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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 10416  SFGTV  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:21pm PDT

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45 discussion and make sure you stay on the right side of history. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> peskin don't you have any respect for these people >> please refer to your comments to the board as all >> at least kim and mar is he what's his name yee laughing with david. they're selling these poor people's body parts. third michael savage say on his radio show the fbi arrested some people in new york over this. you people it's amazing you got a be ashamed of yourself kim. mar. savage had 400 radio stations taken away from him because he made some comment about hillary clinton but he's a medical doctor he's
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earned his degree. made some comment about the race medical condition w abc a new york yankee him. 399 stations. item about the other stations but he was on k sfo. this is happening right in front of our eyes could were becoming like red china. that's what this place is becoming like you are to people become ashamed of yourself. kim how can you respect rows back >> can you address your comments we won't say it again to the members as a whole and not to individual supervisors. thank you. >> i've not seen the debates with gov. pence what's happening in our nation i guarantee you the moderator is gaining up on gov. pence. they're doing the same thing to him as they did to mr. trump.
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it's two against one. he still won i'm sure gov. pence is coined to win because right is going to win. but it's not right. i hope that these people that mr. trump and gov. pence take on these moderators and say you need to leave. you're not running for president. you're not running for vice president, i am in they need to get out of it. i don't know what's going on with these debates and where this came in >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> adam president of price at the time the next big drawer mind the members of the public in the public gallery audible expression either in support or in opposition is prohibited by the board rules. may you sure supportive fingers. next speaker, please. >> thank you members of the board of supervisors. minus clay holstein city manager brisbane. i just want to cut to the chase in terms of the resolution before you tonight. the offending section is the
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penultimate paragraph in the resolution. it speaks to annexation. we ask that you remove it in whole. there's an old rock 'n roll song that goes something to the effect that you can talk to a man with a shotgun in his name. we ask you to remove the shotgun. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> it's a heavy day in here today from black lives matter to -it's pretty heavy. that's late in the evening before we go home and watch this debate. talk about the board of supervisors the mastic violence. october is domestic violence awareness month that i know each and every supervisor here is not want to propagate or protect abusers of domestic violence. but unfortunately, there is a supervisor here was protecting a person who is a domestic violence perpetrator.
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i'm a survivor of domestic violence. i was relocated from san francisco to my hometown for two years to protect me from my domestic abuser. it really upsets me that a person, julius-i will not say his last name-who has in days and/or stargate supervisor whose it brutalized his partner who happened to be my attorney to protect me against my abuser and scott weiner has his endorsement on his senate website said he was sir, address your members to the board of supervisors >> that is shameful to have the board of supervisors to have an endorsement from a perpetrator of a gay man not only take his endorsement but
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put it on his website >> sir on pausing your time. your viewpoints are important to us when you start talking about opposition or support of individuals who are on the ballot that's where you cross the line. welcome to continue her remarks but please read out the part about the election and address your marks of the board as a whole. thank you, sir >> they use much for the clarity it so hard for me to know where the line is outside the chamber and inside this chamber but i just want to ask this particular supervisor to remove his endorsement of a known abuser on that website. it is shameful. i got beaten up , brutalized and suited my attorney. it's a shame that you're supporting them. >> next speaker, please.
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>> tom-some poor vacations last week i mentioned something about the best of arun peskin you get the best of arrington doesn't it over to get it in one-two-minute burst. the special millennium meeting we got mr. peskin for hours. it's appreciated of. judgments, decisions are made a critical thinker. something that resonates in my case a lot of times dust settles. alas we get this meeting we are creating buildings, tall luxury condos that will be successful even though they will be in hospital. no one will be able to have inhabit them after the big earthquake. excuse me. that
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just smacks of a time out. empty tall buildings the cost to take down the lost homes major major time out. there are limits to what man can do in this society that san francisco has to look at them and recognize them. the city is going to major crossroads. homeless, education police housing transportation creating healthy communities and we are going in the wrong direction. i just seems that were lacking leadership at the mayor's office. we are lacking leadership in the best he could give us is no [inaudible] even -these people came here just because they were kicked out of a parade and the way it's turned into. you're creating a political movement here by not doing anything. we need to
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recognize the reality that we are in quickly and make them move forward. >> thank you. are there any members of the public was to address the board general public commons? please, step up mdm. pres. >> seeing oh members of the public that would like to comment, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> the clerk let's go to the item for adoption without reference to committee. >> items 42-48 being considered for immediate other option the committee reference a single roll call vote man ask these items. member the object separate and adam have it considered separately. >> supervisor kim >> 44 b was supervisor cohen mdm. clerk on the remaining items lease call the roll
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>> items 42-48 -44, supervisor breed aye campos aye cohen aye farrell aye kim aye mar aye peskin aye tang aye weiner aye jan east aye triano aye there are 11 aye >> those on items are adopted in and approved it unanimously >>[gavel] >> these call item 44 >> item 44 is a resolution to closely monitor developers of the brisbane babin area to ensure that the city brisbane prepared a conference of complete my mental impact report george brisbane to adopt a reasonable land use plan this area don't include workforce housing. he was supervisor kim >> realize we only had
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somewhat robust discussion on this resolution already. i've talked to chairman cohen of the land use committee i know she wants to call for hearing on this immediately. so i will be furthest to committee to be discussed with the hearing could i do as i said either of some amendment to make for a conversation with pres. breed on changing the language to explain to the portion of brisbane to which we can build housing of course as a last resort in partnership the city brisbane and the county of san mateo the was this item will go to committee. mdm. clerk, we you please read the in memoriam >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory the following beloved individuals on behalf a pres. breed. mr. nathaniel mason junior, in on behalf of supervisor tang the late mr. john lionel dupree.
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>> colleagues this brings us to the end of our agenda for today. mdm. clerk any further business before us a >> that concludes our business for today >> thank you. we are adjourned. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> how is everyone doing today? all right. so we are here to announce the grand opening and cut the ribbon on duc loi pantry.
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how about a big round of applause? [ applause ] as you all know, duc loi is a long time san francisco business that is expanding and opening here on 3rd street in the bay view, filling a vacancy on 3rd street, bringing good local jobs, and providing fresh produce to the neighborhood and the community. we have a number of speakers here who want to celebrate this milestone and important occasion and beginning with mayor lee, supervisor cohen, assembly member david chiu and howard ngo, the owner of duc loi and anthony page an employee at duc loi and the assessor-recorder carmen chou and without further ado, mayor lee. [phra*-urt/] [ applause ] come on up, the school district and school board is here as well. come on up. all right. congratulations ever,


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