented team i've worked in 3 states and now four but 3 states 3 duty unified school districts and worked with loves teachers and paraprofessionals and neither than a talented and passionate group of individuals that come to work everyday no where to have it better illustrated when i say i'll leave my heart in san francisco you're the heart the people i will remember and it is important to be clear about the fact that we together transformed what is happening in our system so is it so truly quantity that the founding fathers thought would be american for everyone will have a shot you've heard me talk about thomas owen for legal
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advice jefferson and the have and have not's and in many respect i came here seven years ago exceeded the best of rhetoric we not going to leave anyone behind we have a system we're perpetually progressive enlightening community it takes other community decades to actually get to those beyond the words and actually start changing systems we were able to accelerate that because this community believes that every child should be educated in a public system not go private to get a good education that's the belief in san francisco if you don't believe me look at the enrollment process of parents president their children into a school that serves their child you want to do right i'm
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incredibly honored you see the right for your commissioner moran i'm incredible proud we tolerated the graduation rate and lead the districts across the country to recognize an accountability system is a math score not just that but about the whole child and creativity articulation and feeling comfortable in a classroom we went wrong side that that is not how we look at that but a accountability system people thought we were crazy but we want to bring to your attention federal government their luke the core system because it takes into account the whole child i'm incredibly proud this communicated san francisco voters have sustainably supported our ballots and our
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parcel taxed not because the district was wasting the money but we invested the heart of community a well-rounded education and well-rounded education in the art and pd and technology and libraries that's been the community and i'm proud to have been part of that communicated and proud of our vision 2025 we talk about the strategy plans and what we'll do today but rearly how that will get us to our long term vision a clearly articulated vision that everyone has a voice in developing he know with we want to go our strategic plan will help us go h get to that vision i'll ask anything you want to do going forward as you look for the next superintendent and vote in our next board elections keep vision 2025 squarely in our
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sites if we graduate students that can demonstrate that graduate profile we'll have transformed public education not only in san francisco but in the nation that's how powerful that visions and its communities has created that vision i'm also proud of work with our partners including the mayor, including our board of supervisors, including our elected officials that transformed and sometimes actually taken position in support of public education that the detrimental politically to them but important to the kids and important to the community and is that i have taken the hits right with us and i think we're starting to show the results that is important so i'm very proud of that and our partners and salesforce and all of our partners that came to the table we're not going to blame the district but work with the district and partners in creating the next leadership in san francisco the next workers
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in san francisco, who can compete not with other san franciscans for those high paying jobs but compete with the world for those high paying jobs right here in san francisco so thank you the bonds i've talked about are incredibly important to us they're incredibly important at this point despite the increases in the meager increases i'm on my way out i get to say this despite the merger funding education we don't have the ability to charge more for the wiggle we don't create wig he did we - so until the state starts recognizing the public education is an investment and not an expenditure line item the citizens the san francisco will continue to support what we want
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in our schools it not by accident we have nurses that we have social workers and librarians and athletic teams it is not by accident it is by the ballot that the san francisco residents went to the year time and again to assure we have that in our schools i want to make sure that continues to happen just a couple of more never give a musician or a superintendent the mike the other thing when i walked through the doors of san francisco unified school district 7 years ago i can honestly say i was appalled how we looked and treated and even in the veteran calorie in the talk of the students with disabled and inclusion schools and not inclusion classrooms in a student had a doesn't matter they want went a general school
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and adults in the system that said i don't work with those students can you imagine in an african-american and the teacher said i don't work with those kids that's exactly what we did in san francisco that enlightened progressive school that's exactly what we did with students with disabilities i'm incredibly proud in 6 short years we've completely transformed how we look and talk and how we think about students with sedating disabilities they're our children and the - the only thing they choose was a disability we helped them and quite frankly to support hard changes you see that was the
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first test do we have the wherewith all to take on a system that systematically segregated students this bureaucratically had the strongly backbone they said absolutely and do an evaluation of ourselves and identify and hold ourselves accountability in a transparent way to the entire community and here we are seven years later and pick apart the edges this and that or maybe more of this and that this day this enrollment season every students with a disability had a whole portfolio to be admitted and i'm incredible proud of our district for taking that on i'm also proud of the fact when the state of california said through bureaucratic processes
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to our students who were prominently students with disabilities and english language learns you've met every requirement in the district to assure that you get a clip and by the way, we've increased did rigor a through g that is far beyond any other district requires for a diploma but hundreds of students that met the bar our teachers and professionals and educates said we've mastered the standards and missed the cahsee that was a tenth grade exam by one point and our students said i'm ready to take the exam and the state said we'll save $7 million and give it in january and left the students out i'm proud of the
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fact f this board of education said this will not happen on our watch and went rogue and we awarded diplomas to the students because they met the standards not an why did standard but for those students to be admitted to college and not have theirs admission resentdz those students that needed to earn and clip and earn their diploma for those students that were the first graduates in theirs family that family will never be the same because he have a high school graduates to all the students i say thank you interest thank you for letting us serve i say to the board of education thank you for having the backbone what is right and what is wrong is wrong we'll stay with what is right two more
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things i'm also very, very proud of the fact that in the most difficult financial situations in i was the i only there are no lived through this recession we protected the classrooms from the cuts and decimate i take no provide as a teacher in saying that we kept the cuts as far from the classroom as we could and we gave the largest raise of any urban unified school district in co-california to our hard working educators double digits 12 percent was that enough, of course not enough, of course not enough but at the time we stretched and made it happen our paraprofessionals our teachers and administrators stuck with us we'll stick with them let's not forgot we're in
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this together we really are in this together as was go forward there is none with a secret bank account including the intern superintendent we get what we get from the state and it is very transparent but i'm proud of this board for going forward and giving that raise and finally i'm proud we've i updated our wellness policy i've seen new schools and in any policies there is no more progressives i will say visionary around the public health thank you for the lesson and doing what you're doing you'll be the epic center of innovation in the public realm is it so not about me that will never be about me i had the
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incredible honor is as a son of a blue-collar parents the incredible, however, instead of san andreas fault sheet metal on roofs but the incredible honor in the san francisco unified school district and forever be grateful and thankful and to my colleagues both on the board of education and my colleagues in the field the best is yet to come god bless you and i'll be your cheerleader from texas. >> mr. president, if you don't mind i'd like to invite the intern superintendent to take his place.
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>> we are going to talk about our intern superintendant at the next meeting we just negotiated welcome so i'm going to now student delegate report board of education
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and intern superintendent lee welcome so the report yesterday we had our first overall meeting with a cabinet election so officially student delegate - hello official soft story student delegate president and vice president christen and secretary from lowell high school public relationship from academy and from lowell and treasurer angle will be meeting twice a month to be setting up staff meetings and being able to be here and secondly your retreat will be september 3rd through september fist on campus sorry i
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don't know how to pronounce in sonoma county and be a retreat for leadership we'll be training our members and get to know them to attorneys to but get to know what will happen in the summit and build leaders from that. >> hello so i'd like to thank mr. kevin trusting and dr. murase for presenting and attending our meeting one of the many things we discussed a resolution for the political active employees and upon the representatives would like to seek peer review to accurately provide voices one of the questions how the resolution
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will impact last year's resolution it was courageously a student right for civic engagement the next meeting in the board room and this is a public council anyone can attend and give public comment and if you want to attend contact salvador lopez thank you. >> thank you. >> item e advisory community reports and are there any advisory appointment by the board none item f public comment on consent items i believe there is one. >> let's see.
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>> colleen ivy. >> item g the consent calendar can i can i have a motion and a second? on the consent calendar any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent? >> i'm told the answer is yes (laughter). >> so thank you. >> yes. two corrections this evening. >> come on up. >> it's okay. >> quickly. >> hi. >> two minutes. >> two minutes. >> my name is colleen ivy the executive director of the san francisco of the arts foundation
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and it was founded in 2000 and organized as a independent nonprofit it is current board members are alumni parents and community members equipment to supporting the art programs of the school of the arts in 2008, we were asked to stack over the fundraising and the management of the art department and in 2010 we have applicants over the arts and resident program now i'm proud of the support of organizations received and provided over the last 8 years it is allowed the settle or school to expand the art programs for the students it attend the morning art classes every afternoon the afternoon classes what taught by over 70 artists that are paid and since 2008 the nonprofit has spent
7:49 pm
over $6,000 to furnish the much needed supplies to run the program the majority of this funding has come from certain dimensions the parents dootdz to the fund the average was around $1,000 we have in our community the ability to give we have others that can't we have a public and none it required to do not this is a testament to our community a true example of. >> community coming together a community that has been working hard to fund the gap and all the students benefit the artists gave a mou last june in the section week of june without an approved mou it authorizes the folks to have assistance without compensation of payment of any kind from any sfusd and not
7:50 pm
providing the serves on school properties without the authorization so i respectfully ask the commissioners to approve the mou and let our school year begin without disruption that will negatively impact the school and students thank you. >> thank you. >> so there are other items withdrawn or live kreblthd. >> mr. steel. >> thank you yes, we have two corrections the first i've amending the prescription on page one 19 to read the office of curriculum instruction there enter into a relationship to future have a work related to culturally related in the language of arts and mathematic the contract will have pilot work at the one san francisco unified school district middle school visitacion valley for the purpose of understanding and developing the district level
7:51 pm
and professional level support the second on page 59 and 60 to change the dates from august 23rd to august 2016 on both pages. >> thank you any items removed for fdr's first reading by the board. >> agenda item. >> you want that for first reading or a discussion and vote this evening. >> yeah. so we're going to pull that for discussion and vote any other items severed by the board of superintendents for discussions. >> roll call under section o
7:52 pm
superintendents proposal one tonight moved and seconded of board policy business and non-structural district records can i have a report from the rules committee commissioner wynns. >> the rules committee recommended a positive recommendation to this to this item and i it is a kind of route item but, yeah i'd like to ask the general council or whoever she prefers to do the summary. >> while we're proposing this policy. >> so why not call on superintendent lee. >> thank you if you would present the item thank you. >> so this item the requested
7:53 pm
item the board adopt the policy district record this is to update our policy on maintaining district documents and specifically this is to comply with the civil code and now the district disclose they records it contain personal information to bring us into compliance with new changes to the civil code. >> there are no public speakers any comment from the superintendant. >> seeing none, take a roll call vote. >> thank you ms. angle we're voting ms. arrest goes ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell
7:54 pm
dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns thank you mr. haney 7 i's. >> thank you. >> and we know we have a number of people that came to speak under public comment without objection i'll move up public comment on general matters i'll call your name come on and have two minutes (calling name from the manager of voter education for the city and county of san francisco department of elections and are proud parents of a sfusd graduate fairmont
7:55 pm
through balboa park once a parent always a parents here to talk about 3 things quickly first of all, thank you with help if the sfusd distribution department next week one and 55 sfusd sites will receive posters like those promoting to vote they will get these posters they. come in english and spanish and chinese and filipino their displayed on campus and a letter they can request more materials are request voter education professionals to come out and talk to students, staff or parents about the upper market election a what is on the ballot and how to vote if you're interested in personally public
7:56 pm
trust up a promote the vote poster or having us out to your school contact me at the sf out to reach at the always want to let people know that high school students can work on election day a huge part of worker workforce over age 16 can be a poll worker and earn one and $52 stipend and it look good on education and hands on democracy election staff comes to high schools to provide the civics and education we can explain that and take applications and all of that for principals and social study teachers we'll be contacting you
7:57 pm
or again sf outreach reach at and get a back to you on this we're happy to come out and talk about the importance of voting to students, staff and families everyone can check us out at non-partisan voting information about voting information what is on the ballot where and how to vote and follow us on facebook and dweert on powell pagers and similar sound-producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. place to where did he vote by mail and post employment opportunities at the facebook and twitter thank you for the opportunity if you have any questions let me know. >> thank you. >> good evening
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my name is richard i'm speaking as a just retired classroom teacher parents and san francisco resident and he will identify some of the go challenges of the district team their daunting but not insurmountable but two schools now that we've invested in a brand new building full of amazing machines how to create a program a willie l. brown middle school that combrshz a wide range of students and honors its namesake can the team this at the mission high school be for willie brown creating an amazing challenge is only a piece of what we need to do to reinvigorate we must keep the educators in the district and maintain a high-level of arts education in all of our schools
7:59 pm
we're jefferson general challenge in a serious one is the singing morale of education specialists plagues how we can respect educators working in the district teachers and principals need to have the common core curriculum and over emphasis on documentation and big data collection undermines the quality of instructions teachers wear many hats like a lot of you do bilingual teacher and special ed and curriculum designer and social western edition we sign on is that district administrators need to
8:00 pm
honor this work and build trust with educators in our schools we all need to demonstrate for humility and empathy policies are for those oimgz we can't have a high-level of turnover in the district on a yearly basis we agree think outside the box on that in our democracy we need to should compassionate and hope are essential about you also acknowledge and grapple with the challenges in front of us thank you and he do want to say a shout out to superintendent are you are a men are a strong vision and i've been proud to work in the district with you as a superintendent thank you, richard thank you, thank you. >> i called folks from frakz i
8:01 pm
don't know if you're here (calling names). >> i'm andy the parents of a fourth grade at frakz elementary school i want to ask all the parents to please stand up to be recognized thank you. >> i'm here because i'm a fourth grade teacher placed at frakz to put in a position that person took was staffed by the school the new teachers effect on i'm speaking in the context of my child the impact on my son was traumatic my son is a outgoing wonderful boy that loves going
8:02 pm
to school loves school he's not in tears at frakz as soon as we pick up him in the afternoon he wants to leave immediately this is unlike him the ongoing issue the challenges in his classroom - as a parent i want to express i'm alarmed at what i see mooirng have a broad network of friends in schools throughout san francisco the teacher in question we know of the teacher in question has been transferred from school to school in san francisco he's also i'm sorry the teacher has also been - we have friends
8:03 pm
that requested basically prevented the teacher from joining their school kept out the teacher we have knowledge of incident with the teacher that have required direct district involvement and some of the incident go back a few class years sorry placing the teacher at the this school a deeply troubling to all the parents we're worried the safety and security of all our children that will - the school year is 7 days outlined we're all up here we're requesting your - >> thank you help thank you. >> hello my name is michelle i'm a christian i'm a wife and i'm a mother of a child in san
8:04 pm
francisco unified school district and before i was a mother a teacher in san francisco unified school district we really need your help my daughter got a new teachers and happy to get in mississippiy school and the teacher she received she has adored but a enjoy full young girl a fearful and anxious not wanting to go to school anywhere the teacher she received is academyly incompetent and un411 of the west of my child and all the children in her cola class this teacher is not in line with the
8:05 pm
mission statement of promoting intellectual growth or medical health to have a high chief of police and joyful can i see please keep our promises and your core values please keep those by putting my child and all children in the class and in the san francisco unified school district first thank you my name is 311 iron lengthy august with the two previous speakers marion are very concerned about this teachery w concerned about this teacher - we're not seeing growth but our daughter is fearful and
8:06 pm
anxious that is not how you learn i don't believe that any of you board members building that we're not only concerned for our child but at students in the classroom and not only them button all the kids in the school district you urge you to take action. >> my name is jennifer i'm a patient of the two fourth graders at the frakz i want to address the academic side in i so
8:07 pm
my daughter did math and reports about her summer everything you can expect and my teacher has xund about what is expected and planned and has welcomed participants into the classroom my sons teacher has complained to the students about peck i didn't parents asked questions like they're not supposed to ask and the teacher sent nothing home about the plans and not shared an e-mail address with us the teacher has rebuffered help from other teachers and blamed the problems on the principal in front of the the parents and children i think we're it spoiled by the high-level of teacher at the francis scott
8:08 pm
keys and not in line of what we've seen and all the children have gone to help us resolve this issue thank you for listening to all of us. >> if i can just comment to the families that are here from the francis scott keys community i understand that you have been working with assistant superintendent and had discussion with him i will encourage you to continue to pursue those conversations but certainly we at the district offices will be in touch with each other and try to find solutions as well so thank you for being here tonight. >> eric
8:09 pm
(calling names) all from sunny side if you'll come up two minutes each. >> hi my name is argon a parent of a fifth grade at the sunny side elementary school 0 all the other parents from sunny side stand up for a second - >> thank you so two weeks ago approximately 15 of us were here now at least if not more seeking an immediate resolution to the teaching outside the sunny side asked to
8:10 pm
give two weeks to resolve this and certain certain things the issue is not resolved and not appear that a permanent solutions it is is in the near future we're requesting a teacher guess not returning and asking for another teacher and asking. a teacher to assure an equitable experience the first week of school saw a different mix of adults overseeing the classroom with little communication the classroom for the kids was clearly not set up and not seem to be a lesson plan prepared we're not present to wait and hope your kids education suffers this led us to consider options outside of sunny and outside of public school we're asking for a
8:11 pm
final resolution before next monday to avoid those measures thank you for your time >> hi good evening my name is/susie the parents after a foisting grader at the sunny side we're speaking for the participants that can't be here don't have the luxury of time or physically can't make this is regarding the fifth grade teaching situation that is going on like said 15 of us last week and now more the issue is not going away we're asking for stability in the classroom and kids can't do a do over for fifth grade a week has begun by 3 substances in the last 6 days
8:12 pm
and ant have this situation aside from the permanent teacher and asking as mentioned we have a shared teaching situation in a classroom that has a more stable situation than what we're experiencing sunny side worked to get to where they're at we're asking to help us have a solid teaching community for our kids thank you. >> hi, i'm a parent of a fifth grade at sunny side and here with others parents many of whom were two weeks ago about the same situation not currently resolved my son is no in the classroom you but here to support the family but underscore the limbo the class is in goes beyond what is in the
8:13 pm
classroom as heard a request to move to a teaching model not impacting 33 but 56 kids and unanswered questions apartments are looking elsewhere and a loss of funds for sunny that impacts over 3 hundred students please don't let it come to that. >> know we know this situation can be resolved quibble we ask to have a clear path and timeline to a permanent teacher please act fearly on behalf of the 33 students the near 70 students and more three hundred families at the sunny side thank you for your time. >> hello, i'm also a parent
8:14 pm
after a fifth grader at the sunny side a few weeks he was here raising some of the concerns but like to go back before that and say how excited my daughter was starting fifth grade and looking forward to being and learning everything i know she'll start middle school with her big brother and so for multiple substitutes and support staff which has not been teaching her anything the other classroom is gone over amazing what would like to learn and what activities and various homework assistants my daughter has nothing and frankly will not go to school and looking for resolution for a replacement permanent teacher as well as
8:15 pm
equality with all the kids in the fifth grade learning the same thing thank you. >> hello, i'm eric i'm a sunny parents and have a child in fifth grad any fifth grader not in the class of the class that is having problems in the other class i want that to say this is effecting the buyer fifth grade all the kids know one classroom didn't have a teacher i was here two weeks ago things were going to happen this is not a problem a few weeks but over a year we were surprised to hear at the end of the summer not a new teacher in place for fifth grade we need this resolved the kids
8:16 pm
are lou gehrig's disease their confidence not just in fifth grade but in the school system at large thank you. >> i'm a parent after a fifth grader and you've heard the comments previously my daughter is not in the class in questioning my son several years ago was taught by the teacher in question prior to many of the issues that have substantial arisen we had a personal concern over watching some deterioration in the individual in question i'm fortunate my daughter is not in that class but heard from fellow parents this is not specific to a single classroom is effects the entire community and effects because of the parents considering leaving the school our feeder program
8:17 pm
implemented to the middle school and keeping that intact this is on the radar and it is time is critical our patience is wearing thin so we thank you for your attention. >> so thank you to all the sunny side parents and families and liquor store similar to what i said regarding the situation at francis scott keys drugging the classroom in in question and bear with us and continue to work with the superintendent and again, we are telegraph hill discussing this among different downstairs at the district as well.
8:18 pm
>> susan. >> thank you mr. haney and good evening superintendent lee i want to foul o follow-up on teacher resignation i know that you know the concerns that there are teachers who are recently tendered their resignation from evictions and families moving and while the unified school district has the right to report on the teacher credentialing we're appreciative of the fact it is our understanding that no teachers have been recorded and hope it will continue in that direction san francisco is not the only district that is experiencing a teacher shortage it is happening all over
8:19 pm
california and the united states those are qualified teachers in the cases we've known that got jobs where we can afford to live i appreciate your attention and hope you work it out thank you very much. >> thank you and thank you to everyone that provided public comment this evening move back to item 5 board members proposals two tonight first is one six 5 dash 24822, 3, 4 support of san francisco unified school district strengthening and advancing the policies and education and mr. haney moved and seconded on may 24th a report if the budget committee ms. norton. >> you may the budget committee heard our resolution on monday august 16th
8:20 pm
we were given a staff report there is a cost to the item the total impact about one and $70,000, however, it is clear that that investment will not be made but over a period of time and estimates some things mooipt might be less expensive nevertheless, despite the cost on the committee that is important to do and gave it a positive recommendation unanimous unanimously. >> yes. >> oh, i wanted to ask at the we and i'm obviously not there. i don't know if you've gotten an updated fiscal year analysis but asked whether the fiscal
8:21 pm
analysis was straightforward kind of multiple occasion of the schools restrooms that needs to be where they need to be signage, etc. and asked the staff if there was a secondary deeper dive into the other source of revenue like how many schools might be coming for bonds is any of that more in more specific or in depth budget analysis and made available on a disperished kind of basis. >> ms. to know is taking her seat i don't know if amy you want to call. >> sure i do. >> in follow-up we provided a
8:22 pm
revised fiscal impact at the 4:30 it included a list of prior bonds measures and the proposed bond measure for 2016 and the school project sites listed within those bonds measures there are potential capacity from what i understand in the 2006 bond and the 2011 bond to cover the conversion of signage on the single stalled restrooms great this is limit to the schools within the bond measure itself and there are some schools all right have been converted for gender mature restroom abilities listed in the 2016 bond so those are alternative funding solutions we
8:23 pm
identified for the fiscal impact. >> i never received that updated analysis i don't know if anyone did. >> i'm looking at any e-mail he did not. >> i don't mean to interrupt i'm fine i want everyone to know we're looking for that and so that the fiscal analysis we had and commissioner norton correctly recorded we want to go ahead with that anyway felt this which is important for the public and the members of the jury members of the board to know that that is a kind of large analysis and we're looking in more depth and looking at when that occurs thank you. >> thank you commissioner
8:24 pm
wynns. >> so i'm now going to read the resolution in support this the san francisco unified school district strengthen and advances joined policies and education whereas every student can participate but in many cases the gender are unable to 3r5r79 because they don't feel safe to access the activities to be safe and ready to learn and whereas the 2014-2015 youth risk reports that transgender in sfusd are roughly for times more likely to be has and likely to be bullied and whereas the transgender students in stanford are 7 times more likely to skip school balls of feeling unsafe or whereas national research suggest the gender non-conforming youth that
8:25 pm
increases they're poor psychiatrist health and whereas the deceased codes and activities including overseeing for pictures and graduation and further isolate and city government its them gender transgender feel the toiletsy risk leads to the non-conforming people denied or physically sautsdz in the facilities and more genders toilet facilities allow the genders consisted with their genders identity and whereas the city and county of san francisco recently adopted an ordinance that mandates the public places designate the toilet facilities
8:26 pm
available to the employees of all gender and any identity and whereas the administrative regulation states the restroom accessibility students shall have access to the gender identity whereas a soft bathroom maybe used such as a single stall shall be a matter of choice and whereas san francisco unified school district administrative regulation is intended to advice school site staff for the gender and non-conforming gender to the fats to create a better safer place and all students have access and whereas in the last 3 years sfusd students and staff successfully create all gender rooms including mira loma and
8:27 pm
therefore, be it resolved sfusd requires a single stall made available for all students that requires the privacy and designate one boom and further be it resolved, sfusd requires all single stall roommates in the administrative building signage and embodying when schools under go modernization we'll build multi stalls and therefore, be it resolved sfusd will encourage the development of multiple stalls and therefore, be it resolved all stalls will florida include all gender and the dress codes in the uniform codes will obtain gender in touch and be it therefore resolved they apply to you future school days with
8:28 pm
graduation and proms and therefore, be it resolved staff are not required to get a court ordered name and gender to change the records as a prerequisite to their gender identity and therefore, be it resolved the staff has the right to correspond in the database in addition to a legal name to for the staff when addresses the student or staff and therefore, be it resolved the transformers of california in the each outreach be planned for parents and guarding the caregivers for the support of gender and non-conforming people i have one puck speech as i understand up for this rob. >> good evening
8:29 pm
i'm rob parents of two students in the district schools and commitment for the san francisco board of education in the november election i appreciate the resolution reads that rooms maybe made available for any students that deserves the privacy clearly transgenders are the priority here that's great but i think you're missing a golden opportunity to stack take a stand for the mental illness of millions millions who suffer from irritable gastro intentively privacy but require booms for urgent medical needs to i'd like to see acknowledgment a substantial
8:30 pm
number of students and a single room bathroom should be a priority people suffer from bowl syndrome and tens of millions are under 18 years old and by all measures those numbers are rising by craft .3 is transgender higher in our city no doubt but the staff and students valve outnumber those transgender but invisible after all will go increased access to bathrooms this gotten committee you're looking forward to a vote a missed opportunity to signal the people about grace introduce intellectual - acknowledge the
8:31 pm
people with those conditions thank you very much. >> questions or comments from the board. >> commissioner murase. >> in committee we discussed the opportunity to increase learning around this issue and i commissioners, we left off my generation a new issue i have language i'd like to proposed on amendment we've discussed the intent of it in committee to add to the final paragraph about outreach this outreach plan shall include the replacement of this policy on the agenda of upcoming meetings of the parents advisory council the student advisory and others school related
8:32 pm
organizations in the 2016-2017 school year to engage the conversation about gender inclusion i have it is important to have those important discussions in our community. >> is there a second on the amendment. >> second. >> i had a question i think we've incorporated this into our health curriculum already part of our sub curriculum already. >> yeah. the resolution references i think that commissioner murase was speaking to outreach to parents and community around it so part of it will be covered in terms of education and awareness for students in the health curriculum but happy to give
8:33 pm
explicit reference. >> is there a budgetary thing that goes with that what is the budget we should designate that there are a budget formal it and this money is designated to the purpose so happy to pass it today and bring that back and approve that with the caveat we may see it in budget again and maybe revise to add in the educational component. >> is it in the budget i don't think so. >> it sounds like. >> - >> i definitely working closely with the health department and the lgbt support services around this they will likely come back with a plan
8:34 pm
with budget implications i know that is for the awareness piece is important for them i don't see anyone from the health department here. >> i'd like to ask if the author wants to accept the amendment if not it goes to vote if the author accepts it it didn't have to go to vote. >> yes. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you for putting this forward commissioner president haney more and more we see the changes happening in the city and the last couple of eating establishment on goff streets have gender mature part of ada you know compliant all the things we are thinking about i'm glad as a unified school district we're thinking about
8:35 pm
this as the same thing and honoring many of the young people historically challenged around where they can and cannot do be so thank you for putting this forward you'll be supporting this resolution. >> any other comments from the board. >> one thing mr. haney is that actually, the speaker i think brought up a good point if there is a medical condition that requires imthat we accommodate for students that maybe we should include that i think that i don't know the process by which a student would ask for this companions sort of a 504. >> a 504. >> maybe i'm going to suggest we might include the 504 plan as
8:36 pm
part of accommodation. >> does that make sense. >> yeah. >> in fact, i was going to speak to that a pa piece that says the single stall rooms for students that deserve is privacy i'll ask it includes medical conditions be more specific than that around 504 commissioner norton. >> i will say i want to ask but i think the conformations will be required through existing 504s now if a student as a medical condition that requires an accommodations like a single stall bathroom that will be required under the federal law already to all more than cover any issue by adding the medical conditions and not referring to a 504 that creates other problems; right? >> i agree commissioner norton
8:37 pm
because there are many 504 has nothing to do with with bathroom conditions so leave it for medical conditions. >> i'd like to ask if the other members of the board can be added as authors to this resolution it is important. >> with light speed. >> yes. >> okay. >> verbal - >> seeing nodding thank you for the support they strengthen the resolution and the gentleman that offered an important point i'll add that amendment to the resolution by calling out medical conditions you know this resolution this policy came but with the help of our health department as well as the transgender law center i think that the conversation that
8:38 pm
is taken care of across the country around this issue has been one that has been very problematic painful, and has unfortunately taken a lot of unified school districts around the country in a wrong direction we've been a leaders on supporting all the students and recognizing the needs of our transgender and gender non-conforming students this policy is intended to move us further in the right direction we have a number of policies this resolution makes that more real for the students actively implementing it 0 students are experiencing and knowing where all the genders rooms and making the commitment to make sure that every building in the district we're insuring those bathrooms are assessable and looking at the broader questions around education and awareness and
8:39 pm
policies that have continued to exist in the unified school district u unified school district that have been genders bye in charge are stuck in the last century and i want to lastly thank the leadership of our students and parents and communities that have really driven the change around this question and around how rethink about it and approach that i named the schools mira loma and a lot was driven by balboa park and others schools in the district this is honoring their work and leadership and making it something that is a policy for the entire district we need to do a better job and need to send the message to the rest of the country and the cuts in north carolina and other places that the right way by supporting
8:40 pm
our students and affirming their identity and meeting their needs i realize i didn't give commissioner wynns an opportunity commissioner wynns if you want to add anything. >> i want to say i'm happy to support this and, of course, thank you, commissioner katie but incredibly proud i said this at the committee meeting last week but i had for years actively particularly with the incredibly negative things going on around the country received a large kwie from all the schools for which all the answers to what we've done in san francisco and anticipate in the future more attention of this policy to have really helped them a
8:41 pm
great deal of leadership and happy to do this increasing making standard across the district codified our commitment to serving the students that are absolutely in need of support. >> thank you commissioner wynns. >> intern superintendent lee. >> i wanted to be quiet but thank you commissioner president haney and all the commissioners for support this resolution and it is very important especially at this time i read today that was a judge in our superintendents future home state in texas that approved a temporary restraining order that
8:42 pm
stops 13 states from providing protection for students of multiple gender identity to all your points it is proud to be part of this district that is taking the opposite view and protecting the students regardless of gender identify so thank you very much. >> i just wanted to add this came up a couple of years ago there was an article in the school newspaper someone that wanted genders nullify bathrooms and they convinced the administration it was something it needed to be done and had gender neutral bathrooms it is successful. >> roll call vote. >> ms. sing. >> ms. fewer
8:43 pm
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns thank you mr. haney 7 i's. >> thank you all i apologize. i have to go back to item j quickly two cards that got mistaken (calling names) i apologize about that. >> there's an item of the board of education calendars that is where the communication. >> thank you very much i teach math at balboa high school this is left over as a
8:44 pm
science and math teacher a year from yesterday a eclipses i'm 57 and the only chance to see a total e lips of a sun in a day drive any students will have another chance in northern california i started making plans to see the eclipse it didn't occur that monday august 21st was a school can i i've not seen next year's academic calendars by august 21st will be a school day and very well the first day of school i'm here to urge you it is not the first day of school next year and been in sfusd since 19 all in favor, signify by i the first day of school is the most important day of my
8:45 pm
calendar i hate to missed that and hate it when my students pies this is a chance for students to be inspired i was outside of the total outlet in 6 grade in 1970 and made a pinhole calendar and was disappeared whether a total epilepsy of a sun is not as nearly so i'm told i've not seen it 20 years ago i invited the students to join me for an epilepsy of moan on the top of twin peaks and other students i experienced a total e lips of sun the later than you think didn't quarry want my students to see that, please consider that for next year calendar.
8:46 pm
>> thank you intern be superintendent lee and commissioner president haney and others for allowing us to speak on the issue i've been teaching in the district for 18 and a half years i've been lucky to see this and at the hampton playground so i was fortunate but those events happen rarely next year is a tremendous year for sfusd it is when sfusd is going to implement the next standards among the issues in terms of d c i say place of earth and solar system with the inner epilepsy this is not just a ohio this ties in and languishes the sfusd's movement
8:47 pm
towards the next generation standards you're looking at at science practices in interpreting the information communicating the information think of students in their in oregon and their observations they'll not have another opportunity for 26 to thirty years this is an opportunity for sfusd to take a big stance in terms of science and math and providing something spectacular for the students k prek through 8 and associating that with the city college thank you for your time. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> item k whoops sorry moving on around back to item i another board members proposal
8:48 pm
adoption of policies personnel of employees authored by commissioner fewer moved and seconded on january and an amended version we're going to deal with available at the table at the entrance i'd like to think all the board members have it did commissioner wynns. >> commissioner wynns does not have it. >> can we have that sent to her? >> try to do that right now. >> and can we have a report from the rules committee commissioner wynns. >> the rules committee gave this recommendations a proposal a positive recommendation. >> and that's the report.
8:49 pm
>> i have one speaker card as i understand up for this (calling names). >> good evening this is letting to wanting the units educators of san francisco to the extent this policy clarifies the existing policy and california he had code it make sense i do, however, want to share a couple of concerns the 6 point the employees shall not post campaign materials on district policy 3 is disappearing information our contract establishes the right of our members to have a bulletin board all tichz materials about bottle and measures and text measures
8:50 pm
that have helped to maintain the districts physical health i also question the need to include number ten that prohibits wearing buttons that express the campaigns during instructional team the counsel gave me for example, it will be illegal to wear a proposition 55 t-shirt infrastructure state law but a tax the rich shirt i would basically this could be an overreaching statement of the policy that you intend to adopt in the board adopts the policy make sure to regulate the political activities and not
8:51 pm
alignment the first amendment right. >> commissioner fewer. >> president letting to said this is restating a board policy that was in effect the last time updated 15 years ago a personnel policy political activities of every employee and wanting would you like me to read it or okay to my colleagues you notice on amended version after having a discussion to address some of the concerns they had with their original legislation thanks the govern board rights the right to engage in political activities on their own time and their own expense the employees shall make that clear their aau as individual and not representatives of the district
8:52 pm
like other community members employees use the school facilities under the center act nothing in board policy or administrative regulations this prevent the employees from ref funds for political purposes including before and after school the lunch period immediately during the school day the district employees shall not use the services and supplies or equipment to urge the passage of any ballot measure of candidates including any implicit the use of ask the addresses and class rafters and others confident material forces the purpose of organ the students or employees to urge
8:53 pm
the passage of or defeat of any ballots or implicit during district hours solicit promote the passage of a ballot measure that effects the hours of work or other working conditions during working hours and on district property solicit or receive any political funds to promote the passage of defeat other ballot measures or use the times for any implicit and use the equipment for the preparation or reproduction of campaign materials even if the district is reimbursed and post on district project dismat materials under the e-mail or staff mailboxes and use students
8:54 pm
right address or distribute political campaign materials and present views of particular cannabis or ballot measures in the classroom without giving equal time to opposing views where buttons or articles or clothing on structural times or, however, let's see teachers shall not be prohibited from wearing political buttons like back to school night employee organized may use district mailboxes and other means to communicate with employees subject to reasonable regulations and employee regulations shall have access to areas they may use constitutional mailboxs and other uses of communication at the reasonable times for the
8:55 pm
purpose of meeting, however, employee organizations shall not use district funds or supplies or equipment effected the district mail system to urge the ballot measure or any implicit for election to the board and channels should be limited in case where assess it disruptive to district proclamations in the effect of a considered action or work political activity or preorganizations and individual employees shall be restricted to peaceful picketing and other activities allowed by law and employees shall refrain from activities identified in law and administrative regulations and engage if activities shall be subject to disciplinary action and or criminal penalties this is state law and actually,
8:56 pm
it does not go beyond the law and this is i think something that is in great need of being update and such a turnover of staff and principals of teachers and supervisors, decorations it was important to state clearly that is permissible by law and not a thank you to our attorney in assisting me in drafting this. >> ms. casco request like complafrd the action pending before the board is currently whether to adopt policies 411 and others. >> ms. fewer and ms. norton. >> you know i want to offer a
8:57 pm
small amendment to number ten that might addresses the concerns and ask you commissioner fewer if you're okay with number ten deleting the word political and adding the word specific between on and wlolt so it is just wearing bill of health buttons or articles of clothing for ballot measures or candidates that allows people to express tax the rich but nonprofit. >> i think i'll let the attorney this is state law that maybe you be respond. >> i'll urge the board to consider once you create an open if you remember for teachers to express they're political opinion or employees on district time first of all, that is using a district resource we pay that
8:58 pm
salary but secondly, cannot control the opinion you'll not be able for example, to prohibit an employee from saying vote for trump or gay marriage should be illegal or abortion is immoral the reason we have angle prohibition that is a district curriculum and the boards considers the district curriculum not an employee all public employees don't have a right to free speech we are working on behalf of the school entity but have the right to wear buttons or advocate during the lunch hours i'll discourage from making that amendment you'll open the door to a lot of crisis and make that difficult to manage the message that is
8:59 pm
ultimately the boards determination. >> i also want to express that in particular for example, i had draft the resolution this was a very big concern of the community members about the influencing and also about interpretation and - of issues that actually will persuade a student one way or another so this is a safeguard against it. >> commissioner shamann walton and thank you commissioner president haney and commissioner fewer so for bringing this policy to the attention of the board i want to say the intent to protect the students from predatory campaign and no intent to impede anyone's right to free speech at the appropriate time but make sure we protect our
9:00 pm
students and keep their interests first always thank you commissioner fewer. >> i would like to say i'd like to address the concerns that the advisory commission and the student delegate report e-mailed me questions how this effects the free speech it is not has nothing to do with with the birlz that about our personnel and for example, i think that actually, we encourage students to be involved and the governance of their city and their country so thank you. >> commissioner. >> i have a question. >> oh. >> i'll get you next commissioner wynns. >> i have a question for the general counselor i want to make sure that policy is not used teacher that is engages in
9:01 pm
civics or to do the american democracy that somehow they can have consequences on the subject matter they are expected to teach i think that board has stood unanimously for vote 16 and having the students engage in political activity i wanted to make sure that in no what you can be used to impose punishment on any one the faculty that are teaching. >> right i think the paragraph that addresses that concern commissioner murase a paragraph 9 that makes clear the teachers should be pretending views and political information the critical issue they need to give equal time for opposing views 90
9:02 pm
so not crossing the line of indromgs. >> any second question i'll concur with the courage student delegates this in no way limits students to right addresses or distribute political campaign materials of their own volition. >> there are different standards for employee free speech the board and public education in general encourages the students to engage if free speech this nothing in the policy is with student conduct they have their right to assembly and the right to the
9:03 pm
candidates. >> it seems to me the polishing of this was to make sure that the students are not directed in a way that seems as if their that concludes my report. one thing or another i hope that has - i want to encourage the teachers to have our students remain active politically and i was hoping that students look at items the way that most people would in a balanced way and to look at it a variety of different things and understand what the issues are and i think that is you know part of responsibility of our teachers to share that. >> what i'm reading into this this is really - mostly about insuring our students aren't exposed to an environment that feels like they're doing that because the teachers asked and
9:04 pm
if you don't then, you know who knows what the repercussions as a student and the way to think about that i giddy appreciate that - other places of work has been asked to do some things and came home during a summer program oh, this is what we did for a particular implicit and asked what did you know about the implicit and found out who it was it was a personal story but this is an opportunity for our young people to learn who is out there and we hope you use your own judgment and not feel that influences flungsz by an
9:05 pm
adult you're not acknowledgeable and like an activity you're getting credit or something like that so i appreciate the clarity and polishing this up and having a discussion it has not been talked about in many years and is right thing to do how to support our students and thinking ambassador their engagement in the political circle. >> i'd like to - >> sorry commissioner wynns commissioner wynns. >> thank you. >> i have a question for the general council i nodded that was a question of the rules committee about what are the penalties i know i have to say i've received think e-mail with the amendments or the new versions i can't open any of
9:06 pm
them i listened when it was read but want to know if there is any other policy we have that specification that it you don't follow this policy i'll be subject to disciplinary action and that i understand that if you break the law our subject to whatever sanction but any other policies actually say that because i don't think they do. >> so i have to confess i've not memorized the book but i can tell you in work with the model policies many of them make clear this is a direction about employee conduct and do make clear that employees can be subject to discipline for violating the policy so that's a bit of a dodge commissioner, i can't say wards to the existing policy but as we move through
9:07 pm
updating the policies this will not be the only away one our subject to discipline for violating. >> try to actively monitor the prelims of every policy that we have that applies to employees we want to say this i think that the whole i have no objection to, of course, to even reiterating policies we all right have and not to don't put
9:08 pm
words in my mouth them i think that there is a real perspective in the community busy employees and students this policy was brought for the record at this time as a kind of at least i am 34ri9d intimidation it is preserved as meant to kind of discourage political participation by students and is kind of objective opinion we encourage the dialogue between students and teachers, etc. it seems to me is it so quite - i mentioned this before we often have policies that are basically, we really mean is this time are now we are doing going to say this now whether 15 or two years ago we have to
9:09 pm
remind people there is value to say that time to make it updated and current and really to have a new discussion in the light of current situations which is kind of why i'm objecting i think that is what people are saying that there is disagreement about at this time there is some particular reason to not only restate and summarize those policies and laws but do them in a more assert active way some find intaichltd i have a say i appreciate some of the amendment language was meant to address the concerns of usf there is confusion or likely to be amongst the employees what the purpose of this was or is but i
9:10 pm
also think some of the languages stronger than it needs to be and just add to that perspective this is having a chilling effect on political perspective. >> i can't address the perspective but oh, you know, we could move up the policy for free speech and expression for students if that that would be helpful to clarify the distinction and the rules it govern the employee conduct and the student conduct i'll be happy to bring that to an upcoming meeting. >> i think to respond commissioner president haney this board policy i think is important to prevent the political expectation loitations
9:11 pm
- people come to me and say they question even what is permissible and not this is just to define if people - i don't know if you commissioner bobbie wilson but people are perceiving this the state law didn't go beyond state law if you find state law imitating than quite frankly i don't know what else to tell you this is a policy that actually, i think really independence it for everyone so everyone is clearly knows what is permissible and not and i think that also i am happy to vote on this and bring this forward to know this is a policy that is spelled out and clear
9:12 pm
lucid and clear in a manner that is easily understandable by the staff and employees and think that is very important we have also updated resolutions around sexual harassment and anyone said why are we are doing that now i question the question of what why we're doing it now since you brought it up this is timely we're in the middle of. >> a huge political i think debate in our nation and in the united states so i think people need to know clearly what the perimeters are and again, this prevents the political expiation of minors i think that is very important for a district i urge my colleagues to vote on this this is state law this is
9:13 pm
not go beyond the law thank you. >> our student delegates a question. >> just to clarify in our merging what's happening what happened they're supportive in a way their politically engaged team and in student government we're excited what limited amount of like see viewpoints and they're excited but only the only concern was that they - the concern was - we're encouraged conversations about applies and stuff like that but i think a lot of them want to talk more about it so we came to
9:14 pm
a exclusion. >> i'll be happy to go to the next meeting please invite me i can understand and very impressed our representing the advisory commission if you choose not to vote i'll be happy to explain to the fcc and thrilled. >> in a positive way this is a good way you had a conversation with the students because vote 16 is coming up and a lot of them are political active so thank you. >> smult sxhult. >> thank you to all the students i would never support any policy that limited our voice or limit our right to free speech and participate in the process i too will join commissioner fewer to answer any
9:15 pm
questions and let you know no way in the world it limit our opportunity to be part of political process i want to make sure we make that clear. >> yeah. so a lot of questions were brought up i think a lot of answers we're made at the next meeting two weeks from now before the next board of education meeting we'll talk to the students again and see if we have a conclusion. >> ms. casco what is the procedure to amending amend a vote in the student delegates want to vote on this must they vote or can it be amended. >> i'll have to check the bylaws and look at the rules around revoting on something and who can bring the item back so -
9:16 pm
>> hey that might need to be updated too. >> the rule isn't the rule the member of the prevailing side can bring it back for a revote and a super majority to take it up. >> we rescind the vote if i may but that's in the roberts rules. >> so we'll discuss this i think. >> that's the rule back again in a year. >> unless a member of the family. >> but i think you can bring anything if you rescind the vote so you'll essentially take the same vote so someone on the side can make a motion to rescind if that person is on the prevailing side i doubt it but vote again.
9:17 pm
>> commissioner murase. >> i'd like to ask the author if you're willing to postpone on action i feel this is an opportunity to engage the fcc for a full discussion when this came to committee we didn't have legal partners or students as part of community discussion i'd like to afford them that opportunity rather than have a vote and try to rescind the vote later i'd like to give them the currency of your feedback before we take a vote. >> so actually, i would not like to postpone the vote but more happy the questions were answered and i'll be happy to come and bring it back for a vote and then we'll discover
9:18 pm
explore the bylaws in order for you to vote with the full support of fcc and also we've had u e respond and have amendments in collaboration and actually at the countyed their attorney. >> more questions or comments from the board. >> all right. thank you commissioner president loftus i'm happy to produce to support this this is necessary and aligning us with state law and i appreciate that our labor partners engage you've heard the comments and made this gets us to a better place and it is an important clarification and that our student delegates made sure their voting rights are protected and continue to make sure that is the cased and the
9:19 pm
author will working closely with you around that roll call vote. >> thank you. >> as amended ms. inning ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase. >> nay. >> ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns no. >> mr. haney 5 i's. >> all right. >> moving on item k special order of business we have two action items came down on the authorization of the issuance ever 2016-2017 tax revenue notes of district. >> question yet moved. >> second. >> superintendent lee. >> thank you commissioner president haney i'd like to call
9:20 pm
on the chief financial officer to present the item. >> thank you mr. superintendent. >> so the action item today is to authorize the sale of notes not to exceed $80 million and to approve a form of notice of intention to sell it it pleases the board read the first two whereas the whereas pursuant to the governor jerry brown code of the state of california and here call the government code being article 7.6 division two title 5 of state government code and/or the first fiscal year of july 1st a school district may borrow money by issuing
9:21 pm
temporary notes the unified school district and not to exceed to reinvestment and the discharge of indebtedness and whereas the board of education of san francisco unified school district has found and determined that a sum not to exceed $80 million is needed to save obligations payable or. >> curriers during 2016-2017 from the general fund of the district and that it is necessary that sum borrowed for some purpose by the issues of temporary notes in anticipation of the receipt of a accrual during the 2016-2017 of taxes income, revenue cash receipts and other money foreign the general fund of the district now therefore, be it resolved
9:22 pm
the board of education of the san francisco unified school district does hereby find resolve and determine and order as follows: section one all the above are true and correct section 2 preliminary authorization to sell notes for the purpose of payable general funds the board hereby determines to borrow a privilege amount not to exceed $80 million by issuing a aggregate note pursuant to the section 53 plus and following of the government code of state of california in anticipation of the receipt or income and cash receipt and other receipts during the fiscal year 2016-2017 and to designate said notes to be sold as the san francisco unified school district 2016-2017 tax and
9:23 pm
revenue anticipation notes the notes shall not be sold until the resolution is adopted by the board. >> i have no public comment on this item any comments from the board. >> none roll call vote. >> thank you ms. inning ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns thank you mr. haney 7 i's. >> thank you. >> can i have a motion and a second? on the adoption even if board of education meeting calendars for school year 2016-2017. >> so moved. >> and second. >> second. >> superintendent. >> thank you precipitating and commissioner president haney i'd
9:24 pm
like to ask daniel to present this item. >> so tonight staff is asking the board approve excuse me - approve the attached board of education meeting claurn for the 2016-2017 school year if you're looking at in the agenda book on page 19 the background is general our board has according to the balling established their regular meetings are every other excuse me - every second and fourth stews of most this is presented a logical meeting our board intends to address the majority of personnel matter in closed session in a special meeting there are certain requirements in the government code that no longer permitted us to do that for certain position with the help of mr. steel we've tried to build in a few additional meetings in the
9:25 pm
spring when the board typical addresses the personnel matters we also looked at the conflicting dates where the board as a rule counselors the meeting like election night would have fallen on the regular schedule meeting during the winter holiday or spring recess and if you have very specific questions i'll defer to mr. steel it did the bulk of work putting together the calendars that's the intent behind this item. >> if there's a need to change it at some point we have the ability to do that so this is sort of setting the calendar so we have it but always the perspectirerogativ
9:26 pm
prerogative. >> commissioner wynns. >> i'm wondering if we'll use this process if we should change are we're going to change our own rules to remove the meetings on the second and fourth test tuesday. >> funny you should ask is that commissioner wynns as you recall commissioner fewer requested we include in the rules at least one of the meetings on a annual basis you'll convene as a community school board we'll update that and both of the issues to bring it for the rules committee for an initial review. >> i think doing both things saying this is when we meet and then we adapt an annual calendar if that doesn't necessarily do that and as meetings that are on
9:27 pm
regular board meetings i don't object to doing this but having it in two places we'll discuss and certainly the rules committee before adapted might be confusing or every month. >> all right. >> roll call vote. >> thank you. >> ms. inning. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns mr. haney 7 i's. >> item l discussion of other educational issues there is none tonight. and item n for the second reading there is none tonight. and item n votes on the calendar
9:28 pm
on item g. >> ms. inning. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell except. >> except. >> go ahead. >> in k-6, k-7, k a, you guys are like - this meeting k-10, k-11, k-12, k 13, and k-6, k 16 and k 17. >> thank you dr. murase. >> ms. norton. >> mr. walton ms. wynns ms. wynns? >> jill. >> on the consent calendar.
9:29 pm
>> is she gone okay. >> well okay mr. haney i have 6 i's thank you. >> item. >> she's calling. >> item okay. >> item o vote on consent calendar resolution severed from item gi building there is one commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i want to bring this back up where is it the second one yes. the mou so i wanted to just check in i know that that mr. stevens sent i'm sorry that dave george had sent us to note
9:30 pm
was happening going forward i wanted to understand what we've date of birth thus far the kind of things we're asking them to go going forward seems things we have had a sense of belonging for example, monthly reports and things that are logical so - >> commissioner wynns would like to record a votes on the consent calendar. >> what's your vote. >> i want to vote yes on everything except no on k 19. >> thank you so i wanted to get a better sense ever what currently exists it seems to me that we don't
9:31 pm
have many friends of at schools but instead have pats pats and district them out that and require staff i wanted to ask why we're not asking for for the requests for the next year this year because they've been an established organization for sometime and i think that their organization has been helpful but also been a lot of questions around their effectiveness or you know kind of the relationship so you know, i would rather that we put these mechanisms in place now prior to approving on mou than approve on mou and say gordon's we'll ask for those things i want to get a better understanding of what our
9:32 pm
thinking was around that. >> commissioner thanks for the question a group of district administrators meeting with the staff from the friends of the through the course of this editors question of transparency that will continue to be a focus of the relationship between the districts and the organization this coming year and we're expecting we'll have an increased reporting frequency from the board over the course of the school year ♪ the course of those issues we want to take this this year to understand the resolutions before proposing any additional changes to the arrangement sorry the management of the fund and the artist and resident contract >> can you believe what the financial component it seems like not transparent and again i
9:33 pm
don't see why we'll go forward with an mou if we don't have an understanding of how the funds are distributed. >> we have that understanding a number myself included that review the fiscal reports a new principal has been able to do that at the line by line level and feel confident we have an accurate understanding of both the revenue of the group and the full set of experiences that is staffing costs and includes the costs of artisan resident contract. >> it feels like it is intact. >> that's correct. >> and no question and then can you share why we have a paid group managing the funds raised within the school because there are so many other schools not having a paid staff
9:34 pm
so myself i take it totally familiar with the full history i think so that going back a number of years and a few years ago from when the original relationship was forged are not clear i know we'll spent a lot of time exploring sorry in conversation with the board and staff members with the friends of soda to make sure the fiscal transparency is there and been the revenue side and on the expensive side we're in the middle of the conversations we feel there is a great relationship with the current board of sarah soda and the level of. >> the funds that pay for the staff are those the dollars that the parents are contributing or
9:35 pm
the dollars to help to offset that. >> i may misspoke my understanding be is a mixed revenue commissioner meaning they're bringing in district dollars and revenue from essentially if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them from a variety of sources that are being used for some staff extensions and the competitions associated with the artists and resident contract. >> so my ask is that come back to us in the next you know quarter with a better sense those those dollars are allocated and spent this is a mystery it has been vague not quite feeling settled that we're that the organization is functioning - it seems like a
9:36 pm
lot of money that should be going to the school through the if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming are spent on staff i'm trying to understand that piece of it i actually i don't feel comfortable knowing nothing in place we're going to be - we've set up we're trying to understand what they have and where they're going you know it is been a while you know 0 now i don't know if i have the same confidence you have in this is the right relationship ivy just i've heard from some of the community that it didn't feel transparent at the community le level and not sure why we're extending that mou. >> if i've giving you the
9:37 pm
impression of the line by line we have concerns by the school communicated and other people outdoors outdoor the school and raising those questions to make sure this coming year the transparent is available for everyone and a commitment they want to do that as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner norton. >> yeah, he wanted to echo commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell concerns by the way, i'm just we've afterwards those year after year when the mou comes up and it's been next year we'll really pay the arts on time and ended this relationship it is feeling like it is - i mean it is working for you but not
9:38 pm
working for a lot of people and - i'm frustrated p we keep getting the mou year arrest after year and nothing changes we don't feel i don't feel the same confidence about the transparent of where the money is going i mean what are the selection procedures for the board who gets on the board and not from what i understand this is a very kind of organization that didn't have rules and procedures that are not inclusive of the community no procedures written down and no way that people have a different point of view know how to participate in the way it is getting money so i'm with
9:39 pm
commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell i just don't feel confidence and don't know why the mou comes back year after year we raise the same questions i feel uneasy in this relationship and why we keep on doing this this way. >> intern superintendent lee. >> it is my duty to say. >> i'll get you next yeah. >> i just - >> no, not yet. >> so i just 0 want to interject with a little bit of context regarding the recent history part of what doctor stevens described this doesn't go all the way back with the relationships to sarah soda commissioners may recall a couple years ago we
9:40 pm
transitioned some of the robot for the larger providers the agreements with the larger arts and residents providers to the integrity so out of 70 plus individual providers that some of whom provide occasional or one time services to the providers that are providing services on a much more reconcurring basis two years ago we decided to take the dozen larger providers and enter into a contract relationship with those individuals we hoped at this point at a point that will be a good start and maybe provide in some ways a short time compromise between the challenges of the contracting and the administrative
9:41 pm
responsibilities for the dozens and dozens of contract allowing us to enter into indirect relationship with providers for a number of reasons we've come to think that we that's not a sufficient arrangement for us to continue just to have sort of that line of demarcation between providers and ourselves a number of us in the cross the team have spent in year and not waiting until the end of the year working with sarah soda to look more comprehensively at the arrangement between the providers and the district's and the friends of soda as well as the sal soda administration that will it takes time so occupy
9:42 pm
with a comprehensive set of solutions in some respects transitioning a greater number of responsibilities back to the district in the meantime school as started and services need to continue and frankly we don't have a great amount of flexibility to immediately stop the arrangement that we have with the friends of school the arts if we do that we'll put at risk services that are being provided in realtime so we do want to spend this year coming up with overseeing comprehensive solutions working with the new administration at sal soda and the relationship at friends of soda and staff dedicated to engage in a more comprehensive way than in the past i'll leave it at that thank
9:43 pm
you. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you. i want to thank the intern superintendent i think i have it in my notes a few years ago was a good start but frankly the didn't deny as some would like - and i share with my colleagues who have expressed the concern that last year, we failed so far we've not not to my satisfaction i've discussed this with staff in the preparation for this meeting knowing that the mou would be on the agenda and i think that unlike what is happening in the recent years that some work has
9:44 pm
begun and actually think we all the staff in particular but the members of the board have to be vigilant to make sure that go forward in the way we want to i want to suggest express some of my concerns not 2, 3, 4 specific detail some of this is repeating what my colleague do every year every year about this mou or this organization express my concern we the unified school district have not done what needs to be done in order for the activities you you know the work of paying the artists and resident, etc. is adequately done if we don't which is what we're told we could a have the capacity i appreciate we've managed to do the part we have that's at the part we need to
9:45 pm
work on my what we want you certainly want the district to work on our ability to make sure the consultant that work for the school board are paid in a timing manner and all others necessary functions that help the school any school needs to operate that we are able to facilitate and that's the purpose of administration of the unified school district, and, secondly, your concerned commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell mentioned this a different relationship with any other support organization in the district that's not that many board members satisfaction in a way to understand that is that feeds to be expressed and third other things i'm concerned but the third area mentioned by both of my colleagues spoken i think
9:46 pm
the transparency is not adequate and what we would demands for of any school related institution so i'm hoping and trusting the staff will be working on those issues and that we will have a process that is set up we the members of the board of the board of education and the community we represent through this process will be able to know what is going on not next year and not at the end of the year not something happens that people are not happy with but to be updated to make sure that we are able to fulfill our responsibilities to understand what is going on and oversee this progress thank you. >> commissioner murase. >> just checked with legal counsel i have a 9 grader with the school of the arts my
9:47 pm
suggestion is this falls well within the budget and business committee we should i'm prepared to approve the mou tonight but tugging suggest that we take this issue up perhaps at the october or november meeting to through the chair but we make sure that there is enough progress this year in order to insure a very solid proposal that board members will be comfortable in the next cycle. >> i'll be happy to do that. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> some superintendent are you saying then if we don't approve the mou not on a infrastructure to take care of the artists and residents that currently are at soda or is there some other
9:48 pm
mechanism that can fall into place not the ideal given the thoughtful process but a way that we could still do some of the piece of work that friends does and goat through this year without having an mou in place. >> commissioner i'll share any thoughts and maybe doctor stevens and others can schiem in i'm afraid we we're not well situated to continue the arrangement in the short term with the individuals artists and residents directly in the majority of the cases we can get there as quickly as possible but
9:49 pm
meanwhile a vulnerability and risk there is a lack of a formal agreement between most of those artists - the interimmediate that handles their - we could a try to as quickly as possible with the providers as possible but do we have the relationships in place now the answer is no for most of the providers that's the difficulty we're in so we said to work sorry so repeat myself we want to as quickly as possible with the providers with friends of school of the artists
9:50 pm
with the sal soda administration to not wait until the spring to work on the transitioned but meanwhile we need the conceptually relationship. >> for the record i'm not supportive of this mou it is unclear to me what the relationships are and how transparent the transactions have been on a pay organization to manage the funds that are donated by parents and having said that, i don't want to be put us put in a position not
9:51 pm
getting payment out to the artists that are doing work in the schools i want to be clear though this is something that we need to take on we - i'm really glad that barbie is there i know he's going to look at this definitely i want to take up the suggestion from commissioner murase to bring this to a committee meeting and you know pick it apart so maybe we'll have a better sense of belonging what is happening at the school site. >> what the organization is doing for the school i want to clear i'll vote yes for the sake of having our teachers paid but not happy we're continuing this relationship and it hadn't changed very much in the last couple of years.
9:52 pm
>> all right let's take a vote. >> ms. fewer ms. mendoza-mcdonnell no. >> yes. >> no. >> yes. >> (laughter) i'm sorry yes. yes. ? dr. murase >> ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns no. >> mr. haney 6 i's. >> okay item p introduction of all proposal and assignment to committee there are 2 superintendents proposal for first reading and resolution to adapt a conflict of interest code and sp two and board
9:53 pm
policies 41 and 3 others came down on these. >> item q proposals for immediate action and suspension of rules there is none tonight. and board members reports can i have a report from the rules policy and legislation committee commissioner wynns. >> one second sorry - okay. >> well, we have board policies that is not true the charter one the sp 3 for coming
9:54 pm
back to the committee - >> the what's the question. >> one six 8 dash sp 3 board policy of 3 thorough 4 charter related policies were held in committee. >> yes. ms. wynns my recollection they asked do policy to be returned to the committee those are coming back and not our policies not as specific as they need to be in that area and the others including the ones we voted only tonight and just sp one and two will be forward with a positive recommendation the olympic overview was limited we
9:55 pm
got a report updated report on the status of these things we take positions and, of course, were i'm sure you've heard recently the session ended and the governor just signed a lot of bills some of which we're not happy and fartsdz to the board with the governor signs is forthcoming and so coming legislative in january when all the proposals the legislative proposals coming and the governor's budget we'll revisit the budget overview and what we have and the rest of the what is happened in the session that just ended. >> that's my report. >> thank you. >> can i have a report from the budget committee. >> yes. the budget committee met on august 15th you heard our
9:56 pm
action on the policy resolution the one thing we talked about and briefly was just sort of the high-level summary of the calendar and some of us moving forward with that year, i want to give staff thank a notice one of things they're committed to doing us and the public a draft of budget three weeks earlier than we've gotten it in past years this is huge i want to express appreciation and we'll talk about that in the spring not have a budget committee committee meeting in september so the next meeting of the
9:57 pm
committee will be wednesday, i believe october 6th october 5th thank you ms. casco at 6:00 p.m. >> so we'll see you all then. >> super exciting budget. >> so a curriculum may. >> yeah. one more report. >> i'm so sorry. >> committee report from the committee as a whole mr. walton. >> thank you commissioner president haney we had a committee as a whole meeting on august 16th and had two informational items one investigating the community schools and learned about the different types of community programs we have in the district we received some data on areas where we need improvements and informational proposals that we can adopt to better in terms of how we serve the county and
9:58 pm
some more information about one way or another what we'll do to address those coming down a kornld and select the superintendent search and this conversation was about selecting the superintendent search firm not selecting the superintendent and we're going to have legal and board leadership work on the r f q process and bring that to the entire board was we get together to take proposals from search firms and decide at the board which firms we'll move forward with and more information to come on that process in the coming week. >> other reports ms. fewer. >> i don't have a report but see if any colleagues can amend the curriculum date i'm wondering members if thursday
9:59 pm
september 1st might work for you for one day the first monday of the month lanes on labor day so we'll look for another date thank you very much. >> commissioner vice president walton another thing. >> thank you commissioner president haney want to say you'll be happy to know the personnel matters and labor relations committee is rescheduled for september 29th for the first school year. >> i can't wait commissioner murase. >> thank you. the ad hoc committee i'm meeting with staff next week to look at what the agenda should be for the year i'll be now and then e
10:00 pm
announcing that with staff on first day of school i joined superintendant carranza and superintendant guerrero and mayor ed lee and others at the bryant elementary school and congratulate the bryant community for wonderful first day and congratulate all of our public school students for completing the first weekends a couple of days of school. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so grounds if meet this month so we're looking for a date in september and i want to i'm enclosing doing this on the 19 instead of the 16 for the building and grounds do you know that's
10:01 pm
rachel where did they go and then the joint committee for city college is scheduled for the 21st of september and - >> i thought we were doing the third wednesday - >> third wednesday is the 21st. >> so but we'll confirm that we'll bring that committee back there's a lot of discussions we have we're doing jointly so we're excited about that committee as well. >> commissioner fewer. >> yes. the first day of school i visited every school in the richmond district and actually, i of the pleased to see they're fully staffed except one paraprofessional or two but other than that all the schools in the richmond's are doing just fine.
10:02 pm
>> wonderful. >> commissioner murase. >> yes. commissioner wynns would have noujsz the rules committee will meet on a different day in september september monday the time will be an earlier time. >> at 5:00 p.m. >> commissioner wynns did you have anything else. >> did she hear rachel can you - >> is she gone again. >> no, i'm here what (laughter). >> do you have. >> i'm also focused - >> do you have anything to add on the report. >> commissioner murase thank you for announcing the rules committee the same issue i've
10:03 pm
got my agenda on the computer i have to keep - >> so thank you very much i'm fine. >> all right. nothing more item s other agendas items on the you're not complaints through july 2016 and item t memorial adjournment commissioner murase >> thank you very much. >> tonight, i'm speaking about lillian who taught elementary school and grant redding and a summary session at the marina served the last petition at the sherman serving 15 years under principals of two each child had a different learning style and understand how to teach in a way
10:04 pm
for students success and provides school programs one-on-one coaching and understand the importance of establishing the self-esteem and confidence in a child's academic development a mother and able to see the parents concerns and provided collaborative lesson plans for children's education at home as many teachers lillian created lesson plans and for the classroom she retired in 1973 and loved the little ones and proud after they retired that her students will recognize and have a joyful learning they ever say a lifetime san franciscan and lived in san francisco all
10:05 pm
her life our condolence to the family. >> item u closed session the board will go into closed session i'm going to sfusd - >> zero the board by a vote of 6 i's to pay up to the a stipulated amount and case the board by a vote find 7 i's to a stipulated amount and in the case - the board by a vote of 7 i's with the settlement amount and the read out of closed session items the board by a vote of 7 i's with to deputy superintendents and 11 chiefs
10:06 pm
and a vote of 6 i's with the contract of one chief of human resources and case no. the board by a vote of 6 i's one absent commissioner wynns the district the stipulated amount and the the meeting is adjourned
10:07 pm
>> good afternoon and welcome to had san francisco historic preserve vision commission regular hearing wednesday august 17, 2016. remind members of the public to silence mobile devices that may sound off and when speaking before the commission state your name fl record. take roll at the time. wolfram, here. hyland, here. hasz, here. johnck, here. johns, here. matsuda, pearlman. >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each
10:08 pm
member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. i have no speaker cards. >> any member wish to make general public comment on a non ajendsa item? if so come forward. seeing and hearing none we'll close general public comment. >> department matters, iletm one, directors announcement, and tim department staff. the director will not join us this afternoon however, if you have questions i can answer them or forward them to the director. >> thank you. >> um, item 2, review past events of inplanning commission staff report and anounssments >> just a few things to check in with you. one, is the witnesses and [inaudible] introduced add the board of supervisors a couple weeks ago and resting for 30 days but accept being scheduled for lan use committee after the board returns from break. also, you may have seen i believe
10:09 pm
yesterday, perhaps monday, a new york times article regarding lgbtq in san francisco in the travel section. if you have n't seen it happy to forward a copy. it was based on a interview donna graves gave at the new york time squz substantially based off the commissions work and [inaudible] context statement. a great piece and involves the national park services. finally, wanted to mention to you, department staff held a rousseau boulevard neighborhood tour saturday for the mary brown memorial for the rousseau boulevard track. about 40 people were in attendance so well attended. again, as our spurns during the survey there were a number of home owners that invited us in the
10:10 pm
homes to seemulators and components of the original buildings they lubingly restored or maintained over time and there is a lot of interest in the designation so will offer another tour later in the plauss but working with them on outreach activities and preparing the landmark designation report which you will see likely in the early fall. that concludes my comments unless you have any questions. thank you. >> thank you. moving on. >> commissioners commission matters, item 3, president report >> no report. >> consideration of adoption draft minutes for july 20. >> any member wish to comment on the draft meetings july 20 or
10:11 pm
august 3? seeing and hearing none close public comment. motion to adopt the minutes. >> so moved >> second >> thank you on that motion to adopt the minutes for july 20 and august 3, 2016, commissioner haszing yes recollect johnck, yes, matsuda -the motion passes 7-0 and places on item 5. commission comments and questions. >> any comments or questions? >> commissioner hyland. >> just wanted to bring to the attention to the full commission that one agend a item for arc hearing this afternoon is a referral from the planning commission on project [inaudible] so this is something outside of article 10 and 11
10:12 pm
review, but it is a significant new building and thought it would be grood good for the commission to offer some advice. 651 geary, it is a residential- >> in the tenderloin. >> like a 13 story-pretty significant building. >> what is the cross street? >> taylor. pretty close. >> any other comments? seeing none, we can move on. >> commissioners place under regular calendar for item 6. case 20s 15-00781 oth landmark designation work program. sfgovtv can you go to the computer, please?
10:13 pm
>> good afternoon, susan parks department staff. the item is knaurtly update on status of landmark designation work program from april 1 to june 30 of this year along with the presentation [inaudible] and overall repriorization the work program. to start with, i'll go through the work program items that have come before you and those expected to come in the coming months. i will kniv a update on the survey teams oretd projects and performance measures we are tracking and go through the programs that are pending and discuss proposed additions. we have around 40 recommendations and go through those in sections and after each section i'll open up for discussion. the second part the discussion our intern
10:14 pm
[inaudible] will walk through the summer internship where she identifies the sites of civil rights. let's get started. during the last reporting quarter, 3 designations were finalize, land mark 270 [inaudible] and alameda emergency hospital. two designations are pending at the board of spl vises on a 30 day hold. in second quarter staff expects to bring [inaudible] as a reminder department staff [inaudible] on committee. we are work wg the hpfs on the consulting report, the african american historic context statement, the resident park context statement, [inaudible] and new deal context
10:15 pm
statement with 3 designations associated with it and the ocean avenue historic resource survey. more information is included in the packet. the article 10 and 11 performance measures were included in the packet but i'll go through those quickly for you. first prepare designation report within 150 staff hours. [inaudible] exceeds the number of 206 hours and with our recent 3 designations, the cal house slightly exceeds that at 166 hours and the other two designations were at 113 and 115 hours. second, we did post the designation to the website last april and the third performance measure is we are expected to provide comments to designation applicants within 30 days. the [inaudible] street application is the most recent application brought to you within 36 day squz 235 valencia was
10:16 pm
brought to you after a little longer, [inaudible] that was due to continuations and i think just coordination issues getting it scheduled. and then for the next quarterly report is expected september 20. we are happy to report the susurvey team is fully staffed and have 7 designations in the works. 3 are the [inaudible] consultant produced designation new deal context statement. we also scr japan town y, that is listed as part of the underrepresented communities grant so that is consultant produced and once that is completed we can start work on designation. we have also began working on designations of [inaudible] and phillips and [inaudible] and started on two landmark district. the woodward street
10:17 pm
landmark district and second is mayor brown memorial internship [inaudible] i have a image of that for your reference. it is significant for it is uniquely story book revival architectural and i did note 270 hours in your packet all completed by our intern, mostly by our intern [inaudible] do you want to add the rousso boulevard tack to the program at this time? >> >> um, i think we should discuss that now? you had other questions about- >> i have a lengthy amounts of questions. >> i'm just wondering-i would rather that you ask all the questions but rather we take public comment and then we'll actually-i don't- >> we can consider adding that.
10:18 pm
>> we will consider adding that. that is consideration that may come later. >> the sailors union is on hold over a year but staff believe said that wim move forward as we resolve define zine isuesment we heard from folks in japan town and reached an agreement between mta and rec and park and once staff is compolluted they will move forward on the [inaudible] those are active designations. i have a list ofpeneding designations on the work program. i will take you through them and you can consider reprioritizing them after you see everything. so, these are the properties that are currently on the work program. [inaudible] which our intern hanna will take you through in more detail later. [inaudible] trade school. marine firemans union.
10:19 pm
the planters hotel. the russell housing and [inaudible] who's owners i think requested designation. and then we also have a couple properties that arepeneding or tabled a long time ago. in 2011. one is the golden gate park landmark district which rec and park didn't support but the commission initiated. designation for the district and boat hose in 2011. one of the considerations for you today is, do you want those properties to remain on the work program or direct staff to bring them forward again for initiation? or do we take them off the work program? so, the next
10:20 pm
section i will take you through are the properties staffed identifies as eligible for landmark designation. we put together properties from previously adopted surveys, historic context statements and other evaluations. in a effort to help you identify these properties, and which to prioritize i will take a minute and remind you of the hpc priorities for designation. those are desinginate under represented land mark property tifeps including landscape, modern designed, underrepresented areas and property with strong cultural or ethnic association. to just get a sense of some of the things we plan to bring forward in the coming months, thee are a list of designations identified through the central soma survey and we are giving the option to add
10:21 pm
those to the work program today. um, so to start with the first property is hotel utah, it is significant for classical revival architecture. grand orienta will hanna will tell more about later. in the last couple days we had a lot of community support for adding this designation to the work program today. i had a packet of all the mublic comments received in the last couple days. those came from burn det [inaudible] who i think will speak to youilate r today. we have support from supervisor kim's office to add to the work program tootd today and support from sf [inaudible] do you want to pass these out? and then next
10:22 pm
property is 485th street a light industrial revival building. the [inaudible] significant for the industrial classical revival architecture. the central hotel significant for architecture and for day labors at the waterfront. coming out of central soma, we have a article 10 landmark district with southened extension. that district designation will run with the legislation associated with the strm soma plan and certification of the eir. you'll see it come before you but we have one more that staff is not planning to run with the eir, it will run on its own and plan to do additional community
10:23 pm
outreach. this is 6th street lodging house identified in the soma survey and reidentified in the central soma survey and significant for masonry brick hotel. that designation is listed under article 10 but you consider desinginating that or adding to the work program under article 11 as well. it is located in a c 3 zoning district. so, the fun part. we have a list of properties that we put together, individual properties that we are asking you to consider adding today. to start with, this commission suggested that we add the i magnum building timothy fluger designed building on union square to the work program. also, amending the
10:24 pm
designation for [inaudible] bank to include the interior character defining features [inaudible] the next one is the san francisco gal vunizeing, the one story industrial building. the order of the [inaudible] more commonly known as the high temple designed by master architect herald stoner, a lovely art deco building. the glady [inaudible] building. a terra cotta building that dominates that corner. the [inaudible] theater designed by timothy fluger. the visual landmark of balboa neighborhood and
10:25 pm
[inaudible] features art deco and spanish colonial architecture. the building was recently sold in forclosure auction and two weeks ago the board of supervisors received a landmark designation for the building and working with them to bring that to staff and hpc. 4680 mission street. identified in the modern context statement by master architect mio chompy. excellent example of mid-century architecture in the excelsior neighborhood with a large concentration of chompy. next is southern police station. designed by master architect [inaudible] south of market nice example of 1920 architecture features spanish revival [inaudible] the first baptist
10:26 pm
church building identified in the market octaveia survey. significant for the monulateal neo classical style architecture and association with the reconstruction era. also have the alcoa building designed by som, the firms classic mid-century style undergoing ceqa review for a project that will make alterations at the ground floor. the additional of the tonga room located within landmark 19 fiver the fairmont hotel staff is suggesting you consider that as a individual landmark wurkty of designation in its own right. lastly, we have one more district proposal for you, the haight ashbury running from
10:27 pm
stanyan from buena vista park. the victorian area and edwardian era but known for the counter cultural association. this concludes our list of properties from previous surveys. i'll let you think about adding those and i will hand it over to hanna fong who will take you through her list of properties. hanna hasz done a fantastic job this summer work wg [inaudible] and me working on parks service and identifying [inaudible] this fall hanna will enter her second year in ucla masters program and holds a bachelors in history and [inaudible] previously interned with west hollywood and los angeles where she worked on cultural heritage related projects.
10:28 pm
hanna will take you through her project and we'll be available for questions. >> thank you. welcome. >> good afternoon commissioners. um, i'm here to present to you today the culmination of my research and analysis i completed this summer. the goals of the summers under hp representing communities project--um, so the
10:29 pm
goals of this summers project was to analyze the [inaudible] and recommendations within the 5 historic context statements for social heritage. these are japan tone, [inaudible] lgbq, african american and historic context statement. use a methodology to use integrity for resources with people organizations and events. third, development themes related to community activism, civil rights related social movements or how discrimination shaped the experiences of immigrants, people of color, lgbt people in the
10:30 pm
community. fourth, create a list of sites that reflect these themes and rise to high level of significance and maintain integrity to communicate their association. [inaudible] based on my research for how to move forward with social heritage resources and historic context statements. the following sites reflect the history of the movement building, community organizing [inaudible] and asian american, latino black and lgbtq in san francisco. each tells a different story how each group struggled to gain equal access for [inaudible] they also reflect the deep roots they have built to fight discrimination. [inaudible] already on the landmark designation work
10:31 pm
program is significant as a school established in 1911 for children of japanese ethnicity excluded from public schools from a law passed in san francisco. the paurpt owned by the grand orienta in [inaudible] the temple and lodge are among the few purchased by asian americans since japanese and chineties were banned from owning land. the impact of the ailiant land act is reflected in the history of japan town ywca and on the landmark designation work program. designed by architect julian morgan, it is significant as one of the earliest properties built for japanese women barred from using the primary ywca. because they
10:32 pm
could not own the property it was held in trust by the san francisco ywca. the office of carlton b goodlet and daniel collin, the office of medical practice, they are significant for establishing the sun reporter that reported on civil right issues in the black community mainly dismissed. the bay area urban league headquarters is founded by daniel [inaudible] local branch of national organization that help black families migrating from the south secure housing and jobs on the west coast. fellowship of all people is significant as a interface interracial intercultural conrogation by reverend
10:33 pm
hower therman influenced social change. both he and his wife are notable figures locally and nationally. this property is significant, the location with the [inaudible] had the national headquarters before splintering into local chapters. as a national organization they are one of the largest and most activeen issues of gender and sexuality. the black hat is significant one of the most popular gay bars despite numerous attempts by police to shut it down. before it was shut down in 1964 it featureed live entertainers [inaudible] who was the first openingly gay person to run for public office in san francisco. [inaudible] is also significant as a former home of the popular les
10:34 pm
beian bar in the 1940's owned by mona sergeant. the fillmore auditorium a popular zaz venue in the 1950's, police [inaudible] the mayor of fillmore. this property is the third location of the third baptist church t. is significant for its association with fredric douglas hanes senior for the construction of the paurpt and first african american to run for board of supervisors in san francisco. the [inaudible] or bayview community center is significant for association with a group of women in the 1940's and 70's active in housing and economic justice issue and overturning evictions and [inaudible] hiring processes.
10:35 pm
the saint francis square copative apartments is a modern apartment complex designed by mar keen hauler and lawrence haul brin and the first racially integrated housing cooperative on the west coast. [inaudible] memorial church is significant for association with ethm williams and [inaudible] as a institution in the tenderloin known for pushing the boundaries of community activism and spirituality. the [inaudible] driving demonstration are a first in protests of 1963 and 64 led by student organizations which employed civil disobedience to challenge discriminatory hiring practices against blacks at major businesses. the quaunss cafeteria uprising was the
10:36 pm
first known queer [inaudible] reflects interaction of the new left and gay liberation movement which cat lize the movement towards lgbtq rights. the society for individual rights is significant for association with as one of the earliest and largest [inaudible] organizations in the country. providing social actaveties on the second floor as a way to get people involved with politics. this property is significant as a national headquarters of the japanese american citizen league formed in 1949 and amend legislation on interracial marriage, segregation and citizenship. [inaudible] is one of the longest family owned businesses in san
10:37 pm
francisco and one of the states most popular distributors of mexican american products. gal reaa [inaudible] is significant as a nonprofit latino [inaudible] they helped organize the first community mural program in the country and help to revive public celebration in the 1980's. the mission cultural center for latino arts is significant organization established in 1977 to provide a place for latino artist to express their art and show their work when few other institutions [inaudible]
10:38 pm
saint peters catholic church is significant as a catholic church in the mission that provided resources for refugees from central in the 80's. the central american research center of northern california initially operated in saint peters in 1986. san francisco general hospital ward 86 is one of the first clinics in the country to open doors to victims of days during the early years of the epidemic. [inaudible] is a nonprofit thrift store. the first gay business association in the country. the [inaudible] house provided affordable housing for the filipino community since 19-[inaudible] in 1999 it was rehabilitationed through a community benefit agreement partnership with todd
10:39 pm
[inaudible] the tenants and owners development corporation. lastly, here is a amendment to landmark 204, to include interior of our lady of guadalupe. it is significant of one of the last remaining structures built by mexicans in san francisco and reflects early development of the latino community in north beach before the mission was the anchor. this concludes my presentation. >> thank you very much. slents presentation. commissioners do we have questions before we take public comment? thank you both for your presentations. we'll get back with answers to your question. at this time we'll take public comment. if you have public comment please come forward. you have 3 minutes. >> thank you commissioners. [inaudible] i'm president of pacific heights resident association
10:40 pm
and representing the coalition to save the street lamps of van ness. you may think that you have already dealt with this issue, but there is large community and national interest in them, renewed interest and i wanted to bring to your attention, your march 29, 2011 commission report on projects for future consideration. where the light standards of van ness were being considered-says 95 percent of the research was complete, but it hasz disappeared from your list of projects, so we know that last year in 2015, you did address the issue of the street lamps and poles within the civic center
10:41 pm
historic district. there are 259 street lamps and poles total. there are-i have to do math here. there are only 30 something within the civic center historic district so that leaves 220 that will be destroyed between now and december. yesterday mta approved a contract for phase two that possibly will preclude because of excavation, will preclude the reuse or replacement of these street lamps. we have been told in 2009 dpw engineering report, that the poles are not structurally sound and certainly don't look it. they date from 1914. the street lamps are wpa project from 1936 that were erected on the old poles which
10:42 pm
were moved to commemorate the opening of the golden gate bridge and to bring in the age of automobile rather than or rubber tired transit rather than trolley transit and lead to way to the golden gate bridge. that in san francisco is histortually significant. the opening of golden gate bridge and 101 to northern california. there are 220 something street lamps we request you please reevaluate. we would like to save them or save the character they represent. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is burn det [inaudible] director of the filipino america development foundation [inaudible] i wanted
10:43 pm
to first mention that the community center is one of the buildings that are being considered for the civil rights project and it was my father that purchased that building in 1967 and it was the the purchase agreement we had brought this building back into use for the thriving filipino community that i had grown up to know and that may parents-both are no longer around, but their legacy remains very important. i come before you about something very important and very urgent, which related to staff's recommendation to prioritize the grand orienta properties. the 3 reasons you got letter is because of the affordable housing piece that is threatened at the time. the hotel is put up for sale. i don't know if it is still on
10:44 pm
the market, but i believe the temple and the connected housing and the hotel, the grand orienta hotel, a total of 30 rent controlled units are at risk of being lost and there is one tenant, steve, who is back there is being evected right no so that is a urgency. besides that thattimeal was purchased by the filipino masons, the first in the country and we believe that is the only filipino metonic temple in the country. thank you very much for your consideration with that. >> thank you. >> can i ask a question? >> why don't we wait. >> good afternoon commissioners. mike bouleer with san francisco
10:45 pm
heritage. i would just like to echo burn dets testimony. heritage strongly supports adding grand orienta properties to the work program. heritage hasz been working with burna det and community for several years now identifying tangible and intaskable cultural assets in south of market associated with the filipino community and recently as last week these two properties really are at the heart of the pending cultural district, filipino cultural district which is being developed as we speak. heritage hasz offered our assistance in any way including potentially through grand funding and identifying other sources of funding to enable the nominations to get started as soon as possible. secondly, i also like to echo the request from previous speaker regarding the van ness street lamps seeking clarification of the
10:46 pm
current status. they did briefly appear on the landmark work program several years ago and no longer on the work program and of source imminently threatened. thank you very much. >> thank you, any other member of the public wish to comment? if so please come forward. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is steve [inaudible] a tenant at 10 6 south park, the grand orienta hotel and member of the lodge. i'm not here representing in any capacity the grand orienta or the [inaudible] lodge, just here as a citizen. the purchase property of 106 south park was in 1920 when newly arrived filipinos were sent over from the philippines for
10:47 pm
cheap labor and many of them came to san francisco and they could not find other places to live. somehow they were able to buy the property at 106 south park and for $6 thousand. they sweated and worked hard, this is their pride and joy. they treated of this property-it is great honor for you if you designated this property and to preserve it in their memories and for the history of the filipino community here in san francisco. thank you so much. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to comment? seeing and hearing none, we'll close public comment and commissioner pearlman you had a question for a speaker? >> yes, mrs. [inaudible] can you come up with a second? i had questions about the hotel. i know it is well out of our jurisdiction to talk
10:48 pm
about rent control, but my understanding-i'm trying to understand how these people are getting evicted and putting this on the landmark program will help or not. it is surprising to me because the policies have changed and evolved in the last number of years because of the housing crisis in the city that knrn could get evicted by a new owner when you have a building with so many units. can you just maybe briefly summarize what is going on? >> the owner can do with what they please . the grand lodge is a brotherhood and they meet as a brotherhood in private and make those decisions so with any owner, they can decide to do what they please with their own property. so, they decided to do the eviction process, of course we are fighting the eviction
10:49 pm
process and that is natural, so this is-this goes against everything we are working for and surpriseed they want to do that. clearly it isn't what the original intention was. you will see a article i had staff copy and distribute to you about the history of this-since 19-in the 1920's this was providing affordable housing. they didn't have namlies or any wives and all they had is they needed a place to be able to retire and we need to continue that legacy and this would be a terrible way for that to end. >> thank you. i'm just surprised relative to every story about eviction we read in the papers is most people don't have the right to just
10:50 pm
evict people so just surprised to hear this. >> please come forward. just speak into the microphone >> i'm the only tenant being evicted. the other tenant are not being evicted. they have not received notices and have to go through a legal process. i am a member and been there for a year. because i'm a member i am prichbologed to stay there but because of my opposition to the sale of the property they decided to evict me. this is retaltory effort so not eviction from the tenants per se, it is eviction towards me because i'm not paying rent because i'm a member and they are making me a guest. i have no tenant rights so they are trying to evict me and we are fighting that right now and this is a retaltory effort on
10:51 pm
their part because i'm standing up against the sale. just wanted to clarify to make sure you didn't think all the tenants-i'm the only one being evicted. >> thank you very much. close public comment and commissioner johnck. >> i read through the staff report and on every page i go yes, yes, yes, yes. i need a little help. having the staff rorg organize our focus. it is helpful to say yes to all these. >> i guess we could add all these to the work program and realize the work program may take a long time to complete. what i was going to suggest was that we prioritize the ones that considerable work is already done on so the ones that have most of the production done and made a long way and put those to the top the list
10:52 pm
and then we then take the remaining ones and prioritize how they meet the priorities for the different properties we want to desinginate and take a sampling of each so we equally look at different categories. i'm not sure there is any reason not to add these to the list unless they are landmarks we have no interest in. potential landmarks we feel won't meet criteria of article 10 or 11. >> let me clarify because i went through to say yes, yes, yes, and said to myself, is this threatened. that was-we have categories, modern and that type of thing which we fit things into and that is good, but i guess where i was starting to hone in on is threatened and advocacy. for instance, we had excellent testimony today and
10:53 pm
letters come in on the grand orienta and that is important too, and san francisco heritage has said things about [inaudible] sanchez, there is advocacy and issue of being threatened i want more clarification on that because that is important to me but also i agree going through-that is fine on your recommendation. i would like clarification on the street lamps >> i can also add a piece to that? >> sure >> the ones where the community is preparing the reports we are very supportive of because that is where a lot of preparation is done. if we believe those projects could get a priority that should be considered as well. >> commissioner hyland. >> thank you. to clarify, my understanding and i asked that same question about how much staff time do each of these designations take
10:54 pm
relative to staff initiated commission initiated community initiated and it seems they take considerable amount of staff time regardless. >> commissioner matsuda. >> i just want to add when we start to make the priorities we definitely get staff input because you are much more aware and have i think more of a direct access to what communities are expressing to you so i want to make sure that is clear in our decision making because i don't think we want to delete any of the programs from our list. i know what we heard today there are some projects that need to rise to the top and we want to make sure we address them. >> we can help you do that. maybe i'll start with commissioners johncks question. i tried to identify the ones
10:55 pm
that are threatened for you, starting maybe page 31, the order of the forester that was recently put on the market. that is how we became aware it wasn't already a landmark. that is on the market and felt that was probably threatened with the high temple leaving. the l rea theater i would consider threatened but do have a designation at the board of supervisors for that one. um, the-in some ways maybe the alcoa build wg the project going on. >> what page is that? >> and of course the properties bern dt mentioned >> 534. >> could you describe what is happening on the alcoa building? it is a big build{hard to iage man it is threatened >> tim fry, i don't know the particulars of the project but there is a stlsh remodeling proposed
10:56 pm
especially the ground floor level. we certainly can bring more information. >> i have seen a little of the [inaudible] don't know the full scopef work, i'm not the planner working on it but think there was a [inaudible] to inclose the lobbying maybe in glass lobby that would be enclosed and making alterations-there is the building and there is the plaza and there are stairs going down, which are on the garage going to the sidewalk so i think the idea is to punch holes in the wall that concrete wall at the sidewalk level. i feel like there is something else. i think to widen the stairs, altering the approach. >> [inaudible] >> commissioners if it is helpful to start maybe on page 15 or 14,
10:57 pm
congregation emalual building, the designation report is substantially complete. >> 14. >> the wul ski house we have a summer intern working on the designation now. the [inaudible] the current owners are preparing the designation report at their own cost and so that likely doesn't have to be prioritized. taylors union pacific is largely completed as well by staff. right now we are work wg them, the sailors union about their proposal to improve the site or build on the portion of the lot that is not developed. peace bugoata is largely complete as well and that is largely a community coordination. sunshine school, roosevelt high
10:58 pm
school and [inaudible] all completed by outside consultants. the japan town ywca is propose frd the national register nomination under under represented communities grant and will be prepared by a outside consultant we will acquire hopefully this fall and can easily be converted to a landmark designation report. the mothers building you received updates from mr. rothman and they are on a path but the designation there is largely complete too. woodward street we are waiting to hear back from the community on how they want to proceed with that, so i until we hear from them not sure where we would put them on the schedule. mary brown boulevard track will be
10:59 pm
ready this fall. new era hall is complete. the owner was having some legal issues in terms of property line issuewise the adjacent neighbor and understand those have been resolved. we didn't get a sense they were overwellmingly in support of designation but you have the report if the commission would like to act on it we can do that and reengage the owner or decide it is low priority and save it for another day. >> on the [inaudible] hall, i assume it is the property on the right hand side? >> correct, the old church >> is the property on the left on church and market, is that already a landmark? >> it is not >> is that identified? >> it is identified as a resource in the upper market survey but if there is anything on the list you think should be considered as well we can do
11:00 pm
that. the sky line building [inaudible] >> as we'll see in future hearings soon future hearings, the 85 foot rezoning height limits along market street [inaudible] noe and this property- >> good point >> impacted potentially by both of these properties. >> starting again on page 22, i can never pronounce this. king mong [inaudible] thank you. is also being proposed for designation and through the-is this a national register? >> no, japan town y. >> japan town y so this is one maybe to consider prioritizing. the trade school-


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