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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committee 91616  SFGTV  September 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> all right. everyone good afternoon moshd this the regular meeting of of san francisco land use & transportation committee i'm chair cohen and commissioner wiener and commissioner peskin we're joined by supervisor yee i want to recognize the clerk is clerk victor young also want to get a shout out to the nona melkonian and others for 0 broadcasting madam clerk,
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any announcements? >> yes. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the september 27th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> great, thank you thank you. can you call item one. >> ordinance for the planning code for the rezoning ever midtown from the designated designation as residential house, one family to residential house attached detrimentally. the zoning map for lot number 8 from the designation as public to rh1 >> thank you supervisor yee is joined us he's the sponsor of the item and lead the discussion did i welcome supervisor yee. >> thank you chair cohen and thank you for having this item before you you today the midtown terrace homeowners association over a year ago talked about the incorrect
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zoning in the neighborhood current was zoned as rh1 the homes are detached and fit rhd-1 and we encourage the association to conduct comprehensive issues to make sure the zoning amendment r amend was agreeable after month long outreach the association was ready to move forward with a request the planning department and the commission unanimously support the decision to correct the zoning of this neighborhood so today, i hope you'll support the request to rectify to accountant the midtown and the retain detached homes thank you very much and . >> i have a number of speakers a
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staff presentation supervisor yee. >> oh, welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. this fits the zoning map error by the single-family homes homes public and this changes that to rhd-1 the different between rh1 and rhd-1 that allows the setback of 25 feet and wider and one unit in a lot area with the conditional use authorization rhd-1 for one unit no matter how large the lots theirs excluded the properties have the rh1 with the program the planning commission heard this and voted
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to recommend approving the proposed ordinance it fits within the rhd-1 district because the neighborhood was developed as a single-family dwelling development with single detached homes the commission found the zoning towards the frontage will eliminate the possibility of two unit per lot with more than 6 thousand square feet and 28 property are 38 percent to take advantage and finally, the commission found there was significant support and that concludes my remarks i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you for your remarks supervisor yee any other questions. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much so regarding this legislation we've received quite a bit of community feedback the only question in terms of whether homes are detached or not and
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rh1 or rhd-1 for deattached is not the main issue right now before rh1 or rhd-1 single-family home i know for a long, long number of lots the issue of 3 thousand square feet that impacts almost no lots the bigger issue is around a recent adopted accessary dwelling legislation that supervisor peskin had offered a verse and supervisor farrell and i offered a version and moving forward with harmony and in that legislation rhd-1 is not covered whereas, rh1 is so right now as we sit here today midtown terrace was included in the accessary dwellings legislation if it is rezoned as rhd-1 i don't have an issue with it
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would take mid town terrace out of the accessary dwelling legislation that's a concern that i have i understand that in the legislation we adopted it references rhd-1 the state accessary dwelling legislation i believe and says it applies, of course, it applies for the stuart local law regardless of what we said my understanding please for the planning department correct me if i am wrong i don't believe any accessary dwelling has ever been permitted in other 125i9 aau law. >> you're right not that i know of any proposed under status and not entirely sure how to permitted those but working on those now because of ordinance. >> i believe the adu laws has been in effect in 30 or 35
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years. >> since 1980 and zero permitted under that measure and planning department sitting here is not sure how that works as we have legislation that that board a 10 to one vote passed that creates a process building on local legislation throughout the adu's you'll be interested in i have i'll read this now and will be an oral amendment to address that issue and basically mroudz provides the rezoning district from rh1 and rhd-1 will not impact the applicablely accessary dwelling legislation but will provide this neighborhood with what it is seeking based on the e-mails i'm concerned received to preserve the side setbacks and for people not following that adu a long
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widening pathway this provides for owning an existing envelope i'll read for all lots proposed to be zoned from rh1 to rhd-1 the prohibition of all day long an accessary dwelling is for this and apply that allows for the rezoning of rhd-1 to maintain the setback with side setbacks rirmentsdz but maintain fully intact the local allowance for accessary dwellings that currently applies in the town terrace to maintain today's status quo for adu's in the town terrace so that's an amendment i would to put on the floor and listen to public comment and discuss other things. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> supervisor peskin to
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supervisor wiener this may be 6 and one-half a do so of the other the state provisions not with standing i guess two things popped to mind first of all, i do believe that you are one of the authors or co-authors of the legislation that was put on the ballot and we worked out in the chambers that actually created the rhd-1 expectation to interesting enough the two competing piece of legislation one that covered rhd-1 with adu's and you are the author i believe or co-author of the piece of legislation that ended up we marked them with the provision that says controls on construction that is accessary dwelling in the rhd-1 shall be
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modify bids the california government code so, i mean if this is your policy rational relative to adu's i'm not sure why something that is being - i don't want to say rezoned district as the proper zoning nomenclature it 14 have been rhd-1 ultimately i don't care i was those the other side of adu's i wanted them citywide but didn't matter of political and community protocol as far as it is the midtown terrace association that brought this to the district supervisor i'll ultimately defer to what the association that has been through this year along process and gotten an unanimous decision wants and the districts
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supervisor that represents them wants but doesn't matter. >> through the chair absolutely i'm concerned had a good relationship with the rhd-1 relationship i'm respectful of those working relationships how have this is different this is expanding existing rhd-1 neighborhood and an argument should have been zoned many decades ago it was not and zoned rh1 i was willing in terms of the existing rhd-1 neighborhoods we're 20 percent of the overall housing stock to work with the neighborhoods but have concerns about expanding the adu local prohibition i understand your point but think this you know
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with respect my perspective is a reasonable one thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> yes. what i like to do supervisor wiener's is to give time for me to look at your amendment language that you're proposing i understand the concept and the argument that again, this is something that is a correction was always buildings have not changed they're pretty much an rhd-1 i'm going to be open to our amendment but need time i want to go back when i worked with the midtown terrace association they did a good job in reaching out to people to say ask them do you want your supervisor to work and pretty much was a yes
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to allow for them i want to allow them to make the decision but this is difficult to just make an amendment today and i think that we reach out to the residents and the on problem with this one can make the argument in one of these neighborhood associations zoned rhd-1 hey this changes this changing for us and so that's opening the door in the other direction there is a possibility that we'll start seeing that will be inconsistent throughout the city in terms of what we're saying and depend on what category may be different that's the danger of what we're representing. >> supervisor wiener. >> through the chair i appreciate that and i will
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continue the dialogue on this i guess you know in the end this is about not down zoning in terms of the and the existing that neighborhoods where adu's and sitting here accessary dwellings new ones are allowed in the mid town terrace i have a concern taking that away i'm concerned received a number of e-mails from the midtown terrace the jest of the e-mails is fairly consistent about the side sergeants and the concern a good-sized single-family home will be turned into a bigger single-family that property line to property line instead of the setback that's the concern i read xresdz in the e-mails and the rezoning with the circulation this is not taking away the existing adu allowance
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i think that accomplishes what i seen in the numerous e-mails but look forward to the public comment. >> all right. with that said go ahead and go to public comment ladies and gentlemen, two minutes to speak you'll hear a soft chime a reminder you have thirty seconds remaining i have a stack of cards i'll call names (calling names). >> david you can start. >> my name is david a 9 year resident of midtown terrace and former member of the hoefrmz association and one of the
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preliminary proponents of this action our neighborhood is primarily interested in preserving the character of the neighborhood and found in the recent years a threat a number of applications coming through recently that have property development not property line and on the planning department and said we oppose this they said our hands are tied those applications are meeting the zoning designation so that was our impuss he and your primary impetus and say that note an issue on the adu not a part of plan to effect the adu's in any way so i guess the only thing that i would say in your neighborhood is rhd-1 then i will say we
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should apply the appropriate zoning and then apply the outlet regulations as they apply to the zoning, however, it is much more important to me that we chuch the protection of the detached character of the neighborhood than for me to argue if we're under state or city regulations i've had conversations with the planning department with members of the planning department that are i'm told are experts and assured me that applications will be approved under the state adu regulations they're working on how that will happen and whether or not they have the support so personally representing midtown terrace it is important to have an amendment - >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is rick president of the mid you town terrace homeowners association wouldn't go back into the saurments they've been eloquent want to assure you we've done extensive outreach our primary position to preserve the character of the neighborhood and one that goes every sunday to the all the open houses to make sure that the realtors know about the association i have to tell you they don't go to houses not having adu in the garage having said that, again as please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, ma r mcadam said it is about the setbacks and the character of the neighborhood thank you.
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>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm joits lived in the midtown terrace since 1997 and i want to thank supervisor cowen and supervisor peskin and supervisor yee for supporting us and thank to supervisor wiener for thinking about this in terms of the legislation i think when we started it over two years ago and in the last year worked with supervisor yee to bring together the information that adu difference for our rh1 and rhd-1 didn't exist at the time, we were putting this together and it was through supervisor wiener actually responding to any e-mail that i became personally that will make a change and many of the homes in mid-town terrace have in-law units and no intention to stop them but the
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intuition to stop the construction for lot lines and logging our green space we want to retain our dwe attached character i'm perl very much in favor of the amendment in that again, when we started this no discussion about changing the freedoms of the homeowners with respect to adu's and i think that is new legislation that you put-down before into zoning and caught us by surprise and really thank you for an ability to be flexible and think of a woo to help us with the rhd-1 and still hell the owners and city with adu's. >> thank you i called up - norm great and
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followed by (calling names). >> if anyone else who i have not called please get in line thank you. >> thank you, supervisors my name is norm and my husband and i have been over 25 years of mid town terrace and joined with the previous speakers in their arguments and to approve the proposal to correct our zoning i want to mention one word on the discussion on the potential amendment to the legislation i know supervisor yee probably has concerns if an amendment is and so forth there be a similar outreach to our community to make sure they're still an agreement with that type of
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change and as one of the people that went dooerd to ma changes i'm willing and anticipating the difficulty it might be to explain the nuances of that type of distinction between what we will be zoned rhd-1 as opposed to to allowing the exemption to the adu program i'll suggest that you might take into account substance what difference the type of adu program under the state how if it is more restrictive or less restrictive than the city's program and substantively not that much different i'll urge you to see if the rezoning can occur and
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denominator that amendment is necessary and thank you for your time in looking at this and wanted to express my presentation to supervisor yee for this to get to the point where we're at today thank you very much. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors i think that midtown terrace should be an rhd-1 i also would like to mention that i don't see at this time a need for an amendment to accomplish you did a great job on one six 2, 16 and state law that is - an accessary dwelling
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in an rhd-1 zone district shall be loudly on mandated by a ordnance of the california government code basically this is a standard second units that include that are not limited to parking, height and setback and lot coverage and architectural review and maximum size of units and the adverse impacts on any real property listed in the california registration of historic places given that i feel there is no need for on amendment the supervisors had a chance to put those two opposing pieces of legislation and came up with one
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rhd-1 separate that is fine the city and community shall allow us to tie in our rhd-1 but given the state law and the reference for the state law no reason for an amendment at this time thank you very much. >> great, thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors thank you for your work i'm gordon and been a resident a native san franciscan and been a resident of midtown since 1987 and in 1984 thanks to the health of my parents my husband and i bought a home i just i'm going to repeat would everyone has spoken about i think that is clear that the
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neighborhood want this zoning correction made i don't want to see it delayed whether or not it is an amendment tonight or today and gets approved forthwith the issue of the adu is really secondary to the issue of maintaining a neighborhood and nipping in the bud any application to have to fight people are not clever enough to see how to expand their homes without impinging on people's you privacy tell you that needs to be focused this is about continuing the rh1 character and the ada is an issue not important enough to delay this i spoke briefing with any friend of mine john rahaim and said that's an issue with the adu's
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is not a problem so i'm speaking this is not the right thing we need to get the zoning corrected and fixed and avoid people going to the building department and use the plan checkers time for the building mcmansions on the relatively few lots i want to thank the homeowners group i'm concerned not been active but feel horrible we're getting our 15 - >> thank you. next speaker. >> (calling names). >> hi, i'm dana renter in the city and want to say that you should oppose this zoning the reason i want to see that because i look at the website and the main reason people are
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proposing they say the existing zoning will lower the property values in case you've lived under a rocky want you to remember the medium home value is one million basically 90 percent of the residents can't afford so what we'll be doing by down voting this ethic basically, let's wait for the hyper valuable urban space so for the benefit of a few rich landowners at the expense of renters who are disproportionately young and less wealthy i'm disappointed to see none in the room none from the affordable housing activists from low income like the mission or the bayview they normally show up to oppose the new market-rate housing in their own neighborhood they say the rich
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should live somewhere else this is rich with high property values and in so doing on up zoning for more housing to get built and absorb some of the people putting the pressure on the gentrification we have a down zoning and making it hard to have the pressures on protecting communities that's not right so, please oppose this down zoning thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, commissioners korea smith on behalf of the three hundred members of the housing coalition i'll be speaking to this purely in terms of of the production of the accessary dwellings and took the thank you a long time to pass the legislation to allow adu's and not want to do anything that inhibits a
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person's ability to build flats on the property adu's are can he recall in the neighborhood and will continue to be there i'll seriously encourage the conversation regarding the amendment and induce as the staff report pointed out 96 percent of properties in the neighborhood will fall under the state adu laws it's okay to build a small, small percentage of land try to make sure everything is done the right way and wrap up in legislation that's all that i thank you very much. >> harry thompson? >> hi
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my wife and i have been homeowners of the terrace and part of neighborhood were the trees and the deattached places we've seen two incidents i know of where this zoning has allowed people to build think both sides and created enormous homes around $3.03 times what the homes cost currently so this gentleman's argument it is not a down zoning but a zoning correction i'll urge supervisors to move forward was that this and again want to concur with all the people that spoke prior from midtown terrace for the zoning correction i would like you to view it as a zoning
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correction i think that is what it is and the sooner the faster we can stop people coming in and building enormous homes with run the risk of no detached homes what housing thank you. appreciate thank you for all your hard work supervisor yee. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> come on laura. >> let's go in orders i'm sorry i'm learning everyday you well know that i failed so hard the other day i just want to say that if this was a correction that was reflecting what the neighborhood actually wants not needing to rush this clearly people that want to building
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build and people in the community want to add nor floor space to their homes currently one of the ways that minerals their continually splitting single-family homes and packing as many people in as possible so anything that reduces square footage is not good and additionally this reduces the ability to split units so lots will no longer be split into two units to two separate saleable items i'm sure the homeowners don't want but is needed i want to add that we need to recognize that our physical built environment is going to change we're retrofitting our city and need to address the housing crisis straight on and recognize
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we can't spend a lot of time and ignoring maintaining the neighborhood character above the characters we wanted to live in the neighborhood we need to recognize that adrc floor space and units and we're going the wrong way from rh1 to rhd-1 we need to go the other direction rh1 to rhd-1 and pushing in the opposite direction i think this is a symbolic is important this is saying we're going to push us further in the wrong direction thank you very much. >> hi, my name is lena from the renters federation this is not a correction many of the lots are less than 4 thousand square feet and as people testified many of the buildings have autsdz so it was a correction we've
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already seen that you would zone many buildings to become non-conforming and in addition to the audience things might be resolved because of the state law but several lots of bigger 4 thousand square feet if their rh1 can be splitter into smaller lots but rhd-1 they can't and we can't afford to lose any opportunities for building units i want to point out that the mc mansions were that when built and people similarly thought they were gaud i didn't and awful you can't turn a 3 thousand square feet homes into a 3 thousand square feet unit more square footage for living is more square footage for living not turn it down but the main thing the planning
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department erred when they classified this is a not ceqa it is down zoning as projects there should have been an eir it is appropriate to see what the environmental effects are of the displacing possible future residents if we don't build here we wind up building further away and increasing emissions and making trips longer and not achieving the climate goal thank you very much i'm opposed to this. >> hello my name is vincent i'm and renter how about i have a philosophy point i think funning what is going on we've created a employment with high density building and turn
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around and use that's as a justification that the laws was wrong in this case we've down a difficult building in terrace and it was legal to build and using this as evidence this is to be heard in the future and keep it at the lower density this is a symbolic movement in a way who this down zoning succeed will trigger this whether this is a good strategy and use building housing to justify a three quarters to preserving the property value or open space or how to justify not building square footage i think this is a very dangerous idea might seem good we can argue about adu's or whatever the thrust is scary
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that's it see you around. >> thank you. any other members please come on anyone else to speak. >> hi, i'm bridget a native and here actually for another topic but in hearing this i'm going with the planning department i believe that shall i call the question? rhd-1 for midtown is to the benefit everyone is talking about increasing enlarging property and creating more housing but none has talked about the section planning code that requires the projection into the side yards up to 3 feet or whatever is the less and this is the public safety fire code the reason why we have side ordinance is for the fire
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code and safety this is a midtown terrace probable the same kind of subdivisions those were created for safety and having people egress and ingress this is throughout san francisco that is being built i believe that hour suburban area that is district 7 should be kept preserved and other areas that should be thank you. >> anyone else want to speak on item one public comment is closed. thank you very much so lowfat's supervisor yee anything you want to say in not we'll take the matter into committees hands. >> thank you to the public for coming out whether or not you support it but prairie thank the
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residents of midtown terrace for coming out, i have been working with the association for year to year if not over a year and some importance to support this as it is when we talk about the neighborhood characteristics this notion actually is a discussion in every neighborhood not just on the west side where it is about do we want one hundred story board of supervisors this is a discussion so for us neighborhood characteristics is really looking what is there now and what we can do in the future that will not change the things radically i'm concerned stood up for the cancelled evaluation with the adu legislation was because we're trying to preserve
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those characteristics and here we are the author for them for the residents to be working on this for two years and their anxious to get this done for us to now have an opportunity to just make the correction and that's what that is about they have testified we're not talked about changing the houses the houses are there all we're saying let's make sure that is zoned properly and that's what i asked for in regards to supervisors supervisor wiener's amendment like advantages i'm open not to do due diligence beyond the people that came today, i know their leaders but like to be able to check on things so potentially one way to keep
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before the board i ask that you split the file and have one that can move forward of the amendment and one that you could either move forward or not move forward maybe in one week or two weeks to get more information to accept the amendments as present by supervisor wiener. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> your name is on - >> i was actually going to suggest something similar to supervisor yee but i heard we had of the midtown terrace association assessing that liked supervisor wiener and other people saying they're open and heard 3 there are a number of existing adu's and that people were pleased to have them and
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have more of them i'm delighted that supervisor wiener has come around to any way of thinking and hive inclined to support supervisor wiener's amendment but absolutely respect the desire of the district supervisor to have more time to dialogue with his constituents why not send forward the weather we want to call it the rezoning or fixing of the code and keep the wiener amendment i'll inclined to vote for it after supervisor yee does his adolescence with his communities and maybe in a week or two forward that has a trailing piece of legislation. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, very much. and all the members of the public on both sides it was a rational
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discussion i appreciate that and really appreciate the candor from the midtown that is consistent with the e-mails that what is issue the 3 foot side setback and really not the adu's the adu's are not an issue when we talk about itself presenter some of the finances from in the union party weave sat together and fought many, many battles over thousand and thousands of battle and when you look at what is actually going to create more housing in the midtown terrace is accessary dwellings not adding 3 feet to the side of the building i completely understand we have more square footage and more people living there in terms of what will actually create more housing in the
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neighborhood having that remain legal for people to add accessary dwellings units i don't remember how many lots in the midtown terrace but quite a few of the there's a potential there that's why i offered the amendment he offered today it is an eloquent solution to truly a down zoning to say that accessary dwellings are not allowed under city law and appreciate the existence of state law that is 2, 3, 4 effect for thirty years maybe 35 years and not a single adu has ever, ever in thirty plus years permitted in san francisco under the state law that may change in the future and god speed but we have a local law we passe on a 10 to one vote that allows the adu's in rh1 district i don't want to take the neighborhoods
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that allows the adu's and say adu's are no longer allowed i'd like to move this all the time the oral amendment i'll reread it in a moment 8 days between today's meeting and the full board meeting if for whatever reason supervisor yee decides that he didn't want that amendment you can make a motion to the full board to strip it out i believe that that will be an appropriate motion to make if he wants to make it my request or i make a motion to adopt the oral amendment and that is quote for all lots proposed to be sdroend from rh1 to rhd-1 under today's ordinance the prohibition of adding after accessary dwelling pursuant to the planning code does not apply that's my motion. >> so relative to my earlier
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comment suction why not marry those ideas together and duplicate the file and amend one file and leave the other file unamended and i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> and give supervisor yee the ability to outreach and dialogue with his knits for the next 8 days and, of course, all of them have contact us we have lots of e-mails on this and vote one file up or the other. >> is that acceptable supervisor yee. >> that will be acceptable and the 8 days i'll have an opportunity to speak to quite a few of the residents and that's good to hear so - >> madam chair my apologies. >> if i may first to the city attorney who will forward this with the amendment and if the
7:48 am
full board were to decide to strip the amendment the full board can adopt the legislation. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. that's right to address your proposal or to take it out would not require a referral to this committee or to plan. >> so i don't see the need to duplicate the file if the majority of board decides they don't want the amendment strip it out and pass the legislation in the original form i don't see the need to duplicate the file but ultimately have to share. >> thank you. i good don't see the need to duplicate the file while i don't support the carve outs but should the districts 7 supervisor as well as to the residents that came out and written e-mails
7:49 am
historically i'm concerned not supported an carved out in the rhd-1 but show in indifference to supervisor yee with that said, the indications do we duplicate the file or just - >> put it to a vote. >> let's see supervisor peskin. >> so we don't need to duplicate the file i think that supervisor wiener is right what i would second is that if we take the amendment we send the matter to the full board without recommendation so the board can release this has been discussed down there. >> i'll take a motion to that. >> the motion to adopt the amendment and for the record the item as amended with no recommendation. >> without objection. >> thank you - >> excuse me - >> i have no objection.
7:50 am
>> thank you, thank you thought you were stepping on my toes supervisor peskin. >> all right. (laughter) supervisor yee before we take the vote go ahead. >> have no objection. >> all right. this motion as amended that item passes unanimously this is coming out of the committee and to the full board as amended without recommendation. >> yes. >> all right. all right. thank you >> all right. ladies and gentlemen, did you get if did everyone follow that good madam clerk item 2. >> item 2 urging the ordinance for the interim moratorium to prohibit 5 or 6 or professional services in the west portal commercial district for 45 days. >> thank you very much this is afghan interesting topic supervisor yee is also the spore of this item
7:51 am
i believe supervisor yee will request a continuance on this item; is that correct, sir we're on item 2. >> sorry. >> that's okay. >> thanks for hearing this i'll make this quick we're undergoing on ocean avenue and west portal having a discussion about the commercial zones and what we want to see the existing code is updated so the issue before us proves there a be confusion when items are not well defined in the code particularly around the code this is an interim moratorium there was currently a lack of clarity in the planning code that led to code compliant interrogation of the law and a
7:52 am
lot of things how to best - therefore to provide more time for that dialogue of the shareholders i request the committee to continue this item to the call of the chair and hope to bring it professional businesses to the corridor. >> i'm happy to honor that request we have public comment cards here sure before we distinct to take public comment we'll take supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much supervisor cowen this is an issue i know that supervisor yee is dealing with and i'm concerned grappled in noah valley and castro upper market when you have enough non-retail non-office type of ground floor space in a commercial district
7:53 am
and eventually you reach a tip point it really undermines the vibrancy of that corridor i'm concerned offered multiply pieces of legislation both in noah valley and castro upper market for the conditional use for ground floor office touch uses i authored that legislation to require the conditional use and also now recently authored legislation in noah valley and adopted the interim controls in castro to require ground floor medical used to begin at some point to reach a tipping point i'm supportive of the change i'll - my personal view is that i think conditional use is a very flexible and powerful tool i hope that will be part of the discussion and hope that at some
7:54 am
point citywide controls to deal with this issue it is popping up in a lot of neighbors. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> yes. >> supervisor wiener thanks for making those comments that's what i'm grappling with that's why i'll asking for a continuance not to jeopardize anything because of moratorium. >> thank you, supervisor. >> supervisor peskin do i have something to say no all right. let's go to a public comment i have quite a few a stack of cards (calling names). >> go ahead. >> good afternoon, supervisors
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my name is stephan i a registered lobbyists in the city and consultant to peter and ellen we'll hear from today for the most part like to agree with the supervisor for a continuance today i think there is some clarity that needs to be given and on the best way to step back for a minute and one thing too is business that professional services in west portal area there maybe you quite a few of the that be not code compliant and may recommend a study the goal to make sure we have all the merchants meeting for the city requirement and they serve the public well, we want to make sure their code compliant we would like to ask an exemption if we could hear that for 360 west portal a i don't believe that 3 professional mod
7:56 am
pose a threat to the vicinitycy of the community 3 half a from o'connell and swausz above the ground but not meeting the 6 foot thresholds therefore they're on the paulths for a conditional use permitted and this moratorium has a read earlier proposed open bring your attention to the pathway we want to make sure they get an exemption if possible and in addition to get more community outreach to the merchant and the residential group we have not been able to present yet as of today and don't have a planner assigned to the case and mediation is the way to go get everyone in the room and work towards the best possible outcome my outcome allow the merchant to go though the cu and the moratorium to pass in a
7:57 am
sharp or form. >> hello supervisors my name is rick shawn i'm part of west portal group that is being directing impacted by the moratorium proposed as stephanie mentioned we were directed by the planning department to follow the process filing the c u p and trying to take the steps and given to us to proceed to the path of being approved in our space we were caught by surprised we were not on a second story location 8 stairs to reach our office we're just under the 6 foot cut off where this would problem would have
7:58 am
not started our intention to comply with all regulations we're being derailed our day in the c p hearing by this moratorium i mean we're being i'll call the name witch hunt by the neighborhood association who disagrees with the findings the planning department yet not talked with anyone of us to see what it say we do thank you. >> i supervisors i'm tom the current president of the are west portal association we're from the 1975 with three hundred plus members and regularly engaged with the issues we know the rezoning has been tough you're trying to make sure and protect the community and want
7:59 am
to see growth and responsible ways to do that i support supervisor yee's request for a continuance i believe you'll find most of the community supported that so all stakeholders can be heard the neighborhood association had not had this issue presented to us not a witch-hunt in my understanding we will be looking at it at the next meeting thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm beverly i'm a long time resident of san francisco my husband and i moved here in 19897 and eliminating the businesslike peter's from the west portal business corridor didn't jive with the continued character of that corridor i'm a client of
8:00 am
peter my financial advisors for 17 years and he and i share family stories their daughter is grown into a young lady and my son a father and husband used peter as their financial advisors peter and ellen didn't move in west portal and hang a shrink and say we're open for business there's been a mom and pop operation since the beginning they carefully choose a space and decorated and upgraded and assured the adequacy of their clients by keeping them informed of the status and involving them, they were proud of they're new office when it was completed they had a celebration party i know peter and ellen appreciate the 3 block walk to their office
8:01 am
peter's office suits west portal my sons are attracted to it for the health of the neighborhood young families like theirs should, encouraged my personal story is meant to illustrated this small hands on family rotunda business provides of down home quality service that west portal seeks to fosters some of the businesses on west portal are becoming outlined and tired their service is not friendly and their storefront are duty i don't frequent them peter's office provides the local friendship - >> thank you. >> i have a couple of more speakers i'd like to call up
8:02 am
(calling names) male come up. >> thank you very much good afternoon, supervisors my name is lee my family has been a long time client of many chins peter became my financial advisors 3 years and 3 months ago he's the financial advisors to my children i completely related to and agree with what beverly said about a family run business i want you to know about peter and ellen when they choose this business they were looking specifically for an office in west portal that is near their home and hearts and community allision lice not logan for a convenient storefront but sought out west portal i know they reached every law to find a building they could call home and assessable
8:03 am
to their clients many are elderly and they spent months of the the building and thousands of dollars renovating it and the commitment to the west portal community is significant when i came here 3 years and 3 months ago period of time gave me a tour of west portal he said this is our home because of that i know personally over 17 businesses in the west portal i brought out of town friends and my san franciscans and i believe that the vibrancy of west portal has been increased since the advent of peter and ellen i think any kind of a moratorium will really unjustly punish a family that made their life in west portal and i currently you to go whatever you can too keep this
8:04 am
wonderful family thriving business going thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is john i've been a resident of forest hill for the past years and consulting with peter over 20 years i highly respect him as do many people in the west portal community he's an outstanding citizen and patronize many of the local businesses and restaurants i don't thinks why this legislation is proposed and against it. >> peter's operation is their livelihood and needs to continue would the trurngs i consult with peter and frequent the west portal restaurants peter attached any well-to-do clients from west portal and those people spend money in west portal i prefer as do other
8:05 am
clients peters office is convenient i don't understand why the merchants association filed a complaint they seem to be out of touch as most of the other residents and merchant of the west portal have in favor of peter and his business beyond why the moratorium needs to be taking effect immediately and currently you to find speedy resolution to force peter to move at the time will be an interruption to his business and potentially his clients and causes a vacancy and an additional cost to the landlord i don't understand why this happens in summary i'm against the legislation not only it is unfair by the merchant of
8:06 am
greater west portal not what they want i urge you to vote against it thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors we'll do this together i'm bryan and this is my wife i'm a native san franciscan we've lived in the west portal neighborhood for over 33 years we are very familiar with that district and we're here to oppose the moratorium on the businesses i remember are peter was moving to the distant block said specifically oh, by the way, is on the second floor i want to point out it there's an elevator to take handicapped people from the street to his business and i don't understand how it is considered a 5 or 6 or ground
8:07 am
floor business i understand the concerns about having a thriving vibrant west portal corridor my son and his wife lived in barcelona it is wonderful to walk to the grocery stores and be able to walk to pick up the vegetables and see your friends and say hello to their children the neighborhoods shopping district are terrific and with respect want to see that continue this legislation is specifically is misguided i would recommend you oppose that thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is and ellen my husband peter and i started our practice that so
8:08 am
many clients support 2 and a half years ago and about a year and a half we moved to west portal those are the facts we been working diligently with the planning department during the 16 months and countless hours trying to get our store up for our daughter or participate in her school activities instead in order to bring our business into compliance was he spending countless hours to bring our business to compliance and not to mention the legal fees incurred the zoning administrator said this is a significant amount of time did his due diligence and made the - stated in his findings clearly
8:09 am
and repeating in his notice of violation in front of the board of appeals and requested the l l o b letter of determination his determination was consistent we were instructed bit the board of appeals to employ for a conditional use permitted which filed in early june now this is nearly over 3 months and the next thing we know there is a new moratorium property that will completely block the progress of our conditional use preliminary i don't understand why the newly improved planning code should apply to an application in process that is grossly unfair and an obstruction to justice not only to our business and family lives. >> thank you.
8:10 am
>> next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors my name is ashley a resident of district 7. my parents set up their business in west portal and over 16 months we've been living in district 7 for 8 years and been to businesses every saturday, i go to an art place class and one block away a tutoring class and 3 times a week to marshall arts class and eat on west portal all the time west portal is our home and having an office close to the things we love i hear we'll be forced to leave the community and my parents love my participants are so busy those past week we as japanese we eat
8:11 am
local i sincerely hope this is not dragged on >> thank you. next speaker. >> i won't try pronouncing the last name. >> (calling names). >> my apologies on the names. >> next speaker. >> tammy scott are you here. >> hello supervisors my name is tammy the vice president of the west portal merchant successors association i've been the leads on this complainant that we filed back in june of
8:12 am
2015. i'm mark farrell here today to say that we are in support of the continuance of this zoning issue that that will continued there's you know much that needs to be discussed many misinformation those folks and the planning department and their failure to you know do their job essentially but period of time and ellen i'm sorry we're apologizing we're talking up the adversaries peter and ellen knew that was put as a continuance directly from jan low from supervisor yee's office they're aware and setting up a meeting with the stakeholder and the city the planning department and we can sit down face to face for
8:13 am
a time suitable for all thank you for your time >> supervisor yee. >> like to say i don't nobody needs to apologize in terms of making public comments this is right. >> all right. >> next speaker. >> that's fine that's fine. >> sam good afternoon members of the board and supervisors this there's no need for really emergency moratorium on the west portal avenue for a professional business offices i was involved with that project early as ellen and peter asked me to look at the condition of the building whether it is considered a first story or second story and the investigation of the history
8:14 am
backward of the permitted the building what this was first built everything on the building was a second story only until later when planning department have a new definition what first story is that all the way down their floor became a first story nevertheless, the situation that's created and need by the zoning administrator to ask them to fight for a conditional use permitted they've diligently done and in process to get this thing reviewed, however, this moratorium will impact them and as you heard from many speakers effect their business this avenue is very vibrant neighborhood that needs to have continued businesses we
8:15 am
shouldn't have legislation that restricts the business development and i'm here to oppose this moratorium thank you. >> thank you got a few more cards to call up (calling names). >> if i'm concerned missed anyone feel free to temple up. >> my name is betty jean wise i am last week reached any one hundred birthday. >> congratulations >> (clapping.) >> i'm concerned lived and been a homeowner in district 7 for over 45 years.
8:16 am
>> and lived in san francisco since the beginnings of world war ii today, i'm speaking for peter channon west portal avenue my late my husband and i started working with peter over 35 years ago on west portal avenue where i have conditioned continued to care for all my business affairs recently an interim large project that will exclude exclude peter chins business from west portal i'm very, very concerned about this action and i trust that the moratorium
8:17 am
will be removed from the docket thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you thank you for your time supervisors i'm new to san francisco a year ago my my husband and i quit your jobs to the south bay and moved to san francisco so my son can go to school with learning disabilities in san francisco we love the city i was able to still work part time at peter and ellen's office to work with west portal that is close to any home in noah valley i spent a lot of time in noah valley and west portal and bring my clients and friends over to the area and so basically this whole legislation and the moratorium we've - we feel a victim of the
8:18 am
whole thing so you know we like to request for an extension of the moratorium not a bad thing we have to have to consider some special circumstances thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is edward my wife and i are a long time residents. >> pull the mike to your mouth. >> we're long time residents of san francisco i moved to san francisco san francisco on april 1969 and soon decided to make that my permanent home and lives here for over 37 years my wife and i vote in elections we're strongly opposed to the proposed ordinance on september 2nd my wife and i sent an e-mail to supervisor yee
8:19 am
and gave the reasons we you couldn't asked why who proposed and who will benefit to date none has responded the e-mail is in the packet of the communications you've received on september 10th my wife and i attended the candidates forum by twin peaks i submitted a question asking candidates to address the proposed urge ordinance in my opinion supervisor yee's ones o response was totally inadequate all people proposed the proposed legislation i think the committee should consider the reasons for the property ordinance whether the planning department should make an determination on the conditional use permitted prior to any proposed legislation the benefits if any are the proposed legislation and if their benefits do they out weigh
8:20 am
the disadvantageous thank you for the opportunity to make those comments. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is bridget from the homeowners association he first heard of the moratorium last thursday and ellen reached out and we heard this the board was my braid boarding was quite concerned first of all, ellen listened we support your manipulating and their business especially locally in west portal and having a lot of vacant storefront and we don't understand why this moratorium is coming towards the financial institution bans 4 inches of questionable second story level and if you're talking about financial services in west
8:21 am
portal president sophie wanted to suggest why we're looking this mail places in west portal we want to have retail space and look at that as a whole rather than scaring off people that have been there a year plus we hope you support ellen and her family it is an arduous process she's been working with the planning department for a long time. >> thank you. >> my name is diane i've been a resident of san francisco since 1964 no, i'm sorry 68 and i have been in this district in the same home since 1974 and we are long time clients of
8:22 am
mr. peter chin and moourns are extremely disturbed by the capricious nature of the planning process and this legislation that effects only one single office years ever since we've moved into the west portal district i have - generally looked down on that has an area to shop or has to do with it is languished all that time and now the supervisor yee legislation that will hurt a man and his office which has done england to - block the
8:23 am
process we hate to see the capriciousness in the city. >> thank you. any other speakers seeing none, public comment is closed. at this time. >> so a motion that is made to continue this item to the call of the chair. >> yes. supervisor yee. >> again thank the public for coming out as i said up front my intent to ask for a continuance of this legislation and hope you'll be honoring my request. >> yes. thank you very much so the request we continue it
8:24 am
co-chair can i get a motion. >> so moved. >> without objection that passes unanimously thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee and good luck to you and your neighborhoods madam clerk call item 3. >> ordinance for the planning code for the exclusion about the housing units by all means including owner move-ins. >> so from supervisor kim's office to present on this item. >> game-changer supervisors my name is april and i'm here to introduce a legislation which is a technical clean up to 9 housing balance report legislation that we introduced in 2015. >> the planning department requested we clarify the intent of our legislation in collecting the data particularly regarding the unit that have been removed from protective status it's been
8:25 am
published 3 times and included the four categories that is owner move-in evictions and decisions and lblgz evictions those are all stated in the administrative code and this is just technical and clean up legislation to specific that we indeed desire to have owner move-in evictions as part of data collection for the legislation. >> this was heard owe planning commission and the planning commission request some slight modifications to our legislation which we have prepared or the city attorney's office has prepared thank you, john and just to walk through the legislation and the requested changes page two line 17 and 18 the housing balance calculations
8:26 am
less the amount of back and forth's status adding that language and the other requested amendment from the planning department and the commission also approved was related to the timing of the dates for the hearing and the report the planning department has requested that we attempt to sync up the current reports if the planning department is widower or required to do and move the bye annual report from september to october 1st and from 345ishg to april and the required hearing from april 1st to the 15 that's the introduction and diego sanchez
8:27 am
so here to answer any questions if there are any. >> thank you very much. >> supervisor peskin do you have any questions. >> i did not i'm concerned read the information seems straightforward and sensible and commend the department and the sponsor for continuing to refine our housing balance reporting requirements. >> okay so we have amendments supervisor kim has her office scheduled we'll take these up after public comment at this time we'll open up to p.m. i don't how many cards but the public comment is two minutes. >> thank you, supervisors my name is is compatible with the housing simply to state our support for the amendments and our support for this legislation that is contributed so itch important information about how
8:28 am
we are achieving our housing balance in the city and creating new affordable housing as well as counting the housing we lose in a time gains the rr8d through adu's and other things that many of you are working on so thank you very much. >> okay is there any additional public comment on item 3 seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor peskin can i have a motion to adopt those amendments as property by supervisor kim. >> so moved. >> >> without objection the maximums are adopted and then can i have a motion to i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation without objection that's at the order. >> item 4 hearing on the interim control controls in the district 10 between fulsome, harrison and svrtsz. >> this is authored by
8:29 am
supervisor kim and april is here from her office. >> this item before us is a hearing to seek the boards support for the six months report on the transbay interim sign controls those controls were impacted on november 10, 2015, and this is our six months report the tint of supervisor kim is to request to the city attorney's office with planning department support to make those controls permanent and emery rogers is here for any specific questions on the prepared report from the planning department and thank you to the planning department for your of most report. >> okay seeing supervisor peskin appears no questions or comments. >> a straightforward report.
8:30 am
>> we'll move to public comment any public comment on item 4 seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is a hearing so i guess have a motion did you want this filed >> it says required vote action to be considered public hearings and the board has the option of accepting or r50eg9 not a motion in front of us in the packet but as far as we're concerned, we should no action for the phone number but i for one accept it and fort coming permanent legislation. >> can i get a clarification on the action we should or shouldn't be taking today. >> you could initiate a motion
8:31 am
in committee i believe this is what we did the last time if you remember initiate a motion in committee to accept and forward to the full board for adoption. >> i'm sorry this the interim controls i'm concerned not had an experience of accepting a 6 month report but - >> why not make a motion to file and precede are with permanent legislation. >> to the author is that acceptable. >> i believe so that the planning department we should accept the error file. >> supervisor kim and supervisor cowen h supervisor peskin has made a motion to file and i did public comment already. >> yes. >> so on the motion to file item 4 without objection madam
8:32 am
clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that completes the agenda we are agenda coming. >> (clapping.) >> good morning and thank you for joining me i'm jose cisneros the co-chair of financial and powerful coalition i want to acknowledge a number of people including beven duffey the mounting evidences about san francisco hometown bank is
8:33 am
shocking it reveals that wells fargo used personal information about their clients to open without their permission and transferred funds as treasurer i'm responsible for keeping the city save and 10 years ago i started the bank an inform program i believe that everyone money is safety in the a banknote held in cash or under a mattress when i learned that protecting people in the city if have basis assess he worked with bans and credit unions to create low-cost accounts without barriers to assess now thousand of san franciscans every year opened their first behind the eight ball through the bank on san francisco and bank that programs in dozens of cities across the country and last year, we annunciations bank think standards for save behind
8:34 am
the eight ball with no overdraft fees so after hearing about the actions of wells fargo i met with an executive to find what information and advise to provide to the san franciscans he couldn't give me basic information including how many san franciscans were effected had they been notified how much recess stews this is unacceptable i'm outrageous on behalf of all customers but for every on bank resident to keep their mean in cash instead of a financial institution given their widespread egregious and potentially criminal action i'm 13u7bd wells fargo from the bank an san francisco program effect immediately >> (clapping.) >> and we can't wait for wells
8:35 am
fargo to help people through this terrible experience that's why the balance the community partners offered free one-on-one coupling for anyone effected started day they can call 9006006 and speak to a qualified council to run their credit report and found out what to do next we want to thank balance for stepping up their phone call will be on the website just to be clear this is a free serve service and anyone will semi you anyone that's why balance is our partner in the program and i give you my word they'll be trusted with our financial information next week i'm headed to washington, d.c. to talk with the powerful coalition at the financial bureau and with
8:36 am
members of the california delegation and i'm calling on my all my colleagues to stand request bank on the other hand, on san francisco police commission we've been the leader in the nation and continue to stand up against financial institutions that breach our trust there are many unanswered questions he want san franciscans to know we'll get answers from wells fargo to resolve negative impacts on your finance now next i'd like to invite andrea if the cancel reinvestment code violation to join me at the podium andrew. >> thank you there are go many san franciscans without a safe bank account spends husband's of
8:37 am
thousand of these dollars buying money orders and paying bills and icon all over town and they need to conduct a financial traction the comboufrt through the treasurer's office and nonprofit have worked to hard to make bank account more assessable to all families including low income and spanish families and another new immigrants who are not familiar with the banking system or historically left out of the bavng system we've made progress as a treasurer mentions last year the national bank on coalition adopted the standards to make those accounts save so people will never face an overdraft fee and low monthly fee can be waivers those are the accounts that people use that work for them and meets their
8:38 am
interests wells fargos actions are undermining our work now is the perfect time for them to not only express sorry and say this is never going to happen again but step forward and do the service for the clients and help them to repair in any damage to their credit we shouldn't have to do it they should be doing it but were thank you to jose cisneros go leadership two many people don't know they've been treated with this way now it is the time to call balance and feud have you paid fees has a new credited been opened without your knowledge and impacted our krrdz were you offered a higher interest rate that question also at our o are
8:39 am
calling open the bank reshthsers to restore trust in the work query doing to really for the banks to step forward and say that wells fargos didn't speak for us we don't look at our consumers and potential fee revenue we're trying to karate this to pad our bottom lines there are so many banks and credit unions that offering those truly save accounts and working hard to meet the needs of protecting families across the back and forth we applaud them and ask them to step up and reassure they are commissioners what wells did will not happen to them thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, andreas and introduce shawn the head of our empowerment office and introduce
8:40 am
lee phillips the great partner in san francisco and at this time introduce katherine president and ceo of the balance to explain how their staff is ready to assist folks. >> thank you for being here this obviously been a lot of news in the media on this incident and the biggest thing that concerns us no information for customers and last week to applaud the city of san francisco for step forward and recognizing that consumers that have been impacted may not know what to do and consumers don't know they've been impacted we've set up a town hall free number and help them get access to they're free credit report consumers still don't know how to assess their report and let alone get a free serve a credit
8:41 am
report review walk through with that consumers to help them understand how to clean up that up one of the things that concerns about this situation it is not the credit produces at wells fargo but a consumer opens a product with other institutions did they receive other is recreates has in their credit been impacted we want to work with our consumers to resolve that we, of course, will provide a assistance and resources in terms of how they contact wells fargo we know that consumers don't not review their bank statements so more to look at balances we want to remind and encourage folks to review bank statements where you get them online or paper another piece and in closing to echo this is so unfortunate that we
8:42 am
still have so many folks unbanked and those that place their hope and faith in financial institutions we believe the piece of our job to make sure they understand the process and have the confidence in the safety of working with the financial institution so thank you very much i applaud the city of san francisco the treasurer and my fellow nonprofits that do this work every single day. >> thank you katherine he'll repeat 8007066006 we're handing out a flier with the information that number will be on the sf i canned is enough about the great work and they'll help people going through this difficult time that may have
8:43 am
happened in the wells fargo account i'm existing to introduce supervisor campos david. >> (clapping.) >> thank you good morning buenas dias and thank you to the treasurer he knows the thing again what wells fargo did the damage is beyond the impact on anyone that has been impacted by these accounts those fake accounts it is on the issue of trust because we have been working with the community that has been very distrust of banking institution for a lot of reasons and the so we had to do a lot of work in putting your money into the banking institutions and now we have to redo that work and sort of sea you know what we were not
8:44 am
completely right about wells fargo see let me say. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so it is very unfortunate but i'm very proud of what our
8:45 am
treasurer is doing and it make sense that san francisco will lead the way and proud to be associated with that and thank you to you and our office for that. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much supervisor it is great to have our partnership we're trying to let everybody in the city to make sure they, keep their money safe bottom line we want to make sure the city is here to help and our good friends are vertebral to make sure in their money is safe let me repeat number 800706006 please share that information with everybody in our community anticipate your family make sure we have a safe account to keep our money and
8:46 am
we're successful financially thank you for >> hi, my name is. in this episode, we are featuring the romantic park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special.
8:47 am
our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog lovers. it is as old as its neighbor and both have a significant forest, a refreshing retreat from urban life. the pass that meander we do under a canopy of 0, redwood, pine, and eucalyptus. chill out and this environment and you might see butterflies and dandelions. blue jays fly between the eucalyptus. it is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. six, 24, or 71 bus. we have conquered the steps, we walked the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view the
8:48 am
park has to offer. this is the place to take someone special and enjoyed a beautiful look out. " come to corona heights, located in the heart of this district. it offers a spectacular view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. the park is one of the best kept secrets. unlike twin peaks, it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. hop on a 37 bus to get there with that any parking worries. locals can bring their dogs to run with other dogs. there is also grass for small dogs. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place for the city to provide these kind of parks. the dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice the wildflowers on the grassland.
8:49 am
and keep your head on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. take your camera and be prepared to review the city in a way you will not forget. it is prominent with beautiful formations that are perfect to watch the sunrise from the east over the bay. this is another one of our great look out. we are at mount davidson. it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco, 928 feet. this is the place for you to bring someone special. enjoy all of the pathways, trails, and greenery that surrounds you. it provides a peaceful oasis of public open space and great hiking trails. the spectacular view offers a perfect place to watch the
8:50 am
sunrise, or, sunset, with someone you love. >> it is a good place to get away from the hectic life of the city. get some fresh air. the view is fantastic. >> wear sturdy shoes to conquer the trail, you have the feeling of being in a rain forest. mount davidson is also a great place to escape the noise and the apostle of the city with your partner. -- bustle of the city with your partner. it is quite a hike to the top at mount davidson but the view is worth every step. this is the place to bring that someone special. for more information about reserving one of these romantic locations, or any other location, 831-5500.
8:51 am
this number is best for special ovens, weddings, picnics, and the county for building. for any athletic field and neighborhood parks, call 831- 5510. you can also write us at permits and reservations. or walking in and say hello at old log cabin, golden gate park. and of course you can find more information at (clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san
8:52 am
francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world. sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is
8:53 am
(inaudible) i thank my parents for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl
8:54 am
we have many folks asking our our process and how we select our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the
8:55 am
life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this
8:56 am
collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location. >> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it
8:57 am
coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want. >> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if
8:58 am
scratch people appreciate our work here. >> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one
8:59 am
a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know, we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want.
9:00 am
>> i look forward to see what your cooking up (laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler the secreta roll. >> commissioner pating,


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