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tv   Aging and Adult Services 9716  SFGTV  September 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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right now come over and perch a shovel of dirt with us and everyone else thank you for coming take a tour and ask the mercy staff they're happy to tell you the details of this building thank you for >> good morning and welcome to the commission on aging and adult services meeting. could we have the roll call? >> president james? >> present. >> serina in >> here. >> commissioner itani?
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>> commissioner loo is absent. >> ow. >> here. >> roy. >> simils. >> present. >> please note that commissioner mcgee is present. >> could we have approval of the september, 7th, 2016 agenda. >> seconded. >> okay, it has been moved and seconded that we approve the september, the 7, 2016, agenda, all in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? and the ayes have it and so the motion is carried. >> and approval of the september 7th, consent agenda, could i have a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> second. >> it has been moved and seconded that we approve the september, 7th 2016, consent agenda. all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> the ayes have it and so the motion is carried. item four, approval of the august third, commission meeting minutes.
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with some corrections? >> so moved. >> it has been moved. >> the corrections were a typo and just a name that was in the wrong place. >> yes. if you will look in the back of the minutes there are some corrections in linda loo will present and then she has, and i want to mention our names mentioned and so those typos corrections in the minutes. >> okay. >> second. >> okay. >> it has been moved and seconded that we approve the minutes with the corrections noted. all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> opposed? >> the ayes have it and so the motion is carried. thank you. >> and now, we will come to a report, the director's report. >> good morning, good morning. >> president james and commissioners. first i just want to apoll guy for shireen she is off on vacation, and meets in the commission. and i just have a few updates,
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first is our age and disability, friendly san francisco group. and in 2014, mayor lee, signed a letter with for the city of san francisco to join the age friendly cities and communities. and since that time, we have had a work group. focusing on the different areas of aging disability and friendly. and now the work group is moving on to convening a task force that will complete a base line assessment and action plan as our next step. the assessment and action plan is comprehensive record of age and disability friendly efforts in the city. there will be two co-chairs for this task force, anita as the mayor, and the senior advisor on health policy, and kelley who is the director of the ihss public authority have graciously agreed to be the co-chairs for the task
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force. and the task force will get under way, shortly in the next few years. >> and hireen has been asked for the california, association on the areas of aging to be education campaign committee chair. and this group, the goal of this group is to look at ways to promote aging, and change the conversation in california. they have a tag line, which is aging is all about living. and they will work on different educational processes to promote positive images, and different awareness on aging. and then the third thing is the office on the aging as well as our contracts department, and the planning department are working together to develop request for proposals schedule for the whole year. and our plans is to present that to the commission at the next meeting. so that you have the plan laid
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out for the year of what to expect. and that concludes the report, do you have any questions? >> any questions in commissioners? >> well, okay. >> okay. you mentioned that the city, is going to have a task force to study, we study at the aging population? >> so the task force is specific to the aging and disability friendly work group. which is a work group of the long term care coordinating council. >> when they expect to issue the report? are they going to have one year? >> yeah, probably in about a year. >> that is the goal. >> what is the objective? when you, and what can we expect from the report? >> so the base line assessment gives us a picture of the current efforts of how we are meeting the aging and disability friendly, initiatives, which are outlined from the world health organization. which i would be happy to send
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you if you want to look at it more closely. and then from that to develop the framework of how to move forward either, either in policy development or program development and it involves, representatives from all over the city, the different departments and the community based organizations and such. >> and including the non-profits? >> yes. >> and consumers. >> yes. >> yep. >> and if you would like, i would be. >> no that is all right. >> no i am not expecting worldwide. i am interested in san francisco. >> yeah, in the initiatives for that. all of the cities that follow. >> very good. >> okay. >> commissioner sims? >> just a quick question on the calendar for rfp, could you give us a sense of what that will have? >> well, not exactly, i think that the intention is for us to layout a plan for the year, so that we are issuing them throughout the year and not in a
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clump for the staff. and for the commission, and for the staff, and for contracts, and so that we can make sure that we are focusing on them throughout the year. >> okay. >> and that will be the public documents chl >> yeah, a public document and it will be presented next month. >> i just have one question. will this effect the people who, the contractors in terms of their budget lines and will they be notified in advance they may have to go longer in the year? will they be notified in advance of what their budget time line will be. >> yeah, definitely. once it is developed, we will make sure that they have it. >> and go from there. and it is, you know, it is not a hard, and it is not necessarily a hard and fast thing. there may be you know, changes that we need to make, based on what is coming on at that moment. >> okay. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> thank you. >> next we will have the
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employee recommendations, the department of aging and adult services will honor silvia zhang from the public conserve tor office. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. so silviy would you like to join us? okay. thank you for being here. so, we are going to, this morning, we are honoring sylvia who is from the public conservator's office. before we do that, could anyone who is here in the office stand
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up and be acknowledged? thank you very much, for everything that you do. and so just a little before we get to sylvia, a little information for you about the office, the public conservator provides, mental health and service foz san francisco residents, for gravely disabled. and this means that they are unable to provide for themselves, food, clothing and shelter. the due to mental illness. and the found by the court to be unable or unwilling to accept voluntary treatment and so it is a legal process by which they are assigned as a public conservator. >> it appoints one that is responsible for things like reports for placements, and psychiatric medication, and supervision of treatment, advocacy and placement and case
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management. and if you have any other questions, about the office, i am sure that any of the staff would be happy to ask them. or answer them for you. so, now to sylvia. >> so, really excited that you are up here and that i go get to do this. so thank you. >> she is a senior transcripter typist is her official title. she has been in the office since september of 2011. she is, and so these are words of her peers. she is an intelligent, thorough and dedicated employee who rarely misses work. behind her humble exterior lies a highly skilled and efficient and dependent worse horse capable of completing complicated work among constant interruptions she is never too busy to help others and she is always open to share her knowledge and expertise. she completes vast amounts of work discreetly and is always,
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gracious, she is open minded and gets along easily with colleagues as well as clients and providers, due to her kind nature and professionalism and sense of humor. sylvia is one of i kind. that is nice. and her humility and elegance and quiet determination is other worldly, we are so lucky to have her on our team. so, thank you, and i would like to present you with this memento of our gratitude, thank you very much. would you like to say anything? >> no, i am okay. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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could we have the advisory council report? is there a substitute? okay. good morning commissioners. management has to be out of town and so they asked me to represent him. i have to say that i look these and, these are really the transdescription of my own note and rather than the official agenda and i have not been able to see it yet. but you will have it next month. and so you will be able to see it. so it is possible there are some inaccuracies in it and certainly some omissions. so, after this is the meeting of
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august, 17th. and after roll call and approval of the agenda and the previous month's minutes, president schmidt and the advisory council talked to our members including one former member long time activist walter devarn who had to resign due to illness. we discussed the partnered das, and ucff division of gereatrics and the mental and behavior service training which was held at mission bay on friday, july 22nd, the advisory council members and who attended including myself, was very good. >> and das director, shireen made her report, and das has received three awards, including the chance and restaurant meals, for seniors program and the road show, and the bay view hunter's
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point and the multi service, information program, and one for san francisco connected. and there were talks of pursuing the world's health organization, aging friendly city designation, which has led to the creation of a task force and we have already heard about that. and an rfp has been entered and requesting additional money for home care and housing subdies. and we noted the resignation of jones, and they are in the process and has hired a deputy director and an aging director and we are going to have the presentations and one presentation was from the tender loin, safe passages program, which uses volunteers and community partnerships, to insure safe walks to and from
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school for the children in the tender loin and the safe passage foz seniors, several agencies are involved, cooperating, and there is funding from saint francis hospital. and ucsf school of medicine, and there will be more if the fund proposition i, passes. volunteer corner captains who were very visibly dressed, monitored designated for children. and i was less clear on how they manage the walking and of the safe passage of seniors, but that will probably be in the minutes. a second presentation was a vision zero. and a proposed collaboration between the departments of public health and the public works and the safety planning and muni to reduce the pedestrian, and bicyclist and driver, accidents, and the seniors and the persons with the disabilities are especially at risk. and it was moved and seconded
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and passed to support the new needs of adopting vision zero, community reports. i don't believe that there was an official report from the membership committee chaired by ruso but i am pleased to say that i know that we have two applicants in the process of requesting appointment and both will be very good. beverly taylor from district ten, which i believe is supervisor cohen's district has joined the advisory council, rick apple bee and the stated that the education committee is working with ucsf on the geriatric workforce project and the training will be in october and future trainings and goal setting, and safety, and vision, and perhaps, another which i didn't get. rments from the field, and moxi, noted that the board of supervisors has passed the motion for data collection about
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older, lgbtq persons, based on a well designed and research survey form from ucsf. several city agencies including das, will be involved. as you probably know, marcy has been honored by the san francisco commission on the status of women for her work on behalf of lgbtq seniors. in survey and research and advocacy, especially on dementia. and for older, and lgbtq women and for co-founding project open house. we did not discuss any of the business, we postponed discussion of the by laws as this meeting ran long and there were no further motions that were moved, seconded or passed. >> thank you. >> and i just have one question. >> sure. >> on the meeting regarding
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muni. so it was at a meeting of committee was going to look at safety for seniors, in the bicycle correlation? >> it is, and i don't believe it with me. and it is a proposed collaboration called vision zero. and we did not meet with muni but it seems like if it is ray proposed collaboration between the public health, public works, san francisco, planning department, and muni. >> okay, i am sorry, i don't have any more information. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> thank you. >> okay. >> thank you. >> next will be the joint legislative committee report. diane lawrence and neil sims. >> actually i will be making that report, we are without our co-chairman diane lawrence this time she was on vacation and so you are stuck with me. we talked generally about
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legislation at the end of the state cycle, and i will highlight one that i thought was subnative and that is, 80, 15, 84, by brown is the cola piece of legislation, unfortunately it has moved forward, but they have significantly lowered the awards from, so that the increases are pretty meager that are going across in that cola increase, i don't have the exact dollars amounts but i know that it is nominal dollar amount. and that and our meeting was sort of at the end of the state legislative cycle. and so most of everything that we were interested in was on the governor's desk awaiting his decision for the signature and we did not have a lot of conclusion around some of those, and the status of those pieces of legislation. and we talked about the funding for the california, legislature
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and the funding and it was passed through both houses and expected the governor's signatu signature. mrs. warren, first name? ann. try to make her diane. >> and was quick to point out, that it is a one time only, funding and the way that cso was listed on the california state tax return, continues to be problematic, and they were not successful in reaching the minimum threshold in the last tax cycle and so there is something about the future funding so that we are concerned to be concerned about that and focus on that. and we talked about the dignity fund and invited representatives from the dignity fund to up date us on that campaign initiative, at our next meeting. and we talked about the issue of homelessness at some length. talking about both the impact of homelessness in san francisco on
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the disabled community as well as the increased age, dem graphic for the homelessness in san francisco and so we, i am having a tough time and i am under caffinated this morning. >> but my colleague, richard al made a motion that we approve to invite the mayor's office zcar on homelessness to talk to us about the impact that that whole area, of interest in the city is having on our city population, and those with disabilities. and so we are looking forward to that. and our next meeting is september, 21st, at 9:00 a.m. >> i did receive a question about the bi laws of the committee and combining it and having the separate stationary and as i am still looking at that and seeing, that if not, that you will create another
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body in terms of who is responsible, for that group, in terms of who they are reporting to. and were they operate separately. and so, i just was not quite clear. so i wanted you to really have a discussion, not only with the commission, but as well as the advisory council. >> yeah, so. >> how their by laws will we will probably have more to discuss on that, once the staff has completed that analysis. >> okay.
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>> we will see. >> we are not ready yet. >> okay, all right. >> and just so before you just make sure that both the advisory committees, look at that, >> absolutely. >> as well as the commission. >> yeah. >> have it, and the input into how they have changed in the by laws, or might change the by laws, thank you. >> i will just say that it will be a coordinated effort. >> okay, thank you. >> and the long term care coordinating council? >> well, i will respond to that. so there was no long term coordinating council meeting in august so there is no report, and the next is tomorrow at 1 p.m. >> okay. >> thank you. >> next the tacc report, cathy >> she is not here. >> she is in sacramento. >> okay.
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>> case report? i'm dave, with the senior center reporting for the case. and i will just briefly, our membership meeting in august was our annual advocacy brain storming and you will hear more about that in a couple of months, and in other words, we look at all of our successes from the last year, brain storm and what we would think, and improvements in the senior service systems in san francisco, and what we want to propose for next year. our next membership meeting is this coming monday, where we are going to embrace the dignity firm, and we have sandy coming who is going to bring in the posters and the buttons and the slogans.
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is there a general public comment, we will move along to any old business. no one. and the new business? okay. and all items below are action items and require a vote by the commission.
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i am mike, and i am from the office of on the aging and my office of the aging are excited to bring forward for the review and the approval, and a new program, for dos and this is our social, isolation, prevention services for lgbt seniors and adults with disabilities. a little bit of background on this program, to convene the lgbt aging policy task force, with a couple of purchapose to evaluate the needs, and in the city of san francisco, to assess the capacity of the current support system to meet the needs and, to make recommendations as to lgbt older adult and with the
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higher rates of physical disabilities and more likely to live alone and lack companion ship and have lower levels of social support and all of these factors that lead to significantly higher rates of isolation, and suicidal. >> and the services are available in san francisco to address these needs and found them to be lacking and resulting in the recommendation for the establishment of the new programming to address this need.
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>> and the primary to hear the shanty was formed in 1974 and was one of the based organizations in the world and through a variety of the service offerings and has worked to provide the individualized compassionate support to countless, lgbt seniors and younger adults with disabilities in san francisco. and through their years of experience, they have developed and refined, a service delivery model, utilizing the volunteers and they are the primary contractor here, and we will be handling the bulk of the work and meet thag care and navigation and the peer support and the development and the match i matching for over 40 years it has provided the lgbt,
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programming and this contract which is part of this and they will hire a staff person who will be dedicated to further normalizing the lgbt programming on site and expanding the capacity for the clients as well as doing education and out reach regarding this program. further. in development of this, it is entered into the letters of cooperation with a variety of partners, including the martin, health center and the project open hand, and the san francisco aids foundation, and the lgbt center and open house, of each of those organizations have their own service histories here in san francisco. and i think that what is great here, and through the collaborations and the program not only has a rich source of clients, and often who are hard to track down as they are
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isolated, and hard to reach, but also, creates a network of services for easy and successful connection to these clients to a variety of services including health services and meal service and social services and the groups support and housing services and there are probably many more that i just, i could list for a while. this program before you today has taken some time to formulate, but what i am presenting to you today, really recognizes the recommendation of the task force and represents a well designed program to best serve the target population, with that i am happy to answer the questions that the commissioners might have. >> okay. >> commissioners? >> yes. you indicated that you expect to serve 75 person? >> yes. >> and so, what is your estimate of the population that you could serve? much more than 75, right? >> yes. >> eligible, clients.
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>> yes. it is much higher than that, and this is a new program, and these clients are some of the hardest clients to reach. and so we have in the first year, we have 75, which is a modest amount, in the second year, it goes up to 90. certainly that is not the minimum amount of clients to be served but considering the circumstances this being a new program, there will be a lot of learning as it is implemented and we thought that that was a realistic number to start with. and you have been hired, three and a half people to serve this 75? >> yeah. well, it is efficient to the 3 and a half, and the paid employee, and the volunteers. >> yeah, so there is going to be a lot of people involved with this. there are certainly on the shanti program side there are three and a half, and at curry there are at least a half person or more, and then there is a recruitment of many, many, volunteers, to go out and provide a lot of the services that you know, in this program.
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it is really a high touch program, with the clients being seen almost on a weekly basis. >> what about the population in the city? for lgbt. >> and would you say? 15 percent? >> i don't have that number handy. unfortunately. yeah. >> thank you. >> any other questions? >> commissioners? >> yeah, you mentioned open house, as collaborating agency. >> yes. >> i don't see the open house listed in the proposals, is that in addition, or --. >> they were, a late ad, and that information. in the past few weeks and it didn't make it into these documents. >> and it there a funding passed through to that agency. >> no. the letters of cooperation are non-financial. >> okay. >> there are no financial benefits to the open house. >> i just had a couple of
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questions, and i was looking on page 3, in terms of how they were going to be supported and who is going to finance. >> and it. >> and so, right, right, right shlgs and so this is actually going to be two different grants. and so, this, this item a before you, is essentially the non-pets one and this one is the lgbt senior younger adults with the disabilities, social isolation prevention, and this one before you today is not going to, and this item a is not pet related and i can certainly address the pet in item b, and it is a pet one. >> okay. >> all right. >> and commissioner, to the commissioner, and i think that the over all population is estimated at about ten percent of the city's population. >> okay. >> but the senior population is probably higher. >> the senior about 20 percent, or something like that. >> i think that the numbers that
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i have seen are between, 20 and 25,000 today. here and they are identified for the lgbt. >> and it is always difficult, and since many don't identify or don't reveal and it is very difficult to quantify. >> thank you. >> and any other questions? >> all right. >> commissioners? >> i just want the chair show know that i am going to recuse myself from the vote on this particular issue. >> okay, do we have a quorum? >> so it is just two people. >> we have to recuse themself on this issue. >> and the four. okay. >> any other comments from the, is there a public comment on the, is there any public comment? seeing none, i will call for the vote, all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> opposes? >> ayes have it, and so the motion is carried. >> thank you. >> item b, requesting the
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authorization to enter into a new grant with shanti project, for provision of animal bond and services to the lgbt seniors and adults with disabilities during the period of september 1, 2016, through june, 30, 2017, in the amount of $200,000 plus an is 0 percent for a total grant amount not-to-exceed, $220,000 could i have a motion to discuss. >> so moved. >> second. >> and indeed this is the one vofrling the pets. >> through the board of supervisors at that process, and in this fiscal year, 200,000 was allocated, on a one time only, basis. and to support the programming related to animal bonding for isolated lgbt seniors. and a bit of background on the organization. and in 2015, the organization, pets are a wonderful to support paws merged with the project.
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and background on the pets they or in ated in the 80s when the volunteers serving at the foundation, food bank noticed that the clients any gleted their own nutrition, and order to provide for their pets. and so it is a result of this discovery, those volunteers created the special, pet food bank to carry the food and supplies, and it continued as an organization, until that murg merger. and shanti believes that the human animal bond is the best support available, to medically vulnerable individuals and it is just designed for the services around sustaining these bonds. for many, having a companion animal can be central to their hel and this well-being, and we are seeing the evidence, indicating that one of the benefits of the human animal bond is improved health out come for the pet owners. and the pause programs within shanti, provide services to over, 500 clients and all of these clients are residents of san francisco, and the low
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income, and seniors or adults with disabilities. the current pause of the service and clients identified as lgbt. and there are currently over 700 people, on the wait list for the services. and many of which meet the criteria of this program. and looking socially, isolated seniors and young adults with disabilities who will benefit from the increased support. services within the new shanti, is similar to before, and we will start with the care and navigation, and the volunteer, peer support to assist with the clients, about you this will include a focus on the maintaining the human animal bond and so for this is means that they will identify the pet related needs to keep that pet, and that human with their pet. and working to match clients with volunteers, to help to provide some of those wrap around services just some of the services available under this program, include access again to the pet food bank, and the
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annual pet wellness exams and the vet service and then the volunteers providing many, supportive pet care services such as assistance with the dog walking and the medication and administration, and the maintenance and clean being and the feeding and transportation to and from the medical appointments as well as emergency, foster care for the pets during the client emergencies when we are unable to care for the pet. just like the previous item, on the agenda, and the goal of this program is to alleviate the social isolation, and also support and fund, and also to support, the human animal bond for lgbt seniors and younger adults with disabilities living in san francisco and with that i am happy to answer any questions, that the commissioners may have.
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what happens during that year, and what happens if you selectively manage that? >> so there is a primary point person with the paws who is in connect with the pet owner and is constantly getting updates from the pet owner and the volunteers about the status of the pet and as those needs increase, they are able to access resources within their program to try to meet those needs. that might mean that if a pet takes on the illness, and for the volunteer to get that pet to an exam and to get the care that they need. and if they are ongoing medication and the things that a client may be difficult to administer. and which can be tough having or i have had to administer the medicines to the cat, and the volunteers are there to help to support that process as well. >> so, this vet nar place that
12:40 pm
you pick would they donate any free time? >> my understanding is that the program has at least one wellness exam each year, with a professional provider in town, as well as perhaps, discounted serg ser services ongoing. >> thank you. >> thank you, michael. you mentioned this as a one time only. in yes. >> what if the program is successful. and how will you determine that? >> and b, what chances do we have of getting more money to continue if? >> yes, so we are measuring the success of this program, and shanti and paws are tracking a lot of data, and tracking not just the client coming in, but the fair plan and every single interaction with the pet owner, and the pet. so we will look at those, and the maintaining of that pet, and animal bond, and see that as
12:41 pm
leading towards the successful program model. as far as addressing both the funding, and it is correct, that the funding is set at this time to sunset. and you know, june, 30th of next year. and in that interim, it will be collecting the data to look at how this program is working. and we can then either departmentally, try to advocate for additional funding or the program can advocate for the additional funding or whether it means. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> commissioner ow? >> yes, this appropriation where already approved by the supervisors and sign-off by the mayor, right? >> these what? >> these appropriations, the money. >> yes. >> all were approved by. >> yeah, >> i just wanted to make an observation, you know, the board of supervisors and the mayor, and higher than us, and we are
12:42 pm
confirming the appropriation. >> sure. >> well, they do offer it here to ask the questions, and prode and poke >> and i think that it was for the program not for the contractor. >> correct. >> correct. >> and so, i see, we we will view the contracting process. thank you. >> thank you. >> so, any other question that i had was this program would the pet lovers can be duplicated like with the african american group? for longer than in terms of that group. >> sure, i don't. >> it is smaller. >> sure, i certainly, there are a number of, and this is not the only pet service provided by paws and they noted that they have many people waiting for services but i don't see any reason why it couldn't be modelled in other, you know, communities where there may be a gap in services. >> okay. >> thank you.
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>> any other questions? >> point of information. >> okay. >> are you commissioners? >> i think that --. >> okay. >> i have a con fliblth on this. >> all right. >> any other questions? >> well my question, will be to the assistant, director. we just heard that you know, that the supervisor and the mayor with the budget and modified the budget and located the budget and it is third and some, and the thoughts, and recommend to the supervisors and the mayor to you know, funding for the program? >> i think that so, and i think that i think that to answer your question is that through the annual budgeting process, as it builds up steam, certainly there are methods for dos and to provide the feedback to the mayor and to the board of supervisors as to what we see as
12:44 pm
needs in the community. correct? >> yes. >> that is correct. >> all right, then you will give us a fairly clear idea. >> yeah. >> and so we will have a channel in the thing. >> right. >> we do have an input to the budget process. >> yes. >> okay. >> in the public comment? >> any public comment? hearing none, i will call for the votes. all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> opposes? >> ayes have it and so the motion is carried. eitem c, requesting to authorization to enter into a new grant with the light house for the blind and the visually impaired for the provision of the transportation service and via the taxi vouchers program to the seniors and adults with disabilities and for the period of july 1, through 2016, to june, 30, 201 #. 9 in the amount of 68,028, plus
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a ten percent for a total grant not-to-exceed, 74,890. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> second. >> second. >> okay. michael? >> hello, again, commissioners and this item before you is a contract to provide a taxi vouchers to the seniors and the younger adults with disabilities and the purposes of this grant is to increase transportation, access options and to the seniors and younger adults. and with the disabilities and by doing so, trying to maintain or enhance their well-being. and for elbility for this program, the clients participate in the intake process, with the contractor, whose light house for the blind and visually impaired, and the client must be able to certificate by a physician that they are unable to take public transit, once they have been accepted into the program, they are then able to request taxi vouchers, and the destination for which the taxi vouchers can be used are limited and must be within the spirit of
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maintaining the health and well-being, and so primarily, we will see them for two and from, the medical appointments and with also some occasional appointments for the legal services and the benefit services and the meal and nutrition services. >> it is relatively straight forward program. and happy to answer any questions. commissioners may have. >> the commissioners? >> thank you, obviously this is an important program and given the over all difficulty in getting the taxi service in the city. can these vouchers be used for uber or lyft which are more accessible. >> they cannot at this time. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> you know, for what it is worth, i will just add that the light house and this is significant, and yeah, it is a good amount of money, and the contractor and the past years who has been in the light house for the blind have man taned a good relationship, and the vouchers themselves certainly can be used at various taxi
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providers in the city, if the client has a preferred one, but they have found that there are a couple in particular that seem to work particularly well with the client. >> okay. >> yeah, i just have a question. >> commissioner ow? >> what is the discount for the seniors with the disability coupons? when they pay the taxi fair. >> so this is free. they get a voucher that is good and they get essentially vouchers one way each direction, and the ride is free. >> all right, so they go to the medical appointments and any of the other places? >> yeah. >> they can use, and they used those vouchers to visit friends. >> no. >> the spirit of this program is to get them access primarily to health related services. >> yeah. >> so social visits is not included.
12:48 pm
>> were alternatives to the taxi explored, uber and lyft? >> at this time, no. and i think that. >> i think that some of the reasoning there, is that this program, this program itself has been in effect for since i think 2005, 2006 and it has been quite successful, you know. >> that is another good reason. >> i think that another reason would be, we have seen this model work with them. and i think that there, perhaps there are questions to be answered regarding the ride sharing companies in there. and competency regarding seniors and young people with disabilities. >> you know, i just think and i have met some bad too, and with the uber and all of those companies, and they are unsure that i will be very concerned
12:49 pm
myself and i can see going out, and i am just saying, i guess that i would respectfully disagree. >> yeah. >> and i would, and that is has been my experience, so. yes. >> i am not an expert, but i will throw this out there as a possibility and my understanding is that there is issues with the insurance and the taxi and the government form of commute, verses the ride sharing, which is not. and a liability that could be held for the provider of the voucher. that is my understanding. and another thing is that there is certainly with the part of the taxi, and there are things
12:50 pm
that are required of them that are not required of the tnc $, i think that they are call. >> another option is silver ride, which is fully insured and fully capable of dealing with seniors. and very reliable. >> and the city has used them. >> yes. >> if so, and perhaps at this point, they might be considered as well as an alternative to taxis. >> >> any other comments? >> is there a public comment at this time on issue? any public comment? okay. >> hi, i am a with the senior and disability action and i don't have a comment specifically on the funding proposal, but i did want to make a comment about the conversation about uber and lyft, there is
12:51 pm
tremendous concern about how it and any of the tncs are not at all acceptable for the people with discal dphysical disabilities, for those who are blind or visually impaired there can be advantages but there are no wheelchair accessible, uber and lyft vehicles in san francisco or none in the country, it is just not an option, so not only is that an issue, but that is hurting the tax company and that is making it harder to get wheelchair accessible taxis which was already impossible. and so, it is really a huge concern and so, i would just urge us all to act with some caution as far as how we support with uber and lyft given that. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? hearing none, i will call for the vote. all in favor?
12:52 pm
>> aye. >> aye. >> opposes? >> ayes have it, and so the motion is carried. >> thank you. >> and item d. last item. >> requesting authorization to modify the grant with the curry senior center, for the service during the period of july, 1, 2013, through june, 30, 2018. in the additional amount of $60,000 plus a 10 percent, for at total not-to-exceed $754,059, could i have a motion to discuss in >> so moved, second. >> okay. >> mike? >> and this item before you is $60,000 in funding, and divided into $30,000 per year for the current fiscal year and for the next fiscal year, and there is money allocated to fund the security guard at the senior center, and this is something that has been funded, and at least in the prior year, if not the year before that.
12:53 pm
and i have appeared before the commission on it. and due to the location, in the tender loin, the curry senior center has needed to take the steps to insure, the safety of the client and staff. there are incidents where they have been assaulted or in tim dated by the people congregating on the nearby corners or neighboring businesses. and curry has adopted a number of practices to try to increase the safety. and one of which is the full time security guard. and which is on site. and the security guard has been in place since august, 2014. and we are bringing this today on the community, services contract but really this will benefit the variety of programs, at curry including their case management program and their medical clinic and their congregate, meal program and the senior housing on the site and there are probably more, i just didn't think of it.
12:54 pm
>> how many hours will it be funded. >> the guard is there, upwards of 40 hours a week, and i have it as, it is 7:30 to 5:30, monday through friday and then a half day on saturday and a half day on sunday. >> thank you. >> any other questions?
12:55 pm
>> and is it public comment? >> public comment? >> and hearing none, i will call for the vote, all in favor? >> aye. >> opposes? >> ayes have it and so the motion is carried. >> and any public comment at this time? hearing none, announcements? >> there is nothing to do with the commission work, if any of you are interested in ceramics and the gift from the museum to the legion of honor is currently on display, and it is in my name, and it is halfway down into the room and so you may enjoy it and a collection of 18leth century, from the factor in france. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and any other announcements? yes? >> thank you.
12:56 pm
>> and i can't skip making an announcement at the commission meeting. i want to make sure that everyone knows about the senior and disability annual celebration, it is this friday ink and i hope that some of you commissioners and the folks in the audience are attending and it is at the arc, on the corner of eleventh and howard from 6 to 8 this friday and it is really a chance for us to come together and celebrate some of the accomplishments in the senior and disabilitying community and so for the continuing effort and we will be highlighting the funds and talking about the new supportive home program and it is a lot of fun and we have a drawing for a stay at the russian river and a silent option with a lot of art and items and the food and wine and so we look forward to seeing you there, thanks. >> and i will leave some out here as well. >> could we get the tickets at the door. >> yeah. >> any other public, or any other announcements? >> any other announcements hearing, none, and is it the public comment. hearing, none, and i have a roll
12:57 pm
call for a motion to adjourn. >> so moved. >> it has been moved and seconded that we adjourn, all in favor? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> ayes, have it and so the motion is carried. thank you.
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